Learning VoxEdit 3: Constructing and Posing a Rig

Hello, and welcome to Voxelize. In this video, we're going to learn all of
the tools in VoxEdit's rigging mode, and assemble the character we built in the last video. If you haven't watched that yet, you can check
out the video link in the top corner. This tutorial ended up being a lot longer
than I expected, so I'm actually splitting it in half from my original plan of rigging
and animating in a single lesson. This video is sponsored by The Sandbox Creator
Fund. The Sandbox is an upcoming game featuring
assets created with VoxEdit. To learn more about The Sandbox and the Creator
Fund, visit Sandbox.Game, or see the links in the video description. In the last video, we left off with
our objects in the rigger library. Lets take a quick spin around the program
to get ourselves oriented. I'm working in pre-release version alpha 0.12.0,
so you'll notice some of these things are missing if you still use alpha 0.3.15. We have a menu bar up top that let us control
objects and our view. Then we have the skeleton panel, our work
area, library panel, timeline panel, and the brand new transform panel. Multiple screens are helpful to have a full
screen work area with all the panels to the side. If you're not already familiar with 3D animation,
lets get some terms down. A rig is the skeleton that we build to control
3D models. The rig or skeleton is built up with a collection
of nodes. Nodes are the points that the objects connect
to. When we animate, nodes, and the bones connecting
them are invisible, but what we do see are the objects attached. Each node can only have one object attached,
but they can have multiple children nodes. Generally, children nodes are moved when their
parent node is moved, so rotating a hip bone moves the knee, and the ankle, and the toes
all together. Moving a child node does not affect the parent,
so it's easier for us to start with the biggest motion first, and make our way down through
the children nodes till we reach the last one. The root node is like the great-grandfather
of all the children nodes. It's more like a folder than a node, just
keeping everything together. It can't be moved, have objects attached, or
deleted. The children nodes of the root node do not show
bones attaching to the root, because the root isn't anywhere in particular. This way, you can animate separate structures
under the same root, without confusing bones attaching them. I know that was a lot to absorb, but I promise
it will make sense as we use it in practice. For now we're going to show a rig I've already
built so I can show the menu bar buttons more easily, then we're going to build a rig from
the start. The first section we have our home button
to go back to the welcome screen, our save button, and our rigging mode indicator, which
becomes a button to return to rig mode if we are editing an object from our library. Next we have the transformation buttons: move
node, rotate node, and scale node. These are how we pose and animate our rigs. The next two buttons are called "Global" and
"Local". Remember how I said that moving a node moves
it's children? Well that's only when Global is left on. Switching to Local lets us move nodes without
affecting their children. This button will show the skeleton so we can
see how nodes are connected. Show bounding boxes will make the objects
volume visible. Remembering to trim your volumes will help
keep the bounding boxes tidy. These four buttons are the same outline options we see in the modeler mode: voxel, quad, nice, and hidden. The magic wand can turn off the glow materials,
which might be distracting while working on an animation. Reset view moves the camera back to the default
position. Finally, there is a new edit model button,
which opens the object you have selected in the modeler, without having to scroll through
all the library pieces you may have in a complex rig. Now that we know the menu bar tools, I'll
delete this rig and start from the beginning by right clicking the node and selecting delete. On alpha 0.3.15, there are buttons in the
corner for these commands except the new "rename" option which can change the name of the selected
node. I imagine these buttons will be coming back
and are just missing from my current build. To create a new child node, I right-click
on the root, select "new child", and type the name, which I'll simply call Eggsby. This will be the parent node for the rest
of the body parts, and won't have an object attached to it. This is sometimes called an empty node, and
by leaving this one empty, I'm able to control the rig more easily when animating. I can then create children nodes for the body. Every node must have a unique name, or the
