Brick Calculations — Engaged Piers

Alright, so now that we’ve worked out how many bricks we have in our dwarf wall the next thing we need to work out is how many bricks through need for our engaged piers and we put our engaged piers to support our wall make a little bit stronger it also provides support for our bearers when we go to put our bearer and joists in so we need to know how many bricks we need in our engaged piers so first thing to work out is where our engaged piers are going to go, and how many that we need So we go back to a plan view and our original dimensions now what we actually need to do is work out. What our internal dimensions are so You take 110mm off each side for a brick and get our new internal dimensions you don’t need all of them you don’t need these two long sides, but you definitely need these 4 short sides So now what we do we’re going to look at each short side by itself so I’m going to take this one here 2150 first. Oh Sorry, our bearers are going to run that way bearer has generally run the long dimension of the building this case It doesn’t matter because it’s equal but they generally run the long dimension of the building So formula is the building length divided by the bearer or our joist spacing plus 1 so as I said I’m going to take this one first this length here and our bearer joist spacing is going to be 1.8m so 2.150 /1.8 +1 Okay Gave us 1.194which we’re going to say 2 always round up in this case plus 1 that gives us three engaged piers along this side So let’s put those in one there on there and one there so there’s our three okay So now let’s still keep going down and look at this one here. So 2.390 /1.8 In this case we don’t need to add the one because we’ve already got this one here so we’re just going to put 1 there and 1 there, so there’s our 2 there and We have a line I have to put one in here a little bit later Okay, so that’s that way done and What we can then do is just replicate whatever’s on this side of the building Same has to happen on this side Okay, this one is not super critical because that Bearers is actually going to be running this way But we try and keep everything in line So everything is evenly spaced Okay, now let’s work our way across this way, so this one’s 2.150 again so we know we’re going to need 3 for that however I’ve already got 2 so we just need to drop another one in the middle there and similarly on this other side We know we needed 2 there before so we can just drop one in there and We need one on this corner, and I tend to put one going each way on the internal Corners Sorry there must be the next step So if we just replicate what’s on these walls up here again keeping everything in line and We’ll end up with that many, and I put one second one on the internal corner So there we go, we have 1,2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 engaged piers Okay, so we now we’ve got 17 piers now, how many bricks are in each pier, so if we take the height of our wall which you might remember from the previous video is 516mm so 516 the height of one brick and one brd of mortar which we refer to as a course a course of Brickwork is 86mm high or 0.086 metres high so 516 / 86=6 bricks high for this wall, so then it’s just a simple matter of 17 piers, 6 Bricks per pier Gives us a h102 bricks For this this particular wall, we could of course then allow some waste if you wanted to or you could add the original amount and you could add that to you Dwarf Wall total and then work the waste out at the end So there you go that’s how we work out how many engaged peers we need and how many bricks we need for the engaged pier

The Scientific Secret of Strength and Muscle Growth

We all have a fascination with muscles and
strength – whether we want to be stronger, feel better, or look like superman; and there
are many proposed strategies and exercise regimens to get this done. But what if I told
you that it was out of your control, and that your genetics may be entirely holding you
back? Conversely, what if there was a secret out there that could lead you to super human
strength? The truth is: your muscle size has a limit.
Sure, it may seem obvious when you hear it, but your muscles are under the strict control
of a protein called Myostatin, which determines exactly how large a muscle can become. And
this limit is different for everyone depending on their myostatin levels. As a muscle reaches
this limit, myostatin prevents any further growth. But if the myostatin itself is limited
or absent, this muscle limit suddenly goes away.
This phenomenon was first noticed in Belgian Blue Cattle. These cows developed 2-3 times
more muscle mass than a normal cow, and it was later discovered that they had a deletion
of the gene GDF-8, which just so happens to create myostatin. As a result, without any
exercise or special diet, these cows have incredible muscle mass. Similar cases have
been documented in dogs, mice, and even a few cases of human babies lacking the GDF-8
gene. These findings have helped scientists understand
why some people bulk up easily, while others struggle to. Lower levels of myostatin=more
muscle mass. In fact, some studies have even shown that many champion body builders have
naturally lower levels, or even entire deletions of the myostatin gene. If you look at somebody
like Arnold Schwarzenegger, as a teen, he just looks naturally muscular. As such, perhaps
many champion bodybuilders owe their success more to genetics than their training or drug
use. Eventually, it may be possible to develop
drugs which deplete or block myostatin. Of course, it’s a double edged sword; On the
one hand, patients with muscular dystrophy, or muscle loss from aging could regrow and
restore muscle. On the other hand, the potential for abuse as performance enhancers seems…inevitable.
But, the prospect of seeing a real-life human Hulk…seems kind of cool. Besides, should
those who already have low levels of myostatin be considered to have an unfair advantage?
It’s hard to say. Regardless, be weary of anybody selling or promoting this unproven
and unregulated treatment. At the end of the day, whether you have naturally
low or high myostatin levels, remember – this is the level that is optimal for your mechanical
and metabolic efficiency. With proper exercise and general health, you’ll reach your own
unique physiological peak. And while you may not be destined to pack a punch like Superman,
you can push your own limits through training and hard work.
But, what if you could punch as hard as Superman? Our friend Jake over at Vsauce3 has the answer
to this smashing superhero question, which you definitely need to check out.
And if you want to know how much myostatin you have…there’s only one real way to find
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Best Organic Fertilizers that SuperSize Plant Growth in My Vegetable Garden

