How To Overcome FEAR of Starting Amazon FBA (Or Any Business)

hey what’s going on guys JC Franco here
the no-bullshit Amazon seller I’m gonna have a quick no BS talk with you here
today back on the gym I want to take up the
pace have kind of a different video and just discuss something that been bugging
me you know I had a comment on the channel the other day and then all my
mind because it’s something that I know we’re all dealing with we all face this
but like 90% of us will never overcome it 90% of us will fall victim to this so
I want to just change the video here and kind of sit down with you
I’m gonna go read the comment for you now so the comment goes every time I
listen to you talk about FBA I get excited but in reality I’m scared
because I don’t want to fail how many of you guys are experiencing that right now
probably a lot of you because I know that when I was starting I was scared
shitless right I didn’t I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t know if this was the right move but I was able to push past that fear so
that’s what I make this video I wanted to make this video to hopefully I could
get just a few of you to push past that fear once and for all so this is
typically how it happened this is the progression alright someone is working a
dog job doing what they’re doing in their life and then they find this idea
they stumbled across something new right kick Amazon FBA and you find a video on
YouTube where you find an article and you get excited it’s like this new idea
I’m like whoa I could do it I think this is exciting now you start envisioning
your future like well I could I could launch products I can put them on Amazon
you know I’m gonna start making sales I could totally how there’s new cool
brand and people are gonna buy my product you start seeing this vision of
the future for yourself in your mind right and it’s just excitement so now
you got this excitement and then once you’ve done gone through that a little
bit in it it’s super-new and it’s like fresh and you want to do that then you
realize okay I got this excitement I got to make this excitement and turn it into
a reality so how do I get from idea to reality what’s the next step the next
step is preparation alright so now you’re preparing so now
you’re doing more research you’re really digging into it and you’re writing stuff
down right you’re taking notes you’re writing something you’re writing some
down your write up down right up down and then you’re writing stuff down
you’re writing whoa and you realize as you’re writing like that’s a lot of shit
like that’s a lot of stuff I got to do like you you get this just the second of
being overwhelmed and the that’s when you start getting these doubts right
they start creeping at your head and you start telling us off oh I don’t actually
know anything about this right actually no we think about market analysis and
product research and manufacturing your product and stripping things to Amazon
and marketing a product and creating a brand and doing the freight for is and
all these things start filling your head and filling your
mind and you think well you know I gotta invest money I gotta spend time but what
if and once you get to that but what if that’s not how you know you’ve been hit
with fear no one has ever launched a business without hitting that but what
if right everyone gets that point but not everyone gets past that point okay
so you’ve got this you’re at this level of you got all this you know started
butting heads with this excitement and ideas and then your doubts and your
what-ifs and they start butting heads and unfortunately again most of the time
the fear will win how do you avoid being the 90% of people that that lose to fear
how do you become that 10% that actually pushed through and go through despite
the fear so let’s first think about what is fear really right what is fear it’s
really just your your primal brain your your the brain of your ancestors that’s
trying to protect you it’s just a natural process of your brain trying to
protect you from danger and risk right cause back in the day it’s either you
know should I go out leave the cave at night you know and risk leaving the cave
or getting get eaten by wolves or should I stay inside and and live another day
and that’s what fear is it is but in today’s world you know we’re not dealing
with wolves outside it’s just imagination it’s just your
thoughts it’s just your brain coming up with scenarios that most of time aren’t
actually gonna happen you’ve all heard the saying that fear is false
expectations appearing real right and that’s really what it is it’s just your
brain giving you you know these imaginary emotional based worst-case
scenarios so what you should do instead okay how do we get past that first thing
you want to do is what’s the logical worst-case scenario really think about
that then what is the worst-case scenario if it doesn’t work out if you
try to launch a product on Amazon and it doesn’t work out for you what can happen
maybe you lost $3,000 right that is basically the worst case scenario what
ever you it the worse case scenario is you lost money and what happens between
$3,000 hopefully you’re not investing the last $3,000 you have hopefully it’s
not putting you absolutely on the line where you’re gonna lose your house and
you’re gonna lose everything and as long as you’re not doing that then you should
be fine right it’s money lost but if money you can always make back and now
some of you might think oh well then I also lost time but not really right
after you spent two three months doing this and you want to Prague it doesn’t
work out you didn’t lose that time because you’ve gained all that knowledge
you’ve gained all the experience with that the next time you do it
you actually are way ahead of the game
you’re way ahead of the curve you you’ve got that time and that time was useful
right it was a lesson learned so you didn’t lose time really all you lost was
money so now you gotta ask yourself are you okay with that are you okay with
possibly losing $3,000 and if the answer is yes then what is there to fear
because I’ll tell you right now that that is not actually the worst-case
scenario right because everyone thinks of the when they get to the what-if part
they go what if it doesn’t work right everyone has to what if it’s either than
what if it doesn’t work and I fail or you know what if it does work that’s
where you got to put most of your thoughts to but what if it does work the
best case scenario what if it does work and you know I actually this works out
for me I actually I start creating a passive income business I can actually
start supplementing my income I can actually replace my income I can
actually quit my job and live life on my own terms because I was able to take
that you know this leap of faith and launch a product on and launch a few
products and Amazon and just go after it right so there’s what if I do it it
doesn’t work what if I do it and it does work but really the worst-case scenario
is what if you don’t do it at all because if you don’t do it at all you
don’t get anything right you don’t get anything and you lose everything you
lost you don’t get the knowledge you don’t get the opportunity and you’re you
know what’s gonna happen you’re going to be in the exact same spot as you are
right now in a year two years three years you’re gonna be exactly where
you’re trying to get out of right there’s no possibility of change right
you’re you’re gonna be inside your comfort zone because the funny thing
about failure is that it comes whether you act or you don’t act right
everyone’s so worried about what if I try and it I don’t hit my goal well if
you don’t try you’re definitely not going to hit your goal right so it’s
either you do it and it works and it or it doesn’t work and you gain a bunch of
knowledge or you don’t do it at all and you fail all the same so if you’re put
in this maze right this labyrinth and there’s two doors one of them is failure
and one of them is success the failure door will just lead you we’ll just put
you back to the beginning of the maze again right you can either start walking
and get lost in this maze and maybe you know find a success though or maybe you
end up in the failure door but the thing is if you don’t walk around and you just
stay at the starting position you’re still going to be stuck in the maze
whether you find the failure doors of success though you’re still gonna be
stuck in that maze now here’s where fear comes in now fear a lobby will see it as
something to run away from they feel fear you know they get a little bit
scared and they duck in hi and they cover and they stay
still when really fear is an indicator that you’re moving in the right
direction right if you’re not afraid of something that means you’re not growing
it means you’re not progressing if you’re just comfortable and you’re
sitting and you know you’re just happy in and there’s nothing to be afraid of
that means you’re not going anywhere that means you’re in your comfort zone
right in the comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there right
everything you want is outside of your comfort zone everything you don’t have
and you you aspire for it’s outside of your comfort zone right that means you
don’t have it means you’re it’s in your comfort zone so if you’re in your
comfort zone and you’re not afraid of anything that means you’re not getting
closer to where you want to go so fear is actually an indicator that you should
move the fears actually indicator that you should take that jump take that leap
of faith now a great way to eliminate fear somebody actually learned from
Grant Cardone to eliminate fear you’ve got to eliminate the fuel what fuels
fear what feeds fear and the number one thing that feeds fear is time if you can
starve fear of time then it will not grow right the more time you give to
fear the more it grows the more fester inside of you for example if you you
know you have to do something you you you have to you’re thinking about
launching a product right you’re thinking about launching products on
this date say it’s January 1st the more you think about it the farther away that
date is the more scary it is the more time you have to think about okay what
if this goes wrong what if the supplier does this whatever you know the timing
is not right what if you know this is broken what if I look something if you
just take action the fear is eliminated so once you start
feeling that clear of oh my gosh gate you get overwhelmed about product
research just do it because less time you give it the less fear will grow it’s
crazy to me how many people will watch product research video after product
research video hey JT I’ve seen your primary videos Robert this this and this
you know how do i well how do I know if this is the right numbers how do I know
how many reviews how many know how do I know how many sales how do I and they
haven’t actually started doing product research they’ll just think and think
and think and think and try to make this perfect picture of how to do product
research and they’ll spend weeks or months doing learning about product
research well not actually acting on product research when it’s is equally as
easy to just start looking for products so if you are in that stage of you know
I don’t know what a good product looks like because you haven’t looked at
enough products you need to be in field you need to be experienced you
need to go and do to actually understand I heard the story in atomic habits
there was class a photography class and they split the students of this class in
half okay so half of the students would be graded on quantity so over the course
of the year there would be their great pass or fail would be if they took a
certain amount of Tetris like a thousand pictures or whatever it is right and the
other half of the class we’re gonna be graded by the quality of the picture
they didn’t have to have any quantity could have only taken one picture but it
had to be a great picture okay now here’s the funny thing the students that
were had that were only focused on quality didn’t have the best pictures it
was the students that had were only focused on quantity that took the best
pictures because they were doing it over and over and over and Oregon they were
in they’re doing they weren’t thinking about it or the the students that had to
make the best picture they studied about it
they researched about it they read books about it they never took a picture they
only took one were these guys they didn’t study they just did it they just
snapped and snapped and snap and snap and they just learned it so if you’re
afraid of this process of Amazon FBA it’s a whole lot less scary if you just
do it okay just get started eliminate time from the equation don’t plan about
doing product research just do it right don’t plan about talking suppliers
don’t say you know next Friday I’m gonna talk to suppliers go to Alibaba right
now and start messaging because that is all it takes
so if fear is holding you back let it push you forward don’t be afraid of fear
cases because fear is indicator that you are on the right path everyone faces it
everyone is is you know everyone is scared I’m scared all the time still
it’s not like you know I have this business and all of a sudden I’m
fearless every day new decisions new products new product news marketing
strategies new emails new videos go out I’m like shit and what if this doesn’t
work you know what uploaded what if upload this video right now and it bombs
and nobody likes it and nobody cares about it and it gets no abuse guess what
what’s the worst case scenario nothing I upload the next video I upload the next
video upload another video it’s not life or death anymore right there’s no wolves
and lions trying to eat you anymore it’s just your head it’s just your
imagination so let fear push it forward take time away from your Quaid equation
and don’t feed your fear with time just go out there and do it because you know
what you have to do you know what you want to do and you know that the
in this vision that you had that you were envisioning your future it’s real
it’s there all you got to do is take the action to go out there and do it that’s
all I got for you guys today hopefully enjoyed this kind of different pace kind
of rank video you know it slash and rent right in there and that’s all I got for
you so hopefully if this video just pushes one of you guys or girls to face
your fear and push through and take that leap of faith you know I’ll be happy and
if you want to help me with my fear of not getting enough likes then please hit
that like button for me because that will mean a lot to me now if anything
else what’s your biggest fear down with an FBA you know let me know in the
comments and we’ll see if I can’t help you on and try to settle that for you
but again that’s it so make sure next thing watch a video over there if you
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lesbian right I’m JQ Franco I thought up for you today so don’t forget your
empire oh wait

