Three tips for mobile marketing in China | Need-to-know

China has the largest online population in the world, which makes it very interesting to businesses wanting to expand internationally. If you want to crack the Chinese market, you have to embrace mobile marketing. 98.5% of Chinese internet users go online using their mobile phone, so your marketing efforts must be geared towards mobile from start to finish. This video will look at three tips for mobile marketing in China. Firstly, make sure you’re on WeChat. WeChat is known as China’s “super app” because it’s hugely popular and many users spend multiple hours on there every day. It’s a place where you can share content, interact with users, sell products, and provide customer support. People expect to see brands on there, so don’t miss out on this massive opportunity! Secondly, make sure you create videos. The Chinese online video market has more users than the population of the US and Japan combined, so it cannot be ignored! Always use a professional Chinese native to help you choose your topics and write your scripts, so that the videos are as relevant to the local market as possible. Be aware that YouTube is banned in China, so you’ll have to publish your videos on local alternatives like Youku and Tencent Video. And finally, make sure your website is optimised for mobile. As well as obvious user experience benefits, the mobile-friendliness of your website design is a ranking factor on the Chinese search engine Baidu. Meta titles should ideally be under 17 Chinese characters, and meta descriptions under 60 Chinese characters. Speed is an important part of mobile friendliness, so try to optimise your website to be as fast as possible. Can you think of any other tips for mobile marketing in China? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, we have a more detailed guide on this topic on our training platform. Check it out using the link in the description.

Moon visits local market to support vendors amid coronavirus slump

president mangina dnews all our efforts
to revive the economy while visiting a local market the South Korean leader
encouraged vendors and reassured the public not to be overly concerned about
the outbreak Kim Minji shares with us his remarks president Benjamin has
reiterated his call on the public to shake off their anxiety and engage in
economic activity as usual he visited one of Seoul’s most famous attractions
mountain man market on Wednesday to encourage the merchants theorem at the
corona virus outbreak the market saw four million visitors last year but
recently seen a decline due to the virus moon took the opportunity to buy local
food products the president also held a luncheon
meeting with several merchants where he vowed support for vendors the
self-employed and traditional markets so they on the country can overcome the
situation together RunAs recently been filling a schedule
with economy related agenda reflecting his determination to minimize the
economic fallout and restore consumer sentiment in line with the president’s
efforts the government is also working to ease excessive public concern
on Wednesday Prime Minister Chung Hagin urged the people to trust the government
and carry on with her daily lives he also said that it was unnecessary for
ministries or agencies to counselor postpone scheduled events not desirable
for events organized by central or local government to be canceled or postponed
due to the coronavirus after taking thorough disinfection measures scheduled
events can go on as plans the Prime Minister added that there’s no
need for stores to close for days because an infected person has been
their experts he noted say that the locations are safe to visit after two
days following disinfection operations Kim Minji Arirang news

Seoul, Tokyo to hold working-level talks over wartime history and trade

South Korea in Japan will hold
working-level talks in Seoul today on their month-long diplomatic route over
wartime history and trade Seoul’s Director General for Asia and Pacific
affairs kim jong han will meet with his japanese counterpart this afternoon it’s
the first such talks between the two sides since mid November of last year
the route between South Korea and Japan began as Tokyo slammed South Korean
supreme court rulings that ordered Japanese firms to compensate Korean
victims of Japan’s wartime forced labor according to Japanese broadcaster NHK
the two officials will also exchange information on the corona virus outbreak

Is this Video from a Wuhan Market? | China || Factly

A video of an animal market is being shared
on social media platforms with the claim that it shows a market in Wuhan, China, the suspected
place of origin of the Coronavirus outbreak. At the beginning of the video, one can see
the words ‘Pasar EXTREME Langowan’, which translates to ‘Market Extreme Langowan’. When you conduct a Google search with these
words, you will find many similar videos in the search results. In fact, one user uploaded the exact same
video on YouTube in December 2019 with the title, ‘VIRALL Pasar EXTREME Langowan INDONESIA’. So, when you look up Langowan market in Indonesia,
you will find images and videos that show a place very similar to the one in the video. All this means that the video is from a market
in Indonesia and has no connection to Wuhan in China, making this post fake.

