Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal

Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal My name is Matt Gaetz, I represent Florida’s 1st congressional district while it is above water Just yesterday the Secretary of the Air Force the Secretary of the army the Chiefs of Staff of both the Army and the Air Force Testified to the House Armed Services Committee that in real time Climate change is impacting the strategic decisions that our military makes regarding weapons testing basing decisions The global movement of humans and high stakes territorial claims made by our adversaries in the Arctic Our military does not have the luxury of an academic debate about climate change They must respond to the reality that we face today. And so should the United States Congress History will judge harshly my Republican colleagues who deny the science of climate change similarly those Democrats who would use climate change as a Basis to regulate out of existence the American experience will face the harsh reality that their ideas will fail today along with other members of Congress I’ll be filing a green real deal a common-sense rebuttal to the green New Deal the green real deal rejects regulation as the driving force of reform and instead unlocks the unlimited potential of American innovation and ingenuity The question for America is pretty simple either. We want a bunch of bureaucrats in Washington Telling us what we can’t do or we empower American innovators to unlock things that we can do Do we really believe that if we outlaw cars cows planes and buildings that the rest of the world will follow of course They won’t they will laugh at us If we outlawed carbon emissions do we really think that carbon creating jobs? Wouldn’t just move overseas as they have already done for decades. Is there a single piece of evidence? Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal that emerging economies will put off their own economic development for a generation to accommodate an environmental concern no matter how legitimate and if we do not reduce global carbon emission if we merely Export pollution and service of our own virtue signaling then we will have not done anything real to protect our beautiful planet Being the world’s fool or Patsy won’t combat climate change Unilaterally disarming the American economy through crushing regulations will empower Washington but few others our rise in global leadership on climate must be fueled by American innovators And I have a plan to support them the green real deal establishes four platforms For American innovators to utilize exploit and deploy for their success the first is an international marketplace that is fair to American innovators our current global trade and Intellectual property policies fail to protect American innovation. Just look at solar when photovoltaic cells were initially developed America led the world in solar and right now our market share is collapsing because China robbed American technology replicated that technology Inexpensively and then replaced American companies in the market place China is now doing the very same thing with electric cars and electric vehicles and so by having better Policies for the platform of trade and intellectual property. It’s a great platform for innovation The second platform that the green real deal establishes is a modernized electric grid for our country the American Society of Civil Engineers rates the American electrical grid ad plus This functions as a wet blanket over American innovation because there is no mechanism by which we can have renewable Technology used given the vast fluctuations and capability and production and utilization of renewables but if we get this Right, if we make the right investments in our grid then we will create an entire class of energy entrepreneurs all over the country where people can put up solar cells access hydropower and then move that power back on to the grid so that Renewable cleaner energy can be democratized over wider swaths of the country The third critical platform to unlock Fed lands Innovators should see our federal lands as an open canvas for renewable energy research development test and evaluation Instead a complex series of regulations and special interest driven contracting processes Limit the ability of our beautiful spaces in our environment to contribute to their continued preservation The fourth platform is an inclusive technology Doctrine that would underlie an American innovation strategy right now the Nuclear Regulatory Commission won’t approve Scalable modular nuclear reactors our agricultural and tax policies don’t even contemplate the best carbon capture technologies in the world and Hydropower some of the cleanest cheapest power that you can access in our country is too often blocked by needless government regulation The green real deal doesn’t tell Americans what they can and cannot do It doesn’t use the apparatus of government to pick winners and losers in a distortion of the private market Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal The green real deal is a love letter to the American innovator and it is a real serious plan to address climate change Thank You, mr. Speaker and after a meeting with President Trump yesterday regarding the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, I rise to praise the Trump administration For its mindful and strategic response to conditions in that country All options must be on the table including military force My constituents would likely be among the first in that fight I’m incredibly proud of them and if asked they will successfully execute any mission that they are called to do But policy makers have an obligation not to send any of America’s sons and daughters into any ill-advised conflict the Trump administration clearly Understands the risks associated with military intervention in Venezuela at this time they include a few things first if the United States military were to have Troops on the ground in Venezuela today, it is very likely that the Maduro regime would scapegoat their own the people of Venezuela Voted their way into socialism and now it appears they have to fight their way out of it Well, this should be a lesson to us all military intervention should not be Presented as an opportunity for the Majuro regime to explain away why people in Venezuela? Have no medicine have no food are starving at times see their own countrymen turning tanks and weapons against them those failures belong to the Maduro regime those failures belong to this socialist dictatorship and Were we to intervene in an unwise way? Potentially that would create confusion about the conditions that led to these terrible circumstances Second if the United States military were to intervene at this time It is my concern that it would allow them endure a regime to externalize their conflict It is no surprise to any in this chamber or many in the Trump administration that there remains some latent resentment within pockets of Latin America regarding US intervention and regime change and nation-building and at a time when we are seeing Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal Democratic successes and governments stood up that are beginning to provide for their citizens It would be deeply unwise to stoke any anti-american resentment with ill-advised conflict right now Maduro functionally lacks material support from the forward-thinking countries in the Western Hemisphere And we would not want to create any opportunity for there to be a call to the new Bolivarian Alliance That ultimately is what a lot of these transnational criminal organizations want in Venezuela. They want to Road nation-states and borders They want to end Nationalism in our hemisphere so that they have a more permissive environment for their illicit activities third the Trump administration Clearly understands that if the United States were deemed to be too involved in the popular uprising in Venezuela that Maduro would potentially have the opportunity to deny the organic desires of Venezuelans to fight for their own freedom The reason people are up in Venezuela right now is not a consequence of the United States government it’s a consequence of the failures of their own government and their Passionate desire for freedom and one that we should stand with the people of Venezuela to execute Despite these conditions and despite the challenges I remain hopeful that there is a brighter future for Venezuela as we meet and gather now Juan guardo is able to go about the country freely to fight despite not having a military despite not having staff. He’s able to rally Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal Thousands of his fellow countrymen in public squares and make the argument for freedom meanwhile The coward Maduro remains huddled up in a military base unable to move around and unsure who will turn on him next But if the last quarter century has taught our country anything About the nature of freedom it is that freedom has to be fought Hardest fought for hardest by those who yearn to live it Freedom cannot be the gift that America gives other countries purchased solely with the currency of the blood of u.s Servicemembers people have to fight for freedom and earn it they have to die for it They have to bury their relatives over it and then they have to love it and care for it so much that they will never let another strong man take it away from them and that they will never fall victim to the passions that led Venezuela down this dark path to socialism and dictatorship and starvation and desperation Smart Congressman Destroy’s Ocasio Cortezs Green New Deal We stand with the people of Venezuela and they must stand now and fight for a better future for their country

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