How To Get $3,000 To Start Your Amazon FBA Business

to start an amazon FBA business you need
to have money how much I’d like to say around $3,000
and that is really good to know but what if you don’t have $3,000 to get started
but you still want to start the business then what do you do what’s going on JC
Franco here the no bullshitting Amazon seller if you wanna learn about Amazon
FBA without BBS and the hype then you’ve come to the right place all right if
you’re already an empire builder welcome back hopefully your empire is
going strong now if you haven’t started your empire yet is money holding you
back and if it is let’s talk about how we can crush that problem now number one
question about Amazon FBA is how much do you need to start right I see the whole
time most of you probably wonder that at one time or another and I’ve cover this
before I always say around three thousand dollars is a good safe bet a
nice starting point to get things actually going okay but if you don’t
have that money what can you do keep so what we do we’re gonna get down to the
nitty gritty the stuff that you can actually do that’s gonna work to help
you save up to get that money to get going okay now if you’re looking for a
list of like ways to make a hundred dollars in your sleep waste you know
make three hundred hours by listening to music ways to make five thousand dollars
are you taking a shit then this is not the place to or the video for you you
can go look for that kind of stuff on the unrealistic expectation category on
YouTube is not gonna be fun is not gonna be exciting it’s not gonna be a
sensational list but it’s gonna be effective so if you’re actually gonna
take a serious thing you actually want to start making money on Amazon then
make sure you follow these steps and go along with me first of all if you want
to have more money okay there’s two always gonna be two steps first you can
make more money or two you can spend less money and save more money what I’m
gonna cover first is saving money because I know that’s something that we
can all do now I don’t buy into the penny pinching you know cutting cost
your whole life to be the millionaire next door kind of deal
but sometimes at the very beginning it’s just what you need to do to get started
okay so how can we save more money first thing we do write a list write down a
list of all your expenses okay now I’ll actually take this series if you’re
gonna actually do this you actually want to do this and move forward into the new
year into 2020 and kill 2020 let’s do this okay
just do it get a pen get a paper again an excel sheet write down all the
expenses I just print out your backs aiming right on all expense that you
have on a month-to-month basis and then write
down your income okay now once you got that list done what we’re going to do
first step cut out the unnecessary things okay and unnecessary meaning you
do not need it to live okay if you do not need it to live and survive then it
is unnecessary that means Netflix Spotify right maybe Amazon Prime all
these monthly expenses that are luxuries right these are things that you don’t
actually need but have just been accustomed to we’ve just started taking
for granted cut those out okay now I know
no that sucks that’s brutal I don’t want to do that that doesn’t sound fun
it’s not worth it well if that’s the case we don’t think it’s worth it to cut
out some of these luxuries to go build a business that you can you know make six
seven figures over the course of one year two years whatever it may be you
know then that’s your call go ahead and go back to Netflix but if you’re gonna
take us seriously then let’s go ahead cut those out and once you cut those out
let’s see you know how much have you saved
maybe it’s 15 bucks maybe it’s 20 some of yous gave me a few hundred bucks just
on those luxury things okay now once we’ve done that let’s relook at the list
what expenses are left okay the things that you’ve deemed necessary to live so
food your car insurance your your mortgage your internet now these are
things that you’re gonna need especially you’re gonna need to go ahead and launch
an Amazon business you’re gonna need the obviously Internet so let’s look at
those and now let’s cut those costs down let’s go call them up call the companies
and negotiate those bills down you’re surprised how low they’re willing to go
how much leeway that actually is with this phone bill even paying for the last
year the last six months if you just go hey you know Rogers I’m gonna or
whatever in America AT&T I’m actually gonna go ahead and cancel and move to
another you know as a supplier or whatever you call it if you don’t give
me a better price boom all of a sudden you got a better deal now you cut off a
lot of excess expenses off of these even the bills you deem necessary so breath
the bat we took out unnecessary things the necessary things we lower the costs
on those and finally the final sacrifice is just cut out the unnecessary fun
right cut out the things that you are doing your weekend stuff that you don’t
actually need to do going out for fancy dinners or watching movies and partying
or whatever it may be the things that aren’t actually necessary cut those out
of your life and you’ll be surprised how much you’ll save by just cutting out
Entertainment costs all right now I know it might sound like you’re
gonna be living a pretty bleak life for a little bit but again and that comes
down to sacrifice no matter what you try and do there’s always gonna be a
sacrifice that you need to make to make that happen and now that you’ve cut out
those things not only will you be saving a few extra you know a hundred two three
four five hundred dollars every single month you’ll also have gained a lot more
time by cutting out the bullshit right no more Netflix more time to grind no
more you know going out and watching movies more time to grind no more
weekend fund then now you got more time to grind put your mind to it and you can
do it and if you do that you’re saving money you’re gaining time you’re putting
that time and investing that time into creating your business then you’ll be
moving way faster at a speed that you’d be surprised you know how fast you can
actually how much progress you can make in that much time and finally a way to
make more money without having to go out and you know try to do silly gimmicky
things or you know have to try to get a second job by the way if you want to get
a second job go for it – that’d be great you know you have more time on the
weekends now get a part-time but if you want just go flip some stuff do the
garyvee model go out the Craig’s let’s go to face book marketplace get some
stuff for you know free – ten dollars and then go resell it especially those
are for those of you that are younger I know you know my audience you guys are a
little bit you know older older than me I’m sure all you have a job most of you
if those of you that are younger you know that don’t have a job or you know
don’t even have that many expenses that cut out in the first place doing
something like flipping it’s gonna be a great way to kind of build up capital
okay so if you do all these things you’re cutting expenses down you’re
you’re optimizing your time maybe you’re doing a little bit more to gain a little
bit more income then you know within a few months you’ll have 3k – go ahead and
invest into Amazon FBA – business and you can actually start making money and
then as you start building and building and building you can bring back some of
the fun stuff that you cut out this fun stuff that you sacrificed that helped
you get to where you want to go and the last time I touch on this because I got
a question on this recently what about credit can you use a credit card do you
launch it out of a business yes you can but just know I’m not gonna recommend it
because of course there’s added risks to doing that however it is what I did I
went ahead and I used credit to launch I spent like six other girls on credit but
then again note that that failed I lost some money and then I had to get
a loan dig myself deeper into debt to you know all or nothing at that point
and you know it worked out for me so that’s good I mean you can see that as a
scary failure story or you can see that as a success story it depends on how
resilient you are if you know you fail on $6,000 credit you’re not gonna keep
on going maybe two you have to fail your story if you know you’re gonna keep on
pushing through and do whatever it takes to make it work the way I did then of
course that is gonna be a success story so it’s all about the perspective should
you use credit you can but you know use it at your own risk
if you have a great points card that also is a benefit you know I’ve got a
lot of travel points now for you know buying inventory and in vying PPC with
my credit card so you know where the pros and cons I’m not gonna say yes or
no but it’s something you can do it’s something I’ve seen people do be
successful with it but it’s also a bigger risk if you fail to do that so I
would say at least save up a little bit of money do you know prove yourself you
can sacrifice some of this stuff to make sure you got you got what it takes to
make this business work because most people don’t want to do the things they
know they should do so if you can do those things then you’re gonna be on
your way to success another thing that you know you should do is probably hit
that like button for me so please if you are that kind of person that’s gonna go
push for success push it like button for me if you enjoyed this video and then
click that video right over there from information click my face to subscribe
and click the very bottom square to join my free masterclass I’m gonna cover a
lot of cool secrets that you’re gonna need to show up too to see all right
that’s it I’m Jesse Franco and do not forget that your empire the way

A symphony orchestra at the office

– I think it might be time. (laughter) All right. Bye! (laughter) (orchestral music) The misconception is that here your life is your work. That often surprises
people, that we can have a full symphony orchestra. (orchestral music) I hadn’t had the chance to play my flute for almost seven years. (flute music) That was definitely a big draw for me, just knowing I could reconnect with a big part of my identity again. I am a technical sourcing
recruiter in advertising. It’s nice to just be able
to leave that at the door once a week. (music) – When you’ve been in front of a computer or in meetings all day, it
really does make a difference to just have that group accessible. I can leave my desk and go down a floor to rehearsal, which is awesome. – We’ve got something really unique here that isn’t necessarily
found anywhere else. Just dip over for the C sharp. Yeah. A lot of people have cited the orchestra as a reason why they
love working at Amazon. – Anyone can play, regardless of ability, regardless of skill level, regardless of how long it’s been
since they’ve played. – We have this shared experience of working at Amazon together,
and then on top of that we’re able to connect through the music. (music) – I always get a lot
of pre-concert jitters. (laughter) But it’s like good jitters. – Being able to have
nearly a thousand people at every performance has
been absolutely amazing. – And you’re all set. (orchestral music) – We have free concerts
open to the public. We’re all excited to see you there and come be a part of our community. It’s magical, really. (dramatic orchestral music)

How To Overcome FEAR of Starting Amazon FBA (Or Any Business)

hey what’s going on guys JC Franco here
the no-bullshit Amazon seller I’m gonna have a quick no BS talk with you here
today back on the gym I want to take up the
pace have kind of a different video and just discuss something that been bugging
me you know I had a comment on the channel the other day and then all my
mind because it’s something that I know we’re all dealing with we all face this
but like 90% of us will never overcome it 90% of us will fall victim to this so
I want to just change the video here and kind of sit down with you
I’m gonna go read the comment for you now so the comment goes every time I
listen to you talk about FBA I get excited but in reality I’m scared
because I don’t want to fail how many of you guys are experiencing that right now
probably a lot of you because I know that when I was starting I was scared
shitless right I didn’t I didn’t know what to do
I didn’t know if this was the right move but I was able to push past that fear so
that’s what I make this video I wanted to make this video to hopefully I could
get just a few of you to push past that fear once and for all so this is
typically how it happened this is the progression alright someone is working a
dog job doing what they’re doing in their life and then they find this idea
they stumbled across something new right kick Amazon FBA and you find a video on
YouTube where you find an article and you get excited it’s like this new idea
I’m like whoa I could do it I think this is exciting now you start envisioning
your future like well I could I could launch products I can put them on Amazon
you know I’m gonna start making sales I could totally how there’s new cool
brand and people are gonna buy my product you start seeing this vision of
the future for yourself in your mind right and it’s just excitement so now
you got this excitement and then once you’ve done gone through that a little
bit in it it’s super-new and it’s like fresh and you want to do that then you
realize okay I got this excitement I got to make this excitement and turn it into
a reality so how do I get from idea to reality what’s the next step the next
step is preparation alright so now you’re preparing so now
you’re doing more research you’re really digging into it and you’re writing stuff
down right you’re taking notes you’re writing something you’re writing some
down your write up down right up down and then you’re writing stuff down
you’re writing whoa and you realize as you’re writing like that’s a lot of shit
like that’s a lot of stuff I got to do like you you get this just the second of
being overwhelmed and the that’s when you start getting these doubts right
they start creeping at your head and you start telling us off oh I don’t actually
know anything about this right actually no we think about market analysis and
product research and manufacturing your product and stripping things to Amazon
and marketing a product and creating a brand and doing the freight for is and
all these things start filling your head and filling your
mind and you think well you know I gotta invest money I gotta spend time but what
if and once you get to that but what if that’s not how you know you’ve been hit
with fear no one has ever launched a business without hitting that but what
if right everyone gets that point but not everyone gets past that point okay
so you’ve got this you’re at this level of you got all this you know started
butting heads with this excitement and ideas and then your doubts and your
what-ifs and they start butting heads and unfortunately again most of the time
the fear will win how do you avoid being the 90% of people that that lose to fear
how do you become that 10% that actually pushed through and go through despite
the fear so let’s first think about what is fear really right what is fear it’s
really just your your primal brain your your the brain of your ancestors that’s
trying to protect you it’s just a natural process of your brain trying to
protect you from danger and risk right cause back in the day it’s either you
know should I go out leave the cave at night you know and risk leaving the cave
or getting get eaten by wolves or should I stay inside and and live another day
and that’s what fear is it is but in today’s world you know we’re not dealing
with wolves outside it’s just imagination it’s just your
thoughts it’s just your brain coming up with scenarios that most of time aren’t
actually gonna happen you’ve all heard the saying that fear is false
expectations appearing real right and that’s really what it is it’s just your
brain giving you you know these imaginary emotional based worst-case
scenarios so what you should do instead okay how do we get past that first thing
you want to do is what’s the logical worst-case scenario really think about
that then what is the worst-case scenario if it doesn’t work out if you
try to launch a product on Amazon and it doesn’t work out for you what can happen
maybe you lost $3,000 right that is basically the worst case scenario what
ever you it the worse case scenario is you lost money and what happens between
$3,000 hopefully you’re not investing the last $3,000 you have hopefully it’s
not putting you absolutely on the line where you’re gonna lose your house and
you’re gonna lose everything and as long as you’re not doing that then you should
be fine right it’s money lost but if money you can always make back and now
some of you might think oh well then I also lost time but not really right
after you spent two three months doing this and you want to Prague it doesn’t
work out you didn’t lose that time because you’ve gained all that knowledge
you’ve gained all the experience with that the next time you do it
you actually are way ahead of the game
you’re way ahead of the curve you you’ve got that time and that time was useful
right it was a lesson learned so you didn’t lose time really all you lost was
money so now you gotta ask yourself are you okay with that are you okay with
possibly losing $3,000 and if the answer is yes then what is there to fear
because I’ll tell you right now that that is not actually the worst-case
scenario right because everyone thinks of the when they get to the what-if part
they go what if it doesn’t work right everyone has to what if it’s either than
what if it doesn’t work and I fail or you know what if it does work that’s
where you got to put most of your thoughts to but what if it does work the
best case scenario what if it does work and you know I actually this works out
for me I actually I start creating a passive income business I can actually
start supplementing my income I can actually replace my income I can
actually quit my job and live life on my own terms because I was able to take
that you know this leap of faith and launch a product on and launch a few
products and Amazon and just go after it right so there’s what if I do it it
doesn’t work what if I do it and it does work but really the worst-case scenario
is what if you don’t do it at all because if you don’t do it at all you
don’t get anything right you don’t get anything and you lose everything you
lost you don’t get the knowledge you don’t get the opportunity and you’re you
know what’s gonna happen you’re going to be in the exact same spot as you are
right now in a year two years three years you’re gonna be exactly where
you’re trying to get out of right there’s no possibility of change right
you’re you’re gonna be inside your comfort zone because the funny thing
about failure is that it comes whether you act or you don’t act right
everyone’s so worried about what if I try and it I don’t hit my goal well if
you don’t try you’re definitely not going to hit your goal right so it’s
either you do it and it works and it or it doesn’t work and you gain a bunch of
knowledge or you don’t do it at all and you fail all the same so if you’re put
in this maze right this labyrinth and there’s two doors one of them is failure
and one of them is success the failure door will just lead you we’ll just put
you back to the beginning of the maze again right you can either start walking
