Constructing a Retaining Wall

alright this is a video I'm going to start doing a new project here I've got a vacant lot that I bought with my house back in 1996 and bought the vacant lot with it and have really done nothing with this lot basically encroached on it with my concrete and everything that I've done over the years some 15 to 20 feet so looking now to go ahead and maybe start doing something with this first thing I'm probably going to look if doing is building a retaining wall about 80 feet back about where that picnic table is and eventually fill this in but right now I just want to get the wall built so we'll probably maybe start working on that this week and get the supplies for the wall concrete and everything delivered by the weekend and we'll go from there so basically what I'm doing is starting near the fence and running a retaining wall all the way back cut all this stuff down eventually and I'm looking to bring it back to this log file here and maybe eventually one day build a workshop back in this area here but I need to have access a lot a little bit better and the slope of the land is really hurting you go to waste a little bit with all this trash around here feeding my dogs and also I wanna start cleaning this up but yep basically building a wall roughly 80 feet lengths get the footing down and all that and then eventually fill this in but before I do I may wind up running a plumbing line I'll probably be in touch with our city about what I can and can't do because I am inside the city limits on this so but and my log pile is really growing up a good bit from all the brush so again try to start doing something with this here real soon all right well my wall is in its beginning phases here we've got a ditch dug it looks like we're going to go at least a block deep and all this extra dirt we just threw over here because of the slope of the land that's going to be used for filter anyway so yeah we're going to kind of be stepping down this is a step down here because the way the land is again it's just on this weird angle so another step down and another one here and now we're at the corner so it's roughly 80 feet long and they were shooting up this way towards my other drive gate so yep it's coming along quite nicely it's not perfectly straight but that'll get finished up as as work progresses all right Vox were just blocks were just delivered this morning and now we got rain getting ready to move in so we're on hold now for a couple days but I've got a total of 400 blocks right now we think that should be enough to build this retaining wall a bunch of concrete and sacrée for mortar mix and then we got some red bricks for a little project my wife wants done another one of those flower baskets as I have in my backyard she wants one in the front yard so for my project she wants a project as well so oh well but yeah so far everything is kind of ready I got plastic covering my concrete trying to protect it best I can before the rain starts moving in so yeah we'll get this started this coming week alright just quit video update here on my retaining wall then using my reciprocating saw here to cut up a bunch of a whole fence post from the years I've had per mile scrap metal corner here and we've been using them in the wall to reinforce it so we've driven some down already got the footing this is the back of the wall that's pretty much complete coming along little by little so I have pretty much got the footing poured now it's just getting the blocks done and coming along quite nicely so we've got the posts already driven in the ground about every three to four feet and yeah start building up the rest of the wall here in the next couple days weather permitting we've been kind of delayed by weather a bit but you know for the most part though we're starting to get it get it together the blocks are getting used up I'm going to cover up the concrete a little bit better before any other rainstorm show up but still get a lot of lock to go but still got a nice bit of wall to go as well so but so far so good quite impressed and happy and looking forward to seeing the completed job probably take a total of three to four days once it's all said and done so yep I'll keep you informed a quick update here had to have another delivery of cat blocks which were not done or not ordered like I'd wanted I guess they got left off the order originally so I had them delivered this morning when it was really nasty and muddy and the forklift driver wound up getting stuck doing some nice ruts here and actually slid into my my pit here so a lot of having to drag him out with his rig messed up my pencil oh that's nice and nice and loose now reinforce that because it's been kind of knocked out of whack so oh well at least my blocks are delivered now and I'm just going to have to this is the reason I'm building this wall just for this reason here because this is a soupy mess when it rains it's basically undriveable or you just can't do anything with it until you wind up getting some dirt or some gravel in here so the project continues but it's on hold till this rain stops all right quick update just went to the old Home Depot we fell quite short on concrete and mortar mix so I got 15 bags of each so we can finish up the block and top block construction and then