✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Roulette Table

How to make a Working Roulette Table Some time ago, I saw Sethbling’s working, but pretty complicated, roulette table.. I then later saw Grian’s roulette table, which was more decorative. I’ve tried taking the best of both worlds and came up with a design! On my channel, I try to keep the builds simple and this one is no exception! :] However, in my opinion this is both functional and really good looking. The hardest part is actually to get the rails to go in the right directions, which they are now. These rails will control the ball in the roulette. The cool thing about this, is that you will only see the top of the helmet through the carpet. The visible part of the roulette table is almost complete, soon I’ll make it work.. Here’s what the table looks like.. Now it’s time to make a lever control the powered rail.. You can place the lever wherever you want. If you want an employee to do the spinning, you could place it on the side instead of at the end. You! Rate and comment. I appreciate and read! You can hear the minecart going around.. Pretty cool looking, huh? :] Soon it will be functional too! Now you can turn it on and off! Obviously, it isn’t random where it stops, so you need to be random when turning it off instead. Red won! These two fields are used to bet. Place the bet on the color you want to bet on. I’ve just bet my shovel on black.. I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to rate the video and comment anything you want, I look in the comments almost every day! Feel free to click subscribe for more like this Thank you to my patrons! You can support me on Patreon or support single videos for free by following the guide in the description

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Drum Set

How to make a Working Drum Set. Today, I’ll show you how to make a cool-looking drum set that let’s you play your own beat! You can choose the material for the drum set yourself, I’m using birch… These are the cymbals. Those are the drums. This is basically what the drum set itself is going to look like… This is basically what the drum set looks like… Let’s add a chair for you to sit on! To get the best-looking chair, I’ll be using a helmet on an armor stand.. This lever is supposed to look like the bass drum foot pedal.. Cool, huh? Now let’s make it work! First, make room for a bunch of stuff below.. Add a piston below the bass drum. The lever should be able to activate it. This part will generate a pulse when you activate the lever.. Now it’s time to make your own beat using the noteblocks! 🙂 Use delays and customize the sounds of all the noteblocks. Now we can take a listen. A very basic beat! Tune it a bit till you’re satisfied with the result. You can turn the beat on and off using the lever. Because of the way we set it up, we can use loops to create endless beats! 😀 You can rename some levers and you will have yourself some drum sticks! Leave a like if you want me to design more instruments! 🙂 Remember, you can make any eat, it dosen’t need to be this boring! I will show you a few, I’ve been practicing my drumming skills! Some players can create the most amazing noteblock loops. These were made by grande1899, he makes tons of noteblock songs! The songs you can play can be of almost any length you’d like. The rest of my video overview of the build! I hope you enjoyed this video! Layer 1 (sort of) Layer 2 (sort of) Layer 3 (sort of) Layer 4 (sort of)

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Shower

HOW TO MAKE A WORKING SHOWER Today I’ll build a simple, but working shower! :] First we need to build a little demo-room for it. The dimensions I’m working with will be shown in a minute. The main square is 6×6. If you’ve seen my things to do with pistons video, you have already watched most of this tutorial… However, I will be showing an alternative shower and a bit of a bathroom design. Now the demo-room is complete and we can move on to the shower itself. For this first design, I’m using a piston. Due to how the mechanical part works, you’ll need some extra space above your shower. Now we just need to be able to control the piston. Oops, you can see through the top.. Let’s fix that. If you have the resources, you can use a sticky piston with a quartz block to block the water… That way, you won’t see the piston head. This is the working piston version! It fits perfectly with the rest of your bathroom. Add a banner nearby, it looks like a towel! I’ll quickly show you how to make a dispenser do the same thing. You probably also want to swap the lever out for a button, since dispensers act differently. Your dispenser shower is now finished! There you go, that’s the two designs! You can also use wood, stone or whatever material you can imagine for your shower. However, quartz is definitely the best choice if you’re going for a modern look. feel free to click
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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working TV

How to make a Working TV Today, I’ll show you how to make a TV that you can turn on and off with a remote! Spoiler: It won’t have changing images on the screen, I’m not Harry Potter! :] Firstly, I’ll build the room for the TV. Now we’re going to make the remote! It’s going to be a button that acts like a lever.. We’re going to use a bit of redstone logic.. I’m no circuit expert, but I think this is called a T-flip-flop. :] Now the button acts like a lever! This is our signal output, we’ll connect this to the TV next! Now for the TV! This bottom redstone stuff is just to power the pistons. I’m going to take advantage of the fact that light goes through pistons. Now we need to connect the output to the lamps. Now we can control the lamps behind the pistons! Let’s decorate it! I’m going with a very modern and stylish look, but you can do whatever you want! These skulls look like speakers! Feel free to click subscribe for more like this! Thank you to my patrons! You can now support me on Patreon or single videos for free by following the guide in the description.

