Market update with David Robertson

The glass half full view of the world at the
end of 2019 is still intact, but the bushfire tragedies, the coronavirus outbreak, and below
average business confidence is challenging the outlook. An update on our view at the
start of the new decade. The 20’s kicked off with optimism that the
global deceleration had turned the corner, with forecasts of global growth dipping to
3% but edging higher to 3 ½ % through 2020 and the domestic outlook was consistent with
a global recovery thanks to a truce on the Trade Wars. Local data was also positive through
January, with employment growth running at 2.1 % year on year, comfortably ahead of population
growth of 1.6 %. The unemployment rate is down to 5.1 % at
year end. This good news, together with an uptick in the inflation rate and more gains
for property markets, was enough to keep the RBA on hold in February and their language
is still stoically positive, but the Reserve Bank did admit that the impact of the bushfires
and the coronavirus outbreak will weigh on domestic growth. Just how large this impact
will be and how lasting is the unknown part of
the equation, but a negative read for first quarter GDP can’t be ruled out. Far less likely is two consecutive negative
quarters, a recession; so while the impact of the virus on China will be significant,
and the combined impact with the fires will be very challenging for local tourism and
other service exports, we do need to consider the recovery, not just the downturn. Similarly, for housing, the downturn through
2018 was very unsettling, but the inevitable recovery shows the longer term trend. The
gains in Sydney and Melbourne are clear in the chart; but in January, every capital city
was stronger, and regional property rose 0.7 % for the month. Stronger property prices
are one consequence of last year’s RBA rate cuts, which will help to offset slower domestic
demand; but another impact from the cuts was a lower Aussie Dollar, which did recover back
above 70 cents at year end, but is back around 67 ½ cents now, having been hit by the prospect
of China slowing as it tries to contain the virus. The lower Aussie dollar will continue to help,
but as for its direction from here, we’ll continue to respect 66 ½ cents as a key support
level, but the brief run above 70 cents over New Year’s could be a portend for upside
risks, so the 70 cent barrier is also a key trigger level to be monitored. The third beneficiary of these record low
interest rates is stock markets, with our ASX 200 up over 18 % last year, and further
gains seen in January: so having posted a record of 7100, you can see it’s been a
very impressive decade for stocks, even though ours have lagged the USA, especially the Nasdaq. The twenties are off to a roaring start, but
increased volatility in equities and other markets is likely, until the impact of coronavirus
is more clear, including locally through tourism and consumer confidence in particular.

Suits S04E04 – Donna in Mike’s office [ENG subtitles]

Uh, excuse me,
you don’t have an appointment. I don’t need an appointment. Sit down, shut up,
and listen. Harvey might forgive you because
you returned those recordings, but I don’t. – Donna. – Not done. What Harvey did with Gillis,
it was harsh, but using what I told you
in a private conversation– that crosses a line
that even Harvey never would. – Donna. – Still not done. When you left our firm,
you left me too, but I honestly thought
that we’d always be friends. Now I’m not so sure. – Amy, did you send Donna
the package? – Guilt gift. Didn’t open it. – It was a balenciaga
classic town bag. – Ivory? – Anthracite
with an outside pocket. – His idea or yours? Don’t answer that. It was yours. – I’m sorry, Donna. – You and Harvey want to
knock each other out, you go right ahead. But don’t ever betray me again. Nice shoes. – She’s even better than I imagined.

