Stalin’s Murderous Adventures – Occupation of Poland – WW2 – 009 October 27 1939

October 27 1939 The battle for Poland is over the USSR and Germany are in control. The Polish civilians might well think that they can get back to regular daily life, just under a new regime. But, they are mistaken. Regular daily life no longer exists. I’m Indy Neidell. This is World War II. Last week saw heroic action on the high seas, it saw soviet troops enter Estonia, it saw Hitler issuing plans for an attack in Western Europe, and it saw Germany beginning to remove poles from German annexed Poland and organizing the first ghetto for the relocation of Jews. It wasn’t just removal, of course, they needed labor even in the un-annexed parts of Poland. On the 25th, the General Gouvernment Labor Department issues a work decree that makes labor mandatory for all Jewish males between 14 and 60 on government controlled jobs. Just by the end of 1939, 28 labor camps for this were built in the Lublin region, 14 near Warsaw 12 near Krakow and so on. You are correct in assuming that camp conditions were really harsh, but, they were at least a means of survival for the many Jews who had been expelled from their towns and the pittance they now earned kept them alive. At the end of the week, a notice posted in Torune kind of showed how the new order in German controlled Poland was going to work – it was instructions for the Poles. All Poles must leave the pavement free for Germans. At shops or in the marketplace ethnic Germans and representatives of the German authorities must be served first. Male Poles must tip their hats to state party and army personnel, poles may not use the Heil Hitler greeting. Polish females who annoy German nationals will be sent to brothels. Polish males who annoy women will be seriously punished. The final paragraph says this: Poles who have failed to understand that they are the conquered and we are the conquerors and who act against the above regulations expose themselves to the most severe punishment. I’d like to point out here that while the conditions for the Poles in the Nazi-occupied parts of Poland were beyond terrible, the situation, looting, killing and terror was hardly better for them in the Soviet occupied parts. The Soviet secret police, the NKVD, has already started a campaign of oppression that will seem more than a million Poles sent to gulags, where many will die a research paper from Yale University in 1983 concluded If 1.25 million were incarcerated and deported from the Polish territories during these 21 months, then Somewhere between a quarter and a half million families remaining on the outside of prisons and forced settlements were directly affected. This amounts to about one-fifth to one-fourth of the entire population residing in the area. Which is to say that everybody at least knew someone who was either deported or imprisoned. Also, beyond any basic or traditional animosity between Russia and Poland, Joseph Stalin had personal grievances and a personal hatred of Poland going back nearly two decades. What the Poles referred to as the miracle on the Vistula was their stunning and crushing defeat of the Soviet Red Army at the Battle of Warsaw during the Polish-Soviet war in 1920. Stalin was heavily criticized for his part in that disaster. See, in July 1920, Mikhail Tukhachevsky’s offensive had broken through polish defences and by early August, threatened not only Warsaw, but Polish independence. Stalin, with his forces, had been advancing in Galicia to the south. Leon Trotsky, in overall charge, orders Stalin to leave Galicia and join Tukhachevsky to take Warsaw But, Stalin wants to secure Galicia first. He refuses to follow Trotsky’s order and beseeches live in the largest city in southeastern Poland instead. Tukhachevsky, without him, moves on Warsaw. He does not know that Polish intelligence has decrypted red army radio messages, and he is on his way into a trap. He has left only a token force south of Warsaw guarding the link between the two Soviet fronts, and with Stalin still obsessively clinging to l’viv this leaves Tukhachevsky’s rear exposed. Poland counter-attacks on the 14th, and in one day turns the Soviet advance into a retreat, by the 16th advancing for both Warsaw and the south the Poles break through the gap between the Soviet forces. On the 18th, they attack the surprised Tukhachevsky’s forces from the rear and encircle most of them. The Soviet armies fall into chaos and entire divisions disintegrates. The Poles soon also outflank and destroy Soviet forces at the Battle of the Niemen River. Russia sues for peace. Poland is safe and, importantly for us, in 1939, Stalin failed to take l’viv and was subject for a great deal of criticism for being one of the reasons. If not, THE reason that Russia failed to conquer Poland and perhaps even Germany back then. Well, this did not sit well with Joseph Stalin and served to inflame his hatred of the Poles once he was in charge of the Soviet Union poles were targeted as spies Especially once the NKVD was reformed as both police and secret police in 1934 Nikolai Azov who became