Sims 4 but I deal with Santa Claus

Hey there friends how’s it going, my name is Kevin and today we were playing The Sims 4 again Now I have a special plan today You see it is in fact Winter Fest, but I seem to be on the naughty list but don’t worry I have a special place in the cult for Santa Claus. Wait, no, don’t, don’t go around the back Why are you going around the back? You need to come inside Oh, Jesus the graves. Okay, yeah. Uh Grim you go collect the graves so people won’t be fecking depressed Call over. Yes. Come into the kitchen. Here he is. Okay great Oh god, damn it. I lost my flirtiness. Oh, wait. I can woohoo? Try it. Go right for it Don’t even say hello. Just go for it. Wait, that worked? Okay, that was a lot easier than I thought. Everyone, you guys just stay down here, I guess [to the tune of ‘Santa Baby’] ♪ I’ve been an awwwwwful good Jim, Santa baby ♪ ♪ So hurry down the chimney toniiiiiiiiiiight ♪ I love how Santa has that skull and crossbones over his head cuz he’s joined the cult. Look at this. His romance is almost full already Oh Jesus, it’s Grim Uhh Serenade? Maybe not right now. Or maybe you should go downstairs and like play chess He wants to serenade Santa Claus now. He basically just wants to serenade he doesn’t care about the person Ask to move in Wait, no, stop singing. Just ask him to move in. I literally just clicked on it [Jim serenading] Oh that is beautiful though, you gotta give it to him. This is so great. I’m so happy Oh my god, how much money does he have? He has half a million simoleons. Come on in, buddy No wonder he’s giving out all those presents for free. He’s ballin’. Go inside, you’re burning, please go inside. Look at him he’s smoking and smoldering. Okay, great. Welcome to your new home. Thanks for the money. Ah, consider Christmas ruined He’s like, “yes, quite. everything went exactly according to plan.” Sing Fwingle Zibbs Uh Everyone except for Santa [Everyone but Santa sings off-brand Jingle Bells] Aww, this is a great holiday. Yeah, do you like that, Santa? [Santa sings different song] He knows they’re singing but he doesn’t know the song. Oh such a great holiday Yay. Oh look, a cake for someone And look who happens to be hungry. Ignore the bones, it’s completely safe. Oh there he goes Let’s see if he can actually live through this Good man, well done. All right now milk him. See what he’s made outta ya. Alright, what do ya got? Essence of discomfort? Oh, you can drink that yourself. I’m not drinking that Or I guess I could give it to random people when they come over Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ve already got essence of sadness Welcome, new prisoner. Trust me, you are loved Jesus, he is the happiest prisoner ever [Santa singing] That’s what we need more of, Louis. You understand? Stop groaning all the time Is he going to be able to sleep with that guy singing? if anything, this is just more punishment for Louis [Santa burps] [Kevin laughs] Wake up, Louis [Kevin laughs] Please? [Kevin laughs] This poor fecker Oh the poor fella, he has the worst life ever. Oh, this is someone who could do with the juices I have Okay lock door for everyone but Jim and put that there. Oh my god, it looks like one would be poison or something I feel pretty bad about this Hold on Like we’re not fecking animals at least put it up on a surface I don’t want him to have to drink off the floor It’s disgusting I’m trying to wait to see if Christmas actually comes now or is it ruined because I have Santa locked in the basement I got a lump of coal. I wonder why. And Grimey got a chess table. What’s that about? It’s a good one, too It’s worth a grand and what the hell? Project got a painting worth 1,500 I got two lumps of coal. Well, somebody has been bad. Oh, I forgot I put the cooking stuff outside No wonder he was so hungry. I mean, I’m cruel, but I need them to live Like they don’t really serve a purpose other than to feed Jim. I suppose that’s their purpose Congratulations, you are food not friends. Winterfest was awful I wonder why. Santa didn’t even show up. Even Santa Claus thought it was awful Especially awful for him, I guess. Yeah, I’ve really ruined Christmas. Okay back upstairs. Louis, I’m gonna need a season change I need fall, please. Otherwise, you’re gonna end up falling down the stairs if you know what I mean I mean, I’m going to push you Good, it’s fall. Good job. He’s very good at that. Oh, it’s Harvest Fest Okay, is that Halloween? Holiday gnomes, okay. Grim loves this tradition from being evil. I get that weirdest feckin gnomes Look at them! Put up decorations. Go on. Oh. That’s very handy. Okay. Good job, Grim. That was fast. You even decorated the little graveyard Which is kind of distasteful Maybe sell all this garlic. We’ve