Skype Basics – Conversation History

By default, Skype for Business will save your conversation history in two places. It will save it in Skype for Business and create a conversation history folder in Outlook. To view your conversation history in Skype for Business, click on the clock icon. Here you can view all conversations, missed conversations, or view calls. Please note that Skype for Business will not save voice or video conversations but only log the timestamp from when they took place. Instant messages are saved in Skype for Business. To delete a conversation, right click on the conversation. Choose delete conversation. You can also choose continue conversation to pick up where you left off. To view your conversation history in Outlook, open outlook and look for a folder outside of your inbox titled conversation history. Here you can see those conversations again and delete any of them. If you’re used to using to view your email, log in and look for the folder below your inbox titled conversation history. Select messages to delete them.

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