Cities Skylines Cannburg Episode 4 – INDUSTRIES!!!

hey guys this is hidden excited so excited and you might be like wondering why I'm starting on this screen because you to talk to topic the bottom ye excise European suburbian it's a match to him the Chinese thing and then next to it this was that makeover you and so cute okay Garrett so yeah I'm gonna make and we're gonna like add in just days to this world the future I will have a second 1600 I will just do completely industry I will have some horses and that he say because of say won't work without horses but it's gonna be there won't be like any generic industry I don't think maybe something like that the first firing up or violent scene instead reduces as far off camera harsh but so girl oh yeah I left get this I can also write and after here stop time or time this thing will become huge and so I'm gonna get this as payments dive games make another sign saying weird this is pagan found it that's so yes over here and yes okay that's it [Applause] fishing Mars where societies I'm sorry yes the high school yes much choice your toes that little products are not making money said sin failure Wow I'm gonna like that set like never went after mine I okay that's rain for a couple of days I'll put on time wipes for you and let's see that in the exit here is ellipse Samos chances less bound for two years of my videos I'm going to I think you're watching to difference your head and they subscribe man

Cities Skylines Industries | Ore Tutorial

what's up guys Scotty here follow blue coconut family and welcome back to City skylines now if you see my videos you know what I'm doing is about if you haven't then hold tight this is gonna go quick the biggest update to or biggest DLC to hit city lines just hit the steam market of course I'm talking of the industry's DLC because if you remember Sim City were allowed you to create factories and produce things from the raw materials we pulled from the ground and such it adds that the game and brings a whole new level of gameplay to city skylines in and around industry so it is a very cool unique thing we are seeing so I've done two videos already one of farms one of oil and one of my forestry and logging area now it only leaves one area of industry left and that is my or so as always you need two things to have to start your industry area one you need to have to make sure that the area your are you are doing is fit and ready for that type of industry you'll be using so of course you come into your natural resources tab and you look at the area so we now see this big blue area here it's ready for my or great stuff the second one is you need to zone it so you come to the district and areas then you go to the paint industry area and you draw a big nice area around the area where your entry is going to be make sure you include any extra bits but you might want to add in later like that road there I'll explain in a second why I needed that and it then adds a nice little name to it so this is the Concord industrial park very nice name Sabrina come back to of the bit and you now need to define Boise area industry areas for three come to be garbage and industry area yes the icon has changed I explained in a couple videos back on how it changed from a rubbish bin to now the little factory so within this you're no longer just stuck to the rubbish and the garbage collection you've got some lots of little areas in here so we're going to be focusing on for or we need to define this area and of course for that you need to add a all industry main building and that's what I did this little bit here for so even put it here and what this does is this defines the area to be four or so we can now see this is the Concord or group and that is set to level one this building changes depending on the level the area is in so I have a current on level one you increase it by increasing produce resources and also having more workers in the area and as you upgrade through the building camping and bigger you can see here that this is my now level what we level for logging area this is quite a nice large building whereas over here my level five farm it's a nice large farm building so it does change depending on the size and complexity of your region we're now level five oil products you can see we've got a very big large oil headquarters here so it's very nice way of doing it so it goes back to the oil now you've got a couple of things cuz we've got to get the ore out of oil or MV or out of the ground so you got cover options here the first let's add in our workers barracks so this is where our workers will stay when they're on site we learned a couple of those now we're also add in V or maintenance building this helps increase productivity in the region and if we click on it we can see that is currently a storage efficiency of 105 percent so there's quite a nice there so that's our kind of admin area when now not many vehicles and stuff come in and around this so it's good that you can have this on the main road area it's very useful now you want to think about this group how we're going to have it where we're going to have things so I think I'm going to have a lot of my extractors down this one and then my storage over here maybe so you come to back to your industry area and you come to a green one which is extractors now you got a couple of options here we have this seabed mining vessel now of course this is of all off a coast so if you've got somewhere offshore that has or underneath it in the seabed then that is really useful to have of course we're inland we don't need that you've got the large or mine on the ground we've got the small or line on the ground you've got the large or mine which has the huge digger on it which looks very very cool and you've also got the medium or mine as well as a small one now they all produce the same thing here there's no real thing that it changes between it 8-1 it looks good as Pacific as we had statics of the place but also the amount production so this is 4800 this is 8,000 this one is eleven thousand two hundred this one goes back down to 6400 and this one is 9600 so I think let's add in a couple of these large bore cranes because they look absolutely freakin awesome did you see what I did there awesome I'm very sorry so we're adding four of those I think and then let's add in some of these mine shafts so all of these are gonna be producing with lots and lots of or but we are going to have that parachute which I'll fix just momentarily I think of all of these cranes just say that it looks very cool from a from a distance of these big ore mining machines in the distance okay and it's quickly fix that perishing now already we're gonna start seeing trucks get shipped out of this area as soon as they come back on line here we go here's all the trucks starting to come out of this area and they're producing more and more now because we've got nothing which is using up the raw ore material they are infinitely ain't being exported out of a region so they're carrying a going out this way and on to the nearest highway to be sold off in other areas now if we go if we click on the industry tab or the region area you can see what we're producing 120 six tons of raw ore and that is only going out to an output so currently at zero tons but that's because we haven't actually sold anything yet we nearly hit enough first milestone so it's very easy to get past that one staffing I will keep an eye on our little Hut here just as we approached that thing so it should you should see it level up okay it didn't level up no I didn't change much but it you did see the staff up here there now we'll hold on to some of this material we don't wanna let it go because we want to do some things with that so we go back to the garbage and industry tab and go on that storage buildings now we said we wanted some storage over here now we got a couple of options now he's all store the same thing so it doesn't matter what they look like they just all store the same sort of thing but it's just the different amount so this is three hundred thousand this is 400,000 500,000 and 600,000 so I'm going to add in a couple of these ones here just a store loads and loads but I'm also going to stick in some of these because then these actually change the look depending when they have product in them which I think always looked very nice so currently we got that power the buds okay this is industrial region at the end of the day they can have power lines going here varying everywhere so we can now see Eva rather than all of that being sold which no longer an output they are all coming straight this way and down this and filling up these storage areas now the storage areas have a different storage modes by default they're set to balanced which it means that they'd like to store about 50 percent of the raw material so they have room to import law and also some room to export some more if you want to hold on to more material because you want to use it within your region and your own city then you have it to fill because it holds roughly about 100 percent and try to keep it topped up but if you want to make a quick cash and you want to get rid of it as quickly as it comes in then you got the option to empty as well but for now I'm going to keep it on balance just to keep it a little bit you know even because we don't really know what we're doing with it yet now that's all good we're starting to produce some more raw materials here and they're all coming in we can see the trucks or lining up now of course as you can see here this does produce a bit of a traffic problem so there's something to keep in mind for all of you when you're building these areas you want to be able to spread them out and have as little kind of traffic issues as possible you can see here that in my oil region I probably didn't do as good a job as I could off because we've got quite a backlog of traffic which does impact the amount you can export because if the truck can't get out no one can buy it same for the farm and farm here now this has settled down quite a bit because these are now set to fill so these are fill fill up and so it's not exporting as much so the traffic has calmed down quite a bit here but you still get quite a decent amount of track flow up and down here two main storage silos now back to our all group now we have been extracting the ore from the ground over here we have started collecting it and holding it tight inside our office storage facilities we want to be how to do something with it now each or area has three different exports it's gone its raw form so for example this it you can export the raw ore that doesn't produce as higher market as you know as you know you might want so you got to have options you've got to be able to process it so with all you come to processing buildings you can either process it into what was this down this produces it in to does it actually say here we go metals sorry I'm very sorry about that and so do sit into metal and also do sit into glass so really you can see you got you got metal orbit extracting but also some sand in there as well so you've got the factories to counteract fat so you've got the all grinding mill which produces which turns the raw ore into metal but you've also got glass manufacturing plant lands it into glass and then you've got the larger versions of those so the larger versions do production rate of 6400 whereas the smaller ones do a production rate of 3200 so it's actually half but one thing to keep in mind is that upkeep so the large ones are about you know between 320 and 380 for motor small ones are 256 and 192 so we're going to have a couple of these large one so let's do these ones as you know this one this is virtually kilm so this produces into metal and here's the fiberglass plants and this produces it into glass like that they're nicely job now they've got power and water which is good so what's going to happen now is as we fill up we're going to get trucks come out of this and start delivering directly to the plant so we can see it all goes in and it starts producing the metal and of course then we will go on to sell that metal in the region and then boost up our output so we're currently a total total profit of minus three thousand two hundred eight dollars or whatever the currency is we can only see that our building has increased because we're at level three yes so that is the all area set up now that's our four areas of Industry covered if you want to go back and watch any of those click back on the videos and you can see them but in the next videos onion recovering where houses how to import your newly processed material into your cities but also giving their canopies unique make trees and how you can use a combination of these process materials into something to produce it fit your own city and it's a very cool thing that Rivera blades are now added right if you've enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up so people can find it if you like it yourself give it hit the subscribe button you'll be the first person to know when the next video comes out any other suggestions but you might have on what you would like to see from my City skylines videos popping them in the comment section below I've been Scottie from a blue coconut family and I'll see you on the next video bye

New DLC! | Cities: Skylines Vanilla Industries | Part 1

hey everybody welcome back to City skylines with the industry's DLC this is going to be something a bit different than the usual cities content I do because we are going to do a live let's play series starting with this episode another unusual aspect of the series is that I'm not using any Workshop mods not a single one it was kind of painful that starts to get used to the vanilla experience again but I managed and obviously it's nice seeing some 60fps in this game again so what do we have here I already built a tiny little town with some infrastructure around the map so that we don't waste any time and jump right into the contents of the new industries DLC in this episode just so we're clear I'm gonna be playing with unlimited money and everything unlocked as I really can't be bothered to unlock all the milestones to see what's new in the game and then wait for the money to build it obviously in time I will try to be somewhat balanced with the budget though as that's probably the point of this DLC as well to better optimize industries to make money okay so what exactly do we have in this map or on this map so as we've already seen we have this little city little town which has around 1,000 inhabitants at this point I think and we have a lot of demand for industries obviously so that we can start doing it right away now this map I think it's called the marble canyon I'm not exactly sure it's obviously the new map that came with the DLC but I didn't exactly like it so I did some modifications to it I think of this area was a lot higher so I kind of flattened it in here because I want to build the main town in this place and then the biggest portion of the buildable area that I'm actually going to be using is over here probably where there's a lot of natural ore deposits and that's probably where a lot of the industry's buildings are going to be placed like those excavators and stuff like that I'm really looking forward to that now I don't think that I'm going to be doing like a super huge city because if we look at the area that I have you know or building I only have obviously the vanilla nine squares is it I think it's nine so as you can see we have this place where we're going to do the main city and this place where we're going to do all the mines and stuff maybe over here in these in this little area we might do some city as well I'm not exactly sure about that right so this is something that we are going to be you know having for future expansion of the city already kinda prepared maybe like a railroad for some kind of a train yard let's say and obviously all the infrastructure built some interchanges nice interchanges which was actually kind of painful to do in vanilla cities but I did it and yeah so we are going to be in this place for now and we are going to jump right ahead and make some industries right so as I was saying the city has 1,000 inhabitants and a very high demand for industries right so let's provide that for the citizens now I haven't really touched this content at all so I'm not exactly sure what I should be doing the only though the only way that I the only thing that I know is that I need to use this painter to paint the actual industry area so let's do that so this forest is probably going to be our main forestry area right so we are going to completely paint over it and we are going to assign the forestry to it now apparently in order to assign a forestry specialization to it you need to build the main building which is something that was actually there for the park life you also need to build like the gate what a park and that's exactly the same thing what you need to do here so you need to build the forestry main building which is just like a little Hut and we're going to build it probably a bit inside the forest I don't think I really want to build it you know that you know Loesser to the town I think that we are actually going to build a separate road for it we are going to increase we are actually going to take this road and build maybe like the Hat and then from it we could probably start doing that forestry area and maybe we could actually split that forestry area into yeah that's gonna be good so I'm gonna build let's say maybe a road like this doesn't really matter and the main forestry building let's place it somewhere around here okay now from the forestry main building I think I would like to continue doing only these gravel roads because obviously it makes kind of sense to have gravel roads inside forests and stuff so let's do that I'm gonna build maybe just that and later I'll probably expand it but so far this is probably enough now we need to provide water obviously already have the pipes set up so let's just build it underneath the road because why not all the way there maybe and electricity unfortunately we also need to provide electricity now I don't like these vanilla powerlines but oh well they're here so let's take it maybe like this maybe we could actually fill them right no you know what let's just build them normally like this and connect them just to the city yeah there's just no way I can do it in any other way right now maybe I can later build some kind of different power plants in here for the industries but