all this concrete is going to be going in the holes with pipes so I'll show you what we've got fit up to so far all right basically about halfway done this is from the back to about the halfway mark and we've still got another good portion to go but yes I gotta we think we're going to be good on blocks we may have quite a few left over but got our remaining cinder blocks here and then our cap blocks put on top there's our 2 by 8 by 16 so we don't fall in the holes once the wall is finished so all right another update we're getting close to a cap black stages basically filling in the cinder blocks here with concrete and cinder block debris make this thing extra strong now we've gotten about three-quarters of the way and and we're going to finish up the rest on tomorrow so this should be pretty much wrapped up here but overall it is turned out real nice now I just have to eventually get this all filled in yep very pleased with the progress all right it is officially complete all the cap blocks are on mortared in looks really good all the way to the gate and as you can see we've got a lot of supplies left over a lot of cat blocks a few bags of concrete there's a couple bags of mortar mix but we're going to be using those for a couple of the projects for the wife these cinder blocks and I don't know what I'm going to do with them because I don't really have an immediate use for all of those but those cat blocks so I could easily use those as stepping stones and stuff like that so but yep red bricks are already getting pulled out he's starting on another project tomorrow for the wife for her flower garden so yeah this thing looks excellent all the way down nice and straight so now eventually we'll get this all filled in with dirt yep excellent job and just another angle here from the back eventually the dirt will be filled in close to the top but maybe enough we might put some concrete maybe four inches of concrete on top eventually for a nice flat driveway back here also what I did was put a little mark where the pipe is drove into the ground about a good foot and a half maybe two feet and between that mark and the corner is where we're going to be running some pipe eventually for future workshop which we'll probably be putting in here sometime in the future but at least we got it marked where we can run the drain pipe for a sewer line and water line and all that so we can go right underneath the foundation and run the pipe all the way out to the street so that'll be a fun project for another date thanks for watching you you

700HP Stroker LS – How To Build Bottom End

don't hate the player makes a game okay gas or 55 projects don't get you some Mike for those who don't know we are rebuilding my 1955 Chevy Bel Air into a street beast really 990 car 700 horsepower and make sure it's super reliable so I can just cruise the track race go back home first episode I called out mike finnegan for those who don't know mike finnegan is he's a hot rod magazine he's a host of roadkill and he has a is a pretty cool 55 called blasphemy I'm just including two clips of it whatever so I call him out to a race he actually accepted and then to be determined day in time we will be racing the 55c against each other so what are you working on today we are going to assemble the motor we're basically going to take all the parts that we've gotten from our great manufacturers and CPR get all of our machine work for our block CPR is custom Performance Racing if you go to our tracks locally and you see a fast build yeah good chances our CPRS who did their heads you did their bottom and who put their motor together and we are gonna completely assemble the short block meaning the cast iron case the crank the rods and the Pistons that's all there is to a short block cool man I'm excited to learn something new well hopefully after all this is done everybody in the shop will feel comfortable around an LS at least they can point out it and know what it is is ruining surprise so wait up did going with yes an LS I'm gonna go back to drawing now Brad thank you very much it's nerd alert you think it's super nerdy so keep your notebook out make notes time stamp it whatever I'm gonna go do my thing if you take everything I say into consideration you might be able to build a pretty nice LS motor so watch to learn all right guys we're back here in the garage today to get John's motor assembled we spent all day yesterday at CPR thanks guys really appreciate you guys having us well today in the garage we're gonna take everything that we got done from CPR and assemble it first of all our crankshaft crank shafts are great they come out of the box pretty damn perfect but when you're building a race motor or a spec motor you take perfect and you bring it to one more level what we did is we had it balanced balancing means they set this thing up in a machine and they drill these holes in here and they balance this thing when they're done balancing it they actually micro polish all these journals we can go back to showing you that and that's phase one of the crank on the rods they also did Bob wait meaning they weighed the big end weighed the little end and then went ahead basically sand off the ends in order to match weight they put these weight with this weight they add that Bob wait to hear and they