This is John Kohler with,
I have another exciting episode for ya and you know every episode I have is basically
my life gardening lifestyle I mean I live a gardening lifestyle, half my day or more
sometimes or actually out in the garden after I’ve finished with doing the things I have
to do and must do in life because this is my joy, my pleasure, I like to be out in the
garden and get some fresh air and also build some muscles by carting some of these soils
around and whatnot.  So what I’m doing today actually is enriching my raised beds for the
upcoming seasons here and thought I’d share the process with you.  Specifically “Dear
John, do I throw out the soil every season when you’re growing?”  No man, don’t throw
out the soil, the soil is the most important thing you got.  As you can see behind me,
the soil actually dips down so I filled this up to the top and over the season it just
kind of compresses down and earthworms are eating some of the organic matter and it just
compresses down, so I don’t till it up, I don’t like to till, what I do is just add
stuff to the top layer and kind of mix it in just a little bit and try not to disturb
any of the existing soil in there, to destroy the precious beneficial microbes and fungi
and other alive elements in the soil.  So I’m going to be adding new stuff, and another
question I get a lot is “John, what do I add to my soil?”, so whether you’re starting
a new raised bed or filling it up adding to your raised bed you know what I’m going to
show you now is what I use.  You may use some or all of them, some of them I am experimenting
with and some are tried and true and definitely would recommend them.  I will let you know
which ones they are, one by one.  So let’s see, so currently we’ll start off with what
I’ve filled these beds with, some of these beds here are actually derived compost from
Simona compost, it’s primarily the mallard plus compost, it’s mainly made from food scrapes
and yard waste and clippings, everything from everybody in the county.  This is our OMRI
certified for use in industrial production agriculture.
  In addition I have added it some different
points of biodynamic high test compost, which is Demeter, certified or listed also from
Sonoma compost and that makes up probably of 99% of what’s in here.  I’ve also added
things like rock dust, cal powder, and some other things in the past.  What we’re going
to do now is re-enrich for the new growing season.  While yes, there’s still lots of
nutrition in the soil, I want my plants to have everything it needs, it’s like if you
go to a buffet, a shmorgeshborg, you could just, there’s all kinds of food in front of
you man and you get to choose what you want to eat.  I want to give my soil everything
and put everything into my soil so the plants could choose what they want to absorb.  Say
you go to a fast food place and they got 3 options you know you got, I think actually
In and Out burger is like this.  You got a hamburger, a cheeseburger, and French fries. 
I don’t think they sell much else, a coke.  You don’t have too many choices, but imagine
you go to the buffet you have all these different things so I like to just flood my soil with
organic nutrition that’s going to encourage the beneficial microbes and bacteria and fungiis
that are in there, because they are the ones that help break down some of the nutrition
so that the plants could absorb it and let the plants choose.  So that’s what I’m going
to show you guys today, which ones I use.  Let’s start over on this side.  What I like
to do is I like to put all of my different soil medians in little buckets and these are
actually about 1 gallon recycled buckets that I pick up for free.  This actually, I don’t
know what this had in it has a label there.  But different things, I did these from like
a local health food store that they get almond butter and bath salts and some of these, and
they basically would throw these out or recycle them.  I like to take them and reuse them. 
So I want to encourage you guys to reuse and recycle, it is just smarter and actually these
buckets come in quite handy when I’m enriching my bed because I get to put one item in each
bucket and then I sprinkle it on uniform ally to mix it in and I’ll show you that process. 
  In these little buckets, we got all sorts
of cool stuff.  So right here what I have is the worm casing so worm gold, worm casings
and in my estimation these are some of the best worm casings.  I mainly like these because
they are not only worm cassings, they are like 97% worm cassings and just a small percentage
of the rock dust minerals, and also some kelp meal in there as well so definitely really
good quality worm cassings also they are very high in kyantanase content because these worms,
unlike many worm cassings can be fed manures, these are fed vegetative stock so when the
cassings have high kyanase content which breaks down the kyntene and the insect shells like
the avids and the white flies have shells, exoskeletons that are made of kyntene and
when they have the kyantene enzyme it breaks down their shell.  So it’s like when you’re
an insect and you’re eating that plant it’s like pouring acid on your skin, it’s going
to melt, and then guess what it’s going to go to somebody else’s garden that didn’t use
the high quality high chitinase cassings, all worm cassings are not created equal. 
Now aside from the worm cassings, I’m also adding my favorite thing and if you don’t
use anything else, you want to definately use this one at least minimally, this is the
rock dust.  
In these little buckets, we got all sorts of cool stuff.  So right here what I have
is the worm casing so worm gold, worm casings and in my estimation these are some of the
best worm casings.  I mainly like these because they are not only worm cassings, they are
like 97% worm cassings and just a small percentage of the rock dust minerals, and also some kelp
meal in there as well so definitely really good quality worm cassings also they are very
high in kyantanase content because these worms, unlike many worm cassings can be fed manures,
these are fed vegetative stock so when the cassings have high kyanase content which breaks
down the kyntene and the insect shells like the avids and the wyflies have shells, exoskeletons
that are made of kyntene and when they have the kyantene enzyme it breaks down their shell. 
So it’s like when you’re an insect and you’re eating that plant it’s like pouring acid on
your skin, it’s going to melt, and then guess what it’s going to go to somebody else’s garden
that didn’t use the high quality high kyantenase cassings, all worm cassings are not created
equal.  Now aside from the worm cassings, I’m also adding my favorite thing and if you
don’t use anything else, you want to definitely use this one at least minimally, this is the
rock dust.  This is the really fine powder that’s the azomite rock dust which I like
so much; I also have used other rock dust in the past as well.  Now if you can’t find
a horicultural grade rock dust because it can be very hard to find, if you go to any
big box store, or even most local nurseries, you ask them for rock dust and they’ll look
at you like “Huh”? Or they’ll say “Oh you mean ironites?”  No, that’s not the same
stuff man, you want a wide spectrum of ground up rock dust basically and most nurseries,
places don’t have it so check my where I have a video where I have lowest prices on dust
(delived?) so you can get it shipped directly to you at the lowest price I found, other
than that you can go to a local rock and stone quarry and mine stuff out the ground.  You’re
going to want the rock dust, rock powder, and their finest grade material that’s pretty
much like a dust.  This is actually, literally flour like consistency, its fine like a powder. 
We need this in you know, a small powder form so that it’s most available for the microbes,
the microbes can’t break down pebbles and things like that.  So aside from the azomite
rock dust powder I also have some rock dust powder that was sourced at a local farm, they
have their own quarry here and they grind their own rock dust, and this is a lot finer
texture but there is some fines in there too.  Now you might be thinking “John, why do
you have 2 different rock dusts why isn’t one enough well you know every different kind
of rock?” no matter where it’s from is going to have a different make up of minerals. 
So this one may have a lot of certain minerals and this one may have other minerals so I
want to put all the different kinds of rock dust that I could get as possible so that
my plants have all of the different minerals and once again they’re in a schmorgeshborg
and they get to go to town and eat whatever they want, get nice and fat because nice and
fat plants equals nice and fat yields and more food for me to eat.
  So aside from the rock dust, I got the next
one here which is also another good source of trace minerals because this is actually
from the ocean.  You can also use some things like ocean solution or C90 for your minerals
which I feed in later in foliar feed; these ones actually go in the soil.  This one’s
actually kelp meal, so actually if you go to the health food store you can buy kelp
meal and sprinkle that on your food and I recommend that as an excellent alternative
to salt, it’s much lower in sodium, but also has a lot of the other trace minerals in it,
so it’s good for us and it’s also good for it to put in our garden and soak them in our
soil with.  Next we have these 3 items right here, and these are the John and Bob’s products. 
So I think we got the Soil Optimizer here, and basically these some of these products
are food for the microbes, some of these are actually mild fertilizers and actually the
next one is the trace minerals and the microbes so let’s get into that one next.  The John
and Bob’s product that I like the most is actually called Minerals and Microbes, it’s
once again rock dust, trace minerals, and the beneficial microbes that are going to
help break down and allow your plant to absorb them more effectively.  This one is actually
