Todd Howard Song — It Just Works (BETHESDA the Musical) ft. Kyle Wright

Please, welcome: The game director of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard! The Chalkeaters – It Just Works Subtitles By: Martcraft and [INSERTNAMEOFTHEGUYWHODIDALLOFTHISEARLIERWORK] Enjoy the song. Watch this: our newest release! The legendary series you’ve missed for years Comes back, get ready for some action! Got couple bugs in here, some broken scripts right there The fans will fix it anyway so we don’t care! They’ll patch it through micro transactions So enjoy your pretty nylon bag Oh and boy, stop shitting on our swag You’re not getting any money back You knew that was a one way wacky track Just shut up and have your nylon bag! Coming up with it was real drag! All proceeds go strictly to Vault Tec So you’re NOT getting your money back! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works It just works It just works It just works Our tech is cutting edge as far as I can tell The creation engine’s aging very well We’re not planning on Doing anything about it Skyrim’s the limit, don’t deny it See this mountain? You can buy it In the DLC for the price of a real mountain! What’s wrong with a train in place of your head? Come on, believe me, you’ve seen nothing yet The battle spaceship with a dragon animation Will become a new sensation on the internet Just shut up, give us your every dime Buying an armored horse is not a crime! Our devs could eat the Shadowmere alive so… BUY SKYRIM ONE MORE TODD DAMN TIME! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works It just works It just works We don’t want your endless shit It’s just not the game we need Sick of looting useless junk Graphics making our eyes bleed We don’t want your endless shit It’s just not the game we need Sick of looting useless junk Graphics making our eyes bleed Hey Now listen up! Welcome to the place washed by lliac waves There’s two and a half peasants with the same ugly face You’re not into small towns? Check out big-ass plains! 50 times the size of Skyrim’s, twice as many pointless caves! You see, We at Bethesda know exactly what you want Hardcore gamers inspired us to improve shopping a lot Now each lockpick must be bought for an actual ten spot And saving now is a paid mod for just twenty a slot You’re never getting bored, you’ll have infinite quests There’s every vagabond will put you to the test You’ll be richly awarded, with infinite chests Full of rusty swords and used pregnancy tests We got rid of skill trees, they were old and lame Who needs a leveling system in a role-playing game? You came to slash and kill and save one more nation No more levels and skills, only degredation! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! IT JUST WORKS! So, who’s laughing now?

Get Your App To Work At Work (Android Dev Summit ’19)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ASER SAMAK: Hi, I’m Aser. I’m a developer advocate in
the Android Enterprise team. And today, we’ll be talking
about how to get your app to work at work. And what I mean by work here
is actually work profiles. A work profile is
just a special user that you can set on your
phone to separate your work apps from your personal apps. And this is especially
useful for companies that allow their employees
to bring their own devices and use them to
access work stuff. Because they can add their
own restrictions to those work profiles, they can
monitor your work activity without touching
or even accessing your personal information. Apps usually are separate
within each profile. You can have your work
apps in your work profile and your personal ones
in your personal profile, but any app can be
installed in both. And in that case, even
though it’s the same app, it would have totally
separate storage spaces for both profiles. And they’re totally isolated
from each other as well. OK, so why is that
relevant to me? I’m not building anything
that’s targeting a business or enterprise world at all. Well, a lot of cases
that we’ve seen, there are apps that were not
targeting businesses at all and end up running in
the work profile as well. Cases like productivity
apps, time tracking apps, or a simple chat
messaging for example, they might be
adopted in a company and used within a work profile. And because of all
these restrictions that we talked about and the
separation between the storage spaces as well, we’ve
seen a lot of cases where these apps
behave differently than they would in a
normal situation as well. So I’ll try to go
through a few things today that will help you avoid
going into these situations as well. One of the scenarios
that we’ve seen is handling intents
across different profiles. And we’ll talk about
that in detail. Accessing files that were
stored in one profile and trying to load them in
another profile as well. And notifications and how
NotificationListenerService works within a work
profile as well. So handling
intents– when an app tries to launch an
intent like open a camera or open a URL in
a browser, Android will try to match
that with an app to handle that intent
within the same profile that it’s running in. So if for example, you’re
running an app in a work profile and the camera is
disabled in that profile, even though there’s
a camera that’s fully functioning in
your personal profile, it won’t launch. So you should always
assume that whatever intent you’re trying
to launch will be handled within the
profile that you’re running. And you should always be aware
that sometimes, these intent handlers that could always be
existing in a personal profile might be disabled
in a work profile. So because you can’t tell which
is disabled and which is not, you should always
check if there is an intent handler existing
before you actually launch that intent. Let’s take an example here. Here, we’re trying
to simply create an intent that sets an
alarm or a countdown timer. And we’ve passed
in the parameters, and we’ve started the activity. It seems totally fine
because we can always assume that there’s going to
be an intent handler for this, right? But when we try to run
this in a work profile where the alarm is
disabled, this will crash. So you should always
check if there is an intent handler for this
particular intent by calling the resolveActivity function. And if it returns
anything other than null, then we know that
there is a resolver, there is an intent handler. If it returns null,
then we should change the workflow
somehow and maybe show an error or something. The other thing is
accessing files. So file URIs, which usually
developers use to load files, contains the absolute
path of the file, right? And if that is stored
in a profile that’s different than the profile
you’re running your app in, this file seems as if
it doesn’t even exist. So what you should
use is content URIs. And to create content URIs, you
generate a content ID and pass that along with the path– the file path itself. To create a content ID, you
use the FileProvider class .getUriForFile. You pass in the context,
the authority provider, and the file URI that
you’re trying to share. And then this will
create a URI for you that you can actually
share across profiles and grant access for the other
profile to load it for you. Notifications is also a
common thing that we’ve seen. First of all, a
work profile totally ignores any callbacks
that come from NotificationListenerService. So if your app is depending on
that to listen to notifications and your app is running
in a work profile, it won’t get any
callbacks at all. Even more so if your app is
running on a personal profile, it won’t get any callbacks
for notifications that are triggered
within the work profile. So this is just a few
to show you, like, some of the common
pitfalls, but there’s more, like accessing SMS and
call logs, loading contacts from work profiles
or personal profiles. And there’s a very
popular chat app that exists today that fails
to load any contacts at all in a work profile as well. So we’ve seen this happen a lot. I strongly recommend to check
out the work documentation in developer Android to
see a list of all these with details and more as well. And then finally, if you want to
check if your app is compatible and it runs perfectly fine
in a work profile, TestDPC– Device Policy Control app– which you can download
from the Play Store, is a really good place to start. You can download it. It will help you set up a
work profile on your phone. You could simulate what
a company can actually do by disabling things,
and playing around with all these configurations,
and see how your app actually behaves. So I recommend that as well. Thanks. [MUSIC PLAYING]

Ellen Is Definitely the Reason J.Lo and A-Rod Are Engaged

Oh, it’s a wonderful,
wonderful day. The world is wonderful. I’m sure you’ve
heard the big news. J-Lo and A-Rod are engaged. Yep. It’s exciting. I don’t know if she’s
going to keep her hyphen or she’s going to
take on his hyphen. I don’t know what we’re
supposed to call them. I don’t know if it’s J-Rod,
A-Lo, Lo-Rod, J-Lo-Rod, I don’t know. I’m very happy for her. And this is the picture
she posted on Instagram. Yeah. Beautiful. Look at that. That ring is so heavy he
has to hold her hand up. It’s very romantic. It looks like they’re on
a private beach somewhere, but this is the trickery
that they can do. Look where they are actually. They’re in a sandbox. They’re not on a beach. Instagram can be so deceiving. So when she announced it,
she posted that picture and she actually
tagged me in the photo. And so I wrote back, “Yes,
I’ll be your maid of honor.” So that’s that. Apparently, that
ring cost $5 million. I mean, it looks like–
and it’s gigantic. She’s going to be really,
really careful when she’s washing dishes with that. It’s hard to pick out a ring. It really is. When I was picking
out a ring for Portia, I had to put so many
quarters in that machine. I was like– and I was– the claw had to be just right. And the people at the bowling
alley were cheering me on, and I got it! So yeah. I don’t want to take
credit for this, but I may have given A-Rod a
little push that he needed. This is the last time that
Jennifer Lopez was on the show. You know what– and let
me give you a gift first. A gift? Yeah. Because you and A-Rod just
celebrated your two year anniversary. We did. Congratulations. Thank you. But let’s just
bring out the gift. I’ll explain. It’s just– Oh, god. Are you going– is
this someone popping– No, no. What’s happening? It’s just– this is a clock. And it’s basically to remind
him that time is ticking, and he should hurry
up and propose. So yeah, I kind of– I did that, I think? I guess that’s
why she tagged me. I’m pretty sure I’m the reason. So I’m not sure
when the wedding is, but I hope it’s not too soon
because she needs time to get in shape, y’all. She really– yeah. She already started
choreographing her first dance. There’s going to be
three costume changes, backup dancers, a whole thing. Front row tickets are
already $800 on StubHub. And A-Rod is a baseball player,
so if I knew anything about baseball this is where I’d
put a joke in, but I don’t. Can’t make a joke. J-Lo, I’m very, very
happy for you, not just because you took my
advice, but because you seem very happy together. If two extremely beautiful,
filthy rich people can find love, there’s
hope for all of us. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like “ball peen hammer,” and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities, if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMING] Ah, [BLEEP]! God, [BLEEP]!

The English with Lucy Business English Course – Introduction

I am so excited to let you know that there will be a business English course coming soon on my channel in this 10-part course I’m not only going to teach you business English I’m also going to teach you how you can use it to get a job keep a job and progress in your career on Monday the 20th of May I am launching at my business English course and the best part it’s totally free the English with Lucy business English course includes how to sell yourself in English how to write a perfect CV and cover letter how to speak on the telephone in English the most common interview questions and exactly how to answer them must know business English slang and abbreviations public speaking tips and advice business English pronunciation and business English vocabulary I cannot wait for you to try out my new course I’ve poured my heart and soul into it and it’s available to absolutely everyone here for free on YouTube don’t worry I will still be uploading my usual English with Lucy videos every Wednesday I shall see you soon for another lesson [Music]

An Exciting Announcement!

Welcome back to my channel
my dear elegant ladies! This video is a special one because if you are a loyal follower
or if you religiously watch all m videos on my youtube channel,
you know I have been hinting about a certain announcement happening in August. Now those who are following me on Instagram and especially those who are watching my
Instagram stories have received a little bit more information.
