Drip Market To Motivated Sellers For 2.5 Cents – Video 3

I’m going to show you how to drip market
to your seller leads and your buyer leads for 2.5¢ per message. Instead of having to
send out a postcard that costs you a dollar to send out, you can send out a text or a
voice blast that costs you 2.5¢ and you can also put them into a drip system that sends
them a sequence of messages over a period of time.
The Automarketer is actually set up with sequences already in place. We’ve got a three-month
sequence for For Sale By Owners to help them, to make offers to them so that they will contact
us and allow us to buy their property on terms. And when we buy properties, by the way, we
buy them with no money down and in fact we’re not just able to buy these property without
using our money. When we close, we get money. So we set these structures up so that we get
money. And all this is taught inside the Automarketer.
You can also look at my blog and my other videos. I talk a lot about the For Rent Method.
I talk about the other Zero Down Structures. The whole hierarchy of zero down structures:
Subject To, Multi-mortgage, Land Contract, Contract for Deed, Assignable Cash Deal and
Lease Options. If you’ll understand how these zero down structures work, you can make
an offer on For Sale By Owners. You can make an offer on expired listings, you can make
an offer on absentee owners or any other type of seller lead that you come in contact with.
The Automarketer is actually set up so that you can create your own campaigns if you want
to, or you can use the preexisting templates that we use, that we have tested and tried
over the years that work very effectively. Let me how you how the drip campaigns work.
Let’s take a look. I’m logged into the Automarketer now, and
if you’ll remember from the last video I showed you the Automarketer, Zillow Automarketer,
and showed you how the campaigns work, how they scrape leads and how they put them into
the system and how they send them out with a campaign. In this video, I’m going to
show you how to use the follow up campaign that will, how we actually set up the follow
up campaign. So the system scrapes the lead, it then puts them into a campaign and these
campaigns will actually send out a series of messages. And they can be voice messages,
voice blasts. They can be text messages or they can be emails.
And the emails can only go out to opt-in leads. We don’t have a way to scrape leads from
craigslist or Zillow with emails. But we do have their phone numbers. So, what I’m going
to do is go into the Automarketer campaigns, because we’ve got different campaigns that
do different things. But I’m going to show you the Automarketer campaigns that are set
up. And let’s look specifically at the three-month
campaign because that’s the one that I was showing you yesterday and that’s the one
that we use the most. So, I’m going to go here and I’m going to actually – and you
can see here I’ve got 655 people that are currently in the Automarketer, and 1,700 of
them are in the system right now. So I’m going to look at the details of this particular
campaign. You can create your own campaign. You don’t
have to use this one and there’s a lot of different ways that you can create these campaigns.
And I want you to know right up front you don’t have to do this at all. This is already
set up for you. You don’t have to know this stuff, you don’t have to understand how
it works. You don’t have to do any of this stuff. I just want you to see what the capability
of the system is because it can do a lot more than you’ll probably ever need it to do.
And we set it up so not just, so that you couldn’t just send out the kind of campaign
we think you should send out, but you can send out a campaign that you want to send
out. Or, you could modify one of the campaigns
that we create. And we’ve got it set up here so you can actually clone our campaigns
and then you can go in and modify a campaign so you wouldn’t have to start from scratch,
or you can start from scratch. So, let’s take a look at what this means and how this
thing works. This is a campaign. You can see that there’s
14 total events. In this particular campaign it’s all text messages. But it could be
a text message, it could be a voice message where it leaves a message on their voice recorder,
on their phone. Or it can send them an email. It can also set up a task system so that we
can say here’s a task that needs to be done and have that message go out to one of your
team members and remind them that hey, you need to do this today, or you need to do that
today. And you can create templates of tasks. I’m going to show you how to do that in
a later video. It’s a very cool thing that will make it possible for you to completely
automate and systematize your business. It’s absolutely an amazing addition to this Automarketer.
But this is a text blast campaign that is designed for the Automarketer, for the scrape
ads, the FSBO scraped ads, of the For Rent ads that are coming in from the Automarketer.
And you’ll see here I’ve given it a title. We gave it a category so this in the Automarketer.
And I could set it up so that if, when this campaign ends I could have it start another
campaign. I’m not going to do that on here. I’ve got it set up as active. I’ve also
got it set up so that the email events, the mail events, oh, yeah – it also sends out
snail mail which I’m going to show you in a later video.
This will send out postcards, self mailers, letters – We Will Buy type campaigns that
all you have to do is click a button and it’ll send those things out. But I’ve got that
turned off. You can put them in a campaign so that you could do a series of postcards
that go out over time. It sends out text messages, I’ve got that turned on. And voice blasts,
I’ve got that turned off in this particular campaign. You can see I’ve got 2,400 people
that are active in this campaign right now. Now, as I scroll down the page, this shows
you the events that are going out. Again, it’s got 14 events. That means 14 texts
that are going to go out over a three-month period. Because I set this up as a three-month
campaign. And I can create new events on this and I can put as many in here as I want. If
I wanted to add voice blasts into this campaign I could. If I wanted to add snail mail into
it I could. I could add, you know, email into it as well and create these new events if
I choose to. But I just want to show you how these events, what these events look like.
So, on day one the first thing that gets sent out is a text that says, “I saw your home
advertised and I was wondering if you’d consider selling it” and this would go out
immediately. If I wanted to change this to go out over a period of time I could change
it to this and then I could change the days, hours, weeks months – how often it needs
to go out. But I’m gong to have it go out immediately. So as this campaign is attached
to a lead that is scraped it’s going to send out this text blast. “I saw the home
you had advertised . . .” If I wanted to modify this message, I could.
All I have to do is click on this little button here and it’ll open up this in a window
and it’ll allow me to change the text message that is going out. The second message that
goes out is on day four, and these are days that I decided. You can change them if you
want. I think this makes a lot of sense and you probably want to use the system that I
set up at least until you understand what you’re doing and are able to get going on
it. And it’s going to send out a different message on day four, with a URL this time,
that goes to one of the clone sites. This goes to the Rent To Buy seller site.
On day eight it sends out another. And again, I can modify these, change them, I can add
things to them and make that work. And down below, if I scroll down below, you can see
the activity log of this campaign. So, you can see all the ones that have been sent out
since you know, since I’ve been running it. About 40,000 text messages have been sent
out through this particular account to these particular campaigns that I’ve run in the
Automarketer. If you’re watching this video on YouTube
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that I don’t have on YouTube.