balance this so now we have a speck balanced motor CPR was nice enough to go over this whole block this block was brand-new ordered from Summit the only problem was these bore surfaces and this surface here wasn't exactly perfect or perfect to let's say blueprint race spec so we took a brand new block we had the bores matched per piston as well as we had these surfaces recut so that this surface and this surface match and that there won't have any leakage or any problems at all so let me grab this thing and show you a few things I did when I first got this block just to make my life easier and it's things that I was taught by my father to do right here I went and got a black marker and I labeled my cylinder numbers that way when I'm assembling this I can always reference what cylinder numbers I'm at also your main caps they go with that arrow facing the front of the motor I drew this on here just for the simple fact of when I put them back on and take them back off I don't have to think about it I know all those arrows go in that same direction as well as these are numbered we know what order they go in as well as what direction they need a head let's go ahead and get these things apart get these things cleaned up and get that crank in there we want to spend the extra time making sure that we have all our clearances clearance and the clearances are for lubrication that's why they give you the clearances that's why you need the clearances if you don't use proper clearance in your motor your motor won't lubricate it won't last and you'll wear everything out so our next step is to plastic gage all of our mains see the little piece of plastic right there that little piece of plastic we're to smash and then we're gonna measure against this and this right here see that oh one five and that Oh – Oh as long as we're somewhere in between there we're gonna be okay so let's go ahead and put that on clamp it down and figure out what it's at all right I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys the once-over on torque to turn versus torque foot pounds on a torque wrench this is a turn to tight wrench you set your base up so it's permanently sit still then you loosen up your little set screw right here and you put this little guy right here needs to go to zero so we're just gonna turn her right there and we need to turn this bolt to basically being in the inner bolt 80 degrees we're just gonna go ahead and make a little mark it's gonna be right about here so we need to turn this bolt to 80 degrees that's right now the big thing is when we we're doing this but these are factory studs just to check our clearances clearance and then we're gonna take these out and we're gonna replace them with ARP hardware your oil this stuff this great lubricating stuff right here let's put some a little right here oh there we go those oil right there if you are looked at that in a microscope a very big microscope what you'd see is oil goggle oh they're just little round things like this oil goggles and what happens is this is your crankshaft and it turns it's in this rotation this is your bearing that's this piece right here the oil needs a minimum of three goggles to protect all right three gobbles measured if you actually took a microscope and you measured these would consist to somewhere in between these two numbers is what three oil gobblers so the idea is to be like right there in the middle you know like not too skinny and not too fat but the theory behind that is oil goggles I'm holding that that squashed mark up to where it aligns and see how it's a little skinnier than that oh one five yeah alright but it's a little fatter than that Oh – oh okay Oh – oh is the max if it was that skinny that would be close to being a problem or if it was fatter than the oh one five that would be a problem but anywhere in between here is okay if this clearance here is different from this clearance here that would generally mean that the crank is bent or you're machining in your case itself is done incorrectly so what we're doing is we're taking the stretch bolts and replacing them with stronger ARP studs and nuts these are torqued to pound and it has a neat little cheat sheet right here it's basically telling us our inner studs are gonna be 60 foot pounds and our outer studs are gonna be 50 foot pounds all right Dan here near near near near near this is a torque wrench this is a different style way of tightening these bolts per our instructions we needed to go on our inner studs 60 foot pounds and our outer studs 50 foot pounds so these are our inner studs these are our outer studs so as well as tightening those two 15 60 foot pounds we have to tighten them in a certain order and if you look right here this is the order you've got to tighten them in the reason you have to tighten them in this order is you will Bend this crankshaft tech tip and this is building any motor that you guys are gonna build on anything as soon as you get your main caps in and you get your bolts just hand tighten down put your crank wrench on it go ahead and turn her over that feel you have right there like how much pressure it takes you need to learn and feel that because when you start tightening all these bolts up its gonna change a little bit but not much it should never feel rough you should never