VAN TOUR | Converting an Old Van into a Cozy Home and Office!

– Hey there, guys. My name is Jordan, and this is my home. (soft electronic music) She’s a 1986 Toyota HiAce
with a pop top roof, and as of two and a half weeks ago, it is now my full time
home and office on wheels. So, in this video, I
wanted to show you guys the process that I went through in converting it into a camper van, and then give you a detailed tour, and a look of the inside, and show you how I’ve
got everything set up, so let’s get into it. So, after buying the van, the first thing I did was
completely gut the inside. It was set up as a basic camper, but it was old, it smelled weird, and it just wasn’t set up how I needed it. Once I had a blank slate, I started by laying down a
timber frame for the floor. Then I put down Earthwool insulation, and covered it with a vapour barrier. I then made the vapour barrier
as airtight as possible by sticking down the
edges with aluminium tape. Shout out to Mum and Dad for helping throughout various stages of the build. Next, I put down the plywood floor, and screwed it into the timber frame. This was gonna be my home, so it was really important to insulate it the best that I could. I made a timber frame for the walls, and then covered them in a vapour barrier. Then I screwed pine lining
boards into that timber frame. Then I framed up the shelves
that would go beside the bed. After the shelves, I built
the frame for the bed, 30 centimeters off the ground so I could have storage underneath. And once the bed was completed, it was onto building the kitchen. Because I was so focused
on finishing the van, this is all the build footage I have. So I spent two and a half
months converting the van, probably spending about
six hours a day on it. I paid six grand for the van, and I think I spent around
four on the conversion. I think that’s pretty good for a home. (soft electronic music) So welcome to the kitchen. I like to cook, so I prioritized having a decent-size kitchen in the van, and tried to make the most of the small amount of space
that I’ve got to work with. So, this is the sink. I just reused it from the
old camper conversion, and changed the position of the tap. That’s why there’s this black, a little bit of rubber
here, to cover up the hole. It’s a hand pump tap that is connected to this
23-liter water container at the bottom here. It’s made of glass. It’s a brewing demijohn. I don’t like to drink out of
plastic if I can avoid it, so this was the best
solution I could think of as a cheap solution. In the future, I’d probably like to get a custom tank
fitted for under the van, but for now, this is working really well. I’ve got a ratchet strap here that is screwed into the wall, and it’s securing this really well so, when I’m driving, it’s not moving. It’s just staying put. So it’s a hand pump tap that the drinking water hose just sits in the water in the demijohn, and then I can just go like this, and I’ve got drinking water. And so the sink drains into
this 20-liter jerrycan here that I can just take out and empty. It’s also secured to the wall so it doesn’t move around, and I plumbed that into the sink, and just made this drain trap here, just out of hose fittings and the old hose from the original van, and this stops smell from
the jerrycan coming back up into the sink, that’s
what this shape here does. I’ve also got these fancy
magnetic springy cupboard openers that I was pretty pleased with. And this is just a simple
two-burner camping gas cooker that I’ve taken the lid off, and screwed it into the
bench so it’s secured, and the gas line comes
in through the bench, and the gas bottle sits in
its own fiberglass housing under here that’s vented to the outside. You can get fancier cook tops that are all stainless steel, and they sink into the bench, but they’re, like, eight times the price of one of these, so I just went with this, and it’s been working great. So this is a drawer here that slides out, and I keep my cutlery in there, and other cooking utensils. I was gonna have three drawers along here, but making one of these was enough of a pain in the ass that I just decided to have another cupboard, and in here, I keep saucepan, frying
pan, bowls and stuff, and below there, I keep my compost bin, recycling, and rubbish, and just other bits and pieces. And so I tried to use as
many recycled materials as I could in this van, and so these bench tops here
are just an old bed head that I found on the side
of the road in Melbourne, and I just sanded them
back and stained it, and they look amazing, so
I’m super happy with those. And so these are pine lining boards that I got from the Tip for $20. They were probably, like, 300 bucks worth of timber that was being thrown away. It’d just been taken out of an old house, and so I picked it up, and
used it everywhere I could. I just sanded it back, and stained it, and used it for the cupboard doors here, and for the lining of the entire van. And under here is the electrical system. So I’ve got three 160-watt
solar panels on the roof, and that is fed down into the van, into this breaker box here, and then into this
60-amp charge controller, and I’ve got a 130-amp power
deep cycle AGM battery here, and then a 375-watt inverter. I did have two 130-amp
power batteries in parallel, but when I was wiring this all up, I was rushing, and accidentally
fried the other battery. It was pretty devastating, but I plan to buy another
one in a couple months’ time, and then just pop it back in here, and join them back up in parallel. And for the 12-volt stuff, the connection goes from
the charge controller, up into the fuses here, and then I’ve got this switch panel on the front here for the lights. As you can see, I’ve just got
these little fairy lights, I love how they look, just pinned up around the
whole edge of the van. I’ve got a switch for the fridge, and one for the pump, which
is underneath the van, and that powers my gas shower. And here, I’ve got a little USB port here for charging my phone and other things that are connected via USB. So this is my fridge that is connected to the solar setup. It’s a Waeco CF40, and
it’s been great so far. It doesn’t use much power, and it’s big enough for what I need. For ventilation, I’ve also got a 12-volt exhaust van in the roof. So here’s my bed. It’s a futon mattress under here, and I’ve built it 30
centimeters off the ground so I could have storage underneath here, so there’s hinges in the middle, and the slats fold up from each end, and the storage can be accessed from either inside here, or from outside at the back of the van. So the bed isn’t long enough for me to sleep on in its state like this, so I’ve got an extension that
sits under the mattress here that I can pull out, and
it slots in at the end, and then I can have two
meters of bed space, which is how tall I am, so if I had two meters of bed, it would just take up too much room, so I’ve made this little extendable part. And the bed extension doubles as my desk, so I can take the extension out, and put it into these bits of timber here, and then put the legs down, and then I’ve got a little surface that I can put my
computer, mouse, keyboard, and I’ve got my little office here. So you can kinda think of this
as version one of the van. It’s probably going to be
an ever-evolving design, but now that I’m living in it, there are small tweaks
that I’d like to make that I’ve become aware of
since actually using the space and living here full-time. So one of those things I’d like to tweak is the desk setup. Because I have to sit
on the bed cross-legged, I can only do that for about 40 minutes or an hour before my legs start to hurt, and I need to go for
a walk, which is fine, but if I need to work for
longer periods of time, it’s just a bit uncomfortable. And yeah, there’s just
little finishing touches I’d like to make one day. Because I was so keen to get on the road, I just did kind of what I had to do to make it liveable and functional, and there are some bits and pieces that are still unfinished, like the edge of the door here, where you can see the insulation. I’m kind of excited about that, that I can continually just work on it, and refine it, and tweak it as I go. And over here, I’ve got my shelves. So I’ve got food stored
up here and down here, and then, on this side, I’ve got computer stuff, and camera gear, and other electronics, and then I’ve got clothing
underneath, just down here, and this is my hot water bottle, Whaley. I like Whaley. He keeps me warm. And over here is my little bookshelf that I can fit a small amount of books in. I just made it out of plywood and some brackets that are
screwed into the shelving. So this is my shower setup. I’ve got a gas camping shower here that I’ve just mounted
some brackets onto the van that I can just hang it on. This is connected to the gas bottle, which lives in here, and I’ve got a water
container that is plumbed into the pump that’s underneath the van, and then the pump goes into the unit, and then out the shower
head, and I’ve got hot water, and I’ve got a shower tent that I can just set up
in front of the unit, and I’ve got a shower. (soft electronic music) So I hope you all enjoyed
this little look at my home. If you’ve got any questions, please leave them in the comments below, and I’ll make a video just dedicated to answering a bunch of questions. So thanks for watching, and I’ll see you all in the next video.

