Small Business Owners Rally Behind Medicare For All

Medicare for all is still hugely popular here
in the United States. And according to a new poll, there is another
group of people here in the United States that now a majority of them say they support
the idea of medicare for all. And those people happen to be small business
owners according to a new report, a new poll, excuse me, 58% of small business owners here
in the United States say they support Medicare for all because it’s going to lower costs
for them. It’s gonna lower their overhead costs. And here’s why big corporations or even just
larger companies do have the ability to hire human resources. People maybe even hire an outside consultant
to go out there and negotiate insurance plans with insurance companies, smaller businesses. Maybe you’re just a, a local, a Bodega at
the end of the street, you don’t have that benefit because you don’t have that luxury
of being able to afford those things. So you’re kind of stuck. You and your employees with whatever plan
they have to offer, you can’t negotiate. Prices so you end up, getting screwed pretty
hard and they’re tired of it. And they want Medicare for all because then
not only does it save them money, it’s also now something they don’t ever have to worry
about and that is the argument that needs to be
made more frequently. It even needs to be made for the corporations. Those who do go out there and negotiate prices,
you’re still paying too much and you will be paying less under Medicare for all. It puts more money into the pockets of the
corporations. And I know we do most of our reporting here
on ring of fire talking about how horrible corporations are and they are. They also hold a lot of power. So what if we just reframe the argument slightly. What if we start telling them how much money
they’re going to save, how many more super yachts they get to buy if they no longer have
to pay for their employees healthcare coverage. I think about some of these massive corporations
here in the United States, you know AT&T springs to mind. We’ve got an office right down the street. I see it all the time. That’s why it springs to mind. But AT&T nationwide, thousands upon thousands,
hundreds of thousands of employees. Most of them have health insurance in AT&T
like other employers pays for that. So how much money are they going to be putting
in their pockets if suddenly that’s something they don’t have to pay for? They don’t have to have administrators. So those people can free up their time and
work on other things for the company. You save money all around and that’s the argument
that needs to be made. We know as a public that we save a ton of
money with it. Yeah, our taxes are going to go up, but we’re
no longer paying insurance premiums. So overall more money goes in our pockets,
but the corporations, the ones out there calling the shots, they need to be told that, hey,
guess what? Yeah, you suck as a corporation, but this
puts more money in your pocket too. You save money and health care becomes something
you never have to worry about for your employees. Again, whether it’s somebody working minimum
wage part time or a full time executive, you don’t have to cover them at all or ever even
think about giving them health care because we got it covered. That is the argument that needs to be made.

100 Replies to “Small Business Owners Rally Behind Medicare For All

  1. The corporations would no longer have to negotiate 50 different plans (with the increase in management costs), one for each different state.

  2. For those that may be curious about what a universal health care system can cost to individuals/corporations… (this is lengthy!)

    in BC, Canada the cost to people for their Medical Services Plan universal healthcare is $37.50 per month for a single person, or $75 max per month for your family (spouse and unlimited children). In USD that is roughly $25 single/ $60 family, depending on the exchange. A large portion of companies will have a group program that pays that cost for the employee, but everyone qualifies to have coverage even if they aren't working, and without any restrictions on preexisting conditions. If you earn under a certain amount (I believe it was $42k this year), the premium is waived. These are the items covered…

    I want to stress that there is no in-service/out of service hospital, doctors, nurses, etc.
    I can go to the hospital whenever I want, to any one I want, as many times as I want, for any complaint I have.. and never see a bill. I mention this not to 'Canada-brag', but to stress that there is no trick to this, it is actually possible to have a system where you are able to get the medical help you need and be completely oblivious to cost or administration.
    I also want to address one 'complaint' I hear when people mention Canada as an example of how healthcare could work.. they push back with "But the wait times!". If I ever felt that I didn't want to wait for a CAT scan, or MRI (two most common waits), I could simply hop in the car and drive to the US and pay the cost you are all paying.. they'll take my money any time!

    Here is the detail on the Medical Services Plan (MSP)…

    Services Covered by MSP

    MSP is the provincial insurance program that pays for required medical services. These include medically necessary services provided by physicians and midwives, dental and oral surgery performed in a hospital, eye examinations if medically required and some orthodontic services. In addition, MSP pay for diagnostic services including x-rays. For information on laboratory service benefits under the Laboratory Services Act, visit the Laboratory Services website.

    Other services that may be covered by MSP include supplementary benefits provided by other health care practitioners. These include acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy and non-surgical podiatry.

    Medical Benefits

    Medically required services you receive from physicians and midwives are medical benefits of MSP, as are diagnostic services including x-rays.