got quite a lot of it More cake! Eat! He’s being devoured by a cow plant. Will he make it out alive, it says. This could kill him. Oh the Grim Reaper is here. He teleported in. Okay, that is actually killing him I know I brought him back last time but I don’t think I will this time because this can give me essence of life which can extend Jim’s life and I want to get rid of his vampirism so this will help me out a lot. Good job, Louis, doing the Lord’s work Plus we have a new prisoner now and his name is Father Time Christmas Santa Claus. [Incoherent Simlish] Yeah exactly, [copies incoherent Simlish] He’s praising the plant after killing someone Alright, get that milk Essence of life. Yes! Good job. He’s a good pet-plant thing Wait, how the hell did he get in here? Ryland Oakley. What hell is Ryland Oakley? Is he the new Santa Claus or something? I mean it would make sense if he came down the chimney. Oh he is. Okay. Maybe I can flirt with him It’s working Is Jim just really suave or is Santa Claus really easy Because this is working great every time. Whoo-hoo in observatory, go on. Oh, he likes the sound of the observatory. Oh my god. That’s so weird Try with Ryland. I guess he’s probably been there since Christmas like he came down that chimney instead of the main one by accident It sounds a bit worrying. It sounds more like a murder than a woohoo Laughing about giving me more coal you won’t be laughing soon. Jim has learned that Ryland is a Father Winter Okay, so there is many of them Ryland: Ho, ho ho Kevin: What did you just call me? He gave me a loan. I didn’t even ask him for a loan I guess Jim just did it God dammit, he’s leaving. Alright, I’ll get him later I almost had him too My sim won’t listen to me. She won’t get out even though I cancelled the bath Jim wants to play in there. It’s not fair. He’s not really playing is he, he’s just having a bath Well, I guess he’s messing around in it. Wait, where’d my gnomes go? The hell? I think someone stole my gnomes? Give salad give fruitcake and give coffee I’m not sure what this will do, but I just want to do it Okay, I’m not sure with that means– Okay, that gnome doesn’t like me. That one likes me You know, I’m stronger than you, piece of trash. I just bought that. That– like that was my own property. Oh my god! Uhhh… I may have made a mistake. No, I’m fine. Okay thank– Oh, maybe I did!!1!!!! I don’t know what this is doing, but it’s terrifying. Look at that one Okay, my sink just miraculously broke. No, I will defeat you I am stronger Yeah, that’s right. I win. Oh Jesus Christ. They won’t just feck off will they. I’d say burn the whole fecking house down anyway. Maybe just wait the day out. Maybe they’ll disappear. He got a lot of work for the maid in the morning They’re going to be so confused. Like, “why were you smashing gnomes in your kitchen?” I guess they wouldn’t question anything at this point I think I just got free gnomes out of this. Awesome! A hundred and sixty-eight dollars? Two hundred and fifty dollars? Three hundred and ten? And now we just leave the trash for the maid Let’s have an incognito costume party with just Father Christmas. Attempt to swipe the piano as he’s playing it? I have to wait till no one’s around. Glad we got a chance to catch up. See you next time? What the– He knows what I have planned, doesn’t he? Okay. I just asked him to hang out now he’ll hang out for a bit. He’s falling for my charm. Look at that charm, how can you beat that? It’s like “I know he’s a murderer and he imprisoned the last Santa Claus, but he’s so funny! Funny faces!” Oh my God, look at all these people. There’s a lot of people in one lot. I thought that was Grognak for a second Very similar Add this guy. ‘Kay good, he’s on fire. Now everyone can leave the room, right? And go see what’s going on? Go on, you two. Have a soul. Come on. He’s dying in there. He’s like” help! Help! Help!!” Bartenders like “I’ll get to you in a second.” Really? There’s more people coming out into the room. Yeah, I don’t care It was just meant to be a distraction and it didn’t work. I can’t ask him to move in and I’m worried that I can’t ask a second one to move in, which would be vERY UPSETTING Okay, Jim you’re giving yourself away. Let’s get out of here. Come on. Let’s go home All right
