Is it possible to deal ZERO DAMAGE? – DS3

Is it possible to deal zero damage? Let us begin Lucky for us. We have a head start, the weakest weapon in the game can Deal 1 damage against most things But how can we lower this amount further? Will the game show a 0? Can you deal negative damage. Can it activate poise? Let’s find out So how could we do this? We could spend ages finding the enemies with the highest defense Or we could do this secret trick: if you attack then lock on mid animation you will deal one less damage ??? it always works Thanks for the tip snowman Thank you! But sadly, doing this was the weakest weapon doesn’t work it won’t reduce the one damage below 1 Let’s try some high defense enemies instead It seems you still deal 1 damage even versus the rock oh my Perhaps our old friends will fare better Nope! Still 1 damage. How about your big bruv tho? What? Is this actually working? We have no damage numbers and our attacks are being deflected Is this a consequence of dealing zero damage? Looks like things are about to get weird Here is how it works it has nothing to do with dealing zero damage The deflection is only based on one factor: Stat requirements broken weapons do not bounce They are just weak, but if you fail the stats of your weapon you will always be deflected broken or not This is also true for attacking shields with not enough stats to use them But this deflection rule isn’t always true Let’s call this property natural armor So if you fail stats, and hit anybody with natural bulkyness, you will be deflected It’s not obvious who has this ability These rock monsters don’t. But Yhorm, Vordt and the Black Knights do Makes me feel sorry for the lord of cinder Should have stuck to Black Knight armor, Broski But let’s get back on topic Is this actually dealing zero damage? It could be that damage less than one just doesn’t show up Much like my grandkids [Music of Sadness] Plz visit 🙁 With a bit of hacks, We can see the enemy HP we can see it change in real time, so will bashing the big crab deal no damage, or deal a decimal number less than 1 the answer is: You deal no damage, it is too small to be rounded up to 1. So there we go Actually, when you think about it If you deal zero damage is it even damage. Oh dear… I should not have said that. I think I’ve really broken it now, Mr. Krabs See you next time, my dears.

Building in Alphabetical Block Order in Minecraft!

hello and welcome to another video where I may go a bit insane towards the end Wow chicken expressing feelings towards me caring about me maybe they're not still a chicken though so here's the plan you guys know the alphabet right that thing that starts with a and ends with Z or Z depending where you from I'm going to go in alphabetical order and build 26 different things for each letter however for each build I can only use blocks that begin with that letter for example the letter T I can only use Terra Cotta T and T etc etc this is gonna be a long one for me so sit back and enjoy the insanity a a surprisingly good selection of blocks so I'm trying to make it look like the letter A although it kind of doesn't but I'm trying I just realized that blas begins with a G it's quite nice dying on the letter A because it's quite a lot of stuff you can decorate the house we've here we've got a couple of bits of furniture we got our mast and we've got an anvil we've even got some azure blue it's for outside and some aliens as well no light source though so at night you will suffer B so turns out half the blocks in Minecraft begin with B I had to make two lines of stuff you can see all this stuff here all of this begins with B and there's a lot of it so what I've done first is I built a birch tree with a bee hive because letter B I said I was gonna build yeah and we still have all these of a box to use turns out the colors beginning with B don't match blue brown and black but at the moment we're building a house which is in the shape of a B not the animal I meant the letter this time and this floor is something else have cast the bell outside nice little sign saying welcome home plus of course a brewing stand in the corner and a beacon out front and I think I'm just gonna leave it there for B I can't be bothered to add these box in but there's plenty of choice for B okay I completely forgot about these blocks here which are block of coal block of quartz block of gold all that sort of stuff so we can place these around to spread out well for people know we're rich and there you have it the letter B next up the letter C turns out C is also another popular letter what a weird selection of blocks so it's weird because some of these blocks such as cut sandstone you wouldn't think begin with C but they do so rather than building a house I've built a scenario and you probably won't enjoy what's this got to do with the letter C well it is the C yes that's what I've gone far so we've got this wave coming in onto this Beach here and we've got lots of different colors of cyan on there we've got a guy on a surfboard wearing a pumpkin t-shirt and a cape got a campfire going here then a sofa with a cake because that's what you normally find on the beach and then the desert temple which is got chests in the centre and this sort of bit over here is where as the waters gone polluted from the temple coat like in moaña the only block we didn't use was cactus because literally can't place it on anything because sand begins with sd4 damn that's the letter D am I seriously underestimated how only blocks there are in this game because what the heck there's so many for the letter D as well now of course d stands for deep end from that mine and Lizzy's little series you did on the deep end I've built our house however this version of the deep end turtle is dried up which is why we got all these dead corals all around the Turtles looking completely the wrong colors brown and cyan is dead and is wearing a hat now I gave it a hat and some nostrils and so the next one e is the magic number backwards kind of slightly less blocks beginning with the letter e right so hear me out wait till we get to the letter T to understand what this is okay all I'm gonna say is e phone yeah fill in the blanks we will later on F yeah just F right and now it's getting tricky what do I what our I made a flower out of this stuff it looks kind of weird there's gonna be a tulip let's never see this again G gray in green that begins with G also grass this is gonna be a pretty fun one you gotta go for Shrek and Donkey whoo oh my gosh I just to look hideous I like to call this scene shreking donkey grind their teeth while standing next to some gold oh it's quite literal I'll move on eh I'm sorry haha these are the only blocks and free of them died after a while and turned into a different box we can't even really use those wait we have the heavy weighted pressure plate as well that changes everything let's see what we can build now H house begins with H so I built a hay house with some hoppers and some many pressured plates it's a bit empty inside there's no windows and it makes a horrible noise when you walk around it but it begins with H s made of hay I pretty limited on the I front we have everything's great set of one i how about two eyes and some glasses and some hair and the nose and some iron trapdoors across this bit 9th HR they are but the eyes look at that eyes all I'm losing my sanity let's move on to the next letter which is the letter J in case you didn't know what it looked like welcome to the J bit where we have jungle blocks and jack-o'-lanterns which is our first block of then glowstone and that lights up well I think of J I think of my name Joel so let's see we can build myself the answer is no I can't make myself dig goodness I hope I don't look like this I tried why are the villagers here go away I don't want anyone else to see this okay as you can see there is no block here because there is no block in Minecraft beginning with K the only thing is kelp you can't place on grass l sands for lots of colors we've got lots of colors yeah and when I think of L I think of Lizzy so I was gonna build Lizzy but there's no pink apart from the one flower so probably impossible L stands for llama look at this thing oh my gosh yes we got the blue on the back we got a lapis and loom tail we got the green little handkerchief round its neck and the rest of it is all made out of the light grey what a sight I'm not sure if M can compete with this to be honest let's find out minecraft speaking of Minecraft let's see if we can build minecraft with these blocks turns out it's quite hard to make minecraft out of magenta and mossy blocks but I favor a pretty good shot that those arrows are meant to be fish we got the Sun up there which is magenta everything is magenta we hit more than a half way through yeah I believe and hope we are onto the next one n4 no more letters please make it stop not much choice I'm so out of ideas now n stands for never and what you find in the nether blazes blazes it on the yellow Joel that's right that's why I built one out of never blocks cuz orange begins as a know speaking of O's that's our next lesson big fat Oh a nice orange selection I made a pretty pretty nice house except it's got obsidian for flowerpots because we got no grass and it's very empty inside slash very orange the house is quite nice pretty cute take away the obsidian p4 please help me I've been building for like seven hours why so many blocks for the letter P honestly the first word that came to mind was puck how are we gonna build out of this I'm sorry what is this Q this is it for Q everything else that's quartz has another letter in front of it so these are the only free I was thinking cube quiet library can't really build a library out of free blocks so we're never think of quartz I think of temples so I built a little temple but it's kind of tricky using only free box but I think I did an okay job got a staircase up it's empty inside as there are no blocks to use and there's nothing in the windows as we have know the blocks to used the end let's move on to the next letter rah ah ah as most people say it turns out the letter R means the color red R stands for Rubeus Hagrid look at Amy so cute I found some pixel up but I'm using the blocks that begin with R and here's adorable I love it now when I give him a big old hug oh you saucy letter s oh my gosh there's so many box room with s we've got to be near the end of these blocks now S stands for Santa Santa Christmas Christmas tree that's how he got to this bit here also spruce wood too to teach and we're going all the way back to e to finish that one we started earlier e T there you go wow it's like the movie poster which I'll put on the screen now looks just like it you once again no blocks beginning over you V again the only item is vines you can't place those on grass can't build anything out that W they to items water and wet sponge can we build anything out of these I made a fountain so the answer's no you can't make anything out of those two blocks also yes I did completely forget about the entire color white but I'm just gonna stick with my fountain because I built it now why is in why are you still watching because we started going same it's all gotta be yellow so you know that means that's right different types of bananas oh yeah and finally the last letter Z which the only item is zombie heads and let's be real we're not gonna make anything better than the letter Z so we'll end it but what a journey who knew the alphabet was full of so many blocks technically every single block in the game has been used pretty much apart from a few that I missed but I'll say every block just so this video sounds cool and we'll do the outro in front of me thank you so much for watching guys I hope you did enjoy this video I am done we're building it with all these blocks but never do this I don't suggest anyone ever makes this again thank you for watching goodbye


like three or four times since it came out so keep in mind there are things that we have yet to do yet that I think we even surprised people like yourselves so I'm excited to try them out but uh Benin blade I think it's only fitting that mean to to get on team because Allison's you my partner but he's he's gone today well get on your green team during because me and blade have already taken the purple team okay you just gotta give me one second before we press the start button because YouTube has this new feature that makes it extremely difficult to go live and okay now it's finally live there we go okay sorry about that you got no right to a large game to the large game then let's get into it then okay go go go alright drum we got this we got this alright mister but played to do we get the paper production upgrade first 100% 100% okay all the points alrighty let's do this do-do-do-do-do-do all right what's the plan here drum I think we should definitely try to go for like a banana man well we're gonna need a super rush strategy I think we stockpile up a ton of stuff and what we do is once we get all our workers online and everything we divide and conquer so one of us gets like bow or or member the spider I glitch where we get both kits butter eyes at the same time well do we want to just get a massive armor of killer bunnies army oh I mean I was gonna say something else with spider eyes but yeah one do killer bunnies we could do killer bunnies I mean those guys are deadly because you can't take him out with one swing and they get in the grass and you can't really they are deadly dude they are right let's do that then let's double up on spider eyes and let's get the most insane juice back has ever seen I'm just 10 short okay as soon as you have a full stack of that two stacks give that to me alright there you go okay look alrighty with that I can now grab ourselves upgrade our paper generation nice nice OOP there we go level two and thank you by the way stream for the over 2000 people already tuning in in the first two minutes it's awesome to see so many of you guys coming out for this so thank you friends thank you okay so what we what we need we need six stacks of paper now Jerome okay so three each if we just got to get three each and then we could upgrade that to that max level then we can get our workers online and then once we get our workers online we can dab and get banana man's and poke at a tank and drink tea I like tea who doesn't like tea Ashley all right I keep going I like how many do we need for the next one is in 256 the next one isn't it three stacks yeah yeah that's what I just said Jerome you know I was retitle in my stream yeah you've been ignoring me no see I like tea Jerome but you know what I like more than one teas two T two G oh my god how's that what's your favorite type of tea uh I I don't know green I just like most like green tea just like classical green tea with a little bit of sugar in it mmm I've got three snacks okay hand it over buddy old pal eerie no I like I like black tea and then I also like not just black tea but uh boolong – ooh fancy alrighty there we go along is like classic Chinese tea no I know it is my dad was a he's a huge fan of tea he drinks tea every morning right yeah he doesn't know loves his tea um he has he has different teas normally I think it's black tea black tea is classic yeah he just drinks that every morning because he likes tea things is very healthy which it is it's very nice and refreshing oh it is super good for you yeah I I resonate tea or I put tea with being sick because whenever I was ever sick my mom would make me peanut jelly toast and then and just green tea and that's what Iman it's only a hundred paper per worker duties so yet see oh boy oh boy do I got some alrighty mommy's always make to you with honey bit of lemon whenever I was sick and the combo is so disgusting oh honey I mean but those were so good for sore throats no I mean it worked it worked like my mom was right it works but the taste though dude so bad yeah yeah nope I'm very very aware sometimes I've had get ginger tea that was always fun as well sounds very strong it is it is incredibly strong yeah can we want to get our work it's maxed out and then I feel like do we want spider eyes yeah we want spider eyes I noticed one of my mods Bethany or potatoes of Doom's in chat I just wanted to wish her a happy birthday she's one of my awesome mods that's here everyday just being supportive and helping out with the chat I'm sure you guys know her by now so uh happy birthday to you happy birthday all right I'm gonna grab us some foods okay I'm just gonna make sure we get one more worker online um I drew micron saying let me see um so I think we need to see one more upgrade maybe two but I just got three upgrades put on oh yeah we're maxed out perfect $500 alrighty awesome and then here take this thank you good sir thank you good stuff alrighty they're going bones oh they're gonna go of indicators okay we got to get spoiler eyes yeah definitely we definitely want the spider eyes if we're gonna do this properly okay Rome you should go keep those letters we get armor first right yep I'll you focus on armor I'll focus on spider eyes okay okay if you're sure because I do my line of thinking is if we need to give them both anyway we might as well get the armor first because they're gonna be throwing stuff at us wall we're gonna do the spider eyes no definitely a hundred percent so just get you get that stuff and then oh they're getting ready they're getting ready for an attack I think okay I'm gonna be successful there we go let's see how much paper oh my goodness okay we're still getting a lot haven't they yeah they have all right I'm gonna go upgrade spider iGeneration who is that our yes ooh we got level four we can almost get level five we're so close and then we're gonna be a-okay all right I'm still working why I been just typing a winky face I don't know bone supply level for yikes it's always gonna be a huge pain in the butt to deal with because bends of being well I just got full armor now I'm saving up to get my sword ready it's it's only thirty five for an iron so do you remember now I think it's 35 for the iron sword okay and then I think a shield is once the unbreakable shields at once knackered I don't know I think I'm pretty sure it's two stacks now it was changed okay which is that's why I'm confused they always keep change well not always but they've changed it it gets thicker this is like 2.1 because they change the values on the things yeah they balanced it all out and then it made me very confused and they changed a couple of things here and there or I don't know if they change their just been never told us not exactly sure which one is which all right let's head in here we have to remember it is the large ham so we do want to play for the late game yeah that's why I'm trying to get some armor and stuff up first I'm just one of stasis here for when they all come at me right iron sword check oh and then we need before they cancel our room or something crazy like that we also need to get weight level saw for God we can get that to level six oh my gosh yeah I just I've been spending a lot did you get me any more merchants I'm buying it right now it's next up on the list all right I'm gonna start getting spider eyes then okay I was gonna say that we need to get monsters room three before they cancel our thingy yeah okay don't worry I mean they don't have any stock yet right but there we go and then lie on your armor bud buddy awesome yep I'm working on spoiler ice so we can start I want to send some killer bunnies at him to make him start sweating right and then we get ready for the onslaught of hundreds of bunnies hundreds of bunnies indubitably good sir indubitably and big take you to Casey Johnson for the $5 donation appreciate you you're awesome thank you to simply Archer for the $10 one he said hey drum I've been watched for three years now I just want to say hi well thank you pal and thanks for the top donation of the day starting off strong for the big tenor you're awesome dude alrighty 48 48 I think I will look for all your armor and weapons alrighty then I'm gonna see did you take all the paper oh you didn't nice what is it I think it's twice as much paper right for killer rabbits all been spawning in something okay here retreat 2d cuz I've got this stuff you need it never mind he's not smiling in anything yet wait what are what level are killer bunnies are they the last one yes they're there room 202 D run upstairs upstairs and I'll give you all the wood stuff okay I'm going I'm going just drop it and then do you have 20 paper cuz I can buy you the shield but I need 20 more paper uh here you take that okay and I'm gonna go upgrade there just skeletons a lot of level threes a level threes though there we go I just upgraded the mob they're all attacking each other right now okay just play it smart play it safe okay perfect those two are fighting each other now yep oh I'm getting whacked left and right ow ow I'm in shot in the butt getting shot again sharpness on my sword already yep work on that I'm gonna get some killer bunny system that I'm alrighty captain all right you got it and they let me get you your shield okay I'm gonna leave it right in the ground to D all right will do it's not like there you go alrighty thank you then I'll go clear out the rest of these guys because they stopped killing each other oh this is so good with iron armor they sure do get a tremendous amount of health why is my devices all right click properties weight set the vault okay that's so weird I am sending I'm sending the bunnies out of arcade room okay good talk good call best of luck friend there you go Ben all right they're after him oh my gosh Vindicator so many level-3 Vindicator shroom okay just take go Brad oh my gosh oh my gosh they are starting off really strong run oh my gosh I'm about to die we need to we need it up we need to enchanter stuff as soon as we can I don't have any level I haven't I haven't killed anything yet so okay I've got level you can they get up on here yes they can without a problem okay keep going your food don't die remember your poor Chuck's give you the insane regeneration right yeah I know I know ah how have they not died from the killer bunnies yet I'm so confused how many did you send at him like 20 I got half a heart okay just just don't don't I'm trying to get away from them just so I can eat one little pork chop no I got Charlotte bagging that's nice try nice try okay some reason my nice slow where did you drop my shield right in front of the sword guy this shield guy in the market he likes okay gang how did you know drum is so bad upstairs okay I'm probably gonna die here as well no wait alright The Vindicator can't get through the doors they could get through the doors this is perfect what well they're stuck there we just do this yeah keep trying oh there we go keep whacking him keep whacking I really hope the Skelton hits one of the vindicator zand oh I was hoping to go at him there we go perfect alrighty let's go get some paper to enchant could we get two I'm gonna grab some strength potions real fast strength strength potions are nice to have I don't even think about that we never use strength potions what I always use strength potion serum there we go oh my gosh this does get just completely whacked okay and the enchantments here throw I one-shot the skeletons now oh that's perfect so we're set then yeah with just strength pots so that's so good okay I'm trying to mess with change my sound around because it's not working properly here we go playback devices sweeping edge alright I've got all the enchants I need now I just gotta put them on the sword I can only get them on like a few of them but that's fine okay I heard a skeleton still where's the skeleton what that mean it doesn't really matter too much right I know but it's gonna bother me oh there on our what why are they up there don't don't question these things sure obviously just roll with it just roll with it dude so how's that working out for you we got it on three pieces of armor nice and now I'm about to go upstairs and get some more levels so I can get it on the rest of it how do you get like a sharpness four sword or whatever you have to eight the cost a ton atomic extraordinary amount of levels and you have to get to sharpness three swords and combine them together two sharpness three swords to get a sharpness poor it doesn't yeah it doesn't even out right oh okay that's rough I think sharp five costing a hundred missed five