called the Nourish Biosal and so on the John and Bob products I’m currently experimenting,
this is my first growing season using them.  I’ve read up a lot and I’ve been testing them
in small amounts and I definitely agree with whole principles of the John and Bob’s and
so far, I’m having good results.  It’s totally inconclusive at this point because I’m not
sure, haven’t really used it a full growing season.  The last bucket of stuff I got is
this stuff right here, it’s the Sonoma Compost Biochar, and Biochar is 100% carbon.  If
you’ve done your research, there is this soil called Terrapreta soil, a really dark rich
soil and they used to add Biochar to it.  So now, I’m starting to add the 100% carbon
to my soil.  That being said you want to do Biochar in moderation, you don’t want to
put too much Biochare because Biochar charcoal, which is what this is used in air cleaners
all the time because charcoal will absorb odors and so also it will absorb the nutrition
in the soil, but it’s good to have there in any case in my opinion.  So I’m gonna add
just a little bit of Biochar to this whole raised bed to inoculate my soil with some
Biochar to put some carbon back in my soil in a big way.  These items I’ve put in small
amounts you know, 1 gallon buckets.  And there’s no real rhyme or method to how much
I’ve put in I just go okay, let’s use a little bit of this, a little bit of that and just
like make an elixir in like the witch’s brew you know.  Some of the things I like to use
more of like I like to do a lot of rock dust and especially depending on how much of that
I have in inventory right now and how much I don’t.  I don’t have a whole lot of kelp
meal and it tends to be very expensive, whereas, I have a lot more rock dust so I’ll put a
lot of rock dust and a little bit of kelp meal.  I always recommend if you don’t know
what you’re doing (this is very important), read the label, read the directions.  I’m
not good for reading directions but I could have the gardener intuition and could like
know what I should be using, and I do kind of look at the labels to get some kind of
general guideline before I just start throwing stuff in because if you throw too much in,
you know in general, more may not be always better depending on what you’re going to put
in.  You know I’ve thrown in 50% rock dust before and thrown in a large high percentage
of worm cassings with no problems.  But I don’t necessarily recommend you do that, you
want to add these things supplementaly into your garden bed.  So actually, these are
my supplements and let’s get into the main components of my soil that I’ll be adding
in for this upcoming season.  First, we have this one right here; this is Biodynamic Demeter
listed compost.  So this is actually from Sonoma compost, this is actually called the
High Test Biodynamic compost.  In Biodynamic compost, they put in some like tinctures or
whatever like do all this kind of stuff and it’s actually composted longer than their
standard OMRI listed organic high test compost.  So I like to use this stuff sparingly, I mainly
like to use the Mallard Plus but optimally I like to mix the Mallard plus with this and
you know one to one and that would make a awesome blend today because I’m just enriching
my beds.  I’m using this guy, and this is basically bacteria based compost, this is
made at high temperatures and has a lot of bacterial matter.  Now to be really good
in your garden besides the bacterial matter, you need the fungal matter man.  So that’s
what we’ve got next right here, we’ve got some fungal dominated compost man and this
is the bomb stuff right here.  This in my opinion is what most people are missing in
their garden, and this is the good stuff the good shit man.  Mmm nice smell.  And this
is the Boogie Hummus here and basically this is a wood chipped based hummus, so what they
did was, as I said the regular compost is with the bacterial process with high heat
and it breaks down over time.  How this works is this is fungal dominated compost, so they
take literally wood chips and they sit it in a pile for months and months and years
and years and it basically just composts down and breaks down over time.  So this is a
low heat process so the low heat process, so the low heat process creates different
micro-organisms and encourages different micro-organisms in this mixture instead of the high heat mixture. 
So I’m going to add both these together so you know optimal growing results so we’ve
got the fungal dominated and the bacterial based dominated compost and once again this
is the Boogie Hummus.  I haven’t seen the tested results from the Boogie Hummus yet
but I’m highly confident it is quite active in all the different microbes.  Besides it
just being the soil and it just plays for the plant to put its roots, and the plants
roots grow between the soil not through the soil, the airspace in the soil, it’s also
going to have a lot of the nutrition, bacterial, and fungal microbes that make the whole system
work, that make the plants roots work.  The plants have been on earth for millions of
years and they’ve learned to work in a system of this whole soil microbiology.  So besides
the soils I’ve got this last one here.  This is also very important, I have been primarily
growing in the compost and I do notice that in the summertime they do dry out a little
bit so what I recommend for people and new gardeners is Mel’s mix, Mel’s Bartholomew
who got the square foot garden method going.  He basically recommends 1/3 of compost, 1/3
of vermiculite, and 1/3 of coconut core, or Pete moss.  What we’re going to add in here
is a bag of stuff I got, this is actually coconut core, and some pearlite which is similar
but not exactly the same thing as the vermiculite.  Also I actually used enriched with the rock
dust here.  So we’re just going to go ahead and add this one bag in and adding just some
amounts of coconut core, I could add a lot more but I don’t want to displace too much
of the other stuff I’m adding to my beds.  It’s going to help the water retention so
that my garden doesn’t dry out as much in this upcoming summer season.  I know what
you might be thinking; you’re thinking “John, should I add all of those to my garden?” Well,
you know what; let me tell you the beneficial ones.  The beneficial ones are #1 a compost;
you want to try to get a good quality bacterial based compost (hopefully locally) and also
fungal dominated compost.  Those are the most important.  Next in my opinion, the
most important, the rock dust of the ezomite you want trace minerals in there.  If you
want to stop there that’s great, if you want to keep going you probably want to add the
coconut core or the Pete moss, and then you want to add the vermiculite.  Then that’s
probably like all you need is as the base line.  If you want to take it to the next
level then add the worm cassings, then I’d probably add the kelp meal.  Each of these
different nutrients you’re adding in I mean, literally what I’m going to be doing next
is mixing these into my soil and it’s almost like baking a cake right, if you leave that
one ingredient in a cake out it could mess up the whole recipe.  This is what I’ve found
what really works and it’s only going to help the beneficial microbes.  Several of the
products are going to populate the microbial, and fungal and bacterial action in the soil
even more including these two composts and the microbes and minerals product and that’s
what you really want to do.  I always encourage you guys to do the best you can but at minimum
do the compost, the rock dust, and the work cassings basically to sum it up.  The other
ones if you’ve got extra money to spend you know buy it and try it and see my videos when
I actually go over the results on some of the John and Bob’s products.  Now we’re going
to mend my raised bed, as you can see I’ve taken out the irrigation system and kind of
draped it over the side temporarily so I can get in here and work this cause what I like
to do is just layer on all of my nutrients and all of the different amendments that are
going to add and kind of mix in with my hands, I like using my hands in the soil I don’t
like using spades or shovels I like to just kind of get my hands dirty (well I’ve got
gloves on because I’m a wuss like that).  But anyways we’re just going to mix it all
up and layer it on and just kind of mix it and fluff it all in and at the end we’re going
to make sure it’s level with the top so that it has a nice finished look in my garden. 
You know for me, if you have a raised bed garden in my opinion for the most part you
should always fill it up to the top because then if you fill it up to the top there is
most soil and most different nutrients in the soil so your plants could have that schmorgeshborg
that we want them to have.  So first what we’re going to do is we’re going to go ahead
and add the worm cassings and what I like to do is I like to just take a bucket, and
this bucket makes it very convenient to just shake a little bit of it out over the whole
bed so we get this stuff evenly distributed.  Now we’re going to add the kelp meal and same
thing, this bucket here is going to serve as the L part of the bed so we’re going to
put about half of this stuff in there (oh, a little bit too much).  I just like to just
kind of go along and evenly distribute it in the bed.  Next we’ve got the Biochare,
and some of these materials you know do tend to clump up so I like to just get my hands
in the material with the gloves on and actually just break it up into nice, fine particles
before you know spreading it in.  Be aware that the carbon or the biochar will definitely
stain your hands black so you might want to wear some gloves for that so we’re just going
to break that up a little bit and spread this out a little bit in my garden.  Next we’ve
got the rock dust, this is a very fine powder so you may want to use, and actually I encourage
you guys to use a dust mask so that you don’t breathe this fine particulate in or minimally
hold your breath or put a handkerchief over your nose and mouth so that you don’t breathe
