Bajaj Finance Pocket Personal Loan kaise le | Eligibility, Documents, Fee and Charges All Details

Bajaj finserv pocket personal loan What is Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan How can we take Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan Which documents should we have for take Bajaj Finserv Pocket Personal Loan And by following which terms and conditions, we can be eligible for this loan What is the maximum amount of loan that we can take under this pocket personal loan If we get a pocket personal loan, how will we get it back? Or Repayment? How many months will we get to repay the loan The most important thing That in the personal loan of Bajaj Finance How much percent interest will we have to pay And what are the extra charges other than interest What are the hidden charges of bajaj personal loan We will know all these things in this video So let’s know pocket personal loan is a financial service of bajaj Under which Bajaj gives its customers Gives some money as loan And that too with very little interest So friends from here, you can take a loan under a pocket personal loan With very little interest So now it comes to know how to be eligible to take a loan here That is, who can get this personal loan To avail this loan, you have to follow the 4 conditions. The first condition is that you should be a salaried Indian citizen That is, you should also get salary and you should also be an Indian citizen Both these conditions fall under the same condition The second condition is your Age limit To avail this personal loan, you should have a minimum age of 20 years And should be at least 50 years old If you are less than 21 or more than 50 years ahead Then you will not get this loan This is the third condition of this loan. This is your take home Monthly Salary Should be 20000 You cannot get a loan even if you have a salary since 20000 Because as soon as you fill your personal details, then all the grating will go on And then they will tell you that you are not eligible for the loan That which is its fourth condition is what Bajaj people have done Cities in India have been told in the 3 Tier So here comes the list of cities in the list of Tier 1 & 2 Only those people will be provided this loan And the rest are cities Those people are not being provided this loan right now. So this is all four guys If you want to see the names of the cities in the Tier 1 and Tier 2 lists Then you will find the link to those list in the description of this video From that you can know which cities are named in Tier 1 and Tier 2 So if your city has a name in that list Then you can get this personal loan So if you are following these four conditions only then you can get this pocket personal loan So now it comes to how much amount of maximum loan you can get under this pocket personal loan Under this loan, you can have at least 10000 You can take a loan amount of up to 50000 So if you get this loan amount, how will you get back from it? You don’t have to do much to return loan amount The bank account you file at the time of taking the loan Money is deducted from the same bank account in every EMI form of your money That is, here you get Manly 2 option to refund the loan amount. 1. 1EMI 2. 3 EMI So in 1EMI you who has taken the loan amount That loan amount and the interest Both are combined And the day you got the loan A month after that You have to pay a totalof money in one go The same happens in 3 EMI That the loan amount you got And the interest which is engaged in it is added to both And it is divided into 3 parts And to divide it into 3 parts The first part of which is a month later Second part two months later And the third part after 3 months Company has to give This money that you have to pay, friends, you do not have to pay in cash or in any other way it is that you make a deposit in your account before time Than company deduct his emi amount form your account So in this way you will be able to repay this personal loan So now it comes to know how to take this Bajaj finserv pocket personal loan How will we get the loan You don’t have to do much to get a loan Normally you have to install Finserv Market application in your smartphone You will find the link to that app in our description You will also be able to see on the screen what the logo of that app is and how you can install it So, you have to install that application in your smartphone After installing, you have to open those applications Such an interface will open when you open it Waiting for a while, then a column will open in front of you Because the process of registration will start as soon as it opens In the first column you have to fill your contact number Then you have to fill the contact number and click on Next As soon as you click on Next, the column to fill the date of birth will open Clicking on Date Birth When You Click Next Then you will be asked full name That is to say full name So you have to fill the full name After filling the full name a box will be below the term condition then you have to tick on the box After ticking you have to click on Verify As soon as you click on Verify So before coming here a OTP will come on your number