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– [Narrator] This video
is sponsored by RightStuf. – Okay, giant robots are (beep) dope. And because they’re dope, I’m gonna tell you how we got
to there in the first place. Let’s take that again (laughs). Off to a good start. (upbeat music) Whatever you’re a fan
of in the anime world, it is undeniable that giant
robots are one of the most ubiquitous tropes in all of anime. And that is because, as I said previously, giant robots are (beep) dope. Mech anime is not just entertainment, it’s a billion-dollar-a-year industry, which means it’s evil, but it’s also a beloved institution with dedicated museums and statues, and a full on cultural phenomenon. Just look at all the giant
robots outside of anime: you got “Pacific Rim”, “Transformers”, Bender. Bender was big one time, right? He was big, right? Mechs are huge, and
they’re not going anywhere. Anime continues to iterate on the genre, with 2018’s “Darling in the Franxx” among the more recent hits. But how do we get from this to this? This to this? Like a lot of anime tropes, giant robots are mostly a
post-World War II thing. But earlier events played a
part in their evolution also. Starting in the Meiji era, there was a major tech boom in Japan, with the former Tokugawa shogunate out and major factory-building
and Westernization in. Dissolving the old feudal regime included eliminating the samurai class, but the bushido code of honor cast a long shadow over Japanese culture, even as new industrial technology like battleships and trains filled
the void they left behind. Shows like “Gundam” later
revolutionized mecha by bringing those things full circle, basing storylines and designs directly on samurai mythology and ethics. So in that way, giant robots
are a facet of Japanese culture that combines past and future, and ignores all the (beep)
in between (laughs). – [Adrian] I don’t if that’s true. – it’s true! I said it’s true. Japan’s first ever piloted giant robot, the villain Dai Ningen Tanku, appeared in 1931 in the
kamishibai, “Ogon Batto”. For reference, Dai Ningen
Tanku literally translates to Large Human Tank, which is very creative. Masaki Sakamoto’s 1934 “Tanku
Tankuro”, an inspiration for “Doraemon” and “Astro Boy”,
was a kid’s manga hero who pulled random weapons
from a hole in his stomach to fight the villainous Black Helmet. Which sounds a lot like “My
Hero Academia’s” Momo Yaoyorozu meets “Spaceballs”, or Naota
from “FLCL” meets “Spaceballs”. “Spaceballs” is the only reference that fits in this joke format. A 1943 propaganda cartoon “The Science Warrior Appears in New York” showed an operated steam
mecha crushing New York City, which honestly sounds kind of dope. There’s a theory that Japan’s
modern robot obsession is how they reckoned with
post-World War II trauma. While U.S. sci-fi became
cynical about technology, Japan’s brutal loss at the hands of that tech seemed to make them a
lot more humble and hopeful. Occupation forces would censor
anything overtly military or samurai-related, so sci-fi
had to go in a different, arguably more creative direction. That direction, (sighs) kids, it’s kids. What I mean is mecha anime
from this time featured a lot of young protagonists
turning murderous machines into cool heroes, like 1960s “Tetsujin 28” or Nijhachi-go, created
by Mitsutero Yokoyama. Boy detective Shotaro Kaeda
is handed the remote for a top-secret World War II
weapon by his dying father, and turns it into a
helpful civilian robot. Which sounds like the plot of
“Spiderman: Far From Home”, which is a good movie and
I will not read that line. It’s a good movie. Mecha TV shows hit the U.S. earlier and more frequently
than other anime genres, starting with “Astro Boy” in 1963, and “Tetsujin 28”, renamed
“Gigantor”, in 1964, which later inspired
“Iron Giant” by the way. As followed by an ’80s boom
of stateside super robot and space opera shows like
“Voltron”, “Robotech”, and “TranZor Z”, a mangled
version of “Mazinger”. (mumbling) But for a long time, giant robots didn’t need
human pilots or handlers to do the things that robots do. In 1972 Go Nagai, the man behind “Devilman”
and “Cutie Honey”, invented a new subgenre with “Mazinger Z”, the first super robot, a genre which often features semi-magical, one of a kind robots created
by ancient civilizations or mad geniuses that are
piloted by scruffy underdogs. Instead of autonomous or
remote-controlled robots, operators sat inside the machines, specifically in their
heads, the brain part. Protagonist Koji Kabuto’s
last name means ‘helmet’, more specifically the ornate
war helmets worn by samurai. Nagai came up with the concept
after watching a traffic jam and thinking how dope it would be, for drivers to avoid the jam by stepping over it in a giant robot. It’s a thought that I have had frequently, so like maybe if I was
born in a different time. I don’t know. Originally called “Energer Z”, “Mazinger” was renamed “Demon God”, Ma, meaning Demon and Jin, meaning deity, echoing earlier mecha’s ideas
robots could be used for good or evil, depending
on who operated them. And also emphasizing the magical aspects that set super robot apart
from the more realistic real robot mecha, pioneered
by “Gundam” in 1979. Mazinger was a truly Japanese creation, made from chogokin zetto,
forged from Japanium, Japanium. Japanium, japanium, an element found only
in the sediment of Mt. Fuji. Japanium. The show started a craze
for a new type of kit toy, named Chogokin after the super alloy. That craze continues to this day, perpetuated by people like me, who spend a lot of money
buying Gundam model kits, which are the most fun way to think about how much
plastic there is in the ocean. There’s a lot of plastic. And I’ll take this opportunity
to send you right on over to They’ve been around for 32 years and have stuff you cannot
find anywhere else. They’re also the U.S.
licencors of Gundam Wing so they have the freshest kits
and a sale section so enticing that you won’t get away
without emptying your wallet. But that’s another
essential otaku experience. Is that how you wanted it? Is that what you wanted me to do? Did I have to…
– You didn’t have to say it like… – Is that what you wanted? Are you happy now, Adrian? – [Adrian] Yeah I’m happy. – Cool. With popularity of
model kits, as expected, the industry became all about merchandise. Nagai contributed to a
huge merchandising boom after toy companies told him
they needed more characters in each story to sell more toys, which is kinda how most anime
got to America, honestly. Nagai responded with 1974’s
“Getter Robotto”, where not one, but three strong-willed
teens each pilots a jet; Eagle, Jaguar, and Bear, which come together to
form the main hero bot. I don’t get this joke here. Because of course only teens would fearlessly adopt a technology that requires them to sit inside
a metal death machine. I guess I can. (Adrian laughing) Use that take. (laughs) I think that’s funny. It was the start of a combo robot craze that included 1976’s “Combattler V”, 1977’s super confusing and cheap “Super Combining Magical Robot Ginguiser”, and 1984’s “Voltron”, which itself is a combination
of several shows including, 1981’s “Beast King GoLion”, and also is the inspiration for most of the activities
of the Wu Tang Clan. ♪ So when you see me on the real ♪ ♪ Formin like Voltron remember ♪ ♪ I got deep like a Navy Seal ♪ – Now’s good a time as
any to point out a pattern in mech style that I have
discussed in the past. Mukokuseki, or statelessness,
is as much a part of mecha as it is every other anime genre. Characters like “Evangelion’s” Rei, “Bubblegum Crisis’s” Nene Romanova, or “Macross'” Roy Focker are drawn with the same arguably diverse,
impossible hairstyles and eye colors that
you’ll find in most anime. Features that dissociate
characters from any specific ethnicities or
nationalities, especially African. Where the wafuu, or Japaneseness,
of mecha shines through is the robot design, which