while doing this.  I’m going to choose to hold my breath today.  Can’t breathe uhh,
alright after the dust cleared, I can inhale now whoo.  Next, we’re going to use a second
rock dust (not totally dust but a little bit dusty), going to spread this guy out.  Next,
we’ve got the John and Bob’s products; I believe it’s the Nourish Biosoil.  We’re just going
to go ahead and shake this stuff out, don’t want to shake too much out in here, you need
very little of these products here. 
Next we’ve got the John and Bob’s Soil Optimizer, once again we’re just going to shake this
stuff out just a little bit everywhere (just like baking a cake).  Next we’ve got the
microbes and minerals maximized by John and Bob’s and this actually tends to clump up
a lot, so before we actually dump it in there, I’m just kind of squeezing this up in my hands. 
This is one of the funest things I like to do while I have gloves on anyways is just
squeeze these up and just feel the soil man.  Squeeze it up in a nice fine particulate so
that it’s evenly distributed in your soil instead of big large clods.  Did you ever
have like dirt clod fights when you were a kid?  We used to have dirt clod fights and
chuck them at other kids, that was not a nice thing to do but probably everybody does that
when you’re a kid.  We’ve got this in a fine texture here, we’re just going to once again
we’re just going to take it and just kind of sprinkle it daintily throughout my raised
bed.  So those are all the ingredients that I’ll be adding.  You know the main single
ingredient that I’ll be adding is I’m going to add the 3 bagged products.  Now you know
once again I’m going to say this is what I’m using at this time based on what I have quote
unquote what I have in stock or what I have extra bags of.  You know if I only had compost
I would use the compost and the rock dust without anything else.  That being said these
are maybe things beneficial for you to use.  I mean once again my goal is not to be gardening
on the frugal I mean that’s one of my goals but it’s not one of my highest goals.  My
highest goal in why I’m growing food is to make nutrient dense food and so I want to
have the highest quality food because in my opinion the food you eat becomes you, and
when you eat the highest quality food, you’re going to be the highest quality person you
could be.  So I want to have the highest quality health and highest quality everything
and I could only do that by growing my own food, adding all these minerals and different
things in my soil because frankly most conventional agriculture even organic agriculture is not
taking it to the level that I am.  #1 It maybe unsustainable, adding some of these
things in large quantities to fields.  Some of these things can be very expensive to add
so I mean I think every farmer should add minimally like sea water to their drip line
or when they’re watering, and I definitely think that they should add the rock dust that
alone, should make an amazing difference, plus you could use some of the other things
like the fungal dominated compost and compostees that I’m getting ready to add later in the
season.  So next let’s go ahead and add those bagged products.  Now we’re going to
add the coconut corn pearlite.  Next we’ve got the big boys, here’s the high test biodynamic
compost.  Now biodynamic compost is actually fairly rare.  I’m lucky that I have a local
source, I’m really glad for that, and this gets added into much higher quantities. 
It’s basically going to get added all the way to top off this whole bed actually. 
And now we’ve got the Boogie Hummus, now I want to take a second to talk more about the
Boogie Hummus you know, there’s an episode I did while back at my friends place and actually
the title of the video is called Super Size Your Vegetables With Wood Chips and Rock Dust. 
My friends in Oregon, all they’re growing in their compost is wood chips that they grow
on their own property.  You know I don’t have a large property where I can actually
sit and compost wood chips for like 3 years to make this stuff, so I’m getting it from
the Boogie Brew Company the Boogie Hummus.  This is some really good stuff, so we’re going
to go ahead and add that stuff in there and hopefully this will supersize my vegetables
along with those trace minerals to get me optimal growth…and maybe even optimal girth. 
Okay so the main deal is once you’ve got all of this added you’re probably going to have
to add more later but just to show you guys, I got to roll up my sleeves and take my gloves
and just get these big particles and just break them up because I don’t want big chunks
in the soil.  So I’ll be here with my hand just kind of going through and breaking up
any large chunks of stuff.  What I’m doing is just basically just waxing on and waxing
off, much like that movie, wax on wax off.  I’m just going along the surface not to disturb
the underneath soil layers and I’ve never really seen anybody do this so you don’t have
to do it like this but this is just how I like to do it you know this is my garden Zen
meditation you know, wax on wax off….I like waxing off more than I like waxing on.  We’re
just going to go ahead and mix all of these different amendments all together so we have
a nice evenly distributed mixture, and you can see that because of all the different
rock dust patterns have a different color and you can see the pearlite get mixed in,
so definitely really cool.  As you guys can see I’ve got the soil pretty much filled up
and it’s a little bit high and saying real quick is just the way I do it doesn’t mean
you have to do it.  Another alternate way to do this is to have a nice large wheelbarrow
and mix all of your different soils all up in there and then fill that on top.  I kind
of like to get my hands in there in the soil and mix it all up even if I’m mixing something
in the wheelbarrow I prefer to mix it up with my hands instead of using a shovel I mean
I just like digging in the dirt much like I’m a kid again.  The final step you see
is like all uneven, I really like to have that nice finished look especially in my front
yard garden even in my backyard garden or wherever I garden I just like it to look nice
and neat and tidy like Europeans.  So what I’m going to do is what I call Screech., Screech
is not the dude that was in Saved by the Bell sitcom thing, it’s what I do to my raised
bed after its full I take like a 2 x 3 and what we’re going to do is just going to take
this down and I like to kind of run it all the way across the bed although I have a trelless
in there.  I just take it and squeegee it across the top so that I could make sure the
top is completely level and all the soil is level, it gives you that nice and finished
look.  I’m going to go ahead and Screech the top of my bed to make the soil level and
I’ll be back at ya in a minute.  So now you guys could see that I’ve got this all Screeched
out and I’ve got my irrigation drip system back on top.  One of the things I actually
like is the sub soil irrigation system I’m going to hopefully test real soon.  With
that system you got to just move all that irrigation stuff and you have the flexibility
of being able to freely plant wherever you really want with the wicking action that it
has.  I know you guys might be thinking, you country gardeners “John why the hell are
you screeching the bed and making it look all pretty?”  This is actually at the sidewalk
in the front of my house, I mean I want this to look nice and pretty and neat for me and
for people that come over and look at it, the people driving by.  You know if I did
live in the country and had 40 acres and had no neighbors and I didn’t really care, I’d
probably just do a close enough job and just leave it but you know it’s in my front yard
and I’m going to be looking at it a lot and just kind of like OCD like that.  I guess
the last step I like to do is just take my hose and I like to spray this down evenly
with water and prep this bed and get it ready for the new plants that are going in.  The
soil is actually dry, and I find if the soil has been dry for a long time the water tends
to run off instead of soaking in so I want to get the water soaking in the soil so when
I do plant the (starts?) it doesn’t run off and soaks in much better.  Once the soil
does get wet it tends to hold the water better than when it’s fully dried and kind of just
runs off.  Alright, so we’ve wetted it down enough and I mean that’s pretty much it. 
Now we’re ready to plant out for the new season.  So for those guys that were wondering that’s
how I enrich my bed, I use a lot of different things.  Now, you don’t necessary need to
use all of these things for great gardening results  you know if you just get some bed
compost and start doing it you’re going to be great but if you want to improve, I always
live my life by a principle called CANI (C-A-N-I) It stands for Constant And Never ending Improvement. 
I want to always improve what I’m doing and get that much better, if it means I got to
spend a little bit of extra money and some things to add to my soil to make that much
better so I can have more nutritious produce, I’m going to definitely do it.  That being
said you know you need to figure out where you’re at.  At the bare minimum I’d recommend
compost and the rock dust and then you know from there you could add in the vermiculite,
the coconut core or Pete moss and then the worm cassings and you might feel comfortable
stopping there or adding different varieties of rock dust and getting more crazy like I
do.  Hope this sheds a little bit of light on what I do to enrich my raised beds after
each growing season and some of the things I use.  Of course it varies depending on
you know what I have in stock you know I have these other things like zyolites and all kinds
of different things in the past but these are some of the basic things that I generally
always use.  So I hope you guys have enjoyed this episode and it was quite enriching to
you like it was enriching to my raised bed.  Once again my name is John Kohler with;
we’ll see you next time and remember….keep on growing!

