How to sell on amazon and Start Business on Amazon with $500

Hey, everyone. This is again me Ashraf Ahamed, Founder and CEO of AMZ Trainer and I’m very much happy to catch you again in this new video today We are going to talk about how to start Amazon business with $500 If you are looking for more Amazon related tips tricks and more videos don’t forget to [subscribe] our channel Just click on that red color subscribe button so that whenever we post new videos you will get notification And we have a lot of contents. That’s correct. So let’s jump on to today. So today is about can I start the business? Amazon business with $500 or not. Many of you might be thinking When it comes for Amazon do I need $5000, $10000 or $15,000. Hell No no short I always tell people Your investment is depends on the cost of the product right so for example the planning to purchase a product from aliexpress or alibaba there are a lot of China and sourcing side which I am going to explain in couple of minutes so if the product prices $2 from China to Amazon for $500 you can launch 250 units this correct 250 It’s correct so say if the product price is $4 Which means for $250 you can launch 50 60 units, 6×4=24, so you can learn 65 – 70 units So basically your investment and Everything depends on your initial How many units you going to purchase and let’s see if you have just finer dollars? How can we start this business right? So let me show you how you can do that? So let me share my screen share screen and share and go here Let’s say okay, so for example now. You’re going to see say you’re going to charge you Let’s see what we can launch here yoga mat right okay? Let’s say your yoga mat and you want to launch this yoga mat. It’s going good. You’re seeing like okay I want to start this particular product right it says some fitness and let’s say it’s selling between $19-20 dollars right let’s say want to launch the exact product and Go to Aliexpress or Alibaba type the same product and just type yoga mat right that’s it. I mean Sourcing Alibaba and selling on Amazon, so you’re looking for only hundred units a let’s say minimum order is hundred just give okay, and Let’s give search it’s going on right, so these guys can see here. Let’s say 100 pieces so he’s selling between $1.88 to $5.88 that’s all so let’s say this guy is $3 So let’s go here inside so basically this product is $3, right? so the same Same at same Yoga mat and let’s go to Amazon and look at the same colors Red Blue violet they have everything so surprise is $3.2, so if you have finder dollars if it is a 3.2, you can launch around 150 units right 150 units this one you can launch you get through test the game you can do it so now let’s say this product is a Three dollars on shipping is one for dollars right so we can purchase this product for four dollars Right and then you can still in Amazon for $20 and Amazon fees might be five dollars and your profit will be $15, so let’s look at how to check Amazon’s fee. It’s something called FBA revenue calculator Let’s go here if we have any calculator what you have to do Is there is a concept called ASIN? So just click this this is your ASIN, so let’s say control C Go here. Just type in ASIN such right say you’re going to sell this product for $19.99 and then For $19.99 and calculate so now Amazon will tell you what is their price they’re going to charge you three dollars and Amazon fulfillment phase ten dollars, so let’s say ship to Amazon so if this product you may need to spend maybe one dollar because it’s a very light weight and cost of products or Supplier is telling three dollars. Let’s say three dollars and let’s put calculator So by selling this particular product your profit is $3.52 right? That’s correct So maybe you can put one dollar for advertisement So you profit is two dollars so sell 100 units you can make two hundred dollars. That’s it So you can launch 100 or 150 units by using $500 and you can get your money back So this is how the entire business model works so you can launch any product if it has more demand you can go to Alibaba And then say example if the supplier says no, I will send only 500 units or thousand units, right? I mean some suppliers tell that then we have this little cheat sheet Right or we have this aliexpress good aliexpress type the same product yoga mat, so you will get the same product here Is 19 and let’s go to prize and Max is four dollars But sometimes you can find a product for less price and see one dollar 53 cents. It’s a yoga backpack and Yoga mat and see here yoga mat right so the same product 3.67 you can talk to them and How can you do this is you can talk to these guys? I mean you can click on the particular sellers name you can initiate the chat find out hey I need 100 of this particular green color to be sent to US. How much you charge right so they can say like hey hundred Units let’s say 100 units and you have to choose epacket and under the waves. It’s a say this one and let’s say I think they have 3.67 and Let’s say one unit of 3.67 is $56. There is something wrong, okay? I have to change this to a packet which is correct Click ok and It says eighteen dollars right with shipping so if you do if you do bulk shipping It won’t cause this much so what you have to do is talk to these guys saying like hey I need this particular color blue color to be sent to my my factory or warehouse in US and then talk to these guys Automated what they do is. They collect your product from China. They can do the labeling for you, so for example They can do you are made in China logo or our Brand logo everything they can do so basically this is how it works you can directly order from Alibaba send your goods directly to Amazon Or you can order from aliexpress and then send it to your home if you’re in US You can receive it your home And then once you receive you can do the pic hun Pack which I’m going Explain in the in the upcoming videos so you can do that, and then once it is done then you can ship it to Amazon start making sales and Start making sales right then let’s go back here sharing Okay, so this is how it works and it is very simple I? I mean all you need is just $500-600 just 1500 units because you need to Explore the business you need to test it You need to see what is going on because unless you try it you will not know what is going on, right? So you need to find out? How can you find a product? How can you search a product? How can you talk to supplier? So it’s a cycle so don’t fall into trap if someone says like hey, you can make million dollars using Amazon blah blah blah on One day. It’s just asking right? what is the investment so This is what I’d suggest you just go ahead and to Select some products and then even you can purchase from Walmart or thrift store. If it is a good quantity quality then you can Print your label and ship it to Amazon and I know your confusion if now you are looking for more training, right? I know, that’s why we have our AMZ Trainer so if you’re looking for more videos of we have a 15-20 videos in product selection, 20 videos in supplier selection, 40 videos in module three listing optimization and everything and experience selling module Monthly coaching calls everything we have. So if you think like you need someone to walk you through saying like hey Steve Hey, Rob, you that’s correct. It’s you. It’s you you whoever wherever you’re sitting right, so if you think like So I’m your guide I’m going to walk you through the process saying like this is how we do it to select a product This is how you select your supplier, and this is how you create your listing so everything has been covered inside AMZ Trainer And I’ll catch you soon with the next video just subscribe to our channel and if you need to learn more about AMZ Trainer is go to or email me at [email protected] I will I will help you signing off and catch you later

What Tools To Use For An Amazon FBA Seller?

Hey guys Alex Ryan here and welcome back
to another video today’s video I’m going to reveal a pretty powerful tool if
you’re looking to sell on Amazon maybe you’ve been thinking about it for a
while maybe you’re sort of unsure about what what product to sell on Amazon then
I’m gonna share this very quick video one tool that I reckon everyone will not
reckon I say that everyone looking to sell on Amazon need to have this in
their repertoire need to have this on their phone now I don’t notice that
because some people who are Android users some people have got Apple iPhones
but this is the tool right here it is the Amazon app okay the Amazon app nom
you should see it on the screen right there next to me right and this is my
little screen right now so guys this is one of the most powerful tools that you
can have and let me show you why right this is the camera app right here I just
click the camera button okay and I’ve got a book here now this is a book that
I bought years ago it’s actually a really good book you know get it if you
haven’t got it yet got it right so you press the start button and what it does
it does it’s magic this is really cool and all find it would search Amazon for
this particular product and yeah there you go it’s actually founded so the
point of this video is really just to show you guys that if you see a product
out and about if you see something in the markets or you see something online
just zoom in take a picture of it with the with your Amazon phone using that
app and locate that product actually find out is it selling on Amazon so if
you go into the local markets or you go to the the the you know your local
garage sale and you see something like take basically either take a photo or
then in there zap it with your Amazon photo app and also and we’ll see whether
or not it is selling on Amazon and when you look in the Amazon you can sort of
see the reviews you can see how long they’ve been sort of you know running
this theme for like the the business for how many other things have got in stock
and then later on you can do your research on some of these tools that I
mentioned on some of my other videos on how much you how much they’re making per
month you know what’s that best seller range you can look at the reviews that
they’ve got you know what daily sales are doing what monthly sales are doing
all these other things you could do later on but find out whether or not
is something that is on Amazon so guys use the app download if you haven’t yet
got it it’s a free app I’m pretty sure it’s in the Android store but this is
these are just tools guys a lot of tools in your arsenal the more stuff you have
at your disposal the easier it is to actually get something started so I wish
you the best on your Amazon journey guys and your importing journey and if you
ever sort of stuck maybe you’re not too sure what product to get involved with
maybe not too sure what niche is very profitable then check us out guys we’ve
got a free video programs have actually got a free sort of Amazon FBA course on
our website and we give a lot of value away we give you a hot product ideas we
give you niches to jump on to and this is a hundred percent free no credit
cards or anything so check us out the link is on this page somewhere and on
this video so check us out guys and by the way I have been doing this for a
while for many year I’ve been doing importing now for about ten years buying
and selling stuff and I’ve also an author of how to import from China and
make a fortune I have been doing this for a while I’ve been a professional
product finder for my clients as well so that’s what I specialize in in finding
hard products that people actually are searching for that people actually want
to buy and that’s usually the biggest hurdle most people have before getting
involved with Amazon or getting involved with selling online is that us don’t
know what niche is profitable so guys I hope you’re with that that’s my
specialty I work with clients for two years and we not only find the hot
product that’s usually done in the first two weeks of me working with them all
right we now at least ten too hot product ideas usually within a day or
maybe 20 or 48 hours of working with me right now we spend the next two weeks we
work on other stuff like contacting suppliers and basically getting the best
price and then getting negotiating and the negotiating skills happening and
then we launch it on Amazon I actually helped you launch it on Amazon alright
so if you’re looking to find out more information give us a give us a bell
call us at the office and give us a call at the office or visit our website below
and subscribe to that free video program we’ve also got a free webinar guys my
name is Alex Ryan I’m gonna thank you again for watching this video and to
your Amazon and importing success bye bye for now have an awesome day bye bye the number one factor for success on
Amazon comes down to your product that that’s essentially it it comes down to
your product if you don’t have an awesome product it’s not gonna sell no
matter how good your marketing is it’s just not gonna sell so most people go
down the shotgun the shotgun strategy which is they have a shotgun they try
like 20 different products and fingers-crossed hope that it works right
but that’s no way to build a successful Amazon business right so you need to
make sure that the product that you’re selling is gonna be a killer it’s gonna
be a winning product that’s how you make money on Amazon you know some people say
they don’t have the time they don’t have the money they don’t have the experience
their husband won’t let them they’re their wife won’t let them that pet rock
won’t let them and listen you’ve got two choices right you either make excuses or
you make money you can’t do both all right you have to do one or the other
now personally I would rather make money I don’t know about you right but that’s
something you gotta commit to are you ready to make money are you committing
to success are you ready to start your business on Amazon good question for you
are you ready to find your hot product are you ready to launch your Amazon