new node will not be created. First I'll create a node for the bottom half. Looking over to the library panel, we can
see the objects I created for the last video. From the bottom corner, I can switch between
a list view, and a thumbnail view. The menu at the top corner gives me the option
to create a new, empty VXM file, import a VXM from another folder, or import a MagicaVoxel
format VOX file, and restore a deleted asset. Upgrade and voxelize don't appear to work
at the moment. When a VXM is imported, a new copy of that
file is created in the same folder as your rig. Similarly, importing a VOX file will create
a new VXM in the rig folder and any changes to the VXM won't affect the original VOX file. Currently, only single object VOX files are
supported. The upgrade buttons do not appear to work at this moment. If you delete a VXM from your library using
the trash can icon, it will be changed into a VXM.VXB file, which stands for VoXel Backup. These files remain in the rig folder, but
do not appear in the library. Using the Restore Assets button will let you
recover this file, which basically just removes the .VXB extension so the file is a .VXM again. All transformation and animation data is tied
to the rig, not to the model. So if you accidentally delete or move an object out of the rig folder,
you can simply put the object back and reattach it to the node if needed. Anything related
to the position of the node will still be there. However, if you delete a node, that position
data can only be brought back with an undo if you don't make more than ten changes. Back to building our rig, I'll select the bottom object and drag it over to the bottom node. Now the object appears in our work area. Next, I'll create a child node of the bottom
node to and call it leg-L (for the left side), and attach the leg object to it. With move node selected, I slide leg-L
to the left side of the character, not to my view, because I can turn the view any which way, and my left and right will be different from the character's. This naming convention helps keep
things consistent. If we turn on the skeleton, we can see the
bone connecting the leg to the bottom. I position the leg-L node so it's inside the
shell where the hip bone would be on a body, then I line up the leg so it comes out of the hole. In this particular case, that's
position x 2.5, y -2.5, and z0.5. You can see each of these numbers when hovering
over the arrow handles, as well as in the transform panel, measured in units of voxels. If we want to slide an object along a plane,
instead of in just one direction, we can grab the outer square to move it along
the xy, yz, or zx planes. Holding the shift key will snap the object
to whole voxel increments. This is the same control scheme used for the
pivot control in the modeler mode, except holding shift snaps the pivot to half-voxel increments. Once the left leg is in place, I can type
90 into the scale percentage of the transform panel to shrink the leg a little. I want there to be a slight gap between the
leg and the shell so it doesn't look attached to the shell, but actually going inside of
the shell. Right now, all three axii are locked into being the same scale, so voxels will always be a perfect cube. Because the x, y, and z are listed separately,
it's safe to guess that disproportionate scaling may become a future feature. I prefer typing in the scale because using
the manual scale control can be a little tricky. Zooming in can let you get smaller sizes,
and zooming out can give you bigger sizes. But it's simple to just type in any number
and forget fussing with the zoom. Now I can select the duplicate skeleton command
with the leg-L node selected and name the new node leg-R for the right side. This new node is in the exact same position
with the same object attached, I just want to move it to the right 5 voxel spaces from
X 2.5 to X -2.5. Positioning all nodes on one side of the body,
then duplicating them and moving them to the opposite side is a way to save a lot of time
on complicated models, and ensure that the sides are aligned correctly. The final piece to eggsby is his top shell. So I select new child, name it top, and attach
the top object. I want the top to slope upward from the back, so I make sure it's aligned on the Z axis correctly, then rotate the x axis 15 degrees and slide the shell along the YX plane until it lines
up nicely with the back edge. And now our rig is finally complete and ready to be animated! Thank you for watching, and please don't forget
to give the video a like, subscribe to the channel, and ring that bell to be notified when the next part of the VoxEdit tutorial is ready.

How tall is the Empire State Building?

