Todd Howard Song — It Just Works (BETHESDA the Musical) ft. Kyle Wright

Please, welcome: The game director of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard! The Chalkeaters – It Just Works Subtitles By: Martcraft and [INSERTNAMEOFTHEGUYWHODIDALLOFTHISEARLIERWORK] Enjoy the song. Watch this: our newest release! The legendary series you’ve missed for years Comes back, get ready for some action! Got couple bugs in here, some broken scripts right there The fans will fix it anyway so we don’t care! They’ll patch it through micro transactions So enjoy your pretty nylon bag Oh and boy, stop shitting on our swag You’re not getting any money back You knew that was a one way wacky track Just shut up and have your nylon bag! Coming up with it was real drag! All proceeds go strictly to Vault Tec So you’re NOT getting your money back! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works It just works It just works It just works Our tech is cutting edge as far as I can tell The creation engine’s aging very well We’re not planning on Doing anything about it Skyrim’s the limit, don’t deny it See this mountain? You can buy it In the DLC for the price of a real mountain! What’s wrong with a train in place of your head? Come on, believe me, you’ve seen nothing yet The battle spaceship with a dragon animation Will become a new sensation on the internet Just shut up, give us your every dime Buying an armored horse is not a crime! Our devs could eat the Shadowmere alive so… BUY SKYRIM ONE MORE TODD DAMN TIME! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works It just works It just works We don’t want your endless shit It’s just not the game we need Sick of looting useless junk Graphics making our eyes bleed We don’t want your endless shit It’s just not the game we need Sick of looting useless junk Graphics making our eyes bleed Hey Now listen up! Welcome to the place washed by lliac waves There’s two and a half peasants with the same ugly face You’re not into small towns? Check out big-ass plains! 50 times the size of Skyrim’s, twice as many pointless caves! You see, We at Bethesda know exactly what you want Hardcore gamers inspired us to improve shopping a lot Now each lockpick must be bought for an actual ten spot And saving now is a paid mod for just twenty a slot You’re never getting bored, you’ll have infinite quests There’s every vagabond will put you to the test You’ll be richly awarded, with infinite chests Full of rusty swords and used pregnancy tests We got rid of skill trees, they were old and lame Who needs a leveling system in a role-playing game? You came to slash and kill and save one more nation No more levels and skills, only degredation! It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows, it just works It just works, it just works Overpriced open worlds Earnings rise, take my word It just works, it just works Little lies, stunning shows People buy, money flows! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! It just works! IT JUST WORKS! So, who’s laughing now?

Fortnite with Ninja | Overtime 3 | Dude Perfect

Big dragons – WARRIOR Ty: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Overtime. It’s good to be back. The show is decent, the mics are fake. Kind of our tagline. Cody: I don’t think we’ve ever said that. Ty: No, I have said the fake mic thing. Garrett: I like it and that’s going on a shirt. Ty: Thank you. Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser. Dude pefect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading on to Overtime. Ty: Like to take a quick minute to give a special shout out to all the folks that joined us in the live studio audience. Thank you guys. Thank you. Good to have you. We’ve got a great show coming up for you guys today. Three segments you already know and love, one brand-new segment with a special guest. That I would be willing to bet most of you have heard of. Right, anyways I say we dive right into the very first segment of the show: Betcha. Ty: I’ve got a question for you guys. The betcha is: Could you go sit in your car right now, lay on the horn for 30 consecutive minutes, and would the honker run out of honk? I’m saying it’ll go the distance. It’ll go 30. Garrett: No way. I’m gonna say, no way it lasts 30 minutes. Cody: I’m going it’s going the distance. Ty: You’re on the honk train! Nice it feels good. Cory: Gar, I’d like to come join you, but I can’t. The horn will last. Cody: Oh, welcome. Ty: Honk train’s full. It’s fully loaded. Fail train is a lonely train. Garrett: It’s a great train. Ty: But that’s the way he likes it. Let’s head downstairs! Cody: He’s arrived! Hey, pop the hood I wanna see your honker. Ty: No, I’m not gonna expose my honker to you. Cody: Why? Come on. Just give me a quick tap; I want to know loud it is. Oh, this is gonna be a long 30 minutes. Ty: Alright quick update on the betcha board. Cory and Cody are up top with one betcha. Me, Garrett and Coby are each looking for our first. Garrett: Didn’t think there was a leaderboard. Ty: Well, there is. Garrett: Okay, cause I would actually put some thought into these. Ty: I say we get to honking. When you hear the honker engage, you start the timer. Coby: 30 minute countdown. Ty: This is borderline Mythbusters stuff right here. Cody: This is our worst idea ever. Ty: Now what do we do? How much longer? Oh, wow. Cory: It just went for one minute exactly. Ty: The newer car has the minute shut off. Chad. Cody: Chad’s 97 Corolla. Ty: We need your car. Alright! Test subject number 2! Positioning official honking device. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Cody: Congratulations! Ty: The horn goes the distance! I guess the question is: How long will it go now? Coby: We do want to know though. Oh! Garrett: It’s all it’s done. Ty: Oh jeez is that a honk? Garrett: That’s not a honk. Ty: 31, it just hit 31 minutes. Coby: There’s nothing left. Get up here, Chad. Get up here. Cory: Let’s just listen to it. Listen to it. Ty: It is literally teetering out. Coby: 31 minutes and 20 seconds! Ty: Will the lights turn on? It’s got to be dead. Now, now. Honk it now! Everybody gets points! Hey congratulations! You’re a winner! You’re a winner! Garrett: The real loser here is Chad, because his horn sounds worse than it did, and he doesn’t have to replace it. Ty: I think we should just go back to the desk, alright. See you guys. Coby: Thanks, Chad. Cory: Sorry, Chad. Garrett: Get that car out of my office. Ty: Chad, just like to apologize for ruining your horn. Feel free to splurge on the world’s best honker. I would also like to apologize in case we’re talking a lot louder the rest of this episode, kind of got a little bit of a hum here. But we’ve got a brand new segment coming up next. It’s time to pick up the sticks because it’s… Game Time! There’s a little game out there some of you may have played, might have heard of it, sweeping the world by storm. It’s called Fortnite. Is that a game reference? Yeah, didn’t even know it. I’ve never played and I would say I’m probably the worst in the world at Fortnite. I’ll be teaming up with Ninja. Coby: Oh, wow! Ty: Guys ready to head to the gaming room? Garrett: Yes. Ty: It’s really just Cory’s office. We don’t have a gaming room. Here we go. What’s up, Ninja? We got Ty here. Ninja: What’s up? Ty: I would just like to apologize ahead of time for my lack of video game ability. Ninja: It’s totally okay. Just stay close. Ty: I will be right on your tail. Ninja: I’m in. Here we go Ty, dude. Ty: Are you gonna tell me when to jump out of this thing? Ninja: We’re gonna get out at Lucky Landing, so it’s the last stop. Yeah, all right. We’re gonna go for that. Tell me when. Right now. I am flying through the air right now. Alright, good. I’m literally flying. I have a I have a spaceship right now, dude This thing’s insane. So this is your first time ever playing this game, ever. This is literally my first time. We got to give you a 100% win rate. I just tossed out something out of my pocket and it turned into a parachute. And I’m about to land on top of the building that you’re inside. Just remember the rules, man, stay close. We’re good to go I’m staying close. I’m just gonna parachuting down. I’m right here on the roof. That was perfect. You just slid right in. What are you drinking? I just drank a shield potion. Why do you have an Easter egg on your back? If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Oh, wow. There’s like lava coming out of it. These are some big trees that were whacking down here pretty easily. Oh, yeah, okay? Oh, so there’s a team right here, 300. I got my crossbow out. How do you feel about that? I feel comfortable. Okay, I’m comfortable then. Oh you’re laying down some fire. Oh! You know what? I had him coming at me, and then that guy’s lucky. Tony, I had that guy. Oh. Did you kill him? Well, I gotta ahh, that’s what kills me as I had him, yeah. I mean it’d be crazy if I could get like my own kill. We shouldn’t like aim for that, but if it happens. You know that’s gonna be big. Got em! Oh! I got a kill! That was amazing. Can we dance together? Alright we should probably get back to work yeah Yeah, dude. I would build tree houses and help you, but I have absolutely no idea how you do that. This is perfect time It’s a llama a llama. What is the llama? Do are you open the llama? Oh? Guy drink some band-aids or whatever that stuff is if you have a medkit Shot go down here Oh, I don’t know what’s happening. You gotta kill this guy. Yeah kill this guy. Where’s he at? He’s above me. I got him. You’re okay, you’re okay, we got this done. I’m comfortable. I’m confident. This is easy. You’re comfortable? Cause I’m kind of freaking out a little bit right now. It’s okay, don’t freak out don’t freak out. Come here sit in the campfire. Everything’s gonna be okay I can’t tell you how safe I feel in here with you. I’m feeling you’re gonna want to call me all the time to play with you, and I want to warn you I’m a pretty busy guy. Oh My gosh dude, your building! Entire first floor of a… Exactly! I’ve killed two of the hundred people?That’s Pretty good stats. I’m not gonna lie. Dude, there’s only four players left. Do we know where the other bad guys are? Oh, no. Not yet, but oh actually, yeah, yeah, ther e. Are you ready? I’m gonna take this launch pad and we’re gonna kill all of em, alright? Okay. I am, oh, I’m shooting. Shoot the AR, shoot the AR. Yeah! We did it! Did I get the last kill? Yeah, you got the last kill, dude, I mean wow that feeling, just hold on to it. That’s what you experience everyday with a clutch. First game ever, dub. Thank you so much man, see you later. Later, guys. You know what we always say: if you’re not very good at something, find the guy that’s the best and be on his team and that’s what we did and we got the dub. Bang! Special thanks to Epic Games’ Fortnite for sponsoring this segment. If you want to play the game for yourself, click the link in the description. Below, also, Ninja’s information is down there. Apologize, Ninja if your back’s hurting a little bit put the team on your back, although I did have 3 kills. But video games are fun. Yeah, you know, I got a say, but you know it’s not fun? At least for one of us, it is the next segment of this show. Can we just take a break? We cannot take a break, Codes. because coming up next we have Wheel Unfortunate! What a segment! This’ll make you nervous. As always, here’s the hat. I’m gonna draw. You want to draw? Garrett, choose a name. Ty, I got good news! I saw a Co! Wait, wait! Hold on, hold on. Should we eliminate one at a time? Okay. Eliminated from the wheel: Coby! Need person spinning that wheel! Cory! Cory! Yeah! Come on! Welcome to my favorite segment, let’s do it! Cory, head to the wheel! Boys and girls, I’m Ned Forester, host for the most popular game show in all the land. We’ve got a special guest I think you guys have last week’s script. He was on. He was on last week. Oh Well, we’ve got a special guest that you’ve actually seen before Cory Cotton, come on up! It’s very random that we get the same person on two weeks in a row. Cor, it’s good to have you back. Why don’t you tell the folks at home something special about you? Well, you’re currently watching fake news because there’s no way I can be on here twice in a row. Absolutely. That was unbelievable! Where are you holding that? Dad’s got secret pockets all day long. Hold my mic for me real quick. Is that 40 pounds? For anybody’s out there looking to lose weight fast, carrots. It’s all I eat. You’d