AMAZON FBA: Tim Ferriss’s 17 Impossible Questions for your Amazon FBA Business

It’s like 20 questions only more efficient. Hey welcome back to The Bootstrap Boutique
where beginners build businesses. Today is Wednesday which means we’re going
to talk about selling on Amazon. And instead today of me telling you about
what I’m doing, because I’m still waiting for a wire to go through, I thought it would
be fun to share with you guys a few fun questions that you can think about as it pertains to
your Amazon FBA business and crazy out of the box things that you can think of to do
to improve. Now these 17 questions actually came from
a podcast from Tim Ferriss, you know, the four hour work week guy? And I had his podcast in my queue for a long
time and I kind of just kept scrolling past it and listening to other stuff and I finally
listened to this one, 17 questions, or I think it’s called “Testing the Impossible 17 questions,
when I was in the grocery store doing some shopping one day. That is hands down my favorite place to listen
to podcasts besides driving and sitting in my house by myself working and pretty much
all the other stuff that I do by myself. That’s not the point. I was walking around in the grocery store
listening to these questions and I thought, this would be really good to apply to an Amazon
FBA business because we get in the mindset that there’s all these gurus out there that
tell you, you do this then you do this then you do this then you do this. This is how you source. This is how you do PPC this is how review
or get reviews and these questions kind of turn all that on its head. So take some time, think about these questions
and see if they are going to be able to help you in your business. Oh and you can put down the pen and paper
because I’ve actually got all this typed up for you in a cheat sheet and you can download
it below in the description box. Ok are you ready? Lets get started. Question 1. What if I did the opposite for 48 hours? Here’s where my mind went with that question. One of the main reasons that people start
selling on Amazon is because they want to create some kind of financial margin in their
lives or maybe a time margin. What I mean is you want to be your own boss
and have your own business. Because of that sales become so important. And I know a lot of people that have that
app on their phone, that sellers app, and they check it constantly to see sales coming
in. What if for 48 hours you just took it off
your phone and you didn’t worry about sales. Maybe you focus on another part of FBA or
maybe you see if you actually have created that freedom that you think you have where
you are still earning money even though you are doing literally nothing with your business. Could you try that for 48 hours? Question 2. What do I spend a silly amount of money on? How can I scratch my own itch? This is a great question for product sourcing. So think about what you see a silly amount
of money on in a month. Look at your Amazon orders, look at your credit
card bills or your bank account statements. What is something that you just spend a ton
of money on? Tim Ferriss actually talks about this in his
podcast and he says that he realized that he was spending all this money on supplements
and that was one of his very first businesses that he ran was selling supplements online. So could you take that question, what you
do you spend a silly amount of money on, niche it down even further and find that perfect
Amazon product that you have unique knowledge about maybe. That would be awesome. Of course we want to use Jungle Scout (affiliate
link below) to validate that product to make sure it’s going to sell on Amazon but that’s
a great way to find products that would be 1. appealing to you potentially and also could
be great sellers. Question 3. What would I do have or be if I had 10 million
dollars? Lets get deep for a minute. If you had ten million dollars, how would
that make you a different person than you are today? Would you still do the same thing that you
do for your day job now? Do you love your job so much you’d go to it
even if they didn’t pay you? Would you be more generous? Would you have a Lamborghini or a sports car? Would you go on trips with your family? This is not a question about daydreaming. This is a question about how can you take
that person, that 10 million dollar person and be that today. If you want to be more generous, can you be
more generous than you are today? If you want to take trips with your family,
is it true that you can’t take an extended trip with your family now? It may not be an overwater villa in Bora Bora,
but it may be a weekend camping at a state park. If you want the sports car, you’ll have to
talk to my husband for some ideas on that. I don’t get the car thing at all, but is there
a way that you could do that, or you could approximate it today? Because all that success that we hope we’re
going to have with Amazon or with whatever your business is at 10 million dollars, you
can probably do that today on some scale. So the point is don’t wait to live. Question number 4. What are the worst things that could happen? Could I get back to here? What is the worst thing that could happen
to you selling on Amazon? You might be out a few thousand dollars. You’ll be out whatever your investment is
if you send it to Amazon and it doesn’t sell. And don’t get me wrong, there are people that
that’s happened to. But that is probably the worst thing that
is going to happen to you on Amazon as long as you’re not infringing on a patent or putting
out a dangerous product. So for one, don’t invest money that you don’t
have. If you have $500 to invest but you need that
money to pay rent, please pay your rent. If you’re down a few thousand dollars, can
you make a few thousand from a day job, from another side hustle? Yes, you can. That means you should go for it. You should, if you want to do this, you should
do it, because if that’s the worst that could happen is you lose money, money is money,
you can make more. Question number 5. If I could only work 2 hours a week on my
business, what would I do? This is the question that I’m pretty sure
lead to the writing of the Four Hour Work Week and a lot of those experiments that Tim
did in the book. So when you think about your Amazon business
and you ask yourself the question, if I could only work 2 hours in the whole week, out of
168 hours, what would I do? What are your most important items that you
need to get done? And a lot of that is going to depend on where
you are in your journey. So if you don’t have a product, then you should
spend your 2 hours a week finding that perfect product. If you’re already selling on Amazon, you probably
have not maxed out your sales yet, so you need to spend that 2 hours figuring out how
to sell out of every piece of inventory that you have in stock. The question is what is the most important
thing that you need to get done in your business and do that thing. Don’t get distracted by social media, by YouTube
videos by all the things that we have in our lives that are distracting to us. Do the important thing thats going to make
the biggest difference for you today. Question number 6. What if Iet them make decisions up to $100? $500? $1000? Now when Tim talks about this question he
is talking about it in terms of employees, so he has employees and what happens if he
lets them make a decision that’s going to cost the company up to $100. How is that going to free up his time? For Amazon FBA sellers, I’d say 9 times out
of 10 if somebody is really throwing a fit about a product or issue, just refund them
the money and move on. You’re probably not ever going to make them
happy. A refund or a replacement I guess would be
the other option, but just take care of it and move on. Don’t sweat the small stuff, you’ve got bigger
fish to fry. Question number 7. What’s the least crowded channel? Spoiler alert. The least crowded channel, not Amazon. But there’s other places that you can sell
your product. Wal-Mart is becoming very popular., I get their mailers to try them all
the time so they are probably going to be a player in the future. You can sell certain products on,
they have a marketplace. You can sell on eBay, etsy, eCommerce. I mean, these are all well known platforms
but there’s others out there that I don’t even know about maybe you should tell me if
you know about them. But what’s the least crowded channel that’s
going to have the biggest bang for your buck. Question number 8. What if I couldn’t pitch my product directly? In the podcast I’m pretty sure in this one
I’m pretty sure Tim was trying to sell his book and trying to get people interested in
his book and how he eventually found his way to selling it, or promoting it to bloggers,
which is very early influencer marketing. So if you can’t go direct to your consumer,
maybe you were relying on something like a review group in the past, and that’s no longer
an option, how else can you market your product? One thing I’ve talked about is YouTube videos
and creating a channel for my brand once I get that going and creating YouTube videos,
how to, instructional, lifestyle, whatever applies to you videos that are going to go
out and be for your product that your customer is going to find on YouTube and of course
there is going to be a nice little link right down there in the bottom that’s going to lead
them straight to your product. That’s just one way, I’m sure that there’s
a million out there and we’ll explore those as we go. Question number 9. What if I created my own real-world MBA? The way that I think about this question is,
should I pay for a course? I don’t think that this stuff is that difficult,
I feel like so many really smart people give it away that for right now I feel no need
to pay for a course for how to sell on Amazon. I’ve done courses on other stuff but I have
not yet found an Amazon FBA, how to sell on Amazon FBA course that I felt like was worth
my money. So I’m kind of starting to learn via the school
of hard knocks or via real world experience as you guys know and I have definitely at
least got an associates in it at this point. But that’s going to be a different answer
for different people, it really depends on how much time you have to put into it, how
much cash you have to throw around. As you know, I am working on bootstrapping
as much as possible so it’s been worth it to me to just put in the time and learn the
hard way. But that answer may be different for you. Question number 10. Do I need to make it back the way I lost it? So lets’ go back a couple of questions ago
we were talking about what happens if you lost a few thousand dollars, several thousand
dollars, five hundred dollars, whatever your case may be. Do you have to make it back by selling on
Amazon? Of course not, right? You can go sell a product somewhere else,
you can just go drive for fiv – I was going to say drive for Fiverr. You can drive for Uber if you wanted. You can do Fiverr projects if you want since
we’re talking about Fiverr now. But the thing is that there’s always other
ways that you can make money and just keep that in mind when you’re feeling down and
if you feel like this Amazon thing is taking too long or whatever. You need to make some money, there’s other
ways you can go out and make money. You will always have value in the market place
if you’re willing to work. Question 11. What if I could only subtract to solve problems? Now there’s an interesting thought, right? I don’t know about you guys, but I tend to
overcomplicate stuff. I want to add tasks and subtasks and projects
to an already overstuffed calendar. So what would it look like if I could only
solve problems by taking things away? To me that’s like creating a not to do list. Question 12. What might I put in place to allow me to go
off the grid for 4-8 weeks with no email or phone? Perfect question for people who are trying
to create freedom through Amazon FBA selling, right? How good are your systems? Can you leave for a month, for two months
and go to the jungles of the Amazon or to Tahiti or Bora Bora or the moon or whatever? Could you do it? How good are your systems? If your answer is no, you couldn’t, then your
systems aren’t there yet, and we need to work to find out how to make that better because
otherwise you’ve just made yourself a new job. Right? If you’ve ever read the E-Myth, the E-Myth
Revisited by Michael Gerber, you know, you’ve just made yourself a job. You didn’t make yourself a business. You’ve still got a boss, it’s called Amazon. Question 13. Am I hunting antelope or field mice? This question, I get it. I totally get where he’s coming from. But I do think that Amazon is a little different
because if you spend all your time trying to go out and hunt antelope, so you’re trying
to find one product that’s going to net you like 10,000 a month, you’re probably going
to be looking for a very long time. And/or you’re going to be selling a product
in an extremely competitive field that you’re going to have to really stay on top of. I think that this business is one that does
ok with small wins.To mix metaphors, with base hits. So you don’t have to go out and hit a homerun
every night with Amazon FBA, if you have enough products that are selling at least a handful
of units a month, then you can probably make a pretty good living. I was listening to a Scott Voelker, The Amazing
Seller, podcast he was talking about a lady that came to his breakthrough event and was
on the hot seat. She was doing 80,000 a month in revenue and
she had hundreds of products. You start to do the math on that with an average
profit margin and you realize that she is making some pretty good money with those small
volume sellers. So don’t knock it. I totally get what Tim Ferriss is saying and
in most businesses that is true but on the other hand, it would be really weird to go
into Wal-Mart and they only sell one product. So I think in this business to spread that
out a little bit, it also helps lower your risks, which is always a good thing. Question 14. Could it be that everything is fine and complete
as it is? Are you a maximizer? Do you want the most bang for your buck in
every aspect of your life? Because that is something that I think we
all deal with to some extent, but you have to realize that not being content in what
you have and who you are can rob you of your joy in the present moment. And that is just something that, when you’re
starting a business you always want to do this thing and then this thing and then take
on this opportunity and then oh, there’s this shiny over here. And you’ve just got to remember one, to work
on what you’re working on, start where you are and learn what you need to know and not
anything more than that to start with because otherwise it gets all overwhelming. But maybe it you’re already running a business,
what you’re doing right now is fine. Yes, we always need to grow to stay in business,
but comparison is the thief of joy , we’ve all heard that. And so if you’re already running a business,
be content where you are. Not that you don’t have ambition to do more,
but be so happy and proud of what you have accomplished already. Question 15. What would this look like if it were easy? I thought that business was supposed to be
hard. Are you telling me that there’s something
that we can do to make this easy? Again with the over complicating of things. How can we simplify our processes, how can
we outsource where we can outsource to make this easier? There’s always going to be challenges that’s
not, I believe the purpose of this question, but how can we make things easier on ourselves
as we build a business instead of harder? Amazon FBA is a great opportunity to do that
because they handle all the fulfillment for you, they handle most of the selling and marketing
for you, there’s things that you can do to stand out, but your product is on Amazon just
like Nike’s shoes are on Amazon, with a much smaller budget. Question 16. How can I throw money at this problem? How can I “waste” money to improve the quality
of my life? So for me this question, every time I hear
it, every time I hear about throwing money at something, my mind goes to housekeeping. Because there’s been times in our lives when
we’ve hired a housekeeper, generally its just been for short times when we needed some extra
help and it makes such a difference in quality of life. I have a child under 2, I have 2 big dogs
that shed a lot, my house needs constant attention to stay clean and I am not a natural housekeeper. So whatever I can do to make my life easier,
I should probably be doing at this stage. So housekeeping is something thats on my list
of things to do now that we’re in the new house and I know I need to get it done. Because that is literally me throwing money
at a problem to make my life easier, and it will make me a much happier person. If you’re working a day job and you have a
side hustle and you have a family that you would like to see at some point, then you
have to find some ways, something’s got to give, right? So for me thats an easy one to let go of. As far as Amazon FBA, it may be paying for
some software that you would not normally. Like Splitly is software you can use (affiliate
link below) to help you split test your listings and see if this one is better than this one
instead of always trying to have to run those tests yourself because they are time consuming
and you might forget and then your numbers are off and you just wasted all your time. That is a way that you can throw money at
a problem to make your life easier. And as we grow our businesses and get some
margin in there that is a great way to do it because it will also help you expand your
business. Question 17. No hurry, no pause. Wait a minute, that’s not a question Tim. But I believe what he’s talking about here
is just the ying and the yang. You can’t feel happy unless you know how it
feels to be sad, you can’t be energetic unless you know how it feels to be tired. You can’t, you know, there is no joy without
pain. All of that stuff. And you can’t have and experience the hustle
unless you also experience rest. That is an important one to keep in mind and
its a great place to end because you can’t have the questions without the answers. And now it’s time for you to go out and think
about the answers to these questions. Don’t forget I have included a cheat sheet
of all these questions, you can download it from the link in the description box below
and I would love if you’d give a thumbs up to this video if you enjoyed these questions. Comment below, tell me what your favorite
question is out of the 17. Consider subscribing if you haven’t already
so you never miss a video and I will talk to you next time. Thanks guys!