its head in 1936 was especially concerned with Imagined polish conspiracies and in August 1937 poles were officially designated enemies of the state this began an immediate wave of arrests, torture and Executions which Stalin praised : very good keep on digging out and clean up this Polish filth eliminated in the interests of the Soviet Union During this anti poll campaign over 140,000 were arrested for espionage and 111,000 were executed and now after the events of the past six weeks five million poles suddenly find themselves under Soviet rule and that rule is going to be brutal As for Stalin and Tukhachevsky Stalin saw him as his worst rival in the post Lenin and Trotsky years and already in 1930 planned to have him remove this fail and for the next few years it was Mainly Tukhachevsky who was responsible for modernizing the Red Army made marshal of the Soviet Union in 1935 he was arrested in May 1937 and under torture Directly supervised by Yezhov confessed that he was a German agent who wanted to seize power according to Simon Montefiore this confession survives in the archives and is dotted with a brown spray that was later determined to be blood-spatter Tukhachevsky was convicted of treason and executed now You get into some conspiracy stuff here British historian Robert conquest in the 1960s said that it was Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich who had forged the documents that Implicated Tukhachevsky and managed to secretly leak them so that they came to Stalin’s attention then in 1989 the Politburo of the Soviet Union’s Communist Party itself said it had new evidence It was Stalin and Yezhov who had come up with Tukhachevsky treason themselves And it managed to secretly leak the information to Heydrich in the first place Heydrich as director of the SD, The SS intelligence agency, thought they’d fooled Stalin into executing not just Tukhachevsk but a bunch of his best generals but in reality They just been pawns of Josef Stalin in an article in Life magazine in the 1950s, a Soviet defector said that some NKVD agents had discovered in the old Czarist secret police archives that Stalin had once been an informer, these agents had planned a coup with Tukhachevsky and company which Stalin had learned of so he and Yezhov had said about to destroy those planning it. We still maybe don’t truly know what happened here, but Stalin had always harbored a hatred for military officers even back when he was commanding an army in the Russian Civil War he’d use pretty much any pretext to have officers arrested or executed and Realistically in the 1930s only the Red Army could have curbed his ambitions for absolute power So Stalin and Yezhov orchestrated the execution of thousands of Red Army officers after Tukhachevsky Including five of the eight generals who presided over his trial in the Red Army purges These were just part of the Great Purges of 1937 and 1938 as was Yezhov persecution of poles I mentioned, which led to as many as a million deaths in the Soviet Union As for Yezhov like so many others before him He fell from Stalin’s favour, and he was arrested in April this year He has confessed to multiple crimes against the Soviet Union and is currently awaiting trial He was succeeded as head the NKVD last November by Lavrentiy Beria Someone else Was plotting against Stalin this week though, in a secret speech to some Nazi Party officials on the 21st Adolf Hitler told them that once Britain and France were defeated He would turn his attentions eastward and show the Russians who was the real master, but could they or anyone? master new science in September German scientists had told the military there was a theoretical possibility to use nuclear fission to create a bomb of awesome destructive power But back on October 11th Alexander sacks a friend of Albert Einstein brought a letter He’d received from Einstein to American President Franklin Roosevelt The letter said that atomic energy would allow man to destroy his neighbor on an unimaginable scale This week the first meeting of an advisory committee on uranium is held in Washington America is going to actively seek out that bomb And as we come to the end of another week of the war, Belgium declares its neutrality, There are Jews being sent to labor camps, poles being officially designated second-class citizens, Well, if they were even citizens at all and Hitler’s future dreams against the Russians And men thinking about an ultimate weapon Because something like carving up Poland wasn’t enough, hundreds of thousands of dead or soon-to-be dead civilians wasn’t enough, not if you make them subhuman in your mind those six weeks of battle were just Too much effort when when you think that you could have instead used an ultimate weapon And killed everyone all at once how awesome would that be? if you want to know exactly how Awesome, that would be watch our episode from the Cuban Missile Crisis day-by-day right here Which explains what the biggest atom bomb ever detonated? The Tsar Bomba would do to Paris and please support our war effort by joining the time ghost army on patreon. See you next time