BOX FORT TRAIN HEIST!! πŸ“¦πŸš‚ Nerf War, Working Train & More!

so you’re telling me partner that you’re
looking to transport a hundred thousand rolls of duct tape through this here tag
we’re looking to transport a hundred thousand rolls of tape across this
country that’s more duct tape than we ever say I mean to do something like
that you would eat operations man equipment you’d need some sort of device
something that could take the tape and move it from a duei honey that maybe
goes like a like a tooth I never seen anything like that before I believe what
you’re talking about is a train ride a train or we don’t have very many traits
not to mention the bandits you see the trains they they go through this
despondent City all the time but bandits they’re your number one issue hundred
rolls of tape in one train that’s just a jackpot what am I looking to rob it
these bandits you’re speaking of merely a local scone this has to go home
without a hitch you would need some sort of mega train
that the train made of reinforced cobble I want you to prepare a train that is
impenetrable from these bandits there is one way there’s one way I think we could
do this that’s a bit rescue and I would need some funds I would need say two to
five thousand rolls of tape he says he charges a lot but he’s good he’s known
as the best box builder in the world all right give him a car I’ll release
the funds but I never found these here we go
I’ll have them hauled in a minute hmm do I wear this one won’t do it wear
this one it’s so hard to choose the Yeezys there’s this number before Bob
Jacob objects box for build services how am i healthy that’s Bob Jake speaking
howdy this is the mayor of Albuquerque and I broker cute town okay yes look I
have a job for you I’m looking for someone to build us a box for train yeah
I could build one of those yes yeah a box for train you see we’re trying to
transport a hundred thousand rolls of tape from one place to another with a
whole country full of bandits you’re transporting a hundred thousand rolls of
tape yeah I know it’s quite a lot of tape look what we’re looking offer you
five thousand rolls of tape in order to get this job done we know you the best
box ball pillow in this side of the world all right you’ve got yourself a
deal I’ll have the train build ASAP perfect you’ll do it that sounds great
we’ll get you supplies ready and you can transport the tape thank you so much
that Hey look what I told you partner he’s ready to do it but we get in here
we have a big issue now Jake Logan you’ve been seeing me sitting here this
whole time no I’m listen I noticed you okay then if
you heard the conversation you’ll know we’re dealing with a box for heist uh
Jake they don’t want a heist we’re building them a train right yes a train
carrying a hundred thousand rolls of tape but Logan do you know where those
hundred thousand rolls of tape are going they’re going to the Red Army look
there’s bad as the Baron himself the Baron the Baron himself we’re gonna save
the world it means robbing a train Jake you from
chimney and we are back with a brand new video and today guys we’re doing
something extra special we’re building a train that’s right
we’re making a real working train Logan it is gonna be like a choo-choo train
that goes like charge except this is gonna really work and I know what you
think you pop Jake there’s no way you can pull the box for a train Oh edit it
like it went in but anyway guys I don’t even think in Papaji how are you gonna
build a train out of cardboard we’re gonna be using this
here we are gonna be attaching it to our scooter which you guys have seen in all
our videos before we used it in our box for tank we also used it in a racing box
is this so check it out so basically this attaches to that and it turns into
a little car then what we got or something I know all you guys are gonna
remember I remember these from gym class and I loved when these would come out we’re gonna take those and we’re gonna
attach them behind the main cart which is gonna be that thing and we’re gonna
have three different train cars that we can store our tape in because we got
transport tape across a bandit field wasteland so we’re gonna do it we got to
make this Train not only work but also very secure so that no one can break
into it even if they wanted to if they’re really professional like Pappa
Jake Jake I just came up with a new discovery I think we need a trampoline yo guys if you think we need to buy a
trampoline put a hashtag trampoline down below and of course guys don’t forget if
you’re brand new to the channel make sure to smash that subscribe button make
sure to hit the little Bell button join the Papa Jake family we’re always making
new videos on the daily for you guys having a bunch of fun so join the
adventure cuz every day is something new I thought that was going in and of
course do not forget to smash that like button guys let’s try and crush 50,000
likes on this video I’ll make you guys a deal if we get 50,000 likes on this
video we’ll buy a trampoline for the house all right Logan no longer gets to
use the basketballs first we gotta start working on the main train which is gonna
be the little go-kart so let’s set the go-kart up and see how it works
goecart if you guys have been on the channel for a while now you’ll see us
use this before but this thing is so cool you go really fast with it and
we’re gonna use this as the front of the Train so all those little scooters will
be attached behind it with their own little box sport cars and then we’ll
have a really long train that can go around corners like this drive around
the house oh yeah this is gonna be awesome dude I think we need to start
working on the front of the train so we can get a really cool train front going
and let’s get building check this out we just all what we’re
almost finished the front car as you can see here the entire thing is decked out
it looks exactly like a real train car powered down below who stuff to make a
hole to get inside this thing we also of course need it front window here so you
can actually see out before we get working on the rest of the cars though
we do want to test this and we do want to make a door I was thinking Jake you
know how the Tesla doors open up oh yeah I like doors we shouldn’t we should open
this door okay yeah this trains gonna be lit all right so let’s get the doors on
this thing and then let’s give it a test run once we know that this is working
then we can start working on the rest of the train cars to start transporting
this load of tape and also hope because they think they hired us to protect this
dream what can I be the baddest so we’re putting some safety philosophy Shh check
it out I’m in the train now we’re gonna give it a little test run obviously I
don’t have the rest of the train behind us because we haven’t built it yet but
we wanted to test out the main car see how it works this is gonna be the engine
and the primary car for everything that you drive so let’s see let’s see if I
can make this thing move you got a little bit about hey clearance
issue but I was so far driving this thing not bad at all
careful Jake you don’t want to go down the stairs and I’ve just imagine this
with three massive train cars behind me outwards awesome I mean other than the
factory I’ll be really careful of your surroundings that’s perfect so now all
we have to do is make the rest of the train cars attached through this thing
and she’s ready to go good use these things of course as the base they move
around in any direction you want and then we’re gonna put cardboard on top of
them like so and there you go now of course yourself to build them up and
make them into boxes but in theory this should work if we attach all of these
with strength to the main train over there it should work exactly like a
train so check it out we just finished this train oh that makes sense alright
alright so we have our train here it’s awesome of course you got the main car
here that powers everything then we’ve got this part this car this card the
scary bit difficult to drive in order to test it before we hand it over I’ve got
to drive it around and try and go in a circle
if I can complete that that we know it works and if we can hand it over okay
Logan should be able to guide me and if everything works all the parts will
follow and nothing will break yeah Wow yeah I was about to hit a wall oh this is so sweet
I’ve got my blog portrayed all right Logan listen up we’ve handed a train
over it’s on set schedule we have a chance to stop it and steal that tape
I’ve got a plan worked out it’s a long shot but it might work
we built that train so we know it in and out but we’ll secure box for our luckily
for us I’ve got this sir I’m a penetrating nerf gun he used this and
shoot it I have to train at just the right time you should be able to stop it
I’ll move in and take out the driver once the drivers take it out I’ll steal
the train and bring it back to our headquarters you ready and exactly 2:00
p.m. in training we pass it down below you’ll take overwatch here with sniper
once you get out the training disable it I’ll move into the pistol we only get
one shot at this low I got a visual on the training teaching
the shot on your account take the shot whoa you’re good go I don’t know a vigil on the driver
yet doesn’t seem to be anyone in there he definitely didn’t make his way out
though see the driver door showers not making noise let’s see he’s down oh man
oh man we hit the mother lode all right I’m grabbing everything I can oh we’re
gonna be so rich dude how the amount of easy this is gonna buy we got to get out
of here quick his men will be after us what do you mean my tape wasn’t Papa J
stole my tape does he know who’s man no red Legion
will be coming for him alright guys but that pretty much wraps
up the video for today hope you guys enjoyed our box for trade if you did be
sure to smack that like button down below and of course guys don’t forget to
let us know what other awesome boxford ideas you want to see on the channel and
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so smack the subscribe button down below guys share the video with your friends
let’s go on the road to 4 million subscribers so share the video with all
your friends guys but thank you so very much this has a popinjay from Tiffany
I’ll see you guys next time for another awesome video