    Medical Benefits
    The Medical Services Plan (MSP) provides the following benefits:

    medically required services provided by a physician;

    maternity care provided by a physician or a midwife;

    medically required eye examinations provided by an ophthalmologist or optometrist;

    diagnostic services, including x-rays, provided at approved diagnostic facilities, when ordered by a registered physician, midwife, podiatrist, dental surgeon or oral surgeon;

    dental and oral surgery, when medically required to be performed in hospital (excluding restorative services, i.e.: fillings, caps, crowns, root canals, etc.)*;

    orthodontic services related to severe congenital facial abnormalities.

    laboratory service benefits

    MSP does NOTprovide coverage for the following:

    services that are deemed to be not medically required, such as cosmetic surgery;

    dental services, except as outlined under benefits;

    routine eye examinations for persons 19 to 64 years of age;

    eyeglasses, hearing aids, and other equipment or appliances;

    prescription drugs (see PharmaCare);

    acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, naturopathy, physical therapy and non-surgical podiatry services (except for MSP beneficiaries with premium assistance status);

    preventive services and screening tests not supported by evidence of medical effectiveness (for example, routine annual "complete" physical examinations, whole body CT scans, prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests);

    services of counsellors or psychologists;

    medical examinations, certificates or tests required for:

    driving a motor vehicle


    life insurance

    school or university

    recreational and sporting activities

    immigration purposes

  3. I sort of pointed this out yesterday when promoting the Australian model for health care, which is controlled by the government. Everyone is given a Medicare card while private insurance has accident cover, various levels for Hospital treatment and Extras cover. Business owners in Australia have NEVER been involved in their employee's private health insurance; rather, the employee, should they want it, choose their own provider from the many non-profit companies that offer it, choose the coverage they want, pay the premium (usually lower than $200 per month for a single person) then stick with them, and after the 12 months waiting period for the few costlier rebates is over, they're covered for everything in their particular policy. It couldn't be easier, there's very little paperwork and sometimes none when one's card is swiped, and everyone is happy. That's the way to go, America.

  4. As I am not a resident of the USA I can not say that I have experience with paying for medical insurance,or do not know what it is like to search for health insurance , or paying deductible’s for any medical procedures. I am responsible for Dental,Optical,Pharmaceutical,but I have that covered by insurance through my employment. I must admit that I feel very fortunate that I don’t have to pay for anything to do with medical bills.To all my brothers and sisters in the USA medical insurance for all is probably the best thing that a country can do for it’s citizens as it makes the population more healthy,and the added bonus of not being saddled with debt because you had a baby, or your appendix removed,broken leg.your taxes will go up ,but not a dramatic amount.Think about the piece of mind that you and your family will enjoy of never being in debt just because you or a family member having an accident or become ill.It would the best thing to happen to USA for most of the people.
    Good Luck America.

  5. I work for a small flagging company and I support Medicare for all. We need it to stay healthy. Healthy worker means less sick days and more productive businesses.

  6. The republican party has convinced half of the country that paying say 400 dollars A month in extra taxes is worst then paying 900 a month for health care and they say Americans are smart. Sike.

  7. Health insurance providers are nothing but corporations that do not uphold their own policy contracts with their policy holders and they get away with it because no one is willing to help the policy holders when they don't. They destroy people's lives. We NEED universal healthcare / Medicare for all. I could go on about my situation and have plenty of documents proving the breach of contract and what it ultimately cost me.

  8. I know alot of small business owners can't afford health insurance for their employees simply because they don't have enough employees to justify the high cost of insurance!!!

  9. i like sander ideas but i also like andrew ideas cause he just gave money no questions ask because there are some people who can work because their mind is fuck up and if u gonna go ask gov for money u they wont do like andrew say gave money no question ask not much paper work and asking question strings attacth they u know what i mean those paper asking question and what u should do that what i hear if u apply for any of gov assitant

  10. Here’s the issue I faced. I worked a company with over 10,000 employees. I got health insurance and it “covered” my preexisting condition but the issue that arose was they only covered it to $5000 in my lifetime. So getting a job with insurance doesn’t mean you actually have meaningful insurance.

  11. The problem with Medicare for all is the Doctor's Hospital's are just going to raise their prices so they can collect more money from the people dinner on Medicare I'm on Medicare and I can't afford to go to see a doctor because I'm also disabled the co-pay is way too high

  12. I really don't understand why a so called forward thinking country like the US doesn't have a national health service like in the UK from being born to the day you die healthcare is free you have a choice if you want private healthcare you can have private healthcare I don't pay for my monthly prescription drugs I can walk into my local hospital and can be given medical attention and not worry about getting a bill because it's all free.