and get lost in this maze and maybe you know find a success though or maybe you
end up in the failure door but the thing is if you don’t walk around and you just
stay at the starting position you’re still going to be stuck in the maze
whether you find the failure doors of success though you’re still gonna be
stuck in that maze now here’s where fear comes in now fear a lobby will see it as
something to run away from they feel fear you know they get a little bit
scared and they duck in hi and they cover and they stay
still when really fear is an indicator that you’re moving in the right
direction right if you’re not afraid of something that means you’re not growing
it means you’re not progressing if you’re just comfortable and you’re
sitting and you know you’re just happy in and there’s nothing to be afraid of
that means you’re not going anywhere that means you’re in your comfort zone
right in the comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing ever grows there right
everything you want is outside of your comfort zone everything you don’t have
and you you aspire for it’s outside of your comfort zone right that means you
don’t have it means you’re it’s in your comfort zone so if you’re in your
comfort zone and you’re not afraid of anything that means you’re not getting
closer to where you want to go so fear is actually an indicator that you should
move the fears actually indicator that you should take that jump take that leap
of faith now a great way to eliminate fear somebody actually learned from
Grant Cardone to eliminate fear you’ve got to eliminate the fuel what fuels
fear what feeds fear and the number one thing that feeds fear is time if you can
starve fear of time then it will not grow right the more time you give to
fear the more it grows the more fester inside of you for example if you you
know you have to do something you you you have to you’re thinking about
launching a product right you’re thinking about launching products on
this date say it’s January 1st the more you think about it the farther away that
date is the more scary it is the more time you have to think about okay what
if this goes wrong what if the supplier does this whatever you know the timing
is not right what if you know this is broken what if I look something if you
just take action the fear is eliminated so once you start
feeling that clear of oh my gosh gate you get overwhelmed about product
research just do it because less time you give it the less fear will grow it’s
crazy to me how many people will watch product research video after product
research video hey JT I’ve seen your primary videos Robert this this and this
you know how do i well how do I know if this is the right numbers how do I know
how many reviews how many know how do I know how many sales how do I and they
haven’t actually started doing product research they’ll just think and think
and think and think and try to make this perfect picture of how to do product
research and they’ll spend weeks or months doing learning about product
research well not actually acting on product research when it’s is equally as
easy to just start looking for products so if you are in that stage of you know
I don’t know what a good product looks like because you haven’t looked at
enough products you need to be in field you need to be experienced you
need to go and do to actually understand I heard the story in atomic habits
there was class a photography class and they split the students of this class in
half okay so half of the students would be graded on quantity so over the course
of the year there would be their great pass or fail would be if they took a
certain amount of Tetris like a thousand pictures or whatever it is right and the
other half of the class we’re gonna be graded by the quality of the picture
they didn’t have to have any quantity could have only taken one picture but it
had to be a great picture okay now here’s the funny thing the students that
were had that were only focused on quality didn’t have the best pictures it
was the students that had were only focused on quantity that took the best
pictures because they were doing it over and over and over and Oregon they were
in they’re doing they weren’t thinking about it or the the students that had to
make the best picture they studied about it
they researched about it they read books about it they never took a picture they
only took one were these guys they didn’t study they just did it they just
snapped and snapped and snap and snap and they just learned it so if you’re
afraid of this process of Amazon FBA it’s a whole lot less scary if you just
do it okay just get started eliminate time from the equation don’t plan about
doing product research just do it right don’t plan about talking suppliers
don’t say you know next Friday I’m gonna talk to suppliers go to Alibaba right
now and start messaging because that is all it takes
so if fear is holding you back let it push you forward don’t be afraid of fear
cases because fear is indicator that you are on the right path everyone faces it
everyone is is you know everyone is scared I’m scared all the time still
it’s not like you know I have this business and all of a sudden I’m
fearless every day new decisions new products new product news marketing
strategies new emails new videos go out I’m like shit and what if this doesn’t
work you know what uploaded what if upload this video right now and it bombs
and nobody likes it and nobody cares about it and it gets no abuse guess what
what’s the worst case scenario nothing I upload the next video I upload the next
video upload another video it’s not life or death anymore right there’s no wolves
and lions trying to eat you anymore it’s just your head it’s just your
imagination so let fear push it forward take time away from your Quaid equation
and don’t feed your fear with time just go out there and do it because you know
what you have to do you know what you want to do and you know that the
in this vision that you had that you were envisioning your future it’s real
it’s there all you got to do is take the action to go out there and do it that’s
all I got for you guys today hopefully enjoyed this kind of different pace kind
of rank video you know it slash and rent right in there and that’s all I got for
you so hopefully if this video just pushes one of you guys or girls to face
your fear and push through and take that leap of faith you know I’ll be happy and
if you want to help me with my fear of not getting enough likes then please hit
that like button for me because that will mean a lot to me now if anything
else what’s your biggest fear down with an FBA you know let me know in the
comments and we’ll see if I can’t help you on and try to settle that for you
but again that’s it so make sure next thing watch a video over there if you
need more help click my face to subscribe or click that bottom right
square to join my free masterclass why I’m deal some of my top secrets about
lesbian right I’m JQ Franco I thought up for you today so don’t forget your
empire oh wait

How To Make an AFFILIATE MARKETING REVIEW WEBSITE for Beginners – Clickbank, Amazon, CJ & More

In in this video, we’re going
to be setting up an affiliate marketing website using WordPress. I’m going to show you what
that looks like now on the screen. It’s a really great looking site. Uh, but you’ll
be able to obviously change the colors and, uh, logo and everything to fit your needs.
It’s got great product reviews so that you can, you know, review products and add your
affiliate link that way. And it’s got a blog, and it’s got pages, and it’s basically got
everything you need in order to create a great looking affiliate marketing website. Now don’t
worry if you’re completely new to this subject. Um, maybe you’re thinking about earning some
extra money. That sort of thing and you’ve heard about it through your marketing and
you want to get something set up, I’m going to hold your hand. I’m going to to take you
through it step by step in terms of what affiliate marketing actually is and, um, and where to
sign up as an affiliate through to creating, um, the website and, and everything in between.
So, um, I hope you’re going to come with me on this journey and create a website, and
remember, I’m here if you get stuck, or if you get any questions, please just post in
the comments below and I will do my best to answer and help you out, and, you know, get
you where you need to be. So, um, well … let’s get started.
Hello. It’s Alex here from WPEagle. So, affiliate marketing. That’s what this video’s all about.
I’m an affiliate marketer. I have been for, uh, quite a few years now and, uh, it’s a
great way to earn some money, uh, basically (chuckle). Uh, and the way affiliate marketing
works is, um, you basically ad links to your website, or on your social media profiles
to other websites on the internet. So shops, and merchants, and that sort of thing.
And when someone clicks on your link and goes through tot that shop and makes a purchase,
you earn a commission. Uh, it really is as simple as that. Now, in order to become an
affiliate, um, you basically just have to go and, uh, to the merchant site and if you
look generally down towards the bottom, uh, of the website, so say on, you know, Amazon
if you scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find their associates program.
Um, and generally on most web stores that you come across, if you go the bottom, you’ll
find, um, an, and affiliates section and if you go into there, you can then sign up and
become and affiliate, and they will then give you your special tracking links that you can
then use on your social media, on your website, and all that sort of thing.
There are also a few, um, kind of affiliate networks that are, uh, also a great place
to sign up and find products to promote. So, uh, these include places like Clickbank. Uh,
which is full of sort of e-type products. You know, e-books, and uh … podcasts, and
all that sort of stuff that’s for sale. Uh, and again, you can promote those products
and get a really good commission. Uh, there’s Commission Junction, which is
a, another large affiliate network full of merchants, uh, from all sorts of places. Uh,
again, you sign up once on there and then you can apply to become an affiliate to many
many different merchants. Now, in this video, we’re going to be creating
an affiliate marketing website and it’s going to be based around doing product reviews.
Um, because I found this a really good way of earning some commission because people
when they’re looking to buy something, they’re going to be looking for reviews just before
they make that purchase. So they’re, they’re thinking about what they
want to buy and they’re about to buy it, and they just want to kind of double check whether
it’s any good. That sort of thing. So a review site basically puts you towards the end of
their buying cycle just before they make a purchase so they can come to your website,
read your review, or watch your review if it’s a video. They then can click your link
and then go through and, uh, you know, provided you’ve offered a good review and said it’s
worth buying, hopefully they’ll then make that purchase and you can earn your commission.
Now, I know all this information probably sounds a bit overwhelming and you’re thinking,
“God, this sounds like a lot of work.” Hopefully I’m going to be able to break it down to you
into little bits, uh, as we go through the video and, um, you’re going to be able to
kind of take it step by step. Um, before you know it, you’ll have an affiliate marketing
website and you’ll understand what affiliate marketing is, and how you can earn some money
from it. So, before we get started and jump in in terms
of, uh, creating a website, the first thing you want to think about is what you’re actually
going to, um, make your website about. Now I’ve, uh, in this video, I’m making a website
all about WordPress funnily enough because that’s what I know and that’s what I love.
Um, so yeah, the website we’re going to be making today is reviewing kind of WordPress
themes and stuff to do with WordPress, but obviously you’re going to make your website
about what you’re into and I suggest that when you’re choosing an affiliate subject
that you do go for something that you’re quite passionate about because you are going to
need to create some content in order for this to work well.
And when I say content, I’m talking about videos, and articles, and obviously reviews,
and blog posts, and all that sort of stuff and if you’re not into something, uh, that
can be quite tricky, so you know, if you choose to promote … I don’t know, building materials,
and you’ve got nothing. Uh, not interest in building or anything like that, you’re going
to struggle to, to, to make it work. So, my first piece of advice would be to try
and choose something that you are into, um, and, and go from there. Now in terms of marketing
the website and getting traffic, and all that sort of stuff, what I’ve decided to do is
after this video goes up, I’m going to create some more videos around this subject in terms
of how to get traffic to your website, how to do SEO, social media, and all that sort
of thing. So, um, this is the first video in what will
be a series and then afterwards, uh, make sure you subscribe by, by the way too, so
you don’t miss out on those. Um, it will be a series of videos all about promotion, and
marketing, and, and all that sort of stuff to get people coming to your review website,
but I’ve left that out of this video, which I didn’t want this video to drag on forever
and ever. Talking about dragging on, um, I’m talking
a bit too much now, so let’s get going. I’m going to go through, um, what you need in
order to get, uh, your website set up because there is going to be a couple of things you’re
going to need to purchase today just to get your website online, but don’t worry. Um,
they’re not huge costs and, uh, hopefully it’ll be a worthwhile investment once you
start to earn some money through your marketing. The first thing we’re going to need today
is, um, some website hosting and a domain name. Now, a domain name is a .com or a .net,
.info, .buis, .whatever. There’s a whole load of dots at the moment. If you’ve already got
one of those, great. If you haven’t, then I’m going to show you how you can register
one today and the cost of that domain name does vary depending on where you get it and
what domain name you get, but you’re looking at roughly ten, twelve dollars. Um, maybe
tops twenty dollars a year. Not a huge expense. Um, so you need to start thinking about what
.coms and, and, or .nets, or whatever you, you’re going to want. The next thing we’re
going to need, uh, to go to the domain is the hosting. Now, hosting is basically where
your website lives on the internet, um, so, uh, especially a company and they look after
your website and they make sure that it’s online for you and I’m going to recommend
a company called Host Gator today and I’ve got a voucher for you which allows you to
get your first month’s hosting for just a penny, so not a huge investment there on the
hosting. Um, just a penny for the first month. Uh, it comes with a money back guarantee as
well, so if, for whatever reason, you’re not happy, then you can, you can if you need to
just cancel that. Move on. Try something else. Finally thing we’re going to need today is,
um, uh, our WordPress theme and it’s a premium theme and basically what that is is it gives
us the functionality that we need on our website and it gives us the look and feel.
I’ve chosen a great theme today, which is to say is aimed at making a review site so
it’s really good at, um, allowing you to create some great reviews and have, uh, little star
ratings, and allow other users to add reviews to your site as well, so you can get a real
cool review site going on. Um, whilst at the same time sending people off on your affiliate
links. There is a small cost to this theme. Uh, it’s
just $49, and for that you get free updates to the theme, you get support from the theme
developers. Um, and you get a really great theme. Um, which as I say, give you the functionality
and makes, uh, the website do what you want it to do. So it is essential. So in terms
of your investment today, you’re going to need the $49 for the theme and you’re going
to need a penny for the hosting, and then your domain cost is going to vary depending
on what sort of domain you get, but it’s not going to be a huge amount.
So hopefully that’s not going to break the bank for you and you’ve got a, a small bit
of, uh, money that you can invest today to get this website up and running. Now, if you
get stuck at any point, uh, during this video, I am here to help you, so please leave a message
in the comments below. A question or whatever if you get stuck. Or you can email me over
at [email protected] and I will do my best to help you out that way.
But that’s enough chit chat from me. Um, let’s get on to the computer and get this website
up and running. So, I just want to let you know what you’re getting yourself in for in
terms of the steps that we’re going to be going through in order to get this website
up and running. The first thing is going to be setting up our website hosting and our
sorting out our domain name. Either buying one or, uh, repointing one that you may have
already registered. The next thing we’re going to be doing is
installing WordPress and that’s what’s going to be paring our website and, you know, makes
it easy to set up and all that sort of stuff. Um, the next thing we’re going to do is, um,
purchase and install our theme and that’s what gives it its look and feel and all the
functionality that we need. We’re then going to be configuring the theme
and adding some content. Obviously I’m not going to add tons and tons of content. I’m
just going to add enough to give you the idea of, of what needs to be done so that you can
go on and add as many, uh, videos, or reviews, or blog posts as you’d like. We’ll then do
some final tweaks. Make sure that’s it’s all, uh, looking okay and straightened out, et
cetera. And, uh, yeah. And then we’ll go live. Now you’ve seen the length of the video. It
is, uh, pretty long. Um, but as I say, I’m going to be here, um, to answer your questions
if you like via the comments so, uh, just drop me a message if you get stuck. So, let’s
get started with the first thing and set up our hosting.
So hosting is basically, uh, where your website lives on the internet. You hire a little bit
of a server, which is basically just a big computer, uh, with a company and they put
your, um, website online for you and they give you all the tools and that that you need
to, to get up and running. I’m going to recommend a company called Host Gator. Um, which is
a company I’ve used many time before. Uh, they’re really great value for money,
um, with really low prices, um, but they don’t compromise on service, um, just because they’ve
got low prices. So, um, you get a really good, nice, fast website, and you get great up time.
Basically your website doesn’t go down, um, and you get some good support.
Uh, I love their live chat system, which allows you to just log in, and then you can just
send a message and they can get back to you really quickly. All the websites that I build,
uh, in these tutorials I use Host Gator and they all work fine and then you can go check
them out if you’ve got any doubts, but, uh, you get the money back guarantee anyway. A
forty-five day money back guarantee so if it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, you
can just quit, walk away, get your money back, no questions asked.
Um, so that’s great, so anyway, let’s get started. Um, we’ve already got a domain name.