is (beep) dope as hell. “Daitarn”, and “Zambot”, and more famously “Gundam’s” designs are
strikingly similar to the elaborate samurai armor of the Edo period, the same armor that fell out of fashion, just as Japan jumped
into industrialization. Bushido code says a samurai’s
body is as much an instrument to be used as their sword, so it makes sense that mechs, extensions of their human operators, would reflect samurai
ethos and appearance. Kunio Okawara, anime’s
first mechanical designer, said “Gundam’s” mobile suits were specifically samurai-based, including chonmage or
topknots, and v-fin maedate, family crests at the
front of kabuto helmets. Like that, like that. And just so everybody knows, it’s the easiest part to break on a model. I’ve learned that the
hard way, several times. It sucks. By the late 70s, early 80s, most mech anime took place
in distant futures where humanity had either conquered space travel or rebuilt centuries after a cataclysm, like 1977’s “Space Battleship Yamato”, released in 1979 in the
U.S. as “Star Blazers”, after “Star Wars”. “Star Blazers”, “Star Wars”, you get it. While it was not a mech show, it created a public
appetite for serious works, paving the way for more realistic
space anime, space operas. 1979’s groundbreaking
“Mobile Suit Gundam”, is considered the first real robot show. Like “Yamato”, “Gundam” was
a sprawling space opera, but unlike Yoshiyuki
Tomino previous works, like 1975’s mystical “Yusha Raideen”, they were realistic, albeit
larger, machines of wars, and pilots were soldiers, not hero kids. They were still kids, just not heroes. Also they were not robots,
they were mobile suits, mobile suits is it, ‘Cause most suits are not mobile. (comical drum beat) You guys get it, okay. During it’s original run, “Gundam” was on the verge of cancellation, but kits of plastic Gundam
figures, or Gun-Pla, created to a standardized
scale and hyper-detailed, proved so popular that
the show was brought back. ‘Cause, toys. In fact, kit shortages caused riots outside Tokyo department stores, which is (beep) up, and
what the Popeye’s (laughs) chicken sandwich is doing now. – [Adrien] Is that
really what’s happening? – That’s really what’s happening
somebody got stabbed today. – [Adrien] Oh my God! – For more on the “Gundam” craze, Crunchyroll’s History of
Gunpla video is a must watch. “Gundam” became it’s own institution, arguably bigger than “Star
Wars” in some places. (crowd gasping) Some places. Over the next eight years
“Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam”, “Mobile Suit Gundam Double Zeta”, and a number of OVA and series rolled out, and the franchise is still
going very strong to this day. Like very strong. “Gundam” has become such a
deep symbol of otaku culture that the RX-78 Gundam appeared in 2018 superfan nostalgia trip “Ready Player One”, which I did not see, where it teams up with the Iron Giant to
fight Mechagodzilla. If “Gundam’s” realism moved
mecha away from kids’ stuff, 1982’s “The Super
Dimension Fortress Macross” tied it to modern Japan’s
city-pop economic boom. Lynn Minmay, who is fake,
a fake fictional character, which is fake, became one
of anime’s first idols, after her fake, fictional
songs became real-world hits. So think about that, when
you’re thinking about stuff. Protagonist and pilot Hikaru Ichijiyo likes building model kits
himself, he’s just like me! The show’s real robot details, titilating love triangle, and willingness to get
wacky and other phrases that let you know that I
did not write this script, were a winning combination. – [Adrian] Did you have to say that? – Yes. Making “Macross” another long-running hit. The show was heavily re-edited and merged with other mecha
slash invading aliens series, “Genesis Climber Mospeada” and “Super Dimension
Cavalry Southern Cross”, which I’ve had to say thousands of times, to create the U.S. show
“Robotech” in 1985, which is actually pronounced Robatech, ’cause they were old people, Robatech. While “Macross” fans, and it’s creator, debate the legitimacy of “Robotech”, the edit was wildly popular with kids and adults, especially women, and was the definitive anime
for a lot of Americans. Contrast that with an American mecha, 1984’s “Transformers”, produced by Hasbro as a
long form commercial for their toy line, if it wasn’t clear enough
what is going on here, and which was itself based
on Diaclone and Microman toys by Japanese toy manufacturer Takara. Mech and suits also shrunk
as the economy grew, with an increasing femme,
but not feminist, influence. 1987’s “Bubblegum Crisis”
featured fitted hard suits, which were designed in such a way that they had (bleep) on. And built in heels, for comfort,
women comfort. (chuckles) – [Adrian] Oh my God. – [Yedoye] Back in 1987, when
the robots had to (bleep). – [Adrian] You’re gonna kill me Yedoye. – I’m gonna kill Adrian
(laughs) this is a threat. After the bubble burst in 1991, it was time for some introspection. Hideki Anno, a GAINEX founder
who’d previously worked on 1988’s space mecha “Gunbusters”, turned the genre on it’s head with 1995’s “Neon Genesis Evangelion”. The defining mecha of the 90s,
it was made for and by otaku, with Anno putting his own struggles with depression and love of
the genre into the story. While “Evangelion” has
everything a teen boy could want, amazing action sequences,
plenty of fan service, and a lot of cute (bleep)
with poster gal Rei Ayanami, it was also extremely self-aware, and many fans felt accused when the series suggested that audience, and Anno,
stand-in Shinji Ikari needed to leave his shallow
(bleep) naval-gazing behind, face himself, and join the world. In other words, get in the robot! 2007’s “Gurren Lagann” was more of a crowd-pleaser for Gainex, a brash, fun bomb dropped
in the middle of Japan’s emo moe boom and bringing
machismo back to mecha with pilot-mentor Kamina. The show’s style left a
mark on it’s creators, even after they split from
Gainax to form studio Trigger. “Kill La Kill’s” jokingly been called “Gurren Lagann” with girls, the joke being that “Gurren
Lagann” is essentially “Gunbuster” with guys. The mecha genre also
went from self-reflection to self-parody with shows like 2011’s “Tiger & Bunny”, mocking the constant commercial aspect, turning mecha concepts of heroism
into a corporate-sponsored competitive sport hinging
on capitalist influence. Sounds like a lot of fun! America! As classic shows came up on anniversaries, reboots were inevitable. 2008’s “Macross Frontier” dips deeper into political intrigue than
previous iterations. “Gundam” went all the (beep) out for their upcoming 40th anniversary, with original creator Yasuhiko coming back for “Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin”, and “SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden”, based on classic Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. Though it’s not a social
phenomenon limited to Japan, 2018’s “Darling In The Franxx” continues the anti-intergenerational mecha theme “Evangelion” began, where untrustworthy adult
figures lord over youth created for exploitation, keeping them in the dark and
taking away their futures for their own gain, as adults do. This latest twist brings mecha full circle from it’s origins, where giant robots, were giant, physical
manifestations of youthful, kid-controlled righteousness
in an optimistic, post-war world. In an ultimate full-circle move, mech technology is
entering the real world, with fans of the genre
getting engineering degrees, and trying to build the
bots they love so much. And fighting them, physically. Japan and the U.S. did that. Google it, it’s scary. I’m Yedoye and this is Get in the Robot, your anime explainer, anime explainer. – [Adrian] People in the
comments are gonna be like, “Evangelion” is not a mech
anime! They are flesh creatures. – Yeah, I’m prepared for
that, and I do not care. – [Adrian] Do I keep that? – Yeah. – [Adrian] Okay, perfect.

