Hi guys..This is Pooja from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities for MBA Entrepreneur Management Masters in business and administration in
entrepreneur management is a course that deals with developing ones skills of networking,
leadership, creativity, spontaneity, team management, flexibility, foresight, expertise
and innovative approach. Aspects of how to deal with business from small to large group
of team is taught. Strength and weaknesses, strategy and analysis are other factors for
study and research. It deals with knowledge of overcoming the challenges faced by an entrepreneur,
while executing his idea into a successful business venture. Skills will be bestowed
on managing growth and development, securing finance, social impact, researching market
and modernisation. Specialization that are available include
IT, retail, environment, biotech, healthcare, marketing or finance. One, on completion of
the bachelor’s degree in business related area, can join in this course who have interests
based on management of business as an owner. The course is a one year period program. Lotus Business School in Pune, Delhi Institute
of Technology and management Delhi, Conspi Academy of Management studies in Kerala, NMIMS
in Mumbai, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India in Gujurat, Xavier Institute of management
Assam, Symbiosis center of management Maharashtra, are a few of many colleges providing with
the course. Universities of Sheffield, Southampton, Nottingham, Toledo, Brunel University London,
AUT University, The university of Sydney are some of the many universities abroad providing
this course. Doctors degree can be taken in this field through further studies. MBA degree in entrepreneurship holder can
become: • Company’s CEO
• Corporate Manager • Employee Supervisor
• Business consultant • Department Manager
• Corporate Vice president • Management Analyst To work abroad one must have an experience
of atleast 2 to 4 years as an entrepreneur. There are also companies that seek for entrepreneurs
to lead and venture innovative ideas in one company so as to bring about growth and development
directed towards company’s profit. Some companies that help train and become
an entrepreneur are as below: • Nirman, Bangalore
• Rockwell Industries Ltd. , Hyderabad • HW wellness solutions private ltd., Pune
• Orbit Corporate and Leisure Travels Pvt Ltd., Kochin The best one can do as an entrepreneur is
to own a business or company or corporation with one’s intelligence in innovative techniques
in that particular market segment. But it doesn’t limit just to owning a business. High
paid corporate job is an another option, ownership can take place eventually with experience.
Established businesses also need entrepreneurship for more assistance in sales promotion, market
research and MBA entrepreneurs can prove to be valuable assets with their problem solving
skills and foreseeing a matter in hand for the company in the long run. The salary of an entrepreneur is based on
the facts like how established he is, companies market profits and his experience and hand
in overall development of the company. One can earn upto 48lakhs INR as an MBA entrepreneur
based on experience, skills, development and innovative schemes introduced or generated. More on MBA in entrepreneur management course
and its further studies, with details on other courses as well is available on
Find jobs and new openings as a fresher and apply to apt jobs via the site. Register and
explore diverse jobs for a successful career we will be back with more such videos so stay for now connected with us do not forget to hit the subscribe button below

Office 365 email, tools and MS Office download

Before you can view any emails from the University in your Office 365 account, you first need to activate it. We recommend doing so before you start at the University. To load the Office 365 Service page, search for Office 365 on the University website or go directly to To activate your account, click on the green Activate button – you only have to do this once. If you are asked to do so, enter your EASE Username and Password, and click Login now. When prompted, enter your EASE password again and click Activate your account now. Your email account is now ready to use. Click on the Office 365 weblink and when the page loads, click on the orange Login button. Enter your [email protected] and password. Click on the blue sign in button. Your Office 365 account will open on email, but it also provides access to many other resources and tools. Access them via the tile icon at the top left. As a student, you can download the latest Microsoft Office for personal use via the University of Edinburgh’s Office 365 subscription. This allows you free access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other applications for your own desktop computers (PC and MAC) and mobile devices (Android, iPad and iPhone). For more information on email and how to download your free copy of Office 365, visit the Office 365 help pages on University’s website. For help and support, contact the IS Helpline using the self-service portal, email ([email protected]) or telephone (0131 651 5151).