BOX FORT CAR STORE WIth Working Cars! 24 Hour Box Fort City Challenge Day 4

where this rollercoaster down you can
keep your own plate but do something else you too
hey nice hey what’s going on everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a
brand new video and it is day four here in box fort city keep it down keep it
down on the down low it is currently day four and we are hiding out inside the
arcade because well as you guys know some things are going down here in box
fourth city I mean the mayor is acting extremely strange were not allowed to
leave the city no junk food is allowed no one’s allowed out past 10:00
we found a mysterious book that turns out to be a safe we all the bank money
Jake and when we showed the bank manager the book he knew about it and wanted to
take it from us so it’s safe to say some weird stuffs going down here box for
city but we do have a plan Logan tell him our plan okay well our last plane
didn’t really go according to plan we kind of made a roller coaster that was a
little dangerous and got shut down by the man eat all the gumballs right right
my theory Logan is the Mareth up to something and is trying to attract
people the box fort city for some reason and trapping us here we need to get to
our office guys now you guys have been having a ton of theories as to what is
going on here in box for a city and honestly I have no idea and that is why
we are going to get to the bottom of this I mean not only all the stuff I
just listed but when we were doing our box for a hospital everyone was coming
in with some sort of weird sickness and there is sneezy extremely gross slime
now the one thing that we did find out is the bank manager was storing some
sort of piece of paper for the mayor inside the bank the only problem is we
don’t know the code to the safe also the bank manager is always in the banks of
Logan we need to distract the bank I mean the bank guy we need to distract
the bank guys so that we can pull off the classic Pappa Jake and Logan bank
heist how are we gonna get the bank I out of the bank
if we do get him out of the bank though we are still gonna need the code to get
into his super secret safe so if you haven’t seen our last video go check out
the part where he enters in the bank code and come and comment down below
what that code is why don’t we build something that the bank manager will
have to leave to check out what’s the one thing rich people love tax evasion
no Jake not tax evasion cars right Harv all right all right yeah I get it will
open up a box for a car dealership and then we can lure him out of the bank to
buy a car I have an even better we can give him a test-drive
go go in the car for like an hour that will give us ample time to break in and
steal the documents and whatever is on those if he’s hiding them in the safe
they must be pretty important so all we have to do is build a car dealership
okay come on let’s go to the store now remember Logan we’re just acting normal
which is normal people live in our lives in box fourth city buying groceries
building houses enjoying the Sun well it’s heading to the general store here
hello if it isn’t me two favorite Boise’s how do we do today to buy some
fun stuff we’re gonna be making our very own car dealership here a box for a city
ahh car dealership we need one of them so we’re gonna need probably like a
jillion rolls of tape I’ll need 17 orders of car war
got spine here we got lots of spiky like I said we update every single day here
but dude this is sick well I’m gonna buy this night-vision
goggles we don’t have all the money in the world the oculars motion detector
and whatever this thing does I’ll buy it we could use these two spots why I said
I wanted to buy all this stuff it’s not a bad idea all right before we build our
box for dealership we can get some reconnaissance on the mare you know
figure out her ins and outs find out what she does all day maybe dig some
dirt up on it and guys don’t forget if you want any of this stuff in real life
you better head on over to the Papa Jake store
cuz we got all this spy gear you can purchase in real life and if you use
cold city you get 10% off during serious all right Boise’s well what are you
buying we’ll take all of this i knots right here me favorite customers that’ll
be five thousand five thousand won’t you do fifty five hundred in your colony be
like those you Logan master of negotiations since we’re building a car
dealership ah we’re gonna need cars to sell is there any way to get those in
here I mean I know there’s a massive gate at the front door but because
they’re like an Amazon service here or something
ah cars those are hard to get into box port city but I do do special orders
into box port city for the mayor all the time
I mean disregard that no no nothing leaves nothing comes into box port city
but if you want those cars I can get them for you okay well I guess to start
we’ll need three three cars alright sounds good you start on building and
I’ll get you those cards well we got supplies to build and we got some spire
so I said we head outside maybe we track down the mayor before we start building
see what she’s up to Jake you think you have enough spy gear
Thanks oh look your way hold up I think I got visual on the mayor oh yeah there
she is she’s got some sort of lockbox what’s inside I don’t know I can’t
really see just locking it up though and she has a banana it appears to be she’s
struggling to get up Jake not to ruin your whole spy parade but I can see her
she’s pretty close to us and you need to spiky or else you’re not spying if you
just use your normalizer you’re seeing she must be really old where’s she going
though she’s going to the store buy something what’s this the store clerk
the lockbox I looked a little bit shady Jay looked extremely shady Logan you
know she’s eating the banana and eating it in a very very weird way Jake who
eats a banana like I don’t know arguably that’s more shady than the lock box whoa
whoa whoa did you see that you saw that right did she just jump and do a 180
she’s like a hundred and years old dude she couldn’t even walk down the street
and she just danced that was weird maybe the mayor has more secrets than we
thought in that box she dropped off to the store clerk I thought the store
clerk was a cool guy I thought his wound barb Rose apparently not it’s probably
working with the mayor and I don’t know about you but there was something in
that box I don’t know if you guys saw what it was
comment down below if you did but this is more reason looking we need to break
into that Bank I think we need to grab her supplies and build this car
dealership so we could get that bank manager out there and go in and steal
those documents I think it’s time start building all right guys it is now time
to reveal probably the coolest box for we have ever made in boxboard City the
world’s first box sport car dealership Jake why are you dressed like that I’m a
car salesman Logan I gotta sell cars are you dressed when you sell cars suit and
tie come on get with it hoodie as I was saying the world’s first card you did not mean to sack that
balloon so hard guys check this out we’ve got our very own car dealership we
got cars out front motorcycle inside we even step inside
the car Mart all right so as a customer I go oh hi Jake I’m looking for a car
and I would be like hold up I’m on the phone no actually I wouldn’t
do that that would be the wrong way to sell something I would say that’s right
you are looking for a car you’re looking for one of the best cars and you came to
the best place in town to buy yourself a car at the car market we got all sorts
of cars two-wheeled cars cars cars on cars that’s what we sell here at the
Karma inside here is of course the showroom this is where we’ve got you
know the place where you buy your car with the register and all that over here
we’ve got one of my favorites the KC 16 motorcycle
this baby’s fast furious and completely electric power this is the future Logan
we’re saving one tree at a time and guys check this out
we built the car Mart right next to the box for banks so there’s no chance the
bank manager can miss it and if you decide to buy the car you can
drive it right off the lot I mean this door opens up completely so you can
drive straight on out I like to call it put cars for those not looking for a
massive vehicle what’s better than a car that you sit in the car that you strap
to your feet yeah that’s that’s one of the main things we sell here guys oh and
over here Logan is my pride and joy this four-wheel all-terrain vehicle fully
electrical powered manual gear shifter one two gears three maybe I don’t know
charge this baby up she goes for miles this is the pinnacle of the car Mart
this is probably the nicest vehicle we have
the showroom right now all of these are gonna be up for sale and anyone from the
box for city can come on over and buy one hopefully one of those people will
be the bank manager just check this baby out Logan perfectly well put her into
first gear let’s give it a little test here oh yeah put it in the second and
she flies boo boo box four cities has never seen a vehicle this fast know what
Logan there’s not enough room to try this thing out here I mean this this is
this is a beast we need to go outside we can’t go outside we’re not allowed to
leave box fort City right no one’s allowed to leave bomber city unless we
call the mayor she let us outside to build the roller coaster maybe she’ll
let us outside to test drive this car cuz she knows that the more people that
see how awesome box were city is the more people that will come on in here
I’m gonna call her right now hi this is Papa Jake and Papa Jack’s car Mart just
