Streamline Your Business with smrtPhone’s Powerful Integrative Technology

hi my name is Jordan Fleming and I’m one
of the co-founders of smrtPhone and today I won’t take just a couple minutes
your time to tell you why smrtPhone is simply put the most powerful VoIP phone
system on the market for citrix Podio first of all smrtPhone was built for
polio and built with love by two very passionate podium partners we live and
breathe polio so when we build smrtPhone we made sure that out of the
box the connectivity is amazing both from a UI perspective and from an
integration into polio now that can save you thousands of dollars of development
if you’ve never used a VoIP phone system before smrtPhone is an awesome first
step with smrtPhone you can buy numbers in over 140 countries at the
click of a button and there are no infrastructure or extra costs needed
this is fantastic if you’re adding new offices or for instance you move office
I’ve done this before myself where the time and money it takes to move your
phone infrastructure can be a real drain on your business the smrtPhone all you
need is an internet connection and you are alive with your phone system
wherever you are in the world I can be sitting in an office in Poland and I can
be making calls from my North Carolina numbers no worries about it at all this
is also fantastic for remote workers if you’ve got a team of agents in another
country or workers who are always on the road smrtPhone allows them to take
their phone system with them on the go and it’s fantastic for billing as well
because no matter how many offices or countries you work in you have one
unified smrtPhone bill this can save you an enormous amount of money and
administrative hassle so what are some of the great things about smrtPhone
that make it such an amazing tool for podía users well first of all of course
there’s our SMS API that gives you full control over how you manage text
messaging in your phone system you can automate them use drip sequencing and
ensure that automatic responses are generated and send it out the moment an
SMS comes in there’s enormous amount of possibilities there and it’s all
incredibly easy using our unified SMS API second of course is we’ve launched
smrtPhone pro a more advanced system for companies who really rely on the
phone to drive their sales or customer support this brings in advanced features
like call monitoring where you can whisper to agents and barge in on calls
warm transfers and the opportunity to connect to pro plugins we’ve also got
the smart dialer for line auto dialer where if you’re in sales this can hugely
maximize how much sales your agent can do on a daily basis you simply load up
the campaigns and let them at it and smart dialer allows them to get through
as many leads as possible in a day finally of course we’ve got our iOS app
a dedicated iOS app for smrtPhone which allows you to take smrtPhone on the
road with you this is fantastic of course for people who are sales agents
on the road but also ensures a peace of mind at head office knowing that your
staff can use your phone system to make and receive calls and texts and not
their own personal cell phones it ensures that all calls and SMS are
tracked in Podio every single time now we know that our users love smrtPhone
because of its functionality but they also use smrtPhone and love it
because they have the ability to develop the system for them we get our
development ideas directly from talking to our users and if you sign up today
and start your trial you’ll become another voice on our development team
giving your input on how to take this amazing phone system further today you
can start up a 30-day free trial and we’ll give you $7 of free credit which
will allow you to buy a number and make some test calls you’ll also get access
to our internal Podio smrtPhone users workspace where you can talk directly
not only to our team but a lot of our users who could share ideas of how
they’ve improved their own workflow with smrtPhone and can help you with little
hints and tricks that they’ve learned over the years using smart so try that
today and we look forward to giving your feedback
happy phoning

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