be shocked how well I can see. I can see a quarter-mile. Big stuff, obviously. Hard to see something really small, at about a quarter miles. All right, Cory, for the second episode in a row. I’m gonna need you to spin that wheel! Kind of a lackluster spirit, I pretty sure my Aunt Susan gonna could have spin it faster than that. All right, it looks like you’re gonna be safe from running a mile, but you might need to… eat a whole banana! Cory, you seem to be excited about that. It’s great. I love bananas. Oh, my friend, I’m not sure you’re reading it right, because it does say eat a whole banana. I have to eat the peel? You got to eat the peel, core. That’s what I’m getting that That’s unfortunate! Hey, have at it. Go have some fun. Good to see you. Goodbye, friend. Hopefully. I see you next week. Here, they have a pretty limited menu. Oh, yeah? Thank you. Hey, I’m not gonna lie. I’m pretty queasy. This is eating a whole banana. You’re not gonna puke. You’re lying. He’s not too… yeah, no, he one hundred percent is. That did not go well. We gained some good ground there. His body’s shutting down. Double bite. You wanna do a double bite. You’re not giving me advice. So here’s my question: You’re stuck on an island, and you come across a banana. Are you gonna waste that nutritious peel, or are you just gonna ham down? I’m gonna waste it. I’m telling you, it sounds like velcro coming off. I do not care about the sound. He’s done eating. It’s all over, folks. And that is all we have time for. Thanks for joining us on Wheel Unfortunate. What an incredible performance by Cory Cotton. I mean, he sold out. By the way, I don’t mean to worry you but I do think you might be having an allergic reaction of the bananas. You’ve got a little bit of redness going on right here. That’s actually because I hit my head in the trash can when I threw up. Hey, just think. You might even get picked next time. Oh, what a treat. That could be amazing. Cobes, tell them what we got coming up next. next guys I don’t know if there’s anything better in the entire world than trying to break a crazy world record. It’s time for absurd recurds. All right, so you guys may remember the last episode of absurd recurds I broke the record for the world’s longest Lego walk. Well done, well done took some punishment there. But what you may not know is that was not the only record attempted that day. Later that afternoon Coby Cotton himself attempted his very own. Let’s take a look. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back Michael. It is so good to see you again Thanks so much for joining us. You’re really getting used to this place, huh? I love it. Guys, we have one heck of a record that we (by we, I mean I) are attempting today. I’m out. You might see what’s in my hand. How far can I blow this here pea on the ground? That’s the absurd recurd. And that is an absurd recurd. Michael tell them the distance I’m going for. You’re attempting to blow that pea 24 feet seven point six inches We picked the most spherical pea we could find. Let’s not spend any more time talking about peas. Let’s get going! This is Kobe’s time to shine. He might not win battles, but he can set some absurd records, okay? And it’s time to do the pea blow. Oh, let’s go Cobes. What’s your strategy? Here’s the deal. Been thinking long and hard about this. I only get one breath, but I’m gonna break it up into three bursts, so it’s gonna be like Guys, it is time for the most absurd absurd record you’ve ever seen Let’s get the measuring tape. Nobody touch the pea. Measuring tape is out. All right I’ve got the starting point mark. Come on Michael, Coby, Coby, you had 28 feet, ten and a half inches. T That is a new Guinness World Record! Congratulations! Oh my gosh, thank you! Congratulations. Thank you Michael, thank you! That feels so good. That is the definition of an absurd recurd. Yes. But well done. Way to go, Cobes. Very impressive. All right, well, Thanks for watching this episode of Overtime, as always, I believe we should do a little giveaway. Oh to the fine folks who subscribe and share this video. Whose shirt should we give away? 4th of July is coming up how about Cory’s? I like it. And here below we have a little hat as well. Nice! Good combo! So, 5 people. If you’re a subscriber and you share this video, we’ll pick 5 of you and send it your way. Thanks for watching guys, if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Great news, we’ve heard the requests and Dude Perfect now has a twitch channel. Click here to follow us, got some good stuff coming. Also, if you want to see the last video, click down here. Signing off for now where the mics are fake and sometimes We don’t wear pants. So we wear shorts.

$370 vs $5000 Fortnite Laptop Challenge

Hey guys this is Austin. Fortnite is the hottest game out right now and recently I did a video trying to run Fortnite on a $200 laptop. However, after that video I’ve had a ton of questions asking what is a good laptop to actually play Fortnite with? So here are going to be four of my favourite laptops at a wide range of budgets starting at 370 dollars This is the 2018 Acer Aspire E15 It’s actually the follow-up to the most popular laptop on Amazon that I recently took a look at Essentially what you’re getting here is not only an update to the eighth generation of core processors But also some key upgrades that are gonna help on the graphics side. Inside you’re getting an Intel Core i3-8130U Now bumping up to the 8th generation of core processors means that while this is still going to be dual-core They’ve added turbo boost basically meaning that as opposed to your processor being limited like 2.5 gigahertz or so This guy will boost up to 3.4 gigahertz all day long. This guy’s also rocking dual channel memory. Now That was an option on the previous model But you actually had to go and upgrade yourself whereas this has 6 gigabytes of DDR3 memory out of the box Now the idea that is DDR3 is a little bit of a disappointment But the important thing is is that because we have integrated graphics, Dual Channel Memory is going to make a big difference You need all the bandwidth you can give to that internal GPU We considered that you’re spending less than 400 ollars the rest of the laptop actually isn’t going to be too bad hardware wise. So you’re going to be getting a 15.6 inch 1080p panel. It’s not going to be super high res or super high quality But again, for the budget not complaining at all You’re getting a good trackpad, getting a decent keyboard, and you’re getting a wide selection of ports Including not only a USB C but Ethernet and USB A and well, ok I’m just saying all this because I really want to show you that this guy still has a DVD drive something that (uh) Pretty rare on laptops these days. So for 380 bucks got a little bit of everything So, of course, you should keep your expectations in check. With this laptop, We’re going to need to turn the settings down Well, we’re gonna turn them all down actually. So it’s like fortnite we have all of our settings cranked down and we were running at 600p But the important thing to mention is that this is a $370 laptop there We are getting a pretty consistent 30 frames per second in. And- -No, it’s not going to be the best way of playing the game at all but importantly we are actually able to play it with the idea that we are spending so Little and running on a laptop which is so cheap and yet we’re still getting a playable for tonight experience is pretty impressive It does this a little something about how Epic was able to optimize the game To really get it to be playable on such a wide range of hardware now, of course There are some other things that you’re going to notice when you’re playing. The fans are actually not going to be too loud on this Laptop, but the screen’s viewing angles are fairly narrow. So you do want to make sure that’s pretty much going to be dead-on AKA I had to turn it to make sure it looks good on camera and not to my eyes But the important thing is look it’s fortnite. We’re playing it 34 frames per second However, say that your budget is a little bit higher than three hundred and seventy dollars Well, that’s where this comes in. The Acer Aspire five, not to be confused with the Aspire E15 We’re just taking a look at. Now If you guys have watched the channel for any length of time you’ll know that I really Really like this laptop. Spending that extra money is going to get us a huge upgrade to pretty much all aspects of performance here So first of all, we’re going to be going up from a core i3 to a core i5 on this laptop That means that we’re going from dual core to quad core processor, which is a huge boon well Basically everything but especially when it comes to gaming four cores is going to be helpful The real secret sauce here though is the MX 150 NVIDIA GPU inside They’re going from integrated to dedicated graphics, even in something that’s going to be fairly modest like this is a huge difference when it comes to gaming on Fortnite as you’ll see our settings are going to be much higher than 600p with everything turned down with 30 frames per second. At least I really hope so because I’ve played this before and it was much better I like how I’m suddenly doubting my own videos. Like wait, this is, this was faster, right? But what if it’s not- -faster and I look dumb. The rest of the laptop is going to be pretty much the same as far as hardware goes There are some slight tweaks, but the keyboard the trackpad the screen are all going to be fairly similar but there are some other improvements on the internals here including we go from 6 to 8 gigabytes of RAM and Thankfully instead of having a slow mechanical hard drive This does come standard with a 256 gigabyte SSD. Back again to Fortnight, and this is a much, much better experience So not only were able to bump the resolution from 600 P to 1080 P But also importantly we were able to bump up the settings from very low and turning everything off to a pretty respectable Medium setting, and as you guys can see performance is not going to be bad We’re averaging in the neighborhood of 40-45 frames per second here now Don’t get me wrong. If all you have is 370 dollars You’re going to be able to game on the other Acer, but for my money spending $200 more to go from barely being able to run the game on minimum settings, to something that’s going to be downright Playable for pretty much anyone is kind of worth it as far as I’m concerned And of course this is going to apply to more than just playing fortnight So having a dedicated GPU as well as a quad-core CPU Means that this actually can do a bit of video editing maybe nothing too intense or a lot of 4k stuff but it is going to have the power and it’s going to have the RAM to handle that and on top of that all of This stuff including the CPU and the GPU Is going to be very helpful when it comes to you know Other games that are not fortnite, as if anyone still plays those. I really hope you guys can tell how much of a better experience this is. It really is kind of hard to justify spending that much more money than $600 when you can get something this this playable. Now, yeah, we’re going to be losing a few things So we’re running in the mid 40s on the frame rate So if we did want to get that solid 1080p60 experience Especially with higher settings as you guys will see in a minute We do have to spend a bit more money But I think for the most part this is going to be totally playable and most importantly, you know we’re not gonna die because it Decides to run it 10 frames per second in the middle of a battle which definitely doesn’t happen to the other one at all imagine those that you have yourself a massive budget of $1,000 to spend on your gaming laptop or more specifically 950 dollars. With that you can get the brand-new Dell G3 gaming laptop. This is a really interesting mid-range option So on the inside you’re getting some very high-end internals, but on the outside you’re getting something that looks a little bit more budget So it’s made out of plastic. It’s got a 1080p display But don’t let looks fool you. This guy has the absolute specs to handle games like fortnight and much more. Inside you’re going to find a brand new intel core i7-8750H With a full 6 cores to work with, this is almost going to be overkill for current games, certainly for fortnite. so what that extra power is going to allow you to do is Fairly high-end video editing as well as stuff like streaming. Stuff