DIY Small Bathroom Total Makeover/ Renovation + REVEAL!!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel as you can see I've got my morning face on no makeup just woke up but I was super excited to get this video started because I have a contractor showing up any second but in this video I'm gonna reveal the guest hall bathroom and I'm gonna show you guys how I take it from looking okay to looking amazing so first I'm gonna work with the contractor to do all of the changes that I personally can't do myself and then I'm gonna show you how I decorate it and show you the final product so first let me show you what the bathroom looks like in the beginning of the day right now this bathroom is off of our hallway it is our guest bathroom if you remember before we renovated it it looked like this it was very green now I gave it like a modern feel it's super cute right now it just needs some little details put in that are gonna make it go from like okay to amazing so the first detail that I actually did not film that I wanted to call out before we do anything is I installed this cute rod from Home Depot it was super easy to put up actually did it with Matt but it's like a cute black suspension rod alright I got all dressed now and now we're gonna head to the guest bathroom and start working on it right we're getting this show on the road I'm here with Jimmy I want you guys to meet him before you watch him install and Jimmy one for popcorn fix a few things yeah we're getting to fixing so we're gonna he's gonna be moving the mirror down because it was a bit too high and we're gonna be finishing up installing these home depot lights and hanging up this adorable Home Depot shelf now that year is higher we're gonna put these little guys in so good so the next thing that we are working on is we're putting a gold doorknob on it just adds such an extra pop to the room and like you guys can see we have all gold fixtures in here so now it's gonna match now we're gonna put up this adorable shelf I'm so excited to see what it looks like alright so Jimmy left and now I'm gonna tackle a lot of the small things myself over the next day or two the first thing I'm gonna hang is this really cute hook for the towel that Hudson uses since this is technically Hudson's bathroom so I'm gonna do it myself hopefully I don't mess it up and embarrass myself on camera alright so here's what it looks like it's so cute and it's perfect for Hudson's little towel that we use so now I'm just gonna go ahead and add a few little finishing details and touches just to kind of warm up the space because it feels very white right now I love this cute little cup from Home Depot it matches the bathroom perfectly so I'm gonna put that right there for my guests I also really loved this adorable trashcan I love that the gold matches the gold touches in my bathroom so I'm gonna go ahead and put that right there there you have it I added some textures just to warm up the space and then I added this cute little shelf cute little cup that matches a hook and I'm just so happy with how it came out I felt like it really needed that pop of color that it now has alright guys thank you so much for coming along and watching me fix up this bathroom and collaboration with Home Depot and I'll see you next week for another video bye

£4000 Bathroom Renovation UK – Bathroom Ideas – Bathroom Design – Bathroom Tour – Bathroom Makeover

hi everyone welcome to Nick's home renovation as you may be out of here by his echo I'm in the bathroom my first bathroom job I ever did I'm going to show you today how I did it for under 4000 pounds three thousand seven hundred and sixty pounds to be precise and it is a small bathroom but as I show you as we go around now we did quite a lot of work to it so I'm go round it show you everything we've all show you where we bought it I'd also this always below and then hopefully you can see something you like and know where to get it so let's start in the close-up door together their room is is quite small the first thing we did in this bathroom I'll show you before and afters hopefully at the same time as you can see exactly what we've done so the thing I really wanted to do when we haven't had this property was build if a couple of stuff walls because we live in Brixton in London and there's just not a lot of storage place so two things I wanted to do there's one there was small stuff all here for this shelving behind maybe I'll show you later and then a second spot wall yeah it's a really nice idea give us loads of space I wanted to show you that was quite a big expense we've really pulled the cost up so and I still think 3,700 what we said was really reasonable those two things were my dream it's a power tool as a builder coming in building the framework for this behind me plastering all the study all our etc and I think that's a pretty good price to start off with the next big expense as you can imagine the bathroom is flying so the first issue we had in here was we had the West used to come out this wall here at the side here he was all boxed in and it was horrible as we were doing this stuff work and the wall behind the best thing to do waste going into the start work I can see have an event 45 degree or 90 degrees around the corner here and out this side wall so the plumbing cost came to 850 pounds and as everything you imagined so changing the waste here as I said is doing this toilet installing this sink storing the shower yeah so 850 pounds for the plumber sounds a lot but actually have many coaching plumbers in the thousands when researching this 850 pounds isn't that bad so so far around 1,400 pounds have all this stuff work it plastid in here and the farmers quota to begin work I'll go now through everything we've bought where we bought it and then we'll go from there so let's start we have not very bad much taller than sink over here so as you can see we've gone for sort of traditional look and here's where it's a Victorian property and we want to keep it traditional everywhere even the mirror up here there's got that tradition so both of these things are from honest I do standards both of them so taller it's just called a traditional I don't standard toilet and the sink is called the Waverley the toilet was 180 pounds and the sink was hundred fifty pounds which i think is pretty good value you see how nice that looks we remember the pedestal water with the plumbing hidden behind there again in the Victorian look the next things be plumbed in was this shout yeah the shower with this tap here one of the most expensive things we'll both have 300 pounds again when you thought it really gave us the traditional look we were after especially it's so nice pull it down as well the next big thing is well I met currently on now which is the timing so for those that saw my last video we these times the same as we used in the kitchen so we've gone for the half towel look around here just to separate that's great warmers we've used here behind the bar we've gone all the way up to the top so these are called Metro tiles and you can get the top styles all the child came to around 250 pounds and then these tiles on the floor here of what we've had a positive comments very your friends and family these are called Laura Ashley mr. Jones in charcoal we actually got these from a company called BSO we found them just cheaper the law actually and I think they're in charge as well actually but BSO were the cheapest and because this is a tiny floor space maybe has lead to us or two meters by 2 meters they only came 220 pounds so we've been 250 or the metro ones from both dollars and 120 on the floor tiles here which I think you'll find is pretty good rather and then the Tyler himself was 600 pounds which again it sounds a lot but it's a lot a lot of work so all forms putting down the map I mean thought I was drawing here 600 pounds so that's where a lot of your money is gonna go if you do something similar the bath itself was 300 pounds I believe and it came with this traditional bath panel as well again trying to keep that traditional look throughout this property another thing we get complimented on a lot is from Victorian plumbing and this is a traditional wall Harmon radiator the mate called Bromley and that was 200 pounds I think it's a really nice feature for this password and there just a few things like this shower spring for example again not much sixty pounds from Victorian plumbing again and then for those of you that have seen my previous videos you'll know that I'm an electrician so I just rewired it I put in ball cables up for it to start work in the see him throw this bathroom fan because there wasn't a fan here before I put a shaver socket hidden his hidden cupboard for our two brushes etc and just redid all these mites up here just a little bit extra to go back to the tiling as I nearly forgot one of my favorite bits of this whole bathroom is this shelf in the corner that we used the law actually charcoal tiles for just to make a little shelf again just giving us a little bit more storage and how nice so that was all because of doing this start work frame that I spoke about for 580 pounds just so you could have this shelf I just keeps things from being on here to the bath unnecessarily the Wolcott is from faroan book and then these frames we just brought to market so all of that came to three thousand seven hundred and sixty pounds I'll put it all for finding tradesman such as the time of a plumber there are lots of websites these days such as might build up you can use it can be quite daunting process but these days you can see people's feedback they'll put photos of work they've done just don't accept the lowest price measure you do research check out ones photos feedback videos and if you're doing your own renovation have good luck with it I'll put everything I bought here below if you want to have it if you would want any help feel free to email me or reply to this video and I'll try and do my best hopefully I'll be enough some he'll have a good evening cheese guys flat