I Made a WORKING PAINT PROGRAM in Minecraft!

Way back in the early days of my youtube channel I designed this thing right here I called it the programmable redstone display, and I have to say considering this thing’s about four or five years old It’s still pretty impressive down at the bottom We’ve got ourselves a handful of buttons if we hit one of these buttons you can see that the image on the screen Changes and we get one of the pre-programmed images now There are a handful of problems number one is the fact that these pixels are absolutely massive We’ve got 3×3 pixels, which let’s be honest. That’s just that’s huge and at the time I didn’t think they could get much smaller, but also the pre-programmed images are all we can show on the screen There’s not too much room for customization. You kind of get what you’re given That’s all about to change today after a lot, and I mean a lot of very hard work I have managed to build something that I previously thought was completely impossible I’d have to say I’m extremely excited to show you this so here it is I like to call it the pixel painter machine And that’s because each one of those buttons you see on the floor there corresponds to each one of those redstone lamps so if you press one of those buttons It will light up the specific redstone lamp that relates from that button if you press that button again Then it will turn off that redstone lamp meaning that you essentially can draw pictures in redstone lamps in Minecraft So let me give you a quick example And the industry standard for showing off drawing machines is to make use of the smiley face So I’m going to do a little bit like this. I’m gonna give him big 3×3 eyes and then I will switch on these ones as well so that’ll be that 3×3 area over there and Then I’m going to give him a big cheesy grin so I would say Something a little bit like this, so I’m gradually making my way down that should do all of those redstone labs, and I actually can’t remember how high up I went on the side I Can’t remember all right. Let’s see if we press all of these I’m assuming that’s good Let’s see have I gone a little bit too high on the redstone lamps on the left-hand side Yes, yes I have alright so we have gone one two three four so if we just press those two buttons Then eventually those redstone lamps will be switched off and you know what I’m actually not liking the big square eyes So I’m thinking we get rid of the outside. Yeah, the out size don’t know particularly good Let’s go one two three and let’s go one two three on this side as well And that should get rid of those, and we should end up with a fairly cool looking smiley face Now it does take a little bit of time because as you can see this thing is pretty massive But you know what I’d say the performance is relatively impressive considering its size all right, so that’s the smiley face done What if I want to change it up do a completely new drawing do I have to go back through? Pressing all of the buttons to delete all the things that I don’t want because that won’t be particularly efficient Thankfully I’ve already thought of this And I’ve added in a reset button all you have to do is hit this button right here, and we’ll see eventually That this thing will kick into action And we’ll get a nice wipe going from this corner here all the way up to the top And it should give us a completely clean slate to work with so now we can create some new images for example this one writing and also a smiley face or for example this one my best attempt at are creating your favorite kitchen utensil a Spoon and of course it is still tricky We’ve only got a 10 by 10 pixel area to work with it’s not exactly 4k or this one now I can’t quite make out what that one says Sub me? Subscribe to me maybe subscribe to my youtube channel I don’t know I mean this one wasn’t done by me I mean off as if as if I would be guilty of that sort of shameless self-promotion I mean, let’s just be totally honest That would be completely out of character anyway Subscribing to my youtube channel liking this video leaving a comment down the comment section and follow me on Twitter aside I really quite like this thing and now I’m going to try my best to explain to you how on earth it all functions I’m a tiny bit nervous for this one because I’m never particularly good at explaining my redstone contraptions and this one is Considerably more complicated than most and if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about how the redstone works But you just want to play with it yourself There’s a world download in the description knock yourself out now it all started with this game mechanic right here When we turn on a redstone lamp it turns on instantly, but when we turn it off a tiny bit of delay It’s really tricky to see but you can see that We actually have one tick of delay between me flicking off the lever and the redstone lamp turning off, which means That I can do things like that Can you see I’ve managed to turn off and on that lever without it actually being visible in the redstone lamp and that got me thinking I Wonder if I can create super fast redstone clocks that will keep a redstone lamp on Which of course I could now this design is very loud But it’s also very handy to have because it’s only two blocks high And it’s only one block wide and most importantly it can be stacked next to one another and it can be toggled as well which Is very important for this design, so here we have for all of the redstone clocks lined up Here is the output and the output of that runs into really [a] big long observer strings Which are essentially transmitting the signals from that Redstone clock all the way around here into this area along like this And then they travel down like this up like this along here, and then into our display. Why the long trip? Well, it’s because we had to essentially flip the redstone signal time for another example now We’ve got ourselves a scale model of the display now the thing that made it tricky is that I wanted this lever here to correspond to that pixel and this lever here to Correspond to that pixel now if we take her over to the slightly larger one the reason that I wanted this is Because if this button corresponding to that pixel and this button corresponding to that top pixel if we drawn out our smiley face here it Would have come out upside-down on the screen, and that’s no good, but despite it being no good It would have been really easy to build because if you want to connect up this front lever here up to this bottom pixel all We have to do is do that and then to connect off the back one to the top pixel We just have to do something like this. No crossovers there Bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a working display However if we want to do it the correct way Then we run into a bit of a challenge because we have to run the redstone signal out like this and into this top one And then we have to run this back lever out like this We have to do some form of crossover in the center and connect that one into that one It’s a massive headache But I managed to solve it and that is using this observer setup right here Now what this will do is will flip over all of the redstone signal so for example if we hit this button In this corner that will send an input through into this observer And you can see the observer is the one that’s being powered for than the output after this processing is happened will be over on this side so the actual redstone output is flipped because Whereas it started on the right-hand side it is now on the left-hand side obviously, We’ve gone round a corner here, so now we have the output on the left Which means that we flipped over our redstone signals and now it’s the correct way up, and we aren’t mirroring the image Brilliant off so that’s what happened. It’s just a simple case of transporting that observer signal through all of these observers and Making its way over onto the screen then six or seven hours of debugging and trying to work out what on earth has gone wrong Later you’ve got yourself a pixel painting display that actually functions Oh, but before I forget. There’s one other feature of this thing that I personally really quite liked in fact It’s probably one of my personal favorites, and that is the clearing feature and to be honest with you it’s Super super simple all it does is it retract all of these redstone blocks so all of these pistons Extend and retract so any blocks that are sticking out will be retracted and then it spits out all of the redstone blocks which will Power all of our redstone clocks mean that we aren’t going to get any redstone lamps lit up on the screen Really really simple but looks cool, so we go I think that just about covers everything if you’re still a little bit confused and of course I’ll try my best to answer down in the comment section and of course there will be a world download down the description if you Do want to see all of the Redstone for yourself, and if you want to draw your own things; Please do submit your drawings to me on Twitter because I’d love to see all of the creations that you come up with but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did Be sure to hit that like button And if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching guys, This has been Mumbo And I’m out I’ll cya later