I actually do recommend that you follow me on Instagram and especially watch my
stories because that’s the place where you really get to know me, where you get
to see more of my personal life because here on YouTube are more about education
and teaching you about high society and elegance and how to be a lady in general. And for those of you who are brand new to my channel, my name is Anna Bey and
I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. If you’re interested
in doing a transformation with your lifestyle, join Now, what is this exciting announcement that I have been talking about all
summer but I have not revealed it up until now? This video is finally my
revelation video and I’m so excited to share this with you because
unfortunately, I had to keep it a secret for various reasons. We were not allowed
to speak about where we were, so this was to protect ourselves and protect all the
individuals that was there. So most of you probably know that I am here to
teach you how to become a better version of yourself, how to do a transformation,
how to invest in you and really live up to your fullest potential possible. Now I am a person, I don’t like to not walk my talk. Number one, everything that I teach
I have experienced myself, I have done this journey of transformation myself.
So you know the things that I share with you are actually things that I have
tested, things that I’ve learned, things that I’ve researched, analyzed,
even though I have been leveling up for so many years myself and also
accomplished all my lifestyle goals that I have set for myself.
I do not stop investing in myself and especially because I do want to be a role model for
what it is that I teach. I don’t want to be a teacher who doesn’t walk her talk.
So for me, it’s really important that I am always on my best game, even with you
and especially with what I teach. So what I do is that I always stay researching
high-society, elegance, etiquette, networking, dating all the fields where I teach,
I research everything. I have great sources for information.
I do the walk myself, I have done it in the past and I’m still doing it but I also invest in education.
And even for me, it’s been so important to invest in myself, especially
so that I can help you ladies further. So this leads me up to reveal what it is
that I’ve been doing all summer long, well, almost. Ladies, for six weeks this summer, I went to a Swiss finishing school and it was
quite an incredible experience. Now some of you might wonder what is the
finishing school and the why Swiss? Now, finishing schools used to be very common
in the past but unfortunately a lot of them have closed down.
And there were very big in countries like the UK but especially Switzerland where a lot of
the elites finishing schools were stationed. So what a traditional
finishing school offers a woman is of course, a transformation to become
more ladylike, to teach her etiquette, to teach her how to run a household and basically
prepare her for life as a wife. This might sound a little bit old-fashioned
and maybe that’s why a lot of finishing schools have closed down because there
wasn’t really a need for them anymore, especially after feminism really took a
big stance in our society. But as you know, I have an online finishing school.
But my school has a bit of a twist to it because I focus on teaching women
high society skills together with of course, transformation
like they do in a traditional finishing school and I add a lot of touches to it that has to do
with networking, dating, behavior and so on. Whilst traditional finishing schools,
they teach you more the role of being the woman of the house basically.
But for me, it was very important to go to a traditional
finishing school to understand what it’s really about and of course,
so I can learn more and enrich my education. But what’s even bigger news is that I have now a Diploma in International Etiquette and Protocol. Meaning, I’m certified and I’m now able to teach you on etiquette and many
of the topics that I learned at the finishing school. This will, of course, affect all of you positively.
Because in the past, I didn’t really want to speak
too much about etiquette because I’m the type of person, I don’t like to teach
things that I’m not a hundred percent certain about. And etiquette is something that
you really need to know the right and correct things because there’s a lot of misconceptions about etiquette out there. And now, I can really create more content
about these topics for you but it will also benefit future
students of mine who will join my school in the future. Now, I’m not going to talk
too much about my experience at this finishing school because I’m a person
who believe in discretion and that’s actually something I’m going to do a
separate video about. Because when you are surrounded in high society
and especially with very, how can I say, high profile people, affluent people,
you need to lead with discretion ladies, it’s very important.
But I’m going to do a separate video on this topic. And the reason why I don’t want to talk too much about my experience at this finishing school is because of the privacy aspect of it.
The school itself which I’m not mentioning by name, because they’re a very private school,
they’re very careful so I want to respect the privacy and I don’t want
to talk too much. And at the same time, I mean, I have so many anecdotes about the school and my experience there. And also you know, as a respect for the students there, I’m going to keep most of it for my own memories.
But I can tell you one thing is for sure, that my experience was very positive.
I met some incredible people there, a lot of lovely people, I must say.
We were only girls so it was proper like boarding school style and that was actually a bit
of a challenge for me because I am, you know, I’m a woman who is 33 years old now
and it was difficult to go back to having rules and it was difficult living
somewhere else away from home. Well, I have a business to run and my home life
and studying Monday to Friday from 8:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the
evening with almost no breaks, so that was pretty intense like it was quite
challenging. I’m not going to lie, I did not expect that it was going to be so difficult but it was actually quite difficult. I think probably what was the
most difficult for me was not having my routine because I’m a person who must
have my routine, my morning routine, my evening routine and especially,
my training routine. And I was not able to train over there because of the intense schedule that we had and because the school was located on this beautiful hill.
Well, I’m not going to complain about the fantastic views and surroundings
that we had that really got me spoiled. But unfortunately, when you live on a hill,
that means that just going out for a power walk or a jog is
not that easy because you live on a hill and it’s so steep, you can barely
walk up and down in the middle of summer when it’s boiling hot and you know,
it’s steep and very tiring. So training was out of the question and
that was very hard for me, I need my balance. If you watch my Instagram stories,
you know exactly what I’m talking about. But once I left the school, I really
understood that I really appreciated everything that I learned there,
all the teachers that I had were amazing and I hope to meet them again. And also,
I just left having a different perspective to things. There was a lot of things I already knew
but it’s always good to be validated in the knowledge that you have.
But of course, I did get a lot of new perspectives too and I felt quite
enriched leaving there. Now, some of the things that we learned was,
of course, etiquette. We had a lot of etiquette lessons,
we learned a lot about protocol, about how to receive important people,
we learned about cultural differences, cultural etiquette. We learned how to be a great hostess so
we had many table decoration classes, many floral art classes. We had lessons like enology where we learned about wine. So there was a lot of interesting things that
I learned and a lot of things will of course, be passed on to all of you ladies
who are following me, who are my students. I’m so excited to have this experience
with me because I know how much it’s going to benefit you all. Not everybody may afford going
to a Swiss finishing school because it is a very expensive experience. But for me as an educator, it’s very important to invest in this
because I believe to walk my talk and to always be on top of my game,
regardless if I’m here educating you or from somebody who is in the beginning
of her levelling journey. So think about the importance of education
and investing in yourself and that’s actually where I want to leave you. I hope you have enjoyed this video and please do watch the rest of my content here because I have loads of interesting videos for you about high society and how to be
a better version of yourself. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to subscribe!

The Rise and Fall of Half-Life

G-Man: “Well, well. Isn’t this just like…old times.” In 1998, a little-known company named Valve released a first-person shooter named Half-Life and changed the face of gaming. Where other shooters struggled to provide even a semblance of a story, Half-Life had brains to match its brawn. A stirring tale featuring a realistic human, cast as a protagonist that was more than a hand and a gun, unfolded before the players eyes as they progressed through each level. As Valve grew, so too did Half-Life’s reputation with Half-Life 2 in 2004 once again revolutionizing the genre and its episodic expansions Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Episode 2 further raising the bar. The series didn’t release consistently and occasionally suffered unexpected and painful setbacks, but when it did, it seemed as if Valve could do no wrong… until the series suddenly stopped. shifting priorities, a lack of motivation, and other more nebulous factors would lead Valve to put Half-Life on ice in the middle of its prime, leaving a generation of gamers adrift and an opus unfinished. And yet, Half-Life lives on. Be it in the innumerable games and series it inspired or provided the computative bedrock for, an undying stream of mods or other media based on the franchise, Half-Life’s DNA is permanently embedded in the fabric of the video game industry, and will likely remain so for some time. as sad as it is that a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 or a Half-Life 3 will likely never happen, and as frustrating as it is that Valve remains belligerent as to precisely why, the series for the most part has only really fallen out of Valve’s hands. This is the Rise and Fall of Half-Life. In 1993, ID Software turned the video game industry on its head with the release of Doom. The spiritual successor to ID’s Wolfenstein 3D, Doom dazzled players with its unique combination of past paced, first-person gameplay and 3D environments. It launched a cultural phenomenon, established the first-person shooter genre as an industry mainstay, and inspired a legion of fans to create their own shooters; Including two Microsoft employees named Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington. Newell and Harrington had both joined Microsoft in the late 1980s and had played a pivotal role in helping develop the tech giants early foundational products such as the OS/2 and Windows NT operating systems. Their work had allowed the two to accrue a small fortune. But rather than rest on their laurels, Newell and Harrington were eager to take a risk and start creating games. The release of Doom had convinced the two that video games were the future of entertainment, but it had also inspired a scattershot of imitators and successors that in the young millionaires minds, weren’t living up to the mediums potential. Speaking to the Cambridge Student in 2011, Newell explained that while they had fallen in love with games for their phenomenological possibilities, for the potential they possessed in providing unique and meaningful first-person experiences, they felt that the industry was reducing the experiences to least common denominators rather than exploring those possibilities. And so in the summer of 1996, Newell and Harrington quit Microsoft to found their own development studio Valve in Kirkland, Washington and gather the resources necessary to realize their ambitions. They obtained a license to the Quake engine with the help of Harrington’s friend and then ID programmer Michael Abrash. They hired promising talent from across the industry and they secured a publishing deal with adventure game developer Sierra Online, which had been anxious to make its mark in the 3D gaming market. From Valve’s very beginning, Newell and Harrington were determined to build their first game around its story. Unlike other contemporaneous shooters, which focused almost exclusively on action and graphical fidelity, Valve’s first project, a horror theme first person shooter codenamed Quiver would be filled with living breathing characters and narrative rich environments. Yet, at the same time, they also wanted to ship Quiver as soon as possible, fearing that if they took too long to craft their world, the rest of the industry would pass them by. They weren’t interested in making a lavish blockbuster right out of the gate, they just wanted to release something good in under a year that would allow them to remain financially afloat. But as Quiver began to coalesce, Valve’s storytelling ambitions took precedence leading to several technological innovations and modifications to their Quake engine that shifted the project’s direction. The need to have as many living breathing characters as possible led Ken Birdwell, one of the game’s software engineers, to design an innovative skeletal animation system that would allow the developers to cheaply manipulate their character limb by limb. Meanwhile, months were spent refining character’s artificial intelligence so that they would move about the map with lifelike realism. After the game, now known as Half-Life, received a rousing response at E3 1997, it quickly became clear to Valve that their title had the trappings of something truly special As a result, the decision was made around Thanksgiving to delay the title to the following year and rework it into a game that would utterly fulfill its technological potential. In Gamespot’s The Final Hours of