How to make a 2D Game in Unity

So, a question we get asked a lot is how to make a 2D game? Of course, this is a huge question to answer. But, hopefully, this video should help point you in the right direction. And this is actually filmed on our brand-new video camera. So, I hope the quality is all right. Apparently, this camera has a pretty narrow lens. So, we had to do this crazy setup to make it work. Luckily, making 2D games in Unity has gotten so much easier over the last couple of years Ever since they introduced the new 2D features in version 4.3 We’ve seen a bunch of cool features and workflows for different aspects of working with 2D in Unity Now, 2d games, of course, come in a variety of different art styles and genres. And the tools that are right for you are going to completely depend on the game that you’re making. But, in general, we can split Unity up into two primary workflows. Tile based. And sprite based. The tile based workflow is meant for games that are build on a grid As the name suggests You create environments by placing tiles. Which makes it pretty fast and easy to create and modify levels. The sprite based workflow, on the other hand, gives you more control As it simply means that you place object freely in the world As a result of this you can create more detailed and dynamic environments. But it might not be as quick. And, on top of that, Unity is also working on some tools for vector graphics In case you are really fond of illustrator. But, regardless of what workflow you choose We first have to create a project. So, to create a new project, we go “new” And your UI might look a tiny bit different here But that’s because I’m using Unity hub Which is still in beta But the idea should be the same We then select a name for our project I’m just gonna call mine “2D Game Example”. We then select a Unity version. I’m gonna be using 2018.2 Then we chose a save location I’ll just use my projects folder And, finally, as our template, we want to make sure that we select 2D. Let’s then hit create project And Unity is going to open up a new empty project. And, now, we can see we have this empty scene With only a main camera in it. And because we made sure to select 2d as the template Unity has set up some different settings on our camera And in our editor To work well with 2D. Awesome! Now, when starting with an empty project I really recommend visiting the Unity Asset Store to find some assets to use for your game. Of course, if you want you can always replace them with your own custom assets later. Luckily, there are some really great free assets available that we can use. I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of some of my favorites. If you want to check them out you can use the link in the description. In here we have a pack for putting together cool pixel art caves They say picks up platformer pack As well as some more toony assets All these are based around tiles And so will fit perfectly with the tile based workflow. If you want to use the sprite based workflow There’s also an incredibly detailed art pack As well as a top-down dungeon pack that would work great for that Some of these also include characters But I’ve gone ahead and added a few separate ones just in case. Now, once you’ve picked something that you like We have to get it into Unity The way that we do this, it’s by opening up the asset store window. So, we’ll go window We’ll go under “General” and select the “Asset Store”. You can also press “Control 9”. We’ll then navigate to the package that we want to download. I’m just gonna get the free platform game assets. It’s right here. So we’ll click on that. And once you find the asset, you can simply click this red button to first download And then import it. We’ll then get this window Where we can see all of the different assets that are included in the pack And if there’s something in particular that you don’t want Let’s say, you already have a character And don’t need this one We can simply uncheck it, But I’d like to import everything. So I’m just gonna a select everything and hit import. This one is called BayatGames And under here we have the free platform game assets And you can see a bunch of different subfolders with the different aspects of our pack And most packs will also come with some kind of a demo scene. In this case, there’s a demo folder right here. If we open that up and double click on the scene to open it. We then go into the scene view And we can see this nice example of how you can combine the different elements to create a level. You can, of course, select the 2D Rect Tool at the top here. The shortcut for this is the T key And if you also make sure that you’re in 2D mode at the top of our scene view. We can then go in and simply click and change different elements around. We can, of course, move them. Rotate them. And scale them, as well. And so you can quickly start modifying these levels to make them your own. But, of course, we want to create our own custom level. So we’ll go back to the default sample scene And we can now start dragging in assets to use them. And how you go about this is going to depend on the pack that you’re using. This pack here splits up all the sprites into individual images. So, if we’re going to say “Tiles” and then “PNG” We have some different sizes available here. I’m gonna go under 256. I’m gonna select the “grass platform” and drag it in. And that works right away. We have all of our different assets and each one of them is a separate image. So, we can simply drag in some different images to sketch out a level. But what most 2D packs do is that they used a tile set And a tile set is basically just a very large image With a bunch of sprites laid side by side For example, if we go to the asset store and download the sunny land And open up the folder here We can see that on the artwork And then environment In here, we can see that there is indeed a file called tile set And if we have a look at this We can see that it’s basically just a bunch of smaller sprites in one larger image. Now, if you want to learn how to create your own tile sets And set them up in Unity. We have a tutorial that I suggest you check out But, luckily, this package has done all that for us. If we just select the tile set sliced here We can see that they’ve actually gone in and marked all the different tiles that make up this tile set And if we expand this arrow here We can actually see each individual tile in our tile set. Pretty cool! And just like any other image we can take any one of these. And simply drag them in to the editor. Now, this one is a lot smaller, but you can see it works just fine. So, now that we know how to work with sprites. Let’s try and build out a quick level here. So, we already have this grass platform here. That’s great. I’m just gonna place it here. Let’s also add a background. So, I’m gonna go under new background. Under PNG. I’m just gonna select the lowest version here Under background And here we have another file. Let’s simply drag that in, as well. And we can see this looks nice in our camera. But we can also see that it’s overlaid on top of a grass. And, of course, we want our background to be behind it. For this we use something called sorting layers So, to the right in our inspector here Under the Sprite Renderer We can see the setting called the sorting layer If we click this, we can add a new sorting layer. This takes us to another menu Where we can hit the plus sign to create a new layer Let’s call this one “background” And if we want this to be behind the default layer We actually need to put it on top That’s because this actually represents the drawing order In other ways, we first draw our background And then we draw the default layer on top Let’s just go in and add another one here called the “foreground” In case you want to have some foreground elements as well. So, now we can go into a new background And we can change the sorting layer here to background. And “voilà”! A grass platform appears. We can also maybe add a coin to our game To do that we’ll go under the coin animation. Let’s go into PNG again And let’s just select the small version here And as you can see this has a bunch of different images And if we go through these quickly We can see that they make up an animation. So, to add these as a single animated object. We simply select the first one Hold down shift And select the last one And we then drag all of them in Unity is going to notice that we are dragging in a bunch of images And so it’s gonna ask us to create a new animation with these images. I’m gonna make a new folder for this I’m gonna store all of our animation in here. Let’s open it up. And let’s call this the “coin animation”. Let’s hit save And inside of our animation folder Unity is now going to create both a animation file As well as an animator controller And this is currently named after one of our images. I’m just gonna rename this to “coin animator”. And now if we select our coin We can see that it has an animator component as well If we go to the animation window Which you can always find on the window Animation We can actually go through each individual image in this animation If we hit play We can play through it Or if we simply hit this button to play the game We can see that the animation plays and repeats by default. So, now we have an animated coin in our game We can, of course, move this around Put it anywhere that we would like And just like when creating any game in unity We can then add components to our different game objects in order to make them do different things Say, for example, that we wanted this coin to have physics applied Well, then we could go ahead and add a new component. We can go under physics 2D And here, we have a bunch of different components for adjusting 2D physics on our game object. I’m just gonna select the Box Collider 2D If we then go into the Scene view and select our coin and hit F to focus on it We should be able to seeing that there’s actually a green line surrounding our coin. It might not be too visible from the screen recording, but it is there. I’m just gonna give it a size of 1 on the X This way we can kind of see it more clearly And the Y is just fine as it is. But adding a Collider is not enough. If we want this to fall onto our platform We also have to apply physics to it To do this, we’ll go add component And we’ll search for rigidbody 2D This will apply it physics to our coin And if we now hit play We should see that immediately our coin falls. However, because we don’t have a collider on our grass, It’s just gonna fall right through on platform So, that’s here go and add a box Collider 2D. And we can go in and edit the collider here And I’m just gonna drag the top a bit down So, that it looks like our coin is landing at the center of our platform I’m also going to take the platform and drag it down a bit And if we now hit play once more We can see that the coin falls and lands on a platform We also see that we have this weird issue Where sometimes our coin is behind a platform And sometimes it’s in front And that’s because they’re currently on the same sorting layer And not only that they have the same order within that layer To change that we can go to our coin here And we can increase the order in layer So, if we set this to any value greater than 1 It will be drawn on top of our platform I’m just gonna set it to something like 10 And now when we hit play Our coin always appears on top of our platform. So, that is kind of the very basics of working with 2D objects in Unity, And currently we’re just using the default sprite workflow We can take any of these objects and drag it around freely. In other words, we aren’t restricted to a grid. However, because this platform actually has a bunch of different tasks in it. It would work great with the tile based workflow. So, let me just give you a quick preview of how that would work. If you want to learn more about using Tile Maps in Unity, We have a tutorial dedicated to that. So definitely check that out. So, for now I’m just gonna take these two objects and remove them And instead I’m gonna right-click in our scene and I’m gonna go to the object And create a new tile map This creates an object in our scene called grid And as you can see this does overlay a grid on top of our scene. I’m gonna set the cell size of this grid to 2 by 2 This way it’s a bit larger And under this grid, we have the tile map. We can also go and open up the tile set window So we’ll go window 2D And select the Tile Palette Let’s dock this to the side of our Scene view And the tile palette is basically just the window where we add all of our tiles And then we can select between them in order to paint them into our scene. So, I’m gonna create a new palette here Let’s just name it something like “Grass Platform palette”. I’m gonna hit create And I’m just gonna store it in the base folder here So, it’s select folder And now we can simply drag sprites in here in order to add them to our palette Of course, we have a bunch of tiles right here So, I’m just gonna select all of them and drag them right in. And it’s going to ask us where we want to generate all the tile assets I’m gonna right click and create a new folder for this. Let’s call it tiles And it’s it that folder It’s then gonna generate all of our tiles And voilà! We can now see all of our tiles inside of this window And we can select any one of them by simply clicking on it And by selecting the brush tool at the top here We can then start painting them into a scene. We can also see that they don’t quite line up with our grid To change that, we need to select all of our sprites. And to the right here, we’ll change the pixels per unit And each of these sprites is 256 by 256 And we want each one of them to be two units wide Because we set our grid to 2 by 2 And so we simply need to take this value and half it And that makes 128. So, we’ll set the pixels per unit to 128. And if we then apply that We can see that they snap right into place So I’m just going to use the paint brush and erase the two two a quick level here Awesome! Again, I really suggest you check out our tutorial on tile maps If this is the workflow that you want to use. So, hopefully, that should give you an idea of what tools you have at your disposal When starting to make 2D games in Unity. Of course, this is only the beginning And we’ll be releasing new videos on the different aspects of making 2D games going forward Starting with player movement If there are any particular subjects that you would like to see Like enemies, one-way platforms or shooting Definitely let us know in the comments Until then I recommend just playing around with Unity And having some fun sketching out your own levels Also if you like this video and the content in general Consider supporting us on Patreon Patreon allows you to make a monthly donation with an amount of your choosing You can cancel it at any time And it’s just a great way to help us keep making these videos On that, thanks for watching! And I will see you in the next video! Thanks of the awesome Patreon supporters who donated in June And especially thanks to… You, guys, rock!

How To Start YOUR Luxury Lifestyle Journey

How to start leveling up? Now I think this is the most frequently asked question that I receive over and over again from women who join my community and they want to know where to begin, and especially where to begin when you are a complete beginner. I’m going to give you of course all the answers.
For those of you who do not know, I do run an online finishing school called School of Affluence, where actually I teach this exact formula how it works when you want to enter high society or when you want to navigate successfully in high society. What steps to take? Where to start when you
want to achieve a more affluent lifestyle? There are of course plenty of ways around
it but there is a common formula that women tend to take. And that’s exactly what I’m sharing
in the online program. But I know that not everybody joins my program. Maybe some don’t afford or whatever reason
it may be. I’m still gonna give you some action steps
to take so that you can start your journey whether you take my course or not. So here they are the action steps. Number 1. Define your luxurious lifestyle
goals. This is a task that actually my students have
in the first module on my course. It’s very important to decide what exactly
do you want to get out of this lifestyle? What do you want to achieve? What goals do you have? You see, not everybody has the same goals. There are many different ways how we can create
a luxurious lifestyles for ourselves how we can live this lifestyle. Some women maybe they want the whole package
of private jets and billionaires, whilst other women perhaps want a more low key modest
but luxurious lifestyle. Now depending on what goals you will set for
yourself, you will have to create kind of customize your own little action plan around it. Now once you define your goal, it will be
much easier for you to strategize on taking the correct action steps how to execute your mission. Number 2. Scrutinize yourself
from top to bottom inwardly and outwardly. This is not the most fun task to do. I know it! And a lot of us have a difficulty
with being open and honest with ourselves. But if you want to improve yourselves, you
really need to look into the details of where you’re lacking and where there is need
for improvements. You have to really scrutinize yourself. You have to admit to yourself that maybe the
way you dress is not elegant enough or maybe you curse way too much. And once you start scrutinizing yourself, you
will notice where you should improve yourself Because of course you need to be of a certain
level if you want to be part of high society.
One can of course join high society in all kinds of shapes and states but you will be more
successful the more refined you are. So this part is actually quite important. Number 3. Create a financial strategy for
yourself. Ladies, nothing in this life is for free. That is the harsh reality! We might not come from money. We might have limited funds to play around
with. But if we want to level up, we will have to
have some form of money. Now some women decide to create money for
themselves. They don’t want to depend on any man. They create a fantastic career for themselves.
So they have cash flow to work in. Some other women they choose to go the route
where they want to find financial support from a man. But still these women will have to have some
form of money to start off with. So having said that, you will need money. On one level or another. Regardless of how
you want to kind of strategize on this journey. You have to find a solution where you’re going
to get the first investment from. If I take myself as an example, in the beginning
I was funding my own journey and I did it in bits and pieces. I was working and sometimes even took a part
time job just to get that extra income because, yes, finances they were tight in the beginning.
And if you have this very tight budget, sometimes it just means that things will maybe
take a little bit longer for you to achieve. But it’s still doable! So those of you who feel that ‘OK, I have no
money, very little income, I cannot really invest in myself’ Well, this is the thing. Sometimes you just have to make either a sacrifice
to organize your priorities. Maybe you have to get a second job. Maybe you just have to do something. Think outside the box. I don’t know what’s your situation but there’s
always a solution. Become that solution driven person and you will find a way. Leveling up does not
work in a way where somebody wakes up one day, and have you know everything
fall on their lap, and magically appear without them having to make sacrifices
or hustle a little bit. Everybody has to hustle and sacrifice things in order to make this leveling up
journey happen. That’s just a rule. No journey has zero obstacles. So make sure you’re prepared for these obstacles. Make sure you have a plan. Think through how you can get a cash flow
going for yourself. And don’t be afraid of taking things gradually. It’s absolutely fine. There is no stress. The most important is that you do something
and perhaps that you start today. Number 4. Educate yourself. OK this is definitely my favorite point. Well obviously because I run an online finishing
school. So if you’re interested, if you want to have a bit of a fast track, you can just go to and there you can join the cause and definitely educate yourself on how to become this woman, that transformational bit. You know all the action steps that you will need. But what I also mean about educating yourself
is actually about starting to perhaps read books on these topics. Maybe start seeking out role models to take
fashion or beauty inspiration from you can join the JetsetBabe Facebook group community where you can ask other members about their journey, perhaps learn from them. My success really started to happen when I
really took this whole leveling up education seriously. I was researching this game for years and
how I did it was that I seeked out women who were affluent, who were already much more ahead
than me, and I really just kind of picked their brain, and was curious, and ask questions, and
how did they do it, and can they give any advice to me. That is an amazing way of leveling up There
isn’t just one way of educating yourself. Really, try and do as much as possible from
all kinds of different areas and you will really start learning loads on this journey
that will take you where you want to be. Last one. Number 5. Take action! Yeah. It’s that simple. Now you can educate yourself all day long
and you can plan and dream and strategize but nothing of that is going to be useful
if you do not take action. Results are going to come once you take the
step forward. Once you do what you have to do to actually
have something happen in your life. It’s easy to sometimes get stuck in la la land
and dream about it and look at pictures or fantasize on how things could be. I think it’s easy
for us to sometimes do it especially in this online world we get sometimes stuck in these
Facebook groups, in front of these books, but you need the action! Ladies, action is where
the magic happens. So think about this. Have you taken any action since you started
leveling up? Can you take more action? What is one thing you can do today that will
actually take you closer to your levelling up goals? Think about this every day when you wake up. What can I do for myself today that I know will benefit my journey? Always keep this in mind. Your goals have to always be on top of your
mind, so that you accustom your new lifestyle towards your goals, towards your needs, towards
to where you want to be. That’s how results happen. There are plenty of more videos ladies on how
you can learn about this lifestyle. If you want to do like in
Number 4. Educate yourself. Hop onto my next videos! I will be uploading loads of content. So if you still
haven’t subscribed, you know what to do. I’ll see you in the next video! xoxo

DIY Turn Old Dress Into T-Shirt | Velvet Tee | Clothes Transformation

Bonjour! Hi, I’m Venezia Lowis this time I made a velvet t-shirt I remodeled this from my own old dress creation I’ve had a crush on this velvet fabric although many of people say this fabric is weird… old… but I think this fabric is unique the drape of fabric is also gorgeous it reflects light which makes this fabric so shiny btw, velvet has been a strong fall trend this season so, we immediately begin to the DIY! let’s go!