have like a hard part like where it goes and it just stops if you do stop right there take everything apart and look at it again this needs to be smooth as ice just like that see how this zeros right here and then the bottom of that sixty mark is right there so I need to bring that zero to that bottom of the 60 mark which is gonna be like right there so we're at sixty exact foot-pounds so if you wanted like 61 that'd be 61 62 foot-pounds but we're just gonna do 60 then we're gonna lock it so inner bolts starting with number one which is dead center here that that's tight all right yeah we're gonna go to number two all right she smells smooth the key is to is like you don't really want to jump on these things like just because dude this is like the heart this is like heart surgery right now yeah before we tighten our next one let's do a spin again going to and see what we feel like like buttah good because we got to switch from fifty to sixty pounds we know this is set up at sixty pounds right now so what I'm gonna do is what I call the double click go back to my first one double click and so on and so forth this is just reassuring that I know these pressures on all these bolts are equal that is the final torque for those bolts great habit to get into on anything you build it's called marking your bolts so now I want to make a mark and I want that mark to go from the threads into the cap reason being is if this decides to move or rotate out we're gonna see this white mark move from that light mark if any of these things have spun we know we've got to address a problem couple of things I want to go over now you guys we want to talk about on LS stuff for bolt means well for bolt main is this one two three four what LS did is a step that up one even more they add two more splice bolts they're going in here so not only are you torque tight here you've got these guys keeping this cap from even being able to rattle loose so even if these bolts were to come somewhat loose this cap can come out unless these bolts fell out smack in the front smack in the back and that's gonna set basically the thrust we've opened our ring set package and laid them out we're trying to achieve these thicknesses so what we do is we set the depth up to a certain point and we lock it so they can't move and then what we're gonna do is we're gonna push this ring up against it so that we know it's even all the way it's even all the way around now that you know it's even you see that distance in between here and here that's called the ring gap that ring gap needs to be measured so I have my feeler gauges set up it's basically a 20 and a 24 so I have a 24 slide it in between that gap like this and that is a little tight see how it barely gets in there if we we pull it out and we just do one it goes all the way in so what we have to do pull this guy out and this is a ring filer all right we're gonna set this down here onto these these little roller things so that this can sit against the face then we're gonna just take off just a little bit of the middle if this didn't fit in that gland then you need to actually chamfer these and make it a little bit better so now we're going to take that same ring put it back in and look how we mark this this is cylinder number one rod number one piston number one then we're gonna build all these in order see how it's fitting in there good that's the proper amount so this ring is now done we've got to basically repeat this process to every single hole we are so fortunate to be working with y-scoo wise code was nice enough to engrave this name right here on the top of their piston special things noted for this piston is the top ring gland this is notoriously made extra strong for the application that we're using with the type of auditors that we plan on doing to this motor meaning power adders we need an extra thick ring lamb on the very top of the piston also they added these holes these holes are for the oil to weep back down and fall in through here and come back down now they're on the oil ring and on the first ring these are special pressure gas release holes keeping that first ring from like banding and blowing the lip off as well as it's a coated skirt this skirts got this special black coating that's not for looks that's actually slide up and down the cylinder wall and protect it basically orientation of the piston goes like this see this flat spot right here versus this grooved spot right here so these flat spots go rod garage this rod here see that flat spot they're gonna ride like this on this cylinder so this journal down here carries two rods one goes this way if one goes this way we're gonna stop that and let you guys time lapse this whole video and watch me get the Pistons set up trying to keep all the dust and the crap out this energy warehouse oh I did so looks good great work everything went together well everything went perfectly thank you CPR for all the great machine work Thank You wise Co for all the great parts I can't wait to see this thing fire up and doesn't it make me look like Superman two thumbs up it looks like you wrap this thing up so you know what time it is oh yeah little TBC total dead center

Minecraft Tutorial: Exo armor Tinkers Construct