like that is really going to be very taxing on the CPU So having a full 6 cores to work with is going to make multitasking and streaming super-easy Of course, you’re also going to be able to play some pretty high-end games as well. Inside the G3 is rocking a GTX 1050 TI Now this is not going to be a crazy high end GPU But it’s going to be very much in the mid-range and importantly, for what we’re going to be doing, It’s going to be plenty for that 1080p display, which I will mention is much nicer than the ones on the much cheaper Acer’s It’s still not going to blow you away. It doesn’t have any like G-Sync or anything like high refresh rates But importantly the display is definitely not garbage town, which is always appreciated when you’re spending almost a thousand dollars. Interestingly, Dell offers this in a fairly wide range of colors So in addition to the standard black, that you find on most gaming laptops, you can get it in this which is blue or you can get it in a white and blue which honestly Kind of feel like I should have went with instead But on top of that you’re also going to be able to get blue on the inside. A nd what is really cool Is that even the backlighting on the keyboard is blue. It definitely stands out compared to pretty much any other black and red gaming laptop Out there. Don’t expect any major surprises when it comes to the rest of the hardware It is made of plastic So it’s not going to be the most solid feeling laptop on the world but there’s nothing really that makes me worry. The keyboard is decent, the trackpad is actually surprisingly nice and importantly you are going to get the rest of the internals to back up that awesome processor and decent graphics card. 8 gigabytes of RAM which can easily be expanded up to 16 gigabytes, as well as a 128 gigabyte SSD that is backed up with a one terabyte hard drive. Jump into fortnight and here at 1080p on high settings The G3 actually does a pretty decent job. So right now we’re averaging between 40 to 50 frames per second It’s a little bit higher right now since I’m looking at rocks, but this is going to be a playable experience Now what you’ll notice is that while this is definitely not the huge jump up that it was going from the integrated graphics to the MX 150 as someone’s chasing me and about to shoot me um But this is going to be a noticeable difference and especially when you’re playing other games That are, well, not fortnite, that extra GPU resource is going to be very helpful. No! They made me dance! No! No! No! Nooo! Performance though is actually really nice here. Now the difference between medium and high settings is actually fairly noticeable you kind of think about it is like going from PS4 to a PS4 Pro or something You’re not getting that same resolution boost, but you are getting what’s still a pretty smooth experience That is not really going to be held back too much by performance if high settings aren’t good enough for you though May I interest you in this? The assuit are OGG 703 aka a $5,000 gaming laptop that will crush Everything so not only is this going to be one of the biggest and heaviest? Laptops that have ever taken a look at for the specs inside are going to be absolutely ridiculous inside The Asus is rocking the Core i9-8950HK. Not only is this going to be the first core? I never put into a laptop, but it is obscenely fast So while it’s still going to be six core like the Core i7 model But it is going to clock way way higher. This one specifically has been overclocked to four point eight gigahertz. Keep mind I’m talking about a laptop here a six core 4.8 gigahertz laptop that my friends is Ridiculous overkill at its finest also inside this beast is a full GTX 1080 graphics card 64 gigabytes of RAM 3 SSDs and raid as well as well some future back problems if you want to carry this with you every day it is a Little bit large some would say a little bit ridiculous others would say kind of perfect I would say this my friends is the way that Fortnite was meant to be played so, of course we have full epic settings here because this is going to be a 17.3 inch 1080p panel we’re going to be able to not only max out the resolution but also the framerate so this is a 144 Hertz g-sync panel, and we’re actually being able to pretty much fully saturate right now I’m running between 130 and 140 frames per second on full max settings on my 5 custom helper laptop How I mention that this thing is ridiculous yet. So there’s gonna be a couple major upgrades between $1000 laptop, which most people consider to be very high-end and something that’s going to be this completely insane first of all, of course We’re running on full epic settings and you actually do notice a difference in the graphical settings have definitely been turned up but almost more Important than that we get a much smoother experience all the other laptops have 60 Hertz panels and while they look nice running at something like a 120 130 frames per second is So so much smoother So what you’re gonna find here is that knowledge is a response time going to be faster But just everything about it is just buttery smooth It’s kind of hard to see the cross on a YouTube video where we’re obviously not recording in such a high frame rate But in person it looks absolutely insane. You’re such a contrast in the beginning this video. I was playing on a $370 laptop with integrated graphics running on minimum settings like 30 frames per second and now we’re playing on one of the most expensive laptops in the world with the highest settings across the board on fortnight and Yeah, it’s a slightly different experience. I got to say so there you have it the best laptops to play fortnight with in 2018 So of course, there’s good budget options There’s some really good options in the middle or if you want to be totally insane and show off to all your friends You can start saving $5,000 now

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

Building a $10,000,000 SUPERCAR In FORTNITE!

it's time to build a supercar look at that thing over there guys this is why we're gonna be building I mean that's not a supercar though Geordi so something that looks like this realize we already started but it used to be a super core yeah Josh this is my creation cuz it's green it looks good huh this is green I like that oh I don't know I don't know looks like but if that's everybody all right so we have to build a supercar before we start with the actual car I thought it would be a good idea if we first make a sketch all right so we're gonna start with the base of the supercar all right well I've worked a little bit on the base here looking like looking like a car shape looks pretty nice although one thing is I think the wheels gonna look a little bit strange here maybe we need to make it a little bit longer pretty happy with that I don't know looks a little bit strange so far but maybe it's because we built it in wood and maybe it'll look better when we shape it a little bit better with other things I don't know we're gonna give it a try guys all right I'm doing my best guys I have a great idea what if we make it a convertible then we don't need to work on windows which is gonna be weird because windows in fortnight it's not really a thing all right couple minutes later look at that we got the front window in okay it's like really angled and I like that it makes it look very sporty whoa all right but now we need to hurry up I spent way too long on that all right so do a little bit more work on the windshield added these beautiful side windows and kind of started on the front of the car still have to work on some lights we've got a beautiful grill over here which I actually think looks really good still need to work on the inside of the grill we're gonna make that look nice too then we're starting on the interior we've got a dashboard we're gonna have like a wheel there of course and we're starting on the back of the car look at this the engine bay is going to be right over here I actually think it's starting to look pretty good I'm quite impressed with myself right now I'm doing all right guys we finish building that's right do a countdown three two one go there it is guys welcome to my super okay it looks great but think is it a supercar like what what brand is this Geordi explain it to me so as you can see jelly this is the Dragon brand whoo I really like that's cool that's caught that's awesome it's part of the dragon brand Josh you're a pet is this for downforce right over here this is the air intake Jilly all the way to the back of the engine I want to show you guys all the little details I worked alright first of all we have the headlights uh-huh very nice nice alright guys so my car also has a front Oh lead this platform so I can actually get this is where you know you can store your groceries a little Easter Egg that comes with the dragon brand you can I like what I like these is a lever so if you pull it opens and and this is mandatory and it's like follow me right over here we have the windshield oh you need me then go behind the windshield we have a beautiful steering wheel that's a nice joy thank you to get her with a dashboard this is where you can read all day like oh we're doing so fast or yo we're running out of gas the things people with cars say this retro steering wheel looks very much rose thank you can I ask you guys a quick question what Wow is it two on the left or two on the right depends which cited they call those steering wheel is on the left side why do you have a clutch man I don't know 2019 look I got an old timer so you wanna thank in my head old timers supercar with a froggies clutch with the front look at this so we got a little surprise this is the handbrake or the shifter she might have known this car is actually a three seater you're in my seat jokes look I actually have a rear view mirror and you got some dials for whatever right the volume of the radio track yes Josh get over here so if you actually come to the bottom of my car obviously I might have seen this already but it's dragging along the floor no it's actually a fuel tank guys so this is what happened to this fuel tank that's that's just part of this visa how many litres he carries already eight you know eight liters yeah now follow me down water back of the car okay good [Applause] [Applause] that's beautiful that's a great lights a spoiler with the lights that's actually really nice thank you thank you Jim so cuz that this really looked like brake lights right yes with the engine the engine is this way okay yeah we're gonna ask that question so you just jump down and 16 v 16 cylinder 12 seven liters CC I was about to say you come 12 cylinder 12 sure yeah sounds good you guys like the engine all right let me go Smurfs engine bay I love it you're not allowed to film the engine just so he'd know it it's all really like secret law yeah okay I get it yes so that's I like what you did with this is he he's a bit blocky yeah I was really struggling not to make a blocky you know yeah I think you did a terrible really big compared to the call like human there's a baby car I think it's pretty not I think you should have disclosed it in that's why we jumped that little seat for you right over here oh wow here we go again little jelly sure guys actually have an explanation for the seats well have you ever been in a supercar and being like damn I have so much room in here nope it's always very trim good good job Jordi good job good excuse I like it let's check out your car – hey guys it's time for my car ladies and gentlemen turn around this is my supercar actually my supercar is called the Nitro one that's right for the of the night rules are so cool this is the core we're starting with with the bottom would he call this something on the bottom of the bottom upper which works for aerodynamic purposes in the middle we've got a beautiful grill all right but all the air goes through to cool down that engine obviously we've got three lights on the left and three on the right he's flexing that he can count yeah n stands for nitro yeah that's the cool that's the brand name of this car alright alright so let's move on to the side obviously we've got gigantic 11 or no no 21 inch wheels 21 21 yeah we've got beautiful windshield yep start very early on and goes all the way over here there sure is actually you like you could see the interior look at this before I start talking about the interior we're certain we're first gonna move on to the back of the