  13. AMEN!!!! I'm not a math wiz but this is simple math. I am having a harder time trying to understand the argument against Medicare for All than I am understanding Medicare for All itself.

    WTF is wrong with people??? What is this need to make people suffer as much as possible? The way we are currently headed, we are starting to look more and more like the countries that are being used to demonize socialism (Cambodia, Venezuela, etc.) and countries that are run by religious extremists. The US Constitution is being crapped on 100 times a day and yet those who proclaim to "defend our freedom" are the very same people hell bent on taking our freedoms and our rights as human beings away.

  14. I am on Medicare and support Medicare for All.. premiums are less and you can go to whatever doctor you want instead of some of the know nothing ones we’re sent to by insurance companies. You get better service and a lot less headaches.

  15. I run a small business, let me tell you that it is totally worth having medicare for all.. IWith Medicare for all, I dont have to supply health care benefits for any of the people I may hire! If you don't understand the Awesomeness of this, then you and trump should NEVER go into business..

  16. I wish selfish billionaires would lose their wealth and become poor so they could understand what it's like to be poor. I know not all rich people are bad, but still, the ones who are need to go down.

  17. I know Moscow Mitch wouldn't go for Medicare for All because it just so happens in Lexington, Kentucky , Humana HQ is located there & Medicare for All would cut them out…

  18. Corporations dont want to save $ on health costs coz the benefits they offer force 'the slaves' to stick with them in mind bending jobs out of fear of losing benefits. If workers truly get freedom of choice to move jobs when they want, AT&T will suffer a massive brain drain when said employees venture out to become entrepreneurs in their own right. Corps' wont stand for that.

  19. your wording is rather misleading, small companies and corporations still have to pay for health coverage in case of universal healthcare. It will be just included in the taxes they have to/should pay. Then, considering how expensive insurance is in the US, it might save them some money. Although, that could happen only if the entire medical system will lower their fees. Anyway, small business owners just want to take advantage of the fact that with universal healthcare, some of their costs will be born by society at large

  20. How is it that people are so fucking stupid that they believe that the mega rich give a fuck about them? THIS IS A CLASS WAR! Rich vs. poor. Stop voting against your best intrests. Not a single person should be against medical for all, school for all, justice for ALL! It's when they find out that people not like them will get benefits then they hate it. They should know that it's the same for the ultra rich. You are broke so they don't want you to have what they have. They create hate for everybody so we the working poor are to preoccupied and don't see what they are actually doing… working us to death like we are slaves.

  21. It’s important that Medicare for All be explained after the last debate. Plans of Sanders, Warren, etc differ. You must be speaking of Warren’s. I prefer the plan of Sanders

  22. Business & corporations run the government, so it makes sense to appeal to business owners/board members.

  23. While on the surface your idea is logical and objectively correct for corporations. You miss however on a very important factor as to why corporations will not take the logical steps. And that is the corporations have a vested interest in an alliance to use their capital to fund political bribes, think tanks, institutions, and media propaganda. So that more drastic social programs will not be brought to the table. It is in their interest not to fight against other power economic forces, who could attack them back. So for this reason, other corporations not in the pharmaceutical and medical Feilds. Will not take the logical steps for Medicare for all.

  24. Any small business that voted for this con man they deserve it. But for those that didn't I'm sorry it's affecting them. But we need to get these cooperate Democrats and Russiancans out of the chambers of congress. Listen to your politicians and pay close attention to them because you never know what these people are doing to anybody until it's to late.

  25. My wife is in remission from Breast cancer, 10 years ago due to massive weight loss and pain from treatment she had to stay in the hospital for her complete second round of chemo and radiation (6 weeks) the final cost was $890,000.00 of which we had to pay 20% I can only imagine the costs now. 10 Years ago our premiums were $600.00 a month per person. Here we are ten years later recently our monthly premium went up again (4th year in a row) we're now paying $1500.00 per person and they're denying payments for many of the costs with the explanation as follows; On page 38 paragraph 7 subsection 4 says if we feel the costs exceed the national average they can deny payment. Now every other bill submitted gets denied. We need free healthcare or at least a major overhaul of the current healthcare system/industry and it needs to happen now. Anyone else have horror stories like these?.