hello and welcome to my tutorial on the exosuit which is a modifiable and customizable armor set from the tinkerers MA tinkers construct mod and today I'm going to be explaining how to craft it as well as how to modify it so let's get started shall we now first thing you're going to want to do is make a lot of bronze and buy a lot of bronze I mean 192 ingots worth of ron's because you're going to need to take all that bronze put it in this melter ii and pour it all out into 24 total large bronze plates just like this and you're going to take these plates we're going to take a lot of these plates and you're going to use these to craft the armor itself now the way it works it you craft it just like you would iron armor or diamond armor in a crafting table just like this but it just takes the plates instead of normal ingots which is why you need just so many of them so I don't know why I made two foes but yeah you can use a place to make the chest piece the pants and the boots here we go and there you go those are all four pieces and you can equip them and here we go but unfortunately as nice as this looks bit simple but let me change game mode so you can see as you can see it adds absolutely no armor whatsoever it has no inherent value or any abilities on it unless you upgrade it now the way you upgrade it is you take a tool Forge and you can find out how to craft a tool Forge out of the tickers construct books but yeah you take a tool Forge and a crafting station which is just a normal crafting table that you craft one more time and you put it down right next to the tool Forge and it becomes a tinker table now you can take parts any of the four pieces that'll boots the legs the chest the held and you can add certain modifiers to them now each piece starts with 30 modifier slots and each type of modification will eat into those modifications lines such as gold gold adds knock-back resistance and each ball each bar of gold will add one percent not not vac resistance and each bar will eat into two modification slides so as you can see one bar leave you with 28 28 slots left and adds one percent now you can use blocks gold and it will take up ten leave you with ten more giving you ten percent and you can fill in the rest with single ingots to give you a total of 15 now once you have it maxed out and all of its done you used up all your slots you can't add anything else but you can mix and match various types of modifications on this so if you only have 10% knock back resistance you'll still have 10 more slots you can add one of the other modifications to it so you can have more than just one type of modification on each piece of piece of armor but it will mean you won't be able to max out the particular effect of that so 15% knock back resistance on one piece of armor is nice but as I said the basic armor has absolutely no armor value and I will be getting to that in a moment now another modification you can add is diamond a single diamond block added to an armor piece will give you 45% attack damage which is 45% of whatever weapon you're using now this can be very good if you're using a high damage weapon but if you're using a low damage weapon iron an iron sword or whatever it will just add 45 percent extra damage for that which in all honesty is not all that much now you can put 45 percent damn a block of diamond on each piece of this armor and it will stack so you can have forty five percent on your goggles 45 percentage chest piece legs all that and it will stack with each other so with a diamond sword and forty five percent on each of your armor pieces you will be swinging 420 damage for swing roughly give or take but it does mean it will eat into all of your modification slots and this one block of diamond takes 27 modifier slots which is a lot of a five slots and doesn't really leave much room for anything else so you'll be swinging for a lot of damage but you won't be able to survive very many hits so yeah that's something to consider now another modifier is the slime modifier which is one congealed green slime one blue slime and ghast here now you make these blocks out of green slime or green slime balls and blue slime balls and what this does is allows you to double jump now you can have this up to four times and what this means is the double jump black bait let me just craft it and you can do this up to three times triple jump and the quadruple jump now that's the maximum you can have on this and it can only use on the boots and allow me to show you what it does now it doesn't increase your normal jump as you can see but it does allow you to if you keep pressing space increase the number of jumps you have so you can double triple and quadruple jump just like that pop pop pop up which is very interesting and very nice now another type of damage modifier is the quartz block damage modifier and it takes one damage per six don't damage per block of quartz so it takes five modifier slots for each block of quartz so you can only have maximum of six per armor piece but this is a basic plus one damage across the board so it's unlike the diamond which is a percentage damage increase this is a pure damage increase whether you're using a sword or just punching something with your fist so this can be a in all honesty is a better alternative than the diamond unless you're using a very good weapon that deals a lot of damage per swing