car okay okay obviously we've got a huge spoiler exhaust clearly what's what what is one to seven to know what is the model of the car and this is the license plate 217 oh okay license plate number one I'm not the president so if you move up here we've got the engine bay that's right our v8 supercar inside it's pretty cool so yeah this is a window you're not really supposed to get in here there's a plastic window here but we didn't no no no you need plastic windows and supercars because they're much lighter you know you will go longer winkers actually what do you say yeah so pull the downforce you know this car is really quick we need to make sure it stays on the road alright let's go to the interior so inside first of all things LED lights on the interior that's right that's something a little more age you know yeah yeah we got these everywhere okay these are our retro styled buttons that's right you pull em push push yeah this is the left ones actually the spark button okay guys he's pushing on the gas where's Eddie put your key okay it's wireless Jody or wireless what am I saying and then we have this steering wheel this is the steering wheel Malik's my legs don't reach oh it'll reach it'll reach don't worry about it I'm standing on the guys while you steer no guys no listen these seats are very tight you know they're supposed to be tight in a supercar and that's whether it might fall back as well you're really tight and you're really stretching your legs to the pedals all right it makes sense that's really nice just likes for the pedals so guys what do you think let me know Jenny I think it looks really dope yes man thanks Cheers yeah it's like a big rectangle I like that better now look at the frame this thing looks really good car it looks pretty cool Josh show is your car because I want to see yours all right now let's see yours is a big rectangle all right guys you ready to check out my absolutely I'm so scary [Applause] poor Josh build it in I'm not really sure what car is to be honest I kind of just built some super in kind of cool work into the wheels and attention to detail see like I can see that it's connected alright yeah that's nice yeah it's a couple soak up to the front you can see that they've got a number play I've got some red light you got a license plate 0 PE n yeah crazy yeah 0 PE n the siding I've got I managed to figure out how to do this little trim along it was a little cool that is actually really nice yeah I didn't want to make the call to cheat do that tactics do you think so the solar panels are kind of my version of gloss pretty thin doing every night sure why I'm so it's just I mean everyone does good that was exactly I've got like a red strip going along the top which is kind of like the racing straight like that it's actually pretty cool yeah the backup lights nice nice these ones oh wait these are not brake lights this is another network they're just it was one of those things where I put them down I was like oh sorry it's always breaking all right but for you guys turn around okay wait what's gonna happen Utley turn around turn around yeah Jilly that's scared don't worry don't get to us all right guys you can tap back around I just pop the trunk looks like a powerful one how many horsepower judge like at least one horse like horses in here Wow all right so what is this a V 2 V 3 no this is version 1 daddy thank you yeah I can see that I can see that Josh kitty show is the interior yeah Josh I'll just I'll just remove the side windows you guys out you're so big yeah you said you couldn't make them big so I didn't use couch today no your as possible to make jelly you've got your couch in the back there Jordi you gonna say here we go the typical job where's my couch oh yeah the cereals on the wrong side what's wrong with you I mean um this is for driving in Britain what are you guys okay so where are the gas pedals Raymond Cobb this is just the unbeknown Lee drive it twice yeah and now you can't turn the wheels anymore a very cool job Josh say yeah so that's my vehicle pop the trunk last night my best there you go oh you did a great job Josh all right guys where all the cars are coming yeah let me know which we thought was best in the comments all right catch you next time if you enjoyed this video make sure you use my supporting creator code jelly in the fortnight items store

Build Your Battle Car Challenge! | GTA5

well well well not well well well cook about offense brother call mani Brunner what is up you guys and welcome to get good gaming today we're playing Grand Theft Auto 5 but we're building our own battle cars they'll build y'all to see who can build the best one and survive because if at the end of the round we're doing we're doing a battle royale for the last part of the video and if your car gets destroyed he gets destroyed for good you don't get to keep it so you're gonna want to build a really good car and survive to the end so first things first we're going to do is we're all going to pick battle cars that we want out of the store and then we're gonna race to the workshop and depending on what you get in that position of that race determines your budget all right you guys ready okay I'm gonna pick my car first yeah you can pick any car any car you want any call me one out of these these look broken they look strong you shut your mouth public car you got I'm looking at the same one yeah it's in cars me I think I might just get the Cerberus I don't go to same cars you guys I want to get one that's mobile is my thing oh yeah cuz it's a race then you get to upgrade so you gotta have it I was gonna originally get the Cerberus then again I would be unstoppable I can't go through it I think I gotta get the Z 380 whatever vehicle you want to get you can look at a fully modified version of it just saying you know fully modded preview oh I'm getting it how do I just get it like this no you don't because that's the defeats purpose in the game but I want it so what cards you get okay I'm getting the future shock I really don't want to lose my car I really like it which one are you picking I I picked the Camaro looking one I feel bad for you guys because of other stakes on the race and you know I play when there's steak I'm gonna be honest I'm not giving my car I'm sorry videos I know we can yeah steaks it's gonna I'm not giving it up oh look at my van right here kind of like he deployed it my car it's so ugly oh my god delivered I feel bad for you guys you're 14 Wow Taylor and I look the same color doesn't matter I'm gonna eliminate you first off so I'll be the only one I'm just letting you guys know those those things are drift cars he'll always be subtle it's what the heck what's with the drifting what do we tell you man I didn't know that before I bought it wait what's wrong with them they drift guys ready 3 2 1 go Oh okay guys really I'm literally rolling like a flat head all right I literally can't flip oh why in a bush yes dude yes I got that head start the rusty boys are in front y'all clean cars ain't doing nothin for you for like clean losers and I'm right my car still slippery oh shoot that ball Oh wah wah damn great try to get too quiet don't you dare do it slow and steady baby sloth oh they're catching up do the cars are so bad some sort of road that's already behind me yeah flipped into a ditch so I have to dig drastic measures see I thought you're good with his steaks all often oh no oh okay this is not going well boys it's going real well for me buddy yeah I'm cruising mad tried to take me out I drifted around and get out of the trees [Applause] oh no no I just got stuck in someone's backyard just past me Oh Matt no don't retain her I'm still way ahead of you not for long wait I'm in first yeah Wow now you hit that car right into me you messed yourself no but I know how something that way don't worry guys I'm coming get out of the tree Oh if I get the 1 million I'm so excited I'm in second I'm in a close second I'm losing right now this van is actually really cool Matt's gaining on me gotta get too quiet I can't even get back onto the road Matt you were really messed me up oh they were going back on I'm back on it my really in a cul-de-sac don't worry Matt I'm still gonna beat you Doug no you can't would you put me on the freeway there is a straight shot you one-way cut already would I'm not even close Matt's not that far let's see if I can get it Oh Paul's so close no I where's-where's the front yes yes Oh second place baby I got second heck yeah dude I told you I'd be Tanner I got ditched in the beginning and I had to go for some drastic boys oh my gosh she just got to the hell all right I got third what he's just idea here is everyone's budgets it went first second third and fourth so I get 1.25 million to spend you get 1 million dollars to save you get $700,000 to spent and you get 500 thousand dollars to spend Wow can't go over that budget all right go ahead those cars Wow I have no brakes on this car so I spent 70 K on accident accident about 20% of mine I guess I need weapons first oh yeah I should probably start I was not gonna say anything about no I was actually skipping that for the longest time what weapons weapons first yeah I started buying all the aesthetic stuff wow those are expensive weights are expensive oh I am screwed oh my gosh Matt look at this oh yeah that guy got me scared dude I can't get a rear kinetic mortar I can drop mortars behind me in this car never do it dude I'm gonna do it I bought it stop blades on the side yeah there you go flare man okay I'm at 680 1000 spent so far so I'm doing pretty good all right $127,000 left I've got $400,000 left and then buy a cool horn wow that's great you have money to spend on horns over honestly like proud of you but like if you could throw on a bit so be sick so I have about 500,000 now to just spend on weapons give you even go weapons first no why do we have a limited time I only have like tuna 50 dang weapons are so expensive mine is a friggin transformer gonna do maths cars gnarly again oh you guys aren't even prepared for this I can name my car saucy woman whoo okay guys this is called the shark because everyone else is dead in the water Oh Matt did you buy the pad front end you bought the bad front end why you'll find out I I spend 1.2 1 million which is fine I'm cool with that that's intense I'm holding that whole chrome alright I'm here I was gone Hey look at me the will sees dog what happened what was that you get to really Wow my car looks the same as it did when I went in mine doesn't look that much cooler not lying to do wheelies okay guys ready remember last person standing wins their car permanently okay three two one go everyone gets one life everyone gets one life yeah baby wow I hate this I got a good shot I'm quicker than Connor and he's the only one out gun that I have lose I don't know about that brother already rolled my car so where are you be boys where you be I'm trying to find everybody it's gonna make my car all black and just hit I mean we can still see you on the map so oh I see Matt well well well Matt well well well battle convinced brother call Manny brother oh my god nice didn't affect me at all oh is this tanner yeah Oh No well Matt's lasers no traction away from those lasers you know getting out of you driving look getting out of there he left a mind you can little pesky fella I cows like why is he let me just drive by him come on Connor I know you're scared ding I can't control my tires dude did you buy the lasers yeah the lasers not that good well I'm working for it my waves are doing damage these overhand bands running away boys I almost ate you sword Oh way to do use your pistol no I have machine guns brother oh we're all the same Eric oh man I almost see you with my who ordered is my fancy right for hitting for you what do my mortars do damage Hey yes well I've ordered myself the RAM bands and down boys I'm gonna have to go back to using my gun the mortars are too hard cuz they come out my butt I'm stuck on a pulse Tommy's running away Oh back up stop where's Matt I'm gonna win but you've all know I'm screwed maybe Paul hit me thank you hey yeah we wanted to hang out stop unless to reset Matt oh no it's all reset let's just all reset all right well Matt's got his car all right I got my car all right resume who just shot literally a cop shot my armor and tire that doesn't make sense now you guys have bulletproof tires did you get pulled four tires no ooh but I had armored tire doesn't