If you want to register a domain name with another provider like Go Daddy or whatever,
that’s fine. If you haven’t got a domain name, uh, a domain name is a .com or a .net, or
a .info, or a .co/uk, a dot whatever. Uh, don’t worry. We can register one when we,
uh, set up our hosting, so let’s go and take a look.
I’m going to click and get started now. If we scroll down on this page, we’re on the
hosting plans. Uh, we can see they offer, a, a number of different plans. Now when choosing
a plan, you just need to keep in mind how many websites, uh, you think you’re going
to end up setting up going forward. Probably if it’s your first on, then you’re just going
to do the one for now, then the hatchling plan over here is fine, but if you’ve got
some aspirations to have, you know, those websites and you’re going to get loads of
traffic, and all sorts of stuff, then, um, one of these plans is probably, uh, for you.
Now, you can change your plan at any time, so, um … don’t worry if you, uh, can’t decide
right now. Just go for the hatchling and then you can scale up as you go forward. Now I’ve
got a voucher which I’m going to show you in, in a second, which will allow you to take
your first month for just one penny, um, which means you can kind of check these, uh, plans
out. Try out setting up a website, and, uh, without having to spend too much cash today.
So let’s click now on the hatchling plan and we’re presented with, um, the order form.
So the first box is to do with your domain and let’s say a domain name is your .com or
your .net, or you know, whatever. If you don’t have a domain name, you can just type it into
this box here and Host Gator will go off and see if your domain name is available. You
can select the extension here. The .com, .club, .net, whatever you like.
Um, so you know, you type in my domain name et cetera. Whatever you’re looking to register.
Then you select .com. And there you go and it shows you, um, that it’s available and
it’s added it to the [inaudible 00:12:01] and then you can tic some others, um, if you
… if you’d like them as well. Now I … I’ve already registered a domain
name over at Go Daddy, which is, uh, another company that I use, uh, for registering domain
names. Uh, I’ve got some at Host Gator. I’ve got some that are all over the places, but
yeah, depending on what, what I’m thinking at the time, it depends basically what I’m
logged into depends on where I’m registered, so if you’ve already got a domain name, uh,
day with Go Daddy, or Name Cheap, or some other domain registrar, what you need to do
is click on, uh, this tab here where it says, “I already own this domain,” and type in the
domain, um, that’ you’ve already registered at that other registrar.
So the one I’ve already registered is Because the website we’re going to be creating.
Uh, well I’m going to be creating today, is all about WordPress themes and all that sort
of stuff. So, uh, then I can just tab and it says that’s fine, and there we go. So it’s
already selected the hatchling package, which is what we, uh, selected on the previous page.
You can select your billing cycle. You get a great discount if you go for the, um … Oh,
some more domains just popped up. Um, if you go for a long period of like thirty-six months,
um, (lips smack) that gives you a really good price, which is 3.95 a month. So yeah, even
the twelve months gives you a better price. So I would recommend, yeah, going for a longer
period if you can afford it today, but if you don’t know, uh, how long you’re going
to have your website. Hopefully more than one month or three months,
or even six months, but if you’re not sure, then you might want to go for this kind of
billing cycle. I’ll select one month for now so just so that I can show you the code working
in a second. Here you can register your user name and a password. Now I’m not going to
fill in all these forms just, uh, now. I don’t want to, you know, hold up this video with
you watching me filling in forms. I’ll do them in a second.
Here you enter all your billing info. So your name, and your address, and obviously your
payment type, and card number, and all that sort of stuff, or you can pay with Paypal
if you prefer. Section four is all about additional services, which I don’t think we need, so
I’m just going to untic those. Okay, so if we scroll down, the next section
is the coupon code. Now, my coupon, uh, gives you the first month for just a penny, so,
uh, in terms of what you have to pay today, it kind of significantly reduces it. The code
is EagleOne and if we click validate, you’ll see it’s down to a penny. There may be a coupon
code that’s already in there. Uh, my coupon codes should be better value
than whatever’s in there to start with. So, um, yeah if you want to use it, that’s great.
It is an affiliate coupon, um, so that means that I do add a very small commission, um,
if you use it. Um, so thanks very much if you do use it, uh, I really appreciate it.
(inhale) Oh, hang on. The amount due has gone up to
three dollars. Let me just scroll up. I unticed that. How dare it tic it again? So make sure
nothing’s been reticed for whatever reason. And let me see, we’re down to a penny. So
yeah, the code is EagleOne. Click validate and then the last box is this terms and conditions
that, um, we just need to tic, uh, and then we can click check out now.
So I’m going to fill in this form now. I’m going to get my hosting set up and then what
we’ll do is we’ll get WordPress installed and start setting up, uh, our affiliate marketing
website. So I will see you in a sec. Okay, so I completed all the signup and I’ve got
my hosting now and I’ve just had an email come in. Here it is, um, so you should hopefully
receive one as well and it’s got all the details I need. Um, in order to log into my hosting,
and, and all that sort of stuff, so the first one is kind of your billing, login, and then
this one here is the control panel login. Now, as I had already registered a domain
name, I do need to update my name service at my domain registrar. Now, if you register
a domain with Host Gator, you don’t need to do this step. Um, but just bear with me for
one minute while, um, I show you how to update your name so, so if you’ve already got a domain
name let’s say with Go Daddy or some other registrar, you’re going to need to do this
step. So let me just go over to Go Daddy where I’ve
got my domain name. And then if I just, uh, sign in and go to my products, and then into
my domains. Then if I find the domain which is … Uh, there it is. Best WP
and click through there. Now obviously it’s going to be slightly different depending on
which domain registrar you’re with. If it’s Go Daddy, it’ll be the same as this, but it
… what you’re going to be looking for is the name service.
So if you’re logged into your control panel with your domain registrar, look for reference
to name servers and if I click manage, what this’ll do is it’ll just change these two
names here, so I’m going to select custom. Click enter custom name servers and I’m just
going to copy and paste from the email these two name servers. First one and the second
one. Oh, that’s it. Don’t need a third one. And click okay.
Uh, and then save now. This change may take a … uh, a few minutes to take effect, so,
um, just leave that a little while if it doesn’t look like you’re, um, domain is pointing to
Host Gator, but that should be all done. So I’m just going to close Go Daddy for now and
then I’m going to go back to my email and I’m going to log into my Host Gator control
panel. So I’m going to click this link, and then
I’m just going to copy and paste the user name and the password. I think … Okay, and
now I’m going to show you how to change that password so that you can, uh, set up some
some of the … That you can remember a bit more easily. That’s the first thing that we’ll
do. So we’re now logged into our control panel. Let’s close these, um, pop-ups.
So the first thing we’ll do is change password so that’s this button here. Don’t worry about
all these buttons. Um, it looks a bit overwhelming, but we’re not going to use half of them. Just,
um, just a couple of them, so don’t worry too much. So I’m just going to put the old
password in, which I’ve got in my clipboard. Then I’m going to set a new password that
I can remember. Click change password. And then that’s all
done. Click go back. I’m going to click on home up at the top here, go back to the main
section of the control panel. The next thing we’re going to do is install WordPress, so
let’s just close that pop-up again. I’m going to click this w button here, which is let’s
get started with WordPress today. Click okay on that pop-up and then what I’m
looking for is this button here. This big install WordPress. Let’s click that. Then
we need to just fill in this form. Select your domain, which is obviously my domain
is Leave that install path blank, put your email address in, give it
a title, and set up an admin user. Let’s go for WPEagle … and then click install WordPress.
Click no thanks, I’m a web designer on that pop-up (clears throat) and it’s just at the
top here running the install. That takes just a few seconds. There we go. It’s done. Now
over here this little arrow is very important. These are our login credentials, uh, so I’m
just going to copy that password. Again, we can change that in a second. This is the WordPress
username and password. So I click this link. It should take me through
to the admin area. Now, the uh … domain servers still haven’t updated, which is why
I’m getting this screen, so I’m just going to wait a few minutes and, um, hopefully our
login screen should appear. So, uh, let’s wait and see.
Okay, so I waited a few minutes, and I refreshed page, and here we go. Here’s our WordPress
login screen. So these ones use WPEagle. The password I’ve got my clipboard. I pasted it
from here, remember? Let’s put that in. There we go. Login. And here we are. We’re into
our WordPress dashboard. Let’s just close these little bits. Don’t need that.
Um, now the first thing we’ll do is just change that password again so I can remember it.
I forgot to here where it says howdy and my name. If I go to edit my profile, and then
scroll down and there is a new password section here. I’ll click generate password. It generates
another one that we can’t remember. So I’m just going to click hide and then I’m
going to have to delete that and type in the new password that I can’t remember. The reason
I clicked hide just so that you guys can’t see it that was all. Tick the confirm use
of weak password even though it’s not that weak really. And then click update profile.
So now I’ve changed my password and got WordPress installed. If I go, uh, to the top here and
click visit site, you can see that the domain name is now working. WordPress is installed
in here is our basic WordPress sight. So we’re now ready to start, um, creating with Word
Press and, um, we can install our theme and start, you know, adding content and really
making the site our own, so let’s go and do that.
Okay, so the next thing we have to do is install our theme. I’m over at Theme Forest now which
is where we’re going to get our theme from. It’s called reviews and as the name suggests,
it’s a custom made theme ready for our products and services reviews, so that’s perfect for
an affiliate marketing website. Um, I always recommend premium themes, um,
because they are of generally much higher quality than free themes. Uh, you get regular
updates , uh, which is good for security and for adding extra features and functionality
as we go forward. And you also get ongoing support from the theme developers, so if you
get stuck, or anything like that, uh, and you have any problems, you can just drop them
a line and they will help you out which is obviously really useful.
Now, I’ve really purchased this theme. It’s $49, uh, from [inaudible 00:21:48] but not
a huge investment. Um, I’ve put a link up on the screen, um, as I say for the, uh, theme.
That is an affiliate link, so that you very much for using it. I work on a small commission,
uh, but I do really recommend the products and things that I actually use myself. Um,
[inaudible 00:22:04] name. Two, so the, um, I forget payment is just
a little bit of a bonus, but anyway, uh, let’s download it. Um, you’ll need to obviously
sign up for a theme first if you’re not ready and, and deposit some money and, and download
it. Already done that, so I’m just going to download this. Now I’m just going to create
a folder where I can find stuff. So I’m going to download that zip file.
So that’s downloaded. And if I just show you that on my computer, we’ll see that it’s here.
And what we’re going to do is we’re just going to extract that zip file and have a look at
what’s inside. Follicle reviews, and then there’s some more folders in there, and then
there’s the first one there. It’s just the theme a zip file, so I’m going to need an
and [inaudible 00:22:52] the theme there, which we’ll also need, uh, possibly, but for
now we’ll just install the, uh, review theme, which is there.
So I’m going to go back to, um, the website …
and once I get back to the website, we can
install the theme. So I’m already logged in. I’m going to go to the dashboard. Go to appearance
and then themes and I’m going to click add new, and then upload theme, and this box opens
here. Okay, then choose the file on my computer which is in here. Click open and then click
install now and that should upload and install that for me.
That’s all done. Now we can click activate. And that’s done. Now we’ve got a lot of messages
up at the top here. I’m just looking at this. It’s getting a bit messy, so let me just close
that one there. We’ve got to remember that we’ve got the [inaudible 00:24:16] page. That’s
fine. Uh, let’s dismiss that message. This is an important message.
This theme requires some plug-ins blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, so we need to install them.
So I’m going to click begin installing plug-ins and tick this box at the very top to tick
all of them. Then I’m going to install. They’re all installed, so then we can go back to the
plug-in installer. Then we just need to activate them, so I’m just going to again, tick at
the top and go to activate. And that’s done. So let’s go and have a look at the website
and see what’s happened. And we can see that it’s now, uh, the colors have changed, that
it’s got a slightly different layout. Obviously there’s plenty more to do. Uh, because it’s
not looking like it should just yet. Uh, but we know what our theme is until we’re ready
to start setting it all up. Okay, so what we need to do now, um, actually
what I recommend that you do now is install the demo content. Now, the demo content is
some example stuff that comes with the theme. It’s a good way of seeing how stuff, uh, is
put together, how you lay stuff out. And then you can also just change it, um, or, you know,
delete it and then add your own, but it’s a great way to, to get the site up and running
so it looks a bit like the demo site and then you can kind of just tweak it and, um, make
it your own. I find it’s the easiest way to work, so it’s
quite easy to install direct content. If we just go, um, back into the dashboard, and
then go to appearance, and then import demo data. Click import demo data. Might take a
couple minutes. Okay, I think that’s all done. Um, said some things already. You can kind
of get stuck halfway through, uh, but it … I don’t know. It seems to work.
Let’s have a look. So if we’re going to, um, there’s a couple of things actually we need
to do now just before we check it. The first is to go into permalinks, which is in settings
and permalinks and then we just need to set that to post name and click save changes.
Uh, then we need to just set the home page, which if we go into general … Oh nope. Sorry,
into reading under settings and then for front page displays we need to, uh, select a static
page and then for front page, let’s select home, and for post page, let’s select blogs.
And this will all become clear in a second. Basically these are the pages that have been
imported and you know, we’re just configuring them all up. So now let’s really go back and
have a look at the website. We see that it’s now starting to come together quite nicely.
You’ve got the search boxes, imported some of the categories, and there’s some demo,
demo reviews here as well. Looking to play around with some banners, so now we can go
through and start, um, making this our own. Okay, so I’ve got a couple of images that
I’ve already prepared for the website. The first is a logo. Um, let me just find them
now. Uh, here it is. Just a simple bit of white text that I created in my graphics editor.
If you don’t have a logo, um, do check out my channel. I’ve got a couple of videos on
there in terms of making a logo. Um, one’s a guest video, um, by, uh, Marty.
So again, do check that out. It shows you how to make a logo for free. Uh, I’ll just
cover a simple text, uh, theme. So upload that in a second. And the next thing I’ve
also put together is an image for this background area here behind the search, um, box thing.
Um, that’s just like a little collage that I knocked together of loads of WordPress themes
which I thought would be good. So let’s add those now. I’m still logged into
the website. Uh, so let’s go to, um, the dashboard and then we’ll go down to reviews WP, uh,
into overall. And here we’ve got our options for our logo and for the search image background.
Um, so let’s change them. Let’s change the logo first. So I’m going to go to upload and
then select files, and it brings up, uh, the files on my computer. I’ve just got to find
my logo. It’s actually in here. Okay. And click select. Demo data save changes.
[inaudible 00:28:41] open the sites in another tab so that we can have a look at it as it
changes. So there’s my logo. Uh, looking good. And then the next one, we’re going to change
is this one here, so I’m just going to remove that and then click upload. Upload files,
and again select the file on my computer. And then select and save. So let’s refresh.
There we go. Now, it’s got a slider thing going on there, I just noticed it’s, um, [inaudible
00:29:28] so I think if we just remove these extra because obviously you can have as many
as you like. I just want the ones. I’m just going to remove
those other ones and click refresh. And hopefully that will just stay put as it is and it has
so next thing we’ll change is this bit of text. Uh, find the best WordPress themes.