Site Payment Vendor Selection – Things to Consider

Hi everyone welcome to another episode
of ClinBiz where we love connecting with you on the business aspects of
clinical trials, so in today’s video we’re actually going to cover a topic
that we’ve been getting a lot of questions on here at Clinbiz which is a
topic of what are some things to consider when selecting a site payment
vendor? So we’re actually going to cover a few top tips today but we’ll have the
complete and full checklist later on this month to our newsletter subscribers
so if the topic interests you or you like to share with your teams make sure
you subscribe to our newsletter at CLINBIZ.COM. All right so stay tuned Well, welcome back so today we’re going
to talk about what are some things to consider when you’re selecting a site
payment vendor? So a site payments are usually payments that a clinical study
sponsor needs to pay an investigator site during the course of a clinical
trial for the work they perform in that clinical trial well it sounds simple enough right? But for some reason a lot of study sponsors
have had an issue and this is a pain point in our industry with actually
paying the sites on time, with the proper details accurately and all those kind of
things and this is where site payment vendors and services have come up in the
last few years which is great that we’re having some innovation in the industry
but that leaves us with some additional questions for when you’re selecting
those vendors what are some things to keep in mind and that’s what we want to
address in our video today. So what are some things some top the tips that you
need to make sure you have in place or you ask the proper questions when you’re
selecting a site payment vendor? So number one you should really first
establish what is the site payment model that you’re going to follow for your
organization and by that I mean are you going to fully outsource the payment
function meaning the people and the technology is going to be completely
done by your site paying vendor? Are you gonna be doing that? We’ll call that the
fully outsourced model. Or are you gonna be doing it in-house fully where you have
the people in-house and you have your own homegrown or good old Excel
spreadsheet that you’re using in-house and in that case you actually don’t need a site payment vendor. Or using a type of hybrid
approach? Again this is not a full, you know, checklist or anything like that but
for the purpose of this video we’ll stick with these three main types of
models and we’ll actually just address a fully outsourced and hybrid model for
the questions on this video. And the hybrid model would be when you have
in-house people to actually perform the site payment function but you’re looking
for a technology to better serve that function so you’re going out to a site
payment vendor to get that okay? So let’s jump onto some questions and some things
you need to have in mind when you’re selecting these vendors and let’s think
as if you’re going with a fully outsourced model or a hybrid
where you’re actually using the technology of this vendor. So one of the
very first things I would look for is what is the ease of working within
that system that site payment vendors system or using your services, how easy
is it to use it if you’re going to be using it in-house as a study sponsor
with your own people and their technology, or if you’re going to be
full outsourcing, how easy is it to work with them? How easy is it for sites to
work with them or perhaps even if there’s going to be a site facing portal
let’s say from that vendor with their technology how easy is it for sites to
actually get in and work there? And you know you’re gonna need to ask for some feedback in the industry of course and colleagues and
things like that, but also for you to be able to look at the system demo way and
things of that nature how easy is it to use? One key tip here I would say is
invite an end user, a person that’s gonna be going day in and day out of
performing site payments to actually take a look at the site payment vendor
systems and their processes and services because they are the key people that are
going to come up with very very good questions for you to ask your vendors
right from the beginning, so have your end user whoever’s gonna be doing site
payments actually test out the site payment vendors technologies or in the
very least see a demo and get information from them and they’re going
to actually be able to generate much much more questions for you. Also what is
the ease of the integration of their system with your own systems, right? How
easy is it to integrate their systems in connect their systems with other systems
that you may have, perhaps you want to connect them to your SAP system where a
CTMS system how quickly and also how easy is it to do that? How easy is the
integration? Does the site payment vendor provide that that technology as a
standalone or as a module or do you need to you know or get the other full suite of
systems or full suite of modules for that service how easy is it to integrate
with others? So very important the integration question and the
connection question for your site payment vendor. Something else you need to
look at is to confirm a couple of these things, again not a full
list here on this video. We’ll have that later on for you but how is that
site payment vendor going to accommodate things such as multiple payees, multiple
arms and sub-studies. We know that for let’s say multiple arms a lot of
oncology studies and some other studies are also very complex and they may have
multiple arms and that can become a nightmare for site payments believe it
or not if the proper configurations are not done in that payment vendor
technology or in your processes as well. so you need to think about it and ask them
and if possible ask to actually see how in their system it’s done – how multiple