How To Create a Clean & Simple Audio Spectrum in After Effects Tutorial

hey what’s up everyone I’m Ignace Aleya
from and today it’s the first motion graphic Mondays if
you enjoy my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon
to make sure that you get notified when I upload new videos alright so today I
will be talking about something really cool! We’re going to be creating a really
simple and clean audio spectrum in Adobe After Effects, many of you want to know
how its created. We’re going to create something awesome it’s going to be a
two-part tutorial but first let’s see the preview doesn’t that look cool? So today we’re
going to take a look on how to create everything in general so the basic setup
of the titles the audio spectrum the background and stuff like that and then
in the next part we’re going to take a look on how to add fine details like in
the background the particles and things like that so I would suggest that if you
don’t wish to follow this tutorial you can always go ahead on our website and
buy this template it also helps to support a channel so if you enjoy this
tutorial go and check out our website we have a bunch to offer so all the links
will be in the description the template actually includes a simple to follow
tutorial where you can adjust everything like the course and stuff like that
everything is optimized so it’s a little bit more advanced than what we’re going
to be seeing in this tutorial just so you know anyone that has any kind of
experience in Adobe After Effects can follow this tutorial so without further
ado let’s get started alright so here we are and it will be off your effects and
I actually prepared a few things that I already import it right here so first of
all is a music file which will everyone need if you want to use an audio
spectrum the audio actually comes from levite Oh beats he’s a great friend of
mine and he actually runs his own channel where we collaborate on frequent
basis so go and check it out he creates some really awesome beats and if you
want to use them you can actually use them for free and return that you credit
him in descriptions or even in your video if you’re that kind of nice guy so
I go ahead links will be in the description and then I also have this
image right here which I actually took when I was on a vacation in Spain and
this is Benny Durham so yeah without further let’s get started so I created a
new composition we can actually delete this so we can get started create a new
composition and this is going to be our main composition make it full HD in
resolution and 30 frames long make it as long as you want to and then click OK
then the first thing that you want to do is just drag in your audio file in that
composition you can actually see that our composition is a little bit too long
so we’ll just drag it right over here press M on the keyboard and trim comp to
work area okay and then once you’ve done that we can actually apply our image
right here to our composition and as you can
see our image is a little bit too yea big so what we will do is press s on the
keyboard and just kill this down like this right here
okay perfect a little bit bigger and there we go so we have our image now
what I want to do is kind of stylize my image a little bit more make it more
like a music kind of vibe like Spotify likes to do like a duotone effect and
what we’ll do is actually use a pretty cool effect and this is called Kurama so
we’ll create a new adjustment layer right here and this is going to be our
grading and our exposure okay so first of all we want to fade in our image so
we’ll go to effects color correction and apply a exposure effect to our image and
then just lower the exposure until you don’t see anything anymore like this and
click on the stopwatch ready exposure to create a keyframe you can now play a
press you on the keyboard to reveal that keyframe right here and then if we’re
going to move a little bit more in time we actually want to zoom in to our
timeline a little bit so we have a nice close-up 5 seconds 10 seconds and like
over 3 seconds we want to kind of fade it in back to 0 then 3 frames forward
I’m doing that with the page down key on my keyboard you can move ahead and just
decrease it a little bit move 3 frames for it again increase it a little bit
maybe this is a little bit too much for frames a little bit less and then a few
frames forward and then 0 desert and maybe a little bit less than 0 because
we actually want to work with text which will be white in the audio spectrum so
we want to kind of de expose our background a little bit so everything is
going to be a little bit easier to read afterwards perfect okay and now for
grading and this is on the same layer we’re going to apply the effect color
correction and color AMA and this is actually a really really cool effect you
can do a lot of cool things with this and but we want to open up the output
cycle right here and just and delete everything in here for the course and
then for the red we want to change that red color to a nice dark blue blue
ok click ok then we’re going to click over here and go to the pink color and
just create a nice pink color and we’re going to close this like this and
actually instead of pink let’s go for something a little bit warmer maybe more
towards this core and the blue can be even darker okay pretty cool so this
really creates something kind of a creative it doesn’t work with every
image but if you use like people you can do some really cool things it’s really
important that you kind of change or shift on the colors a little bit more so
maybe a little bit of blue here that we can add in right over here and maybe
darken it a little bit more there we go and then right here maybe a nice kind of
tinted orange let’s see beautiful look at that boys and girls isn’t that
beautiful so it’s so simple to create something really cool with Colorama you
can of course go ahead and do that in Photoshop but yeah we’re in
after-effects now and this is really simple to create okay so we can close
everything and now what we want to do is create our audio spectrum so we’ll right
click and create a new solid layer rename this to audio spectrum click OK
and then we’re going to go yeah effect generate audio spectrum for the color
for the audio spectrum we’ll changes to white so we can actually see it clear
right here we can actually see it already and the softness we can set this
back to 0 welcome back set this to say 0 the
frequency bands will change this to 175 and now what we want to do is go to our
audio layer and select our source which is the audio about that we already added
to our timeline the video waves it’s really important that you already have
it in your timeline otherwise it’s not gonna work then for the side options
we’re going to work with side a and that’s going to choose the top part and
yeah perfect so let’s see how that actually looks we can actually see that
well if we go a little bit more in time and in the beginning I think this is a
little bit to hide kind of D except a little bit
I don’t think that fits in my audio spectrum so what I will do is hold ctrl
and just drag the start frequency a little bit more to the right the reason
why I’m holding ctrl is it affects it a lot slower because if I’m going to hover
it immediately hits a thousand with control it’s going to move a little bit
slower actually shift is going to do the opposite thing where it actually is
going to move a lot faster then free and frequency something like 1500 and there
we go so now we have the nice animation our audio you can also go for the arm
maximum height and increase it a little bit if you want and I think that looks
pretty good okay so now what we want to do is actually move this start point and
the end point and a little bit more to the bottom so it actually is right here
but as you can see we have to move them individually which I don’t want to do so
I will do a quick solution and create a new null object and then just hit the
return key this is going to be our position Y for the spectrum so this is
just a reference we’re going to press B on the keyboard to reveal the position
for this one and then click on the audio spectrum before we continue this video I
would like to present you our website designed for filmmakers and video
editors to improve their workflow we offer templates presets high-quality
pre-made packs soundscapes essential graphics and much more if you don’t have
time to create something of your own or you just want to speed up your workflow
definitely check out our website with a link in the description below
and we’re going to hold alt and click on the stopwatch for the position of the
start point so I’ll click on the stopwatch right here now we’re going to
open the brackets we’re going to write a simple expression and enter value open
brackets 2 0 close brackets comma and now we want to just take our Y position
of the note and then we want to close or break it again so really simple
expression and open bracket value open bracket 0 close bracket comma equip the
Y position not to know itself but the Y position of no and then close the
bracket we want to copy this code to control C and just hold all the click on
the stopwatch for the end point and paste it also right here and now we’re
gonna you know what we can do actually is click on that middle we can actually
reposition this very easily like this for the audio spectrum I want to go back
here and a start point for the X I’m going to move it a little bit more to
the right because on the left side we’re going to add our timecode so for the
timecode I’m going to click on my text tool click over here and add a few zeros
like this and then just select your text and make it a little bit smaller if you
want to maybe irregular or medium text and now we have our fine code and for
the time code we’ll also need a little bit of a expression which I actually
already prepared for you guys you can download that also with the link in the
description it’s just a bunch of text that you need to paste in the right
position oh I already have it copied in the background so what I will do is
click on this arrow right here open the arrow for the text hold alt and click on
the stop points for the source text and paste the expression right here now we
can actually see immediately it works with seconds and minutes and yeah
perfect so just paste it and you don’t need to worry about a thing about code
or whatever so you can reposition this and there you go very simple okay and now we want to add our title
also so this will be the beats player and we want to make this bold and a
little bit bigger and position it maybe right here and now we want to duplicate
this text layer by holding ctrl and pressing D on the keyboard and then move
it a little bit more down go to the text tool select all of our text and now this
is going to be video waves with a which is the actual name of the song select it
and change it to a regular and a little bit smaller so we have a little bit of
variation going on maybe also make it a little bit wider like this and there you
go okay we also want to add like in nice vignette on the sides here so right
click new and add an adjustment layer and this is going to be our thing yet we
will rename this and very quickly and go to effect color correction curves and
just lower the curves so it darkens everything go to and the mask options
here ellipse tool and double click on the ellipse tool that’s going to add an
ellipse right here subtract it from the mask and then press F on the keyboard
and just increase the feather until it’s a nice soft blur and as you can see
right here this looks really cool we can actually put this below the grading and
this is going to give us a different kind of effect it depends on what you
want I think this looks pretty cool yeah now we want to animate our text in right
here so we’ll go to the beginning of our timeline and press T on the keyboard
click on the opacity set it to zero and over 5 seconds are actually over let’s
say 2 seconds we want to change this back to 100 okay then we’ll go to
animation and just to add a little bit of variation we’re going to animate text
also opacity and we’re going to do the exactly same thing so zero and then five seconds 100% and this is
going to be a different kind of opacity but we can actually manipulate this with
something different right here you actually see an arrow if we click on
this we can go for it selector and add a Wiggly effect to it and this is going to
wiggle or text a little bit as you can see it Wiggles on like so pretty cool
select all of these keyframes ctrl C to copy them and go to the beginning of the
timeline and click on the beat player and just paste it as well and now we
have this kind of animation we want to offset our libido a little bit so it
actually comes in beat player first and then the video comes in after there okay
perfect now we want to add our logo so let’s go back to our project manager and
import our logo to the composition go to align and center it right here press B
on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch for T position and go all the
way to the beginning and actually move down like this move to frame and two
seconds as well and then right click reset the position so we actually have
this kind of animation and it’s actually it has to be straight and that’s
actually the point going straight up like this press T on the keyboard and
we’re going to click on the stopwatch for yo pasady right here and in the
beginning set the opacity to zero press U on the keyboard to reveal all these
keyframes and line them up like this select the last keyframes and here we’re
actually going to add a nice easy in which is actually going to soften the
animation so go to keyframe Assistants easy ease and go to the and graph editor
right here and zoom in a little bit make sure that you’re working with the Edit
speed graph and we want to drag this in like so so now it’s going to speed up
and then slowly come to a stop like this and actually you want to do it a little
bit faster but that way you have a nice pop effect on our logo which is
riku afford a background I actually want to fade it in a little bit faster so
let’s go to our exposure keyframes wishes here in degrading and exposure
and we want to just drag this in a little bit okay here we have an
overexposure actually we’ll set this back to 0 and of course if you press you on the
keyboard for keyframes in particular you can select all keyframes hold alt and
drag them in to make them a little bit faster if you want to so that’s an easy
way to kind of tuck it in altogether and cool
okay so we’ll reposition my titles a little bit better closer to the spectrum
but that’s basically it on how to create the basic setup of the audio spectrum we
also need one more layer and this is going to be a solid layer this is going
to be our stroke and here if we go to effects and presets we can apply our
stroke to that solid layer that we just created as you can see you need a path
so what we’ll do is just in stand check this layer go to the pen tool click over
here and click over here holding shift so now we have a nice line and a mask
and if you go back to your stroke we can now select that mask right here so if
we’re going to check this back on solo the layer maybe we can actually go here
to the paint style and change this to on transparent and now you’re going to see
a nice line right here which you can make thicker if you want to but I won’t
do that so at the beginning of your keyframes and while the timeline we want
to go to the start and set this to 50 in the end also 250 and click on a
stopwatch for T start and and then at 1 second or plus/minus 1 second we want to
change this to 0 and this to 100 and now we’re going to have like a nice grow
effect from the center out first you want a keyword select the landscape
frames and again apply the easies effect and go to the graph editor and maybe
ramp it a little bit so if we zoom in here we have something like this going on and
this is going to be our beat player start up okay
as you can see it’s not perfect for the mask so what we’ll do is zoom in and
click on the mask and actually move it down a little bit and there we go okay
another thing that we want to do is actually fade in our actual audio
spectrum and our text here so click on the audio spectrum layer go to on the
text go to the timecode and press T on the keyboard change it to zero go to the
beginning and create a keyframe for both of these layers and then right here we
want to fade it in at 100% and this is fading in while this line is now growing
and now it’s really going to not attract its kind of an effect okay
I think we’re done here apart from that we can just duplicate this audio
spectrum and press s on the keyboard and change the size is something like
insanely high something like 500 and then move it up until we actually see
our spectrum again then move it in a nice composition and press T on the
keyboard change this to 50 at the last opacity when it’s faded in right here
instead of 100 change it to 50 then go to effects blur and sharpen Gaussian
blur and increase the blur so now it’s like out of focus we still have
something going on in the background okay pretty cool and that’s it so this
is the first tutorial on how to create a nice audio spectrum next week we’re
going to take a look on all the particles like I said in the beginning
of this video if you want you can go ahead on our website we have a template
ready to use you can easily change the cores and stuff like that so it’s all
prepared to be user-friendly it includes a tutorial on how to change everything
link is in the description and I’ll see you in the next one if you like this
video give it a like subscribe to the channel for more and I’ll see you in the
next one and good bye

Going for Mythic – Ep 1 – Boros Aggro – MTG Arena Bo1 Competitive Constructed Gameplay