Cells at Work is THE BEST ANIME OF 2018

All right, so here’s the deal. Ever since I saw the first episode of Cells at Work, this video has been nagging me in the back of my mind. It’s a bother and I simply can’t move on to other things before I clear it. So if you don’t mind me, I’m gonna be gushing for the next couple of minutes. Cells at Work is without a doubt the best anime of 2018. Yes, currently as I’m writing this there’s only one episode out at the moment. That’s how hard this anime impacted me. Now, before I go in to explain to you why I can make such a claim, I need to preface this by two things: First off, obviously this is my opinion. Different people will have different tastes so overall, still take this video with a grain of salt. If your favorite anime is… fucking Citrus, I’m not gonna fight you in the parking lot over it. But, the second thing I need to bring up, so you understand my adoration for this anime, is that I love, love, LOVE medical stuff. It is a passion. Ask my friend, Joey “The Anime Man,” “Akidearest,” I never shut the fuck up about medical stuff because I find domain fascinating. Now, this brings me back to Cells at Work, which is simply too cleverly brilliant. If you go in without any idea of the anime, the show is, well… SOMEWHAT medical (that would have been a weird thing to bring up otherwise if it wasn’t.) But the story is about the cells in your body. They’ve been personified for added flavor, and as far as the first episode goes, because again, that’s all I’ve seen as I’m making this video, you follow a red blood cell, whose job is to deliver oxygen to the various parts of the body, but she’s new at the job and she gets lost easily. Along with her is a white blood cell, whose job is to protect the body from various infection. One day, the body gets infected by the Pneumococcal bacteria. If afflicted by that, you develop ear infections, sinus infections, you can get meningitis, bacteremia, and if it hits the lungs, pneumonia. Clearly not a trifle bacteria. So it’s up to the white blood cell team to take them out before they can do any damage to the body. Unfortunately, one escaped, and they must track it down. That’s when white blood cell husbando teams up with red blood cell waifu to find the missing bacteria. Now, here’s the part where I start gushing. Isn’t the red blood cell outfit cool? It’s such a clever design! Top half red, for obvious reasons, but the bottom is blue! There’s a myth that says that deoxygenated blood cells are blue. Now, this is false, of course, deoxygenated blood is simply darker red. You’ll notice it if you ever see packets of bloods meant for transfusion. They’re simply a dark red. There isn’t any blue blood ever, the misconception comes from the veins in your body appearing blue, but that’s a simple light phenomenon. But I loved that they incorporated that in the design of the outfit. Or the fact that the spleen looks like a church when medically it’s the place that stores and recycles platelets and blood cells. Speaking of platelets, they’re not only super cute, their job is to clot the blood as to not bleed out, and they portray that by doing road work. Isn’t it fucking clever?! They just pour cement to patch the whole thing! Am I the only one amazed by this analogy? And then there’s the killer T-cell that they’ve made into some kind of SWAT unit, which is fitting considering their job is purely to exterminate any contaminated cell, regardless of what they are. Them being meathead jocks is just too good! Or when the white blood cell slips through the vent, because he can permeate through blood vessels’ walls? Or the fucking rocket sneeze?! No, I’m – I’m sorry, I just really like the show, man. Every metaphor, every analogy just had me grin out like the biggest idiot the whole time I was watching the episode, and that’s what a great show should be able to do. Now, I hear you. I’m sure the more skeptical of you are like “Well, what if the anime takes a bad turn and it goes to shit?” Then my claim of it being the best anime of 2018 wouldn’t stand. Well, that’s possible, but as opposed to something like Darling in the FranxX, the stakes aren’t really high on this anime because so far, it’s shaping up to be an episodic type of series, where every episode is independent to the rest. Maybe some slight character progression, but beyond that, it’s new stories and events happening every episode. And because of that, if the whole anime was this very single episode, I would still praise it just as much, because it went full circle. You had the premise, you had a problem, and they solved it. Nicely wrapped with a bow on top. Now, of course the anime isn’t flawless, and I wouldn’t be so blind as to claim it is. For example, the size chart is all bonkers. A red blood cell is about eight to ten times bigger than a bacteria or virus, so having them the same size is clearly not medically accurate. But, for the sake of this being a comedy anime, I’m gonna go ahead and put that complaint in the creative liberty zone. Overall, I think it’s a great comedy to boot. Lovable characters. I mean if red blood-chan doesn’t become your waifu, or white blood-san your husbando, can you really consider yourself an anime fan at all, I ask you? The 3D CGI is so seamless, I bet you didn’t even notice it until I brought it up. And the soundtrack is just blissfully pleasing, listen to this ending theme song. Doesn’t it just bring your spirit back up? Now here’s the thing, buttercup. I’m not gonna try and convince you to check it out. If you’re not interested in biology or comedy, this will be thoroughly lost on you. I made this video purely for my sake, because I am absolutely enamored with it. It’s my anime of the season, and I will devour every episode that comes out. But, if I did manage to convince you to check it out, then I’d say this was a successful time investment. I hope this anime becomes incredibly popular so we can have many seasons of it. So, what’s your opinion on Cells at Work? Do you find it fun? Do you hate it? Do you have another anime you prefer watching this season? I’ll be doing my “Top 10 Summer Lineup” later this week. (spoiler alert: Cells at Work wins) But there’s still some other great shows coming out this season that you should check out. Thanks for watching! If you like my stuff, feel free to leave a thumbs up, and join the ranks of you the viewer by subscribing. Have a fun watch and I’ll catch you guys next time. Fuck. That. By the time it took me to finish editing this video, episode two came out and *fanboy noises* It’s even better! Have you seen the platelets? They’re so kawaii, they might be from Hawaii! I take it back, best character is loli platelet. The medical accuracy is just as delectable in its subtlety, like that shot that shows the skin is at 400 micrometers. This is a simple step, but… it’s the tiny details. Or even the blood clotting, how it ends up making a scab at the end. Look, I’ve made my point. The show’s awesome, and episode two just further confirmed that I was right to like it. This anime is pure gold, and to me, it’s the anime of the year.

