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Influencer Marketing Masterclass

Today we’ll talk about influencer marketing. and it’s been used a lot nowadays. What is influencer marketing? If you are an influencer then what can you do and if you are company then how can you use it? To grow your business. and If you are not an influencer then how can you become. and what do we mean by influencer? Okay? today we will clear all these points. First of all let’s understand influencer marketing. It is a type of marketing where we use influencers for marketing. Who is influencer? Influencer is a person or a group of people who motivate people to take an action. Suppose i fought with someone Then i influence my friends to help me beat that person. and my friends went to beat that person without thinking about the consequences of that fight. This is influencer marketing. We think that influencers are celebrities, Youtubers and they can do influencer marketing. Before using this, person need to be an influencer ( someone who can motivate people to do something) Let me share some cases of influencer marketing. You may have seen that celebraties are promoting their movies through youtube channels. Now here do they get money? Normally we say that we get paid for influencing. Now will shahrukh khan take money for promotion? No right because Here they both have win-win situation. If shahrukh khan comes on a channel then his fans are influenced too. Maybe will subscribe their channel. Or subscriber of that channel will listen to shahrukh and may take actions based on that. So influencer marketing is sometimes free. and sometimes paid too. Suppose if you ask me to promote your product. and i am asking money , this is paid promotion. Now paid promotion does not mean Doesn’t mean i am lying. Here i am just influencing my audience to buy a certain product. and i am sharing pros and cons of it. and influencer marketing is never about selling a product also. Sometimes we use this marketing for brand awareness. and sometimes to sell a product. and sometimes for traffic on your website. sometimes for registration process. So influencer marketing can be done in many ways. Now sometimes on youtube channel You see unboxing videos. Product hasn’t been launched yet. but influencers already received the product. Company deliberately gave them product For promotion Win-Win situation for both of them. audience, influencer and for the company And create hype before the launch of a product. Product hasn’t even launched but It has created a hype in the market. Earlier before the launch of samsung M series , it already had the vibe in the market . Youtubers had the sample product before the launch. Now along with the unboxing , they review as well. But some people feel obliged after getting money. That they have to give positive reviews. This was the reason i never promoted any product. Till now actually. Till today you’ll see there are no promoted videos. Because of paid promotion, i may not be able to give genuine reviews of that product. But now I receive around 10 mails regarding this. They want me to create a case study on them. I haven’t approached them yet. But i am thinking of approaching them Tell me in the poll section . Should i approach them or not? According to you But thing is, i’ll put honest reviews along with the pros and cons. and how can they grow their business. and their business needed any business strategies Basically you can call it business consultation. Now that will be beneficial for them or not I don’t know. If your brand is faulty Then don’t come to me. Now in influencer marketing , try to understand one thing as an influencer. and as a businessman. If a business wants to be promoted on youtube channel Then they’ll check their brand equity first. If a youtube channel is collaborating with intellectual indies. along with brand equity of intellectual indies and that product Both of their brand equity will combine and that will help in selling the product. Okayy If my image is bad and a big brand collabes with me This will affect whom? Big brand it won’t affect me. And if my brand equity is better than the product Ultimately this will affect my market too. So as a influencer, we should always do a proper research . Before collaborating with a brand. Sometimes what happened, if we do the required research of the brand But at the end we face unusual problems and you can not do anything about it. As a sponsor, you can inform your audience that this video is sponsored. That’s it. In case of any blunder , you can clear things as it was a sponsored video. and you have mentioned pros and cons of it. Try to be honest on your end. Now what we can do? If we are influencer or want to be We need to work on our brand equity. Will big brands collaborate with me? You may have seen channels with million subscribers and views But their brand equity is low. Big brands won’t consider them. Same is for small channels Who has brand equity even with less subscribers. So big companies may consider them . This is power of influencer marketing. How this will help brands? Try to understand it logically. I have one lakh for promotion. for my website or for my business idea. So what did i do? I run ads via adwords. or facebook ads. Possible results will come. Or i went to a youtuber Let’s say normally they get 1 lakh views. i gave him 1 lakh rupees. asked for a sponsored video. a normal video about my brand ,and pros,cons of it. So that people get to know about us. So for 1 lakh views , i gave him 1 lakh Just suppose. Means i rs per video. If i use adwords. Maybe in that case i could have spent 2.5 lakh. For one lakh views. But their audience will be defined. If i want i can show the ad to only boys if i wanted the ad to an audience specially in delhi. i could do that too. Although adwords would have costly to me. But Overall it could have been cheap. So when will a brand use influencer marketing. When they want to use shotgun marketing. I’ve made a video on this too, you can check Here we don’t know much about our target audience. Or our target audience is very broad . Like coca cola They don’t have a specific audience. What did we do? If we have a product which can be bought by any audience. Their we can use influencer marketing. Here