100 Replies to “Subpoenas, Requests For Foreign Interference, And New Incriminating Information | Deadline | MSNBC

  1. Great interview Nicole and Rachel, I love both your shows. Together you both are unstoppable, you make all this chaos understandable….pence needs to go down with trump, how dare they try to destroy the Biden's and America's good name…..you losers don't show up when subpoenaed you need to be jailed immediately…..trump and pence are admitting all this in public so they can deny they said what they said later, so to me that means the documents trump and pence are refusing to turn over must be a thousand times worse then what they are saying in public, what idiots. they truly are the keystone cops hitting into each other over and over again….Impeach Indict Jail trump and his co-conspirators ie pence, pompeo, barr, and giuliani for starters! SAVE OUR COUNTRY! MADAM PRESIDENT NANCY PELOSI HAS A NICE RING TO IT!

  2. Meanwhile Republicans sit in silent and total support of everything trump says and does. Silence isnt golden in this case .

  3. Republicans impeach Clinton for lying about a bj and yet support everything trump has said and done .they have sold their soul and their legacy to protect trump and NOT the constitution and rule of law.

  4. Do you know the biggest Scandal was when Obama didn't had a jacket on in the Oval Office those was the good old scandals

  5. Trump supporter follow trump like Hitler's supporters follow Hitler. Ignore the facts, and ignore the lack of moral character.

  6. The enablers around trump are more guilty than him…if the diplomats around trump keep quiet they are worse tan him and you can't and should not get away by just quitting…..there has to accountability against those who are keeping quiet by quitting……….

  7. WHEN tRump gets voted out in 2020, everyone better watch cross walks cause he's gonna be running from the cops and republicans that he drugged down with him!
    I wonder what lindsey grahams gonna do when tRumps gone.

  8. Now we go to the lesbian STORY TELLER! She can't read, she doesn't the facts lol
    She depends from others to spoon feed her the wrong information lol.
    By the way does she even dry clean that jacket she wears?

  9. Ron johnson stepped up!!! His oath means more than covering for trump!!! Country before party. I wish more would be honest. Many are lawyers. They know this is illegal. They can't be all defense attorneys for trump. This is defense of US

  10. Been so much talk about trumps impeachment theirs no focus on the co conspirators, some of those could be in real peril of going to prison, if Barr refuses to indite he could also be in peril for obstruction of justice. I think a lot of pro Trump don't realise how grave this treachery is going to reach lets hope that the government will get purged of the bad apples, even if the GOP don't impeach this is still going to be a problem for them for quite a wile

  11. The CIA. Take off the the revolutionary’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the terrorist’s mask and it’s the CIA. Take off the news man’s mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the filmmakers mask, and it’s the CIA. Take off the whistleblower’s mask and it’s ….. the motherphuckers at the CIA.

  12. Impeach Pence, then impeach Trump. When Pelosi is President, she can fire Barr and the entire cabinet. Then the new AG can let the corruption prosecutions fly! Hopefully Trump, Pence, Barr and the entire cabinet will be in prison before the 2020 election day!

  13. After Watergate, G.Gordon Liddy went on to become a radio and TV host for conservatives so that tells you how much they believe in truth and justice.

  14. You should always think very hard before taking the job with a traitor evil trump and his criminal administration. Just RESIGN now traitor evil trump.

  15. Impeach individual one! Get it over with! Nothing but lies comes from the mouth of individual one and with his sycophants always there to endorse the lies it's simply disgusting to watch them flush democracy down the toilet!

  16. CNN: "Evidence mounts and new revelations emerge" but still no crime. (Sounds like the Russia thing)
    The sanctimonious Left has taken the bait and Neo-marxist media is propagating Trump's agenda – same play as 2016. Hillary doing "victory" lap on prime time pushing a new book – same play as 2016. Go ahead – impeach POTUS Trump; we want you to do it.
    T⭐R⭐U⭐M⭐P 2⭐0⭐2⭐0

  17. Greeks throw red paint on the statue of former US President Harry Truman and rally in the streets of Athens in protest against US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Greece.

  18. Ron Johnson was one of the Congress Members who signed a letter to Ukraine insisting they sacked the Chief Prosecutor.