calling to say hello to the mer-pup Papa Jake the guy that owns the car Mart
there’s a there’s a massive new new car dealership out anyway outlook we wanted
to test drive one of the cars I know we’re not really a lot outside box for a
city but I was wondering if maybe we could get you know just a special pass
to test it out and I think it would really attract more people ya know like
a lot more people okay perfect yeah thought that bass sounds great yet one
hour I thought that is great okay thank you so much mr. mayor I mean mrs. mayor
I mean miss mayor mayor Thank You mayor just like that dude we
got our permit we’ve got an hour permit to go outside box for City and test
drive this car I said we head on out there right now let’s see what this baby
can do alright guys so we got our our permit and now it is time to test out
our vehicle of course we’re gonna be testing out the off-road vehicle first
because every good car salesman has to try the car before you can actually sell
it all it looks like Logan’s coming we gotta sell this thing at the end of
the day dude you can’t break it leave this car is a little dangerous it’s an
off-road piece for real tired top speed we don’t even know that’s how fast it is
electric power this is like the Tesla of off-roaders of course once you get
inside the car you’ll notice the luxurious interior we’ve got plenty of
space for your feet we’ve also got this windscreen here which is protective
it doesn’t come with airbags but that’s cuz it’s so awesome you’re expected not
to crash put it oh yeah look at this thinking it’s bad extremely fast all right guys let’s try
taking this offroad shit in the first gear if we want to
slow down shits in Reverse if we want to break all the way in second for that
maximum electrical speed oh we got a little bit of a dirt path let’s try this
out guys that was extreme thing has been insane she’s holding up what are you
doing Logan I’m trying the off-roader this thing is awesome
we only have an hour we’ve still got a little bit more time come on
not really Jake we’re almost at our hour now where we go over by 15 minutes 20
minutes 30 minutes what’s the big deal when do we ever get to come out
test-driving off-roader plus we’ve been cooped up in box for City for the past
week long just a little bit more than we have to
go back extreme off-roading ball court state police moving in on
target we got two fugitives over there our pass
walking into intercept Jake stick to the plan remember catching the mayor especially within 5 meter range I am
fully camouflaged over you are the tree Jake why is the police officer behind
the tree I don’t know why is it looking this way ok what time is it fuck for
shit police hands up you’re over your 1-hour permit at this point European
label fugitives about for City trying to escape you a broken rule number three a
box for city no one leaves box for city you must come back with me this once or
I am authorized to use deadly force well we’re we’re just having a little bit of
fun we we totally forgot about the hour yeah we’ll come back right now we’ll go
back right now we are we are so sorry sir we did not mean to go over an hour
we’ll follow you right now Roger that suspects are obeying my
commands I’m on my way back that’s fine every new car dealership has to deal
with that uh sure as a peace offering we were thinking
since we sell a police motorcycle what if we were to offer it to you at an
extremely reduced price all right well I have been looking for a new vehicle an
extremely good deal you say I guess we could work something now why don’t you
show me what you got okay well Logan we’ll take you into our showroom and
show you around what we have yeah I’ll show you a vehicle that I think you’ll
be interested in guns all four guns oh I mean we usually say no guns
all right if we just open the garage door like this check it out it’s a
police motorcycle she is a beauty that is quite a nice vehicle if you want we
can take it outside what kind of mileage you got on this couldn’t couldn’t be
exact with you but it goes far it’s a diesel or gasoline it’s electric so
you’re saving the environment futuristic I like it wait what are those things
these they’re like little cars for your feet the old cars fearful what are they
gonna come up with next could you show me how they work
so these shoes will be especially good if you’re chasing after a bad guy and
you need some speed check it out yeah I think I’m just gonna stick to the
old-fashioned car for now it’s a little too futuristic for me you mind if I take
a first spin oh of course test drive it oh yeah well this is more
like it I can feel the wind in my hat you’re
under arrest you’re under arrest that’ll be $3,000 that was my discount
yeah it’s originally $5,000 right I will take the police vehicle thank you so
much sir you were serving the city a fine purpose thank you uh
thanks very much have a great day Jake we got our first fail what you sold it
dude Congrats that is awesome guys we sold our very first car I mean it wasn’t
to the bank manager but either way a sales a sale our business is taking off
I’m gonna put this away in the register he’s here hi mr. Bateman uh how are you
doing today seems you got yourself a nice car dealership going on I actually
happened to be looking for a car myself seeing as I’m the bank manager no okay
yeah we can we can definitely arrange that I’ve got why don’t we uh why don’t
we head on over to the lawn and we’ll show you what we have left that would be
great I’d love to see what you boys have for
sale Oh guys I think we’re in business

How Do Hand Sanitizers Work?

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are the ubiquitous
little squeeze-bottle heroes of airports and hospitals, our allies against the flu and
supposedly effective against all the things that ail ya. But what’s in there? And is it true that they kill 99.99% of germs,
as popular brands claim? Most popular hand sanitizers are alcohol-based. The active ingredient is around 70% alcohol,
depending on the formulation. The alcohol can be either ethanol, which is
the same stuff that’s in your booze of choice; isopropanol, the stuff in rubbing alcohol;
or n-propanol, rubbing alcohol’s chemical sibling. They all pretty much work the same way, which
is by dissolving the outer coats of bacteria and viruses and basically exploding them. Alcohol is polar, with water-loving hydroxyl
groups. And it loves to disrupt the protein and lipid
molecules that make up both bacterial membranes and viral envelopes. When those all-important outer coats fall
apart, these disease-causing culprits literally spill their guts all over the place, leaving
them in no position to make anyone sick. But what about people who never touch hand
sanitizer because it will breed unkillable super-germs that will kill us all? That’s a valid concern with antibiotics,
which are chemicals that target some specific point in a bacterium’s life cycle. The antibiotics in antimicrobial hand soap
can lead to the emergence of bacterial strains that are resistant and harder to kill. But resistance isn’t really a problem with
alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Bacteria can’t develop resistance to having
their proteins and membranes blasted. So these alcohol-based hand rubs aren’t
going to stop working. Make sure they are alcohol-based, though — some
contain antibiotics instead of alcohol, and those do carry the risk of resistance. But alcohol and water alone do not make goo. It’s alcohol that does the germ-murdering,
but there’s other stuff in there too.The biggest one is glycerol. Glycerol is chemically an alcohol, but unlike
its cousins, it’s in there not to kill germs but to give the hand sanitizer its gooey consistency
that makes it more portable and easier to use. Otherwise it’d be like pouring vodka on
your hands. Don’t pour vodka on your hands, guys. Alcohol, water, and glycerol are all you really
need to make a DIY hand sanitizer. Throw in some hydrogen peroxide to inactivate
bacterial spores, and you’ve got a recipe that gets the U.N.’s seal of approval. But while alcohol is all you need to kill
germs, it’s not all that goes in there. Ethanol and isopropanol can dry your skin. Glycerol helps counteract that effect, but
so do a host of other additives manufacturers might put in. This often includes tocopherol [to-cough-fer-all]
acetate, a molecule very similar to vitamin E that also happens to be great for your skin,
– and familiar stuff like aloe. A host of colors and fragrances might also
go in there. None of those are necessary for the hand sanitizer
to work, but they might make your hands smell nice. Ahhh! Toasted Marshmallow! Ethanol-based hand sanitizer might also contain
bitter or bad-tasting compounds to stop the small percentage of desperate people out there
who are willing to drink it because, well, it’s alcohol. So do these chemical goo recipes really kill
99.99% of germs? Those numbers are usually the results of lab
testing. But real life is messier. And the effectiveness of hand sanitizer varies
based on how oily or dirty your hands are, how much alcohol is in there, and which germs
you’re actually talking about. Under ideal conditions, some disease-causing
germs really do get zapped at that rate, but others don’t. OH and one more thing. Hand sanitizers work best in combination with
hand washing, because they don’t physically remove dirt and gunk from your hands. So don’t forget that soap and water. Are you always packing hand sanitizer, or
an alcohol goo-phobe? Sound off in the comments, and tell us what
other everyday chemistry we should cover! Be sure to subscribe on your way out, and
we’ll see you next time.