because you need to sharpen is four swords that's not as crazy Ben's got his cheeky smiley face on now what's going on here I've got a present for you at know Ben's dad so I spent prison when Papa and I just got my sword ready let's put sharp three on it what level is sharpness three for it oh you steed three enchant levels one level for each thing but when you're combining them and making a bigger one that's where it gets complicated what just something just blew up behind me super creepers I don't even know you could buy those they do like no damage really shielding up or nice try easy hmm I know you could get those easy it didn't know it did no damage for some reason you know Ben's over there like Oh probably you go to the creepers and you can get like that's what I'm assuming right maybe are know what thank you guys for 5003 are people coming out for monsters industries I appreciate you all and thanks for the $10 donation from lone wolf 1 for 8 it's a time for the highest a nation of the day and he said can you please tell to do that I order those plants for zombies plushies and please tell me when I was ordering it I typed on a note please tell him to go back and look in the box look in the box okay yep absolutely I'll do that sir hmm alright let's go let's get there we go let's get what we need to do now is hmm we have so much paper Jim I don't even know what to do with it dude I know I know I'm gonna help you on the spider eyes now cuz I've been collecting paper and stuff but I quickly am starting to realize it doesn't really matter too much alright let me just get some potions our strength as well here yeah the strength potions are so good nice to have alrighty there we go do I have drank more awful well alright let's get here let's put all of our stuff in here in case they try to wipe our inventories okay and straight to the firing lines where we just we need draw anything I'm gonna get spider eyes wait how do they have 450 stock are they putting all their paper into it they've only killed me twice they must be putting paper in it yeah they that's what are they gonna do with 500 I think a block off a room I mean they can I guess they could try that's like nasty that's real nasty I don't know what they're gonna try to do they could try to clear I think what they're gonna might try to do is they might just clear our inventories that's a pain I really hope not because I think what they might do is just send a whole bunch of indicators at us and then just wipe our inventories because that's a straight that's it that's a straight GG right you can't do anything against that should we buy a backup set of armor in the event it happens and leave it in the chest we have some any money we could do that that could be but once it's still gonna be like oh oh it'll still be a pain but that won't destroy us you're right I like it oh I have like four stacks already I have I have a lot this is gonna be insane Jerome I cannot wait for this is gonna be so cool here's the Truman thing about it's 12:00 every time you and I run into this 12/12/12 I'm glad they have this the only one you can do this on double up on 12 I I don't agree I think you can do it with the other one the other one where you drop into the hole so there's still a slight echo problem for everyone but you in the same room I cannot wait for this is gonna be so cool I'm not sure what my mod said that oh goody skeletons that happened drum closure strength yet okay um I'm gonna run up here and block yep and let's start having some fun haha I need well they got nothing on me 2d nothing you've got nothing on me I need levels let me get some ones you want us yeah easy peasy you know I have half a heart but that's besides the point oh my gosh Jerome yeah just grab as much paper as you can right now alright I had half the heart right now if anything happens to me I'm in the big pool it's my golden apple I have five no no no I'll just I just I need pork chops all right should we go buy all the vice all of da Bonnie's it's revenge time stream oh this is gonna be good this is gonna be really good all right I guess just like drop everything on me to I'm like everything you have and I'll just keep doing that oh my gosh just oh my gosh let me know if you don't need any more paper at some point yeah just drop everything you have on me right because I'll just pick it up when I can whoops there we go there you go Romy how many did you just buy I'm still buying to him no I use a drum this is gonna be you drum you don't know I don't think you understand my friend I don't understand no you don't you don't understand to him you don't understand what's gonna happen here oh my god you should be Jerome I'm scared to find out to tea you seem a little excited about this so I'm a little bit excited Jerome that's for that's for sure okay and remember stream infinitum put a time here enjoying this smash the like button because we've got almost 6000 people watching and only 1000 likes it was the hand everybody let's get to 2000 right now Geralyn here's your stack oh my gosh it's over a hundred I have 64 you have 64 2 t 128 alright you ready yep I'll go over here alright here we go go oh no frame it's begun Oh No do we do it again duty yeah do it again from the top what about up but nothing oh my gosh okay there you go I also really don't want that so I'm just going to throw that right there this is all just really disturbing this is amazing I can't believe they haven't died yet I'm so confused I don't know I mean maybe they're just gonna Benz running over to the nasty box which PCs gonna convert them all to friendlies or turn them into eggs and use them against us Oh Oh No so what do we want to do with all this paper wait let me go look at the mobs ah 2d what I need to do with all the paper is buy enough stock that we could buy those bunnies back because are we gonna be able to fight 128 of them hey they use ketchup I called it no we'll be okay Trudy they're about to fire 128 at us Jerome what if we sent lasers at them hundreds and hundreds of blazes we could we could but oh no Tootie are you not as worried as I am about these bunnies no I'm not worried at all mmm cookies oh I'm not worried I'm not worried at all hey thank you for six thousand viewers everybody appreciate each and every one of you for coming out thanks pal Jerome yeah then started the spawning process okay just just oh my gosh we just one shot him with a strength potion or is that just in general that's just in general these they are so annoying to hit when they're in the grass I know Jerome I have a I have an idea just wait back here no we'll take these guys that pretty pretty easily just pop your golden apples and stuff yeah Wow okay and then we'll just right we need spider eyes drum okay what we're gonna do this again to them kind of okay oh yeah this was actually I just trust me just trust me with this spider eyes okay you got a bud okay just we just need tons of spider eyes ding ding I just can't believe how well they work ding yeah that actually and they've wasted 400 stock on that I'm okay with this probably we're gonna need roughly about the same amount okay Jeremy this is you know what I want to tell you dude you know what this you know what our strategy is no what's our strategy guardians of the galaxy yeah Gerome us guardians cost no I think it might be six paper three spider eyes are you see so we could buy out literally a family thousands thousands literally thousands it's it's either it's it's three six I don't know if it's six paper three spider eyes three paper six spider eyes normally it's more paper than the item normally I think that might be the case then sure oh my gosh and they're gonna have nothing to do they you just can't deal with it I remember stream while we're getting ready for that big attack if you have a split second I was just going in the description going to check out nice posture : calm you can see some shirts my own up there everybody oh my god you look absolutely look they're doing the paper strat again that's so nasty we need to make them voice that how do we make them waste that because then they'll just do the exact same thing back at us you're already going to waste it is by doing that we should we should honestly take what you have now mini attack just baked them into using it on this okay right I mean yeah give me mom get me everything you have give me both by right oh yeah you can't buy this ain't no you're right because we can you just just throw it just throw it on top of me okay it is true oh my gosh oh oh oh my gosh oh this isn't okay this is not okay this is not okay true oh and 64 more yeah we bait him though we just send out like a smaller rush right now you know yeah as I say that guys nice posture : duck on look at the description go check out some of my shirts he grabbed them signed or unsigned and the battleblock shirts are going off the shelves everybody everyone's loving those so far so please go check it out if you're a real Baca and you want to grab one for yourself polka nebs polka dance oh my gosh I don't think you understand what's about to happen but okay that's about to happen you'd like I said you don't understand I can't understand one day did one one day dude I'm just getting scared I'm getting really scared you should roam I don't think you're the one that should be scared is by the way did you throw everything you have on me yeah that's everything okay put you there you gotta be kidding me literally everything I took everything oh I banned him I just okay we have enough and they just sent a thing a ton of blazes at us all right I just got enough paper to rebuy everything bedroom I literally had probably four or five hundred Guardians not even kidding literally the Guardians I don't care about it's the armor it's just because we're gonna be able to get that back anyway that only took us like five minutes to get yeah that wasn't hard at all actually okay all right here is alright thank you sword time okay sword yep gotta worry I need you later I need paper well yeah I've got two stacks okay thank you I need to get let me get sharpness real fast that's how I was thinking too frustrating it's so frustrating that was so much wasted effort they can you can get paper so quickly that's like not even fair okay here we go sharpness can you buy a strength pot yes I think that's I think it afford one of them only yeah just hit me with a strength pot and I'll go deal with these guys let's do it okay let's do this we can do we can deal with this really easily yeah I just vanquish that one oh my gosh there's so many of them though I'm taking care of the ones that are inside right now there's so many of them okay here we go get ready okay go go go all right Thor said that they locked the bathrooms in this version of 2.0 because he used to be able to just go and what's it called and get water buckets from there well how do you unlock the chest what you oh wait you got it open oh the chest is locked that's cement it wasn't the bathroom the chest lock how do you unlock it I don't know if you can at least I've yet to find a way in this that doesn't make sense one oh there's so many of what we need like some how to get fire is there spawn that I'm retreating with more paper to go buy some stuff to help us cuz they just wanted an army of skeletons so it's my favorite okay right there we go OOP oh there's so many skellies okay there we go Golden Apple up perfect one two one two oh these kittens aren't dying in one hit anymore this is not good I only have 45 seconds of strength left as well which is not if you run back into the into the armory I can start getting us some more stuff if you need yeah well I'm gonna need it okay there we go stop what it did for hearts of damage with one shot I called poop they say difficuit this is a pain that's what it is this is a pain okay there we go up there perfect what we want strength yeah we're gonna need strength and region if possible alrighty perfect got him goddamn sorry all right there's three strengths and then you want regions yeah that'd be ideal all right you ready here's two regions one strength right here let's pop it there boop boop okay all right there we go and let's just try to get rid of these guys look at they're already back up to 500 you can buy stock so quickly in this game okay well don't kill this once but yeah they didn't buy back stock to know you can buy up we got to get rid of this guy okay one one two just just no stop running he needs to die all right gears Rhian chanted he's not dying what ah guys not dying yeah finally I kill them okay he's still got his minions so watch out ah regeneration we've got so much paper in there yeah but it's like we can't do anything with it right actually you can you can buy you could buy items now so you could buy like spider eyes and stuff I mean we can but it's not worth it right no no it's totally not but yeah yeah worst case scenario we could do that if we needed to but we gotta get we gotta launch that attack they only have 200 now so we can launch that at them it'll be great alright spider eyes again yeah we need that we can do this Guardian strat if we can pull it off it's just the thing as they keep it because they can double wipe our inventory again if they wanted to someone said you could combine books in an anvil is that true so you don't have to do it like on the weapon or armor pieces that's what that's what I thought you could do oh I've actually never known that it's possible I mean I thought least I thought that's how you did it it would make a lot more sense if you are dealing us to just buy some stock I mean what would we do right I have no idea like we need we could try to kill them but like I said no idea if we can get these Guardians in than we're set right but the thing is they keep just buying stock right literally what they're doing is this prolonging the game right because it's not helping them at all they're just right they're just prolonging it at this point yeah but it is keeping us on our toes it's dead wearing us down it is it's incredibly aggravating all right we should be here we want to want to be spaced out because I don't know if it'll mess with it if both of us are less into it like you know I don't know either to be honest yeah who knows how much how much do you have uh five six stacks which is probably good enough for this yeah it is okay let's try it let's get it I just grabbed everything head over to me with it you got it okay mm sure watch watch Ben if they run into the fantastic rooms just tell me okay just just keep an eye on it that's all you gotta make you don't me to give you my spider eyes and stuff yeah just throw it like throw it on the ground but just come and go and then go watch and then just keep an eye out because as soon as he runs in I'm throwing everything I have on the ground so I don't lose any of it cuz that's that's our that's my only option right it's true because I have stacks and stacks of paper and stuff in my inventory okay I'm gonna go watch him yeah just just keep an eye on them just keep an eye on them okay one of them is there so scary cuz blade they're both collecting gunpowder at the same time I don't know what that means they're doing but right just something that's in that's that could be creepers but I don't think they're gonna work on creepers so that's more than likely gonna be what you may call it to the wither skeletons there's the wizard with their soldiers or whatever that's what they're more than likely gonna be some of our killer bunny survived they're in one of their bunkers that's awesome I guess because technically that leans over to our side of the map it didn't count them as on their side it didn't you know convert them to an egg right that's probably true actually all right your own um you ready bud oh I'm ready all right but sadly it's not really that great but it'll have to do honestly where here you go you got your own that's your half oh this is gonna be hilarious ready drum yes just watch now all right launching oh my god I just you can put like you can put 16 oh my god that is disgusting oh my gosh drums should we just keep going more yeah do we want to do more to go do something else I mean we could do killer bunnies now cuz the killer bunnies would just blend in yeah I thought the killer bunnies will deal the last blow cuz they would just be able to die you're completely right you won't see him and they'll just be like they'll just be nibbling away because they'll be running around they're like what's going on and all of a sudden these killer bunnies will just be like gnawing away at their feet something a horror movie right but I think that's exactly what we need to do you got weird alien type fish you got killer bunnies long at their ankles oh no the guardians are doing their jobs that's our first yes finally we should try to clear their inventories I think yeah we could totally do that if we can clear their inventories like that would be AHA that would be just salt in the wound oh there look at all that stock they bought they're gonna be able to turn it on us they're gonna that's what you know what we I'm just getting to I'm getting to angry as I'm doing this it's it it's time to stop I'm buying out our stock oh they spread the love never mind look at all those cats all right what should we do should we just get back get paper and buy buy stock and then well we don't need to any well I was only gonna do it so we could buy back the eggs from them but being there not doing that I mean let you do it again to all that yeah let's just do it again more Guardians if they want to play if they want to play nasty they can't have that paper and forever no of course not what if we call the cops on them so they lose their workers after we'd have to do that after we we spawn in the garden here right you're right that's that's what we're gonna have to do okay she wants to smash the pipes smash the pipes to t do it the Guardians yep smash the pipes do it cut wire smash pipes good call stream there we go nicely done beautiful all right how is it how's that working for you I mean we're doing okay I would say so anyway oh I think we have enough to launch at him now yep I met I met just about where I was before so okay let's do it um propose raided the chest we just rated the chest alrighty I'm gonna need you to do the exact same thing you did last time just keep a lookout for me bud you got it okay this is beautiful ah this is this is beautiful actually I gave you a potion enjoy oh thanks Jim I appreciate that I'll never be able to pick it up though so up never mind I picked it up Oh what are you talking about start spawning in or they're just going on look out but there's plenty of creepers I just got one of their creepers to blow up all of them dude you're welcome so mad I I think I've just gotten like 50 of them killed dude what I'm only thinking have a heart of damage I'm playing these creepers like fiddles right now Tootsie this is a stream highlight moment Oh play them like fiddles Jerome what did you draw dude they're still spawning I'm still playing them no no I just feel bad for Ben I don't eat playing like a complete nasty man I'm back to full health oh my gosh stream come on no don't even try been bad just stop still more 2d I actually I want to go back and watch that on the stream that if I had to even count how many was that III Z just type easy and check drum yogi drum drum drum drum yeah there's your hat bud go I genuinely want to know how many that was not many know how is many better look at them trying to play it off don't tell me that wasn't at least like 200 then that was that was an absurd only three minutes of gunpowder how many creepers though oh my gosh look at that drum oh my god 200 200 creepers that was 200 we want to wipe their inventories yeah can we afford it yeah oh wait no there's no purpose to because remember the Guardians ignore armor yeah I guess so so there's no point that was a close one we always just wasted tutu on a paper I mean they could remove whatever else is in their inventory as well oh my gosh they won't stop buying it literally just sit there but we have to hire we're hiring their workers we're getting rid of those workers okay or we could save up because they're probably gonna spawn these on us and we have enough here to buy it back no yeah spread the love now the week because now they have to yeah cuz they just getting there just getting paper literally they're just sitting there getting all the paper all right let's get some Guardians quick because there I'm back their workers yep we got to do this okay perfect what else could we do mm I can't believe 200 200 creepers played you like a fiddle this is gonna be hilarious let's keep going we might need paper as well we've been using a lot of paper for these guardians okay we should be good okay there we go and 1723 we're doing just fine and dandy Jerome just fine and dandy oh this is craziness dude actually craziness he ragequit he just the are you ragequit no no he didn't rage quit I was a joke cleared when kind of funny though hilarious all right there's three stacks so they still have a hundred and twenty-five stock which is like okay there we go now I have four stacks how many stacks do we want to go for um we usually do it when I usually do it stop when I have six stacks and I'm yes there yes aim all right let's just go okay oh my gosh there's so many cats on their side now Oh we'll have plenty of paper and thank you stream we just passed seven thousand people watching now so thank you so much friends you guys are awesome all right let's go here okay OOP OOP and then oh my gosh drum anomalies it's literally 20 stacks purse 20 spot 20 no it's 20 Guardians per sack of yeah oh yeah that's crazy to think about that math that's all over that is a lot like that is I'm on patrol okay yeah because as soon as they run in there they try to wipe our inventories we just got to be like no sir not today okay dad I'm done I'm already getting ready for the next one to D I'm getting more spider eyes oh my gosh mom this is gonna be this is such a good strategy okay there we go there's one stack already oh my gosh okay I mean we don't have runs but all right but there you go we've got two and a half stacks now all right let's do this drum let's launch the next wave all righty ready when you are all right they just gave it to you prepare for liftoff everybody prepare for and they finally burn through so much money they there's no way that they'll be able to they've been they've been burning through their money and they had to rehire the workers so that was a great call on your part let's get more spider eyes you oh my gosh strim this is this is so nasty so what's it endermite scan camo with the cats that's pretty funny actually you're right and they're mites can do that I've been just died that's one down one bites the dust and another one down and another one the first time we've had the lead at all I think that's the first time we've ever had the lead that is crazy to think been an hour-long game which is insane smite be one of our longest games yet yeah there we go okay yeah we're 47 ish minutes in so I think our longest game was actually a little over an hour believe it or not but this is up there looks like one of our top like three probably that's crazy actually and considering it's a large game actually this probably will end about at an hour's mark so just keep going just my enemy how long is round that's insane we just got to send more Adam keep it coming okay we need to hmm all right I have more than enough so all right let's send oh my gosh look at their side you're on yeah it took a bunch of paper how much paper did you get like all the stacks are you gonna buy him oh sure why not okay I'll throw everything I have on you should we just keep on flooding their side when you can't rebuy your workers why I don't know all righty you're are you gonna need more paper no no no we'll be fine very frank we don't even need these more Guardians but we need them Jerome okay there we go keep it going all right boom all right I'm just kidding paper because you might maybe need it geez they're good yeah they're just trying to get their stocks up oh my gosh they are they're gonna be able to spread the love it's fine we'll just bond them in again yep how's it looking for you bud ah looking pretty good I've I've got a good amount of them I'm kind of concentrating make sure we can get this done quick cuz we don't want to and I can't really keep watch I can't see anything on this fire does it it