arms are handled, sub studies and multiple payees. For example, outside of the
US it’s very normal to have multiple payees for an investigator site meaning
the study sponsor actually needs to pay that investigator site whatever payment
they’re going to make but they’re going to need to split it up among a
couple of different payees. So how is that site payment vendor going to be
handling or if in-house you’re going to be using their technology – how will your people be able to handle that in their system. So very
important questions to ask: multiple arms sub studies and multiple payees.
Something else you need to confirm is about budget amendments. Now
we know, if you’ve been in a clinical trial space for a while you know that
protocol amendments are inevitable sometimes in certain studies and these
protocol amendments if they have an impact on the budget they will need
to be updated, the budget amendments and actually have an impact on the site
payments as well. So when that happens you need to be asking upfront and seeing
in real time with your vendor how are they going to be addressing budget
amendments so when there is a budget amendment for a trial how are they going
to be doing that in their system and how long that’s going to be
taking. What’s the turnaround time? If your own people are going to be
using the system then I would suggest if at all possible to have your people go
into system and test it out or at least have the vendor demo out to you how
exactly a budget amendment would be done in real time. How much time – how quickly
you can get that done because that’s going to be one of
the determining factors for you to make that selection so it’s very
important to at least know and be prepared of how long that’s actually
going to take you in terms of budget amendments and their impact on site
payments. So ask those questions and ask to see how long that would take in their
system to have a budget updated which would impact new payments to your sites.
Something else you need to be thinking about is also what if there’s
an issue with the site or in a certain region and the site cannot or does not
want to use that technology site payment vendor’s technology for whatever
reason. They can’t log on to their portal or they do not want
to whatever is the reason – what are exception processes they already have
in place when those kind of things happen. Your site payment vendors should
be able to tell you or at least give you a couple of options of when situations
arise that do not follow the standard process what are some things that can be
available and then you can also see if those work for you and in-house
within your own organization as well because those situations do come up
especially if you’re going outside of the US so you need to be prepared to
deal with site payment vendor exceptions whenever you need to do that. Something else you need to be thinking about is also how will they be funded
and that’s a question you need to be asking the. Is it something that you’re
going to need to pre-fund a large amount to the site
payment vendor in order for them to make those payments? Is there going to be a
Just-In-time approach? Is there going to be a mixture of both or
something else? You need to be asking how they will be
funded and I would include also some folks from Finance at some point because
they’re going to be included at some point anyways in the
conversation so really find out how that
will be done for that site payment vendor to actually make the payments on
your behalf as a study sponsor. Ask those types of questions. The
last thing we’ll talk about here in this video, again full checklist coming up
later on this month for our subscribers, but in this video I’ll just say and it’s
something I recommend in many of our videos is to make sure that any
agreements, any promises in terms of turnaround times, in terms of
capabilities and the system – things that are available to you are really captured
in either a contract or a full guidance document of some sort
and referenced in the contract as well. this will be very important to keep all
parties accountable again not just a site payment vendor but also the study
sponsor on exactly what was agreed to, on exactly what were the conversations
in the beginning because obviously at the time everyone’s trying
to sell you a product,you know some promises can be made and so you want to
make sure that everyone is held accountable to what was agreed up front.
It’s not a problem if something is not possible in a system or things of that
nature but it’s very important that you understand from the beginning what is
possible versus not. So again, capture everything in a
document. So there you have it, just some top tips for you if you’re thinking of
selecting and implementing a site payment vendor in the future. Make sure
you have at least these tips down in your conversations and for your
implementation. Again we’ll have a full checklist on selection and
implementation of site payment vendors later on this month for our newsletter
subscribers so make sure you subscribe at www.clinbiz.com. I hope to see you at the
ClinBiz Summit 2020 coming up on March 24th through 26th at the Hyatt Regency
in Morristown New Jersey. It’s going to be an amazing conference you can attend in
person or online. If you’re planning to come in person, please do register soon
because we have limited space for that. Make sure you register quickly so
you’re not left out of this event. You can attend online as well and watch the
entire conference via our livestream registration option which is quite
unique and new. You don’t want to miss this conference if you’re at all
involved with the business aspects of clinical trials. You want to
be in that conference, you want to hear the conversations of things that
are coming, things that are happening. We have a ton of different things in the
agenda – check it out at www.clinbizsummit.com and I hope to see you soon – take
care – bye bye.