S. Korea working with China to rearrange chartered flights to coronavirus-hit Wuhan

in the meantime South Korea’s planned to
fly its Nationals out of Wuhan have been put on hold to chartered planes were
initially arranged to evacuate more than 700 South Koreans from the city on
Thursday and Friday with the first flight to leave this morning but the
Chinese government made some changes to flying permits so the would-be
passengers have been told to wait until further notice
the South Korean government will likely use one chartered plane instead of two
and the foreign ministry is currently in close coordination with the Chinese
government to rearrange the flight schedules it hopes to dispatch the plane
this evening the government is also considering providing five million u.s.
dollars in humanitarian assistance to China on top of the medical equipment
it’s decided to give

Firefly 8s Evaluation- I visit the Hawkeye Action Camera offices

Here I am, where’s the boss? I just walked past, and I asked a girl where 15B is, she said she didn’t know and told me to check the map. Hello, everybody! I’ve come to pick up another camera to review. The one I am using is the one I reviewed before and it’s good. Can you show my fans your working space? Sure, no problem. This is the boss of Hawkeye Tech. Please introduce yourself. In Chinese? Of course. I can subtitle in English. Hello, this is Victor. He is the King of Music. Come, let’s take pictures. I am using the video mode. Pretty girl come here, we will all take a selfie together. Quick, let’s do that. We have to stay still for like 3-4 seconds. He can use his cellphone to take photos for us also, Come, come Come stand in the middle. You look great! Take a couple more pictures. He will use other phone to take some more. Where are you going? Let me take for you guys. Take some more, and I can crop the pictures from my camera. I don’t want to switch mode, because I have to push the button, too many buttons. Put all your thumbs up. Thank you. Let’s go inside and take a look, are they the engineers? Wow, look. Are you going to mail these products? No, they are waiting to be repaired. There are a few issues of these batch. These were damaged by customers in different ways. So anything happens you fix for them? Yes Come and take a look at our master technician. What are you working on? Oh, he is doing some soldering. He is doing high resolution soldering. Impressive. I think you can do a better job than him. No, mine is so so. What is he working on? For drone display? There is a wire for recording, so that you can record remotely, he is connecting it to the board. What is the other master doing? He is doing something for a new product. For signal. Oh, for detecting the signal. This angle probably can see everything. This is the 90 degree camera, the angle is smaller My arm are holding a 45 degree angle. Let’s go get the 170 camera, that one has a wider angel. Hey, handsome boy, focus on your work not me haha. I am filming my boss. Or he will cut your salary This is the one you’re getting today Take it home and compare with the one you had. Thank you for supporting me, but if there is a problem I will tell them without hesitation. Yes, tell them right away. It is what reviewer should do. Yes, you are right I want to know how your employee feel about their working environment. Ask our female employee first. How do you like your working environment? Good, good Do you think your company makes the best action camera in SZ? Of course, no doubt. Do you guys hear that? Buy their camera instead of other brands. Thank you so much. Look, She is using one right now! She probably say that because I am here. She is thinking don’t deduct my paycheck. Is this for your employee to exercise? If they are upset, they can punch this bag. And what is this? To look at different color sometime. Yes, need a break for the eyes after staring at the laptop for a long time. I think it is good to look outside. There are trees and green is good for your eyesight. Tea time for Cantonese. Just take a seat. This is like our break room, sometimes our friends drop by and we also take a break to drink tea to relax You can read a book or enjoy the Chinese painting on the wall in here. Let me hold it. Oh no, this kind of heavy work is for me. I saw you bike in your video. Yes, I can hold it and bike at the same time. Can also hold it at different level, up and down. I saw he did that in his video, and for a person who never exercise it is impossible to hold it that way. He can also tie the camera to his hand and leg. You tie it to your legs to film? But even when I do stuff like that, it does not seem to help gain more followers. You also upload other kinds of video …like the one you said you were going to sing and asked the audience to turn off the volume. You sing Cantonese songs too? Yes, are you in a mood to Sing one for my fans now? One love? I don’t know that one The HK singer, XueYou Zhang Try to sing a part for them. I only love one in my life. Only one sentence? Last week we went to Karaoke also. We had a great time. How about this? um hmmm This one is good. Please wait a second. Ok see you later.

Two Koreas to temporarily close joint liaison office until coronavirus outbreak dies down

Seoul and Pyongyang agreed to
temporarily close their joint liaison office until the new coronaviruses
contained located north of the border in Kaesong officials are normally stationed
there around the clock the to science reached a decision this morning about 60
South Korean personnel have returned home this evening
so then Pyongyang will instead maintain communications through phone and fax the
reclusive state has been on high alert since the virus broke out it’s not
letting tour groups into the regime and stop issuing visas

Two Koreas to temporarily close down joint liaison office until new coronavirus dies down

so impugn yang have agreed to
temporarily close down their joint liaison office until the new Coronas
virus outbreak dies down located north of the border in Kaesong it’s where
South the North Korean officials are stationed at 24/7 for the two sides to
communicate with each other the two sides decided on this this morning
during contact officers regular meeting about 60 South Koreans will be leaving
the office North Korea has been on high alert to contain the virus from
spreading in the country it has suspended group tours of overseas
tourists and stopped issuing visas for foreigners