4 Steps To Scale Your Amazon Business FAST

Hi there, my name’s Allen Brouwer, and I’m an investor,
advisor, business owner, operator and husband and a Father. I’m the co-founder of a
company called Best Self. And we scaled that business from zero to eight figures in under 24 months. Along that journey, I’ve
won Forbes 30 Under 30, the Shopify Build A Business competition, Shopify Build A Bigger
Business competition, the only company to ever
win both of those awards. And I’ve been mentored by
some of the most incredible people on the planet. Tim Fares, Tony Robbins,
Marie Forleo, Daymond John. It’s been an incredible ride. The four things that I want to give to you to scale your business
without all the brain damage that I went through with scaling mine, would be one, implementing
a system or a formula for your marketing efforts. There’s three ways to grow your business. There’s only three ways to grow it, and that is increasing
the number of customers that are coming in,
increasing the amount of money that they’re spending with you, and increasing the frequency
at which they purchase. There’s one way that you
can hit all three of those by doing one thing, and
that’s called skew widening. Skew widening is a formula
that you use to develop products that you then launch
to your existing customer base or to a new demographic. Product A would be stand alone products. Product B, or complementary products, that support product A
and provide more value. Product C are extension products. This is stuff like swag,
merchandise, think of like, hoodies and T-shirts and stuff like that. Product A is going to increase
the number of customers that you’re getting in. Product B is going to increase the amount that they’re going to spend with you. And C level products are gonna
make sure that your raving fans are coming back to
you, again and again. So that’s one way to hit
all three of those markets. When you’re just starting out, you should implement systems
and SOPs in your business, or Standard Operating Procedures. Think of this as a playbook
to run your business. This is a playbook that
you hand off to an employee that you just hired that
can run the day-to-day operations of the company. This is like a check list. So a check list on how to
run your customer service. Checklist on how to find manufacturers. A checklist with how
to do project research. A checklist on how to launch new products. And it gives your new employees a way to run the business
without you micromanaging it, and without keeping
everything in your head. What’s also special about this? This playbook, you can hand off to a buyer if you end up going to sell your business. It makes the business more valuable. So you can hand off the business, without what they call golden handcuffs. Where someone buys a business from you, but because you’re so
intertwined into the day-to-day operations, you now have a j-o-b. The third way that you
can grow your business and scale it extremely fast, is by finding rockstar employees. So find people who are
better in certain areas of the business than you are. So you’re probably really
good at digital marketing, or operations, or product development. Stay in that lane and hire everybody else for the other stuff
that you’re not good at. And they’re gonna be
able to do it at a level that you wish you could do it at, but because they now work for you, the business is gonna
grow by leaps and bounds. The last thing and the fourth
thing that you want to do in your business is to elevate
the customer experience. Build a brand, a global
brand that can weed out the competition, because
what’s gonna happen is, you’re gonna get success
and then the vultures are gonna start swooping in. But if you build a brand,
your customers one, will tune out the competitors, you’re gonna be moving at such a fast rate that your competitors can’t keep up, and they’re gonna come in
and they’re not gonna be able to compete with you, because
you’re just doing things at a higher level. So elevating the customer experience would mean something like, providing value after they make a purchase. Sending them emails on
how to get the most out of our products, giving them
testimonials of here’s how this person is using their
product in a different way than probably what you
thought could be used for. Sharing advice, how-to,
getting started guides, videos, any way to elevate the value of the product that they just purchased. Another amazing thing that
you can do is put them into a Facebook group. By putting them into a Facebook grouping, you are now surrounded by a community of people just like them. When they’re in this community, they share resources, and get more value, they can ask questions, or comment, or see what’s coming from your company. You can do beta launches to this group, to see if this product is going to work, if it’s right, or if it needs tweaking before going to the masses. And they’ll be happy
to give you that value. You can also get reviews or testimonials from this group and you
can also get user-generated content, they’re gonna start sharing this product in use, inside this group and on social, and user-generated content perform so much better than
studio photos in advertising. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on just one shoot, took one
day and I think we spent $12,000 on just one
shoot, for our products. We then used those images
on our advertising, and they flopped. What wins is when your
customer takes a photo with their iPhone, and you take that image off of social, off of
Facebook or Instagram, and then use that in your advertising. It performs so much better. So it gives them a place
where they can share this. So what you’ll end up doing is, you’ll start generating more
money with the business, creating SOPs and systems
so the business can run smoother without you. Finding people who are
better in certain areas than you are, to help you
run the business day-to-day. You’ll elevate the customer experience, which then can fuel the
marketing initiative again, and every time through this cycle, it gets easier, faster,
business gets healthier and stronger, the brand is built and you start making a lot more money, and here’s the best part. You start removing
yourself from the business, so the business becomes an asset for you, rather than a full-time job, where you’re trapped in it, in the day-to-day operations. Start implementing these
four areas into the business, and you’ll start, slowly
start removing yourself from the day-to-day. If you found this content valuable, head over to my website, and you can get more value like this. I’ll share with you a
behind the scenes look of how we’re growing and
scaling the companies that we’re acquiring and
sharing how we’re helping e-commerce business
owners grow and implement these systems in their business. Thanks.

How To Start A Business That You Know Will Work

– If you wanna start a business, I would like to make a video for you. Let’s talk about how to start a business, and lets go through some examples
of some that have worked, and some that haven’t worked as well so that you can learn from both. Come on in, grab a seat,
lets have some fun. (whooshing) (upbeat techno music) (whooshing) Now let me tell you a quick story. I bought a business a few years ago, I bought this business
because I liked the numbers and I thought I could get
it to make more money. I bought the business
for 2.3 million dollars, and two years into owning the business, the business revenues
had fallen more than 50%. That’s not good. So, I was not doing a good
job of operating the business, and here’s why. Cause I bought it for the money, and you know what we kept doing? We would see the numbers
fall and then we’d say, “Where’s the next opportunity?” And then we’d pursue that
opportunity for the money again and money kept getting
harder and harder and harder in this business, now at the same time, I’ve had other businesses that I started that didn’t look like they were
the best business on paper. I didn’t have any stats or data to suggest that this was a good idea, in fact, my most successful business,
I have one business that I started with 600
dollars, I then sold it later at a 16 million dollar
evaluation four years later. That business had no data,
had no stats to suggest that it was a good idea, in
fact, my peers looked at it and they like looked at the
market size, and they were like, “Ah this isn’t like, don’t
go, this isn’t a good product to sell, this isn’t a
good business to go into.” and I did it anyways
because I wanted to do it, because I wanted the product,
because I was the customer. Now, how come the business
that made no sense on paper versus the business that made
all kinds of sense on paper, have opposite results? Business is about creating a new value. Business is about creating
new things in the world, and new things are unique to individuals. If you wanna start a
business, you know where the best place to start is? Looking at your life, your
interests, and your problems. That is your best opportunity. You can buy lots of
courses on the internet that will tell you about
the strategies to starting or growing a business,
and those are all great, but they’re only really
beneficial if they’re plugged into something that is unique,
something that’s new, something that is exciting to you. You know, I was speaking
with someone this morning, we were talking about Robert Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad Poor
Dad”, and I didn’t know this, but this person knew Robert
personally, and he said, “Did you know that the
book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ was written to sell games?” Robert Kiyosaki had created a
board game called, “Cashflow”. It’s still around, you can still buy it, and he wrote the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” as a marketing ploy, a marketing
play to sell more games. There’s no money in making board games, but in Robert’s case,
this educator who just had something that he wanted
to share with the world, created this board game,
wrote a book to promote it, it was the book that took off, but all of that was unique to him. You know, our greatest power doesn’t come from reverse engineering what
worked for somebody else, it comes from being really really dialed in to what excites us. This is supposed to be fun, it’s not supposed to be a grind. Now, it can have grind moments,
like times where you work 18 hours in a sprint, because
you’re enjoying it so much. Times that you give up other opportunities because you want to do this instead, but the constant grinding
yourself into the ground, every time I’ve done
that, I’ve lost money. So in a nutshell, that’s
how you start a business, you start a business by
amplifying what’s fun. Let me give you another example of this, an acquaintance of mine,
his name is Moiz Ali, he started a deodorant company, now deodorant companies are hard, there’s not a whole lot
of people who tell you, “Know what’s a good idea,
start a deodorant company.” There are some big companies
that tend to have a foothold in that marketplace, but Moiz
was unhappy with the solutions that were available to him,
he wanted a natural deodorant that worked and he couldn’t find one. He was using Tom’s, and he’s
like, “This stuff sucks!” like, I stank, and so does this deodorant. (wheezes) that’s what we
call a dad joke, anyway Moiz is like, “I think
I can do this better.” so on his own, he like, starts researching what ingredients would make
for a good natural deodorant, and he tells the story
about how he just posted on a forum to see what other
people thought of the idea, and it ended up getting
voted up to the top, and then when people
started buying the product, then he started making it. Here’s a clip of him telling that story. (whooshing) – Another thing that we test a lot, and this is a little unusual, is product. We’re based in San Francisco,
and so we’re iterating on our product like software
companies iterate on software. You won’t see, like you know,
one of those Itunes popups where you have to accept
it, you’ll just get it. So early on when we launched
the business in 2015, we realized that we had a pretty mediocre repeat purchase rate, it
was somewhere around 20%. Our reviews were coming in
and they were about an average of four stars, it was
pretty clear that we weren’t gonna be able to build
a sustainable business on four star deodorant at
a 20% repeat purchase rate, so what we did is we started
asking customers for feedback, we’re like, “Why aren’t
you buying this again, “this is a deodorant,
you’re going to spend “12 dollars on it once,
what’s preventing you “from buying it again?” The answer was a resounding
application back then, people didn’t like the deodorant
applied under your arms, it was really flakey, and
so we spent the first year of the business trying
to solve that issue. We’re like, “How do we
make this thing apply to your arm easier?” and at the same time one
of the things that we were focused on was like staining, nobody wants a deodorant that stains, so, you know, I literally
would AB test products to see if it they’d stain, I’d rub them all over my t-shirts, throw them in the wash
and see what would happen, and, so we iterate on
our product all the time. In May 2016, we launched
a new formula of Native that was just infinitely
superior to our old one. We saw reviews go from four
stars to about 4.7 stars, we saw repeat purchase
rates more than double, and we knew we had a winner on our hands, and that’s when we really
started scaling the company. We still do that product testing today, so today what we’ll do
is we’ll send the Ryan’s of the world one formula, and the Moiz’s of the world another formula, and we’ll send 5000 or 10000 bars to each, and we’ll look at the reviews six weeks after they make the purchase. We’ll look at their repeat
purchase rate 12 weeks after they make the
purchase, and we’ll say, “Okay, is Ryan’s formula
better than Moiz’s formula?” We actually had a number
that could tell us. We can look at repeat purchase rate, and we’re operating at
a scale where we know whether one formula is
superior to another. (whooshing) – Now what happened on the
other side of this story is that he built a business for two years, and everybody else was telling him that he should do it differently,
they were telling him that he should launch new products, and he should do this
and he should do that. He’s like, “No, I wanna do this my way, I know what we’re good at,
we’re gonna stay in this lane.” and that business sold two years later for 100000000 dollars. There was no data or stats telling him that it was a good move, there
was nothing at the beginning that said, “You know,
if you do it this way, you’ll make 100000000 dollars.” No, Moiz just did what he wanted to do, he did what he thought
would be valuable to him, and to the people that he was around, and he got deliriously rich as a result. You know how Will Ferrell got rich? It’s a great story, when
Will Ferrell was young, Will Ferrell kept getting
fired from different jobs, and he was in his early
20’s, when his mom said, “You know, Willie, why don’t you just do something that you enjoy?” He was failing at everything else anyway, so why don’t you just fail
at something you enjoy, and so he stopped pursuing
jobs, and he went and joined an improv school. It was there that he had a great time, and he got discovered, and he got on SNL, and he started doing movies. (whooshing) – Growing up in Orange County, every kind of local
restaurant was starting to have a comedy night, and so,
I was going up at you know, the Canary in Newport Beach,
and all these local places and getting up there, and
I would come back home, and my mom would be like, “How did it go?” and I was like, “Thank God
I have a college degree.” – Really? – Yeah, so I had this thing
in the back of my mind like, okay, just give it a shot,
and I actually sat down, and had lunch with my father, I said, “So Dad, I think I’m
gonna give this a shot, “I don’t know what that
means exactly, but I’m gonna, “I’m gonna try and get into
comedy, any words of advice?” and he said, you know, “If
it was only about talent, “I wouldn’t worry about
you, cause you really “have some talent, but just know there’s “so much luck involved, and
that if you go down this road, “and it’s starting to feel,
you know, like you’re not “getting anywhere, it’s okay to quit “and just do something else.” and for some reason it’s like
the anti pep talk pep talk. – Yeah – For some reason that
took the pressure off of — – Cause you say it was out
of your hands, it’s like, one in a million if you make it. – Exactly, so I just
approached it with like, this is probably not gonna happen, so might as well just have a blast, and because I gave myself
that break internally, I think it, unbeknownst to
me, opened all these doors, because people could
read that I was so free with what I was doing. (whooshing) – I think Will Ferrell is one
of the pinnacles of success, because you know he’s having
a good time all the time. – Tom Cruise use your witchcraft
to get the fire off me! – I was having a discussion
with Russell Brunson once, Russell Brunson is the
founder of ClickFunnels, he’s been on the stage, he’s been here on the podcast, and Russell Brunson said
something really interesting, he said, “I’ve noticed
a difference between “people who succeed and those who fail, “and it’s a very very clear line. “The people who fail are
the ones who are doing it “for the money, the ones
who succeed are the ones “who are doing it because
they have something “that they wanna bring forth.” (whooshing) – I have some people who are like, “Russell you don’t ever like, you don’t play nice in your business” Okay, and in fact there’s
a quote on this video the other day that one of my guys sent me where basically somebody
told me that they didn’t like the way I was doing things,
I was being too aggressive in my marketing and my
business, and you know, my dad taught me to play fair. My dad taught me to play fair and I said, “My dad taught me to
win, I’m in this business because I wanna win, okay?” I honestly feel, if anyone’s
been around me at all, I honestly feel that my competitors are screwing my customers out
of the happiness and success they could be having,
like that’s how deeply I believe it. That’s why I market so
aggressively, consistently, on and on and on, because I
believe that so much in my soul, that I need to save my customers
from my competitors, okay, and you guys need to have
that kind of attitude if you’re gonna have the chops
you need to really market, and get your message and
your business out there. (whooshing) – The truth is, the way that you get rich, the way that you start a business is by amplifying what’s unique to you. We’re not trained to
cultivate our uniqueness, we’re trained to look at the media, to model everybody else. We see what other people
are paying attention to, well you know what people
are paying attention to? They’re paying attention to
the uniqueness of other people. Athletes get paid a lot of
money cause they’re uniquely good at throwing a ball. Singers get fabulously rich because they’re producing music in a new way. We pay attention to what’s
new, we pay for what’s new, we pay for what is unique, and you know what else happens
when you start a business? You start with one, one
customer, one follower, one investor, one thing,
and then it becomes two, and 10 and 50 and 100, many many entrepreneurs and
capitalists want to say, “How do I start a business
that scales right away and has 1000 customers like this?” Well you don’t. It always starts with one. You’re the first one. Don’t know what product to sell when you’re starting a business? What’s the one thing that you want? What’s the one thing that you
wish you had in the world? What’s the one product that
you’d love to pay money for? What’s the one perspective
that no one else has seen? What’s the one service that you wish somebody would do for you? That’s your sign, that’s
where your ideas live, that’s where the best ideas start. So if you wanna change the world, if you wanna create change, it starts with you. I’m Ryan Daniel Moran,
this is, thanks for watching,
see you on the next one. (calm music)