you need to be logical here. If i am coming with a product which will be beneficial for business Then it’ll be better if it’s on business channels. Not on vlogs. If i show ad of business related product on a tech channel It may be possible that people who watches tech videos may not like business related videos. And people who watch business channel may not like tech videos. Here i can show business related products on a business channel. and tech related videos on tech channel. For a mobile phone promotion , i can approach tech channel. And logically Many brands launch their phones on tech channels. OnePlus Who recently used shotgun marketing. They used amitabh bachchan and every category of youtubers. Comedy channels. Tech channels, series So this is a good example of shotgun marketing. combined with influencer marketing. Now is it good or bad? and should you use it or not Logically think. Good for brand awareness. And don’t think that your brand equity will touch the sky. No Irrelevant expectations Until Unless your product is not good Otherwise zero benefit. Now what is marketing means creating awareness You asked me to promote a product and i explained the pros and cons of it Now after watching the sponsored video Whether they get influenced or not They may see your website and if they examine your website and after some research , decision will be theirs. Let’s say people who blindly trust They bought it. and if that product didn’t turn out to be good. So product is the most important thing here. If you want to use influencer marketing as a brand or as an influencer if you promote on your channel and testing of that product is very important. Do ask for reviews. Be prepared for this For both promoter and the influencer Here we need to understand our goals. Some may have a goal of just selling their product or conversions. some have different goals. We need to inform our influencer about our goals. Whether their goal is conversion or Brand awareness. Whether they can do it or not. If someone comes to me for promotion I think i’ll include it in my case study. How they started, their pros and cons. Because i think this is the way i work. and is better for my channel too. There can be products who may work directly on sale. Marketing vlogs. If they directly sponsor a product so chances are high that they may buy it. Suppose big youtubers. Like bhuvan bam He has countless fans. Who blindly trust him Whether the product is good or not. But they may try atleast once. This can be successful too If we are thinking of this, we can approach people like bhuvan bam. As a marketer As a company we need to think through this. About the benefits from different channel. Brand building or sales. Will it helpful or not If you want to be an influencer Now i am repeating again To be an Influencer, you don’t need much audience. If i do have big audience I’ll be able to influence large audience. mean more sales. More the sales More the revenue. If i have a small audience and money according to that. If there’s a student of lapaas He liked our course. and he recommended to his friends too. And our of those 10, 5 were converted. This is influencing too Audience was small This is the game. I hope you liked this video. Everything must be clear. and must be motivated to become an influencer. If you want to be an influencer Doesn’t mean only youtube channel will work. You can do youtube acting or singer or can promote offline. All the politicians , they’re influencers You can use instagram also Also on twitter. Here you have opportunites everywhere. If you are making a video on youtube. and you can get money for posting a picture. and you get money for a tweet. For offline influencer They can get paid for speaking at an event. Analyse motivational speaker If they are giving something for free. There’s something behind that free stuff. I am not talking about everyone But you’ll see this. There’s a hidden agenda behind their speech. Think about it. I hope you liked this video. Like share and do tell me in the comments below Do share And do press the bell icon. Some people watch my video without subscribing my channel. Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Gooafternoon Whenever you are watching this video.

DIAL IT UP Hosts Discuss Marketing Fundamentals | Scorpion Studios

(rock atmosphere music) – Hello hello hello, and
welcome to Dial It Up where we’re talking about all things franchise, marketing, and business growth. I’m your host Jamie Adams. To my right, Jordan Wilson. – Slappa da bass! (laughing) – Yes he is, yes he is. To my left, Miss Julia Cook. – I’m in charge. – That’s true. – That’s very true, yeah. To my far left, Mr. Patrick Crawford. – Thank you for letting me into your home. It’s beautiful. – So today we’re gonna be talking about marketing fundamentals, so you can think of this as our version, Dial It Up’s version, of marketing 101. – Yeah. – We’re gonna hit on
some very basic things, we’re gonna tell some stories, right? But I guess let’s start
with a basic definition, actually a scholarly definition– – I was gonna say, yeah,
and I’m ready for it. – Scholarly definition
of what marketing means. Our resident scholar is of course… – It’s not you, so. – It’s definitely not Patrick. – Cool, okay. – It is in fact Julia. – I have notes. – So Julia, why don’t you lay out a very scholarly definition of
what marketing means. – We’ll go with the
expert definition here. – I love that, let’s do it. – [Julia] The expert
definition of marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. – [Patrick] That’s a lot of ings. – [Jordan] A lot of ings! – That’s a very in-depth,
scholarly, expert definition. – You’re welcome. – Yes, thank you. – We’re all thankful. – Now Jordan. – Yup. – I’m gonna need you to break
this down for the laymen. – You need the resident layman. (laughing) – I do, yeah I do. Our audience needs the resident layman. – Luckily I’m here. It’s making sure
consumers know who you are and know what to buy, if they’re trying to buy what you’re selling. – Okay, I can get on board with that. – Yeah, that makes sense. – I’ll get on the board with that. I appreciate it. – Okay, so I wanna ask another question. Patrick, what was your first experience that you can remember