24 Hour BILLIONAIRE BOX FORT ELEVATOR CHALLENGE! Working Elevator, Gaming Room & More!

hi guys we are heading up there it goes
guys Logan’s elevator is going down coming out alright there you go guys the
elevator stop the spoon is not clean enough to be in the billionaire box
board ladies and gentlemen of this company I
have brought you here today to this investors meeting that’s the CEO Papa
Jake to discuss one thing and one thing only flaming hot cheetos no that is that
is not what we are going to be discussing we are discussing box sports
also you told me to come here for lunch I didn’t know this was a meeting you see
our company over the many years has pushed the limits of box for technology
far into the skies some people call me the Bill Gates of pop sports others have
referred to me as Elon Musk of cardboard and I’ve called you here because you
have all invested millions of tape rolls into this company for us to produce
technology that will get us to the stars now when we started out as a small
company we built the world’s first box for floating box sports that was us
ladies and gentlemen today it’s just me what do you mean ladies and gentlemen
yes okay I realized it’s just you and me okay
but I’m the CEO of the company I got to dress like a super cool CEO all right
sorry I got I did not know the cane had that I was not intending on using that
hey Bob sports on water was us box sports and space was us box for clock
club was us buck sport car was us I’m about to introduce to you the next
generation of all sports the next era of this company now will take us farther
then no man has ever gone before ladies and gentlemen and Logan included I
present to you the world’s first box sport elevator that’s all we could come
up I could have done that there is gonna be some explosions and sounds but that’s
okay all right this is us unbox for there’s
clouds this rain we’re sad but with the technology I have invented I look
gravity in the eyes I said no more I said we are gonna go up
above the clouds to where the Sun is that’s me and that’s
lonely ladies and gentlemen the world’s first production of the box sport
elevator starts today this is where you were you clapping what’s going on
everyone its Papa Jake and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we
are pushing look what are you doing it white and white walk around in a VR
headset Logan this isn’t VR times everyone oh what’s up guys I was just in
VR land because what we were about to build today is much cooler than what is
inside gr guys today we are gonna be building the world’s first working box
fort elevator but not just that we’re also gonna be incorporating it into a
billionaire box for now you’re probably thinking Papa Jake you’re talking crazy
you’re going mad you’re going insane there’s no such thing as elevators and I
don’t really understand the concept of this elevator Jake oh yeah what’s this you just did a squat and I might have
been a squat but Logan you can’t explain this that’s right we live in up in the
future here in papa Jake’s box fort we well actually we discover these tables
and we found out that they move up and down with the click of a button so what
better use for them than to make our very first box for elevator guys some
cool ideas on how we can do this Logan thought it would be
to do like a billionaire for using them which I agree but the cool thing is guys
oh how can you go you don’t know I’m kind of scary hi oh it’s not this is not
where I want to be right now do not want to be under here when this thing Falls
so I have the idea that we use one of these to actually be an elevator that
goes up and then this one over here would already be set to the second
storey then the cool thing is guys to take the elevator down into a secret
underground bunker maybe like a secret underground gaming room super fired up
for the spell guys we’ve never done anything like this this is gonna be
awesome and of course guys if you do happen to be brand new to the channel
and you are not already part of the greatest channel on YouTube do not
forget to join the squad all you guys got to do is super easy number one hit
that subscribe button number two hit that Bell button and number three most
important in the comments use your inside voice cuz you don’t want to wake
up your family and you guys will be part of the squad I will be picking one
amazing squad member to give a shout out to at the end of this video and of
course you’ll always be notified of our brand new videos every Tuesday Thursday
and Saturday we got awesome new content coming out for you guys that’s true
but Logan if we are going to be making the world’s first working box what
elevator we need to get our cardboard they’re on the elevators all right now
all we need is some tape and we can start building this thing well Jake has been working on the
elevators this place is starting to look like a real billionaire box for it about
VR goggles we got our xbox we got a little punching bag you know if you want
to get a little workout in all-around super cozy place that will connect into
this elevator shaft we just connected to this elevator and guys check this out
and just like that we have our two elevators connected let’s go check it
out here’s the front entrance of our billionaire box work yo guys check it
out this is the main entrance to the billionaire box for it now as you guys
can see this is currently the kitchen look what I did here got some nice bowls
cutlery lookin what is this what what do you mean Jake it’s a spoon the spoon is
not clean enough to be in the billionaire box for it well we have
everything we need – one spoon but we do have this little fancy light here in the
middle we also got another section over here where you got some of our food as
well as water I sort some food in here so in case we get hungry during the
night you know we could come all the way back in here probably Jake what do you
mean during the night same 24 hours Logan this is a 24 hour billionaire box
40 you never said this was a 24 hour challenge every billionaire box for it’s
a 24 hour challenge because it’s a comfiest places to sleep all right I
guess we’re doing a 24 hour challenge now what we haven’t done yet guys is we
have not actually used the elevators to get to the other section of the fort so
that is completely sealed off now which means not only is it super top secret
but the only way to get to it is through the elevators which means it’s also
super secure if you’re done picking your food if you’re done enjoying your time
in the luxurious entranceway to our box where you know take a look out the
window enjoy some of the water then you go over here to your elevator you simply
the elevators door to the side we come on in we got our lights inside here and
of course like every elevator we got an emergency phone in case we needed yo
call them call emergency hello you have this Logan this phone isn’t plugged in
this is not an emergency phone well for show we have a phone so in case you know
you come in here it looks like it is a working elevator but of course the main
part of the elevator that actually is the most important part it going up and
down does work so as you guys can see we got a nice view of the outside of the
billionaire box for it but I want to go to the awesome secret gaming room so
what we gotta do close the door say goodbye to Logan and
now I’m gonna press our button so we go up to the second floor oh we’re moving
guys it’s kind of hard to see us moving but we are going up so sweet
alright we’re getting to the second floor as you can’t tell how high we are
it’s really weird like when it’s moving you can’t even feel like you’re moving
up until you look out and then you’re like oh we’re a lot higher all right
looks like the elevator has arrived at the second storey oh here we go we
simply slide the elevator door which accesses Logan’s elevator so let’s uh
walk across here it’s a little shaky it’s a little scary but so far so good
okay let’s get it logos elevated Logan the elevators perfectly safe and we’ll
send Logan’s elevator back down so he can get inside and come up here and
there it goes guys Logan’s elevator is going down how cool is that the audience suck it between the two
elevators I don’t think it’s the outside all right like I’m setting the elevator
down here come on in Oh what’s up then welcome to the top
floor dude this is crazy it’s like a three-story box for world
the third storey it’s it’s a little little shaky but you know that’s okay
and now I get to go down the elevator into the secret underground gaming room
which is probably our most secure and most top-secret gaming room we have ever
made well I guess to see you in the little bit Logan as I go down to the
game going down I guess we are pretty much as tall as a three-story box for it
with the luxury of not having to move up or down we just press a button and the
box where it literally takes us up or down of stores and the elevator is
coming back up it’s time for me to head down to the gaming room a little bit
rickety but all right into the other elevator all right and taking us
downstairs to the gaming room Xbox even got a light soon all right Jacob I don’t
think we need a lifesaver for this it’s also extremely top-secret and
secure the only way down here is inside a box for up an elevator into another
elevator and down into the basement what box for a what bill do you think is your
cool suit on this channel guys if you think this base is super awesome let’s
get 20,000 likes or more of these insane crazy billionaire box for it I think we
need to get ourselves some dinner so we can enjoy our 24 hours in here and if
this is billionaire box 4 that means we don’t need to eat MREs no dry eggs for
Jake today okay but this is a billionaire challenge which means we get
the highest quality of foods okay we need to go big we need to go grand I’m
talking bigger than the finest restaurants money can buy I say we get
McDonald’s Jake I can’t really focus with these lights changing all the time