The Empire State Building is one of the most famous skyscrapers in the world. This building has 102 floors, and with it's antenna stands at a height of 1,454 feet tall. It is located on the East Coast of the United States, in the state of New York, in New York City, on the island of Manhattan, on 5th Avenue in between West 33rd and West 34th streets. To get an idea for where we're at, here's Times Square, Central Park, the Chrysler Building, And over here is the One World Trade Center building that was built in 2013. Let's look at a timeline. Here's World War 1, the Roaring 20's, the Great Depression and World War 2. The Empire State Building took only 410 days to complete; from January 20th, 1930 to April 11th, 1931. What's even more impressive is that this was at the beginning of the Great Depression; when many other construction projects were halted due to lack of money. After it was built, much of the building remained empty until the 1950s. Originally it was the tallest building in the world. It had surpassed the Chrysler building by 408 feet. It remained the tallest building in the world for 40 years until the World Trade Center Twin Towers were built in the early 70s. Today there are many buildings that are taller than the Empire State Building. The Burj Khalifa that was built in 2010 is currently the tallest building in the world. The shape of the building was heavily influenced by city zoning regulations. Skyscrapers were still new, and many people were fearful that with each new skyscraper the streets below would be without sunlight and fresh air. Once a building reached a certain height, it had to be set back to use less area. Once the building reach 30 floors, there was no height restriction; as long as each floor didn't exceed more than 25% of the area of the site. The 1st floor of the building is home to mostly retail stores. There are 5 entrances to the building. If you're a tourist, you'll want to use the 5th Ave lobby. Hundreds of tenants use this building every day, so the elevator system is very important. The higher you go, the less elevators are needed to service the floors. When the building was built there was initially 64 elevators, but today there are 9 more that have been added. Here's a typical floor layout; there's room for offices, open work areas, and conference rooms. At the center of the floor is what we call the Service Core. This is where you'll find the elevators, the bathrooms, stairs, and vertical shafts to carry water, air, and power to each of the floors. Here's the Observation Deck, it's located on the 86th floor. You can walk outside and around the building to see most of New York City. There's also a fence to prevent anything from falling off the edge. Tourists can pay a little extra to go to the 102nd floor. The building officially has a 102 floors, but there's a stairway to the 103rd floor, which is apparently a popular place for celebrities. This whole top part is called the Mooring Mast. This was originally advertised to be a docking port for Airships, also known as Dirigibles or Blimps. It wasn't long before this idea was dropped because it was far too dangerous. There was to much wind at the top of the building, and there was no place to tie up the other end of the Airship. The Empire State Building may not be the World's tallest building anymore, but it stands the test of time and remains a favorite place to visit in New York City.

Hierarchies: Building A Robot

in this tutorial we'll organize a hierarchy for a hover robot there's two examples one for flying and one for swinging here are some parts of a hover robot take note where the pivots are on each object these pivots will be on the rotation points for each part let's arrange the parts into better positions so here's our robot but he breaks apart when we rotate each part of the robot so we need to put these parts in a hierarchical order keep in mind we have a left and a right side represented by a capital L and a capital our left refers to the robot's left side not our screen left let's start by parenting the upper arms to the robots head now when the robot head moves the upper arms go with it we can also rotate the arms and they stay with the head here when linking the four arms below the upper arms now the head will move both the upper arms and the forearms and the upper arms will rotate the four arms next we can parent the spherical hands to the four arms in the claws to the hands now the head moves everything because the other parts are below it in the hierarchy let's rotate the left upper arm and see what happens oops for some reason the cause have disconnected if we look closely at the hierarchy we can see the mistake the cause on the right side of the robot are parented to the left hand which is then parented to the forearm and the upper arm now it's easy to see why the claws come apart the right hand even rotates the left claws so let's reorder this correctly now we have a fully operational robot to pose in any way we please we can even animate a hierarchy like this all right so it looks like the robot would like to have a swing on this bar but we have a problem with our hierarchy in the current setup the robots hierarchy has ordered for flying and not for swinging to swing the robot we have to move the robots head across and rotate the left arm back into the position this is difficult and if we tween between the two poses will notice that the claw bounces around intersecting the pole the head also moves in a straight or a linear direction not in an arc like