not now right so we have that we have the main building and now we can actually click the you know the the name and see what we are doing here well we're not doing anything obviously we're just losing money so what I want to do now is I want to take some X tractor buildings and place them in here right so let's see that I let's say that I want to build a large tree plantation yeah let's do that and maybe we can place one right here so that we are not wasting that much space okay so we have done that now we can actually change the appearance apparently let's see maybe the beach was looking much better in here oh yeah okay so now we kind of need to wait for all the workers to you know do their thing and start producing some of these of the raw materials now what's actually kind of interesting I already placed a few buildings before making this video and what's kind of interesting is that you do need to provide even the forestry and like farms and stuff you also need to provide like well educated and highly educated workers which is kind of strange obviously like you know highly educated people cutting down trees weird but it is what it is and we need to do that we need to provide those higher education as well now in the city I actually don't have I don't even have a high school I only have an elementary school and it's not even full but I am going to build a high school I am going to provide a high school and we can probably build the European one because it's looking much better so let's do that now is this going to you know it's going to take a long time before the university sorry the high school is going to provide the necessary workers but right now we just can't really do anything else so maybe it's actually a better idea to not really do the industry is dlc buildings right from the start and maybe it's better to do like a normal zoning for industries at the start of the game of a fresh game I suppose but obviously we don't want to do that in this gameplay we only want to browse through the industries DLC right so there is still demand for industries buildings and these industries buildings they don't actually complain when at least I don't think so they don't complain when they don't have enough workers at least over a half of the necessary amount just like the normal buildings do so it is good because I can obviously just provide jobs for the uneducated people and then wait for all the rest of the workers to you know arrive here as well so not bad not bad at all for me now I still do have I still have jobs available six hundred thirteen people employed yeah we still have fifty five percent unemployment rate so that's quite a lot so let's just keep on building some of these some of these buildings now as I understand it you can build pretty much any of these extractor buildings and they will all provide the same resource they will all provide the same basic resource so it doesn't really matter which one you build what matters is that you just build you know enough of them to provide all the raw materials I guess now this is really cool though you can change you can change the appearance of these buildings by just clicking one one button in here which is amazing I really I really see a great future with this you know like a immediate change in building appearance with like some modding some motors we'll definitely see this as a some opportunity to do something nice we just need to wait and see right okay so we are actually seeing some high demand for residential zone now we are not really doing that much industries in here obviously we are just doing some raw products and they are mostly getting exported right that's obviously what these vehicles are all about yeah exporting for a street product well obviously because there's nothing else they can do with it now if you click the information about you know the the industry area again then you can see that we have produced some resources yeah sure but apparently you need to provide you need to produce a certain number of units to reach next level you obviously need to provide a produce a lot and then you also need to have a lot of workers working in that industrial area and we probably won't have that unless we provide all those higher education because this number the 115 here is obviously going to be rising at least I think based on the number of buildings that you have in that zone but obviously the worker count is going to only increase if we have the educated people right so right now we don't exactly make any money but that's because we haven't made any we are just you know giving money away for the upkeep's but what's more important are these production chains in here so right now we're not making anything we aren't making any paper and we are not making in a plant plant timber timber I'm just gonna be calling it timber I don't know how this is pronounced whatever so we need to start making some of these right now we don't really have demand for industry anymore we actually do have in the demand for for residential so let's do that I suppose I already have like I said everything unlocked so I'm just going to go ahead and do some of the high-density zoning over here along the Main Street I don't really like this broken zoning but okay it is what it is and then let's say that are we gonna do some low-density in here maybe I'll later I'm going to switch it for high-density as well but not right now and we could probably sone in maybe some commercial buildings let's say over here on this corner where the high school is and maybe as well in here all right now these commercial buildings might run into problems because we don't have those educated workers so that is something to consider for you know later expansion so right now I'm actually going to speed up this game because why not we don't really want to waste that time so let's start making something let's start making paper or the timber right now we need to click the processing buildings in here and we need to build either one of these two first buildings or these two or actually only wait no only it's kind of confusing you the sawmill is basically like like a lower smaller building and then the engineered wood plant is like you know then upgrade over it with more workers more production you know and more pollution I suppose as well yeah yeah more pollution as well only slightly though now I think I don't really want to waste time with the smaller buildings but at this time they obviously look nice like for example this sawmill is something that I could probably place around here right next to this you know production place I suppose but then I would like to maybe create some different industrial area somewhere closer to the city actually on the other side of the railroad where I already kind of placed some buildings that you know create pollution so I think that over here later we are going to have some cargo train station and over here in this area we could have some production plants you know factories where all the materials are going to be processed and we're gonna have some nice you know production chains going now what is this not enough buyers for products I see so they have problems exporting the products right so this basically means that we just need to be you know doing something with the raw forestry products ourselves and that's probably where the sawmill you know is kind of Handy but we just need to wait for the materials to go to it I'm not sure if I need to maybe switch it somewhere if I need to maybe switch you know something that basically tell these production buildings that I don't want them to export stuff I want them to import it into you know the production factories that I have I'm not sure anyway we have the sawmill set up we are doing some what's the sawmill actually making the timber right and I suppose we are going to be exporting that it seems that oh yeah this production chain is actually telling me exactly how's it looking so we are producing 27 tons of the forest products three of them only three of those tons are used for the timber production and 24 are exported okay I don't think I really want that because obviously I want all the forestry products to go to my buildings first and foremost but it's not really happening so that's something that I probably need to you know somehow do maybe there's actually policies yeah there's there's policies as well maybe you can do that improve logistics no that's not really it okay so I'm not exactly sure how this works I will have to figure it out somehow maybe maybe watch some tutorials maybe or something like that oh no actually not the workers until next level is not going to rise the 150 number is actually going to stay no matter the amount of building okay so that means that we are going to reach level 2 very very soon and I suppose that's going to just generate more money maybe or make more resources maybe we will see we will see about that well the building is mostly full the sawmill okay so what's next we could probably start building one of these for example oh this pulp mill it's going to make paper processing building need to be placed inside industry area all right oh there we go second level okay what does it mean efficiency plus for pollution minus ten okay that's very good and I suppose I suppose yeah we probably increase the amount of money that we are expert look at that the timber the timber is much more expensive we had twelve hundred therefore you know lower lower amount of tons exported or output it I suppose so that definitely makes sense that definitely is something that we need to be doing okay so let's just keep on going now it's kind of a shame that I need to place the pulp mill inside the industry area because I would really like to be making it somewhere somewhere a bit in somewhere differently but maybe we can place it in here because why not we can place it right next to the main street I suppose or maybe we can make a separate road for it yeah let's let's do that because I don't really want to have it on that big area let's make a road go to it let's actually make the industrial road oh yeah we definitely want to check out the new industrial road so let's actually switch all of these do the industrial road nice it's basically just a concrete panel road but nice addition definitely nice addition and the pulp mill is is actually called pulp mill yeah we're gonna place it here to that little street there we go nice that's a nice looking building by the way I definitely think that a lot of these buildings I'm gonna use for for irelia as well obviously when I'm gonna be playing it again oh yeah so we have that we are going to be producing the paper now instead of the timber and that's probably it for the forestry area I suppose because we can't really use these resources to make anything else but later we will have to where we will be able to build the factories the unique factories and they for example this one furniture factory there we go vision is a furniture manufacturer blah blah blah yeah it basically takes the timber and paper to produce some well they don't really differentiate between these products it has just a diamond sign it's basically like a like a luxury product or something so we can make that we can definitely make the furniture factory now unique factories can be placed outside the industry area so definitely I'm gonna place that somewhere around here around you know this industrial kind of manufacturing area that I talked about so we will definitely do that I don't think well you know what let's actually this actually started today let's actually started making it today I really wanted to build maybe like a four-lane road in here let's say and we will definitely need to do a cargo train station I really wanted to build a cargo train station over here yeah I have some of these railroads in here they are locally saved don't worry they are not from the workshop I am playing a vanilla game all right so we will build a cargo station but we will need to build the road first I'm not exactly sure what is the spacing in here let's just try maybe and build the road like this and railroad oh nice that's exactly the spacing actually we can probably build it exactly where no no no let's build it a bit offset I suppose oh we don't really need to but yeah let's do it anyway and tracks obviously tracks we don't really need those tracks right now this station right now is going to be only used for exporting the product I suppose or maybe importing some some goods but in the future it's obviously going to be used to transport the raw materials from this mining area but that's gonna be kind of you know well in the future I suppose right so we did that and let's do the furniture factory let's do the furniture factory we should probably make some kind of a separate road for this cargo station we should probably treat it completely separately so I'm gonna build another road in here and let's just connect these like that and then get rid of this yeah that should be nice now we can probably build some of those unique factories now I suppose that you will unlock these after you you know reach some achievements or something so this is nothing exactly you know very like a chronological order in in playing this game but you know bear with me here right so we're gonna build maybe another road like this and I want to place the factory let's say like that okay now this factory needs the timber and paper also we need to it needs water right we're just going to continue with the grid for the pipeline's like this so we can have it neatly built like that and while we are at it let's build one more and we can probably connect it down here why not now apparently you should probably build some warehouses at least that's what I saw from the tutorials now oh and you can only build it once nice so these are like monuments okay or unique buildings I suppose yeah these buildings by the way look really really nice I can't wait to build maybe the petroleum refinery that's gonna be looking really good anyway we're gonna be now building warehouses because we need to store some of these raw materials that we want to be you know for these production buildings I suppose that I really want to place some of these warehouses oh my this is one it's big we want to place a lot of the warehouses around here now maybe now I'm kind of going to waste a lot of space in here looks like maybe I'm going to waste maybe I'm going to start with the small warehouses let's actually start with this one and we're gonna store what are we going to actually store can we actually store multiple stuff I don't think we can let's start with paper right yeah it won't allow you to store more things okay so we're only going to store paper and we probably need well in that case it's much it makes more sense to store like one of those resources right so I mean the resources that are going to be arriving from like further apart from the city right so maybe from the mines later but right now it probably makes more sense to build only the warehouse yards and store the paper in here and the timber in here in the other one let's go for balanced production or storage modes I guess and that's kind of it yeah that's kind of it and we are already making furniture nice not bad not bad and the city is growing we already have two point two K people not bad at all but the people are still having very high demand for industries all right so let's do that let's do that now we're kind of having problems exporting stuff looks like or we are not exactly making all the all these secondary production buildings work efficiently we kind of are and also this is interesting we have 95 out of 95 workers in this this Factory now I'm not sure if this storage needs to be completely full in order to call this building like you know efficient they work in probably yeah but like I said before I'm not sure how to force the buildings to the production of building extractor buildings to transport stuff to my you know secondary production buildings first I'm not sure how to do that anyway people have high demand let's build more of these forests where is it oh yeah I need to click back to extract the buildings and let's go for maybe the small sapling fields in here yeah yeah yeah let's do that and maybe a bigger one over here and we are definitely going to build a more roads probably around this place let's say that we want to build a road maybe here I kind of don't want to do a uniform grid in here so maybe it's not going to be all that efficiently laid out but it's going to look a bit more interesting maybe let's do that and let's probably do some variations in here oh by the way third star very nice pollution minus 20 I don't think that this place really makes any pollution but maybe the pulp factory actually efficiency plus 8 though that's very good alright so this building is now producing elders or appearance is elder it's really great that these buildings there are different appearances because it just adds to the variation now these variations are not that distinct but just wait for the baby farming that looks absolutely incredible so let's do maybe in greenhouses for these two yeah that should look alright and let's do one more of these let's actually do the medium plantation so we can do few of them like this and maybe change appearance for this one on effort there we go something completely different in here why not okay so the demand is still very high I'm not sure if people maybe want some office buildings as well I don't really want to do offices that much but maybe we can do them in here where we are kind of having this this all this wasted space also I'm not exactly sure but yeah the warehouses will probably change appearance based on you know how full they are but they probably won't change appearance based on the actual product that they have stored right because we are storing paper and well this kind of looks like paper I mean it probably would be like bagged or packaged somehow but I don't know I don't I don't think that it's going to make much of a difference anyway I think that everything is kind of running as it should be we are having the furniture factory running we're not really having the timber though production because we're making the timber only in the small sawmill right let's make let's make the timber somewhere else as well so where was it I think yeah engineered wood plants yes so we can place it right here maybe yeah you know what I would actually want to change the places for some of these buildings or maybe not maybe I can keep like this I don't really want to have all the places in here you know used because this forestry area doesn't really need it to look all right now we are probably going to struggle with traffic maybe in the future because as you can see we're already having quite quite heavy traffic in this place which is something that we need to consider for future expansion of this area I definitely need to build one more entrance into this place as well now I suppose that this place is not going to be this big we are probably going to make it a tiny bit smaller maybe like this all the way to the road yeah all the way to the road and on the other side of the road we can probably build a different forestry industrial park industrial zone right so that we're just having you know more of them and and probably track the progress a bit better right anyway so we have for level 3 we are definitely going to reach level 4 because we already have the worker units workers where we need them and we are making profit which is which is pretty good not bad at all now what else do we need to take care of we'll still have very high demand for for the industrial buildings so that's not that that's actually very very good ok anyway guys I think that it's probably it for today's episode we are going to continue next time maybe we are actually going to try for some farming areas right here because that's kind of where I want them that's where I prepared all the farm lands and stuff and we're going to explore at the farm lands in the next episode I suppose I thank you guys for watching this first episode of the industries DLC gameplay not exactly sure when I'll do the second episode definitely sometime next week make sure you follow me on Twitter as I'll definitely post the schedule there already is ode obviously going to be on Sunday as per usual I hope you liked today's City session guys leave a like if you did subscribe if you're new here and I'll see you in the next video take care good bye you