  26. I don't know if Medicare for all is the right thing. I want a choice and when and if they can explain how it works and what happens with co-payments and if Medicare has a cap and refuses something… then what!!?? .. sounds good saying it, but actual talking about it and explaining how it will work and truly save us money are different things… fix what we have already… improve what needs to be improved. When people reach the certain age of 65, they will have Medicare and most working people have contributed so to me it's like social security… if I have paid into it all my life working and someone who hasn't worked or put a damn dime into social security… I'd be pretty salty with that person or persons receiving those benefits.. and unfortunately some do already… sooo I have questions and want Warren and Sanders explain Medicare for all in detail… higher taxes doesn't sound like a plan to me and what would the out of pocket be especially if it isn't covered…

  27. Once Americans have had Medicare for all for five years, there would be a revolution if anyone tried to take it away. Have you ever heard of ppl in a country that has it say they didn't want it?
    Access to healthcare should be a basic human right.
    Here is an example of the benefits. People in Canada with CF live an average of 10 years longer than CF patients in America.

  28. A survey commissioned this month by Public Private Strategies shows that 34 percent of small businesses owners strongly favor Medicare for all. Forty five percent of the business owners said that healthcare cost is a major problem. However, I remember the last administration promising that Obamacare would drastically decrease healthcare costs. The only logical fix to the healthcare problem is to allow Dems to implement a plan in which they promise free healthcare for everyone. 😂😂

  29. I guess they're all OK with paying a Hefty Tax Increase, just to Pay for all Illegal's Health Care…
    Why do they think Medicare for All is Free? They are being Lied too because nothing is Free, and they ought to know better… LOL!

  30. I wondered about that for years, but finally decided that health insurance is a lock in of good employees, no insurance outside the corporation is an effective jail.
    I am glad small companies are getting the benefit.

  31. Will businesses pass lowered overhead on to customers in lower prices?, since medical costs would be shifted to taxpayers?

  32. Companies that do not have to pay for healthcare for their employees can then take that money and apply some of it to increase their employees wages, so yeah, they are for Medicare for All.

  33. Nope – once medicare for all is achieved, you take that money back from the corporations as tax and put it back in the system. They have taken so much advantage from the taxpayers and the infrastructure that their tax paid for …. 'cos corporations pay jack shit. So no way – don't just give it back it them.

  34. M4A creates a more level playing field in the competition for talent, since medical coverage would not even need to be a factor in someone's decision about where they choose to work.

    And M4A doesn't only benefit small businesses. Having worked in HR for mid-sized to large businesses, I can tell you the amount of time and money spent every year on dealing with health insurance is ridiculous. They wouldn't have to go through the brain damage of the health insurance renewal process every year.

    For fully-insured employers, the premiums generally increase year over year, then to contain costs the employer has to make tweaks to the plan (generally passing more of the cost to the employees or providing reduced coverage in order to maintain or lower premiums), then re-educate employees on what all the coverage changes are. If they end up changing carriers, then there's even more overhead in educating employees about the new carrier's network, their doctors may or may not be in that network, ensuring that maintenance Rx refills transition without interruption, helping employees find new medical providers, transition treatment, etc.

    For self-insured employers, it's similar except in their case the employer is paying the claims instead of the insurance company (the insurance company is just processing the claims since the employer is almost never qualified to adjudicate claims), so they're even more heavily invested in controlling costs since those come right off their bottom line.

    And it's an obvious win for employees because nothing changes about their health insurance coverage when they change employers (or become unemployed)–they don't have to start over with deductibles, they don't have to worry that their current doctor isn't in network, that their care plan for an existing condition or Rx refills will be interrupted or refused, etc. (Yes I have seen an employee's serious health condition maintenance medication that was covered by a previous insurance company be denied by a new insurance company, and it was unaffordable out-of-pocket to the employee.)

    It's such a no-brainer once you take greed and politics out of it.

  35. When any body snubs MC4 all. Corporate talking How you going to pay for that ? Perfect.! Then you answer back. How do we pay? Well our government gives 4 billion dollars a year. Year after year.for Iseral's
    shenanigans. Iseral has MC 4 All. And we don't. Why would a country We appropreate money to .have free health care While we don't ?Well.I tell you how will pay Take Israel cash we give them. We use it for our own healthcare. We dislove the private for profit system Which steals from the taxpayer.No one wants
    Private for profit insurance..The money saved from sticky fingers and middle men.will pay for Kicking fat cats to the curb.No human being. Should make insane amounts of money. Off the backs of the sick.

  36. Small business could really be huge in talking to the American people about this issue. They understand that it is a win for them and their employees while putting money back into their pockets or business.


  38. Sorry my Américain neighbors but Medicare are for evolve country, Canada 🇨🇦, France 🇫🇷, England 🇬🇧, Danemark 🇩🇰.etc.

  39. And those savings are now best used …. on salaries — the ones they continue to make the excuse that they don’t have the budget. Then there will be no excuse attempting to to reach unilateral $20 minimum wage.