ah what’s going on what are you doing
what’s wrong just find the drone cheat you can’t fly a drone inside you know
what I’ve asked you so many times I said Logan I want a helicopter I said Papa
Jake deserves a helicopter and you say I can’t have one then I said
can Santa bring me one and you know what you said you say Santa can’t fit a
helicopter in his sled I told you before you can’t have a helicopter cuz there
are millions of dollars it’s just so what was so bad okay you know what plane
a plane goes like this but a helicopter just just stays like this he doesn’t do
this this Logan okay that’s the sound they make you an get one Skype your way
well what if we make one out of cardboard without word buddy you’re
right a box for helicopter it’s crazy but it just might work Logan if we can
get enough supplies and enough cardboard to build this with a massive fan we’ll
be able to take off in a box for a helicopter we’ll save so much money
I mean it’s cardboard there’s only one issue safety don’t worry about the
safety part I’ll handle that let’s just go build a helicopter worst case this
thing goes down we’ve got a parachute in the other room I’ll take that jump out
I’ll be fine petechia only have one parachute hey-oh what’s going as father
J gear from tyranny and we are back with a brand new video and today guys that
we’re doing something extra special we are gonna be flying again Logan I know
what you’re thinking we did it before with the airplane and it will it crash
that was not our best moment it’s gonna work right Jake good a percent man this
thing is definitely gonna work we’re making a helicopter guys I might be
kidding guys this thing might fly ticka ticka ticka ticka design a helicopter so
you guys get the point you know what a helicopter is we got to get started on
the building although we got one little issue all right I haven’t told Logan yet
I don’t know how to build helicopters I’ve seen them I’ve seen them in the sky
there’s probably one up there now but I’ve never actually don’t exactly know
how we’re gonna build this but what I do know is it’s gonna be a two seater
and it’s gonna work better work Jake I think what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
start out with the actual design of the helicopter make it look like one and
then once that’s done we’ll deck it out with the interior lighting the LCD
screen as well as the main part which is the actual rotor blades it’s also gonna
have some really cool systems putting a working engine inside of it so
yeah it’s gonna be intense so I know it doesn’t look like much of right now
we’ll check it out guys we’ve got our chairs here and this is gonna be the
basis for the helicopter we’re gonna cover these in cardboard and make them
look all nice you look like you’re driving the car right so we’re gonna use
this as kind of like the outline of the helicopter we also want a back part to
it and we have to have it tall enough that we can attach the rotor blade and
still have room for all of our supplies to go in it you ready to build this been
working on now for a little while and it’s coming along looking great we’ve
got the backside done as well it’s kind of like a central outline of the walls
and you check it out here we’ve got some cool detailing on the sides we still
have to work on the tail as well as the room right now guys we’re working on the
chairs so the chairs are gonna be the main part it’s where we’re gonna control
the helicopter from and as you guys can see we’ve got the two here but so far so
good everything’s coming along as we wanted to we’re gonna continue working
on the chairs get the back wall in here then we’re gonna start working on the
front and the roof I think it’s looking really cool and it’s so big we’re
thought this could be like a little helicopter this is turning into like a
massive helicopter it’s crazy but I like it Jake what do you think about the chance
it’s so awesome normally we make like ground chairs we have to like go and
kind of crawl in these are legit pilot chairs they look so sick I can’t wait to
fly the stuff it is coming along this started looking
like a real helicopter before I was a little bit worried I was like this might
not look like one or even fly but now she’s looking great we have our pillar
here which is gonna hold the actual propellers themselves as well as help
support the roof we got both of our seats ready here got a door to go into
the back storage here yeah now all we have to do guys is we have to go ahead
and do the front as well as like the roof which is probably be the hardest
part then once that’s done we can do the side doors and start customizing the
inside with all the cool stuff that you want in there originally I was gonna do
the propeller blades laughs but because we have to kind of be like standing up
inside to do it we’re gonna do them after we get the back part on and then
we’ll put on the propeller blade and make sure it works before anything else
Logan’s gonna cut it and we’re gonna start building this this helicopter is so cool and of course
it’s like a military helicopter what if we did a military box for a week where
we do a three-part series adding on to an epic military base with cool stuff
like tanks helicopters jets everything you guys want us to build if you guys
think a military week would be awesome smack the like on this video if we get
100,000 likes in this video we will do a military box fort we also put a hashtag
do it down below so we know you guys are in 24 how is Nathan it’s a brand new day
as you guys can see it is sunny out because we had a problem last night we
did not realize Logan it’s becoming colder out it’s becoming fall where are
you mister Sun it’s the Sun went down last dude he bailed on us brand new day
here but that’s okay because this is a new day full of Awesomeness and today
we’re continuing at the amazing a box for a helicopter it’s good actually it
held up pretty nicely overnight nothing seems to have broken so everything is
kind of where we left it we’re gonna continue where we left off which is
getting ready to mount the propeller we have our propeller blades here which
we’re gonna attach to our fan here all goes as planned we’ll have a working
helicopter if not they might just fly everywhere so let’s find out this is
massive spin it spin it brother yeah alright so
I think now before we mount it we should plug it in just to make sure it works
I’ll hold it like this if it does work we’ll turn it off we had to actually remove the fan piece
that it came with because everything we tried was way too heavy and we couldn’t
get spinning so this is our best bet at actually getting the fan to spin like a
helicopter and basically if you sit here you pull out through here
gravel on to the on switch you just simply switch it on and there you go
you’ve got your working box for a helicopter how cool is that they’ll be a
roof over us as well as the front we still need to do that but they don’t
want to turn it off just reach up there here we just finished putting on the
roof as well as the side doors and look how cool this thing looks it literally
looks like a stealth helicopter it is insane we also did a bunch of work on
the roof so it’s got this like nice curve to it
honestly this is probably the best roofing we’ve ever done it’s got a nice
curve everything’s done nice and clean we also have these kind of like back
tool parts that give it like a cool accent and then of course the back looks
awesome now all we have to do guys is cut out
the door so we can get inside and we also have to work on the back tail to
make it look like an actual helicopter once we’re inside we’re gonna put all of
our control panels in as well as the LCD screen the engine starter and much more
so this thing will come alive as a real helicopter look at the roof we put so
much effort into making this thing nice and curved it’s got this really cool
look it looks like a stealth helicopter so now all we have to do is put on the
back wing here slash like tail of the helicopter to make it look real and we
also have to go on the inside into a bunch of interior work the interior is
gonna be like a helicopter simulator and we’re gonna actually be able to fly it it’s got the propeller back here we got
the propeller up there and also we had the engine go inside and work on the
interior whew that looks sick my doors done the helicopter exterior is
finished let’s go inside it’s actually so big yo and guys don’t forget if you
like us doing this kind of stuff one wants to continue with an army wheat
smack that like went down below if we get a hundred thousand likes we’re doing
army weakness it’s finally time the time you’ve all been waiting for the
helicopter is ready and we are good to take off we’ve done the entire interior
I’m so excited to show you guys what it looks like inside before we get in and
start flying this baby we got to get her started there another back motor
it’s ready to go all right another helicopter song we’re gonna get inside
and start the blades let’s go inside and check this out coming in check it out
guys welcome to inside the helicopter this place is fully decked out and got a
front view here through the cockpit of the airport taking off from we’ve got
all of our control panels here we got our buttons our start button got some
extra buttons up here we have a first aid kit back here and of course we’ve
got our nice two pilot chairs behind us is the storage compartment over there
and looking straight forward we got a nice view of where we’re gonna be flying
today so now that we’re inside it’s time to start the engines and get flying you
ready dude I’m ready I’m gonna pull up here on the power switch alright the
power switches on we’re gonna turn primary rotors on and the secondary back
road is on and then of course get the turbine going here fellas should be on
and we’re good to start flying all right guys so we’re getting ready to
take off here repellers are good we’re ready to go now so we’re gonna turn it
into flight mode here we go guys pulling her up dude check it out we got this
thing flying man whoo this is awesome all right so we’re gonna pull around see
if we can’t make a landing with this bad boy see how she goes think I didn’t know
you’re a pilot man yeah well you know what I didn’t either I actually have no
piloting expertise at all oh we’re getting awfully close to the ground in
it’s a bit bumpy up here a pretty good job right now all right
airspeed is looking good vertical speeds looking good altitude
Oh hold on hold on okay in case you’re wondering how we did this it is so cool
so I basically attached my phone to the joystick and we’re playing a game on the
iPhone that uses the accelerometer so as you guys can see when I’m controlling
the actual aircraft if I pull back on the TV screen to go up which is really
sick or if for example I take this and I push forward on the TV screen become all
the way down so you get a really good feel for with this it’s a little bit
hard to control it’s like such a real simulation I feel like I’m actually
there so we kind of brought it down a little bit hard but we were able to land
the helicopter pretty successfully brought her home this has been so much
fun find our box word helicopter guys if you guys enjoyed this and you want us to
continue with these awesome builds and maybe to an army week smack that like
button down below let’s try and get a hundred thousand likes on this video if
you guys never want to miss a video smack that subscribe button as well as
click that little bell icon to turn on notifications this has been Pappa Jake
and Logan from T Epiphany I will see you next time for another awesome video