House Renovation #2 : Bathroom Diaries

hello guys I hope you're all well welcome back I've got a renovation blog sort of thing today sorry I can't talk yeah I thought I'd show you and there has not a lot has happened if I'm honest we're still in the bathroom I've just watched my last one back and we basically just moved in everywhere was a mess everywhere still is a mess I'm not going to take you under because nothing's happened in every room I've just tidied up here and there so yeah I'm just gonna show you what we've done in the bathroom I've painted a bit downstairs as well just for now so it looks a little bit neater this is oh we got our radiators on I don't think you saw that had all I heated and done we've had one window done in the bathroom because it needed doing before every other one because it was not letting in a load of air and stuff so yeah I'll just show you around and shut up so this is the office now it's absolutely grotesque like the wallpaper is hideous I don't know whether I never showed you it up close but it's like this raised stuff which is gonna be a pain in the ass to get off and then behind this who I'll show you down here they've like put polystyrene on the walls it's absolutely horrible so I'm guessing they've done it for insulation but it's gonna be paying the art to take off that wallpapers just gonna rip off because it's peel it off anyway but yeah I haven't really touched this room it's still like a dumping ground but we've got our radiances on this is one of them we went for like anthracite gray is it but they do look quite black to be fair and really like those absolutely adore them they're a little bit more pricey than what we wanted to pay but we thought just get it done properly otherwise I have to do it again later on down the line if it's not what we want so yeah that's it office it's probably the neatest room in the house really but yeah look at those lovely polystyrene tiles yummy and then onto the room we've been spending the most time on this room is the dumping ground it's just full of all of that the works the bathroom so I won't show you in there how did a new boiler put in like I said Fowler heating done so that's a new boiler and then this is gonna be like an airing cupboard for towels and bedding and stuff so that's all going to be boxed in but other than that nothing has happened in this room and then I've looked at the last video I did and the bathroom was just like you could still see the brick and everything it was absolutely horrible this is it now it's come a long way since that video that is still mess everywhere still working in here we've got a little bit more grouting to do we're going to put the bath panel back on we had a new register fitted in here it's not the same as the others it's from Victoria plumbing and it's like a towel rail but it's got the same like old sort of radiator it's style to it absolutely love that the only thing is it's a towel rail but you put your towels on it and it looks like it just makes the room look really messy so I think I'm just gonna have a hand towel on there when it's all finished because like three or four tiles on that it just makes it look awful so I still got a bit of tiling to do inside the windows and above and then it's got be granted we this is the new window we've got we're gone for again like the anthracite grey windows on the outside and then they're white inside come on weather I showed you the window in the old video but yeah it's just gray and then we've had our marble not marble granite fitted so we've got peace here there's a piece that runs alongside the bath when the bath panel is on and then a bit on top of the toilet so this wall here is gonna be just white still gotta get rid of that thing bloody thing with bane of my life and then this wall it's gonna be gray so I've been testing out a few Gray's I really can't decide I think I like this bluey grey I think it's tight I'm torn between these two I think this is too light I think it's a little bit wishy-washy this is too dark it's too black I mean you look at it on camera and it's quite similar but the blue undertone of this is winning me over so I'm not sure but I think this one I can't remember what color I think I've got it here I think it's this one it's Valspar 30 lashes it's just I've got a tester but the testers are really big so I'm going to get another tester and I think we'll be able to do this wall with it because it's any like half a wall because a part of this a big part is 30 quid so and they're only three pounds the testers so I'm going to be a cheapskate and get to test upon what else is in here the floor this is from wicks or like a dark smoky wood it's coming up quite yellowy on camera it's not it's got like a like a cool undertone yeah it's kind of not really yellow on camera and the mirrors new I can't turn unless it's turned off downstairs because it's faulty it keeps because these are like touch buttons it keeps turning the light on for some reason I'm not sure why but it's so nice when it's lit up all like the surround lights up and then you can connect your phone to it so you can play music through it but yeah I love this mirror so nice and then we're having the sink underneath we have what I think I've shown the sink if you head over to my Instagram I do like a week click on a renovation update and I've put it in my highlights so if you want to see that I can never remember what I've shown and what I haven't so have a look over there but we've got the cupboard it's just not in here at the moment because Paul's doing all the plumbing so got the cupboard and we've got the sink which I think I've shown it's like a stone real stone sink it's really nice and then up on this wall will be the shower which is still got to be plumbed in we've bought that as well but again we plugged in the ceiling has been plastered my dad did that and it's been painted we've got to replace this night I think we're having spotlight so that'll be done earlier today but other than that I think is everything in the bathroom we just need like one final push now and I think we'll be there but yeah absolutely love it and on this wall I'm gonna have like an old scaffold plank I'm gonna stay in it the same color as the floor and then I'm gonna roll a few towels up put some greenery up there have a few photos like prints and stuff I'm working with dicenio– suit and so I'm gonna get a couple of prints from them and grab them in the bathroom which I think I look really cool so yeah that is it for the bathroom and see if I can find the sink I'll show you the sink ah I can't turn it it's so heavy this is the saying it's square really not doing this justice showing it like this oh no breaking my yeah there we go that's the same really nice and the taps have arrived so everything is chrome this is the shower that's chrome I'm just jumping in on the video because we've done well it's been like a week since the film that and in that week we've done a little bit more so I thought I'd include it rather than making a whole new video so we've just tiled round the window that wasn't done I don't think in the last little bit I showed you and then we've got our granite fixed to the windowsill done a colossal amount of grouting still will be cleaned off the tiles in places but yeah and I've painted this wall I went with the bluey grey like I was showing you absolutely adore I can't wait to get the shelf up and the bit of like green hanging off it just to break it up a bit I think the lights glaring off it a little bit it's probably a better color with a light turned off we've got to just put the strip on in that top corner where you can see the gap and the mirror we got replaced don't my face I look minging today but I will show you it on so just like puts a nice around around the outside of it and like I said you can play music through it and stuff so love it so so call charges your toothbrush all that jazz and then we've got the granite on the side the