How He Makes $35,000 PROFIT Per Month Selling On Amazon FBA (Student Success Story)

I like this because you are so obsessed with
your work. You inspire me. I don’t inspire you. You inspire me. Hey, everyone. Welcome back to my channel today. I have Khylan Davis with me and I am interviewing
Khylan because he is my newest success student from Amazon FBA Winners Course. Khylan’s story is, well, it’s actually really
different than everyone else that I have came across during this Amazon FBA journey. That’s why I am bringing on Khylan today to
share with you his experience and where he is at with his business. And Khylan does Amazon FBA full time now. Let’s hear a little bit about yourself, Khylan. How are you today? I am doing great, I am doing great. How are you? Well, I am good but I feel bad that I have
woken you up so early. I know you work a lot. Yeah, so my name is Khylan Davis. I am 30 years old. I have my own company selling IT services
and I opened my company starting about a year ago. A little over a year ago. Now, I know Khylan sells electronic products
because out of working with IT services. Now, before you guys make assumptions, do
not sell electronics if this is your first product. Never sell electronics if this is your first
product. Khylan’s a little different and we are going
to talk a little bit about that. Why did you choose to sell IT type of products
anyway? You know, the idea that me and my husband
came up with, we were excited and that’s what we wanted to do. We were always pretty tech savvy and that’s
what brought us together. He recently passed away a couple years ago
so I decided to go onto it because it was something I was really passionate about and
it feels like it’s something, it keeps me connected. I know about your loss and I am sorry about
that. And that’s what really inspired me actually
because you were actually selling products that you’re so passionate about. And usually with new sellers, I always tell
them, “don’t follow your passion, you have to follow where the numbers is.” If there’s money to be made within a product
then you should source that product. Don’t follow your passion for a product. This is exactly why I wanted to bring you
onto my channel because you are so passionate about your products and I really love the
story that you told me about you and your husband and just how much work he put into
this before he past. I am sorry for that but I really am happy
about where you are right now. Me too, me too. Currently, right now, I am doing really well. I bring in, my gross is about $85,000 per
month and after adjustments like PPC, pay per clicks, I am bringing home, my net is
$35,000 per month. That’s very impressive and I already knew
how much money you are making but I am sure everybody, every time there are sellers making
money on Amazon FBA, everybody wonders, “okay, how much money are you actually bringing home?” Because obviously, gross money doesn’t mean
anything, right? You can be making, you can be making $500,000
a month but if your profit is really low, that’s no good either. Now, with the PPC and everything, how has
it been because you just launched your third product and that’s been a huge success. It’s been a struggle. You have to be patient with it and really
get the information down. But once you’re patient and you really stick
with it and invest some time into actually learning, it’s one of the best asset that
I have. I agree, I agree because you were struggling
with PPC quite a bit in the beginning and I think that is one of the biggest struggles
with most sellers, right? A lot of people come to me and they say, “Tamara,
I just don’t know how to do my PPC.” And I know for you, you got my PPC course
right after you got my main course, and I was like, “who is this guy? He is just so on the ball with learning things.” How is my courses by the way? Your courses are great. They’re great. You’re extremely knowledgeable and you’re
amazing. And what’s interesting and what’s impressive
to me is how much you know the information and able to break it down to a point where
I can understand. Because I am sort of unique in the way I learn
and I don’t learn like everyone else but you actually able to relay it to me. And when I first saw it, I was kind of nervous. What is this? It looked really high level and involved. However, after our interactions after a little
bit, after a while I had the foundation down and it was like, “wow.” Yeah, I know. You were, you’re not the easiest person to
work with. We, so you guys, me and Khylan, we worked
together very closely the last few months to really get his third product up and running
because his third product meant so much to him. You know, going back to what he built with
his husband and everything, I just thought, “I really have to help this guy make it work.” There was absolutely no excuse and Khylan,
how many hours do you work a day? I know, even with you and I, it’s been a long
journey. Everyday, I am working about 12 to 14 hours
per day. Dude, you work more than me. But you know for me, as long as I am passionate
about it and I am excited about what I do, it just seems like the time just goes by and
I am like, “oh okay, maybe I should stop.” Yeah, and you’re always online and I also
want to thank you for helping other students within my private coaching group, answering
their questions. You’ve been absolutely amazing. You are my right hand. I need help most of the time so I really thank
you for that. Your answers have always been very on spot
as well because you know your stuff and obviously you’re making a lot more money than a lot
of new sellers. I really am happy for you for that. Thank you. Just so you guys know, this is Khylan’s first
time on camera. He’s actually never been on camera so thank
you for taking the time out today to do this interview as well. Now, another question I had was, where is
this all going? What are your goals for the future with Amazon? I know we talked a little bit about expanding
so why don’t we tell the audience a bit about this. Okay, so eventually I want to grow to a point
where I eventually can come off Amazon and maybe start my own enterprise and then I can
expand into services. And who knows where to go from there, maybe
it could be a partnership but that’s pretty far into the future. Right now, I am kind of a one man show. How is it being a one man show? Because I was mostly a one woman show and
that’s probably why you worked so many hours, right? Yup. Are you working on new websites? Are you looking to getting into Target? Or you don’t have to speak too much about
it if you don’t want to. I am looking into getting into a couple of
new ventures. I test the waters first, learn as much as
I can for it and see, “I don’t think I can use this.” Then I’ll find something and you know, you
just get that spark. You just get that spark. How, what is the hardest thing about this
entire journey? Because making $30,000, over $30,000 a month
in profit is a lot of money to a lot of us. What was the hardest part about making that
happen? Pretty much the process itself. It’s, you know as you said, I don’t learn
the easiest. So I went into it with almost no information. The hardest part is trying to take the information
and knowledge or creative idea in your head and sort of spin it around to make it into
a viable, sellable product. Bring it to life? Bring it to life, bring it to life because
you know, as long as it is in your head, you can’t even describe it to someone. It’s just an idea. That has been the hardest part. The hardest part was pretty much getting enough
information to be able to spin the information around to create a product and bring that
product to life. Yeah, and I know how much work you put into
this because your products are very unique and they are electronics. They’re a little fragile. And I don’t want to give your product away
but you’ve just spent so much time and energy on this. I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown. It’s been a little over a year and it was
just like… I am glad we met each other though, you found
me on YouTube and everything. One moment, one moment. Sorry about that. No, that’s fine. Always busy. A little off topic on what we were talking
about. You stay up so late to talk to your suppliers
as well. You’re just, what time do you even wake up? I am wake probably around 6:30 every morning. That’s early. Yeah. But on the other side of the country, the
sun rises pretty early so I am up with the sun. Yeah okay, well that is great. I thought I always had problems waking up
early in the morning. It takes a while to get used to. It’s not easy. Yeah, of course. So what are the plans for Christmas? I know we talked a little bit about that. I wanted to talk a little bit about Christmas
right now because it’s coming. I know it’s summertime but you guys, it’s
time for Q4. Have you been prepping for it? How’s that been? Yeah, I am already prepping for Christmas
because you know Christmas is always a crazy time of year. I am surprised we don’t already have Christmas
decorations up already. However, I am already preparing for it because
I know it’s going to be a very busy season. In fact, that’s why I am looking to expand
before it gets too crazy. Because once it starts, it doesn’t stop until
months after Christmas. Yeah, I know. How much money are you hoping to make during
Christmas? Double your income? Triple? Quadruple? I am hoping, of course I am hoping to have
that one break through where I can make for an expansion but I am hoping to be around
$100,000 or $120,000, as far as my net profit. You know what, we’re going to make that happen. I am going to help you make that happen. Do not worry. You guys, Q4 is absolutely the most wonderful
time of the year. Your profits will quadruple. I know for me last year, literally, I ran
out of stock in the middle of December. And if I haven’t gone out of stock, I would
have made so much more money. Oh no. I know, and that’s why… you were talking
about Christmas in April. I was like, “what are you doing, it’s so early.” But I know you’re always organized and prepared
so that’s really cool. Yes, and I am always watching, that happened
to that person, that happened to that person, I don’t want that to happen to me. Yeah, exactly and I am always telling people,
“please do your research. Please follow someone, something, get some
training, get some knowledge, before you sell on Amazon.” This is a very serious business and if anything
were to go wrong, myself and Khylan have seen it, you can end up losing a lot of money. Which brings me to my last thing that I wanted
to talk about with you, now I know you got suspended one time with Amazon. How did you resolve that? Okay, so what I did was – yeah, you would
bring that up – I had to get a lawyer and pretty much just be patient and wait for Amazon
to respond. It was a real quick process, I was always
upfront. I was open to learning and the whole process
took less than a month. Sounds about right. Sounds about right because usually people
freak out about this. By the way, I know you didn’t freak out. You are always confident and always working
on something new. But a lot of people freak out after they get
suspended. You could have gotten suspended for something
really serious and Amazon could ban you completely. But with Khylan, he got suspended because
of one little keyword in his product listing. Can you believe it? How much did you pay your lawyer? My lawyer, I paid about $1,000. That was just for the lawyer. However, when you take everything as far as
time off, website, and all the profits I potentially lost, it was a very pricy mistake. Oh yeah, I could imagine because if you’re
making $30,000 a month and then Amazon closes your listing, you’re no longer able to sell…
bye bye profits, right? But it was definitely a learning process. I am definitely smarter because of it. Well, I am glad you got through that. I know that was a while ago but I did want
to just make people aware that whatever you choose to sell on Amazon, do your product
research and guys, it’s so important, please do your research or you could end up losing
a lot of money. Yes, that’s bad. Alright Khylan, I won’t take up much of your
time anymore. I know you have people messaging you in the
background there. But thank you so much for your time. And I am so happy about everything that has
turned out for you. I know you’ve gone through a really rough
patch in your life and everything else. I am just really happy for your success. Thank you, thank you. You’ve been great too. Thanks. Okay guys, if you have any questions for Khylan,
he is in all of my Facebook groups. Please leave us a comment below. We will respond to you and subscribe to my
channel. Give this video a big thumbs up. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye. See ya. Bye.