Half-Life, Birdwell would claim that the team gutted nearly everything that they had worked on up until that point, Effectively rebuilding Half-Life from the ground up halfway through the game’s development. It was a painful process, both for everyone involved in the game’s development, and for Sierra which became increasingly worried that Valve’s inaugural project would never be released. But it was one that would prove fruitful. The rebuilt Half-Life received an incredible reaction at E3 1998 and an even more ecstatic response when it was finally released on November of the same year for the PC. Half-Life follows theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman on his first day of work at the Black Mesa Research Facility in New Mexico. Just as Gordon is getting acclimatized to the facility, Black Mesa transforms from a scientific wonderland into a house of horrors when a quantum experiment gone awry rips open seams in space to the alien world of Xen. Legions of frightening and powerful creatures, Headcrabs, Houndeyes, Vorigaunts and more flood the facility devastating its employees and leaving Gordon with little other choice than to pick up a crowbar and start smashing his way to survival. The further Gordon progresses, gradually upgrading from his crowbar to all manner of firearms, the more complicated the situation becomes with the military arriving to eliminate both the extra dimensional invaders and the rest of Black Mesa’s survivors. And in the midst of it all, Gordon finds himself repeatedly stalked by a mysterious pale man; the G-Man. unlike other first-person shooters of its era which relied on Cutscenes or other conceits that took the player out of the experience to tell their stories Half-life’s narrative is told entirely through scripted sequences that play out before Gordon’s eyes with the game never resting control of its camera away from Gordon’s perspective Everything that the player experiences as Gordon progresses through Black Mesa, whether it involves shooting standing still or talking with other survivors Contributes to the game’s overall narrative and helps realize Gordon Freeman as an actual character The game’s levels also heavily incorporate puzzles and platforming elements forcing Gordon to contend with Quagmire’s of conveyor belts Crates trip wires and more in between facing off against his AI controlled adversaries They occasionally prove quite challenging and belied the design of many modern first-person shooters Which largely forgo any sort of intensive puzzle solving or platforming but in the context of the games? Cerebral nature and setting their presence makes sense and give the experience a rather unique feel Finally as was common with other shooters of its era half-life comes packaged with a multiplayer suite allowing up to 32 players online Dissipate in deathmatch and team deathmatch modes far from unique but enjoyable for what it is Half life would receive tremendous critical acclaim upon its release Players were dazzled not only by the immersiveness of its world and characters But by how the game seamlessly balanced them alongside its strong gunplay in puzzles with neither side ever coming at the expense of the other Characters objects and other imagery distinct to the game such as gordon freeman his crowbar and the lambda sign emblazoned on the game’s box art Became icons overnight with in gaming fandom After an arduous and challenging development period valve had created a genre defining experience that raised the bar for all future first-person shooters In the years that would follow however, the release of half-life would prove to be only part of the games monumental legacy Echoing its software’s legacy of encouraging mods of its own shooters valve strongly supported the games mod community post launch including world craft the level design tool used during half-life’s development in each copy of the game and releasing a software development kit for half wifes modified quick engine titled gold source shortly after its release an Explosion of impressive mahse would follow with some eventually graduating to full retail releases with valves help half-life counter-strike for example a multiplayer mod which asked players ask terrorists and Counter-terrorists fighting to complete objectives or eliminate each other would prove so popular that valve would start actively participating in the game’s development Before recruiting its creators purchasing its rights and releasing it on store shelves other mods such as Team Fortress classic day of defeat and ricochet would follow similar paths joining valves burgeoning talent pool and franchise portfolio and in some cases even Receiving highly lucrative sequels as would be the case with Team Fortress and counter-strike In the midst of this valve would temporarily entrust the half-life universe to a fledgling developer named gearbox software Formed the year following half-life’s released by five former rebel boat rocker developers Gearbox managed to score the keys to the kingdom after one of the founders Randy Pitchford Pitched a half-life expansion to valve that would see the perspective on the Games events reversed speaking to polygon in 2012 He described pitching the game to valve as the events of the base half-life game But in the style of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead With the game told from the point of view of one of the Marines sent into silence Gordon valve approved and in November of 1999 Gearbox would release half-life opposing force which followed US Marine Adrienne Shepard during the military’s assault on black mesa Faithful to the base games diegetic storytelling techniques and featuring a new capture the flag mode Opposing force would be well-received by critics Prompting gearbox software to begin work on another expansion as well as a port At this point half-life’s reputation had become segmented in the gaming industry and other platforms wanted in on Valve’s hot new commodity in February of 2000 Sierra would announce that captivation digital laboratories and gearbox were jointly porting half-life to the Sega Dreamcast And that it would include a new expansion centered around one of black mesa security guards It was not to be however after repeated delays. The Dreamcast port would be unceremoniously Canceled in June of the following year just weeks before its intended release date Nonetheless a near finished build of the port would leak onto the internet a few years later Possessing modified level designs and unique models and props not seen in the original release But also long loading times and an inconsistent framerate the abandoned port is an interesting curiosity So much so that modders would attempt to recreate it as a mod for the PC version of half-life in 2012 meanwhile, gearbox a second expansion titled half-life blue shift would escape the Dreamcast ports demise releasing by itself for the PC in June of 2001 Casting players in the shoes of security guard Barney Calhoun in an adventure in much of the same oldest half-life or opposing force blue shift also came packed with a high-definition Tank which upgraded blue shift and the true proceeding half-life games models with the models intended for the Dreamcast port Critics reactions would be more mixed. It was nothing less than a good game but neither its design nor its new assets felt revolutionary in the same way the first game had gearboxes final work on the half-life series would come in the form of the game’s PlayStation 2 port Released in November of 2001 the port is based on the design of the Dreamcast version But with most of its issues stabilised and ironed out while it lacks its PC brothers online functionality it features a new local multiplayer mode titled head to head the ability to play through the game’s single-player campaign as a vortigaunt and Gearboxes third and most unusual half-life expansion half-life decay Instead of sending the player on a one-man mission as a security guard or military personnel Decay is a local cooperative experience in which two players. Embody Black Mesa Scientists Gina cross and Colette green who work together to solve puzzles and defeat enemies in an efficient manner Like blue shift before it the expansion received a lukewarm response with critics knocking it for lacking the energy of the main game Still it was a welcome breath of fresh air after two very similar expansions And it wouldn’t be the last time that the half-life universe experimented with cooperative play Decay would also be one of the few titles in the half-life series not released for the PC With gearbox as Patrick Dupree claiming in 2004 that a port of the expansion had been prepared for the platform Only for to be canned for reasons beyond their control In spite of this half-life’s ever active community would take it upon themselves to port the title to the PC at 2008 Couldn’t snap out of it Staring at me again. Well gearbox continued expanding on the first halflife valve was quietly beginning development of a full-blown sequel Initially spirits were high while half-life staggering success would be a tough act to follow The team had plenty of financial security and everyone was motivated to see how they could improve on the original game After much brainstorming it was decided than half-life to one outdo its predecessor by making its world as interactive as possible Half-life had enabled the player to manipulate materials within each level But in a highly contrived manner with Gordon generally only able to interact with a few push’ ballades and other similar objects What if the player could pick up a saw blade and fling it as a weapon? Or Eva trunk of debris in front of them as a makeshift barrier protecting them from harm The possibilities were endless, but the reality of how such a world could be realized was just one Instead of further modifying its quake engine valve would essentially have to create its own engine from scratch This combined with a less than satisfying reaction to an eternal demo created in 2001 would result in the sequel’s development dragging on for some time When valve would finally unveil half-life 2 at e3 2003 with a technologically impressive yet non playable demo reactions range the spectrum Fans were over the moon to see half-life receive an official sequel and doubly impressed with the game’s physics and graphical fidelity But some questioned whether the game would be able to meet its launch Which valve announced would be in just over four months on September 30th if the game was so close to completion Why was it not yet playable? Publicly Gabe Newell would refute these fears Privately, however, they were right Valve’s team had made incredible strides, but unless a miracle happened They were not going to be able to complete the game by the time they claimed it would be ready after months of denying the reality of the game state Newell would finally announced that half-life 2 would be delayed a Single week before sin release the community was an uproar Business partners and publishers were dismayed and valves employees were profoundly embarrassed in GameSpot’s the final hours of half-life 2 Duel would express regret over the way the situation unfolded while they didn’t want to announce that half-life 2 was delayed until they had a new release date to replace September 30th with Them repeatedly claiming that it would hit the 30th one. They knew it couldn’t wasn’t such a great idea It would have been better if they had never given it a release date at all until they knew with confidence when it would ship But then as if things couldn’t get worse a flight to source code along with a playable version of the game would leak online in early October a 21 year old German hacker named axel campy had solute into valves Network and downloaded them weeks prior and Just as valve realized they had been compromised the assets were released online the leak the missed release date and the ensuing fallout within both the half life community and in valve would prove to be one of The franchise’s most tumultuous moments and yet slowly but surely life would return to normal F life two’s development would resume in full force and gradually turned the games broken narrative on its head with this appearances at e3 2004 and beyond Valves missed September 30th release date would remain a subject of infamy amongst the half-life community But in the end their new game would be redeemed Released in November of 2004 on Steam Valve’s digital distribution platform for the PC half-life 2 C’s Freeman transported decades into the future by the g-man into an Eastern European city known only as city 17 an Interdimensional race known as the combine have subjugated the Earth’s population using dr Wallace Breen black mesas former administrator as a mouthpiece to perpetuate totalitarian propaganda and control the planet’s population Eventually Gordon finds himself recruited by the resistance an underground network of operatives working to overturn the combine Alongside Alyx Vance a young resistance member who accompanies Gordon throughout much of this Gordon proceeds to once again Swing shoot and puzzle his way to victory Structurally and stylistically to is largely identical to the original half-life Featuring an uninterrupted first-person viewpoint elaborate scripted events a blend of puzzles platforming and shootouts characters speak and animate with vastly greater realism buildings collapse and rend in the combines Wake and Gordon has access to a wider and Wilder arsenal of arms chief among them is the gravity gun, which allows Gordon to grab move and launch most objects He comes across within the game’s environments both the crux of many of the games puzzles and a potential catalyst for catastrophic damage The gravity gun is amongst the franchise’s most popular and enduring conceits even more so than the first game’s crowbar Half-life 2 would prove to be a critical and commercial smash Once again setting the standard across the industry for the first-person shooter genre and its legacy was only just beginning Two weeks after launch valve would release half-life 2 deathmatch Upgrading the first half wife’s multiplayer experience to contain twos many new accoutrements valve had previously released a port of the original Half-life 2 the source engine in June titled half-life source with a source port of the game’s multiplayer titled half-life deathmatch source arriving the following year But with the engine now out in the open