  40. I’ve always said I support Medicare for all not only because it’s cost effective but because I am pro-small business and I know how they’re gouged by the private insurance companies. This feature would cost corporations more if they’re doing shady stuff like hiring only part time to deny insurance and save small business a lot of money.

    If you’re not supporting Medicare for all and you’re a small business you are saying you want to pay more just for the have nots to suffer and die.

  41. the only people I see it hurting is the health insurance companies. They will still make lots of money but right now they have no limits. Under MFA their profit will be limited by the contracts. The plus side is, they will always make money, but it will be capped by the Gov paying for the coverage. I guess making Hundreds of millions isn't enough, they want to make Billions or trillions if they can. That is why it costs so much, they make so much.

  42. If money isn’t good enough we could appeal to their hate. Hey white supremacists! It’ll be easier to prevent that mythical genocide of yours if white people of middle and lower income can afford to actually have babies! Support Medicare for all today!

    I mean it’s technically true
    that this is a side effect of Medicare for all. The ability to not go bankrupt from a pregnancy would lead to more people being able to have children in a stable home environment.

  43. Changing over to MFA will be a logistical nightmare but if they rolled it out state by state the other states would see the benefits and want it too.

  44. The other thing. Any company that want to provide more coverage can do so cheaper than they do now. Unions, corporate perk plans. Mfo is not a bad idea.

    But anyone that has dealt with medicare it is shit compared to a true single payer like canada or england. Its just better than what we have now.

  45. fox news dont want the middle class and the poor to get medicare for all,because they need the insurance and drug companies money to maintain their million dollar salary

  46. Thank you for your message. I think you need to talk with Bernie Sanders and see if he could pass this forward in a speech as an major benefit to all employers of companies and Corporations.

  47. Why? Oh right because they won't have to pay for that benefit. If you go into business and can't provide for your employees, then complain about the lack of a,worth ethic…..

  48. Isn't it curious politicians,want M4All but won't add benefits to current medicare? Where's my vision, dental and mental health is covered .

  49. Why didn't they rally for this when Obama was in the White House? Oh, trump🤡 promised to implement the best health care the USA 🇱🇷 ever had….. Still waiting 🤔.

  50. I also think when the minimum wage is expanded, the government should subsidize small businesses to meet that demand versus massive tax breaks for corporations. With some of the savings perhaps small businesses can raise their wages a few bucks and have the government fill in the difference. Any corporation that has employees meeting their needs with public assistance programs, shouldn't be getting tax breaks anyway.

  51. I love my health care system here in Canada.Coming soon Pharma Care. I gladly pay for it through my taxes and happily pay for those who can't. Corps love it 'cause its not their responsibility and they have a healthier longer staying workforce. No Brainer!

  52. GM employees are on strike now in the United States and one of their demands is a better healthcare insurance so right there it proves that it would help all employers.

  53. I tend to agree with the Mayor Pete approach. Make Medicare available for all but don’t force people to give up their insurance if it works for them. Let market forces do their thing. Pretty soon, many will want to save costs and will phase over anyway.
    Where I live, we have healthcare for all but you can still pay and go private which typically means a shorter wait for non-emergency healthcare.
    A view from afar

  54. Medicare for all will Bankrupt Small Business. Keep up the China Propaganda to destroy the USA 🇺🇸. Hey Communists……..You are Losing.

  55. The reason many corporations don't support it is because company health insurance forces their employees to be more dependent on them and less likely to quit and move on to better things even if wages are shitty at that particular job because they can't afford to lose their healthcare. It's all about corporations holding power over their workers. Holding the threat of reducing or eliminating their company health benefits through firing or reduced hours over their heads keeps their workers more obedient.

  56. I work for a company that is based in Iowa. I work in our Canadian branch and we have a branch in Chili. The number one complaint in our financial year end meeting was Trump's tariffs. Number 2 was cost of medical for American employees. We make double or more than the salaries that they do in Iowa, but their employees are costlier to the company. We are a 250+ million dollar a year company. So its not only mom and pop shops complaining about these issues. It sucks as a bystander too because it cuts into my bonus.

  57. UK has universal health care. You pay 2 taxes, a government tax and national health insurance tax. When you move jobs, you just let IRS know who your new employer is, and start paying your taxes through them. Simple. What's the big deal!

  58. This exactly what Andrew Yang has been saying. He's pitched this specific argument for Medicare for all for years. This is how you win over many of the independent voters, the conservative voters, etc. That's what makes Andrew Yang so electable is he understands these kinds of things and could pitch progressive policies to the Right and drive thousands of voters to his cause.

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