Cities: Skylines Industries – Custom Port Cargo Hub! #23 (Industries DLC)

hello everybody bitter here welcome back to cities skylines industries there we have the cargo harbor in front of us there's trains there's planes there's trucks it is being well used what today we're going to expand our industry even more we've worked out that normal vanilla I would say is owned industry like this does actually produce items that can interact with the new industry factories and all that sort of stuff so for instance the forestry zoned industries you put over here is producing forestry products they're being brought over here and put into this large warehouse and then they're gonna be shipped out and used so with that knowledge we can now help some of our other industries if we come all the way over here to our all industry we've got a couple of things here that say not enough more materials not enough all over there not enough wall materials not enough or there so we could put in mines and things like that or oh no pun intended we could use the vanilla mechanics to see I say vanilla as opposed to the new industry stuff I know that's vanilla as well it's just that's my minecraft way of speaking isn't it ah so these owned I'll say the zoned mechanics rather than the industry mechanics that we've got in here because we could make or by putting down what have we got here an ore mine or something like that or one of these large ore mines but we are gonna do it this way so let's have a look so there is or in this area here so that's good so we are gonna put a normal industry zone on here and we're gonna say that that is gonna be for all there we go I'm gonna name this after the next supporter on my YouTube channel whose click the join button and this is gonna be this is gonna be fear Heights thank you very much for your support on my channel I've got patronage which to support me in that way I've also got the the join button on my channel now as well which you can use if you wish so let's start divvying up this area here we've now got a new small four-lane industrial road which another city skyline player James Turner has made and I don't want that one for now I just want this one here and we're gonna use this connection and where are we gonna connect that to I want them to get down there easily so we might just we do want to add I don't know why this junctions here we don't need two junctions there do let's just take that out and it's just beyond that down to there so that they can come in and out of that yeah I might just pause and change this a tiny touch so we can get another connection through here Laura wants this one there we go so we bring this one through you just go all the way down to there well connect that one up as well got two junctions getting quite close to each other they have a way is there anything I could do about that I don't think there's actually anything built off of this road so we could just delete that these are all built off of here and then maybe what I could do is just go in like that and then I could do what I did before I use the move it mods putting that nice and close so it looks good cars can't drive people can cross if they wish there we go this changes that layout slightly good okay so then let's bring this industry Road on there a little bit further no okay can I get down the side yes there we go that's what I want will bring that all the way through there let's see how big this is own it does make that slightly bigger just gonna take in advance up to that there we go and then we're just slightly tidy that up excellent excellent excellent excellent there was a pup there as well nothing's gonna be built that hot father good good good so let's maybe just fill in this little section here I'm gonna make this like a 1 why should we come down there let's say go up there along there and down there that will get into this area down there and along there well there we go that fits in nicely doesn't it good good good how are you for water make sure you've got everything you need need a bit of that do you what we can we can accommodate your wishes if I'm not the best mayor you've ever seen don't tell me I don't want to know right let's fill this in so we should now start getting or stuff appearing in there we'll go up to that do I want to do that side no let me sweep some down there and this side will be fine yeah don't look all the way around the corner we'll get up to there so let's have a look what are we getting in here excuse me hopefully lots of all related industry and it looks like we are so we're getting zinc products or industry yeah very good we're getting some little mining things down here there we go jobs are filling up excellent and that's not operating yet but it will be operating normally still works why so some of these are going to be producing products but some of these are going to be producing all that's gonna go straight over to start filling up some of these so here we didn't have it filled up so much with the mail we could see I mean I can barely see that all products thing there have you sort of squint I can still see the forestry one and the oil one and the agricultural one but the all one has disappeared so that's good that is good so we're possibly just taking care of most of the needs over here this guy is still complaining what does actually need 18-ton so I mean if we give them a second I'm actually thinking about adding another little connection through here can I move these up a bit let's go there so I'm going to do it I'm gonna use the movie mods just to shift these over a bit like that and then we can get a road through that almost I'll just Aniki that in there we go excellent that's good you just want to fill that in there we go yeah no don't to fit all the way in let's leave that empty excellent excellent excellent excellent so hopefully that will start taking care of that a bit more and we'll see how that goes let's check out so for instance then over here we've got a similar thing not enough of war forestry products not enough war forestry products now we have a look at this area it's tons of trees here so and we've still got a huge industry needs something look at this yeah so we could easily put a big forestry zone in here and start getting more forestry products over to this I mean even these little sort of gaps in between we could start filling those up with forestry products I mean if I just put a zone over here which we don't have at the moment want that one yeah so we've got this is own here birch district yeah we just might expand that let's expand that into here all of that I'm gonna take this bit here damn that might as well fill in all of this should we come down here as well probably getting a bit too close to this area that's like a different thing altogether yeah let's leave that so any industry we now put in here and we've got this nice big section over here it's all gonna be forestry related industry so we can double check that pop that on there yeah that's fine birch district yep just double check in forestry specialization that covers almost all the way to the back here just want to make that bigger all the way down there yeah that's good so we now know it lines up at the back here with this item all the way up there in a sort of a square so we could then do this that's the one I want I'm sort of feeling some of these spaces let's have a look let's have a look so that's the back part there if we've bring that out to that and then we'll bring that down so there yeah that's fine and then we can fill in this spot and I'm hoping it's just not it's not gonna mess up the traffic there's still enough room for manoeuvre for everything there we go yeah all of that along there yeah why not the maze will fill in that let's fill in that let's take this road here how far up did that zone go all the way up to there okay that's fine what other roads have we got here we might connect to we haven't really I mean we could end up making this into a huge zoo and over here couldn't we well that come up to there yes it well let's bring this one over I mean look we've got all of that space that's gonna be a lot of forestry stuff and it's all gonna be coming in on these roads here yeah now suddenly we're gonna start seeing this getting a lot busier hmm I mean I could add another cargo train over here or what you know what we could even add over here is we could even add another cargo Airport hub I mean there's nothing to say we can't do that because we've got the train lines here another one is all the way over there but we've also got our tell you what we could do because if I on the beach here how about a cargo hub as opposed to a cargo Airport hub that would work wouldn't it we could get that right on here let's let's do that instead let's get some fly to going on in here so we've got this road that comes down you're not I might do with this road here I might upgrade this to the four-lane because this one's gonna get super busy that's anarchy that one in yeah just about see it looks a bit different let's take this one let's just bring that down there for now where else would we want this coming through through here okay some people don't have water my bad yep there we go and let's sort your out let's just do that for now okay good well let's tell you what let's cover all of these here just so we know everybody's got some there we go and that last one of water pipes in this city tell you what they're so straight and even I love them right so we've got this road down here just turn that off for Lane and I thinking also this one so I'd like this cargo hub here to be in the middle section with that road I'm trying to think if I could build I mean it is a nice beach but you know this is industry we're aiming for with this one of the other beaches that we can make into nice beaches so I'm just wondering whether we could put like a key wall or something along there what do you think just a sort of you know we go in industry make it look more industrial okay after lots of messing around they're dropping off cargo already before we've even started this thing off off the lots of messing around we've got this little area here I sort of found for anybody that wants to do this themselves you've got the problem of you can't put the key in even with all this wall you can't put that in even with an archaeon if there's not a shoreline I think there's a mod that all fix that so you can just put it anywhere yeah key wall what I found is if I put the loads in first then teller forms and the teller Foreman stops by the roads then you get a shoreline by the side and then you can sort of work with that and go from there so yes interesting let's just add a little bit more sand on there there we go so that should be okay and I've got one-way roads coming in along there and up again so they can drop off and they can get access to this area we need to get our train line to connect over here somewhere now I'm just thinking of bringing it up curving it round and we could change this one here couldn't we yeah let's do that let's change just take all of this out give us some space and let's get this four-way one that we used here we go that's bigger than I thought hmm how far back can we go and if we stick it say just a couple more things and a couple more of these or we can get this working if we sort of go that space really occupied what by I don't believe it is I think you're lying to me we go there like that then grab our train lines here where does that one go down there okay I want it come in if you delete if you don't mind thank you kindly let's just go straight off of here and then we'll go for a bit of wiggly wiggly to get this to line up okay that's fine this one here you should line up pretty straight so let's get those and that wide space where the Occupy that's to leave plants oh it's got to go straight that bit otherwise it doesn't like it yeah that's near enough and then this one here can connect up fine a bit of curve on it yeah there we go excellent so now we've got a connection there that we can connect to so let's take this one straight SATA there I never want to curve it round and curve it round again yeah I think that's what we're gonna do so let's go like this then should we go straight across here or should we curve it again there and then go yeah let's go along to here half wait now to do will do another 90-degree that lines up with that and then we'll go straight down again let's just see where this one comes out so you sort of bring this out straight so that's going to come out down here somewhere isn't it so ideally we want this sort of bridge to go across here don't weightless let's go down here so we get page up and over the top that's what we're gonna connect to so if we don't like this you can do that one I'm gonna connect for me thank you very much yeah this is gonna change just get rid of all of that we're gonna go down here this place already occupied but you know what I don't think it is oh you've gone underground so it probably is what why can't you do that it's not that's not complicated huh let's try it again thank you very much but we don't need a Nikhil now note there we go excellent let's go to there there we go and then we can connect these up that'll be a better way of doing it so then we'll get up there and over today excellent excellent excellent and needed there just to smooth things out let's make that a bit smaller let's not make it too small yeah hopefully that'll look okay and that goes okay right so that's the train line connected up now you're still complaining that lack of water well probably because we don't have water pipes down there so we can fix that instantly and have written something down here as well because I want to put some industry-type stuff on here let's get rid of that and so how we're gonna get our electricity over to here I mean we've got the ocean thermal energy conversion appliance oh look at that that will sit right on the edge of there oh I like that I like that a lot that is gonna give us 600 that's gonna give us a ton of power so then I do want to connect this with the rest of the city so let's just do this up here there we go so that now adds to their power for the rest of the city excellent what else could we put in here well let's first of all remove all the trees because I know how angry some people get if I accidentally leave some trees in the water which I probably have done around here goes take them off the beach of it there we go any trees in the water no I think they're fine good good good so yeah let's get some industry type stuff on the here want to do it without messing up the roads too much what have we got what have we got this place is being used already I put a few oil tankers and things down here a couple of offices I like this one particularly rusty that one if you want to know what it is there we go Distribution Center white office I've got these couple of office star buildings here which I'm thinking I'm gonna look like that you know they're head office for the distribution logistics center needs to be there something like that I would like to fill this with concrete but unfortunately I don't have any concrete the mods that normally allows me to do that is not here so I can't do that and what I might just do is just stick a few sort of offices along here as well let's just see what that looks like just a few small washes no not behind there yeah let's have a couple there just to fill up those sort of spots and I've also put this little wall along here as well just sort of differentiate between that alongside that road and yeah it's humming it's humming we get in the boats coming in we're getting the trains coming in everything's working lovely I did think about putting another one of these this sides and Wayne as it might look nice unfortunately it would never be used for they always use the nearest one so that's this one isn't it at the moment I'm liking the way this is what I want to try and get my Mike mod that lets me have the concrete back in and I would literally cover all of this in concrete all the gaps that are left really give it that industrial look but I'm liking that what are you reckon so now if we add in a nice follows to the area up here all we're getting needs of all sorts of things now let's get this small industry road we're gonna have one come up here and connect to that along there let's see and let's just sort of split up this area in the middle so we'll go one way from there to there and we'll do the same over here and then we'll come in that side then we'll come in that sides go and then each other little road in there excellent that's good we can