an incalculable wave of mods from the fan community would begin this time around However, the source engines most popular mods would be a little more thematically and mechanically varied than gold sources biggest successes plenty of them such as Minerva get a life and black mesa would continue half-life’s harrowing narrative trappings and penchant for thrilling and varied action Yet others such as dear Esther and the Stanley parable would forego action entirely Instead using the engine as a medium to meditate on the nature of 3d space and how it creates meaning for the player meanwhile unique projects such as Garry’s Mod would offer players a Playground to easily mess with The Source engine and valve game assets as they please So he’s the Gaul still to sort of put out aftermath and early Oh six and then kind of keep following it up with sort of further episodic content going forward. Yeah, we have right now Three and we’re starting a fourth single-player content team So they’ll be sort of certain of leapfrogging each other and releasing new clones as development of half-life to wound to a close Newell wanted valve to focus more on smaller episodic content rather than attempt another massive undertaking right away this way the team would be able to flex their creative muscles while avoiding a serious burnout and so in the years following half-life, 2’s release a bevy of robust content would be added periodically to the games already strong legacy in October of 2005 velvet release half-life 2 Lost Coast an Additional level cut from the base game during development set in and around a Byzantine Catholic monastery In addition to providing a brief escape into the twisted reality of half-life 2 Lost Coast served as a technology demo for the source engines, then newly developed high dynamic range or HDR rendering capabilities Bloom shading stronger refraction effects on water and other potent lighting effects are prominently displayed Last Coast also features a developer commentary system allowing the player to trigger audio recordings of the levels developers discussing the design of the world around Gordon by Interacting with floating text bubbles this in turn would be featured in several future valve games The following month would also see an Xbox port of the game released courtesy of EA Generally regarded as inferior to the original release and lacking its post release content. The port is otherwise serviceable The following year would see two very different titles added to the half-life 2 universe The first was half-life 2 survivor a multiplayer arcade game Adaptation of two developed by Taito and released exclusively for Japanese markets in June the game features three modes Story, which loosely follows the base game’s narrative across a series of bombastic sent pieces mission Which forces networked players to work together towards a singular goal? And battle which mirrors the base game death match mode filled with intrusive tutorials cutscenes and colorful signage survivor is a bizarre outlier in the half-life universe and completely non-canonical as with decay survivor would to be unofficially ported to the PC by ever intrepid fans in 2013 the second was half-life 2 episode 1 In 2006 valve announced that they would be releasing a trilogy of episodes that would continue half-life 2 story Episode 1 which would release in June takes place in the immediate aftermath of the bass games ending Following Gordon and Alex as they attempt to escape city 17 and protect its inhabitants as it teeters towards the edge of destruction In addition to featuring a host of graphical enhancements Episode 1 completely overhauls alex’s artificial intelligence More than just an integral part of half-life 2’s narrative Alex now dynamically comments on both the player’s actions and accomplishments and the world around them as they progress While overall not as beloved as the game, it succeeds episode 1 would still prove popular with fans and critics alike The following year would see the release of the orange box a compilation of various valve games both old and new with half-life 2 and episode 1 accompanied by portal Team Fortress 2 and half-life 2 episode 2 Released for the PC and Xbox 360 in October of 2007 and the PlayStation 3 a month later the orange box and its contents would prove immensely popular Albeit in some surprising ways Episode 2 was as great as one might expect taking place in the wilderness surrounding city 17 the expansion features many of the technical and narrative advancements made in episode 1 and then some With inventive new uses for the gravity gun and an increased emphasis on open-ended environments sprinkled in for good measure episode 2 is the culmination of the entire series strengths the climax to ten years of stellar first-person action and storytelling that Ironically ends on a massive cliffhanger and yet players would end up being just as enamoured if not even more So by the orange boxes least known commodity upon its release portal Gratulations Taking place within the Aperture Science Research Facility Portal cast players asked Chell a young test subject constructed to complete puzzle filled rooms using a portal gun Which allows the player to rip holes in space and travel instantaneously from one point to the next? The further Chell progresses the more the game’s seemingly innocuous facade falls apart with apertures robotic overseer the enigmatic AI GLaDOS Revealing to be harboring disturbing secrets as to the facility’s nature dark cerebral yet also budding ly humorous portal would win both critical acclaim across the industry and a spot in the hearts of Half-life fans upon it being revealed to take place in the same universe Its references to the latter are scarce yet the few that are there are endlessly Tantalizing if only because they tease the possibility of the two series one day crossing over No, right, we don’t have anything about half-life for episode three If the protesters couldn’t get it out of us you what In the aftermath of the orange boxes launch most believed half-life 2 episode 3 was well on the horizon When valve first announced half-life 2 episodic trilogy, they claimed that the series would conclude by Christmas of 2007 It hadn’t but episodes were still coming in at a quick and consistent pace Episode 3 logically would not be far off Yet 2008 and 2009 would pass without so much as a peep from the half-life universe Valve would repeatedly express its commitment to finishing the trilogy claiming that it was taking its time to ensure that the series final entry shocked and awed upon release But no release stage or any concrete details as to what players could expect from the title were given to longtime fans of the series Valve’s reluctance to discuss the game with any sort of transparency was becoming maddening but to valve it was purely precautionary Dual would repeatedly Express in the coming years that because valves projects had a proven tendency to undergo drastic Changes well into development. They didn’t want to waste consumers time with information about their developing projects unless it was absolutely ironclad after the drama surrounding half-life 2’s release date valve only wanted to state concrete promises about episode 3 when they felt certain That they could fulfill them Until then all fans had to go on was the knowledge that episode 3 would involve Gordon and Alex travelling to the Arctic in search of the borealis a research vessel created by portals Aperture Science Possessing powerful and exotic technology Gordon and Alex would have had to decide whether to weaponize the ship for the rebellions use or destroy it Concept art that debuted in PC gamers November 2007 issue Also seemingly confirmed that the combine had already found and secured the borealis Implying that Gordon would have had to wrestle control of a ship away from them first Finally after over two years of silence fans would receive a slight reprieve when valve would announce portal 2 in the spring of 2010 for the PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 and PC while the announcement would prove disappointing to certain fans the game itself Which would release nearly a year later in April of 2011? would be anything but It’s been a long time Set in an indeterminate point of time following the events of the first portal game portal 2 sees Chell fighting for control of Aperture Science from GLaDOS Eventually learning of apertures origins and the truth behind glados’s existence fantastical new mechanics such as Propulsive gel bridges made from sunlight and gravity to find tunnels feature heavily as does a chatty spherical AI named Wheatley Baker funnier and significantly more complex than its predecessor portal 2 would receive a rousing critical response quickly Securing itself as yet another classic and vows repertoire as was the case with the original portal however Portal 2’s allusions to the rest of the half-life universe are fleeting with the exception of a significant reference to episode through east borealis during the game’s latter half while Tantalizing it would sadly prove to be one of the last times valve would explore either series universe In the interim between episode 2 and portal 2 Episode 3 s absence was frustrating, but it was far from dire Valve had been painfully unclear at communicating when players could expect episode 3 and why it was taking so long but fans had weathered valve seemingly endless development cycles before and been rewarded for doing so Half-life 2 had just stated through nearly 6 years of development while Team Fortress 2 had done So on and off for nearly 9 and yet both emerged none the worse for wear when finally released Moreover Valve’s continued commitment to the portal series showed that the developers still cared about crafting deep story based single-player adventures But as the years would pass following portal 2’s release the future of half-life would gradually become less and less certain Valve would continue to publicly affirm their support of the half-life franchises continuation with director JJ Abrams And Newell even expressing interest in collaborating on half-life and portal movies at the 2013 dice summit and like clockwork wisps of information implying the continuing development of either a half-life 2 episode 3 or a half-life 3 Would continue to seep onto the Internet by all sorts of means from leaked concept art to project tracking software Text files and even t-shirts Get all the while a small exodus of prominent half-life developers would sweep valve with Viktor Antonov half-life 2’s art director to party in 2012 Ted Bachman who designed much of the series iconic enemies departing in 2015 and Series writer Marc Laidlaw to party in 2016 for a company of valve size which is known to currently employ Well over 300 employees a few departures is hardly a drop in the bucket The company is far from short on talent capable of creating a new half-life title But the specific nature of these departures suggested that talent or no talent there, perhaps no longer existed a place for half-life at valve Tellingly antonov would explain to Eurogamer upon his departure That he had left valve because it had grown large and ceased to create epic triple-a titles and that he personally yearned for a sense of intimacy in creative risk That Valve no longer offered this statement contained a lot of truth following the launch of dota 2 in 2013 Valve’s video game releases would largely slow to a crawl With the studio focusing much of its time and energy on developing steam which continued to expand at an incredible pace as well as maintaining its most popular online experiences namely dota counter-strike and Team Fortress The company also became increasingly engaged in developing and managing Physical Hardware such as the steam machines and the HTC vive long gone were the days of valve needing to ship project quiver as soon as possible to remain ahead of the curve the valve of Today could still thrive without so much as releasing a single game However, Valve’s refusal to work on a new half-life title may be rooted in more than the company no longer needing it for financial support in Andrew Ryan airs 2017 Game Informer article searching for half-life 3 Reiner would relay a conversation He had with an anonymous valve employee who claimed that numerous half-life projects some small some large had sprouted Internally over the years since episode 2 his release but that they had repeatedly failed to maintain any sort of long-term momentum a lack of collective excitement office politics and shifting directions internally sabotage the series again and again with each Projects collapse making each subsequent project harder and harder to get off the ground While worth taking with a grain of salt the anonymous employs claims if true provide an encompassing Explanation for both the company’s evasive attitude towards the half-life series future as well as the seemingly endless Drift beat of leaks that have emerged over the past decade In August of 2017 Marc, laidlaw would unexpectedly post but many believe to be applied synopsis of what would have been episode 3 story to his personal website titled epistle 3 the piece recounts The Adventures of dirty Fremont and Alex Vaughn and their fight against an alien menace known as the disparate as they attempt to board a ship known as the Hyperborea after much ado birdie and Alex successfully board the Hyperborea and attempt to drive it into and destroy the disparate invasion Nexus, but before they can Alex is whisked away by the elusive mrs. Axe Gerty likewise is deposited onto a beach seconds before her annihilation at a nondescript time in place It’s unclear Whether a pistol 3 represents what valve officially intended episode 3 story to be before the project was sidetracked or merely laid lausanne personal aspirations of what he wanted the story to be Regardless too many fans the piece finally provided much-needed closure and a seeming confirmation of the franchise’s fate Half-life may very well live again one day But if it does it’ll be unlike anything before it and created by a team. Unlike the one present during the franchise’s heyday Heartbreaking as it might be the franchise still continues to be supported by a voracious and active fanbase One that to this day continues to fuel the lifeblood of the half-life and portal universes with the numerable fan games mods Short films web comics and much more and for as much as valve refuses to touch either series themselves They’ve continued to remain open to leasing their characters and worlds to other developers Not all of these projects have done the series proud But enough will to ensure half-life’s enduring legacy for a long time to come Our work is made possible by the generous support of our patrons If you enjoy our content, consider subscribing to our channel and checking us out on patreon. Thank you You