How to Pay Yourself – Salary Dividends & Benefits

♪ The best things in life are free ♪ ♪ But you can give them
to the birds and bees ♪ ♪ I need money ♪ ♪ That’s what I want ♪ ♪ That’s what I want ♪ ♪ That’s what I want ♪ (laughing) – Hi, everybody. Did you like that little
bit of lip synching there? Okay, so, today we’re
gonna be talking about how to pay yourself out
of your business, okay? So, here’s Scampi again, as you can see we’ve paid him, he’s got his salary there, and his dividends. Okay, so over to Mahmood, who’s going to go through some really important points, guys. – Thank you very much Serena. Thank you very much Scampi. Now, a common question that we always get
asked by business owners is how we pay ourself. Now, the most rehearsed route we know is you pay yourself a salary, when it comes up on the board. Typically, just rehearsed that, typically it just set
a relatively low level, so you can get some credit
for your state pension when you eventually retire. The rest is taken out as dividends. You got the difference here. You got a dividend free allowance here. We’re not gonna rehearse and go over the same old details. We’re gonna table to
illustrate the impact. The third thing that
is not often considered is actually the company
providing benefits to you. So let’s have a look first of all in terms of the salary. Summary of the general situation here. You’ve got three things to consider, your status as a taxpayer. So if your income is below 50 grand, salary, overall tax rate for company and yourself personally is 40%. You as an individual in terms you take it out as dividends. The overall tax rate is 25. Really good advantage for
dividends in that situation. If you happen to be what’s
called a high rate taxpayer, 50 grand plus, then paying yourself salary is an overall tax rate for
you and the company at 49. Pay yourself dividends is about 45%, so the gap really narrows, but dividends are still,
you know, more preferred. If you have to be in the blimey rate. That’s if you’re 150 grand a year plus, you know, great target to get to, then the salary route is 53% overall tax burden for
you and the company. Dividend rate is 50% overall. So the gap’s really narrowed, but still the edge is given to dividends. Now, route number three is benefits. So there are some benefits
the company can pay for which is all tax free, Tax Deductible. So things like providing a Mobile Phone, Health Screening, Eye tests and the like. In other situations though, it’s still worthwhile to consider the company actually paying for things you would pay for personally. And when you’re gonna look at it is, what do you need to take home to actually pay for those benefits. So what I’ve done here. I’ve summarised three scenarios. If you’re a basic rate payer, look at those wonderful savings. The company provides the benefit, you still pay tax, but you’re still better off. And it’s all about
money, in this situation. You’re a high rate payer, the savings become that much bigger. Again, that’s taking all those wonderful factors into account. And lastly, if you’re in the blimey rate, then the savings become much more bigger. So always worth considering. So hope you found this useful. – Okay, guys. So come on, get on Facebook, like us on LinkedIn. We know you look at it guys. Keep liking us, and head over to the website as well, have look at the blog in more detail ’cause there’s lots
interesting stuff on there as most of you will know if you’ve been on there. – So this is all from us
from the numbers guys. Hoping to turn your tax frowns – Into smiles. – [Both] Ciao! (upbeat music)

The Right Man In The Right Moment? Putin Wants “Miracle Working” Technocrat For New Economic Policy

We are back to the main news of today. About an hour ago, the name of the man whom the president proposed to head the Russian government became known. The head of state submitted to the State Duma the candidacy of the current head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail Mishustin, who has been the head of the department for almost ten years and is known as the person who created the most effective modern tax system. More details on why did the choice fall on him by my colleague Pavel Zarubin. The best tax and levy system in the world is what international experts say about the Russian Federal Tax Service today. They noted the real breakthrough it has made in recent years. Here is what the tax service departments and the process of registering entrepreneurs look like – Sergey Brilyov interviewed Mikhail Mishustin Who will you be? An individual entrepreneur? OK. OK. State registration. There. First, we choose what we want. For example, submitting documents. – A passport is necessary. – I always carry my passport. I don’t go outside without it. And this is the tax services 20 years ago: the long wild lines that people occupied at four in the morning, rudeness and constant confusion in the documents. Such a mess only exacerbated the situation in a country where there have always been problems with tax collection. Mishustin is heading the tax service from 2010. What was then and now is the difference between heaven and earth. It was possible to achieve recognition of world-famous experts – here is a fragment of the presentation from the one of the international conferences: I assure you that the Tax Service of Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and the Internal Revenue Service of the United States is not so user-friendly. The Financial Times: Inside the Federal Tax Service, everything is crammed with the latest technology. Mikhail Mishustin, the head of the tax service, is standing in front of a full-screen video screen and is preparing to demonstrate his capabilities. In just a couple of clicks, the Russian system will show prices across the country, and for any product or service. When the work system became clear, transparent and convenient, tax collection in Russia increased sharply, and this is extremely important in order for the country to work quietly and develop, it is important for the work of schools and hospitals so that pensions are paid on time. White-collar work has become even fashionable. Each cash register actually transmits data online to the tax service server, and we can get information at the cash registers at any time. What is this? I passed by this corner of Moscow for more than one time and didn’t realize what it is. Did you build it from nothing? No, before this was a military city. Do you feel like special forces? No… You are probably special forces in the financial state police. Not really. I think that we are still a calm and firm unit that is trying to solve everything peacefully. Only in 2019, thanks to the tax service, almost twenty trillion rubles (325 billion dollars) were collected in the Russian budget. The country continues to develop with this money. Now, Mikhail Mishustin, who has solved the seemingly unsolvable task of normalizing relations between society and the tax authorities, will be responsible for the development of the economy of the whole country. Mikhail Mishustin is 53 years old. In 1989, he graduated from the Moscow Machine Tool Institute and received the qualification of a systems engineer. In the early 2000s, he defended his Ph.D. and afterward doctoral dissertation. Since 1999, Mishustin served as the Deputy Minister of Russia for taxes and duties. He also headed the Federal Real Estate And Cadastre Agency. Since 2010, Mikhail Mishustin has led the Federal Tax Service.