Working On A Building – Chris Rodrigues & Abby the Spoon Lady

(peppy music) ♪ If I, ooooo, I were a gambler ♪ ♪ I tell you what I would do ♪ ♪ I’d quit that gambling, Lord ♪ ♪ And I’d work on the building too ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ For my Lord, for my Lord ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ For my Lord, for my Lord ♪ (peppy music) ♪ If I, oooo, I was a drunkard ♪ ♪ I’ll tell you what I would do ♪ ♪ I’d quit that drinking, Lord ♪ ♪ And I’d work on the building too ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ For my Lord, for my Lord ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ For my Lord, for my Lord ♪ (peppy music) ♪ If I, ooooo, I were a preacher ♪ ♪ I tell you what I would do ♪ ♪ I’d a keep on preaching, Lord ♪ ♪ And I’d work on the building too ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ I’m a working on a building ♪ ♪ For my Lord, for my Lord ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ It’s a Holy Ghost building ♪ ♪ For my Lord ♪ (peppy music) ♪ For my Lord ♪ (peppy music) – Willie’s after that
old groundhog over there.

Real Working LEGO Television TV Set Custom MOC

Hey everyone! JAYSTEPHER with my
latest custom build. It is a Lego Television Set. Here we have Jay The Surfer. On the right-hand side,
we have our controls. On the bottom, the infrared sensor. I used a few red transparent plates and transparent brown flat tiles to let the signal pass through. This is a working Lego television. I will demonstrate that in a bit. Here’s the LCD panel. This took some time to center this up with tiles and plates. I used some slopes for the bezel. We do have side-firing speakers. I was messing around with how
I was going to do the speaker grills. They turned out real nice. Here’s the rear. It’s even flat tiled as well. Here’s the other speaker. Let’s slide these two levers in to open up the back. I did use some lattice plates to let some air inside the set. Here’s the inside of course. The chassis and the speakers. This was a television rescue. The chassis is from a Sylvania television. I had two capacitors and a
voltage regulator that went bad. So I end up replacing those, and the TV came back to life. However the original cabinet
that was with the TV was brittle and falling apart. So I thought why not make a working
Lego television with the parts. Here’s the locking mechanisms. Now there is risks when
building with electronics mainly due to static discharge. You have to be careful
not to build up a charge and zap out our semiconductors which are ICs inside. One zap could pretty much
cremate your semiconductors. Here’s the bottom. It sits on four legs. Now let’s see this TV perform. We have the wall wart. I’m going to feed this through the hole. I did not want to attach
a panel on the back. It would not be sturdy enough to press on. The Lego bricks and plates that are
used in the television are not modified. Every brick and plate is stock. So no plates have been altered in any way or bricks have been modified. There we go! Feed that through. Now I live in a very rural area. We do not get TV over-the-air very easily except for a roof antenna. So I have to feed in a coax. This can get pretty tricky. Just like with the power adapter, I did not want to mount
the F-fitting on the back. Now if anybody’s interested
in more Lego projects that involves technology, let me know. I’ll sure make more of these. This was a really fun project. Very challenging. Honestly this is my favorite moc yet other my houses and
bathrooms of course. Making sure that this is
getting locked in place. It feels like it’s taking forever
to screw the F-connector in. I think I got it. Making sure that it doesn’t fall off. Let’s close up the back. Lock our mechanisms. I don’t need the back to come out. Let me plug the TV in. Okay! If everything goes well, this TV should turn on. This coax is a bit stiff. The front buttons do work. There we go! Turn up the sound a bit. Let’s see what’s on TV. It’s got a nice picture for being a small TV. I don’t get a whole of over-
the-air television channels. Seems like there’s mostly infomercials on. It is a nice television nonetheless. Trying to find something
interesting to watch. We even do have a remote
for the TV as well, and it does pass through the
transparent tiles and plates. Very handy. Really nice TV. I hope everyone enjoyed the
tour of the Lego Television Set. Thank you for watching!

I Made a WORKING PAINT PROGRAM in Minecraft!

Way back in the early days of my youtube channel I designed this thing right here I called it the programmable redstone display, and I have to say considering this thing’s about four or five years old It’s still pretty impressive down at the bottom We’ve got ourselves a handful of buttons if we hit one of these buttons you can see that the image on the screen Changes and we get one of the pre-programmed images now There are a handful of problems number one is the fact that these pixels are absolutely massive We’ve got 3×3 pixels, which let’s be honest. That’s just that’s huge and at the time I didn’t think they could get much smaller, but also the pre-programmed images are all we can show on the screen There’s not too much room for customization. You kind of get what you’re given That’s all about to change today after a lot, and I mean a lot of very hard work I have managed to build something that I previously thought was completely impossible I’d have to say I’m extremely excited to show you this so here it is I like to call it the pixel painter machine And that’s because each one of those buttons you see on the floor there corresponds to each one of those redstone lamps so if you press one of those buttons It will light up the specific redstone lamp that relates from that button if you press that button again Then it will turn off that redstone lamp meaning that you essentially can draw pictures in redstone lamps in Minecraft So let me give you a quick example And the industry standard for showing off drawing machines is to make use of the smiley face So I’m going to do a little bit like this. I’m gonna give him big 3×3 eyes and then I will switch on these ones as well so that’ll be that 3×3 area over there and Then I’m going to give him a big cheesy grin so I would say Something a little bit like this, so I’m gradually making my way down that should do all of those redstone labs, and I actually can’t remember how high up I went on the side I Can’t remember all right. Let’s see if we press all of these I’m assuming that’s good Let’s see have I gone a little bit too high on the redstone lamps on the left-hand side Yes, yes I have alright so we have gone one two three four so if we just press those two buttons Then eventually those redstone lamps will be switched off and you know what I’m actually not liking the big square eyes So I’m thinking we get rid of the outside. Yeah, the out size don’t know particularly good Let’s go one two three and let’s go one two three on this side as well And that should get rid of those, and we should end up with a fairly cool looking smiley face Now it does take a little bit of time because as you can see this thing is pretty massive But you know what I’d say the performance is relatively impressive considering its size all right, so that’s the smiley face done What if I want to change it up do a completely new drawing do I have to go back through? Pressing all of the buttons to delete all the things that I don’t want because that won’t be particularly efficient Thankfully I’ve already thought of this And I’ve added in a reset button all you have to do is hit this button right here, and we’ll see eventually That this thing will kick into action And we’ll get a nice wipe going from this corner here all the way up to the top And it should give us a completely clean slate to work with so now we can create some new images for example this one writing and also a smiley face or for example this one my best attempt at are creating your favorite kitchen utensil a Spoon and of course it is still tricky We’ve only got a 10 by 10 pixel area to work with it’s not exactly 4k or this one now I can’t quite make out what that one says Sub me? Subscribe to me maybe subscribe to my youtube channel I don’t know I mean this one wasn’t done by me I mean off as if as if I would be guilty of that sort of shameless self-promotion I mean, let’s just be totally honest That would be completely out of character anyway Subscribing to my youtube channel liking this video leaving a comment down the comment section and follow me on Twitter aside I really quite like this thing and now I’m going to try my best to explain to you how on earth it all functions I’m a tiny bit nervous for this one because I’m never particularly good at explaining my redstone contraptions and this one is Considerably more complicated than most and if you don’t want to listen to me ramble on about how the redstone works But you just want to play with it yourself There’s a world download in the description knock yourself out now it all started with this game mechanic right here When we turn on a redstone lamp it turns on instantly, but when we turn it off a tiny bit of delay It’s really tricky to see but you can see that We actually have one tick of delay between me flicking off the lever and the redstone lamp turning off, which means That I can do things like that Can you see I’ve managed to turn off and on that lever without it actually being visible in the redstone lamp and that got me thinking I Wonder if I can create super fast redstone clocks that will keep a redstone lamp on Which of course I could now this design is very loud But it’s also very handy to have because it’s only two blocks high And it’s only one block wide and most importantly it can be stacked next to one another and it can be toggled as well which Is very important for this design, so here we have for all of the redstone clocks lined up Here is the output and the output of that runs into really [a] big long observer strings Which are essentially transmitting the signals from that Redstone clock all the way around here into this area along like this And then they travel down like this up like this along here, and then into our display. Why the long trip? Well, it’s because we had to essentially flip the redstone signal time for another example now We’ve got ourselves a scale model of the display now the thing that made it tricky is that I wanted this lever here to correspond to that pixel and this lever here to Correspond to that pixel now if we take her over to the slightly larger one the reason that I wanted this is Because if this button corresponding to that pixel and this button corresponding to that top pixel if we drawn out our smiley face here it Would have come out upside-down on the screen, and that’s no good, but despite it being no good It would have been really easy to build because if you want to connect up this front lever here up to this bottom pixel all We have to do is do that and then to connect off the back one to the top pixel We just have to do something like this. No crossovers there Bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a working display However if we want to do it the correct way Then we run into a bit of a challenge because we have to run the redstone signal out like this and into this top one And then we have to run this back lever out like this We have to do some form of crossover in the center and connect that one into that one It’s a massive headache But I managed to solve it and that is using this observer setup right here Now what this will do is will flip over all of the redstone signal so for example if we hit this button In this corner that will send an input through into this observer And you can see the observer is the one that’s being powered for than the output after this processing is happened will be over on this side so the actual redstone output is flipped because Whereas it started on the right-hand side it is now on the left-hand side obviously, We’ve gone round a corner here, so now we have the output on the left Which means that we flipped over our redstone signals and now it’s the correct way up, and we aren’t mirroring the image Brilliant off so that’s what happened. It’s just a simple case of transporting that observer signal through all of these observers and Making its way over onto the screen then six or seven hours of debugging and trying to work out what on earth has gone wrong Later you’ve got yourself a pixel painting display that actually functions Oh, but before I forget. There’s one other feature of this thing that I personally really quite liked in fact It’s probably one of my personal favorites, and that is the clearing feature and to be honest with you it’s Super super simple all it does is it retract all of these redstone blocks so all of these pistons Extend and retract so any blocks that are sticking out will be retracted and then it spits out all of the redstone blocks which will Power all of our redstone clocks mean that we aren’t going to get any redstone lamps lit up on the screen Really really simple but looks cool, so we go I think that just about covers everything if you’re still a little bit confused and of course I’ll try my best to answer down in the comment section and of course there will be a world download down the description if you Do want to see all of the Redstone for yourself, and if you want to draw your own things; Please do submit your drawings to me on Twitter because I’d love to see all of the creations that you come up with but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did Be sure to hit that like button And if you really loved it, then make sure to subscribe. Thanks for watching guys, This has been Mumbo And I’m out I’ll cya later