use all of that space now it's just double checking area yet birch industry that's all covered so let's get that and that should now fill up with lots and lots of forestry industry which is what we want to get some more forestry Goods over to these guys and there's a large log yard there thinking I might just move that to there it still keeps all the goods and we'll see how that goes and then we can fill in this as well I mean that is tons of Industry it's actually tons of Industry could even put some there that was our traffic going 78 percent okay not bad I mean somebody's sort of wiggly roads here probably could just change some of these I mean as AMA as I'm going through I'm seeing any main roads that go through and just upgrading them to like this four-lane one just to give a route that they're more likely to take and yeah slightly bigger and better roads like this section here I'm going to change this that's not going to be a junction there anymore this one it's just gonna go straight on I think that's better and then we'll just change that that's yeah there we go let's take out that and that what is this here's a warehouse maintenance building okay well nobody's moving into the forestry zone even though we have needs for industry Stephanie in the zone definitely in oh I don't Sycamore no well I'm on Oh what am i doing what they're doing there we go there's fill it all back in again so I suppose we've just got to be patient for that to start filling up okay so while we're waiting for this area to start filling out there we go we've got a couple popping in now I've just sort of put a few commercial buildings down somewhere else and this kick started it off um I may also reduce some of these rows that are going through here I'll look at that another time but this is definitely gonna need a connection to the highway we have a look at our traffic it's and on let's leave that on it's dropping down because this road here is like the nearest connection to a highway and it's slowing to a crawl because so much stuff is coming from this industry area and they're taking it to other places and our highway I mean the hard way goes through the city and up here we could do a branch in that off and bring in like a well somebody a bypass but a connection down here to these guys and then a probably band truck sort of going through here or something can make them go around the highway I don't know we'll see but I definitely need some sort of highway connection what have we got here like a bit of a hill we can maybe go under and come out the other side and then what if we got up here you can launch off at different places over there yeah so maybe just a normal highway junction connection therefore now we can always upgrade that later can't we let me just plot this in there we go we've already got trucks coming down this way fantastic let's just find out where these guys are going so they're just exporting goods exporting goods how about these ones exporting goods yeah excellent so instead of heading off through the city hopefully after a short period of time we'll see a lot of these trucks that are going down here heading off to either here or here which will be fantastic got a few deaths down here let's just see look at our death care let's open this up here you've got lots of availability and then we just stick another little crematorium around here in this area couldn't we maybe just pop it up there there we go and that's filled up nicely as well which is really good I'm liking the look at this this is looking really cool what are you reckon what are you reckon let me know in the comments below hit the big beanie the tea stain to subscribe but we will be back here tomorrow for the next episode of City skylines and thank you very much for watching take care bye bye

Cities: Skylines Industries – Solving Traffic! #19 (Industries DLC)

hello guys and girls and welcome back to cities skylines industries with me biffer thank you very very much for joining me how are you keeping hope you're keeping well today we're gonna work on the traffic that we've been getting in our city certain areas don't have much traffic at all other areas have lots and lots of traffic and we want to try and help with that and I've also added back in a mod that I removed two while ago because of obviously with the industry's update is stopped working which is the I think it's called WG realistic population mod or something along those lines and basically what it does is you know when you've sold a new area and a load of people move into your new area the base gang without any models every Bob doesn't that look fantastic everybody moves in and exactly they're the same age let's just say 20 so you will move in at the age of 20 so they all die at the same age as well but what you can do with this realistic population mod if that's the name I'll double check the mod list and is when they move in there'll be various ages so they'll be young that we've sort middle age that we old so when they die it's spread out over a long period of time so that will help with the death waves that you get that's one of the things that causes the death ways the other is to do with the way cemeteries and hearses and stuff work but don't need to worry about that and I've used this mod before and it works really well so there's a little mini death way that's going on we will get over that but let's have a look at our traffic because that is something that's going to be causing issues as well as 74% let us do some work and then we'll see if that gets better by the end of the episodes that is the plan so this area here is pretty bad and as you can see we have the main highway down the bottom there and it's branches off here and if you want to get to the other side of the city you can come up here you can go straight through this Junction you can come along here and you have to go around the roundabout or an island whatever you call it I call it around about before we then get back onto the highway and then you can get that way they can come down this way you can branch off again and that's what we want we want a straight shot all the way through and at the moment with this we don't have that I'm gonna just do a little bit of a change here let's remove that let's grab our words here we go so let's go preach up to that we go excellent that's lined up let's go page up as close as we can be this one and we'll get these two lined up as well that way that way excellent let's just make sure these are all facing the same way yeah that's fine don't need this connection here anymore let's just check how our power gets across I've got the top level whiteness mods back on which is fantastic that's um what I like don't have the new version of that yeah let's just plonk that there excellent so power gets around and now I want people have the ability to come off down onto here so if we just give them some slip loads and what's this one here to way National River sound barriers now we just want this one here so if we turn that off there we go so they're gonna come down there and go on to that do the same over here the same there and we're gonna be the same man here excellent make sure these will go in the right white good good yeah that needs to go up like that cuz that was excellent so now we can get straight shot through here and that should be good now one of the things that's also holding all of this art is these junctions so they come off the highway here for a start we need to change this to be like this one because that works so much better without having to slow down so let's just do that first just three lanes each way I think we've got one of those in here one way three lanes this way one of these has got it we use oh I know what a gem got the extra Road might have we we're doing the two lanes all right to a good two lanes into six lanes hopefully that'll still work we'll just we'll just go with that so let's grab this one here he's gonna go up to there and that is gonna go up to there and I'm not gonna turn around yeah we'll go with that hopefully that's okay and then all we want to do in here stop people doing anything silly is we're gonna say you can go to let's give you two lanes we'll give you one lane there we go and it's taking out the left arrow so they can't wait around that way I might just change that back into four lane road again I did change it to upgrade and give everybody more space but yeah let's do that yeah let's go with that so that I'll get them moving off the highway a little bit quicker which is good they're doing this weird lane changing thing down here I don't know why I look at that in a moment but also I've got all these junctions so you come off of here then you hit a junction then you hit another Junction then here all the way along here which is not good at all so what I'm thinking is this little section here in this section over here I mean these can be gotten to round that way so we could remove that Junction there straight away and that all of these can get access from that side just EDD of going down here that I have to go around there to go up there and across all they come through this roads yeah let's just delete that road there immediately that all change things and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put on a key on I'm gonna get that really close but not hook it up and I will just use the move it mods there we go so people come walk those concern around if they need to they could walk through there but that is now no longer a connection to this here and we've got one there still and if we can change that by giving them access to these roads off of here instead or over here look this way this is going to connect here there we go we can upgrade all of these rows and this will help people upgrade their houses let's just have a quick look at this house here so he's on a road that doesn't have the trees I have to lean into the screen to read that it's so small disaster fine which poster I'm just one noise the noise will go down defecate yeah there's nothing to do with the roads the roads do make a difference and I'm wondering where that's just the noise different low traffic increased land value lower noise pollution yeah so we have a look at keep still the noise one is 8% and land value entertainment post service land value doesn't show on there I thought there might be one on there let's look at this one you see the land value is blue so smack bang in the middle noise was 8% okay so we upgrade this road to the one with the trees I mean they do all of these down here this will delete in a minute and let's just see what this says now so noise is now down to 4% excellent land value is slightly heading towards green I'll say it's this one now instead of straight blue which like over here so that's good so that is worth doing but now they can get to this from around here we are gonna delete this Junction here what is that oh is so empty wonderful there's a load of people hanging off the back of that thing look weird to me there for a second oops it's my eyeballs my eyeballs deceived me and let's go to that then we do the same having that nice and close so people can walk but they can't drive down there excellent so already houses about grading look oh it's a new house being built but you get the idea and these ones here could come off of this main road there's no junctions here to get all the way down there so I think if we just add like a little Junction there take those out upgrade these should do this all in pause mode or stop oh I'm deleting whoops I thought I was upgrading sorry everybody I'm gonna do in pause mode now I didn't need to remove your houses my bad maybe I got carried away there we go mmm yeah that'll all fill in nicely let's just we'll fill this in let's just move these up one too far there we go that's good so they've now got connection down there it's just not great that last road yeah so that stops these so we've got the junction that side we'll get to that's not great these ones upgrade all of these let's upgrade all of these everybody's getting three upgrades today no matter how much it costs me the mayor now I'm also gonna upgrade these ones up here and I'll tell you why in a second let's get let's get that I don't know all these cars are gonna go to park now but they're not parking here so let's have a look these two connections this side well they can easily come off the top here can't they so if we connect that one there and then just put a connection through the middle like that then they can come off down here so we'll get those two off there and then we'll do the same thing we'll get that nice and close there we go excellent fill that in hopefully that's all filled in there's a couple of little spots that aren't or we can get those yeah that's all fine so they can come round that way and let's upgrade the rest of these roads great upgrade upgrade upgrade yeah so they're now not coming through here anymore probably couldn't move those a spot down yeah just one more excellent a couple more those upgrades you're gonna let me upgrade thank you upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade upgrade these are all upgraded they're all upgraded good so that'll bring some traffic down this road a bit more it's still hitting there but we're working on it so let's have a look you've now got all of these connections down there could we bring them in over here somewhere connect this bit up here I bet if we went like that through there and change that like that it's not going to connect there that's what I want move it more to those up so k12 Farnum bring it back again fill in the gaps and it's get marks and that and that that's all gasp just grab the gaps grab the gaps there we go so that now all comes down that loads we should be okay I mean there's a second one there as well that should be alright we'll see how that goes so that takes those connections away and then we've got these ones up here yeah that was it so we're going to remove those so some of these people I mean we might be causing other issues here as we do this but we're going to see how it goes let's take that set and that think about there's rights and then fill that one in again cool ok so now we've got this road to upgrade and then we'll check how things are going I'm going to leave that one without the trees in the middle like that what have we got over here we've got four lanes just want to go six lanes down here I'm thinking I'm just gonna go six lanes straight down the middle here yeah we've got the space for it let's do it let's go straight six lanes all the way down there we go you're a couple of junctions close to each other there but they'll maybe they have to deal with that now these here are only at a six lanes that's four lanes isn't it that one and some a quick look bird song Street yeah is with the tram well let's see how it goes I mean that is much better along here or what we need to do there we need to produce one of these nope not that one Tom traffic lights always forget which one it is is this one isn't it Junction restriction Jess thank you that want to say it's okay to enter yeah okay to enter it's busy and okay to enter this PC that's a so that it pause and I don't want anybody Park in on that there so let's take that off and let's take that off keep that moving shouldn't have any parking on there hmm it's on there but we're taking it off I don't know what they're doing that stupid lane change for we'll get to that so that's not too bad I mean this is a busy busy junction we could put a couple of slick roads and things in there but I just want to let the game breathe a bit and see how that goes let's have a look now this is where we see that it's gone down to 68 percent seventy four eighty it's going up it's going up that's good so I'm pleased with that let's just leave that going for now and see how that goes right something else I want to change is we've got the cargo here is really slowed down because of this traffic that's going on so I wanted to change this a little bit and what can we do hmm what can we do what can we do I want you to use some other space to make the roads bigger make more use of the roads can I do a little cheeky something over here so that's a one-way industry road isn't it let's grab that so if I went forty-seven thousand three hundred population there's not bad can I go up there let's turn anarchy off yes we can if I get power I can reach there excellent so over the top down what I'm gonna do is I'm not going to connect there I'm going to go down here yep it's obviously not perfectly straight is it okay I want to get next back like that let's turn that around be and being let's just line that up that's it so they can come out there go over there I just want to basically take up more space somewhere for them all to drive to go on I don't move it mod and got moved in a bit in a bit this might just be stupid but I'll wait to give it a go so we go from there to there back again it's nice really occupying it that's fine and can I go up and over here page up I can I can't oh I can to there into there and then page down to there and then delete that so now we've got space to hold there we go all of these trucks so even though it's gonna take them a little bit longer it means that they're not getting clogged up here and they can come out now whether I can change how this connects here because this is like a four-way Junction that's just like they really need to get onto a big road to go where they need to go which unfortunately is quite a way away from the highway let's go on of my rubbish rubbish I'm on rubbish garbage landfill processing status is extremely low what's going on what is going on if I've got any that have been emptying that yet your got any that turned off I think I just need to put some more in yeah I think these must be all filling up almost filling up yeah alright let us put some more recycling plated in we'll have another one there where we've got one we will add two and let's come down here with this one yeah we've got one there let's add another one next to that yeah that's the more ground pollution right by the water what have we got up here we've got one there and there's another one in there still not up to the fault yeah enough you have another one in the middle here somewhere what have we got a couple there we go got one now let's add one there and one there as well let's wait for that to come online seriously Wow they didn't have much do they Thomas production 375,000 processing 480,000 okay we're over the amount that we need let's just go with that that's just gonna cost