matter they gotta be bull I here comes Connor and sub do you want to go he's tough oh oh we're going up this jug is just him the beefcake of the that's a beefcake big dude Matt's laser does damage does it really yes okay I'm leaving dude I'm chasing you guys in fear is chasing me I'm choosing Connor that's Connor oh I see I see lasers gotta go I'm stuck now let me get you unstuck thanks Santa dude there's too many cops all of them deal with you but they shot out my tire try to get too quiet then I got mad you got it you got it destroys vehicle oh boy his video killed me through my window my car did boy I'll make it blow up then I was gonna deal Oh somebody blew up now it's gone I'm asking me all yeah sparse applause kills you my miracle men Cosette you can possibly take Oh get you and your motors out of here I gotta go kill him Paul I'm going for it just drove and don't why would you can't stop I'm getting to the drive-thru dude I'm stuck because of these stupid cops what if I get the cop to blow up close no no I've know how winner of today's challenge so do the more here's our clutch I hated this car first but the second I started doing wheelies I also got robbed and on my ram looked at it dope that is do that too dope I like this guy yeah I'm getting rid of my car boys car has been destroyed in three two one goodbye vehicles sold so long Ram van you were fun while it lasted sell vehicle 1.3 million dollars hey at least you got almost all your money back hey dude that's sad I'm the sad boy right now Judy tanner is about to sell his saucy woman sassy woman dunk she's all I got left see I didn't name mine but now I can I'm gonna name it the winner all right tanner wow that's depressed for winning and show you congratulations I hate you you guys want to see us build super cars and battle it out in battle Road see who wins that one go and click that video over there that is where we built our own super cars and there if there's a village to recommend specifically for you but you got subscribe right there in the middle you guys next one last wheelie

Who Can BUILD The BEST HOUSE? (Fortnite)

alright now we're inside the factory which is nice it's a very old tree you know how old is about a 2 billion years old Wow Wow you knew that number out of your head and oh yeah count all right hang on a second what now we're at the third balcony face what is it a sly third isn't it whoa this is the third year we go down well I mean yeah I mean sure okay this already how this is insane oh it's a slide come on come on I'm gonna die oh my goodness Johnny that is crazy I never said it was easy okay it's true it's a challenging slide I like a challenge Josh all right guys we made it to my house Oh actually no really we gotta grab the cars go to the driving let's go let's go I gotta drive it let's drive in here we are okay look your car right over here this is a garret this is the garage kind of yeah so the air by your bottom floor of the house is my garage you like it's not exactly like criminal I think you should have secured that place yeah dude where's the or tonight nobody steals anything you know what I mean we don't need security well private server we got the first floor and the first floor is kind of the relaxing floor we we got we got two tiny little like oh no I feel terraces here too I'd like to quite relaxed it it's relaxed right you got the windows everywhere here's another one yeah so this is actually not my favorite floor this is my lease okay the cool floors are about to come but you see it got a really nice view from you hey you like it from over here a little bit wrong wrong G all right so here oh the open space starts hook up guys we got a really really high ceiling so this is our kitchen area Mary I like to cook my food in the day we still in a in the house yes this is a window Josh look you can't go through it's not letting me it's not letting me go through doctor broke the window that window is open Josh didn't know yeah Vitelli was jumping okay whatever Keiko oh yeah this is my kitchen you know I like to cook outside barbecue you know Kelly we get it so here dad needs one room on the left one room on the light on the right and these are bedrooms so we got one bedroom and a shared wait I need to put a door you see so we can go one more floor up you'll right over here look at this oh whoa this is my favorite area so as you guys can see there's like barely any support walls that's because these steel they're not steal these metal metal relaxing them stairs are so strong they can hold carry start like halfway up there's no foundation anyway no no no no no so come back down alright sorry go too fast so this is this our special terrors I call it low tank Terrace hello destroy house the first thing you said to break each other's hearts come on I wasn't trying to break the Houser dinner as they'd break us this is actually our living room we don't need TVs we can just look outside you know look outside it's not the beautiful one Josh you got the rid of you I got the loop like you with the flow island right so it's not is the upstairs and this ladies and gentlemen is where the magic happens hahaha privacy for the magic is the know you can close the curtains look yeah I just closed my dirty good one nice level good one didn't think about that so yeah this is our I'm master bedroom beautiful very nice room thanks guys so what do you think you like me it's good love it Jen all right Islands great well can we take the helipad to go through mine no we can take the cars from the garage welcome everybody to the lazy links estate house like this yes I did winter Mike Hart Goldberg only electric vehicles are allowed on this oh oh we're just gonna be driving to the gate whoa look so good the entrance ooh thank you thank you thank you oh my god let me drive all right okay so this is a nice little road towards the area smooth a very nice Jory I like this wooden roads very often but it's very right over here is a covered parking spot a covering allium I got these these little barriers everywhere you know just in case I found the basement yeah no I'll show you the basement in a second so anyways Josh you're down here wait maybe stairs as I knew you guys were actually gonna do something also as you can see the entire house is built on stilts it looks so good it is also for protection protection yeah you know what about that we're living this close to loot Lake am I say okay anyways please come and join me right over here we have a nice little entrance that we can enter very very secure into these doors can close okay close I'm now going are the windows wait it's not letting me it's the windows are open close them I can close them yet we understand we understand your room right over here I build a couch corner and yet but we can sit here and you know just chill and look at the beautiful don't do it are you kidding me the basement we also have a little balcony up here and which is beautiful I went for the very tall ceilings Jordi Jordi we how about we try to do this without saying beautiful well you know I'm trying to sell this house very pretty bathroom the toilet windows are open I still have to put some Josh and if you proceed magnificent kitchen area wow this is where you can cook you know you can you can so what's your favorite me light and very nice my meal I love cooking eggs okay great great so no no no I love cooking a cereal let's proceed downwards right now here just down wheeze through this I don't want to go down there I don't know what's down here guys I love basements we have we have some apples over here well that's mold and moldy apple oh we can eat through the cracks oh we had some wood over here and everything is supported with these stilts once again make love it you the entire struck making sure that Josh is all gonna bomb down everything you never know when a Johnny comes over okay and if we proceed this way there's one more floor up Oh beautiful beautiful Oh to this bit it's very you a dove Geordi a little balcony and the windows are open so you can look outside very nicely are you guys ready it's nighttime this is perfect oh the mosque it's a romantic proceed into the moths orbit beautiful beautiful view over here once again but there's more right over here and you can decorate it as you won because we haven't put the bathroom in there yet this could be his bathroom okay this can be hers bathroom you're about out okay but it can also function as a walk-in closet depending on if you want to advertise your walk-in closet with a toilet in there I'd like that no wait what right over here is another room which could also function as a welcome to our multifunctional crazy connected rooms that's crazy and you could even say you know I love open-plan when it's a planned bathroom and then have these welcome closets hey and maybe you know that the person you're staying here with once a bigger welcome closet buddy hall closet Georgie I gotta say Jenny I want I want I'm charging 15,000 feet bucks for this 50,000 feet box while I'm at it from the outside this is so floating area I went with a roof I love the look yeah it looks so good team thousand feet bucks take it or leave it up to you guys I'll leave it what about you Josh uh yeah I'm already a big big yeah okay maybe with your heart yeah I'll take the bedroom alright guys so which house was the best what do you think I thought Josh's house was amazing Josh's house I think that Jody's is it's my favorite what about mine mine I don't know about that come on it was original yeah I gotta say he's pretty cool Jordi's yeah thank you I think Jordy won congratulations but you still don't get your free box sex watching this video if you enjoyed it subscribe leave a like and head over to jelly check out our limited 30% sale of a jelly shirt and jelly hoodie bundle 30% everyone 30% sick


what up what up what up how's it going welcome into another stream I'm Dan and today we're gonna be playing some for tonight actually I think I'm gonna put this up regardless as a video so if you're watching this video after the fact – then hey if you're watching live then hey how's it going welcome to another stream right you guys have been begging me absolutely begging me for some more fortnight so I thought we'd hop in today and I wanted to just like a 20 to hang out and play fortnight because a lot of people are so focused on wins and uploading wins and sick gameplay that they just forget the fortnight's about fun so I'm gonna upload this regardless of getting a win and I hope you enjoy if you do leave a big fat like I hope you're hanging out with me having some fun let's change the scene and get straight into this because I have to go and celebrate with my mother-in-law I guess because it's Mother's Day here in the UK but as you guys can see I am on can you see that I'm on na wins as you can see it's not gonna change 15 there we go 15 wins I got two wins the other day which is actually insane and I've also they released all of the Valentine's stuff – which is crazy so I bought one of those I bought I bought the lo the love Ranger because I really wanted the wings so I commit my dark knight look absolutely amazing is for tonight having some issues it's still contacting the game service and it took me ages to load up the game today so hey how's it going welcome to the video stream hey Warrick Gorgan AJ Betts and Mary peach one two three how are you guys doing thought I don't do this to me we want to hang we want to play we want to do some do some things check in for updates I'm just gonna check and see if it's got um any maintenance it wasn't when I just checked let's have a look before night some like my most searched which is crazy it seems okay I'm pretty sure it's okay just check him for updates for ages I actually let me see if I'm on the right I'm just going to see if I'm on the right internet right now I might not be set up LAN cable I might be on my other internet which would've been insane house on the wrong internet guys there we go and I switch screens so that you couldn't see my um my secrets that's why lightning storm law is for night down hello there we go that's better I was like please no honey to start streaming lightning storm a blue bow fire Beast gamer Lukic so Dona Avery Sharon Sun at your birthday have a great birthday at Lisa Gibbens bushy rahama time to talk perf as get up another 10 wins I'm trying my hardest I cannot get ten wins in one video my goodness it's taken me a thousand games to get that 15 