Small Business Revolution: Season 4 Official Trailer

{an2}- [Narrator] Small
towns across the country {an2}are struggling to survive. {an2}- [Woman] It’s been a struggle
for our downtown retailers {an2}for more than a decade. {an2}- We have had discussions. {an2}Is it time to go ahead and shut down? {an2}- Are we gonna become
one of those communities {an2}that just goes by the wayside? {an2}You know, what are we gonna do? {an2}- [Narrator] But what if
we can give one small town {an2}the makeover it needs
to turn things around? {an2}The Small Business Revolution
Main Street is back. {an2}Join marketing expert Amanda Brinkman {an2}for a new season in a new town. {an2}- Thank you for being
small business owners. {an2}It’s a very brave and heroic place to be. {an2}- [Narrator] And revitalization
icon Ty Pennington {an2}returns to join the fight. {an2}- We have to have people that
really wanna really invest {an2}in downtown. {an2}You have to commit. {an2}- [Narrator] Thousands of towns
across the country applied {an2}for a half million dollar
Main Street Revitalization, {an2}and America voted for one winner. {an2}- Hello, Searcy. (cheers) {an2}(crowd cheers) {an2}- [Narrator] Now, Amanda,
Ty, and the team at Deluxe {an2}are going to work, and
they’re bring a whole cast {an2}of experts along to help
revitalize the town, {an2}one small business at a time. {an2}- [Amanda] Congratulations. {an2}- [Ty] Welcome to the Revolution. {an2}- [Narrator] Every episode, the team {an2}will be helping a different
small business in need. {an2}- We wanna make sure you’re spending time {an2}on the parts of your business {an2}that will actually produce the revenue. {an2}- This is still authentic to you. {an2}- The colors hit the nail on the head. {an2}- [Narrator] Overcoming new obstacles {an2}and working harder than ever. {an2}- I also feel like they have a little bit {an2}of a cash flow issue, as well. {an2}- They’re losing money. {an2}- [Narrator] But to build a better future, {an2}this town will have to come together. {an2}- You have one camp that
wants to be progressive. {an2}You have your other camp
that they wanna do it kind of {an2}how they’ve always done it. {an2}That internal struggle
has really been evident. {an2}- Searcy has an amazing heart. {an2}Unfortunately, the need is great. {an2}- You guys can be an
example to other towns {an2}that are struggling with
exactly this kind of a thing. {an2}- They look so good
compared to the other ones. {an2}So good.
– We did it again, Kim. {an2}- Yay. {an2}(cheering) {an2}- Thank you so much for all this. {an2}And this whole process has
just been pretty amazing. {an2}- [Narrator] Watch Season Four {an2}of Small Business Revolution Main Street, {an2}now streaming on Hulu, Vimeo video, {an2}and

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