What Is Cells At Work? | First Reaction

If you don’t think this is the cutest thing
you’ve ever seen, then get out of my face. Welcome to Osmosis Jones: The Anime! Yeah like that joke isn’t being made by FREAKING EVERYONE! In Hataraku Saibou, Cells at Work, we get to look inside a
biological world designed to mimic the human body. The main cast of characters for this show include a newly created red blood cell, lovingly represented by this
anthropomorphized plucky and ditzy girl. RBC’s job in this rando person’s body
is to transport O2 and nutrients from wherever it is to wherever it needs to go, mirroring the actual biological function of her namesake. What I enjoy about this particular pitch as
far as the setting goes is that it is equal parts entertainment and education. In the first episode alone, we get to watch
RBC as she bumbles around the body trying to figure out where her oxygen needs to go, only to find out she’s been transporting a nasty germ
for the majority of that time. But it’s okay though, as the show’s second
main character is this Yakuza-looking mofo that represents a
body’s white blood cells. His job is fairly simple: find and eradicate
all germs. And it’s a job he takes great
pleasure in. In the episodes we’ve seen thus far, the
show takes these anthropomorphized characters and shows us quite literally how cells work, how these cells do their jobs. Including these little guys! Representing the body’s platelets are these little elementary schoolers that are just trying so hard doing their best. And their best is so heartwarming to watch. They really are one of the best reasons to
watch this show currently. But if in future they graphically
reveal the fact that Platelets only live for about a week, then I will have to burn this
show to the ground. They’ve already done an unintentional Made
in Abyss references with these little guys, and my heart can
only take so much more! The only real problem I have with the show
is the lack of individuality…sort of. We can easily identify our
two main protagonists visually, but in the sea of red and white blood cells we haven’t
even yet been given some sort of name to easily
distinguish them from the others of their kind. Or rather
they have numbers printed on their clothing, but we haven’t seen anyone refer to them
as such and honestly I don’t want to have to pause the
show mid episode just to find out a character’s name cause I need to read it off of a little tag. Thankfully as of yet, we’ve only really
spent time with one other Red Blood Cell, but like our protagonist
we can just refer to her as Senpai and call it a day. What’s worse is that as much fun as I’ve
been having here at the start of the series, the lack of attachment I have with the characters will make it hard for me to get invested as the
weeks roll on. There’s little to the story of the show
itself, instead relying on the educational aspect of informing the
audience how these cells actually function in a variety of situations. While this in and of itself is not
necessarily a bad thing, it could get tiring by the end of the show’s run. To bring up an outside example,
as much as I was one of the few people who loved the economics talk in Spice and Wolf, that was not the main reason I kept watching
the show. So with luck we’ll see a bit more development
with Red and White as we go. For what it is at the moment, it’s a fun
and educational monster of the week affair, with cute platelets
and entertaining antagonists, and wonderful designs by the good people over at David Production. Having said that though, don’t expect the
same sort of charm out of this series that you would with
David’s other work, specifically JoJo. Cells at Work is not JOJO, Like I know there is this one episode where there is a character and he basically becomes JoJo…. Buuuuuuuutttt It has thus far been it’s own unique foray and that I’ve been enjoying. For this season, after several episodes, I would
give Cells at Work a tentative seal of approval. I may not
make it through till the end of the season but I think you should check out the series
if you have the time. It’s in my top, and it’s something that for the last couple of weeks I have been recommending to people a lot and currently it’s available for legal streaming
over on Crunchyroll and the original manga for the
series is available from our good friends over at Bookwalker! I’ll put the necessary links and coupon
codes into the description for your convenience. Thank you for joining me on this First Reaction. Let me know down in the comments what you
have been following this season. Maybe we’ll get to it, maybe we won’t we’ll have to see And thank you to my patrons, who make these
videos possible. Until next
time, WATCH MORE ANIME! And stay frosty. Later.