Why She Quit Selling On Amazon FBA | The Truth About Amazon

Hey, everyone. Welcome back to my channel today. I have Caeleah here with me today. Hi, guys. How’s it going? How are you today? I’m good. So I have Caeleah because she is another successful
online female entrepreneur and she used to sell on Amazon FBA. And she is here today to share with you some
good insights about what went on in her Amazon FBA business and why she no longer is selling
on Amazon. I know there’s a lot of people on YouTube
that talk about, you know, the glamour and the money and the “ooh it’s so cool”, just
all the pros. But we are here to share with you all the
cons and pros of what happened in Caeleah’s journey. Kind of take the pros and kind of take the
cons and then into pros. Yeah, so let’s get started. By the way, we will tell you about why Caeleah
decided to quit Amazon FBA. That’ll be further, later on in this video. So just sit back and enjoy. Caeleah, how did you hear about Amazon FBA? Oh, by the way you guys, we met on Instagram. We met on Instagram when she slid into my
DMs. Yup. Because I’ve always wanted to connect with
like minded females. It’s so hard. It is very hard meeting people who have the
same mindset and are on the same hustle as you. Yup, and I feel really grateful because we
live in the same city. I feel like even when you connect with other
female entrepreneurs, they’re always like in Austin, Texas, or New York, or LA. And they’re always super far away. The fact that we live in the same city is
awesome and we’re able to do this video. Yeah, and a lot of my best friends that I’ve
met throughout my entrepreneur journey are online. They’re in San Francisco. They’re in Australia. It’s really nice to have her here. Totally. How did you hear about Amazon FBA? Let’s start with that. Yeah, so basically it was 2 years ago, I was
living in downtown Seattle. I had a 9 to 5 job and I was working in a
dental office. And which I thought was awesome at the time. I loved the job when I first got hired. I got a new apartment. I thought everything was great and quickly
over time, I realized I actually hated it. It was under new management so that was super
crappy. I felt like the dentist was belittling me
because I was under them, you know, with the whole corporate ladder thing. And so one day, I heard a customer talking
about passive income and how they’re making money without actually spending the time to
do it. And so that evening, I went home, typed in
“passive income” on YouTube and basically, the rest was history. Multiple things popped up but Amazon FBA was
the one thing that caught my eye and I was watching a ton of people. But eventually I bought a course and I think
that was a huge factor for me because finding the right course and the right mentor is huge
because if you do it correctly, it saves you a ton of time. A ton of money. A ton of mistakes. Yeah, and anyone who is watching me right
now, I was exactly in the same situation as Caeleah. I worked a 9 to 5 corporate job for the last
10 years of my life and I didn’t realize throughout my whole 20s that there was a much bigger
world out there that you can actually… Yeah, you don’t even know. And, I mean, we work everyday. Don’t get us wrong. Yeah, we don’t work less. Yeah, we don’t work, definitely, we do not
work less. But having your own business has become part
of a lifestyle for us now that instead of commuting to work and sitting in an office
working for someone else, we just work in the comfort of our own homes, anywhere around
the world. To me, that is a really big accomplishment
and I am so happy that you have accomplished that as well. We’re going to dive a little deeper about
your Amazon journey. So how much money were you making? Was it enough to sustain yourself? Yup. Just how was it like for the average person? I can’t imagine you making that much money
at your office job. For me, I made $3,200 after taxes. And Amazon FBA can totally override that. Totally, yeah. So my goal from the beginning was that I kind
of knew that Amazon wasn’t my passion. But I knew it was a great gateway into online
entrepreneurship. And so my goal wasn’t to make a ton of money
or have multiple products and scale it. It was more so to optimize my time efficiently
and make enough money so I can get by and use the remaining hours of free time to discover
other avenues and find out what my passion really is. And what you’re good at, right? Yeah, exactly. Amazon was a great gateway but I knew it wasn’t
my passion and that’s how I found my new passion now. And that’s why I quit. Was it hard to quit your 9 to 5 job? How was the transition from having a boss
to figuring out what you have to do by yourself working on Amazon FBA? How was… I definitely wasn’t ready. I didn’t get fired. I don’t any of us are ever ready. Yeah, that’s the thing is that you’re never
ready but as long as you don’t have a family you have to look over or as long as you have
savings, be smart about it but yeah, I definitely wasn’t ready but I still quit. I just couldn’t do it anymore for my mental
sanity. It was just so much better after I quit. I feel like it was kind of invigorating because
it just lit a fire under my ass to figure my stuff out. It forces you to get out there. It’s like you have no choice. A lot of people that I coach and I mentor
who do still have their 9 to 5 job, I know immediately, you should be quitting your job
if you really need the time, right? Because you’re constantly trading time for
money at your 9 to 5 job but you’re not happy about it, it’s not fulfilling you. You’re miserable and then you come home, you’re
tired. You don’t want to work on Amazon. It’s just not worth it. Yeah, even when you have a 9 to 5 and you
clock off, you get home and you’re so physically exhausted that you don’t even have the mental
capacity to even look for other avenues. So you’re just in this repeating cycle of… Actually speaking about that, that’s exactly
how I lost $20,000. When I first started and I have a YouTube
video about this topic, I’ll link it up here. But basically I lost a lot o money in the
beginning of my online business because I was still at my 9 to 5 job and I didn’t have
that mental sanity there. That focus there where I can actually spend
time on my business. Yeah. And I was mentally drained and I was being
a smart ass, “oh, I could do it myself, I don’t need a course, I don’t need a mentor”,
and everything… I fell flat on my face. Yeah, like what you said earlier, you can
have a winning product but if your mindset isn’t there, the profit won’t be either. It won’t sustain itself. You have to, it’s a constant battle with yourself
when you are running your own business selling on Amazon FBA because there’s a lot of responsibility,
right? Totally. Yeah, I think time management was huge. You don’t have anyone there telling you, “okay,
this is when you start, this is when you end, you have to do this, here’s your lunch break”. It’s really up to you. If you don’t wake up and you’re not working
on your business every single day, nothing is going to move forward. Yeah, so how much money did you make on Amazon
per month? Yeah, since my goal wasn’t to scale it. Obviously, I wasn’t making a ton of money
but it was just enough for my lifestyle to find my passion that I have right now. But on my best months, I was making around
$7,000 to $8,000. That’s really good. Because when I first started, my goal, it
wasn’t even about the money as well. For me, it was, “if I am just making enough
to cover my 9 to 5 job pay check, I felt like I was on top of the world.” Yeah, you’re already winning because you have
so much free time. That’s the biggest thing. Yeah, you’re making as much money as you are
in your 9 to 5 but you’re not slaving away for 8 hours a day. And then with that free time, once you have
your products up and running, you can then look for other avenues like what Caeleah did
and took on her passion. Yeah, so Amazon is a great starting point. It’s a great gateway into entrepreneurship,
for sure. What did you not like about Amazon? Let’s talk about that. Oh man, okay. So obviously waiting for shipment to arrive,
waiting for suppliers to get back to you, those are all really frustrating. But usually you do things around that to fix
it. But I think the biggest issue with Amazon
that a lot of people don’t realize, unless you have a great mentor to tell you, is that
your customers on Amazon aren’t your customers. They’re Amazon’s customers. The only way to make them your customers is
to pull them off Amazon and have an emailing list, your own website, to capture their own
info. Yeah, and that’s exactly what I teach in my
course. I know the importance of getting your own
customers. The longevity of it. Yup. And of course in the beginning, they’re all
Amazon’s customers towards your 1, 2, or 3 products that you have. But eventually, what you want to do, is get
off Amazon. Maybe you have your own Shopify store. Maybe you have your own website. Maybe even your little own fulfillment centre,
hiring VAs to do customer service. Hiring virtual assistants to take care of
that. The whole thing can blow up if you allow it
to and have the right mindset and just focus to really make it happen. Yeah, you definitely don’t want to put all
your eggs into one basket but if you do, you want to make sure you’re holding your basket
because Amazon is holding your basket. You want to be prepared to make sure that
doesn’t happen. Yeah, which is another really good, another
really important thing you guys should know, whenever you’re selling online, you have to
check for trademarks, patents. And that’s a lot of what coaches should be
teaching you. That’s what I teach everyone that I coach. I always make sure, is your product different? All of the things you kind of overlook when
you’re first starting out. Looks like there were a lot of frustrations. How did that kind of lead up to, you said
you were selling for 2 years, right? Yeah. How did that lead up to you saying, “okay,
Amazon is not for me.” What did it? Because it’s not the money. It wasn’t about the money, the money was there. Totally, yeah. I think if you do Amazon correctly, the money
is definitely there. You can have longevity from it but for me,
it just wasn’t calling my name. For me, fitness, fitness and health has always
been my passion. But I never really knew a way to make money
from it until recently. So now, the reason why I am quitting Amazon
is because I found a way to monetize fitness and entrepreneurship in one. So now I train other female entrepreneurs
to better, you know, work performance, energy output in their business, obviously like weight
loss, muscle gain, but mainly it’s just for creating more energy that they can then funnel
into their business. That is so important. We’re a little off topic about Amazon but
I wanted to talk about the importance of actually staying focused and putting your energy into
what you should be… oh, it’s so important! Yeah, because a lot of people, they come to
me and they’re like, “Tamara, I really spend time on this, I have a 9 to 5 job, I do spend
2 hours a night on this, why am I not seeing growth?” Because it’s not efficient. Yeah, maybe because your hustle and your work
and your hard work and your efforts, are put into something that is not allowing the growth. Yeah, exactly. You can be spending hours, endless hours on
your business, but is it really that’s going to bring you to the next level? What are the power moves? Once you identify those, and then you optimize
them, it’s more efficient, for sure. Even for myself, I have trouble sleeping sometimes,
that’s why I hired Caeleah to help me with improving my sleep and my mental health because
if you are not in good shape with your own self, your own body, your own mind, you are
not going to succeed. No one talks about this. They always talk about strategy. They always talk about the grind mentality. Work till you die. So dead, by the way. It really all starts up here which took me
months to learn. Yeah, totally. I think, kind of what we said earlier with
running an Amazon business, you can have a winning product but if your mindset isn’t
there. It’s not going to last. Your profit will not be there either. It takes a while for you to shift your paradigm
and really open up a new mindset. I’ve also seen situations where my students
will have a winning product but then there’s a lot of other things that get in the way
and then they start losing sales and losing steady income. And that can happen if you are not constantly
concentrated on a specific area in your business that can make it grow, that can make it sustainable,
right? So it all goes back to mindset, your health,
your availability to make it happen. No, exactly, yeah. I think I may have one last question before
we get off here. Nope, I cannot find it. It’s going to be fine. No, we’re good. I don’t want to pause this video. Okay, anyways, thank you Caeleah so much for
your time. I am extremely happy to have met you and learn
about, you know. I love talking to other female entrepreneurs,
especially females because I am sure you guys have seen so many males on YouTube. Shopify dropshipping. Amazon FBA. What else is there? Bitcoin. Is that still a thing now? Trading stock. Forex. So we’re here to change the game, okay? We want to lead other female entrepreneurs
to really successfully build their businesses from the ground up and Amazon FBA is a really
good stepping stone. We really need more female entrepreneurs. I know for me, my client base for my consulting
program is only females. And it’s just so small. It’s so refreshing. It’s really nice working with women entrepreneurs. It’s really inspiring. Awesome. Okay guys, if you enjoyed this video, please
help me give it a big thumbs up. If you have questions, leave me a comment
in the comment box below. Subscribe to my channel and I’ll see you guys
in the next video.