How big can you grow your Amazon business

Hey guys this is Ted with OAXRAY and today
I just want to talk about how big your business can get on So I was reading the Wall Street Journal publication
and they do a lot of statistics and they tell you you know just kind of different facts
and they look at it in the past in what’s going on, the trending. And it’s actually an interesting article in
it says that nearly half of the 30 olds earn more than their parents do. And whenever you look at the graph it starts
off at almost all …. people during the 1970s earned more than their parents did by the
time they’re were in their 30s, late 30s just because I mean they learned different skills
and then your parents did one thing they would help you pay for college or whatever it is
and by the time you’re their age you’re actually doing a little bit better for yourself than
they were at the same age and it’s kind of like a building process over the years, over
the generations but now we are down to 50% or less are actually making more than their
parents are and it just kind of brought me to an interesting point because when I was
on the cruise I met somebody and I think it was Freeport, Freeport we’re on a beach
and I talked to a guy next to me and he was like I’ve been at my job for 26 years and
I’m just stuck I can’t make any more money, so I’m just here tell me a little bit about
Amazon. And 1 thing that I say to everyone who wants
to start Amazon is this is 100% based on what you input into it and they’re essentially
is no cap. When we look at Jeff Bezos he started in his
garage actually about 20 years ago in 1998 and I know a lot of people here starting in
their garage, I know I started in my kitchen, I didn’t have a garage. So I had stuff packed up all around me, all
these different items when I was just you know trying to feed the family make enough
money to take care of my daughter at the time and that’s kind of how things got started. But really the message I want to convey in
this video is there really is no cap what you can do on Amazon. There is no maximum, it’s not like are there
is no maximum, it’s not like one day you’re going to be selling and you’re going to hit
100,000 sales a month and then it just stops or you can’t go any higher and that’s one
of the things I liked about Amazon. I mean I’ve had jobs and no matter what job
you have eventually you get better, you get better, you get better, you get lower raises
and then you kind of hit the top pay for whatever it is you’re doing and you can’t go any higher. And I mean if you’ve been at a job for 5 or
10 years and you just can’t make it bigger you know you always had that kind of wall
at any job so that’s why I like Amazon because you can always get a bigger warehouse, you
can always sell more books, you can always sell more you know do a retail arbitrage or
hire someone to do it for you. So really this problem that we have of 30
year olds not making more than their parents I think whenever you’re selling on Amazon
it’s all based on what you want to do and how much time you want to put into it. So you can start from your kitchen, your basement,
your garage and 2, 3, 4 years down the line you might have a 5,000 square foot warehouse,
2 years form there might have a 50,000 square foot warehouse. I know people who started 3, 4, 5 years ago
who now have warehouses, multiple employees and you know they thought like I did at the
beginning. My goal at the beginning was to make $100
a day which is about a little less than $40,000 a year. That’s kind of where I wanted to be, I wanted
to stay home with my kids and after actually selling for a while and realizing that hey
I can attain this goal and that I can actually do better than the goal that is when things
got really exciting. So when you’re building your business set
a short term goal whether that’s I want to make 2, 3, 4 thousand bucks on the side or
even 500 bucks on the side but once you hit that goal just keep raising it every year
because your skills are going to go up, your skills are going to increase and as your skills
and your knowledge base and the people you know increases you can increase the amount
of money that you’re making. And the cool thing about selling on Amazon
is I have a 8-year-old and a 4 year old I bring them into it, they will they help me
label, they learn that the more things that we’re able to find that are profitable the
larger the business gets and if you can teach your kids how to sell an Amazon maybe in 10,
20 years Amazon doesn’t exist but if they can learn those foundational steps they can
actually move up to whatever the new platform is. But everyone can make their Amazon business
as large as they want based on the amount of time they put in and base on the amount
of research and skills that they’re learning as they are doing it. That was my message for today, thank you guys
very much. Have a great day. Make some money using OAXRAY.