if you're looking for magic cards look no further than flipside gaming they have all the latest magic singles and product that you need to actually leave the house and battle in Magic the Gathering and right now if you would like to save 10% on your orders from flipside gaming use the promo code c gb at checkout that is promo code c g b hello and welcome back to another day in the arena it's me @ cg b and today we're focusing on the quest for mythic we're going to kick off the series we're kind of in high diamond2 we're gonna see if we can make that push to mythic by playing some spiky decks I don't have a lot to say to be honest about the decks at this point you've seen them probably everywhere and if you have any questions or comments about specific card choices go ahead and leave me a comment or log in to my free discord and talk to me or some other awesome magicians they are about it but for the most part it's very straightforward deck that I'm sure everybody is familiar with at this point if you've been laddering at all but sometimes it's all about picking the most powerful thing you can be doing we're going to start with a very aggressive Boros strategy which is in my opinion one of the strongest decks in the format and we're going to see what we can do on the ladder this hand is kind of what you want and we're on the play so you just hope it's really good we don't want to play bodyguard first because we want it to protect something whereas sky marcher is happy to come down first so that's an easy choice so if I had to give a tip about going for mythic about playing ranked best of one magic I would say this you're going to lose a lot and how you respond to the best of one ladder kind of shows two things number one is how much focus and emphasis you personally put on your time and how much focus and emphasis you personally put on winning so let me first talk about time it's going to take a lot of time so you have to be playing magic anyway and it would probably help if you enjoyed playing extremely competitive mad check for your time to really be worth it otherwise there's not much that can be done to make your time worth it in these scenarios to be totally honest with you let's see who are we protecting and number two is how you handle losing you will have to lose a lot many many games will be lost many many many many many many games will be lost in ranked best of one there will be a number of losses where it simply does not matter what you do you will lose there will be failings whether it's like half the time supposedly if it plays out that way and less than half the time if you're not lucky you will be on the draw and being on the draw can just determine games no way to win good and versus good hand but you were on the draw then of course there's mana screw and mana flood and then of course there's your decks terrible matchup so I can't stress enough you will lose and you will lose a lot so you have to be willing to accept that and you need to at least have a good relationship with it it is said that if you put in enough time all you need is to win 51 out of a hundred games you eventually get to mythic and actually the number goes crazier than that but the fact is you have to put in that time and you have to not let it tilt you when you struggle so we're holding this heroic reinforcement since our opponent probably has a sinister sabotage something of that nature even though it could be lethal I expect it would eat a counterspell and it's a great follow-up to a sweeper should our opponent ever find one and here's a deafening clarion so we're definitely paying for life for this and then we're sacrificing our bodyguards which will make our sky marchers indestructible and the opponent sees that we know how that works and that game is over if we had been on the other side of this we'd have said there's just absolutely nothing we could have done in this game so get a healthy relationship with winning and losing and a lot of people who just can't take the swings yeah sometimes you're going to get to a rank and you're going to be very proud of that and then you're going to lose 4 to 5 4 out of 5 games or you're going to lose 6 out of 7 games something crazy and you're going to rank down very quickly and sometimes there's nothing you could do about that you have to live with it so I feel like I have to do a bit of a coaching pep talk to start off this series just because most people who get very frustrated and upset about rank it's going to be that's going to be the reason why but when the grind really gets you trust me I know I struggle with it myself it's I am NOT preaching from a spot of perfection so this hand doesn't have any early pressure and therefore might assure them maybe could have been a mulligan however the deck has so many low drops I'm often willing to take risks on slower hands like this we'll see how it goes not especially on the draw here I do not feel good anyway about my chances and I don't vote we'll see it's quite possible this could have been a mulligan all along well always lucky how are you feeling always lucky feels like a bathroom break I guess always lucky is playing turbo fog and we're on a slow start which means we can't really win I mean I guess we could get extremely lucky but it's not looking good is what I'll say about that our boat discarding it to ferry to their charter course is interesting as we can go after the Conclave tribunal approach turbo fog certainly seen a resurgence in best of one that is for sure so what do you think our pony has their mana so I don't think going after gift of Paradise is the play here I think that Conclave tribunals on Teferi are a pretty good call right now since our opponent already has disc one discarded I'm sure they have a couple and we're going to have to endure them and here comes the fairy number one no it doesn't interesting so our problem is using to hold up settle the wreckage hmm well we're definitely not going to attack with AB endless marshal into a settle the wreckage from this spot let's see if the opponent has anything they want to do mmm the sub Hortense one damage isn't really worth it if we're walking into a settle so I'm just going to send The Bodyguard yeah okay I think that means the opponent has to settles I don't know what would ever make me snap one off quite that way very interesting situation eight cards for the Ascension meaning heroic reinforcements will do it I mean this is definitely now to ferry time right another gift that's not to vary and Karn alright and sacrificial karna might add okay well those are two cards that the opponent would definitely want I'm actually giving them Nexus of fate and not search for his content while Nexus of fate is a more annoying card it is a full mana investment and if they don't have a particular advantage on the board all it does is draw one card all right so to kill the carne or to kill the face I want to kill the face very much the heroic reinforcements how much does it do 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 plus 5 is 14 plus 5 is 19 plus 4 is 23 I think we got them yeah we got and tada that is how you get to Diamond two-one oh it's so big it's so shiny yes I do I will I will marry you but just until something mythic comes along okay this kind of an odd one lander on the draw is interesting it is something we can keep in some situations like if we drew another land it's one of our best hands because we can go one drop into one drop one drop flip into more shenanigans but it's also not like we have the Eroica reinforcements in hand or anything else to really top off the draw it's an interesting draw it's also just begging for some mana screw I'm going to mulligan and I'm going to be pretty happy with this keifa's it's also right in that wheelhouse of drawers we can have I'm going to keep the land on top so I have sort of the curve Dauntless bodyguard isn't likely to get through against this opponent anyway so I'm going to lead on snub horn and make it indestructible with bodyguard it looks like our opponents on go gari which means they're about to play an explorer creature that would only trade with the bodyguard or a wild growth Walker which were just strong block it all right I'm going to go for the vanguard if our opponent has explore future here the game is sort of already in a hard lock and it looks like we see tapped land no Explorer interesting so this is where we played Benesch Marshall I think although that's right into a chupacabra and I really wish I could protect it with a dauntless bodyguard now I think here we actually deploy the other creatures let's send over the Vanguard so then we have a big attack from the Marshall before it can get chupacabra all right here we come all hands on deck I really wish I could bodyguard the Marshall but I don't think it's worth saving up for that cast down sure oh I got more snowballs where that came from I guess I'll protect one of my snowballs your turn I think we would have seen the Jade light Ranger if our opponent has it so they might have an awkward job but it usually means they have wrasses contempt supercobra things of that nature so into a ver ask is contempt is not the time to play a banished marshal so well send in the Adhan tow again it will very very very likely eat that eat that brassicas contempt and now i'll it's risky to put out the marshal here again there's the tupa Cabra fear but we've always seen cast down contempt I'm going to give it a try I'm gonna hope my opponent sitting on cards like Vivian Reed if they if they have yet another removal we're in trouble anyway okay doom whisper that's really good ii don't know what i'm quite going to do about that at this point but at least we hit the land so we can power up the marshal in nail the legions landing stick the legions landing you might say power up the snubs and because finality is probably on the way anyhow i think this is where we just swing we can't really be too finality but we may as well get some damage in it I mean I guess we could a few heroic reinforcements off the top always give you a chance and a flip to donto gives you a chance but also these hits take away from what doom whisper can do so that's part of the plan and cons debating whether or not to block the marshal and get me to sack the bodyguard or to block the snow for in century it's an interesting decision but the fact that they're thinking about it so much also implies that they don't have a finality yet so are you protecting this marshal yes you are right-click by the way is the way to figure that out and damage so our opponent not blocking with the Walker and we knock them to eat I'm sure we'll see doom whisper set up a finality or it could be an explorer creature but by reducing their life total we at least make that a harder a harder thing for them to do and they Bend two cards oh my do they dare whisper again it's a lot of damage if they have an explorer creature of course they have three blockers which can block these three and then they're only taking five so if they gain some life and go up to seven with a one Explorer then they're okay but we can always help the top of the deck betrays them viciously and it looks like it does they just been defined and they didn't keep a land which tells me they don't have a fight they don't have another one I'm not sure what to make of all this see if they had a finality in hand they would keep a land and if they needed that and now they're scooping oh man I feel like they I feel like they overplayed their hand this time once the burros train starts rolling it's hard to stop this hand is pretty good legions landing in some vanguards it's good against Jess guy on the draw it's bad against red and basically every way but we'll see what happens we haven't played red in quite a while so maybe we're just overdue for that let's get shocked okay red blue not mono red it's probably good for us and what on earth somebody's going for mythic pirates well kudos to them let's let's give it up for drinks mythic pirate efforts I mean did this just sneak in somehow it looks so out of place everything else looks like Drake so far this is so crazy to me but they got here somehow we should respect whatever is going on I'm sure it's a fiery cannon a deck that we have to think about fortunately we already think about effects like deafening clarion pretty often with our build all right well and this is one of those cases where history of Analia seems like the automatic definite play but if our opponent is a fiery cannon a deck playing a snub Horn century and another donto vanguard is much better we can always banal you later mm-hmm by the way it's also a lot of damage to keep vanguards alive through multiple cannon aids and the opponent is headed for our face but we're going to be paying life most of the way up I'm sure we'll see a cannon aid now let's wait okay our ponent does run enigma drake now what is this is this a mistake oh man I don't know what to I don't know what I'm seeing anyway ben'll it's Marshall and let's get in there we do want to flip that landing so reinforcements is available it's an easy block on snubs I know that I'm giving that away but I think it's worth it and now we get a life linker and we set up for heroic going wide next turn so hold on man maybe they put this card in there just to discard just to throw people off or they lost a bet I really don't understand what what's happening lava coil alright and what for your next trick wise I duplicate yes all right so block block 2 4 6 it doesn't it's not lethal but if the opponent tacks here it is oh they're going for it very aggressive very unwise because if both of these survive the turn anyway my opponent would win whereas heroic reinforcements means they lose and yep maths say dead all right I hope they see I hope you enjoyed this look at diamond the level Boros going for mythic and since we're making more progress than I even expected I'm going to have to and this one here so I can show some other decks as we get our way up to that mythic rank tune into the next video thank you very much for watching as always I will see you in the next video my youtube channel is proudly supported by haunted flower calm shipping officially licensed apparel anywhere in the world and now featuring Magic the Gathering apparel and accessories if you use the promo code C GB at your checkout you can save 10% on any order that's the promo code C GB at checkout on Haunted flower dot-com that's haunted flower calm

(EU4) 12 Ways to Improve Your Economy Without War or Trade

greetings fellow conquerors and welcome to EU 4 this is Darkfire sleight and today I'm going to be talking about 12 different ways to improve your income without war or trade you know the stems from the question dear God and the king of France and I came into four and 30,000 troops what do I do don't worry I've got your solution I've got your medicine I've got you taken care of so without further ado let's just jump right into twelve different ways that you can improve your income alright first and foremost perhaps not the most important this is not a ranked list by any stretch of the imagination this is just twelve different ways to make your economy better so first and foremost with if you have the Cossacks or common-sense DLC which you admittedly probably should by the release of the Prussia patch just because of the way institutions work which is a topic for a different video improving your development either your administrative or diplomatic development can be a very effective way to just improve your income for example if you look at this profit Provence here of rasheed we notice that it is a farmlands province which slightly reduces the development cost but more importantly it doesn't cost more to do it which means that it's very easy to improve this province and just make it better and for and because we have a you know a mosque built here or a church if you're Western you will improve your income for forty six admin you will improve your income from this province by point fourteen per month for the rest of the game that's quite a lot of ducats over the over the course of time and you know the more you improve it the more compounds like for example currently we're only making point seven for from this province however if you look at its neighboring province is scanned area or Alexandria if we look here we can see that the mosque here we also have one but because this province has nineteen based tax we're making two point eight to Duckett's per month from this province which is just absolutely insane so you know that's just one thing to consider if you've got provinces with no autonomy or you know I don't know why this has 0.3 I guess it's from my corruption but anyway if you look at these provinces you know you get these uh you get this bonus and it's just really really you know it's not an amazing way to improve income just because it costs a lot of Monarch points but if you're unable to go to war I know that especially in multiplayer this can be a quite effective way to improve your income as well as your at manpower if you're so seeking to do so and so that brings you the second point of this list which is buildings so obviously you know buildings like the mosque are going to improve your tax income by a set modifier and as well another very important building is the workshop which increases local production efficiency this is especially good when stacked with a trade company which I will talk about later but basically you want to build mosques and provinces that have high administrative points and if they don't already have them if you have any provinces that are farm lands grasslands you know anything that is not going to increase development cost what you can do is build a mosque or a church and then start improving the administrative power just too or the administrative development of the province just to get that nice extra monthly tax income now what is the third way that we can improve income and the easiest one well maybe not the easiest but another one that is often overlooked because the sometimes negative effects of it is lowering autonomy so if you don't know how autonomy works basically this number here is a flat reduction to the effectiveness of the province so ergo we have 32% of you know autonomy in this province that means that we're not getting 32 percent we're getting 32 percent less taxes you know production income etc etc from this province so a very quick way if you are in desperate need of more money and have a big army and can afford to one really big way to integrate new areas is just to click this button here to lower autonomy however it is worth noting that if you do this you will incur a +10 to local unrest however this isn't always as bad as it seems if the especially if the provinces are of your culture and your religion and you have a good tolerance or in you know usually talking to the true faith especially what can actually happen is this number right here if you mouse over the actual unrest as we can see here in Bani Yas the unrest is negative 9.8 which means if we were to lower autonomy right now we'd be at plus point 2 which is very unlikely to have rebels pop on its own and even in provinces that have say for example I check out this province here maybe they'd be less of a good example this province here is at a negative 1.5 however it is also 23 development so lowering autonomy would really give us a lot of benefits here however if we click the lower autonomy button we will be at plus 8 point 5 you know unrest which is really bad however if we stacked 20 troops on this province and we actually have a theologian which helps a lot with this current situation but things like a better legitimacy and a you know a theologian of course and things like humanist ideas can also really you know lower the top or the unrest which can let you lower autonomy as well parking twenty troops twenty is the most you can get out of this will lower the unrest by a further five so we could get this down to like negative or plus three point five which isn't too likely of causing a rebellion or if it does it will be very very slow at that current rate now naturally in thirty years you're probably going to go to war at some point but you know you have to ask yourself is it worth lowering the autonomy early and the that question kind of comes from you know how effective is you know your government your government rank and your other like bonuses to lowering autonomy for example at our current rate we're getting at minus 0.15 autonomy per month just because we're at peace which lowers autonomy by up to point one every month this is the standard rate for most people for most countries at the start of the game and what this is going to do is every ten years you will lose 12% autonomy so in about thirty years anyway maybe even less than that in this province this this province is going to be at zero autonomy anyway at point one five every ten years we're going to get eighteen percent and every point zero five that you get is going to be another six percent every ten years so consider that when you're thinking about lowering autonomy in the early game it can be a good thing and the late game it can be a good thing just because of the late game you probably have a big army so that's just something else to consider when you're looking at how to like improve profits effectiveness alright next this is something that I myself forget me as a veteran eu4 player if you go to your states and territories map mode you can see here I have a lot of provinces that are not States I have a lot of artisans that are territories and territories are capped at 75% autonomy with no way to lower it however if I turn them into a state first of all I get this nice pop-up that tells me how much I'm going to make if I turn this into a state now as we can see here with this province or this state here we're actually going to lose money now from what I understand this does accurately calculate how much you're going to make after the you know after the provinces autonomy is lower because when you make a territory into a state the autonomy is lowered you know proportionate to what it would have been if it hadn't been a territory which can make it a good idea sometimes to just wait to turn provinces or to turn us you know territories and States but if you are hurting on income sometimes what you can do is turn a you know if you've got a new territory that has high autonomy but is of your culture in your religion for example you can turn that into a state and then you know Park troops lower autonomy and suddenly you're making a lot of money from it as well if it's a province like a farmland or a grassland it's you know all those good provinces for development you can also turn it into a state and then immediately you know build a church and improve the actual province just to get that you know extra bit of income that's just you know another good way of improving income that you can do while you're not at war and not trading all right next another thing that changed in the pressure patch 1.18 is that we have a new way of manually accepting cultures this is important because now if a believe it's a 20% is what you need right something like that it's either it's either some something between 10 and 20% that you need to actually be able to accept a culture and it's going to cost you diplomatic points however you should really really consider you know accepting cultures when you can and here's why so if you look at a this nubian province here because it is a non accepted culture in our country not only does it get additional unrest it also loses 33% of its tax modifier has less missionary strength as well as lowering the manpower modifier now it's important to note that the production income is not impacted by this which is interesting to say the least however the depending on what level of intolerance you have unaccepted religions will also have a similar effect you but unlike culture religion will actually affect your production so that's something else to consider when you're you