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Copy Machine

COPY MACHINE Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an interactive copy machine! :] This weird floor will make sense in a bit! I have tried making it compact but very complicated at the same time. Now we need to open the iron trap doors. Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Just another cool prop to make your office cooler than everyone else’s! It fits in both small and big offices! If you need more detail ideas for an office, there’s tons on my channel.. As always, I hope you enjoyed the video and have a great day!

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Door Lock

[Music playing] How to make a door lock Today, I’ll show you 2 different locking mechanisms for doors The first one will be easiest to make while the second one will be the best Start off by creating a wall that separates in and out.. Here we have what could be your house, with a little imagination.. :] Now it’s very important you place the door sideways if you want this to work! That’s it, extremely simple! If close the door from the inside, you won’t be able to use the lever outside.. However, you’ll still be able to use the lever inside to reopen the door. There is one problem with this first design though.. This design works both ways, which means the door can be locked from the outside as well :I You also cannot leave the house with a locked door.. My next lock is a bit more complicated but avoids both of these problems! :] Here we go! I have tried making it as compact as possible, so that most of you will be able to fit it in your existing house. To make it this compact, the button has to be placed in a hole in the wall. Now I’m making a tunnel that will connect this to the door. If you find this hard to follow, don’t worry, there will be a layer overview at the end of the video! :]