How Many English Teachers Abroad Kill Their Options in Business and Finance

Hey what’s up I’m here to talk to you today more about guess what teaching
English overseas so I did this video last night where I
was talking about how thankfully certain teachers aren’t willing to do this or
won’t do this or whatever and you know I always get a little bit of backlash from
people and I expect that matter of fact I’ve always enjoyed a little bit of
controversy because I found that when I’m going against the grain that’s
usually when I’m making the right decision and I’m gonna make some money
or something’s good is gonna happen with me when I follow the crowd or I’ve just
kind of done what everybody else did you know that’s when I haven’t really had
that much success in my life or I’ve just you know the results were or
mediocre right so a lot of people will think that controversy is bad or doing
something against the grain is bad getting flak getting resistance is bad
actually for me it’s been a barometer of knowing when I’m doing something right
okay so what I’m trying to tell the young folks on here people just starting
out or whatever is expect to encounter resistance and don’t fight it embrace it
okay I mean I I really don’t care
you know if somebody disagrees with me or whatever awesome you know no matter
what there’s always gonna be oh here’s a cracked screen
you know maybe oh yeah he said he has three hundred and fifty dollar
headphones but maybe it’s just an empty case I mean you can literally poke holes
in anything Photoshop can do some amazing shit qualify who you get your
advice from okay but don’t always just automatically tune something out I want
to give you a message this is a mistake that I feel that a lot of people are
making okay so I hear it again and again especially from my American friends
American co-teachers or whatever I’m done with the US totally done have no
desire to ever go back I can’t even tell you how many people that are like I
haven’t filed a tax return in twenty years doesn’t matter cuz I’m never going
back IRS can suck it you know or whatever
they say I think that this is a huge mistake huge huge huge mistake I think
it is so important to have a credit history in your home country at least
keeps something on the line at least keep something out there okay my credit
right now is really good I am NOT the Dave Ramsey cut your credit card kind of
person for people that you know I have asked me and asked me about the real
estate like how was it possible I leveraged the shit out of everything if
you don’t know what leverage is that means you borrow bank money to amplify
the return that you get from the investment that you make
okay I can go into that in another video drop me a comment below if you want if
you want me to talk about leveraging investments okay so I took out a lot of
bank money I had the credit to do it because I have been very diligent about
doing my taxes I keep credit cards I pay them off consistently and I keep
everything going stateside even if I don’t I honestly probably will never
live there again at this point I have no desire to live there again but I know
for a fact that there are investments in my home country that I want to make I
don’t feel comfortable investing in places where I’m not a citizen I did the
video on the Dominican Republic I was planning on buying something down there
I don’t want to do it I have everything streamlined I have certain areas where I
invest and I work with local banks that are invested in the community that know
me at this point okay my grandfather you know I looked up to him tremendously
he was in real estate big-time and I remember one of the things that he told
me when I was a kid he said real power is not having you three four or five
hundred dollars to throw down and buy something he said real power is when you
can walk into a bank like I can walk into a bank and walk out with a hundred
thousand dollars just by moving a pin because that’s what my name is worth so
that got me thinking from an early age I remember asking the question to my
parents like you know I didn’t understand that cheques were attached to
a bank account I remember asking my mom you know how do you wow you just write a
check for whatever you want you know I little there were like little steps and
things that were you know that I worked through in my brain I didn’t understand
how a person could get a car like how did you have to save up to get
everything and then once I figured out you know how credit works
and how you can leverage certain investments and then I started to think
ma’am how come if I go to my banker and I say I want to buy borrow $100,000 to
buy a house they throw the money at me but if I go to the same banker and I say
I want to borrow $100,000 to buy stocks with it they would laugh me out of the
bank why is that you know and then I started working through these things in
my own head so building your credit and building these different things that
will allow you not necessarily you know to go back to your home country
but just to be able to make moves and have access to money and be able to
invest this is so incredibly important I don’t ever recommend anybody just say
you know what I’m not gonna you know have anything going back home because I
don’t plan on living there again I think it’s a mistake so that’s my piece of
advice for you today if you’re following the rules you shouldn’t be paying taxes
anyway if you’re doing it correctly unless you’re just making an absolute
shit ton of money which may become an option at some point for some of you
that’s it for today if you like this video please drop me a comment and like I hope you’re doing fantastic see you next time