Amazon DOUBLING DOWN on their OWN private label business

What is going on Amazon sellers or hopefully soon-to-be Amazon sellers, my name is beau crabill and in this video I’ll be discussing about the new article that CNBC came out with and how Amazon is Doubling down on their private label business their own private label business Now in this video I’ll be explaining to you on what is private labeling and how this may affect Your own business if you’re selling on Amazon So in regards to selling on Amazon private label is the process of where you are Buying products that currently have no name brand at all you’re getting them manufactured You’re slapping your brand name on it and your marketing and advertising and selling it on Amazon what people would typically do in private label is they’ll see some products that are currently selling on Amazon already selling quite well Then they’ll go to or to find that product and make their self better. And Amazon is Doing that themselves and Amazon been doing that for a while. They’ve slowly been getting after it. They’ve private labeled batteries charging cords mattresses kitchen products and every kind of everyday products that a normal private label seller will go so now I want to talk about so Now we understand what private label is Let’s now discuss on who is this going to affect in a negative way So first off is this going to hurt private label sellers? I believe one hundred percent, yes, which I’ll explain later Why will this hurt sellers that are selling name-brand big name brand products on Amazon something that like I do Absolutely. No, it’s actually going to help So now let me explain to you on why this will hurt private label sellers And I’ll explain to why it does not hurt sounds like myself so the reason why this gonna hurt private label sellers is because for you to get sales on Amazon when you’re creating up your own brand is Off of your marketing and advertising if you are going for a private label product cuz Amazon right now is doubling down They have 120 different brands and they plan to go more and more more in depth with their private label products If you’re trying to go for the same categories or exact products that Amazon is also trying to go sell Keep in mind is that you have to advertise and where you’re gonna advertise mostly is actually on itself So you’re gonna pay for Amazon PPC, which I already did a live stream a few months ago about how Amazon Pay-per-click ads have risen by 30 times much in the cost. So Amazon’s making harder for that and for you to get sales So yeah, you need a market. You need to have a good sales conversion your Pay-per-click cost needs to be cheaper than the revenue profits you are bringing in. So that’s one way you’re gonna get sales The second way is you’re going to get your products ranked So if you’re gonna get your product ranked Then you need to have the right keywords and the amount of impressions going there and I’ll let you know Amazon runs their website So they can just put themself up first. Okay, so that’s how it’s going to negatively affect private label sellers It’s going to make it way way more harder to mark and advertise Which if you’ve been a private label so over the past three four years You already know that’s become harder because of the more sellers doing private label but then also most importantly the actual marketing cost because the end of the day if You can buy a private label product for ten dollars Throw five dollars of advertising to it and you profit two dollars great But if your advertising cost now cost you eight dollars which in may after Amazon’s doing this that may not be good So now I want to get to the point on why selling name-brand products is not going to be affected and then I’ll get to the point on why Amazon is doing this themselves and Why they’re doubling down their private little business. So the reason why? Selling neighboring products is not going to be affected because it comes out of the same thing is marketing So how a consumer buys products is how they’re being marketed Okay take for example you walk into a retail store The reason why if you walk into a Walmart and you buy some products is because one you’re looking to see what you want to Go buy if you’re looking for some Toilet paper, you’re gonna go to toilet paper aisle and whatever seems like the best price or position right in front of your eyes You’re gonna go buy it Same thing works online say if you’re searching for toilet paper and you see that you’re getting marketed towards certain toilet paper brands and see the price you’re gonna go for those and With me selling name-brand products on Amazon. I’m very comfortable that people are always going to be buying name-brand products because Hasbro Mattel Samsung Apple Microsoft are always we spending billions and billions of dollars on marketing Apple they actually stopped telling people their ad spend because in 2016, they got all up to 1.8 billion So as long as these brands are still marketing and advertising for example Hasbro spent 267 million dollars on research and development That’s around a quarter of a billion dollars on making sure these products will actually sell I feel very comfortable with that because I’m not gonna be focused on trying to go create my Own brand because these products are already selling. All right so now this is gonna come to the next point which is actually gonna also lead to the point on why selling name-brand products is Still going to be beneficial and it’s going to be the entire process on why Amazon is actually doubling down on Creating their own private label products and how it’s gonna be is from this book the everything store So from day one and if you read this book, you’ll learn about this Amazon their mission statement to kind of sum it up is Jeff Bezos. Wanted to create a virtual store That was the everything store. And actually we wanted a very interesting thing in this book Amazon talks about is they were actually trying to Partner with already in place running businesses brick-and-mortar stores. For example, I dont remember the exact year But then one winter Christmas season They actually partnered with Toys R Us because Toys R Us was able to fulfill on all the name-brand Products that the consumers wanted because Amazon knew that they were not able to go source all of those name-brand products themselves And they needed help. Okay, Amazon has a hundred and twenty private label brands out there right now That is completely nothing to the amount of products and brands that are out there right now So amazon knows they need to be partnering with the big brands because that end the day most the sales and revenue that happens on is through selling name-brand products So now go to them this video and as you’ve learned this video we went over what private label is we went over how Amazon is actually doubling down on their own private label business and how that would negatively affect someone who is private labeling So if you got to this point this video you’re asking self. Why would anyone private label? Well, that’s a good question over 51% of the Amazon sellers right now are private labeling However, – less than 10% of the 1 million plus Amazon sellers so sellers who do a million dollars a year or more only 10% under private label sellers and actually from those private label sellers less than 23 percent of Their sales actually come through private label and now Amazon’s diving more into the private label business so selling name-brand products Which Amazon understands is always gonna be a business telling by everything store and I’m partnering up with brick-and-mortar stores and Me selling it doing very well to go to my business is the right way to go if you want to learn how you can Actually get started with selling name-brand products. I’ll actually be hosting a workshop very soon. See they’re gonna be on Monday or Thursday It’s gonna be online You can click there will be a link down in the description or maybe in the comments and you can get registered for that Online workshop. So I’ll see you on there But do you have any questions at all about this video or about selling on Amazon or about private label or the article because also have the article link down below as Well, feel free to post it down in the comments and I’ll answer back to your comments Also if you want to get any other type of content from me Feel free to one subscribe to my youtube channel So you don’t miss out on any of the live streams or videos make sure to subscribe to my podcast as well My Instagram and Twitter and just have a great day Amazon sellers. You

Amazon FBA Is NOT FOR EVERYONE | Watch This Before You Think About Selling

I recently broke hundred and twenty thousand dollars for my amazon business I recently broke over a hundred and twenty thousand dollars for my Amazon business, but if I had to start it all over again I Don’t know if I would let me explain When I decided to start Amazon I was in a similar situation to where I bet a lot of you are right now You know I was doing something I didn’t necessarily love. I was just working Excruciating hours like I was doing this catering company And it was just it was brutal right 85% of my days were putting out fires and not literal fires That wasn’t that bad of a catering company, but it was just just soul like draining like honestly. It was brutal And then I needed that a steep right I needed to just get something where I can Stop doing what I was doing and have more time to do things that I actually enjoy doing but There was an other side of me where it was like Had I had pride in my catering company right because I was a business owner. You know 19 year old business owner I felt all cool. I made business cards. I think I have some land here I can probably pull them out for you Yeah, right here, so there’s my business cards. Oh, I just like that I dropped them on the table I’d be like yeah look voice CEO And then two minutes later, we’re eating dinner the waitress comes drops the bill. I’m like Because I was broke as a joke even though I was you know a business owner. It’s like that Quintessential entrepreneurs struggle, so let’s fast forward. I meet Nick I discover Amazon I told you guys before we met at this sales conference so we were just sitting down And he’s showing me his numbers, so let’s grab my phone here He’s showing me these numbers this casually dropping numbers as Nick does three thousand five hundred thirty two dollars as you can see right over There it’s like that this one It’s 15k, or you know a little faster on Nick likes to speak, and I were just like they’re jula man cool What 15k what fifteen thousand dollars? And he’s like yeah fifty thousand US dollars. I’m like you kidding me, dude, and that’s that was back then 30k He’s probably doing 50 right now for that was that specific account And I was just drooling like a bulldog like life. Is this guy doing I’m like Sitting there. We’re drinking coffee and in the time he’s I’m thinking about my clients right I’m thinking about oh, there’s I’m stressing out and I deliver this one This guy changes order this you know someone’s called in sick my boys called it sick And then he’s just on this money printing app you say And it’s not even a deal big deal for him. I was like dude I need to do what you are doing right so we kind of that’s what we kind of figured it all out and Let me do it for us, so I enter the world of Amazon okay, I take course after course probably where you guys are right now, I try and take courses thinking about getting courses I took them all in just like this video right over here And I learned everything I could in a very in mind. I I like Jam-packed it right so I benched it there. You go all within a week bumped out with this courses I had Nick help me look for some products I did the product research, but he would verify them for me, and I’m just like everything’s going smooth. I’m super happy like Taking this fresh opportunity breathing all in breathing the new opportunity Exhale the old right, I’m like fine if I could just reach Right there. That’s so close. I can see it the world of Amazon you know passive income, and I’m just like Finally I can leave the 16-hour days behind Now listen up Empire nation That was the worst assumption of my life Let me tell you I when you enter the world of Amazon It is literally like walking in to the Amazon jungle Right Guns and Roses it’s gonna bring you to war I Mean in the early stages you’re gonna have these amazing days, you know you’re just high on life Everything’s exciting and then as you get into it you