Automating Your Amazon Business Using Seller.Tools w/ Brendan Morris

are you ready to scale and outsource
your business okay let’s go welcome to the outsourcing and scaling show I’m
your host Nathan Hirsch a show where we talk about everything
Amazon shopify ecommerce and digital marketing let’s get started welcome back
to outsourcing and scaling today I have a very special guest Brendan Morris
Brendan how are you doing good man bright and early in the morning over
here hey we’re excited to talk to you Brendan is an Amazon private label
expert in just three years he went from working a nine-to-five job to selling
his Amazon business for eight figure exit and continues his brand empire with
the hope of one day for a nine figure exit utilizing his intimate knowledge of
Amazon listing optimization ranking and automation as co-founder for the leading
Amazon software seller tools which is focused on helping private label sellers
be successful quite oppressive res impressive resume and I want to talk a
little bit about selling Amazon it and all of that but first take us back
before Amazon before the nine-to-five what kind of kid were you growing up
were you a straight-a student were you a a rebel that you know you wanted to be
an entrepreneur oh yeah I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur I first started
are cutting lawns at five bucks along you know five bucks for the front five
buck for the back so I push my lawnmower down the street making some money over
the summer so it always was in my blood it was always was something I wanted to
do did you go to high school do you go to college no I went to high school and
a DC student it just didn’t excite me then finally went to college which is
for the Community College it was just completely bored and so I started
getting distracted by video games and I got kicked out of college three times
and then trying to write a letter to the Dean to get accepted back in so he let
me back in and I stayed for maybe two months and that was it so I called
definitely a college dropout yeah so what was your nine-to-five job and how
come you went that route instead of just becoming an entrepreneur right away yes
so first start off in just retail I was just a grocery guy working in a retail
store stocking shelves then I knew you know my passion was
always computers so I went into the IT world spent five years as IT punch
manager and I kept asking for a raise so I was only getting I was only getting
$20 an hour so I said I want to bring someone to race it was $20 an hour for
five years and they asked me how much do you want I said I want a 100 percent
raise I want to go from twenty to forty dollars an hour they said okay we’ll see
what we can do and they can’t a year goes by they finally come back is hey
guess what you got your race oh it’s gonna be good you know I’m gonna go from
40 K here to a decayed eighty year no this is my dream and then I came back
with me with five bucks so right then and there I was like I need something
else so that’s when I started in the candy portion of Amazon started selling
candy so how’d you come across Amazon originally and what was Amazon like back
then so that was a October of 2013 my parents make peanut brittle every year
for Christmas and that’s a candy confection and everyone raves how good
it is so I was like you know what maybe I should just throw it online on Amazon
and see what happens so it was one photo it was like $25 for this peanut brittle
and it instantly sold so then I had to go in the kitchen and start making the
peanut brittle okay so I started making the peanut
brittle and so we did about 300 units that that Christmas all made by hand in
the kitchen my girlfriend and I and that was the end
of December 2013 and then starting generous said okay no more something
that’s heavy something that breaks something that expires something you
just don’t want to do that anymore so that’s when I got into supplements of
January of 2014 so I show how did you even get started do you take a course
was it just trial and error so um so no course trial and error in the beginning
2014 starts on supplements I was in testosterone space and then Ryan Moran
just mission yeah the blue said hey I’m a competitor yours your competitor of
mine can we just keep the space clean and
then we just started talking and then he asked me what if I was an ASM er I said
what is ASM and so I’m either you went out and bought it so I guess well how I
even confessed so I pirated – and then and then I I bought a sm-3s
something was missing and what was missing was the people so I got the
knowledge from the pirate but I definitely want to pay for it and meet
the people I got it so you you got this business off the ground you’re in
supplements you meet Ryan you take a SM I’m assuming you weren’t just solo at
that point where you were you hiring people who was your first hire it was
just me there wasn’t me I mean I I knew that this is once you learn what lever
you have to pull you just keep pulling it it’s like this is what is working
like don’t distract yourself with everything else with you know social
media and and and for at the time when it was off site traffic you didn’t need
it at the time so I just kept pulling that lever and it wasn’t until 2015 if I
had my first hire so it was a full year so I generated started some supplements
September 2014 I quit my day job and then 2015 I had my first hire what was
the hire for who was it what did he do so it was a girl inch and she was more
like a IT project manager she came from the MLM space sure so I always say she
was kind of a one trip in order I got he’s kind of direction she was a
great hire it was kind of a like an all-around or kind of replacement of me
you know customer service inbound inventory all that good stuff that kind
of lets you focus on other things scale a bigger team or did you keep it
small like that just you and her no no you know what out of all my brands I
have right now even the ones doing you know a million month or even more than
that or even less than that – honestly it’s it’s just one person per brand and
everything is automated everything is automated from even responding to sell
their feedback to inbound inventory completely automated like I don’t even
create shipping labels completely automated ranking reviews everything’s
automated man so that’s that’s where 2019 is going right I hear you so you
you should have this eight figure exit brutally cap a little bit was it
straight up to to selling it success where there are errors along the way and
any big mistakes that that stood out oh my god but honestly the reason I saw was
with in anxiety honestly I’ll be like I’m so
stressed like during that time Amazon went through a huge review wipe in 2015
so I went from 70 reviews to zero so I remember waking up at night like ah this
sucks you know I quit my job I don’t know what
I’m gonna do and then I just you know got over my depression in a couple days
and just went back into it but it was just another wife and then the PQ teen
came out and they were shutting down one my hastens you know two or three a week
so to consistently get shut down and I knew Amazon there’s gonna be big review
like and it actually happened so I wanted to leave because I thought this
gravy train was gonna end so I sold him clothes on a Friday and then on Saturday
Amazon did the review like wow yeah after I closed it was it was like the
perfect timing so walking through that process of selling in business I mean I
never sold a business before I’m sure our listeners either haven’t or maybe
they have but they want to at some point that’s the ultimate goal what was that
process like how long did it take give people a peek on the inside yeah long
process lot of due diligence the due diligence isn’t difficult because if you
know everything about your business then it’s just more like putting the pieces
together and I use Dropbox and it was just consistently putting documents in
there I mean I’m one point they literally wanted a screenshot of every
single review I mean they they just it was crazy
so um it was January of 2016 and I called up my tax guy and I said hey I
think I want to sell what do I have to do he said get the hell out of
California because it’s thirteen point three percent income tax just in
California right so I merely that very next weekend my wife and I moved across
the border to Nevada and we and we merely establish residency which is very
easy to do it’s more like a checklist you know get rid of your home in
California get rid of your dentist get rid of your library card etc etc and
then open those up in the bath as soon as that happens you could do it in a
weekend and then that was I think was February
otama moved and then we closed in October so it was it was a long process
and it was always consistently delayed because they really didn’t know much
about Amazon in terms of like the optimization and so they the listings
went to FDA approval or FDA compliance and then they noticed some wording that
they didn’t like so we had to remove that we had a week for rankings to shift
or move or change in the but finally the day came and the big fat wire came in
and it was good feeling good and I’ve actually this guy Jason who I had on a
different podcast Jason Swank who sold his agency he actually talked about
after he sold it he almost went into depression because I didn’t know what to
do he missed the people that were in the business obviously you didn’t have as
many people but he had a whole team talk to us about that that aftereffect him
and what you went through to figure out what you wanted to do next yeah yeah
completely so people often ask me like how did you get rid of you your baby
like I never viewed it as my baby I’m not making the supplements to me the
people that are successful I mean this is gonna be it something a little weird
but most people that are successful don’t really care about what they would
they sell it seems to be we’re in a marketers that happened to sell this
brand marketers that happen to sell supplements or cookies or whatever
you’re sowing so when you take that approach you kind of take the emotion
out of it and so I didn’t really care about that part of the business but what
I definitely cared about was it’s more of your identity because it’s the people
it’s the flights it’s the conventions it’s it’s those monthly or bi-weekly
paychecks for you know 300 400 grand in your bank account right and then when
that all vanishes it’s a shock it’s a shock and you know to be honest I’m with
dude I went through therapy man I had to get through it really I came out the
other side with with a brand new goal and intentions and it’s not easy put it
that way so what was next and where do you start
seller tools how many years after mmm no I I started selling tools and in August
of 2014 for myself I’m like I said I’m huge the automation
fusion animation everything is automated cue rankings be SRS bestseller badges
title changes category changes seller feedback review generation everything’s
automated like I said even inbound inventory of like crate shipment crate
labels pallet labels you know it all is on me
so I created Sela tools for that purpose of automating like this because I could
rely on RC software over people which so yeah so when did that when did you open
that out to the public or were you already doing that before you sold it
that in itself was huge so I started it with a Pakistan team in 2014
wasn’t going the direction I wanted to so then I started with a Filipino team
after that and then I moved to that failed so I went to American team I said
look imma get that I’m gonna get the Michael Jordan you know he alone was
gonna run the team he was three and ran here and he alone so I was like all on
the best of the best I was in the u.s. completely failed completely failed so
then I got this new team that’s over in Europe and so it took four different
teams and and major issues so when did we go to public went to public for
different times but this iteration was about a year and half ago talked to me
about working with developers I’ve worked with developers like fired a ton
of developers do you code or no I’m more like a script kiddie like I think it
edited use it but that’s it got it so I don’t code at all so it was a huge
learning curve hiring my first developer we built their own software for our
Amazon business it was okay definitely not something we’d go to market and then
with free up like all the backend is all built by our developers and we went
through a bunch of them too before we figured out that right team what did you
learn from dealing with developers and what advice would you give to people out
there that are hiring developers so there may be the first time yeah I
completely think out your idea it’s the fact that your documentation
whiteboarding wireframing because the dev thinks in code not
visual they are probably the worst in terms of design or artistry it will
always take you four times as long and four months four times as much cash so
someone coach you on 5k for the project it’s gonna be
okay maybe they can which one a month it’s going to be four months for sure so
completely patient have enough cash explain your ideas as well as you can to
even that second grader could understand just because he the person thinks
differently and and have lots of patience yeah I totally agree what about
your take on just sprints and bugs and do have a certain process that you go
through it and have a repetitive or does it depend on what you’re trying to add
and does that change over time yeah it definitely changes over time so I mean
we used your I’m lucky that my business partner in that is not only an Amazon
seller but also is the the manager of the entire project so he knows Cody and
he knows project management he knows all the sprints and the milestones so he
definitely kind of lays it all out for that for the for the team and it’s
consistently changing you know we’ll we would develop a idea or a feature that
we want to roll out and then all of a sudden you know checking review status
breaks or search volume is no longer there and then we have to completely
change and fix things right so it’s consistently being delayed yeah I’ve had
that same experience and right now I gave it to my business partner Connor
who has a slightly different complement to my skills and he handles the
developers much better than I do let’s talk about having a business
partner I mean have you had any bad experience with business partners how do
you find your business partner now and and and how do you have that great
relationship you always hear these horror stories of business partners
splitting up and how do you keep it simple and keep that good relationship
going forward yeah business partners just it needs to be the opposite of you
like very very rarely that I think it can’t happen but what I’ve noticed is
that if you go find another ASM ER and you guys are like okay ah my name is
summer urine is summer let’s do this together it can work but you guys
definitely don’t complement each other this is my point so one of my best
business partner he’s lead opposite of me he’s detail-oriented he’s anal he’s
he’s just he’s awesome and he was my ex-boss at my last job really and so I
just knew that that fit was right then in there
so it definitely would be you need to find someone that without opposite
skillset this if you guys complement each other then you guys are just going
to be one-sided and wait on one side you need people that think completely
different than you and even try with seller tools I mean he thinks completely
opposite the way I do and and so he has a different perspective of a different
conversation even though the language he uses is his you know I like to speak in
bullet points and he likes to speak in I like to call it corporate talk I love it
so let’s say someone’s listening out there and they built the business it got
it to a million or two million and they want to get it to two ten ten million
eight figures what advice you have that there might be different from that
startup to get from zero to one to get from one to ten yeah it’s it’s honestly
it’s replace yourself your asset is is the way you think it’s the way that you
want to go your business is some new perspective people don’t think like an
entrepreneur especially a successful entrepreneur powers gone crazy
yeah people do not think like an entrepreneur so it definitely is you
have to replace yourself in terms of definitely the daily tasks whether
that’s like using something like like free up absolutely
in order to to you know get someone to do the customer service for the
inventory control or or you know whatever maybe or for me I like
automation I like I like you know the computer doing the work for me
but either way you need to take yourself out of the business if you’re finding
yourself clicking a lot then you need to stop clicking I like that click less as
you get a glass yeah yeah awesome we really appreciate you coming on at this
was some great insight from someone who’s been there and sold a big business
where can people find out more about you what do you have exciting coming up that
you want people to know about yeah honestly the thing that I share the most
because I’m pretty private with a lot of brands nowadays is his cell about tools
just because we built in software for for Amazon sellers it really is is some
a lot of the things that I develop in selling tools is stuff that I want you
know we just released the API which means you could literally do anything
you want with your Amazon data and let me just walk you through like a couple
scenarios it could be something as simple as let’s just say you
keyword ranking drops from one to five let you say and you can immediately
trigger a mini chat broadcast to 20 people and immediately get sales on that
particular keyword with before you even wake up or maybe it’s a best seller
batch if you drop and lose your best sell to bad committee automate that and
get yourself back up to the top or it’s it’s customer service where they have a
conversation with themselves they they they troubleshoot themselves they send
themselves an NCAA order by themselves it’s really about that automation and
letting either the computer do it a VA do it or the customer do their own work
for them and so that’s what I would say is what it’s helping me scale is
definitely an automation and if you guys do want to find me I’m always in cellar
top tools we have a Facebook group cliff FBA kings and if you want you mean
you’ll attract its Brendan at cellar dot tools awesome thanks so much for coming
on and yeah have a good rest of the week I’m and thank you hey everyone thank you
so much for watching did you enjoy this content if so click
like leave us a comment and subscribe to our channel so we can continue bringing
you great content all about higher