“I’ve MADE billions of dollars of FAILURES” – Jeff Bezos’s (@JeffBezos) Top 10 Rules Volume 2

– I’ve made billions
of dollars of failures, at Literally billions of dollars of failures. It’s easy to have ideas; it’s very hard to turn an idea
into a successful product. Do something you’re very passionate about. And don’t try to chase what is kind of the hot passion of the day. (whoosh) – He’s best known as the
founder, chairman, and CEO of He’s also the founder of Blue Origin, a human space flight company. He’s currently listed as
the third wealthiest person in the world, with a net
worth of $72.8 billion. He’s Jeff Bezos, and here’s my take on his
Top Ten Rules of Success, Volume Two. Also guys, as you’re watching, if you hear something that
really resonates with you, please leave it down
in the comments below, and put quotes around it, so other people can be inspired. Also when you write it down, it’s much more likely to
lock into yourself as well. Enjoy. (whoosh) (inspirational music) (whoosh) – My job, one of my jobs
as the leader of Amazon, is to encourage people to be bold. And people love to focus on
things that aren’t yet working. And that’s good, that’s human nature, that kind of divine discontent
can be very helpful. But it’s incredibly hard to
get people to take bold bets. And you need to encourage that. And if you’re going to take bold bets, they’re going to be experiments. And if they’re experiments, you don’t know ahead of time
that they’re going to work. Experiments are, by their
very nature, prone to failure. But big successes, a few big successes, compensate for dozens and dozens
of things that didn’t work. So bold bets AWS, Kindle, Amazon Prime, our third party seller business. All of those things are examples
of bold bets that did work, and they pay for a lot of experiments. I’ve made billions of dollars
of failures at Literally, billions of
dollars of failures. You might remember, or Cozmo. I’d give myself a root canal
with no anesthesia very easily. None of those things are fun. But they also don’t matter. What really matters, is companies that don’t
continue to experiment, companies that don’t embrace failure, they eventually get in
the desperate position, where the only thing they can do is make a kind of Hail Mary bet at the very end of their
corporate existence. Whereas companies that are, you know, making bets all along, even big bets, but not a bet the company bets. I don’t believe in bet the company bets. That’s when you’re desperate. That’s the last thing you can do. (whoosh) We know, from our past experiences, that big things start small. The biggest oak starts from an acorn. And if you want to do anything new, you’ve got to be willing
to let that acorn grow into a little sapling, and
then finally into a small tree, and then maybe one day, it’ll
be a big business on its own. – And in fact, that’s one of your mottos for one of your initiatives. And forgive my pronunciation in Latin, but gradatim ferociter. What does that mean to you? – Well, it means step by step ferociously. And it’s the motto for Blue Origin. Basically, you can’t skip steps, you have to put one foot
in front of the other, things take time, there are no shortcuts. But you want to do those steps
with passion and ferocity. (whoosh) I think probably our most important piece of intellectual property
is our brand name. And I think this is very important for anybody who’s going
to start a company, or marketing invention to understand, is that brands for companies are like reputations for people. And reputations are
hard-earned and easily lost So, the most important
intellectual property that a company can have, is for us, it’s Amazon. It’s that name, but what it stands for. We work very hard to earn trust. You can’t ask for trust, you just have to do it the
hard way, one step at a time. You make a promise, and
then fulfill the promise. You say “we’ll deliver
this to you tomorrow,” and we actually deliver it tomorrow. (laughing) And if you do that over and over again, then it ultimately, you can
instill your company’s name with the reputation. And that’s, I think, sometimes
people talk about brands in this very amorphous way. But for me, I like to
think of it as a person, and what is the reputation
that that person has, and how have they earned that reputation? (whoosh) I think stress, you can be, one of the things that’s very
important to note about stress is that stress primarily
comes from not taking action over something that you
can have some control over. So, if I find that some particular thing is causing me to have stress, that’s a warning flag for me. What it means is, there’s something that I haven’t completely identified, perhaps in my conscious mind, that is bothering me, and I haven’t yet taken any action on it. I find, as soon as I identify it, and make the first phone call, or send off the first email message, or whatever it is that we’re going to do to start to address that situation, even if it’s not solved, the mere fact that we’re addressing it, dramatically reduces any
stress that might come from it. So stress comes from ignoring things that you shouldn’t be ignoring,
I think in large part. So stress doesn’t come. People get stress wrong all
the time, in my opinion. Stress doesn’t come from
hard work, for example. You can be working incredibly
hard, and loving it. Likewise, you can be out of work, and incredibly stressed, over that. And likewise, if you kind
of use that as an analogy for what I was just talking about, if you’re out of work, but you’re going through
a disciplined approach of a series of job interviews and so on and are working to remedy that situation, you’re going to be a lot less stressed than if you’re just worrying
about it and doing nothing. (whoosh) If you’re giving great
customer experience, and the only way to do
that is with happy people. You can’t do it with a
set of miserable people, watching the clock all day. – So does that include work-life balance, and all those things? – Yes, but I teach three
leadership classes a year at Amazon, well part of
it, they’re bigger classes but I come in and teach a session. And I always talk about work-life balance, except I like to use the
phrase work-life harmony, rather than balance, because to me, balance
implies a strict trade, whereas, I find that,
when I am happy at work, I come home more energized,
I’m a better husband, a better dad. And when I’m happy at home,
I come in a better boss, and better colleague. You can be out of work, and have terrible work-life balance. Even though you’ve got
all the time in the world, you can just feel like, oh my
god, you know, I’m miserable, and you would be draining energy. And so you have to find that harmony, it’s a much better word. And I think for most people, it’s about meaning. People want to know that
they’re doing something interesting and useful. And for us, because of the challenges that
we have chosen for ourselves, we get to work in the future. And it’s super fun to work in the future, for the right kind of person. (whoosh) It’s easy to have ideas. It’s very hard to turn an idea
into a successful product. There are a lot of steps in between, it takes persistence, relentlessness. So, I always tell people who think they want to be entrepreneurs, you need a combination of
stubborn relentlessness, and flexibility. And you have to know when to be which. And basically you need to
be stubborn on your vision, because otherwise it’ll
be too easy to give up. But you need to be very
flexible on the details. Because as you go along
pursuing your vision, you’ll find that some of your
pre-conceptions were wrong. And you’re going to need to be
able to change those things. So I think taking an idea successfully all the way to the market and turning it into a real
product that people care about really improves people’s lives. It’s a lot of hard work. (whoosh) I had some family role models,
and I had some other people, you know some sort of
historical role models that I looked at too. So certainly my grandfather was
a serious role model for me. I just had spent so much time, you learn different
things from grandparents than you learn from parents. I would encourage anybody
to try to spend time not only with their parents,
but with their grandparents. And I also had two people
I always would read about were Thomas Edison, and Walt Disney. Those were sort of my
two biographical heroes. (laughing) I’ve always been interested
in inventors and invention. And Edison, of course,
just for a little kid, and probably for adults too, I
still feel this way at least, is not only the symbol of that,
but the actual fact of that. The just incredible inventor. I’ve always felt that
there’s a certain kind of important pioneering that goes on from an inventor like Thomas Edison. And then Disney was a
different sort of thing. He also, a real pioneer and
inventor, and doing new things. But it seemed to me that he
had this incredible capability to create a vision, that he could get a large
number of people to share. Because the things that Disney invented, like Disneyland, the
theme parks, and so on, they were such big visions, that no single individual, unlike a lot of the things
that Edison worked on, no single individual
could ever pull them off. And Walt Disney really was able
to get a big team of people working in a concerted direction. (whoosh) I don’t really remember
the exact day or anything, but when I was in college, is
when I started thinking about wanting to be an entrepreneur someday. So I was not the kid
with the lemonade stand. I wasn’t one of these kids who was always trying to raise money. I always wanted to be a
scientist when I was little. But I’d also always loved computers. I was lucky, ’cause at
my age this was unusual to have access to a mainframe computer from my elementary school
when I was in 4th grade, and quickly learned that
there was a pre-programmed Star Trek game on that computer, so I never did anything
except play Star Trek with that computer, so I don’t
know how formative that was. It certainly helped my Star
Trek knowledge considerably. (audience laughing) But I’ve always loved computers. Somewhere in college, I started
watching some of the people who were setting up college
pizza delivery services, and kind of the core entrepreneurs, and thinking, you know, this looks like a really fun thing to do. (whoosh) Science is a very rare idea, that can be done by a single individual. Almost everything that is
going to change the world, solve a problem, improve something, these are usually big efforts, and they require a team working together to really get something important done. And that has been the story of Every step along the way,
we’ve had a team here that is making this work. Even at the smallest scale, you have to figure out how to
get help from your friends, from your family members,
from people that you can hire in those early days. I think without that, it would never work. (whoosh) Do something you’re very passionate about. And don’t try to chase what
is the hot passion of the day. I think we actually saw this, I think you see it all over the place in many different contexts. I think we saw it in the
Internet world quite a bit, where, at the sort of peak
of the Internet mania, in say 1999, we found people who were very passionate, somebody that kind of left that job, and decided I’m going to do
something in the Internet. Because it’s almost like the
1849 gold rush, in a way. You find that people, you go
back and study the history of the 1849 gold rush. You find that at that time, everybody who was within
shouting distance of California was, they might have been a doctor, but they quit being a doctor, and they started panning for gold. (laughing) And that almost never works. Even if it does work,