as a kid in marketing? – Lemonade stand. – Yes. – [Jordan] Of course. – [Patrick] 10 years old. – [Jamie] So you actually
had a lemonade stand. – I had a lemonade stand,
ran it with my sister. Co-owned, you could say. – [Julia] Had fun. – [Jordan] We will. – [Julia] Smart move. – We had a marketing problem. – You did? – [Patrick] Yeah. – Let’s hear it. – This is gonna be good. – We got some professionals. – We were on a cul-de-sac. Which for you non-English
majors is a circle. (laughing) So we were in a
cul-de-sac, and when you’re in a cul-de-sac you don’t
get a lot of traffic. That’s a problem. – [Julia] True. – You don’t get a lot of traffic, you don’t get a lot of business. That’s marketing 101. So what we had to do is get some posters. – [Jamie] Okay. – [Patrick] My sister. Better handwriting, better creativity. – [Jamie] Smart. – [Patrick] Beautiful posters. Took them down to the intersections coming into the neighborhood, coming out of the neighborhood,
telling them where it was. – [Jamie] Yup. – [Patrick] Advertising the price and what they’re gonna
get when they get there. – [Jamie] Okay. – Lemonade. – Revenue through the roof. – Of course. – Through the roof. I’d say 100 X just from that move. – Wow, that’s, okay. – So posters? – Posters. That was it. – All right. – In the right places,
during the right day. – Listen, listen, I had a little bit of a different approach
in Julia’s lemonade stand. – [Patrick] Oh is that what you called it? – No, but that’s what I’m calling it now. We didn’t have a name,
we had a similar problem. We’re not on a cul-de-sac, which actually is French for bottom of
the bag, but that’s fine. – Cool. I guess you’re a French major too. – Wow. – Anyway, so what happened
was we didn’t have enough traffic, so we actually moved our stand down to the big street there. – [Jamie] Smart. – [Julia] So we did that where there’s a lot of traffic, well we noticed people were driving kinda fast
and are they actually gonna read the sign,
I don’t know, so I had the idea to make the sign
the shape of a lemon. So with yellow paper in
the shape of a lemon. – [Patrick] That’s better than mine. – But Patrick, I was 12. – Yeah, that’s two years on me. – [Jordan] That’s true. – In dog years that’s 14. – Basically I was an adult compared to, so that was what got us… – All right, so we got posters. – Yup. – You can think of that as a billboard. – Yup. – You moved real estate. – I did. – Which is a key of
marketing for some people. There are a lot of franchise businesses where the location of your business is key to getting traffic, right? – Yeah. – And you did billboards. – Yeah. – And then you got a
really specific kind– – Better billboards. – Wanna make sure you
know this is lemonade. Lemon. – Okay, all right, Jordan. – Yeah, so I did a lemonade stand, but I won’t tell that story. – Oh okay. – He’s still traumatized. – I mean who hasn’t, right guys? (laughing) – [Julia] Wow. – So we did car washes, right? So when you’re in high
school or middle school and you had either a church event that you’re raising money for, or your local soccer
team, all those things, you had to find a way
to get cars to come in, so you’d go to an empty
lot or find some McDonald’s that would let you in
the back just wash cars. So you always see the kids right? They’re standing on the one side trying to get people to come in. Well I figured out this is a problem. Because there’s another side of traffic. – [Julia] It’s true. – [Jordan] Maybe they don’t
know about what we’re doing. – Missing out on market traffic. – So we took the posters,
went to the median, both sides, making sure
that both sets of traffic are coming in, and can I
say something real quick? – [Jamie] Yeah. – If you are that guy
or gal that’s driving by a car wash, and you honk the horn, but you don’t drive in to give them that $5 donation, you’re wrong. (laughing) – You’re a bad person. – I gotta be really
honest, I can’t remember the last time that I saw any kids waving flags to pull in for a car wash. – Oh brother, I saw it
last, school was out. It was summer. That’s why– – Did you get a lot of traffic in? Did you bring them in? – Have no idea, but it felt like I did. – [Patrick] Yeah, good. – Couldn’t measure it. – That’s all that matters. – So your marketing was just the signage. – Signage. – Plus good ol’ feet on the street. – I think feet on the street. Making sure I knew exactly where the consumers were gonna be. – Literally, feet on the street. – Almost died. That’s fine. – [Julia] We’re good. – Okay, for a very short
stint I mowed lawns. – [Jordan] Okay. – Not a target audience problem. ‘Cause I lived on a street in a town of a couple hundred
people, but there were only seven or eight houses on the road– – Huge lots too. – Big yards. – That’s a lot of mowing. – My lawnmower was a tractor. – Oh wow, okay. – That’s not a lawnmower,
that’s a tractor. – You had to sit and drive? – [Jamie] It didn’t have a canopy on it. – [Jordan] Oh, you got sunburned. – [Jamie] I got sunburned, yes. – [Julia] This does not
build character at all. – Hang on, hang on, the only marketing I could do was just go knock on doors. I couldn’t sustain a healthy business. – Seven houses. – [Jamie] With seven potential customers. – Makes sense. – Was just not big enough for me to keep my business alive, therefore
I had to shut the doors. It was unfortunate. – Tough break. – Okay, so moving on from that, let’s fast-forward to today, right? What would you do different? What would you do different today? In 2020 you’re starting a lemonade stand as a 10 year old, 12 year old, you were in college washing cars. – Yup. – No I’m kidding, high school. (laughing) – Maybe college too. – Let’s talk a little
bit about what we may do different from a
marketing perspective today. – Well I think easy, at least right off the bat, it goes to social. I would go to Facebook and let everybody that is friends of mine know where we’re gonna be, what we’re doing, and the why behind why we’re doing it. – [Jamie] Okay. – To have that draw into why you need to come to our car wash. – Okay, cool, cool. Good ol’ status update. – Status update, post that out there. – What about Instagram? – You might as well. – Gotta get the ‘Gram! – I’d selfie it, I’d also do a story of me in the median