The $100k Addiction That Destroyed My Business & Health | Entrepreneur mistake

mistakes they’re an unavoidable part of
entrepreneurship and in life but they’re necessary right failure is a fuel it’s a
bigger the mistake the bigger the lesson so today I’m opening up we’re gonna get
personal I’m gonna share one of my biggest and my most embarrassing
mistakes that you don’t have to go through and relive it so this is the
story of how a few bad decisions became an addiction that destroyed my business
and my health what’s the bet for our builders JT Franco here the no bullshit
Amazon seller if you’re new here welcome and if you’re already Empire Builder and
welcome back hopefully your empire is going strong on this is the no bullshit
tale on my life and some of the mistakes that I made that’s almost like destroyed
my success all right so I’m sharing this rather personal story because I know
that a lot of you watching this if you’re watching my channel we probably
share a lot of the same goals a lot of same vision a lot of same reason that
we’re doing what we’re doing right trying to try to chase the success
dragon okay now I’m gonna start with that start with my goals so when I
started out I wanted to just live a big life right since I was a kid I’ve always
wanted to live a life that’s not that’s extraordinary that’s not normal right we
only got one shot at this and I want to make sure it’s a good shot since I was
kid I watched you know Wall Street I watched the fabulous life MTV Cribs and
wanted to do extraordinary have exotic vacations have cool things and I’ve also
always appreciated the value of time right so now I was a kid I would always
play hockey with my dad at home but he always had to work long hours you had to
work multiple jobs and whenever you know whenever he was working overtime we
never got to you know whenever at the chill we never got to play hockey and I
always thought hey would it be cool if we were just had a log bunch of money we
were rich and we could just have fun all the time right so if those kind of goals
are aligned with you you know you appreciate time you want to have more
money to do the things that you want to do then you need to pay attention to
this because for people like us this is an easy trap to fall into these are easy
mistakes to make so it all starts with Amazon FBA when I first started finding
my success I was an ambitious kid with not many skills and just a little bit of
money a few thousand dollars to my name and I wanted to attack his business
model so I went after it right and I was always been
a frugal kid so I when I started finding getting you know I started getting a
return of my money I was always reinvesting saving it
reinvesting it always being smart I made sure to rent it as cheap as house I
rented a Shack that was falling apart paint chipping on the walls would the
floors were coming apart and I was just living a very small lifestyle minimizing
my cost so I could spend as much money as I could on Amazon and I started
working right I started getting huge return they started seeing nice healthy
profits and having run away products and within you know a few months I was I
cracked six figures and then I started documenting my journey on this very
channel right and so I had a lot of things going for me that was Chan
started growing and it was all looking up and once I started getting success is
when the bad decisions started coming around and that’s a common theme I see a
lot of entrepreneurs make because one started getting success you don’t really
know to do it especially if you’ve never been successful with anything before so
I started making a lot of bad decisions okay now here’s the first one the more
and more success like got the more time I had to spend right I had this daily
routine and we’ll come back to it later but I had a daily routine and every
single day there was more hours I need to be put into it and as life things
started getting the weighing things with family things at home start getting the
way I wanted to spend less time on my business Island I wanted to remove
myself as much as I could for my business and that’s was deadly mistake
number one I went out and I wanted to make it as passive as I could because
again I was chasing that dream of living this lavish lifestyle where I could go
on vacations and and be have passive income streams and not have to work so
much so I’m like hey I think you know I’m making enough money I can go ahead
and start handing this off and start handing off some of the tasks and I went
out and I found an expert okay so I started looking for experts and I hired
one to take over my business essentially now there is the problem okay it’s okay
to find experts but the job of an expert is to advise your business but I what I
wanted to do was have someone take over my business not only did I have him take
over the day-to-day the menial tasks but I also wanted had him work on growth and
this kind of stuff that was really my duty right because if your business is
your baby taking on an expert is like hiring a baby
Reyna I wanted to have this expert because the next part of my steak is
that I want to piece off and take a vacation I wanted to leave and I want to
go to Asia and do that so I wanted someone to take over my business so I
didn’t have to work on it as much as possible right and that was the first
domino in my failures now the worst part about all this is that that expert
someone that I thought was proven someone that I thought had results he
cost me twenty five thousand dollars up front and then five thousand dollars
every single month so it was a hefty investment and I thought I was being
smart right I thought I was like you know never be the smartest guy in the
room I take on as much help as you can you know streamline your business
optimize optimize optimizing I was telling myself all these things that I
could really at the core I wanted to be passive I was being lazy honestly and I
took this business that was growing and rapidly building month after month and I
hand it off to someone else and the key the one important thing to remember is
that no matter what you do it’s always okay dad you know I guess I said find
experts to advise you but they’re never gonna care about your business as much
as you will right it’s your business your baby
they’re not gonna once they got that fee for the most part they’re not gonna care
about it that’s why even for me as an Amazon expert someone who helps people
with their Amazon business I’m never going to take a product launch of yours
and and and do it on my own I’m never I never have a streamlined process of hey
I’ll I’ll launch the product for you I’ll get it I’ll do this and this and
this for you build your business for you because at the end of the day it’s your
business and what I want to do is give you advice and share my expertise and
share my skills so you can take from them and build on your own but I’ll
never want to you know take the your entire business bull by the horns and
and write it myself because at the end of the day it’s your business I have my
own business to deal with that’s why advice number one never hand
off your business somewhere else there’s never gonna be a savior right he might
seem like oh hey I can get you to do this I you know I’ve done this for other
businesses and get your products here I can get you featured in this match in
this publication I can you know grow your follower I can grow your brand
following all these different things and I got greedy right I wanted I got greedy
and I wanted speed and I mix those two things and I wanted more and I wanted
faster and that burned me okay so mistake number one handing your business
off too early if you want to be passive if you want to optimize your
business you gotta do it from within right hire your people develop your
business culture you know have the right systems and and and in place that you’ve
created so that your business runs under your management and under your
supervision and under your vision right don’t hang up someone else otherwise
you’ll get burnt and the next thing is that when I did that I went off to Asia now there’s a few things with that Asia
trip that was necessary because you know I had family problems at home and I want
to just leave the country so that was fine but I didn’t have to stay as long
as I did and this is when the addiction happened I was always like I said a
frugal person I was always happy to live you know under my means and save as much
as possible so I can reinvest into my business but once I left for Asia all of
a sudden things started turning I thought like hey I’m a big shot I’m you
know I travelled first-class I got someone running my managing my business
I got passive income streams coming I’m getting paid as I go so I started
spending money and I started spending it hard and fast and this mistake is what
I’ll call celebrating too early I was just like a year in to my business I was
making six figures and I was like holy smokes look at me I’m a hotshot right so
I started you know I was living lavishly I was I was doing how this luxury
vacation for four months I spent traveling the world and for four months
I spent not really giving a damn about growing my business I was supposed I got
lazy I got complacent I let this expert do it
for me he really wasn’t doing anything I stopped uploading to this to this
channel and I thought you know I’m just gonna live my life and this is the life
I’ve always wanted this is life I always imagined for myself this MTV Cribs you
know the the fabulous life of and I can live this out live my dream right but it
was premature and when you go from spending nothing and working really hard
you feel like you deserve to spend this money and once you start spending it I
got addicted to spending the money I got addicted to to instant gratification I
got addicted to to having these nice things and
flexing on people and looking like I was this hotshot
all the while my business was dwindling my business was dying slowly you know I
was it was getting it was it wasn’t growing right it wasn’t going anywhere
from it went from doubling and and having growth month after month all of a
sudden just being flat and and actually declining over the course of this
vacation that I had and this is a common theme I see this a lot actually a lot of
people talk about this as when you start getting access you take your foot off
the pedal right you’re gassing your gas and your gassing it hard and then you
hit you finally get to your what you feel like is your destination and you
coast and once you coasts bad things start to happen I started spending money
as fast as it came in or I spent like 30 grand in Asia $1,500 dinners and like
thousand dollar a night like hotels and and traveling flying first when I really
didn’t have to when it was a three-hour flight to somewhere else it was just
ridiculous I felt like it was deserved but the really only thing that was
deserved was the pain that I would feel afterwards because I was just being
stupid and looking back I feel dumb I know some
of you watching this now I’m like wow you’re really weird um about that like
well that was a waste of money you know I thought you were smart guy
jay-z but that was stupid and the S I was I agree and I not only was it money
lost that was spent it was money that I could have invested into my business
again into other business venture that money I could have spent to you know
launch more products that I could have spent advertising do different things
and and grow my business to where to higher level than it is right now and
I’m still feeling that hurt four months of spent cash that went to garbage right
it was cool experiences it was definitely a fun time but I could be way
farther ahead with my business if I if I didn’t do that I actually reinvested and
what I should have been doing so please once you get successful I know
you will be like for those of you that know you’re gonna be successful you know
that you’re gonna take the steps that are needed and you aren’t scared you
you’re taking action once you get there don’t take your foot off the pedal it
gets tempting and once you you know you treat yourself that’s fine
but don’t get addicted to it because I just started like it was just like
trigger right I would just like hair-trigger on
on the credit cards on the cash on on everything and I was just going ham
right so don’t do that that’s the next biggest mistake and all the while I was
doing that I was letting my health slide I was gaining a lot of weight I was just
being an unhealthy person I’m gonna go back to Canada I felt like shit great my
business was declining for basically four months had no progression was going
on it was a on a downward Hill I gained a lot of weight I got fat I was just
unhealthy my skin was brutal my skin got bad worse than it is now even and my
this channel was dead I hadn’t uploaded and forever and everything was just
going downwards right I was just at a downward spiral and instead I made the
next mistake again Oh instead of picking it up and being motivated to go around I
felt a little depressed I felt like oh man I’m an idiot why did I do that and I
had a lot of regret and I just felt like oh that was that was dumb right so I
started going out now first need to know that in high school I never went out I
was a homebody I stayed at home it was a lone wolf and I always was working on
what I want my stuff I was high school I was starting a YouTube channel I was
doing gaming I was professionally as the professional gamer I never went out I
was kind of a loser all right I was basically a nerd in high school and I
never really party that wasn’t my scene but when I got back here I’m like you
know what let’s spend some more of this money because that’s what I like to do I
like the instant gratification and if I can’t have it in Asia I’m gonna do it
here I’m gonna live it up at home so all of a sudden I started going out I
started party and I joined this part of the party scene right it was totally is
wasn’t me and it was just something I want to do because I wanted that instant
gratification and this is again I trapped that we can all fall into and I
feel like a lot of entrepreneurs are falling into this it’s just this the
entrepreneur culture that’s going on right now or you know spending racks
making it rain you know make it a rain like this and glorifying that lifestyle
and I felt into that and I started spending more money on silly shit right
and going out partying I went to Coachella I spent like 15 G’s there I
went to radical I went to big I spent more money there I started buying dumb
shit like like thousand dollars for a pair of
glasses like really like really stupid ass stuff and what happened was I
started really valuing the opinion of other people I really started living for
what other people thought of me like OJT you know like all my old friends from
high school he dropped out and now he says he’s cool and now I’m using doing
this everyday and he’s he’s a baller he’s wearing louis vuitton and he’s like
stupid right dumb and i got trapped into that every weekend i would go out and
party and i would spend more money and at the end of it all including the trip
including all those vacations I took and everything I’m like a 100 grand I sunk a
hundred grand and I had nothing to show for it I had a business that I was just
chugging along right I had a YouTube channel that was declining I lost all my
games I started to look like shit and I was just unhealthy right and of course
in the party scene there’s other things that go on there luckily there’s no
addiction that came from that I just got addicted to validation of others I got
addicted to instant gratification and addicted to spending money and and
feeling like I was cool like feeling like a rich guy like they show on
Instagram and it’s a trap it’s a cycle especially once you’ve built success for
yourself it feels like something you should be doing what you’re supposed to
be doing right people did glorified version of entrepreneurship which is not
really about the grind in the hustle and building something big it’s about
flexing and and keeping up with the Joneses and I actually really for the
first time my life started trying to keep up with the Joneses and one day I
just sat down I was just sad I was just not happy I went from being this
ambitious person who dropped out of high school who built these businesses who
was feeling really fulfilled and helping other people and you know helping these
students in Empire Academy and every single day feeling happy waking up the
field and ready to attack the day see okay what’s my next goal what’s my next
moment a crush and and being really happy right all of a sudden I left my
and I had my business off and I spent a bunch of money and I had instant
gratification kind of things and then just being sad and everyday waking up
thinking about okay how could I spend my money next what’s a cool way what’s a
cool thing I can do today what’s a fun way to waste my time I attached so much
value to these items in these possessions that I had that I forgot who
I really was and I forgot what really mattered to
me and that’s when I kind of restart to my motivation I was able to pull myself
out of that life out of the the drenches there and and turn it around right I
started I got back on a daily routine a daily schedule and that habit small
habit of having a daily schedule changed everything for me
right I was able to start hitting the gym again every single morning I was
able to start building my business again to the where I was before and actually
start seeing growth I was started uploading as you noticed a lot in the
past few months every two days and I started building a team internally doing
things the right way so that you know I didn’t make those same mistakes now if I
tell you those mistakes probably over a hundred thousand dollars in stakes of
just money spent and honestly probably 200 300 500 thousand dollars of
potential lost so it was a costly mistake but I wouldn’t if I was to go
back I wouldn’t change it because it was a lesson that I learned but you don’t
have to learn that lesson the hard way the same way that I did you don’t have
to make that mistake of finally success and then falling into the entrepreneur
trap of spending and and instant gratification and being validated by the
others and and and keeping up with the Joneses you know what I mean because
that I tell you can get addicting that can get costly and that can really burn
a lot of your life right so I went through that for a few months and you
know that was a few months ago now that I was able to climb out of that and look
back now and see like wow like that was a shitty time I am lucky that I was able
to get out of there and really turn shit around now my businesses are growing
again back to my vote motivated itself see and I’m waking up again fulfilled
every single day seeing how things are going and being able to look back and
smile and say hey I had a lot of fun there but that was a part of my life
that I was able to live and put behind me so that I don’t have to make those
mistakes again and I can actually move forward with
what my real goal was what my real vision was those of building a life
that’s sustainable that’s full of happiness and not of chasing something
that is elusive and short-lived so hopefully me sharing these mistakes
with you will help you and help you navigate when you get there so remember
never hand off your business to someone else there’s no safety there’s no expert
that’s gonna do something for you or that’s gonna care about your business
and growth as much as you will write don’t celebrate too early once you start
finding success yes you can reward yourself but don’t celebrate too early
and blow it all and and try to live a luxurious lifestyle when you’re not
ready for it yet because you’re just going to end up losing a lot of money
losing a lot of opportunity right keep with the grind keep with the hustle
don’t take your foot off the gas don’t coast don’t rest on your laurels
because that’s when you will get burned and finally don’t get caught in the
culture of keeping up with the Joneses and flexing on people and trying to feel
fancy trying to feel luxe because I tell you it’s not gonna bring you happiness
if anything is just gonna bring you depression that’s what it did for me so
what do you think of my stupidity let me know in the comments below
have you made any mistakes yourself and your entrepreneurship journey let us
know in the comments as well so you can help each other out and help the
community cuz that’s what the challenge all about helping everyone grow and
reach their goals and crush and have a fulfilled happy life not full of BS and
money guns right but this is still fun but if you want one if it did help you
out please leave a like if you want more help click this video right over here or
click in my face to subscribe and don’t forget you’re an Empire Builder which
means that your empire awaits I’m Jesse Franco

How To Get Started (And Grow) Your Amazon Business With Influencer Marketing

(swoosh) – What’s goin’ on guys? Colin Mcguire, CEO of Boomn here, I’m here at the SellerCon conference with, and I’ve got some tips for how to get started with
influencer marketing, and also how to start scaling and growing your brand, with influencer marketing. My first tip is, if you’re just gettin’ started, instead of investing in influencers to post for you, just go ahead and send them some product for free in exchange for some photos back, and tell them that you are
going to use those photos on your social media and in your marketing, and you will tag and mention them whenever
you use those photos. My second tip is if you have already been
doing something like that, not only can you get photos to use in your marketing from them, but also have them post for you. An excellent way to actually get them to do something that’s a
little bit more worthwhile than just posting to sell your products is actually to have them participate in some sort of giveaway, or contest, and/or have some sort of themed content. And maybe they can do a series of it. Do something a little bit
more than just one post to help promote or sell your products. My third tip would be go ahead and do all the things in the previous two tips, but also ask if you can
attach your ad account, if you could get advertiser access to their Instagram account or their Facebook page, so that you can boost, or promote, or actually pull that post that they make for you into an ad, and drive traffic to a landing page. This is something that we’ve been doing for years now. It works very well. It’s a proven concept. I just got done talking here at SellerCon about it, so you can definitely check that out, but the way that we do it is we’ll actually reach
out to the influencer. They’ll send us some photos. They’ll actually post the photos. And then we, when the post does well or we actually like the content, we’ll say, “Hey, we would
love to pull this post into an ad, using our money, not yours. Can we get advertiser access to your Instagram account or Facebook business profile, so that we can advertise it?” This is a great way for you to promote that influencer’s post to a much larger group of people, and actually use it as an ad for your business. My fourth tip would be not only can you do all of those three tips that I just mentioned, but you can also start making ads on that influencer’s Facebook page and Instagram account. Get the ads approved by the influencer and then actually run ads for your product or for your offer from their accounts. This is something that
a lot of people think, for some reason it’s untouchable, that influencers won’t do it. The reality is is that they will do it. Of course, now you’re gonna have to compensate them quite a bit. I would recommend offering in between 500 to 1,000 dollars a month to advertise your products from their page. Of course, you should get their approval for every single ad before it goes live, but this is one way that you can actually leverage
influencers more so than just posting for you and actually do something that is actually going to acquire customers with your own efforts, with your own data, with your own ad spend. This is something again that works very well for us. My next tip is sometimes when, for the first two tips you’re gonna be looking
for micro influencers, not necessarily macro influencers. People that aren’t actually influencers, they’re just Instagram users that have very beautiful feeds. They’re good at taking pictures. They fit your customer demographic, and you want them to take photos with your product. Don’t rely on influencer marketing tools to find these very small influencers. They’re not on those platforms. You should just be looking, perusing Instagram, looking at hashtags, looking at check-ins. For instance, if you’re looking for a rodeo influencer, or some sort of western or country music influencer, you’re gonna wanna look at photos that are tagged or checked-in at a certain location. So, look at local high school rodeos. Look at country music shows and concerts. And find users that post content from, from those places that are relevant to your audience. And then just reach
out to them, send a DM. Say, “I would love to send
you some of our products, to take some photos of them, you can keep the products, they’re free.” We typically send in between 100 to 200 dollars worth
of products to them, so they can take some photos for us and then send them back to us. We say, “You don’t have to post anything. We’re just really looking to get some great photos from you, and then we’ll tag you and mention you in all of our marketing
whenever we use them to promote your Instagram profile.” So those are really all
of my basic tips for how to actually get started with influencer marketing, and also how to scale your
influencer marketing efforts, using your own data, using your own ad accounts, and thanks for following along and checkin’ out and SellerCon. (swoosh)