Infrastructure Providers | Video 4 of Stock Investing Ecosystem Series | Stock Market Basics

In today’s video, we’ll talk about
infrastructure providers of the stock market ecosystem. Infrastructure providers are the comapnies which enable the transactions
and functioning of different instruments. It means all the digital
and physical infrastructures required for the investor to invest
is provided by the infrastructure provider. If you don’t know about instruments,
do watch the third video of this series, in which we have covered
different instruments in detail. The most common example of
infrastructure provider is a stock exchange. Just like vegetable market is a place
where you can buy different vegetables, similarly, a stock exchange is
a place or platform where you can buy or sell different stocks. A stock exchange is a place where, with the help of a broker
and the stock exchange, two investors can buy or sell stocks
without knowing each other. You must have heard about
Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE). They are the two major
stock exchanges of India where people buy or sell stocks. BSE was Asia’s first stock exchange and over 5000 companies are listed on it. On the other hand,
around 1600 companies are listed on NSE. And just like you can buy a phone
or any other item both at Flipkart and Amazon, similarly, you can buy stocks
both at BSE and NSE, provided that stock is listed
and available to buy on that exchange. Second infrastructure providers
are depositories. Depositories are the companies who store the stocks bought by you
in electronic form. Like, investors used to
get a stock certificate earlier which you would store physically. Similarly, in this digital age, the stocks bought by you
are stored with the depositories. You can store stocks with the depositories
through your Demat account. Depositories help you to transfer stocks and perform various other functions,
like checking your statements, checking what stocks you do have, and providing information
related to your transactions. An investor doesn’t interact much
with the depositories, because, generally, your broker
keeps in touch with the depositories and provides you all information
related to your portfolio. Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL) and National Securities
Depository Limited (NSDL) are the two major depositories of India. The third major infrastructure providers
are RTAs, i.e, Registrar and Transfer of Agents. Just like there are depositories
in case of stocks, there are RTAs in case of mutual funds. All trades of a mutual fund investor, like subscription,
redemption, transfer, etc. are recorded by RTAs. RTAs also help mutual fund investors in providing their portfolio
and statements to them. Whenever you invest
or transact in a mutual fund, whether directly through AMCs,
i.e, Asset Management Companies or through platforms like
Zerodha Coin, Grow or Scripbox, your transactions are processed by RTAs. And RTA coordinates with AMC to add or delete units from your portfolio. Cams and Karvy are
the two biggest RTAs of India. The fourth infrastructure providers
are AMFI, i.e, Association of Mutual Funds of India. It is an association of
44 active AMCs of India which helps in the development
and promotion of mutual funds. You must have seen the ads
“Mutual Funds Sahi Hai.” These ads and the promotion campaign are also sponsored and launched by AMFI. So this was all about the major
infrastructure providers. In the next video, we’ll tell you about SEBI, i.e,
Securities and Exchange Board of India and intermediaries which are the people or companies that perform important tasks and functions
in stock market ecosystem. So subscribe this channel
and press the bell icon so that you get a notification as soon as
the next video of this series is out. And if you found this video informative,
do share it with your friends so that they can also
easily understand stock investing. Happy investing.