If I can’t have him no one can I’m gonna take him on a date and I know just the place to have dinner [‘Cheers’ theme song] ♪ Where everybody knows your name ♪ Shit wrong one wrong one! No, no, no cancel Jesus, if we took him out of the basement to bring him to dinner We still have to open the restaurant How does this work? Like I want to come as a customer. I don’t have enough employees. I don’t have a waiter Hire this one, she’s cheap and my greeter can be… 3 dollars? Why’s there no one for two dollars on this? Be this guy. Come on Where are my employees? Are they not coming? You know what, close it. We’ll open again in a second. Oh look who it is It’s the real Grognak the Destroyer. I wouldn’t recommend the food here. There’s my chef Where’s the rest of them? Fire him. If you don’t want my 2 dollars an hour, I’ll take my business elsewhere There we go. These people want to work for their 2 dollars an hour. Don’t let on I’m the boss. I’m trying to impress this guy So, Santa, how you doing? Shit. That’s all I got Order for table. I’ll order for both of us, please. I’ll take a water please and he’ll have the pufferfish Thank you very much. But the service here is terrible, isn’t it? He’s just not coming over. There we go Yeah, the service’s god awful. That’s a water? How did you bring me brown water? And it’s spoiled. Water. Quality: poor. Made by Aidan Pfeiffer. Why can my chef not make water? This is a serious issue God damn it, he’s fine. All right, you know what? I think this just became our favorite spot. We’ll come back. I’m so glad Grim is just okay with me seeing all these people, you know going on dates and stuff At least he knows it’s not in a romantic way. It’s in a serial-killer way. Oh, he’s ringing me now Oh, he’s liking me. Wait he wants to go to the ancient ruins? No. No thanks How can I top a terrible restaurant? I guess I’ll take him to the ancient ruins Oh my plant died See, that’s why you shouldn’t have permanently killed off Louis. That was your only meal Here we are again. Come on, let’s go have another meal. Hello. Yes, please. I would like to skip the line Water for me again and the pufferfish again for him Oh someone’s dying over there. No, that’s fine. Ignore them Santa come back Yeah, you need to eat up, man. Fast. No, no, no, no, no, no eat up, eat up. It’s fine! Ignore them. Look, they’re just acting up for attention. Look at Jim over there He’s just sitting down. Oh, he looks pretty sad. I guess the guy didn’t eat his meal. That’s pretty annoying. Yeah good good sit down sit down. Eat up. Oh my god, please. Just let me get on with what I have to do How many people have to die so that I can kill Santa Claus? I’m just gonna pack these in to lunch take them home and then invite him over He just put his food under my brown paper bag. Okay. I guess it doesn’t matter. I don’t even know who you’re serving Like there’s no one here. You know, what Santa Claus has gone home, I’m going home too And then I’m gonna call him over to my house and give him the meal out of the brown paper bag And what’s worse is it’ll be gone off as well as being poorly prepared. Grimey aged up! Oh my god, Grimey is as old as Jim now. That’s so weird. Ah, here he is It takes so long to get to my house. No Jim please don’t swim. Oh, yes. Come on down. Come on down Oh, he knows exactly where he needs to be. I love this guy. He’s not bothered by this at all It’s like “weren’t you the guy you had the job before me?” Unpack Now don’t eat the bloody thing. Just unpack it. Oh, he’s going right for it. Go on. Mmmm. Look how tasty, Santa Wait what are you doing? No, not me. I know Jim is quite the snack too, but eat the food But he’s got food, he’s got a toilet, and he’s got somewhere to sleep. He should be fine [Santa singing] Oh, why do they want to sing so much all the time? You just can’t bring them down can ya? Jesus Christ jUsT eAt thE dAMn pUfFeRfisH! One of the hardest people I’ve ever had to kill. He’s just so damn lucky Wait, I can ask to move in now? What? Why couldn’t I do that earlier? Oh, he’s not as rich It’s his first day on the job after all Oh my God, look at how angry Santa Claus is He’s bloody pissed! Clement’s significant other has cheated on him and he thought the relationship was heading somewhere. He locked you in a basement! Yes, eat! EAT! Oh, he looks happy about it after all this time The first time I’ve actually seen him look sad. Eat it. The green means it’s healthy. Like vegetables. Oh my god This man is an absolute unit. He cannot be destroyed. All right, you know what? He’s staying in the basement He’s proven his resilience. We might kill him next episode, but for now, he’s wasted enough of my time He’s impossible to kill. Wait, this one isn’t even an elder Just looking at him now, he’s still so pissed. Days till age up: 3. The other guy’s 90. He doesn’t look a day over 88 Jim is 221. Christ. All right. Well, we’re gonna end it there I hope you enjoyed my episode of The Sims where we tried to imprison as many Santa Clauses as we can Didn’t ever think you’d hear that sentence did ya, but for now, we’re gonna end it there. appreciate you watching, folks I really hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time. Bye for now