bath it hasn't been fixed properly yet the bath panel has got to be glued in I don't think you saw it with a bath panel on either but yeah that's the bath panel and I think that's it oh the granite did I show you the granite on top of the toilet can't remember but that's that and my maidenhair fern which I adore I want to get some more of these they're quite difficult to look after there they never seem to be satisfied but hey oh I love him I think that's it oh and these are my prints for when I work with dicenio– I'm not doing it to like mid-august so I've got time to get them up on the wall absolutely love for colors though that with the gray looks so nice so yeah I thought I'd just jump in and let you know some little updates and now I let get back to the rest of it yeah so I'll take you downstairs I think that's everything from upstairs I didn't really done anything to be fair I haven't done anything in the bedroom at all other than our new radiators let me take you downstairs another radiator in the hallway I don't know what this is Paul just brings random boxes home and leans them up against stuff for a company oh it's the sides for the cupboard so yeah hallway is exactly the same now in here I've been really cheap painted over the wallpaper I know that'll probably make it harder to get off in the long run but I couldn't stand looking at it anymore it was disgusting this is what it was I haven't done the whole room yet but it's this I think the man that lived here was a smoker so everything it's just I still haven't done this by either everything is stained yellow as you can see this is where like an old photo was but I just couldn't cope looking at it anymore I've still got to do this room and I've still got to do the middle room I just want to freshen it up paint it all white because we're not going to be doing these rooms for a while they're livable but I just want a like a bit of I want them to be a bit fresh then we're knocking this wall through I thinked the kitchen so it's gonna be a big open plan kitchen diner like we had in the old place as yeah nothing at all has been done to the kitchen other than the radiators fitted we went for the big long ones in these rooms they're huge they kick out so much heat we bought two but I think we probably only needed one the other ones on this wall it is massive and well we're gonna have to move this one anyway when this wall gets knocked through but if you're thinking about heat in a kitchen with one of these just get the one cuz her bloody hot when they're on this is a solid brick wall I think we're gonna have to have like an rsj in the top but yeah that it doesn't matter that's doable kitchen is a long way off we're having the windows done next so they're all gonna be like black like gray black on the outside white on the inside other than that I don't really know what else is there is to tell you oh we've done we've put a fence up in the carport here so it's a bit more secure so other than that nothing not a lot has happened really report on much else next job is having one last final push in the bathroom get that complete and then I think we're gonna move on to let's do the windows first and then we're gonna move on to our bedroom eye thing because it's like sleeping in a caravan that is all I can update you on I hope you enjoy if you don't mean if you do like the renovation vlogs let me know because I will do more I know I'm lazy with uploads I know but I will get some more done for you we just it's come to a little bit of a halt at the moment yeah I will see you in my next video bye guys

Good News And Bad News About The Renovation|Smartmom Vlogs

good morning Robbie said good morning guys well the children they're up getting ready for summer camp Emil really doesn't want to go to summer camp she's not feeling it today but you're gonna we're gonna get out there today I woke up not feeling like going to work but you I don't know how I go what you know my party and my whole body it's like extremely achy and my fingers my elbows my shoulders my hips any joint you can name it's 80 and I didn't even eat anything that that would have made it that way last night so happens so I'm drinking this tea I don't know if you guys remember it but it's the organic tumeric powder Oh so what I'm drinking right now hoping that it would bring the swelling down in my giant so that's the only thing that would make it feel like this it has matcha green-tea tumeric root cinnamon ginger root and black pepper all the things are supposed to help with arthritis okay that's why what because it agree no you can't even taste the black pepper in it tell me you can use a word because of what tumeric but yeah I'm cool Murray anyway it has an acquired taste I put two scoops in instead of one so maybe that's another reason it's a little bit overpowering just only supposed to put one small scoop in I'm going to show you up I used my other bag the company sent me a bunch of bags to try and I used those already this little scoop here it's very small don't need a whole lot and this is what it looks like so that's what I have in this morning and folks I think that I don't have to take a pain pill no yeah I don't pick you guys up on Friday you get that little piece of oatmeal that's right now by your hand don't leave it down on my counter and get your bowl put it in the sink alright y'all so I'm on a couch somewhere around her get ready for work I'm drop it off while she's walking today I don't know but let me let me get out of here I'll see y'all in a little bit wait wait a minute oh my gosh you didn't even see it yet no oh my god a beer oh my god they appealing had a game oh hush Peeta and again yeah and it looked it back there they go in the backyard yeah so guys everything is going alright so nothing's left but nothing's left but this they left the toilet so we can at least have two toilets in the house for now but they're gonna come and take the toilet up tomorrow so we're not gonna have it for long showers there it takes about two weeks to be done yeah and they got to take these pipes out this isn't a big space I thought it was gonna be a lot bigger than this what is first Oh daddy has about a TV okay do you think so okay this was a lot smaller than I thought it was going to be actually I don't think so what's up properties it's been since yesterday since I spoke with you guys and today is Friday I was off from work today and renovations continued the last thing you guys saw was what the what the renovators did or the contractors here are innovators the contractors did on yesterday so today is on what you guys saw what they did on Thursday but today is Friday and they worked today and they carved out where everything is supposed to be so Johnny gave me some good news and bad news about the bathroom which really crushed me because one of the features that I really wanted I'm not going to be able to have so and from you what you guys can see there's stuff everywhere all over there in the corner everything that came out of our closet and from our bathroom is like misplaced displaced all over the place so there's dust and this beer can I don't know if I told you guys this yesterday but this beer can came out of our walls guys this beer pick can has to be about 30 years old right there bush beer it was inside the wall and yeah because when I got here it was on top of the toilet and I was like why is there a beer can on top of the toilet you probably I think I probably blocked that but Johnny told me when I got home I was like Johnny they were drinking beer in here he was like no that was in the walls so they took the toilet out and let me show you guys have their workstation going on in here and they drilled down in there where the showers gonna be it's gonna be a really cool shower drain we're gonna have the showers gonna be right here where they carved that that rectangular shape out there that's gonna be where we're gonna put all of our shampoos soaps things like that there they're gonna have like that cut out there cuz our shower is gonna be right there then the weight yeah that's gonna be the shower the tubs gonna be here our jacuzzi tub is gonna be right here and then we're gonna have our vanity well are our countertops sinks and stuff up on this wall I believe and then the our vision is to have the TV I think the TV is gonna be here yeah the television is going to be here along with a fireplace down there and is yeah so the news there we go the news is that I won't get my vanity crushed my heart but they compromised for the fireplace because fun fact about me I'm always cold I think you guys know that with my Roman Toit arthritis I have to be warm or else my bones ache does anybody else have that happen to you guys you guys Ferrari or any type of arthritis if you're cold your bones like I don't know it's like they stick and they hurt so everywhere I go I have a heater I have a heater at work up under my desk anywhere I go in the workplace I take my heater with me it's like a part of me so it was great