saying please come help. – Love that. – Or else. – [Jordan] Yeah, exactly. – Okay. Patrick, what about you? What would you do differently? – I think social’s really key. I think also, look, hearing Julia’s story, a better sign. At a certain point I think my signs would stop making a difference. Probably go out there and
refresh them, you know? Probably make better signs. Better usages, put them
in more intersections, get more traffic in those other places– – [Jordan] Would you give them a deal? Would there be incentive to come to yours rather than Julia’s? – 100%, yes. – Don’t drink Julia’s
lemonade, drink Patrick’s. – Wow! – Calling out the competition? – It’s different in a way. – It’s extra sugary. – Oh. If that’s what you like. – Okay, Patrick, would you
do anything on social media? – [Patrick] Yes. – Would this draw you into social media? – 100%. That would make me– – So what would you do? Give us an idea. – I think video would
be a big play for me. – Okay. – I’d give a nice little
user generated content video of where I am, what I’m up
to, the situation at hand. Probably showing somebody drinking and awesome, refreshing glass of lemonade. That’s good lemonade. – That was actually not very good. – I liked it. – I thought it was pretty good because– – I bet Julia can one-up you though. Julia, what would you do differently? – Okay, so I know exactly what I would do. – She’s got a plan. – Yup. – She always does. – So as a parent, as I
am, people are worried about sugar content, they’re worried about your kids are gonna get
all, they’re gonna go crazy. Well not with Julia’s Organic Lemonade. – Wow, she went with a great word. – Organic. People love organic. – So I’m gonna market to moms. You want your kids to
have that same experience that you had growing up drinking lemonade, but you don’t want all
that bad stuff in it. – [Jamie] Okay. – That’s why you need to come
to Julia’s lemonade stand. ‘Cause we have only the
finest quality ingredients. – So you would go all the way down to the heart of the value proposition. – Yes I would. I’d go after those moms because I’m a mom and I only want the best for my kids. That’s all parents do. I want my kids to enjoy the summer, I want them to stay
hydrated, it’s gonna have a nice electrolyte balance in it as well. It’s not just lemonade, folks. – You asked for a one-up
and you got a one-up. – Yeah, that was a big one. – I sure did, but how would
you reach those people? What would be different? I gotta believe that you just wouldn’t draw another picture that
looks like a lemon right? – No, I’m not gonna draw a lemon but just says organic on it, no. – [Jamie] What would you do? – What I would do is I’d make sure that I’m posting in the mommy groups, local mommy groups, the
school Facebook groups. – [Jamie] Okay. – Say like hey, we have
this new fun thing, you can have your kids come
and make lemonade with us. It’s a great family activity, so I’m all over social media right now. Especially on Facebook and Instagram because that’s where the
moms are being right now. They’re on their phones,
they’re looking around, they’re gonna get their
kids some Julia’s Lemonade, it’s gonna be a great family activity. – People searching lemonade near me? – They’re not probably searching that, but if they were to search that– – My neighborhood does. – Lemonade, oh god, lemonade near me! (laughing) – So that’s a good, your near me deal is actually very relevant
to what I would do. I didn’t really have access, I couldn’t just jump in my car
and drive through town, but what I could have
done today is I could have launched a search campaign on Google. So that anybody in the town of Coushatta, Louisiana that went– – Shouting out. That’s a Cou-shout-out. – But people in Coushatta
that search for a landscaper or someone to mow their lawn on Google, they’re gonna get an ad to my website. With my picture on it,
with my tractor on it. Not mine, it’s my dad’s tractor. – [Julia] They don’t know. – Me on a tractor, targeting those people. And then I do the same
thing, I get out on Facebook, I post updates, I probably start a business page on
Facebook, start some ads. – Yup. – Right? It’s crazy to think
though that just 25-ish, maybe 30 years ago for a couple of us, me, that these things we’re talking about, these new ways to market,
did not even exist. – Right. – Right? The difference between
what you could do now, if you owned a lemonade
stand, or if you were running a car wash, or
if you were mowing yards, the way that you can reach people now relative to what we had access to then is just completely, it’s mind-blowing. – Yeah. – Right? So that begs another question. With all these places to
market or advertise today, because you could still
throw up the posters, you can run out in the
street like you did. – Yup. – Then you got these others hundreds, maybe thousands of other places on the internet that you
can market and advertise. With all these choices, and
probably a limited budget, how do you figure out what to do? Where do you start? Julia. – Yeah, you need to start at the bottom of our friend the marketing funnel. – Okay, the marketing funnel. – Yeah. – So for a quick
refresher, if you’ve never heard of the marketing
funnel, hopefully you have, but if you haven’t, the marketing funnel starts at the top with awareness, the very top of the funnel, right? That’s making people aware of
your product and your service. Moving down into the consideration stage where people know who you are. They may be thinking about buying your product or service. And then finally the bottom of the funnel, the purchase stage,
where people are actually in the market actively looking to purchase your product or service. – I put a little dollar sign. – [Jamie] Okay, so you’re
saying you would start targeting people when
they’re ready to purchase. – So, right, so if I
have a limited budget, and I’m a small business, this is where I need to be living
right now because I wanna make sure that, okay, it’s not to say that people shouldn’t
be aware of who I am, of course that’s all
important, but if I have limited funds, I wanna
make sure I’m putting those funds in a place where people are ready to buy right now. – [Jamie] Okay. – So I’m gonna put that into maybe some paid search because that’s usually the place where someone’s typing in, you know they’re ready because they’re typing in that they’re ready. That’s where I’m gonna put my money if I have a limited budget to spend. – [Jamie] Limited budget,