1 Million Views Pays How Much?

Yes, it is possible to make $12,000 off a
million views on YouTube. My Top 20 Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks video made
$12,090 from July 24th 2018 to October 8th 2019. It ended
up being exactly 1,000,818 views and $12,091.01 during that period. For the lifetime of the video it has 1,358,575 views at $15,325.54 which translates to $11,281 per million. Taking a look at another video
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another video my Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks video has a
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exposure as the number one ranked videos on YouTube in their category. And so you
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video be sure to click the thumbs-up and leave a comment. I really do appreciate
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Why you should work at Diabetes Victoria

Welcome to diabetes Victoria my name is
Kim. Let me show you why this is such a great place to work. I work at diabetes
Victoria because I want to make a difference. We are a not-for-profit
organisation working tirelessly to support all Victorians affected by
diabetes. Our staff are here to help make a difference, and pursue careers that
combine passion with purpose. I feel proud saying that I work for a
not-for-profit, I think it makes you feel good knowing that you’re doing something that is helping the community. When I tell people where I work I always feel
extremely proud because our organisation makes such a great
difference to people that live with diabetes’ lives. The work that we do
always makes me feel very fulfilled every day and that I feel like my role
is very meaningful. I’m quite proud to be working for diabetes Victoria because I
believe in our mission, a lot of it flows into my own life in my well-being. Our
staff receive opportunities to engage with the community, expand their skill-set and stay engaged with variety in their day to day roles. There’s a lot of
new initiatives and projects to work on, so it keeps me on my toes and keeps
things interesting. That’s why a lot of staff stay, because we’ve got so
much variety in our roles. As a consumer body in a health-related area,
we are also committed to improving the health and well-being of our employees.
The organisation has a really great health and well-being programme, you can also contribute across the business as well, you’re not confined to your own
role so I find that really satisfying. I’m actually a part of a running group
at work. We run every Wednesday and it’s a great way to use your lunch break. I also get to go to the local gym and do some classes there at a subsidised price.
As a serious potential recruit, you’ll want to know about our values and
benefits. We consider every individual to be an important factor in the growth and
success of our organisation, so career development is central to ensuring we
continue to succeed. We have a high level of investment in our employees
development we have a professional development grants scheme. We’ve got a lot of opportunities for professional development and furthering our career
and I think that’s important. I have been provided with many opportunities in
professional development. The last course I did was a master class in data
visualization. Diabetes Victoria has a really diverse workforce. Diabetes
Victoria is a great place to work, it provides our staff with the opportunity
to make a real difference. What I love about working here is the people. The
people are great they’re very friendly. They’re very approachable and they come
from all walks of life. There’s pretty good diversity here and
everyone has a very healthy attitude. The environment at work is always really
positive and happy. Probably the most important thing to us is we’re really
culturally appropriate, which is a great thing because Aboriginal people could
come here and feel really comfortable. If you want to work in an environment where you feel like they’re giving back to the community and supporting a great cause
then this is the place for you. I love my team they’re awesome.
so ready to make your next move apply now

Ombuds Office

My name is Jennifer Schneider and I am the
student Ombuds here at the university of South Florida. I help student service as a neutral
third party resource for students who have complaints or concerns or challenges with
the university. The Ombuds office operates under four general principles. The first one
is confidentiality, everything that students share in the office is completely confidential
and that includes issues related to title 9. The second one is independence I am not
necessarily part of any other group or department on campus umm the third one is impartiality.
My job description requires that I not necessarily always act in the best interest of the university
but also that I don’t advocate for students. And then the last one is informality we don’t
use banner we don’t keep university ID’s, we don’t keep names we don’t keep contact
information. I think sometimes students come to the Ombuds office because they want an
advocate they want someone to fight for them they feel that they’ve been wronged and
they want someone to go to the party to the department to the faculty member and say fix
this for the student and I don’t fix anything that’s not my role so I can listen and I
can help the student see varying points of view and hopefully help them empathize with
the other party and the policies that are related and help them understand the bureaucracy
that the University of South Florida and every other large public institution is. USF I have
to say is really good about listening and understanding special circumstances and special
situations and recognizing that we see students who have academic concerns we also see students
who have issues and concerns that aren’t necessarily related to grades. We see that
a lot with first year students it’s just hard to learn hard to learn the systems and
the timelines and the deadlines and so I would just really encourage the parents to encourage
the students to keep up with email and to check OASIS constantly because they’re often
assumptions that students make. I know my son is heading off to school soon and I’ve
been helping him navigate just the admissions processes at universities and its easy to
want to just jump in and navigate that on the students’ behalf I would strongly encourage
parents to get the students involved in those processes so that they understand what’s
necessary and what goes into that. GO BULLS!

HIGHEST PAYING ONLINE JOBS + PASSIVE INCOME IDEAS 2020 | Make $100’s per day from home