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– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen,
and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a
different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my
pregnancy announcement. But for those of you
who are not interested in the pregnancy announcement of it all, we’ll be back to our regularly
scheduled programming very soon. So today I’m gonna be
showing you the footage of me telling my family,
and then I will show you the footage of me telling my
friends, either on my blog channel, or some other time
on this channel, I don’t know. So this video is just
me telling my family. I was so nervous, every time
I told anyone I was pregnant I was so so so so nervous. So I did a really bad
job when I was filming, explaining what was going
on, so I’m gonna tell you now so that you understand later. But the first thing I
wanna let you guys know is that I did tell Cory and Eric first. Cory’s my best friend,
Eric is the love of my life and the father of this baby. I told them but I did not
film those experiences. I did him pretty much
immediately after I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t
worried about filming it, I was worried about the
fact that I was pregnant. Maybe Cory and I will reenact
those moments for you later. So there are a lot of
reactions to me being pregnant in this video, but I
definitely saved my favorite and the best for last,
so watch till the end to see the cutest reaction
ever, it makes me cry every time I see it. But first we’re gonna start with my sister and my momma. My sister, I told her I was
doing a what’s inside the box challenge where you had to
stick your hand inside a box, and my mom, I told her that
we were gonna do a challenge where she had to go
shopping and buy me clothes, and the store I chose
for her to buy clothes for me at was a baby store. So here is my sister and my mom finding out that I’m pregnant. Okay guys, so I’m about to
tell Rachel that I’m pregnant. I invited her over, she
has no idea what I’m doing, but I’m gonna tell her I
wanna film a video with her, and it’s what’s inside this box. And she’s gonna sit
here, and I’m gonna put the pregnancy test in
here, and she has to guess what it is. I’m so excited. Don’t peek. – Okay, this is difficult. – So wait, okay, so- – Can I look now? – Yeah you can look now. – Ew, I don’t like it. – Okay go for it. – Is it gonna hurt me? – I don’t think so. – I don’t like you. It’s gross, it’s slimy, okay. I hate you so much, I’m
gonna throw it at your face if I hate it, is it an animal? Is it a spider? – No, it’s not a spider,
I’d never do that to you. – Is it cat poop? – No it’s not cat poop. – Is it a, a birth, a pregnancy test? – You got it. – Oh is it used? (squealing) – I’m pregnant. – Are you really? Oh my god, congratulations. Oh my god, oh my god. – I know I’m freaking out. – Oh my god you’re so pregnant. – Where did it go? – I don’t know, I’m
sorry, I got too excited. – Hey guys, today I’m
with my mom and my sister, and we are at the mall, because my mom is gonna pick out some
outfits for me and Rachel, and Rachel and I are gonna
pick out outfits for my mom. – You’re gonna look so good. – I know, so it’s mom’s turn
first, to pick out an outfit for us, specifically me, so this way. I’m picking this store. – You’re picking this store for you. – Yes. – Okay I won’t be able to
find anything for Rachel. – No, well I’m not
technically picking it for me. – Oh okay. – I’m picking it for a baby. – Oh my god, no you aren’t. Oh my god. Oh my god are you kidding me? Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. – So I bought every
pregnancy test on the planet, I have a collection of like
20 on my toilet right now, and they all say positive. – Yay I wanna see this collection. – It’s been three days. We’re not doing a video,
I just wanted to tell you in a fun way. Right but that’s why I’m not
supposed to tell anyone yet so. – May June July August September
October November December. – It’s December, early January. – A Christmas baby? A Christmas baby? It’s what I want for Christmas. – I have to say that
editing that was so hard. My mom’s and my sister’s
reactions were so sweet, and adorable, and I just, I love them. The next reactions you’re going
to see do need a little bit of explaining, you’re going to see my dad, Eric’s parents, and
Christopher and Jessica. Christopher and Jessica
were a playlist in Florida, and they weren’t gonna be home for weeks, so I couldn’t wait that
long, I needed to tell them as soon as possible, so I FaceTimed them. Eric’s parents live on the
other side of the country, so we wanted to tell them
as soon as possible too, so we of course told them
through FaceTime as well. And my dad, we got a
little revenge on my dad. My brother Christopher
and his wife Jessica had a little girl first,
so it was a really big deal when they got pregnant, it
was the first baby of that generation, and they
had a really special way that they wanted to tell every
single member of the family, but my dad blew it for my sister Rachel. It was early in the morning,
Rachel was eating cereal before school, and my dad
came in and grabbed some milk out of the fridge, and while
he was grabbing the milk he said, isn’t it crazy
that Jessica’s pregnant? And that’s how Rachel
found out that Jessica and Christopher were having a baby. Christopher and Jessica
could not believe that my dad totally spoiled such a huge
surprise, so we got payback on dad, and we told him the same way that he told Rachel about Bailey. – Oh wait, I need milk. Dad isn’t it weird that Coleen’s pregnant? (laughing) Whoops. – Wait, really? Are you serious? Oh my god. Oh my gosh, wow. Congratulations Cory. (laughing) – Hi. – Hi angel, oh you look so cute. – Thanks girl. I feel like I’m seeing things,
and I need you to tell me if you see things, you ready? – I’m really good at this. – Okay. (squealing) I wanted to wait until I
could tell you in person, but I can’t wait two weeks. – Okay, oh I’m so happy for you angel. – Chris needs to get over
here right now though. – Hey what’s up? – Wanna show him your test? – Um, yeah. – Wow. (laughing) – That’s what you say? – Congratulations. – I wanted to think of a- – Does Eric know? – Yes Eric knows. (laughing) Guess how we told dad? We were filming, and Rachel
goes wait hold on a second, I have to get some milk,
and she opens the fridge and she goes, isn’t it crazy
that Coleen’s pregnant? – (laughing) gotcha. – I just wanted to get
the six of us on FaceTime, you guys, Snax, me,
Coleen, our unborn child. – Ah. Way to go. Oh way to go guys, congratulations. – Thanks, we wanted to tell you in person, but we didn’t know when we’d be out there, and we were just too excited. – Oh man this is so exciting. – Uh Coleen’s parents are here too. – Yay, grandparents together. – Our plan is working. (laughing) – Yup. – Whoa my god. – Oh my god, way to go guys. – My little heart is all a flutter. So the next people you’re
gonna see are our brothers. Eric’s brother and my brother Trent. We got to see Eric’s brother
while we were traveling recently, so we got to tell him in person, and then my brother Trent I
got to tell at my childhood home, and he was so sweet. – What the (bleep)? (laughing) Whoa, holy (bleep). Congratulation, oh my god. Oh my god dude. – I’m in Santa Barbara, say hi. – Hello. – I wanna show you something. – Okay go for it. Oh so cool, that’s awesome. – You’re gonna be an uncle again. – Woohoo. (laughing) – It’s tiny tiny tiny,
like an orange seed. Tiny little tiny seed. Who do you think the dad is? – Why would I wanna answer that? (laughing) – Congrats. – Thank you, you too. – Thanks. And now it’s time for my favorite reaction that just makes my heart explode. My niece and nephews,
my whole heart, my soul, these children are my everything,
I’m obsessed with them. They’re literally like,
my favorite little kids in the whole world, I was
so excited to tell them. So I decided to pretend
like I’m doing a little YouTube video with them,
and got the reaction and it’s so sweet, Bailey was so excited. Today I have my four favorite little niece and nephews here with
us, and we’re gonna play a little game, okay? Okay so it’s a math
game, you guys like math? – Yeah. – First question, how many
cameras do you see in the room? – Two, three. – No. – Four. – Four, Jake got it right. Jake got the first one. – Aw, four. – Next question, how many
people are wearing jackets in the room? – Two. – Two yeah, I think Parker said it first. – I said it too. – Next question, how many
kids are in this room? – Four. – Four. – Nope. – Six. – No. – Seven. – How is, it’s not seven. – How are you counting seven? No how many human kids,
how many human kids? – Four. – Nope, there’s five. – How? – Can you find the fifth one? Dunky, do you wanna know
where the fifth one is? – Yeah where where? – Well it’s a baby, and
it’s inside my tummy. – Actually? – Actually. Can you believe it? – No I can’t. – I’m having a baby. There’s a baby in my tummy right now. – (clapping) yay. – Do you wanna feel it? There’s a baby in there. – How big is it? – It’s as big as a large plum. – Awesome. – Are you excited? You guys get a new little cousin. Are you excited? – Yeah. – So there you go, that’s
the majority of my family’s reactions on camera, and
I have tons of footage of me telling all my
friends too, like Joey and Lily and Heather
and John, and Cory and I really wanna reenact our experience, so if you guys wanna see that,
let me know in the comments I guess, but I’m doing
good, I’m feeling great, and I just wanna say,
thank you so so so much for the positive and wonderful reaction to my pregnancy announcement. I was so nervous, I was so
nervous to post about it and tell you guys that I’m
pregnant, and the reaction from the internet was
unbelievable, everyone was so supportive and sweet and just like, I was not expecting that at all. I just feel so lucky and I feel so loved, and thank you thank you
thank you for supporting me and being just sweet
and kind about all this. I’m so excited and I’m so
scared and I’m so nervous but I’m mostly just unbelievably excited to have this baby and for
you guys to experience this journey with me. That’s it, okay, I love you
guys, thanks for watching, see you next time. Oh come see me on tour, I’m
going on tour next week. I’m really excited, come see me on tour, my book’s coming out, I’m so excited. Okay I love you guys, how many
times have I said excited? I love the word excited,
cause I’m excited right now. Okay bye.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has MPs in stitches at his first House business questions

Thank You mr. speaker and thank you to the shadow leader incisive list of questions and indeed the suggestion that I should replace nari with the staff in the leaders office I think they might have bit them used if six children trotted in with me and expected to be looked after by House of Commons staff so I won't go down that route the issue with Erskine man he it is available online for free now I understand that opposition members view themselves as modern and cutting edge and thrusting and that therefore going online may not be too problematic for them even I can do it occasionally myself and if they don't want to do that well and the asking may proper addition is available for 400 pounds and may prove a good investment the issue the issue about the business that's being announced it's been out for a week that has been standard practice for some time I know historically it wasn't but Mr Speaker you said yourself that convention had to evolve and this is one of those conventions that has evolved and now we merely have it for one week the Honourable lady also asked about the conference recess the Honorable Nadine knows that recesses are a matter for this house to determine and no doubt through the usual channels a proposal will be made though I do imagine that it will be convenient for members to be able to attend their own party conferences that has been what has happened previously and it tends to be to everybody's benefit and I'm glad to see I see the chief whip for the Labour Party noting or at least fearing to nod at that and so I think that there may be something forthcoming in due course and the issue of prera Gatien is absolutely marvelous because the honourable lady asks for a new session and said when with this session end and then ask mid promised we wouldn't Perot but we can't have both we can't get the new assassin without pierogi though my right honourable friend the Prime Minister has said he views prera Gatien as an archaic mechanism and does not wish to see archaic mechanisms used as I am bad as I am now bound by collective responsibility that is now also my view in regards to the Lord's message in relation to Joint Committee that's obviously going to be looked into we always wish to treat the other place with respect I think that is an important way that we operate and that will be taken care of in due course and on the written ministerial statements I mean this really assumed I was going to use a word beginning with D and ending in M with an e D on the end if you do and the same if you don't but Mr Speaker might rule me out so if I do say that I don't want to do on my first appearance at this despatch box the Parliament wants to know what's going on and there is limited time for debates mr. speaker earlier this week gave me an urgent question our own bathroom disease we know that the system for getting statements and urgent questions answered works and therefore if there are issues that people wish to raise from the seventy written ministerial statements there are mechanisms which the Honourable lady is extremely well aware of as to her very important point on mrs. guy Radcliffe absolutely I will take that up and I promise that I will take that up every week for her we as a nation should always put the interest of our citizens first it is fundamental to how this country should operate in its conduct with foreign nations and the treatment that she has had to undergo is shameful and