to have that being thought of with our bathroom because I really like to be warm you know even no matter what I'm doing sometimes I'll hook the heater up and bring it into the bathroom with me just to be on my feet that's how serious it is so I stopped using it next to her bed because it wasn't fair to Johnny to be sweating at night one time I had it in the bed with us and I woke up and he was on the couch she was like my head hurts so bad that that fit that heater made his head hurt so yeah I got it so that's that's what's up it's nothing like fixing up your own stuff guys it's nothing like there's no feeling you know no other feeling like it to have your own place and be able to put your own touches on it and you know make em I'm Sam so there's a lot of work that I need to do as far as I'm getting this dust up but I don't see myself doing it today or tomorrow because they're still demoing so it doesn't make sense for me to do that I'm just gonna try to stay away from it and try to make sure that they keep when they're in here they keep these sheets up do they have their and keep this this little shutter thing closed yeah so that's all I got for you guys tonight there's not really much going on also Cameron lost our phone out to the football field today so I turned on the Find My iPhone app and it just runs us in circles so I don't know y'all so it looks like I don't know she better get Andrew it because not bad another iPhone but it'll be a nice one kind of do my hair is so much I have to do guys but I'm not gonna worry about it at this moment I will see you guys in another vlog always remember being a mom didn't make me smart my experiences did that's guys bye hit that thumbs up button and come back for more by subscribing you


hello and welcome back to my channel say for today's video I am going to be doing our bathroom renovation makeover tour so our bathroom is 99% done now we're just waiting on a water softener but that doesn't stop the overall aesthetic of it and I'm really excited to share it with you if you have been following my channel a while you will know that this bathroom renovation has been going on since October and that's for lots of different reasons it wasn't because it was a massive job or anything like that it's just because it's been a lots of different reasons that has meant it has taken a long time so for example we already knew when we agreed for our plumber and our Builder to do the work that they were going to be fitting us in between jobs because they were really busy so we had quite long periods of time when they weren't around to be able to do anything I then had to wait a really long time for a shower door that I ordered to arrive and just lots of different little things we also had a lot more work kind of behind the scenes that we didn't realize so we had to pretty much rebuild all the walls and kind of get them all like plasterboard and then replastered and things because when we took the existing tiles off the walls that were originally up were just completely damaged and all different things like that so it's taken a long time but it's 99% ready and I thought I would share it all with you excuse the very relaxed background is because I thought I'm only going to be talking on this intro for a couple of minutes so I couldn't be bothered to go and get my tripod but if you are new to my channel my name is Katie I post videos three times a week on a Sunday Tuesday and Thursday and I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel if you haven't already done so I'm doing a lots of interior videos or trying to because we are in the middle of a big from top to bottom house renovation and so the bathroom that we have recently renovated is our family bathroom we also have an ensuite as well which we haven't touched which is pretty much the exact same size the only difference is it doesn't have a walk-in shower but hopefully it will do when we renovate it in the future so I am just going to get started and as I go around I can explain a little bit about the bathroom I am also going to do post moron like budgets and the kind of price it cost us because I think otherwise the video is going to get too long if I start talking about kind of costs and things so I am just going to get started as a little disclaimer which I will show as we go around we have actually been really kindly gifted the white goods so the bath the sink etc from SOCOM which I am so grateful for because they were one of the reasons that we were able to do it in the first place as soon as we did that and my husband got a really amazing kind of extended work contract for a couple of months so all of those things have meant that we have been able to do it much sooner than we thought so we're so incredibly grateful to SOCOM and we will 100% be using them for our ensuite as well we were really pleased with the stuff and we also bought some stuff on top of that from them as well so I am just gonna get started and walk you around our new bathroom but what I thought I would first of all do is just show you some previous photos of our old bathroom unfortunately I did take some video footage but for whatever reason I can't find it and I haven't saved it but I will insert some photos so this is what it looked like before it was just very plain it was very tatty it was livable it was fine we've lived with it for a year and a half and it was more than fine but we always knew that we were gonna renovate it because it wasn't our style and yeah I'm gonna now walk you around the new bathroom though this is the door to the bathroom like I said we have two bathrooms upstairs we have our ensuite and we also have the family one so we haven't touched the ensuite yet we haven't renovated that but we have renovated this one which is very exciting and we have replaced the doors eventually we're going to be replacing the doors in the whole house for these kind of natural wood doors just because I really like the look that they give against the kind of right framework the thing is you don't think that doors are expensive but by the time you bought the door and then you bought the handles and the hinges separately and the varnish and also get someone to cut them for you because we don't have the tools to be able to cut them they do work out quite expensive so we've nearly done upstairs we've got two more doors to go upstairs and then we've got quite a few of the doors downstairs left to do these haven't been varnished yet but I just love them I just think they'll make the house look really smart and then this is the bathroom as you look at it from the outside and I just love it so much I cannot even now it's been finished a couple of weeks even now I cannot believe that this is our bathroom like I just over the moon with it and it's actually quite a small space so I'm not going to try and get creative with my camera angles I'm literally just going to walk you around because it's just over 2 meters squared so it's not a big space at all so I think what I'm going to do is I'm going to just pan around and show you and then I'm going to walk you through and like talk about it in more detail so we've got the sink there and the toilet and then we've also got a kind of walk-in shower which is such a novelty because we didn't have a separate shower in our last house so this is so nice so I am just going to get started I'm going to come back out and I'm just going to walk you around so I think probably the best thing to start with is the floor tiles because I pretty much designed the whole room based on these floor tiles so I knew that I wanted when I was like starting to think about the design of the bathroom I knew that I wanted patterned floor tiles but all the ones that I kept seeing like on Pinterest and on Instagram were in more kind of like period style homes or old cottages and this house is actually quite a modern house it's only I think it's 16 or 17 years old so it's not old at all and I just felt like these really worked so as soon as I saw them these are from fired earth and as soon as I saw them I fell in love with them the only thing is I couldn't find anybody who had them I scoured Instagram and Pinterest and in the internet and I just couldn't find anyone who had these tiles and so I was a bit kind of like Oh am I taking a bit of a risk but I'm so glad that we did because I just love them and so if you know you fired earth you will know that they are a slightly more higher in tile and John was a bit like Oh do we need to spend that much on tiles but I just loved them and because it was only a small space and also we got them on a 20% off promotion they were doing as well so yeah I just love them so much and then because we were going for a crazy floor tile I wanted to go a little bit more kind of simple on the wall tiles and I knew that I wanted Metro tiles anyway because we had them in our last house and I really like the look they give I also think having dark grout is really good for with kids and things and from like kind of keeping it clean