us a ton of money what are we up to 79% let's just take a quick look then how things are going so this is still super super busy isn't it then this is just super busy I mean it's moving but this bit here is causing an issue isn't it this is why I like land a bounce a lot of people say roundabouts cause problems but somewhere like this with a little roundabout like that things would move things would just keep moving which is what we want to see stupid Lane changing thing let me have a quick look at the lanes and what's going on here let me just sort something out one second okay so I've removed some of the industry that was on the main roads here and there was a recycling center as well which I've moved up to the edge over there I've also sorted out some of the lanes so for instance so have a look at the lane indicator so like here this Lane can only go into that one that one can go straight on or into the second lane here I've made all of these six lane roads that's helped coming off of here as well I've just made sure that if there's one there we go like here there's only one turning right the other two lanes sort of carry on round that's helps and then down here at this big busy junction we've got three lanes that I can use so there we go for instance you'll see here this green one only turns we're looking this way this green line so this leftmost lane of these three can go left into either of those two lanes the other two would just automatically go straight on and I've done that for each each section so the right-hand lane here can go right into those three that one goes straight on and this one yeah yeah so that want to go left into those two this one will go right into those two that's it and the middle one will go straight on that's good so that should work okay we've got none of these lanes yeah there we go this one here used to go so it's a bit yeah it's a left light and straight on that's what I want in each one that'll go that way that's fine left light straight on yeah and that's moving things a bit better it just keeps moving we'll be okay I mean this sort of seems to slow down a bit coming onto that well we could sort of change that couldn't we've we change the speed so it's a hundred on here but only forty on there well I there's no reason why they can't start getting their speed up on these so let's get those up to a hundred as well there we go all of this these are 82 slow down well let's put those hundreds and these ones over here keep that going there we go bit of extra speed cool but that's keeping moving nicely and that doesn't tail back too far anymore let's have a quick look at this 79 80 year so not too bad I mean nearly fifty thousand eighty percent traffic and there's probably other bits as well that we can we can help with and then when we've unlocked some more squares I'm definitely gonna have another connection that comes around the back here to have the highway connection around there but the minute is still this and this doing all of that area there which you know that's the way it goes I've also gonna just slightly change something down here I finished this as an end point but that wasn't meant to stay like that and I forgot last episode to just change this so I'm gonna grab this one here pop that onto there get this road here turn that into a corner let's move let's just pause a sec so let's drag that stop down to here there we go all unhappy and then it's adding how to stop there like line to add stop you're not gonna let me do it hmm it's not letting me do it I'll tell you what let me just redo that line there we go so that line now goes all the way down to here and there's a nice little loop with the road there excellent a couple of people complaining about the noise which isn't gonna help with the health is it okay Patel 71 percent that is a lot better than it was before that is a lot better yes so I've read some of the comments talking about this area over here and we were talking about the pollution in the water and how I put these ones over this side oh is that causing pollution it is it's not close enough to that know that though thank goodness for that and but yes I was saying that it was the pollution that was coming out of these into the water here that was making these have 1% pollution and others were saying no it's the ground pollution that you can see it goes out there which is probably true I missed that so what we're gonna do is we're going to remove these industries here and we're gonna replace them with offices there we go like that in all that in I think yeah that's good Berto bum bum and we'll see how that goes we've got this over here nice little quick look yeah these are gonna form pollution but I don't think it will reach all the way over there so we need to wait a bit for this ground pollution to go and then I can turn those on but I think we're probably running out of water a touch we've hit 50,000 fantastic these are one maximum yeah so we need to keep an eye on that I don't know how long that's gonna take to go I don't turn them on too soon so we'll just give that a chance see how that's gonna go we almost get into 60,000 now we're growing again which is fantastic where can we add some more houses in an area that we could do with building up I feel like we need some over here we've got this small little area here that we built up and we could actually extend that further now that we've got this square so let's do that let's continue this roads mm-hmm go up and over there let's just go to there for now let's not add any more junctions off of there and let's bring them off down this one remember whether I mentioned it's all about the adverse that I've removed from this because I did accidentally have to record this episode twice and I may have mentioned it in the lot in my last recording but yeah if you go to your install folder there was actually a folder to do with the adverts and you can just remove that's got to there so I can do that you can rename or remove the folder that has all the the adverts in so for those you that don't want to hear them anymore because you've already heard you can do that apologies if I've already mentioned that can here we go I just mentioned it again let's go that let's get this districts be no square excellent no just talking to be now on discord the other day well today actually it was earlier on today wasn't it yes it was there we go let's get some people moving in there I'm wondering about this little section here as well whether we could just get some high-tech housing in here let's just fill up all of this as much as possible because we just really want to get to 60,000 and get that cargo airport which is so close to being ours okay thank you it's so close to being ours I can smell it excellent let's just get this in the binos square zone as well there we go we've got these as yeah they're normal normal houses that's fine well let's get a park or two in here as well maybe there's kids bouncy castle go on let's add something for the kids there we go cheer everybody out let's fill that in because they are living by an industrial yeah look this place here the old car factory but you know I think they'll be fine I think they'll be fine fifty one thousand what about this side here we could just do the same over here as well why the heck not let's bring that load out like that yes then we'll get some loads coming off of here yeah yeah let's go here as close as we can and then build these in excellent excellent another little one man excellent I don't think people will mind the noise of the of the trains has never been a problem before there we go what are we up to 51,000 yeah that'll do there how's the water everybody needs more water that's it probably could do with some services and things as well as one it is get my houses to upgrade more and I think a lot of places probably do need we need to have a good look at all the services and things that everyone's got access to oh hang on a sec let's see well have this is a separate zone this is a zone here and this is going to be named after a patron support somebody it's on my discord which is gonna be let's move over to my discord scroll down and go ever name that's excellent name I'm pretty sure we haven't used before Jessica science-y I'll start that with okay Jessica science there we go thank you very much for your support on patreon if you wish to do the same the link will be in the description below and let's get some shops in there because you've got some needs for that there we go excellent excellent excellent excellent how's that looking yep people are moving in cool I like this I like this area here with the big colossal order place in the middle that's fantastic it's looking good what are we up to 50 mm almost and we have some other needs we need to fill as well well I think things are going well what are you reckon let me know in the comments below we're gonna start working on some more factories as well let's finish up by looking at this 79 percent where all those seats and 80 percent which is great so I'll tell you what why don't you check out another video that's on the screen hit the Big B with the tea stain to subscribe if you haven't subscribed yet and I will see you tomorrow for the next episode of City skyline industries take care everybody bye bye

Cable Car! – INDUSTRIES (Part 40)

hey guys stop here today and welcome back to cities skylines so since last time when we upgraded like a bunch of the city we are now actually making a good profit so that's that's pretty nice now you guys are mentioning that I could have done these sort of make buildings historical setting and then upgraded them and then they would have all stayed looking the same which the reason I didn't do that is because I didn't know that's how that worked I knew it would keep the buildings looking the same but I assumed it meant I couldn't upgrade them or they wouldn't upgrade but apparently that's not how that works anyway we haven't done that so and you know what I don't really mind like none of these like look particularly like fancy or stupid nice or anything so I think it still works for most of this area we're not gonna upgrade them again so like to level around I'm pretty happy with so I'm not too worried about that also we've seem to be having some garbage issues yeah okay so I'm not actually looking to doing a little bit more garbage processing where are we processing in random locations all over the place it's actually pretty good didn't we I thought we did a we did do a bunch of it but I guess that's not enough hmm let's get a bunch of it man we need a lot of garbage processing I get some out of it this way – mmm I just I want to put it right in here like forestry and that maybe not over there maybe more out over we have a lot to get this again well we seem to be having issues here and like up over here so I think we need some stuff further back out this way so that's a town this is farming so again I don't really want to burn garbage here like right by the farms I don't know it isn't to me that just doesn't seem right let's get a little road out over this way just getting out here and then this is basically just gonna be a road and I have a couple of garbage recycling plants or something on it I don't know that'll do we just needed to sort of get that Oh actually don't lower the budget I should probably check that because I don't remember I know we've been having budget issues forever so no that's fine I guess but you know what because we are making plus 84,000 we can probably bring some of our budgets back up now although I don't think the major system that income is which is also an easier way to sort of just bring these up instead of like having to precisely slide them I guess I don't need to do the nighttime budgets though cuz we never have nighttime but anyway I'm going to do this now this is that 50% about 56,000 does that mean we're getting up to a hundred thousand in cost because if that's the case I am NOT I'm not gonna be able to afford that well keep an eye on that well keep an eye on our income we've got a lot of train stuff going on speaking of which with the trains and that's sort of over clogging of trains recently there was a mod released that I think that yeah there's gonna cost me too much money we're getting close to not making money again there was a mod released between videos it might have just been after the last pot or maybe juror in the last part or something like that that it basically is a mod that sort of delays cargo trains and I think potentially trucks and ships and that it just delays them so they can fill up with more cargo then you know I'll actually notice keep that low because I think we just have unlimited power yeah we got so much power yeah it's a mother basically makes a cargo train wait longer before it leaves where are we where are some trains now so hopefully what we should be seeing is trains that have more cargo on them and thus should be having less train spawn around the place and thus should have less trains on the tracks which was what I'm looking at right now I'm not seeing a huge amount of influx of train like they don't seem to be clogging up the entire track as per usual which is a good sign now the biggest issue we had was over here over this way with all the trains coming out over here this might still be leftovers from before yes essentially we shouldn't get the 7% anymore and I'm hoping that should start clearing out soon as as it all starts running through it look I'm not seeing any trains clogging this way the some still going this way as you can see some of these are a bit better but ideally oh that's still not that might need to be a little longer just so we can fit a whole train and there because it seemed like we couldn't quite fit a whole train yeah that's no good all right so I'm gonna extend that because if we can fit a whole train in there at least other trains can continue passing and I'm hoping as time goes on that issue will become you know less of an issue is the ideal scenario anyway so that's gonna go in here yep okay and then that can go to that height and then that should know actually with the thing we got to be careful of is this stuff it might have made it too long now because now it means let's have a look so this term will go there it might mean another train might start turning in which again there's also something we don't want so hmm ideally yeah we want like here it needs to be like perfect good perfect length okay so what I found is okay so I think I went there before if I got a little bit further like that then hopefully another train doesn't turn in there and it sort of waits here instead know this train but look 250 people on board that's pretty good I'm not saying any turn in there at the moment either so I guess it's also good this game it just loves to over sand you weren't supposed to do that although it looks like it was sort of glitching out from the last time anyway I wonder if we can do any Junction stuff on here because can't you do like give way or like oh no I think you could do it in here and the vanilla game sort of set up although that doesn't appear to be piling up which is good sign because we don't want it to pile up but now the stop sign probably means that they just have to stop and then continue if it's going forward oh well see that's not good because then I just sit like why this one sit I don't know you know what let's just leave it I should just leave that get out of there we're not making a huge amount of money considering we're making none but it's sort of better than before let's so also the main issue that we were having was education because our population was very uneducated but that seems to be slowly catching up now with all of this which is really really good news for us and what about traffic wise how we doing 78% actually pretty good so let's continue let's get back over to this really sad Park which I actually quite liked like this whole this whole city is supposed to be disgusting and dirty it's not supposed to be good actually making money off this park because parks you can actually make a bunch of money off of if you really go go for them should we because we're right by the edge of the map I guess should we just like fill it out I don't do something we got a lot of industrial demand actually to make maybe we could do an industrial area back here it's not really near anything except for garbage and that so which I'm fine with I mean like maybe we should just like fill it out all right I'm gonna get this to come through here and yeah some of you guys have been saying as well we're sort of nearing the end of this series and I think I said that last time too didn't I that I was like we're kind of near the end of this and I I do wanted to start finishing this up and wrapping up loose ends that we have left over such as if we were gonna build up here I don't know that we will like there might be some things we just don't do but for the most part like this area around here looks like it just needs a little bit of finishing off cuz it's like right by the edge of the map we might as well see what we can do with it and see if we can get it to look how we sort of want it to now this area is supposed to have these sort of straight roads that aren't necessarily in line or parallel so don't be too upset by that that's just how this area has always been not ideal is basically how this area's been the entire time it's just like this whole sort of this whole area of the city is just like this all right I don't know why what's owning everywhere either go away it's really annoying okay so we really get some pipes oh we need some more sewage treatment too actually for the most part those city's pretty good we're so yeah we're sort of teetering on the edge of making money and not making money which is good enough for me that's kind of where we've always been so nothing new there it's going good all right so let's have a look at the pollution no not noise pollution I care about that so wait where do people live is this people living okay so we don't wanna go too close to that I'm thinking maybe if we go from this road this way we should be okay so if we do something like this it's gonna pause for a second and then there's and then I actually probably don't want it on the main road so I just do offices so if we do all that as like industrial and I'm thinking a lot of this is just like offices cuz makes sense I've got more educated people now too so that'll be good and I think we should have a subway station nearby ish somewhere exactly sure when we get some commercial