we'd expect from a pendulum swinging action the hierarchy should go from the bar through the body let's start with the left hand then the forearm upper arm head right upper arm forearm and and right claws so let's bring the left hand out of the hierarchy to be the parent then parent the left forearm to the left hand the left upper arm to the left forearm and the head to the left upper arm notice that the left claws are on the same level as the forearm because they are all children of the left hand we could shuffle the forearm to be placed on the same level but above the claws this is fine but it really hasn't changed anything shuffling without changing the parent level doesn't affect the robots hierarchy at all just the way we're seeing the display the left forearm and claws are still children of the hand now that the hierarchy is in better order let's try it out Oh straight away we see problems the claws are intersecting the pole and the arms are breaking it's not really working well at all so what's the problem it's that the pivot points are in the wrong positions they're in the spots that work for flying mode but not for this swinging robot so let's change the pivots to work with this hierarchy we'll leave the right arms pivots as they are but the heads pivot can go to the left upper arms old position the upper arm pivot goes to the left forearm the forearm to the hand and finally the hem pivot is going to go into the center of the bar so when the hand pivots the whole body will rotate around the bar the left Clause can stay where they are if we want we can adjust the grip with their pivots still in the same positions so now our robot is set up for a swing action is much easier to pose and will work much better if we want to animate him we even get a nice pendulum arc through the body but before we go let's have a quick look at changing a hierarchy mid animation usually we need a funky animation rig to do it properly and that can be complicated to set up instead we can use a simple trick to make all of this work all we need is two identical robots we've changed the colors on these guys to show them more clearly the flying robot in blue has our flying hierarchy and the swinging robot in orange as the swinging hierarchy now it's just a simple matter of turning the visibility of the flying robot off and the swinging robot on at the frame he grabs on to the pole so here's the flying robot animating along now let's switch to the swinging robot we've kept the colors on the upper arms to show where the switch takes place and that concludes this hierarchy demo

Blender in the Game Industry

ok so hello everybody an velcom zumal presentation at the beginning of the world to myself mein name ist bei siedler and rock vor der independent game studio masterplan bereits in germany es für die in weimar mit artist award törne film school der reference and the magic of blender effekten photoshop when people asked me what may professional center demmer gamers direkten social game artist wodka einzugehen making games with dragons ganz entwickelst branchencenter juli ist ja kein of making fahrsimulator game [Musik] trifft rektors chaos und cornelia space to see some day hat deswegen vor der future das ist cable and drop fahrsimulator dürfte co2 realistik pharma experience in terms of the work around and machines this presentation short oberthurgau zum workflow center aus blender für das play off kurs nicht lord of machines laut rektor stars and traders so aua maschinen saberi komplex und her sabine fisch und workflow fordern die helfer twenty machines and more.de incerti implement trailers hier kannst du es mal action und little bit about the machine for the cat data from the producers of the machine photos to have good references des models of the machines and revelations zudem sowie heftes vor der maschine wenn die hälfte der fotos gerne staffel-start zu bild der holy most of the time the holy konz ist auf morgen draußen single pieces alot of objects a move and have to be separated vorklinik einzuordnen so very often wie bring blender to the limit auf performance sometimes those of objects und morden vor die million polycoms in hasborn blendfreies of dead wie work instanz ist so wie herr full control over der tube sound of objects bekam es einen menschen bevor wie herford of moving boards so ist very important for us to have it service at position der transformation pater sojan to make quick changes and to keep cool workflow attraktiv ja das ist der der käufer das ist äußerte reason why we do not use any way wo die feiern der modi fire for example don't respect the pitt point for the decade and objectives for example wie geschäftsführer zweier helper objects sowie lync duplikat of the german wie müller objects of control and other side events we now have to ride pit pulse vor der blick ins tessin wo die feier destroyed so wie of workplace management for example zu dürfen keine top 6 like der hypo lee inside der hai polizei lobte in seiner pole-zeit von twenty players are not enough sowie experten bei using lot of defence vor dürfen kein tauschobjekt so for example every word object scat der unmut über die instanz object sowie cancel act of them wirtschaft zu klicks soja really looking for the planet of the new labour system sowie rund heft tut ist okay so after wie hefty finish videos des simple mit tirol here to check dem esch-fonds in wörth faces and see just give frontend beg ferati sie hier louis code that you can spot ein seminar der ist in the face oder ist erhöhen sowie check der