get into the grind You’re gonna have days where you just want to get your inventory Throw it in a paper bag set it on fire and leave it on Jeff Bezos doorstep Because it gets just like blood boiling frustrating it gets very Yeah, it gets to the point where it’s just rough right like this I’ll go into it in a bit, but there’s a lot of stuff that can happen on Amazon work It makes you want to pull your hair out. Okay, so the 16-hour days became 10-hour days Good news, right, but the hours can be worse sometimes because you got I remember at least when you’re living Where I live like West? West Canada down to California You’re staying up at like 3:00 4:00 a.m. To talk to suppliers that are in China that are on the other side of the world And you just have to stay up You know where to get stuff done sometimes you gotta be up at the right time to talk to these people And they’re you know almost a day ahead of you And the time zones just don’t Mack job so that gets hard those hijackers Okay, so these are literal pirates like Jack Sparrow Straight-up pirates like they can steal your income like let’s think about this in like a physical Storm, there’s someone walks into your store sets up their own cash register and sells your products to your customers and Takes all your money and there’s nothing you can do about it right you have to go through this process and of course and you can eventually get rid of them, but it’s just Sometimes there’s days at a time where you just unnie can do and they’re just stealing your income For days right and then worst of all Is that you’re playing on it you’re playing the Amazon jungle it’s their book It’s their rules everything your business lives Dies rides on their the Amazon team the Amazon algorithms that they have right so very limited control on the platform but yeah Those are the things that really? Makes that one tough right so it’s definitely not the beautiful perfect world that a lot of these gurus online link to Paints right where it’s just like income and passive and you’re working two hours a day, and you have Lamborghinis And it’s just like super cool easy fun lifestyle with Amazon. That’s not the way it’s gonna That’s not the way It’s gonna play out its bet at least not in a short amount of time right where you can be super passive with Nick He could go he can leave he could go to Brazil. He could be good for a year He’d be good for two years and then Brendon totally passively, but once you get to that point where you are an expert at it There’s no reason to stop building right because if you look at it in six months. I was able to get to 125,000 dollars in sales we have score students who are almost gonna surpass me Like mo, he’s almost gonna surpass my selling probably has surpassed my sales, and he’s only been sitting it for three months So would I do it again if I lost it all yes. I would do. I’ll reluctantly do it again I probably take a month off But I would get back into it because it is fast but big but here big, but I would I would do a lot of things differently I would change almost everything I do and Allocate that right now because I’m sure you’re wondering so what would I change if I was to start everything from the beginning? Number one and this was the biggest lesson of course why’s number one? Is that I would get the money first and then put all the eggs into the best? Basket now what do I mean by that get the money first meaning? Don’t just ya know. I’ve gone into debt and have gone into loans here, so if you’re against loans. That’s fine just Doesn’t matter just disregard what I’m about to say, but I would get the money first I wouldn’t I started with twelve thousand dollars, which is a lot, and you can definitely be successful with twelve thousand dollars Saved up, but I would eventually got a fifty thousand dollar loan if I was to start over again. I would’ve got that loan first Now that would be hard because I wouldn’t be able to get out of the business would have taken out personally honestly just under my personal name get the loan get the money and shooting as much money as I can at the very beginning because The more money you start with the less problem you have down the line especially when you try to stretch it out so that goes Lead into what else other thing I said for number one is put all your eggs into the best basket now I know that’s like kind of against what you usually hear. You know don’t put your eggs into one basket But for Amazon I definitely think that’s the best way to go because what I did I started with $12,000 And I spread that out, so I started when I first word was $6,000 I did three thousand to one product three thousand to another product launch them so many things went wrong I’ll get to that too But eventually when you spread out like that you get into cash flow issues right so you have less inventory of each product And at the time I was looking for quantity of products not quality Which was the dumbest thing you could possibly ever do not do that look for the best product Don’t just try to say. Oh, this one’s pretty good. This one’s pretty good. This one’s pretty good Let’s get all of them and probably one of them will be good look for one where you know this is um percent good Go run with it. Okay. Take it run like Forrest Gump and just keep on running keep on running because It’s not like a box of chocolates. You know what you’re gonna get when you do your research, right? It’s not some random like oh, I hope this product That’s good. If you make a grand-slam bundle the white Nick teaches you do your research? Like diligently no shortcuts, and you come to market with something unique 100% unique You will do well It’s just that simple and you will do well so put all your eggs into the best basket Do not spread it out too soon You’re gonna spread yourself, then you’re gonna run into cash flow problems then you’re gonna take out more money anyways, which again You should have done in the first place so point number two don’t treat this like a hobby dedicate more time so when I started I was in the mindset of Side hustle okay, Amazon’s gonna be my side gig and then I’m going to do catering full-time and Make so much money doing both Because you know Amazon’s past right that’s passive. That’s what they tell you That’s not the case guys again. Don’t it’s not it’s not it’s not for a while okay so I kind of treated it like a hobby and That was a big mistake now that doesn’t mean I didn’t act fast like I said When I found out about Amazon I had two products within the first month, so I was moving fast, but not Like efficiently I would just like Going with that broken-down car speeding down the highway Eventually it’s gonna break and crash and burn right which eventually which it did my first two products bye, bye so I was coming to ours at night Just I would didn’t do my proper research like I just said with a grandson bundle everything. I was just kind of doing Just a bare minimum of what I could do I would ask Nick You know kind of rely on him to kind of show me the way, and then I was just okay That’s what you say. I’ll just do it. I just blindly just go go go with very vague advice I was just kind of going at it because you know people online make it seem so easy I thought it was gonna be easy which Don’t assume that because it’s not So don’t treat you like a hobby if you want to get into Amazon you can remember This is a business like a straight-up real business, okay? It’s online its e-commerce, so there’s kind of this disconnect of oh it’s just kind of like you know it’s there It’s kind of going in the background, but if you really want to succeed This is a business where you want to make a brand you know put real marketing dollars into it You know have real nice design nice branding and really kill it because that’s the only way To kill it is to really try to kill it and don’t think you can just buy a crappy product put a sticker logo on it put it on Amazon and Then be freakin a millionaire cuz that’s not gonna happen so if you want to get at Amazon treat it like It’s your business and the third and final tip for this video, which also the most costly one for me, so stick around is get samples always always Always always always always get samples okay now. I stressed always because it’s very important three times I didn’t get samples three times. I got screwed over. Simple as that 100% of First time my first product didn’t get samples, okay. I thought hey I can just pull I can just pull Pictures off my competitors, I’m good at Photoshop I can Photoshop it He’ll never know it was his put my logo on and change the background everything’s Kikuchi Not the case two weeks later product was actually selling pretty well two weeks later. Got a with a copyright infringement Then I had to it was up to the guy who Sent the copper, so there’s up to my competitor to allow me to use images again So since I’m a Canadian. I couldn’t even shit order my own I was gonna say ship by the way. I couldn’t even order my own inventory to my house to take new pictures of this because we’re kidding, so I sound calm because you don’t know I only sell to America right so I couldn’t Order my props myself, so I have to get supply your pictures now And there was another disaster because this was the first time that supplier ever made this product That they made similar products I came to them said hey can you make this thing? You know I know you don’t have it in your thing, but can you kind of can you make it? Yeah? We can make that for you. We can do it cheaper than these guys so my cool But since it was the first time making it. They didn’t have any professional pictures done for it I was the only client that ever ordered it and they just took the pictures off their phone Send it to me and those are the pictures. I had okay long story short that product is gone I no longer sell that second time. I didn’t get samples this time. It’s only even created I couldn’t even believe it’s one myself I was having they had pictures on their alibaba listing right so I thought they were gonna look exactly like that I said put this logo on it so I photoshopped it again with their pictures And I put my logo on at the time, so I by the way is my first two products. I know much better now I So I ordered it Assuming they were gonna look like the pictures on their Alibaba listing plus my logo That didn’t happen this part got destroyed in reviews because everyone that got the product it didn’t even match the my Amazon listing because The product that they sent was not the same as the product that was on their, Alibaba listing So it was a total mess luckily I didn’t order too many units That products not actually done when destroyed the third time I didn’t get samples fool me three times right I? It was kind of the similar thing I ordered a variation product Okay one red one blue The red one had a different logo than the blue one had so I was selling two of the same product But my logos were just different. It was like a my outdated logo, and then a new look They’re a totally different looking thing and that one wasn’t as big of a deal. I still sell that product I Eventually got that changed, but all of these things Cost me a few thousand dollars could have prevented could have been prevented with a free sample to my house Okay, a free sample now Especially if you’re Canadian if it’s very important at the sample because you can’t like I said order your own inventory Unless you’re selling on dot CA so Those are my tips After all of this how can you? Be sure if you want to start an Amazon FBA business right I know I mean it just sound like You’re walking through Jurassic Park And sometimes it does feel like that but if here’s the test now this whole video was a test if You watch this whole video and you’re thinking hey that doesn’t seem that bad. I can probably handle that then go get your seller account right now if you don’t already and start selling because you probably can’t handle it if You are still interested. Just highly interesting Amazon after I told you all the worst parts of it Go for it because you’re gonna make some money. Okay now if you’re sitting there thinking oh Amazon’s probably shit, it’s probably horrible. I’m gonna go I’m gonna leave I’m gonna look for another opportunity, then I don’t know right. I can’t say for sure obviously is not a real test I can’t I don’t know what you can handle right and as I said earlier The jungle is not for the faint of heart But one thing I do know is that nothing in this world worth having comes easy and this Was hard as fuck But if I had to start all over again fuck