How To Stay Motivated & Focused To Succeed In Business

You just have to stop making excuses and just
f***ing do it. Welcome back to my channel today, everybody. I am coming to you from Scottsdale, Arizona
and it is super hot here right now. I can barely breathe. But I made a commitment to myself and to my
business that I have to show up every single week. Not only every single week but I must show
up every single day. Today’s video, I want to talk about how you
can stay motivated and focused in your online business. A lot of people ask me, “Tamara, how do you
have the energy and how do you stay focused and motivated every single day to keep running
your business?” A lot of people say that I am always available
to them and I answer to everybody’s questions. I am sure if you guys have left me a comment
on this video, I will respond to you. I am going to share with you today everything
that I’ve learned throughout my business and what helps me stay focused and motivated. Those are the 2 main things that you must
do if you want to become successful at your business. One of the most important things that many,
many people overlook and do not pay attention to is their working environment. Right now, I am in Scottsdale. I noticed every single time I am traveling,
for some reason, my mind is just not 100% focused on work. It’s not 100% focused on what I am supposed
to do on a regular day. For example, if I am at home right now, if
I am in Vancouver, Canada, and it’s just a normal day, I am getting up at a normal time
and it’s just carry on business as usual every single day, then I know exactly what I am
supposed to be doing. However, for myself, my mind isn’t conditioned
to work as efficiently whenever I am out of town. Now, this all comes down to your working environment. A lot of the times, people don’t realize that
the environment that they surround themselves in plays a huge part in your success. For example, I’ve had a call with one of my
students before and during the call, this has actually happened on multiple occasions,
during the call, I hear screaming babies, screaming kids, or their dog’s barking in
the background, and they can’t even focus on what we are talking about. If you are constantly surrounding yourself
with distractions, whether it’s your kids, your pets, the TV, the radio, your phone,
Netflix, whatever it is that distracts you and takes time away from you focusing on your
work and what you’re supposed to do every single day, you are not going to get to where
you want to be. And that is the harsh truth. I actually had no idea how much your working
environment can affect your productivity. For myself, I recently moved from working
at my kitchen table to a separate bedroom inside of my apartment. For some reason, the past few months, I noticed
that I was taking a lot of mental breaks in between. I would probably spend 15 minutes on my laptop
and then later on, I would take a break for half hour. Then I’d go back on my laptop. Then I take another break. And I started to notice that little things
around the house was really distracting me. One thing that really distracts me and I also
advise everyone who is watching this to try this, is that you need to shut off your phone. Maybe not turn it off completely but you need
to put your phone on silent. Because every single time you hear a notification
or a text message or whatever it is that you are doing online, not related to work, it’s
going to affect your productivity levels. Again, I know this may sound silly but trust
me, you will do much better and have a greater level of productivity if you can cancel out
every single distraction that is within your work area. A lot of business owners don’t realize that
if you spend one hour hyper focused on doing one thing, that is going to be much better
than working 8 hours straight a day and taking little breaks in between. If you are constantly getting distracted and
getting pulled aside to do other things, you are never going to get anything done. Maybe you’ll get something done but it’s never
going to be your 100%. The number one way to stay hyper focused at
every little thing that you do, you have to put yourself in the right working environment. You have to be really honest with yourself
and see what you are getting distracted with everyday. I am sure a lot of you guys have many, many
distractions and I would tell you right now that you need to change that habit. Habits take time to change and quite honestly,
you will not fall into any new habits until it’s been at least 1 month. A lot of people come to me and they say, “how
come it seems like you are so focused everyday?” Well, that’s because I put myself into an
environment where nobody can bother me. There is a place and time for everything. There’s a place and time where I respond to
people. There’s a place and time when I do my own
personal activities. There’s a place and time when I film YouTube. There’s a time when I do, just anything that
needs my attention related to my business. And if you are able to figure out a schedule
and stay organized and obviously hyper focused at what needs to be done, I can promise you,
you will get to more and more of where you want to be. You’ll become more successful. All I have right now in my office is my laptop
and a bottle of water. And a big window where I can look out of every
single time I need that mental break. My mental breaks are only 5 to 10 seconds. I think if I were to take a longer time to
take a break or get distracted with something, I am just not going to stay focused for the
rest of the time. You guys really have to place yourself in
a working environment which allows you to really concentrate. Now, motivation is a whole different story. I actually try to stay motivated for majority
of the time but I am human and there are times where I am super unmotivated. You guys obviously don’t see this on camera
because I am not going to film myself crying or freaking out but every single business
owner will experience this. And that is, you will have times where you
are unmotivated. I know for myself, people ask me, again, they
ask me all the time, “Tamara, you always seem so motivated, what keeps you motivated?” I have a morning ritual that I will share
with you guys and it has helped me tremendously. And even though this does not 100% relate
to business, it has helped me perform 10 times better. One of the most important things that I try
to do is sleep and wake up at the same time every single day of the week. I notice for myself, to perform my best and
to have the energy to really concentrate on my work, I try to sleep and wake up at the
same time. Usually I sleep around 10:30PM to 11PM every
single night. And I wake up between 6:30AM and 7AM every
single morning. I don’t care if it’s the weekend. I don’t care if someone’s inviting me out
the night before to go have fun. I don’t care if it’s a wedding. I made a commitment to myself and I know my
body so well that if I want to perform properly the next day and follow through with my responsibilities
as a business owner, I must go to sleep and wake up around the same time every single
day. Now I know some of you may be whining right
now and complaining saying, “Tamara, I just have a problem staying up super late. I have a problem sleeping in. I have a problem with getting 8 hours of sleep
every single night.” Well, then you need to figure out the core
problem of why you are not getting the rest you need in order to function properly the
next day. This is really important and for myself, I
actually had insomnia for many, many years. I had trouble sleeping. My mind was constantly thinking about random
things. But what I do every morning to reduce my stress
level is to go for a run and hit the gym every single morning. Every single morning, before 9AM, I make sure
that I am at the gym. I do this 5 days a week to really bring up
my energy level and to make sure that I feel good the rest of the day. I mean how can you expect to work and perform
and be productive throughout the whole entire day when your sleeping pattern is thrown off. It just does not work. A lot of sellers, especially Amazon FBA sellers,
if you work 9 to 5 full time job, you really need to find the balance on when to sleep,
when to go to work, when to keep up with your Amazon FBA business. Because if you fall behind, everything else
is just not going to work out. And what I suggest to do is do something that
you love every single morning. Like I said, for me, it’s going to the gym,
lifting weights, running for at least 1 hour, 5 days a week. I take break days as well just so I can unwind
and do other things in the morning but you should really be doing what you love every
single morning so you feel happy and motivated. And especially motivated to carry on with
your day. And the truth is, maybe you will have to wake
up 1 hour earlier every single morning to get in what you love to do. Maybe it’s making your favourite omelet. Maybe it’s taking your kids to the park. Maybe it’s walking your dog and taking your
dog to the doggy park. Whatever it is, whatever that you love to
do, you have to do that every single morning so you are motivated and full of energy to
carry out everything that you need to do for your business every single day. I know everything sounds easier said than
done but trust me, these are things, these are adjustment that you must change if you
want to see your business grow. And if you want to bring up your productivity
level. You absolutely cannot be distracted by anything,
especially when you are starting up a new business. It’s like going to the gym and trying to lose
weight, you obviously are not going to start going to the gym 5 hours a day for 5 days
a week. That’s just insane and you’re just going to
wear yourself out. Instead, you want to slowly build up to it. You want to start going to the gym for half
an hour a day, 5 days a week. And then 1 hour a day, 5 days a week. Then slowly adding in a small diet. Start eating healthy. The same thing applies to running your own
business. You want to start making these adjustments
so you can build up to your productivity level where you know that you are the most focused
and most motivated. Everything that I talked about in today’s
video is not something that you learn in school. It’s not something that you learn in college. It’s not something that you learn in university. These are things and habits that you just
have to hold yourself accountable for if you want to see your business grow. People don’t teach you this. A lot of the times when people are selling
on Amazon FBA, or if it’s another online business that you are doing, people don’t talk about
the mindset and everything else that goes behind the scenes in order for you to get
to where you want to be. Yes, you can always learn a specific skill. Yes, you can always learn strategy and hacks
or whatever it is that you are trying to accomplish. But no one is going to hold yourself accountable
to really bring up your productivity level to get to wherever you want to be in the first
place. Alright guys, I hope this video has helped
you today. I know it’s a little shorter than usual but
I am honestly dying from this heat. And it was not easy filming this video today. If you guys have any comments for me, please
comment below. Give this video a big thumbs up. Subscribe to my channel and of course, you
know I’ll always be seeing you in the next video.

