St. Joseph Communications – Transforming the Way Brands Engage With People

Everything, in this day and age, is all about content and it’s not easy for brands in this new world. In the past if you purchased some television and did some print that seemed to get you by. But these days you literally have to be an expert in all media channels, and I think
we’re in a very exciting space where we’ve got the blurring of all of this
content coming together and I think over the next little while we’re gonna see
some amazing things happen and we hope that St. Joseph is at the forefront of a
lot of those things. My father immigrated to Canada almost 60 years ago, and shortly thereafter started St. Joseph literally in the basement of his home. St. Joseph is the patron saint of the
working person, and my father has always believed in the dignity of work. That was
ingrained in us as an organization in our culture and we’ve tried, as a business has grown and evolved over the years, always to keep that DNA within the organisation. We’re very
curious, always ask questions to always push ahead never rest on our laurels.
We’ve been constantly making transformations and we’ve been evolving
the business into leading organization for today’s communications. The biggest
pain point from a client prospective is how to transform themselves so that they can
excel in an ever-changing world of communications. When clients are looking and searching for new ways, that’s when there’s opportunities and I think one of
the things that they’re learning is the traditional way approaching that isn’t
working for them, and that’s where I think working with the right organizations can
make all the difference in the world. We’ve been, for the longest time, creating
digital content and excelling at creating digital content that sells
merchandise. We’ve been doing that for years. But when you marry that with the
expertise that we have to tell stories that are compelling, that are informative and
you combine those skills; we help them speak to their customers in a whole different way. And that’s the uniqueness of St. Joseph. Our people care about our clients, I think it’s ingrained
in us as an organization and I believe that over the years clients also have seen that we will always do what’s right long-term and not take a shortcut. We want to exceed our clients expectations and want to be able to help clients tell their story in a very engaging way.

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