must be so distressing and when she talks about mr. Geary Radcliffe's child a five-year-old being deprived of a mother that is the most awful thing that one can imagine and so I have the greatest sympathy and yes of course I'll take this up may I conclude by reiterating the thanks that the Honourable lady gave to everybody in this house and how lucky I am now to be leader of this house what a privilege it is what a fine house we have I've always found that everyone wants to know what's going on in this house the doorkeepers now first and provide us with a fabulous service in paying tribute to Paul Evans as he retires well I think all sensible people have the British constitution as one of their hobbies it is amazing matter to discuss and be informed about it why 400 pounds rescued made such a good investment because it educates one about the British constitution and I wish him well in his retirement and finally I pay tribute to my predecessor my right honorable friend the member for central Devon who was such a distinguished leader of the house and Lord President of the Council there are of course Greek antecedents of the word archaic a concept and fact with which the leader himself will be closely familiar however I think I can say without fear of contradiction and for the avoidance of doubts that the word archaic as spelt now originated in the 19th century and in France so by the standards of the leader of the house it is distressingly Moulton and it is also and I simply say this as a matter of fact of foreign origin but he will have his own views about that matter and others mr. Ian Duncan Smith mr. speaker may I first of all start by welcoming my right back well it is right honourable yet my honourable friend to his post I think he will bring modulated and very moderate tones to these debates but one thing is for certain mr. speaker is that this place in business questions will now be an absolute must to have a seat so I welcome in that regard can I however raise with him nothing could be done in this session but I have a particular issue which is that I am a co-sponsor of a bill to change the existence of the process of modern-day slavery with Lord McCall and I ask can urge him to press upon his colleagues at the Home Office who have to date being utterly mealy-mouthed about the changes that are necessary to make those victims of modern-day slavery give them the op Trinity to come forward rather than fearing arrest and incarceration would he please press his colleagues in the home office to make it an urgent matter that those provisions in that bill are actually brought forward as soon as possible to improve the quality of the lives of those who suffer most Thank You mr. speaker as I rise my right over friend the member for South Northamptonshire has arrived to sit next to me a very distinguished predecessor of mine who I I congratulate on her promotion and return from the back benches on modern day slavery my rifle friend is absolutely right and I think it would be opportune to pay tribute to the right honourable my right on befriend the member for Maidenhead the former Prime Minister for all the work that she did in relation to modern day slavery and the terrible curse that it is and the hidden curse that it is and I share his view that everything should be done to stop it and the Home Office should move in that direction and people should not fear a criminal prosecution if they have been held as modern-day slaves that clearly would be desperately unfair II wish can I join you and you won't abuse to polarity wish you all the best in his retirement and can I thank you curious new leader of the house for announcing well the meaning Woodstock which we're coming back to it's September and tonight obviously warden we welcome him to his place he's a bit of festive leader the host that I've had in my fourth year but it would have to be said that he's by far the most exotic so far as well to point out some he's leader of the House of Commons no not the host of Plantagenet of the House of Tudor and he will have of course a number of key responsibilities playing amongst them is restoration and renewal but that's not a concept that he is particularly renowned unless of course it's one of these important houses belittles for that woman hey can I join everybody and that tribute to the reputable member for central Devon will no never get that quality boss from hell mr. speaker and and I forever miss these terrible jokes of a music at my expense and even though he knew that his post would probably only be temporary he did take his job and a straight to bed last night that the new government had been taken over by a rabid right-wing break to tears and I'm not particularly sure whether I'm awake yet in visions of and however you can hear this cabinet of dysfunctional basket kid fits in and a presenting it at some point million of us will be wanting some something to beat of a grexit a big impact given that's business Leighton mission he in those ears of columns unload the political mainstream in this house so when did you get the chance to the beat the big plans to crash room without the view and all the disastrous consequence and the weeks for us and I know he's familiar with Scotland he famously fought with when dropper spoil it with his nanny anymore so who knows but no way on earth as Scotland going down with his colleagues and his buffoons and brexit and lastly mr. speaker can I wish you all the staff in this house up of many happy recess can overshadow to the host and the new video of the most severely one time and hope they enjoy themselves and have some say for every rights issue it's hot outside as to speak of but as they continue to open the doors of Hell in the buffoons breaks it's gonna get a lot hotter yet Thank You mr. speaker I may be the fifth leader of the house since the Honorable gentleman has taken his place but from what I hear it seems that his question is the same regardless so it doesn't make any difference who the leader of the house should be and therefore I fear the answer is going to be much the same that I would point out that the House of Commons predates the House of Tudor it started in 1265 [Applause] House of Tudor obviously begins with Henry the seventh know that the Honourable gentleman is a very good parliamentary story but 1265 is when the burgesses come from the towns as he knows perfectly well on restoration and renewal I had the privilege of serving on the restoration and renewal committee and I think it is extraordinarily important that this House of Commons is not only a beacon for democracy as it was built to be in the 19th century but also as a functioning modern Parliament and finally the Honourable gentleman will be very reassured to know that he doesn't have to wait long Thursday the 5th of September we will be back here and we will have questions to the apartment for exiting the European Union so his wish is my command it will be granted just in greening I'd like to welcome my honourable friend to this role which I think he is very well suited to he is obviously a student of the British constitution so can we have a debate on the importance of parliamentary democracy and governments respecting the will of parliamentary votes on all matters including the wish this house not to leave the European Union with no deal well I thank my right humble friend for her question and my right old friend is very well aware of how to obtain debates in this place through the backbench Business Committee and adjournment baits mr. speaker was kind enough to give me an adjournment mainly last week and is wonderful accommodating if I may have tribute mr. speaker to you in ensuring that the house gets to discuss what it wants to discuss and I think that is important but with relation to leaving the European Union this Parliament voted for the withdrawal Act that said we would leave its predecessor Parliament which has an enormous commonality with this house voted by an overwhelming majority for the article 50 Act that also said we would leave these two acts combined provided that we would leave under UK law on the 31st of October 2019 Carla meant debated Parliament decided parliamentary democracy requires we deliver I'm very grateful mr. speaker and cut about and the leader of the house to his to his new rule and Mr Speaker I actually thought I was getting somewhere with his previous as I his immediate predecessor on the issue of parliamentary time becoming available should the government business weren't short and could the backbench Business Committee be considered if that may be a potential outcome the vac bench business community could backfill that that business so the house isn't rising early and that members can have issues that they won't vent it vented on the floor of the house and I really do hoping that we can work together or not and Mr Speaker I could also echo the tribute to Paul Evans that we actually share the boss in in the morning quite often so I do know him quite well and he has helped us on the backbench Business Committee and in particular I met Mr Speaker I wish you everyone on all sides of the house and all staff of the house in particular in particular the staff and the members of the vacuums business committee a very happy and healthy recess and I think the members of the backbench business committee have done a great service to this helps in recent months keeping the business of this house taking over on many many deals Thank You mr. speaker may I pay tribute to the honorable gentleman for the fine work he does his chairman of the backbench Business Committee I may have received a generous promotion from the prime minister but I haven't gone native I do believe that the government should be held to account and particularly by backbenchers and that the issues that they want to debate ought to be debated and the backbench Business Committee ensures that happens as to the question of short business I completely understand the point the Honorable gentleman makes the only point I would raise is that there is a concern if business is not known in advance so that people can't prepare their speeches and their remarks but that I'm very happy to work with him to see if there is a solution to this Sunday to make my right honourable friend on his appointment thank his predecessor for today's some adjournment debate pay tribute to the retiring sergeant at arms the speaker's chaplain and the retiring clock but would my right honourable friend find time for debate today on benefit to pay to people without sight mrs. Jill Alan King has appointed an anomaly whereby people born before the 8th of April 1948 who were on the standard rate of the Disability Living Allowance are now not entitled to the lower rate of the attendants allowance when they retire I thank my friend for his question and he reminds me to pay tribute to to the retiring sergeant 'adam she was a very distinguished figure he's also absolutely right to raise the matter that he does blind and severely visually impaired people clearly face significant challenges in living independent lives up until April 2011 Disability Living Allowance DLA failed to reflect those challenges the government has put in place changes to rectify this and I would encourage my honourable friend to seek an adjournment debate so he can raise this particular concern directly with the appropriate Minister but I will also pass on his concern after today's proceedings so Murray speak really welcome the elite of the house to his position because certainly the Liberal Democrats we couldn't want for a better recruiting sergeant for us than him as we set up a contest between Victorian values and Liberal Democrat values but more seriously could I ask the mean of the house if he will make time available for the house to discuss his views on northern islands and the checks on the Irish border as we had during the Troubles as he has articulated and how the government could keep an eye on the border and an ability to have people inspected and the impact that this would have on the Good Friday Agreement Mr Speaker I may be a better recruiting sergeant for the Lib Dems and the Honorable gentleman is but but I feel that may not be a very difficult task with regards to Northern Ireland and the border with the Republic of Ireland the Prime Minister has made clear that there will not be a border imposed by the British government but he is another fortunate man that there will be Northern Ireland questions on the 11th of September and he can raise these matters directly with the relevant minister ratio McLean very much Mr Speaker I also warmly welcome the new leader at the house and I was delighted when his honourable friend the Prime Minister made Social Care a priority from the steps of Downing Street how I asked him so he backed this and when he used his efforts to bring forward this important legislation which affects so many carers a dementia sub-project down the country thank you and mr. speaker I'm very grateful for that question because before I was bound by collective responsibility I rate the forward to a paper encouraging the government to do exactly what the Prime Minister was suggesting yesterday so before I was bound to say things that I'm not allowed to say I was saying broadly what she would like me to say if that isn't unduly complex but there will be an adjournment debate on Social Care on the 4th of September you mr. speaker may I welcome the Honourable gentleman to his place following last night's brutal events in Downing Street he will know more than most on that side of the house that the leader of the houses job is to be the voice of parliament in the cabinet rather than just the voice of the cabinet in this place and at a time when we are in a very volatile situation with issues of the threatened prorogation of this place as a tactic to drive us out of the EU without a deal when he and I both know that there is no majority for that in this house will he give me a pledge that he will take his duties to this house seriously and warn the new Prime Minister that that way will cause chaos I'm grateful to the honourable lady's question and the Honourable lady was herself a very distinguished shadow leader of the house and somebody I have the greatest admiration for in her appreciation for the Commons as an institution I can absolutely assure her that I take that part of my role extraordinarily seriously I have perhaps a somewhat romantic view of the