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  2. The one who modernized the Red Army and developed the theory of deep operations, which was later used by the Red Army to defeat Nazi Germany even after his death. That guy is such a failure of a Germany spy and I spit on him /sarcasm. Stalin was very successful in industrializing USSR, but its hard to say if that can off set his immense military ineptitude, greed for power, and inability to use government officials he can trust.

  3. A bomb using nuclear fission? Psst, what ridiculous nonsense, it will NEVER work out. Rocketry though, THAT'S the way of the future.

  4. interesting how these dictators ended up being they and their empires own worst enemy. Hitler and his obsessive control over military decisions leading to ultimate demise and Stalins obsessive paranoia leading to purging all his top military leaders resulting in a very rough start to the war with Germany and insane numbers of casualties by wars end.

  5. Indy and Team, are you going to talk about the German ideology towards the Slavic peoples, Untermensh, Lebensraum and Drang Nach Ost concepts?

  6. The phone on top of the desk, below the picture, is looking very lonely. Please show that phone some love, and use it. Why else have it, if your not going to use it. PLEASE!!
    Btw I love you guys, and you channel. Keep up the awesome work, and don’t forget to show that phone some love. Love you guys!!

  7. The Death of Stalin is a pretty good movie. Condense some timeline and fudge with facts but it's a darkly funny look at the aftermath of Stalin's death

  8. Still citing cold war-era american publications about how unbelievably evil the soviets must have been, I see. I'm sure those weren't biased at all…

  9. That's really the common thread throughout history in relation to Fascist/Nazi occupations and Communist/Soviet occupations – atrocities run rampant in the Soviet spheres due to incompetence, disorganization, lawlessness, and corruption – atrocities run rampant in the Fascist spheres because they ordain it directly.

  10. my ex wife and i used the Yezhov picture on our wedding invitation- we crudely pasted ourselves into it, next to Stalin, where yezhov had been, and captioned it "Stalin Approves of this Marriage"

  11. I've read a lot about the Stalin as Okran (Tzarist secret police) agent or snitch. I don't think any evidence of this exists or will ever be found. Not to say that this didn't happen. Stalin would've stopped at nothing to get his hands on this evidence, or even knowledgeable people who could've implicated him. And those who may have been sent to retrieve such evidence? Supporting the Stalin as Okran snitch is that of all the Bolshevik and Leftist operatives who were caught and imprisoned by the Okran only one of the few who escaped ever went back to resume operations in the region where they were caught: Stalin. He went back to Georgia after at least three escapes–which itself is extremely suspect. There might not be anything wrong for a Bolshevik operative to use the Okran by playing the snitch, in order to survive and fight another day; this could be justified. Lenin's 'sealed train' so he could travel through the enemy Germany during the war to get from Switzerland to Russia, was PR. He got off the train at different stations, and met with Germans along the way. Germany bank rolled the operations of the Bolsheviks. They wanted out of the war, it was a cheap solution.
    Stalin's purges were quite bizarre. He killed leaders, sent low level people to the Gulag. During the forced famine and collectivization of Ukraine, the second in command was a Polish spy who while infiltrating had worked his way up through the ranks. Of all the 'German' and 'British' 'Spies' who were 'caught and executed during the 30s, it's very likely not one of those people were spies. The primary purpose of Stalin's purges seem to first be any and all old Bolsheviks who had been in leadership positions during the 1917 October Bolshevik Revolution, the subsequent civil war or had been in early Communist Party leadership circles. The story of the Bolsheviks had been rewritten from Lenin, Trotsky, etc and way down the list Stalin the reliable secretary to Lenin, then Stalin.

  12. Don't say "Lviv".It was not the name of this city at that time.
    It's proper polish name since 1387,when it was incorporated into The Crown of The Polish Kingdom AND in 1939 was "Lwów".

  13. Needed a break after the end of the great war… Back on this now. Thank you to Indy and the team for making the best show on YouTube 👏✌️

  14. The phone acting should start to get more outrageous over time, so by the end instead of hanging up the phone, he just launches the whole thing across the room in a rage, the calmly sits back down.

  15. By this time Stalin has allready purged his army, and 25 million russians were dead. Concurring poland another million or so, yet we only here of the 6 million jews who were murdered. Russa lost 23 million fighting WW2 and after Stalin killed another 20. These numbers are incredible.
    The Jews were rewarded with the Palestinian land called Isreal. Russia became full blown communists and a world power fighting against the allies who saved them.
    The U.S. fought on the wrong side of this war.

  16. Sounds like Comey, Clapper and Brennan used the old Soviet plan to try to frame President Trump. Create a narrative, "leak it" to foreign agencies/officials who will "inform" the original conspirators of the plan "they discovered". giving the information "credibility" to be used against the target. Nothing new under the sun.

  17. Many US liberals and democrats overlook the atrocities Stalin committed will Spielberg ever do movie on Stalin the The Katyn massacre where Polish officers and intellectuals were rounded up and shot not holding my breathe

  18. Stalin was besides a mass murderer as with 🅰️D0lf but wasn't he also a bank robber and really bad criminal in his youth? Just found your channel. I'm really into www.2. I don't think by your rhetoric is 👉 I hope not. I dig your channel and outfit. I can't tell if you're going for period costume 🅰️1t-👉 or a member of the band The Decemberists or a hipster in Brooklyn. I'm just joking. Fantastic work. I will donate & share if you're not marching with tiki torches.