if you want to learn how to earn income
while you sleep then this video is for you no this is not clickbait in this
video I’m gonna show you how to earn passive income and also great online
jobs that you can do to work from home if you want more freedom in this twenty
twenty more financial freedom then this video is for you
welcome back to my channel and if you’re new my name is Mary Kate I’m a mindset
coach manifesting expert online entrepreneur and founder of MK magic
mindset.com if you’re new I’d love to have you subscribe to my channel just be
sure to hit that little subscribe button down below my channel is all about love
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interested in be sure to hit the subscribe button below and also hit the
bell notification so you never miss when I post a new video so now that that’s
out of the way I wanted to jump in to today’s video where I will show you how
to earn passive income and also show you different ways you can earn money online
working from home so if financial freedom is what you’re
craving then be sure to stay tuned so if you’ve been around my channel for a
while or if you’re on my email list you know that I’ve been saying lately that
2020 is your year and I truly mean it this is going to be your year the year
that you go after your dreams the year that you realize that you can have be or
do anything that you want and that there are really no limitations except the
ones you place on yourself this isn’t just a little motivational speech to get
you going I really want you to fully comprehend that in 2020 you can have be
or do anything that you want 2020 is your year it’s time to let go of what
held you back in 2019 and really take charge of your life I feel like in this
day and age there is no excuse to not be able to earn the income that you want it
doesn’t matter if you’re you know stuck at a job you don’t like or stuck at a
dead-end job that really has no room for advancement or you know not being able
to earn potentially the income that you want because it is in your control to
earn the amount of money you want there are so many different ways to earn money
so many different ways earn passive income so many different
ways to do online site hustles or work creatively to actually earn the income
you want and deserve so 2020 is your year to align with your purpose and
figure out what you are meant to do and I promise you the money will just start
flowing in when you follow your purpose so like I said at the beginning of this
video this is going to be part of a new money series I’m doing on my channel so
if you want to see all the videos in this money series there’ll be a little
playlist down below that you can click through and watch all the videos my
number one piece of advice on how to earn the income you desire is to align
with your purpose sounds easier said than done I do have a whole video on
alignment how to get into alignment how it works I’ll leave a little link up
here and a link down below so when I tell you to align with your purpose in
order to earn more money you need to figure out what your passions are what
are you good at what are your gifts that you can give back to humanity that are
unique to you what drives your passion what excites you what makes you want to
get out of bed every day things like that help you align with your purpose so
to start off get clear on what your passions are and what you’re good at and
what excites you you can write down anything don’t limit yourself if going
to the beach is what drives you and excites you and makes you want to get
out of bed every day write that down because I guarantee you there is a way
to earn income doing that and doing what you love
so for example if you like waking up and going to the beach every day why not get
a job as a lifeguard or find a nature conservation group who patrols beaches
or join a beach cleanup group or start teaching paddleboard lessons or start
teaching surf lessons or take up a hobby or teaching swim lessons there are no
limits if the beach is your thing go for it full force and you can earn an income
and align with what you’re meant to do that was just one specific example but
I’m just showing you that way you pick things that excite you and you enjoy and
things that make you want to get up out of bed every day then you can really
find a job in a way to support that passion and when you support your
passions you become an energetic match for more more abundance so just keep
that in mind so here are some side hustle in
some ideas that allow you to work your own hours or work from home or just be
flexible to earn money on your terms so the first website I want to talk
about is care comm on care comm you can sign up to do a child care pet care
senior citizen care housekeeping business services and so much more it’s
a really great website because you can create your own hours you can do
something you’re passionate about if you really like babies or pets it gives you
an opportunity to do something that you enjoy doing well helping out people that
need it I’ve heard tons of amazing things from care comm it’s easy to sign
up I think you can make your own schedule online you can decide what
hours you want to work how much or how little you want to work you decide your
rate you are in control of all those different aspects and you get to do
something that you enjoy doing and on that note there’s also a website called
sitter city comm and at sitter city comm you can sign up to be a babysitter or
nanny and I think they might do housekeeping as well so on that’s just
another opportunity to sign up make your own hours find babysitting jobs nannying
jobs local if you happen to pride yourself in being a type a and organized
why not provide your services as a home organizer it’s the new year and
everybody wants to get their lives organized so why not jump on that
opportunity why not organize people’s houses their kitchens their closets
their bedrooms people don’t want to do things that don’t excite them so that’s
where you come in a lot of people don’t really know where to start when they get
organized and if that’s one of the skills you have why not provide that
skill and something you’re good at and make your own hours and on your
terms and decide your rate it’s such a great opportunity because it’s flexible
and you can charge what you want based on what services you provide and if it’s
something you’re good at you’re giving back a service that helps other people
and makes everything convenient for everybody so if you want to be a home
organizer that’s another great opportunity if you’re more interested in
working from home there are a ton of great websites and so many resources
available I wanted to start off with Rev comm Rev comm is an online transcription
service so if you’re really good at typing
and really good at dealing with audio rev.com is a great opportunity so how
Rev works I think you sign up and there’s a couple of paid online
trainings and then from there they send you audio and you transcribe what you
hear and type it all out and then send it to them and then you get paid so you
can work as much or as little as you want and the more you work the more
money you get paid so rep comm is a great opportunity if you’re a night owl
if you just if you’re a stay-at-home mom if you’re someone who just wants to earn