WEEK IN MY LIFE | Work, meal ideas, + dealing with stress ✨

Welcome to a week in my life I am so
cozy and bundled up right now it is quite chilly in Florida let’s see how
cold it is for a reference and again this is a very relative term for us
Floridians cold is a lot different for us and it is for people up north it’s
currently 43 degrees so it’s chilly I’m under my heated blanket just in my quiet
time but I’m so excited to be filming a week in my life video this week it’s
only gonna be Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday because it’s already Tuesday
yesterday was MLK Day and so Britt and I didn’t work in observance of it which
was really nice and a great day and then Friday we have something really exciting
happening and I’m gonna do a separate vlog for it so you’ll see that soon but
that’s why I’m only doing Tuesday Wednesday and then Thursday but I’m sure
it’ll be jam-packed and we’ll have lots of fun hanging out the next few days so
this weekend was really special because I got baptized it was so incredible and
Brandon was actually able to baptize me so it was so so sweet I’ll insert a
little clip of it here and I’ve had like a strong faith for
most of my life but I never got baptized so it was a really special thing to do
on my church and it was really meaningful and now we just are stepping
into the week and today I have a lot a lot a lot of a work meetings so I need
to check my calendar and see what time they start because I can’t remember on
the top of my head what time they begin and then my friend she’s coming over to
have some coffee and just catch up and then Brandon will be home and I’m gonna
make some ramen for dinner tonight which I just posted in Allison’s eats
video where I shared how I make my vegetarian spicy garlic ramen and that’s
what I’m gonna make again tonight because I don’t feel like going to the
grocery store today because there’s nothing that we mean oh and also before
I start my meetings this morning I want to clean our apartment not do a deep
cleaning by any means but just vacuum and sleep and maybe Swiffer in the
kitchen and bathroom because I haven’t done that in a while
and I also need to clean our appliances because we have like stainless steel
appliances but they get like fingerprints and whatnot so I’m gonna
like wipe those down so I’ll probably like put in a meet some music or a
podcast and get that done but that’s kind of the plan for today and like I
said it’s gonna be a work heavy day and week but a course will squeeze in some
fun and and I’m excited to spend time with you all right I got my day kind of planned
out and time blocked I get a lot of questions on how I change the colors of
my Google Calendar and basically you have to just create different calendars
with different colors so I have like my personal one which is just Alison and
then I have my dis ting work calendar and I made the color blue and then I
have my Instagram calendar and then I have travel and I have YouTube so I just
made a different color for each one and to change the colors you just click that
and then you can add a custom color and that’s how you can make it all nice and
pretty and right now I am also sitting down to plan my YouTube videos for the
week so I have this like big list of all the videos I want to make and
highlighted ones are the ones that I already did and so now I’m just looking
at my calendar and the weeks to come and I’m gonna play in it it’s time to clean and get stuff done
but I’m so cozy on the couch with my coffee which I always take literally
like five hours to drink my morning coffee but I’ve got the heated blanket
on literally the highest degrees I’m so so so warm and I just do not feel like
cleaning at all anyway we are all clean and I wanted to show
you guys the cute little cactus I got yesterday I went to the cactus farm with
my friend Haley and snagged this cutie I still need to get him a little pot but
oh my goodness I think he’s just the cutest thing wrapped up in the heated
blanket again thank goodness that was my reward for cleaning but oh my goodness
my cramps are just crippling me quite a bit today but I do have a lot of work I
really want to get done so I’m trying to think of like what can make me more
comfortable of course like my blanket helping me I don’t want to take a
painkiller cuz I actually took two yesterday um because it was super like
way worse than it is today so and I don’t love to take painkillers I try to
avoid them because I just like don’t believe it’s good for my body of course
every once in a while it’s fine but I like want to be strong too
so I might make some tea or something or have some orange juice actually this
one’s really good like some iced orange juice I think I’m gonna go do that and
then we are going to start on my Disney work because I have a lot of tasks but I
need need need to get done this week because last week my work computer was
actually broken for like three days so I’m really behind and need to be
productive there is a life Valley City Lavigne cup
Matty it’s time for a little lunch break so I just have a side of veggies
cucumbers and carrots and then I have this leftover pasta which is so
convenient to have it’s just a veggie pasta alla voya
and they have green beans in there and some garlic and I just put some oregano
and Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes and ground black pepper it’s
super yummy and it’s nice that it’s warm but I just realized I will be having
pasta for lunch and then ramen noodles for dinner so it’s a very pasta heavy
day special my work meanings and I’m feeling incredibly overwhelmed I know I
know everybody has the moments in these days and stuff but it’s just like I’m
PMSing also so any little thing just like melt down but yeah it definitely
gets hard to juggle everything sometimes but I really am just so thankful for
both of my jobs um so I never like wanna lose sight of my gratitude and
thankfulness and I know it’s all gonna work out and my co-workers are amazing
it’s just everyone is so busy and I want to help out as much as I can but of
course I’m busy too with this whole thing the YouTube world and I’m just
navigating all of that it just definitely is overwhelming sometimes and
Brandon and I have a lot of life stuff going on so she’s a busy time and I
really don’t like the word busy that much because I feel like it’s a very
negative word and I am so guilty of using it a lot and I feel like every
time I complain about being busy I’m complaining about like blessings in my
life like my amazing jobs that I got are my dream jobs and you know my amazing
personal life and you know the great friends I have
time to hang out with even though sometimes I feel like I don’t have time
you know so I really have been like challenging myself trying not to use
those words but sometimes it’s just like really I guess overwhelming isn’t okay
word but I just have to start crossing things off and then I’ll feel it’s so
much better that my friends my excuse me know your friend Katie is about to come
over so I’m gonna make us some coffee now can have a little coffee break and
then Brandon probably will need to work on some grad school stuff tonight so
that’ll be good I can kind of work while he’s doing his grad school life is a
winding road no telling where it goes driving through days and nights won’t
stop for traffic lights even if I will keep on searching for you can sale online anymore I mean today
I am feeling I sound and look very tired but I am actually feeling so motivated I
woke up like energized and ready to just tackle everything I feel like I was so
whiny yesterday I am sorry about that again I never want to whine or complain
about the blessings in my life but I was just feeling overwhelmed and behind
because of my whole computer situation last week but we are getting stuff done
I’ve been working for Disney and getting some stuff done ever since I finished my
quiet time this morning so I’ve been working for about an hour and a half now
it’s like 7:15 right now um so I’m really knocking things out and I gotta
go grocery shopping later so I’ll probably leave for that around 10:00
because I’d like to just wrap up a few things go grocery shopping get a coffee
and then finish the rest that’s kind of like my plan I’m not gonna do like any
YouTube stuff today besides answer a couple emails and of course vlog but I’m
really gonna focus on my Disney work today to really just knock it out and
catch up from last week so that feels good and I’m just praying that I stay
this motivated and energized and I don’t get distracted because we don’t have
time for that today okay so you kind of already saw Brandon’s breakfast that I
made earlier this morning but I’m making myself banana peanut butter oatmeal as
well I do make mine a little different than his though I like to add chia seeds
so I just kind of like dump a few I like a lot honestly so he doesn’t he doesn’t
love them so I don’t add them to his oatmeal and then I also add peanuts to
mine just a little though cuz the peanut butter we have is crunchy so it already
has some peanuts oh my came out a little quicker and then I also add some honey
so that’s all I do for mine it’s just oatmeal banana peanut butter peanuts and