you start with paid search. – [Julia] Yes I would. – [Jamie] Okay, all right. Patrick, what about you? – I mean look, you’re
exactly right on that, but there are some free things, you’ve got a limited budget, there
are some free things that you can do to build awareness. Especially you’re coming into a market where people don’t know who you are. You can build an audience through social like we were just talking about. Your car wash, your lemonade stands. Going out there, putting content, what you’re doing, who you are, and putting it out there,
creating that yourself. Without having to put a lot of budget. You can put a little budget behind it if you wanted to kinda boost that. – Okay, so everybody’s clear on what that means when we’re talking about it, what do you mean when you say boost? – Yeah, so you can post things, right? Anything online. Facebook, Instagram, whatever it is. – Okay, yeah. – But if you want more people outside of the ones that you’re just friends with, or those that are following you to see it, you can put a little bit
of money behind that. – Little advertisement? – They’ll see that outside of the group that already knows who you are. – Okay, yup. – You build out a little further, hopefully they like it,
they’ll then follow you, then you start to build that audience a little bit organically at that point. – Okay, so hypothetically then, you would go to maybe Facebook or Instagram and you would post some content first. – Yup. – You post an update or two. – Yup. – You would boost that post, targeting people in your neighborhood. Probably cost a little bit of money, you could probably do
that for 100, 200 bucks. – It really can be pretty inexpensive. – Very cost effective, yeah. – And then everybody that lives in your neighborhood on Facebook or Instagram is gonna get served your ads. – That’s right. – Okay, cool. Okay, Jordan. – Yeah, so I think those two are the main. I think those two are the main things that you have to go do, but we’re talking about feet on the ground? – Yeah. – I think it’s something
that gets neglected still that is a huge thing,
being a new franchisee out in the community, they
need to know who you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it. I don’t think that means going and passing out fliers all the time, but it does mean to go be
involved in the community. Understanding different organizations that are in your community. Putting yourself there,
sponsoring certain things that you can with your limited funds. People wanna relate you to your brand. I met that guy, so even if I don’t need his or her service yet, I know that he sponsored my kid’s baseball team. I think that that’s something
that we forget about. – Yeah. – Having feet on the ground. Something you can do that
doesn’t cost any money. – Okay. – And I think with franchises especially people are always a little bit skeptical when a chain or a
franchise comes in, right? – True. – That’s true. – When you do those
things at a local level, it brings that authentic piece to it. – No, I think that’s right. Consumers feel sometimes
that it’s a corporation. What they don’t realize is that franchisee lives in your neighborhood. – Yeah. – He’s a local owner. – It’s your neighbor. – Exactly right. – You’ve got to, as a franchisee, I think it’s so important, you’ve gotta go let those people know in your community that you’re there and that you’re a part of them in this neighborhood. – Yeah, and it doesn’t cost you anything to do that except for your own time. – That’s right, that’s it. – And it’s time well spent
because that’s, look, we’re going back to our friend the funnel, you’re getting that
awareness and that leads directly down to the dollar sign. – Which is what you want! That’s why you got a business! (laughing) – All right, so listen
guys, we talked about some things that we would do
if we had limited budgets. Where we would start with our
marketing and advertising. So I think everybody’s
pretty clear on that. But what are some common
things that we see in the marketplace specifically around the franchise community? – Yeah.
– I have one. – Oh go ahead. – Oh no. – No no, you. Julia! – No, I insist, all right. (laughing) – [Patrick] I was wondering
who, I was getting tired– – Everyone knew here that I was losing. – Anyway, the thing that
always comes to my mind is, a big pitfall mistake that you can make is thinking that cheaper is better. – [Jamie] Okay. – [Julie] And your marketing is your foundation for your growth. – [Jordan] That’s right. – So I don’t know about you, but I’m not building my house on that
quicksand puddle over there. I’m not gonna do that. – Because it’s cheap. – Yeah, it’s like oh well
you could get this lot for five cents, but it’s
a pile of quicksand, hey! It’s like I don’t want that from you. Patrick, stop trying to sell it to me. – I will. – Yes, okay, thank you. But point being, if you
do that, you may end up having mistakes that are
created along the way, things that aren’t set up correctly and it’s just gonna hurt you in the end. You’re gonna have to spend
that money again to fix it. Now that may be worse
case scenario, but there’s that saying that people say,
you get what you pay for. – Yeah, yeah. – And same thing for your marketing. – Yeah, there’s this
misnomer that businesses sometimes think they can
save their way to growth. – Yeah. – And you just can’t do that. – No, you can’t. – It’s not a mindset
that will work for you, will pay off for you in the long-term. – Yup. – Maybe one out of 100
businesses will figure out a way to do that magically,
but most of the time– – [Jordan] Not sustainable. – It’s not sustainable, right? It’s not Field of Dreams. If you build it, they’re
not gonna just show up. You’ve actually got to invest. – Yeah you do. – Sometimes you gotta spend
more money than you’re comfortable spending,
to be honest with you. That’s just the reality of the situation. But more times than not, if you find the right marketing channel, you find the right partners to
work with, they’re gonna deliver value relative to what you spend. – That’s right. – Except one thing, okay,