hataraku saibou • red blood cell • cosplay makeup tutorial • cells at work

[Music] hello everyone it’s sanzu and welcome back to my channel today I present to you the red blood cells makeup from hot Eric’s eyeball I actually wanna do more cosplay related makeup tutorials like this so if you’re interested please let me know in the comments and please let me know which characters you would want to see next I’ve already done my foundation by using a BB cushion so I’m gonna be continuing with Michelle’s creamy concealer in the color frozen as always I use this concealer to highlight my face as well that’s why the amount I’m using is a little bit more than usual [Music] now I need to set the concealer on my under-eye area especially so I’m gonna be using this powder from VDL this powder became my favorite recently because it smells amazing but kind of smells like men’s perfume I think for my brows I’m gonna be using the vivid bright side liner in red from NYX and I could do this because my eyebrows are quite light so if you have dark eyebrows I’m not sure if this would work for you but you can still give it a try and see [Music] now I’m getting this Christmas palette I got from Sephora this year and I will go in with the lightest color in it on my whole eyelid since the character doesn’t have any hint of eyeshadow on her eyes you can skip this part as well I’m just doing it to complete the oral look but the eyeshadow will be very very light now I’m going for this light brown shade in the same palette I’ll only use it on the outer corners of the eye as well as the bottom part of the eye but I’m only doing it to create a overall balance with the rest of the makeup you can just skip the eye shadow part because it’s not gonna change a lot of things [Music] [Music] for the eyeliner I went for a double-sided one like this one from Minnie so I liked it because it has a liquid liner on one side and I pencil on the other side so I could just switch real quickly as I did the eyeliner our character has very droopy eyes that’s why I went for a droopy eye liner as well I just followed the eye liner downwards so it could create the illusion of a droopy eye [Music] [Music] before applying the fake eyelashes I use the mascara on my own lashes so they could blend well together with the very black fake eyelashes [Music] I also decided to apply some white glitter on the inner corners of my eye [Music] and then I decided to add sound fake bottom eyelashes but I only used a cup cart of it because I realized the character house but my lashes but they are very noticeable on the outer part of her eyes and then I applied the mascara on my own lashes on the inner corner of my eye to contour the face I’ll be using makeup Revolutions contour and highlight palette and I went for a cool toned Brown in it and I started to come to the tip of my nose to give it a bottom effect I used the same tone on my jaw line as well to make it more noticeable and as for the highlighter I went for the skimpiest highlighter from makeup revolution if you end up applying too much you can just get a powder brush and a little bit powder and brush off the excess highlighter [Music] now our character also has very blushed cheeks so I got the slip and Tipton’s that I got from brush go but I think it’s discontinued I started to apply it by tapping it onto my skin but if you feel like you applied too much that you look too red you can just get the BB cushion and go over the edges and on it as well as I’m doing right now I also got this pink blush cream blush from Candy Doll and when offered the same color to give it a more gradient if I as I layered the blush I kept touching it up with a BB cushion until I got it just right I also applied the same Candy Doll lip and cheek cream on my lips [Music] afterwards I went back to the lip and cheek tint and I applied it onto the inner corner of my lips it’s a very light watery product so I needed to build up the color a little bit so I kept doing it until the color was right and I smudged the other parts of it I also concealed the bottom outer part of my lips so it could have a gradient effect there as well and as for the last step I added some pink lip gloss onto the inner part of my lips just where I used the tint [Music] after the makeup I’ll be focusing on the wig styling a little bit our character has that hair that sticks out and it is one of her unique features so I wanted to emphasize that one the Vic already has that styled but you will need some hairspray to just set up just right so it can stay like that even when you’re moving around you can also spray the hair like this and curl it even using the spray bottle so it will have this natural curve going on after that I wanted to style the Vic with the hat on as well so I could just see the end result of it I took some hair strings and sprayed them so they could look more bulrush and natural also please make sure to cover your eyes if you are gonna spray the banks of the wig because if it gets in your eye it will burn alot and it may cause harm [Music] and with this our makeup is done the look is done and our cosplays done I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you found my makeup for her accurate I really wanted to focus on how like pink and blessed she is because overall she ever red blood cell so yeah that was my take on it I hope you enjoyed it also if you haven’t watched the anime yet please go and watch it you’re not gonna regret it it’s really funny and cute as well at the same time and lastly for the wig and the costume and the lenses I’ll be leaving the links for them in the description below if you’d like to cosplay her as well and yeah I’ll be seeing in my next video bye bye

Working Retail At A Toy Store Overnight (Animation)