then chia seeds and honey but Brandon he likes raisins and his which I am just
vn of raisins they didn’t do anything to me I just am not that big of a fan but I
do like the chia seeds instead and then I just washed I washed these
strawberries with my fruit and vegetable wash so I’m gonna eat some of them now
oh my goodness I love strawberries so much this is my super yummy breakfast now connected to Allison’s iPhone yeah I’m off to Walmart and she do the
grocery shopping and I’m bundled up because it’s 40 degrees outside and you
know how I feel about being cold no this is what I’m wearing I’ve been wearing
this sweatshirt in these leggings for like 42 hours now
I did shower last night but then I just change to the same exact clothes I was
wearing because they’re just the warmest things so yeah but here we go
gonna conquer the cold and our grocery list
oh these cute little succulent stop my Walmart has five for ten dollars okay I
am actually really impressed with their garden selection like they have these
plant stands it doesn’t come with a pot but like this pretty cold plant stand
for 6 bucks I made a pot sets in between this size and that size but
unfortunately I don’t really see anything this could be perfect and only
250 oh my goodness and it’s new I want to get that I want to get that I
want to get these finish up at Walmart and they also got a latte and ice watch
a British guy ordered a hot one and it’s freezing but he gave me an ice one and
I’m just like I’m still gonna be delicious and I’m just not in the mood
to like waetford I’m doing another one and it’s I like was deciding which one I
wanted more I wasn’t married to the hotline so no biggie but yeah I’m gonna
drink that later give me some more fuel but my Walmart greeter is like the
sweetest older gentleman ever it makes my day when he’s working so it was a
pretty good Walmart grocery run but I am NOT looking forward to climbing up to my
apartment with like a hundred pounds of groceries probably even more cuz we get
so many groceries so it’s always like such a trek to get them all up to our
apartment we have an elevator but I like refuse to take it it’s my workout for
the day enjoy looks so cute it’s such a perfect
size but my little cactus isn’t sitting flat because he has some roots growing
out the bottom so I don’t really know what to do and I don’t have like rubber
gloves to pull him out and I already got like his little prickles on me I’ll show
you in the light do you see those little hairs it’s that’s the prickles so I need
two tweezer them out it doesn’t hurt it’s just like stuck on my skin but yeah
I really like the pot a lie I think it was a great fit and great buy but I
don’t have potting soil to like unpause I guess I think I’m just gonna try to
take him out I can use like some tongs and then I’m gonna place him in the
bottom of the pot and hope it works okay nice car for some extra warmth but also
to kind of diversify my outfit because I’m about to go into a meeting and I
totally wore the same thing yesterday for my meaning but the hat and scarf is
a new addition to my outfit so I’m kind of an outfit repeater but I don’t think
anyone will notice okay Brandon got home like 45 minutes
ago and he was trying to convince me to go to the gym with him but I was like in
the middle of work and I was like a little crabby because I was just like in
the middle and focus he was like go to him but he went to the gym and I just
wrapped up my work and I looked up this like I do not feel like it would be my
apartment again so I just looked up this little booty workout that I can do I can
do a 10-minute one or 20-minute one so I think I’m gonna do two 20-minute oh
there we go and I’m just gonna do that at home because I really like I do want
to work out but I don’t want to take that much time because I want to get
dinner ready cuz I am hungry it’s only like 4:30 but I could eat a whole dinner
right now so I’m just gonna do this and start cooking and I don’t get my little
workout but oh my goodness he’s I’m the worst gym buddy for Brandon ever oh my gosh guys I just finished the
workout amazing I feel so good that’s like just
what I needed but like I said was a booty workout and I just found it on
YouTube I literally just googled booty workout
and then it’s by Pamela Reef but I’ll link it down below but that was such a
good workout like I’m sweating and it takes a lot for me to sweat honestly and
my apartments sixty degrees like that’s how you know it was a good workout so I
think I’m gonna I’m gonna ponder in the shower but I want to like put together a
more concrete workout routine for me because I do work out like three to four
times a week but I don’t have any sort of plan it’s usually just like what I
feel like doing and I feel like when I go to the gym I’m kind of a lost puppy
still no matter like how hard I try but this is like having a personal trainer
it’s like yoga with adriene like they tell you exactly what to do and they
have it all timed out so I’m gonna try to do this every other day and I’m gonna
look at the other workouts she has oh she has a 10-minute six pack workout
let’s go home so I’ll let you go I’ll let you guys know like I’ll keep you
updated on what I like establish your my routine but wow it really did just give
me so much energy by doing that workout I love friends like you put on some
makeup and did their hair and got dressed for work I am leaving my
apartment today I know it’s a miracle actually I did leave yesterday too
but I’m going to work I’m actually going to a Disney Resort because we have like
a big ballroom booked for a large team meeting so I’m headed to the Disney’s
gotten beach club resort I’m gonna park there and they have lunch for us and
then I’m gonna have a meeting it’s an hour and a half meeting so after that
I’m actually headed back here I have one more meaning after that but it’s not
until 3:00 and the meeting that the the person who is in charge of the meeting
and talks the most is on the west coast so we just all do it virtually so I
might as well just come back here so I’m gonna do that and then after that
Brandon will be home and then we’re gonna go to Epcot with a couple of our
friends so that’ll be great it’ll be like a triple date get to hang out with
them and get out Britt and I are gonna go a little early they’re not gonna meet
us until around 7:00 or 6:30 so we’re gonna go a little early have a little
date this week it’s been – it’s in the shortest week ever because I’m only
working Tuesday Wednesday Thursday but it’s felt like it’s been seven date I’ve
just been going going going but it’s been a good week I’m just feeling a
little like low energy so gonna get that energy up it’ll be nice to kind of get
out and see some people and kind of feed off their energy but it’s gonna be a
good day I did want to share my outfit so I am wearing this just black
turtleneck it’s from forever 21 it’s actually a turtleneck dress kind of
looks like a body suit but turtleneck dress but I just kind of tucked into my
pants and these are from Express but I just checked and unfortunately they are
sold out so I won’t link them below because that’ll just be a disappointment
to you but I am gonna do a video with them soon and I ordered a couple other
work pants so I’ll show you those soon and then I’m just wearing these black
booty from JustFab and I’m gonna also take
this jacket that’s from princess Polly just to kind of keep me extra warm
because you know I’m a baby I haven’t even tried that on yet I might wear that
or I’ll wear my pink blazer maybe a little more professional okay just got home from the team meeting
at the yacht wait what is it boardwalk yacht in Beach Club there’s a microwave
because I’m making some afternoon coffee but the meeting was incredible it was so
so inspiring it was just a team meeting with like the top executives so they
actually pulled in the director of marketing for Disney Plus and that was
just everything to me he talked about so many of the films and projects that they
worked on and just the whole marketing thought process and creative thought
process that went into the release of Disney Plus so super fascinating and
interesting so that’s really got me riled up and ready to go and tackle the
rest of my work for today but yeah I’m just gonna grab me a coffee it’s raining
it so I am getting cozy I got rained on a little bit but it was just like
spinning rain it’s not pouring or anything but Brandon should be home
shortly and I have my meeting at 3:00 and then gone back to Disney the time has come we are about to leave
for Disney I changed to just my little loungewear set from boohoo it is so
incredibly comfy and I just want me comfy and warm because it’s so kind of
chilly thankfully it’s not raining anymore but it is super cloudy but I
stuck on some mini areas naturally and a coat and Brandon he’s finishing up his
dinner say hi and then we’ll leave but I am going to sign off now but I hope you
enjoyed this week in my life video it was only a three days long but it was a
long short week I really hope you guys enjoyed it I’m so thankful for you and
can’t wait to see you super soon bye jumping from Cliffs oh hi Justin Oh
insta fire sometimes a crashing down