know looking at ways to improve your income but yes if you say say for example you're playing is Arabia as I am and you've just conquered you know some provinces here in Egypt you'll almost immediately want to accept them because some of these provinces have a lot of inherent development level and so by accepting these provinces you are going to drastically improve your monthly income all right number six we're on the sixth one next we're going to try to try to improve our production income and how we're going to do that is we're to go to the if you go to the economic map mode look up trade goods so there are a couple of trade goods that you should look out for when you're playing the game slaves are one a silk I believe that the cloth is what it is cloth is typically a very high-value trade good spices we're lucky to have some spices here in the Middle East and all these trade goods what you should look out for them and as well once you hit about advant X 16 or so maybe a little bit before that depending on what your total production efficiency is basically whether or not you've taken economic ideas or not you can get a lot of money by building you know manufacturers and then workshops to boost those manufacturers now at first if you go to actually look at how much these you know do for example we've got this plantation here it cost us 465 Duckett's and it's going to improve the this province here of a seer by 0.5 now that doesn't seem like a lot because it's gonna you know take five years to build and then it seems like it'll take like you know let's see a point five probably like a hundred years to actually pay itself off which seems really bad right however if we built a workshop in this province it's important to note that if we built a workshop in this province here that that would that income would go up to like point seven five basically if my math is right since it is just a production efficiency modifier probably not exactly point seventy five probably a little bit lower than that just since you know all the percentages are additive and not multiplicative but so so getting 0.75 a month is really really strong and if you further improve the production income of this province right now for example without any upgrades at all this province of us here because it has coffee which is valued at four point five you will get 0.1 Duckett's per month by improving the diplomatic you know level of this province however building this will make it go up by even more so if we zoom no province that does have a workshop and has a manufactory here in Iskander area every point that we improve developer and this is going to give us point 1/3 per amount that we improve which is your really really substantial when you think about it because it's going to be like you know additional six duck it's a year so you know and some people are still going to be against that I think but you know consider consider how much money that is so like like point 1/3 per month that's like an extra infantry right it's a little it's a little less than that so like for every two development that that you got that would be like an extra infantry but that's just the development level right like when you build this this point five building that's an extra two infantry that you can support it's it's less about the building paying itself off and more about what you can do with the improved income because more income means that you could build more buildings that have more income or you can build more troops to take land which will improve your income so thank you very give up more in the short term of what having this built is going to do for your economy all right next one thing you should also consider doing is changing your government for example and the start of the game it's usually pretty a pretty good idea to have a feudal monarchy because for the most part having a feudal monarchy means that you're going to have a lot of you know in the early game you're gonna have a lot of vassals and so having the extra income from vassals is really important just because it is going to improve the actual amount of money that you make from those vassals especially if you take influence ideas which further improves the you know money that you get from that so fairly you know obvious there but for example at tech 12 absolute monarchy is unlocked the star sorry enough I want to say administrative monarchy which is the government we have at X 12 you unlock the administrative monarchy and this is important because it improves production income which can be really strong if you've been doing you know what I've said here where you build factories and things of that nature it also improves National Tax modifier by 5% not as strong as it used to be but still fairly useful but more importantly it also increases or increases the rate at which monthly autonomy is reduced and this is really strong because as we've discussed you know having more monthly autonomy change means that your promises are going to make more money and so this is a really good way to make more money that way and the last three government types have an even higher bonus they have a minus point one per month and this stacks with your you know your government rank so if we were to take absolute constitutional monarchy or enlightened despotism we would get even more autonomy reduction which means every new province that we takes take is going to you know become integrated more quickly make us more money more quickly which is just good all around so if you are hurting for money consider changing immediately to an administrative monarchy which will just flat out and improve your income unless you have a lot of vassals or consider for a long term if you have a lot of areas with high autonomy to one of the later government forms which I believe is unlocked yeah I'll knock it admin Tek 2022 for constitutional and 29 for 9 despotism alright number 8 lower army maintenance and delete forts so for example here in Arabia we have like how many forces we can check here in our inter tab we've got 8 forts ok now at the beginning of the game it's important to know that that the basic fort's cost one Duquette per month the upkeep which is a lot of money one duck of the month is absurdly expensive now even if we mothball these you know even if we mothball these provinces unfortunately what's going to happen is that we're still paying half of what these forts are worth which is for duck it's a month still that's a lot of money for example we're currently making a profit of 18 basically 18 duck it's a month so if we had four more forts for basic Forte's that would bring us down to like you know 14 that's a pretty significant like percentage-wise that is a lot of money going down the drain for something that isn't necessarily helping us so if your economy is in the tank one thing you should seriously consider doing is deleting Fords now a lot of skilled players that I know like to delete everything except their capital for it and that's a little risky for me I personally don't like playing that way however you may find that it is something you like simply because forts are so goddamn expensive I cannot exaggerate this enough especially because later later forts cost even more money that getting rid of them can be a very very quick way of improving your economy as well lowering army maintenance this this is a basic but I feel like I should mention anyway um you can pay your troops half of what they are actually you know what you're actually paying them now and as we can see if we lower our autonomy completely we go from seven you know eighteen dekins month to twenty-five and a half so considering that our maintenance is generally speaking the highest you know the most money that you pay for any one thing maybe apart from for maintenance depending on if you have too many of them lowering our maintenance why when it is you know good to do so can really improve you know your economy very quickly and which brings me to number nine which is something that I find hard to swallow and but I thought I'd bring it up anyway deleting troops can be a very good way of improving your economy if you're not planning on going to war any time soon and you're in a pretty stable position like I am here with Arabia deleting troops can be very a very effective way of improving your economy let's just take it like a simple you know look at this so at the start of the game a single cab or a Cavalry Regiment costs about point five to two point five six Duckett's per month two point five times what an infantry is worth that is three point three six Duckett's per month more or less which doesn't seem like a lot but in ten years that's 33 Duckett's and in a hundred years that's three hundred thirty Duckett's so you know consider when your economy is in the tank you have a lot of loans you know you know taking out some of your infantry or some of your cavalry and cannons especially you know in the early game and this can really improve your income in a way that maybe you didn't think that you would be able to now next a pretty pretty basic one but something I thought I'd mention anyway reducing inflation so as we can see here as Arabia we currently have eight percent inflation this is because I've taken out loans to purchase an institution something that I found to be increasingly useful so reducing inflation can be a fairly simple way to improve your economy especially the bigger you are the more you're going to get out of reducing inflation for your admin power cost for example let's just let's just do it right now is Arabia so we've currently making twenty five point five three we reduce inflation by two percent four seven five Aven points now we're making like you know half a Duquette more per month which doesn't seem like a lot however you know compound that over time so you know quick math it's like a it's like six Duckett's a year you know sixty Duckett's in ten years six hundred Duckett's in a hundred years you know if you want to think of it that far in advance now the best way to reduce inflation is to get a master of mint advisor which we currently don't have and don't have one – actually we have one right here so this this advise this kind of advisor right here the master of mint will lower your inflation every year which is you know very strong and economic ideas as well will also reduce a yearly inflation very very powerful to have this because not only does inflation reduce you know it reduce your actual income it also increases the cost of fort cost you know build costs and maintenance this is very very scary when you stop and think about it so reducing inflation can be very important now as well paying back loans is very important because in addition to taking an active chunk out of your monthly income in the way of interest paying back you know if you don't pay back a loan in time that also increases your inflation which as we've just seen can really affect your economy in a significant way all right so now we're on to number 11 I know I haven't been listing all of these but I've been you know trying to keep keep these ideas pretty separate another quick way it doesn't really improve your income but it is a way to get a quick sum of Duckett's considered debasing your current see if you bought rights of man you have a new option in the economy tab to debase your currency this gives you one loans you know worth of money but you don't ever have to pay interest on this you only have to deal with the corruption so for example if you've taken espionage ideas and get a really good reduction to corruption this can be very quick way to get a sum of money you know whether you want to pay for troops build up a war chest build a new building or even just pay back loans by using the money you get from this you know debasing your currency can be a very quick way now bear in mind you should only ever do this if you're at zero or one corruption because anything more than like three or four percent corruption is really really bad and I think I think they're somewhere between five and eight percent I think corruption increases the chance of getting bad corruption events so that's just something else to bear in mind if you get a little too overzealous with getting you know debasing your currency and that brings us to number 12 the last thing on this list if you're still here you know thank you I hope you found this less useful so far the last and probably one of the most important if not the most important way to improve your income is through idea groups now idea groups are very powerful basically no matter which ones you take with maybe the exception of you know maritime and naval ideas of course depending on your situation however generally speaking ideas are going to be a very good way of improving your income and here is why first of all we have economic ideas this is the most straightforward if you need more money in your country if you're a country that doesn't have access to a good trade note economic ideas is your way to go especially outside of Europe because the reduced development cost at the end of economic ideas is going to make it easier to embrace institutions as well and supported out that economic ideas has national tax modifier plus ten percent and production efficiency plus ten percent it also reduces land maintenance modifier and it also reduces it also increase or decrease sorry increases your decrease to monthly autonomy change and as well it also reduces yearly inflation and reduces the cost to build new buildings it also reduces the amount of interest you have to pay on loans so this is economic ideas is literally the best way to improve your economy in terms of ways that are not war or trade as it were now two other very good ways of you know improving your economy are first of all quantity ideas quantity ideas is régiment cost minus 10% means that this reduces the overall you know purchasing cost of a unit by 10 percent which is very powerful as you might understand and it also reduces the maintenance so in addition to reducing you know the upfront cost and the maintenance from from the regiment costs idea you also get land maintenance minus 10% so if you stack this with economic ideas that's an it's 20% less that you're paying for your troops so for example if let's let's just say for as a flat number that I'm paying 20 duckets per month for my army that's for Duckett's a month more that I'm making just from those two ideas just from reducing land maintenance that's how good this is in terms of your economy now important to note is that defensive ideas in an in addition to having a great you know first two ideas also reduces land maintenance by the fourth idea so we get an additional you know if we get that down to 30% that's even cheaper troops so let's just you know things to consider as far as that go now another two groups that indirectly improve your well I guess three innovative ideas if you like to use advisors the advisor Cost Reduction especially for like level three advisors this minus 25% at the end of innovative ideas is very very powerful for improving your economy in that sense just because advisors are going to cost so much less and as well with this idea level one I advisors can actually cost so little that they will actually improve your national income to the point where the advisor is actually netting you a profit for earning monarch points so that's something to consider and the last two are religious and humanist ideas and the way that these these affects your economy are are indirect but very powerful we've talked about how not accepted cultures and not accepted religions both impact your economy in a negative way so religious ideas is a very blunt idea group and improves tolerance of the true faith which lowers unrest and lowering unrest means that you might be able to lower autonomy in a province manually without having rebels which is really strong it also lets you convert other provinces more effectively to your religion which means they're not going to have as much rest which means you might be able to lower autonomy and also they're going to have an accepted religion which means they aren't taking the horrible penalties for having that humanist ideas does basically the same thing in a different way so he was a humanist ideas first of all lowers national unrest by negative – regardless of what the culture or anything is and this may bring the province to a point where you might be able to lower autonomy which is a good way of improving your economy as we've discussed it also raises your tolerance of heathens and heretics and this is important because accepted religions you know on this tolerance scale in the religions in the religion tab you know having positive tolerance of a religion means that they're not going to take a penalty for having a wrong religion in terms of your economy so that's very powerful indirectly for your economy if you have promises with the wrong religion and uh well that's basically it that is uh that is 12 different ways that you can improve your economy and eu4 without going to war you know using war spoils or you know war up sorry war reparations the spoils of war the or just taking money straight out from a country or getting new provinces as well it also does not include include trade which is a list for an entirely different time but anyway I hope you found this list to be useful I hope that this will help to improve your economy and improve your gameplay experience if you like these kind of guides let me know and if I left anything out please leave a comment or if you just thought the video was helpful and of course subscribe if you want to see more eu4 content another strategy game content in the future and I'll see you on the next one until then Godspeed

MTG: Arena – Beginner's Guide to Drafting – Selesnya Midrange P3 | GRN Quick Draft (sponsored)