according to some metric, financial success, or
whatever it might be. I suspect it leaves you
ultimately unsatisfied. So you really need to be
very clear with yourself, and I think one of the
best ways to do that, is this notion of projecting
yourself forward to age 80, looking back on your life, and trying to make sure you’ve minimized the number of regrets you have. That works for career decisions, it works for family decisions. I have a 14-month-old son, and it’s very easy for me to, if I think about myself when I’m 80, I know I want to watch
that little guy grow up. I don’t want to be 80 and think shoot, I missed that whole thing, and I don’t have the kind
of relationship with my son that I wished I had, and so on and so on. So if you think about that, so I guess another thing that
I would recommend to people, is that they always take
a long-term point of view. And I think this is something about which there’s a lot of controversy. There’s something a lot of people and I’m just not one of them, believe that you should live for the now. I think what you do, is you think about the great
expansive time ahead of you, and try to make sure that
you’re planning for that in a way that is going to
leave you ultimately satisfied. This is just my, this is
the way it works for me. Everybody needs to find
that for themselves. So, I think there are a lot
of paths to satisfaction. And you need to find
one that works for you. (whoosh) – Thank you guys
(inspirational music) so much for watching, I’d love to know what did
you think of this video? And in general what do you think of our Volume Two series? Leave it down in comments below, I’m super curious to find
out what you have to say. Also I’d love to learn, what
did you take from this video? What did you learn from Jeff today? Which clip resonated the most with you, and what are you going to
immediately apply to your life or your business somehow? Please leave it down in the comments, and I’m going to join in the discussion. Finally, I wanted to
give a quick shout out to Carolyn Owens. Thank you so much, Carolyn, for
picking up a copy of my book “Your One Word,” and posting
a picture of it on Twitter. I really really really
appreciate the support, and I hope you’re enjoying the read. So thank you guys so much for watching, I believe in you, I hope you
continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is. Much love, and I’ll see you soon. (whoosh) – The best defense to
speech that you don’t like about yourself, as a public figure, is to develop thick skin. It’s really the only effective defense, because you can’t stop it. You know you are going
to be misunderstood. If you’re doing anything
interesting in the world, you’re going to have critics. If you absolutely can’t tolerate critics, then don’t do anything
new, or interesting. (audience laughing) And then you can insulate yourself. Then think how wonderful your life– – Is that the Bezos principle? – Yeah. Usually people, if you see something, I don’t know, you’re
kind of a public figure, you’ve probably, things have
probably been written about you that you didn’t think were nice. – That’s true. – And, my advice if
you came to me and said “Jeff, somebody wrote this and
it really hurt my feelings. What should I do?” I would say, go stand on a street corner. In a crowded urban area. And watch all the people walk by. And think about what
they’re thinking about. I bet you none of those
people are thinking about you. If you stay on that street corner, and really in your mind, you
can do this thought experiment. Like, okay, there’s a
woman who just walked by. What is she actually thinking about? Maybe what she’s going to
cook for dinner that night. Or the argument that she had
with one of her employees. Or, whatever it is. It’s not about us. – A lot of small book publishers, and other smaller companies, worry that the power of
Amazon, give them no chance. – You’ve got to earn
your keep in this world. When you invent something new, if customers come to the party, it’s disruptive to the old way. – But I mean, there are areas
where your power’s so great, and your margin, you’re
prepared to make it so thin. You can drive people out of business, and you have that kind of strength, and people worry, is Amazon
ruthless in their pursuit of market share? – The Internet is disrupting
every media industry, Charlie. People can complain about that, but complaining is not a strategy. Amazon is not happening to book selling, the future is happening to book selling.

How the “Amazon Effect” is Shutting Down Businesses

– Hey there, Jamie
Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves, myself and my two fellow
co-founders, Jason and Brad, sold over 75 million
dollars last year on Amazon. This year we’re projected to do well over 100 million dollars. And today we wanna talk to
you about a question we get which is when you hear
what is the Amazon effect. So you may have heard of
this, you may have not. There’s a term called the Amazon effect and you’ll hear it thrown out a lot. You’ll hear it in news
articles all the time and they’ll usually talk
about a struggling retailer and the retail industry in total, the traditional brick and mortar business, and the death in large part of the brick and mortar business, not the complete death but for in terms of traditional brick and mortar retails. And they usually, almost every
article that’s referred to, they’ll be reference to the Amazon effect. And the point, what the Amazon effect is is just the impact that the
growth of the Amazon platform and Amazon as a company
has had on changing retail, how things work, how consumer behavior how they acquire goods, purchase goods, how we get physical products. And that’s called the Amazon effect, which is ultimately tied to
the financial performance of these traditional
businesses that can’t survive up against a new model
that’s much more efficient in so many ways, and it’s
actually an understatement to say it’s much more efficient. In the Amazon model, what’s
really unique about it is it allows sellers to
plug into the models. The majority of Amazon products,
over 85% are actually sold by third party sellers selling
through the Amazon platform. So when you buy something from Amazon, you’re typically you know, if you buy, I’m in our warehouse here, but
if you were to buy something off of Amazon, typically
this is not Amazon’s product. This is in this case, if you
bought this you’d be buying our product, this is our product. We’re a third party seller
leveraging the Amazon platform. What Amazon’s doing by
creating the platform, they’ve allowed this
economy, world wide economy basically to flourish
and ecosystem flourish for people to all plug in
and benefit financially of this huge growth of ecommerce. And it’s also a reward to
the customer to be able to get really good products
’cause we’re all competing for really good quality at
a really great price, right? Because you don’t need
all these store fronts and brick and mortars and
teams of customer service and all these things,
when you can just simply order it online, right? And you can sell things
where people can go, point and click on their computer, and even more popular right
now is point and clicking on their phones. So they’re just simply
going to their phone and Amazon makes it incredibly easy, they’re the best at this. If you’ve been to the Amazon app, to buy something at Amazon you could do it in like 15 seconds. Go find your item, click on
it, it’ll be at your doorstep within two days. If not tomorrow or even
maybe in a couple hours by this evening. That is the power of Amazon,
that’s the Amazon effect when we talk about the whole industry. What that means, for one
thing it scares the heck out of competitors. So the really kind of
inefficient, old retailers think of companies like Kmart in the U.S., Sears, those type of retailers, those are kind of the first
to really, really you know, be in a lot of trouble. Those retailers are already in trouble by more efficient
companies like the Walmarts and Targets and Lowe’s and so forth. But really, Amazon scares
the heck out of the biggest retailers so Walmart, which
used to be big bad Walmart that everyone was scared of
Walmart, Walmart, Walmart. Well Walmart is very scared of Amazon and whether they would probably
not use the word scared, that definitely is one of
the appropriate descriptions of how they think of Amazon. Because they know the power of Amazon and the online space is so powerful, that it is really certainly a
threat to Walmart’s existence. So Walmart naturally is trying to compete and that’s why they mimic
some of the platforms they would have. With this Amazon effect,
you know that sellers, it’s so hard to compete
because Amazon’s so far ahead of everybody, they have
this incredible opportunity. There’s so many people that
have made lots and lots of money, and we’ve built
a huge ecommerce business all leveraging the power, the technology, the breath, the marketing
skills, all of Amazon. I mean Amazon if you can
remember way back when, I think it was 1997 Amazon
started out as a book company. Amazon was just selling
books online, right? And then what happened,
you wanna talk about the Amazon effect. Think about Borders books,
when’s the last time you been in one of those? It doesn’t exist anymore. Think about music you know,
back then CDs, everything else, music stores went out a long time ago too similar to how iTunes crushed
a lot of that industry, but the ability to buy stuff online there’s just so many
industries and stores. And as Amazon’s progressed
it’s leveled the playing field, it’s eliminated those stores but at the same time it’s
created so many great opportunities for people like me and you, anyone that’s interested in
getting involved in ecommerce. It’s allowed us to step
in and basically get into the commerce space,
which before in the past you had to be part of a major retailer or you had to be a mom
and pop shop down below. But now because of the power of Amazon, really anyone has the
ability to get under way. So again that is, if you
hear the Amazon effect, that’s what it’s talking about, the impact of it. And the Amazon effect’s not going away, it’s only getting bigger so
you’ll continue to see more and more situations of it, which there’s always kinda
winners and losers of it too. There’ll be changes you know over time, technology grows so you
either can be on that side that guys are kinda getting squashed or you can position
yourself on the other end and taking advantage of the opportunity, taking advantage of the
opportunity that Amazon presents. The huge growth that’s
happening with ecommerce and position yourself
on that side of things, and learn how to sell on Amazon, learn how to have your
own ecommerce business and grow it yourself and take advantage of this huge growth ’cause more
and more is gonna continue to come this way. So why not be on that side
of things and take advantage and build your own ecommerce business? And be part of this incredible growth that the Amazon effect has caused. So if you like this video
all about the Amazon effect, we have a free workshop, click below. I talk specifically exactly
how we leveraged Amazon ourselves to build our
very own 75 million dollar plus business on Amazon, soon to be over 100 million. We go through the exact steps we used but more importantly, we
talk about how you can follow our processes and
take advantage of this exact opportunity for yourself
to build your very own ecommerce empire using and
leveraging the power of Amazon. So if you like this
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anything related to Amazon, please go ahead and leave a comment below. Again we’d love to hear from ya or any feedback you have. (light music)

Am I Too Late to Start an eCommerce Business on Amazon?