but okay McDonald’s sounds good alright guys we are heading up to the third
storey so that we can go ahead and get ourselves some dinner also guys let us
know if you love these elevators should we use them more often in forts I mean
they are a little slow but it’s pretty cool to be able to go up to the second
story without actually having to use stairs or jump up ourselves but alright
we’re in the second storey here oh I got us our dinner check it out
delivered fresh to the box for it and now we can eat it in the safety of our
secret underground bunker alright let’s dig into our dinner
I am absolutely after a long night of building we got
our dinner we got bored so it’s time in billionaire fashion to enjoy something
that only billionaires enjoy McDonald’s hamburger Jake you’re eating your burger
upside down doesn’t make a buck they just eat the
burger like you’re supposed to eat the burger like this Logan never even
burgers with you again guys I don’t know what Jake was doing but it’s time to eat
my burger like a burger is properly supposed to be eaten we just finished up
our dinner we had some fun playing on the Xbox but I think it’s time to head
to bed we spent a ton of time working on this box for but we got some more fun
stuff to do in the morning and we could fuse the elevators a lot more so I’m a
cozy up here with mr. Sharkey and get some shut-eye
and our amazing billionaire box for a brand new damn box I turned the lights
on to wake up and now the lights are off alright guys well it is officially
morning time and we were able to sleep in our super cozy bunker which is
underground and only accessible through two elevators which i think is really
awesome I got a really good sleep here cuz I knew I was super safe especially
for raccoons know raccoons are getting in here but it is breakfast time which
means it’s time to use our elevators to go back to the main area of this box for
it and have ourselves some nice breakfast so since Logan isn’t awake I
get to go first I am NOT ready to wake up I need more sleep Jake
come on we are now inside the elevator Logan it’s only one person elevator so
I’m going to take it up through the second-story and grab ourselves some
breakfast elevator heading up here we go up to the second story i lo got turn the lights on there we go so we
are all good now to make our way down for breakfast come down so you can get
in the elevator stop it’s okay it’s okay you’re only really
high up and almost touching the ceiling all right I got an idea Logan’s a little
crazy but I know how you can get it in here you’re just gonna have to jump it’s
the only way if your elevator is broken two people can’t be in here at once Jean
we’re gonna have to do with openness so make your elevator stop we are very high
right now on essentially the third storey okay all
right look you get in get out working all right guys so the max capacity
elevators is supposed to be one person Logan is now getting it okay look you
made it into the elevator I’m gonna activate it’s going down hopefully it
doesn’t break well here we going oh it’s a little rocky all right almost there
and what was that I heard something explode I might that might have been the
oh she’s still going no no no underground all stop all right I’m
getting out of here all right all right guys it’s time for our
billionaire breakfast and what do billionaires eat they eat themselves
some nice cold cereal which is why I’ve prepared for us beautiful meal all right well this looks pretty good
Jake where’s the milk we got a billionaire box for but it doesn’t come
with the fridge if we brought milk in here would go bad we got water that’s
what billionaires right longer pure icy cold water with their cereal
I’m not come on it’s just like milk Logan it’s just not like water and
cereal isn’t gonna taste good that’s what we get Logan because we’re
billionaires we got like billionaires also speaking of which you don’t have a
spoon cause your spoons Jake how am I supposed to eat this like a billionaire
with Logan with his hands maybe I’ll sit this one out
all right guys well this wraps up our amazing billionaire box for not only is
it 2/3 stories but also including working elevators but guys before we
head out and before I forget we got an amazing squad member to give a shout-out
to today’s huge shoutout goes to my boy Ivan thank you so very much Ivan for
being a huge member of that squad if you guys see Ivan down below be sure to give
him a thumbs up as well as leave him a nice little comment and of course guys
if you want to join the squad it’s super easy go down below hit the subscribe
button hit that bow but it can’t comment a little thing I like to say school and
they’ll fish will be in the spot but guys this has been Pappa Jake and Logan
and we’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video

✔ Minecraft: 10 Office Furniture Design Ideas

This video will show you how to build some cool things for your office! ;D I’ll display what I’m working on in the bottom left corner. This first thing is very simple, just to get this video started. This is my go-to office chair. Now I’ll show you how to make an interactive copy machine. *amazing song plays in the background* This weird floor will make sense in a bit! I have tried making it compact but very complicated at the same time. Now we need to open the iron trap doors. Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Now fill the dropper with whatever item you want the machine to drop! Just another cool prop to make your office cooler than everyone else’s! It fits in both small and big offices! It’s meant to look like one of those classic red and white calendars.. This one will look like it’s leaning against the wall. You can add it to your office desk! The squares on the banner look like the boxes on a calendar.. :] Now for a filing cabinet that you can use to store documents.. :] You can use any type of slabs you want. The stone slabs fit well into an office, in my opinion. Now we need to hide a minecart with a chest inside the cabinet. This is what makes it functional. The slab that is further out kind of looks like a pulled out drawer! Now the minecart looks like it’s part of the cabinet! You can still see the top, so cover that off with carpets. Now it’s time to decorate it so it looks like it has categories. There’s many ways to do this, but I think color-coding looks cute.. You can have more than one pulled out drawer if you like! You can also categorize it alphabetically using signs! Turning the color-coding also gives it a cool effect. Now you are ready to file all your boring office related documents! An obligatory addition to any boring office! :] This water dispenser will fit any office! Not really, but it’s cool! Blends in nicely! It’s time for a really cool computer! It won’t be very functional, but it’ll act like a real working computer! 😀 There’s quite a bit of redstone behind this thing, but nothing we can’t handle. We need to connect the pressure plate to what is called a T-flip-flop. It’s a thing that sort of makes signals act like a lever would. With this, we’ll be able to make the computer do all sorts of things. Hmm, something is not right.. Oh, I see what I did wrong.. There we go, back on track. Now the T-flip flop works! As you can see, the red block changes position whenever it receives an input. This is basically the entire structure, we just need to place some redstone stuff. As you might imagine, different things are going to happen when we activate the pressure plate. The lines of repeaters on the right will activate two different sound effects.. We can customize these a lot! I’ll be using them for start up and shut down sound sound effects. Let’s make the computer look good as well! This might take a while Finally Looks good, but it’s not done yet! I’ll need to create the sounds I want. That was the start up sound. Sounds good, I’ll make the shut down sound a reversed version of that.. The computer is done, let’s test it! Start up and shutdown sounds.. While it is on, you can click the mouse which play a sound too.. While it is on, the screen also lights up, but that can only be seen in the dark. When the computer is turned off, the mouse won’t do anything, perfect! 😀 Here’s a little demo. Interactive and lights up when on. You will definitely have a cooler computer than all your friends! And that’s what this game is all about. :] Make sure the armor stand is facing straight forward. Hmm, I’m going to try again, maybe I can get them to line up perfectly.. Oh well, that will do.. :I The levers look like antennas on the router. You can even posiition them as you want, like most real routers! :] This router will also add to the rest of your office. :] Now it’s time for another interactive thing for you already cool office! 😀 Rename some paper to something you’d like your printer to print… It could be homework or very important documents, I’m being a bit boring here… It’s important to have some lighting by the base of this banner, which is why there’s a hole in the wall. It’s a great looking printer and it can be activated using the iron pressure plate. It’s just a nice detail you can brag about if your friends want to see your office. Fits well into your existing office! Now for a tablet design I’ve used for a long time. To make this, we’ll have to use an armor stand trick. Now push a block into the armor stand, so only the top of the helmet is showing. The helmet will be the screen of the tablet. It has turned dark, which is perfect. This is actually the best viewing angle… As you can see, the screen is a bit thicker than the rest… Another cool detail for your office! Now for a whiteboard using a variety of different banners. I will be making the type of whiteboard with wheels that you can push around. I’ll also show you some additional useful office banners at the end. Right now we are making the wheels… Now it’s time to somohow connect the wheels with what will become the whiteboard itself… I’m using iron bars… The fun part is right around the corner… Once the basic whiteboard is finished, it’s decorating time!