should I spend my gold or should I spend my gems I don't know man I'll just keep doing gems I like getting gems back oh my god yes oh yeah all right remember this is gonna be new be drafting friendly drafting okay newbie friendly hey do we're playing Barrett's privateers before we want alive so that's such a great thing okay so so for any of you who don't know there's this acronym that you should work for look for if you're a newbie right generally speaking across the whole draft you're looking for bread bread is a really common heuristic for picking cards the B in bread stands for bombs this card is a bomb now how do you identify a bomb um it does take a little bit of time to identify what the really insane cards are but generally they're the cards that don't cost that much and do something huge for instance Doom Whisperer is to black and 3/4 a66 flyer with trample and you'll kind of recognize oh my god that's better than like the city watch Sphinx which is all which is six mana and is a 5-4 flier without trample you're like wow this car just seems to have like overall better stats means a different color but man that's really good that's be the R is removal it's anything that kills a creature destroy target creature Turkish gets minus X minus X deal three damage to a creature things like that and I'll just note one damage doesn't really count it doesn't really count if it's like – one – one – everything if it's like deal one damage doesn't really count as removal it's just not good enough to be removal the e there's two E's so really it's like breed the e is efficient cards so for instance really any efficient cards in here but like okay take the ver naughty shield mate it's a two to four two mana it and you'll notice in this set there's a lot of like three ones for three but if you saw a three three for three you'd be like ooh that's efficient that's it's an efficient cards good efficient the other E is evasion evasion for instance leapfrog has flying as long as use captain industry in sorcery the flying is evasion this is conditional evasion flight of Equinox has flying it's just strict evasion so when I learned bread it was bombs removal evasion so if you if you're getting confused by the TUI things just go with that a lot of modern people and they're doing bread their lawyer oh my god know the ease it can be efficient or evasion but again in terms of order in which you're picking cards if you look at a pack you look for the bombs first you look for the removal cards next you look for the evasion efficient ones the a and bread stands for agro carts cards that you can play early that can do things like ver naughty shield night would be an a would be an aggro card the D is dregs which is just other garbage shit that you don't really want so just worry about the brass part so for instance when I look at this pack this is a bomb this is just an insane bomb it costs three mana plus X and where X makes 1/1 creature tokens with lifelink if the board stays out and I get a bunch of mana and a bunch of creatures I just tap them all and March the multitudes kaboom it's an amazing card what are the evasion cards this has evasion there's me what are the removal cards will spread by removal righteous blow it's a removal but it's kinda weak you know how I said like one-one damage doesn't count as removal to damage with a condition it's like it's not that great I can I would call this removal but this is shitty removal this is a very strong card its evasion really good costing this is great this is evasion what's fuckin expensive so I'm basically comparing the bread the bread enos to the cost eNOS and that's pretty much how we're gonna do this okay so I've explained to you bread second thing I'm gonna do for this second thing I'm gonna do for this draft I'm just gonna tell you for your first five picks generally just pick good cards no matter what the color is your next five picks try to do some synergy stuff see if there's cards that can support some of the of your first five picks let's watch me do that March of the multitudes this cards insane alright now that I've picked March of the multitudes I'm still in my first 5 cards so I don't really care that I have this bomb ass so Lesniak card a lot of times people will pick this and will go okay I'm white and green this is a green card this is a white card this is green this is green this is white which of these ones do I want don't do that don't do that just pick a room just pick good cards just pick good cards so using our bread mission briefing um don't fucking worry about this guy's cards look very complicated and like this is this is for any non newbies this is just like weird snap caster made as far as I'm concerned but um prowl harpooner look at this it's a three-two four-two mana well we see a lot of tutus for to man I remember our e efficient cars ooh that's a little bit above nice and then it says when the the text reads when Crowell harpooner enters the battlefield choose up to one target creature with flying you don't control crawl harpooner gets + X + o until end of turn where X is the number of creature cars in your graveyard you may then have Crowell harpooner fight that creature oh so crowler Poona is kind of like a conditional removal it's not purely removal but a Ken function is removal because if I play it and there's a flier crawl harpooner blows it up so when I look at this card I quickly go ooh this is an efficient car that could be like removal and some situations this is a very good card as a result other good cards that I would look at here hypotheses all it's 5-minute lets me draw two cards discard an on land card and deal for damage to target creature its draw and removal it's pricey at five but hey to draw on removal nice whisper agent flash I can cast this at any point when it enters the battlefield surveillance kind of functions like kind of functions like removal because my opponent attacks and I can slam the whisper agent down and block a creature and deal three damage and kill it so this is another card that you'll see a lot of people just bail all my god whispering it's great car it's great car because it kind of functions like removal so when I look at this oh yeah beam splitter mage here here's a great example of a car that if you're a newbie I feel like would kind of confuse you whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell that targets only beamsplitter mage if you control one or more other target creatures retarget another copy of the spell on that buddy and then both targets pop off so it's basically like if you buff the beamsplitter mage beeps littermates also lets you buff a buddy how do you evaluate that I don't fucking know don't pick it boom there you go great right I think one of most important things to do if you're a new player at any game is to figure out what to ignore if a bunch of stuff has text and you go don't fucking pick it it's great this I will tell you is a very situationally reasonable card in is it given the archetype no that's not bread we're not gonna worry about we don't we don't give a shit so when I look at this I'm choosing between Crowell harpooner and whisper agent I'm picking Crowell harpooner for two reasons first of all I think it's a little better than whisper agent note that it's to manna for a three two this is three mana four three two situational removal situational removal and I also want this for my standard deck that's the second reason alright so I have these two now I am NOT I am NOT green white yet I'm not I am NOT green white I'm not because it's our first five picks right we have this card that our eyes might get immediately drawn to flower and flourish search your library for a basic forest or planes reveal it put into your hand and shove your library creatures you control get plus two plus two until end of turn let's ignore this for a moment let's ignore this for a moment do we see any bomb cards well this is a lot of times bombs are rare sand uncommons for a lot of people so just look at those Boros challenger oh yes growl crawl swarm sucks it's a 401 flyer it has evasion but it's expensive and only has one toughness so it dies a lot boris challenger Boris Hamza gets plus one plus one until end of turn and it's a two three with mentors cards fucking great great card why because it's again efficient it's two two four two is the common stat line this is a two three four two that can make itself bigger and make buddies bigger hypothesis L is also good expensive removal flower flourish like how do you evaluate this is this a bomb sometimes not really like if you have a huge board you can just play flourish and then you have an untapped ball army or an unstoppable army and you just blow them up it's great but it is six mana so it's expensive and the flower if you're screwed on on mana it can efficiently get you a card so when I look at this when I look at this this is kind of like a wind condition it's very cubed sorcery speed so it's not like you just can just like do it to surprise so I actually do feel like it's between these two but other pics that I'm looking at is like hypothesis all because it's removal and I would not even really consider the other cards because I have a very good efficient card a removal card and kind of like personally I like this card I will play it but if you if you're new and you're unsure and you're like I don't know I think this is best I think just pick it it's great don't even worry about it why not pack these great question why not pack Beast so first of all a 5-man a 3/3 with vigilance as a creature is that efficient no super no dude normally you have like three three is four three men are efficient five mana three three is inefficient when it enters the battlefield tap the to target creatures your opponent's control okay so this is like a support card it itself is not a bomb it's not removal it's not efficient okay cool boom don't worry about I'm gonna take this because frankly I just want to I want to see if I can make these cards work but I'm not green white I'm not green white yet I'm not green white yet it's really close between these two but I think I've had a lot of successful flower and flourish okay all right now I'm going to talk about choices that you can make in a draft so we're three picks in we are not green why we have even committed to it I'm almost annoyed that I'm getting a lot of good green white cards because this this is one of the best cards this is a bomb this is a straight-up frickin bomb this is bomb as hell okay I'll explain the logic in terms of bread so no one gets confused I'm gonna say this right now I'm gonna choose the Rose main centaur let's briefly look around is there anything else good this is okay but I'm gonna choose the Rose main centaur why why I thought this was a bomb this is an efficient card this is a 4/4 with vigilance convoke means it can come out for less than 5 min why well first of all why might we pick this because this is the best card here by a wide margin this just wins games it has evasion with flying it has extra evasion with menace which means can't be blocked except by two or more creatures and whenever you surveil put a plus one plus one counter on doing your spy bug forget some surveillance getting huge right here's the answer this is a bomb this is a bomb we can only play one bomb so if I pick the Damier spy bug i'm unpicking the march of multitudes and I just feel like picking this if you said I want to pick Damir spy bug I would say yeah great this that's a great choice I absolutely see that so if you're picking this bomb means you can't pick this bomb so you really choosing between one the other so go don't ceases why is it you can only pick one bomb oh because you're pretty much going to color period you're going to color to color you're going to color going to color just go to color if you're a new drafting player you just go you just go to color we can't have two we can't have the Damier spy bug and the March the multitudes because this is green white Tamir Spa spy bug black and blue this is just this is a really incredible set of white green cards join shields untap all creatures you control they gain hex proven indestructible until end of turn how do we think about this card applesauce 136 s so it's not that you can't have two bombs is that you can't have two bombs of different colors yes that's the right way to put it that's right way to put it if we picked the Damier spy bug and went and started to go into black blue like for instance if last we have picked the Damier spy bug in this pact i'd be going ooh watch her in the mist this is the best car here this is it this is the best card here let's pick this and then we might start building towards a blue-black deck and if we did that we wouldn't be choosing march of the multitudes so this is how I debate between a tough choice a bit debate between a tough choice is I go okay do I want to play march of the multitude or do want to play the demure spy bug I fucking love this card so I'm gonna do that okay now here's a new great question for a new player how do you evaluate joint shields untap all creatures they gain hex proof and indestructible until end of turn how do you think of this how does it fall into bread is this a bomb I don't know I don't know is a great comedy if I don't know means probably no and just trust that you might be wrong but that's fine your draft here learning is this removal unbelievably situationally this is how to understand it this lets my creatures turn into little removal spells I got a 3-2 you block with a 3/3 I cast joined shields and now I can kill you off I can remove one of your cards by spending one of my cards draw bez says but if you find a green-white bomb on the first pick aren't you committed to it immediately no no I absolutely give up bombs all the time incidentally in the last like two three days I haven't wound up doing that but uh yeah I just give him up constantly cuz you know of other reasons like oh I picked up mark like if my second pick was Damir spy bug I would have picked him ear spy bug and then if after I picked the Damier spy bug I looked at pack three I'd be like okay and I'm choosing between de miroslaw's Nia but um but yeah so coming back to this my evaluation of this kind of fucking sucks it's a it's a five mana removal only if my creature is hitting a dude that is the same toughness as my tech creatures power it's like that removal is this efficient no it's expensive for a again magic feels five mana only kill a creature if your creature is big enough yeah prey upon is one mana and does the same thing so this is bad this is just a terrible card now let me let me know here on the bread spectrum it's not that we only want bombs removal and efficient cards in our deck we're gonna have some drag stuff this might make it in the deck but this would be because I put in 20 cards that I was happy with and I'm like what are those last three and that's why we might consider putting this into the deck questions do we pick it in this pack that's a question do we pick it in this pack I vote no we have this skyline scout that is evasion its evasion sort of efficient but this evasion it can fly inspiring unicorn is pretty good this is an again in terms of efficiency it's a two two four four which is not that good but if we get a lot of small dudes on the board they all get plus one plus one does so as me I get a lot of small dudes on the board yeah this I think is the best card here this is the best card here for sure this is an efficient evasion card that also serve ales it's efficient evasion that also serve ales how many picks until you see cars from given pack again eight it's in a circle of eight I'm gonna pick this because I happen to know that Celestia makes lots of one once and that's more of an advanced thing I now happen to know that I'm gonna want I'm gonna to be doing a lot of 1/1 naked call her the culprit destroy target creature with toughness four or greater I'm gonna want one of these because this is removal this is in terms of bread yeah by the way so after our first five picks remember what I said first five picks is where you kind of decide on a color alright with fros where you just pick really good cards it happened to be that like the really good cards where we made it work we made a ball B and slicing in just fine so now I want to look for things to support so for instance let's say that this war an amazing bomb and I pick it if this weren't a solid blue card I'd be like nope because I'm looking to support these just a really simple new drafting just pick five good cards in our next five picks from 6:00 to 10:00 where she's gonna pick some goods so if we look at removal we have this is situational removal prey upon situational removal target creature you control fights target creature you don't control again it's kind of a weird sounding but again think of it is this a bomb I can't really tell us probably not is this removal oh yeah it does function as removal I make a thing I have fight a thing you have sets pretty good is it lock it I'll probably want one of these at some point but I think it'll wheel I think the the the pic here is pretty clear prey upon I can always use this always use this I'm gonna have uh I don't have that many huge dudes but free pawn is is a solid card okay so let's think here we have a grappling Sun do this is where we're starting to get into the new cards we have the intrusive pack beast which is not efficient but it's just like a a nice weight actually that I would think of this is kinda like an aggro like it helps you attack card you play it and then taps things every sort of like an a su mala wood shaper look at the top four cards our library and if you like creature enchantment card from among them put the put into your hand put the rest on the bottom of your library in a random order this is this card is okay it's a way for me to get another creature so it's kind of like draw we normally think of drawers like efficient I think but these are completely uninspiring the hunted witness in the grappling Sun dooms gonna get the smaller wood shaper in here alright interesting picks guess what if we're a newbie player we're looking to just support our existing thing so I'm just gonna pick this and I'm gonna worry about some sort of like complicated check the cards you don't want them to have okay so let's take a look at this this is a tricky pick so we have might of the masses start creature gets plus one plus one until end of turn for each creature you control here is a really good thing to say early we want lots of creatures generally minimum fifteen if you're it like 13 creatures cut spells and get creatures in there it's real easy to get excited by like oh I have a flower and a flourish and I pray upon it take heart you think of all these things that help support creatures doesn't matter unless you have creatures the way that you in game just by having creatures so might of the masses is a pretty solid card if we have a lot of creatures out again so think of this is conditional removal combat tricks or conditional removal this is an extra conditional removal because I have to have a combat moment to use it and quite as a bunch of shit on the board right just blow I have been liking less and less but is fine rule it's fine it's fine fine fine crushing canopy is actually very solid destroy target creature with flying that situational removal but there's a lot of Flyers in this set generous stray this is an interesting card it draws us one it's a body it's pretty efficient card Ranade shield mate is just a just a fine card it's just fine it's just an aggro card so the question is if we use our bread are there any bombs no party you just won't see bombs late ever and by late I mean after pick five you you shouldn't see any more bombs so it's between righteous blow and generous stray because this is like shitty removal and this is an efficient creature card I think crushing canopy is a card I will absolutely want in this deck but not in comparison to these two so I think generous stray is gonna be the pick because I want the creatures wow this is fantastic this is fantastic this is strong advice to you if you ever see a card and confuses you fucking ignore it okay look Wanda the vertebrate put the top card library to your graveyard then you can exile it to shuffle five of them back into your library I don't even know what this card like is useful for like this locks Adhan restorer is a three four four six mana that heals us for is this efficient no super no but we can occasionally convoke it out for cheap occasionally we can convey it out for cheap this is I think a very clear generous stray because it's a creature draws us a card it's it's pretty pretty all-around solid I think this is much much much better here's where I'm sorry to use my understanding of Silesia in Celestia you'll wind up with a couple of big dudes that have convoke such as this Rose Mane centaur so things that generate creatures and do other stuff really nice generated creature drop dart is is great hah okay weary okapi very efficient card 3/2 with vigilance well that's just not very efficient it's just it's fine it's fine it's a fine card hunted witness he's a little guy okay so here's where I'm stopping and I'm going how many cheapo creatures do I have because it's really easy to buy expensive creatures cuz this obviously does more if I had to choose between the hunted witness and the weary okapi what would I pick I think I might just pick the weary okapi man if you're in this position that he's fine I'm fair says Shawn if you already talked about signals and openness of color fuck no and I wouldn't for a month if you're a new player drafting just use bread man okay so here here's here's gonna be my argument I have one creature that's less than three mana I'm gonna pick the hunted witness that's it that's the entire logic kinkle gari Raiders it's only good if I have dead shit yes wild Sara talk because they cost the same but this is actually relevant on turn four by the way this is a great great educational moment why the wild Sara talk which is a 4 3 4 4 instead of the under the whatever the hell Raiders they are that is a zero zero that gets plus X plus X based upon whatever is in the graveyard how does this relate to bread in the a part a grow on turn four I have three land and entre four I play a fourth land is it better to play a while Sarah talk or the Raiders while Sarah talk because it's always gonna be a four three and on turn four are you gonna have six things in the graveyard to get a six six with haste probably not okay it's a very clear skyline scout just a creature what's the d4 dregs dregs just leftover garbage oh ha I kind of wanted this lousy a walk it's gonna get that I might not main-deck it wow that's a beast fuck yeah oh my god I am a very lucky beaver oh my god I'm a very lucky beaver yeah all right let's bread this okay night of the autumn is Bob so good it's it's actually just below a bomb it's a lowercase bomb why it's a three mana for three because of the first ability put pluck two plus one plus one carosone I don't that's why it's amazing it's a three mana for three super efficient occasionally we can even use it to gain life or destroy an artifact or in chairman if we're really scare it's flexible and even what's not doing as flexible thing it's great what are the other really good ones disinformation campaign is really good it is like ultimate it's like a little bit of removal a little bit of efficiency because we're making our opponent discard we're drawing a card this is nice as a very nice card thought erasure is in a way a removal spell because look target opponent reveals their hand you choose a non-land card from it that player discards that card you don't remove it once it's on the board you move it straight from the hand out you get to pick what it is oh god this is top tier top to your card this is great because against destroy destroy creature may kill a thing it's great it's kill thing ten paces I assume it's removal but how would you cast classified counter spells