– Everyone I’m Jamie Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves. Myself and my two fellow
co-founders Jason and Brad combined to sell over $75
million on Amazon last year. This year we’ll do over
$100 million all on Amazon. And today what we’re gonna talk about is another really frequently
asked question we get from people, friends and family, and people all over the globe which is, is it too late to get
started selling on Amazon? And or an e-commerce. And the answer is absolutely not. No way not even close. Not remotely. What happens is people
see certain elements small niches of something being maybe a certain product being maybe a little bit saturated and so forth. The reality we are very much
still in the very early stages of selling on Amazon and e-commerce. E-commerce currently is only 10% believe it or not it’s
only 10% of all commerce. Which is incredible because look at the chart of
the growth of e-commerce over the last ten years it’s like this. It’s incredible. And Amazon is by the far
the most dominant player within the e-commerce space. And that being the case, it’s like this it’s projected to be again keep in mind we’re only at 10% so over the next five years for example it’s expected to be to triple . The growth rate is expected to triple, to become only 30% of all commerce. Right so that’s still only a third. And so for years and years you
got so, so, so much growth. Think about the iphones
only been around for barely a decade. Barely a decade and think about how much that’s changed things. And with e-commerce particularly that’s one of the biggest reasons that Amazon is such a huge opportunity is because of the growth of mobile and how we’ve very much
still in the early stages of mobile and how much
further we have to go. The reason why Amazon
is such a great platform and such a great opportunity, because most people buy things now mobile. They actually use their phone. They still use computers
and everything else. But Amazon has made it so
easy to buy on your phone. I’m sure you’ve used Amazon. If you’re going to buy on Amazon, you are disappointed if you go to Amazon and you’re not able to buy something. It’s pretty rare. Right people go to Amazon
with the expectation that they’re gonna click the buy button, they’re gonna have it on the door step within no later than two
days with Amazon Prime. And really now a days you
can actually get stuff delivered by the same day. A lot of products you can literally get within hours delivered to your house. And so with that, it’s awesome from the consumer side. But also creates a huge opportunity that is still very much in early
stages on the selling side. In terms of Amazon in particular, Amazon is bigger than the next 10 biggest e-commerce platforms combined. That is why we eat,
breathe, and sleep Amazon. Is because it’s so much bigger than all the other e-commerce platforms. Even though we sell on all
sorts of other platforms We sell on We sell on ebay, we sell on bunch of e-commerce platforms you probably never heard of. Still all day long, whenever we’re focused on
our e-commerce business we always go to Amazon and
focus on that primarily because that’s where
all the customers are. And so basically if you
can get your product, if you have a good quality product you can get in front of this
massive amount of customers that are all on Amazon. And you leverage Amazon’s
system and do things. You can sell an incredible
amount of money per month. That’s why you hear people selling these incredible amounts of
sales on Amazon every month because they’re taking
advantage of the traffic. Now it’s not to say it’s easy
and doesn’t require any work. That’s not true. With anything in life, there’s kind of winners and losers. And just know that there’s
incredible opportunity. Those that get on the
platform and think that they’re just gonna throw stuff up there. They’re not gonna learn
how to actually do it, follow a process, learn from people who actually
know what they’re doing, sure those people are gonna struggle. Which we like because
we know there’s gonna be those that are successful and those that are not. And if that wasn’t the case, it really wouldn’t be an option at all. Because if anyone could just do it, then sure wouldn’t be an opportunity. But the reality is, there is absolutely
huge, huge opportunities. It’s a matter of who’s gonna
get that slice of the pie. I mean the pie is getting
bigger, and bigger, and bigger. But again I’m sure if you read about it, every week all the new
articles about Amazon getting bigger and bigger. And local retailers
struggling more and more or big retailers chain
retailers going out of business. And again it’s called the Amazon effect. And that’s not going away. There’s certain things
that can be debated about how to go about certain things. But what’s not in debate is
the growth of e-commerce. All right we’re still very
much in the early stages and there’s very much a long ways to go. Related to that, if you’re interested in
getting started in e-commerce you wanna learn, you wanna do some more homework first, we’ve got an awesome free workshop if you click the link below. Where we tell you the
exact steps that we used to build our business. And more importantly, we go into the exact
steps that you can use to get underway with an Amazon business, build your e-comm empire. Everything from how you pick a product to how you rank a product to
get to page one on Amazon. We go through it. So again be sure to click the link below and check out our workshop all about how to build your own Amazon empire leveraging the power of e-commerce. So if you liked this video, be sure to give us a thumbs up and definitely be sure to subscribe. Every week we go through all sorts of new tips and techniques and topics all about selling on Amazon and how you can be
successful selling on Amazon. And if you have questions, we’d love to hear for it Be sure to put in the comments below anything about selling on Amazon, about how to get started, and next steps again we’d
love to hear from you

An Amazon Success Story – Single Mom to Successful Amazon Business Owner

Hey everyone! Jason katzenback here from
Amazing Selling Machine and and I have a fantastic guest for you
today someone who is a really true rags to riches story. Someone who you know a
busy caring single mom who is able to turn her life around from a struggling
nine-to-five worker who is just trying so hard to make ends meet take care of
all of her children and live a you know a fun lifestyle and now he’s been able
to turn it around has this incredible business that she’s built in fact she’s
built an empire for herself she’s got employees she travels th e world she’s
helped so many people and you’re gonna hear live from her right now everything
there is to know about her success story and why you know this is such a good
opportunity right now with Amazon now before I get into that and before I get
right into our color I just want to remind everyone so that these face book
lives are brought to you by our free training series at amazing Sal machine
comm so if you go to amazing selling machine comm slash video series you’re
gonna learn you’re gonna get access to four free videos that go through step by
step the entire process from start to finish of how to leverage Amazon to be
able to build your own brand a brand that you 100% own and like Angie our
special guest use this training to be able to create for yourself a life
really that you’ve only dreamt of I urge you if at least nothing else just get
the free training and being lightened to what the possibilities are it’s all
proven training very effective and we’re very very proud of it so with that being
said let’s get right back into the training so as we’re sitting here
talking with a what I’d love you guys to do as well is please like share and
comment on the post you know if you enjoy something you know it’d be great
for you to share with others and Angie stores really inspirational and of
course we’d love you to like but as always please comments on the post let
us hear you know what you what inspired you you know questions
that you might have so hopefully we have time to get some questions as well so
with all that said and I’m seeing some likes and some heart so that’s cool with
all that being said let’s get right into it so Angie first of all thank you for
being here thank you for having me it is so long you know it’s been incredible
the the height that I hear about you and I heard about you so quickly you know
how oh you’ve gotta meet Angie you’ve gotta meet Angie and just how first of
all everyone falls in love with you once they meet you but just because of such a
great story you know and oftentimes people are looking for you know there
are almost unbelievable stories but what’s cool about this is this is a
story where it shows you where you use a system and you just put hard work in and
you follow it and what’s totally possible from it so maybe what you can
do I’m gonna stop talking I’m going to turn the mic over to you if you could
share with everyone you know the story of where you came from how you came
across this business model and where it took you from there
yeah for sure um so basically it was about three and a half years ago and I
was definitely looking for an opportunity I had just gone through a
divorce I had to just leave a previous business that I was doing and I was kind
of starting over from scratch and I was working a nine-to-five job doing
customer service at a a lighting manufacturing company and it wasn’t
enough I wasn’t making enough to support my kids or really have any kind of
future like I wanted to so I was pretty desperate to find something and honestly
it probably took me two years of looking and looking into different opportunities
and one of my friends had bought the amazing selling machine course and she
was doing it and she was doing fairly well so and to be honest at first I
thought oh it’s probably like an MLM or some kind of pyramid scheme it– to be
honest that was my first thought and I was just like nah I don’t want to look
into it and I actually passed i I could have been a sm3 but I just was too
skeptical and I didn’t want to look into it because it’s it seemed actually a bit
too real to be true for me also and then I heard another
person that was doing it and finally I was like Ari I need to just check into
this and see what it’s all about and then I realized it’s just it’s really
just a course and it’s not you know a multi-level thing and and people do this
course which is based on successful actions on how people do really well
selling on Amazon and they’re selling products that’s all they’re doing
they’re just listing and selling products on Amazon and you know I I
didn’t have a lot of e-commerce experience and I actually never had sold
or bought anything on Amazon but I had a bit of marketing you know I enjoyed
marketing and I had a little bit experience in that and I had you know an
idea of a product line that I could probably get into and so then I went
ahead and got the course and that was sort of got me started and I think one
of the things that people talk about with me is because I I moved really fast
I went from I mean the first couple months was it as a bit of getting used
to the course and studying and figuring it all out because it was all new to me
but then after that couple of months it’s like I had a product and it was up
on Amazon and then I went from you know zero to doing sixty thousand dollars a
month in sales in just six months and then by the time that year was over I
was doing a hundred thousand a month in sales and then I think four months later
I was at like 200 thousand a month in sales and then you know in about two
years I was hitting the 500 thousand a month in sales mark and there’s a lot
that contributed to me growing that fast with the business but it was definitely
not anything I ever expected but it was really exciting so you know that you
know I have to be honest with everyone like this is a journey for everybody and
we have students that don’t implement anything just you know and they don’t
achieve success like Angie does and so I don’t want anyone on this call to think
like this is a guaranteed success but what I do want to share with you is that
people that take advantage of this opportunity and really own it and I
think you know own your success own what it is
you want to achieve this is an incredible incredible Avenue to be able
to follow you know and Andy maybe you could share too because a lot of people
seem to get still a little bit confused on the idea of what being in a brand
seller means like what a private label seller is and you know how this isn’t
you’re not in partnership setting and you don’t know us 5% or you don’t know
in a downline like this is your own brand could you expand on that a little
bit yeah yeah for sure so I mean what I found is the course
first of all the course was very very easy to understand so being someone who
doesn’t really know anything about e-commerce or Amazon at all I had a
really easy time going through watching the videos and learning how to do
everything and I really appreciate that by about the course because I’ve done
other courses and nothing was quite as easy and there was never that support
group to go to also when you had questions so I really did appreciate
that about the course and it made it a lot easier but I mean the first thing
was like look on Amazon and see what selling see what people are interested
in and um you know I picked a product that I thought would be good and there
was a whole category that I felt like I could expand into you and I literally
just on my own and went out I found a supplier for those products um I created
my own label had my own label like created my own brand name and put my own
label and brand on the products and literally just had it shipped to Amazon
so I use Amazon Fulfillment Center I shipped to the fulfillment center which
every you know all the modules tell me how to do that so it was really easy and
once it was there I created my listing with Amazon
and um I used some Amazon marketing and I sell my product and then I mean Amazon
pays pays out every like two weeks I get I get all the money from the sales of my
product I determine my own price and Amazon takes their whatever their
percentage is for you know selling on their platform and their fulfillment
fees and I’m you know easy making twenty to thirty percent profit in my pocket
and it’s all my money and I can determine how much I’m selling my
product for I can really decide how much I want to sell of my product based on