Box Office – Bad Boys for Life, 1917 & Dolittle TOP The Gentlemen

hello and welcome to this week’s movie
math where this weekend in a rare instance Hollywood was not focused on
getting you to pay to see their movies instead their laser focused on sundance
well maybe laser focused is a bit much because over the past few years Sundance
has waned in popularity and importance with fewer and smaller deals coming out
of the fest it’s actually turning into a bit of a pipeline to streaming which is
a sad commentary not just on Sundance but small phelps but one of the problems
is is that the biggest movies out of last year’s fast never really landed the
biggest being honey boy in The Farewell but they didn’t land like Sundance hits
like Sundance hits used to land so Hollywood’s kind of Hollywood’s doing
what audiences are doing this weekend they’re both kind of picking over a
garage sale right and so because they were focused
elsewhere they weren’t yeah they didn’t really try this weekend it’s where
Hollywood rarely does that they do that with the Oscar weekend is also the same
way and then also sometimes like at the end like you know it’s a late August
September they’re like we need to take a vacation too but you know that’s about
it even streaming was weak this weekend with only Netflix delivering Sabrina
part three and two Toyotas Hollywood come on I mean like remember in December
just a month ago when there was too much to watch some of that stuff could have
gone here I really do feel that eventually the whole calendar will be in
play but interestingly we’re not there yet
anyway as I said there was still money to be made as Hollywood picked over
Sundance and audiences picked over leftovers at the multiplex there were
some new releases we’ll talk about them but the more interesting stories are
actually with the left overs all right so bad boys for life easily
held on to the top spot and while it’s drop was a tad higher than I think Sony
would want considering the lack of competition it still sailed past the
century mark and only at second weekend but bad boys for life still has two
important countries to hit Brazil and India and there couldn’t be pockets of
cash there particularly Brazil but no matter what happens globally bad boys
for life will soon is grossing entry in the franchise not
accounting for inflation which is not in their favor but anyway this will help to
further guarantee that fourth installment
although Sony and brookheimer better locked down are bein foie as Marvel is
already talking to the directing duo they do love a directing duo over there
then 1917 also held on to the number two spot from last weekend as it continues
to pick up a ward after a ward on what is looking more and more like an Oscar
March just crossed the century mark slow and steady like its protagonists and the
world war one flick should continue to do strong business until the Oscars on
February 9th and probably the weekend after as it’s looking like it’s gonna
win Best Picture and everyone who still hasn’t gone will go well I guess we
better go that’s Universal plan and it’s about the only thing going according to
plan for universal as you’ll see from the rest of today’s discussion all right
so of course doolittle dolittle might be an animal whisperer right but it seems
our DJ is finally an audience whisperer why was this skill before he’s been you
know out of Marvel a little bit and ever really clicked for him before but for
some reason this movie is clicking as Doolittle shockingly had an okay second
weekend drop it did not plummet worldwide the flick is almost at the
century mark right and it still has a number of very big countries to go
box-office wise it could make some real cash here by the end of its theatrical
run and after streaming the movie might might actually break even and perhaps
perhaps turn a slight profit I know that’s a little bit aggressively
positive because I’m just so surprised at this turn of events but at least I
don’t think it’s going to shape up to be a huge embarrassment like initially
seemed and with the up with his upcoming Sherlock in good hands with Dexter
Fletcher well this is quite the hat trick for our DJ let’s hope Downey and
his wife’s lunch business partner realized this but this was a close call
and that they’re lucky to have survived it rather than have the takeaway be
we’re invincible or maybe they are right I mean Abby CinemaScore these numbers
like whoa what do you think audiences are okay with Doolittle have you seen
Doolittle do you secretly think it’s okay
you can tell us alright so yes some new movies were also released this weekend
but it wasn’t pretty the gentleman which has really sought
our t-score just couldn’t entice audiences to pay to pay to see it with
the lowest debut for Guy Ritchie ever from highest to lowest
ouch Disney if Ritchie’s been playing hard-to-get with the Latin – I bet he’ll
sign now they’re like ah excellent his price was just moving down and I will
Swiss by the way just went up it’s a tough business but I don’t get me to my
suit on the cheap as well sadly although if they keep waiting maybe he’ll sign a
deal I hope he does but anyway it’s really a minute Matthew McConaughey’s
fault here though because this is a high debut for the Oscar winner who’s had
trouble attracting an audience a paying audience for quite some time now the
entire cast really has this problem as talented as they are Ryan Gosling he
should have been in this movie as nobody wants to pay to see him either I know
some of you are big fans of certain talent and you can’t upset but it’s just
a it’s a harsh reality of the business you know it’s not just important for
them to do a good job in the movie but there’s a Salesman element to their job
they have to sell tickets and nobody in this cast can sell tickets it’s one of
the reasons that even though I adore Colin Farrell I get worried every time
he’s in a big movie because he’s got a bad track record as a salesman so I
don’t know why these people are all so talented even Ryan Gosling I don’t know
why nobody wants to pay to see him but it’s a sad but true fact uh I’m not
saying it can sometimes be turned around but it’s difficult alright so anyway
then the embarrassments just keep on coming for universal who followed abdul
little with the turning 12 percent on Rotten Tomatoes F cinema score enough
although we just had one for the grudge – so the F is becoming less rare as a
cinema score yeah but it’s still managed to pull in 7.3 million which shows when
Hollywood loves the horror genre but with a budget of 10 to 14 million uni
universal even overspent here as for the rest of the box office some of you are
left wondering over bring up Jumanji Grace well here you go
jewel on shoot is hit 721 million worldwide
now that’s 200 million behind the last installment but Sony will definitely
make another one that’s excellent and speaking of franchises the rise of
Skywalker finally crossed 500 domestic clue now it still won’t be able to catch
rogue ones 532 at this point it looks like but it’s hard to reach 500 million
putting the rise of Skywalker at number 15 all time domestics that’s
not bad leave with your head held high Kathleen now is the time to go where
everyone can win right I really feel this is this is we can all feel it this
is the moment and speaking of Star Wars redemption knives out is now at two
hundred and eighty three point three million worldwide off of an incredible
40 million budget now of course that doesn’t include advertising but sticks
didn’t spend that much on advertising they spent a good amount though that was
advertised very much but also very effectively we and John Rian Johnson
might be in denial about ever making that a Star Wars trilogy he keeps saying
oh it’s still in the mix yeah right but he’s definitely found himself a new
franchise that he’s created himself that’s an excellent counterbalance to I
ruined Star Wars but I think Kathleen Kennedy will ultimately end up wearing
that t-shirt because she’s the one who led him the buck stops at the head of
the company now as for this coming weekend it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I of
course will be covering all the new trailers reactions and breakdowns but
that means no movies again because you know Hollywood feels everyone will be
watching the Super Bowl on Sunday and planning for it on Saturday so typically
nothing comes out this weekend right except for the Fast and Furious 9
concert on Friday when they drop the trailer a little bit early because Super
Bowl spots are expensive and you don’t really need them that that much anymore
we’ll see how many trailers do debut Disney is a big spender though and
that’s what everybody wants to see so we should have some good stuff now only two
female led Pixar trying to counter program the Super Bowl the rhythm
section and Gretel and Hansel but neither expect is expected to counter
program successfully so that’s this week’s movie bath thanks for going over
the box office with me share your thoughts down below subscribe today and
of course as always you can check out some more videos right now