Uh, quickly find … Quickly find a theme for your next project. Something like that
will do. Let’s save the changes. Refresh. Okay, so that’s looking quite nice.
Uh, obviously we’ve got some other bits and bobs to do down here, but this top bit is
now coming together very nicely indeed. So I quite like this blue color, um, which is
around the site, so [inaudible 30:36] this header. And i’m sure it’s in other places
too. Um, but if you want to change it, let’s go back here and I’ll show you how we can
do that. So if you go into appearance you’ see that we’ve got the blue.
It says [inaudible 00:30:54] background actually, so it probably is, uh, just that top bit,
but say we wanted to go for, uh, any colors. Let’s pick a nice color. Maybe not brown.
So like orangey because what particularly is kind of orangey. Let’s save changes and
then if we, uh, refresh … There we go. Ooh, that’s quite garish, isn’t it? But, um, I
think it’ll do for now. Okay, so as you can see, in here, there are
loads of, uh, settings so in terms of, uh, we can set fonts. Uh, we can set font sizes.
It’s to do again with the navigation again this, this bit here is the navigation. Obviously
where all the links to the different pages are and we will go around customizing this
in a second. I actually have to change that. Um, and then down here you’ve got some more
colors, so, uh, the breadcrumbs, background color, the buttons. All sorts of things.
Um, I won’t go through and change all of these, uh, right now. I probably won’t to because
a lot of them are find as they are, but just so you know, they’re all in here and it’s
very very easy just to change the copyrights back and kind of that’s the, uh, bit right
down the bottom here. You can change that. Uh, basically you can change all the colors
and font sizes that you like in here which is in, uh, appearance.
Okay, so the next thing I want to change is these categories and obviously you’ve imported
some categories with the demo content. Um, they’re easy to change, or delete and add
your own, but I see every review that you’re going to put on your website. It’s going to
fall into a category and they’ll end up nicely here. So, to find them, if you go to the back
end, if you go under reviews, funnily enough, and then category, you see we’ve got all our
categories here, so, um, you might want to change this computer electronics one.
Then click edit. I can change this to, um, how many [inaudible 00:32:47] get, but I’m
just going to guess a few, um, business themes. I’m going to change the slope to be something
that’s quite Ceo friendly, so I’m goi9ng to include key words that people are searching
for. Um, which I’d imagine would be, uh, business and then I’m going to use hyphens. WordPress
themes, and this one doesn’t have a parent, but we’ll show you … I’ll show you how that
works in a second. Uh, let me go for and icon or anything right
now. And then we’ve got some criteria, so let’s have a look at, uh … I see. We’ll
come back to that in a second. So, uh, let’s carry on. I’m just going to click update.
Then if I click refresh it’s changed to business themes. Now these are clickable, so if you
go through, it’ll show you all the posts, uh, within that category. And so you’ve got
the nice filters. We’re going to change some of these reviews and add a new one in a second.
So what I’ll do now is just go back to categories. I’m going to add a new one under business
themes and we’re going to need a, an inspiration, so, um, let me just have a think. How about
consultants? If I can spell it. Consult-ants. There we go. Consultants. Uh, and then I’m
going to add a parent, which will be obviously, uh, business themes and then click add new
category and that’s appeared here so I know if I go back and have a look at our home page
again, there it is. So what I’m going to do is I will just quickly
do my categories. I won’t let you .. Sorry, I won’t make you watch me do that cus that’s
going to take a few minutes. So we’ve got all these categories and all the categories
are all the categories I want from my reviews that I can think of and, and I won’t go back
and we’ll start adding a couple of reviews to those categories. See how they look and
see how we can do that. Um, so, let’s do a quick edit.
Okay, so I’ve added all the categories. Um, I renamed a few and then the rest I just kind
of deleted the ones that were on, on the demos. Deleted all them and then created my own (inhale)
uh, main categories then I obviously added the [inaudible 00:35:05] categories, but,
oh, so you can see here I’ve got my blog themes. My WordPress themes, [inaudible 00:35:10]
themes. Um, and yeah, lots of themes basically. You’ll have to do quite a lot of reviews to
fill all these categories, but hey, that’s, that’s what you want to do in order to get
these sites working. They do need to have lots of content on them. And to get my idea,
cus one of the sites I’m going to be promoting is Theme Forest. Um, and also you need to
check out the kind of products you’re going to be promoting and have a look at their websites
and whatnot. Um, I came in here and obviously they’ve already
got some categories and stuff going on so I basically use that for inspiration and selected
a category and then … , uh, had a look at the tags to break it down into sub-categories
and that’s how I came up with all these. obviously you can have as many categories as few categories
as you need and obviously you can add categories as you go forward and you come across new
products or whatever else you need to review then just add some more categories.
That’s fine. So, um, before we go on to actually doing a review, um, there’s a couple of things
on this homepage I just need to tweak. So this text here is doesn’t quite match, um,
this, uh, this is fine, but yeah, I want to just change this text. So to edit this page
from the [inaudible 00:36:08] we just go to the top here. Edit page. Now it looks a little
bit scary because it’s got, uh, what are called short codes, um, to build a page, but don’t
worry too much about that. Um, what you need to do is look down from
what you need to change. So … Here’s that title you see here it’s got a title, then
there’s that text that I want to change. Choose your … Choose your categories to start browsing products and services.
I’m going to go with choose categories to start browsing WordPress themes. You can even
add the best Word Press themes on the web. That sounds good, doesn’t it? Then when you’ve
finished editing and everything, always click the update or the save button.
And then if we go back and view the page … over here, the text has changed. Okay, so next
thing I want to do is actually take you through a review. Um, there’s obviously a few demo
reviews here, so they’re a good place to start. Um, let’s have a look at this one. It’s called
Gate Total 1. Obviously I’m going to delete or edit these to suit my own needs, but it’s
great to kind of see how they’re laid out and then, you know, it’s easy to do your own.
So they’ve got really nice layout on the front. You’ve got this place at the top where you
can have lots of images. These are all the same, um, I think … Yeah, um, but you can
have as many images as you like. Over here, you’ve got this little panel with the star
ratings, and user reviews, and when it was created, and a read more button, which you
can change. Uh, and in fact, let’s change that now. Um, and I show you how to do it.
So to do that, we would go, um, back into the dashboard. We’ll come back to this page
in a sec. I’m going to appear, sorry, into reviews WP and appearance. Oh, when I say
appearance, I mean reviews. So yeah, uh, reviews on repeat, and then reviews, and then here
is the call to action. So we could say, um, something like that. Get this theme and there’s
more settings here in terms of you can show the, uh, author if you want to approve, uh,
reviews. If you want people to add their own, uh, user
reviews, you can approve them. Uh, but I’ll leave those for now. For now, let’s go back
and have a look at that review and that, that button’s obviously going to apply to all reviews
on the site. There’s our button. Um, and below here, we’ve got some other links to where
to buy so if you had a product, say a tv or something and it was available in many stores,
you can link off with all the different links to all of these. As many sources as you want.
You might have, you know, Best Buy, or Amazon, or whatever you like. There are other outfitted
programs. Here we’ve got the bulk of the review. Kind of the main bit. Then you’ve got some,
uh, nice graphy things, which are good, and you can add a video, or of course, you could
add a video at the top if you like. It’s very flexible. Then a bit more text. You’ve got
pros and cons add-on here, which is very easy to change.
You’ve got your scores, and then the users as well down here can add their own reviews
here and then it tops out the scores, so, um, let’s have a look at this review. If I
click edit post, this is what it looks like at the back end. So here’s that bit of text
at the top. Um, here’s the categories. Obviously down the side here all the categories are
right there and then you just tick the box to put it into a category .
Now here is, uh, again some, uh, short codes. Again, you can kind of see what they are so
here’s the, uh, iframe link to the YouTube videos. If you want to change that video,
you just update the URL there and here we’ve got the progress bars which are the, um, kind
of little things that come out. I’m going to show you on the front so I can … You
see the front and the back at the same time. It’s kind of handy. See here the progress
bars, um, which kind of are good for doing reviews. Um, so you can change the label on
them and the values has obviously the top Amazon 80 as we can see 80 and it’s got comfort.
There’s the comfort you see there. We’ll change that word between the speech marks and we
change that value. Here’s the color again. It’s the kind of hex color coded.
You can get that from if you’re in like a graphics package or whatever, you see like
this. There’s the hex codes. You just copy and paste that. Ooh, from your graphics package
or whatever and then we’ve got the other, um, progress bars here, price, availability,
support, so I’m just going to, when I do the review, I’m just going to go through and change
that so that it’s … uh, matches up with what I want.
Then we’ve got a bit more text here at the bottom, which is this text here. So again,
I’ll just change that, so okay. If we scroll down, here’s the comments, which are like
these reviews. Here’s all the images, so we can, uh, remove them and add our own images,
which again, I’ll do in a second. Now here are some tabs. Now, this review doesn’t have
tabs at the moment, but basically what I’ll jut do is I think we’ve just got this one
bit of text, but you could have more bits of text kind of below the text, so below tabs,
so I might add a tab like …. more information. Then you’d add your contact here. Like that
and that’s obviously the same and the [inaudible 00:41:24] editor’s up here so you can format
it and all sorts of stuff. It’s a bit like Word. Um, let me just show you what that looks
like. If I update, then refresh the, uh, review post, you can see that we’ve got there’s actually
more information tab here, so uh, there’s the content, so you can have loads and loads
of information by tabbing it if you like. Obviously you don’t have to. Um, I’m probably
not going to use that feature, uh, right now. Um, matter of fact, I’ll leave that on for
now and we’ll see. I can always put some technical information or something in there. Scrolling
down, uh, here are the product pros and the product cons, which appear here so, again,
quite easy to change. You can just go through and you can change
these and you can add new ones or remove them, they can come across. Very easy. Here are
the scores. Up to five again, these are the stars, so again you can change the what they’re
actually called. You know, freshness, price, you can change that to whatever you like .this
is the button link. So this is the button that we just changed
[inaudible 00:42:27] again so that’s where you would put your affiliate link. Um, so
yeah, that’s pretty cool. And what I’m going to do, I, I’ll show you in a second when I
create some content how to, um, mask your affiliate links so they look a bit cooler
than, um, you know, having a really long link. Um, just using your URL shortener and every
direct thing, but I’ll show you that in a second when we go to add content and add our
affiliate links. Here are the stores so that’s this bit here
where this is where to but and you’d add an image, logos, whatever. Again, we’ll do that
in a second and there are a lot of themes that I’m going to be reviewing are only going
to be available from the one shop, but I’ll obviously add that there as well. As well
as adding the one or two links. Uh, get that link. Get that affiliate link. Then you’ve
got your pricing and yada yada. It’s quite straightforward.
Uh, that’s it and then there’s the featured image which is the image that appears around
the site. We’re looking at these themes so it’s the I think probably the top one and
it will also be this image here. So let’s get on and add a review. What I’m going to
do is I’ve got a few reviews on my website and on YouTube. I’m just going
to kind of repurpose them just for this demonstration. Uh, drop my video in, add a little bit of
text and scores, the affiliate links, and all that sort of stuff. So, uh, yeah, let’s
get on and add a review. Okay, so over at wpeagle, this is where I’ve got some reviews
I’m going to use. Obviously you would create your own reviews for your review site.
Ideally I shouldn’t be copying and pasting from an existing site because that’s kind
of duplicate content, so I’m going to try and rewrite them a little bit so that they
are different. I don’t want the same review across all of my sites for the sake of Google
doesn’t like duplicate content. It doesn’t like the same pieces, same information on
different websites. But anyways, just for the kind of speed and
easy rather than me trying to write the reviews from scratch during this demonstration, I’m
going to use what I’ve already got. So, I’ve got it here. Obviously check out
for all those good WordPress stuff. Uh, that’s a little plug, but hey, why, why not while
I’m here? Okay, so let’s get back to this Colgate one. I’m just going to change this
for now. Um, so it’s often the easy way to get started
and then what I’m going to show you how to do is duplicate this, uh, the one that we’ve
changed so that we can go forward and edit, and I find it an easy way of working. You
might want to create stuff from scratch. Uh, that’s up to you.
Okay, so let’s change the name of it first off and let’s call it Free Clicks, which is
the name of the theme. Um, I really don’t think I need anything else there. What I’m
going to do is I’m going to delete this bit of text at the top here. I’m going to leave
these rows with the bars and stuff because I’m going to need those.
Now I’ve got a little bit of text here, so I’m just going to copy that. And that’s an
affiliate link, which I will leave there for now. Um, but I’m going to show you how to
add more affiliate links in a second. Um, let’s go down to this, uh, bit here where
the video is so I can get my own video here. Just need to go off to YouTube and get the
actual (advertisement playing) … Ah. Videos playing everywhere. Stop. Okay, so I just
need the YouTube URL. Obviously you may not have videos. If you
do, that’s a good thing. I would definitely recommend it if you can, but, um, obviously
not essential and if you don’t, then you would probably want to take that column, um, out.
Just have the, uh, the progress bar. Okay, so that’s in there. Um, let’s do our progress
bars. So let’s go. Uh, let’s think of what we want for look and feel. And leave that
at 80. Um, price. Yeah, why not? Support. Actually,
price I don’t think’s a particularly good one. I’m going to go for features and ease
of use. And again, obviously you’re going to think of things that you want to have,
uh, depending on the products that you’re reviewing. [inaudible 00:46:25] You can change
the color of the bars there if you’d like, so going to find that orange. Where’s my orange?
This is WPEagle orange. I’ll get my color code just there. FF8700.
I’m just going to paste that in here. Ooh. You’ve just got to paste and matcH because
it’s bringing in a weird something. Okay. Looks good. And then obviously we can have
some more of a review here. Like more information and then whatever. It’s going to be entirely
up to you. All right let’s put top features. Then I’m just going to copy and paste the
first few bits. There we go. What I’m going to do is actually
scroll down and here’s the exit. So … I’m not sure if we used the exit last time, but
that sometimes appears around the website, so I’m just going to use the first paragraph
in there. Okay. You can leave those reviews just for this example. For this demo website.
Here are the images, so I’m going to need to get some screenshots, uh, from this theme,
so, uh, you could just do that. Hang on a sec. Okay, so I quickly, um, in the background
there went over there and got some screenshots, uh, from Free Clicks, so I’m just going to
remove these images that we’ve got. And I want to use dunk. There we go. The first one
I’m going to set is the featured image, uh, which I’ve actually just taken from Theme
Forest. Uh, in here I think Theme Forest. There you
go. Free Clicks. Okay, and then we can add the rest of the images here. Click add image.
Not sure if you can do it in bulk. Let’s see what happens if I just select all of those.
They weren’t uploading. I’m not sure if it’s going to let me insert them all in one go.
Let’s see. No. It can only do one at a time. That’s fine. So add new.