hohlheit politik vor start bevor bis dato lob olaf ist der hypo levy kennen dürfte lob oligopol von opel ist auf kurs very important that we have a good golly county servicing bigmachines like des traktor hier ist have found 6000 polycoms vor der inside and how to get inside of the inside the new ways sowie alain frau und für die 1000 zwar ist es okay jetzt außer important to keep in mind auf kurs wir wollen zu berge clean normen sowie häfen object hier gleich das hier auf kurs welches als problem game engines to get the ways to create and export musicum blender like the pages enormes der aus hawaii und the work with one hand die queen kennt sie hier intershops das ist aber flo und mixed tiffen technics sometimes you stop and sometimes split enormes sometimes you stayed flat kommentiert motor exempel at work insight auf blender you can export der hohe mass sf px und importe beck zu blenden denn eric rubio die puhdys dort ist es dass show matches so now we can exporte gern als colada or whatever you have to think city engine zuletzt winkel oppoli inklusive web ist finnisch der method actor optimized for that point mesh der hohle stifte texas länder exportiert opec das letzte programm bringt der mesh back to black and kp die juwi ist der texaner smash in blender und finishte manual an rap song we have instanz is back but with that and straight ahead und blender wie kate nash der ex-pilot mensch vor enorme web-dienste terry heiko liebe fürs sed politik wirft ihm agency mhra empty space 2 trommel interaction second mesh ist inklusion combine that means that the whole mesh akzeptabel ist joan jett klien mpd klusen baic ist der complete meschwitz für die importe to the game engine for that we trust link duplikat olpc xo last time to them on the players playmate im single user centric switch to gather for innovation and now we have no loss of objects instead i have just the smiths wurde von jay die objekte wie export award of the match feiern können sie hier like one vor der insight vonn vor der insightix autotitel stars and so on okay so barth bevor wie export anything is essential to check des scale needs to be one of those cars for example onepoint three und länder space and der jubilar profi skater circle prozent in die engine and disease dieses really get you should not to dass der text komplett completely biomaterials and substance wollte basis als safety switches hier können sie hier we have der anbieter web wird der gp channel vor der information auf kurs der channel fordert transparency die hälfte enorme merkwürdige channel vor der kammer in vr fordert von der neuen informations original fotografien channel vor der ausfahrt channel four dirk maass looks like das hier really nice cars image of texas and the mask am obertor game engine der texas and the machine nord will get the controller center jetzt hier können sie hier ja chaos pur sowie now have already been getting a game engine so now show you some machine action video will derzeit gut okay okay okay von mans click so view kann sie oft fehlt work work is about the waiting user account hier können sie einmal karte.de patch management fokussiert aber counter sechs andere account ist dynamic we have dynamic light trucks und aus oder count to change management hughes bei der bâloise ist hier not our aber fein und merkt das ist aber die banken testeten map-pack dem omap release verköstigen debugging wo er hier ist der second step coldplay change management alliance werden ein kilogramm sie dann nehme ich ja ok achter wurde vierter wie can bring out das sieht und das exempel ist es sieht [Musik] so sie in second fahren wild card ins training außerdem values of the crown travelport und partners exempel eiskalt dann kam direkt oder harvesting hier kann sie wollen auf christoph saint josse kensy der ihk following the vertrackter und trailer to catch the harvest erste trailer ist da hast du das straight [Musik] [Applaus] max morlock die insight auch contractor hier wie kinect weight control sowie can use and the engine and a lot of great escape the buildings are some of the billings wie built for the game not building ist bild juni dieses exempel wie storage appliance oder element ist oriented beides scale for environment objects ist 2004 pixelspeed us to make sure that every element ist kompatibel wie can you create elementary mieter 63 mieters elements leichtes hier das ist auch so dass sales and distribution inc mohr komplex building cars like windows nt elements er ist es long day follows ruhr das viel mit akku dürfte dead space so als space and adaptive computing sowie can create whatever you want also kennt sie hier von pickups variations wie katy perry krieg und der base of distribute wall elementen old is just the next step ist wie can put put the buildings zu gerda bei swapping der single elements to each other way wie quick sowie can create a big buildings smart buildings von beyond das ist just exempel hear you can i have some especial peace ist hier so wie can create much more days and variations gibt es im modeler parkservice es in stansstader so wenn wie one to update and will be changed the change will change on rebuilding the time to talk about level of data systems der alu die zero one after two hundred and fifty 25 handelt mail boxes web store sales and so on for everyone wie das mit auf dieses mottos details der kindsmutter hier gerne können sie uns wie hat gibt instanz ist bevor wir kennen das now weary krieg just reducing des single modula paar cent etwa die update on rebuilding so wie can't do das very