how much I want to put in marketing it and it’s my own thing it’s my
business and very cool yeah so you know and that’s one of the things that you
know I really want to stress is that you know this is creating something that you
build we just provide you know it’s you you teach a man how to fish or as the
same because you teach a person how to fish rather than fishing for them that’s
what this is for people that you know you know and not everyone’s meant to be
an entrepreneur not everyone’s meant to be a business owner you know people ask
Mel channel this is so great like why don’t all your employees do it and in
fact it’s some of my employees do do it some of them have businesses other ones
they just don’t want to it’s not their cup of tea some people don’t like
running a business however if you’re sitting there and you want to run the
business if you feel that you know I know how I was when I was working from
9:00 to 5:00 9:00 to 5:00 I wish but when I was working those hours lying in
someone else’s pocket you know barely making anything for the input I put in I
knew I wanted something different I knew I didn’t want to work for somebody else
I knew you I wanted to create my own path and since 2005 I’m very proud of
being able to do that and Amazon has helped me tremendously over the last
five years because it is such an incredible model so if you fit that you
know just like Angie did if you were ready to take control you know this is
just such a beautiful model and again if you haven’t checked it out make sure to
check out the free training series at amazing some chain comm where it covers
everything that Angie’s talking about here regarding the amazing sound machine
of course so Angie when you got started like what was you know I’d love to know
the story you know as you were sitting there because so many times we have
people that you know they’re the very first person to it to join like when we
open the doors and there’s other people that have sitting there waited days and
days and kind of just at the last minute did it where were you on that path when
you signed up well I was like in the last hour right before the doors are
about to close and it’s not because I didn’t want to be the first one I
actually did not have the money I had no resources I had no financing I had no
credit cards I had no way I was so broke I had no way to come up with the money
for the course but it was so important to me to do it and I knew it was
valuable to have anyway it was likely early in those last hours and I was I
happen to be at an event and I ran into a friend of a friend who had also heard
about the course and we ended up connecting at this event and she was
like well I have the money to buy this course but I don’t have the time to do
it now like oh I had the time to do it but I don’t have the money it was
literally like that in last hour we bought the course and so kind of one of
those magical moments which was great but that’s what I did very cool so then
when you joined you know one of the things that we always mentioned to
people it’s just follow the system because and
anyone that is interested in joining I just want to make this very clear so
there’s really two steps to this business model so what we teach with the
amazing selling machine is how to get from point A to point Z as effective as
possible and that means getting your first product up and live on Amazon we
also teach you a little bit of scaling and growth but really those lessons are
what’s taught once you start selling once you get all that experience and
everything and we have other programs other training that we do help get to
the next level but it’s really about just getting your own brand up and
selling on Amazon so there’s going to be different criteria for what you’re
looking for in a product for example as to when you’re established so some
people might be on a call on the call right now and saying oh I have this
great idea for a product but I don’t know if it would sell well we’d follow
you through assistance so you could identify yes this product there are
other similar products that look like they’re selling on Amazon so that means
it’s a good product to potentially sell if there isn’t well then there’s a huge
risk for you because you as a brand new seller you have to now guess whether or
not this is you know because there’s no proof there’s no proof and tell you you
start selling so with all that said I’m curious for you what was your process
when the eight weeks rolled out for you when you joined like did you take action
right away were you one of the ones that you sat there too long what did you do
it if you could have changed anything what would it be okay well first I’ll
admit that I’m guilty of actually not following the course a couple of times
and but me too trouble both times learn some
more lessons that’s good yeah at the very beginning I was sort of
reading through doing the modules and watching the videos and I kind of maybe
jumped the gun and I was like I have this product and I know it’s gonna be
great and then because I love this and of course I can sell it and I literally
got it and I sent it to Amazon and it in it sucked so that was my first product
and I did that you know within I mean was before the eight weeks is over
probably I was like four weeks into it and I was like I know what I’m doing and
I put this product and and it was just trickling I mean I was making some sales
but it was nothing like what I wanted or what I thought was gonna be viable and
um I actually went to one of my friends I’m like what am I doing wrong I’m the
face to mention to me like well you know that you picked the right product and
I’m like well I don’t know actually so then I went and I really studied the
modules and it was very very night and day clear that I had picked the wrong
product like there’s no doubt about it when I actually sat down and really
watched the training on how to pick all of a sudden I was like wow duh you know
why didn’t I figure this I didn’t even read the I must not have watched those
videos so yeah and it’s funny house you know and I father it come to that myself
sometimes too because I’m impatient you know you think like I can just give them
their saw this looks like a great product but yeah so follow the system
because you can hear proof right there that she tried pack baby in her own way
and it it hurt her so instead she had to kind of restart and follow the system
from that point on so when when you did finally kick in and you’re like okay I
got this now when did you really see that oh my goodness this is gonna work
yeah so I mean that was probably I was probably two months into like I bought
the course was two months later and I was struggling with that one product I
went back I watched the videos and then I was like okay I went out there and I
immediately found I think three products that I could immediately get from my
supplier that I could and turn around fast so I got one of those up within
weeks and it started doing really well I got the next one
month later a nice from a month later and then I went from like doing pretty
much nothing to I don’t know like seven or ten thousand a month just in those
couple of months of launching those first products and then that’s when I
shot up in that six month period I was doing the 60,000 a month so they they
ramped up pretty quickly after that so then did you you know there’s so many
strategies of some people that they’ll just you know stick with the same prior
I can flesh note long time though then expand on that product line some people
who just duplicate their product what path did you follow so I kept the same
brand and I just kept adding more and more products that I thought kind of
complemented my existing products and I I actually really liked that because I
started finding a lot of people were now buying multiples of my products they
wouldn’t just buy one thing and come in and buy several items that’s been really
good and so how so how many products you have now and how many brands you have so
I have one brand and I have 40 products but I’m in the US and I’m in Canada and
I’m not like in the five countries in Europe okay 40 products multiplied by
different countries so you know that’s one of the things a lot of people will
argue about as well – these are people that you know I mean obviously you’ve
never experienced something it’s hard to understand but a lot of people think oh
well don’t you need to start you know your own website what about going on
door Amazon eBay all these other things and time and time again when I asked any
of my successful students its well really 90% of everything I do comes from
Amazon even though I’m on those other areas is that true for you as well
yep yeah you know I’ve looked at going on Walmart and other other places but
the amount of effort you have to put into you you know the amount of what you
get back is so small that just doesn’t it doesn’t make sense I mean I do want
to build off Amazon but and I started doing that but I didn’t even have my own
website for the whole first year so I was in business and to me it was
just maximize my efforts on Amazon and because it is the larger of
the marketplaces so I focused on that and that’s where I did the most amount
of my money and made the most amount of profits
yeah and that’s so wise and you know it’s been great that you know that I’ve
been able to help so many students over so many years now because you can hear
these stories over and over again and then you start you can really focus in
on this is the real path to success and what we’re finding is that but any that
really sticks to it and flushes out an Amazon directly seems to have the most
benefit you know by focusing on trying to do everything else but in fact as you
just said I’m so on on Amazon USA yeah well I’m is on Comm Amazon and Canada in
Europe like you’re expanding all over the place without having to really do
anything different you know like yeah you have to now all of a sudden open up
your Amazon sellers European accounts but you’ve already got your products on
Amazon so it’s very easy to kind of get transitioned what’s next for you so it
sounds like you’re dominating you’re you’re starting to take over my
country in Canada you’ve got Europe what’s your next move for scaling this
Empire you’re building I mean I want to basically 5x what I’m doing this year in
Amazon and I want to build heavily like my Shopify store so I do have my own
website and I do want to start we have been building that but I have a lot more
efforts going into it this year and I want to have that be doing at least 25%
of what my Amazon sales are doing you know and that’s such a beautiful
strategy because it’s really about getting you know established in certain
areas really owning it making sure you’re comfortable and then now
switching and really expand your Shopify because there is no doubt about it once
you’ve got your you know your business really rocking and rolling Shopify is
like any building any third party ecommerce store is really a must do so
five times this year that’s impressive so something I haven’t done yet I’m
really sorry and I realized we’re already like over twenty minutes into
this is I haven’t actually gotten any interaction with their audience so we’ve
got a bunch of people you’ll be surprised to know that Athena is on this
call so I didn’t know you know that that’s shocking yes good theater
so anybody that is listening right now if you have any questions at all for
Angie please post them in there we’ll do our best to be able to answer them but I
see one for right now Tony’s he says how do I get started and how much does it
cost so I’ll answer this in two ways so first of all I’m gonna answer how you
get started and I would head over to amazing selling machine comm um I will
put a video I put a link in the comment line and we’ve got a free training
series that will walk you right through the process but maybe Angie you can
share how much does it cost you get going with this business um I mean I
paid for the course was what four thousand dollars um and what I liked
about that is it’s not just the course and that’s when people ask me it’s
something that I think is really important because to me the course was a
good part of the value but I would say like 70 percent of the value is the
community is the the help the mentorship the ongoing mentors that help you the
private community that you’re part of you can ask questions and interact with
everybody else and people share like their successes and things that they did
that worked or are referrals for shipping companies whatever just the
resources and the help to me is is probably 70% of the value and the fact
that it it’s ongoing and any updates you’re always getting the updates when
when Amazon makes changes because they make changes and that’s all vital and to
me that is worth every penny I mean I made that back in like my first couple
of months selling on Amazon it paid back for itself so the investment it seems
like a lot of money it seemed like a lot of money for me when I was broke and I
had nothing but looking at as far as a business investment it is actually
really really inexpensive it’s such a good point and you know at the end of
the day I get it you know for some people
four thousand dollars is just not realistic and you know and that’s why we
provide the free training but once you join the amazing selling machine you see
everything that we put into it you see the mentors we have constantly in there
you see our training is constantly updated it’s not like you know it’s
updated once every couple of years like every six months it’s completely updated
you know we’re very proud of all this but we’re most proud of like our
students in our network and you know as Angie well as Angie that’s right said is
you know the the the community and when you go you know we’re going to be
hosting the live event in Orlando called silicon in a couple months and and it’s
just maybe you could share a little bit of that because just the community that
it creates and the experience that you have yeah I mean I’m very excited to go
to cellar con I’ve been attending your live events ever since I signed up three
and a half years ago actually that was it was a huge change in my business
because I had started selling in like September and it was February when the
first event happened so it was good it was a good timing for me for my business
it was a couple of months or a few months and I had gotten started and I
got a product out and then I went to my first live event and even though there
was a lot there was a lot of information a lot of speakers a lot of great data