Squid up? NO! SQUID NEUTRAL! Here I am . . . At “Squids R We” Working seasonal in stocking toys overnight Now let me tell you the basics of this job as fast as possible. So when I tell you some of the a – bonkery events unfold. . . You’ll be able to understand it a little bit better. You’ll be able to understand it a little bit better. Big truck arrives in the back filled with toys Big truck arrives in the back filled with toys Unload a buttload of boxes, full of toys, big and small, using an assembly belt. Separate and stack them . . . Like Tetris . . . On to the u-boat for the accurate sections of the store. Left side and Right side Unload the boxes from said u-boats by reading the label of the boxes and bringing it to the correct aisle Repeat until truck is empty After said truck is empty . . . Sometimes we get two when we die . . . Go to the starting aisles. Open the boxes with your box cutter and start stalking the toys onto the shelves while also printing and placing the price tags. Then, cut set empty box and turn it flat. Then, cut set empty box and turn it flat. Leapfrog each other until all the aisles are done Once done, stack all the boxes that couldn’t fit on the shelves Which is usually a lot Back on top of a bunch of u-boats and pallets and then tuck them away in the back room. Load up and crunch a buttload of cardboard into the cardboard baler. Make sure the store is clear of all boxes. Go home. NOW TAKE BOX CUTTER AND INSERT IT INTO YOUR! There are either complicated things such as online orders, overstocks, special end caps, etc. But we don’t need again to full detail here. Let’s get right into it! Alright?! Aisles to avoid Hey wait! Why am I narrating for your story? Sen? Do you ever stop nagging? The Nerf Aisle But why Daidus? Nerf guns are cool! Yeah they are! But there’s so many boxes you could swim in them! And you have to put most of them out But the shelves never have room. ALSO There’s this TV commercial that auto runs real close to the aisle that plays this Ten-second cheery jingle loop. it repeats over and over again Actually, I do believe that’s the same jingle you used to hear on every happy youtubers’ vlogs back in the day. Here- here, Let me play it for you alright, so so you can remember the AGONY of that era. Alright? Here we go, here we go. *Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Yep
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* *Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Yep
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* *Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Uhh- Oh yeah . . .
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* *Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Now imagine a 10-second loop that plays on repeat
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* forever!
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* *Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Hmmmmm
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* Tha- that- that box cutter seems to be getting awfully closer
*Carefree by Kevin MacLeod plays* The Brotz Aisle! I don’t know who created such an ABYSMAL box design They had uneven edges So like . . . One side was THICK….cker than the other. Which means that you cannot stack them in any shape way or form. Even standing on the shelf. Also no one buys BROTZ anymore! So most of the time You had a hard- you had a hard time finding room for this ATROCITY of an aisle. The baby doll aisle Listen! You’re locked inside this giant store all night. And you cannot leave the store until 6:00 a.m. Or you automatically get fired. You were trapped inside . . . With real looking baby dolls! That have sensors and moving eyes. You walk by, and you see a few closed eyes SPRING open. Staring right into your soul! And then they start laughing And crying And laughing And sometimes . . . TALKING! “MAMA!” “MAMA!” But, then you get used to it. It just gets extremely annoying in your work. Crazy Steve Now here’s an employee . . . Whose name is Steve. Now, I don’t need to mention . . . How exactly he got his nickname . . . But yeah, the guy is BONKERS! When you are next to him in an aisle, you’ll hear him cussing out loud to himself . . . Like he’s possessed by that exorcist demon. He is constantly angry and occasionally will throw boxes. Now having only the overnight workers inside the store, the bosses will let you throw boxes around and also slide them across the store So we don’t waste time, walking to the destination and placing it down. We call this bowling Eh . . . Makes sense right? Now Crazy Steve, on the other hand will take bowling to another level. Yes, some days . . . He will just throw his whole body into a pile of boxes from anger. Sometimes he’ll even throw some boxes at me if I somehow piss him off. Which is extremely easy to do by the way He’s so sensitive that you can trigger them by literally just breathing Trust- trust me. You know how some people like to walk while working so they can conserve their energy? Well Crazy Steve will just run everywhere, fully stomping. If you’re lucky, some days he’ll just skip instead. Now Crazy Steve wears belts, but that doesn’t matter for crazy Steve. You will see his full moon every time he bends. AND HE BENDS A LOT! I’m such a barnacle scum that I started snapchatting his butt to a couple of my friends Because he showed it to me so often without effort while completely . . . Unaware! Never got caught to this day though. HO HO HO! Oh Did I also mention he’s a huge tattletaler? ‘Nuff said. Now I got a buttload of Crazy Steve stories But we’ll save that for another time. Wha- we need to move on guys, we need to move on Zombie Now with this job, being an overnight shift. That usually means the people who have the most INTERESTING characteristics come out of their cave. You have your squids, who had a little bit too much seaweed You have your squids, who had a little bit too much seaweed You have your barnacle scum, and the watching basement dwellers, and occasionally have some crack
wh- lovely ladies . . . . . . lurking about. Do you know that feel, when you look at someone Do you know that feel, when you look at someone And you can automatically tell that this person is probably on some high amounts of sea salt and a little bit extra Yep, there’s this guy. We’ll call him zombie Because that’s how he presents himself . . . dead inside There was one time zombie dropped all his . . . Candy” which scatters all over the ground in front my cousin- in front of everyone. Dude drops down, and starts scrambling and stumbling for them back. Too late, buddy We already saw. Okay, okay, okay here- here. Here we go- here we go. Taking a piss for the 53rd time tonight. And I hear footsteps enter the stall to the left of me I then hear, something like *Dying noises* My impression of a throwing up person sounded pretty fake, right? Well that- that’s exactly my point! All right? There was also another noise that was going on at the same time . . . That sounded like a bucket dropping water into the toilet bowl. In fact, that’s exactly what I thought it was. I thought the person in the next stall was my coworker playing a prank on me. It sounds so fake then I said out loud, “Hah! Nice try dude, that vomit noise you’re making . . . you- you- you need to practice that man That sounds so fake dude like, what even using it for that noise, like a water bucket or something?” I finished my business, Passed by his stall That was the moment . . . I realized . . . It was 100% real 200% zombie and and 300% . . . AWKWARD! Yep, in the same day, Zombie passes out on top of six boxes during lunch break. And yeah, I never saw him after . . . ever again. Ever ever again Ss- Sen? Were you even listening to me? SEN! Squid neutral time! Did you know that Frozen, was like three years old at the time and it still takes over a whole aisle? I’m pretty sure today it probably still takes over a whole ailse The store would play like non-stop Christmas music right after Thanksgiving And you know what? I’m 200% fine with that. I love Christmas music. It’s so JOLLY HO HO HO Then on occasion it would play, “Let it Go” and that’s when I! . . . Let it go. My inner American Idol comes out. You know I’m saying? Okay, I actually did two seasons of “Squids R We” you know? Stocking toys overnight. Did the whole Black Friday thing. TWICE – was bonkers! This is how I got my expensive drawing tablet by the way. Having two seasons of experience means I have plenty of more wacky stories to tell. I haven’t even talked about my crazy bosses yet. Or this one elderly man flipping everyone off. I’ll make a part 2 sometime randomly in the future, honestly . . . I could probably make four videos out of it let’s be real here. But you know what? Since I talked about how the job works in the first video That’ll save me some extra time for it I could just drop in at the beginning of part two. That’ll save me some extra time for me to drop even more juicy events than before. Like I said, they’ll be a random drop Don’t go asking for when part 2 is. It’ll just appear randomly in your face someday, somewhere in the future. Hoorah! Am I right? Hoorah! insert big drop jokes here Honestly, not gonna lie. I knew that day was coming from what I witnessed. I knew it. I knew it was gonna happen Okay, like always. Thank you so much for the support, and I’ll see you next time! You barnacle scum

Cells at Work! (Hataraku Saibou) OP Intro 1 – with Romaji & Eng + Indo lyrics

One, two, three, four We are cells at work! One, two, three, four We are at work, go! I will spread the oxygen, oxygen From the head to the toe But there’s a wide wound, oh no This is the time, cells at work! Let’s do it! Let’s work! Let’s work! Everyday, everyday keep practicing, oh! Let’s defeat those germs today Go away you germs! Don’t let them escape! Professional cells at work! Let’s do it! Let’s work! Let’s work! Everyday, everyday keep practicing, oh! One trom 37 trillions of us Can we meet again one day? For someone… Eventhough its hard… Sometimes we got ourselves burn out in the work For everyone… Life that we’re going through… Having pride, health, fitness Let’s work? Let’s work!