16 Personalities at the Office

– Good morning everybody! What? You guys said it was casual Friday. The worst part about working here is the fluorescent lighting. I mean, it’s very
unflattering on my skin tone. Everyone, I know you’re very busy right now, but if you have a moment,
please… help yourself to the brownies I left in the break room because it’s a new recipe, I need to know what you think! The key to being left alone
at the office is to just act angry all the time. Because when you look angry, people think you’re busy. Oh, I can’t believe this. Really? (sighs). You see? Hey Timmy, I know you just
got back from vacation but if I don’t get your half
of the report by the end of the day, I’m going to murder you. I work in HR, so I put out
this suggestion box just to see what we could do to make
this a better place to work. So let’s go through the suggestions. Okay, this person drew something
I can’t show on camera. Next we have… … clothes-free Friday. This person just wrote KYS. What does that even mean? Wait a second, I appreciate your input on how I can finish this project, but… seeing as it’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard,
I’m gonna stop you right there and we’re gonna move on. As the IT specialist, I assist my coworkers in troubleshooting the
problems with their computers which often involves
power cycling the units. Which is a fancy way of saying turning it off and on again. Occasionally, the problem
is a bit more complex such as the computer
wasn’t even plugged in. The copier was jammed so I
gave it a roundhouse kick and now, while it may look
damaged, and be slightly smoking, it works better than ever. Some of my coworkers thought
it would be funny to Saran wrap my office as a practical joke. But I found it neither
amusing nor practical. This is an office, okay? Not the hit TV show “The Office.” We’re getting drinks at
Applebee’s after work and it’s Carol’s birthday so
I better see all of you there. It’s her big 4-0… but she tells everyone she’s 36 so pretend I didn’t tell you that. My favorite coworkers? The ones who don’t talk to me. My favorite part of the day? When I get to go home. My favorite kind of work? Woodworking. Girl, it was a thirsty Thursday
at the club last night let me tell you. It was like– (phone ringing) Hold on one second. Hello can you hold please? Thank you. We were like, whaaaaa– If I was in charge,
the first thing I would do to make this job 100% better would be to get rid of the phones. Just rip ’em out of the wall. If people need to get in
touch with customer service they can just send us an email. The second thing I would
do is get rid of email. I thought he was calling me
in there to give me a raise. Turns out he just needed
help rotating a frickin’ PDF. Yeah I like working here. I mean is it my dream job? No, but is the money good? No, but do I like working
with the people here? They’re hit and miss. But am I making a difference in the world? Not really, but do they
have a good benefits plan? Sort of, I mean I don’t have dental but… You’re wearing a fricking polo
shirt tucked into your khakis that’s not causal. He just needed help to (laughs). The worst part about working
here is the fr–fruorescent.

Marketing Monday: More ROI from Doing Good

Hi everyone. I’m Marshal Carper, and
welcome to Marketing Monday. today let’s talk about using your brand to do good
and how that can turbo charge your marketing. I’ve beat this drum several
times before. If you’ve been watching these episodes over the last couple of
years you know that I talk about doing good as part of your brand. I talk
about it a lot because I’m very passionate about it personally, but it’s
also a very clever way to get more ROI out of your marketing dollars while also
having a positive impact on causes that matter. This is top of mind for me
right now because it’s one of my favorite times of year: Games Done Quick
is on. Games Done Quick is the seven day marathon where people play video
games for 24 hours a day and they fundraise along the way. To give you some perspective about how big of an impact these kind of events have, the last big
event they ran raised over three million dollars, so it ends up being pretty
impactful stuff. What’s interesting, though, is brands like Red Bull as well
as several other gaming brands are flagship sponsors for the event this
year. Now I want to kind of break this down because a brand like Red Bull,
they’re already heavily involved in gaming, so this makes sense for them from
a branding perspective, but it’s clever to go about supporting an event as part
of their marketing and also as part of their charity strategy — that’s part of
their corporate social responsibility strategy — is they can check several boxes
in one go. Your brand could just write a check to
an organization and be done, but what’s more interesting is to use those dollars
to then excite more people to be involved in the cause and do this
education/outreach component while also contributing to a good cause in a financial way. So when you think about how you’re going to use
your corporate social responsibility campaigns moving forward in 2020, I want
you think about how you can get those dollars not only directly to the causes
that matter but also use the platform you have as a brand to mobilize and
motivate other people to also contribute because that’s not only going to put you
in front of potentially new customers but it’s also going to endear your brand
to the right kinds of audiences that also care about these causes. It’s a
multi-layered approach. It takes a little bit more planning, takes a little bit
more work, but the results are well worth it. Thanks for watching I’ll see you next week.