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How To Make An Office Cubicle Hello! Today, I’ll show you how to make an office cubicle. You can combine lots of these to make a big cubicle office! :] (Music by Liltommyj) I’ll be making this with a blue clay theme, but you can use the materials you want. (Music by Liltommyj) It’ll of course need a chair.. A desk.. A computer with a mouse.. (Music by Liltommyj) A plant.. A trash bin.. Oops.. (Music by Liltommyj) (Music by Liltommyj) Let’s make a calendar to decorate the desk! (Music by Liltommyj) It’s a design I recently came up with, I find it pretty useful! (Music by Liltommyj) If you have decoration ideas for the cubicle, feel free to add them! (Music by Liltommyj) Line them up and vary them a tiny bit for a boring-looking office! 😀 Leave a like if you want me to do an entire office with lots of cubicles and other awesome details! See you next time! (Subtitled by Decimalize)

What is Aquaponics? How it Works & Why an Aquaponic Setup Can Fail

I have another exciting episode for you and
we’re here in Hawaii, on Oahu actually, and today we have a special episode for you
guys all about aquaponics man I’m excited for this episode actually to share with you
guys. This place here is actually called Aquaponics Place. This is a store that specializes in
aquaponics, all the different parts you’ll need for aquaponics, the plants, the fish,
the different, you know, tubs, bins, totes. Everything you need to do an aquaponics system
in your home so that you can start growing your own food today. You know, especially
here in the islands it’s very important to, you know, have a backup plan in case the
ship doesn’t come in. To be able to grow your own food and as much as I like growing
food in the soil and dirt, you know, or the red dirt here, aquaponics systems are great
because now instead of just having vegetables you can also grow your own fish. Whether you
want to keep fish as pets or whether you want to have them as a food source they can grow
a lot of fish and a lot of vegetables to eat, a very well balanced diet. So anyways, what
we’re going to do today is we’re going to go into the aquaponics place and share
with you guys exactly what aquaponics is if you don’t know about it and share with you
some of the components of the system and share with you guys some of the fish that they offer
here. Share with you guys some of the pre-made and pre-built systems you can actually buy
and bring home, anywhere here on Oahu. So we’re here inside the aquaponics place
and if you guys are an aquaponics geek, this is your hang out man. They got all these different
valve things and siphon things and screens and they got all kinds of fittings and they
got basically everything you need to do aquaponics at home. I mean even on the mainland, a store
like this is just unheard of. I’ve never seen a store dedicated to aquaponics. I think
there should be a store like this in every city across the nation so that people can
actually start growing their own food and it makes it easy for people to get all the
supplies and parts, fittings, all this stuff you know because normally you have to go around
to five stores, maybe a plumbing store, a hardware store, a swimming pool store and
a pond store to get all the different things to get a system together. I like that this
is literally a one stop shop to get all your aquaponics needs met. And I’m glad they’re
here on Oahu so that everybody on this island can be growing some food today. What we’re going to be doing next is actually
share with you guys how the aquapoincs system works specifically, so that you’ll be able
to know how it works, and then more importantly be able to set one up and grow food for you
and your family. So now we’re going to share with you guys
what an aquaponics system is and it’s pretty much right here as you guys can see we got
a big tank on the bottom and this is simply a fish tank. It’s holding fish, there’s
lots of fish growing in there. The tilapia that you can eat or just keep as pets and
then what happens is the fish are living in the fish tank and they are getting fed with
the fish food which is the only input in this system. The fish eat the fish food and then
guess what, they create waste much like us right. The fish make the pee and poop and
then that basically gets in the water and then what they do is they take the water and
they pump it up into this top bed. They pump the water up and then the water filters through
this rock here, the cinder, and it basically filters down and goes back in and comes back
out and strains back into the tank there. You can see where it’s all spraying out.
What the plants do is the plants actually filter the fish pee and poop and put it back
into the water. So that’s the simplified version we’re going to talk about in a little
while the more complex version and how this system and why this system really works. It’s
actually a, there’s one big lynch pin that many people may not be aware about in an aquaponics
system that we’ll cover in just a little bit. So next we’re going to show you guys
some of the different edibles that you can grow in an aquaponics system to feed you and
your family. Alright so in this system they got a couple
cool things. First soybeans, yes you can grow soybeans in an aquaponics system. They got
some little Kales right there in addition some mizuna, one of my favorite leafy greens,
especially to grow in the winter time. Also the lettuces, of course the lettuces will
do well in an aquaponics system but they can’t be in full sun. They like it a little bit
shady. Let’s see here, in addition they got some of my favorite, this is the shiso
or also known as perilla and this is a purple shiso. I grow this in my garden every year
and evidently it will do well under an aquaponics, in the cinder right here, check it out, this
basically acts like a bio filter here and this cinder actually unlike other metas that
can be used for the aquaponics has a lot of surface area because they’re literally like
little sponges. In addition it looks like they got a little tomato over there and a
whole bunch of chives growing in this bed. So, this aqauponics system here they got a
whole bunch of strawberries that are currently in the greenery or leafing stage. They’re
seasonal so they’re not producing berries at this time. In addition they have a nice
large egg plant that’s been there a while and also they’re growing lilikoi or passion
fruits that’s growing out of the aquaponics system over and over and over and up the chain
link fence. I think it will be great one day when they have all this lilikoi or passion
fruit with hanging fruits to eat and also show the massiveness of the plant after it’s
been growing a while in the aquaponics system. Other plants that can be grown in aquaponics
are something like this, the basil, looks like it’s doing quite well. They also have
some parsley here and besides the parsley they got the red Russian kale, one of my favorite,
the kales right here. In addition they got the green malabar spinach. I like the purple
Malabar spinach but they got the green Malabar spinach so it’s planted maybe about a month
ago. It’s doing really excellent, this is definitely one of my picks for what I would
grow in the aquaponics system because the Malabar spinach is what’s called a perennial,
edible vegetable. You know some vegetables and some plants actually go through their
life cycle like the lettuce or like the kales but with this guy, this will continue to grow
and keep putting on food for you so you can eat day after day, year after year without
having to continually replant like you do with the lettuce. Over next door here we got
things like more basil, and look at this, this basil’s been growing here a while and
this basil straight up has like woody stems on it. It’s quite old, doing quite well,
although it looks like it does have some still (06:44?) on there that they may want to do
something with but doing quite well and it’s nice and tall there. In addition they’ve
got the Calo or the Taro here which is also grown in the aquaponics system in addition
they got a few beets over there and some rosemary. I know one of my favorite things to grow in
Hawaii for sure is this guy right here, this is the okra, look at those little babies man,
fresh okra, fresh okra is absolutely delicious and I love eating them, especially when they’re
young babies. So over to this bed a few more things they
are growing, things like celery right here. Definitely looking really nice and vibrant
here. Also they got this plant, look at this guy, this guy’s a nice woody stock, really
thick, it’s going to seed and these seeds are actually high in Omega 3 fatty acids as
are the leafy greens that you can eat. This is also the shiso or the perilla. This the
green variety, definitely would encourage you guys to grow the shiso green and the purple
as well as basil as like an herb bed but also don’t forget to grow your leafy greens.
So here’s some collard greens here, I would probably choose the Georgia southern collards
here in Hawaii if I was growing them and let’s see here, here’s a nice large parsley plant,
looks super delicious, looks like it’s growing quite well. So you guys just saw some of the different
leafy greens and edibles that you can grow in an aquaponics system and I always want
to encourage you guys to try and grow different things and experiment because that’s what
this is all about. See what you can get away with, of course some plants are going to do
better than others and of course that depends on how big your system is, how well it’s
draining or not draining which we’ll talk about in a little bit. Also how much sun you’re
getting or how much sun you’re not getting. Very important factors are considered when
selecting different vegetables and herbs to grow in your system. Now besides just the
leafy greens and you guys know that I’m all about my leafy greens, my show is called
growing your greens and I want to encourage you guys to eat two pounds of leafy greens
a day. You know they are one of the healthiest foods on the planet. The most nutrition with
the least amount of calories. As you guys know, standard American food, fast food, junk
food, is very high in calories but low in nutrition the greens are very high in nutrition.
Another thing that’s actually pretty good in nutrition for the calories specifically
and for the protein are the fish here. So whether you want to grow your fish and eat
them or you want to have them as pets, you can definitely do that in the aquaponics system.
In just about 10 months, on average, and it depends on the size of your tank and how much
you’re feeding them and what not. Your fish, the tilapia will grow into full size and you
can catch them and eat them. I think they’re fun we’re going to go ahead and go fishing,
see if we can catch a fish here. Think you got to be pretty quick to get one of these
suckers. Not that quick. Alright, I’ll try number 2 let’s see if we can do it. I got
a strategy this time. I’m going to corner them against the wall. Alright! Check it out,
I caught a fish! But I’m going to be nice and let him go. I think if I had the aquaponics
here. I would mostly grow the fish for my pets instead of eating them. I got enough
greens to get enough protein a lot of other nutrients in my garden besides the fish personally. Alright, so now that you guys saw what you
could potentially grow, the plants and the fish. We’re going to kind of dive more in
and explain how exactly an aquaponics system works and the different methods of growing.
We have two different kinds of set ups here. They have like, basically a system that has
just like a flood and drain, kind of floods it and then it drains it maybe some of you
have the system where they’re just constantly feeding it water and the system that you choose
to have is going to have is going to be dependent on the plants you’re growing so for example
some crops can be grown in a system where the roots are constantly in water such as
the lettuce or such as water crest. Whereas most plants are not going to like that level
of water and have the roots wet all the time. They need to get proper aeration. So there
needs to be a flood and drain system where the roots aren’t constantly staying wet.