Cells At Work Is T3RRIFYING! (or, why it’s so fun to watch)

So, Cells At Work is an anime series produced
by David Productions, based on the manga of the same name by Akane Shimizu, that follows
the working lives of various cells within the human body and all the biology based shenanigans
they deal with on a daily basis. But don’t be fooled by it’s cutesy appearance,
as this show is terrifying . . . ly good! Also, it’s just terrifying. Or at least, some of the characters are. The show’s cast are all based on different
types of, you guessed it, cells and their specific functions within the body, from the
White Blood Cells who diligently dart from place to place and just, f&%$ing massacre
all the bacteria and viruses that threaten their home’s health, to the Red Blood Cells
who navigate its confusing network of veins and arteries to deliver oxygen and nutrients
to other cells all over the body, to the adorable little platelets who are just doing their
best to fix some scrape wounds. And I mean look at ‘em, they’re so cute! This one got all shy and is hiding behind
his hat! D’aaaw! Okay I’m getting off topic here. While it’s easy to argue that they’re
all one note, the sheer variety of characters keeps it fresh as it explores the lives of
all these different cells, as we see in Episode 3 when the show switches focus from the directionally
challenged struggles of a Red Blood Cell to the journey of an insecure Naive T Cell finding
the strength to become a badass bacteria basher like his fellow Killer Ts. At least, for a while, anyway. Though there is potential for their respective
quirks to get old fast, the show builds a cast of memorable and distinct characters
whose variety and interactions make for some good laughs as it delves heavily into the
absurdity of the situations they’re thrown into. And I think that’s part of what makes its “terrifying”
nature, specifically the concerningly earnest bloodlust of some of its characters, work
so well. The show contrasts all this intense violence
and brutality against a happy go lucky atmosphere and pleasant aesthetic that makes it seem
all the more ridiculous. It’s aware of how weird it is and is more
than happy to play with that, whether it be playing off the gimmicks of its premise provides
or poking fun at the tropes of its own medium. For example, there’s a moment in the first
episode where the main White Blood Cell points out that his knife is useless against . . . uh
. . . this germ’s shield, something that seems like typical exposition for an anime
series, where infodumping is a relatively common practice, and could have easily been
said without consequence, as it is in most series, except that here, the germ hears him
and takes advantage of this new information. Also, did I mention this is made by the same
company doing Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure? It’s kinda subtle so you might’ve missed
it. The show leans into its own ridiculousness
in such a way that makes its comedy and drama hit harder. And it does all this while being surprisingly
informative. Sure it’s not the most accurate depiction
of human biology, but it still manages to communicate a lot of the ideas of how all
these different cells work and interact with our bodies pretty effectively. Who says education couldn’t be fun! NERD! HEY! . . . don’t, say it out loud, man,
come on And I have to say, I have little to complain
about. Of course, given that it’s only three episodes
in, it’s likely that more problems will become apparent, or the ones I do have will
be exacerbated, but so far it’s been a lot of fun. The only thing I can really hold against it
is that for me, some of the designs are boring. Sure, I quite like some of them, especially
that of the Red Blood Cells, from their vibrant uniforms to their red berets, whose shape
is reminiscent of actual blood cells. But there are others, especially the ones
for the bacteria and viruses, that just feel kinda bland, but maybe that’s just me. Cells At Work, while acting as yet another
example of anime’s obsession with anthropomorphization gone mad, is a pretty terrific experience. It’s an informative and entertaining series
with a wide cast of distinct characters whose self aware antics and over the top absurdity
adds to its comedy and drama. It’s a show that’s having fun with what
it has, and for me, that’s what makes it so fun to watch. And yeah, those are my thoughts. And, hey, I’m back to the old format! Long story short, its kinda the same situation
as with the Storyteller’s Notebook; I wanted to experiment, found some things I liked,
a lot of things I didn’t, tryna mix the best of both worlds. As well, I’ve been thinking about tryna
go back to making weekly videos that alternate between these quickie reviews/first impressions
and proper video essays, but that all depends on whether or not I can balance making 2 videos
at once, but I’ll do my best. Anyway, let me know what yous think, if yous
agree, disagree, who your favourite cell is, if you’re amazed by the things people have
managed to make shows about, etc, and thanks for watching! If yous enjoyed this and wanna see more, than
be sure to check out my last video, where I talk about the ending of Darling in the
FranXX and why, for me, it fell apart. Or, check out my video on Megalo Box and why
it’s so fun to watch! And don’t forget to like, comment, share
and of course, subscribe, to Come Fly With Me! Yous can also follow me on Twitter for more
updates about this channel and other stuff and hopefully, I’ll see yous later!

I’m Biromantic

I was out at breakfast today, and I was thinking about being attracted to certain men, not sexually but, um, just attracted to them Like wanting to be closer to them, physically on a non-sexual level and I was wondering if there was actually a special title to describe me a long time ago, I said I was pansexual I did not know what pansexual actually meant *awkwardly cute giggle* Um But since then I’ve become a lot more educated on the topic of sexuality. And it’s very clear to me I am a hetrosexual. That’s very obvious because whenever I have looked at pornography I haven’t looked at it in a while but whenever I did look at it it was always to women Uh, more specifically, people who were born with vaginas (so, women?) *move away from the mic to breathe in* Regardless um Today I was thinking about it and there’s a reason why I’ve made so many videos just talking about how amazing Andy Biersack looks and how amazing um Danisnotonfire, Dan Howell looks and acts too and Jensen Ackles as well There’s a few different men that I am attracted to not just for attention uh, for video views or anything like that um, but because I actually feel this connection and it’s weird because I don’t remember being romantically attracted to any men before Andy Biersack I may have said homo-erotic things as a joke But I never actually feel there was a lot of emotion to accompany those jokes that were sincere Anyway So basically what I’m saying when I say that I’m biromantic uh, but hetrosexual is that with women I would want to have sex with them, of course if I am feeling a connection with them, I get along with them etc and my current situation that would be most likely my wife *banana giggle* um, I would also want to be romantic uh, where I cuddle, um I kiss, I do other things that aren’t necessarily strictly sexual but rather just affectionate um and I just generally enjoy their company um but with men it’s not so much sexual, like I wouldn’t want to have uh gay sex with them because I don’t find any arousal from that but I would definitely want to cuddle with someone like Dan Howell I would definitely want to cuddle with someone like Jenson Ackles and I would definitely want to cuddle with someone like Andy Biersack I would be happy to kiss them I would be happy to hold them the entire night and whisper loving things in their ears like that just makes me happy thinking about that kind of thing So I was thINKIng about this, like “Why didn’t I ever come to the conclusion that I am biromantic?” “I mean, that’s obviously what I am” So, this video is to just basically just discuss what being biromantic is and what I am Bi-romance just means that you want to do all these romantic things with someone but you don’t necessarily want to have sex with them and that’s exactly how I feel at least when it comes to men Women? Oh gosh but yeah uh, you guys should know that it might be a little creepy when I talk about Dan Howell Andy Biersack, or Jenson Ackles cause I actually mean most everything I say, if not all of what I say when it comes to the cheesy, infatuated type things I bring up So yeah Thanks for watching Bye.