Working LEGO Combination Safe

Hey everyone, Jason here today I’m excited to show you my latest LEGO model which is this working combination safe. Last week I posted a fun little video of some of my minifigs stealing my gold out of it, but today I’m going to show you how it works and tell you how you can build one of your very own. So the
first thing we’re going to do is actually open it up and this works just
like any other three number combination lock you might be familiar with. We spin the dial two full rotations clockwise before stopping at the first number, then one full
revolution counter clockwise before stopping at the second number, and then clockwise again directly to the third number. Now obviously I don’t have any
numbers on this dial, I’m just using this printed radar dish from the mini
Millennium Falcon which was a set that was released in 2003, so I just have to
remember which symbols to stop at. But anyway, now that it’s unlocked I can throw the deadbolt and take the safe out of its surrounding frame, and open it up, and see that my gold bricks are still secure, and here we can see the discs of the combination lock as
well as the deadbolt down here. Now I actually have a stand-alone model showing how the
locking mechanism works, and as you can see they’re the same. So how does a combination lock actually work. If we take a look at the discs you can see that each one of them has a slot in it, and when the slots are all lined up like they are now, after you
inserted the correct combination, then the deadbolt can slide into them, unlocking the safe. When the discs are all oriented randomly, which happens when the safe is locked, and the dial is just randomly turned, then they prevent the deadbolt from opening. Each disc also has a tab on it, which allows it to catch on the adjacent disc., and this allows you to influence the position of the second and third
disc when you turn the dial. This is also why you have to turn the dial two full
rotations clockwise to ensure you’re actually moving the third disc when you
stop at the first number, and when you stop at the first number it actually positions
the third disc into the correct orientation. Then when you go one full
revolution counter clockwise you’re catching the second disc again and when
you stop the second number it stops the second disc at the correct location. And then when you move the dial to the third number it just stops the first disc in
the correct location. Now the slots are all lined up and I can unlock the safe again. Now let’s take a look at how the safe actually goes together. I’ve created a
simplified version of the frame just so you can more easily see how it’s created. Now a lot of people have built LEGO safes in the past and most of them suffer from one major flaw in that if you really want to get into them you can just take them apart, because
they’re built out of LEGO, and I really wanted to design this safe in such a way
that you couldn’t really do that, so as you can see I have a Technic frame here and these are just some Technic beams that are connected using these Technic pins, but the
beams themselves are connected using these plates that are placed from the
inside and once the plates are attached they prevent the beams from being able to be separated and then once you actually insert the
interior of the safe, because it’s flush with all those plates you can actually take
those plates out in any way or detach them from the Technic beams. Now obviously it’s all just built out of plastic and good hammer or a saw will allow you to easily get into the safe,
but within the rules of the LEGO system there’s actually no way to get into the
safe unless you know the combination. So to actually lock the safe we can throw
the deadbolt, which as you can see slide between these two Technic beams and
then spin the dial, which orients the discs all randomly, and now I can’t actually open the deadbolt, and that deadbolt prevents you from sliding the safe further in or taking it out. If you’d like to build a copy of the safe for yourself I have created step-by-step building instructions which you can find on my
website at jkbrickworks.com. I’ll add a link in the description below and at
the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed the model and the video, thanks for
watching, keep on building and I’ll see you next time.

✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Toilet

TOILET Today I’ll show you how to make a toilet with a flushing effect! :] I’ve come quite a simple design, but it works really well! As always, I’ll need to make a bit of a demo-room for it. It also has a lid, that opens and closes. That’s a bonus! :] However you make the toilet, it should be connected to this torch behind it. Make sure both hoppers are facing eachother. We are currently making a double pulse generator. Once the button is pressed, two pulses will be outputted. This comparator will turn on, as soon as there is an item in the second hopper. Now the toilet makes a flushing sound, when the button is pressed! 😀 We need two pulses to both release the water and bring it back in the dispenser. Now you can make sure you’re the one with the coolest toilet! This will of course fit in with the rest of your bathroom! If you need to make a bathroom, there’s a playlist for just that on my channel. :] It includes all sorts of interactive stuff, much like this flushable toilet. I hope you enjoyed this video, have a great day!