point of view but in our last house in our bathroom we had the glossy Metro tiles that were a lot smaller and they also had like a beveled edge if you know what I mean so I decided to go a bit different in this bathroom so I went for a large Metro tile I think it's classed as an excel Metro tile it's flat and it's also matte white and I just love them so much and you can get these lots of places I think but we got asked from a company called tile merchant I'd never heard of them before but I just googled Metro tiles and I was really pleased with them like I have no complaints they all arrived quickly and on time and to save costs we were originally going to get them going up quite a lot higher we were going to get them going up to the ceiling especially on this wall but we decided not to and I'm actually really pleased because I think they look really good just kind of going halfway up so that's the tiles and like I said I just loved them I love the look it gives I love the monochrome look and then let me talk next about the bath because that was the other kind of big thing for me in this bathrooms so it sounds really silly but when I kind of when I was younger and I imagined having like a dream house I always used to say like the two things I would love if I was lucky enough was to have a free-standing bath I need to fill out and just notice that a free-standing bath and also a fridge that Spence ice I have no idea why they were just the things I always said that I would love and so I now have a free-standing bath which I just couldn't be more thrilled with and we did design a lot of the room based on this bath so this bath is actually I don't think it's called a space saver bath but that's what I'm gonna call it because it's not a massive bath I don't know if you can tell so it's quite small however it does the job perfectly it's actually way comfier than our other bath the only thing that makes it slightly different I guess to a standard sized bath is it's not as long and we could have actually fitted a longer one in but I really liked the look he gave where you have got quite a lot of space in between and also what I think is also really important is that because I can get around here I can then clean like around the back here as well so I think that was really important and the bath is from so like I said at the start we were actually gifted this because they wanted us to do some promotion for them and take lots of photos of the bath and stuff and of the white kids and honestly I'm so grateful to them because they are obviously what helped us get this bathroom done quicker that and the fact that my husband got a kind of bigger extended contract last year and he originally was going to so yeah we wouldn't hundred percent to use them again and we're just absolutely thrilled with it so that is the bath we also went for black what do you call them they're not white goods because the white goods are the white stuff the taps and things we decided to go for black and these are again from soap and loads of people tried to warn us against black kind of accessories want to say loads of people it was more like the plumber and people you know who might not necessarily like come across them all the time but I just got it into my head that I really wanted black accessories and the only reason they kind of warned you against them is because we are we where we live is a massive kind of hard water area and so therefore it kind of gets a buildup of line scale so actually what we've done to kind of counteract this is we're getting a water softener fitted it hasn't been fitted yet but it will be fitted in the next week or so so hopefully that will kind of stop the lime scale buildup but I just think it looks so smart with all the kind of black kind of accessories I love the black taps and then also on the bath just in terms of accessories I have got these candles I actually don't know where half of these came from these are from hmm I think these two and I've got ever such like subtle kind of touches of like dark green in here as well and then that neon one I have no idea where it came I think I might have got it as like in a gift like sample box or something but I love it and then I have got this plant you'll see that there are lots of plants in here that plant pot is from a company called Trevor and then I treated myself to some like slightly nicer than usual kind of smelly things so I have got this scrub which is from and other stories and it smells absolutely divine so that sits on there and so that is the bar and then also the little kind of hand towel thing is from hmm and yeah I just love the bath so much and then if we work from this area I guess so it's starting to get quite dark now so I have got these so when I got these John my husband was like what the hell are they so these are like three kind of metal planters from La Redoute and as soon as I saw them I thought they're just gonna work perfectly in our bathroom so I had to get them and I just love them I really love the effect that they give I just think they look really nice kind of sat there on the wall you just screw them on that plant on the right is a fake one but the other two are real and yeah I just love them I just think really nice there and I think they just add a little bit of something to the walls and then if we move along out and I just walked into the toilet we have this mirror which is again from SOCOM and we had looked for like so many places for like a big black mirror and then weirdly we found one there and I just love it it's huge and when we got it when we kind of put it up it took the Builder and John to do it and I've got a little bit panicked I must be honest because I thought if you could have seen how heavy it was it was so heavy and I got a little bit panicked that like if the kids are having a bath and god forbid it fell on them so what we've actually done is we've fitted it normally which probably would have been absolutely fine but then we've added like a layer of silicone like clear silicone that you'd used to do the edges of the bath or whatever we've put that around it just to give us like a little bit more protection because if we ever notice that the silicone is coming away we'll know that you know we need to be a bit more careful so like I said it's probably absolutely fine but you know when you just sort of panic because it I don't know if you can to see is absolutely huge so that is the mirror I love it so much and then moving across here I wanted like a little kind of I love a trinket if you've been following my channel for any length of time you will know I love a shelf I have got loads of different shelves like this I've got gold ones in my bedroom and gold ones downstairs and so I just got two black shelves that I filled with different trinkets so we have got these really lovely big kind of chunky candles from H&M and then just some nice I got that for Christmas and then like some sea salt just a nice little kind of trinkets that match this little ceramic black star came from Trueba and then I've got a variety of different plants I love this one this one is from a company called stupid egg interiors I think it is and I always buy hanging plants from there and then another two candles as well I think that one is from H&M too and then this is actually fake but I think it looks really realistic so that is a hanging string of pearls and that was from cops and so yeah I really love that and then again if you've been following my channel in a while you will know that I love a lady on Instagram who I've now become friends with as well and called more than just and she does these amazing kind of wire letters I've got them all over my house and you can choose what you want it to say so I just had mine say have a lovely soak and I love that I just think that looks really good and then moving on to the sink this is where we encountered a problem originally so originally we got a much larger vanity unit and it just didn't work it was just too big when we tried to kind of put it there it just didn't work at all and I wanted it Center to the window because otherwise I thought it looks silly but I wanted some space between the bar from the sink and also obviously between the toilet and the sink and so in the end we took the one that we were going to get back and we got this one and you know I think if I in an ideal world it would be bigger because it is a very small sink for a family bathroom but at the same time it's fine and it actually encourages us not to have too much crap in here because it's so small and we all brush our teeth in the other bathroom anyway so really this is just for washing your hands and washing your face so whatever so it's fine so again the sink is from soap calm the tap is from a company called drench which again was fine I just really liked this black top and black waste and yeah I really liked it like I said ideally I would have loved it a little bit bigger but I'm not usually justise fine and so i think that looks