tree or two and that should fulfill a fair amount of demand at the moment that we have going on then we can sort of feel out the residential as well okay so I think we have where is the subway subways there and there's like I wonder maybe we should probably change this subway station into one now that we can because previously I hadn't downloaded this asset we haven't used it in the city but I used it one of the challenges recently so I might even because we got a lot of people because there's also a bus stop here somewhere so maybe we should use this one rather than because if I move actually you know what I guess what we could do we could put it on the corner here move the bus stop to round the corner instead of being on that main road yeah might be better actually so let me pause I'm gonna remove that stop and then also that one just so that sort of we take it back one stop when they ruin any of the line stuff I'm gonna get rid of that get rid of that and then these two are gonna share the same subway station which will go should be alright we just have to move that line that tunnel even more now it's okay this pretty much all the way back to that and this is gonna move back a little bit to that should be okay and then we can just join these up and then hopefully just this transfer would just be a lot a lot easier and a lot better too so that's gonna go there and that's gonna come freaking out okay okay okay okay lovely and then this one can come down these subway I think I think a lot of people will use them but I've never really been happy with the subways in this area so I don't know if we'll even change them a bit more after this just because it's like this one is a big sort of it just just like I guess at you or a big arc and then this one's okay because it sort of runs north and south or whatever direction are you know up and down this one I don't really like this purple one but it's been kind of working for our users so I guess we'll probably roll with it no wonder they should have another stop in the middle here somewhere cuz nobody seems like we got in quite a distance to get over to the next one uh you know actually we got a bus line in between no nevermind that's probably why I didn't do it cuz we have a bus line that goes right there no it's gonna go there and then purple give me purple and then nope there okay and you it's gonna move up to here beautiful that would be upset for a bit but it's okay guys calm down we got another one there we go alright so then what we did was just move where that was and then we're gonna go to the bus and move this stop to the round of this corner so it's not on that road anymore so guys y'all gonna have to move to this stop here instead which should now be pretty popular because we got a bunch of lines going through got to the two different subway lines and then also the bus stop just here now somewhere wherever that is that should be quite good all right so this is pretty much that's pretty much taking care of all the demand that we had yeah and now it's all gone we've got some empty spaces here too which I might fill in I what if we can just fill it in with some of this no high density let's see what we got get this guy in and I surely good things go just took a minute it's like okay yeah I took that animation back on we used to have that off bag I miss some of the buildings growing like that looks nice you know so I made a guess that people use this friend I don't actually know we don't really check but I assume people are using it we do have a pretty much dead zone in the middle here though so I'm wondering maybe what we should have done because we've got a green line here maybe the purple line should have been more like middle and then we could have done another one out here I don't know there's just I don't think there's out many people here though well we do have a hundred and ten thousand people how many people live in this zone it's probably a good question Underhill he'll what a stupid name 6500 people Magnolia high it's 12,000 bit oh you know it's quite a decent amount of the population four thousand five hundred fourteen thousand in this on Jesus so just in this area where 14,000 okay hmm maybe we could maybe we could support another line though with that many people we surprisingly they don't have that much traffic I guess cuz my public transport just so good I guess wait how do we do these subway stops we go oh that's right these two are yeah I didn't use a multi-platform they just pull my god we might need more trains on that line hang on that's something we have not checked in a while is how many people are using our line no that's trams I don't care what those go away how many really using these so this line here 1387 but I think we might have hit peak capacity because as I come around here we got 400 people 600 200 yeah we might need a few more trains we've got 14 let's get another look another four because they told 180 H that might be good let's have a look at the other ones the other ones probably fine cuz this one then they got 417 people you know that's fine no worries metro line 3 there a thousand very well spaced and actually I think that's probably the right number of trains to this one over here also good I think the other one was the metro line for us seem to be absolutely losing its mind this one probably has too many trains but I'll leave it yeah this one metro line 4 so where does this one go this is the pink line this one is just nuts oh I guess it's like the whole city that's why it's like I'm gonna guess that most people are commuting because all of this is there's a lot of population here that will commute probably somewhere along here to work or they even catching it up to like the train or to get to the high-speed rail or something like that oh you know what I bet a lot of them get off here let's see so there's a train here is it gonna get off here let's say no you know what I lied nevermind I thought maybe they will get up there get on the brown train and then they get onto the high-speed rail although it turns out that that's not the case I love you know I love saying this many people like sort of walk through the city I don't know oh my god woah do we ever have high-speed trains for this hang on there's just so many oh I don't know that we do I don't know that we do have a look 139 people already on the train how many of you learned this platform there's 1,100 of that platform and this which platform is this okay that's this one hang on which is the one that has 1,100 people 900 this yeah this one okay I thought so because that did look pretty busy we might need some more trains hmm let's go another three we'll go up to seven because we originally had more just bid this because we had a huge influx and it seemed like that that was kind of like a one-off thing alright let's have a look so I don't know why was there a reason I didn't connect these I don't know if there was I don't know what it was but I guess I just want to connect them I'm into that we're gonna sort of see if we can fill in this area here of the rail I guess probably should do right let's um let's actually elevate this let me know ready elevated but let's turn it into a bridge instead so we get under it yeah that's fine and then we can get this guy over here on the ground preferably nice just do that and then this will just be like probably houses and that I guess I might even do some I mean I get me quit do you know I want to do high-density on this road there and then a little bit through here too but that'll probably be it then they're asking me like houses well okay I lied it's your turn into more high density yeah I'm gonna get rid of that go away then that would be houses yeah and then through here as well I don't know I don't want to shove tall buildings back there and then probably oh this can be houses here too then up through this section we could even do some commercial because it's right by the train station so that would be nice and then we can do some commercial down this bit of the road it should be good as well well shops here and there and then I think the rest of this area can just be residential oh hang on not all of that because that half of that goes into the water so Savoy that there we go okay so that'll sort of feeling a lot of that then I might even just get a little crossing through there somewhere I don't know if he was like these roads anymore crossings especially with the amount of like shoppes and stuff through here that one's probably fine there's a crossing there for the use all in the middle there I mean I don't think there's gonna be a huge amount of people who like crossing the road in the middle so should probably be fine these because they whenever we do one of these crossings they add in traffic lights for it in which we could also turn off actually but I quite like them so someone must across here they can use the traffic lights otherwise they'll just never change which is good so they only change if they need to which is nice but the rest of it's looking pretty good like it's not super busy out here either in terms of like traffic or anything so I think we'll be okay it might be in yeah and now I guess we no need to say might be good to get a highway connection but I guess we don't need is one there is one right here by the airport I guess the other way to get to it it's go going down and coming up here but it works I actually think it'll get over there it works still making money which is nice and I should be feeling in this area I guess you should probably fill in all this – I kind of want to change this road back to what it was which how was it done I guess it was just like this wasn't it though like that because we don't really need it setup like this anymore that was anyone we had an insane amount of traffic driving down here now it's really annoying me that it looks dumb now just really annoys me I was like I kind of wish it didn't look like that and a second of these is to get the road in the right spot yeah and then we can just bring that in closer so then this I guess can just go here right who want to save yeah and then this will come to here hang on going a grid to there and then I guess it was it – probably and then just do that and that should be fine okay so then we was gonna make sure that we set up this as well so then and this needs to give Oh who's already doing that a giveaway and I think that's all we needed to do all right yeah just cuz it didn't need to be like that anyone those icons are really annoying me I don't even know that we really need this exchange anymore especially since we built the new actually how's this go now over here by the way yeah quite nice it's quite lively it's good especially since wheat there's not many trains there especially since we've built a new one which by the way there's less trains thanks to that Maude oh my god that's so much better so much better like there's still a bunch of trains you can see going around the place but 80% 27% in 13 that was also good I'm sorry don't look at that one but but not getting overwhelmed by trains they're just clogging up the entire network anymore so that mod has been a bloody game changer and I guess I'll see ya we built these other cargo hubs to didn't–we which is quite good twelve percent now get away from more cargo on that one seven percent on that one well look as long as they're not getting clogged that's good and I'm happy with that alright any general issues that we have there's all these things all these old cemeteries that's fired an account we could empty them or just leave them there fine this area's always been pretty bad as well with this traffic trying to get through it not really sure what we can even do to be honest like I already did you can see already did a bunch of stuff here to try and get stuff to flow a little nicer like we have a left-hand turn that just flows directly through if you're going forward here you actually can't turn right anywhere so if you're going right you have to actually turn here and go around that way so it gets any right-hand turns out of there I figured in left to go that way it's still just it's just busy it's a busy area I think it works so do I have um I don't know if I have do we have advanced AI on oh we do so we have you know what happens if we turn off advanced vehicle AI I want to know how bad the traffic gets because wait what are we at we are at 77% which is good but that might be being helped a lot by okay you know I think I might put a clinic in here just because these people are constantly dying I don't think that diameter constant getting sick and sending ambulances out from like a mile away is never been useful so I put one there cuz I'm they can just go to these guys directly because we basically have one Hospital the entire city in this this which works well when everyone's healthy but when these guys for example they're probably eating a lot of noise pollution from the cargo station right there when we have issues like that it might be better to just get a little clinic around in the area someone for that there that would probably destroy some stuff but whatever so only take care of the guys in the area because I think that those are pretty much the only issues I think that we have think everywhere else is like fine crime here apparently apparently we have crime in these two specific spots it's interesting quite sure why I guess it's 25 for a thousand years we don't have enough oh hello you've got some good Sally shoes we apparently want more commercials though do we want to do any more over here you know what this area here is really annoying me that it's been empty for so long I was gonna put a row can we get a right onto this actually oh we easily can why haven't I done that we probably should have a row down here so I'm gonna do that I guess I'll just get the tree line right again ground hang on okay so just go here it's gonna easily get straight underneath maybe too bearish yeah this guy's all should we I got a hammer get rid of poplar that pathway is very useful so I will put it back where is the I don't want to destroy that stuff but I'm trying to get in line oh there we go yeah nice okay so this year this pathway is really useful because it basically allowed people to get from here to there without I think especially before this word they had to walk all the way like a round like this to get through it's so bad okay yeah all right hang on hang on they got a straggler all the way down no you guys I still just woke up later okay so then that allows it have a road here those trees don't clip through the road which is super nice which means we can very easily just plunk in some high density commercial like we're right here it's like perfect and then it allows another way to get through to this side instead of I'm gonna go through the main road although go through the main road doesn't seem to be an issue anyway it's that's fine now how's my high-speed rail doing is that eased up a little bit we got a whole bunch of trains on here we get still have 300 people waiting there but that train should get it we might be able to do with one less train I want to go down to six cares numbers I'm seeing we could probably do with six although sometimes it's just kind of crazy look how many people just got off this do we just get a bunch of people or is it like not that many I'm not seeing anyone so I feel like no one got off that ship what does it take long ago oh we have another ship there 38 how many people on them I think most people enter the city by train or car or plane or everything okay so there's also a more commercial man I think we might fill in this little area this is kind of like the episode where we just like fill in spaces you know let's bring it in a little bit more about tough snapping real quick and grid and everything go that now I don't know if I want to join it right there I think this might go there we might need to do some custom building placement through this area just because I don't think that these are gonna be particularly inspiring especially this area might have to do something custom there which is fine so we'll do that so that that will feel in quite I say I think cuz this is gonna be like I guess half industrial half commercial sort of area which is fine let's have a look through here then we could really get a nice built and well nice a nice I guess pretty loosely so I put this in for example what am i doing I don't know I kind of have to wait for it everything to build up here to see what that looks like so we saw that designing there which is good like something here for example we need to also put that this could be like a little hoc or something like that nothing nothing it's too special and then just get a little pathway as well you know does like gets to come around I don't know just sort of fills in that space a little bit no one will use it but it looks like there's something going on there instead of nothing okay so that sort of fills that air which is quite nice so I guess really what we need to do in terms of finishing this city and calling it a day is I can't still want to know I mean we don't need to fill in every little area that there's just a few little places that I think we need to kind of finish up I think for the most part this is all looking pretty good this whole area this is looking pretty good just like this bit here seems like because we already built the key so it seems like we should probably do something there oh and you guys actually wanted to see a cable car that goes up here which I don't know where I'd go from though because ideally you'd want to come from the tourist area here oh you know I mean we can do that we can try it whereas kick this one which is this the end one or is this a no that's the middle one okay no no no this one I'm wondering if we can actually get this to work this really might need to be further this way just cuz like we've got this like perfect open section here if we get a cable got to go up through that be kind of cool right let's see okay let me turn on no collision because that's gonna make the power life a lot easier then I guess straight slope basically have to go well we could keep it low until it gets to this point and then go up quite steep so we need something like that for example obviously that one's a little in the way and then that hits the train station slight issue we could maybe move this building moving these so if we do okay let's move this over there that might be a better spot because that gives us a bit more room so get rid of all of it I think so it's sort of more in