I got an issue here. – Okay guys! Is it that time? – [Jamie] I got an issue. – It’s that time, let’s hit it. – Yes, here’s my issue. Here is my issue. My issue is guarantees, right? So I told you there are lots of ways that you can spend money in good ways, and sometimes spend more
than you’re comfortable with spending, to market
and advertise your business. – [Jordan] Yup. – But when you hear about guarantees, if you ask someone hey, can you guarantee that if I invest this money with you, that you’re gonna deliver
X result, and they say yes, I guarantee it, run to the hills. – Hills. Get out of there. – Bye! – Listen, here’s the thing. It is stunning to me today, it’s stunning, the number of times I see business owners make that decision, they
listen to that sales pitch because they wanna believe it to be true. – Yup. – Right? They don’t wanna take on the risk of having to market their business and maybe not have a guaranteed outcome. They gotta take a little bit of risk. They don’t wanna do that. They wanna fall for the guarantee. It happens all the time. You guys see that? – Yeah, you’ve gotta take the risk. In every decision that you’re doing there’s a little bit of
risk that’s involved. – Yeah. Marketing is, in essence you could look at it as almost like a gamble. There’s a risk involved. You’re putting this in there, there’s no guarantee necessarily that you’re gonna get it back, you can set things up to be as good as possible, if you start your mind in the terms
of guarantees, absolutes, must have this, really all you’re doing is you’re setting yourself
up for disappointment. And we don’t want that for any business. – But it doesn’t mean you can’t have expectations, goals, all of these things that need to happen, because somebody should be guiding you into those things. – Yes, yes. – But they can’t promise you those things. – Expectation talk should be happening, but guarantee talk
should not be happening. – We should unpack that for just a second ’cause I don’t wanna mislead a business and say that you shouldn’t go into any marketing or advertising decision and not have some level of expectation on what the outcomes you’re gonna see are. Because look, in 2020,
especially when you talk about digital marketing,
people that you’re talking about should be able to give you some good guidance on if you run this type of campaign, you should
expect some results in this range, over this period of time. – [Jordan] Yup, that’s right. – So you should expect that, you should have those conversations, but the moment that words like guarantee
start floating around, more times than not if you gamble on that you’re gonna get burned. – I did a 30 day weight
loss guarantee once. – (laughs) How’d it go? – And you look great. – It, well, it didn’t work. But you know what I thought? They guaranteed me, but what I realized is it was all on me. It was my own program. (laughing) – Yeah, I mean you gotta eat the food. – [Jordan] Exactly. – That’s right, that’s right. – Didn’t eat the food. – Didn’t follow the meal plan. – Had Papa John’s last night. – I ate all the Cheetos. – [Jordan] Exactly. – So guarantees, bad idea. – Guarantee’s out. Bad idea. Jam Drop, don’t follow– – And that’s a Jamie Adams guarantee. (laughing) – Touche. Touche, all right. – [Julia] That guarantees are bad. – Okay, so let’s move on,
so we talked a little bit about cheaper is better, that’s not true. Don’t fall for guarantees. What are some other things,
some other traps to avoid? – Yeah, I think this one happens a lot because it’s easy,
especially a new franchise coming into a territory, to
look at your competition. – Okay. – And say hey, they’re
doing this, this works for them, and I’m gonna
do the exact same thing. – [Julia] Right, yeah. – So it is a good idea to
look at your competition and know what they’re doing,
but to copy it exactly is the wrong move and we
see it happen all the time. Take our lemonade stands. Let’s say, you know… – I can see this is gonna get heated. – We’re both in Canada, okay? – Oh, my homeland. – In the neighborhood, I don’t know what we call them, probably a province. (laughing) We’re both in your province. – In province, British Columbia. – We have our lemonade stands, okay? I put my signs up, you come out with your beautiful lemon sign. – My lemon sign, lemon sign. – The worst thing I could do is go hey, here’s also a lemon sign, okay? ‘Cause I’m gonna lose out to you. But I should take that
concept and go okay, look, she really did
something better than me, and I can look at those
things and try to do something even more creative
than you at that point. – Yeah, but that’s your– – That’s exactly how you
should look at the competition. Learn from them, don’t copy exactly, really take that, improve upon it. There’s lots of, we’ve talked about there’s tons of options out there. Choose any of them and
really try to top it. – There’s only one Julia. – [Patrick] There’s only one Julia. – I will say this. I think for our generation and younger, authenticity is massively
important to them. – 100%. – They wanna see something that’s real, they don’t care about, they can sense fake so quickly, and you’re not
gonna get it past them, and once they think your brand, or what you just put out to them, is in any way fake, you’ve lost them. You’ve probably lost them for good. – Yeah, like every brand,
right, has some level of natural authenticity to them, right? You can’t, a franchise, when you start selling franchisees, you’ve developed your business enough to have some level of authenticity, something
unique about your brand. – Sure. – The worst thing that
a franchisee can do, like you said, is get intimidated or try to copycat exactly whatever it is. – Competitors. – Now you did make an
interesting point though. There are some things, there
are some perhaps methods. – Yeah. – Some different types of
marketing and advertising, maybe channels, that you see competition having success with, and you should take advantage of those things. – Of course, yeah. – We’re not saying if Julia’s running a successful PPC, paper clip campaign– – Well that means don’t do… – You should be running that as well. – Yes. – Yeah. Don’t duplicate the ad copy. – No, don’t just copy and paste. – So along the same line,