and to be honest a lot of it was over my head being a new seller but it was just
a few key things that I got from that event and I implemented in my business
and my business over the next few weeks doubled and then tripled a couple weeks
later so it was huge I mean the amount of expansion they did after that event
was huge I need to really emphasize something here so she’s not being paid
to be on here we didn’t tell her what to say these are her results and again like
this is because she’s taken action she went to the live event she networks she
found people she has a huge network now but it’s implementing what you learn
from there and taking action and it’s the same thing with the training
wouldn’t you agree it’s it’s about just taking action and really jumping in and
owning it you know people pay this money it’s amazing actually it shocks me at
times that people will pay this money and then they’ll do things and I’ll ask
them and there’s obviously did not go through the trick and right
why are you robbing yourself you know the whole idea is it’s like you’ve got
the privilege for this education for learning off of like thousands of
sellers now like it’s this community all interacts together like there is no way
anybody just starting on their own could be more successful out of the gate than
following in this course like I just can’t see how it would be possible so
you know do yourself a favor if you’re serious about this you know join but
make sure you follow the system so I’ve got some questions now that we’re gonna
be directed at you so I’m going to put a little bit of pressure on you from our
audience serious but so amid acts how do you
manage all the products and following up with its process overall amazed that you
have 40 products distributed all over the world huh more or less like how are
you able to manage your business with 40 products okay so I’ll admit that I’m not
like super sophisticated I don’t use any any program that manages I just like
literally I mean I you I do actually have a couple tools and I use
managebystats which is you know a tool we you know promote it yeah so I mean
that helps me a lot to isolate how much my sales are and what my profit and
expenses are so I mean that is a big part and that just automatically pulls
the data from Amazon and shows me what I need to know so a lot of what I need is
that and then otherwise I use Excel spreadsheets I download information I
figure out how much I’m selling it so I think maybe something that you could
clarify for them because you know this is actually one of the benefits to using
solar central and SBA and everything is that you actually don’t have to manage
things daily from that’s not true we all that’s not true
you has to be managing certain things daily
but because of what Amazon does you actually don’t have to be in the details
like that so maybe explain what your days like managing this business yeah I
mean it’s it’s pretty easy I mean I have staff now obviously that do a lot of it
for me I mean to be honest at this point I probably spend maybe a day or two a
week in my office or a couple hours a day I mean I just got back from being
gone for like nine days in Hawaii so I do have the luxury of being able to do
that at this point I have about thirteen staff in my office there some are
dedicated specific to Amazon some are specific to other things but I mean the
typical day is I come in you know we handle customer service any
emails anything that we can do to keep our customers happy get reviews things
like that any kind of promotions that we’re doing on our products any Facebook
advertising or anything that we want to do to help drive traffic and boost our
sales otherwise just looking over the account looking over the account looking
over everything making sure things are converting maybe once a week we manage
our Amazon advertising go in there tweak some stuff here and there and and then
I’d say that the most of the rest of our time is spoke is spent on looking for
new products there cool yeah and everybody is gonna run their business
differently I know people that are doing phenomenal that still have like only one
employee now they just they like to do as much as possible I’m not what I
recommend I like the following Angie’s path where it’s you know your time
should be always spent on being able to grow your business and be on those
higher levels but it you know the big thing too I guess with that question
like it wasn’t like you hired people right away how long did you wait at what
point your business were that you started hiring people
yeah I’d say four six months I mean the first six months of my business I
actually had two jobs so I worked my other job still full-time and I worked
Amazon when I could evenings weekends whenever so I was working a lot I was
taking everything that I was making from Amazon and putting it back in because I
would you know you’d have one product and then that would be increasing so you
need more inventory and then I wanted another product so now I needed money
for inventory for a new product and I just kept doing that until I was you
know building my product so I had several products and I was able to keep
up with the growth of the sales so I did that for about six months and then after
six months was when I found I could kind of extract myself I quit my other job
and focus full-time on Amazon and within a couple months after that I hired my
first employee first it was part-time for a few weeks and I rapidly needed her
to start going full-time after that I had one other employee actually probably
for a good year before I even hired another one but then but then I started
my own manufacturing company so that’s kind of a whole nother thing but I
decided to do all my own manufacturing and so then they hired staff to do that
so this is what I love about your story is like I said there are some people
that simply they don’t have an office they work in their living room they have
a couple you know out sourced employees and they just do this for a lifestyle
where they know they just have to work a few hours every day on the business it
can work on growing it and they can take it that way and there’s other people
that hire all their family you know they create a big family corporation more or
less out of this and then there’s other people like you that are like now I want
to do everything so you go not only selling to making the product and
growing but it had to start with just one thing so you started selling on
Amazon finding a passion for doing something you really love and then
although becoming your own manufacturer yes and how many years did it take for
that transition I mean I would say it was probably a year and a half after I
got started where I started really doing my own manufacturing and then about a
year ago I started manufacturing for others nice oh no that’s just growing
and growing so it’s always so cool talking to you I
love hearing stories like this yeah yeah I love it
one and I I’ve been able to do so much since I started this course and since
I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing it it’s my life is never like it’s ever
been before and that’s a good thing yeah I just want to make sure we’re gonna add
that part cool I want to ask you this question from Sarah Kane she says hi
Angie I’m a disabled single mom can I do this from home without having to leave
the house lunch yeah I mean for sure so you know Sarah that is one of the good
things I’m trying to get across actually with what else um but with the path that
Angie took compared to others um you this really is a virtual thing now the
big difference is you know what country you live in to where you sell and the
only thing I say that for is because when you’re originally getting your
products you always want to look at your inventory initially you know you could
use freight forwarders but if you you know for example if you’re living in you
know even Canada and you’re gonna sell on in the u.s. you would want to be able
to get samples so if you’re living in the US and sell in the US it is so easy
because you can get products sent right to your house you can send them to
Amazon if you live in a country like Canada there are some things like that
it makes it a little bit trickier to be able to management we cover everything
there in fact as I say that there’s still no reason to leave your house
there really isn’t everything can be set up online as long as you can get things
mailed to where you are yeah there’s yeah that’s it you have to
be on the phone a couple times I guess to answer some questions tam is on maybe
one customer support stuff happens would that be about it yeah no that’s what I
that’s why I started this business because I wanted to be mobile I was
actually planning to have an office and and all that but you know at the
beginning I was I needed to be mobile and you need to have my laptop and be
able to do something whenever and wherever I was and that stat is actually
why I started this business and that’s what I love about it yeah and it’s true
you know and you have to be careful sometimes sometimes you think it you’re
part of that process now is I guess this is logically what you do
but I found and I’ve been through this you know I quit my job 13 years ago and
then I found a few years later it’s like wait a second now I’m back in an office
this is why I quit my job so you know you gotta it’s the freedom of having
this is just incredible very very cool did you start with an American supplier
did you use out of a Bubba so um I’ll just say that I’m in the Beauty category
so I you know beauty products you don’t want to buy from China so I do
everything in the USA very cool well I have bought things from overseas and
I’ve imported stuff but it’s not the majority of my business okay okay
I want to read this so Wiktoria with a w that’s a very pretty name can’t
wait to see you at seller con you’re such an inspiration I want to share this
with my mom once I’m also successful with Amazon I sent her your story she’s
so inspired by you thank you for sharing your value inspiring other months that
have a hard time out there I appreciate so do you work a lord or have help well
so we know you have employees now but you started in a business partnership
correct yeah well that was very short-lived um
yeah so that was like for for the first month or two and then I ended up going
my own way so I’ve been pretty much doing this in building this on my own
and that’s been how long now three years three and a half years about okay all
right cool so I’m trying I think if I have any other questions that I want to
ask you let me see here if there’s any other questions main board I love seeing
this the course is worth every penny how did you design your brand what did you
what was the process used does I mean my brand I mean I just kind of looked at
what the bestsellers were out there already like who’s the top sellers on
Amazon what are the top selling brands of my type of prod
in the stores just kind of research and like I you know I surveyed I did some
different designs and surveyed some different things with friends and
friends of friends to see you know would you buy this and you like this design
and do you like this brand name I just surveys ask different people and
narrowed it down to look and products and pricing and all that very cool so
again I just wanted to remind if you go to amazing selling machine comm we’ve
got lots of training for you if you want to know about how to find products how
to you know the idea is behind brands and all of those kind of things go check
it out it amazing sell machine calm and please please please please like and
share this post it really helps us I mean we’re loving the reactions that
we’re getting on Facebook lives that’s why we’re doing this I’ve got more
another awesome Facebook live happening tomorrow where we’re going to be
teaching you about cash flow in this business but today we wanted to share
with you a success story so if you have any questions for Angie at all let us
know you know if you want to know you know her story anything or if you want
to ask some questions about Amazon we’re going to be on for about fifteen more
minutes and then we’ll go from there so another question here how quickly did
you add your additional products so I had one product for a couple months and
then I would say within that next month I had another new one the next month a
new one the next month a new one so that was sort of my first like six months
build-up and then I realized how important it was to actually have that
as part of my machine like I would watch the guys that were doing millions a
month on Amazon and they had people that that’s all they did for them they
sourced and launched products and they actually had a regular you know it’s a
regular thing like there was so many happening every day or every week or
whatever every month so I started putting more attention on you know every
quarter I’m gonna have whatever for new products or something like that and I
would every time I would look and source I would look for the next like five or
ten products I wanted to do so that I could be moving on all of them and
getting samples whatever I needed to do so I had
regular you know regular system going on of being able to launch new products and
that’s been really important for my growth I’ve seen it in you know friends
that are doing you know two million a month and things like that that that’s
something that’s really important so I mean obviously there’s the right time to
add a product and there’s the wrong time to add a product and you know I’ve seen
people do it both ways so you definitely need to make sure that
you’re financially able to support and your focus is still able to be there on
the products that you have like you have people you know either you have
employees or things turned over so that’s like the focus is still on those
products you can add more and the finance is there where you’re not gonna
lose you’re not gonna not be able to replenish your other products because
you spent that money on a new product now and now you’re gonna run out of
inventory or something like that so you kind of know when the time is right for
focus and money that’s the key things I would say and then it’s like launch an X
product as fast as possible like launching products yeah launching
products is huge and you know that’s one of the great things about the community
with ASM too is that you can ask these questions you can ask people look I’m
thinking of expanding this is where I am in my business what do you think and you
get that all that feedback so you know because we don’t it this is hard to do