House of Commons I think when I share with you mr. speaker about how it is our job to hold the government to account not simply to facilitate whatever the government wants to do however this House passed into law the withdrawal Act and the article 50 Act we only speak our view by legislation we do not speak our view by mere motion and mere motion cannot and must not overturn statute law because if that were to happen we would not have a proper functioning representative democracy we would have an erratic changeable an irregular system of government serene woodenly what a pleasure to work on my right honourable friend to this matchbox a fellow ultra Monday on trot Montaigne Catholic I'm not sure me people here know what that means my bride my radical friend knows perhaps luckily he has a firm grasp of history but some would say he is living history does he agree with me that so much of the work we do here depends on us being here in the Palace of Westminster I don't want to pin him down because I don't want him to rule anything out or anything either this very early stage but is he aware that many of us believe that if we do have to lead as Calais it should be for a shorter time as possible when we return it should be exactly as it is and our priority should be the safety of the building and also we should care about heritage particularly the heritage of Richmond house Thank You mr. speaker I share my right on boyfriend's admiration for the late Pope passed the ninth but in terms of this house and what it represents and the symbolism of this building what our Victorian predecessors did was to show through their architecture their belief in their democratic system and their confidence in our great nation we should never do anything that undermines that and the idea that we should go and be in some modern office block in the middle of nowhere or that we should fail to have the understanding and the glory of our democracy that this house through its building shows is one that I would utterly reject now Yemen mr. speaker can I welcome the right honourable gentleman to his new job when we watch his performance in it with great interest but does he agree with me and can we rely on him to be a champion for justice for everyone regardless of their background or their wealth or their connection and does he realize that that on the 10th of January 2018 Caitlin Dawson was killed alone and to two other win debt very badly injured and when when a white BMW crashed into the queue for this she was going to school crashed in killed her she was 15 and only child could we have an early debate on what is going on in the Crown Prosecution Service there has been all these months and now the Crown Prosecution Service had decided not to bring any charge against mr. Richard Brook the driver because he got off on the kite God that who the CPS thinks he was going to argue insane automatism which is increasingly being used by rich and wealthy well-connected people to get off when they kill people mr. speaker this is an issue of the greatest importance and these terrible events move anybody who hears about them that the death of a 15 year old through a criminal act is invariably tragic I absolutely believe that one of the founding principles of our nation is that justice is blind and there is equal justice for everybody and that is something that all members of parliament should commit to as regards a debate the Honorable gentleman the chairman of the backbench Business Committee will refer to his appeal and is one I'm sure many other members of the House may want to support Steve Baker he creates an absolute joy to see my imminently right honourable friend in his proper place at this table and of course I congratulate him I know he'll want to join me in congratulating our right honourable friend full of fur on her return to government can you give the house any indication of when we can look forward to what I'm sure will be the eagerly awaited anticipation of the election of the new chair of the Treasury select committee very very important question is is one where I threw my hat into the ring last time it was thrown back at me very firmly but it is really important that our select committees have chairmen in place it is a matter that will be dealt with in the normal way but I would hope that it would be dealt with agent Lee Ruth Smith this week lots of children broke for the summer holidays and it were and for many that is a joy and a pleasure but for many parents they will now have to pay for an extra 10 mils and per week per child that were providers at three free school meals 20% of parents will go out will go without a meal this week to do so the government's invested in a pilot scheme can we have a statement the first week back of how how the pilots ran Thank You mr. speaker the Honourable lady is indeed right this year around 50,000 disadvantaged children in 11 local authority areas will be offered free meals and activities over the summer holidays are funded by 9 million pounds from the Department for Education which follows a successful scheme last year of two million pounds mr. speaker the Honorable lady knows that there are means of obtaining statements or urgent questions to see that there is an answer and they doubt you will reflect upon it if such a request is made Mr Bowen Thank You mr. speaker and may I welcome the new leader of the house he will know his role as it's been said already is to represent Parliament to government and say things of Parliament one sir he once said and not necessary what government wants to hear we've had an extraordinary long session Mr Speaker we need to end the session we need to have a new queen speech we need to have new opposition days when we need importantly to have private member's days will the leader of the house consider arranging a Queen's speech saying November Thank You mr. speaker my honourable friend may want to raise that question with the prime minister who's making a statement later and who is the person who will advise Her Majesty on when the next session of Parliament should begin but obviously there will have to be a new queen speech at some point and I believe this is the longest Parliament since the Long Parliament of the 1640s was killed by a stolen lorry the four men responsible had a hundred convictions between them yet will only serve between five and seven years now is to nearly two years since the government committed to raising the maximum sentence for death by dangerous driving so can I ask that this new administration make this a priority and collapse the new leader of the House when exactly he will make parliamentary time available Thank You mr. speaker these cases are absolutely terrible III think I mentioned earlier an application to backbench Business Committee for this matter and that the two members are coming together in feeling that such a debate is necessary and is important and I feel that that is absolutely the right way to go and I just have every sympathy for families in this terrible terrible situation who feel the law is not helping them címon club mr. speaker and in welcoming my honourable friend to his place might say how welcome it is for this house to have a ministry committed to leaving the European Union in all circumstances to that point can we get a debate on preparedness for all outcomes including a No Deal brexit I'm very grateful to my humble friend for his question I share his view that it's jolly good news that we've got an administration that is committed to leaving the European Union which is exactly what the British people voted for in 2016 and indeed what Parliament legislated for and preparedness is of great importance I think he may find there are some encouraging words from the Prime Minister coming a little later so that may preempt an immediate debate luciana bersia 14 weeks today we are due to leave the European Union with five weeks with five weeks of recess and three weeks of anticipated conference recess that is more time away from this place and actually here the new leader the house told us before that he believes in our parliamentary democracy what plans does he have to recall Parliament so he concealed the greatest issue to face our nation since the Second World War mr. speaker any cursory visitor to the chamber over the last few years would have had hours of debate in this place on leaving the European Union if they had troubled to wander to the other place they would have heard even longer hours of debate of leading the European Union this is the most discussed subject Parliament has managed in decades and Parliament came to a decision when it's legislated and I'm sorry to repeat the answer but I will have to carry on doing so Parliament voted for the article 50 act and that withdrawal act that set by law the timetable for leaving that is the Democratic decision of Parliament so Jonah hey to speak as the self-appointed shop steward of the regular attenders of business questions club can I welcome how many guests and in particular and in particular welcome the leader of the house of whom I haven't always been inordinately fond not least as I know that not everyone enjoys the benefit I do of a working-class upbringing the leader marina will know that taxi and private hire vehicles Isis Singh has been a matter of profound concern so much so than enlightened former trying to administer Commission to report on that subject which was published in September last year the government responds being published in February this year we've heard nothing since it is vitally important that we reform taxi and private here the vehicle licensing so that the concerns of those that drive taxes can be taken into account and the welfare of well-being of those who travel in them can be protected job well thank you mr. speaker wasn't it Israeli who said that the London taxi was the gondola of London and I share that view I think we are very lucky to have the taxi drivers that we have though I think that the shop steward of these sessions will find that the new sector of State for Transport they're self-elected well on those shots judge self-elected I thought that's how those things work that my right honourable friend will be able to raise this with the new section of safe transport Tracy Bremen with more people are self employed than on minimum wage and by 2020 more self-employed than in the public sector any government worth their salt and a government who says they are the party for the people and working people would know that putting self-employed at the front of their agenda is absolutely vital so could we have a debate in government time that discusses workers rights for self-employed particularly when it comes to maternity and paternity rights and the great thing to remember mr. speaker is that the self-employed are the entrepreneurs of the future they are the ones who create the new businesses and create the the new jobs it is a fantastically dynamic part of our economy but the Honorable latest question is pretty well timed because I am sitting next to the new Secretary of State for it responsible who will have heard her plea and will no doubt take it into consideration the name is smoochy mr. Robert have fun Thank You mr. Speaker I congratulate my honourable friend of this wonderful new role Marlin friend as well as liking the British constitution I know that he likes cutting taxes so can we have a debate on axing the weeding tax but it's incredibly unfair that people who buy books or magazines online have to pay 20% more than those who don't mr. speaker my honourable friend is not so genius at getting debates in this place he hardly needs advice for me he's already got an adjournment debate coming on the 4th of September which I expect will be even better attended than this morning session is so I feel that I'm inadequate to advise him on how to achieve more debates but his subject is indeed a worthy one and I hope that his plea will have been widely heard Kate green the leader of the house is known for his courtesy so I'm sure he will agree with me the language describing travelers as an invasion a disease contrasting them with decent people are talking of them as a problem all of which have been heard in this house in recent months is deplorable will he arrange under a debate perhaps a hate crime week after the recess for us to discuss how we can use language respectfully towards everybody in this country Thank You mr. speaker and I thank the Honourable lady for her generous compliment but it really is important that we use language properly that language is effective and language is powerful mr. speaker controls how it is used in this house to ensure that disease orderly but the general tone should be one of generosity and kind leanness and I would always encourage that in terms of a debate I don't think one in government time is likely but as I've said before there are adjournment debates backbench business debates Westminster Hall debates and it is a really important issue and I would encourage and share the Honorable lady's view the good manners goes a long way Andrew salut I warmly congratulate my right honorable friend on his new appointment and say he's already looking like an old pro in the position could we have an urgent debate on serious deficiencies in the enforcement of minimum wage legislation a carer in my constituency is owed 63 thousand pounds in unpaid minimum wage despite the Care Act requiring Luton Borough Council to have an effective monitoring process of the personal budget payments involved HMRC is the enforcement agency can take no action against the person cared for but she can't because she has no assets how can my constituent get her unpaid minimum wage the speaker that is a very serious issue regrettably I can't comment on individual cases but I'm clear that care workers provide essential support some of the most vulnerable members of society and it is essential that they are paid in accordance with the law including the national minimum wage for the work that they do this is a responsibility of local authorities who should ensure that personal budgets are sufficient to deliver a person's care needs including making sure that covers the cost of wages and they have a duty to monitor how personal budgets are spent but the Department of Health and Social Care will take this up with the local authority and ask them to investigate what sounds a very serious and concerning case whether I'm keen to move on