Gabriel Kelly well at least we get to see my dark knight with wings again I guess I can also make him make it rain hello oh my goodness this is so weird today who else pushy Gabriel Kelly lightning storm blue bow Luke the awesomeness martin garcia and mr. peep says play more fortnight here it is and playing some if it actually let me on the stream and it's finally letting me online my goodness I'm gonna type o'clock guys so I need to try and just get some good well I was gonna say at the beginning the people focus so hard on getting good gameplay though everyone else has this kind of unrealistic expectations they can absolutely destroy a fortnight all the time and that's never gonna happen even some of the best players have off days like yesterday I was playing absolutely terrible this morning I played one single game in came third so you could have bad days you can have good days but the most important thing is that you're having fun and the fortnight is a difficult game especially if you are especially if you're brand-new to shooters like I am you have to learn how to do shooters first the basic concept of those and then you have to get used to the fortnight mechanics with all the building and stuff then you have to practice it's just and there's a hundred people in the game and trying to win every time it's just insane so let's hang out let's have some fun I'm playing on ps4 right now just because I always play on ps4 I'm just better on ps4 that is why Zacky blue waffle lawful Sondra stiff Caesar a p2 maverick lul oh no this is boy maverick boy how's it going I'll try and keep up with super chats and stuff are trying to in between rounds but if I miss any I am so so so so sorry dunja ugh wait as $10 thank you really appreciate that I am hearing okay I'm hearing a chest in here that is not a chest I was like oh why is it not searching there we go not so bad Oh another make it double make it to start that's crazy so the way I look at if I get one kill three medkits wipe that's insane if I get four make it suffice what is happening I'm so confused oh yeah the way I see it if I kill one person I'm good then the rest of the game is fine if I die straightaway I get a little bit upset but I then go in and try and slay more people this is fine and all but I would love a shotgun right now just put that there just in case a blue assault rifle this is our goods and this is an interesting start actually hunters rifle it really wants seeing as we've got this loadout let's head to the roof shall we and see what's going down just because we've got this decent long-range loadout oh my goodness no no no no no that just absolutely destroyed me good job I've got all these med kits huh it's one of those I'm I was gonna say umbrellas crossbows I'm dead I'm so dead I'm so dead Oh make it is I so thought I was dead then right let's try this again shall we that was insane I've never done that before they were like going in usually people shoot down your walls but hey he took a risk and that did not pay off did you have any good stuff you had some bandages I'll take the crossbow actually I should probably drop these grab this not take so long about it there we go that'll do alright let's try that again shall we could do with some shields to be honest any action going down over here huh yeah I can see someone I can't get him from here the scope they are is good but not that good bull there's a chest in here well you asked me give me some shield that's what I'm talking about give me at least a little bit all right I'm not she might I'm experienced in mad lag today I tell you what my game earlier was really laggy as well I don't know why and something I've also been improving on it's just trying to get as many resources as possible so I don't normally do that and then that's normally my downfall to be honest with you all right let's try this lag fest let's do it looks like someone's been in here already I felt like my runnings well slow see it it's like proper spiking it's so weird right okay there's definitely someone over there can you can you see this dude I don't know what he's doing it's made some kind of base already we've got a long we haven't you got that far to travel and I was a liar do you need some more resources though try and grab some as you make our way around what is this guy doing if he's not connected by two bits did he die I think there's someone in there there we go that's coming down let's see if we can get this guy her role that was definitely someone in there okay where are you someone's trying to snipe me oh there you are hey buddy okay he's just gonna run okay that's fine I'm gonna follow you I definitely need some more ammo a hundred percent I think someone else is firing me as well yeah they are okay I'm gonna risk this I'm gonna risk it no I missed that pump shot man he jumped up on me I was so confused I was too focused on that other guy I needed so I'm terrible with the pump shotgun by the way I completely prefer the tactical Jackson Pollock cursed purity since five no that's crazy animate ow Evelyn Nadeem Ethan's cool videos math Kaley Sharon Stone Joshua Maynard sly Mannix but Elena it croto Jackson Kade chase emerald stormtroopers Cody for Knights going mobile on Monday yeah I heard the fortnight is getting a mobile version so you're literally gonna be able to play fortnight on your phone which is crazy like absolutely crazy I don't know how they're gonna do it apparently the game is exactly the same there's nothing different about it apart from his played on your phone I don't quite know how they're gonna do that but if they can do it that's that's a pretty mean feat 100% right now there's a warm-up game let's go I hate this bus route so much my favorite places are the two fields either ends and I'm also forcing myself to jump off the bus as soon as it goes unicorns uh yeah I should use the unicorn pick action and I I should do that stop laying for night a hundred percent no I can't help it there'll be another video up today guys don't you worry this is just a just a casual livestream just so I can play some fortnight and you can watch some fortnight whether it's good or not alright where we head in where we head in where's everyone else head him I'm gonna go to this house over here someone's already heading there so we're gonna have to go below it's probably a bad idea let's go gun please that's not a gun oh no oh that's not a gun either I'm so dead why wouldn't he give me a gun I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I'm gonna die I don't think they have a gun either I'm gonna try and get in right let's see if this saved my life that would might have saved my life it wasn't a gun but it might have saved my life I'm not sure how I'm feeling about having just a crossbow though that'll do that'll do that'll do as well some shields would be fantastic right now I've locked myself in great alright my problem is I don't have an AR right now so I would love to have someone sitting trapeze someone was literally just down here see what I mean right there and that is the AR that I need woah the lag dude I don't know what's happening today all right let me quickly switch this around there we go yeah I don't know what's happening with the lag today guys it's insane I'm guessing people have been in here there's also a trap in here I know there's a trap I feel like I'm not running very fast either let's take that we need the ammo take the ammo come on take the ammo right let's just make our way around the houses if we come across someone we come across someone nothing in here so weird it didn't make any noise that'll do I am going to leave I'm just gonna have the med kit down here I usually have to make a choice between a med kit or shields right let's gather up as much as we can and get outta here oh man I should pick those up now all right change your plan I'm gonna go back and get those shields at you know what I'm not should I yeah I'm going to if this gets me killed I'm sorry let's go alright I do need some more materials but hey we can sort that out in a second I heard some gunfire over here and we've got to head this way anyway let's actually see if there's anyone up here I think many people who landed in pleasant park you know for once we saw other people but someone must have cleared it out let's go so where should we head next there's someone right over there but there's no way we're gonna get them not even with our crossbow they've probably seen us well they got us from there let's fill it back up good your way pick that other one up they have a scar though okay I still go in there heading up there we're going in they've got no shields hey no traps we're good give me that scar thank you very much you got some grenades back as well okay good we did it we got the kill I wasn't sure we were gonna win that just because they have a scar much better for the long range probably should have picked up something else as well I'm gonna stay a little bit high just for now grab some resources at you have quite a few resources so not feeling too bad I do need unloved a long-range weapon though other B goods just wanna kind of hop around the edge until the storm goes I mean we could have to tilt it towers but that scares me so what it's ours is one of the only places that I really despise people either love it or hate it or both let's make it round to this place so this is one of my like hidden faves it's like the underground indoor football pitch I think it is it's a cool place I like it actually as like a lot of a lot of loot and stuff too quite a few chests said this way and it is in the next ring so there might be people hiding down here I'm gonna try and play as aggressively as possible which will probably get me killed more times than not but it's worth a try right I might as well might I'll take that right well we got down here then boyis someone's definitely been here okay someone's definitely died here and someone is definitely left here so I'm gonna make the choice to not even bother going down there because someone's already looted the whole thing just gonna hang around here doesn't seem like anyone's around so we're gonna head to the next ring which is near fatal fields that means we need to make a little trip over the top of tilted towers which means we need a little bit more woods yeah how are you guys enjoying fortnight in the moment I am oh we gonna how did that just happen yeah buddy had a scar as well scary stuff there are two scars are you kidding me right I need to get rid of one of these for this did I drop my other shields I wasn't looking at the trap but I think I might drop my my shields I got him though I got him not even embarrassing about it got killed by them you could tell they were quite new I don't know why they were crouching that was pretty weird hey I don't minds all right let's head up I feel like I'm moving in super slow motion no I'm real life and put on the game I feel like the running is super slow right fairly fairly sure then my back is cupboards tilted towers though you never know just play it by ear guys if we hear someone let's go I'm not gonna go that way it says more like Luton stuff could be a little bit of a little bit of a trap you never know it could be someone looming down we just want to make our priority getting to the next circle it's oddly quiet and as well the next circle is beyond its be ones this river which is always really like difficult to navigate just because there's always people above you let's try up wow that hurt really I think everyone's probably moved on by now which we should probably do right it's 16 3 kills not so bad could be worse and the storms just about to come in ok there's someone right up there let's track them down and let's get them let's try to get them at least where are they gonna be they're gonna be in this house there is a chest up there oh oh oh sounds like they're starting to fight already let's join in on this bad boy someone just got shot guns should it hit that ready I'm trying to listen where they are guys yo I can't even build I could have builds da that is so annoying I just could not build I was trying to figure out if they came out of one of the doors oh my goodness they had a chug chug as well and we gonna say got absolutely destroyed pancake master shots with peashooter man redstone Roy Beeman bar X Barrett even Sam peg Brody I believe or actually want to change my my pickups that's what I'm talking about so I need Sofia Eric Brody pro gamer