What To Sell on Amazon FBA | 7 Ways To Find Hot Products

what product should I sell on Amazon the
question on everybody’s lips but really it’s the wrong question because won’t me
be nice for someone to give you a free meal it’s way more valuable to know how
to make that meal yourself so you can feast for the rest of your days and
luckily with Amazon there’s a lot of ways to find products and this is the
top 7 Stacey Franco here the no bullshit Amazon seller this channel is where you
want to be if you want to learn about Amazon FBA without the baloney now if
you’re already at Empire Builder a subscriber to the channel welcome back I
hope your empire is going strong and if it’s not sending a message on my
Instagram I’ll try to help you out alright so let’s get right into it in
this video I’m gonna show you the different ways to find products and I’m
just gonna cover really quickly the kind of things that we’re looking for when
we’re looking for products on Amazon we’re looking for high demand so we want
to see this probably selling that those people to actually want to purchase this
product and we’re gonna let the people that are
already selling on Amazon approved this demand for us right so we want to see a
lot of sales we want to see consistency okay and then we want to look for low
competition so low competition meaning there’s not too many sellers to compete
with so you can get in there relatively easily and start claiming some of the
demand so you can start making sales right now there’s a lot of like you know
nuances to high demand local competition there’s a lot of different types of
markets and a lot of different balances where it can work in your favor right so
there’s not just one way or the other way there’s a lot of in between and a
lot of middle ground where you can profit as well now this I don’t have
enough time in this video to cover that but if you do wanted to learn more about
how to validate that product you can definitely check it up right over there
and then once you’re ready to validate products you can come back right here
and look at how to actually find them alright so now we’re gonna go and start
with Sleep Number one way to find products on my favorites is the Amazon
new release method so if you go amylin your release you just search that on
Google you will see the hot new releases now I need to go to calm I am in Canada
so it automatically does the Canadian one right so here we have all the new
releases I’m just zooming a bit and the thing with the new releases as that’s
you’re knocking off number one high demand right you know that these are in
demand because these are hot products that
Amazon is saying hey these hot products are hot these products are selling now
the problem with this is that all the stuff on the front page here is going to
be super high demand right it probably means there’s a lot of competition as
well so what you want to do is pick a category okay so we’re going through
here and now we’re gonna pick a category like baby so you click at the baby and
then what you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see all a bunch of different
products again Amazon’s telling you that these have demand now a nice way to see
competition we’re out the bat is to look at the reviews so you can see this one
has 6,000 reviews you know that this sellers darling the market it’s number
three in baby there’s probably a lot of competition there so we’re looking for
reviews here to kind of measure maybe the competitiveness of a product
now when I click into a category usually what I like to do I like to look at the
sub categories so the sub categories are here and you’ll notice that when you
click into one of these there’s gonna be more and more and more okay so let’s
just go into feeding and then feeding you have food storage right and then
food storage it goes on and on and on so now we’ll just scroll and we’ll see if
there’s anything that kind of piques our interest eye food storage containers
what else is there milk powder dispenser box let’s check this out no powder
dispenser box so now I’ll click onto the product and what we’ll do is we’ll go
grab this I actually have no idea what this is you parents out there it might
be like hey this is a super common item okay so the first thing you’ll see we’re
off the bat that I’ll notice is that these look really cheap so they’re like
five bucks right 12 bucks you don’t want to be selling items that are too cheap
that are below like twenty three dollars because you’re not leaving yourself any
any room for profit to make money right once you factor in the fact that all the
shipping cost and the met and the cost of the goods think that’s been created
with a four dollar product you’re probably not making much now what would
typically do here if you don’t know or you don’t have any of these tools I’ll
use a tool called viral launch and market intelligence now what violence
market intelligence does it’s a drop down I’ll click it right now and it’s
going to scan this whole page and it’s going to give me the stats the estimate
statistics for this page so it’s a good way to see
sailes it’s a good way to see the man and the way to see competition by
looking at the reviews okay so the first thing you’re gonna see is that the SME
is search volume is only 570 so that’s only 570 people per month searching this
product so that says low demand but that also probably says I have the wrong
keyword so this is probably not the main keyword and milk powder dispenser so we
can do now is go to the viral launch keyword tool and actually search this up
so I can show you here what it looks like if I click this button if you don’t
have violence yet by the way link in the description to 15% off for a lifetime
and is the most valuable tool for finding products it’s gonna save you so
much time it’s gonna save you so much headache so here entering this devour
lunch and yes there’s not another history or no one’s ever run this before
so they don’t have enough data on it but I’ll show you if you go like balls right
you search for balls on on the keyword search then you’re gonna see exactly
what looks like it’s gonna show you the revenue the search vote or not the
revenue sorry the estimated search volume the opportunity score the
relevancy score all these keywords so you know what the main keyword is okay
so now based on this product it’s not something we’d go after it’s just not
enough meat on the bones for this to be worth it okay so that is the first way
to find products is going through with the new release method now I just showed
you one example but what you would do is you would go through each category
through each subcategory and just keep clicking on products and keep trying to
see find ones that have a high demand low competition based on the product
validation if you know if you already clicked and watch that video then you
know exactly how to validate these products right so that is method number
one for finding products next is one of my favorite methods because it’s the
most fun way to do products and I don’t really see anyone talk about this but
this one’s really I found a few products doing this alright so first you gotta go
to youtube now the next step but once you’re on YouTube if you haven’t already
make sure you click subscribe to this guy’s channel right here as I heard he’s
pretty good and then you’re gonna go into the search right so you go into the
search and then what you’re gonna do is search Amazon weird products and with
this what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna change this search so you’re going
to look for Amazon weird products testing crazy products online funny
Amazon products funny online products China and what you’re gonna find is that
there’s a whole entire category of videos on YouTube where people literally
just sit down and test products that they find on Amazon and what they’re
doing without actually know they’re trying to you know have
entertaining content for their viewers but as Amazon sellers we can go in there
and see if these products are actually worth selling right because the cool
thing on Amazon is that the products that always sell well typically are ones
that’s you know no one’s ever heard of and that are an upcoming rising market
those are the kind of products you want to get into and these are the kind of
products these youtubers are looking for they’re looking for things that no one
has ever heard of they’re looking for interesting things so they can show them
off to their subscribers and you know get a good laugh but for us we’re
laughing because they’re giving us money right so what we do the nice thing about
this method is that when you click on a video typically the youtubers will use
affiliate links to link to the product so you don’t actually have to watch the
video you just have to go in here and look for the links right there you go
kitchen gadget number one kitchen oh never mind that’s something else so
here’s an example of it in here they have all the links for the products
right most of the time a lot of times actually
there’ll be Amazon affiliate links so that they can get a kickback kind of
like the 50% off viral launch link that I have in the description if you haven’t
got it already right now when I also mentioned one thing about this method
that you gotta know because it’s very important is that you’ll notice that
these are like one year ago right one month ago they’re three weeks ago
because the way Emelin works they were the way YouTube works they’re showing
you the most relevant thing that is that they know is gonna have watch time so
they’re showing you things from people who have a lot of subscribers or from
people that got a lot of views right the biggest views show up first
because you didn’t want to keep you on YouTube watching things that have been
proven to keep audience retention so like 1.9 million views so what you want
to do is go to filters and actually filter it by this month so now you’re
actually going to get stuff that is just recent so this is all newer products
right um that you can even filter by like sort it by the upload date so you
know or you could start by the view count so you’re not getting just massive
youtubers right and then the final key to this method is when you’re searching
things you can actually search per category so if you know you want to do
baby category or you know you want to do Beauty category you can go Amazon weird
beauty products and guess what’s gonna happen a whole bunch of weird beauty
products that you can now go into click on and then look them up on Amazon and
then do the same thing as before use the viral launch at market
intelligence and drop down judge the demand and judge the competition right
so that is one of my favorite ways of finding products because it’s fun and
it’s just you know it’s not as tedious as some of the other methods out there
so this next method is one that I came up with when I finished watching
Avengers infinity war right yeah Iron Man up over there so I could thank him
for helping me find this some of the products I did through this method so
the idea was that you know in Avengers there’s this guy named Thanos if you
haven’t watched he’s trying to collect these Infinity stones that’s kind of
like me trying to collect products fine they’re so hard to find you’re going to
go to other planets he literally was traveling different planets to find
these Infinity stones I’m like thinking what if Amazon was like that what if I
have to go to different planets I’m like wait a minute there are different
planets on Amazon they’re different marketplaces right so there’s damage on
Comm which we’re all used to you there’s also Amazon Canada there’s also Amazon
Japan there’s also Amazon Germany in UK in Mexico so what if I was to look at
products on those different markets and see maybe if it’s a market that’s just
that’s already big in that in Japan but it’s just coming up in the US right
maybe it’s already a huge market it’s already a huge product in Mexico but
it’s just getting popularity in the US so what I did was I went to Amazon
new-release Japan there you go so the beauty of
technology I was saying is that they will translate it for you so you don’t
have to learn a new language to do this right so Google will translate it and
then boom it’s just like regular Amazon there you go you will notice that some
of the translations are kind of funny but for the most part it’s the same
stuff so what you’re going to do here is you’re going to go and do the same thing
so go to pet supplies right you’re going to scroll in here look what is that
probably a food bowl but if you’re gonna see stuff that you just wouldn’t see in
America sometimes right and I have found plenty of products doing exactly this
and again you can go through the subcategories and kind of click through
and and try to find products that you think are interesting elevated cooling
pet bed so I would click onto the elevated cooling pet bed right and I
want to mention sometimes with this you have to just kind of word it yourself
because some of the translation will be funky
go back to elevated cooling pet bed right and there you go there’s a
same exact product and I would not have found this product on the new release of
the US market place right so this is a web generate India so now again let’s
drop the drop down and see what it looks like and this one is fancy is like a
couch over there that’s pretty crazy it’s a bougie dog so elevated cooling
pet and the rent look for the search volume right maybe that’s not the right
search term so estimated search volume is pretty low so let’s click on this so
it’ll be a cooling pet bed and then raise dog bed dog caught right so there