like one of the end game high tier tinker's counts direct weapons that are already modified and built up them feel incredible amounts of damage this the quartz block upgrade is the better alternative if you want to go for the damage boost now another one is redstone now what redstone does is it increases your movement speed and just like the gold you can use either single dusts which one does takes up one modifier slot so you can have up to 30% on one piece so you can have let's put this on and there we go it's maxed out now so let's see exactly how fast we move now compared to normal not quite and one secondly get a quick sleep turn it back to daytime 20% run speed bonus not quite as fast as sprinting but with sprinting on look how fast we are moving we're just moving really really fast and that's very nice so having the run speed on and apparently it only goes up to 20% a maximum of 20 percent not 30% damn I guess that was a waste then so you can only have 20 % redstone speed boost on one piece of armor which is kind of nice because that means you can have ten extra modifier slots as you can say for something else okay now another modifier slot is the iron plate and what iron plates do is they actually add armor and it takes each plate each iron plate takes up three modifier slots so you can add up to ten plates worth and what this will do is give you 20% protection with a full ten plates on there it will give you 20% protection what that means is it gives you one quarter of your armor so two and a half are more value huh as you can see down there now that doesn't really sound like a lot and quite frankly it is not a lot so in order to get the same value as you would armor value as you would out of say Diamond armor you would have to put diamond on put iron plates on all four pieces and Max them all out for a total of 80 percent damage reduction so each piece maxed out with all iron plates would give you the same protection as diamond armor but it would mean there would be no slots left over for any of the other upgrades so yeah it is pretty much your own personal preference if you want maximum armor or you want a bunch of extra movement speed or damage or all this other stuff you really have to make your own choice you can't just have massively over protective armor with damage boosts and the knock-back resistance and all that kind of stuff you can act you can't have everything so you really do have to make your choice and you have to choose what you want it to be now the last upgrade is the heart canister upgrade and the heart canister is crafted using a miniature heart a necrotic bone you get off of wither skeletons out of the nether an empty canister which you make with some aluminum ingots and a jeweled Apple which is just four diamonds around an apple and what this does is it adds +2 maximum health and what that means is it will give you an extra heart one extra heart worth of health now this uses up six modifier slots which means you can have up to five on a single piece of armor and there we go and what this does is adds ten extra health and the way this works like eat a Golden Apple as you can see my health is regenerating already and as you can see my hearts are turning corn or orange juice orange ish gold which basically means I have that many extra hearts worth of health so with five with ten extra health on here I basically get five extra hearts worth of health which is very nice basically gives me 30 total health but as I said before all of these modifications you have a ton with all four pieces you have a grand total of 120 modification slots so you have to pick and choose which modifications you want on here which what you prioritize on your armor if you want maximum protection you have to go all hyoeun plates and it'll be the same as diamond armor with its protection if you want more damage you have to prioritize damage versus the armor which means you'll be have less protection but you'll have more damage the same goes with the double jumps and triple jumps and the the knock-back resistance or the extra health as nice as this armor is it's not particularly overpowered say as some of the armor slot Armour pieces you could make with the various other armor mods such as the old nano armor or whatever for the other armor mods that are out there it is customizable it is it does allow you to pick and choose what you want to have on your armor but you really do have to think ahead and choose what you want on there very carefully because like I said you have to have an idea of what you want if you want protection you have to go for protection if you want damage you have to go for damage so yeah that is the basics of the exo armor and how it functions but for now that's the basics of how to build the exo armor as well as how to modify it so go out get it then try it out yourself now and thanks for watching this has been Bobson this has been another minecraft tutorial on how to build how to modify exo-armor and until next time I will see you later bye

PAW PATROL Ionix Lookout HeadQuarters Construct Play Set