to the statement by the prime minister at or very close to 11:30 so the normal practice of accommodating everybody will not apply today however participation will be maximized by short questions and the leaders Taric turistica pithy replies single sentence inquiries are to be preferred Peter Kyle Speaker congratulations on the new job to the other house he said already today that he will be the voice of this chamber and he will hold the government to account can he therefore tell us what does he feel about this the appointment from the new prime minister of somebody is his closest advisor who has been found in contempt of this house what would he do to hold him to account for that decision and what does he feel about it mr. speaker Parliament did what it did it passed its sentence it didn't use its ancient powers to imprison or fine the gentleman concerned it didn't send him to the Clocktower therefore effectively his conviction is spent and I believe in the rehabilitation of offenders Bob Sealy we can I welcome to our honorable judge went to his new role ministers made a holding statement on the telecom supply chain with you last week or this week sorry Huawei and Chinese high tech was not part of that or no announcement was made due to the seriousness of this issue will he consider a debate in government time so that government outlines options on the role of Chinese high tech in our critical national infrastructure apart from brexit this is one of the most serious issues that we will face in the 21st century and would you agree he needs we need more debate Thank You mr. speaker it's obviously an important issue but the means of obtaining a debater well a well known I did express views on this before I was bound by collective responsibility but currently I'm waiting for the government's review Jim Cunningham common right to the Honorable gentleman's question of taxi regulations the leader of those never answered the question when is he going to bring those two proposals the minister responsible going to bring those proposals to those because the minister told us it was only a matter of parliamentary time will he faint attack well honourable gentleman knows that there are usual channels for finding time and that ministers asked for time for things to come forward and that these things have to slot in with the overall parliamentary timetable but the commitment has been made and the commitment will be honored for you mr. speaker may I also welcome my writer welcome to his new role I know his predecessor was looking at the online harassment that sometimes politicians face especially women and those from certain ethnic groups and was planning to engage with counterparts from other Parliament's across the world to see how they had addressed this issue in order to it stopped putting people off standing for Parliament can I urge him to continue with this important work I'm very grateful to my own boyfriend for raising that important issue it is something that should distress us all that online harassment seems to affect a certain category of society more than others it seems to affect women and ethnic minorities more than men and it would be absolutely appalling if this deterred good people from coming into political life I am extremely keen that the suggestion she made be looked at and that we try and work out how to lessen this problem because it's something we should all be worried about precisely if the new leader of the house will say a little more now about how he intends to champion the supremacy of the House of Commons because we've slipped into some very bad habits recently opposition to a writ emotions not being fulfilled by the government other resolutions being ignored by the executive does he believe that if this House of Commons resolves something that he will ensure those resolutions are faithfully executed thank you mr. speaker the Honorable gentleman has a view of history this is longer than mine he says recently I don't think 1972 is that recent but it was there that this house abrogated parliamentary sovereignty into height decided handed over to what then became the European Union I'm glad to say we've taken back control and the Parliament will be sovereign once again but Parliament is sovereign by law not by mere motion the last time it was sovereign by mere motion was when it issued ordinances under Oliver Cromwell do I wish to go back to that mr. speaker no sir Henri's way mr. speaker and I warmly congratulate my uncle friend on his appointment I also very much welcomed yesterday on the steps of Downing Street the new Prime Minister talking about investment in primary care in Crawley too many GP surgeries are at or over capacity can we have an early statement on that issue Thank You mr. speaker and I thank my humble friend for his kind words he's absolutely right to raise this issue we all know that GP practices provide a vital service to our local communities we will continue to build on the recent changes to GP services and primary care as set out earlier this year in the NHS long term plan including an extra 4.5 billion pounds for primary care and community services and up to 20,000 additional staff working in general practice over the next 20 years and I'm sure the health secretary will report back which I hope will meet his demand for debate in Newlands mr. speaker as we've heard the leader is supposed to be the great defender of Parliament parliamentary democracy but in January he said that those are Commons on domains of basic constitutional convention and executive isn't able to use all of the shtetl constitutional means to stop it by HIV should I mean propagation so easily they're going to be powerless money cabinet or cabinets man yeah mr. speaker you and I know perfectly well that this constitution of ours this precious vessel of our Constitution is bound by conventions and it is overwhelmingly important that all the conventions are followed and obeyed these are conventions about how this house operates how the other place operates and how the executive operates these are grown up over time from our history and our understanding of how we should be governed and it is very risky to break one convention because that then leads to other conventions being taken less seriously must change I welcome my honourable friend to his new physician private building inspectors are a vital part of the construction industry through no fault of their own many of these buildings specters are now having a massive issue in terms of renewing professional indemnity insurance can the government provide a statement confirming what it can do to support the reform of this important insurance I'm well aware of the issue it is an important one and I will pass it on to the relevant minister jennydavey the palace to stop and search young people it's beautiful in reducing CSU violence well the new leader of the house agreed to have debates on this in government I'd Thank You mr. speaker if only people would make their breath momentarily the new prime minister is going to make a statement shortly and one of the things he has already been advocated is ensuring police have our support for stop and search so there may be there may be an opportunity to ask my right honourable friend in a moment do denied speak as we break for some restoration and renewal during recess my constituents are to be invited by two things first of all inconsiderate garden grabbing with no social purpose whatsoever and the second stealing car parts to order can we have a debate please in government time on these two twin menaces and how we reform a law to help my constituents that we always stand up for and help our constituents but the chairman of the backbench Business Committee is still sitting here paying close attention to what is being said and I'm sure his committee will consider my own my friends request in Fletcher Baker I recently met with matrons at my local hospital in Coventry we talked about a range of issues including the government's disastrous decision to abolish NHS bursaries which they said had resulted in a 32 percent drop in applications to study nursing thereby exacerbating the workforce crisis our NHS where we already have 41,000 nursing vacancies will the leader of the House not the time to debate the problem of recruitment and retention in our nursing professions and the need to introduce the NHS bursaries to help mr. speaker the relevant sector of state has whispered in my ear and I feel it should have a wider audience that we have record numbers of nurses and record numbers in training so this is a significant success of this government and if we wish to have a debate on the successes and triumphs of this government I would be all in favor Chris green provide government time for debate on the future of the northern powerhouse because we need to deed deliver on the vision you unite the talents across the north d defeat the poverty of Labor's low aspiration so will my humble friend reinsert that all-important energy to the northern powerhouse brilliant point mr. speaker and follows on from what I'm saying I think we should have days of debate of the wonderful successes of this government 13 billion pounds spent on the northern powerhouse the minister of the northern powerhouse now attending the cabinet triumph after triumph achieved by this government and we've only had our new prime minister for 24 hours it's absolutely amazing [Applause] but but it's probably in the purview of the backbench business committee Ian Paisley Thank You mr. speaker and I also congratulate the new leader of the house who appears to be very well fed up to the role can I ask the leader of the house that I'm very disappointed that in the first week back we do not have business with regards to a draft historical bill on abuse for Northern Ireland will that be on the second week when we're back as indicated by the northern secretary mr. speaker my honourable friend really should be aware that there will be no Nollan questions on the 11th he can raise this with the relevant minister but I accept it's a really important issue jeremy Lefroy could we have a debates on the importance of a commitment from both the UK and the EU to the continuation of allowing musicians and artists to work without hindrance in each other's territories mr. speaker this is obviously of importance that we want to be able to ensure the cultural exchanges continue and I'm sure that this will be something that will be achieved by the government in the procedure Committee where he championed the rights of this ass he perambulated around the question about prorogation so to be absolutely specific can you confirm that the house will be sitting each week every week between the 8th of October and the 31st mr. speaker we've got regulators managed into this session which I think must be a first leader of the high seas questions the issue of prera Gatien is one that my right awful friend has said is now k ik usage but there will have to be a prorogation before there is a new session this is the routine constitutional position and I believe in maintaining the constitutional conventions one sentence of Blackmun tragical for London are currently consulting on building high high density lot of story housing on car parks at stations across London can we have a debate in government time on the impact on commuters right across the whole southeast England thank you very much mr. speaker I understand that my real friend is likely ruled in the adjournment made later it will be a golden opportunity to raise this subject yes may speak i do hope that visa keep waving isn't a red [Applause] fisheries alpha they're sorry Mr Speaker I didn't hear words okay let's hear it again cats me that recent Kippur waving has not been a red herring and can I ask when we can expect to see the fisheries bill back in this place very much those kippers I can assure the Honourable lady were absolutely delicious they were eaten by my right honourable friend with gusto and shows his characteristic support for the British fishing industry but the the Honourable lady knows that bills come back through the normal channels through the normal courses and all things will be well it all will be well no manner of things will be well it just through eating is a challenge to even the most vivid imagination but we will reflect upon that I feel sure Steve Duvall this week a group of local authorities representing rural areas formed the coalition under the title Britain's leading age many of these areas are benefited from European funding once we leave the EU will the government continue its commitment to invest in these areas through the shared prosperity funds thank you very much mr. speaker it is of course our money in the first place which is recycled am i right I'll defend the Chancellor's whispered in my ear CF so yes the money is there yes now I have a chance to vote on their Lordships amendment to the trade bill for participation in a customs union one earth would anybody want to do that [Applause] thank you very much thank you very much miss Speaker I welcome you on amendment to this place will you join me in congratulating the team at Saint reason Kinross for getting the Perth and Kinross co-starred for a quality at work and will you provide some government time to discuss the disability confident and access to work programs I extend my warmest good wishes to the Saints present Kinross for their brilliant achievement III think it might be a slightly new subject for debate on the chamber up floor of the House of Commons however damage on social behavior and crime rising steeply since 2010 and in the first half of July 23 emergency service workers were assaulted in the hall I was very pleased to hear that the prime minister announced last night 20,000 new police officers can we have a debate and when those police officers are actually going to be on the streets where they're going to be in the country and whether they will be equally shared around mr. speaker merits the Honourable lady very many happy returns of the day I understand it is an auspicious day today my right old friend the Prime Minister is going to be making a statement he has clearly made the extra 20,000 police an absolute priority we need to ensure that everything is done to combat crime and to ensure that people in Hull and everywhere else in the country are safe but it may be sensible to ask my right on the friends later although we must now move on during