line with it if we put it here okay so we're gonna go here that should be pretty good and then this will be great this will be really really good I can't see it going wrong if we go straight line nothing really works I think you kind of need a they can sort of pivot a little bit okay kind of snapping in all that place okay like here for example is that it's a little low yes the cable cause definitely at the station there is that kind of one I like go alongside the road here because that's kind of where we need to be maybe we need to go here go up have a high maybe like something like this right that should be okay let me go across it's gonna so basically doing a little bit of bobbing and weaving to start off with I don't know if that's a yeah the thing is where this pillar goes is kind of how it like we need it to avoid buildings I mean this one could actually maybe go on top of the building I figure up a little oh it's going until why now look at that you have to like here because then it looks like it's just gonna support it off the top of that building which is fine I think and then we're gonna go through the city area right maybe like this to this building or maybe even further can we go further we can go further okay you know we could even just go straight up here okay where am i okay I don't want another pillar in the middle of the city so we go there so that goes all the way across and then hang on where we're gonna end this the endgame is here the hashtag don't spoil the end game God that was a good maybe that I'm alright I want to watch it again anyway let's get a another bit of this from okay I need snapping again there we go now if you do a straight slope is this gonna go through the ground probably so we need to go to here really first and then I guess I forget at this point looks okay and then if we just go straight in wait how is it in line with that thing I don't know but it goes like that I guess that's fine then comes down across the city and then has a pillow through that building comes up over here okay that's your black let's see I don't know if anyone's gonna use it but it should work like is that weird to go like over the buildings and straight it is I guess it's weird but it's cool you know so it comes up goes over and some coming down as well I'm wondering when we use it I really hope they do it cuz it's cool it's a cool idea okay people people are just using it a park so there's that then the mighty people getting on it now have a look like those people sort of walking into it I don't know if they're walking and doing or walking to their car okay so zero people on that let's say so them to go in and then hopefully people get on anyone what was that to go real fast also guys are well now we got twelve people yeah there you go twelve people get on that and away it goes so if we actually you know pause we get in it yeah you go I guess I just said above it alright that's pretty cool that's a pretty cool idea took the cable car boy and then go over the city it's a nice way to sort of link the tourist area though for sure after the castle you're gonna get a nice view over the whole like sort of this downtown ish area and then we come over this way you get a view of all that I guess technically the ocean although the game doesn't render that far doesn't exist up the edge of the map and we come down this way get a little steep this but that's probably the steepest bit of the entire cable car is that that bit right there you guys won't even that looks fine yeah that's so good all right cool I like it alright so beyond that I guess we're just gonna do a little bit more building here and there and I think maybe what we should do let me know the comments down below but I think we should just do some live streams over this city this is sort of good a lot of its kind of building work just build building and zoning really nothing I don't think there's any I don't really have any special plans for any more infrastructure I think we've kind of done like this is kind of a last thing that we really needed to do just to help out with all the trains in that and even that that didn't really help it's mostly the mod that helped us out and then the rest of this is good we're making money Detroit's in a good place we never really did the garbage thing that I said I was gonna do yeah it's how did that happen I don't know anyway there you go that's what I meant to do I don't know why I didn't do that I guess I think that Pat will they power themselves and that's not burning garbage we really need to power it but I will well I guess cuz I'll power the power of the career it's that I'll be good all right so that'll help all right let me know the comments down below but we'll be back next time probably well potentially not probably I would say probably potentially with the time lapse from a live stream that we do and if you want to follow me on Twitch that is linked down below if you just click on my website link it links through there and you can follow me on Twitch so you can be notified oh actually does have a look at the traffic 70% okay so we go down to 70% without traffic manager without the advanced AI and to be honest thank you is there a lot of people coming up here then just go straight down again to be honest it doesn't look wait wait a second bag are down are back okay that's an issue are they doing the same thing yeah okay what's going on here wait hang on a second what is going on here they're going down the bottom just to come back onto it and I'm wondering no actually I don't Oh woody if they're entering the highway and then there's no is there any way to change lanes no there is but they're just not hmm I don't know I don't know whether this trees for that road well that's something to look at they're basically exiting and then joining back on right away and are they doing the same thing here I don't know if I can they do it here let's see I'll waiting to get the move this is something fun okay go yep they all seem to exit and want to come back on straightaway and that's just good that's what's causing traffic nothing else okay well that's not one for me to fix all right thanks watching guys I'll see you next time and have an awesome day

Cities:Skylines INDUSTRIES – Part 1

hey guys public here today and welcome to cities skylines industries the brand new dlc that's already been out for a while and it's actually not brand new anymore but I'm finally starting it up so I thought well some of the suggestions from you guys for this city were to build a dirty industrial city which makes sense it's all about industries so that's what I'm gonna be doing this particular map I downloaded from the workshop I'll link it down below in my asset and model list which I have completely cleaned out from the last city I think I've got like minim I don't think I have like any assets I think I'd like to assets maybe like the power lines and then I think that's it and I know some mods so it is so much I tell you what up to the last series of cities it's so much smoother and there's like no like it's beautiful it's so beautiful playing in new city I love it anyway so the idea with this is first of all I'll try not overcomplicate the start of this here and I was trying to do something weird and and different but I just had enough to do that instead so I we start off here with the new road so these are new roads that came with the DLC they look like this sort of old sort of Sun Sun no sunburn or just like Sun scorched roads like I use these everywhere just cuz I look really dirty which is great so so that's that I'm going with I'm using them everywhere throughout the city the whole place is kind of gross and I purposely used a dirty sewage pipe right there and dumped sewage straight into that river because I want Brown rivers running through this place I don't want it to look look how blue that looks like that looks too nice this place is not supposed to be nice so we're gonna try and make it dirty try and make it kind of gross and pretty bad there might be some nicer areas but like most of the time the cities they built a pretty good in terms of services and cleanliness and all that kind of stuff and they usually just look pretty good not this city this one's great as parties look I'm using sort of overgrown pathway or not even Overground just so sort of National Park pathways that have like all the shrubs and and dirt and using those you know having a bit of fun with it so this whole first episode is pretty much just a time-lapse because I really wanted to not struggle with the start of the city which I usually do we usually spend like three to four episodes just starting office not really getting anywhere so this whole first episode is a big time lapse a little bit at the end that isn't but even even this bit here this so this is part of a new industries DLC which is obviously gonna be a bit hard to see here in the time-lapse but we're doing an oil industry just here just over the other side of the river for all these people to go work in so they're gonna go do that now one thing I have noticed and you'll see that this city has a lot of problems as we move on and that's gonna be what we're going to be solving probably and like but to do and that is that doing these custom industries here which you basically place all the parts of it it's kind of like in the other parks almost you sort of define a zone and you'd say what type of industry it's gonna be in this case oil then you place all the buildings that you need for that to work and to function so you got like the extractors you've got the processes then you've got the I don't know the other bits and pieces and then you export it or keep it I don't know I've not really play with it that much yet but that's kind of the basic understanding of it it kind of gives you a guide of what you need to do anyway so the the weird thing with this is it doesn't actually count at all to any industrial demand which is a slight issue later on because we have huge parts of the city that I just you'll see it I mean I guess I probably I'd want that I definitely over zoned later on for like commercial and industrial and so we have huge parts of the city that just don't have enough workers and yeah look your lip becomes a bit of a problem but um we sort of work through it now and I definitely have money troubles like at the moment we're doing okay but then when I start putting a bunch of services it's just not great oh yeah because that's the other thing I really started off here with everything unlocked because I was like I don't really want to sort of go through the unlocking process again especially for the new the new deal so you stuff I kinda just want to use it so I was like I was not too worried about trying to unlock stuff so I just ignore that and we just sort of place whatever we wanted but that also adds a challenge of me sort of messing up oh these are really cool if you haven't seen these yet they finally actually added in proper toll booths that you can sort of attached roads to cars will go through it pay the toll you also get to earn a bit of money from it which is pretty great so I decided you know I'm gonna toll everyone coming into this city you're gonna go through this toll booth and you're gonna pay me just to end up and to enter this grow city I I thought that was a good idea and I think it worked I don't know how much money it actually makes but it makes more than zero I can tell you that much like we're charging and I could tell you how much it charges I think it's like $1 for a car or two for a for a truck or something like that and you can up I think you didn't double it now I did have that cargo station running as you can see but I think I disabled that like multiple times throughout this because I start not making money you can see like my income right now well first the income is super variable and I'm gonna assume it's because of the industry like I'm gonna seem like sometimes we're selling and exporting a lot of stuff from the industry so we get a bunch of money and then sometimes but not so we're losing a bunch of money you know what I don't know that's my assumption and I think that's what's happening well we have so many look at all these trucks that is turning around the area right now it's because of all these like Lane management things that we've got going on it's all a little bit weird you know what we're working on it so I wanted to keep basic the idea with this whole city zone I want to keep the industry really really ingrained within the city I really wish that the ground pollution didn't mean people like men people couldn't live near it like it's annoying a might maybe let's get a mod just to remove like pollution killing citizens because I want them to live like right next to it like that happens in real life like you have factories and all that and then just housing right near it and that's what I wanted to do and it's just you can't do it because I just get sick and die and then guys see it die what jerks no it's super annoying though because I want them to be able to live there so I keep having to so that's why the river was a good buffer but even still because we're polluting the river the water is polluting the houses next to it which is annoying like I mean come on mate just cuz there's polluted water just don't go in it you'll be fine you'll be fine yeah so this is all about just building up this whole area so I actually do like a lot of this is these sort of straight roads there's not a lot of curves because I don't know I always feel having when straight angled roads seems more industrial and more sort of dirty than smooth curving like roads and all that so that's why I sort of went with that obviously there are some code roads not all just dead straight like the main road there for example was a bit curved so we had this a lot of traffic owners this area because we have all the oil industry stuff and then also the the Chicago train station so just trying to provide a few different routes that you could go just to get around a little bit better so I um we're using water towers so far in this city I think later on I actually put in a water pump because we need more water you will notice that there are a few I don't well the keen-eyed among you will notice that there's a bunch of like other assets like I still have a bunch of my roads activated in the game right now and I still have some custom houses and custom grow balls that are going and there's a lot more mods activated now than there what there are later on and that's because at this point I still hadn't I hadn't finished off my park life series so I wanted to keep all that stuff installed before I before I changed it up but you'll notice in like the second half of this video like all that stuff like doing appears and like all my mods are like gone dead is gone and it's amazing I mean obviously well add things as we go but I really just wanted to start off with a clean slate and just not not have like a bunch of stuff lagging the game and because I didn't really know what was causing the lack like the last city was just atrocious I don't know I mean it could have been like the hundreds of assets that I had I think in the end I had like 800 or something there was a lot so you know cleaning those out doesn't hurt yeah so this area here like that sort of it's not really a downtown area I guess supposed to be like a town center almost cuz we got like high density commercial just over on the left that I think probably messed me up a lot with the amount of workers that we need even and we kind of need educated workers too which we don't have and I've got literally no schools in this city I might actually go back and remove that n dust oh no no screw that high density commercial just because I think it's like you can say like oh right now already there's none of people to work there so I was like let me put some more houses and even putting more housing and didn't really help by the end of this I think we have like I must have like 9,000 people in this city which by the way we don't know what we call in this city yet so if you got any dirty industrial city names like Los Angeles put that down below in the comments well I guess Los Angeles not really oh you know what Los Angeles does have a lot of oil doesn't it I have a lot of oil industry there that is true and it is dirty so could be a Los Angeles lost flabulous probably not that yeah feel free to name the city in the comments down below I'll pick one and we'll go with that and then it will be great at the moment called Rockwood which is I don't know that's not great so just changing some of these roads here I think I later or not light it later in later on oh no not even later on right now I'll put a bridge in love those bridges by the way those are those are the new bridges that came with the DLC so some bridges are the roads that I've been using looks really it's like perfect for that area I think and I make sure to do quite a lot of bridges in the area like there's a bundle you can see there's already three going over that side and I add even more later on and then basically expanding the city out this way like a lot of this is just expanding the city like there's nothing too special about this it's essentially I just want to get the city started so then then we can move on to doing more stuff because I think this beginning part of a city is like you can't I just need to build it there's nothing too crazy about it it's just a bunch of residential and a bunch of like all that kind of stuff and pretty much the rest of this city is almost all just like a residential like it just sprawls all the way out I guess I could start doing some more high-density stuff which might be an idea but this place is quite big like quite but quite large indeed because I just need it's constantly more and more residential and because I zoned all that commercial I never have any commercial demand so I'm leaving a lot of gaps to Zone in commercial but we're just not zoning any because there's just no need for it and you'll see that as we keep going and I keep getting demand for more industrial even though the thing is like we have sound like a huge lack of workers all over the city already like in there in the commercial area and it's like yeah I think we need more industrial it's like we don't we really really don't and I look I even put bus lines in like before like part 20 of the series and I put a couple more in later but I don't know if I record them I don't know it look I don't know how great they are in terms of efficiency but they're in the cities so