Solutions for Every Business

– At Second Wind, our mission
is to provide solutions to businesses of all sizes. Solutions that traditionally
have only been available to the largest corporations. In times of rapid growth or change, management consulting services can redefine a company’s trajectory, position it for success, and
insulate it from failure. But the challenge for owners is that elite consulting services have only been accessible
to those enterprises capable of absorbing otherwise
prohibitive hourly fees. – At Second Wind, we take
a different approach. We stake our success in your success, in the growth we help you create, and in the profits we help you produce, not in hourly fees. For every business, your business, we believe it’s a better
model and a better way. – When business debt
becomes unsupportable, banks, creditors, owners,
and even professionals, such as business intermediaries
or private equity investors all understand what makes
Second Wind different. Our solutions to business
debt preserve value, jobs, and economic activity. – We don’t believe only
the largest corporations are too big to fail, we
believe that all business value should and can be preserved
regardless of the circumstances which brought about distress. – Over the past decade,
we have saved thousands of businesses, driven by a belief that the historically understood options for addressing debt are
inefficient, needlessly destructive, and by result, unethical, as well. Instead, we’ve adapted and applied universally understood
and accepted principles of reorganization once
reserved exclusively for the largest enterprises. – When Second Wind preserves
the value of an at-risk or insolvent business, we
create successful exits for owners, attractive
entry points for buyers, and even maximum recovery
value for secured creditors in a win-win for all parties involved. That’s what Second Wind is all about. – Whether you’re an owner managing growth or a complex enterprise facing distress, our management consulting
and debt elimination services offer solutions unavailable anywhere else. – If you’re a trusted advisor seeking to guide an at-risk client
or a direct business investor looking to scale
transactional possibilities, divorcing unsupportable debt from the value of business operations will open a new spectrum
of possibilities to you. Ask us how.

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