really good and we also made sure that we hit all pipes so there's no pipes on display at all which i really like and then moving around to this bit so the toilet is one of those like you don't really need to see inside my toilet do you but it's one of those ones that goes back against the wall the cistern is all inside here what we have actually done here but you'll be able to see from the photos in fact I'll insert a photo but it was a funny angle and there were pipes kind of like hidden so what we've actually done is we've built a dummy wall so this was why we ended up not having enough space for the original sink that we bought so we've actually got a dummy wall built here and hides all the cistern and hides the kind of mismatch of pipes and things so I really like that that's just a toilet isn't it what more can you say about a toilet I also have got this really nice planter which I bought from Matalin and a plant from the garden centre and I think that looks really nice sat here and then we were going to put like a toilet roll holder and stuff up and then we decided you know what let's just leave it really clean and so I have got a basket down here for like toilet roll and stuff and the basket oh where was that from I think that was from Trevor as well actually so that's this little area and then the only other thing is up here I have got this print which is from Margot in Margate on Instagram and the reason they got it was first because it's black and white and secondly because I thought the message was really nice like love yourself which I thought was really nice for a bathroom eventually I might get something to go here but I don't know what yet we also need to buy a blind as well but I haven't got round to that yet so then moving along we come to this area so this is our kind of walk-in shower like I said this was a really big novelty because we didn't have a walk-in shower in our house and I just love it so much so it's quite a small space it's quite narrow and as a result I had to order a door a shower door I could have just got a chrome one but because the rest of the bathroom is black I wanted to get black so I had to order this shower door and that was what a lot of the whole dirt was it took ages to come because he came from like Italy or somewhere and that is from a company called no vallini I just found them randomly by ringing a bathroom company and asking for their advice on shower doors and they recommended this company called no vallini and it's a really lovely nice black framed shower door which I'm really pleased with and so if we open it up you will see that we have got a feature wall in here with the same tiles as the floor and again I just love it I really fancied having a feature wall I think they look really good and I am just thrilled with it I just think it looks really really nice sorry my battery went before because I've been talking so much via I really love the look that this kind of feature wall gets and then we've also got a black shower as well and obviously the black control dial which is also from soap as well and then the one thing that I also really wanted was I wanted a shower shelf and I builder kept going Oh like it's just a really big hassle we had to spend a lot of time sorting out the walls and things it was and so he wasn't really impressed with me but he did it anyway and I just think that's really nice just to have a little spot to kind of put things on normally there would be more in here than this but it's because I've taken it out so I can film but yeah I just really like that and again the Builder has just done such a good job of like all the edging and things so I am thrilled with that I think it looks great and that is the shower and that is it that is a bathroom makeover I really hope that you enjoyed this video like I said I would have loved to have filmed it a little bit more kind of creatively and done a bit more kind of artistic shots but at the same time I think it was good just to walk around and show you and it's a small space so it would have been quite hard to like film anything too extravagant so I already hope that you enjoyed it if you have any questions at all about anything and weapons are from or how we did stuff anything at all in regards to like this bathroom renovation then do leave me a comment below and let me know and thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time bye

Toowoon Bay Renovation Episode 10 – Final Reveal!

our final episode of Tulum Bay renovation this is it six bedrooms four living rooms three bathrooms two laundry's a dog my pool table and a baby on the way we've come a long way this year we bought a red brick box with visions of turning this house into a beautiful home most people who are looking at this property we're looking to knock it down but we saw the potential and couldn't wait to get stuck into the renovation and at the end of the day location was everything this project was pretty tough for us I think living here and living in this downstairs area especially while we had the scaffold and everything up around us really did you know test us at times but once we started making progress and we got the studio out of the ground we're gaining a lot of momentum and we could see the transformation starting to happen once you start to see those changes you get motivated for the next change I think one of the biggest transformations initially was putting on the new color bond sheets that really set the tone and the color palette for the rest of the renovation not only that but the roof line really helps to change that really square box in the Sun which is a little bit more architectural on the front of the house you'll see we've taken down the brickwork and replace it with a semi telescope or weatherboards we extended the front deck out slightly and we built a gable roof over that and that really added that extra little bit of dimension that the flat house was lacking slowly but surely we started two boxes with this project which meant we could move upstairs with the kitchen in the Dick's outdone will kicking dolls being pregnant having one finished room in the house made all the difference to the morale of the renovation it was like we could see that light at the end of the time the last few weeks have been spent completing all those finishing touches and they're the things that make all the difference to the overall look and feel of the renovation we've come a long way with our trades but because we're trying to work to a strict timeline we've taken on a lot of extra work ourselves so I've done the tiling at the front and the entryway it was actually quite fun laying all the travertine in that French pattern I'm really stoked with how it all looks actually look at you I absolutely love it and I feel like it gives the home that the extra level of sophistication when you walk through the front gate hello Karl's been pressing on outside I've been tying up odds and ends on the inside we've had our carpet laid downstairs now and that looks beautiful in the bedroom and we've had the team from wide line out to install all our secure line screens together secure line screens into production was pretty simple we called wide lines they came out and measured and then basically 10 days later they had them ready to install the good thing is they're not your average security screen because they don't obstruct your view all along we've planned to have rear access for the studio at the back so we've been able to incorporate a driveway down the side of the house we're just going to make it easily people come and stay in our studio the garage is one of the main things you see when you first pull up to the house so the garage door had to be it's pretty special we knew we wanted to thank white to contrast the dark pleadings but we wanted to add that interest in the texture the cross panels add that extra bit of interest without taking away from anything else that's going on at the front of the house the travertine leading from outside to inside creates a really nice flow from that area up to the kitchen upstairs is essentially the hub of the home and it receives all that beautiful north light with the open-plan living we've got three bedrooms and a beautiful big bathroom moving downstairs through my man cave past my pool table into the bathroom the hero of this bathroom really is the floor tiles they create such a statement but they work so well with the large format 1200 by 6 hundreds on the wall we've got beautiful tapware and basin from Vermont tiles and similar to upstairs we've used of timber vanity and I've lied and washed some recycled set up in a mirror frame Greg and Lisa came out today and delivered a beautiful hamper to welcome us to Rams it was so nice to have them out because they haven't seen the renovation since the start and to show them was a great way for us to see how far we've actually come taking on the renovation itself was such a big job but building that extra dwelling out the back has been huge it's really been