100 Replies to “Steve Carell Never Rewatches Himself In “The Office”

  1. He stayed at an inn I work at last week, he seems like a rather serious guy that only puts out comedy to not seem blatantly rude. Interesting character nevertheless.

  2. I am not surprised, I have watched a lot of comics and sitcoms, I never really laugh out loud to the jokes or punchlines, but there have been moments, when I had to pause to complete my laughter or pick myself off the floor and then rewind the last 30 seconds because I was laughing.

  3. I love the office & watch it every night. Can’t get to sleep unless I hear the office playing in the background. However I dread watching Steve Carell’s interviews because he seems so unappreciative this grand role that was given to him. Seems very snobby. The only reason Michael Scott was written off the show was because Steve no longer wanted to be on the show, which is no problem. But seriously I doubt that he’s never watched himself in that show.

  4. I don't care what he looks like, how many movies he is in, how many oscars he wins but he will always be regional manager of dunder mifflin paper company Scranton PA, MICHAEL SCOTT. It must be really hard not watching himself…..

  5. Ironically, Phoebe mentions Matt Lauer back when they were in the dry cleaner's shop where pictures of celebrities are hung up on the wall.

  6. Wtf type of new show is that? Hes playing the subject of a me too case? Why? Aren't we going to talk about this? And it felt like they saw the clip and decided to skip asking about the show and just end the segment right there. Noted.

  7. I will never understand why people like Michael Scott so much honestly. He is insufferable and absolutely unbearable.

    His only saving grace is that he does whayever he can to fix his wrongs but that doesn't make up for the amount of ignorance that he has. It's mind boggling as to why people love him so much.

    Loyalty will only get you so far. Jim, Pam and Dwight are the best parts of the series.

  8. oh my god! i rarely follow celeb update but i didn't recognize him a especially his face he looked so different with that glasses and hair style/color i don't have single clue until i googled him ohh that classic funny guy!

  9. Love every episode except Scott’s tots when he tells them he can’t pay for their college too cringe can’t watch it never could

  10. steve carell when taking about his own shows and movie:
    steve carell when talking about shawshank redemption:
    “if i would’ve been in that i would’ve always watched it”

  11. Hi, Stephen. We love all that you do. You present a uniquely critical persona, a very necessary and capable jester and cut up. I wish to consider, however, the extent to which our mutual fun with the idiot president may otherwise be distracting us from those for whom every president seemingly provides a distraction.

  12. Has anyone else seen the morning show yet? I’ve seen the first 2 episodes so far and it so fricking good! Definitely recommend!

  13. Michael Scott is one of the most iconic T.V. Character of all time,right up there with Walter White from breaking bad.

  14. Steve Carell just seems like he hates The Office. Even on the finale it seemed like he came back reluctantly. I dont know why.

  15. Steve, thank you for "The Office". In my son's battle with cancer, it kept his spirits up. He watched all nine seasons about 10 times. Now, I watch it to keep his memory alive.

  16. I would pay good money to watch Steve Carell & Stephen Colbert watch Shawshank Redemption with Morgan Freeman & Tim Robbins!

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