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  1. I've been subbed for like 3 months and I /think/ this was my first video of yours. What a way to bring people in…kidnapping Santas.

  2. just spent my new years countdown watching kevin trap santa clause in his basement it couldn’t have been better

  3. I’ve been watching for… how long now?
    And I was expecting a “Hello everybody my name’s Jim Pickins” for some reason.
    Like legit was expecting that.

  4. I think looking at these episodes of sims 4. The newer ones is exciting but doesn't have that enjoyful entertaining feel like they did in the last episode due to EA's meddling 🙁

  5. Kevin inspired me to make a vamp sim. I’ve never done vampires the entire time I’ve played sims but now, I think I’m ready to be the master vampire and defeat Jim Pickens

  6. The video starts with a charismatic, creepy, murderous cult-leader cheating on his husband, who happens to be the Grim Reaper, with Santa Claus… all in the first minute.

  7. dude you by far are the best simmer i've seen. However, zombiecleo is right up there with you. Your singing is amazing as well. Just an added note.

  8. Why didn't he move in with Santa Clause? North Pole? Santa's elves? his workshop?! You'd frikken live there. Plus Mrs. Clause 😉 you also got them flying deer too, to fuck around.

  9. I think you should go to the north pole and fuck. shit. up. Ruin christmas, or you can do the present sending maybe?? Get Mrs. Clause pregnant or somethin. Have multiple children with Mrs. Clause then move out cuz like thats too many kids ya know? Bring her back but leave the children there if thats possible. Make fake parents, make them move in and shit.

  10. Kevin: makes people streak during the winter
    The Sims creators: no problem with this
    Kevin: *hosts party innocently in the winter
    The Sims creators: What the fuck have you brought upon this cursed land

  11. I killed my first Sim a few days ago: I built him a prison yard, he died of starvation. Zachariah now haunts my house, and his headstone is in exactly the place he died. I want to kill another one now that my character is married and has a baby, but I don't know how yet.

  12. There have been lots of moments on your channel that I've laughed out loud at, but I think my favorite in this series has definitely been when like twenty gnomes descended on Jim in the kitchen. Fecking hilarious.

  13. So you're telling me all I have to do is live for 221 years and then I can trap people in my basement and make them work as slaves? Sounds easy enough for me

  14. "Alright, you know what? I think this just became our favourite spot."
    I don't know why, but this is possibly one of the creepiest things you've ever said.

  15. But you can do so many things with 2 Lumps of Coal. You can make it hot and put it in someones pants.
    You could Make it to powder and put it in peoples drinks, and much more.

  16. I’ve been watching a lot of criminal minds lately and I’ve just imagining the Behavioral Analysis Unit trying to give a profile of Jim Pickens. “The unsub is a white male, between the ages of 150-200 years old. He is charming and he uses his charms to get his victims to trust him. He has plenty of resources and money but he can’t keep a job, and if he does it is for his ulterior motives. He is a sociopath and a sexual sadist. He is both a serial predator and a serial killer, much like the Golden State Killer…” lmaoo

  17. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue drink—the story ends, you wake up in your bed with deep sadness. You take the red drink—you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the hellhole goes. Remember: all I'm offering is discomfort.

  18. If only we knew that in a bit over a year’s time, one of the Santa’s will cannibalize the other 🙁 RIP Clement. You will be missed

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