  19. what about the controversial historical reports and sites that lend credence to the idea of the Nazis experimenting with nuclear fission and energy as well as other so called super weapons when they got more desperate the supposed blast in sturingia comes to mind as well as world war era tunnel systems that have off the wall radioactivity in them

  20. How could a son of the aristocracy, Tukhacevesky, be a serious rival to Stalin, a man who came straight from a gulag to sit as a founding member of SovNarCom (Politburo) in 1917? Are you even listening to yourself Indie?

  21. I hope Poland will never forget that Russia and Germany are the main enemies. They will always want to conquer Poland. They will never respect or be fair with Poland. The only reliable friends of Poland are USA, and UK.

  22. I reckon a tzar bomba on Paris would result in a couple dozen main Russia cities to become all heat, dust and lightning
    Uncool idea though

  23. Poland has been through so much…1920…then 1939 to 1945 nonstop war….then 50 years of communism …damn

  24. UK: The germans faked the document and leaked it to the USSR.
    USSR: No we faked the document and leaked it to the germans.

  25. I have a question to Indy. What is your opinion about Grover furr’s ‘Khrushchev Lied’ as a source on Stalin? I am actually confused.

  26. Yay, I got an ad on this video. (That's weird to say) I hope your channel is getting the monetization.

  27. Ahhh, some fine examples of German civilization and culture in the first minutes. Fortunately the socialists lost this war.

  28. now they say that there was "polish" death camps to try clean german/soviet atrocities and blame poles in non informed peoples who dont know history

  29. Mr. Neidell, unfortunately, you have stacked all of the myths regarding Polish-Soviet relations. Any references to documentary evidence? Any references to archives? Any reference to archives cross-examination? Other than quoting so-called researches who quote each other or quote memoirs (which are the least objective and reliable among evidence), the vast majority of the claims given in your video are gossips or historical myths. It is not the way professional historical research is made. Very disappointed in your work.

  30. This shit is so anti Soviet. They won the war all this bizarre conspiracy theory and time spent on stalin just reinforces the western view that they won the war. 30+ million Soviets died defeating fascism not the Americans, brits, and especially the French.

  31. Another request for a Drachinifel collaboration…
    This week shows just how barbaric this war is and will get…

  32. According to our new world standards, Polish underground resistance is a terrorist group just like Palestinian are considered!! How would Polish people feel when their occupiers are recognized worldwide!! Shame!!!

  33. Loving this series, and this episode really stands out. In the U.S. we don't learn much about Soviet atrocities in Poland. Even in college. Yeah, the murder of Polish officers is mentioned as a footnote, but nothing against the civilian population.

  34. 6:03
    This is a disturbing sight. Joseph Stalin picking up a young child, I mean geez. The child has no idea the atrocities that man is committing. The kid even looks pretty happy. That's utterly disturbing.

  35. To be fair death by atomic bomb sounds a lot more pleasant then humiliation, torture and death by Nazi, i'd take the bomb…

  36. 262 million victims have died from the actions of people working for governments, that is six times as many people than have died in battle in the last century. According to R.J Rummel.

  37. Thank you very much mr. Indy and staff for making this series. You have completely thrilled this history lover. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series

  38. 10:30 I do hope he covers the British Bomb project, MAUD & Tube Alloys, projects way in advance of anything in the US & transfered there later on. This is why America made a bomb so fast, so much work had already been done by Britain.

  39. What the fuck

    why no german subtitles? Wow thanks, im looking every Episode and now its not anymore translated in germany? The end for me and some other people…

  40. Huh, as someone who is half-American, what is mentioned at the start, to what happened to occupied Poland, sounds really familiar.

  41. FFS! I’ve never heard anyone talk about WWII and they couldn’t pronounce Heydrich!!! Say Hidrick! Or HEdrick! FFS!

  42. I read a source that said the Wehrmacht intel wanted to embarrass the SS intel in Hitler's eyes. .. ( remember Hitler / Stalin have a pact. ) by planting a story that the Russian Generals were plotting to over-through Stalin… thinking Wehrmacht Intel would set Hitler straight that it was nonsense so that the SS would be humiliated about saying bad things about Hitler's buddy. (The known Romanian double agent leaked the info but Hitler was happy to see Stalin have problems so the Wehrmacht Generals remained silent. But Soviet agents believed the report too and told Stalin. Regardless if its true .. this event has a lot of theories as to which is correct. I find that very interesting. Maybe it's own video.

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