doesn't even matter to be honest duty we've got so many over there oh my two more stacks jeez okay just do you won't need extra paper right uh technically I need like it's not it's not worth it to you I have four stacks so we're fine of guardians here okay boom we shouldn't spawn them in yet you want to wait just put them in the chest oh okay so as soon as they clear it we just fire yep and now we can just kind of do whatever right should we get the bunnies so this is like a oh my gosh we could just work on getting the bunnies where are all they're all upstairs right now you're right which we should get something hmm let's see they have 325 they're not gonna be able to get I don't know what they're waiting for but there's no way they're gonna get enough we'll see we'll see let me get I just unlocked the okay I'm gonna go bent cheating try slippers upgrade it's about that I'm just looking all enemies get nausea no that's so bad yeah I really realistically the only thing we can do that's good is set the curfew which I mean we could do that I think that's actually a pretty good thing to do just set the curfew yeah but I mean we can't do that right now we don't have enough monies I mean we could we could try to do that I think that would work I think that's our best bet honestly it's trying to surf you know I think the curfew I'm gonna go turn to our paper in the stocks sure we won't have much left though keep mine because we did just buy out all those Guardians we do not have that but that's nice to have that backup right yeah oh yeah 300 325 and we need 500 to secure whew that's not bad wait yeah we just waited out a little more we'll be fine yep are you just getting spider eyes I'm just getting so much of it because being there's this low we might as well stock up on everything that we could possibly need well I'm just getting I'm getting gifted coal wait what yeah I have 36 coal for no reason as well oh lordy you know what it is as funny as it sounds a Guardians probably jumping on their coal generator which is closest to us than then that's actually very it's over here that's exactly what's happening there's a guardian there guarding on there – stepping on the coal generator and giving me coal that's pretty funny that's hilarious and also makes me feel really bad for them because that's just like insult to injury we're so close we only need 25 how much paper is it it's 200 paper it's 200 paper needed yeah so that's how much oh my gosh I think that's enough I did it we can buy a term we can get it we can we can get it I'm gonna go do it okay so he and I have so many spider eyes that when it's time for killer bunnies cool okay we don't have enough paper for it we need to start working on paper for that alrighty set curfew yes we did it I have a hundred and and twenty Cole thanks to our Guardian friends it's 120 Cole yep just thanks for our Guardian friends that's hilarious sure oh the number of spider eyes you have is redonkulous I told you I got a stupid amount of them now we just need paper let's just Krebbs which paper is possible so we could buy out all the money's get all of the bunnies okay so this is just all about I mean even though it seems like we're gonna win this is about solidifying that victory absolutely 100% 100% we can just cuz none of what they do they could pull some crazy like they could probably do foul tactics right now and clear I think they can't actually clear all these but we already have the next wave waiting exactly exactly so it's like it's game so this is all about making sure that that victory is down and patched and bean says to check discord okay um there we go go go go there we go okay oh this is gonna be insane okay Jerome yeah dude they must be I can't imagine how stressed they are right now do you just hire the thieves no they did oh ah oh well not like we lost anything I bet dr. killer easy wait a minute wait that's hilarious because we didn't spawn those in yet that's some job I just want to spawn in the rest of the Guardians because they don't have any stock left I'm gonna spawn in a bunch for killer rabbits let's see if blades got a trick up their sleeve that's so funny where did that killer rabbit come from I don't know but you've probably you've been friendly as confused as we are look at their side Yoram just look at look at that I can't cuz I'm buying more killer rabbits Oh Mike drawn the pure evil of it all to D do you need more paper oh no no I think I'm all been on the paper front there I have some papers room that tongues just just a little bit I like oh wait they have cut the wires but this one glowstone thing just stays out lit anyways which is awesome look at look at their side they're just I don't understand what they can do cuz I mean Ben's stuck in the cave and then because Lee planes pretty resourceful you never know you never know and then I don't know where it's John Cena versus the glass bumper time bomb there you go two t22 of our finest killer rabbits oh my gosh okay oh it's spawning in down over here Oh oh my gosh all the killer rabbits all those guardians all my toes can end up I'd think Tootie yeah there's only one way there's really only one way I see this anything that's for darn there any more things we could do to them it's like really nasty of fire than Woodstock cut the wires I mean how much stock do we have we could stop their music take whether jukebox 2ds yeah that that'll that'll get them good that'll get him real good dude oh my god oh my gosh I just got six more Cole 12 yes Jim we have more than two stacks of coal that's so weird it's those dang guardians just hopping along I mean I'm gonna utilize this one buy some wither skeleton oh my god I've got more coal as I said that oh my gosh that's redonkulous that's actually very funny okay uh well let's buy out more of these Oh wither skeleton wait where the skeletons are gunpowder okay what kind of a coal came by you I could by blazes okay we go blazes courtesy of the Guardians we spawned curious guardians of the galaxy the guardians of the galaxy how is blade not died yet that is I am shocked I mean if he's taking it easy and hiding you know he might that's true that is very true I wanna I want to give Ben nausea even though he's already out just insult to injury yeah I just want to give him I want to give him a disease I wonder what happened did you give one of them a disease what does that do is you just give them like a way there or something permanently well the disease no which is very annoying it's like three minutes of like slowness blindness and something else that's awful that's I love that yeah it means poor actually it's something we should be doing more often we should give them disease and then spawn in like a wave of creatures oh they're just gonna die there's no way to fight that off yeah cuz I guess if you but if you dude the blazes are shooting blade glazing the roof blue that's awesome that was the right call he's running out of hiding places look at a wall oh there's nothing he can do oh the firings why is there another enter enterprises what team three from out of nowhere they can't forfeit they're trying to forfeit yeah they're stuck with it they can't they can't do anything you're right there is no forfeit button wait really yeah they lose they just lose Oh so they forfeiting then yeah I think they I think they're forfeiting okay I mean there was only one of the rock hey there it is all right gee that weighs 13kg buddy so we were trying to work out how to full fit I'm gonna go lie though yeah yeah be sad dude dude what a good round that was um dude that was such a fun round that was one of our longest ones yet just under an hour but that was a ton of fun everybody I hope you guys really enjoyed that one even make sure you smash the like button share around your friends and let them know to subscribe to your friend Lee Baca right here everybody always love having some new people around to come watch our shows and of course everybody the streaming fun doesn't have to end in fact it's just getting started for the day this was stream one of mine now we're gonna go over to 2ds channel cuz 2ds live-streaming plans for zombies but some other big news if you like to dean you want to give him a hand he is only 1500 subscribers away so 1500 like from 300,000 we really want to help him hit that goal so if you haven't done so already go in the description go check out to Dee's channel subscribe to him if you liked his commentary and of course watch his plans for zombies livestream it should be live honestly probably right this second he's pretty quick about getting it started right after these stream so he might even be live right now apart from that everybody if you want to go hang out with me I'm gonna be going live on beam and about are she am i doing bean there's an ace videos been uh it was either one ah we could combine the two so I'll film ace videos over beam live-streaming and I hope to see you guys there but that's gonna do it friends take care thanks for joining us see you on beam and see you on 2ds channel help him at 300,000 subscribers thanks friends

Epic World Championship FINALS 2017 (Dark Draft/Constructed)

and I am here with the Pantheon lead developer CJ we're going into the finals and it's been so incredible to do this I just want to thank you and and thank why it was your games and thank everybody who's been watching all weekend it has been an incredibly fun and it just is so exciting to be part of all of this we're down to two players John tat Ian versus Sam black both of these players very skilled and limited and we're about to watch draft um I am not actually sure which person yet that we are gonna be followed we r gonna be following Sam Oh wonderful so we're gonna watch Sam's draft we just did watch Sean's that make sense we're gonna watch from Sam's perspective again this is best of five two games of dark draft followed by upwards of as many as three games of constructed we just saw John he's playing the scara's gift evil – yes as we saw to its full ability oh yeah Sam playing a deck very similar to Mike Siegrist and here we are watching Sam he might have already picked a few cards before he joined them I can't tell if that's his first back or not right well either way we're looking he looks like he's evaluating the grave demon because he wants to get discard banished right now yep so we will during the review period and pac-3 be able to catch up on what those few cards were at the beginning for Sam one or two cards I couldn't see it was something I said I mean I hope you took – yeah it was strange all right so I guess right now he's thinking I like the lash most of the time for most decks yeah this Gareth judgement are just triggers juggernaut I'm also a new card from Pantheon that I'm excited to see along with kolani 5/5 blitz aggressive powerful zeros but he does go he ended up taking the steel Titan yeah with the steel Titan there all right so fumble angel of light wash knocks will grave demon royal escort army the apocalypse yes a the steel Titan looks like one of the angels and we saw him in in the round before then dark gray with a steel Titan and it looked like you know Calvin didn't have any any answer to it we went over there very briefly but right really evaluating a steel Titan steel Titan and Brock really showcasing themselves his powerful new cards from Pantheon and it looked like fumble was his first pickup which is just a render full he is both fumble and hasty retreat already and three out of his first nine cards are zero he has the grave demon already is a as a way to deal with the discard pile as well as the last wall which often plays out as a zero so interesting picks he actually doesn't have any other wild cards to go with lash knocks will right now so he doesn't know be interesting to see if he prioritizes those type of cards so here I think was he doesn't have any like board clears yet he'll probably want to pick up the zombie apocalypse yep the increase was also a powerful zero you know bigger than most zeros but doesn't recycle so Roxas curves very good again really a source the zombie apocalypse powerful off turn board wipe and that's what he was deciding against there's a whole time and it looks like he is gonna go with the zero but as good as yours this ankle Soros also does work with no he switched the glass did go with the zombie apocalypse yeah I mean ankylosaurus also does work with flash knocks will he does yeah you have a coin and draw a card absolutely and he was passed for you know he already has that last notes well this is I think the big deciding moment you know he can take this Draca he could also just take the Force Major Prentiss and the resurrection even if he just plans on using it as a draw to most of the time but this is a decision here I like I think I like for smidgen and resurrection Draca is really awkward if you can't get the loyalty to off on exactly and sorry he definitely does have to decide I didn't really see what he picked exactly there but it's really hard that was the fast the the fastest pick you can make a surprise attack surprise very quickly passing the consume interesting I think I prefer consume usually over the surprised act but I know it's a personal preference is he is he only drafted huge pictures to guards oh sorry I keep thinking it's only he's just doing it he just like that he just right now just he just like puts the ones that he wants to the top and then he takes the bottom two off yes off of the stack and sticks them on top of this day multiple times it looked like he's gonna grab one from how close they are to each other but interesting he's really considering Avenger of the Covenant over quell I think well generally I always have a hard time making good use of Avenger of the Covenant it seems much better than it it always is in practice to me yeah and and and I would say both like a vendor of the Covenant masters Oh entangling vines I've seen a lot of those cards in the future Matt Jerry this weekend yeah Karzai I would think I value a little bit lower like you're saying but but people have started value higher and higher simply because they're looking for that ambush threshold they're trying to reach on me or just making sure they have an avenue left rent threats and and and that even if there's less powerful they've out there valuing those higher and higher and that's why this is such a tough decision and he is he's gonna take it him over the brach well alright so here he doesn't know he has a couple of evil cards he has got army apocalypse Dark Knight and a one order that you can card but not yeah yeah complements regard raka but definitely on on Angel of Death right yeah I mean it is more exciting yeah very quick Anna Schmidt wow that was a very very quick especially with that memory spirit in the pack with he already has fumble and hasty retreat in his death I I think memory spare incredibly powerful when you have the zero events to back it up but he was he slammed that banishment he knows what he wants and here's another really powerful pack yeah it's interesting if he he already has a strategy going in and he's really trying to to just take that to fulfill that strategy yeah he definitely seems to know what he likes and what he wants and it's really I mean that like caves Rovers I mean it is really difficult to use either haroldo flash knock or straight fifidragon abs you can really reliably pull it off and cave toll can be good even if you only have a few other wild coins at the end of your draft it even if it comes back once it can feel very powerful it's interesting it's almost like yeah he sort of got the idea that he wasn't going to be passed a whole lot of wilds and then he just keeps getting passed and yeah this is the end of PAC 7 so players in the review period now because he has the angel of mercy and the angel of light so that's why he's trying to really pick up and that's been just really he said he was thinking to himself I need more good coins and he picked up the banishment so quickly right even if memories spirit might you know be another great card for his deck he's trying to make sure he has loyalty requirements I'm also kind of curious what he took army the apocalypse over yeah those were the few cards at the beginning that we you know the card that I personally don't value very highly but I have seen people win games off of it I've never been able to win a game off it but people talk about their great army the apocalypse Ahri's true so you know I'm not afraid to just pick it up I almost always use it as a draw – yeah I mean is it great army thing – army the apocalypse out right it's the same for Resurrection occasionally resurrection is incredible yeah we're somewhere you know somehow you're able to you know pull that off but often it draw to you who's reviewing one two three hopefully goes all the way through four five I think he only has five zeros you know it's five or six if I'm in Sam's position I'm looking for more zeros right I don't think I can pass train in essence yeah that would be very hard for me so I think that's what he's looking at right now he just did I you I did that I don't have enough zeros I only have three packs left I would assume and based on its first based on Sam's previous drafts and a lot of people's trust we've seen there's power of zeros but train it's not a card that's easy for me to pass yeah I mean it's difficult I think I still like to 0 because drain essence is really great but you're gonna he's gonna have a lot of hands where he has lots of cards and he can only has one golds yeah and that's what he decides to go with the scared cultists and evaluating zeroes and knowing he needs more and what a great pack right he's low on zeros doesn't any recycle yeah both of his heroes who just picked up a cycle and he's probably taking yeah Forest Lance's there's I get zeros yeah he's opening them I mean if he wants you take the alchemists assassin yeah he just picked up the e I mean it does go really well for slants yeah just boom take 12 but I think I also I mean yeah the power of riff summoner can't be denied especially you know deck and that has a lot of evil cards and wave always a safe incredible off turn board light right just some choices to make you think he doesn't want to go into yet another faction considering that he's kind of like spread out a bit right over the different alignments I like Alchemist assassin just looking for more zeros looking for ways to pressure here upon into playing their gold first because if you say he takes the rifts I'm gonna hear that I mean then John's gonna be taking the outcome secession exactly I've rarely seen John pass up a chance to take a zero sum powerful cards coming back dirge of SCARA and silver dragon both cards I always seemed played a lot in both Ananta both in limited and urgent constructed and those are the two he goes with right it was to her both very powerful yeah so I think based on a lot of the cards that have passed it's very high there's a very high chance that that's drawn is in Sage yeah yeah oh yeah I mean I don't think this is too hard of a decision right of those two I I personally really likes the erotic research maybe because she's missing out on all our draw twos it's gotta be an evaluation of draw shoes there he's still very low on zeros yeah but he definitely wanted that effect that turn yeah it is pretty awkward if you always have to use the cards that say draw to want them to draw to every single time right he did pick up that rift summoner so I think he's happy to see three evil cards in this pack don't put the loyalty to offer summer though not a requirement for that card like when you're gaming but it looks like he's evaluating dark offering and ambush party now I personally have never sick I can't say a lot of good things about dark offering right I've had some pretty incredible I've had yeah partially with the gudgeon right so there are times I miss got heralded NES miss Gelder there are times where it can be really good I think I think he picked inner demon duh with the dark offering yeah coughing I mean yeah he does have he does have I should say he's counting at the end of you yeah he does have he picked up the erratic research presumably because he wanted more draw too so I think yeah just for that argument yeah dark offering you know it's a drought you it's fine flamed right Roger yeah yeah and and and in limited there are you know occasional times where that board stall can happen again very hard to pull off the dark offering right but yeah that's for sure yep so that was the last hour traffic we'll get to watch this weekend we saw CM black a lot of powerful coins and he actually was very clear on what he wanted he was looking for especially at a certain point really looking for good good alignment making sure he had enough snap pick that banishment but also yeah also the the rift summoner and then making sure he was able to fill out his evil as well there's no doubt that Sam's power level is there the only thing I'm concerned with is the number of zeros right I think he finished with six to eight right i scribe for ten every time that's like my goal and if I get more than ten I'm super happy especially knowing John and some of the cards that that Sam also passed Alchemist assassin we can expect in and John's deck is an example I would expect John to have more zeros and the question will be can John pressure Sam in the dark jest with enough zeros to get him to play those powerful coins first or will Sam's just general power level of his coins overtake John right so we're about to find that out overall though Sam was very confident actually got it very quickly he just is just see the pack I know a card I want yeah I'm taking it yeah I mean it's untimed and I'm not nothing against Sam I'm saying that's I mean it almost was is that I I believe he was like if I maybe I was gonna say oh I think I should know he's he's clear he's clear what he wants he's clear what he's looking for and in just a few moments we're gonna get to see them then battle so it'll be two games of dark draft before going to construct it and Sam hasn't lost the game I've got here in the top e so and I think John's only lost one or two so we are very close to heading over there still looking through their deck again I said it earlier but the the thing to do here you have a couple of moments to look through those 30 cards count the number of zeros count your loyalties and count you know your board wipes what you're searching for what you're doing for yeah you wanna know your answers you want to know how many of everything what you're really looking for and your Mulligan's that everything absolutely so we we talked about sage I I also think John I mean some of those packs could just have a ton of wild and wild is super deep especially in in dark draft I'm interested to see what alignments or loyalty to cards John has and thinks but I I really do you know it's hard to tell especially in dark draft up where he is and when I look at his opening hand I search for cars with loyalty to to try to gain a sense really quickly absolutely you can be able to see it like an ogre mercenary on the bat or the or the Gary this juggernaut so and it makes sense we saw very few sage cards some packs are a hideous juggernaut was passed so I would assume no John hey right even if you're ten meters that card is also just you could just play that with that any other sage parts in your dark raft and I think you'd be happy I mean five five four zero without yeah no yeah doesn't slow at the two boats pretty sure it oh he does you're right you're right I'm thinking of Kalani what it is much better with the you're with right because you can a liability and give it a breakable yep so we're about to start here Game one of the finals we started with 32 players and we were down to two so here's John again in the finals it's four years in a row just such a consistent player after I drafted against him before and I feel like he's always one move ahead of me he's he's just incredible he does and Sam obviously a professional magic player and an incredible gamer himself two Titans about to meet up here and we saw we saw Sam take that steel Titan super early I just just cuz I said it reminded me but really excited to see just that that power level we barely saw it for a moment on screen but we haven't seen a lot of it but people have been talking about it it's just it's just this untargetable sage brock yeah we have a and yeah we haven't seen any steel Titans on on on the future and so I'm