Box Office – The Rise of Skywalker nears Billion, Hit or Flop?

hello and welcome to this week’s movie
math where things to finally calm down when it comes to the box office
discussion not just cuz only one horrible new movie was released this
weekend Oh we’ll talk about the grudge but also because I think we finally have
an answer when it comes to the box office fate of the rise of Skywalker and
I think that the franchise or this trilogy let’s say hopefully not the
franchise I don’t think the franchise but this trilogy is ending you know
image wise as it is box office wise with Matt now if you wanted to put a really
negative spin on this weekend’s box office for Star Wars
you could cuz it’s down again after rallying last weekend and being you know
pretty much catching up to the last Jedi now it’s 13 percent behind the last Jedi
domestically which looks even worse when you put the actual numbers next to each
other 13 percent doesn’t sound so bad but it looks bad with the actual numbers
in fact yesterday as the box office was taking shape I was gonna say this was a
real nail-biter but you know what it’s not because the bottom line is is the
rise of Skywalker going to join the billion dollar club and at 9:18
worldwide you know that now they’re like will it make six hundred domestic
whatever the the line in the sand is a billion dollars and again at 9:18 only
in its third week third week of release it’s probably going to join the billion
dollar club right I mean it’s it’s getting there very slowly right
something could have happened it could stop just short of a billion but we have
played this game with Disney before seeing many a movie March past that that
line in the sand now the rise of Skywalker won’t get there in nineteen
days like the last Jedi did and like it seemed it might last weekend right and
it won’t get there for sure in 12 like the force awakens did Avengers endgame
did it in five but it’ll get there so when Kathleen Kennedy packs up her
office to leave Lucasfilm as I still think she Willis we’re gonna discuss she
can still leave with her head held high proud to have delivered four out of her
five movies into the billion dollar club Feige has eight foggy that
teacher’s pet DC has four jurassic has three then there’s a bunch of two’s fast
and furious Disney’s live action fairy tales pirates Lord of the Rings and then
Harry Potter only has one get back in there Potter Wizarding World
what the heck that just shows you what a mess fantastic beasts truly is but
Kathleen Kennedy who also you know Star Wars has even one more billion dollar
club entry thanks to her old friend or is that former old friend George Lucas
but Kathleen Kennedy has put the Star Wars franchise in a pretty darn good
spot business-wise but of course creatively she has the bed which it’s a
which is why I think she’s still gonna have to leave because well four out of
her five movies might be billion dollar club members which some of you might be
furiously typing right now she’s still linking moviegoers like crazy I mean as
of right now and the numbers you know they’re gonna they’re gonna they’re
gonna again as I said it’s gonna get past a billion but remember how much the
force now of course not every movie can make what the force awakens dead right
even Marvel has these extreme highs but at this point the rise of Skywalker has
done about only half of the business of the force awakens but Feige for the most
part has kept his audience consistent you know he doesn’t go real low
he just has highs and then goes back to a wonderful you know you know regular
line I’ll be curious by the way because for the most part he’s kept it
consistent what he decides to do or who he’d more realistically who he decides
to add to ant-man 3 or mmm ant-man and the wasp 3 to make it worthy of a big
screen release date considering how full his dance card is these days but of
course everyone wants to know who won with the rise of Skywalker right the
haters prevail or the lovers right but I gotta tell you as I said it’s a mess
situation I think it’s a draw the rise of Skywalker isn’t a box-office
failure like solo it’s not this humiliation but at the same time it
definitely shows that the franchise has been damaged on Disney’s watch look at
that audience erosion and I think that Disney was supposed to save it but
then they delivered something no better than the prequels so George Lucas can
kind of hold his head high as well now today I was having my viewer Skype calls
for hitting 70 thousand followers on Twitter to celebrate and I talked to
about 30 of you this morning and one of us one conversation led to you know
making sure that people love the movies they’re working on and I was talking
about how of great it was that Feige of course loves Marvel you know I genuinely
loves comic books and apparently also he genuinely loves
Star Wars I think that’s funny how many things can find he genuinely loved Laura
Barger would like to find out but you know for instance transformers nobody’s
working on transformers who grew up loving that franchise or is a fan today
and I think the same could be said of Star Wars which is why strengthens some
of you might already be ahead of me here it strengthens the case even more so for
Dave Filoni to become a big part of the future leadership he won’t be the leader
cuz he has he doesn’t have enough experience but I still very strongly
believe it’ll be Jon Favreau and even if it’s not Jon Favreau Dave Filoni will be
a second to someone I think now speaking of the billion dollar club and trash
talk right for everyone who’s complained that frozen to isn’t as good as the
first film well at least this franchise this Disney franchise is headed in the
right direction and that’s up because the sequel is now the highest-grossing
animated film of all time passing up the first movie this weekend now this
doesn’t count though friendly fire from speaking of Jon Favreau his CGI The Lion
King remake which is basically a computer animated film but I guess it’s
not being counted so by the industry because it looks like it’s real right
creating an interesting issue of genre distinction especially when we get and
we’re gonna get there Jon Favreau is leading the charge to believable CGI
human animation and at that point is when Willis truly have an argument as to
what’s animation and what’s live-action right what do you think I I think if
it’s not actual people I would call the Lion King an animated movie quite
frankly and it should be competing in the animation category for awards this
year Disney’s really not trying to put it there but I think that’s where it
belongs that’s where I’d like to see it in fact at the awesome
nominations but we’ll see what happens you know they’re trying to animate James
Dean let’s see how good it let’s see how good he looks alright now as for the top
ten this weekend the Grunch might have been hated by everyone who saw it this
time critics and audiences agreed but as the only new game in town it still made
off with eleven point three million I say I say made off with it because it’s
extremely front-loaded because the more people see it and they talk about how
horrible it is the less people go the next day
right so it’s pretty much done and it was surprisingly expensive for horror
movie these days made it ten million usually they’re under five for a movie
like this so it’s no escape room for Sony with and the studio had great
success with horror at the beginning of last year
you know the first weekend of January has become a pretty big horror date and
Jason Blum will try next date next year now this wasn’t a Jason Blum movie even
though it seems like one this was Sam Raimi who after several box-office flops
clearly needs to step up his game and maybe should go back to directing and
not just producing or team up again with fede alvarez who he’s had the most luck
with as of late Fetty Alvarez by the way could also use
an assist after faltering with his first blockbuster effort now as for holdovers
knives out uncut gems little woman had the smallest drops little woman is now
the second most successful film of 2019 directed by a woman just passing a
beautiful day in the neighborhood this weekend but still behind hustlers
Captain Marvel by the way I feel is co-directed by a man so I don’t think
that counts but still hustlers is only at at the century mark and of course so
many other movies are much further past that but this year is going to be a
great year for women directors at the box office they’re directing a lot of
movies that really can’t fail and if they do it’s gonna look really bad for
women directors but I don’t think that’s gonna happen so I’m curious to see how
high up they can go at speaking of directors as for Rian Johnson knives out
has now made more domestically than Maleficent to Godzilla two men in black
international and glass although I think that’s more that’s saying that’s more
saying something about those movies then knives out but still kudos to Rian
Johnson the Lionsgate and I think that’s even more evidence
we’ll become a franchise as rumored then uncut gems is one of eight twenty fours
most successful films of all time and will likely be a juggernaut on
streaming as well it’s the movie apparently people love to hate or at
least have to see for themselves but we have yet to see Adam Sandler get any
other work off of this but yet he has murder mystery – coming up I make I make
I make the joke but I have to say I think the first murder mystery was a
very good guilty pleasure and I’m actually quite excited for the sequel
Hey the most-watched movie on Netflix period and tooth I think actually any
Content at all of 2019 it was actually I think it was really really good and I
just I think it was a really good crowd-pleaser I think not only was it
good but it was something that so many people could enjoy now what about the
Safdie brothers who of course directed uncut gems now good time for comparison
they had only three point two million worldwide total so they’ve certainly
moved up but not as much as Robert Pattinson they’re good time star he’s
moved on to major blockbusters already but we’ll see what the directing duo
what they get offered and what they decide to do next
they might want to just make another big movie themselves maybe they’ll have a
bigger budget an even bigger star although they didn’t get any Adam Adam
sailor any major acting nominations at least not yet we’ll see what the Oscars
decide but I wouldn’t hold my breath after SAG snubbed him because it’s
pretty much the same voting block especially for acting but you know maybe
they want to move to a franchise we’ll see what again we’ll see what they
decide to do although there are such a negative reaction from so many
moviegoers to uncut gems that I think a franchise would be reluctant to take
them so they might want to work on getting a better cinema score and then
maybe then they can jump to a franchise now as for the movies that people hated
there’s no 9lives for cats which plummeted again at the box office and
it’s almost out of the top ten in just its third week of release for comparison
frozen to is still way up there at week seven and so is knives out at week six
what will push cats out of the top 10 for now movies Hollywood is chomping at
the bit to get 2020 started after the holidays nineteen seventeen will expand
and should take first place hopefully after some Golden Globe wins now
speaking of the Golden Globes they are tonight
live-tweeting them so I hope you’ll watch with me and then tomorrow I’ll be
having my first live stream of the year and I’m gonna make this one something
that everyone can watch because but only members may comment because we’re going
to talk about golden globes I’m gonna break down every single win from tonight
including TV a lot of you I often asked me to cover the TV as well I’m gonna go
over at all so I hope you’ll join me then as well right here on this channel
4 p.m. tomorrow Monday then back to next weekend’s box office just mercy will
also go wide and compete with like a boss both movies are expected to do
about the same amount of business well it looks like 2028 Kristen Stewart’s
here for blockbuster movies either and that’s this week’s movie math thanks so
much for going over the box office with me be sure to share your thoughts down
below subscribe today and of course as always you can check out some more
videos right now