Amazon FBA: How To Find Suppliers Abroad (Step-By-Step)

(logos whoosh) – Hey, there, I’m Rich Henderson, co-creator and chief mentor of The Amazing Selling Machine program, and in this short video,
I’m gonna show you exactly how easy it is to source products to sell under your own brand on Amazon from literally anywhere in the world. Now, I’ve just got back from
the Canton Fair in China, where I went to find more
suppliers and products. However, the true beauty of
this physical products business is that you can do this without
even leaving your house. Many of our most successful
members have done just that, and have never been to China. Many of them have said they
never have any interest in setting foot in China either, because they can do this all from the comfort of their own home, so let’s go inside and I’ll show you exactly how to do this on your computer. So, the best place to source
products from overseas without actually going
overseas is Alibaba, which is A-L-I-B-A-B-A dot com. You can see it on the screen. Now, it does have its pros and cons, but we have been using
it for seven years now, and I’ve tried all the
other options out there, and none come close. Now, this whole thing is a
pretty straightforward process, and it involves three main steps. The first is finding
suppliers for your product, then you’re gonna contact
suppliers that you found, and finally, the third step is
to choose the best supplier, and I will be covering all these steps as we go through this video,
but let’s get started. First of all, what is Alibaba? Essentially, it’s just a
directory of suppliers, including factories and trading companies, and as we said, it is the best place to find products overseas. The biggest concern
people have with Alibaba is that many of the listings
are for trading companies and not the actual factories, and you’ll hear many people say that, moving forward with a
physical products business, the only option is to deal
directly with factories. Well, this is simply not true. Building a relationship
with a trading company can be just as beneficial, and in fact, when you’re
first starting out, it can be more beneficial than dealing direct with a factory. When it comes down to it, it’s all about building relationships, and you’ll discover that as
we go further into this video. So, to get started, all you’ll want to do is
simply type the product you are looking for into the search box, so I’ve typed in
self-inflating sleeping pad. Now, first of all, I’m
not recommending this as a product you should be sourcing. This is just an example,
and I’ve actually used this product before in other training, but once you’ve typed your product in, it might well give you
categories and other options. If you see another option that looks like it might have more
results, then choose that, but in this case, I’m
gonna choose camping mat. I’m just gonna click on search. Now, at this point, you
can click on suppliers, but we strongly recommend
you stick with products. It gives better results,
but as you can see, we’ve got 3,560 products. That’s obviously gonna be
way too many to search for, so we’re gonna narrow down this list. The first thing we’re gonna click on here is Trade Assurance. This is something Alibaba offer
to give you more confidence in the suppliers, and it’s
basically a free service, you can see underneath, that protects your orders
from payment to delivery. So, if we check that
box, it’s gonna reload. You can see that most of the
suppliers on here have this, and we can take it a step further by clicking on Verified Supplier. Now, it’s worth noting here, Verified Supplier is something
that the suppliers pay for, but again, it also gives you
a little bit more confidence in the supplier. But I’m gonna check the box and you’ll see how many products we lose. You can see, we’re down to 500, which is a lot more manageable. So, we’re down to 500. Now, you can also choose the country you want to source from. The vast majority of products
on Alibaba will be in China. However, you’ll also find other countries, like Korea, Taiwan,
Vietnam, and the suppliers and products from these
countries are on the increase. So, we’ve narrowed down our list. Now, what we need to do is
start looking at suppliers and deciding which ones
we want to contact. The number of suppliers you
contact is completely up to you. Again, the more people you contact, the more likely you’re
going to get better results. At this stage, we’d highly recommend you contact a minimum of 10 suppliers. So, for the sake of this
video, we’re gonna assume we’re looking for
something just like this. You can see this sleeping pad
here, it’s meant for camping, and so, that’s the
product we’re looking for. In other words, we’ve done
our research on products to find a good, viable product
that we know we can sell, and this is the one we came up with, so we’re only gonna be looking
for products that match this. So, the first thing we look at here is they’re showing you the price. Now, under no circumstances assume that this is the actual
price you’re going to get. Just remember, these listings are intended to attract your attention, and you may find that, once
you start contacting them, that the price is different. Now, underneath the
price, if they show it, you’ll see the minimum order quantity. Now, for the most part, we want to be looking for
between 100 and 500 for our MOQ. This is saying 10, but again, you need to take that
with a pinch of salt. It might not actually be the
case when you contact them. But this is looking pretty good, the price looks reasonable, and what you’ll normally
find is the lower price is for a higher MOQ,
and that the higher end of the price range is for the lower MOQ. But you can also take a look at the images by clicking on the arrows. You don’t have to actually
open up the listing right now. You can see this looks
pretty professional. They’ve got some really good pictures, and that’s something to look for, too. This shows that this is probably
going to be a good company. Then, you can also look on the right here, and you can see that they’ve
been business 15 years, which is good. That’s a really long time. You’ll see a lot of these that have less. Personal experience with this, you wanna be looking for at least a year, and the longer the term, again, it gives you a little bit more
confidence in that company, and they’re still on here, which means they haven’t been getting a lot of negative feedback which
has led them to be removed. The response rate’s
pretty good, it’s 96.3%. To be quite honest,
anything over 75% is good. And they’ve actually got
76 reviews about them. Again, not overly concerned about this, but just like when you’re
looking for a product on Amazon, a higher rating and a
higher number of reviews points to company that’s
been around longer. So, these are all things
you should look at. At this point, I’m actually
quite pleased with this listing, and I am going to open this in a new tab so that I can go back to it, and that’s gonna be one of the companies that I’m gonna contact. So, we’ll keep moving down. This next one, Wenzhou
Kaisi Outdoor Products, they’ve been around two years. Again, that’s fine. 85% response rate, again, that’s good. They’ve only got five reviews, it’s 4.9. It’s not a big deal. We’re looking at the price here. You can see they’ve got a huge difference in price range here, $7.60
all the way up to $25. I would take a wild guess
and say $25 is for one unit, in other words, looking for a
sample, something like that. And again, they’ve got
an MOQ here, 100 pieces. So, actually, this looks
okay to me, so again, I’m gonna open this in a new tab, and this is the way I like to do things. I’ll go through and find at least 10 before I even start contacting them. So, this next one’s a
little bit different. You can see the image here. It’s not exactly the
one we’re looking for, so I’m gonna skip that one. The next one, this looks similar. Looks like they’ve got
two different colors. You can always scroll through the images. I like this, look, they’re showing that
it can be folded over. Again, it’s got good images, and remember, when you first launch, if
you haven’t got time or money to actually create images for yourself, you’re gonna be able to use their images. You can ask them. I mean, this would be a great infographic to put on your Amazon listing. Again, they’ve got some
fabulous images here. You can see they’re doing
multiple range of colors. This has got me quite excited. You can see they’ve been
around for nine years, response rate is good, they’ve got five stars on 40 reviews. Again, that’s really good. The price they’re saying is 16. You’ll notice straightaway that they’ve only put one price here. That’s not gonna be the case. They are gonna have multiple ranges. It’s about getting you to look, so I’m gonna open another one. We’ll go and grab one more example, just scrolling through these images. Not overly impressed with their images, but again, they’ve been
around eight years. You can see they’ve got
a good response rate, and they’ve got good reviews, so again, it might be another
company that I open up. So, this is how you do it. You just scroll through all these options. You can see how many there are. You can see just by me scrolling down, there’s multiple versions
and types of this. If we were looking for a specific one, you can see this is another example, but you’ll want to keep going through, and again, you want to make sure that you go past the first page. You can see there’s 10 pages of this. So, we’re gonna assume we’ve
been through all these. I’m now gonna open up
the individual listings. Now, something that’s important here, and it’s something you will see we ask for when we contact them is the lead time. They’ve actually got
it on here right away. You’ll also want to
look at customized logo, which means they can put a
logo on the product for you. You can see, to do that,
it’s a minimum of 50 pieces, but all of these things,
you need to verify. It’s all very well them
being on their listing, but to actually know for sure, you have to contact the
supplier themselves. So, when it actually comes
to contacting the supplier, there’s only one method we recommend, and that is to use the
Contact Supplier button within Alibaba, and we
recommend moving forward, when you go back and forth, that at least for your
initial negotiations, you stick to Alibaba. This is really important, because it means that
you’ve got a record of that, and also, Alibaba can see that, too, so that, if any issues come up and you’re using Trade Assurance, that Alibaba can see what
you’ve been promised, too. So, I’ve actually logged in. You can see the screen’s
a little bit different. There’s this button on the side, Contact Supplier, Chat
Now, and Browsing History. Again, you can use Chat
Now, but the best results you’re gonna get is
using Contact Supplier. Then, all you need to do is literally click on Contact Supplier. Now, at this point, sometimes
it gives you the option to say how much quantity you want. If it does, just put in 500 for now, and then, the message you send them. So, the first thing to
point out here is, again, you’re gonna see a lot of people out there recommend you just pretend you’re a buyer, but we strongly recommend
you tell the truth. You make the decisions, you’re
the company owner or CEO or whatever title you’ve
got for your company. Basically, this comes down to building a relationship
with your supplier. It’s absolutely critical that you build a strong relationship with your supplier, and that starts right
from the first message you ever send them. We’re telling you, you’re
going to be contacting at least 10 suppliers, but you know, at this point, you don’t know which supplier
you’re gonna end up choosing, so building that relationship
with them from the start is vitally important, so
always be straight up. Now, we’ve got templates we
use for contacting suppliers, but we always try and
change them up a little bit so that every supplier doesn’t get exactly the same template. At the end of the day, you just want to be asking
them specific questions. So, here’s an example of what you can say at the start of your email. So, you start off with my name is, and then you obviously
insert your full name. I am the owner of, and the company name, a company specializing in products for, and then, basically, put your
industry or area of interest. We are currently looking
to expand our product line, and are interested in one of the items that you’re manufacturing, the, and then you insert the product name, and you can insert a link to
that product on Alibaba, too. What you’re going to ask them
next is critically important. Now, going back to the whole thing about building a relationship, you don’t want to ask them 20 questions in the first email you contact them with. There’s numerous reasons for this. The main two are, first of all, it’s just gonna be very confusing for the person trying to answer you. As time goes by, these
companies, these suppliers, these manufacturers,
these trading companies, they’re getting better and
better at communicating. They’re employing more and more staff that speak fluent English,
but at the end of the day, you need to remember you
need to keep things simple. Asking them 20 questions means they’re gonna have to answer 20 questions, and obviously, that’s more complicated. Plus, if you do this, you’ve got less to talk
to them about afterwards. This is about building a
level of trust with them, and to do that, we
recommend you do it slowly and do it over time. Trying to rush them through
in making a decision in the space of a week
is not going to get you the best results, and also remember, you’re contacting a lot of
suppliers, not just one. So, the first thing you
wanna know about is the MOQ. You want to know what their
minimum order quantity is, and obviously, the price for
that minimum order quantity. The way we teach this has become
pretty much a standard now in the industry, but you want
to put something like this: what is the price per
unit, including packaging, at the following MOQs? 100 to 500 pieces, 501 to 1000 pieces, 1001 to 5000 pieces, and 5001 to and higher? We use this approach because
we want the supplier to think that in future, we could be
making much bigger orders. They may come back to you and say, “Our minimum order quantity is 1000.” That’s fine. Remember, you’re contacting
multiple suppliers, so it’s less of an issue, but it’s better to find
out right from the start whether they’re able to do this. Using this formula here means that, if they give you prices for all of them, you know straightaway, great, we can order something
between 100 and 500. Then, there’s a few other
questions you want to ask them. The first, you see right here, what is the standard
production time for each order? Now, more often that not, they’ll just give you a base figure. They’ll say 30 or 60 days
or something like that. Next, are you able to
provide custom packaging? Again, using this terminology means that they know what to expect, that they know that you know
what you’re talking about, which is also critically important, and more often than not, most of these companies
will be able to do that, so it’s an easy win for them. They get to say, “Yes,
we can do that for you,” and they’ll probably quote you
a minimum MOQ for doing that. And again, that’s great. If it’s a product that comes in colors, like our sleeping pad
right here, obviously, comes in multiple colors, so what colors? You know, you can add to that, obviously, like what colors do you provide? What colors are you capable of? Are there any differences in cost? Whatever, something along those lines, and then ask them about the package size, the package dimensions when
they’re gonna be shipping them. Again, it’s showing them that you know what you’re talking about,
but it’s also showing them that you’re thinking about
actually placing an order, because if you don’t ask
about shipping costs, then, you know, you might be just
contacting them out of interest. And then, you just want to give your name, title, and company, and that’s it. That’s your first inquiry, and that’s enough to
get you moving forward, so you would just send the inquiry. Obviously, I’m not gonna send it now, because I’m not interested in buying this and I don’t wanna waste their time, and then you would just send the inquiry. They will receive it, and
then they will respond, so again, we recommend
you do a minimum of 10. If it’s 20, that’s great. Remember to change up the wording on your templates a little bit. We just follow through the process, so here’s the next one
we opened in a new tab. You just click on Contact
Supplier again, and off you go. Now, before we go any further, I just wanna touch on this whole relationship-building
thing again. Building a relationship
with people is a huge part of any business, but it’s so critical when it comes to dealing
with your suppliers. At the end of the day, having a supplier that
wants to work with you as much as you want to work with them is going to make your
business much more successful. Building that relationship
will probably guarantee you’ll get the best deal possible, and remember that, when
you’re negotiating that offer, yes, you want to get
the best price you can, but at the same time, if
you’re driving them down so low they’re not making money, too, then the chances of
building a good relationship and moving forward and
using them for years is going to be slim. This has to be a two-way thing. Both sides of the equation have to win. If you get to a point where
you win and the supplier wins, you’ve got the best
supplier you possibly can. You’re also probably going to
get the best quality product. They like you, they trust you,
they want to work with you, they’re going to make sure
that they do the best they can for you to get the best
quality product you can. It’s the two most important elements of any physical products business, is having a great product
and having a great supplier. Also, moving forward, this
whole tit for tat thing, you know, you’re going to
be in a better position if you build a relationship with them to get improved terms
further down the line, and that doesn’t necessarily
mean the best price. It could mean you get terms
like paying 30% up front, then paying a further 30% when they ship, and then maybe 40% long
after it’s arrived at Amazon. The length of time that they’re willing to accept payments over is so important. It’s not just about the actual price. If you can get them to
be more open with you to doing deals like that and
accepting payments later, it means the cash flow for your
business is so much better, so building that relationship
with your supplier is so, so important, and
that’s why going backwards and forwards multiple times
with your emails is okay. It’s a good thing. So, that’s how you get started. That’s how you’re gonna go and do this. Obviously, once you’ve
sent that first email, they’re going to respond,
and then, you know, once you’ve got the answers you need for those questions you just asked, you can start asking them other questions. You can ask them about
what’s their payment terms? You can ask them can they
get high quality photographs done for you? Another great question to ask them, but not straightaway, in
the second or third email, is ask them where their factory is, and the way you do that is you say, “Can you tell me where your factory is? “Because, obviously,
we’d like to have someone “come and inspect the factory,” or, “someone come and take
a look at the factory,” or something along those lines, because not only does that
show that you’re serious and that you know what
you’re talking about, it’s also showing them
that you’re not an idiot. You’re going to get
your product inspected, because at the end of the day, that’s a great question to ask when you’re asking them about samples. Obviously, the process here is you’re gonna contact 10 or more, and the more you contact, the better. You narrow down that list. We recommend you narrow
it down to two or three, and then you’re gonna request
samples from those three, and that, as I say, is a
great time to say to them, “Oh, by the way, we’d
love to have our agent “come and visit your factory. “Whereabouts are you based?” Something along those lines. Now, there’s going to
be a cost with samples. They’re not cheap. Don’t necessarily ask
them for a free sample. There’s two things you can do. You can ask them, “Hey, if I
cover the cost of the shipping, “are you okay covering
the cost of the sample?” Or, to be honest, the easiest
way is just to say to them, “When I place my order,
will you take the cost “of this sample off my first order?” Again, it’s about building
this level of trust. If you’re just like
trying to save pennies, if you’re like, that’s
what they’re gonna see. They’re gonna see, well, this guy’s trying to save a few dollars. Can they be a real company? Are they a real company? Would a real company do that? What does that mean for us going forward? So, again, you’re gonna
see other people suggesting different ways of getting
the samples for free. I would say it’s the
least of your worries. Basically, just say to them, “I’m happy to pay for the samples, “as long as, if I place an order, “we take that off the
cost of the first order.” They will say yes automatically. I’ve never seen someone say no, and obviously, over the years, we’ve contacted a lot of suppliers, and have had hundreds
of samples sent, too. So, that’s basically the process of how you find suppliers
overseas for your products that you’re going to sell on Amazon. Just to recap, step one is use to find suppliers for your product. Build a list of 10 to
15 or more if you want, and then, step two is contact
a minimum of 10 suppliers. Again, the more time and
effort you put into this, the better your results are going to be. Step three is, once you’ve contacted them and had a series of emails
backwards and forwards with them to discuss your product
and things like MOQ, price, and production time, then narrow down your list of suppliers to the best three that you’ve contacted, and then, the last step, order samples from those three suppliers, and when you get them, use those samples, along with the information
you’ve collected about these suppliers to make your choice of the best supplier for your product. Now, if you want to know
more about selling on Amazon, and specifically, more about
finding suppliers abroad, then we have some awesome
free training for you, and you can find that at The free training there
covers every aspect of starting a physical products
business selling on Amazon, so if you want to see
more content like this, and see a more in-depth overview
of how you find suppliers, then go to That’s it for today, take care.