looking at it I'm thinking you know this this cart is one of those tests it's like see Titans always been right you can just sometimes just play it on turn one and say you know what have you got right and sometimes in certain decks with these limited resources and limited very very difficult to deal with untargetable yeah and you can't you can't just stick things in front of it yep yeah or a rampage yeah or Brock right gonna walk it alright so here we are players drawing yep and that's first thing I see is that a temporal enforcer so that loyalty to for John deep into sage looks like he has a rain of fire and his opening here as well I really like that card in against good players and in tough matchups complicated board States I've seen people be able to then angle a rain of fire it's the most incredible scenarios where they're able to to do so it has a very high upside he's gonna choose them all again here that's fair I mean he has a lot of cards that draw two and he's looking for more sage things to turn on loyalty for the temporal for sir I also see a knight of the dawn and a flames of furious right looks like he has a wave of transformation yep as well all right they're also they're also just fewer zeros in that draft I mean there's a chance that John opened a lot of backs with 501 I wouldn't be surprised oh he takes out what you like to take this yours right and if you ever if he does take the zero he takes the only zero and then taking every time there is a Roxas curse did student so that's a night of dawn attacking looks like their names are backwards right yes so just so please yeah just so the people that are watching you know it's Sam black on the left and drama on the right yeah so yeah John's attacking with a night of it on I mean it's a 6-3 this is kind of like a different sort of test it's do you have a way to answer this that cost zero you know it doesn't if it doesn't even need to be a a event it can be a guilty man and killed the event rates with light at the done just as well as any other consumer are wither but if you don't I mean that's that's a pretty fast clock 16 to turn it is and and that zero forcing Sam to play is coined first so it looks like Sam decides not to block with the venture but rather to take the six yes and then play the Avenger afterwards to banish it yep so Avenger that 80 ambush champion tribute banished target champion that dealt damage to you this turn so I think that's correct because yes it ain't that you know anything can happen you might play adventure of the Covenant and it's entertainment and you still take six and then you're in a horrible spot right so taking the six quell one for one with the Avenger of Covenant Oh John so all the way down two or three cards already yep four but yes no you're right or play uh-oh I guess see Sam started any path past and John just true and then a Dan attacked if you don't have any if yeah and in Sam's position you don't have an established in champion sometimes that's all you feel safe doing yep yep yep Knight of the dawn in Dark Knight doing very similar things sam passes after he plays his zero John doesn't fall for it says I can't play my point yeah and waits make sure it's his turn Roxas curse while the Dark Knight has Darwin said earlier this weekend I which I'd never really thought about the flavor I was like of course the Dark Knight is a vampire so on your turn it's it's like it's not about it it's weaker during the day and so on John's turn he's gonna pass right yeah honestly I could even have seen oh it's that card in his hand is that that's the deal seven okay we have things if you're us the seven damage and that deals damage at each one so right John's John's just like flipping the using their axes hurts to flip the script on Sam black all right now I have zero cost champion yep and here is angel of light I can't we haven't seen much this weekend but with the loyalty to five-six airborne ambush gained 10 yeah you don't really want to return that to it to understand it right considering that John has Tim for enforcer right and I believe time Walker as well right yeah now with the loyalty to it's an inner peace on a five six airborne ambush an incredibly strong card an angel of light you see force field is considering playing the ankylosaurus here yeah I stayed to talk to you know ankle so he played the drawer to force field right uh yes and now he's considering it do I play the ankle Soros because what caught my opponent do that makes us go really badly yeah and I really like having the ink Lea source my deck when I also have the Roxas curse in my deck right it always makes you feel like waiting for yeah picking that up I mean Sam definitely doesn't have the quo that's you yep so we're gonna see uh yeah fives got to come in yep I feel like from both Sam and from Mike seekers this weekend evaluating those airborne ambush champions and that a very high they evaluated them as something they wanted and they were they've took them all weekend and for me I'm starting to think about all of the ambush champions regardless of their power level is just the ambush alone being that that incredible power I mean having ambush champions makes Raths worse so exactly basically if you're playing against someone who valuates Rats higher you want to evaluate a machete entire yeah any of your partners have any rats well then ambush a few links or worse yep in her demon on Sam's turn he will get that for for a demon I think he is looking to try and get out that recycle sooner rather than later although I could definitely see this temporal enforcer yeah looks like he's gonna pass in its a plenty good target for the temple enforcer so John's gonna threaten ten and it's the swing back yeah both players trading blows here in that early turns we seem the zero is the attacks and health swings a lot more than usual that's for sure yeah yeah sometimes you go to when he turns into a game no one's able to to even get one point of damage and in dark Jeff but both of these decks be functioning at a high level right now after the temporal enforcer because of that second card yep the priestess even if it's just a one two it's a zero e recycles yeah yeah it has a small upside but yeah I mean upside it can be pretty big I've seen people gain 12 health oh nice yeah absolutely and Sam definitely has enough good cards in his deck to activate that produces multiple times with six around it's like a flash fire one of the pickups for John and priestess cannot jump block the temple enforcer it is unblockable Sam takes the six again mm-hmm as we've said all weekend ah I'm not playing my coin first it's not worth it I got he's my life total as a resource back to John John will also attack with a demon he's really thinking about that usually thinking about that flush fire do I kill the priestess now he's thinking about the race you know I can deal 10 damage but my opponent keeps playing good cards I'll be really hard to have my 10 be worth it yep it's him deciding not to jump lock with the priestess to gain 4 there but thinks you know there's gonna be a bigger target later or I can gain that life back by keeping the priestess around right yeah I mean we already know Sam in in Sam's hand has banishment and angel of mercy yup so that's potentially six already yeah an angel of mercy very low attack and defense but an incredibly powerful powerful oh yes that that card is it's it's really hard to find him time to play it but if you can get your opponent to play their coin first on their turn yeah and then you're able to ambush it in and when you have a great threat maybe another angel of light or I know Sam has a silver dragon in his deck there's there's gonna be some targets and dreams for sure yeah now turbo enforcer has this audibility we can return zero cost champions to their owners hands right which can be very good against tokens but not something probably wants to do the priestess yeah exactly so John deciding to draw two with the wave and he will though Wow I mean there at this time there aren't any cards in Sam's discard pile and John says you know what I'm gonna keep the pressure on not only do I not want you to get in life but I don't you to be able to necessarily probably jump lock with it again nice turn Wow I'm just sewing on either a seed yeah and yes John had a draw to drawing but Sam says I'll just play a floor fight airborne air ambush at least at this time I mean John was actually able to nag three health off of the priestess there because you know Sam has already locked in to putting the angel of mercy true but man that was so so very surprising for me at least yeah I had one think I've ever seen an angel of mercy played is just an airborne ambush in this scenario but Sam saying I'm happy enough with a four or five that is in the air and I'm gonna be putting a lot of pressure on you you're only at 18 cm valuing valuing getting John to play his coin first remember the extra value of well it's also just a true turn clock yeah I mean that's nine damage trace he's going to consume Gope to gain and Walker for the angel of mercy and gain six after twenty four and that's the power of memory spirit especially in limited especially with zero events John able to do exactly that yeah I mean really if you're using memory spear you want to be getting back your costs right offense because you know kind of turns memory spear into a 5-4 with an extra ability head upon exactly of course now John's gonna have to deal with the angel of mercy right if you do Kelly angel like before the angel of mercy you better have something ready or you're gonna be getting that that angel bite you right back into play next turn so we will see what John has for this turn I think you just pick the best stampeding eye neosaurus the the new 11 11 blitz breakthrough from Rome Pantheon mm-hmm so it looks like Sam black is using lash Knoxville on the angel of mercy yeah I was gonna say this is for John he must think wow you're gonna wanna trade here but that's that's not gonna be the case so right now that's a nine ten which means that Jonathan needs two five five combat or removal I mean this is pretty bad for Sam if John just has a one cost get rid of your angel of mercy but yeah that could be padded like an inner demon or bitten event or no escape or something yeah yeah yeah but Sam's not not punished there he's able to pull it off and he's playing some just on another level yeah well I mean it has the thing sometimes if that's all you have right then you just need to go for it that's what you have right and you know and in some way Charlie – source is coming in mr. carrot heralds surprise attacking to misguide seems like a good thing to happen oh there's a royal that sorts at least one target and the rift somewhat are now those first three though the richest owner can eat the biscuit roads but the royal escort also is really good with angel of mercy yes because the choice angel I think I think you get the Roscoe cuz you gain three right away but it's also protecting your angel of mercy mercy and then yep the angel mercy protects the royal escort and then you gain ten more with the angel of light coming back because of the right because of the you have banishment and priestess Evangeline your hint because of the bounce on temporal enforcer so it's looking like when that angel of AI comes back in the place amal gained 1310 from the angel and three more from the royal escort those go three now and then tonight ten more later oh right when he comes back into play he doesn't rain it again you're right uh-huh but presumably he'll gain three yes if he plays decides to put the banishment on the dinosaurs but i could very well see not yeah no he banishment the temporal enforcer last turn oh you're right I don't doesn't have loyal till he gets to draw first so he could draw a good card yes regardless the angel light is coming back alright so I guess he's thinking about blocks probably just going to take it and that's exactly it looks like he does taking the 11 going to 10 he's really leveraging the yeah just follow up Sam thinking you know I can take this 10 about to gain alive at least with my angel of light yeah and then he just says no I don't have any I don't have an answer necessarily for angel of mercy but I do have this amnesia and I and I forgot that he had that I mean yeah that's that's pretty much why he didn't mind letting that angel of light die first exactly but we'll see so the other nice thing about that in Asia is that it cuts off the priestess of Angelina from getting value again then yes so you might even see John try to close this game out before that before that answer being relevant yeah and right now with the flash fire John can flash fire into flames of Syria so then that would deal that's a war damage because the miss got Herald the die to the flash fire to sandbox over nine to six and the demon will die and John will go down to two to 21 I could easily see a flash fire happening on this attack but you might just hold on to it he does have the flash fire and the flames of euros which is enough to take care of the was another nine on the ground and he'll be at 12 which is safe enough I mean I think he can try and enforce Sam to do something about his board first because he's not like Sam can just you know eat and I know source attack no not again I guess he could play the priestess and then just block dinosaur-sized break oh wow right that's a that's that's ER now you know the Jon has flash firing and now wouldn't work but I'm just saying right that's something Sam could be thinking about oh he just said that he has the silver dragon so he's able to get rid of the demon Game three off the royal escort and that really helps him here right so now art from the silver John could go ahead and just clear the board the before he starts the flash fire into flames of furious this looks even better now yeah and you would leave it would leave this door alone yes yes because of the eleven with and that might be exactly what he does right here yeah Sam goes to 11 this is gonna be followed up by the flames what a powerful card that has been this weekend second ability deal seven damage to each champion deal damage to each player equal to the number of champions broken in this way yeah I mean Sam maybe just be forced into playing a zero cost champion like the scarred cultist with it's just for blocking they break through it could John have dealt one more damage if you'd started with the flames of gyros no cuz then you wouldn't have oh no the opposite I do one less yes right he couldn't he couldn't get the full full for damage there alright does leave the priestess now open the priestess does get to recycle yep do that he's also Sam's also going to need to play something else it looks like he's thinking a lot about which champions to leave because he has a scart coal dust in his hand yeah so which ones does he need and the next turns I mean he probably he's not you know worried about the long game value of angel the angel forever see more about how escort helps him stabilize against the health loss and presumably silver dragon draws him into more place because Santa so personally I'm always a big fan of Miss Kat Harold but goes from the recycle yep so he spent his gold already he could play a zero cost card he actually he bought the loyalty for this card coldest off the draw Wow so it looks like I'm getting the royal escort back to his hand and that's gonna be six health if he plays it off turn because the priestess of Angeline that's correct Wow I'll see him scraping something together here even after that amnesia and he doesn't also just plays the cave troll right I mean not only is not only defensively but but even just another what that's a 11 attack in two zeros after both players have played their coins so absolutely that is enough to those two zeros to trade with a stampeding on you source that's something John us I think about now right yeah if you move see if he'd ever walks there and then John has a trick it's it's trouble yeah it's really dangerous double blocking dangerous don't look and there was a drain essence in John's hand so Sam will start with the royal escort yep now he's presumably going to block with these two zero-cost champions because they can't be targeted because of the royal escort yep he's actually just gonna add the Royal screen right so right now the Highness source can kill either both of the zero-cost champions or just the royal escort and Sam also wanted to gain that six as soon as he could from where he was sitting in life total he was at a eight correct right so just so awkward mostly because the drain essence kind of doesn't leave him with a play to make but if he if John follows up with the Velden he can't actually bounce the priestess yes so that means his options are drain essence now his opponent will go down to – I'm sorry will lose lose three health but dinosaurs still dies so I think I get the royalist you can talk it through freaking tiger the royal escort with drain essence no no yes I'm into the Velden if he doesn't take out the royal escort now was she he's gonna need to do I think the long if he plays the Drina since you can't play the villain exactly yeah so I think what's gonna happen is he's just gonna kill the 2-0 cross champions and then he's going to play the the winter fairy yep that way he has an ahi on his opponents turn he can train essence because if he kills the royal escort then they're in essence is kind of awkward exactly Drina since royal escort off turn and it has belt in for a and this is just good as long as Sam doesn't have another good card in his hand and right now Jon knows all but the card that was just drawn in Sam Sann because he revealed the other to discard coldest exactly so he saw was that the church and the Virgin Angel of Death Angel in death got them both there is the drain essence from John and of course you know if if that's interesting I mean I imagine if you're John you just take the one right maybe you think of wrath is gonna I guess the angel death is gonna happen he did see beings of this so that attacked kinda looks like oh you must have drawn an evil card there so yeah saving a point of damage there by little heads-up play by John because it wasn't banished that winter very still drawing – which is uh usually it's bits baseline it only goes up from there so I know John really likes that card and it's one of his favorite establish we've talked about it before so yeah man they're both presumably looking and trying to figure out what this army will even do if it gets played rested during the great ferrets right now but on Sam side there's a silver dragons guard coldest the cave troll and priestess Evangeline and on drawn side there's the winter fairy the stampeding einiosaurus what else got played I think the spirit and ankylosaurus yep yeah the Beldon he did pick up the he knows what's in his opponents hand so you can just you know try and go for lethal here with the go wild Wow yes Sam draws two with the Durga scar Sam yeah I imagine does have what bumble and hasty retreat in his deck right all right I don't think he found either one yeah that's game one to John but that dig there from Sam I mean there could've been a severe fumble in and that could have yeah stop wall de Velde inferred Sam definitely played the best that he could like he may oh yeah definitely with with the information and options that he had in his hand I think he made the best plays and you know there was a lot of turns there was just a single line that he could take for a long pointed at him and he took it and both of those players just they they really kept up the aggression against each other right they both had what 3 to 5 cards in their hands for most of that game yeah some games don't play out like that but both of them able to assess the situation yeah and say well we don't have a lot of time for draw twos and and from the very beginning we saw I was like you said a lot of Angel Mercy's attacking yeah yeah right you got to play differently when bouncing pieces of angeline to prevent six health right from being gamed there were all kinds of things in that game and that's why the dark dark trance is so many times but every time I watch I'm like well that that snare has never happened yeah I've never seen that play together so both of them not just adapting and realize what's happening and realizing what they needed to do to win that trying to find that balance of aggression and keeping enough back you know from defense and the cues can feel like you feel safe and then out of nowhere all kinds of damage can be coming your way both players played that so well Johnny Lewis sneaking that one out yeah that dick for Sam to I mean I don't think he played fumble or any surgery either one of those no he didn't and he definitely knew what he was looking for but I don't know if he has a knee recycle but he could also recycle the urge to make a diem token right if you can find any zero with recycle exactly that's showing the power of George as well alright so worried about start Game two here our final game of dark draft this weekend as the players look at their opening hands in are deciding Mulligan's that's a citadel Raven as well for John yeah so he has this little Raven spirit hey you know you can make good targets for a real Raven I'm kind of curious now if you guys well if he picked that up pretty late and he has a lot of others here costs events that you know really powerful like that we saw the racks his curses but yeah there's I think he has plenty of targets and Citadel Raven is not their memory spirit in many ways and that's what he can utilize support he also has drain essence it's one of the cards I see people with play memory spirit and bring back drain essence right it is one of the probably the best coin targets and something some people decide this is even more powerful than the zero so lots of choices for John to card mulligan for Sam one for John and he will lead off with on the play never feel bad about that yep stat that established champion of winter fairy and let's get the ball rolling right away sam says okay I have surprise to do that to a surprise attack misguide Harold yeah that Wow last card wow I already thought wow there's a lot of good choices here and go the silver dragon dragon like it just kept getting better right it's good it's better yeah steel tight and turn one surprise attack mr. Harold steel Titan is one incredible start that John does have cards like wave of transformation in his deck the problem when it's always aren't like this is Sam's gonna be at a cue next turn and see what John's able to do yeah I mean I think right now both Sam and John possibly writing down the four cards that were revealed off of Miss guide Harold again that's information you're welcome to write down Stan went to the bottom that stuff he's gonna have I'm sure Sam's realizing that he doesn't he's not gonna have anywhere to discard banishment because his grave game is gonna be on the bottom deck and I believe that is the only is the only effect that he has is pool I guess that just I think he's very happy here what a start yeah he's thinking wait a second ceasefires card yeah yeah yeah not having constructed anymore not something you have to think about but in limited that the miss Kate Harold I mean even with all this age cards he's seen he might even be considering my streak yep absolutely John takes the 13 from still Titan but that was a heads-up play by Sam too he started to attack with Miss Kay I don't like when there's there's reasons to attack with the still Titan first so yeah maybe I did you attacking with Miss guide Harold first he's pretty low steel Titan it's like it's pretty close to unblockable you can get yes without actually having a you know I'll block wall all the time especially when you have the surprise attack in your deck there's very there's other cards you can rule out all of the non ambushing champions are very little besides an off turn board like John could have done there I'd be surprised if Sam played anything yeah he's just passing yep they expected okay Wow temporal shift interesting that's a card we haven't seen this weekend well if John has or has a wrath as something that breaks all champions I think you know it's a pretty good time to play yes he has to choose which card he wants to banish thinking about throwing away their revolts understandable I mean if he doesn't have a lot of good champions or token generators which it didn't look like from the previous game