Keira suppose I put a little bit but I put them as weak removal weak removal weak removal because you have to be like you can't be proactive you have to be reactive with it like thought erasure I like more than a counter spell in a draft this is this is gonna be the pact 100% this is great I think the if I am Damir I'm probably picking this depending on my deck like if I am low on kill creatures on the board I'll get this there's probably one two three and four in order Boris this is a bomb because it is crazy like power it's a four three with mentor the deals damage back holy shit actually this pack is amazing everything and this is amazing picking what does this even do return up to three target multicolored cards from your graveyard to your hand exiled it in revival okay okay is this a bomb again the more situations that you have to consider the worse it is for instance night of autumn I don't care what's going on if I drop this on turn three it's a 4-3 Kapow no conditions even better I just need to have the mana right that's you're always doing that this is so fucking situational first I have to have three things dead and then they have to be multicolored and then I can cast this thing Oh generally her magic players say it's slow it's a slow card yeah I think the grappling sundew great by the way using our bread logic how would we evaluate Cochran assassin Ocwen assassin is it's kind of like a removal yeah cuz you play it it has death touch and then when you swing with it it can remove a thing but I also put this a little bit more as like a way to end the game this does more than removal in some circumstances are less than removal another circumstances first of all I don't get to choose what's removed my opponent gets to choose what's removed so it's a weaker removal but if I attack with awkward assassin and six other huge green men everyone has to block the awkward assassin and then the green men get to go in to deal damage so it's like it's like there's a very good card is a very very good card I'm just trying to relate it back to the bread this is what we're picking efficient efficient fishing fishing fishing fishing you choose actually holy shit I'm an idiot I'm an idiot what the fuck am I talking about yes no I get to choose what's removed it's like a conditional removal I don't know why I talk about that my brain started wandering forgive me I literally lied to all of you and you all called me out oh thank god there's checking who call me out of my nonsense um the the actual weakness of awkward assassin is if it just dies like if you play on assassin and someone just like has a Hellkite well they attack ping it for one advise all right we're gonna get another Rose main sent Rose is like a monster card in this deck all right okay so so we're good we're gonna be choosing the Conclave guild mage this draft is ridiculous for us I don't know we're just getting handed good Celestia cards guys if you draft and everything turns to shit totally I feel you it's what happens to me I'll review about charnelle trial right trample it's a four for four three mana that sounds like it's above curve I was excited about a four four four three four three mana in my night of autumn but okay at the beginning of your upkeep exile creature card from your graveyard if you do put a plus one plus one counter internal troll otherwise sacrifice it we can also pay to just to discard a creature card to put a plus one plus one counter what do we think this is one of this is the sort of thing that at first glance you might think it's kind of bad because if I play this on turn three comment it's not gonna do anything right what but this card is actually one of the most stupidly insane game Enders in the entire format cuz you just it's so fucking hard to kill it man because you discard the creature to give it plus one plus one permanently and then you get to exile that again at the beginning of your upkeep to give it plus one plus one again and it has trample so it just kills you in like three or four turns you just run over people uh Conclave guild mage is amazing you'll hear me use this term a lot what's our win condition generally this falls under a few categories one is you're trying to get a bomb card like Charl troll another is a mass buff card that's another win condition but you don't want a lot of mass buff cards you just want like two one something like that another one is a card that makes infinite shit on its own like Conclave guild major that's why this is a bomb that's why this is just a complete bomb it just will generate infinite tutus so good so good it's like a lowercase bomb cuz it's a 2/2 so it can die is Lee but we're gonna take this other good cards and here notion reign is unbelievably efficient we get to look at the top two cards and neither keep my wire keep them there or just chuck them away and then we get to draw two very nice very nice little card all right unbelievably clear we have some clear valuations an uncountable removal this is strong it is six mana its removal and it's it's not shitty removal like deal to damage or one damage or something like that luminous bonds removal for us right this is great this is actually a stupidly good draft for us thus far oh my god what is going on okay well this has convoke and we're making a lot of Little Boots alright this is great um other cards in this like doesn't even matter because it's just great super efficient right expensive at nine mana but has convoke and hex proof it's huge dude why is this an efficient card big stats can be made cheap if we get a big board Boulder Hulk what do we think of this this gets reduced by things being in the graveyard so this is only good if you have a ton of stuff in the graveyard and then it just comes out and it's a six six this is not it's not it's kind of it's just so expensive it's hard to cast can VOC is way he's here to cast hich claw recluse is also another very nice card it's just a good defensive card one for has reach slows things down for you take that interesting interesting what do we think about this so guild gates are very popular um but I think it's a pretty clear iron shell beetle pretty clear like we we don't have that many cheap drops iron shell beetle is amazing for kin VOC 'la dev Guardian is if we are running out of cards this is a drag it's fine I mean it's gonna be the beetle we don't get a guild gate we're still mostly okay 3 3 4 3 that heals great great welcome J warehouses how many ones in two drops you normally want to deck it's fine to run zero one drops it's totally fine like six or so two six or so two drops you need a pretty good amount of two drops for sure a lot of people are saying flower and flourish this is really nice because it can help us find the mana this is really nice because it's a convulsing this is hard here's here's gonna be my logic this is this is more advanced logic I think I think I might actually take this let's actually count how many spells we have let's move make a little spell column here huh we generally want to be creature heavy this is it this is a spell but it sounds like a creature card very it functions as creature card it's not that it sounds like a future card take heart I mean I'm not even gonna likely run this Wow i Kazama says when he started thing about the sideboard don't even worry about the sideboard if you're a new player just just draft I did in the sideboard for like three years I'm gonna go ahead and take this because I'm pretty good on creatures and we have one more pack going so I can always get more creatures let's flip this back around this is I mean we have a absolute monster deck already I would be over the moon to run this right now I think I'm gonna just lesney a guild gate I feel like crushing canopy is probably what I want though if she don't have a good way to deal with any fliers huh I think I'm gonna take the crushing canape its removal yeah how do you evaluate guild gates try to get like one in your guild and don't worry about the rest I think I just need to get this fuck she I don't even know man we like this I have too many good cards alright slows Nia Lockett pray upon is actually not the best we might even just cut the hunted witness packs favor is very good and like aggressive situations witness is arguable grappling sundew don't want a smaller wood shaper I mean we have some large dudes up here I think I want to take one of these too cuz look we just don't have that much cheapo stuff I'm not gonna run the wild Sarah talk who's Who am I kidding man look these are the only two cards in the sideboard and they're absolutely playable come on another Sumalee here's what I'm looking at look at if we have enough stall in the low end that's a spell this is such a nice card with some of these big convoke s' again I'm gonna do the same logic that I did last time which is that I have like an additional pack to go to get some two drops okay so let me just put the locks on or store on the sideboard why cuz that's just a card and it's fine I'm not gonna get a second prep on I'm just gonna get this lozania guild gate now why is that because prey upon is conditional removal and our deck has a lot of tiny things one twos and one ones sometimes two twos two ones it's not that amazing but the guild gates gonna help us a lot great great great great I'm not gonna play either of those cards we are we are starting pack three like this doesn't even make any sense to me holy shit oh okay so this is a bomb this is a bomb return up to to target creature cards from your graveyard that's amazing but the finality is six mana all creatures get minus four minus four until end of turn it's a mass removal this is a very very very good cards very very very good card we actually get this out of here this is a solid this this is the other one evasion whenever oxides are taxed art ten creature yet without flying games still into turn you know what um I'm not gonna pick this for just for the sake of the stream cuz I just wanna stick to to color should talk more about that this is totally there's the advice I'll give to you if you're looking to this like I would probably pick this and splash this I'll probably pick this in splashes cuz this car is just so good plus I have to flower and flourishes to find the land that I need um don't give a shit I'm just gonna pick rock charters to what it's a flyer that lets my dudes fly no way no way oh my god okay this is a bomb what the this is the best rap this is the worst possible educational content ever by the way this is a bomb because it's a 5/5 flier that mentors and when it dies everything gets huge this is removal but we take bombs before we take removal alright guys if they don't give a loop out of draft it's easy it's piece of cake alright right just blow bigger sport worm missus holy unimpressed me and drowned secrets from ill deck I think I think we might not even run the PAC beast pranati shield mate right when I'm at the end of the deck or end of a draft I'm just looking to make sure that I have enough creatures at the low end Hey oh my god guys I feel bad that this is the one or I try to say hey gonna be educational for the new players cuz I this is the best draft I've ever had invention together Narita this is a bomb because it draws me ex cars I gain ex life and all the creatures get +1 +1 I'm not even looking at the other cards there's a park alien patrol am I gonna run this haunted witness sorry um I actually think I caught us soon do I cut a smaller wood shaker wood shaper not wood shaker too much dota right just blow maybe get it out I mean prey upon double flower luminous bonds crashing came that's pretty tight tight lista cut aspiring unicorn I don't actually like in this I'd rather have the par helium Patrol than that cutting assume all is good and we still have too much these are both staying hitch claw recluse I think is staying generous strays yes I might just cut this so I think like this is so conditional I'm gonna cut one whoa it's kind of both oh no it's not no it's not I just don't add up I don't know how to look good yeah here I think this is correct camaraderie is a bomb spell so I run a righteous blow I think I got two against aggro decks we could do like this and take this so this are the guild game this is flying removal we have crushing camp yeah we have some good ways to deal with Flyers including just killing them think I'm gonna I think I'm gonna pick the part alien Patrol cuz it's just really good deal with fliers hops healers Hawk this is actually ridiculous it's another centaur peacemaker everyone wants the dealer's Hawk no I mean it's a peacemaker this is absolutely what we want generous stray is also very good this is this is not a good card it's okay feeler socks he doesn't get the kilos off now not gonna do I'm just gonna kill my way out of this yeah I just slows me a guild gate is what we take here we already have as much anti-air as we're gonna get god no one picked all right let's see what I think we have two guild gates in here yeah we got two okay so prey upon I feel like I have that one flower god I have one luminous bonds camaraderie Jesus about cutting these I'm not cutting these oh yeah there's our cut we don't need that guy we don't need that guy whoo okay double rows man yes for healing patrol yep well you you guys are gonna stay generous trays we have to I'm gonna take the iron shell beetle because I don't have enough low drops what this was the pack what this what this was the pack that whatever okay like this is the best raft I've ever had in my life all right there's a haunted witness I don't care you guys like listen you only learning nothing for this you're learning the day mine's the luckiest player in the world can we do fifteen land with double flower is that crazy so if we cut a land or it oh my God look at this he coma rookin for 74 months let's have a wonderful stream hope to see you the meet and greet of twitchcon oh yeah we're doing a day 9 tv meet and greet Sunday morning at 10 a.m. unofficial I'm also doing a signing session from like 4:00 on Friday 4:00 on Friday but I'll be around affinity also for 74 months 74 months oh my god damn well I I can't cut any of these cards leave I'm cutting one thing it's the righteous bloats at the weakest card here amazingly I'm gonna keep all the loader tillers and then we just start healing and drawing and luminous bonding I mean Jesus yeah and then we cut up planes yeah get to guild gates only cut this and this and put in these two we're putting a flower is a way to get land 15 Lander this is just this is this is gross so we might say is it okay that I'm playing slowly is it okay that you know I think I have a good amount of two drops yeah if I get like any of these bombs is there something I'm not running this really good okay now I want to briefly talk about the construction process because I said this was gonna be a newbie focus draft but this is just this is draft is ludicrous uh something that I really like to do is I like to just cut anything that I'm not a hundred percent happy with like I just start pulling out everything I'm not a hundred percent on you know like this and often what this leaves me with is a way smaller deck and then I look and I go okay I have no small dudes okay so I think I'll probably want one of these dudes I think the two iron shell beetles are very good cards okay how we doing okay I need eight more okay um and then I just sort of like look around I think there's a to drop that I'm also missing then arguably maybe not run over a naughty shield mate but I've learned that lesson too many times what was it was the other card that I cut out of here oh yeah par Hylian patrol yeah I like this one fifteen land which sounds like nothing but we have two flowers to find it this is like constructive quality March of the locket oods I think I think that I think we're gonna have three 7o drafts today feel like Flyers might be a weakness that's a great point and here's my logic with that prey upon is a removal for Flyers we have to luminous bonds we have one crown harpooner it's right now that's four and that's it I just have those four I also have light of the Legion that's kind of like a fifth revealing patrols kind of like a fifth so that's that's arguably do it I'm Japanese restaurant fast because I'm gonna be sitting for a long time winning so just state I got to do a different new we focused draft man I got it I got to do this again I do this again oh yeah by the way our website is totally fucked Dane I thought TV just something happened where it's not connecting to the AWS servers properly so it's down it's like double D down black sheep for real says I just want to thank you for taking the time to explain the drafting process day and I haven't played MTG since high school so into the basics but this really helped me get caught up I want to apologize as well that this is the best draft I've ever had on him to nd T arena period period period period this is an amazing opening hand turn once lesney a guild gate turn to iron shell beetle I'm not I'm gonna keep back that with Crowley harpooner because again this is sudo removal iron shell beetles just a great blocker we have the knight of autumn as a great beater this is a bomb that's gonna get shut down by us because we're the best player this is a bomb look at this whenever another creature you control enters the battlefield or dies if that creatures power is greater than Pelt collectors put a plus one plus one counter on tell the collector as long as has three or more counters on it it has trample so this is a dude that's just gonna keep getting bigger and keep getting bigger and keep getting bigger luminous bats let's target our let's story ourselves on let's not let's not fuck around Gateway flies is fine we're really gonna hold back the trowel harpooner all right let's be a smart player let's go to combat let's attack with the beetle since there's a pelt collector here this could be a righteous blow totally fine it's not a righteous blow we're now gonna play the knight of autumn why because we're gonna put two plus one plus one counters on we now have a 4-3 so what's our next turn play get rows main sent are down if you're a new player let me just tell you generally speaking get the dudes down before you start playing the removal spell see generally speaking with this much mana huh what do we think could happen I really kind of feel like we don't care we're gonna attack with one because we want to keep five open to convey the Rose main Centauri what opening Jesus this is gross and now that I have dudes down look how much better luminous pods is gonna be I bond something and then I'm gonna swing in four four eight ten damage nice whereas if I bonded this stack is ridiculous next he's just gonna play a flyer I'm just gonna blast out of the sky of the crawl harpooner all right keys doing good case I'm good so I want to stress like this is great no problem no problem at all now here's a question do we even luminous bonds this do we even luminous bonds this I'm gonna make the argument yes I think we do because this is his only creature and I'm gonna do everything before this beetle limb is bonds this our clone has not yet played a creature we're either gonna draw a useful card next turn or we are going to draw a mana in which case we will flourish and swing in for a billion this this is small but pelt collector is actually a a horrifying car because like a 1/1 but like this is a horrifying the part everyone else saying about the growl harpooner just saving it okay three three so we're gonna do it because we're trying to end this next turn so we're either gonna draw something useful and do that next turn but in the case or I didn't want to be in the position where I just had to flower flourishes sitting we're running to so we can get laid we're not a lot of land here great gaming since I had to sub justice I won't be drafting for the next hour yeah dude I pity those nice and we should be able to still win unless attack you can deal one more damage so I want to point out a few things in our deck that I think were good choices we have a lot of two drops it's wrong this is the biggest thing I screwed up on a ton was not having enough creatures in a particular not having enough two drops just two drops in there man like even if you think it's a slow deck or a slow format let me look at my rewards now surge mare nice good two drops ex suits has been watching since the first few day nine dailies many years ago at this point oh shit what's the date hey guys it's October 16th and October 22nd is the nine-year anniversary of day 9 TV flex it says how do you maintain enthusiasm and energy whereas a lot of streamers seem to drop off / lose interest / burn out couple of things couple of reasons and it is so deliberate oh my god healing luminous bonds march of the multitudes into our boredom elemental disgusting opening hand although this is a slightly dicey because we're gonna have a 3/3 blocker we're gonna have something to