exciting to watch that come to life I mean the boys stood the frame so quickly and now that it's all done it's got a beautiful feel to it with the studio our plan all along has been to holiday let that we wanted to keep with similar look and feel to the main house the studio is a really nice little feature you walk up the deck and it's straight away you feel like you're you know he's sort of on holidays because you've got this really outdoor field and the way of designer is that both sliding doors open up to you know really incorporate that outside inside leading once you're inside we stuff with the blue coastal palette theme our kitchen is all custom made cabinetry and it's Haldeman's Irongate the bench tops are beautiful because they're not your traditional gloss finish they're a suede finish so it feels like a matte surface running the cabinetry all the way to the ceiling does create that illusion of extra high plus there's so much story I think having the highlight windows over the top of the sliding doors definitely helps bring that natural light in and create that light and airy feel one of the first things you notice when you walk in is the 3b lot centered over the kitchen and that lets in so much of that beautiful natural light one of my favorite things about this kitchen is a splash back the subway tiles have got a crackle glaze through them which adds that rustic touch the Landrum runs directly off the kitchen and to integrate those two spaces we've done a really beautiful custom-made steel shelving unit which goes to ceiling I love this Landrum because we have got the mack daddy of couches and it just makes me want to dive straight in there and be on holidays instantly the Navy's and really beautiful touch and I love the feature armchair foremost design furniture moving down the hallway you enter into our bathroom and it also doubles as a laundry so we needed to think smart about how we use this space this space for me is one of my favorite spaces because of again we've got the sand blasted oats but the pattern tiles really high ceilings the shaver cabinet going wall-to-wall – beautiful area the studio has two bedrooms and again we wanted to keep them simply but relaxed so use lots of linen and it just feels like a nice warm inviting place to stay now that we've finished this renovation we can have the property valued and talk with brands about our options it's been a lot of hard work but I can definitely say that we are addicted to the transformation so looking forward to the next month and welcoming our little baby into the world but we are definitely on the hunt for a new renovation who knows where we'll land stay tuned and we'll keep you posted by cars whipping I mean I know and I'm I knew we couldn't find the water main means the means food I'm a balance man surfing it really trying to straighten the roof out and get it you know get it as best as that we could get it as best we could as best as ready for reveal but it hasn't come easy

Studio Apartment Tour and Remodel – Renovation Inspiration Episode 5 Lamps Plus

Welcome to Renovation Inspiration
sponsored by Lamps Plus. I'm Lori Dennis and today we will be checking out the
progress on the Green Monster. We just bought this Green Monster 3,600 square
foot, five bedroom home we're gonna turn into a three unit rental. It has
wall-to-wall carpeting somebody dropped their towel onto the tub seriously. The studio space is about 40 by 30 and
it's its own rental unit in back of the main house and it's probably going to be
the most challenging part of our renovation because we need to add a
bathroom and a kitchen to an area that has no plumbing. We have an exterior wall.
Concrete slab everything that will challenge your plumbing or electrical
it's all gonna be a challenge. So in the real world of renovation it's not always
happy joy joy. The studio is so delayed and we kept discovering things that we
needed to fix and we kept losing our crew. Our plan is we're going to do the
bathroom in the kitchen here because they have water sources and drainage and
we'll back them up to that first floor powder room. So the biggest tip that I
have for you in home renovation when you have to include electrical and plumbing
like we did in this space is if you have two rooms, have them share one wall of
electrical and plumbing. It'll save you a lot of time and a lot of money. We'll
make a little bedroom area here and our living area will be here. So stay tuned
for the craziness that is about to ensue when we open things up and find out
what's there. We're gonna jackhammer these bricks right out of here. Originally, the studio was connected to
the main house by an opening. So the first thing we decided to do was close
up the wall and make two very separate spaces. We ripped off the wood planking
from the walls and when we did that we discovered two windows that were letting
so much light flood into the space. This room really had a lot going on with the
massive fireplace, the river rocks, the wood with the cattle branding and this
really massive amount of red brick surrounding the fireplace. What I'm gonna
do here is paint the bricks white we're gonna keep the river rock. So there's a
tip for you if you have a lot of things that don't really seem to relate to each
other call it global and start picking accessories from all over the world and
you will be surprised how it all ties in together. After we closed up the wall we
needed to start to rip up the concrete so that we could lay down plumbing. Pedro
just came in the first day broke down all the concrete showed good spirit and
then left. They took all this dirt out to make room for the plumbing and the
plumber is sick. So it was really super frustrating because I just kept seeing
piles of rubble every time I would show up at the job site and it didn't seem
like it was ever progressing. And it's a big problem because all of the contents
for the studio are being stored in the four car garage and I have people moving
into the front unit in four days and they need to put all their things into
the garage. I had a whipping conversation with him
this afternoon I got Pedro promising me today that they're gonna be able to
finish this bathroom, all the electrical on the drywall by the end of next week
so we can move everything from the garage into here because this is where
it goes. I'm already lining up back up trades in
case you can't do the whole thing, I'm gonna have the drywall already lined up to
happen with it with his help. Finally they got the plumbing done they got the
electrical done and they started to close up the drywall and then we
to the bathroom. So this little small space was just such a pain in the rear
because it just went on and on and on. Plan ahead and have layers and layers of
backups. I have a confession and a little secret,
I'm always afraid of how rooms are going to turn out and of course I can't say
that to my customers, but I really do understand how they feel and this room
was no exception. I was terrified because it's a big space it has a lot of white
walls and ceiling. We are so excited because these bad boys are going in today. Finally we're gonna see some transformation happening into
the studio. The entire mood for this space was set by this cool Moroccan tile
it has a real global vibe to it. I think I'm going to repeat it in my
drapery, maybe in some of the bedside lighting and the pillows, the bed's gonna
be a blue. Here we are in our completed global studio and even though it's only
one room, we carved out individual spaces to have the effect of multiple rooms. So
over here is our bedroom and we did a high upholstered bed with some pendant
lighting hanging down for some drama. Next to the bedroom we walk into the
full kitchen. We installed cabinetry washer/dryer full
stove also in the kitchen we installed some recessed cans and a ceiling fan. And
this right here is our lovely little dining room for two. Now or move into our
living room space which is so cozy and one of the things I was very concerned
about in a vacation rental was having a wood-burning fireplace, so we put a TV in
front of the fireplace. Now we'll scoot over into our dressing
area, we have a wardrobe that opens for hanging storage and that was something
that we didn't want to build a closet so we just bought a closet and it has
mirrors on it so it doubles the space. And last, but not least is our beautiful
bathroom. We ripped out the floor and the rubble
and everything and we installed this beautiful tile, a hand shower, the toilet
and this gorgeous freestanding sink a mirror, and a pendant to reflect light
back. And I'm just so thrilled with the way that this space looks.It was a pile
of mess for a long time but if you look around and you see this space now you
would really want to be in it it's so warm, welcoming and inviting and we
definitely killed it with our global inspiration style. Thank you for watching
this episode of Renovation Inspiration brought to you by Lamps Plus please stay
tuned for more episodes, like and subscribe.