then it's it's gonna be like a slightly better version dies yeah he does take the 13 from the still Titan but it but he does once it's back to his done once he back he has a coin rocks displeasure able to break all non diamond champions and the gudgeon from Sam blockable but she's gonna try to do here and then presumably oh so he has although he has a damn nature he can't really play it because even if he wanted to play it for the recycle if he targets himself he banishes his describe for help before he can recycle right because he can't target Sam right now right because the gun is in play Sam's thinking pretty hard about which cards to recycle here he has the scarred coldest in his this card in his deck so presumably he wants to leave the mist got Harold's and to steal Titan and the army the apocalypse right and army the apocalypse yes so leaving probably wants to leave the champions yep he left the two champions there doesn't have memory spirit or anything like that right Joseph flash fire flash fire pretty nice way to clean up the board and then so because it says each champion and player able to like get rid of the gungeon even though Sam wasn't targetable right you might even follow up with the amnesia here since he knows about those two cards from last year game well probably like ice about it you don't make a play first right Sam definitely setting the pace for who is going to be the one that needs to catch up yes Jonah took a very big hit from the steel Titan on Sam's first turn yeah making it was throwing rampaging room yep he does block with the winter fairy drawers an extra card from winter fairy being broken and then finishes off the angel of light with consumed right I would not be too surprised to see that consumed being used more considering how low John is getting health-wise yep so it looks like Sam attacked got blocked Sam passed John played consumed and then passed back so it's Sam's priority but if Sam passes John's turn will start is correct and Sam I hear something like he has anything he really wants to drop out but he doesn't really want to pass because he has I think a few more cards than John right usually you don't weigh more health exactly so he was like well I need to keep the pressure up and he did he just chooses to play a royal escort here you know wanting to play his coin wanting to keep some kind of pressure on John especially when John has less cards and John will draw two with a deadly great looks like you got a popping that I thought pucker yeah I came research that's an interesting card I'm kind of curious about what sort of things John is planning to dig for with that yeah now I think with the Royal Oscar considering that Sam's best champion to play was a royal escort it wouldn't be crazy for John to use the Belgian and write and swing it because I mean right yeah start with amnesia and Sam pausing here presumably to write down the cards that are being uh you know you know like a block of five that can get any order but they will be these five cards if the game goes long enough to get back to them could just taking a second here for that he will then take those five cards and randomly shuffle them they're banished I mean it's gonna be really relevant if say the top of that stack is missguided Harold's exactly because he'll know exactly what he'll be missed getting miss got her whole thing into right if he draws that as good and he already recycled the surprise attack so a few cards he can know if he can do the same play as he did the start to came again so it looks like John is going to leave the consume because he wants to gain that health back he wants to have as much health gain accessible to him as possible and he knows he has Citadel Raven and memories bearing his deck at least so you know Sam's writing down some more of the arcane research targets here and even though Sam has this life total he's very aware this game could go that long absolutely I mean considering yeah the most threatening play Sam had was royal escort on turn it's it's you might have some trouble actually closing this finishing off the last 14 and we know that Sam doesn't I'm not even sure if he has any burn in his deck at all right I don't think so yeah no much more of the she's gonna have to go the long way good angel of mercy and then lots of evil for the yeah those are shuffled randomly and go to the bottom and all right this is off the arcane research right so he's any card he once thinking about what place he wants to make here drain essence yeah oh very ugly this yep I'm looking for life game yet I found it yeah and he's got and now Sam will write down these for presumably because they will also be lots of cards going to the water deck right reaches these I mean he's gonna have a lot of uh there's gonna be a lot of information about but what's both on both of these players decks when they get to those these cards yes you won't know it'll just be you know various piles well it'll be like a bracket where right these five are the next five I just don't have an order racing areas oh so it looks like the Royals Court was resurrected there is an example where Sam has a lot you know cards and he says I don't really need a draw to I need I need champions and that's exactly what he does yeah yep using that second part of Resurrection target the champion card in the discard pile that was broken the turn or turn it right back into play John is definitely thinking here uh and that's a spirit on the drain essence yep as it turns out if you keep playing events that are damaged for health it's a pretty good way to not die the insight yeah no it's incredible you're absolutely right and the erratic research there so the erratic research he used the road it's like with you with the Force Major Prentiss that's exactly before for the memory spirit but before that erratic research John was able to get the drain essence back right see you might even have I I'm kind of curious to see if you might do something else the drain essence while a good answer for the royal escort makes dealing with a force majeure practice isn't really something you want to just leave lying around yeah don't see a board wipe I don't see a board wipe in John's hand I'm almost sure he doesn't have one so says I did this last time I'll do it again yeah drain us since the royal escort stuff we going to make using thought plucker much more difficult oh right because he has he's been holding on to that thought Booker looking radiant to the right turn to drop it down exactly especially with this force yeah he's gonna want that force major Prentice off of the table before he does that he does have the night have gone in at hand and just saw say I'm a surgeon scars just like alright we're like I'm gonna do it and when you do I've got the night at dawn for it so you could see that as well for speech goes to the face but that double drain essence plus the consume John almost back to starting life through as much as Sam has John only worried about his own life right now and he says I'm not gonna wait for that Durga skaara so just attack you for six yeah before I played my coin now he's holding onto the hands feast because his opponent Sam who knows about the the amnesia but doesn't know he has another discovery a Sherman tool so hopefully he's trying to get him to spend a turn playing the angel of light at some point right and then then he can snag the the whatever that good card is an Isis car pile up from there and ironically it looks like it's gonna be the evil token killing right the night of the dawn yeah the fun will making it a negative 4 3 until the end of turn and that for 4 from the verge of Saqqara demon token revenge against the night of done yeah doesn't usually happen like this but but I agree I he said he's valuing the the heinous feast as an angel of so before blocks he's going to deal five to all of Sam's champions in jail card I really really like that yes that he was looking to get the Force Major Prentiss off anyways this also might open up yeah thought and then Sam feels safe yeah Sean's patience paid off still has the heinous feast and Sam thinks I've already got the amnesia out of his hand and I'm gonna be able to get my my royal escort back but I was like oh yeah you've gotten my neither done alright you know yeah I mean that's the main reason if you're doing it right away but it should be this heinous piece that stops the royal escort from coming back into play John please it right away yep almost back up to his starting health yeah after after taking 16 on turn one for her turn to effectively and the steel Titan then he's already way back up to 27 consumed Rina since in heinous feast doing work for John in limited and constructed yes yeah just shuffled up instructor Jack it's like all right yeah time time to play some draft and Sam writing down the five better being here to see Sam meticulously making sure that that he knows at least the clumps of cards that are coming and and and try to plan ahead once he recognizes that he draws a card around that clump no I mean based on health totals and the offense of Sam's average champion I am NOT I wouldn't be too surprised yes this game got to that point yes yeah I mean that angel Mercy's not getting not getting any value anytime soon so it should just be getting in there it's like a fires of rebellion deal seven to the angel and and draw a card that's reasonable I mean you don't want to thought win this an angel of mercy here staring you down right don't want to give him the option a hat looks like Sam's like nice retreat or slants banishment zombie apocalypse army the apocalypse inner demon well it's always to draw cards but he's looking at he's looking to see if John actually has any champions in the disco pile and he does here's the night of the dawn so Sam draws to you with the army yep he looks like the cave draws probably going to come down yeah of course now it's gonna be a lot harder for John to remove that cave troll from right because of the amp of amnesia and penis feast being used but he's happy to have gotten the age as value out of both yes and people we could be angel of mercy out of the way without having to deal with the recursion she also has the temporal enforcer in his hand which could keep balancing the cave troll right that would be a good target for it yeah what else is in here though yeah he definitely he's the he has a couple of options even if he plays one of his sage cards he could still drop the tempo on force relators got bailed in he has I think that's a way of transformation he could yeah it does look like he's gonna go with reveled in here oh that's a force fields right all right so teleport actually all right now it's a force that's force field force field all right revealing it for the Belden the X and that gauge hold back in Samms Han a couple champions are big enough that you don't you don't really need to worry too much about so Sam took the 10 yeah I do really worry too much about not attacking with them because you know is not not a whole lot of ambush that makes your attacking with here 10 13 unprofitable yep Avenger the Covenant taking care of the Velden after Sam had taken the 10 and if board advantage got you too Sam yeah I mean when you have you know as much as you want to throw away adventure of the company becomes a lot better right yeah oh yeah I'll just take 10 seemed fine I was like my area palace guard yeah very good play for Sam unfortunately John tight ditalion has run out of drain essences he's got he still he still has the the city because you know I could see another discard pile it is still in his discard pile yep you could see a third drain us into memory spirit for all we know probably know John's gonna you know who knows necromancer Lord if I can't deploy or something yeah alright so Bates coming in oh right thinking about yeah it's tough it's I think that's a really difficult decision to make well I should say I would have a really hard time returning the Avengers back to the hand just because Sam has so much health to play with right it's almost definitely going to be an ambush palace guard again yes but uh you know weary of attacking with my temporal unfortunate now knowing right yeah button you have to get out of the hand at some point you know and a temporary answer for John's does not take the damage there possibly even get another six damage and on Sam before the Avenger comes back out right so now maybe Sam will play the inner demon here and the cave troll and that will you know reduce the number of cards in hand he doesn't have a lot of answers so that would be you know a nice reason to have more cards like inner demon but you couldn't want to get rid of a blockable champion at some point yeah I like the inner demon as well you know Sam has lots of draw to use lots of cards in hand and I mean inner demon becomes yeah in a way a tiny Medusa yeah right yeah shifting here he decides yeah okay so he John has the quill to clear off this board and then he can stop worrying about the cave troll yep very strong it looks like he actually just drew the new Gareth's juggernaut yes so he's a little oh yeah he does he just played the tempo enforcer so he definitely a slow let's it yes but not a great border attack in two with a yeah check or not with the loyalty very strong ambush champion Gareth chugging out one of the new cards from pantheon loyalty to blitz and the Allied ability to gain unbreakable this turn yeah unfortunately Garrett's makes the juggernauts a bit more breakable sadly but at least they're cheap to produce right John's definitely thinking a lot of how he's going to deal with these rift summoners in the upcoming turns and how he wants to plan out his attack he could for example just play the Gareth juggernaut so that he could block a single attacking team betoken looks like he chose not to went to Sam's turn and Sam has come in with the force fields I use a force for shield one of the is it the only car with three abilities right now I believe yeah yeah no it's a really unique card has that draw to you but I think John just used the he's the second the middle ability – 5-0 and draw a card exactly um which was the perfect mode against this rift summoner yeah I mean otherwise he's taking eight John's really worried about taking any damage right now it looks like yeah unfortunately he's not going to be able to rax his displeasure as way out of this one so he's probably going to want yeah he's probably going to want to look for I guess he already used the fires to draw – yes I think he has way of transformation his hand though right right I don't think he's played flash fire this game so that could be a two car combo to reset this board rift summary one of the most powerful aggressive cards for Sam in a deck that that has a lot of draw twos and ways of answering threats this is one of Sam's best threats and he's putting a lot of pressure on John he does have that wave at the top of his daiquiri or a hand right now Sam's thinking oh I don't really want to invest more into this board exactly and I don't need to draw cards yeah what do I do well you should probably draw cards yeah I mean considering how this game has gone so far I would probably use the dark offering to draw to you yeah I think it's a safe option maybe he wants to launder it so he can activate the loyalty on this card cultist like Sam looking at his skirt piles has asked article to head zombie apocolypse wants to see how many champions will be able to come out of there that's what you understand you're right yeah I think I think you want to go for the dark our form to draw to you exactly what he does yeah recognizing this is the best thing I'm gonna do with it I was a good picked up for Sam that's the grave demon so we have gone through the deck since the opening mr. Harold now he chewed Sam just drew grave demon oh right that was in the five miss got Harold with the steel Titan so we're getting close to getting back to that right so this is their first shuffle scores three two two twenty seven situation we're writing to help the cards is relevant and oh I mean I imagine oh the cards he wrote down will be relevant yes all right at this point I mean right I mean we're good what we're getting close to is I believe within the next few draw steps Sam is going to draw the surprise attack the if this guy Harold is at the front of that pack or in front of the steel tight the sill tighten he'll be able to do the exact play he did before all right knowing still Titan won't be one of those five cards so he can actually set up a misguided Herald knowing what he's gonna hit yeah it's not something you usually do but all right so let's see darkness think a lot of guys discard pile now that he has suited all right even in his hand their dream let's get force fields quell train essence for again fires of rebellion heinous feast what's the green card the wild one cost that's a raucous fire yeah raucous fire truck as fair would be quite good here it would right yeah it may not be draining us Thomas fire would be very good in this poor state interesting enough citadel Raven and Johnson but grave demon in Sam's hands so we'll see if John pulls the trigger on the Citadel Raven before Sam had finds a the time to play that grave demon especially with John taking all this time and looking at his discard pile if I'm Sam I'm thinking I should get rid of that district well and I've got the grave demon to do it so thinking he's got so he's got Garris juggernaut The Raven bitten he's got a thought pucker rain of fire and I think what's that in the Far and it's that a sea Hydra no that's a lash that's not a waitress yeah yeah he's had that last for a while as well Jon really taking his time here yeah so he's going to play the garish juggernaut and then probably one of the pseudo Raven after that right before attacking right he'll reveal the thought point her in the stood or even and then put a suitable Raven strange if he doesn't reveal this there it is yeah wait a second Paulus reveal the background the way but yeah there it is there's a citadel Raven and right I mean I'd be wanting to play the thought Booker he could that's what he does decide to go with which could be the opening for Sam to grave demon John's discard pile rendering that Citadel reven nothing to do first I was like oh no and I don't have a dark offering a skirt I just don't I'm just I'm not a fan of dark offering let's be honest it can be very hard to pull off yeah I know some people have had their fantastic moments yes yeah just like army in the apocalypse right so see I'm deciding to discard the hasty retreat right yeah I mean based on what we've seen for their previous games right there anything here on hasty retreat against avail Tilden right Yeah right in has seen nearly all of John's deck at this right yeah developments I think right at the bottom and there's that moment so John did have a moment to play The Citadel Raven he was deciding between that and the thought plucker he goes with thought plucker and sam says especially after all that time you took I am playing this grave demon as fast as I can and now now because of the nature of this game and and what we're all playing for we're gonna take a moment for Sam to write down what he's just grave diamond oh I think we're gonna take a picture to save time oh that might be helpful considering that this might have been a couple more times I mean not necessarily with Grave do anything there are three discard banishment thanks I think John's also uh John just stepped out for a moment you're the rest room take take a little water break yes this read I mean it does save time oh yeah Sam takes a photo here I mean he has the time now he might as well just write it down if he likes right either way though that pile from grave demon will be shuffled randomly on the bottom of Jon's deck but Sam when the first one of those is drawn he now has a sense of okay this is the stacker back to and all of what Sam has written down before is becoming relevant I mean st. John is about to get back to the beginning of this deck Sam just did partially because of cards like Miss guide Harold and arcane research which are helping filter through these decks even faster something that Sam picked that grave demon up oh yeah right that would be actually a very big that's a really really great point because John has the heinous feast in the amnesia if Sam didn't have grave demon I think this game would almost be over John right John but very close to have won the game by going to draw the last card in his bird yeah I've already research Sam actually he might right he might see even I'm end up picking up two but because both players have their multiple effects that's not how this game is gonna end it's true this is gonna end through damage and I guess this just it's gonna be slow and steady until somebody finds the you know the set of cards or the combination of cards that that hasn't been there before I mean we can have situations like this where eventually just an army of demons without a reasonable response is my it can be good enough exactly because of the randomization of the banishment there could be a time where John just doesn't have a board right for Sam doesn't have a board WIPO and also we're gonna get back to this this steel Titan which could be he's probably I would say right now at least in Sam's deck the biggest threat besides this rift summer and and something that he knows he's getting close to again and john has to have some some kind of board wipe ready yeah yes Sam also taking just reasonable reasonable passing through our room and just a bit of a chuckle as he also takes a break I just want to take this moment to congratulate the Boston Celtics 2015 games in a row no I'm just a big basketball fan I wanted to say it some time on team that if we are here in Boston so I got I gotta let you know for all the people out there yeah I'm just a big basketball fan I mean you don't watch basketball season I'm no no it's fine it's fine now John unfortunately looks like the duck has been removed yeah we're where are our ducks well it sometimes it can be hard you know and from just sitting on the sidelines but it's just when stuff gets really grueling they just have to take your own breaks oh yeah I'm sure you rubber duckies are on a break right now yeah this is a tough one I know this might seem strange I would love to be in this game this is just so much fun it's just like it's just trying to find the way through right yeah yeah I mean basically it's you use a bunch of opportunities to like attempt there's a to make a better play it's like there's a bunch of opportunities we're right to have lots of lines you have lots of different routes or all paths that you can attempt and you have to quickly determine what actually is the best thing that I can do yeah and again yeah there's so many good place but where's the great one and there's the way to get through it or or where's the combo and how do I change these cars it's way more interesting than you know oh I this is the best this is the only real play and this is the only real play in that's the only real play and then write a third winner I lose exactly exactly Sam getting back to the table here so the grave demons banishment is finished we go to Sam's turn he draws a card and the same starts by attacking with a demon token so I mean Sam is he's a head on board and and there are let's see what he can do here if someone one of his most main powerful threats it's a lot more than just a tiny bit of head on board he's got a yes he's got a whole army ahead and they Garris juggernaut blocks a demon but before damage if summoner turns it into two demons that cannot attack this turn we did decide to wait he attack before activating that rift summoner and I was able to get an extra demon out of it or an extra attack right I think John's really considering this rain of fire here if yeah and it may come back to bite him that he didn't rain a fire as soon as possible right cuz if say he the first that the first demon came in and then he Rayna fired right away to clear off those two then he can let's lock the demon that was attacking he would have to esteemed in Celestia means you're right so John with the revolt using its 0 now does it draw to to have a 1/1 chump blocker there all right look it's 3 1 3 3 1 it no actually super relevant with the reign of are you absolutely right banishment from Sam although I wouldn't be too sharply if at this point John was more looking for a way to clear the board right considering