What’s the Deal with DADO Blades? | MORE MINUTES

the swimming pool in the back of my truck hey I think this leak I could work outside it’s been raining pretty much the entire month of January but you know of course we need the rain here in California I think I have a window of opportunity now you know this would be a lot easier if my compressor was working and I could use a nail gun you know what I think I’ll go get one tomorrow morning okay this has been sitting here for three days now right where I left it so I did like zero research on these and I just went to my local hardware store and picked up the only one they had it looks a lot like my old compressor why this one doesn’t have wheels on it so I think it might be a little smaller so as you can see this is a craftsman three gallon air compressor a hundred and thirty five psi oh there’s the handle ooh shiny in bed silica gel do not eat lubricating oil so this is the oil filter here kind of looks like one that would go in your car and here’s where the oil goes the first thing I notice about this is it really doesn’t come with any accessories all you get is the hose and one of these things to fill up the tires on your car and I guess you could just screw that on to the end of the hose which is a little bit weird if you want to attach any tools to it you have to get a separate connector that doesn’t come with it that’s a lot these are some of the attachments from my old compressor and I have an extra one of these that should fit on there all right I think I’m ready to fire it up I’ll test it out with that little air blower okay that’s what I was waiting for so it stopped at a hundred and thirty psi and then you can adjust the pressure with this red knob here so here you can see the two different dials this one is labeled tool this one is tank they both have the exact same reading so I’m not exactly sure how I would use those or what that’s supposed to tell me maybe one of you can help me out with that nothing I don’t like about it is the way it moves around maybe it won’t move around so much when I set it on the floor it’s also a lot lighter than my old compressor I think it’s gonna work out for you know for what I use it for I don’t use it every single day I’ll keep you posted on this if I run into any problems with it something doesn’t work right I’ll let you know by far the most common question and comment I got on this week’s video had to do with my comment during the video about not being able to use dado blades in Europe I’m not sure what all the laws are in Europe regarding dado blades but I do know that they’re very difficult to obtain and use some people have told me that they’re illegal to use in those places in Europe other people have told me well that’s not exactly true I think the way it is is that Europe discourages the use of data blades and so you can’t buy a table saw with a long Arbor to hold a stack of data blades they only come with short arbors to screw on a single blade and I’m sure professional shops must get some sort of permission to use dado blade I don’t know the hardest part for me to understand is really why because in my estimation dado blades are actually a little bit safer to use than a single blade because a single blade is always going to be cutting all the way through a board it’s going to be raised up higher more possibility to cut your finger whereas dado blades usually cut very shallow grooves and don’t come up above the wood so there’s little chance of kickback and there’s little chance that you’re going to cut your finger I’m no expert on this if somebody is and wants to leave a comment down below and help us out that’d be great if you don’t have data blades the alternative is to use a router table you would just use a straight router bit like this and just make several passes whatever width you need for me setting it up and cutting grooves that way takes longer than using the dado stack and of course you can use your regular table saw blade to make grooves too just by moving this fence over after each pass it’s a little more time-consuming but it’s certainly doable how much weight will those drawer slides hold those particular ones are rated at a hundred pounds my guess is they could actually hold more than that but that’s what they recommend another thing is drawer slides come with a maximum width of the drawer that they’re rated for in this case the drawer was rated at 24 inches or smaller my drawer is actually 25 inches so living on the edge been had a good suggestion to put some sort of a divider in the center of the drawer which would prevent you from putting cleaning supplies and bottles there which would get hit by the drain trap as you slide the drawer in how old is princess be out meow she’s almost 12 years old Hugo wants to know if I’ve ever shaved with a harry’s razor on a Casper mattress while listening to an audible book so of course all the time but usually I include my gripper from micro jig

βœ” Minecraft: How to make a Working Hot Tub (Improved Version)

How to make a How to make a
Hot Tub (improved version) Here’s the finished tub! It can be turned on and off and fits in any kind of floor. In this video I will show you how to make a pretty advanced hot tub. This is all you’re going to need πŸ™‚ First, we start digging! If you want a simpler hot tub, I have a couple of other videos on my channel. Here’s what the shape of the hole should look like. Now we need to dig some more. It’s actually pretty complicated hole! I’ll skip some of the awfully entertaining digging. Now we need to build the underground structure for the redstone. I’ll give you an overview in a minute! Now for the redstone wiring! This is where you’re going to be controlling the tub from. This part should make the output alternate between on and off. You could avoid using this by using a lever. Buttons are cooler though! I’m now connecting it to two of the dispensers. This part with the piston should send a pulse whenever the signal changes. Connecting the last dispenser.. Where does this torch goes?? Ahh, I remember! I figured this design out myself, so it might have some flaws.. πŸ˜› I found a mistake! That sounds right. Let’s put stuff in the dispensers! If it doesn’t work, try shifting the water dispenser part. There we go! Kebab! The drama! I designed it so that you won’t need to put slabs around the tub. This means you can use pretty much any block you want! I’m just going to cover it up with dirt for now.. I’m just going to cover it up with dirt for now.. Now for the actual tub. So awesome! Thanks for watching! :] Thank you to Bro3256Films for supporting this video! Thank you to Bro3256Films for supporting this video!
If you want to support my next video, see how in the description! It’s free! :] You can now get Merchandize
For all ages and genders, all around the world!
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