So now we’re going to go ahead and show you guys both those different systems and
how they do it here at the Aquaponics Place. So this is the first system that we’re going
to show you guys and this is the easiest system to make. If you think of your bathtub, if
you fill up your bathtub with water and it gets too high it has that overfill valve right
so you can never overflow your bathtub and it won’t like leak on your bathroom floor.
Well, this system, growing the lettuce in constant water works pretty much the same
way. So what many systems use is they may use like some kind of raft system and they
generally put this on like some kind of Styrofoam but they choose not to use the Styrofoam here
because the Styrofoam beads will break off, get into the water and contaminate your system.
So they actually have a nice piece of plastic here and let’s go ahead and lift this guy
up. So what’s happening is water is getting pumped in over here on this side and if you
look on the backside, I don’t know if you can see that there but there’s basically
like that overfill drain on your bathtub that’s sucking the water in so water never overflows
but always stay a constant height. The water is kind of being a little bit aerated due
to the flow of the water in and out and you can see in these little net pockets they have
here these little lettuces are growing these little root hairs out and in these net pods
the plants are just set in the cinder and that’s actually just to hold the soil and
also another reason that we’ll talk about in a little bit but these lettuces will grow
really well like this and another thing that will grow well like this also is the water
crest that likes to have it’s roots wet. So now we’re going to show you the 2nd kind
of system they have here. This is a system that actually drains out the water and actually
drains it fairly fast so that the roots are not staying wet because most plants do not
like their roots wet. They will succumb to root rot, possibly other diseases if you that
and that’s all made possible with this guy right here. It’s actually called a bell
siphon and how this works is simple. So we’re going to go ahead and give you guys a close
up to show you exactly how this works. Alright, so how this system works is we got
a grow bed with all the little cinders in here and then they got this little, kind of
mesh thing that does not allow the cinders to go in and they have their overflow tube,
much like the other overflow tube in the lettuce bed. So when the water level that gets pumped
into this bed gets high enough, which is almost there now, what’s going to happen is the
water levels going up and if we look, pull these rocks back here, you can see the water
level right here is getting higher and higher and higher and if we just let it get this
high and go into the overflow tube which it’s almost going to reach in a minute, it’s
always going to stay at that level. Now, this is what happens exactly in the lettuce bed,
the water always stays at a certain level and it’s almost overflowing now. And it’s
just about overflowing now so can check it out so you can see the water running over
the top into the tube there which then returns the water to the fish tank down below and
now you have the water always at this constant level. So what this guy does which is the
bell siphon valve, it basically creates a vacuum or a suction to pull the water faster
than it would just normally drain out. So, for example the water’s draining out here
but it’s never going to go below this exact level that you’re seeing. Now this is the
standard bell siphon that they offer here. Just looks like that it’s basically just
some pvc with a cap on the top. They put some little holes on the bottom, you know, in a
nice shape but actually they have a cool one which is for display purposes only which actually
has a clear top on it. So I don’t know if you’ll be able to see this on the camera
but what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead and put this guy over the drain
tube and once again it has cut outs on the bottom. We’re going to put that over the
top and I don’t know if you guys can look in there but what’s happening is this is
creating a massive suction. Look at this water draining out very quickly right. This water’s
draining out very quickly so now the roots are not sitting in a constant water supply
so that they will not get the root rot and it’s a special siphon that siphons the water
out until it’s all siphoned out and then basically it will slowly fill up again until
it’s full. When it gets full again then it siphons all the water out fast again. So
this way you’re getting a drain and flow without any additional appliances or electricity
or anything. It’s all happening on suction. This is definitely an ingenious way to make
this happen and then it’s just kind of cool to look at the water as it’s working in
there and see if it’s sucking or if it’s filling or if there’s air bubbles or if
it’s sucking air or what man. Definitely so cool. Let’s go ahead and fill this guy
back up so this can continue to work how it should. So you guys just learned what you can grow.
Then you learned how to do it are the 2 ways you can accomplish this. Next I want to get
into the Nitti gritty the bare bones of how the aquaponics system works. It’s actually
fairly simple but yet complex on some levels so pay attention to this part. It’s probably
the most important part of this video in my opinion. So as you guys know what happens is you feed
the fish, the fish poop and then the poop is pumped up through and then put into the
top here so that it can filter down and there’s a few components to this system. Number 1
is they got a very simple screen here. So this screen catches all the solid waste you
know cause we don’t want that solid waste going into the gravel bed and get all funky
and stuff like that right. You can then take the solid waste and this is solid fish poo.
(Joking) But this is solid fish waste you can probably wash this out. I’d probably
put it in your garden and use it as a fertilizer. So this is going to catch all that stuff.
Now the non-solids then are going into the cinder bed and what happens is the plants
just don’t absorb those nutrients directly. There’s a middle man involved you know,
when buying things I like to cut out the middle man whenever possible but in this system I’m
afraid you cannot cut out the middle man or the system will not work and it will crash.
So the thing that you’ll need to know for this system to work is, and the middle men,
what they are, are in this bottle here. It jumps starts the system. Now the middle man
will occur naturally but by jump starting the system, you’re guaranteed a system that’s
going to work more effectively and work right the first time. This is actually simply called
organic digesture. So this product reduces the ammonia, phosphate, nitrites and nitrates
actually in there and they do this by a very special way using beneficial microbes, bacteria
and enzymes will break down the bad stuff in the fish poop and make it bio available
for the plants to absorb. So without this critical component, that will also occur naturally
if you don’t want an add it like this. Your aquaponics system can work properly and flourish. The other thing that’s very important is
the medium so they got this cinder here and you know the cinder if you look at that closely,
kind of looks like a sponge. There’s all different cracks and crevices, so this gives
the bacteria and the mirobes a place to live in this system so that they can flourish and
break down the solids from the fish to make it plant absorbable. So yeah, as you guys
know that have been watching me for a while, I’m really into microbes and beneficial
fungi and bacteria and that is truly what makes the aquaponics possible but if you’re
also a home gardener in the ground it also makes a standard garden in your ground possible
and will thrive as well. So now that you guys learned how this system
works, let’s talk about the inputs required to grow the fish and all your plants. Basically
what you need to do is you need to feed the fish so that they can create their bio solids
or their poop to feed your plants plus you need to have the bacteria so all these things
are pretty much a one-time investment. Once you got all those guys going, you’re only
going to need to buy 3 additional things to keep your system going. Number 1 (00:19:00)
you’re going to need the fish food of course, so you know, the fish pellets. They’re maybe
$33.00 for about 40 pounds of food at this time in bulk and I always encourage you guys
to buy it in bulk for the best price. And you’re literally just going to take some
and you’re going to feed the fish. We’re going to throw a little bit of it out there
and check it out, they’re eating back there. But you know the fish food’s all you’re
going to need to keep the fish happy so that they create their poop and their pee because
they are living in water so you’re not going to need to provide that but the few other
things you will need are Number 1 you’re going to need what’s in this little
bag here and what’s in this bag is some special stuff and let’s go ahead and put
the bag back in there for you guys but what’s in the bag is this stuff right here. This
is actually oyster shells so it’s often used, oyster shell, for like (00:19:44?) and
gardening but what this is, this is a PH balancer. So you can use the oyster shells which acts
as a PH balancer so that the fish have the right PH to live in properly. Another thing
you may need depending on where you live are heaters. The tilapia like to grow and live
in the temperature that Hawaii is naturally so you do not need additional heating in Hawaii
but in other places in the country, you may need to actually use heaters to keep your
water warm enough or your fish are not going to do well, they’re not going to grow fast
and they’re not going to make it at all. Another thing you will probably need here
and what they recommend at this aquaponics place is the iron chelate so the iron chelate
helps keep your foliage green. It’s a nutrient that is not provided by the fish food that
will encourage and ensure your plants ae healthy. Now the other thing that I would personally
experiment with that they’re not yet doing here, and hopefully one day they will, is
the rock dust minerals. I would experiment with the aquaponics and adding rock dust minerals,
which will add 70 plus different trace minerals into the water which will also give nutrition
and provide nutrition for your fish but also more importantly for the plants, you know
and for them and so the plants and the fish will have more minerals and be more healthy.