talking about impersonations, and making yourself look like your competition, I’d like to see Patrick do his best impersonations of us. – Oooooh! – Wow! – Would you? I don’t know if I want that. (laughing) – Oh we definitely are doing this. – Yeah, yeah. This is obviously something
that we’re advising not to do from a marketing
and advertising standpoint. – And we’re about to show you why. – Yeah, we are gonna show you why. – Exhibit A. – Exactly. – That felt bad. (laughing) They’re just setting me up for failure. – I think we’re the ones
who are gonna miss out. – I think this is gonna be good. This is gonna be a great lesson on why this doesn’t work. – Yeah. (laughing) – And I’d love to be that example. I can’t wait for this. – Good. – So Patrick, who’d
you like to start with? – Just honestly, the closest one to you. – Julia? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Oh my god. – Did you have to think
about that for a second? – Yeah, okay. All right. – Let’s do it. – Hi. I’m from Canada and I’m scholarly. Listen to my big words. Califragilisticexpialidocious. That was pretty good right? – [Jordan] Six out of 10. – I’m laughing, so. – [Patrick] Good, that
makes me feel better. – I gotta be honest with you, I’m gonna give that a
two and a half out of 10. – Thank you. – I wasn’t proud of it. I’m not gonna lie to you guys, I didn’t feel good about it. – It wasn’t very good, so
demonstration number one of why impersonating your
competition does not work. – Yeah. – Patrick, let’s see your
impersonation of yours truly. (gasping) – [Jordan] Jam Jam! – Jamie? – Do a Jam Drop, Jam Drop. – Oh, you wanna see a Jam Drop? – I do. – Okay. Okay guys, listen. We’re talking a lot of things here. Fundamentals, which has
fun, which has funds, but don’t get it confused,
this is not easy. And nothing makes me
angrier than when these guys make jokes when I’m trying to be serious. (laughing) You guys understand that? – That was pretty good. – [Julia] Oh my god, oh my god. – I’m going nine out of 10. – Yeah, okay, I felt good. Also I have a beard. – Okay, he actually did it, okay. – I’m gonna give eight
and a half out of 10. That was pretty good. – [Julia] That was good. – Now let me end it with Jordan’s. Hey guys. I got a lot of stories. I’m Jordan. And look, yeah, the camera adds 10 pounds. Who cares? Scoo-ba-de-doo, boo
doo, ba doo doo ba doop! (laughing) – Okay, all right, okay. All right, this is good. – I loved it. (laughing) – I’m gonna give him a
solid nine out of 10. – [Jordan] No doubt. – He’s doing a great job,
I’ll give him an eight. – I gotta tell you
guys, that is very nice. And I’m so sorry, I should
have done yours better. – Yeah, but it’s hard. – It is, you’re the hardest one to do. – I know. – Yeah, it’s true. You wanna take a stab at Patrick? – Now listen, now listen. Hey, hey, hey. Cool cool cool, cool, cool. (laughing) – Oh very good. – So I’m gonna make
some jokes and I’m gonna make some 80s and 90s music references. – Oh yes. – And what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna talk about Louisiana, and then we’re all gonna make Louisiana jokes. – Oh Ryan Phillippe, Cruel
Intentions was great. – Patrick goes at it like
a combo of all three of us. – That’s definitely Patrick. – It sounds like an attack on all of us. – I think we’ve all learned a lesson through this exercise. – Is that we shouldn’t do that. – [Jordan] Correct. – Because it’s bad all
around and everyone’s sad. – Live audience loved it. – So here’s the key, here’s the key, let’s bring this back in,
let’s bring this back in. While some of the
impersonations were better than others, I think
we can all agree there. – [Jordan] We would. – None of them were the original. And you don’t wanna fall
into that trap as a brand. – No. – That’s right. – You don’t wanna fall into the trap of impersonating your competition. As close as you may come, and you may even get some short term gains from it. We got some laughter
from what just happened. – Sure. – Right. – But the payoff in the end, if you’re not just being yourself and
you’re not figuring out your own path, it’s not gonna serve you and your business, or your
customers for that matter. – No. – That’s right. – So guys, couple quick wrap-ups. Again, lots of places
that a business today can choose to market and
advertise their business. There are the things that were around that we talked about, what are called traditional marketing and advertising. TV, print, radio, maybe newspapers. There’s the good old
getting on the street. Getting connected with your neighbors. – [Julia] Yeah. – Getting out in your neighborhood, getting involved in other organizations. – Going local. – Then there’s all
these other newer things like the internet where there are hundreds if not thousands of places that you could choose to market and advertise. So do your research, understand where the pro and cons of all those things are, and then based on your
budget, make a determination where’s the best place to start. – That’s right, there’s no excuse for you as that franchisee, even
with a limited budget, not to be marketing yourself in some way. – [Jamie] You gotta be. You gotta be. – Don’t be in a marketing cul-de-sac. – No. Don’t do it. – Stay out of the cul-de-sac. Look, reach out to your franchise, reach out to your franchise or reach out to other franchisees, find out what’s been successful for them, what’s served them, and go try to model that
in your own unique way. – And remember who your customer is, remember who your client is, and you know what that journey is, so think about what that journey is,
where they’re gonna be, and make sure you’re there too. – Yup. Couple things to avoid,
just on the quick wrap-up. Cheaper is not always better. As a matter of fact cheaper is most of the time not better, right? You can’t save your way to growth, you gotta invest, sometimes it’s gonna make you uncomfortable,
but you gotta do it. Avoid the guarantees, all right? – [Julia] Don’t do it. – [Patrick] That’s a guarantee. – [Jamie] Don’t (mumbles),
avoid the guarantees. And be authentic, don’t
impersonate your competition. Find your own path and
chart your own course. – [Jordan] Perfect. – [Jamie] What else guys? – Back to the basics, I think we did it. – Back to the basics. – Putting the fun in fundamentals. (laughing) – You did. – Putting the fun in funnel. Marketing funnel. – Wow!