Luckily it will upload now so I can just select them. Thunk. One more. That’s it. Obviously
you can have as many as you like. Now more information is that extra tab and what I’m
going to do for that is I’m just going to put all of these loads of stuff, which I actually
took again from Theme Forest. Which you can get a lot of information for your, uh, merchant
sites, but again, I would recommend if you can rewrite it. That would be beneficial for
you in terms of SEO. Here’s our product service pros, so a good
thing about this is full of features, uh, easy to use, regular updates, and friend,
friendly and helpful support. The cons can be quirky, um … can’t think of any other
pros, cons either. Let’s just delete these. Okay. And here’s the scores. Again, these
are the scores. You actually use the ones that you used in the box [inaudible 00:50:34].
You might not even want the the columns actually in the main review. It’s up to you because
you’ve got the bottom, so what was it? Uh, was it look and feel? So I’m going to scroll
down. Oh yeah, I can remember them. It was look and feel which we gave 80 to and that’s
four. What was it again? That’s, uh, features. Give it a four. And again, you can add as
many as you like. You might want to add more, you might want to have less. [inaudible 00:51:04]
will add up here. Um, [inaudible 00:51:07] interviews. Reviews and support. Okay. We
can add one more. Okay, so now we’re down to the link, so let
me just quickly talk. What I’m going to do actually is I’m just going to update this.
Uh, there’s some [inaudible 00:51:37] where we’ve got … Oh, and I need to add it to
a category. Let’s do that as well. So it is a what sort of theme is Free Clicks? I’m going
to go for a business theme. [inaudible 00:51:52] because you’ll probably do that as you add
reviews and you think of new categories that you need, but that’ll do for now, so let’s
just have a quick look. Uh, okay, so uh, that image is not big enough,
um, so I’m not going to use that. I’ll choose something else in a second. Let’s scroll down
and see if they have anything else. Oh, and it changed the color. Uh, the video’s not
working and these icons are wrong as well, so, uh, a little bit more to do. Those icons
are looking good. Uh, stars are looking good too. So I think …. Oh, and the tags are
wrong as well. So a couple …. A couple things to tweak,
so let’s go back into this post. (inhales) Let’s see what’s happens and like what’s not
working. Um, okay, so the color there off that bar is wrong. It needs to be, uh, I missed
that top one. It needs to be my orange color. The icons, well they’re tricky to change.
I … because you need to know what the list of icons are, so, um, which will be in here.
They’re all here you see. Um, so …. to be fair, I’m not going to change
it now, but that’s to change it what you need to do is just find out the words and that
first one it’s, uh, a little feel. Uh, what could that possibly be? Have we got some glasses
or something like that? There’s a glass or an eye. Is there an eye? There is an eye.
There we go. That’s what we want. So the word is just eye so I can change this, uh, where
is it? (ticking sound) Uh, I can’t see. I can’t even anymore. Where’s my … I’m losing
it. Oh there it is, the icon. Got the word eye in it. There we go. The rest of them had
good so I can close. Oh yeah, the video. I think the reason why
that’s not working is it’s cus I actually need the watch URL. Let’s go over to this.
I need the embed URL, so to find that, let me pause that. It’s going to share, embed,
and it’s this bit here, so if you need to put videos in, that, from YouTube, that’s
the beginning up to the URL equals 0. Copy and paste that bit and put that in here. That
should fix that. Um, okay, what else did I say that was not quite right?
And this image is not quite right. Let’s remove that and set. And we’re going to us one of
these screenshots right here. I uploaded that one. That’s fine. And that’s good. And the
tags are here, so let’s … Oh, that one looks fine actually. We can have clean, clean responsive,
um, visual editor. Any old words you can think of to do with the product. Three is fine for
now. So let’s have a look at that. We can get on duty with the affiliate links,
which obviously are the most important thing when it comes to doing these reviews because
that’s what’s going to earn you your money. Okay, that picture’s better. It’s bigger.
Got a lot more pictures here, which is great. Oh yeah, they’re good. The video’s now working.
Looking nice. Got the features, got the pros and cons, got the tags, and we’re winning.
Good, so let’s do, um, our affiliate links. So, when you go to a merchant and, um, when
you install it on the [inaudible 00:55:09] I’m going to use Theme Forest and let me go
into Theme Forest. And again, it’s going to depend on your merchant and login to your
affiliate dashboard and you should be able to start generating links with Amazon. For
example, let me show you how Amazon would work. I’m obviously an Amazon affiliate.
Um, and what you do is you find the product, say, uh, it’s Kindle and then when you’ve
… You’ve got this tool bar that’s of course because I’m an Amazon affiliate. You can then
just say get link, click text, and it give you a link. That’s your affiliate link that
you would then copy and paste into your website. With Theme Forest, that’s quite similar. Again.
It’s going to depend on your merchant, but they are all very similar. This one I can
get now. Well, let’s find the right theme, actually.
I want Free Clicks there so, Here it is. 59 and and if I want a link to this, what I need
to do is just copy this, uh, link up here, go to affiliates, and then paste a page in
there and then here is my throwing link in here so then I can just copy and paste this
into my website so I could paste that straight in, which is fine, and you might want to do
that. It’s, um, it’s a good way of doing it, so,
uh, I’ve come down here and go to the, um … comment section and just paste that in
like that. Which is fine. This is a good way of doing it. Um, but there is a couple of
rules because people could remove your [inaudible 00:56:46] id, which would be a problem, which
means you wouldn’t get your commission. And if you use this link in a lot of places around
the site. If you don’t [inaudible 00:56:53] my YouTube videos, if I need to change them,
I can’t because they’re in a video or, or it could be not able to work because I’ve
got more on the way. What I like to do is use a redirection plug-in
so that you can create your own affiliate links and then if you need to change them
for whatever reason in the future, that’s very easy to do that. So, you’re going to
need a plug-in to do that, so let’s go to plug-ins and add new. 9lip smack) Now, the
plug-in that I’ve been using hasn’t actually been, um …. and I’m sorry. I’ve just gone
to plug-ins and I do it, and then we type in affiliate link cloaking. Yeah, the plug-ins
on hasn’t been updated for a a little while.
This one here. Um, but it still works fine so let’s go for it and, uh, it’ll be fine.
So I’m just going to click install. Now that’s installed, and it also tracks the number of
clicks and stuff you get on your, um, affiliate links, so that’s kind of handy. Kind of cool
too. So that’s installed [inaudible 00:57:49] over here with this new option called link
cloaking and if I go to add new link, I get a very nice, friendly link.
Um, now somebody who would like to do the go slash thing, um, I don’t know why. I don’t
buy all that. Well, actually, I think I’m going to go with that actually because I think
it’s good for us actually. So let’s just go slash and then Free Clicks, and then here
we’re going to place in that affiliate link which is here.
I’m just going to put it, make sure it’s going to click board. And obviously you’d put a
place on your Amazon link or whatever other affiliate link you’ve got and give it a name.
Free Clicks. And you can tic this box basically what that means is that if it finds it anywhere
on the site, it’ll actually shorten it for you. So there’s the first one. As I say, you
can see the, uh, hits and stuff here. Whatever. So I’m just going to copy this link
now. And I’m going to go back to that, uh, theme. Uh, sorry, the review, um, that we’re
editing. This is this one, which is starting to look quite nice with the picture now. And
then we’re just going to edit post and let’s go down to our call to action which is down
here. Is there any way …? Well let me just see. No, it must be down
here. Excuse me. Uh, here we go. Paste that in there, so that’s going to be out affiliate
link like that and we’ll test that out in a second and then we need to add our store.
Again, the store is going to be in there, dd link and it’s Theme Forest. Theme Forest
is the only place I think you can get that so, (inhale) let’s remove these other ones.
Let’s get the price up. I’m just going to test that link because I
just pasted it in. It works. Whohoo! Um, and it’s … How much is it? $59. There’s no sale
price. I’m going to put that link in there too. We just need the logo so I can probably
just, I can probably just Google it. Uh, Theme Forest logo. Go to the image search. Oh, there
are loads. Um, I guess that’ll be fine. Let’s save that.
Save image as Theme Forest logo. [inaudible 01:00:21] if I’m going too quick, obviously,
as I said, uh, previously, if you’ve got any questions or get stuck at any point, do drop
me a line and, and I’ll come flying down. We’re going quite fast, but hopefully you’re,
you’re keeping up with me. Let’s remove the store logo and then add the Theme Forest one
that I just saved to my computer. And there we go. Now let’s pick up [inaudible
01:00:49] there. I see. I think we nearly finished this review, so let’s take a look.
So you do want to spend quite a bit of time on these and make sure they’re really good
because if, uh, you add value, that’s the best way of getting good traffic and then
obviously then, in turn, the best way of getting commission rather than just copying and pasting
maybe [inaudible 01:01:03] and looking at it that way, the place that’s not going to
work as well if you spend some time writing some reviews.
Even make a video, that sort of thin, and you’ll really be flying. Okay, so here’s our
review. You’ve got our stars, um … Oh, I’m not sure why category’s not showing. Um, let
me check that in a second. Then we’ve got the words as well. There’s our theme Forest.
Um, perfect. We’ve got our video. Got our bars. And yeah, it’s basically all done. And
then obviously if we click this button, it goes to our affiliate, which is set up for
the redirection plug-in over here. All tracked nicely. Ready to go, and if someone
buys it through that link, we’ll get our commission, uh, which is all good. So what we need to
do, uh, finally before, um, I only got to add a few more reviews just to fill out the
site, uh, and the way I’m going to do that is I’m going to basically, um, copy this,
um, review and edit it, um, so I’m going to show you how I do that, but actually before
I do that. There’s a couple other, other edits I’ve just
noticed. The first is this URL, which is still [inaudible 01:02:07] so let’s just change
that. Free Clicks. Uh, I’m not sure why that category wasn’t showing. Is it something down
here that I’ve missed? Actually, it might be because it’s not in a parent category,
so let’s put existing themes to, um, see if that makes a difference to [inaudible 01:02:33].
And view the post. Yeah. It’s better now. It’s because I didn’t have it a, um, a parent
category [inaudible 01:02:48] so that’s there. URL
‘s looking good. See, as I was saying, what I’m going to do is I’m going to [inaudible
01:02:52] protect this now and, um, edit it to create another post. That way I keep all
the layout stuff, I’ve just got to change the text. Again, you may or may not want to
want to do this. You might want to go from scratch, but just to show you just in case
you do. So what we’re going to need is another plug-in, so let’s go back to the dashboard.
Go to plug-ins, add new. At the top duplicate post it I remembered it because I’m always
installing it. [inaudible 01:03:20] because there was a lot of other people around too.
Let’s install now. It’s a very simple light weight plug-in. What it does is if we go back
to our review, our lovely Free Clicks review, what I can do now is if we go up to, um, edit
the post, up here there’s a copy to new draft button, and also I’m on the edit screen within,
uh, WordPress in here. There’s a copy to new draft button here. So
if I click that, it then creates a new review and then you post whatever using exactly what
we’ve got there and then all we need to do is go through and change your name, change
your [inaudible 01:04:02] categories, everything else that was just done. As I said, what I’m
going to do is I’m going to go ahead and add a few reviews just to fill out the site so
that it looks nice and it looks like it’s got some decent content on it. Um, and then
we can just go through and, you know, do the finishing touches and we’re about done.
Uh, well-done for getting this far. So I’ll do a quick edit, and, um, hopefully we’ll
have a website with a few more reviews on it. See you in a sec. Okay, so I’ve been,
uh, adding some content, and, um, I removed some of the demo content posts, um, I don’t
need all of them, so uh, very easy to just go into posts and then you can just tic the
boxes on the side and delete them all in bulk. So I’ve cleared all them out and if we scroll
down and have a look at the homepage now, here’s some, um, theme reviews that I’ve … I
obviously kind of had some content anyway because of the WordPress channel.
That sort of stuff. So I just kind of added them here. Added some nice thumb nails. Um,
so yeah, they’re all updated and they’re all being kind of populated into these sections
that were already here, so you just pick. So, I did change a few of the existing demo
posts just for this, um, demo that I’m doing now. Um, because some of them had user reviews
and stuff on them like getting and like things up.
Ooh, excuse me. An example, comments and stuff like that, so edited and I added and, um,
yeah, here where we are. I’ve got some nice posts. Probably not enough just yet. If you
look at my categories up here. There’s still quite a lot which I haven’t got, um, and anything,
so that’s, uh … I’ve got loads of content I need to add. But anyway, um, let’s move
on and let’s get, uh, doing some more things on the site and get it ready, um, to go live.
So, um, just below, uh, um, on the home page, just below these [inaudible 01:05:38] reviews,
there’s these two blocks here which are for banners. Um, whatever you like, so, um I’m
now putting up a couple of banners, uh, in the background. Um, if you check out whoever
you’re going to be, uh, uh, sending traffic to, I, you know, your merchants when you’re
an affiliate. A lot of them will supply you with banners that you can easily just add,
um … They’ll kind of design them up and I’ve actually
got one that I’m going to add right now from Theme Forest. Um, again that they supply to
me. Um, once your site is an affiliate, you can download a zip file full of all the banners
and stuff that you need. So let’s add a couple of banners now. Um … let’s just edit this
page. Okay, so again, you know we’ve got the short
codes going on here. it’s a bit of a shame this theme doesn’t have a visual editor, but
hey, we’re fine. We can get away for a sec. I’m just scrolling down because see this is
the banner here and that’s the link. And that … Uh, where is the, uh, it’s got BG image
[inaudible 01:06:40] id I believe. So I’ll show you how that works. So let’s
upload one of my new banners, which I’ve got here. Uh, on my computer and let’s start with
this one, which is one for the x team review. Okay. Now, to get the image id, it’s not always
shown, which is, uh, interesting. I’m just going to have a bit of fun with it, [inaudible
01:07:16] but hey, it’s fine. If I hover over the edit image here, and I look down at the
bottom lefthand corner, um, on my browser. Ooh, it’s gone. You get a bit down there with
that little kind of url shows up. It shows where I’m going to go if that fits there.
I can see in there there is a post equals 366. So that 366 is the id of this image.
Uh, hopefully that makes sense so I can just close this window. If I change this too 366
let’s … Then update and have a look and see what’s happened. I’m just going to open
the site in a new tab just so that I can easily switch between and then there’s my image.
Image 366 has appeared. Now obviously, I need to link this through to, um, the actual x
theme review which I’ve got here, so I’m just going to copy this link. Copy the link. Copy
the link address to the right over there. Copy the link address. Go back to where we’re
editing the page, and I’m just going to take this banner link to go through to my x theme
review. Obviously you could make internal stuff, ie your reviews, whatever, or you could
just link straight out to affiliate websites so you’re just having this kind of ads.
Um, okay, I’ve got another banner for the other half so let’s upload that as well. Uh,
this one here for the retailer. I literally put these together in just two seconds. Did
a Google search for some images related to the theme and then added buttons. Whatever.
Quite straightforward and that was 368. So on the screen you don’t have to insert or
anything like that. You just want to upload and then see what
the number is. 368. Going to go here and find this one and change that to 368 so just go
back for that. I’ve got to actually get the link. Uh, where are you? The retailer. There
they are. Click the link address, and there we go. Let’s update. And if we have a look,
oh, I need to re-click that. I can just go back over here and refresh.