alone and Angie I know you can vouch for this as you said you’re the beauty
market you know the beauty market is going to be completely different than
the house and home market and like customers will react to things promotion
everything will be different but by working in a community we’re all sharing
what’s working and helping one another and talking about helping you’ve also
not only have you help people because of being able to hire people but you also
helped a lot of people through charity and everything that has been happening
because of this business you’ve been able to build maybe you could share a
little bit of that because you know something that I’m a huge believer and
you know and I love that you are as well too
it’s about making this world a better place you know this is this can be a
tough place and it’s our job you know to be able to help others and the joy you
get from that so maybe you could share a little bit of that yeah for sure I mean
there’s definitely some different charities that I’m very
passionate about and you know I care about the whole thing on like child
trafficking and stuff like that and human rights and you know I I like to be
able to help as much as I can and I will help volunteering my time as much as I
can but if I’m able to help fund different campaigns that are going to
actually you know stop child trafficking or something like that you know I feel
very honored to be able to support that sort of thing and I know about fifty
percent of my income last year went to charities that I care about and that I’m
passionate about and you know it helped a lot and you know because of that I get
to you know I’ve been you know awarded with you know just presented with
different awards and things like that for my contribution which I’m really
proud of and yeah it’s something that I really enjoy being able to do for sure
I’ve never been able to do it in any level like this prior so the fact that I
can do that now is really really good oh very proud of you that’s very cool I
love people that give back so hang on so like I just wanted did you reinvest all
your profit back into the other product so did you continue to invest it into
your first product how soon did you launch yourself good so so this is a
good question too because a lot of people hope they could sign up right
away and start earning a living like right away so maybe you can explain a
little bit the process you followed and when you were able to actually start
taking money out and what and obviously this is your story not what everyone has
to do yeah well I think it also depends on what your purpose is for starting
this business I mean I personally like to build a big business my purpose was
to do millions every year and do it as fast as possible so for me in order to
do that I needed to put as much back in as possible to grow my first product and
add new products so that was my intention for the first six months now
because I was working two jobs I needed to be able to quit my other job and you
Amazon full time so I had to at some point take out some money
for me to survive but I took out and I lived on a shoestring budget for as long
as I could so that I could keep putting the money
back in and keep growing and you know I I grew and I have you know I have 40
products now and and to be honest I didn’t add as many products as I had
planned to last year I wanted to have a hundred products right now so I’m like
you know damn it but like that’s like me right yep but for most people it’s like
they could put money back in and probably start taking some money back
out I mean I would say there’s probably a few months of getting your product
going and rolling and making enough where you’re gonna take some out but you
want to be a believe some in for growth but I’d say after a few months you
should be able to do that yeah and you know and that the thing is
though I think you’ve got to be clear with yourself what you want this to be –
and I think that you hit on something that is a struggle for people – like
they’re hearing your story like half a million dollars a month and growing and
you plan to do five times that that year remember first of all you’re not Angie
and Angie’s not you she’s on her own path this is how she’s following you
know as you’ve heard or say like she’s on this agenda to grow this big business
now what does that mean that means that she’s out sacrificing certain things to
be able to do that that means she doesn’t get it to watch those TV shows
that other people might want to watch you know and so that’s her path what’s
that never I never watch TV ever come on Days
of Our Lives maybe in the afternoon conscious is that even on anymore oh but
oh but it’s just about like you know you have to make choices and the other the
cool thing though is if your choice is that I just want to get this started you
know I might only want to earn like a couple thousand dollars a month extra my
goal might not be to do this my goal might be they said I want to be able to
help contribute or I want to be able to afford something more I want to get a
nice car you know and we have people that are doing that and it really it’s
your input and you know something because I see a lot of questions and I
might have caused a little bit of fusion here when I said because when I
was talking to the person about ever leaving home if you would everywhere
there there’s a list of countries and if you go to amazing sell Machine calm and
octane I believe it’s in video 2 where we give you might be video 1 where we
give you the list of countries that it’s hard to sell on from Amazon
I believe Nigeria for example is one of them and there’s some other countries
like that where am Mazon just doesn’t allow people that live there to be able
to sell on a platform look for every other country out there we make it work
like if you’re and we’ll teach you exactly how to do it and it’s not really
that hard and in fact we recommend because there’s a question here I’m in
the UK do you recommend selling on
absolutely but what’s different is a couple years ago I would have said 100
percent don’t do anything else just go to but things are changing
now Amazon is growing by leaps and bounds and now Amazon Germany Amazon UK
Amazon Spain these are all huge markets that if you’re already over in Europe
it’s just easier you might as well get started right on Amazon UK what’s your
opinion on that edgy yeah I mean I’d say 40% of my sales are actually from Europe
um which is a high percentage I think relatively speaking but I went over
there and I love the diversity and it is like they’re uh marketplaces that I
would say are up-and-coming they’re not flee as saturated as calm but I I still
love expanding on um but I like having the diversity in Europe I
mean I’ve had primed a for example where I’ll get primed a deals in the US and
I’ll get primed a deals in several countries in Europe and I think I did
over like a hundred and fifty thousand dollars just on prime day this last year
um which was kind of just mild really but it was nice having that kind of a
day but but a big chunk of that also came from Europe cool yeah well there’s
no denying that if you’re the top selling product in you’re
you’re destroyed with the results of the top product on Amazon in Europe is but
that also means you have that much more competition and it is you know it is
getting a little bit more aggressive but stephannie thean Mike Payne
like you want to be on because there’s just so much traffic but
you know for complications and strategies it’s just easier if you’re in
a country so then now I’m opening up another can of worms people can also if
I’m in in Canada they started on and I’m gonna say no
because there’s just not the amount of searches not enough traffic you won’t go
anywhere so and unless you mean the three
countries I would what Japan is very good now too but really for in art you
know northern hemisphere wherever we’re located I would say Europe
would be the two main ones would be you know and if you’re you’re not located
near any of those I would focus on primarily yeah do you do you
do FBA or do you use fbm all FBA so Bob’s asking I kind of summarized his
question he’s asking if you you know you do your own fulfillment or do you allow
Amazon and that’s one of the great things about Amazon is they’ll do the
fulfillment for you and it just it’s just flawless like in my opinion so wait
let me see here oh so when you launch a new product you use ASM strategies like
lb NR and promotion codes yep I sure do thanks George for doting that our
training is something people would use but yes in fact it is where else do you
think we’re I’ve kind of hit all the questions we’ve got a lot of people
thanking me so much and yeah you know that’s something that’s really awesome
to hear to you so if you could you know just leave a comment right now thank you
nan Jie you know she’s doing this on their own free will she’s just thankful
that you know what what this training has provided her she you know wants to
give back it really is solid training I really encourage you to check out
amazing Sol machine calm and we also have something that’s closing tonight at
midnight is that we have a special six month
buyback guarantee that it’s only a limited time we’re actually closing the
doors for the six month buyback guarantee tonight and so essentially
what that means is if you sign up and follow our system we’re giving you a
whole six months to prove out the system and if it doesn’t work for you following
everything you get you know we buy back we guarantee you buy back so you know it
takes all the risks from you check it out go to amazing selling machine comm
enter your name and email address go through the training click on the build
link sign up and take advantage of that I promise you it makes it so not only do
you have the initial 30 days to just go in you know and just see if this
training is what we say see if the mentors are what we see see if
everything is what we say and if by the next 30 days you’re not interested
you know refund cancel don’t worry about it whatsoever but if you are interested
in your like Angie and you really want to take control and you know you want
this lifestyle we want to be there and walk through this system with you and
that’s why we’ve got this six month guarantee it expires tonight so you’ve
got to sign up today Angie I know that you know I don’t want
to take up all your evening thank you so very much for doing this are there any
closing remarks you’d love to share I mean you have so much wisdom let’s hear
some more from you um let’s see well I will say for anyone who’s just getting
started or actually this might even apply to people that have been been out
there for a while and maybe haven’t really gotten rolling how important it
is to just kind of this I just say the speed the speed at which you do things
and get your product and get out there it’s kind of important you know pick
your product fast don’t get too crazy about picking something that you know
don’t take a year to pick your product don’t try to like customize don’t try to
like make sure you have the best thing out there and it’s different from
everybody else this you have to do all the specialized manufacturing you know
really try to start simple pick something you know go through the
process you’ll you’ll list out a bunch of opportunities for products pick
something fast to just go with it if it if it’s not something that kills
it and is doing all the sales you want it to do it’s fine because it will sell
and then you just get your next product and I see people sometimes they just
don’t go fast enough on that or they just get too I don’t know too
complicated about picking their products and things and that’s something that I
will say you know in in helping others and mentoring and things like that that
I find people doing that sometimes and for me even though I picked the wrong
product at first and it was a couple months where I could say oh I wasted two
months I didn’t waste two months because and I still have that product and it
actually still makes me profit it’s still out there it’s it’s a die-hard
it’s it’s awesome it doesn’t you know do 100 sales a day but it does enough where
I make enough profit where I keep it around but it I went through all the
steps say I did my listing I learned how to ship to Amazon I I got the whole
system in place and I found out you know who was gonna do my photography and I
worked through all I needed to work through so that when I was ready for
that second product you know I could have it out in a week or two it was done
it was so easy because I just had to duplicate everything that I already did
so it made getting the next of my products out a lot faster and I already
worked through everything and I just can’t stress how important it is just to
kind of move and just pick something and get out there with it take action 100%
that’s what the training is all based on is taking action I see Roxanne Roxanne
pull the trigger exactly lots of people say like Christina’s saying Thank You
Jody Thank You Francine thank you so there’s lots of ten he’ll thank you
looking forward to meet here in Orlando so Tammy Hill that’s cool you’re talking
to me when you’re saying hello it’ll land all right just kidding we all know
everyone just wants me to Angie I just like mean Angie so I get it so this was
a cool little question I’m just gonna add so Angie did you know what product
you wanted to sell or did the training teach you or how to find a product to
sell no the training taught me even though I
had some ideas I didn’t know the training taught me and I went out there
and I looked and it wasn’t a product I would have thought but you know the the
products I were based on the training and based on
looking through and looking at the criteria and and those are the ones I
picked them and I crushed it very cool well awesome Thank You Angie so much for
being here thank you for giving back so much as you do thank you for getting so
involved it’s Celler Khan and all those things and always being willing to come
on live calls like this thanks for being a success student too I mean it just you
know it’s one of the reasons that keeps us going when we see faces like yours
that are just beaming because of what you can have to create for yourself it’s
an honor knowing you it’s been an honor to get to know you I know everyone
that’s listening right now is better for it so thank you I hope you have a
wonderful day and on behalf of, the Amazing Selling Machine and
everyone on this call goodbye everyone. Have a great weekend and Angie, thank you again. Thank you! Bye guys!