When their more healthy they’re going to grow bigger, grow larger their also going
to be more bug resistant in the case of the plants. Probably disease resistant and have
a stronger immune system in the case of the fish. So I don’t know exactly how much of
that stuff to add but it can be done cause I have heard about people doing it before
and I would highly encourage you guys to look into that and add some rock dust, even in
small amounts to add some of those trace minerals back into your system so that you can grow
some of the most nutritious food ever. So now that you guys know how this system
works, we’re going to explain the anatomy of the system or the parts that you need to
do it and you know here at the Aquaponics Place they’ll supply you with everything
you need including the plants, the fish the containers and the pumps and everything to
do that and as you guys can see behind me, there’s a standard system behind me. Now
the system prices can range from a couple hundred dollars to a thousand or more dollars
depending on how large you want your system. Of course I would always encourage you guys
to buy the biggest system possible because the biggest system that you can buy will produce
more fish and more greens for you to eat faster just in case you need to eat out of your garden
exclusively and not the grocery store. So it’s really simple how these systems work.
You got 2 big tanks, you got the bottom tank which is where the fish live and then you
basically got some concrete blocks that they stack up to make legs like a table. Then they
have basically a 2×4 wooden frame that’s of course the grow bed up top. They have the
bed up top they fill it with the cinder and you plant your plants, I mean really aquaponics
is really that simple. Now whether you buy a constructed set up like this which is all
looking nice and professional or whether you get a standard, what’s called an IBC tote
on Craigslist for $100 dollars, $200 dollars depending on where you live, and cut it down,
it’s really that easy to do an aquaponics system. Even if you’re renting, have a condo
or you know, don’t have land or in ground space, aquaponics system is an excellent way
to use some of the extra space that you have and you don’t necessarily need a nice full
sun spot if you want to grow tomatoes yes, you will need a nice full sun spot but even
in the shade here in Hawaii something like the lettuce and the herbs are going to do
quite well so that you can start providing food for you and your family instead of being
dependent on the grocery store. So did I tell you that the Aquaponics Place
will sell you everything you need including your kit, your fish and yes even your plants.
They got starter plants here for sale and what I’m going to show you guys next is
actually how they start their starter plants actually in an aquaponics system. This is
actually unique cause I’ve never seen this being done anywhere I visited with all the
different aquaponics systems I’ve seen. I’ve never seen anybody do it like this.
So it’s really cool so pay attention to this section if you’re going into aquaponics
and you want to start your own plants from seed. Aquaponics makes it really easy. Alright so this is how they start their seeds
in the aquaponics system. Really cool so you don’t have to use any space, use any kind
of soil. What they got is they got standard seed slot here, standard slat and what they’ve
done is they’ve filled it with Rockwell which is a poplar hydroponics growing medium
that they also do sell here and in the poplar they basically just put the seeds in the little
holes and because this is a flood and drain table, the, you know, this gets wet and then
it drains out so it’s not constantly sitting in water which then you could get, you know,
seed rot but in this way this will get just enough water so that the little seeds can
germinate into little baby plants. Once they germinate, get a little big then they’re
going to transplant them into little individual containers that are next door. So let me go
ahead and show you those guys next. So once they got those little baby plants
started from seeds or actually you can do cuttings like this you’re going to basically
put plants in the little containers here, right, check it out, little containers and
these containers once again have the little holes at the bottom and it’s just growing
in the cinder there and then you just basically bury this down in the aquaponics bed here
just deep enough so that it gets enough water. Enough plants will get fed and once again
they got that bell siphon valve here that’s flooding and draining this so like the roots
aren’t staying constantly drenched in water, it’s getting enough water and this is literally
an automatic watering system for all the baby starts. This is super ingenious. So it looks
like they got, they got here water crest probably my top pick for growing in an aquaponics system.
Water crest is one of the most nutrient dense vegetables on the planet. In addition they
got the kale another yet nutrient dense vegetable. I believe you guys should be eating at least
several times a week. They got the shiso, I love the shiso especially the purple one.
You guys can’t see that, oh there it is. They got a green shiso, they got the chives,
they got some corn growing under the aquaponics. Now probably my favorite crop to grow if I
was here in Hawaii. I’d the water spinach or the Ung Choy. It’s actually, classified
as, from the USDA, as an evasive obnoxious weed so you’re probably not or supposed
to grow it anywhere else in the United States cause it could get in the waterway, all this
kind of stuff but you can grow it here in Hawaii and it will grow fabulously under an
aquaponics system like this and you can literally just take cuttings and replant it. You’ll
have a whole mass of food that will continue to grow day after day, year after year and
the great thing about the Ung Choy is that it will have the nice mild flavor it’s not
strong or bitter, you know, like kale. Some people might not like and it grows real simple
and real easy. I’m all about like sharing with you guys and the best of what I know
to make gardening and make growing food at home really easy. So hopefully after watching this episode,
you now know what aquaponics is, what you can grow, how to grow it and why it works.
I think these are very important fundamental pieces of knowledge that everybody should
know how to grow their own food in this day and age. Whether you live in Hawaii and food
might stop coming in or whether you want to have a backup plan in case trucks stop running,
there’s a financial collapse or whether you just want to eat the healthiest food possible.
Based on the current agriculture system, in my opinion, they’re not growing the healthiest
food possible. To do that you must do it yourself at home, pick it and eat it fresh for higher
levels of nutrition, plus you can add things in like the trace minerals that are not in
foods today. If you are here in Oahu and are interested in getting your own aqauponics
system, I would highly recommend the aquaponics place and you can check them out and learn
more about them on the Hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode coming
at you from Oahu, Hawaii. Once again my name is John Kohler with
We’ll see you next time, and remember keep on growing.

Brick Calculations — Engaged Piers

Alright, so now that we’ve worked out how many bricks we have in our dwarf wall the next thing we need to work out is how many bricks through need for our engaged piers and we put our engaged piers to support our wall make a little bit stronger it also provides support for our bearers when we go to put our bearer and joists in so we need to know how many bricks we need in our engaged piers so first thing to work out is where our engaged piers are going to go, and how many that we need So we go back to a plan view and our original dimensions now what we actually need to do is work out. What our internal dimensions are so You take 110mm off each side for a brick and get our new internal dimensions you don’t need all of them you don’t need these two long sides, but you definitely need these 4 short sides So now what we do we’re going to look at each short side by itself so I’m going to take this one here 2150 first. Oh Sorry, our bearers are going to run that way bearer has generally run the long dimension of the building this case It doesn’t matter because it’s equal but they generally run the long dimension of the building So formula is the building length divided by the bearer or our joist spacing plus 1 so as I said I’m going to take this one first this length here and our bearer joist spacing is going to be 1.8m so 2.150 /1.8 +1 Okay Gave us 1.194which we’re going to say 2 always round up in this case plus 1 that gives us three engaged piers along this side So let’s put those in one there on there and one there so there’s our three okay So now let’s still keep going down and look at this one here. So 2.390 /1.8 In this case we don’t need to add the one because we’ve already got this one here so we’re just going to put 1 there and 1 there, so there’s our 2 there and We have a line I have to put one in here a little bit later Okay, so that’s that way done and What we can then do is just replicate whatever’s on this side of the building Same has to happen on this side Okay, this one is not super critical because that Bearers is actually going to be running this way But we try and keep everything in line So everything is evenly spaced Okay, now let’s work our way across this way, so this one’s 2.150 again so we know we’re going to need 3 for that however I’ve already got 2 so we just need to drop another one in the middle there and similarly on this other side We know we needed 2 there before so we can just drop one in there and We need one on this corner, and I tend to put one going each way on the internal Corners Sorry there must be the next step So if we just replicate what’s on these walls up here again keeping everything in line and We’ll end up with that many, and I put one second one on the internal corner So there we go, we have 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 engaged piers Okay, so we now we’ve got 17 piers now, how many bricks are in each pier, so if we take the height of our wall which you might remember from the previous video is 516mm so 516 the height of one brick and one brd of mortar which we refer to as a course a course of Brickwork is 86mm high or 0.086 metres high so 516 / 86=6 bricks high for this wall, so then it’s just a simple matter of 17 piers, 6 Bricks per pier Gives us a h102 bricks For this this particular wall, we could of course then allow some waste if you wanted to or you could add the original amount and you could add that to you Dwarf Wall total and then work the waste out at the end So there you go that’s how we work out how many engaged peers we need and how many bricks we need for the engaged pier