There we go. We’ve got our two banners. So, um, easy as that . So, let’s scroll down.
There is another unit here and obviously you can remove these. If you don’t want to use
them, you can just, um, delete them off. You don’t have to have all these banners. I’m
just going to go with it because I like this layout and I’m just going to kind of fill
them in as we go. I’ve got another banner here, which I got from Theme Forest.
I’ve got a link straight off the Theme Forest with this one. So, um, let’s just go back.
Here we go. On the edit. Uh, I’m just going to refresh that because that looks outdated.
And you’ll see, when you watch my videos, I don’t do too much editing. If … I like
to just show you everything that I’m doing and I’m, you know, not always … These things
aren’t always going to plan, so I like to keep most of that stuff in so hopefully you
can learn from, from my mistakes. So here’s the other banner here. I can see
it here by now by the link and what I do is I’ve got another image. There’s one Theme
Forest which I, which I got from Theme Forest and I just actually adjusted it slightly so
that it was wide enough in my graphics package, but this one is, uh, 371. So let’s put 371
in there. and then I’m just going to link straight off to Theme Forest, which I have
… I think I’ve set up. Uh, I … and I’m not sure.
Let’s have a look. I know what the link’s going to be anyway even if I have set it up
so we’ll add it in a second. Um, actually I think if we scroll down, here is our affiliate,
uh, link cloaking thing that I showed you earlier in terms of setting up your affiliate
links. You can actually do it right within the post, so I’m going to … Hang on, I accidentally
pressed enter there … Ooh dear. What was I saying about it’s easy without making mistakes?
Anyway, let’s add another link. Oh, now what’s been going on? No. So, I’m going to call it
go/theme. Tag to there and it’ll be fine. And the affiliate link is … Let me just
pop over this theme first and get it. Um, I think it’s, as I said, I think you’ll get
your links from whoever you’re promoting. Just that. It’s simply that.
I thought it might be and there we go. Call that one Theme Forest. And then that should
add when I add that post, so let me just go back up here. Where’s that banner? That saved.
Very good. So let’s update again. Hopefully that’ll add that, that cloaked link. Let’s
have a look. Yup, there it is. So if you just refresh this page, the homepage
… [inaudible 01:12:49] banner. Click on the link. Go through, go through the affiliate
link. Perfect. So that’s some good and this website is really starting to come together
now really nicely. So obviously it’s a few bobs and bits we need to do just to get it
ready for launch. Um, so let’s scroll down. So the next section here is the blog. And
there’s obviously a few blog posts here. We’re going to blog here. We can see there’s all
these posts, which are the demo posts. Um, which, to be fair, I don’t think we really
need, so, um, let’s delete these and add a couple of our own posts. They’re going to
go into the dashboard and just close these other tabs just to keep it tidy and then go
into posts. So next we’re going to dip into reviews. We
do all the blog posts within the post section. What I’m going to do is I’m just going to
delete all of these in one go so just tic this box at the top, click, move to trash.
There, all gone, and now we can start adding our own posts. Now what I want to do, and
I’ve got a couple of blog posts on WPEagle, which I’m just going to kind of add rather
than me sitting here thinking of new content and all that kind of stuff, which would be
quite boring, and but also you need to create some content, or maybe you’ve already got
content if you have. So I’m just going to click anywhere and I’m
going to fire up WPEagle over here. Uh, which has got a new look, by the way. Check it out,
by anyway, let’s go to themes. I’ve got a couple of posts on where I’ve got lists of
themes which I think will work. I’ve got my six favorite WordPress themes for 2005. We’re
going to repurpose this and just call it My 6 Favorite WordPress Themes, so that it’s
not quite so out of date. Um, that’s all capitals and I don’t want capitals
so here’s another little tool that you might like. It’s called convert it’s got
nothing to do with WordPress or anything, but it’s great if you need to adjust the case
of stuff, so I can change that to like that, or that, or that. I quite like that. Let’s
just do that. No. Nothing, but as I’ve been told of before,
for, for writing WordPress writer, I know that P has to be capital so let’s just change
that. So there we go. My Favorite WordPress Themes and what I’m going to do is I’m just
going to copy and paste this. Um, Uh, the whole lot. I don’t know if it’ll bring all
the images as well, but we’ll see. Yeah, we’re good.
Okay. Yeah, we’re good. Perfect. And these have all got links. I think they have and
they kind of offered links that will go from WP to [inaudible 01:15:47] so I’m not too
worried about changing them. As I said, I’ll just read it when it comes up just as an example
for you guys so that’s there. I’m going change this to a video post and … obviously, um,
scroll down and find the …
the video. Hmm? There we go and then we can add the video
URL in here. Let’s go and get the code. I remember we might need just this bit here.
Edit. Place that in there. Okay, and here’s some categories. [inaudible 01:16:47] categories.
Again, these are the ones that the demo, um, content for and so I’m going to add my own
one and call it theme collects. Something like that I think.
Perfect. Then publish. And if you’re going to have a look at this blog post. Okay, that’s
not working. I’m going to have a look at that. All the content looks good and if we go back
to, um, to the home page. If we just scroll down to the bottom we see that the [inaudible
01:17:34] Of course, what I’m going to do is I’m going to get a couple more blog posts.
Um, I’ll do backgrounds, um, so that you don’t have to watch me copy and pasting stuff. I
don’t know why this video’s not working. Let me just check another post. It might be that
…. I’m working with certain themes and they’re always different. I’ve already placed the
wrong bit of code. I hope this one does work. Do, do, do. Uh, here’s a review. Okay, now
this one got a user [inaudible 01:18:03] code, so that’s not right.
Let’s just go back and see if I can fix it before I add these other ones because it’s
obviously important that you get your videos working properly. So. Uh … Maybe it just
wants to basically you, you know, URL sites. Copy that. Cluck. See how that does. Okay.
So yeah it just needs, uh, your standard YouTube URL, which you’ll find enlisted in the bar
up there. It’s up there. So, there’s our blog post and, um, I’ll add
a couple more. I notice that we’ve got these, um, widgets down at the side which are good,
I’ll show you how you can play around with them. Um, well I’ve provided these, these
blog post, so I’ll see you in sec. Well, I’ll see you in a … It’ll be an instant for you
because I’m going to edit it, but yeah. Off again, I suppose.
Okay, so uh, I’ve added a couple of … there was a couple of points that I noticed when
I was adding those which I just want to share with you if you’re not too familiar with WordPress,
the first is over on the right side, you’ve got an ape so you can actually set things
to either publish in the future if you set a future date, or if you set a date in the
past, it’ll then obviously just give it that date.
So that’s for if you’ve got older stuff that you want to add. Um, and the other thing that
I didn’t mention just a minute ago was the featured image, which is very useful to set.
Um, I guess I’ll just go with this image here. I’ll just save that one from this post. It’s
good to set … I mean, generally, if it’s a video post, um, the video will show, but
there’s areas on the website where it leaves like a small thumbnail type picture and so
it’s useful to set that here by so if you hit view image and it’s essential for post
like this one, which doesn’t actually have a video.
They’re just text posts, so, um, just copy all this stuff. There we go. (grunts) Let’s
see what it looks like. [inaudible 01:20:29]. There is, um, a bit here where … See, that
one I didn’t set as free because that’s what I did a second ago. [inaudible 01:20:33] image
and it just kind of shows that kind of video, um, icon there. Actually, it isn’t too bad
there, but it’s sometimes nice to have the featured images.
So let’s go back to the homepage. We’ve got … I’ve added three blog posts now and it
should all be appearing nicely on here. There we go. Oh, I didn’t put this one in a category.
Let’s just edit that one. See it’s got its own category up. [inaudible 01:20:57] uncategorized
just like the default WordPress category. And let’s just put it into theme collections.
Okay, so, um, we’re really making some progress here. Let’s have a nice look at our homepage.
Yeah, I’ve got the news. I’ve got a lot of stuff now. So, as I said earlier, let’s have
a look at the widgets and the widgets are appear on a sidebar, which is down this side.
As the name suggests funny enough and we can change these. If we go into, um, widgets up
here, we can see our sidebars here. So you’ve got a bottom sidebar, or four bottom sidebars,
which I’ll show you if I just open this in another tab.
Let me close these …. The ones. The bottom sidebars are here so at the moment we’ve got
the latest reviews, top overall reviews, top viewed reviews, most reviewed. Blah, blah,
blah. And you can change these. These are just like drag and drop things. Um, if you
want to add a new one, you can just find one over here.
So say we wanted to change, um, one of these. Let’s get rid of … Uh, most reviewed for
now. You see these widgets, they’ve got a bit of options here if you want to change
them you can sort it by category or whatever, uh, prefects you want, but let’s just review
that and I’ll show you how to add a new one so. If [inaudible 01:22:30] for recent posts
and just do that and give it a title, uh, from the blog. I’m going to change that to
Free click save. And you see this [inaudible 01:22:44] the
review sidebars and search sidebars. The page left sidebar, the page right sidebar. So you’ll
as you’re creating pages and whatnot, you’ll see these, but it … What we’re looking at
at the moment is forgot to add one on these news posts. Here’s the blog one. So you can
see we forgot to blog the first is search. I think this share is going to appear anyway,
so it start, it kind of starts here, so there’s the search. See search. Recent posts, recent
comments, archives, [inaudible 01:23:15], meta search, et cetera. There’s two searches
for some reason. That’s a bit silly. So we can remove one of those searches.
So to remove it, just kind of click on that arrow and then click delete. So these are
widgets, so you can just kind of drag them. Do whatever you like. I don’t like the meta
one. I’m going to get rid of that. Um, you know, you might want to put categories up
a bit higher like that. Then if you go back here and refresh. [inaudible 01:23:45] up
here, so that’s how you work with your sidebars. I think if you’re going to have a look at
a review , uh, I like this one. Uh, you can see let’s go back into the widgets, or [inaudible
01:24:10]. There’s nothing there right now, so it’s kind of got the default one, which
is actually, um, pretty good. Right now I’m not going to mess with that, but you know,
we could add something else, so like, uh, let’s see what we’ve got.
Uh, recent comments. Now if we have a look, there’s some recent comments. So it’s going
to keep all these bits at the top there and you can add more, which is probably, which
is pretty cool. Um, I’ve just been thinking actually, when you look at these in terms
of adding the, uh, the video header, that’s fine, but if you wanted to, you could actually
add the video up at the top. I think it works pretty good with these images.
Just a thought. Okay, so that sidebar’s done, and there’s a few other little bits and bob
that I want to tweak. Um, so I’m going to pull this line here. I want to change and
I want to, um, change this footer here and we need to obviously adjust this, um, this
menu as well and you can put whatever you want back there. So, so let’s do that now.
So, if we go back into the, uh, the dashboard. I’m just going to close this tab so here we
are. Down to the theme settings and let’s just look through here and see what we need
to, to change. Ah, there it is! So this is that text at the top. RE: find the best WordPress
themes for you. Save changes. and I think we’ve done all the
rest of stuff in here so we can have a look at the rest of the options. Let’s go through
the reviews. Um, we’ve kind of already looked in here and that’s, that’s fine. These are
the slots. Again, you probably aren’t going to need to change these to be fair unless
you really know what you’re doing. Like all the Facebook sharing.
So, this is, um, if you want to set up your mail chain subscription. You would go to [inaudible
01:26:20] and then put your list id in that and then you can add the description, which
I think we just saw, and, and you know, that’s, that’s pretty easy to sign up to your newsletter.
It’s go into appearance. Uh, again, I think we were in here earlier with all the colors.
Um, this allows them to register and create their own stuff, so I need to change this.
Um, call it Info at Best. And obviously you can probably put your email
address in there or whatever. Some people can, um, sign up and add reviews as well for
you, which is pretty cool. This is for the contact page. Um … So and it’s got my email
address in it, and then you can have a map as well. I’ll leave it that there. It’s obviously
the wrong map, but … When people look at it, they might use a but the copyrights, which,
um, which if you ever look at the bottom of a page … It’s these things here.
So you would add to your own … It says designed by WPEagle. Then you put your Facebook link
in here, which I’m trying to remember off the top of my head. (chuckle) Is it that or
is it …? I don’t know. Let me have a look at it. I should probably remember my own social;
media profiles, but … Uh, you know what it’s like.
Yeah, I’m just … I’m just going to copy these and it’s easier (chuckling). If I can
copy and paste, I’ll always copy and paste. Typing is, you know, so last year. (chuckle)
Let’s just put these in here. Oh, there’s no YouTube! Oh, no. But anyway, you get the
idea. Okay, so, um, there are the options. Let’s just get back to the site and, um, have
a look so we can get a good look at message now and all the essential links.
It’s all good. So, let’s adjust this menu here. Um, don’t need all them so to do that
we’re going to menus. Um, use this to open up the site so we can know where these links
actually go. Search page. That’s good like that. Blogs is fine. The categories is, uh,
good as well. I just want to get rid of these short codes and extra pages. Putting on the
add the content page because that’s good. So we’ll keep that.
So the menu is in here so this is all drag and drops, so, um, so I want to remove …Um,
let’s have a look at their categories actually. It might be a nice page. Yeah, we’ll keep
that. Not going to rename it just leave it categories. like that. Um, I don’t want short
codes, so I’m going to remove that. These are all … You know, they came into the demo
stuff. I want to keep the content page. I’m just going to drag that up to here and
I, I’ll show you pages in a second. They’re very similar to the blog posts and the reviews
in terms of how you work with them. And then save them and that contact page, that sounds
funny. Let’s call that contact us, or even just contact. Short and sweet. Let’s just
refresh. There we go. Some very … Uh, very small menus in here.
I can probably make it a bit bigger in terms of the text, so let’s do that. Um, just cus
I haven’t got any things on it. It looks a bit small. You remember that was in appearance.
We’ll put this up to 18. Let’s have a look. That’ll do. So, it’s really coming together
nicely now. So yeah, pages. Um, let’s have a look.
If you go into the dashboard, and you go into pages, there’s going to be some demo pages
in here that you’re probably just going to end up deleting. Um, if we don’t nee them.
So I can have a look at that contact page. I’m just going to … It looks like [inaudible
01:31:18] blog post face has changed. I’m just going to change that so that we can keep
contact. Um, this one kind of hasn’t got anything in
it by the look of it because the use of the template page compacts. So again, you don’t
need to really mess with this. I’ll just show you how to add a new page. Obviously you have
to click add new. Go up to their new page. Uh, about us and then you can just add text
as you like. Um, we find the best themes for you. Four themes are reviewed by WPEagle.
Yada, yada, yada. You’ll obviously fill it out.
You can add images, et cetera. Very much the same as the blog posts. You can publish that.
Let’s have a look. There’s our theme. So there’s our, our page. And here is the sidebar again,
um, which is the page sidebar. Which again you can change within the widgets. I might
do that right now. I will add this page to, uh, the menu though. So to do that, we go
back into menus and then the pages appear here. If you wanted to add things like categories,
they’re here. There are the blog categories. If you wanted
to add the review categories, you might need to just adjust your screen options, which
you’ll find at the top right here. And you can just like tic reviews and then there’s
your reviews if you’ll add reviews and … There’s that category that’s there. That must be the
review categories. There we go, so then you can just tic and
add, but I’m going to add that page. The about us. I’m just going to tic it, click add to
menu, and then you can just drag it about like that. So let’s have a look at our website.