that you know just moving a couple of minions from the board isn't exactly that's not gonna do it any more a draw to what a pick up yeah flames of euros that's yeah unfortunately didn't have it in his hand when the demon had the damage on it but still uh yeah so I wasn't very happy he might be forced to end up using the yeah the flash fire there right but if he attacks if he is going to use the flames of furious this turn so I guess what I see happening is presumably he'll do something that isn't attack and then he'll use the flames of heroes on Sam steering to get the most out of his off turn your cold and because there's both the chance of the juggernaut blocking the grave demon and the Ricimer potentially making more demons my for me it's – even more damage against Sam exactly exactly and we'll see that's that's one of the reasons to attack with Sam starting with the demons trying to play that or attack with that grave demon last if possible because of what right caris juggernaut could do especially because Sam wrote down flames of Heroes earlier I believe I think don't I think that's a card he seems like he might be going for it right away though Sam counting John's dad to figure out which pile he's in right so I'm looking at his notes to to find out where where we are interestingly enough if he for some reason you didn't want to plate the flame so furious he could also clear with flash fire civil or even flash fire lash the guilty the grave game it would remain but uh yeah he his right yep yeah lash to deal that one damage to the grave team and finish it off and everything else off with the flames of euros on this turn that's a full board clear Sam's can take six Oh Sam didn't block the five Wow yeah even better for John yeah that flames are furious that was what two diamond for diamond tokens riff scimitar and grave demon yeah six plus the 5 from the juggernaut slightly slightly bigger lightning storm yeah I can't see juggernaut I'd see Gareth juggernaut right dargah has a different card be careful and there's the avenger of covenant junior juggernaut nice I like it new name but Sam ambushing in that threat after claims so yeah sure of Covenant still just is that any ambush not as strong as lurking giant in this scenario but still a threat is just a powerful thing to do often it's good to realize when you can just play your champions I mean we saw this last game he just dropped his angel of mercy it has a four five over there born in ambush yeah I mean it was really close to being exactly what you needed Sean is going to arcane research here it looks like he is doing just enough to dig through the pile that the irking research was in right so there's a chance he knows the exact number he wants to reach for the card he wants here if he's been writing it down correctly we've been running it down here in the booth but but he very well knows exactly what he's looking for here yeah just not usually when your arcane research there are three and those are the three well maybe he I believe there were there were five tucked away and the arcane research and their current research was one of them so there are four left but since one of them was the amnesia if he draws the amnesia if he doesn't draw the card he wants he can just play the amnesia to get to the last one yeah no you're a C right yeah I'm sorry I was shaking my head misplaced I mean I was like yeah that's incredible so right and then he leaves exactly enough so that the last doesn't get removed from his grave here exactly just in case there's a turn there's the amnesia see what the card he drew was that he was not looking for oh is it a winter fairy yeah winter fairy I believe that's that that is the full back to the beginning he may have just been looking for amnesia there well I'm not sure if he has an answer right now for Avenger but the same time Sam I'm gonna take this second photo I'm not sure if he's gonna have enough space in his camera for this game so again the save time because of the grave demons the erratic researches the amnesia is the heinous feasts and wanting to know when the cards are coming back up my guess is he was looking for drain essence that would be the perfect answer to Avenger yeah it's lower I don't know exactly where it is I do think it's in maybe at least five if not more further down I'm not sure though I'm sure there's somebody at home right now when you get out there home I can we're like I've been following and finding it down and yeah it's it's 7:00 at 7:00 or it's far away like you know we don't have that at this time but uh but it is exciting to see what these two guys have been doing you know using you know everything they can to try to find what they're looking for enjoying to draw to you with flash fire picking up the stampeding einiosaurus and the go wild actually that that is the second threat I would maybe want the heats to retreat for see how that Sam's retreats very good against the dinosaurs and that was something that's Sam to start to thought plucker a little while ago and Sam said is a lot worse without any discard pile since he can use the four cents or the discarded yes mister it really yeah but presumably after the eight hits Sam's going to play the silver dragon because I mean there's nothing else to play yes I was a dark night in San you can't anything out the dark night but I think considering that it's going to be playing this silver dragon astern yeah it's best not to miss out over the to overload too much on the board right would it uh John end up getting with the or a teenager so Sam just who the surprise attacked I believe within one or two cards it's missed I'd Harold steel Titan right that that we are very close to from the first recycle after I'm pretty sure it's attack still fighting the Animus guide got shuffled together yes so that means he might draw the steel Titan first he might John using wave of transformation here those aren't banished Sam will quickly write those down only two carts this time so that's the bad not too bad no need for photo though III agree taking the photos just faster than writing him all down than that oh yeah and if you have ten cards I mean yeah so two cards down and we should get a couple wolves here in a second oh yeah and don't forget we have angel of lights and priestess royal escort and first Evangeline Celsus from Sam side 21 is not necessarily 21 yeah how long would the game have to go before we say well maybe no one will ever win this game and we'll just play four games of constructed just I think it definitely he did actually know he surprised act and they must get her olds next yeah he drew it he played it and then yes he's exactly into the steel Titan so if you were watching at the beginning of Game two you may have seen surprise attack into misguided oh and then is still Titan Sam actually knew he could do it this time that's right what it looks like he's doing here well yeah let me say it does not look good for draw in here yes oh I see in his hand looks like his officer and play is going to be rain of fire or draw – yep and I think the pressure of the Avenger and the silver dragon were just enough to where Tom needed to wave right the turn before the steel tiny'mon which is when he needs it doesn't hurt yeah he's watching Lisa Titan write those down Sam just can quickly rate those four cards down but I agree with you just like it did it at the very beginning of the game it got 16 damage in yeah it's looking really powerful here as well it was actually just a really long mini game in between when the single Titans hit John yeah it's basically this steel Titan that won game 2 just in the same still Titan wasn't a different one it's just yeah it's took a while to finish the job it's kind of like scars gift this does feel somewhat like that the incredible game 3 between John and Mike oh yes what card is still Titan most like Brock no scars gift exactly it's recurring 13 okay we have the ankylosaurus from John and back to Sam and I I mean he'd go help for the recycle digging a little bit but I I do not believe does he have brave Squire that you would not be enough all right she no it wouldn't be enough he draws two and still Titan is 13 so even though he drew the consume it's it's still exactly lethal and that is the end of game 2 that is smiles and both of them just like that that's at that happens sometimes that's dark trap and and that is what can't say that before well I haven't seen that necessarily on on stream but but I know I haven't in a few dark draft games that have actually gone that long but that one threat those both of those players had drafted very equally powerful decks with with righteous with with gain life yeah with very few blitz Punishers absolutely lots of draw twos lots of removal board wipes and so happen was they both attacks just kind of just roll just roll control back up against each other and and it took a long time and it was that pickup of steel Titan from Sam early in the draft that did win him game 2 so one to one still a best-of-five first one to three wins we're gonna play at least two games affected three against in a with Sam black on his wild sage mid-range deck and we've got John on his scars gift zan knows evil deck and it looks like yeah all right yep so that was the end of our dark draft portion of the finals we are actually going to take a small break before we go into the constructed but we will be right back with Game three of the finals of the epic World Championships here in Boston we'll see you guys in just a minute you you all right welcome back I am calling Bevis I'm here with CJ Moynihan the lead developer of Pantheon and we are about to start the constructed portion of the finals here at the World Championships for at the card game uh that was a really intense game – very close yeah we leave that we leave the last stark draft of one to one so best of best of three first one here been constructed to win two games this was within one card of the matchup we saw John against Mike Siegrist Sam black playing that wild sage deck our one card difference he has one column inside – and a fiery demise in that spot besides that the same list as Mike Sechrist – Sean yeah John with his scarce gift deck so both players we took a bit of a water break and we are ready to go here so I know we saw one game it was incredibly close like it's Mike secrets is that John strategy every game against this deck what else do you think he can do well I mean basically sometimes the xenos or the plentiful dead or the maybe similar summoner yeah that was three are the other you know they generate a lot of things at the same time and basically demand an answer from the wild deck without actually overextending too much yeah and and John does have that one plentiful that we didn't see that against Mike but that could be play an intrical part finding a path to victory plentiful dead just like scars gift a table if you're willing to play it and then have that evil coin ready never really in the discard pile long enough for Sam to use one of his three I'm Nisha's against it I mean you can always get into the issue where just something sticks and you just keep following the leading on on some kind of early lead on either side so for example you know like there could just be a Medusa deck that like a t-rex to your plays and turn one and then you know Jonah follows up with the Medusa and the Medusa just keeps swinging in and it doesn't get answered properly because yeah you know as we've seen it can be difficult for Sam stack to really answer individual cards properly its main strength is playing huge threats and then efficiently dealing with smaller stuff basically right right with well Speights spike in mining strike something else that we didn't see against Mike John has a one-of steed of salt Tessa yes another new card from pantheon tell us about that card and so and what you think it could possibly do in this matchup well the main advantage is to develop that salt a so is that it just represents eleven damage at will so I imagine that if it's in Johnson he's going to save it for that kind of finishing round like we saw in the previous game with John that he really the the beginning when they were hitting each other with their airborne champions the Angel of Death was just taken out as soon as possible like with it was like three cards I think was Wolf's fight we'll fight and close man and the main reason for that is because the health of Sam's health is going to matter a lot more than John sells yes Sam can't recoup his health John has lots of ways to recoup his health and a lot of strategy behind John's deck is going to be that we actually I believe the opponents are there looking through each other's tax oh okay yeah it looks a little strange right now I thought the same thing they are actually looking through each other's deck they have the deck less available but instead of maybe saying hey can we get these real quick they just decided hey let's look through them yeah yeah yeah so so that's what he's looking at right now a steed of Val Tessa the main thing about it is that because it represents 11:00 and because the only answer for zero that Sam has is the you know muses that can show up and let's be honest Sam's probably not gonna be you know holding on to those muses for a long time the steed is just gonna be a way to close the game if right you're at a point where Sam's house starts getting low from a gift yeah or from a zombie token that's beating in so if then the indication of how close that game was against Mike the starting with Mulligan's right his is the is the scars gift clock and and and we will see what Sam is able to put together because we will most likely just just as Mike did see Sam preserve his life total at all costs yeah I think there's something to be said also for plentiful dead but generally more just using one or a couple and only really building up the number of zombies you have when you're going to use a huge Dark One's fury yes yeah yes I mean so to worry about Draca basically and skaros so those things can still come out and blow you out so you don't want to you know invest a lot of health and define a whole dead right and just use it you know for blocks and things like that but if you can clear the board or if you can just no one has a gold spent and just hit for two with wonderful data it's kind of you know it's like using uh yeah using scars gift itself absolutely so to Taraka dragon tyrant and to scare oohs hound of Draca on Sam's side those are the four coins that you could see to help Sam clear away and hurricane of course to and the one of hurricane that's right alright both players have shuffled up and so look John lost Game two so his choice probably will choose to be on the draw to start yes especially in a this type of deck yeah and a lot of other card games competitive play usually choosing to drop it to play first to be the first one but with with epic being on the draw because the player on the play does not draw a card your ambush champions are often the first ones to attack right exactly they're actually you're actually the aggressor on the draw and in in many in many ways also sometimes if you don't have a good play going first you're going to end up passing which means that right if you're a second then you just have the extra card you start with six cards right you're basically on the play right but the main advantage is that if you do have a good establishing play then you can set yourself up really well to see the leader and with the same on the play here a card like ragin t-rex would be exactly that card that's him would usually be very happy to play to start the game and we'll see here he has yeah like two smashing burns a skaros ancient chant and a surprise attack secrets he a paths could see a draw two depending on what how he thinks John might be able to punish him or how many ambush Punishers John has I think we'll see a pass we could see a draw – from Sam he's deciding it right now yeah I mean there's something to be said for playing that smash and burn right away setting up a threat and enabling your surprise attack next turn because exactly yeah but neither of these players well I should say I can't see yes and Sam passes you didn't have an establishing champion John just says okay draws a card and then plays his small establishing champion gudgeon still a strong unblockable to one and relevant is that the gungeon actually stops Carlos because Garcia's target player so Sam cannot play Garros until I mean he can't it just it'll be in eleven eleven right so I guess he's what is going to do here is set up that smash and burn so that he can get rid of that guttering because the gudgeon is going to be a hassle it also prevents amnesia and you know anything going straight to the face and it's a 2-1 yeah everyday I'm just gonna matter for Sam to earn its unblockable yep and Wow so John using the guilt teaming to guilty mr. John is too guilty man in his death and it seems very good in this matchup right getting rid of the smash and burn eating Sam for three uh skaros says target doesn't scarce give you poems can you can you maybe not I don't remember the wording exactly let's see here because maybe I'm wrong deal X damage to target player and to each of their champions so I do not believe that I'm not sure how that works actually yeah I'm not sure it do you I don't think you can do score us when is this is this where I can choose where the gudgeon is gone before the damage is dealt because it happened at the same time right okay all right it just looks like that situation does not come up very often right right now that was something we did say here but Sam yeah I always remember that uh yeah the best ways because you always think one of the best ways to clear to get rid of an opponent's gudgeon is to use an effect that damages all their champions right Karl she's perfect in this place it does say target player alright Sam not able to do what he wanted to do yeah but yeah I mean Pyrus or does work Pyrus or says opponents champions and also Draca works because jakka says that the defending player controls so right basically everything but scarless work that keyword and target player so instead Samuel goes for the draw to you on ancient chant right yeah going to need to actually remove the gudgeon before displaying scarves tiara to fit yeah here comes a little spite that's gonna draw two for Sam Oh looks like he's undoing that okay right so no magic get back yeah quickly because no information we gain velocity just says wait maybe he's thinking oh I'll just I'll just eat it with my drunkest enforcer but I don't know oh he's deciding to finish spike the kill demon instead of the gudgeon it's reasonable right so I mean the nice thing about the gudgeon is that it's unblockable so if it doesn't get removed it's just gonna continue your clock you know yeah like another version of scoffs cars yeah yeah getting in to see this whole deck is it's all about dealing tiny amounts of chip damage I mean it just hit I guess this is one steed right well it's like Angel of Death and Medusa but right those things don't tend to actually get in very often they're usually just enough to provoke your opponent into removing them because you know most decks are gonna have some removal and they're really not gonna have anything else to point it at okay so all in all so the same thing happens result in the sensor the same decides to wait a little bit right Wolf's bite gets rid of the judgin he did draw two there because the ancient chain is discard pile right so the reason that he waited was because he didn't want to have to discard to maximum head size exactly all right so it's currently John's turn he has a gold but nothing that he really wants to spend it on on turn I mean he could erase the I could see in a race on the on the wolf token happening but I don't imagine you know the second guilty men right so once he runs I mean keep mind that John stick has a lot of discard banishment and he has the heinous feast in his hand so he's not too worried about directly targeted banishment right now was their aggression for him right right yeah yeah I know a lot of people don't think about it but the nice thing here is that a worst-case scenario you can erase your own champion you know I gotta raise the guilty man to get some value yeah so a surprise attack in to misguide Harold right and it looks like the raging t-rex or Brachiosaurus are the coin choices here for Sam now the advantage to this play is for Sam is that the Miss guide Harold represents something that's good enough to stop the guilt demon yeah but also you don't really want to spend resources getting rid of my misguide Harold's yeah this is a very good surprise attack for Sam also just to make sure he doesn't take the three from the guilt demon and I mean he has nearly a full grip so I wouldn't be too surprised to see the brachiosaurus coming out it's like Conan turned he can't do the Brachiosaurus into the other brackets or sits in his hand oh right does he know how good does he not have another play to follow it up i I don't I don't I'm not saying he doesn't I just think that he wasn't able to do like that I just have to actually reveal too for the right because his opponent knows about you also revealed the fight off the scar some he knows at least yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah it's this gentleman's all right so right so yeah the erase is going to go on to right t-rex and erase I even stronger when your opponent has it's gonna have to disturb by ten to seven anyway it's like it's not like Sam is low on cards and erasing that t-rex gonna really help him get back into it that erase is interesting so yeah Johnny's really aggressively attacking the discard pile here I guess Sam's now gonna test he's like okay well you didn't have an answer for my miss get Harold so you probably don't have an answer for my muse here yeah Sam comes in with the muse followed by the wolf token that means Truman extra card and it sounds not really looking to play the riff summoner right now kind of a bizarre situation here because John's seen a lot of what Sam has in his hand right and here comes the fire shaman followed by the Brachiosaurus three damage to John but Sam still has his coin up right you could strike us yeah when your head on board and you play Brachiosaurus the is what often happens putting a lot of pressure on John if he draws two there could be as much as a 11 damage from strafing dragon john needs to decide what he wants to do and if he does want to just go to his turn right yeah I mean I guess she has wave oh he's just going to you just gonna shoot him for a lot of damage that's gonna be 7 plus 3 up 10 knocks John down to 13 it was 7 for my song it's gonna have more than the fire shaman so he didn't act we couldn't tell from here but it looks like he didn't pass he just he was just like wait I decided yep I'm going for the scarless I'm not going to pass it with this Brachiosaurus I'm just gonna put all the pressure I think that makes sense Samms realizing that uh he just doesn't want a repeat of what we saw last game with John where he gets the scars infection and then he just you know slowly prevents the opponent from really their damage mattering Matt Matt Matt hurry so what he's doing right now is trying to put as much pressure as quickly as possible saying I have a huge hand of cards if you want to clear my board yes do so and then I'm just gonna start refilling it and you're gonna die before exactly do anything relevant I'm not gonna repo pacing my plays because I don't that's mostly relevant when you don't have anything yeah and I mean it's just German extra card which even yep guarding smashing burn putting you up to eight just hurts the Smash bro to hand-sized John drew two with the wave of transformation and those two cards eyes did see and pick up an angel of death right I'm in it and I would bet that that's yeah that's exactly what we're gonna see here he's gonna banish you from describe out reveal the scars gift and presumably I know this you've a card from us and so we know that scars diff went to his describe how John always just keeps it right there in the center because it's coming right back to his hand and it's an exactly John game to exactly why I Sam black was trying to pressure him as quickly as possible and we'll see if he if that scarless play made sense especially now that you know he would have had a champion that he would have had if he had this curse now he could use it