lock down but don't have much else down much else anyways I list off for four reasons why I have maintained enthusiasm first of all I just don't stream that many hours it's like at most 30 a week at most generally it's like 25 to 30 no that's what I just I'm live cuz I cuz I fucking fry out if you ever see me like if you go back and watch the stream where I played hell is the name of that game the top-down 2d platformer II thinking they're not the platform uh hyper light drifter like I played that for like ten hours because I was really into that game and at the end of the feral animals trying to get hundred percent right its first of all I don't stream that much second of all um I do a deliberate variety of things I have a very wide range of games that I play that gives me a lot gives me a lot of energy this is the second thing right so don't earn a lot this ornery Goblin can trade with us but he doesn't know that our phone is also stuck on too so I don't attack because this can trade you party on patrol that don't string a lot deliberative right switch the games that's a big thing oh I had more I definitely had more here boy boy I had boy mmm boy boy I had more wow I literally had four things I'm getting distracted don't stream a lot do variety it's gonna keep going on on the variety point on the topic of variety on top of the variety I do a lot of like show tight stuff I do a lot of show type stuff that keeps me very interested I pretty much never just grind one game that's the only game I do lots of continuous variety like I'm really into magic gather round really ended out doing that just on Tuesdays and Fridays that says the only two days of the week that I'm doing it Wednesday as I'm doing dota Thursdays doing boo old shity point click adventure games Monday whatever that's a big thing is the variety helps give me energy I think a third thing is that I really focus heavily on doing things outside of streaming that gives me energy I have shit to talk about when I'm coming in to the show like I have lost a lot of draft videos for Magic the Gathering so that's something that I'm bringing to the show yeah one two three five and then the are boredom that's better that's a big thing other interests again same reason for the variety bouncing around gives me a lot of energy gives me a lot of stuff to talk about and I think one of the biggest things of all marked is an instant speed yeah isn't that broken one of the biggest things of all probably last I have spent a large amount of time focusing heavily on long term which means that when I get terrible viewership or a game of religious events that's tanking and viewership and all the subs start going away or I want to take two weeks off because I've been working for a few weeks when I'm in those kinds of situations you know what I do I don't worry cuz I'm focused on the long term so I think that that is that means that I have very little external stressors on my booty now technically our opponent could just own us with a counterspell that's okay we have our boredom in hand they're generous straily of luminous pawns we don't find it'll be a blowout encounter I'm not even that blown out okay all right I don't know man yeah it's just so hard to lose this why just swing with the team yeah yeah yeah yep yeah I think this is the play how do you can't spleens you've already tapped just see it shit Z it's really nice this deck is so good last time I ever habitat see I mean like I think the fact that I have like all these other things going on outside of streaming lucky blood in fact I'm resting the fact that I I have been doing this long enough that the business fluctuations do not stress me out as much so I just like have a lot of positive energy to bring oh and other thing is that I'm extraordinarily good at compartmentalizing so when I've had unbelievably stressful things going on in my life in my personal life I'm very good at going you know what it's time to do the show let's have ourselves a nice time and just actually very much so enjoying it I think I just attacked with absolutely everything that I have so I mean that matter it's like I have been stressed and tired and all that shit I just like streaming just like streaming just like good it's fun to do not fun to do for 80 hours a week that is not fun to be so I don't do that but it's fun to just wanna do I'm actually godlike it compartmentalizing man I am I am a literal God tasteless who we block him tin Chen says via ret had being good at compartmentalizing backfiring cause he's a ball of stress to explode there happens to be quite frequently oh yeah oh yeah 1 million thousand very hairy percent but when I when I meltdown I don't when I my meltdowns I don't I don't really meltdown in the most destructive ways it's not like you know I'll freak out start yelling bloody murder on a stream and while being racist okay alright those sort of things I like eat a lot eat a lot is bit oh come on or do you need me more cards alright let's just let's just win the game coming us a generous thing to do I gained a lot of weight now I'm working out losing the weight but I still like to stress eat Fox on post YouTube is down worldwide right now by the way oh my god really really well I hope there's nothing severely wrong hope it's just – his last super-emotional show was total biscuits passing yeah that was one that I really I really was unable to compartmentalize because everyone in chat is there and talking about it and you know it's just this is I think a fine key because we can play a card play a card we have a removal and if we draw this we're in business with march of the Maltese well goodbye march of multitudes you're gonna wanna remove you see he removes the Crowell harpooner I'm like oh fuck yeah I was really hearts why I wept and wept a lot it was very good is very positive for me yeah just make Morgan's opponent concedes after seeing this hand approaches listen it's like oh fuck I guess the guy in the harpooner is gone it's gone the harpooner is gone modest made the modest us of discards oh my god that's great that's the good news it looks like our friend modest mage has a Damir spy bug I guarantee it here comes Adam ear spy bug right now here comes a spy bug okay all right pressures on fray pong I think prey pawns out this is gonna get a little scary I think we do go wide with a large marks the multitude that is an issue but it's not actually that big of a so this is one two three four five six so if I play this for two I gain one do you want to trade avenatti she'll mate for a night Vale predator good the best part about having vigilance in Silesia is that you can't an attack and then can vote so we still have a very very intimidating board only tie some basket luminously bonded if we get disinformation campaign send our peacemakers what's getting shot do you want to trade night Vale predator for either of these friends yes you do one two three four five I can get to one ones out of it only it's worth it losers you're almost at a cave you were strong well of course it's everyone's here is like how do you do a draft I'm new to magic now I don't worry let me draft the biggest bullshit that you've ever seen oh my gourd I feel like we're gonna get disinformation campaigns pretty soon all right no attacks are happening soon I'm okay with this no attacks the name geneticists are the ninja ginger says I know that chance is an ideal predator is one of the greatest cars in the set but I don't really see it doing much what am I missing I think I might've been fucking wrong yeah that's just it I think it just might have been wrong because I see a three-three flyer with death touch and hex proof yeah I lose a guy that's fine see if he taps the vigils damn you did it correctly move out my bones feels good it might be a better Carbon set but like actually sure strike is just very uh yeah oh my god he has a counterspell well may as well just get out of the way huh nope he doesn't I don't know what he's holding that maybe handful land maybe a handful land indeed okay okay it's unclear it's unclear you know I think I should have March of the multitude way earlier and just got like three one ones or something that's women still great I don't necessarily need to go for these like I get eleven one ones you mean like sure strike is great it's just a great stall always trades acceptable a button I was wrong about a lot of stuff at the start of this set it's not terrible though luminous bonds oh my god jerax night doing the double gift sub to lily coder an Al Darrin a vision Kai the blazar Jamie a lot of you are say we have eight K viewers we've been hanging around six with these little magic stuffs but to any of you new folk or joining us for the first time today welcome hope you have a blast we have an absolutely broken so lesney event and it feels good it feels good to have drafted a playable deck with bombs after two packs pretty else fails and two new subs for joining us well I'd like to note that we don't do a huge amount of call-outs on the show oh my god this isn't an amazing luminous bond started but we aren't gonna Park helium Patrol in a moment so I actually think that I'll allow I'll allow one we don't do a ton of sub call-outs here for the reason that I like to just focus on the content if you're joining us for joining and subbing let me first of all say thank you so much it's always extraordinary generous of all of youtubers totally don't have to do that you don't want to do it for more than welcome just hang out and have a great time but I strongly encourage those who do sub to just come say hi and chat about the best way ever ever to do it stop in to chat hang out say hey joining the conversation the sub trains going a little insane right now Solis say hi Infinite Monkey three Frank chef Binks prolly for 20 months in a row Voltron 14:13 Mike McGee musket bum what a man deck all right so here's we're gonna do a the combat attack with just a par Hylian patrol plane heroes main up soon invoke the one on the ground first I thought I accidentally cast the trample thing I began to shake with anxiety variances your lowly individual thanks thank you hurt some but not a lot hurt some but not a lot city fires 26 months is plus ultra yeah dude why here academia is almost here's an interesting question do I do i flower right now the answer is I guess I think the answer is yes because my last card isn't our boredom elemental and I want to cast it we also Conclave guildmates for potential wind condition book so he says shall we do you excite about in standard is someone who loves blue and hates green I'm curious what you think only this side of the spectrum I'm really excited that Jessica like really really really really really really excited about Jess guy control oh my god oh my god it looked just got control so much because I like that the Jeff sky control has crackling Drake's and some Planeswalkers and some removal and some burn I just am NOT the biggest fan of like thee hmm hmm okay okay okay this is probably counterspell left up the light of the leaders first think this is the counterspell huh which one do I want to have first the mentor flyer or the hex proof probably if this gets countered I think this is dying this is the right order this this is enough for a counterspell to be up and if this gets killed that's actually never mind we're the best player in the world all right well well let me sway him for seven military that's and that's good that's a good play I'd be so funny if Robo saw be Jesus play disinformation campaign making us discard my discard light of the Legion and he's just like so if I attacked with the are boredom elementals block block block yeah you block block the Jess guide controls really cool cuz I like the crackling brakes is like the mid-game threats and there's Planeswalkers to finish it out but it's not like pure to ferry control sort of stuff yeah I'm heating a block block block he can do it with these three but then this gives us a very good attack with these two YouTube is down that's what it's been saying it's like fascinating to me wow those are the two you want to block with well I'll kill both of them but I will primarily kill the watcher in the mists go ahead and go to damage this wasn't a guild gate the more mana the merrier creatures you control game tramples on to turn that one Robo zombie Jesus is all in on this Damir spy low light very all in but do I just chill so I mean I want to be able to swing with this have to block with the spy bug but slight says I didn't see the draft but I remember one time you said droppings Leslie you said you were finding it difficult to make it work and draft what went differently this friend I will tell you all about it after I turn off okay so pass ball JEP makes an eye bale sprite unable to block resolved I may attack with light of the legion cuz I think let's trade oh my god I was waiting till after combat to do this but I fucked up I lost a ton of value ooh ooh that hurts Oh so much value was lost what Oh Oh cuz it taps oh alright my just buttons man buttons are bullshit in this game fucking buttons are you kidding me man death Patrick says do you remember that massive internet matters it was caused by an Amazon engineer accidentally working half of the world's s3 but this is something similar yeah I've heard of stuff like that happening before that does hurt that does hurt us okay so let's do it properly one two three four five six it doesn't matter that we're gonna cast it using these two guys one two three four five there's so many big drops she doesn't have too many big drops city watch Sphinx is the largest by far outside of doom whisper but I'm just gonna assume that Robo zombie Jesus doesn't have a doom whisper as we saw we saw his kind of calm probably a Damir spy bug me swinging with the Rose main every turn for sure swing with these little guys soon we're building up the infinite board I attack with this there could be some sort of shenanigans that happen okay with this I see no reason not to attack obviously he can trade the city wash sinks which would lead that of expecting was of the multifarious to turn into a whisper even or just literally to see a whisper agent was fine these two boys pulling out the pass wall adapter that seems pretty good cheap okay I think I have to kill the whisper agent no actually should have kill the pass wall the depth I can do like this yeah damn all right we're back on the two to plan I'm interested in this YouTube we've done a Google YouTube news no one's talking about it didn't make it to – no I'm good we didn't miss the – – we didn't we didn't we didn't we didn't fascinating on a horrible position we're not in an amazing position either our opponent is in real danger this conflict guild mages just kickin ass I was wondering what he is doing alright so this is gonna get tapped this is gonna get killed yeah alright we got we have 4 2 2 s out of it hmm no we fucked out I shouldn't shouldn't have played this I shouldn't played this cuz lozad is gonna turn back into a city wash thanks we even want here flower flower wins flower like DOM and mates mostly has counterspell yeah Randy 2123 says hey man thanks for being so informative and actually taking the time to teach people about the game helped me has helped me as a new in this community to get better and learning more love the string key of these amazing work thank you can't really attack is my attack I'll just lose it to two I will put my opponent to six but I'd prefer to keep up an army of tutus I like I love educational stuff I love it so much oh my god what's that Redman about that like very very does so scare me forgot we had this card mine are resolved Mian viscount's please careful okay now this can become the city watch Sphinx but this has for toughness so really good I'll happily trade this in the skies oh my god yeah I'm just gonna just do some texting yeah block a33 absolutely blocking 3/3 is a move but we we are dealing a lot of damage all right betrayed yeah just has to be multi jump has to be multi jump otherwise we just get too much damage geez geez well know what to do get the wires out I can't believe how good this that is I can't believe I forgot we than add camaraderie is what Robo zombie Jesus just like ladies ritual of suck blows up my whole board there's the command the storm and we draw the Marches oh my god Wow does ritual affect the tokens yes the converted mana cost if a token and matter the Gathering is zero eat wrath sigh marks the multitude to rebuild the gigantic board god this deck is unfair is the most unfair death I've ever had alright this is an okay start I'm happy that we're on the play this is so good oh slight thank you why why is it that I feel better about drafting swans here because okay so I used to think that so as Nia was about because lots of Dance Moms in this way having a good to drop a good one drop a good to drop good three drop good for drop just curving out just getting a lot of creatures out and trying to climb up so that's it like this is kind of how I built oops you forgot to attack this is kind of how I built my stuff or at least my mental model when I was playing I need to make certain that I have some good to drop some good three drops some good four drops and just focus on the curve right puts on the curve if you should attack with the hawk this time and well I was finding like not a lot of success I don't understand where the power should work and now I understand how the power and slows NIA works you go wide and clog the board and then spike and power with a few bursty things such as more to the multitudes is like one of the biggest bursty things ROS main centaur is a much better example of a more solid burst right if I get like a to drop and then if I get like a one drop them in a to drop them on turn three I can play a Rose main centaur kind of like acceleration I'm not blocking this I'm just gonna take the three damage I'm very suspicious I'm very suspicious I don't want to happen we have a way to heal we have a way to heal we have a plug the board we have a removal I'm gonna swim with the party Lee and play the Rose main can we do this we don't have enough mana obviously doing this yeah things like place like this is what really makes these decks work so sort of the go wide and then spike I almost treats lesney as a combo deck and with that logic in mind the nudge that's so helpful to just understand what's happening in a given game I'm very suspect of Kombat tricks here yes with 114 which is actually not great okay that's great yep we're fine I like an extra bana to be able to plate it beetle and I of the off I'll probably boost this guy oh my god I completely forgot this can destroy target enchantment I can destroy the luminous bonds oopsie-doopsie totally my bad I'm sorry my deck is more broken than I realized I hate when that happens Rose Mane can still convey yeah yes absolutely can superlatively convoke this is why there's a lot of white or I should say a lot of green white of vigilance cards is that you can attack and then post combat you can use the fact that it's untapped aspartic to vote gross all right thank you check Balian double block here and I'll kill the dev he wishes not to do it don't want to end it turn March the multitudes no maybe no Matt for mana the context is why does this game sound to store it so much when streamed I've noticed that there is some weirdness all right we're gonna block in the intuitive place if there are combat tricks there's combat tricks it's fine we have a we have a handful of gas man I think that just over time deafening Clarion really really deafening Clary No that's so funny oh no I don't know it's so funny no March to rebel if I marched in response it would have played the creatures than the deafening clarion would have killed all of them so that would have been a no going to being a fucking old Oh so we are going to 1000% we're gonna go with a rock charger we're gonna iron shell beetle rock charger no attack us we have camaraderie to heal we have March the multitudes to heal the voluminous bonds I by the way I think this card is very weak and aggressive decks for the obvious reason that if you build a board of small creatures trying to win the game fast deafening clarion will kill all your creatures huzzah we're almost at the point where we can come robbery so I think that I kind of do want a small a wood shaper we're going so much heal we just go so deep yeah that's really disgusting oh my god your ass the power coursing through my veins can't even watch this what do you got another deafening Clarion fine dude hope you have a handful of deafening Clarion's The Rock charger is gonna give the Rose Mane centaur flying as well but not before we come robbery for a billion I think camaraderie in for a billion first is good because it's hilarious and it actually does have the double spray I'm not doing yet I don't want that attacking me and so well this is what constructed quality man oh my god yeah that wants to attack