I think we’re nearly there. Now, I was thinking about whether to do kind of SEO and all that
sort of stuff within this figurehead, but what I think I’m going to do is I will do
separate videos around that, um, as kind of like a part of playlist and we’ll do some
SEO stuff. Now we’ve got one last thing to do, um, and
that’s just getting your website live because when you install, um, um, Host Gator, uh,
it puts maintenance mode on so that only you can see the website until it’s all finished.
So when I just turn it on, I’ll just go back into the dashboard. Then once you’re at the
dashboard you’ll see this message that basically says your site is current displaying a coming
soon. Clear here. Once you’re ready to go on, we
click there, and now we’re live! So, any [inaudible 01:33:50] just logged in people. So we’re
all good. Well done if you made it to this point in the video. Not many people get this
far. I hope you’ve created something that you’re happy with and now you’re ready to
upload more content, go out and do some more product reviews, sign up for more merchants,
and you know, generally build a great site. I’m here if you need me, so, um, leave questions,
and stuff in the comments below. Uh, I’d really love to hear from you. If you made a site,
post a link. It’ll be great to see it and all that kind of stuff. Really appreciate
it if you could click like on the video and if you would subscribe to my channel.
That’s that’s really helpful for me and yeah … I’d love to hear from you. So, um, until
next time, I will, uh, wish you the best of lucky with your site and yeah, that’s bye
for now. See you around.

Scott Galloway: Growth Is the New Profitability

A loser: profitability. The most disruptive company in the largest economy, Amazon, is setting the cue for a new relationship between investors and companies. Simply put, vision and growth have replaced profitability. Amazon wasn’t profitable until 2001, seven years after it was founded, and since then its profits have been negligible. What happens when Amazon reports a big profit? Jeff Bezos calls senior management into a room and says you fucked up and greenlights a bunch of very expensive initiatives that will deliver against long-term advantage. This gestalt around capital formation has moved all the way down the ecosystem. Small companies now pursue leadership versus profits. Why? The market doesn’t seem to demand profits from quote-unquote innovators. A continued loser: Ad-supported television. There’s almost triple the amount of sports content than there was ten years ago, but fewer people are watching it. On top of that, tech giants are buying the digital rights to sporting events. Amazon recently purchased NFL streaming rights for $50 million, quintupling the bid from last year from Twitter. Facebook also signed deals in March to stream Major League Soccer matches and is in talks to buy the digital rights for Major League Baseball games. Prediction? In the next 24 months, we’re going to have one of the Big Four – Apple, Amazon, Facebook or Google – buy the rights to the Olympics, March Madness or the Super Bowl. This is one of the last bricks to fall from the wall protecting the industrial ad complex. The winner: Viewers, who will have more options to view content on their own terms and hopefully, for at least now, fewer shitty ads shoved down their throats. The losers? Those of us that wouldn’t have known unless we watched ad-supported TV that there was a treatment for opioid-induced constipation. Hi, I’m Frank, I take Movantic for OIC – opioid-induced constipation. I tried prunes, laxatives, still constipated. Had to talk to my doctor. She said how long you been holding this in? What the fuck. A winner? Reviews, which have fundamentally changed the way we shop. Most adults under 50 read online reviews before buying new products and one in four shoppers check Amazon reviews even when they’re inside a store. A third of online shoppers claim they won’t buy products that don’t have positive reviews. The average consumer rating on Amazon is 4.4 stars. We’re living in Lake Wobegon. All the women are strong, all the men are good-looking and now all the products are above average. This is the part of the episode where I usually make some snarky comment about my prostate or porn. However, many of us were having a difficult time coming up with something humorous with all the images coming out of Syria. We wanted to spend this time talking about some of the things we can all do to try and help. You can donate or volunteer at the following charities. The International Rescue Committee has rescue workers in Syria providing medical services and emergency shelter, Save the Children is addressing the emotional scars of Syrian children and Oxfam is helping settle Syrian refugees in over 90 countries. I’m going to spend some time investigating Lifeline Syria where you can sponsor a Syrian family. I will let you know what I find out. We’ll see you next week.

How to Start a Business With No Money (Or Little Money): Dropshipping!

This video is a step-by-step tutorial on how
you can start a business with no money. And trust me, this is not gonna be some mumbo
jumbo self-help talk. It’s gonna a step-by-step tutorial. Now, when I say that you can start business
with no money, I don’t mean literally no money. I mean basically no money because you’re only
gonna be making a tiny, tiny investment. And in this video, I’m gonna be teaching you
two different business models to choose from. Business Model A will only cost you $23.88,
and I mean it will really only cost you $23.88. It can make you potentially thousands of dollars
a month. And frankly, I make no apologies for the fact
that this business model costs $23.88. If you don’t have $23.88, then you really
should not be starting a business. And best of all, this business model will
work for you, even if you don’t have access to a credit card and have a bad credit rating. After that, I’m gonna be teaching you Business
Model B. It costs $67 but it makes money a lot faster than Business Model A. But, to
do this business model, you’re gonna either have to have access to a credit card or about
$300 to $1,000 to start with. If you have access to a credit card, then
this method is basically free, besides the $67 investment, because of the fact that after
you spend the money, the business model is gonna basically give it back to you within
two weeks. And I’ll be explaining why and how that is,
later in this video. Now, both these business models are e-commerce
stores. I’m gonna teach you how you could open your
own profitable e-commerce store. Business Model A has you selling in your own
store, on your own website, whereas Business Model B has you selling on Now you’re probably wondering how you can
start your own store with basically no money because surely, you’re going to need to have
to spend money to buy stock and inventory to sell, right? Well, actually, you don’t. Thanks to a wonderful product sourcing method
called dropshipping [SP]. Okay. So what is dropshipping? For my subscribers here at Wholesale Ted who
already know this, you can feel free to skip this part. For those of you that don’t know, dropshipping
is the name of a type of product sourcing, and it is your key to starting an e-commerce
store and business with basically no money. Now let’s say that you wanted to start an
online store where you sold electronics. You probably think that you would have to
go out to a manufacturer or supplier and buy a bunch of electronics to then go and re-sell,
right? After all, if you don’t buy a bunch of electronics,
what are you gonna sell in your store? Which of course then means that to do this,
you’re going to have a bunch of start-up money to buy all of the electronics, right? You’d need thousands of dollars to do that
and it will be a huge risk. What if no one came to your store? What if no one bought your products? You’d have lost thousands of dollars and be
stuck with a bunch of electronics that nobody wants. But let me propose an alternate solution for
you. What if you could set up your own store and
list a bunch of electronics to sell? Then when a customer orders that item from
you, you go to the manufacturer and you order that one single item that the customer has
ordered from you. Then, instead of getting the manufacturer
to ship it to you, you get the manufacturer to ship it to the customer directly. Wouldn’t that be great? It would mean then that you wouldn’t need
any startup money to sell products because of the fact that you’d only be buying each
individual item that the customers have ordered, using the money that you’ve already paid you. Well, this process has a name, and that name
is dropshipping. In addition to letting you start an online
store with basically no start-up money, it also means then that you don’t have to ship
each individual item to the customers, making it a super simple business model. The manufacturer does that for you. In this industry, we call shipping the item
out to the customer order fulfillment, and using this business model, the manufacturer
does that for you. All you need to do then is focus on setting
up the store and then getting people to come to it. And you can get people to come to your store
for free. So let’s recap our business model quickly. Firstly, we need to find manufacturers that
will let us dropship [SP] items from them. A lot of manufacturers will only let you buy
in bulk, so we need to find these little manufacturers that are willing to let us dropship individual
items from them. Secondly, we need to list the items that we’re
dropshipping for sale online. As I’ve said to you, I’m gonna tell you about
two different ways to do that. The first is going to be in your own store
on your own website, and the other is going to be on And I’ll be explaining the pros and cons of
each, so keep watching this video. And three, we need to get people to buy our
stuff. Luckily, because we’re dropshipping, our business
model have very little risk. Because if nobody buys an item from us, then
we didn’t lose any money by buying it in advance, which you normally have to do if you open
up a store. Of course, on the other hand, if we don’t
sell anything, then we don’t make any money either. So we really need to focus on getting people
to come to our store. And of course, I’ll be explaining how to do
that, so keep watching this video. So, let’s jump into Business Model A. This
is the business model to follow if you are stretched for cash and you also have bad credit. It is, however, going to take some time to
set up and get going. You should be realistic about the fact that
any business model that doesn’t require any start up money is going to require you to
exchange your time instead of money. There is no magical PayPal button that you
can just press and money pops out. You either invest money to make money, or
you invest your time to make money. If this doesn’t sound like you and you want
to start making money fast, then feel free to skip through to Business Model B. But for
those of you out there that want to exchange your time for money, keep watching. Business Model A has three steps. One, creating your online store on your website,
two, finding products to dropship in it, and three, marketing your products for free using
search engines. So let’s start on Step 1, Building Your Online
Store. Now, it’s actually really cheap to do this
and to set up your own store on your own website if you use a web host called iPage. You can start one for just $23.88. Now, I’ve actually got a free video tutorial. It shows you how to create your own online
store step-by-step using iPage. To watch this video for yourself, simply click
on the link in the video description below. Now, just one quick note. In that video, I mention the fact that you’re
gonna need a logo, and you can actually find free logo designs to use on the internet. Or alternatively, you can also use a website
called, which I also recommend in the video, and you can get a logo made
for your store for $5.58. If you choose to do this, it means it’s gonna
bump up the cost of this business model to $29.38. When you’re setting up your store, you should
pick a type of product to specialize in. For example, in my video tutorial, I set up
an online store that specialized in selling coffee accessories and equipment. This is gonna be important for Step 3, so
keep those in mind. Let’s move on to step two, which is finding
your dropshippers [SP]. For Business Model A, the best way to do this
is is to go to a website called AliExpress which is an online free directory containing
lots of Chinese dropshippers and suppliers. So that’s really all you need to do. You just need to go to and
find a bunch of products that are related to the store that you have set up. When you’ve found a much of products on AliExpress,
you should go ahead and list them in your online store that you set up in Step 1. Now, I show you exactly how to do this step-by-step
in my video tutorial. And again, you can watch my video tutorial
on how to set up your own online store using iPage by clicking on the link in the video
description below. And be sure to put a nice markup on the product
price. Because you’re dropshipping products from
China, they are super cheap, which means then that you can put a much higher price on it
when you sell it in your store. When a customer comes to your online store
and buys one of the products that you’ve listed, just go to and buy it from
the supplier and get it shipped directly to your customer. In my video tutorial on how to create your
own online store, I explained to you how you can set it up so that you can accept payments
from PayPal, which means that you will get the money that the customers give you immediately. You can then use that money to buy the item
for the customer from AliExpress and keep the difference and profit. I explain this process deeply in my video,
“How to Dropship Products from AliExpress.” To watch this video for yourself, simply click
on the link in the video description below. In that video, I use a case study of an AliExpress
dropshipping store called World of Harry. It has been created by my friend Yarrow [SP]. Now, World of Harry is making him over $1,000
a month in profit, and he also has a portfolio of other AliExpress dropshipping stores that
are earning him over $4,000 a month. Take this item, the Sirius Black Wand. On his store, he is selling it for $27.90. Whenever a customer buys it from him, he simply
takes the $27.90 that automatically gets paid into his PayPal account and then he goes to
AliExpress. There, he buys it for $9.39. He has the dropshipper ship it directly to
his customer. He then keeps the difference, $18.59 minus
some small PayPal fees, in profit for himself. And that’s it. That is how super simple the process is for
Business Model A. But the business model is not yet over. That was just Step 2. Now we need to move on to step three, which
is marketing your store through free search engine traffic. So, usually when you set up your own dropshipping
online store, you need to pay for traffic and marketing to get customers to come to
your store. And quite honestly, paid traffic is definitely
the fastest and easiest way to do this, but of course, we’re trying to set up our business
for just $23.88, so we can’t do this. And to do that, we’re gonna have to use free
marketing techniques. And the best free marketing technique that
you can use on the internet is search engines. Trust me, this isn’t as technical as it sounds. It’s just gonna take a bit of time, and you
need to be prepared for that. Let me show you what I mean by using Yarrow’s
store, World of Harry again. If you go to Google and type in “Harry Porter
Guitar Picks” and click search, Yarrow’s store comes up as the third result. Yarrow makes sales from people who type in
the name of the products that he’s selling into Google, find his website, and then buy
through him. The higher your website appears in the search
results, the more clicks you get and the more sales you get. Now, Google’s search engine determines which
websites they show at the top using a complex algorithm that they have developed. But there are ways to gain the search algorithm. What you want to do, is you want to take all
the products that you put into your online store in step two and to optimize the pages
and make some modifications so that it fits with the Google algorithm. To do this, make the following modifications
to each of the product pages that you created in step two. Number one, pick a key word for your product
page. The key word should accurately represent what
you’re selling. So let’s take a product that I use in my video. The whirlpool self stir mug. My key word for this product was “self stir
mug.” Next, to optimize my page, I put the key word
in my title. This is the equivalent in Google to what is
called a meta title tag. You don’t need to know what it is. Just follow the instructions that I’m giving
you. Next, I wrote a description for my item that
was 400-plus words. Google likes to see at least 400 words on
a page, and it rewards it with the highest search engine rankings. Next, in my description, I made sure that
my key word “self stir mug” made up at least 1% of all my text. So, for example, if your description was 500
words, you’d want to place your key word in your description at least five times. Make sure it reads grammatically correct and
sounds natural. Because my description was between 400 to
500 words, I made sure that I used my key words at least five times. Next, I made sure I used my key word “self
stir mug” in the first 50 words. Google likes to see this. Plus, it means that it will be in something
called your meta description. That’s a technical thing that helps you rank
in the search engines that WordPress automatically generates for you out of your first 50 words. WordPress, if you don’t know, is a free software
I recommend when using to set up your store. Next, and this is something that I didn’t
do in the video tutorial where I showed you how to set up your own online store but something
that you should do anyway, if you want to optimize your page with Google, is when you
upload your thumbnail image following the instructions that I gave you in my video tutorial,
come here and put your key word in the box that I have highlighted for you. The technical name for what you were doing
here is that you are adding your key word to the image out data for the thumbnail image. Again, you don’t need to know how this works
or why it works, but just trust me, it works. So go ahead and modify all the items that
you have uploaded to your online store as I just described. And there are three other things I want you
to keep in mind when you’re optimizing your pages for Google. The first thing is that you should not ever
copy and paste anything when you’re writing your description. This includes the AliExpress listing for the
item. Do not come in and copy and paste the description
that the manufacturer has provided for the item in AliExpress. Your copy needs to be original, otherwise
Google will not be happy. So, again, don’t overthink it. Just follow the instructions. The next thing I want you to keep in mind
is that it takes time to rise up in the search engines. Search engines like to wait a few weeks before