  19. Ladies and gentlemen, I want you to begin to prepare yourselves for something you aren't ready for. Something that you will have difficulty accepting. You are going to soon realize that you were lied to and deceived by the very people you trust. That what you think Trump is guilty of is the crimes of your own party. This is not about Blue vs Red but them vs us…the elites vs the people. I hope you can handle it because this is not going to go the way you think it will.

  20. pre 2016 arrogance worries me here. Once this becomes official republicans can subpoena schiff for possibly lying and anything else they dream up. What democrats aren't considering is the american people. if the tide changes and the blue peeps feel threatened in 2020, then possibly no impeachment.

  21. "As we call it here – Friday". Do NOT trivialize the situation. You , the media, have done enough damage giving Trump path to victory in 2016 by giving him a platform to perpetuate his lies and peddling "her emails" story 10 times a day every day.

  22. I like to watch MSNBC, but Rachel Meadow why do you laugh and smirk at something that is so important? You speak way too fast, and your demur is very hard to watch. I just think you could act and speak a little more professional about some things.

  23. I have a solution to speed things up and reduce the administration costs. Get Trump to be the prosecutor telling him he is the best person for the job and then when he impeaches himself congratulate him telling him that that was the bestest (sic) presidential impeachment in history. He will be delighted!

  24. Uhhhh.. While this is all going on, and the children are fighting over who gets to be in the treehouse with the President, and who falls out.. I have to wonder. Is anyone actually getting any work done?

  25. Trump is like a child that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Then he throws the cookies against the wall hoping to distract you with all the crumbs! Focus on the blatant and public asking for foreign governments to interfere with a political rival in a presidential election! That is exactly what COLLUSION means.

  26. Splendid everyone agrees we need to clean house! Me too. My generation (HS Class of 1975) got lots of stuff started that still needs to be done. The planet matters more than any single politician. If the candidates are shallow on planet defense they are
    part of the problem, not the solution. That is Comrade Bonespurs and the Goons of Putin. Cleaning Day 11/3/2020 Shiny!


  28. quid pro quo 
    a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.

    "I would like to ask a favor though" – Donald J. Trump

  29. Facts are not facts. The truth is not the truth. This is the new American Reality. Forget "Reality TV." Reality has become TV in the minds of a significant proportion of the American people. Trump is the TV President. It was coming, decades after TV's invention and here it is.

  30. Omg, hilarious that they drag pence with them, stupid but hilarious. I mean republicans will loose the wh just because they want to drag pence down also lol..

  31. If the Trump administration is sinking ,is it time for all the rats to jump ship,or will they choose to go down with the captain?

  32. It is not Trump's fault. This corruption is pushed by Huge conglomerates in their never ending pursuit of tax free profit. TAX CONGLOMERATE WAR PROFITS (Oil).

  33. Trump is fine, no worries. DEMOCRATS are done for. Impeachment? Never going to happen. Dems are really crooked ppl. I been telling you 3 yrs.
    NOW you'll see very soon.

  34. Waste of time and money. The whole government is corrupt. Clearly Biden’s been feathering his nests a long time through political influence and power and it’s not against government policy or law in the White House. The problem is much bigger than the Trump impeachment process. That clearly was a political move by the democrats to position the players in the 2020 election. They didn’t expect him to win and they’re making sure he doesn’t in 2020. They forget it was their meddling that won him the presidency in the first place.

  35. I am so sick of the term 'quid pro quo", folks are just learning what it even means. Call it what they know it to be… EXTORTION!

  36. They aren't trying to scapegoat Pence. Trump is trying to ensnare Pence because his number one fear is that the traditional Republicans in Congress would love to get rid of Trump and have Pence become President. So Trump is protecting himself by making sure that the Republicans don't flip on him.

  37. Trump sure doesn't want Rick Perry being grilled by an impeachment committee. He's as dumb as a mud fence and will not have the intellect to navigate that mine field.

  38. At about 4:30, Nicolle Wallace says will they soon say that all Foreign Policy is a Quid Pro Quo? Today, that was what SOS Pompeo said.