The NutShot Stuntman – Mini-Mocks

– [Rick] Guy getting
hit in the nuts is a classic moment in any film, but it takes a real
pro to get it right. I’m Rick Daniels. I’m a nut shot stuntman. The nut shot is a unique craft. Any stuntman can
take a nut shot, but if David Fincher needs
56 takes, you need me. Some people make fun of my job, but nut shots convey
a certain truth: life is random, unforgiving,
and often nauseating. The subtext of nut
shots is clear: existence is suffering. The most common question
I get is, does it hurt? My answer is always the same. Yes, stupid; I’m getting
rammed in the plums. Well, I have certain
techniques to minimize pain. I’ve actually trained myself
to retract my testicles on command and to
get them back down, I just cough.
(coughs) For a while, I
thought this job meant that I could never have kids,
but if anything, it’s helped. Job’s like S.E.A.L.
training for my sperm. My boys can fight
through anything. Plus, I’m a pretty
big hit on career day. I don’t do this for
the recognition. I have won the Clacker
eight years in a row, basically the Oscars of
getting hit in the nuts. At the end of the
day, I’m the best, but it’s because
I’m not complacent. When I’m not
working, I’m training everyday at the batting cages. That’s one, 99 to go. (grungy electronic music)

AllianceBlock featured on Dutch leading business TV channel RTL Z

Since the global financial
crisis of 2008… the current form of capitalism
seems to have failed us. But do we have any other
alternative? Participative Capitalism could
be the answer. But how can we bring this about? Decentralized Finance Ecosystems… can be a solution by moving
the functions of validation… governance and capital
markets… from centralized entities
to the decentralized input… of all of the participants in
the ecosystem. AllianceBlock came up with
such an ecosystem… and explains it to us.