to clear the Angel of Death easily yes but now he's gonna actually have to worry about that hitting him and even more worrying about the having to hit him John with a second heinous feast gaining a little bit of life but also doing it before could played Rakas enforcer and then activate that smashing burnout of a yeah yep so here we see another again 11 for John Sam will take to 9 for the drain essence to from the backs up to 30 right yes back with 30 knocks Sam down to 21 so at this point I mean usually that's looking pretty scary as I hits you there's another three activations for activations assuming that the evil cards go to the discard pile left in the discard pile yeah we very well could see a flame spike into a feeding frenzy on that on Sam's turn onto that angel just to make sure it doesn't do any damage to him right Plus Sam's got all right buttload of cards so you might as well get rid of some of them now I think he's deciding between the flame spike in that's revealed and the wool fight that he has in his hand yeah I mean I think the wolf's bite it's generally more powerful but he also wants to hide what cards he has in his hand I think the wolf so it makes the most sense though because it plays around scara's will will SCARA which would be a perfect response from john yes he plays the flame spike in feeding frenzies and then passes to john and john just you know we've sat at the wheel SCARA and then continues to drain with the scars infection and that's exactly what Sam decides to do the Wolf's pipe into the feeding frenzy he didn't recycle off the wolf spike but he's plenty of carts he's not worried about at least right now what he's worried about is that Angel of Death and and and Sam has very few ways of generating tokens he can try to go wide with missguided heralds and Brachiosaurus but they're definitely turns where scara's will could be very problematic for salmon wolf spiders a good insurance against that the same will also go for an amnesia now make sense I mean considering the you know the impact right he's already seen a scara's gift and and and he knows if I don't use amnesia now that's gonna be what three or four more scars gift activations over the next two or three turns so yeah that's when you want to use it right looks like John picks up his one copy of apocalypse right so just gonna erase the t-rex there yeah who cares you know as many cards as you want yep and I think it's seven or eight he is at 88 he has the Durga scar in hand though very well is the card that he will oh there's a thot so I think that's a church yep seems like the best target well for it doesn't look like he drawn actually has a way to get rid of that that thought blocker however or I guess yeah because John already spent his gold playing the erase that's great the real question is once these all hit John he'll take the three he'll be about 27 if Sam passes Bojan just go to his turn and then you know do nothing yeah this is thought pucker could be very pesky for John John happen to think what do I want to do and if I do want this to hit what I want to discard right yeah I think there's a pretty high chance that I thought plucker will come in he'll discard and then he will follow up oh he's gonna make a play come across you start with the scars gift two cards go away one of them we said we were there picked up a with her yeah I mean that's why you do that play right exactly he decides to go at the draw two before the damage with a thought pucker he has Withers he has consumes he doesn't have any kids no consumers just a three where there's a flash fire that's right those Rizzoli was a okay buddy she found it he found a way I mean he hasn't seen any of those cards so it's not not too too unlikely and to the flash fires the additional benefit of making his will of scar much better by removing the wolf token yep and this is a flame spike feeding friends feeding frenzy just to get rid of em and token from the Durga SCARA samurai Ora Tizen getting every champion John has off the board as he comes in Sam he just knew the envelope that Kim that accumulating just a little bit too many champions can make the Dark One's fear really scary right coming out of John side and he hasn't seen it even any to draw to so yep I'm sure that's what he's a million cards so place the muse and pitches the ancient chant to hand sighs so let's see I'm thinking board what could be pretty right when I was stretching my neck yeah my neck in that we actually saw this for a second there yeah yeah that I was gonna say the drokken forced her and thirteen not in play those are just still revealed off loyalty from the raging t-rex yeah her John I get a secret with the earth summoner he's he's going back to that other oh you know I can get I can put myself in a situation where my opponent plays a hurricane it's good for me because it's killing their own stuff and I have the wither to fit it so that's not a wither the rocks is cursed there yeah this is a tough decision for John looks like he's leaning toward that riff summoner I really wants play the riff summoner I mean he is nearly full on cards in hands so Louis Leakey's decide on the roof summer yeah and has just enough cards its discard pile as well to get that activation off of the scara's gift and again slow and steady Sam is is 17 each scars gift is one tiny step closer to John getting a win in each game it's interesting we haven't seen the one copy of wonderful dead in any of these matches we haven't yet not at all the same loyalty for rocks like you played surprised I came to Brock just gonna pile on all the cards in play yeah it looks like John's gonna go ahead and do that right now so I imagine that broadcast be hasty retreated yes and that is exactly what John has ready because he doesn't know any other answers in his hand yeah and that's gonna mean that Sam is gonna draw card right and that is a temporary fix but that discard I was filling up again with that history and that's a good point so nice all you need I feel like Medusa is a card chana's is really asking for seriously in this matchup I mean it's important we play it you can just wish yeah you can just see this altes I could just close this out from nowhere as well yeah because the Drina since only nine that that brock is an 11 defense Medusa as long as it's not on the turn that brought comes in is very powerful against it man that uh attack with the Eurasian characters but surprising I guess he's planning on replaying the Brock I think he has to attack without region choice right well I mean I was thinking I was thinking this might be the turn where he tries to hurricane but maybe right I got a four and a half turn right and just go for the attack next are you saying I have plenty of time yep I'm gonna set up I'm gonna make sure I've lots of big champions to play and then next turn is the big turn where I'm going yell out my hurricane and as a one of he has used it as loyalty right so John knows about it this isn't gonna be a surprise the question is can John do anything about it what happens right you just do with the rock sisters yeah he's thinking he use definitely think looking at that wolf token and saying well you know sir gains probably about to come out I should just focus on making my opponent use it more than anything else so John will start with the amnesia yeah and he definitely has to think about these Anita's you know that's you know basically an extra one less card in his discard pile to to use the gars gift it's God's gift he's getting closer but recycling that with enemy Jie means can get another evil card so we can start digging towards that making the same a speaker yes now we did see John Pickett Pisano's two copies in his deck and as we see the fiery demise not very useful his matchup probably is always worth discarding against John stick right there could be a moment where you could get a rift summoner plus a wolf spite by using fire demise respite but for the most part yeah we'll see what John does here start leads with the scars gifts so if this this could be the Zen house here I imagine he's probably just gonna clear the board oh yeah yeah right because that's better because of the house and then the hurricane comes out and then he's just oh yeah behind my saying you're actually right yeah what he's more worried about is that one of hurricane right now for sure right yeah and now Sam has to rebuilds he could play the hurricane but then he is basically just starting over from turn one on his on his side and he's away behind so he might just try and drop you know yeah exactly a champion like that stripping dragon dealing it's five to the Rif summoner so now because so even though he could group attack I think it would be safer not to because John knows that Sam has lightning strikes in his deck but it looks like and flame even a wolf spider or a flame strike if I'm famous spike could finish that less when I am did not have a spider a flame strike that we probably definitely seen it so back to see I could imagine that box got to come out yeah yeah just because it is just the fastest way to clean out you know you really got a you know you're the clock's ticking at this point you know Sam's getting pretty far behind without anything on board oh wow so surprise attack into the zanna's right you don't get it actually don't ya don't give this guys let's say you don't get this Cara's gift because because of surprise attack being the reason that Danis is there so he will not choose to do it here what sometimes that's good enough because these these zombies can just chip in yeah yeah but also Santos 3 to Sam the light beam for John not nearly as relevant as the three damage it did to Sam this this last turn and he will start by attacking so he's like okay you didn't have anything last turn looks like you just like a hurricane now did attack my this is zombie and as a knows so that if Brock blocked yeah would have been a trade I imagine that the Drina it's just gonna come down here kill this because uh yep oh no she's gonna go for the win that's a coined that's a seed of zealot a said yeah that's and then the Hurricanes already been played right well so at this point it's amuse or bust that's right you could also clear it with two zero cost cards lightning striking at Wolf's in a flame spike I think he and I know if Sam had lightning strike you just on it we know from the turn before right they didn't have in a little Smith or wow that one of steed yeah so this is it yeah it's interesting that game seemed a lot less close than the last one that we saw yeah it was I mean I guess this was a different list so I think might yeah I think might had all three Amnesia's earlier as well I think Sam only had one there if I remember correctly which which definitely Jon's discard pile he was able to get rolling with the scara's gift it was even faster was this the the what was the that was this this is the this is the one that we saw against John earlier yes so yeah I mean I think I guess it was the same list almost exactly but we also saw less follow-ups I effectively I mean that time that was John actually got landed a rift summoner and then it started being relevant yes I was gonna see John founder of some early in that game against my secrets but there he had the rift summoner early he found one of his anos yeah and I feel like the the rift summoner and zan O's are both really bad in more champions yeah not just trying to find a board wipe or trying to stop what sandbox doing but being even more proactive John also had both guilt demons early in that game which dealt some damage and also get Sam off he ate this latest fashion burn Sam played not that was necessarily relevant with cards but play the flames bike without recycle and and III think those guilty means Medusa's riff summoners and there's a nose along with Dark One's Furies are the kind of combination that John is looking for right I think also Sam had a really slow start at the beginning because he basically passed and then played a smash burn to draw to the second guy that you see the huge difference in power level versus like I'm gonna play a rain ramp raging t-rex to start thinking right versus his hand which was double smashing for an ancient chant being even play any rocky sources that's another big thing I don't think I'm Sam fight any Brachiosaurus they may be one when he also surprised attacked a Miss guide Herald and chose not to get the other Brachiosaurus all of the off turn so we'll see what Sam has here he's gonna most likely be on the draw and and we'll see again as the aggressor in many ways Sam looks like he's got them all again one of those will spite in something else there is a Medusa in John's hand a Reaper a Roxas curse a dirge of SCARA and and a heinous feast I think yeah I think so seems well I would urge and I was you know I was gonna say I'm surprised you didn't well you know I kind of liked it and starts with on his turn he just drew two right yeah I mean just one of those cards that you know you just you want to get the ball rolling it lets you set up for the demon he's looking for the the gift of Gaara and also you know other irrelevant plays and here comes the strafing dragon John is at 25 right not not updated yet but yeah but this this is Medusa and this is something John's really happy to see in this matchup against all these giant wild champions and one thing that we saw here that didn't last game was that basically Sam starting his turn with an attack pretty early on right he's like the first one to have a champion in play whereas last game John and established that kuchen pretty Jesse and it was really rough for Sam although it doesn't look like he's gonna have a relevant punish here he doesn't just has to flame spikes a feeding frenzy he does believe that rock as a forester on his turn yeah it's like that hands gonna be a little bit awkward to pull something off with on his off turn because he's got feeding frenzy to flame spikes a fire shaman and a surprise attack yeah that's a very strange hand for so it's almost definitely he's I'm Stephan gonna be forced into flame spiking to dig and then if he doesn't find anything using the feeding frenzy to draw – yeah and that's what exactly was gonna do here the Reaper takes care of the Drock his enforcer – damage – Johnny's at 23 and Sam will draw a card he's looking for a champion he starts with a Brachiosaurus alright so you can surprise doc fat and then draw – with the feeding frenzy worst case scenario right he also has another trial step here it's an ancient chant so this Brachiosaurus most likely coming down yep you can also you can also flame spiked first if he wants but it looks like he's just gonna draw to you yep another Brachiosaurus in a strafing dragon for Sam but Sam's deck one Kong instead of to let you know no drain essence sometimes we see train us it's in the wild deck this Reaper has been a real problem for these wild decks yeah and he's not gonna want that sticking around at least law I would actually wouldn't be too surprised if he should be cleared the Reaper first is that possible I guess it isn't I thought he could I thought he could do it with fire shaman in – Hinda yeah because otherwise yeah Jon's just gonna draw – there's a nice thing about having a Reaper in place you can just keep drawing – right and then also your your your champions don't do anything yeah and one thing about this deck is because it relies on the forward momentum a lot you have a lot less of the of the of the blitz Punishers – to follow things up with ya because you're more focused on just tossing a lot of things out and then forcing their opponent to deal with those individually john has played his coin with the draw – off the zombie apocalypse Sam has a strafing dragon in hand he could go for the 11 to the face on John he also could finish off that Medusa with a strafing dragon and still attack mm-hmm as for damage on her right now yeah I think he's definitely trying to find out his turns because either way the other option is he could play he could play fire shaman brachiosaurus and then something else leave this riffing dragon or the region check so you could do like prior Sharon Brachiosaurus traits into your ex and that does finish off the Medusa if you wanted he could do with the six by four fire shaman or just do this yes to the face yeah either way I think he yeah I think he's definitely looking at at the establishing the fire shaman but he really needs to get rid of that Reaper he was going to put any champions into play he might just go ahead and fire Shama and strafing dragon looks like he's just gonna draw here that's seven to the Medusa right so he's gonna need to I'm just going to use the right flame spike to finish it off or a cycle from there that is enough flame spike finishes the Medusa off and right I'm sure that John is feeling pretty good about this looks like he just picked up a drain essence and he has the he looks like he also just grabbed the gift off of that draw too so he can start generating for force of his own and with the georgeous Cara yeah that I mean that's an interesting interaction actually the scars will with Reaper right yeah well with Reaper it's just that the trigger scar when it gets recycled oh it's a dirge of scars yeah I was thinking the the allied abilities now that we have the wills being able that's mated twice in the same turn is something new to the game that it's not something to be sucked at well we've actually seen any of the scars wills you know these games I don't think he doesn't have it in his hand it must be like in the middle of his deck every single time he's three in this document in there we've been going through all right decks at any of these games they've just been taking oh there's just been a lot of thought because not many champions are in play generally at the same time right not a lot of turns but very difficult turns and and yeah I think I think it would be better for him to save it just because it's not really good target for right now well okay and then he'll break the he'll break that and make it the image token sure so it does go for the fire shaman does put that drain essence right back yeah best to draw the drain essence again as soon as possible since it's presumably the his best card in the matchup yes and and you know if John was playing lessons learned that's a card you would not want to recycle but by seeing if you see your opponent in this scenario recycle that drain essence you can probably take lessons earned which Sam obviously knows the deck listen knows there are no lessons learned in John's deck alright there's nothing that can get anything back from you discard pile except for you know the pitiful day to those scars yep so thought plucker john chooses the Roxas he has been so disciplined with not putting the Scarsdale he knows it's his win Khan and he knows Sam black has amnesia than you saying right he also knows because he knows his list really well he knows I don't need to wither the thought Walker now because there's no reason to the my Sam black doesn't have any I guess does he have smashing burn so sure would sure of Smashing burning but I mean that is pretty he's probably not gonna do that I mean if you did that you'd be pretty happy you just draw to you and then you'd kill it with the Reaper so right and then anything else that has there's no zero cost there's no zero cost card that's gonna buff it there's no zero cost card that's going to give it unbreakable and there's only one to bring back over to Scarface you never really need to worry about it there's a Reaper I guess he really is very cautious about blocking with the Reaper here because he doesn't he knows that the Reaper is just so valuable and and if you you know looks like a clean block just block that for for but if he does Sam could follow up with the lightning strike and finish off the Reaper right again it's one of those defeating frenzy right strafing dragon there's a lot of things like yeah exactly there's lot of things that get happen so probably this game yeah it's misguided thought plucker and they've got the or Sam Hill almost was that looks just reroll but then said wait like what do I really want to roll into you or yes yes six in his hand he's saying if I hit scar I doesn't really matter because it's not gonna do anything you does choose the top flicker over another role on the Miss can here well George going away so it looks like you picked up an angel of death not not super useful right now since he's just chugging along ideally he'd want to draw to you but he doesn't actually have yeah draw to be good but draw to that activates his a liabilities yeah you can draw two with their axes curse but but he they were able to trigger the Reaper to get rid of the thought flicker right I wonder if maybe he even wanted to hold on to that dirge just because this turn he'd like to use the raucous curse to draw – but he can't activate his ally abilities on it yes I like this play that's like a free kill on the on the misguided Herald because you can't the he knows Sam stack Sam doesn't have any effect that has six damage and you can't feeding frenzy right it would only have to be something which is incredibly unlikely in that in a scenario of double will spike yeah oh yeah that was we know he could like a little sway block with the wolf spy and then right but still yeah and we'll look at that misguided off to her miss guide Herald off the table looks like he just recalled D as his coin yep called the dirge back to his hand so we got that demon that is his coin for the turn and then Sam with his fall that's all three thought pluckers by the way there's so the third one is in the discard pile right now so Sam has a different strategy been by drawing with lethal occurs he has a completely different strategy than we've seen in other games in this match he is going directly at Jon's hand it's pretty funny he could have group attacked there could have with wait with both it doesn't actually matter right mean there's nothing in John's deck that I would care whether or not he did or not either way the Medusa takes one the Reaper turns the other one into a demon right now Reaper sticking around has been causing so much good Sam is not but it'll get rid of it yeah I mean he's like okay well I was gonna say there's the one snake super made let's get rid of the Reaper now right there is Sam's Kong II and and finally he gets it off the table because just just sitting around it was able to turn what three or four champions into India I'm and tokens which has made the pressure a lot less against John in these middle turns here those dinosaur he's reaped well let's see what this one Kong can do in Sam's matchup because it I can't get Mike was using it to good effect I mean it was it was a lot of pressure against John right partially because just like Brock more than nine means drain essence can't deal with it and it means it has to be a poor wiper it has to be a Medusa or Reaper to yell to really get off get off the table yeah the way I see this going it doesn't seem it didn't seem like I mean maybe he's grabbed another one but that was the last of his really good direct answers because he had the Reaper in play and then he just spent his reduces so likely I think he'll sit a bit and just draw some more cards until you know that Medusa blocks a demon token probably eats some kind of effect and then the demon wolf will just go on underneath the and Sam surprise attack the card he drew was Brock and he immediately it plays it reveals two draws another card yes yeah I know it'll be interesting to see how greedy Sam tries to get with this smash and burn because I think especially if let's say this Brock gets through then you can get away with cement smashing burning an unblocked demon token yes but uh or something along those lines but the fan hit gets wound up by Roxas curse oh it's it John is gonna use as its raw to looking for a hasty retreat it does not find it takes 1414 from the Brock that's how fast as well if I was I was Sam I would probably even just go ahead and been smashing burns my five draw to the courts pretty you know I already got a whole lot on there right now yeah but we'll see he might just end up putting it on a demon token especially because the draw to that John used was the Roxas curse yeah exactly and then and then strafing dragon into feeding frenzy and a lightning sha the demon token says I see him pulling out all the zeros so you probably I think I don't think you have any other effects this could