J gaming give me the bone please okay who next to next to next where are we J gaming pixel gun gamer nikola Higgins Jake streamer you want some bone meal huh I've got bone meal I don't know why I could build on the left hand side of that roof but not the right hand side that was weird I should have been way more I was way too focused then I should have just gone in and got them mind you they had a pump shotgun and tried to shoot me in the face so it's gonna be a tricky one Oh around you will some decent killers we haven't left the game with no kills yet which is good but now that I've said that this could be the time come on let me go to one of my favorite places we can do it we go to fatal fields we've got lucky landing as well I have never landed there ever also I should probably give the it's the 20 mode still available I'll give that a couple goes before I go as well cuz I played it a little bit it's absolutely hectic I should have played that at the beginning right I'm gonna switch to 20 versus 20 of us to 20 versus 20 after this just wanted to get some warm-up games in 20 versus 20 versus 20 versus 25 teams or 20 it's absolutely insane there's a loads of loot boxes loads of drops loot drops whatever you wanna call them yeah there's nothing in here there's only a trap this could be the game where i jinxed it guys there's no gun in here either bro okay pistol will do bandaged okay this is gonna be bad I know someone's left me I can't punish shotgun not bad okay it's getting better I know someone's up there someone's going up okay I wish I had better guns I'm out of here wait did someone just die up here I'm dead I'm so dead Oh oh my goodness what just happens I launched the trigger and he was dead oh my goodness that was a little bit insane guys I did not mean to do that and I will fully admit it I'm gonna die I'm gonna die yeah has got that make it for me as well thank you right let's met up real quick oh my goodness that was insane took my time usually I panic shoot with the pump took my time and it paid off we've got about two squares to go so we should probably get a move on any second now what you need some better guns though guys we have no long-range where did that guys other stuff go just want to check there's no one creeping up on me okay you had bandages that sucks let's grab them anyway because you might have to do a little bit of running in the storm just gonna check if any of these have chests or a long-range weapon in I take that as a no this one might been taken already actually yeah these have been taken right I need a long-range weapon desperately let's even grab an always there and on down here there is okay let's grab it I'm gonna grab the suppressed shotgun the suppressed what's it cords you know what I mean just because I'm not a massive fan of the burst there's no chest up here either right resources then we've got to shake down fatal fields and then go I can't believe that first pump shot completely reaction based I'm not afraid to admit that it wasn't on purpose I don't think anyone else is here you know someone's like literally shelled this out another suppressed shotgun with more ammo in it perfect let's make our way across this is not normally the way I like to do it we also need to look out so what fatal fields used to be good for if no one could sneak up on you from behind but it has changed a little bit so people can now sneak up on you from behind because lucky landing is there used to just be the plain old sea pretty sure I heard a chest in here fairly sure yeah there's grenade loot box is not there yeah okay cool right it's got some bear weapons cuz we're dire on the weapon front right now I would love to get a tactical shotgun just quite feel like I'm better with those that's more like yeah okay one hundred hundred not bad must open the silos I am gonna go over there in a second all right we're gonna have to get a move on Oh pump just hiding down here you know I'm gonna have to get move on I would love to bust open the silos but I literally cannot right now I'm already gonna have to use my I'm already gonna be way behind on the storm okay I am making the Contra dos controversial decision to not take any of those things I'm terrible at deciding why should take on why I should drop so bad right is there a chest down here up here you then nothing up there nothing up here okay let's just go we need to get out of here as quickly as possible got a long way to run the storms coming in got decent resources terrible guns behave we'll go we'll go with it I don't think anyone's following us I'm fairly sure that fatal field was empty but hey you never know before I said that other place was empty then I got shot at from a scar so you never know I was just some big going guys hope it's going Goods the wings are on point I know I haven't actually used them yet because I didn't buy the Stoneskin that was when I was banned from fortnight for a bit by my wife not by breaking the rules or anything you've seen the video guys you've seen the video if not go and check it out it's funny it's so quiet I hate it when it's so quiet dude absolutely hate it just trying to hear if anyone's around that's what I'm looking for yes well that was risky right everybody get moving I think we're good yeah we're good the only problem is wasn't gonna say no I think we're good we haven't got many long ranged weapons why was that over here I'm gonna head towards every piece of gunfire usually that's not what I do but a hundred percent if you want to get better at fortnight a hundred percent do that put yourself in every gun situation you can just because it makes you a such a better player whoa I see you they're right on the edge of the storm there's literally three people around me right now he I want him to snipe the other guy cuz he thinks that's me oh gosh now we're now materials where is he I feel like there's loads of people around me right now the lag no where is this dude there's a sniper as well no no resources I was surrounded by like three people and I run out of ammo good job buddy good job he had swells health as well no I had a grenade but I didn't want to throw it because he was underneath me at one point he was underneath me so I don't want to throw it I could have done better with that I need it if I had just like ten more ammo I could have shot through his brick wall and got him that was unfortunate I probably did okay though I feel like we do not game oh yeah it's 20 versus 20 versus 20 I can't cancel it no playboy 1 3 6 7 Riley Kristina please hammer robo Pro Jayde Bradbury me generally pugs are really good thank you MJ gaming Kai Rex Ryberg Kristine Moran MJ gaming ray Lugo did I say yellow pump instead of green that's hilarious w3s been events of bloomie roti be jacob our or be Devin Sudha James Brooks pug God Jacob are B again Adam stand back angel Guerra rotten in 7 3 77 thank you guys if I've missed any of your donations I'm really sorry I'm trying right where we heading this time we could go to lonely lodge I've been there in a long time oh there's these targets as well by the way I haven't hit any of them cuz I've been saving up like streams or videos you have to hit seven of them so I'm gonna try and hit this one as long as no one else comes down here with me cuz landing on the top of here is actually a disadvantage alright let's hit this target here we go oh there's a gun down there and have to hit the target and run I did it I did it I got a little confetti spike as well sweet right let's go actually don't mind lonely Lodge that much I you know what I have never been stuck between three people in that kind of intense situation before like in that close proximity I feel like I had the upper hand as well I just didn't have any of my um I'm not good with important aids I didn't have any of my resources I thought I'd got so many as well probably should have drank that already but I'm going to just cuz it makes me feel safe ah blue shotgun amazing all right let's grab that I did tell you that we didn't have that many good weapons okay ranged I'm going for this right now I was gonna say I don't think anyone followed us here but it sounds like they might have done remember I'm heading towards every gun shot over here where you at okay it's just over there assuming do this yes I would take that scarf your hands I can take it where is it I feel like there was someone else here was there someone else there's someone else here I'm sure of it hello we got him though sweet I heard the building sounds I thought I heard someone else but maybe not if you see someone else let me know right what's this this is a scoped AR we've got a better one if I ever suddenly stop talking it's because I'm trying to read either super chats the chat or I'm trying to listen okay we aren't actually got that far to go that's not so bad I'm grabbing as many resources as I can we also didn't Lutz we didn't loot lonely Lodge that well let's go ahead and do that now I'm sure I could hear other footsteps at one point maybe not maybe it's just my ears deceiving me well there's usually a couple of chests around tears another health pot shield pot even I am gonna drink it just because I know it's a waste of 25 but it's fine here we go nothing up there did not mean to take that I saw something purple over here and I can't oh it was there hand cannon wasn't it alright let's go let's get out of here I think that's as much as we're gonna get from lonely lodge let's get out of here I thought we had a jump pad for some reason maybe that was the previous game the only bad thing about lighting at lonely lodge is it's pretty lonely and also there's not many places to go after you've been too lonely lodge and go wailing woods I mean what who goes there yeah this is where I get shot in the back from someone at wailing woods isn't it okay advantages I'm good I think actually have no healing which I'm a little bit worried about doesn't look like anyone's coming from whaling words skit up hi whoa what okay I'm pretty sure I put that down but okay oh I put it above me awesome anyone hiding around here huh see what I mean cuz you like land at the edge of the map usually don't see anyone for a while if at all it doesn't even look like anyone's been here you know I don't have the doors open someone must have been here right I'm gonna I feel like I'm already running out of resources it's Mads I guess because I'm always building up hi I know I am now I always get lost this side of the map as well I'm just gonna kind of hang around here a little bit see if we can see anyone get our surroundings a little bit too someone's been over there in the bunker dusty Depot is not a fun place to be so seriously known around here they must have moved on already right let's carry on I'm gonna do a visit to tomato town see who's chilling down there again Triana stay as aggressive as possible trying to anyway okay I had a shot where was that down there in the middle can you see them remember going aggressive its aggressive as possible tomato town is nowhere near the next ring though whoa okay they're gonna be so much higher than me as well okay this sucks this actually sucks well major lag so I'm gonna make it out this way no that's not what I wanted it's the same dudes I think it is about resources again that's what you get that's what you get okay this is that someone standing right there they just got absolutely popped who by I'm not sure that's the same person okay they're over there I'm gonna see if they have any resources they had a few nothing crazy though but I'm gonna try and get out of here okay they've gone up there sweet right let's go we've got a kill wasn't the one we were expecting but we got it now we need to be quick sorry mr. tree I know you're quite the quite the old guy but I have to take you out and sorry I have no resources guys it's gonna be bad whenever I don't have resources you die quickly we should be fine though we might actually meet that guy very very close I just need some kind of resource I think I'm gonna grab some of this brick and I can't I can't I can't haven't got time this is gonna be bad I've got no heels I should have picked up those bandages just keep on going shall we I know there's a dude gonna come from the right hand sides just because that's where the guy we were shooting at was coming from and we need to be so careful we're so out in the open no resources there is no good put him got him got him got him have some resources please okay you're good