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  1. Great video! But I'm wondering will you lose all the 203 (first trade) if the prize goes against you by 0.01? Or will you lose only some of the money?

  2. For some reason I thought $500 was the minimum amount you needed to participate in an options contract. I saw a video on YT saying the minimum is 1 contract which equals 100 shares and brokers charge $5/share so it's an automatic $500. Is that just to open a NEW contract and what you did was trade someone's pre existing contract? Could you please explain this?

  3. In order to start buying options should you have enough in your account to actually cover the price of the stock or can you just buy the options and sell your options as opposed to selling the stocks themselves?

  4. So with options you can choose whether you think the price will increase or decrease and if you choose correctly you can make money either way? I apologize if that is a dumb question, I am new to all this.

  5. what is better trading options or the forex? I've lost alot of money on forex and ready to give up

  6. Are there tools you recommend to use for analyzing options and which discount brokers to use to mitigate high commissions?
    Would equityfeed suffice as the platform of choice?

    Thanks in advance,

  7. +ClayTrader My bad, l should've said OptionsHouse for broker and equityfeed for scanner.
    Thanks for clarifying..
    That said.. would you use the scanner the same way for options as you would for stocks?

  8. Great video, awesome information… but i couldn't help but notice you throwing up the pyramid with your hands throughout the entire video. Is that just public speech body language techniques?

  9. amazing
    thats 1 contract right ?
    in chatroom im in i see people buying 10-15-20 so i guess thats alot more money.
    also that price for regular stock is for 1 share which is insane lol
    great video
    im a decent day trader and want to improve to options. where to start. guide me please
    i already got account with 17k+ from day trading

  10. Beginner Q: for you to make $ in the Stock scenarios when you are expecting the price to fall, it would be through shorting it right?

  11. Hey I have a chess sponsored account with Commsec in Australia. Is that a good platform to trade options? If not then please recommend good ones. If Commsec is okay then I will just trade through Commsec. Some advice please anyone…

  12. thanks man! Im learning so much! I've recently come into a little bit of money and am trying to learn how to trade

  13. MIND=BLOWN. I've been trading penny stocks for a while with decent success as far as win rate but I am still under the PDT rule, still have a VERY small account, still only trading occasionally because of T+3. I never considered options because they're so complicated at times blah blah blah but seeing it broken down like this is eye opening.

  14. Hi Clay, i have been digging through your old options videos, as its time for me to learn something new.

    i was confused as because you did not mention the Strike price @ which you bought the options at. Is strike price are little relevant to you while trading option , or which strike price should i choose, should i go for the strike price that is close to the current market price, the stock is trading at?

  15. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_v0LQF4tks Hi, Clay. 🙂 In this video you said that making 100% gains in your account is impossible. This video you give me atleast the impression that you can easily make more than 100% by trading options. Am i missing something? ps. sorry for bad english

  16. Your statements regarding stock price in all three example seem confusing. For example the stock price for "involvement" is 119.50 but at close 117.46. This is a loss of -1.70%. But the option is a gain of 75%. Just clarifying one route leads to a "loss" and the other a "gain". Thx

  17. Hey Clay I know you're a Ohio state alumni and football fan. What happened to them against Clemson lol but by the way. I'm looking to invest into your robotic course. Don't have enough capital for the whole university yet but I will try. I'm pursuing my MBA I'm 18 but I'm debt free right now thank god.

  18. by "options"….you mean "puts" right?….funny how the terms call or put is not used. why would the video not say if you are buying puts or selling calls?

  19. So you bought at $2.03 and sold at $3.55 to get out of the trade for the first example? I thought for options, you can sell at the market price when the trade is over. For instance, even though you bought at $2.03, I thought you could sell at $117.00 since you guessed right.

  20. Ive been watching your videos for days now because I'm in the process of saving to trade; but I really dont understand this one you have to acutually break it down for us beginners and do the math.

  21. more i learn about stocks more it reminds me of sports betting. trading stocks is like betting the spread and trading options is like betting totals.

  22. I'm learning so friggin much this is eye opening and I'm so hooked on the education… where have I been my whole life lol….

  23. hi guys Im new. Can anybody explain to me how he get the percentage?
    I tried by diving start and end, and i end up different number..

  24. Another great video. Quick question if you get into options and the contract ends July 8th and the put was July 1st what happens if your happy with your gains can you close the trade and take profits on July 3rd?

  25. I have a question here… for what I know, option is trading in weekly or monthly basis..but why what you talk about is day trading? (**sorry I'm new)

  26. I am considering buying the course for options trading but please answer me these questions. Is the information you provide on the course the same as what you provide on youtube? Also, would you only direct me to the options course to be a successful options trader? Please answer, I'm seriously considering buying the course.

  27. This really all depends on your strike, exp date, and what happens to volatility. One thing for sure is that time decay is against you.

  28. Hi, Im interested in trading with binary options.
    What is your opinion about binary options and what are the best brokers for traders in europe?

  29. So in your example you said the option cost $2.03. Yet you said the minimum you need to get involved is $203. Why is that? Is it not only $2.03 ?

  30. I may sound a little noobish. But prior to placing a bid on the options market do you have to take a stance on whether the stock is going up or down for the day?

  31. Can stop loss orders be used as well as profit target orders, to get in and out?
    Would you agree that trading options provides the most leverage and overall best bang for the money ?

  32. did I miss something or are these all short sales?? why do you buy shares if you're assuming its going to go down?

  33. For the first example (haven't made it to the second one yet) but the stock goes down… why would you make 1.7% on it… you'd lose that much not make it?

  34. A little over four years after first seeing this video I still love it. Changed my life forever. I've been riding the TSLA rollercoaster ever since 🙂

  35. Sorry Clay, you didn't fully explain the options completely. What is the risk if it goes the opposite way? Which are the full risk of doing it?

  36. Hi, this was a great video. But why do the prices of options have to increase when the stock price actually falls ? Is this a coincidence ? And moreover, this story of making money using options looks too good to be true. Can you present an example where you lost money from an investment in options ?

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