well klick auf kursen zum parken to save the different fall bevor das so erkennt kippte die zero so wie kate der led to create a simple bock state building the world with over sechs buildings und just one single texter atlas wird just a resolution of 1000 die vor 1000 fans die vor dem missing hier ok-chef wird auf texte hole village voice over sechste findlings in just one care solutions is completely 5/4 vorbilder wie canon du maximal screenshot vom die engine von path of the village of different things by the way it is inspired by villages in northern germany we thought dass das redstone billings okay zu für das village wie oh johnny talbot of death and environment objects seite buildings so you can system auf mittel environment objects we created for the game the billings all of them have been captured in blender dort in substanz des time for most of the object we create the high poliert first das ist ein politischer lob olic motto sind die saurier von sam passte flash player sowie create der hype oriental oppoli denn wie petshop de poli mosley dürfte head of generated and box mapping ja created die pva basis and destroy the principle she does not included und blender ja wieder zum programm created the little shader not group eckard peglow zb health act like substance painter in anvil engine for sowie helfer gut mit evil ways denn wie weg.de texas dpa coverciano poloczek save the mentalist resources europe for the machines and now the 4 hour body maschinen game engine the help of word excel to change the colour of von object sowie can create a lot of color variations auf hier können sie hier frau des containers im portal zur not at this point ist der hat wie judo maps endnote fuß webcenter ist textmenge gern der firma in der pasta lot of people in die internet ford is the same same thing videointerviews das komplette interview diffus web contents shading informations you can sie hier live interviews microtec foto von der zwerg vortex trinkaus das informations hotline image und die oberhand is completely vom des informations erkennt sie hier contens justin fletcher information so der advantage of that we can use different m peter klusen merck will interact wirft der leitindex menschen so for example if the night shines directly on the corner werden so klusen should be der empirischen with the way that happens if you're just a tramp inklusion interview color map und so inklusion abidi maps behave much more realistic das ding so nova tv world ortsbild hier können sie screenshots von powermat first choice award von engine und base oft ist die vor engine dacian of the engine is really really old but one touch der tri have access to the source code so aber programms implementierte q school features in past the station like dynamite ground and voxel base filling vor trailers insider des adventures ist der triesting motto features like gut wird bedingt us to have more control over dies seine partner lot of testing zu bild der map completely in blender technikproblemen drop ländern exempel wie created berger hohem apple kam zu gerne energie importe tollte buildings babic problem und blender venue import lot of objects für shared mit us- that number to you now have sex oft billing solution for black swan the problem with some pilling share the same and some noise sowie kennen automatically link rollte mit together to get rid of the game programmer redeten skript remove duplicate mit teri hatcher das ja-wort ist das bot ist das ist just search for that have it your way to laughter so können sie hier klicken sie hier so erwartet mit ihren augen kilometer kilometer was completely created und blender und denn wie placed on the street sein zorn after planning and very long time wie just doing stuff and think about it we create much the world around a playground hier werde player can't go des colt der debug forest and it's just vor foto weit view ja toilette player finke wird das match mit spielern wie don't like bei dir auf big mountain surrounding the small valley zu set the borders of the world we tried to make the borders very natural bei sometimes you sing construction side of the street dance forest denn vorerst noch registriert aber so leichtes much much more world's level of detail sowie hat der hohl map into the pieces at level bohrers live streams sowie kern aus switch to go politik pieces of the circle distanz wie vor wenn die bild in bild die web computing blender ist performance riesenbeck auszukennen [Musik] optimales optimales ort you can optimieren sowie tried to support the map map in die engine but we have reaction time of three point fünfmillionste frame and aesthetic world vor der wie canon much less polygon samples much more optimal ist okay so eröffnete world the streets die fans sind länder exportierte game engine haftet wer per indirektem ein objekt sowie außer hefte mit place werden wie export to the game engine indie game engine wie diesmal objects mike büskens karossen zu ohren bekommt vor dem wie can use instanz sind die engine and des macs much more sense hier kann aus samstagern from our village.de [Musik] okay okay okay so landscape shots want to thank you and credit to my colleagues masterplan boss aus dem orden vor die 1000 support to make this company jobs possible with over 650.000 virus auf kraut von rightnow das ist das release and education of you want to learn more you can go to cash crops dot com wie release das x tech demo sowie you can schreit out and i hope vorliebe start wird der access very soon and if you don't like farming mio [Applaus]