Marshall is waiting for us at the lookout come on let's go here we are hey guys se here for toes and limited and today we are constructing our look out with our and yonyx jr. look out place at this set also comes with Marshall and his smart truck so we have here our pieces inside our like little lookout container over here we have our stickers for Marshalls truck and monkey said okay let's build a lookout okay and that's it the look at is complete that turned out to be a very easy build now here comes Marshalls fire truck it is red of course it has this big working wheels but right now it's missing some stickers so let's go ahead and put these on and here it is speakers are on and the fire truck is almost complete I say almost because we are missing Marshall and here he is he of course is wearing his red firefighter hat and his red firefighter uniform let's put over here his pet pack and it also comes with its own stickers awesome Marshall is on fire let's connect our fire truck with our lookout slide and here comes Marshall coming from the lookout whoo nice up look well police car let's also attach it over here and here comes chase whoo not only that we also have in here rubbles bulldozer rubbles both those ours of course color yellow and check this out it has a wargame scooper okay rubble come on down hello there rubble hey chase glad to see you here and have you seen rubble dog rook I didn't he should be coming pretty soon that's right Rob a dog is not going to miss out the fun here he is coming in with the paw patroller nice alright Robo dog let's connect this on see our slide let's go ahead and connect one more piece in here and Robert odd could come from the look at so they paw patroller whoo and let's not forget chickaletta I saw so year game rubber dog goes here and chickaletta right behind him so remember our lookout container a while ago that we can use to store our unused or extra blocks check this out I fill them up with toys and toy surprises first or that we got is our LITTLEST PET SHOP toy figures so looks like we have Benson did twylar and she's with Harry's Falkner and here are all the other littlest pet shops that we can collect oh my goodness we have Zoe okay so here is our first pet we have Benson hmm I'm not exactly sure what kind of pet this is I'm so bad at naming animals anyway we have a little deco piece that we can use for her and I think this one goes over here at the hair area oh that's actually cute and here is Harris Oh SuperDuper cute as well we also have a little deco piece for her I'm thinking it's a her because this piece for the head is pink there you go oh-ho that gives it a little extra cuteness next up we have a My Little Pony cutie mark magic and this one is Rainbow Dash all right here she is whoa I love that the Cutie Mark is all over her see over here on her legs there's a total of four there's also one on her face of course she has her very colorful hair and tail and check this out we also have the cutie mark as her necklace of course she has her wings okay Rainbow Dash Flyway next up we have a Thomas and Friends take-n-play engine and his name is Stepney oh look we also have a little railway choo-choo all right here is our engine oh he looks actually very friendly doesn't he he looks like a nice engine we have his working wheels over here on the bottom he's named and the back part all the way back to the front here he comes choo choo and back again choo choo next we have oh my goodness this one I actually haven't opened before this is the paw patrol super pops mashups check out all our super pups over here we have a chance to get each one of them you ready who will it be one two three whoa we have our super pop rocky and rocky can be stretched please stretch the can whoa and squeeze point point point point we also have a lion guard blind bag here at the back we have all of these cool characters that we can collect its wool hello there everybody oh my daughter we have his teeth sticking out of here and in the back we have he's Dale here is another toy that we got this is the shopkins happy places puppy parlour we have Sarah sushi as our shoppi plus it comes with two exclusive petkins here she is our shop e doesn't she look super super pretty I love her dress it's a mix of a kimono and a yukata there is a headband over here that is the side as sushi sashimi and chopsticks she's wearing this cool looking shoes as well very very nice now let's get our pet cats over here here is our first pet can looks like we have some rice in there our sushi me and hmm I wonder what these are looks like dim sum huh super cute and of course to be able to eat it we need a word chopsticks so I think our chopstick goes over here oh I don't know about you guys but sushi is one of my favorite favorite food to eat Cheers it's delicious okay final surprise time it is another of our super pops paw patrol missions who would it be this time here we go one two three oh we have another rocky point point point point aah whoa no we got twinsies 4.4.4 let's gather up all our toys and put them inside our container here here is Marshall again and his fire truck we also have his bulldozer and follow us she and his police car now let's get all of them to go inside our paw patroller Chase is on the case whoa how about rubble rubble on the double oh and finally we got Marshall whoo alright guys thus end of our video I hope you enjoyed it in the comment section let me know who is your favorite paw patrol this is se for tourism limited I will see you next time goodbye everyone