raising up your pages and their results. Don’t expect this to be done overnight. But if you consistently add at least 10 to
20 products and you’re optimizing it using the techniques that I showed you, you should
start to see results within about a month. You’ll start to see that Google is sending
you visitors, traffic and customers. So just be consistent. Add the products in the way that I taught
you, and be patient. And thirdly, Google likes to see that the
pages on your website are all relevant to each other. Remember earlier how I told you to pick a
type of product for your store to specialize in? Well, this is exactly why. Only add products that are relevant to your
store. The more specific in niche you get, the easier
it will be to compete with other product pages in Google. For example, if you search for “boys toys”
in Google, you’ll get over 51 million different pages. But if you search for “Nerf Technical Vest
Dart Holder,” you’ll get less than 100,000 results. And yes, you can buy Technical Nerf Vest Dart
Holders on AliExpress. So which key word do you think is easier to
rank for in Google? Well, obviously, it is the latter. Go niche, go specific. Don’t make your store about something general
like boys toys. Make it about something like Nerf guns. Let’s move on to a fast and still relatively
cheap or free business model, Business Model B. This is, of course, also going to be a dropshipping
business but instead of dropshipping products in our own online store, we’re gonna dropship
them instead on In our free e-book, “How To Make $10,000 a
Month by Dropshipping,” we outline the step-by-step process. If you want to read the e-book for yourself,
simply click on the link in the video description below. But I’m gonna explain it to you in this video,
so if you wanna see it for yourself, just keep watching. Now, this business model involves three steps
as well. Number one, you need to find USA based dropshippers. Number two, you need to identify low-cost,
high-demand products from the dropshippers’ catalogs. And number three, you need to hijack existing
Amazon sales for this item or similar items, and to steal their traffic and sales for yourself. Let me explain the advantages and disadvantages
of this business compared to Business Model A. One big advantage is that you start getting
sales faster. The reason is because you are listing the
items for sale on, which already has millions of interested buyers coming to
the site daily. You don’t have to do any work to bring the
customers in. They are already there. And two, it’s a lot less technical because
you don’t have to set up your own store. Amazon’s website is really easy to use. So if you find the idea of Business Model
A daunting because of the technical elements to it, then this could be the business model
for you. But now, for the disadvantages. Firstly, it isn’t easy to find USA based dropshippers. When you wanna find Chinese dropshippers,
it’s really easy because all you gotta do is go to AliExpress, but there’s nothing free
like that for USA dropshippers. But luckily, there is a really good paid solution,
SaleHoo. It costs $67 to get a subscription. That’s why this business model costs $67,
because it gets us access to a huge directory of USA based dropshippers. And we’re quite lucky then that, as well as
SaleHoo being the best directory for USA based dropshippers, it’s also the cheapest. It means then that we’re gonna have to spend
as little money as possible. There is also something else you need to be
aware of. When a customer buys an item from you on Amazon,
they hold the money for 14 days if you are a new seller. This means then that say a customer buys a
$50 item from you on Amazon, you are not gonna get that money for 14 days. Now let’s say that that $50 item actually
costs you $25 to purchase it from the dropshipper. Well, you’re gonna need to find $25 in the
meantime to purchase the item from the dropshipper while you’re waiting for Amazon to credit
you the $50 that the customer has paid. Now, after 14 days, Amazon will pay you the
$50 minus some fees, but you’re still gonna need to have some money to buy the item in
the meantime from the dropshipper. Now because Amazon pay you so fast, it’s actually
a really good idea to use a credit card when you’re purchasing items for dropshipping. I recommend that you get a credit card that
gives you a bonus for using it. I have a credit card that gives me air miles
whenever I spend on it, and it’s a really nifty bonus. If you use a credit card, then you’re not
gonna need to use any capital for this business model except for the $67 to purchase your
SaleHoo subscription. Of course, if you have bad credit, then you’re
gonna need some start up cash to hold you over. I recommend having at least $300 to $1,000. All right, step one: Locating USA based dropshippers. Let me switch over to my computer and show
you just how easy it is to use SaleHoo to locate USA based dropshippers. This here is SaleHoo. It is my number one recommended directory
for finding low-cost dropshippers and wholesalers in the United States. So what you’re gonna do is come over here
to SaleHoo and log in to your subscription. If you don’t have a subscription, you can
find the link on how to get one in the video description below. But I’ve already got one, so I’m just gonna
go ahead and switch browsers to enter my members dashboard. Once you’ve logged in to your subscription
like I have, just come up here to the wholesale directory button and click it. Now this is gonna load up the wholesale directory. As you can see, they’ve got suppliers in all
sorts of categories. They’ve got suppliers that sell baby gear,
they’ve got supplies that sell home and garden products, pretty much anything they have. So what we wanna do is, you don’t wanna pick
a specific category because we don’t know what we want to sell yet. So just come up here to the search button
and click search. What SaleHoo has now done is just loaded up
all of its different suppliers, no matter what they sell or where they’re located. What we now want to do is, we want to narrow
down the suppliers so that we can find USA dropshippers. So let’s filter the results by region. Just come here and click region, and then
click “North America.” This way, we’ll be able to narrow down so
that we can easily find USA dropshippers. So what the wholesale supply directory has
done, is it has narrowed down the suppliers to only show ones that are based in North
America. What you now want to do is you want to filter
the results to only show companies that are willing to dropship. So come here to “supply type” and select “dropshippers.” And now the directory has filtered the results
to show us only North American suppliers that dropship. As you can see, all of these suppliers here
are based in the United States and they dropship their products. So that’s step one. We have found a big list of USA based dropshippers. Now it’s time to move on to step two: locating
high demand, high profit items to dropship on Amazon. And this is actually really easy. Simply open up the catalog of each supplier
that you’ve located and then go through the items on the catalog and compare the prices
of the items to the going prices on Amazon. When you find an item that’s priced lower
in the supplier’s catalog to the going price on Amazon, then you should dropship that item. Let me switch back to my computer and show
you exactly how to do this. So I’ve got for you a supplier: H.L. Dalias
[SP] Inc. This is a supplier that I found by filtering
the results like I showed you earlier. So they were really interesting to me because
of the fact that I saw that they were a multi-line wholesale distributor of electronics, industrial
items and sporting goods, and I’m personally a very big fan of dropshipping industrial
items. It’s something that people love and don’t
consider. So what I did was, I went and checked out
their website. And this is what I found. Now you can imagine that if you discovered
this for yourself, that you would be kind of a bit put off because of the fact that
it’s actually really ugly. The interesting thing though is that when
it comes to USA dropshippers, a lot of them have really ugly websites like this here. That doesn’t mean that they’re not legitimate. And in fact, oftentimes the websites that
are the ugliest seem to be the businesses that sell their products for the lowest cost. The reason why their websites are so ugly
is because of the fact that they don’t have a large marketing budget. Instead they choose to save their money and
to use their money that they save to lower the cost of their products for you. And the truth is, even if you did accidentally
stumble upon this supplier yourself and you didn’t use SaleHoo, you probably wouldn’t
trust them. But because of the fact that we found them
using SaleHoo, we can see that they’re trustworthy because we know they’ve been online for 17
years, and we know that they have been in the SaleHoo directory for nine years. So we know that this here is a legitimate
supplier that we can trust. So what I did was, I went through their items
and I compared the price of the items to the prices on Amazon. What I did was I scrolled down and I found
that there was one category that really got my attention: Wire Management. Now, I can imagine that a lot of you are probably
a bit surprised. Why would wire management speak to me? Well, the reason being is because of the fact
that this is a category that a lot of people would not think to sell in. When you’re selling online, you’re dropshipping,
the best thing to do is to try to find niche products like this here that have a high demand
but lots of people don’t know about it, and so they don’t try to sell these items. So that’s why I opened up this and I checked
out the different prices. And this is something that I actually talk
about in a video that I strongly recommend, that I’ve created, that you watch called the
“Easiest Items to Sell on Amazon.” It explains to you how you can quickly go
through a supplier’s catalog like this one here and identify items that are most likely
going to be very profitable to dropship. Now, all I did was, I came here, and I came
to the first item on the list, this one here. This is a self laminating label used for [inaudible
00:23:14]. And I just copied this and I came over to
Amazon, and I came into the search bar and I pasted it in. And then I clicked search. And I did this so that I could see what the
price was. And as we can see, the price on Amazon is
$122. Now, let’s just go back and compare that to
the price here for H.L. Dalias. As you can see, it is $82. So, immediately this was the first thing that
jumped out to me, was that the price difference between these two products was really large. It meant then that there was gonna be a wide
room for me to be able to make a substantial profit, after fees, if I was to dropship this
item on Amazon. Another thing that really jumped out to me
about this listing that meant that it had amazing potential, is that there’s only one
seller for it. There’s only one seller listing this item. I know that there is because of the fact that
if we come down here to this item under it, a different item, we can see that it’s got
more buying choices and there are three others offers for $179 new. That means then that there is the main seller
and there’s the seller that Amazon had picked to win what’s called the Buy Box. And then if we come down here, we can see
that there are more buying choices. [inaudible 00:24:34] there are three other
sellers that you can purchase from. But if we come up here, we can see that there
is nothing like that. That means that there is only one seller for
this product, which means that it would be very easy to come in here and to hijack this
listing and start piggybacking off of its sales. And this is gonna be especially easy for you
to understand and see because I’m gonna outline how to do this in step three of this tutorial. Now, the other thing that jumped out to me
once I used a tool called Jungle Scout Pro. Now I’m just gonna come up here and click
on this button on my browser. This is a [inaudible 00:25:09]. It’s something that I really recommend for
anyone who’s looking to sell on Amazon. I’ll have a link to how you can check it out
for yourself in the video description below. But using this, I’m able to see that there
are 14 estimated sales a month for this product. So that means then that – we’re just going
to close this window here – the single seller for this item is selling this 14 times every
month for $122. And the really nifty thing about this here
is that if you’re gonna follow the advise that I’m gonna outline in step three, you
can come in and hijack about half of these sales from this seller. So they’re making 14 sales a month, which
means then that you can potentially be making seven sales a month of this item. That is if you had found it yourself. Now, guys, do not come and try to dropship
this item, this specific item, because I have revealed it in this video. And if you haven’t noticed, I have…well,
here at Wholesale Ted, we have thousands of subscribers, thousands of subscribers who
are going to be watching this exact same video and they’re gonna have the exact same idea. We get emails from people saying, “Oh, you
showed this item. You said you could dropship this. But I tried to dropship it and it’s saturated
with competition.” Yes, because we revealed this item to people. There’s a reason why we don’t talk about the
items we sell, because if we did, then the competition for those items would become saturated. You need to use my method here that I am revealing
to find your own items. So let’s talk about the profit that you would
be making from these sales. We would be selling it for $122 to price match
the competition, and then we would be dropshipping it for $82. So there’s quite a bit of a margin there. If you come over here to this calculator,
we can see what the profit margin is. So if we come here, we can [inaudible 00:27:03]
it to be office products because it is the category, and different categories have different
fees. The item price is $122 because, again, we
are price matching the competitor, because we do not wanna get into a price war. The cost required is $82. The weight of the item is one pounds. When we take into account all of Amazon’s
fees, they are $19.79. This leaves us with a total profit margin
of $20.21. And guys, that’s huge. That there is over $140 a month that you earned
from this single item, where all you did was found this supplier and then found this item
that had a price difference on Amazon of $40. And then you just came in and then you just
listed it here and you hijacked all the traffic and the sales that are already being made
for this listing. And you sold…well, you made about half of
those sales yourself. And then anytime someone came in here and
ordered this item from you, you would just come over to drop shipper and then you would
just order it online. And yes, you can just order this online from
H.L. Dalias. You don’t even need to call them, you just
order it for them. They will dropship it to your customer without
any packaging so that the customer doesn’t know that it’s them specifically. It’s going to be what is called blind dropshipping. And then at the end of it, you are going to
make over…you’ll make $20.21 per sale, and it’s gonna take you a few minutes to do this. That means then that if you want to be successfully
hijacking this listing for this item, like I’m about to teach you, you’ll be making $141
and $47 a month in profit from selling this one item. And keep in mind, this is just one item. What you should be doing is using SaleHoo
to locate multiple items. If you found 50 items like this to dropship
every month, you’d be making over $7,000 a month in profit. And again, it requires no start up money if
you have a credit card. It just costs you $67 for your SaleHoo subscription. So let’s jump to step three: Hijacking your
competitor’s listings. So what gives this dropshipping model an edge
over the first one that I discussed for many people, would be that you can start making
sales very fast. The reasoning is because of the fact that
we’re gonna be dropshipping on, which means that we can hijack the sales from
our competitors and steal them for ourselves. There are two major ways to do this. I recommend doing both when you’re just starting
out. Number one, you can find a product like the
one that I just showed you which already has a listing on Amazon, and you should list yourself
as a seller for the item as well. When you do this and you get to list yourself
as a seller, you get to set the price of the item that you’re selling. Now what you should do, is you should price
it to equal the same price as your competitor, because this is going to let you share what
is called Buy Box. For those of you that don’t know, the Buy
Box is the “add to cart” button on Amazon. Usually when you buy an item on Amazon, more
than one seller will be supplying it. Amazon rotates Buy Box time and gives each
seller their turn at being the seller that gets the “add to cart” button applied to their
stock and sales. Right now this item, the [inaudible 00:30:19]
LJSL5Y31 Laser Jet Self Laminating Label Sheet only has one seller. So the Buy Box is automatically being awarded
to them. If you were to come in and start selling this
item on Amazon for the same price, as long as your account was in good standing with
Amazon, they’d rotate Buy Box time with you, giving you roughly half of the sales. And yes, Amazon does rotate Buy Box time with
new sellers, so don’t let that stop you from getting started. And number two, instead of hijacking sales
for items that are already listed on Amazon, you can instead hijack sales from categories
of items. What you do, is you find items that are already
successfully selling on Amazon and then you locate a dropshipper who manufactures similar
but different versions of those items. So let’s say you found a dropshipper using
SaleHoo who would sell you a ridiculously cheap wooden round bucket for $5, but this
specific brand was not already listed on Amazon. What you would do is create a brand new listing
for your wooden round bucket and match your price with your competitor’s price, which
is around $25. Using the advise that we give you for free
in our e-book, “How to Make $10,000 a Month by Dropshipping,” you could write an amazing
Amazon listing for your bucket that draws in potential buyers who are looking for them. Our advice outlines how to create a high converting
optimized Amazon listing. You would then hijack this traffic and turn
them into buyers by creating a better listing than your competitors, and stealing their
sales. So there you go. Those are my two step-by-step methods for
how you can start a business with no start up money. The only thing holding you back right now
from starting it is sheer laziness or maybe information paralysis. But don’t fall into either of those traps. Without action, you can’t get results. If you watch this video and you never follow
the instructions, then you will never make money. The only way that you’re gonna make money
is by actually doing it. So don’t just sit there, take action now. And if you liked this video, I’d appreciate
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