is an example of you always thought this was the word but it’s not so it’s
actually dog call you can see estimated value right its highest one so a dog
caught pet caught 2000 so now we’re gonna look at dog caught and we’re gonna
now pull the drop down and we’re gonna see the accurate results of the actual
market because the one we searched before the viral launch is only showing
the results for that search term which was elevated cooling pet bed when really
there’s way more sellers there and more sellers are probably targeting this
because it is the main keyword of the main search from that people are looking
for when they’re trying to buy this product all right so we got a four out
of five product ideas who are from violence and that’s just giving you an
idea of hey viral based on violence metrics they think this would be a hot
product we product to launch but again you don’t want to place too much weight
in this kind of automated system or you look at is the reviews and the sale so
you can see these guys have a lot of review so these are they about Liars
right and that’s not too much of concern if there’s a few guys who are really
killing the market what you want to see is what what happens after those guys
right so where can you fit in it anyone in the middle ground who are still doing
well like 72 reviews $36,000 right five reviews four thousand dollars 21 reviews
$7,000 all right so this actually seems interesting right so I would keep on
looking and keep on validating this process as product as we go but this
would be an example of a product I would just okay cool add that to my list my
excel sheet and then keep on looking keep on looking and then at the end of
the week would go through and validate all these products right so there you go
we’re out the bat from the the Thanos method we found a product that could be
one look at this one this dog is living life man like this guy has got it
figured out he’s got it caught he’s got an umbrella so that is a way of
differentiation right so you can see I bet you this guy and this guy are the
ones who are doing really well because they’re not just selling the basic cot
right they’re selling this one looks like a couch they’re selling this one so
the dog can sit outside and be covered in the tent so look for ways to be
different and stand out all right so the next one is one that’s very effective
but it’s a little more boring than the You Tube method or the Japan method but
I would not say I would suggest definitely using it because it is very
effective because it is Amazon’s own data and whenever you can get Amazon’s
own data you can you know those kind of statistics and that those data points
are very valuable right so this is just autocomplete the autocomplete method so
what you’re going to do is you’re going to literally just type anything and you
let it okay say it’s an H and what Amazon is doing now is they are giving
you suggestions based on the letter that you type and the other thing why is
Amazon doing this what is Amazon really what is Amazon they’re they’re the
ultimate sales machine they are trying to increase revenue in trying to
increase sales so they know that when people type H these are the results that
are typically searched that generate a sale right so these are they’re trying
to hey hey is this what you mean right because they want to make it easy for
you to purchase a product based on the statistic and the data that they have so
now you know that these are highly searched highly in demand and probably
have a lot of purchases okay so hydro flasks like what is that is that just a
flask for water I don’t know it is just a flask for water i I would usually call
that a fucking water bottle but I guess Amazon wants to call it a hydro flask
right so maybe that is different I don’t know but that’s something where I would
never in ten thousand years think about that search term right so that is what
we’re doing then you’re gonna go ahead and pull the drop down again and see if
a hydro flask is good to sell and how it differs from a water bottle if you
figure that out please let me know now the next thing and icing ones methods
that you don’t they just stop at H you don’t have to be like H and then oh man
that’s nothing what you can do is type another letter okay now you got a whole
nother set of words right so you can click from here or you can go like
half-half linear slippers woman what’s that is that a brand
I don’t know right so you this is where you’re clicking on things
and you’re just finding things that are suggested to you by Amazon by typing a
bunch of words now the thing about this method is that it can be easy to get
lost like you do eight you do a UW just typing random letters on the keyboard
keyboard right and then you know you’ve been an hour and then you actually end
up start typing the same things again you’re like shoot like what is that
right clean of moles boom cleaning moles they are keys okay so
this is how you’re generating ideas because the whole part about that about
Amazon FBA product research is getting ideas that is impossible to think of
like what you don’t what you don’t know you don’t know you can’t think of
something that your mind can’t comprehend or conceive of right unless
you just have it given to you so you want to make sure when you’re doing is
method keep it organized right so I will start at literally eight and then I’ll
go I’ll just go through the keyboard aq right aw a e AR 18 I’m just going across
the keyboard and then if I find nothing then I’ll go again
a Q and then I’ll start at aq and then or I’ll start aw and then I’ll go
through Q Bert en aw e right AWR aw t aw y aw aw I and then you just keep on
going keep on going and there’s literally so many combinations of things
that you can type in and get different results so another thing you can do is
type descriptive words right so big right so you big and then press space
and then what you do is you do the end so now that you have a descriptor word
you can really start over so Big W Big E big R big T right Big D and then you
search a Big D you delete your history and you start all over again so that is
that and that is the auto fulfill method or the autocomplete method okay and it’s
a really cool way to generate new ideas next method okay while we’re here this
is a kind of a cool way to generate is and this is what I like to use actually
when I already kind of found a market that I like so let’s say we go to what
was that thing called a pet caught dog caught right so we we go to dog caught
so dog caught and now we’re here and now that you’re thinking hey maybe this is a
cool market maybe there’s like some other items what I’ll do is I’ll go into
the reviews okay so you’ll go into the reviews this is a nice way to see if
someone likes the dog caught what other interests do they have so go into the
reviews every dog owner should get this right rescue dog wants so she’s a
hardcore dog fan so now you’ll click on to this person’s profile right and now
you can actually see all the products that she’s bought right Avengers
Assemble USB charger you can kind of get an idea over this customer so the
customer that would buy a dog caught right and give it a raven review what
are they buying so here you go so she has a cat two best feline friend
green thing portable folding pet tent this girl takes her dogs camping she has
dog cots she has dog tents and now we can go folding
pet tent search that into Amazon right boom there’s an entire market of folding
pet tents that we didn’t know existed right and that is all just from finding
a review off this person because when you’re looking for products trying to
discover ok what should I even you know how should I
differentiate my product how can I make this product better and maybe I can
bundle it maybe I can increase the perceived value of my offer by adding a
bundle this is what I like to look at people that bought the product and see
what are they buying right what are these customers what’s they customer
profile who am i selling this to alright there you go you see the dog card again
and then you can go back and just keep scrolling through her profile or you
know go back and click on another person’s profile and see what they’re
looking at and here you go again ceramic Big Macs pet fountain so there’s
a fountain for your pet so there you go there’s another method of generating top
of the funnel idea than digging deeper to look at find interesting products to
sell all right so now the sixth method for finding
is kind of similar to the looking at the customer profile but now you’re looking
at this seller profile sir you’re looking at the sellers storefront so you
can actually go in to say a seller of a product click on their storefront and
see what else they’re selling now this is kind of the same idea right getting
ideas of what are these people doing you can see here it’s all pet stuff it’s all
like a bunch of different types of fountains let’s go back a little bit so
here’s the dog caught seller right so let’s go to pause and pals so pause and
pals and here you go they have an entire storefront of products that you can look
through so now it says kind of the same thing as the new release method right
you’re looking for the product they have that maybe have seemed like to have
lower competition these like they all seem like they have great pet products
they’re selling well so where is a product you can sneak into
and maybe do well or just keep on clicking on things that you think are
interesting like this leash for dogs for when you’re biking right so hands-free
bicycle dog leash bicycle dog leash I’ll go ahead and grab that and you know
you’ve now just understand the process right so bicycle dog leashes some of
them are 60 bucks for that one is 100 bucks so this market is a wild rights
but you get the idea you’re clicking it’s just different sellers storefronts
well you may be when you find a product that you like click it to the store
click to the some of the reviews see the profiles then go ahead and click to the
storefronts okay now the last method on this list lucky number seven is one that
a lot people are talking about a lot of people overlook and think it’s like a
vanilla method it’s a kind of a vanilla way to find products and you’re not
going to find anything there but really majority of my products have been found
through this simple way of looking at products okay so this is through the web
app so the violent web app we’ve been using violence market intelligence this
whole time right and we were here to look at keywords and they have a whole
suite of things that they have so they have keyword and market related keyword
intelligence keyword research sorry competitor intelligence listing builder
and all these things but what we’re going to use here is product discovery
so product discovery is the tool that you can use to actually literally
discover products is what is what it’s called products covered right so now
what you’re doing here is you’re going through here click on product you fill
out which categories you want to look through you fill out your filters so
you’re looking for at least 300 reviews a month just for example right you’re
looking for a product between 18 and 39 bucks a review count of elite of 120 or
less and a minimum revenue of $7000 now you just
click show me the products and boom just like magic voila you have a bunch of
products to look through and you have literally pages and pages and pages of
products if you don’t have again bar launch you know where to get it if you
want a 15% discount for life I’ll show you popular result warnings
and kind of get an idea of the monthly sales everything here right the BS are
the monthly sales the price and you’re just literally clicking through clicking
through until you see something interesting and the nice thing about
market intelligence is that when you see a product that you think it’s
interesting you can just go here if you want Amazon it’ll take you there then
you can grab this thing right grab the main keyword search it and then press
the viral market intelligence drop down or you can just click here the market
intelligence and it’ll show the market intelligence but it’s only to show you
for that one product okay and then if you think that the product you want you
want to keep it keep track of you can go ahead and pin that product and that
product is gonna be in your pinned product so you can come back later you
don’t have to just make a big excel sheet you can just keep all your
products inside your history your pinned area so you know exactly what you looked
at especially if you you know you’re doing product research every day for an
entire month or whatever they can go back and see okay there’s a map in
product you can kind of track them through the web app okay so those are
the top seven ways to find products on Amazon I promise you if you just pick
one of these and you stick to it you will find your next hot profitable
product and you will be able to feast for the rest of your life if you want to
find out how to validate products click that video right over there
or if you want to just join my free limited seat masterclass where I’m gonna
show you how I was able to go from my high school dropout with no education no
money no nothing to being able to make a six-figure on Amazon in my first six
months they can duplicate that exact process click the bottom link right
there again that’s only doing that for a little for a little while longer and
there are limited seats available so join and register for that if you want
to see what I have to show you there alright that’s it i’m JC Franco you are
an empire builder and don’t forget your empire oh wait
I am a to be

