[SOLVED] How To Fix Start Button Windows 10 Not Working

back again in Nemblas Channel before go to video, clik SUBSCRIBE button so now i will show you video tutorial how to fix start button windows not working in my experience start button windows not working after i install and try to scan file with Advance SystemCare after it done my start button is not working and internet too it can’t opened it makes me confused and i try to find how to fix this in internet and i found to solved this with Windows Repair Application you can download this app with the link in the despciption how to fix this ? oke, open the applicatipn and then click Repairs menu click Open Repairs to repair the windows click Start Repairs button wait for a while you don’t have to wait long until the start button worked just wait for a while so let’s try is it work or not it’s work don’t forget to like, comment and SUBSCRIBE!!!

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  1. Thank you so much bro..!! It was a great help..!! But unfortunately my wifi is not connecting with any wifi even right now..!

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