a little extra income on the weekends rep comm is completely flexible there’s
no minimum I think amount of work you have to do you literally just can pick
up and work whenever wherever I think once you start a project they do have
time limits for certain projects so you just have to stay within that time limit
but it’s just such a great way to earn income whenever you feel like it you
don’t have to make any kind of schedule you get to work from home you can stay
in your pajamas if you want so that’s rev.com I’ll leave a link down for all
of these down below so you can just click on them and access them something
I’ve actually been using a lot lately to hire people is up work comm on up work
you can find people to do so many different things you can hire social
media managers you can hire people to do your website you can hire people to do
video editing you can hire people to do virtual assistant work so I’ve been
hiring people on there and having really great luck lately so if you have
interest in being a virtual assistant if you’re really skill oriented if you’re
really good at social media there are so many different opportunities to jump on
with up work then also there’s fiber so fiber comm I think I talked about one of
my other videos fiber comm is really great if you’re a graphic designer video
editor you know pretty much almost the same as upwork if you have really any
online skills to share fiber is a really really great way to earn extra income
doing things that you’re good at doing projects you’re good at so many people
are looking for virtual assistants so many people are looking for online help
they do copywriting there are just so many different opportunities online on
Fiverr and upwork to get hired doing something that you are good at when I
tell you to align with things that you are skilled at do it because you never
know what opportunities are available you never know if you could start
working a full time from making your own hours and making the
same money or making now you really never know where the road will lead you
so start off doing projects see how you like it see what work you can get there
are so many different opportunities I know I’ve said that so many different
times in this video but I just can’t stress it to you enough in this day and
age there is no reason to be stuck at jobs you hate or not earning the income
that you desire if you enjoy cooking why not offer meal prep services or personal
chef services so many different people it’s the new year like I said are trying
to be healthy this year they want someone to meal prep for them they want
someone to take the guesswork out of healthy eating so if you’re really good
at cooking why not offer these services to other people and if you’re good at
cooking why not create an e-book with all of your recipes you can now create
ebooks and sell them online you can even sell them on Amazon Amazon now has a
thing where you can self publish your own books they print it and send it out
for you so make your own eBook make your own book with all of your recipes there
are just so many different opportunities where if you follow your skills you can
make money on your terms doing exactly what you were meant to do it’s giving
back your skills in exchange for a service that people need and want I also
talked about it in one of my other videos if you are skilled at making
crafts making furniture making beautiful artwork why don’t you start opening an
Etsy store and selling things on Etsy that you create I won’t even get into
all the opportunities available on Etsy because there are just so many different
ways to make money on Etsy but if you’re good at making things or if you have an
idea to make things candles artwork furniture paintings clothes embroidery
if you have a Cricut machine you can start making money on Etsy so I’m just
gonna leave that there if you’re really good at art if you have an idea go for
it on Etsy this is the year that you get out of your comfort zone and you go for
it what is stopping you there is nothing stopping you Etsy is a great way to earn
passive income because once you make the object or once you make whatever you’re
gonna make it just gets bought online and all you have to do is ship it that’s
it sorry for the lighting change I feel like this video could go on forever so
I’m going to quickly end it with some passive income ideas I talked about
this in one of my other videos but I can’t stress this enough there’s this
website called Rakuten comm if you haven’t signed up yet be sure to use the
link down below and you get free $10 for signing up so Rakuten used to be this
website called ebay it’s where you just earn money from purchasing things online
you don’t have to pay any fees it’s nothing like that it’s honestly just
this miraculous way to earn money already buying the things you buy online
so when you sign up use that link down below you get $10 automatically I
personally buy everything online I’m not a big shopper so you know groceries
Amazon makeup clothes everything I buy everything online so when I make these
purchases I just go through the Rakuten website and click on the retailer and
just purchase things as I normally do and I get cash back from Rakuten for
doing absolutely nothing it is the perfect passive income source so like I
said if you haven’t signed up for Rakuten you are just missing out on free
money they don’t make you they don’t charge you anything there’s no loopholes
there’s no like weird back and things it’s literally just earning money for
things you’re already buying online so if you’re an Amazon addicts like me
definitely sign up for a q10 because you automatically get so much cash back and
it adds up like really quick so if you haven’t signed up yet be sure to use the
link down below and you get $10 automatically and once you sign up
you’ll get a link that you can share with other people and for every person
you refer you get $25 so it’s just honestly a no-brainer it’s free money so
such a great passive income source Rakuten com use the link down below
another great way to earn passive income is through teaching online courses there
are tons of different ways and platforms you can use there’s websites like
Skillshare com I think you’ve got two weeks free I’ll leave a link down below
for Skillshare but you can teach online courses and make passive income and what
I personally use is kajabi com I’ll leave the link down below for that too
and you get a month free trial coach ami calm is a place where you can
host your website you can build your email list it’s basically an all-in-one
you they host your website they you put your courses up there you get your email
list up there it’s all in one so instead of
– you know – a wordpress thing here in an email listing here kajabi is an
all-in-one I have a length I’ll share with you for a month free so that is
income you can earn from doing one course and you just keep making or
income over and over again so that’s passive income so end this video quickly
with how to manifest money I have some really great money meditations that
people have amazing results with I’ll also link some videos on how to manifest
more money I’ll put that all in description box below but I really hope
you enjoyed today’s video if you did be sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe to
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