in the air he's already dead dude okay so we can march with the multitudes for to here let's see it have don't you want to do that Axel's to she'll play for us for prey upon I could have I could have done that huh how do you believe this I really I can't believe this shit this is fantastic it's so funny alright well we're back to seven all right your turn timber wolf double zero god discard a card that's described for us and gentle Gaston says I've never played this but can tell it seems insane yes good it's good it's good it's good this guy's good we're thirty four against three we have seven cars they have we just have more of all things I think this I think this draft is gonna serve it out we had a seven 107 to and I think now seven oh bring it on no blocks now I can prey upon in Luminos bonds I don't know I'm sorry I'm sorry we want to learn how to draft all we did was learn how to hurt someone what's for dinner tonight thinking thinking salmon sweet potatoes maybe sushi maybe he learned maybe he didn't floating heads can you explain what I'm looking at with twitch overlay your board is definitely not the same order the screen displays and I'm confused yeah positioning does not matter and Magic the Gathering players often rearrange their cards for organizational purposes on ferrous is that subtle smile after explosion that devil smile yeah yeah so when you hover over various sections it shows what is in the section gas is why we have a lot of two and three drops in there turn one Conclave guilt may force me to turn first to drop is going to be conflict Gilded Age and the Iron Chef eatle yes if you hover like in this area you'll get my cards for this area Gentile and this is their creatures this is their land down here would be my enchantments and my Planeswalkers up here would be their enchantments and their Planeswalkers it's really nice so again the placement it does not matter for any of this like if I attack I will often rearrange people's attackers certain ways just make sure that blocks properly moving a win with his hand now to the autumn plus a rock charger in the air winds and a few turns touch we have so much feel in this deck 2 so 4 oh y'all that are watching I generally play magic on Tuesdays and Fridays I think I might as well just do magic to get on Friday debating playing Ringworld I might still do that but I'm slowly building a collection in draft Arsenio via drafting in order to be able to make a standard deck yes more magic odds I'm hooked on magically gilda radner cuz I'm amazing borrow a steam kiln is like such set card Jesus you know I kind of want to run out flower eventually cuz we don't have a lot of man on our deck this card is disgusting gets so big so fast no blocks the correct place to rock charger though oh I'm probably going to like flower oh my god flower and then you play land wow I'm a dumbass yeah ignore me ignore all the things that I say but only some of the time we could have flowered gotten away and played the land and then been fine like I don't understand understanding you know what this was just because I no money at the flourish value I could a flower gotten land play to play the rock charger would have been great would have been the significantly better plane so what I did is just didn't play a land here dances I'm sorry would you say I was ignoring you that's good good on you that's exactly what you should be doing my man all right well when you only have bad cars in your deck it's kind of hard to figure out let's put on top huh fire her since this becomes two – great movie it out of it wash this cool play all right so what here's what I'm gonna do go ahead and flower I'm gonna get appliance there it is run this out and now I have enough man it'll play a three man a spell day nine always thinking hot I'm buffing the rock charger fly my night fly six damage of the skies is good all right gonna chill oh yes Oh what's that hypothesis all all right so it seems we're gonna lose a night hey des P you kill the night personally I think killing tonight's a mistake I'm still gonna be flying high yeah that's good hey it's not a flying guy all right play the skyline Scout first lay the iron beetle on this dude and then basically don't attack we attack this'll trade with the runaway steam killing well actually that's pretty good huh it's not good cuz we'd have enough mana to cast er boredom elemental when you leave match The Gathering arena open for six hours as we have done today tends to choke so we're hoping nominal plays something that costs four or five mana actually five or six would be ideal YouTube's back yes time to waste time on YouTube this is all wasting time on Twitch except it's not a waste here so if our opponent has a counterspell then our opponent is simply a better player than we are it's the better player still down there money if this resolves I can't believe it I actually can't believe it this results okay that makes sense nominal is we didn't radical idea to the bend no attacks we got a wood shaper huh this is my cat despi it's my cat recipe would like to remind everyone that they can use twitch Prime but connect in there Amazon Prime to their twitch account for one free subscription a month to any content creator you like we're always happy to have those here but don't forget there's other great content creators such as savage SAV SAV Jay Z an amazing and fantastic streamer actually I'm going to do the generous stray plan so we can keep applying pressure with the skylines down savy it's amazing streamer love watchin Savi its content take this action her nominal in the sky he's a great content no I love it me JP who I find hilarious rose made some Hot Topic to Frieda sub – JP disguise toasts a lovely person always gonna invent and draw a sorcery and an instance okay Bryan Kibler Magic the Gathering all-star and legend he's grace channels BM Kibler Oh explosion and expansion okay explosion expansion for a whole lot generally gonna be a good play purge gamers person my stream dota with every Wednesday feel free to check out purge gamers with your twitch prime so all great people hell yeah critter Bob Lee I got great news you guys know how I like blue sky black death doesn't hide like blue sky black death the excellent young god 1/2 of blue sky black death has a an album under his new project called tell Evangel has given me some early access to some of these tunes we're gonna play him on the way out name the album is anthropo seen blues yeah yeah ultimate balloons is not a big streamer but thunder mo health kite is a great MTG a streamer yeah I've been watching a lot of thunder no Hellkite ooh not the time you want to do that well sir our phone is just Telegraph that they have a counterspell or it means that nominal messed up with the three mana from this but I assume that spell yeah great we did it we come robbery off the top and just and the game huh now typically I like this play the best differently young gods stuff tends to be a lot more atmospheric I don't know why taps killed gate I was like terrible decision a lot more atmospheric didn't telling you of Asians really good and draft we're how much time I spent talking about evasion can't counter that with one man why are the Legion maybe well we can cast this literally right now so let's go ahead and cast that this deck is ridiculous now in the bin we have some of our goats for sure but we have 22 cards left and in that we have the march of the multitudes a flower light of the legion and a camaraderie can vogue is a good mechanic visits save our friend nominal at all one two three four five blockers three four five six seven one two three four five six seven eight I think we just swing out with team live music by the way this is this is just an amazing card absolutely gonna pay with this this means that Nippon is it now has to block the skyline scout because it's the only car that is able to do so trample just in case nope trampling would have been not good cuz this has for toughness this has for toughness this has five toughness so no the trample damage would have gotten through great play really good play so draws a card and it's gonna hit one two ping the damage and that's actually enough it's a good play from nominal nominal might actually win with nip visit this says whenever you draw a card it deals one damage to anything whenever a player Caston is her sorcery spell oh he has two oh he did it we're dead we lost we lost this game nice way to hold on none else can you have lethal turn before this I don't think so like Oh yet we we might be dead oh let's get the part healing control down huh still a little March the multitude it's plausible but knit visits really good MITM is it man the absolute bomb looks like our stream shall continue a little more so it's probably gonna deal damage to me Melissa nominal has two instance in Hannah which case deal damage to the party Lee alright so no two spells in hand that's good that is excellent news that's bad news that's my god that's horrible news alright so we're gonna be dead at some point soon here what's our phone index that's actually how we can win this we can win by making our opponent deck eight cards away see that eight cars left so we are gonna do this for life you're gonna play the night of autumn to gain for life or remonster ten thousand four hundred Vince's haven't done this in a while so here you go love do thank you or a monster gosh II love it as a seven year sub as well I mean my goodness so here's how we win we come robbery of the so let us draw three gain life we lose the night of the autumn which stinks but that's okay with seven cards seven cards we can we can deck our opponent that would be a hell of a way to win hell we beat MIT visit via the decking we're losing pretty pretty quick though pretty quick seems unlikely that we'll win if we can only pray upon the Rose main centaur on the watcher and the Miss that'll slow down a little bit hmm no I'm probably I probably pray upon the lead guild mage leap frog is an issue can't block either of these so we gotta take eight block in this on the ground block in this on the ground we're gonna take some pain here I'm thinking he'll block blocks with this oh oh he's found his rent clicks so I think this is about the best we can hope to do leap frog here it's probably some burn spells hiding in nominals hand gasps a spell copy spell cast copy cast copy cast copy yeah anything I block like that did you it was actually totally correct for him to do nice and then he copies the sure strike this is very hard to do interface wise no witness actually have lethal there gotta be a spell right and then if he casts any instant we just can't read on there it is oh my god that's so sick what I come back from nominal boom is it all right well you know what we found the weakness we lose to admit missus oh man all right well that's that's the weakness we found it when he carted he ever left like for 520 Playland he was doing just fine visit is a mom by the way pretty you're curious what bomb is did visits a bomb there was one turn that we had in there where we could have swung the skyline stout skyline scout but instead weak invoked yeah I'm just gonna flower to get another one this is a money keep kompy's this game have like 20k cards how to even like play like this so the way that the game works is early on was the coast knew they wanted to keep adding cards but why would anyone keep buying the cards if they felt good with the ones that they had well maybe if we increase the power no that's a terrible idea everyone knows that that would result in a horrendous gameplay only better cars got printed over time so how how can they keep adding cards made the car more interesting well the answer is that they created first of all they create different mechanics there's different types of gameplay as time goes on but the biggest thing is they have formats like for instance the the there's what's called a standard format which is you can only make a deck with cards released in the last 2 inches now simply put there it is more specific than the last two issues but berths are gonna say yeah you just have the last two US years so then when new cards come out old cards get phased out it seems seems reasonable seems reasonable huh and in this way every time you're playing you're playing fresh so for instance I have not played standard I hardly played standard four or five six years ago something like that and now I want to play standard so I hop in and I'm like alright easy on the cards I really need to know and I'm like already well I'm gonna call reasonably on point with the current metagame I'm not going to attack because this is a whisper agent percent it isn't it's fine not enough man at a counter could have a disdainful stroke which is the two-man encounter that can only counter cars that cost four or more but I mean I'm just gonna slowly March my way up to our board in elemental great music comes out this guarantees we have a safe attack also we are going to attack like this yep combat attack this so here's one of the reasons why I really like iron Shelby's the it's a really clear clogged the board blocker after it's been played and it's very useful for convert so I mean it's this is exactly how I think the low end on Celestia should be built so in a way we have seven total can vocalize this cost nine we can generous stray and still have a pray upon open to really clear the board really pray upon I'm running one of because we don't have that many big didn't pray upon I mean how would we have preyed upon I think we get rid of the flower of flourish we didn't open up man and pray upon you should get the generous stray out of here yeah arguably now maybe we should have cut the our boredom elemental I think I'm being a little greedy this way I'm the best player there ever lived I'm doing this because I really want to turn the pressure up on our opponent right now martingale Kota cannot walk with anything and now we have 8 total mana worth of stuff and if we lose their boredom elemental I mean it sucks a bit but we're getting to the point where the Conclave guild mage can begin generating an elf joke in every single turn I love rose main centaur I love this card so much not as much as Conclave cavalier but I do love this what are we gonna do martingale Kota probably pawn for a13 it's like a very light very light play smells like a whisper agent to me it smelled that way before this is also good against disinformation campaign I want to keep this alive because I can just win by continuing to tap this if you play any other formats really bass G day I'm I'm pretty I'm largely a limited player but I'm really getting into standard lately it's Martin so this is now gonna die leave my Qaddafi friend alive three four five six seven eight so if I if I draw mana next turn I'm just gonna immediately slam the are boredom elemental depending on what martingale coder does with mana I might not even I guess I'm not doing that guess we're just on the beatdown plan Chris uses any thoughts on you commentating and that's the gathering GP I think you need to know absolutely shitload to be a good commentator and I know stuff but I don't know like the amount that those commentators need to know by a white mark one two three four five six seven hold on party used a flower no one black flash lose the beat down look at the beats coming in its our current record five and one very familiar at all of modern legacy not at all not at all do we offer a trade with a Beatle and that's too good with what with convoke with camaraderie stinks some but not a lot we got twenty health the dowser swings every turn it's fine we can also just draw a limit as bonds we could all right well we're one man off martingale also can't really attack with the dowser if we draw land 1000% lie of the lesion we slam it down in an instant modern and legacy and vintage like when I when I look at those decks like I don't even understand what the wing condition is good stink so three rats Dubois nice play so we're kind of locked right now martingale code I can't exactly attack with a night Vale cuz I'll just respond by swinging back with the skylines scout I think it was questionable for me to shuck the generous stray I think it was being greedy with the are boredom elemental I think if I had just gone more cheap also it's a very light ray upon to afford to take seven here not a block just jump here we might actually lose this might be dead land one time one time doesn't help the most I think that's the one that we go for tragically it slows it down a little bit I mean if we draw a land we can light a legion out I feel as though we we stabilized except ibly because I believe what then must happen is that actually it's pretty smart to swing with night of autumn here just trade away against three burglar rats swing for six will go to seven if we play lie to the legion pretty good shape because night Vale predator can then attack fine we'll go to four and then we'll come robbery our way back up again oh that really sucks a lot well this Cantrell abyss fuck oh we lost crap I don't think we can hit the seven wins and I really think the reason we did lose that is that we were greedy with our our boredom elemental that's the main reason why we fell behind damn yeah I think that was too greedy of a key that was too greedy of a key for sure three burglar rats tongue – well it was okay because it's guaranteed our opponent had an army at one once it's that we discarded incorrect I think I needed to maybe even chuck the prey upon maybe that's actually reasonable that's what we should know we should Chuck the prey upon and the our boredom elemental all right well looks like we did it we got the manna we got that the dig we're against trick is this MTG trick discarding the flower was a mistake oh yeah we discarded the flower yeah we did to improper discards which cost us our life make yourself huge yeah it is trick orange name no way orange means official oh my god tricky better can see it I won the 7 out all right this is this trick Jared of MTG Fame frankly March of the multitudes against is it is gonna be really good Cosmo tronic wave would ruin our life but it's actually very reasonable to run a Cosmo tronic wave quite honestly Christian mr. Cyclops brass alright all right let's US army of dude I think I think we're gonna be luminous bonding oh my god these are both unblockable trick you bastard this maximizes altitude it's gonna come back so this is better we're gonna jump in the skies I can't believe I would officially lose in my draft Wizards of the coast guy yeah you can Chuck maximize altitude I'll trade I'll trade all day this is this is insanely greedy I think it's not because this means I will chump a piston fist Cyclops because I can't luminous bonds both can't luminous bonds both oh my god tricky bastard Hellkite welt does should attack with both not even allow that oh my god how do I gain life I can't gain any life here I can't I'm actually dead there was no oh my god is there any way there's no way to do this shit oh my god – like yeah trick I can't believe you would do that to me oh my god zoom Allah would shaper innocent life gate oh my god the best deck ever oh I tapped the land wrong – oh my god damn alright I'm gonna make you do a trick you're gonna have to do it to me I'm gonna make you go in oh my god maximise altitude and sure strike Jesus you should have bonded last turn no no no Bonnie wouldn't have done anything Bonnie wouldn't have done anything at all unbelievable sonica salt holy cow bastard Wow that was sick man well Wow I think the big reason this happened to us is in that really long game there was one term we could have swung in to deal a little bit of extra damage and because we didn't we were too damaged short and in the second game we lost in a second game we lost we should have discarded er boredom in the prey upon instead of the other two I think that's the big thing that we should have done and then I think we would have won those two games a trick game that we were helpless man the only way that we could have possibly one is if we luminous bonded the instant that the piston fist cyclops came out that's like nephew that's the way whether we could have done it cuz it was the one turn where it was sure strike and oh I think I needed a chump block against a sure strike which is crazy to say to just chump block a rose main centaur oh my gosh holy cow I can't believe we died that quickly to a Wizards employee Oh devastating oh my gosh well that's it that's the show for today I'm gonna see you all for dota tomorrow let me try hard mode I'm not gonna be soloqueue screw it I refuse to solo cute I think I even put solo queue on my schedule I'm not doing it I'm gonna do a queue of purchase we can play well oh my god can we won 500 three still that's the best deck I've ever drafted by quite a large margin holy cow uh and then on Friday magic that sounds good hey have a great Jesus not weekend good night goodbye everyone bye