Farmhouse Renovation | Update | Ep. 143

sarah and i came here and we planned a little bit and i have some important news now for those of you that don't like change you may want to skip ahead the plan was to do the shower and then once the shower was done just put wood on the walls for the rest of the bathroom and i think that that would look good but we really like the way these marble columns turned out so much in fact that we want to do it around the tub also either spare with me here envision with me same as the other side I'm gonna make some columns and one is gonna go here which really helps me finish up this corner this is a weird corner right here on the other side the column is going to go somewhere around in here we don't exactly know where yet but it's going to go somewhere around in here though so we have a little bit of subway tile down here and it go up and around to the other column where we go six feet drinking oh geez I you all right so it's been a week since I put all this cement board up and as you can imagine I knew this back corner was off a little bit so that obviously bothered me the whole week I was just that's all I could think about from time to time you see me change something there quote unquote fix something I never get upset when I find something like that something that I feel like needs to be fixed and I try to fix it to me it's just me learning from my past mistakes and just learning in general if you can see the mistake or that means you're you're getting better at something if I didn't see the mistake well that means you you got a little bit to learn through the valley and may walk but you ever need gave your life to take my fall so in the storm I will have peace so come the storm I still believe and when it seems I'm at the end I don't know what I believe through the cloud I see your hand reaching down to guide me you're always reaching down to guide cuz I am yours and I I've done two coats of waterproofing on this whole thing but I'm waiting for this to dry it seems like it's taking a while I think it's because it's so muggy oh I know something I can do outside that's fun she looks fine gonna take some time gonna make a mind may come for me when I'm at the house working and it's looking more and more like a finished bathroom just kind of gives me the confidence to say this is the most difficult room I'll do probably outside of our kitchen and it's coming together I'm definitely learning a lot I think I think I go patience I was like that's the key you can't be in a hurry to do any of the jobs and I'm doing right now or else I think you would just do sloppy work unless you're a pro like pros can just quickly work and they know what they're doing I saw a really good an expert that was saying I can do something in 30 minutes that a novice could do in three hours but you should still pay me for the years of practice yeah I make sense like today when I tie all around the tub that only took me an hour now and I think there would have been a day that that would have taken me longer it's obviously taken longer but you now have the experience and the skill to like you know keep learning I think it's looking pretty good I've got all my spacers in exactly the way it's going to be when I put it down my overhang is really nice the space from the tub to the tireless it's very consistent 8-inch plenty of room for some silicone in there I'm going to get a nice silicone line but yeah I like it I think it looks really good the back pieces were we're the only pieces that I had to cut a little different because it it got a little wider so the tub is just a little cockeyed one thing that I think I'm going to do is I'm going to try to get a little bit of slope on these my entire lit just a little bit of slope so then I you know if water gets up here it will run off onto the floor I don't know maybe it's better to keep it up here in another life I think I could have been a Tyler not because I'm amazing at it but I just I know I find a lot a lot of enjoyment in it I think it has a lot to do with my slight OCD behavior and seeing lines and things being straight and first day of a vacation by the way Monday morning normally I would be at my desk right now checking emails you know doing that desk stuff and instead I'm [Applause] it's gonna weigh every now and then I get a feeling my boom that I'm just wandering so I hear my knee and I'm crying now please won't you bring me back home [Applause] with an Alberta spare I had to be done by noon today I couldn't stand the mess anymore so I picked up the bathroom seems a lot bigger picked up I love the tile around the tub it turned out probably as well as I could have hoped for it so starting right here to the left of this marble column I'm going to be putting wood across this whole wall all the way to the shower all this is going to be wood also the slant is not gonna be Boyd that's just going to be on the slants and all this stuff that's gonna be she brought painted sheet rock the ceilings all painted sheetrock unless we change our mind on that but I don't think we're going to it's a nice contrast to have nice white sheetrock with your tie on your wood and I think so see this actually look like this much like a bathroom is just mind-boggling to me if you're new to the channel you could go back to episode 76 and that is the same bathroom that I'm in now just when it was rough framed so how do you usually like this do what I don't ever have a plan that's what you always say well yeah well everybody do you want to win you want to say it everybody what we're planning I'm doing is adding a ledger board around the table so that we can start putting the subway tile on which is super exciting we decided that if you but what we can always change it but I don't think we'll ever be disappointed if we put subway tile to begin with what do you think see the fear and try to read between if somebody it's alright I know you try to lead the live that was meant to be for now get you how [Applause] Oh how can I ever understand if Chosun [Applause] didn't work on the house at all yesterday because you all know that I have an old wood problem Facebook marketplace somebody listed a whole bunch of red oak hardwood flooring I don't know how much is here but it's a lot and I got all of it for one hundred and seventy-five dollars I always invention my floors being wider plank than this but I've said this before I really like the look of this kind of wood on a ceiling just like my porch ceiling here and so this will give me enough between this I get a piece out between this red oak and the maple that I have a whole bunch of between the two of those this will give me everything I need for the ceilings for any ceilings I want today is gonna be all about tiling I'm going to try to finish the subway tile on the left-hand side of the tub my biggest concern is the slant I'm gonna get going I got to mix up my mortar and then we're gonna get Rocking yes I accomplished it and I didn't swear one time what do you think about that wall right there marble columns next these angle cuts were extremely challenging I surprisingly kind of figured it out and didn't waste a lot of pieces it is surprising I probably couldn't be more tired this was Sarah's idea she gets all the credit by doing the subway tile first now because I cut these off close enough when I go to put the granite on its gonna trim that out just amazingly tomorrow I will probably I will do the last row and that should go rather quickly and then I might do one or both columns we will see thanks for watching this week's video if you're new to the channel remember to hit this subscribe button because we're gonna be doing a lot of the finishing stuff coming up here hopefully and it should get rather exciting if you've been with me since the beginning thank you thank you for watching if you enjoyed this video please remember to hit the thumbs up I'll see you all next week