I think that's a win and I was thinking I will definitely do a subway in the city as well we purposely avoided subway last time eat fresh so this time we'll will put the subway back in no monorail this time because that was annoying I think using the monorail was fun and it was something different in the last city but I just it was so annoying so annoying if we didn't want a nun Road if it's on roads it's plain but other than that yeah so this time we'll be using a subway especially I think a subway in a city like this seems like it would make quite a bit of sense so you see I even put some industry in that's a weird way to see industry I haven't put some industry right there in the middle of all the residential and I made sure to leave enough room that we weren't like polluting the houses around it but I left I basically left big gaps for zoning commercial and all that around that which we haven't done yet because don't have any demand for it so this year I wanted to extend the highway this is kind I guess is kind of similar to the last city where we had this sort of elevated mini highway whereas this is like I don't know it's just then this is just a new road this is just a regular Road but I thought it looked like it looks really good just as a dirty elevated highway so this is sort of gonna be running through the city not very far at the moment because the thing is we can't really see the map as a whole particularly well in this time-lapse when we get into the game at the end of this video I'll zoom out so we can see the whole thing so give you some context but the area that we have to build in isn't exactly huge so like this doesn't go very far it sort of just cuts across this area gets to the other side of the other side of the river pretty quickly from the highway so that's the idea of it it's basically to deliver access deliver access as a stupid thing to say it's basically to provide access for any industry traffic trying to get to the other side of the river because we're gonna have a big industry section over there we've got a bunch of mountains so we're gonna do some ore industry and all that and we'll have to do some forestry and farming somewhere I have to figure that out we haven't done those ones yet but I would like to do some of those in just regular gameplay and not time-lapse obviously our oil one was time-lapse just cuz I wanted to get it started and and all just going but him so this one is just you know just getting things started it's getting hot in here you know yeah so this is just connecting straight up to this highway whoo and the good thing about this is we can now like do toll road so I actually I'm not putting a toll at the other end of this big bridge because I guess it's essentially a bridge at the other end of this elevated roads like you know it cost us money to build this thing so I'm gonna earn that back I don't know that I don't know an easy way to check how much you earn from toll booths I guess it's in the budget but you know what no actually I think there is a toll booth section I haven't really I think there is no I should I think you can check it really easily that's good we'll be able to see how much we're making from tolls I need to make it better I should when I build a road I should see how much we spend on it and then see if we could earn that back it probably wouldn't be that hard so I did actually add a connection here from the elevated road because right here down the bottom is where we that basically feeds directly into the industrial area just there in the middle of the city I was like well that's gonna be useful to have a highway connection right there so that comes down it also I guess is a way to get into the city without paying at all cuz we have the toll booth on the other side but there's no toll there we do put one across the other side of the river which you'll see at some point but we haven't done it just yet oh yeah so I started polluting the water by accident cuz we because we had the industry right there right next to that where that water tower was I had to move that and I accidentally poison the population a couple times actually just gizzard pollution look I'm not used to playing with pollution on purpose normally with it's not an issue because we always purposely avoid any sort of pollution issues but this time around you know what it's a bit of fun it's I'm not even too worried about citizens getting sick I mean the biggest issue I have right now is money like we just I'm not making enough money at all it's just continually fluctuating between negative and positive and it's not fluctuating enough oh yes I put I wanted to get as housing as close as I could to this industrial area so even though I did a bunch of high-rise housing right there and then I'm also doing so you see that I double tracked up these train lines here which I thought it was probably a good idea because we had the cargo line on the inside and then we can have the passenger line just here which at the moment this just functions as a regional train stop but later on we can actually turn that into a like a local train line as well just for longer distances and then we'll eventually look into doing the the subway but probably want to earn more money for I want to be I want to be not worrying about going bankrupt because of the way I built this city we definitely have any money issues if I had played this without unlock all it probably would have been a little bit easier to do it oh yeah it's like we gotta have we gotta have a road riding bridle on the railway that'd be so good and then people can live right there that's the other thing I'm not concerned about in this city I don't care if you're living in a loud place I don't care you're gonna get sick tough luck you chose to live there like you when you bought that house or built that house you knew where it was that's your own fault you know tough luck buddy get over it yes so this whole area basically turns into a huge residential section and there's like no and I think this is actually quite good there's like in terms of designing a bad city which is kind of what we're doing there's like no commercial sort of even like peppered throughout that area all commercial is basically in the center over the other side which is kind of good because that means all these people have to commute over there if it's crap City at the commute over the other side to get to the commercial which is how typically is in a lot of a lot of big cities well like a lot of big poorly designed cities you'll have the huge residential areas or residential estates that just don't have commercial in it is purely residential then you have to commute to like a shopping center or shopping town or whatever so it's kind of what we've done here unintentionally like I would have put commercial here I would have but the problem is we have no you can see we still have no demand for it it's purely we have demand for industrial and residential and anytime we have commercial demand the commercial that we still have zoned is still being filled in it's still like getting people living there you know what look at this I did put a nice little I left a little bit of green space there I might turn that into an actual like park from like look the park life parks but for now I kind of just left it so what about it alpha now it's actually a little green little guy quadrangle kind of thing you know it's all right a lot of people getting sick around there I did actually put a clinic there to help them out but the city is certainly coming along Aiki I I don't want to build houses directly on top of pollution because I'll just get sick all the time but that's why I'm checking that's I'm not going to close in that way oh yeah and this is why I'm trying to fit in so for this elevated road like I said earlier just try and get this toll booth in so when they come off that road or go onto it even though it's an express road like it's a 90 kilometer speed limit on that road I think so they can go pretty fast so it is it's probably worth it to get to the highway instead of driving through the city but you know it's gonna cost you it definitely is and again just expanding the city out this way more you can see look how little money I have though like that's the thing I've so little money and I'm constantly dancing around the edge of going bankrupt and earning money and the thing is the problem is there's not enough workers anywhere in the city like you everything needs a more workers and yet they still demand more industrials like dude what are you doing it's because we have I'm gonna it's it's the oil industry I'm telling you oh that clip is out of order this was supposed to be beforehand this is that I'll bring you know that whole like a whole industrial area over here kind of has got built well apologies for that you're gonna see rebuilt now yeah so we're just doing like I said like I said I make sure to do enough bridges over both sides of the river because the river is I wanted it to be a big piece like a big centerpiece of the city when I was trying to find a map to use like I was looking at the new maps that came with the DLC but that was kind of a little bit boring so when I was looking for a map on the workshop I was I wanted one that was like pretty confined had like terrain that was forcing us to work around so in that case we got the mountains and then I also wanted rivers because I really wanted to pollute the rivers and I wanted to build around them and that's exactly what we're doing oh yeah so this is what I was wondering it's like oh I didn't show me building the train line that's weird but now I am yeah sorry about that that I don't know why that was out of order but it's too late now cuz it's already happened I mean it's not that big of a deal like he doesn't doesn't really change much anyway yeah so I actually ended up like I wanted to double track these like I said earlier because one of the commercial and the commercial the cargo and the passenger line separate as we typically do and we'll probably expand the separation later on and keep them completely separate but for now they sort of just rejoining it's basically the passing basically just a bypass of the cargo station which I think I've probably turned off at this point because it was costing me too much money which is a big problem with a lot of the stuff it just it's so expensive yeah so also one of the the train station or the train line to go to the other side over here which I will eventually put a cargo station on this side somewhere and probably a passenger station too but it was just costing much money right now so had to you know I was just building the line so therefore later and then and then it'll eventually put in a station at some point and we'll also have to use so they're also added in in the DLC the cargo airport which is a pretty cool acog ojala airport as well which I think has a train station and is also an airport that sends or exports goods or import some wire via planes which is good because they never had that so that'll be nice to have and then oh yes I was trying to like because we don't so many roads here and so many like so many roads so many bridges like I didn't want I was originally like connecting to bridges while they're still elevated and having intersections on the elevated road I really don't like obviously I did it on the large elevator bro the one right there but I don't want to do that too often just cuz I don't know it doesn't happen very often having in the sort of elevated in sections so I just wanted to have the individual bridges I also want to start doing and planning for more toll booths like I would love to toll all the bridges that we have everywhere I thought it'd be pretty good so if you ever want to use a bridge in this city you gotta pay the troll toll so that'll be fun so this here is gonna be our ore industry so this is actually using the new system I didn't build up much of it it's mostly zoned industrial because using these for some reason using the industrial zones and the custom buildings don't count toward the industrial demand so even if you do this and you take up a billion workers and then they all work there we still have demand for industrial even though we don't have enough workers to work in industrial at all and that's kind of the issue that I brought into is that there's demand for industrial there's not enough workers for industrial because I've already working in the industry zones that are custom but don't count towards the demand which is weird and I don't know why that's the case it seems pretty dodgy but yeah yeah that's the thing that's the case so that's the thing like we you can see look at all those buildings that have lack of workers right now and the amount of demand we have for industrial is still crazy like this we still need more but we just don't have people to work there so it's basically right now I'm trying to balance between getting the all the workers and all that kind of stuff also yeah these clips oh I thought I ordered these clips but they're completely they're completely out of order anyway I think you've kind of seen everything out we don't need a watch go back in time again I'm gonna jump into the game now and we'll have a look at everything bear ok so this is how our city is coming along right now I think it looks adequately dirty and gross I'm actually really happy with it I mean it could be dirtier through here so I might have to might have to download some kind of gross just right like grasses and growth and maybe even actually know what what if we just paint it because this is oil I may be that that's probably too Brown you know what what does it all look like because I wouldn't mind so this is or hmm that's actually not too bad as like a texture to use like obviously we're not gonna have any mining here but what if I just did this and sort of turned it all into like that I think that makes it look way more boy I love that we have to do something here though because obviously the the barrier between those two don't they don't join particularly well I think that's great though that's so good I like it OOP that's water I like it so look at look at this so this so this is obviously not in the time-lapse how look at this compared to our last city it's not lagging at all I mean granted the city is tiny compared to last one as well but even still actually even still this this city actually did lag when I still have my mods on so there's definitely a mod in there of pollution mode so we're just a number of assets ahead that was causing lag issues look at this oh that is gross how good is that I love it I love it I really wish this didn't look so bright and colourful oh all these buildings still look super nice anyway whatever so this is our industrial area over here so this is our elevated road so I think it'll look really cool when it's sort of built up a bit more as well kind of I mean it's similar to the last city when we had that but I think it also looks a little bit more LA that's sort of the sort of texture and all out oh it's not that big I wish a little bigger version I've got more lanes but it's all good here we have the industrial in the middle I want this to be commercial at some point but you can see again we still have residential and industrial demand so it's still gotta work on that a bit more we'll probably keep expanding this all the way out to here and then we'll figure out what to do oh yes I wanted to show you the home map so this is the map base of Japan which is why it's a mountain II and there's a lot of water around it look how polluted it is it's perfect so we need to pollute this too like that can't be clean at the moment I think we're getting a water from here through what to be careful about that yeah so this is kind of like the majority of the building space just here like this is it and then we can do like little places around maybe like we could probably have a maybe this could even be like a nice bay area like a really nice area maybe or something like that and then yeah then we can do it like a lot of mining Aaron Singh this is this I don't think will be a giant city we will do some more high-density stuff though maybe maybe we'll do the high-density around we did a little bit here but I don't think I want us to be any bigger I think this kind of level of building is good maybe we can do more high-density down this area here I like around here or something I don't know but that's kind of this is kind of it like that's the map mostly mountainous so there won't be a lot of the pretty much won't be anything on most of this area like we might do some stuff through there I don't know maybe let's see here we go we're gonna go with the flow at the moment the flow is trying to we are making money which is good but the flow at the moment is trying to get more housing and industrial even though again the lack of workers is insane I don't know if it's because is it just because we need educated workers it might be because we need that I think I got rid of the mod that allows people to work those jobs if they're not educated so I might download that mod again that employees I'm the educator and over educated workers in any job and then hopefully that all sort of balance it out again I think all of these just require they all require educated workers I mean I guess we could put schools in yeah they're literally oldest requiring educated workers so maybe we'll put some elementary schools in or something like this is Al as is how sad mining industry at the moment that's kind of all there is you know next episode we'll go into more of the industry stuff I think we'll do all we gotta be farming somewhere nobody can do farming out here cuz it's like a little bit sort of a little bit away maybe this sort of valley area there can be farming and then this can be City or maybe even no you know I think that maybe I don't know anyway this looks dirty and gross right how good is it thanks for watching guys oh yeah click the link down below if you want the mods an asset list for this city it's really short at the moment and I'll make a game run like this it's beautiful right anyway thanks watching guys I will see you next time make sure to leave your suggestions for the name of the city as well might be like taupey are probably not that probably give it a good name it is it's pretty good though I love thee and even though it had these on it I never zoomed in that far for the looking road that cloak that's so good alright yep anyway comments suggestions all that down below I'll see you next time and have an awesome day