Hello everyone, it’s Anzu and welcome back to my channel! Today I’m here with a very late video I will be opening NYX Face Awards’ TOP 10 box. I haven’t opened it here yet! I couldn’t make the times meet with the first challenge, so I will finally open it on my channel today! Since I opened this for the challenge, everything won’t be sealed, but I will try to show some stuff by swatching them. Then let’s start! There is a primer spray, which I have used before, I like it a lot, even though I normally use cream bases, I use this kind when I’m lazy. These are to set and finish the makeup. I used both of them but I prefer glowy makeup, so I use the dewy one more. Sorry, there is too much light- So one is for matte finish and the other is for a dewy finish. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundations are here as well! There are 4 shades. Lightest one is called Pale, it is too light for me, This is one or two shade darker than it and is called Vanilla. This appears too yellow on my skin. But if I mix them together I can get a good shade for myself. There are also two darker shades, these are too dark for me so I haven’t opened them and will do a giveaway along with the stuff I already have! So stay tuned, it won’t be foundation only as not everyone might be able to use these shades. Continuing with the names, this is medium buff, this one is… called Deep Walnut! There are two foundations which I already opened (sorry) They are Total Control foundations, my favorite foundation from them is this series. I tried and compared these series and if you have oily skin, this one might be better for you, because compared to my skin it was too dry, and I have dry skin. I even prepared like hell, with moisturizers and stuff but ı still prefer this one. There are two shades of this one, Alabaster and Vanilla. Two lightest ones. My fav part, lots of body paints! Let me show like this. Gold, purple, Orange, but it kinda looks like red actually through the camera it looks orange irl it looks a bit like red. Silver color, A dark green and… there is a pink/fuschia like this. NYX also has a white body paint, so if you want lighter shades in body paint, you can mix the white with these to have the color you want. Some brow pencils, called Micro Brow pencils. In different shades, and with a thin tip. It also has a brow brush. Some Suede lipsticks! I used this one today, what is it called- Don’t Kill My Vibe. I really love the packaging in these because it has hearts. There is a red one called spicy. I haven’t opened it yet. These have a velvet finish, they look matte at the end. Why- it already says Suede on it why did I even try to explain- This other one is close to the one I used today. It’s a lighter version. it’s called… The Day. It’s a lot lighter. There are 4 palettes. There are mini versions of the Ultimate Palettes. Like this. Ultimate Edit, Petite palettes. This one is Brights and the other is Warm Neutrals. There is another Ultimate palette, it’s called Electric. I already have this palette so, I haven’t opened it so I can add it to giveaway. And Born to Glow highlighter palette. I also have this one and it is one of my favorite highlighters. How do I show- This gold shade, the lighter one, and the pink ones are my go-to ones. Can’t Stop Won’t Stop also has concealers here, This one is Vanilla and there is also the Pale one. But I used it in the previous video so- it’s in there somewhere. Let me show like this- Pale is also almost the same as this foundation. It’s very very light so it might be too light for a normal makeup unless you have REALLY pale skin. Next there is NYX HD Studio Powder. I also used this in the previous video. It’s transparent. There is another item I forgot to put back here- I also received Vivid Brights liners in yellow and red. Again, I used the red one in the previous video. Born to Glow illuminating powder. I thought this was a bronzer. It’s an illuminating powder, could even be a highlighter. There are single lower lashes and top lashes. It’s called… jksajfklsal called On The Fringe. Before lipsticks, there is the Worth The Hype mascara. It’s a really good one. Soft Matte Liquid Lipsticks. They come in mini tubes. But I think this is their original sizes! Let’s check the colors. Copenhagen, they took inspiration from city names. Sao Paulo, I have some of the shades already so I will put some of these away for you guys, Amsterdam, it’s red- Milan. Now some nude colors, Stockholm and Rome. Andddd Prague. This looks like a dark purple- Transylvania. It looks like black but I’m sure its dark purple. Because I have it. Some Jumbo eyepencils! There are 5 colors. A silverish one… Let me show like this, Blue, green, a gold and silver one and lastly- black. These are very handy. You can use it as eyeshadow, body paint, etc. I found another concealer! It’s called Walnut. Concealer or to highlight some areas. I really loved this color- I wanna use it. It looks like my shirt’s color. What’s it called… Peacock. There is also some, dark greens. called Kryptonite, and Vermouth. GO H.A.M pigment. I love this pigment, it’s amazing, You can even mix these with a medium and make it more liquid-ish, like eyeliner. But some of them are shiny, so if you have light shine on it, they might shine- not all are matte. You can even use these in body paint so I love it. There is one very light called Brighten Up. It might be nice to use on the inner corner of the eyes. Another dark blue, ooh! It’s darker than the one before. Called Constellation. Another darker one– wait a bit it’s purple. I’m blind so- Name is Egotastic. Another shiny pigment, Old Hollywood. It’s a dark gold shade, but shiny. And another dark purple, It has a tag on the name so I couldn’t read it but the code is PIG16. Hello! And with this out TOP 10 box is done! A big thanks to NYX for sending me all these! Then, I will see you in my next video! Bye bye!