you're good you're good don't die don't die awesome all right we need to be super careful here guys because there could be a few people around here especially in dusty I'm gonna have to give up a few of my things just to get some resources back could do without the lag though that'll be good I can't edit I can't edit where did those stairs even build that was a little bit crazy huh I almost lost that and then the storm was coming in I used my last to use my last two to actually try and get back my last two stairs right we 100% need to get some more resources and just get out of here did not mean to do that alright I'm gonna head up on this hill we need so many more resources unreal if we even have a chance in this game and yes I am leaving them all at 50 on purpose or trying to write we actually need to head not too far someone's made literally a bridge across that's hilarious here we go let's do it actually the final eight I didn't realize we were running so far only three kills though not the best not the worst okay I think we're a little bit better suited now we can actually like not lose the one-on-one hopefully I'm actually tempted to make a base near the Supply Drop where's there someone in there there is I thought that was yes there's someone up there as well no no I do that what's gonna happen oh good shot buddy good shot well done oh my goodness I can't believe that just happened I saw him with the sniper as well and I was like please don't do it and I did it I'm such an idiot that was close though meme boy and your cousin Levi Logan as ha the jet pack isn't actually out yet and I don't think it's gonna be out for a while they could get another sniper here boys I feel like we had a good chance as well cuz it wasn't that many towers and stuff Jenny J Diggy Bryn and Kellen how's it going Schwimmer died Jackson King Austin haystack hot dog king Justin Adam avi Thomas Ron geeks are cool Lee Lee ray Lugo Caleb and Riley Pokemon Bill thank you for the ten really appreciate him cool Kiwi boney the dog NFL Pro V lat right just before I go I'm gonna do some teams of 20 because I said I would we actually did some decent games today though guys and I love streaming this four nights so much and I feel like I have got better jerky like you've got at least a little bit better because before I used to do games where I would just die straightaway which was awful but I feel like I'm doing a bit better today let me know and I hope you're enjoying watching as a video as well if you guys are watching as a video afterwards just wanted to hang out play some fortnight not necessarily I don't want to put too much pressure myself to get wins because you can get wins if you hides but I feel like as I said earlier you get a hundred percent a hundred percent better if you just try and get as many Hills as possible and then winds will come at the same time right this is 20 versus 20 versus May so the way this works is everyone has a team of 20 and the circle always ends at the middle like right here always ends in the middle no matter what all of my teammates are going to pleasant Park so that looks like where we're going right now but this lens for some absolutely insane games where you're trying to take on like 20 people at the same time it is mayhem absolute mayhem oh I've got another I'm graph the lands at the middle of the football pitch to try and get my target so your own teammates they have green there's one person who's not a teammate here they're gonna get thrashed to death oh my goodness so I'm gonna try and stick together usually I just fly somewhere else but I just want this target you know fireworks let's go I think everyone was trying to do it at the same time you know I'm gonna score a goal let's go let's go let's go come on we score a goal no you kidding me okay this is not a good idea I need to keep on going I think that person just got killed he was by themselves let's grab some resources the only problem with your whole team with twenty landing in the same place if you're literally gonna have nothing to go around at all I'm also assuming that whoever is in here is on my team madam Eva health pots gun I need a gun I need a gun I need a gun need a gun no let's try in here I need at least as one gonna have there I have the shields okay now do also it's kind of hard to identify who's who okay the person in my house is green your person your people are on the green arrows so this is my own dudes it's crazy it's collect resources and see if we can win this there's only 59 people left already so I can we could have a good chance and as well you knock all of our tears here as well you knock people out in this game in this game mode so what happens is is you have to finish people if you kill them all right I'm going with my team let's head out let's go I really wanna look the black astronaut I'm gonna guess what are you doing who are you shooting at there's no one here could we flatten this city that'd be insane wouldn't it there's like no loot to go around because there's so many people that landed here we literally bring in the whole house down let's do it let's go this is funny it's coming down get the last wool Hey oh that's holding it up no way get out of here house I've never seen that before in fortnight that's insane let's get out of here oh my goodness what is happening that's so loud oh my god my brain can't even handle it we're trying to get blowing it is yes I did not know the ice-cream truck had 10,000 health we're gonna get jumped by the other team aren't we oh my goodness this is dumb this is so dumb what are you doing that's crazy absolutely crazy looks like we're just gonna bring down Pleasant Park to the ground I mean I'm gonna help out any way I can and then we'll see if anyone comes down wait someone fighting nothing Goods their goods we're bringing the whole of Pleasant park to its knees this is mad I can't believe this is happening yes bring the whole thing down I want to see I've never seen what it looks like if the whole place is flat it must be insane see what happens what's left of these stairs there he goes begone house oh my goodness we're flattening it we're in the middle of the circle we're in the we're in the right place of the circle as well yes okay we got rid of that access actually part of the part of the build if anyone comes along here like another team they're gonna be like what has happened here I don't know what started this off but it's happening and it's gonna be beautiful what is going on the whole house is gonna be flat look there's no houses here there's no houses is that a jump ad dude sweet why would you do that you killed the jump pads who are you are you kidding me why would you do that we could have all like launched into the distance beautifully how they doing on this not even halfway a hundred thousands I want to see how flat we can get this at least get one side of pleasant park to be flat are you building no do not build we take them now right we should probably stop this but look this house is gone it's carriage is gone oh my goodness guy is right we need to we're still in the right place Pleasant Park is flat absolutely flat this is unreal yeah okay guys hey guys the whole side of Pleasant Park is flat are you kidding me I've never seen this before I kind of needed that gun give me that gun give me that gun thank you dude there's only a few houses left yeah who's got a mini gun take the whole thing down that is so loud oh my goodness it's wrecking my eardrums all right should we take down this house too I don't know if everyone's on the same page right now be easier to find Lutz how are we looking we're doing good we're still on time oh my goodness guys look Pleasant Park is flat complete no way this is insane oh my goodness Pleasant they killed it they lure into the ice-cream truck this is the best team ever no way they go to the ice cream truck that's 10,000 health the whole thing's gone I need to get this for a screen shot this is gonna be insane I'm gonna turn everything off oh my goodness guys have I got any resources no way it's completely flat I love it absolutely love it I've never seen that happen before a view right if we're in the next hopefully oh we are in the next ring this is right on the edge so let's get this house out of the way this needs to be our pride priority yep let's do this you listen you to look out for other people because we're kind of acting like we're the only people on the map right now here we go brush it brush it come on just before it flattens just before the storm guns what's holding it up these stairs where my team just left me you left me all by myself are you kidding me there we go the house is coming down goodbye and there you go the wasteland that is pleasant Park is completely done and we should probably go and we'll try and win this game now we actually have the most team members as well that's great that's absolutely great right wait out from you guys guys hello hello I'm gonna sleep out the basement as well ah dude it's gone completely gone the dream what if the the ring comes back to here everyone's gonna have to build their own house I think Fighting's going down we're losing people let's join the action we got no kills but we've got plenty of house kills goodbye Pleasant Park okay I'm gonna try and just quickly get this just because it's absolutely amazing yo it's gone Pleasant Park is gone haha alright let's get back to what four nights actually about we've only got nine people left that's bad seven who's killing us all who is it throw a team down there there's definitely a team down here should we just go in I think we should just go in guys we're gonna die anyway so we might as well try yeah got him no no no no no no jeez how do I not lose any health there we go that's the stuff all right I'm gonna go grab some stuff from here come I guess I got no house no ammo left right I want this thank you I also want this thank you but what else do I want I kind of got the pick of everything they had no ammo either Roe wait is our guy down okay I think he's down no I don't even know where that came from I'm only by myself ah there they are let's see how this goes this is probably going to be awful goodbye see you later I dead someone else is up here though the dream is dead the dream is dead that was hilarious I know that was a sniper there but we weren't gonna win this anyway it was only me by myself and there's our last teammate we were the last people we had so many people and we were the first team out now hilarious that was so much fun well let me catch up with these Owen Harris with a ten Thank You hunter plays Murphy cat seeker mock mini wolves Denise killer landon plays juju a Emily Aniston Oh were you that's awesome from wyatt hi how's it going down the robloxian the daily Aiden that's awesome thanks for the ten buddy girl Ramos Fox warrior probably a horse boy shouts out random internet 3000 Nick's real skull smashed a fireball grows little Lexi Frank Brown Riley Kyle Devin dude Devin dude Logan Brown Henry banana ray Lugo Owen Harris guys thank you so much we just got a reward for teaming in squads getting top six even though we may hold in a second how did that work there's only four teams but guys you know what that was absolutely amazing I had a lot of fun I hope you had a lot of fun too if you're brand new to the channel subscribe because I need to go out and hang out with some family right now so I'm I'm sorry I have to cut this short I would stream for much longer but I hope you enjoy it if you enjoyed this video and the stream and would like me to stream some Fortnight even more then please do it felt like that we greatly appreciated and it's nice to be the first bitty team of me please do consider subscribing to join team TD and today for daily videos go and check out fortnight it will be in the scription below I love you guys have a great Sunday there'll be another video out in about an hour it's a lot of fun it's some more trickle so I hope you enjoy that and I'll see you guys very very soon thanks for hanging out thanks for all the super chats I'm gonna catch up on those Pokemon bill it was quickly our look Lazaro ray Lugo a liar I lost him you gave me the skull mark I still got that and who else Wyatt games I don't actually I don't actually do my Instagram messages who didn't I'll check it out anyway I'll try and check it out pokemon bill anyway guys thank you so much watching love you loads have a great day and I'll see you soon good bye