  39. some of Trump's facial expressions are those of a chubby baby angry and crying at the same time,
    essentially a tantrum. anger that he isnt being allowed to do what he wants to do, and
    crying in self pity, oh poor me, the frail little baby ego being obstructed by the parents more sophisticated egos,

    the face reddening with anger, the mouth crying, the eyes squirting tears into the air,

    the bawl, stamp your feet as well for emphasis

    eg at the following point of the video,


    the lower picture, you can see his facial expression moving towards this,
    the eyes about to start crying, the mouth about to start bawling, the face starting to redden.

    oh woe is me.

    the picture at the upper left you can see he is about to break into tears, very expressively,

    the man is a big baby who needs to be spanked (impeached) for the first time and then sent to bed early (removed from office) for the first time by nanny Pelosi, so he can then progress from baby to child, and eventually maybe grow up,

    Mary Poppins wont be popping in today, instead Elijah Cummings will be coming, and he doesnt like spoilt richie rich kids.


    Schiff will be the next shift,

    noone has ever said no to Trump, if all of america comes together and tries really hard maybe at last no can be said and enforced to Trump. the impeachment inquiry is the prelude to no finally being said to Trump for the first time.

    some people just wont take no for an answer.

    no, you cant be president, no, you cant funnel money through your buildings, no, your children cant have high office,
    no, foreign dignitaries cannot stay at your strange hotels, no Ivanka cannot be a future president, ask Chelsea.

    no, no, no and no again, and in case I forgot to mention it, no,

    warning to any parents reading this, Trump is what happens if you spoil your kids, the american nightmare.
    the spoilt brat who gets to the top of the republican party. There are many.

    there used to be an advert with the slogan "what do you give the man who has everything?",
    I think that is Trump's biography,
    the answer seems to be the White House. Make him president, let him meet the queen, take his kids along, why not?,

    Let him empty the political trough with his snout.

    Trump depicts Schiff with a pinnocchio nose, but I think a snout will be very apt on Trump's face.

  40. Why wasn't he vetted before he ran for office? Somebody failed to vet him as being fit to run for office. Fess up.

  41. My worry is that McConnell will not allow impeachment because Pence is also possibly impeached.,Republicans don’t Nancy to potus.

  42. Corruption is a place in America where there is a big white painted brick house that holds a toxic dictator,that everyone used to love,because he won't give the truth to the American tax payers,

  43. Uh, has anyone noticed that the Trump impeachment reveals A LOT of corruption within the Obama Administration? American orchestrated coup in Ukraine? What coup? Popular upraising! Massive payoffs by oligarchs? If the Ukrainian scandal were to really unravel there would be a a big broom sweeping Democrats into prison..

  44. In his first year in office, Pence opposed President George W. Bush's No Child Left Behind Act in 2001,[42] as well as President Bush's Medicare prescription drug expansion the following year.[43] Pence was re-elected four more times by comfortable margins. In the 2006, 2008, and 2010 House elections, he defeated Democrat Barry Welsh.[44][45][46]

  45. Trump is so transparent, not in terms of honesty- he!! no! but in terms of "tells", how he projects everything he is accused of or guilty of…lol he went from fake news when he was accused of winning with the help of fake news stories, conspiracy theories and comments all via Russia and its trolls, to now "corrupt news" the moment there is a smoking gun on his own corruption. To give examples of all the projections he has employed and all reverse accusations ("no, you're the puppet"- the retort he gave to Hillary at one of the debates when she correctly called HIM a puppet of Putin…to give all the examples I would end up writing a small novel as there is so many examples, no joking. Now he is throwing anyone in arms reach under the bus. I will never understand how a segment of the population cannot see through his con (he was a lifelong Democrat into his late 60's until he realized it was more advantageous to winning the election by "playing" an alt-right RHINO). He is a lying, narcissistic, unpatriotic, greedy, disloyal, con-man but not only did he manage (with help) to gas-light his supporters, he actually brags about doing it as well!! "I can shoot someone on 5th Ave. and not lose any supporters" and "they'll think what I think" when responding to a reporter's ? on what his base will think about a stance he took. Unfreakinbelievable. BTW if CNN is fake news, why did he go on there for interviews numerous times during his lifetime? Sorry for the rant, but having a POTUS that betrays our allies when he is done with needing them, thumbs his nose at our norms and laws, befriends our enemies and makes enemies out of our friends…pretty much having all the traits a psychopath would have (minus the above average intelligence), all this does tend to get me a bit riled up, sort of like the way Republicans freaked out when Obama wore a tan suit.

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