just be it for John that's what both those demons are gonna end the Dragons easily enough well he can gain two off of the scars gift going on a twenty so then he'll take twenty here right now that's 21 on board so he needs a different zero he needs any zero cost card in his deck he's already drawn to he's already used this coin for the turn and I don't see but one scars gift in his hand think of Sam attacks with everything that's his witness beast he has two heinous feet second to last and a with her okay that's heinous reason with her wither can skid at least save six six health by by going on the demon like as if necessary but the strafing dragon is still under attack yes so this tree fiend Riga he's definitely need to hit his first year he heinous piece before damage on the strafing dragon he can definitely survive and bet he'll be very low as long as there's two champions in his discard pile yeah he'll be alive yeah there's six john up to 11 but right back to five of wind is strafing dragon hits now few withers then he'll go to three that's correct but I mean Irish shaman from Sam yeah but yeah I mean so is it that heinous pieces in the discard pile doesn't have scars give him his hand though you might okay so likely next turned then you right back to five he will he'll go back to five and clear the board with her yes heinous feast keeping John alive Oh heinous even with this incredible surprise alright that's up weather right right so John two three Sam surprise attack into Brock followed up by lightning strike and and then a strafing dragon and feeding frenzy jihad draws no not very often reducing demons to one once for a turn he's not a very commonly used mode on with her yeah but enough to just enough to John alive so there was a pickup of zan owes for John we see the gudgeon I think it's there's a Dark One's fury as well but because of the demon tokens on the Reaper that doesn't clear the board oh and that's the board laypeople he has a surprise attack so I think what he's considering doing is playing the gudgeon and then surprised attacking out Angel of Death on the backswing Wow yes that's what's gonna have to do well he could play the Angels just enjoy that now yeah but see it either way it goes up to five just because okay spring angel death now right I'm just gonna surprise that gout potentially xennos seems strong he's gonna draw it draw a card here off I really didn't think John could get out of that and he just did oh yeah sorta dirge so he gets to the demon trip yes well I sure the angel exam yeah that scars gets back to his hand yeah I'm sure Sam was counting here but like well he needs to gain yeah he's in a bunch of life in and John he's every zero we had three seven he was uh I think nine over lethal yeah but not enough but enough to survive that turn that was still quite impressive however Sam able to finish John off Jonathan only five health and acumen was that a yeah was that a strafing gregory i didn't see it we didn't see it here on like on the on the camera either way see i might have revealed something from his hand they came in it immediately but either way see I'm taking Game four just gonna take a small break was not we're not we're just gonna keep talking to you but Sam is just can one of the restroom we get some water yeah don't worry we're here for you oh we're here but I I guess a surprise attack was the big difference between games three and four I feel like means plastic is pretty big it's it's it was the it seemed to be the standout card there it's just so much pressure and every time the surprise attack into the Brock just John has had an answer right away yeah I think what happened was usually what John did in the first game was he called he called Sam's Bluff a lot on the little damaging effects like lightning strike and wolf spray but you know the cost of him having one wasn't that big and then he called his bluff there in that last turn and it was a really big swing because he hauled his bluff and he had a lot of efest he's he able to clear off all of his blockers the con got through and that was you know thirteen damage that was that was basically just you know yeah too much too quickly and right once it so that's a one of Kong for Sam right when he got to it I said that that was a card we identified against Mike that was something that was a problem for John yeah it seemed to be that thing is just giant and it's causing problems and I have to make sure I have something to block at every turn and the turn that Sam decided to kind of go off you know using all of his zeros that Colin got through and that led the charge to the very quick end of Game four yeah and we definitely saw that the the Reaper making the demon tokens wasn't irrelevant the fact that the demon tokens were still there yes they came in they did two damage at the very least and they ate a wither and they potentially threatened to do much more yeah and and as powerful as Reaper is it got rid of all three thought pluckers and or at least two of them and that one turn with Medusa but it wasn't it it's it's such a good card it's such a good mad at choice against what you expect if it's a heavy wild feel without draining since but you have your Dark One's furious as well and and you just gave them the demons and it just was just too much damage on that last turn of the game this is shaping up to be quite a finals yeah this is I guess this is Game five is everything that we have that we wish for the finals Game five to incredible players I know we're very excited here thank you for sticking with us all day if you're just joining us welcome just hearing hey it's going to Game five we're here at the epic World Championships just outside of Boston and started with 32 players and we are down to two playing with the new Pantheon cards 48 new cards CJ was one of the lead developers for Pantheon I guess when we have this small break I mean maybe talked with some of your favorite cards from Pantheon let's talk about him for science oh man well honestly I have a soft spot for for scars gift and that's mostly because I like the really grindy style laughs way but so I mean I really enjoy that I know some people the they really enjoy epic because they get to just you know throw out those huge champions and write down with you know huge attackers and things like that and you know it's it's another option for a duck type and it doesn't it doesn't cause games to end in an unsatisfying way in my opinion like sometimes when you especially we saw the card meta last year right and that was Park is just kind of annoying in the sense that you gain a lot of health and the game just kind of sputters out like it's just like and it's over but there wasn't right and there's a lot of there's a lot of like dead cards that you see things that are things that are like basically you you you your cards a lot of the cards you came dead cards yes it could have a drain essence and you'd be playing against Carter can you be like well I can't draw it to you with this yes there's nothing really for me to kill with it and the the health again is irrelevant yeah yeah and train essence was quite polarizing last year where it was very clean so wild decks and very little against card this year a bunch of mid-range matchups really close games I know that karke wasn't banned from competitive play but fumble blind faith ceasefire those decisions were made and it definitely shook up the meta and and we also were able to play a bunch of the new Pantheon cards we're seeing Pantheon cards in in both John and Sam's deck today yeah absolutely we're very excited to have them yeah I do agree those scars gift a slow and steady and Jon found the the same idea let see was building his deck here today yeah I mean I also really like Harold a flash knock I know it's it's seen a little bit of Fringe play today yeah just the I like cards that don't cause you to run out like Harold wash lies exactly one of those it's kind of like a triceratops that it replaces itself yes we also kind of need to build with it in mind if you don't have any wild cards occasionally with sometimes you'll get one choice and it just be like a triceratops that I was getting you a different wildcard which might be good or bad writing all your other wild cards are but if you have a lot of wild cards then you can really dig into what you need yeah you know sometimes you can grab a go out and then all of a sudden it's like unimproved bellowing Minotaur so I kept only Minotaur but it draws you a card right right yeah that's what all the heralds the ability to write right miss kite Herald what you've had for a long time just being able to grab a champion but these new heralds it should be noted I mean yeah you can grab zeros you can grab events you grab whatever you want is all right in your faction so those those were that they looked really good in a little bit I saw of the pluck University's deck that they were here at Tom Sorensen and others were playing it obviously this weekend yeah I would say one of my favorite cards from Pantheon is cast out I'm not a tokens player by any means and I don't think you even need to be simply it's it's just baseline it deals with so many you know Dark Knight off turn ribosome use a spore piece just just having cast out deals with that but the upside both within an ambush party I'm sure token fans out there run yeah excited to see it really pushed the envelope and was something that Sam even used with with battle cry and had some incredible success earlier today they're playing so just finding ways to make a faction like good the the white or yellow faction that we have in epic especially in dark Jeff more competitive and we saw more good cards being drafted in dark Geoff today then that I've seen in a while some writer to see and I'm especially excited for people to be brewing new archetypes that yeah haven't really existed before I mean you know there was a little bit of evil deck types that we saw last year but nothing quite as grindy as this and right you could say the same thing also about plug University's deck with the last year the final task top liquor right right well I meant that this year this year they have kind of an archetype designed around making one thing really big and all right that's what I'm hoping for is that people we'll really bring out their brews yeah and we get to see things that we haven't seen before yeah absolutely and we definitely saw it this weekend with the with the Pantheon cards immediately being put to great effect in from four slants to scara's gift to brock the fist of lash not so the players are shuffling up getting ready for Game five this will be the last game of the epic World Championships John trying to repeat the victory from last year and Sam black incredible magic player magic Pro and and and also been playing a ton of epic and playing online he definitely practiced he definitely prepared for this event and it's been showing so both of them getting ready here for game 5 and I hope you I can't imagine the tension in the room you know and it's like the last match of finals yes is it this is walking out of here yeah this is it right here you can't you can't ask for more that's perfect yeah baby here we are so players will choose there's that one of hurricane in Sam's opening hand as well as an amnesia feeding frenzy I gotta like the the Brock is there as well yeah keeping the hurricane keeping the Brock keeping the amnesia those are cards that have stood out as important in this matchup absolutely from meaning frenzy can be kind of awkward to play yeah picks up a smash so he does just start with the Brock I was a sucker the pressure is on immediately for John ooh although I think we might get an early start with the with the if someone or seminar here I think I mean honestly looking at his hand I might even be the only option but looks like he might be drawing too and instead so chooses to draw to over getting an early all right looking for a good answer to that Brock and maybe it's because he thinks I have so few answers to Brock its board wipe and that's needs to be something like Angel of Death right and yep that's exactly what he goes with great especially in the early game there's a chance that Sam doesn't have a good follow up to just removing whatever is threatening card is exactly and that's what we saw a lot of in the first match was Sam his hand was a little bit awkward to had smash and burn in it and then he was kind of forced into just drawing to look for a good answer and you don't want to get into a drawing war with a deck that wants the wants to drink yeah and even though sim saw that dirge she says this this thought flicker is what I'm doing this turning there's the dirge of scar from John yep of course John knows doesn't really matter if I should no reason to wither maybe my opponent will you know misguided heralds before they attack and they happen to hit a thought blocker and so my weather gets a two-for-one value yeah no real reason to with her before my opponent dice until you need to looks likes have picked up a second fire shaman on this draw stuff that's something I think you want to see multiples at least not right now it's true I mean it would be a card that can obviously finish the game right he could attack with the rooster thought plucker and then if he gets her moved he can blow up out the fire Sheamus and just removed the draw to to get rid of the angel death and then just basically forced John to have another board wipe or were there yeah oh he does he plays both fire shamans we know John has the wither in hand though that's gonna be able take care of both of them but accordingly I mean yes the deal with the DA plucker though he's thinking about it what do I do here does that second fire shaman actually enough to take care of its gonna recall the dirge discard the dirge and then presumably on his turn he's just gonna use both withers so recalls the dirges his coin gets the demon let's the top liquor hit him Sam Johnson card is his third and final feeding frenzy in the Sam's hand right now because he Mulligan won he Morgan both I believe Oh he just drew a third one yeah she's gonna turn to clean up oh right he doesn't need to use the other way there yet of course and there is a second thought in Sam's hand might actually be able to pull this off Wow that revolver T&C we'll see it doesn't look like Sam has many other ambush champions to play and and we saw Sam have to thought placards on the board last game this could be Sam's play and that second wither I mean it could be huge yeah we might see yeah I was John I'm getting a little low on cards I might just want to start drawing back up again you've kiss that's that's the main way that you lose and honestly you really want your opponent the opponent's best offer in place are there's what nine of them's resdac Drucker's enforcer and strafing dragging everything drag yeah basically I guess there's also thought like a rate so if you can get your opponent or start timid to make a play this chance you know he'll drop another fell flicker yep it doesn't look like this give me a draw to off the Apocalypse I think though if I was Sam I might take that read like oh he used the whether to kill both my fire shamans over the thought plucker but he does he does place we thought flicker and John still has a discard but we do know he has the wither both suckers here and that's fine Sam choosing to amnesia right away makes this scara's gift weaker but there it is John's like all right I'm not gonna I don't want to worry about you playing in other another yeah he's like okay they chance that you drop a third topic I'm pretty low yeah the wither for two is incredible for John there and with the dirge not only able to recall it to be able to discard to the top liquor but he's got two demons out of that as well while drawing to with the apocalypse listed John also putting pressure and surviving card wise through the through the thought placards the flash fire killing off a couple things not unheard of with their killing to thought blocker and after killing two fire shamans yeah but I Sam still with a much bigger cards then then John has so John is gonna need to I mean those cards still are quite good against you but yeah reducing the number of answers you need by one twice yeah right and so this is on turn she removes one of the demons John's wants to look for a good answer to that raucous enforcer ideally a look after in essence yeah yeah it looks like you draw to you that with he's got the scars will it's the first cards will that we've seen so my guess is it's gonna be scars will comment in for for probably scarred scars gift scar as well as far as he have to answer as well right with those two cards start with this her scars gift that's what John's deciding to do here John's I think about the race he just wants to fill his head back up but the race is also a good answer off turn against something like a the 1400 yeah braack braack yeah yeah I know I like John holding on to those erases I trying to make sure if if he can surprise attack Brock that he has an answer right his last game he was digging for he didn't find it so hanging on as long as he can and this is what he's gonna do we get to see scara's will for the first time it runs away very quickly yeah we recycle yeah scarves bills also a card that you'll generally have good targets for if your opponent isn't playing around it but yes there are there can sometimes you can sometimes get to the point of the game where you just you just don't have a good good time to play scars will for a very long time like they might just have a wolf token City challenge but in that case that John was able to pull it off he's scara's will Sam has to break a champion of his choice but he only had one right and John hasn't played his coin yet yeah is either of them played their coin yet right so your lightning strikes he could have pulled out the distributing dragon there but he decided not to and after that John passes and Sam draws near the player play their coin there and the board is he rushed the game right now yep I think John's fine with that he's got the scars gifted and already and has Sam at 20 I think Sam also says Pass John draws yep I think Toronto Pass here not much has changed maybe he'll try to attain okay he says okay now the window is open for Sam to bring in one of the ambush champions if he hasn't so he does so because John took the draw to Sam back ahead on board yeah not what John was really wanting to see not the kind of thing that you want to I'm surprised he don't want to erase that I knew he wanted to draw too but I also tries because last turn he passed and he only picked up a draw to formation yeah I am surprised that he played it there I think I would have passed but it's a rent a really tough call and Sam takes the the edge on the board now John's gonna need to react well I think he'll just well taking it as really awkward yeah I would even consider starting to race your with the with the teaming tokens I'm just making a bunch of demon tokens for something a while yeah yeah he's had that riff summoners since the beginning of the game right but he knows he sees the hurricane he doesn't want to play riff summon our empty board Sam's also had that a long time probably doing some math right now what's the worst thing that can happen because you know let's say he takes the damage here then he goes down to oh he's gonna erase it Wow I mean I don't think I don't like it much else I mean he can choose to take the six but then Sam's just gonna pass right summoner and he gets hit with Draca but he'll gain the two so he'd be at yeah eight I think that's that's the math he was doing in his head it's a bad spot to be in no John did just find a drain essence this this is a card that he we haven't seen in game five and and a card that was used especially against these dragons in Game three and four to two good in fact I think I think we can safely say John likes this card a lot considering the amount of times it got played in in dark draft yeah I remember it origins deserves sometimes yeah yep so after the erase Draca just comes in as a nine nine airborne blitz to scars gifts then the drain essence dumping the discard pile drying oyster card off of the ancient chant right so Sam goes to sixteen picking up that second scar as gift that's when things turned right if got a nice safety net now but I mean still does a lot strafing dragon still knocks me down to fourteen after attacks we gained the the nine ten eleven twelve thirteen that turns her back to twenty right yeah and so he's gonna he's gonna hold on to the cards he has in his hand played the first scars gift you know if you want to eat that on a race car pile no big deal yep he still has that surprise attack but hasn't actually found anything to surprise attack right then there's not a Santos earning angel of death right now it's infinitely to take your edge of it you know yeah once again the straight from Dragon coming in and this time John takes it all right well he doesn't he has even less answers now I can waive our hasty retreat yep looks like he's going to be playing the riff senator this turn might be thinking about potentially even gaining some extra health in case he takes a lot of damages turn and eating up with the the other scars gift and his riffs his dirge to make another demon token I'm sure he's attempting to evaluate what's the chance my opponent has scar right now how about is if I play this car and it just hits all my diamond tokens yeah he makes the redeeming tokens right now and then his entire board gets wiped he's been so careful with the scars guess in every game yeah and he doesn't have any he doesn't have a ward up in his hands so wait I mean he has weak but John surprise-attack draws a card and so so just sayin his hands yeah but might as well cycle of a surprise deck so he has all three scars gifts that's another reason that he was more willing to lose one Wow he's found all three scars gifts and loyalty off the riff summon our two demons back to Sam Sam erases one of the deem tokens but I'm Johnny I feel okay about that yeah well Sam's just worried about dying at this bright uh icy feeding frenzies coming down right well spite into feeding frenzy as well from Sam playing the erase verse just in case he draws a lightning strike two zombie apocalypse in John's deck that's him recycled a few champions it looks like he didn't actually hit an enemy just so my guess is there's a Roxas Chris that's eight so that that threatens sleep all right if because right now that's four in play a 10 at 12 plus a coin or any kind and evil is 14 right now do something now right now yeah right now there's 12 in play and in hand yeah any evil coin I mean he has that hurricane but doesn't set him up for a good in a good position my guess is he also never wants to play his coin first on Johnston John could have the one steed right and riser things Sam has to think about it it's used to deal with a surprise attack looking for he finds a Miss Carroll that could easily be askaris those are the flips Wow I was like three choices here huh decision I mean the safest play would actually be to get Brock right because he's he can't be can't be can't be board cleared dad is a really big surprise attack finding them is dead Harold off the top into the Brock nest of lash not if I'm Sam I think I get the Brock yeah yeah I mean you reveal loyalty you draw a card you the dangerous thing about pulling out a raging t-rex is that you're dead to to Dark One's fury that's a break where yeah hurry because it leaves the diamond tokens exactly he could if John had dark monster you can just play both the scars infections wait Dark One's fury I think there's both scarves gifts its Dark One's fury oh my gosh before blocks Dark One's fury I mean I could have something pretty crazy somebody you could block with a mutinies I think it needs more than one I did you get back off I guess you only got two back that's so right now it's right now it's not yet – he'll be in – yeah it's not dead because he has them used to block ya chump walks with the muse but I'm sure he's not feeling good about how that hand hold these decisions are there's a guilty man and I don't think I think that's it yeah Wow congratulations John what that that was such it was that the Dark One's Furion you said it I didn't even see it in John's hand yeah yeah one's head are there I wanna ever that's just a testament to epic and how not only incredibly difficult it is but the smallest