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Have you ever wondered why it feels like you’re not getting a lot of meaningful stuff done in your Amazon business, even though you’ve been running around like a crazy person all day? Ever felt like your to-do list is ever growing and you have no idea if one, you’ll ever get to it, or two, why you even put it in there in the first place? Hey guys, it’s Isaac and Kirsty here and we wanted to try to give you a quick training on how we believe you can multiply your productivity by three times your current level, in just three days. Because we have done it ourselves in our business, and we know the power it has to help you get unstuck. So make sure to watch this video to the end, so you can see how you can take part in the challenge. (soft lighthearted music) So as entrepreneurs and Amazon sellers, we are bombarded with many latest tips, tricks, strategies, tools, et cetera, that are gonna take our business to the next level. And what do we do? We just blindly add it to our to-do list or get to it later list. And not only fill up our notebooks, but also fill up our heads with clutter that would even make a hoarder scream. It makes us feel good if we’re busy, but just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean to say you’re getting the right things done. If you’re too busy, that can severely destruct your growth because you’re not thinking clearly enough about what you should be doing, versus the massive to-do list that you’ve actually set for yourself. So if you wanna win big as an entrepreneur and as an Amazon seller, you need to do things radically differently. Continuing to attempt to make your crazy busyness work for you, by doing the same things with more gritted teeth than gusto, is the definition of insanity. Now, one of our coaches, Peter Shallard, that came up with this exercise to get over this madness, and it’s one of the most simplest things you can do to radically change the way that you approach your business and your sanity. Once I employed this, I was amazed at how much more productive I became and how much clearer everything was. So here it is, it’s called The Reverse To-Do List. Now, what does this actually mean? Well this exercise is about bringing exactly how you use your time into your conscious awareness. So this is a little bit like when you document your food intake, so I’m sure a few of you have done that before. You realize that oh I eat healthy actually means I didn’t realize I was eating a donut every other day. You’ll realize exactly what you’re spending your time on, so you know what to do less of and more of in the future. And ultimately, the Reverse To-Do List returns you to a state of prioritized, high leverage focus. Yeah Kirsty, so let’s first talk about how this actually works. So step one, instead of diligently writing lists of things to do and proudly checking them off, or not, as the case may be, you keep a retrospective log book of what was actually done. So it’s essentially like a log of everything that you did that day and everything that happened that day. Yeah, it’s like a journal or something, like a diary you keep of your actual productivity, right? And then step two is actually to bullet-point out exactly what you did, not what you wanted to do. Not what you thought about doing, not what you wish you did. The goal is to produce a totally dispassionate record of action taken. No emotions, people. Just write down what you did. And then step three is to update the list multiple times a day. So this can be as small as you actually want it, but what we recommend you do is checking in with yourself every hour. And remember guys, honesty and self awareness is key. You’re not gonna whip yourself with this one, okay? Just be as honest as you can with yourself. And step four basically is to do this for three to seven days. Now, we’re gonna give you a three day challenge coming up, but you’re also gonna wanna include weekends. Now we’re not saying to not have fun in your life, but you need to be able to understand what you’re doing with your time, so that way you can understand how to be more productive with your time. So now let’s talk about the outcome. You’ll actually start to gain instant productivity optimization. The self awareness will hit you instantly. By majoring the time used, it will naturally modify your behavior. You’ll feel guilty about documenting that 30 minutes you spent scrolling through social media, so you’ll find that you won’t allow yourself to scroll through social media as much anymore. So here’s our three day challenge to you. It’s the smallest commitment you’ll ever see. Every day, we want you to document what you do for the next three days. Do this every hour for the best results. On day two, we want you to pick one thing from day one that you wanna stop doing, and stop doing it. That’s it, simply stop doing that action daily from now on. On day three, pick one more thing from day two that you wanna stop doing, and if it’s something you can outsource, create a step by step guide, a training guide, and post a job on for somebody else to take it over. If it’s something that you can simply just stop doing, again, just stop doing it. And when you actually go through this process, what you’re gonna typically find is that number one, you’re probably gonna be spending a lot of leisure time, so doing things that you don’t actually enjoy doing, which is kinda weird, ’cause it’s leisure. But generally these are habits that you’ve got into. This is probably the most common. So what you’ll find is that you’ve probably spent six hours in the last week consuming different types of media. So social media, Instagram, Netflix, et cetera. Now, things that you’re mindlessly doing without actually enjoying it. So the solution for this is to deliberately unplug all notifications and allocate time to do that stuff. So allocate time to look at Facebook, email, and also Netflix. And just see how much time you actually get back. And the next thing you’ll typically find is that a small handful of responsibilities or people eat up the majority of your time. Such as calling Seller Central, answering customer service emails, chasing after those one star reviews. Solution? Get someone else to do those things. And that’s why we talk about outsourcing. Then number three, what you’ll find is that the best work you do actually takes longer than you think. So think of things like product research, business planning, creating listings. So most of us feel that we can just knock these off in about an hour, but that’s generally not the case. So the solution to this is allocate the right amount of time to do the big stuff that’s actually gonna drive your business forward. And make sure that you actually mark time in your calendar to get that stuff done. And you’ll also find that you’re doing way more work than you thought you were. You have so many priorities and projects, that you’re only making a small percent of progress on each, relative to the scope of the goals you have set. Solution: be patient. Ask yourself, is what I’m working on right now going to make me money or save me time? If not, take it off the list or outsource it. And finally, the next thing that you’ll realize is that moving forward on your highest leverage stuff is faster than you realize. So a lot of us have got a tendency to focus on the small stuff. So as we’ve said before, customer service, one star reviews, all that kinda stuff. It’s really because we’re actually fearful of tackling the bigger projects. Like choosing great products and launching them to drive our business forward. But you know the feeling, it’s when you’re procrastinating something big and important and you’re just lusting after the whole uninterrupted morning to sink your teeth into it. So the solution for this is to pick the top three things that will drive your business forward in a big way in the next 90 days and just do that. And secondly, get yourself an accountability partner that will check in on you to make sure you stick to your goals. So remember, here’s your challenge. Stop procrastinating, and starting today, document your Reverse To-Do List for the next three days. (lighthearted music) If you liked this training and you’re going to take the challenge, make sure to comment each day below this video, with your results of what you’re cutting out and how much better you feel. 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