How the “Amazon Effect” is Shutting Down Businesses

– Hey there, Jamie
Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves, myself and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad, sold over 75 million
dollars last year on Amazon. This year we’re projected to do well over 100 million dollars. And today we wanna talk to
you about a question we get which is when you hear
what is the Amazon effect. So you may have heard of
this, you may have not. There’s a term called the Amazon effect and you’ll hear it thrown out a lot. You’ll hear it in news
articles all the time and they’ll usually talk
about a struggling retailer and the retail industry in total, the traditional brick and mortar business, and the death in large part of the brick and mortar business, not the complete death but for in terms of traditional brick and mortar retails. And they usually, almost every
article that’s referred to, they’ll be reference to the Amazon effect. And the point, what the Amazon effect is is just the impact that the
growth of the Amazon platform and Amazon as a company
has had on changing retail, how things work, how consumer behavior how they acquire goods, purchase goods, how we get physical products. And that’s called the Amazon effect, which is ultimately tied to
the financial performance of these traditional
businesses that can’t survive up against a new model
that’s much more efficient in so many ways, and it’s
actually an understatement to say it’s much more efficient. In the Amazon model, what’s
really unique about it is it allows sellers to
plug into the models. The majority of Amazon products,
over 85% are actually sold by third party sellers selling
through the Amazon platform. So when you buy something from Amazon, you’re typically you know, if you buy, I’m in our warehouse here, but
if you were to buy something off of Amazon, typically
this is not Amazon’s product. This is in this case, if you
bought this you’d be buying our product, this is our product. We’re a third party seller
leveraging the Amazon platform. What Amazon’s doing by
creating the platform, they’ve allowed this
economy, world wide economy basically to flourish
and ecosystem flourish for people to all plug in
and benefit financially of this huge growth of ecommerce. And it’s also a reward to
the customer to be able to get really good products
’cause we’re all competing for really good quality at
a really great price, right? Because you don’t need
all these store fronts and brick and mortars and
teams of customer service and all these things,
when you can just simply order it online, right? And you can sell things
where people can go, point and click on their computer, and even more popular right
now is point and clicking on their phones. So they’re just simply
going to their phone and Amazon makes it incredibly easy, they’re the best at this. If you’ve been to the Amazon app, to buy something at Amazon you could do it in like 15 seconds. Go find your item, click on
it, it’ll be at your doorstep within two days. If not tomorrow or even
maybe in a couple hours by this evening. That is the power of Amazon,
that’s the Amazon effect when we talk about the whole industry. What that means, for one
thing it scares the heck out of competitors. So the really kind of
inefficient, old retailers think of companies like Kmart in the U.S., Sears, those type of retailers, those are kind of the first
to really, really you know, be in a lot of trouble. Those retailers are already in trouble by more efficient
companies like the Walmarts and Targets and Lowe’s and so forth. But really, Amazon scares
the heck out of the biggest retailers so Walmart, which
used to be big bad Walmart that everyone was scared of
Walmart, Walmart, Walmart. Well Walmart is very scared of Amazon and whether they would probably
not use the word scared, that definitely is one of
the appropriate descriptions of how they think of Amazon. Because they know the power of Amazon and the online space is so powerful, that it is really certainly a
threat to Walmart’s existence. So Walmart naturally is trying to compete and that’s why they mimic
some of the platforms they would have. With this Amazon effect,
you know that sellers, it’s so hard to compete
because Amazon’s so far ahead of everybody, they have
this incredible opportunity. There’s so many people that
have made lots and lots of money, and we’ve built
a huge ecommerce business all leveraging the power, the technology, the breath, the marketing
skills, all of Amazon. I mean Amazon if you can
remember way back when, I think it was 1997 Amazon
started out as a book company. Amazon was just selling
books online, right? And then what happened,
you wanna talk about the Amazon effect. Think about Borders books,
when’s the last time you been in one of those? It doesn’t exist anymore. Think about music you know,
back then CDs, everything else, music stores went out a long time ago too similar to how iTunes crushed
a lot of that industry, but the ability to buy stuff online there’s just so many
industries and stores. And as Amazon’s progressed
it’s leveled the playing field, it’s eliminated those stores but at the same time it’s
created so many great opportunities for people like me and you, anyone that’s interested in
getting involved in ecommerce. It’s allowed us to step
in and basically get into the commerce space,
which before in the past you had to be part of a major retailer or you had to be a mom
and pop shop down below. But now because of the power of Amazon, really anyone has the
ability to get under way. So again that is, if you
hear the Amazon effect, that’s what it’s talking about, the impact of it. And the Amazon effect’s not going away, it’s only getting bigger so
you’ll continue to see more and more situations of it, which there’s always kinda
winners and losers of it too. There’ll be changes you know over time, technology grows so you
either can be on that side that guys are kinda getting squashed or you can position
yourself on the other end and taking advantage of the opportunity, taking advantage of the
opportunity that Amazon presents. The huge growth that’s
happening with ecommerce and position yourself
on that side of things, and learn how to sell on Amazon, learn how to have your
own ecommerce business and grow it yourself and take advantage of this huge growth ’cause more
and more is gonna continue to come this way. So why not be on that side
of things and take advantage and build your own ecommerce business? And be part of this incredible growth that the Amazon effect has caused. So if you like this video
all about the Amazon effect, we have a free workshop, click below. I talk specifically exactly
how we leveraged Amazon ourselves to build our
very own 75 million dollar plus business on Amazon, soon to be over 100 million. We go through the exact steps we used but more importantly, we
talk about how you can follow our processes and
take advantage of this exact opportunity for yourself
to build your very own ecommerce empire using and
leveraging the power of Amazon. So if you like this
video be sure to give us a thumbs up, and really important
make sure you subscribe. Every week we put out great new content all about Amazon, our
story, our taking advantage of this incredible growth
we’re seeing with ecommerce and how you can take
advantage of this opportunity. So again be sure to subscribe, and lastly we’d love to hear from you. If you have any questions about
anything related to Amazon, please go ahead and leave a comment below. Again we’d love to hear from ya or any feedback you have. (light music)