DAY IN MY LIFE | Work, my struggles, Disney, & meal idea ✨

Hello friends it’s Allison I hope
you’re having a super happy and cozy day so far I know I always say cozy this
time year why is my voice like this do you hear this you see today I am filming
a little day in my life video I absolutely love doing these they just
feel so chill and I feel like I really bond with you guys but today is gonna be
extra fun because we’re about to pop over to Walt Disney World for a little
bit um I’m meeting my friend Caroline and she helps me take a lot of my Disney
photos for my Instagram and stuff so we’re doing some outfit photos and just
gonna walk around look at the Christmas decor so I’ll show you some Christmas
decorations the park looks so so so beautiful this time of year so I kind of
want to give you a little taste but we actually have to leave soon and I’ll
have my phone near me so I don’t know what time it is but I think it’s about
8:45 and we need to leave in 15 minutes and I still gotta put on my lipstick and
stuff and brush my teeth so we got to get going and I’ll show you the outfits
I have it’s kind of hard this time of year because it’s actually chilly
outside and again that’s a relative term for
this Floridian I know it may not be chilly to you um it’s about 60 degrees
here and so lots of my outfits I have like these big chunky and cozy sweaters
and stuff but that’s gonna be really hard to fit in a backpack so we got to
do it we got to cram it in I like to think I’m pretty good at packing and
rolling my clothes up but I also like to keep all the outfits together so that
when I’m changing I have everything I need so we had off at 1 2 3 4 so that’s
what we’re gonna do a little behind the scenes today but basically I just like
to go I love to take photos I just think it’s one of my favorite places and
relators take photos because truly it’s so picturesque like there’s a freakin
huge castle like it’s hard to be but I like to just get photos like when I go
it honestly is a little bit of a hassle to go to Disney again very relative term
but like for Magic Kingdom for instance I’m leaving and
our before we’re even meeting just because it’s only 20 minutes away from
where I live but to go through the security and take the monorail and all
that stuff it actually adds up so when I go I like to content batch with which
means you know just taking multiple photos at once so that is what we’re
doing today and I only have scheduled like two and a two and a half hours with
Caroline because I have lots of other work I need to get done today so it’s
gonna be a busy one but it’s gonna be fun
we’re gonna have a good day be productive and just make the most of it
last night I was feeling awful like I just was feeling uninspired and drained
and anxious like I was crying before bad sweet brand baby was so so sweet to me
and really like talked to some truth into my heart but I was like uh it was
just kind of like a funk you know and I just was not like I wasn’t looking
forward to today but I’m feeling way better this morning one of my favorite
things about like my faith is just how much hope I feel in the morning like God
really just helps me feel refreshed and renewed when the morning comes and I’m
just so thankful for that because if I still felt how I did last night like I
would not have makeup on right now I would be curled up in that bed right
there so I’m really thankful I’m feeling way more inspired and motivated this
morning so let’s make it a good one Kenny are off got my big backpack full
of clothes and the tote bag security is probably gonna be like hey you know this
isn’t a hotel right like and what are you doing with all this clothing but who
cares we gotta go Bernie Madoff uh continuities forever we change it out in retail and I feel so
extra in my my bank boot without Maltese numerals but you know we’re having
ourselves day and I’m trying to fix this big thing
but I just don’t know is it fucked okay we are on the way home now it’s not
super loud but we had so much fun we had a successful little photo shoot this
morning with four different outfits it was so funny all of the stuff that I
squeezed into my backpack it was kind of crazy I had so much stuff but we did it
and now it’s already almost one o’clock by the time I get home it’s gonna be one
o’clock already which is craziness this day is truly at 45 but it’s good we
solve a lot to get done today so we need to be super productive and I need to
clean up the apartment a bit because I was kind of like I was having a slow
morning and I scrambled to like run out of the house so I could get to Magic
Kingdom on time because like I said it takes forever and so I have like clothes
everywhere in all just a mess so we’re gonna clean up get some lunch I’m hungry
thankfully I have some leftover Starbucks coffee like I got a cold brew
yesterday so I have some leftovers so after lunch I can get some caffeine and
I don’t to make anything so it’s gonna be good but we need to just be
productive before it’s day okay guys I just practice in the mean
and now I’m about to hop into another one so 34:30 usually I don’t have
minions asleep but it’s someone on the west coast because we have Disneyland um
folks that we work with as well so I’m about to do that and I’m honestly
feeling so overwhelmed these past weeks I’ve just been busy but it’s of course
my camera dies as soon as I’m like opening up to you guys but yeah I’ve
been super busy like I’ve been all good things that I’m super thankful for but I
just need to cross things off my to-do list and I tend to kind of like get too
overwhelmed over small things so I’m just trying to navigate that and trying
to get better about that and trying to like pray for peace and comfort even
when I am so busy but yeah my camera is about to die again soon so I’m gonna
charge this while my camera died on me yet again as I was talking but I charge
it and Brandon’s home now yay and I’m about to make some dinner before we head
over to our friends house so let’s do that tonight I’m making Buddha bowls I
mean another night for the first time and I was nervous because it was my
first time making them but they should not really yummy me and it actually
sounds super good tonight as well I I would say the level of effort isn’t
crazy but you do have to chop some things up and it’s just a lot of
ingredients it’s all easy ingredients but it’s just a lot of them so and just
kind of take a minute but I have the airfryer ow I’m gonna airfryer some
sweet potatoes and chickpeas to go in it that’s kind of our like courteous piece
of it and then for a sauce the sauce is key I have this avocado to Zekey dip
that I bought from Trader Joe’s other day that I put on mine but then I also
made sauce out of Greek yogurt and cayenne pepper and hot sauce and some
other spices like garlic powder and onion powder
and it was really yummy and spicy I actually liked it with the bowl more
than this to the key dip I just made it first of all because Brandon doesn’t
like dill and dill is always into Zeki dip so I knew he wouldn’t like that but
the homemade sauce actually turned out better because it was spicy and you guys
know how we feel about spicy food stuff I’m gonna make this real quick and then
have a nice nutritious meal to help ease my stress and spend some quality time
with thank you okay dinner is served and we have the
garlic and naan bread from Trader Joe’s seriously so yummy I just love how
colorful this meal is so we are about to leave for our
friend’s house and I meet this little desert board with some of my Trader
Joe’s goodies that I got looks super yummy there’s so many yummy treats so
much fun but now what time is it it’s so late grandma and grandpa we stuck to
like shower make Brandon blond she’s gonna make his lunch I’m gonna shower
but I’m ending this vlog here thank you guys so much for watching I hope you had
fun watching and I’ll see you soon bye