Ink Replay Office 365

– [Narrator] You know when
you’ve been making a load of scribbles on a Word
document or a PowerPoint? Well, now you can make
sense of all your notes and annotations with Ink Replay. This clever piece of software is included with all Office 365 subscriptions and it’s a great way to bring clarity to your notes on documents. You’ll discover how easy it is to replay ink strokes as they were drawn. And the animation replay feature allows you to fast forward
or rewind as you go. Ink Replay is available in
Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Just go to the Draw tab,
select Ink Replay, and go. It’s like an interactive flip chart that you can carry around on your devices. There are dozens of useful
hidden features in Office 365 that your IT support company
should be telling you about. Contact us today. We’ve got plenty of ideas to make your business more efficient. (upbeat music)

25 Best Small Business Ideas for Womens in INDIA

Welcome to top 25 best small business ideas for
womens in India. Start an Online Business is Nice Idea for New Business
for indian womens. Event manager is another second good
business idea for indian business womens. Dietitian and Nutritionist is very popular in
new modern age. Middleman agent is good business idea
for womens in India. Education & Training Provider is Evergreen
business idea in India. Financial advisor is another great business idea for
indian womens. Interior designer is als good option for
starting business in india. Old age services is also good business idea for
indian womens who loves caring. Day care centers are also great idea for
starting new business for womens in India. Job providing HR service is nice idea for
womens in india. Membership website is great small business idea
if you love internet browsing. Relationship adviser is new trend for
young generation.So,its good idea. Jams & Pickle preparation business is
small & best business for womens in india. Stitching work & provide training is
great business idea for womens in india. Restaurant business is also profitable business idea
for indian womens. Home delivery business of any food or items is
good business idea for home based indian womens. Computer repair shop is also very good business
idea for indian womens. Web designing business is also,
good online small business for Indian womens. Virtual assistant business is great & creative
business idea for womens in India. Content writer is another freelancing business for
all Indian womens. Translator business is good business idea for
indian womens. Catering business is another idea for starting
own business for indian womens. Car cleaning service is new modern business
you can start with some boys team. Research writing is best business at home for
Indian womens. Blogging with Google AdSense is all in one
best business idea for womens in India. Thanks for watching this 25 best
small business ideas for womens in India. Subscribe our best business ideas channel for getting
more videos on business ideas for womens in India.

Forum Office Solution

The office used to be the only place you
could ever work from. You were tied to your desk. Company announcements were paper memos. And the best way to correct a document was with whiteout. Thankfully, the modern workplace runs in the cloud, on apps, from inboxes and on the go. But to make the most of your staff, your customers and your bottom line, you need up-to-date systems that access, sync and share information instantaneously. You need systems that can make calls at the lowest cost and ensure your staff
can be contacted on any device. If your customer data is priceless
and your calls are valuable, then the right solution is a necessity. And just like whiteout, the days of large upfront costs and dated systems are over. Forum Office combines IT solutions, equipment and support in a subscription. For a monthly per seat fee your desktops, software, storage, phones, conferencing, and data security can be taken care of by one provider. And you can be assured that
your valuable data is stored in Australian data centres with local support 24 hours a day. Forum Office is the modern workplace. Everything you need to run your business better, for a simple monthly fee. Forum. Your business. Just better.

You Can Use Office Lens With Immersive Reader

– Hey everyone, I am Leslie Fisher. Hello from BETT 2019. I am here to share with you
some of my favorite tips that you can use right now. If you have not seen Office Lens before, Office Lens allows you to take
a picture of a whiteboard, and it allows you to take
a picture of a document, even a business card. And once you do that,
you can share that image to a variety of locations. I will share mine usually
to Microsoft OneNote. Why? Because Microsoft
OneNote will take any picture that has text, and it will go ahead and
it will recognize the text, performing OCR. Once it does that, a world of opportunities
are available to me, including Immersive Reader, which is an application that will actually help me
read the text more effectively, perfect for me as a struggling reader, as well as teachers and students and anyone you know that
might struggle with reading. So I can go within moments
from taking a picture of text, be it on a page, on a newspaper, place it into OneNote, and having it read to me and helping me, not just in the language I speak, but a variety of languages. So imagine a student taking a picture of a page of a textbook in English and having that page of a
textbook read back to them in their native language. It’s available and you can do it and it’s all available for free.