Amazon #FBA Food Products Creating the Perfect Food Business Startup

(upbeat rock instrumental music) – Hey guys, in this video I’m gonna cover what makes a great FBA food product. If you are making your own food or you are looking to have a co-packer create the food for you and package it, this video will give
you some goods and bads about what makes a great FBA. For Marketing Food Online, I hope you guys, as always,
are having a great day, I know that I am. I want to give you guys
a really quick rundown of some of the characteristics
that make a great food product that can be put into FBA. Of course Amazon’s FBA
fulfill by FBA program is a program that’ll allow
you to ship a product to their warehouse and then they would do all of the packing and
customer service on their end for you for a fee. And that’s kind of a
really basic understanding of what FBA is. It is a great concept,
it’s actually helped us grow our business. We have items that we fulfill, we have roughly 700 products
listed that we sell, and we’ve got 45 to about
50 if I’m not mistaken that are actually FBA items. And all of those FBA items
are actually from our brand, and we create those
products here in our shop, which is where I’m at right now. So, to get started really quick. What makes a good food product? Now there’s a few things that
you need to keep in mind. Before I jump into the
characteristics of the product, you need to understand
the type of facilities and the type of process that it take to pull
a product and ship it. That is actually very, very
important, specifically when it comes to a food product, because there are some food
products that lend themselves to being better in FBA
inventory than others. Okay? One, number one I would recommend, try to find a package that
is either a stand up bag or a gusseted bag, as opposed
to a box or a glass container. Why would that be important? Well, when it gets warehoused, once they receive your product, there’s going to be
someone physically there picking up the product, putting it into their
inventory, into the warehouse, scanning it, and then it will sit there. Now a lot of times on that shelf space there is a lot of other
products within that area that are going in and out constantly. The only thing that
personally, this is again, all I’m speaking from my own experience, when you’re dealing
with things like boxes, the corners of the boxes,
the edges, can get dented, damaged, or broken, they
can get ripped and torn, finding a good quality, really thick, five mil polypropylene style bag, that’s actually a certain
type of plastic bag, that is what we use on all of
the products that we send out. I don’t actually, I just don’t believe in using the boxes. If we are creating a product
and we are shipping a box out, you have the risk of the box
itself, and the appearance of the box getting extremely
damaged or potentially broken open during shipment. And what that’s gonna do is your customers gonna get that box, the
shipping box, open it up, and they’re gonna see the damaged box, and it’s gonna make you look bad, it’s not gonna make Amazon look bad. So, why is that so important? Well, of course because
you want your product to obviously arrive to the
customer in perfect condition. You don’t want them to
have a broken product on the exterior of the food product because what that also does is that gives the customer an idea that they think that there has been some type of tampering or the quality somehow of the product inside the box has been
hindered or tampered with, okay? These types of plastic bags are great because they can be moved
around and picked up and they can go with the flow in a sense when it comes to being pulled
and put into a shipping box and then sent to your customers. Now, I’m not saying
completely stay away from the case pack, the box,
or the cardboard box idea, but just keep that in mind that that might be something that may be better for you. Now obviously, if you
are creating a salsa, bar-b-que sauce or something liquid, you don’t put it in a bag,
that’s understandable. But, there are two types of
containers that your liquid styled food product can be put into, and I would highly
recommend you use plastic. There is a lot of BPA that, a lot of the cans, metal cans, and other processes to
create liquid style food like salsas or bar-b-que sauces, plastic bottles that would be, kind of lend themselves to a
more safer type of product, okay, and again, it’s not an issue of somebody cutting themselves
or it breaking open, it’s just matter of, again,
when it’s being moved around and shuffled around, or pulled and packed, it could have the tendency,
or the chance or opportunity for it to be on the floor, and if it hits the floor,
obviously glass will break. Plastic has a tendency
to kind of absorb that, and then would probably fair
better if it was dropped or if it was misplaced or mishandled. So, just keep that in mind that these are the types of things
that I would definitely keep in mind when it comes to creating a private label food product. Now, you can find a co-packer, a company that will actually
pack your entire product from recipe to finished product for you, you don’t necessarily
have to do this yourself. Now I do a lot of videos, probably done about a dozen videos, I think, about co-packing, and definitely
wanna keep that in mind. Does it cost a little bit more to produce the product individually? Yes. But to tell you the truth, when you start to deal in volume and you’re starting to
ship out hundreds of units or even thousands of units to Amazon and your product’s selling very well, I would not even hesitate to, won’t even worry about
those little incremental cost factors in each individual unit, because as you’re selling
hundreds or thousands of units it’s gonna, you’re
still gonna make your margin, and the popularity of
your product can grow, and I really would honestly
not make a large deal about the cost that it would be for you, and to produce the product
individually, okay? And a lot of times when you’re working with a co-packer, if
you’re not using Amazon, and you’re shipping to a retailer, you’re really making your
money on the case pack, you’re not truly making a lot of money on each individual unit, and you need to understand that from a psychological standpoint, don’t dwell on, hey, you
know what I’m making a dollar to two dollars per unit, if you’re shipping out a case pack and it’s going to a retailer and they’re order 100 cases, and you’ve
got 24 units in each case, that order itself is
gonna make you thousands of dollars, and that’s really kind of how you need to look at it if
you’re not going the FBA route. So, back to what I was saying about some of the attributes,
some of the characteristics of a good food product. So the packaging, I just went over, keep it in mind, you wanna
keep something that’s safe, lightweight, and it’s easy to
be pulled out and packaged. By the way it’s a weight factor too. So let’s just say for
instance you had a product, and you decided to go in the
glass bottled route, okay? Maybe it’s a salsa. The weight from that bottle itself is gonna weigh a lot more
than it would if it’s in a plastic style container. Okay? Now when it comes to an FBA fee, because there are obviously fees attached to FBA, the weight of that product, you could sell the exact same quantity, the same volume, in a plastic unit, it would weigh a heck of a lot less, okay? And that’s gonna save
you money because then the fees would be a lot less
due to the weight and size. Okay? So now, number two, think
about the temperature and the quality of the
product if it happens to be during the summer or spring time. If you have a product that
could be detrimentally, let’s just say that could get,
the quality of the product could be detrimental to
the type of temperature outside during shipping, that’s
something to keep in mind, okay? A lot of really good products
that make a good idea for FBA are powder mixes, dried teas, products that are not
temperature sensitive, okay? That the quality of the
product won’t be hindered if it happens to be
shipped in the middle of the summer and the customer gets it, and it’s a box of tea bags, or
you have a box of chocolates, obviously those two things, you’re gonna have some issues
with the chocolate, okay? Now there’s a lot of other products that could be potentially,
temperature issues could come up, and the quality of the
product could be detrimental, okay? It could be affected in a big way. So, when it comes to spices,
herbs, pancake mixes. If it’s a canned product, now there’s a lot of,
obviously, canned products that you can create,
private label canned goods. There is a little bit of, again, the weight issue though with the cans, but most of those can actually withstand quite a huge fluctuation in temperature. So those wouldn’t make
that bad of a product, it’s just keep in mind the weight. So anything that you can create, the packaging, the lighter
the packaging is the better, also keep in mind the way
that you’re packing them in a case pack. Let’s say you have a wonderful snack item, it’s a trial mix, and it’s a small bag, but you are selling it by the case pack, not the individual bag. Keep in mind how large
that actual case pack is going to be and how many
units you’re putting in there, okay? Cause again, what it’ll
boil down to is the size, the circumference of the
product in the case pack, as well as the weight of
that product itself, okay? So, anything that can
be shipped or stored, that doesn’t have to be
something you need to worry about when it comes to temperature
the better off you are, okay? Obviously if you are
selling something that is going to melt or solidify or even burst open or break open if
it happens to be in the heat for an extended period of time, probably not a good product
to make and put into FBA. Also, the other thing
you wanna keep in mind is to try to keep your individual units if you’re selling a product individually, and let me see if I have
anything around here, let me see, real quick. Okay, so, sorry about that. So, we have a product here,
it’s a soy nut product, it’s a seasoned soy nut. This bag is a 14 ounce,
it’s a 14 ounce bag. This I do not sell by the pound, I did when I first started FBA, I made a huge one pound bag
to set my product apart, but the fees for the fulfillment
of a one pound product and above are considerably different than a product that is
14 ounces or less, okay? And Amazon actually even has
a small and lite program, where your products, if they are within a certain ounce size, and I’ll have to do a separate video about that specifically, I believe it’s around 10 ounces or less, don’t quote me on that,
but I believe that it is. It’s around 10 to eight
ounces, or smaller. You can apply for their
small and lite program where the fees are even
reduced even more, okay? So, but what you wanna do is, this product I wouldn’t hesitate to send away, which actually, it is a product that we are getting ready to send out, hesitate to put this into FBA. It’s in the polypropylene bag, this is a five mil,
that mil is actually the thickness of the plastic,
it’s very, very thick, okay? There you go. So the bag itself is
super thick, very durable, but this could be moved
around and tossed around, I know this doesn’t break open, okay? Unless somebody jumps on it and dances the Macarena or something like that. So, anyways, keep it to a minimum. If you can keep it below that one pound, and you can sell the unit and
have a great margin on it, that is the way to go as well. Not to steer you away
from producing a product that’s two, three, four, five pounds, but just keep in mind that of course the better off you are if
you’re below the one pound mark. So, there’s just a couple real quick tips. I’ll do a couple other
videos about the fees and pricing for FBA,
specifically in regards to some of the food products. But if you are looking
into or thinking about having a food product produced or made, also keep in mind the co-packers
that you will work with, the amount of product they
will create at one time, some of their minimums are going to be a few hundred units to a couple
of thousand to get started. Okay, they do that for a
reason, because they don’t want someone to come and, you know, if they’re gonna spend a
certain amount of time, allotted amount of time
filling up 50 bags or 100 bags at a time, they can’t make money on that, they have to do it in a certain increment, and normally it’s a
few hundred to a couple of thousand units at
a time, minimum, okay? So, with that being said,
if this helped you out, give you a little bit of an understanding about what makes a good food product, and what doesn’t, please
do give me a big thumbs up if you have questions about the video, let me know down below, and as always if you know
anybody who can benefit.

Start Amazon FBA Business Without A Product TODAY!

hello James Greaney here from and in this really quick video just touch down here in Shannon Airport
a few minutes gilsu said that I’d shoot this really quick video and then there’s
I’m gonna be explaining to you why you don’t need a product to start your
business this is something that I often hear from people is I want to start my
own branded product don’t have my product yet what can I be doing to grow
my business what can I be doing so that I’m already when my product comes this
is something that I’m literally going through at this moment of time I’m just
setting up a new brand of products just have my order put in for the product
that the order Pauline the last week but haven’t actually started doing anything
really with the brand yet bit cars I was simply set not the accountancy
course which was on last weekend in London got that mail set off and we’ve
at dawn so yes that was a great day last Saturday in London but yet now I’m going
to focus on the next thing which is starting off this new brand product and
what I’m mainly going to be focusing on is building the core audience for this
brand this is something that you can do if you are starting your own brand new
product you haven’t received the product yet because again I don’t have the
product on hand yet literally just place the order and ya don’t have any product
to show anyone both you can start build in the audience without a product so how
do you go about doing this well basically your aim is to find as many
people as possible that may be potential customers when you launch a product you
should start qualifying and customers already or potential customers before
you even have a product so that when you have a product they’re ready to go you
can put your product to sale whether you want to sell it on your own website
whether you want to sell it on Amazon wherever you want to sell it you want to
have customers ready to buy it and the best way to do this is by starting to
cut out what’s known as content feed content is basically
content that will qualify your customers for you because we’ll just take it
whatever market you’re going into your customers are going to have some core
beliefs they’re going to have some content that they consume some type
content that they consume you know if someone consumes a certain type of
content they’re more likely to buy certain types of product and that is
your job when you’re first starting your business is to come up with that content
to either create that content or get that content from someone who had three
that content and start putting it out there and start building a list of
potential customers that you can contact when your product arise just asking them
if they want to purchase this this is the quickest way to get off the ground
and it’s definitely a Mort nowadays it’s something that didn’t have to be done
when you were launched a product years back when I first started back in 2013
this isn’t what I don’t didn’t have to do it this way you could build you know
a very small list and get a lot of sales on Amazon if needed at that time it was
you know easier to go about building a list it was easier to go getting your
product ranked and you just didn’t need to put in as much effort as you’d need
to know but this is something that you do need to put effort into now if you
are building your own branded products these creating that audience that will
purchase your products when your products arrive when your products are
for sale so just said that I’d put out this quick video about it what I’m gonna
be doing is sharing my process as I go along I’m going to even bring you the
actual product that I’m doing it with and show you a lot more of the process
with this product and brand that I’m larger because I know that it’s gonna
benefit a lot of you I get questions and a lot of times ask him what can I be
doing while I’m waiting for my product to arrive and that’s what this video is
all about literally start building your audience start getting to know the
customers with aperture purchase your product
start creating content that they actually consume start finding out what
type of content they consume and yeah be able to contact that customer when your
product launches so that you can start getting sales from the start so said
that I just put out this quick video while I have this few minutes here few
minutes of downtime here in Shannon Airport you can see the monster rugby
starts you there behind me or there yeah hope that you’ve enjoyed this video and
look forward to getting out a lot more videos talking to you a lot more about
this brand showing you this brands products when I actually receive the
product won’t be a lot easier to do it’s gonna be a lot easier to you know go
around building my brand when I actually have the product on hand but for now
that’s exactly what I’m working on so that I bring it to you so that yeah you
can benefit you is that the stage that you’re currently at or going to be
actually hope that you’ve enjoyed this video look forward to speak to you on
the next one