– Boom! – Wow, I don’t have anything there. (laughing) All right, so until next
time, thanks so much for tuning in to Dial It Up. On behalf of Jordan,
Julia, Patrick, and myself, we appreciate you watching, we look forward to seeing you next time. Until then, have a great day. – Peace! -Thanks for letting four strangers into your house. I don’t know how often you do it We’re not judging. but if you liked it hit the subscribe button hit the bell and get notified for future episodes

कैसे करे अपने Business की Branding | Marketing Series

today I had not tropic to discuss, suddenly I got a call as the one is having a tiffin service work and till now they don’t have a brand name,website and when I got to know about it as they want do branding for their business and what do suggest them and suddenly this tropic strict on my mind and most of you are doing the same mistake 1si mistake is there no branding strategies if they do then they do in a wrong way so let’s understand branding branding means my product or service is known by specific name that’s all now its name,logo or may be slogan any thing that represents my brand that is one encourages my branding if you are doing a work where your name is unique in the market so you are creating your name and you can do anything using your name,I started my youtube channel and from there I am receiving my Lapaas work,so how I am getting because of branding because I have created me as a brand in intellectual indies and above the video you see my website,email id so if any one wants any service then they can contact me so you can do the same so do branding of all your work and make a presence in the market suppose there are 2 shops available,so one is without branding and the second one is having it’s branding,both the shops are good suppose both are selling chole-bhature and both are good but if 1st one will try to expand then he will protey as from particular place but the 2nd one will protey based on his brand like you see many food outlet they are expanding faster because they work on their branding so if you haven’t doing your branding then please to your branding,you are making yourself as fool if you aren’t able to do your branding and no wrong branding,means not to put a name which is known by many people and that name is used by many example S.R.industries if you search on google then you will find many may be 10 corer in the world so there is no unique in this branding,but if you search Lapaas intellectual indies then this is unique,you won’t find many of it and you can too take a trade mark of you brand,doing this no one in future can interfere in your business type if one does then you can make a legal claim on it so 1st is to have a unique name,2nd today is everything is going to digital then make yourself and your business digital,making a facebook page is not a big deal if you think a website is required then have a website if you don’t know to make then you can use google site where you can make free website youtube search google site website making write like this from there you can make your website where you can have a online presence because any type of work you are doing,people know about you in your society and locality if you have an brand then people will know about you based on your brand now if you make an website the whole world will know based on your brand if you can design a logo then make it because it make a image of your brand like you can see my logo here if you see any where then you can remember that’s a logo of intellectual indies apple logo,all have specific logo of it,so logo identity is most important,next is slogan or positioning statement means you need to be going on detail so positioning statement means if if he hears my positioning statement by reading from any where,then he get’s clear about my brand massage means what is my brand, what I sell and what my target audience feel if I am saying you about my youtube channel intellectual indies it’s slogan is watch,learn and grow means-see,learn the concept and increase you cariber so this is our statement so this slogan protey’s my thoughts what I am trying to say this is our aim so like this you can make your brand positioning I had already made a video on this in detail segmentation,targeting and positioning and need,want and demand these 2 tropic install in your mind by any way you can click the i button to watch that so mug it up and apply in your business if you won’t understand the need,why my customer will buy my product why my product is so different from others which need is targeting my product and which demand it id identifying,if I won’t understand this then I won’t be able to do branding of my product,if I will understand my need then only I will be able to do branding of it how can I do it,if I know my target audience mine is children then I will have a brand revolving around children,like logo colors and website too based on children theme if mine is defence army then my branding is revolving around that like patriotic if they like creativity than it will be based on that so open your mind based on that and do the branding today,now after the video ends search on google how to make website like google free site also google my business and I had made a video on that,press i button to watch there you can register your business from there any one can search locally you can too watch my local seo video and you can too learn about local seo if any one of you aren’t doing a branding then or your known one you is unable do branding then do tell them this what I have explained you with this our video ends here,hope you liked the video,do comment for any query and do like and share do tell in the comment about the video and do your branding correctly if you done already then put you brand name in the comment like name,target audience,need your website so I won’t delete that link and you can have a backlink too

The Importance of Passive Income | Aek (Promo)

Hello FFG Family all over the world. How are you? Aek’s here from Jakarta, Indonesia. About life. Life is a package with income. And income is a package with occupation. And occupation is a package with age. Normally, the productive working age is above twenty until below sixty. Did you ever think, what happen when you’re above sixty, and companies won’t hire you, and you’re not able to work anymore and you still wanted to live. Where’s your income coming from? Are you going to burden your children? Are you going to be a burden
to your children? Do you want to know the solution? Watch my webinar on FFG TV, on June 11, at 19.00 WIB. See you!

Payment Processing: Misleading Terms & Tactics

Welcome to today’s Maverick Minute… The five most hated words in payment processing… As a merchant you might be frustrated with the word choices that are used in the payment processing world… And the misleading terms, are no help to new business owners either. We combed through hundreds of pages of payment processing contracts and sales information… And here are our top commonly used words for the payment industry that should be banned… DISCOUNT Sounds a deal right? Who wouldn’t want the highest possible discount for their processing rate? Right? Ha! Well, NO! Because this so-called “discount” it’s actually the amount YOU are charged! So you want this so-called discount to be as close to 0% as possible. It seems honest and legitimate… Be careful with the word APPLY… It isn’t always an application to qualify, but rather a binding contract for the processing services. AS LOW AS… That bargain-basement rate sounds so good when you’re window-shopping processors! But hold the phone there… That “as low as”
advertised is usually just the lowest possible “qualified”
rate. Not actually a rate you would receive. LIQUIDATED DAMAGES No, it’s not when you run into an unusual water problem with your business or experienced flooding damages. Here’s the thing… If your processing contract has language that allows for liquidated damages to be enforced and you decided to close your contract before your term is up, then the processor has the right to collect a specified percentage of what THEY would have earned from you over the course of the remainder of your contract. AUTO-RENEWAL That sounds like a great option! …Like… when a video game respawns you when you die in a level! Except here auto-renewal is not a helpful feature! Let’s say you sign a three-year contract that automatically renews for two year periods after the initial term expires. No big deal, right? Well true… Unless you have an early termination fee! Because of six years after opening your account you want to close it? You’ll still be charged an early termination fee. And that’s because the entire contract renews including the termination fee section… BAD DEAL! What are your least favorite words or phrases in the payment processing industry? Tell us in the comments! Oh, hey! Try not to get discouraged by all the tricky language out there. We’ve got plenty of helpful content on our website, too…And Now go ahead and subscribe to our channel. There’s plenty more payment processing, point-of-sale, and other business content coming your way. Stay tuned!