Industry Levels in Cities: Skylines – Industries

so today you saw the tutorial just now we're going to talk about the main buildings and leveling up today with me is a Viking bear akka aka Nergal give a big hi hi everybody sorry for actually we're doing some work and it's stressful when he always asked me that question at the beginning it's always I love it so we want to talk about levels today so as you saw before in the previous streams if you followed them each industry area actually has a level so this one for example our little farming village here is level 3 our oil industry here's level 3 and this one and then we have – or mining things once level 2 the one that is extracting the actually both level two but one is extracting the resource the raw resource and one is manufacturing them since we haven't had anything with wood works yet we are demonstrating the new mechanics on a new industry that we haven't shown up yet the forest industries let's first zone some industry that's parks no we're just outside okay we're starting with some forestry industry here then doing a little bit of woodworking and then also showing how the level up works based on this so and now we're naming the Enzo we are assigned the industry to forest and now we unlock the first forest buildings now we can move this a little bit and we have some a small tree fermentation and small lock yard and as you can see in the forest industry we can of course first have raw forest products and then produce paper and timber and this can then be used in different luxury product to luxury factories unique actually unique factories to luxury products that then can be sold to commercial zones we can actually also talk a little bit about what the main buildings are doing because that was also part of the today's deaf diary and tutorial so the main building has two three two let's say two main things it has to do the first one is it defines what kind of industry you're actually able to build there and the second one is – it's the main part where all the trash and police is going to head to sort stuff out with with services so the reason why I'm building a lot of small tree plantations is that they are going to produce a lot of resources and why do I want a lot of resources because that will help us to level up quicker each zone each industry zone has five levels starting with one and then with five to level up you need certain things to be more specific two things need to be fulfilled the first one is resources produced so more buildings you have the quicker it is but they also need workers the workers are also the second requirement so if you fulfill both of these things you level up and then you get higher requirements for the next level the type of buildings also determine how much workers can actually work in an industry so you can determine that industry should only level up to a certain degree so in this case for example one of those small tree plantation can only host 20 workers and the more sophisticated these are the more educated people you need actually to or to host them questions since Euler or affinity resources does industry collapse once you have defeated your raw resources nope you can still import all the resources you need that makes them less efficient but you can because you actually have to pay money for them like for example here when you look at this panel you can see that most of our produced goods are coming from own production but we're importing some of it and we're paying for it now we're producing everything yourself so we don't pay anything anymore which then comes back to the total profit next question in the base game forestry and fertile areas have infinite resources in the new dlc will that change no fertile lands and forestry is still infinite coal and oil are not infinite but there are five new maps that come with a new DLCs that will have much more resources than the maps that we're with the game beforehand additionally you always have the option in the menu to do infinite resources ok so we live it up and we got a new biomass pellets and a Furniture Factory that's one of the unique ones is the one that's that only needs products from the forestry industry so each of the industry areas has one that's just for them and then we have a lot that use different inputs we have a sword or storage to store sawdust for steel worker barracks and then we have a new new producer a small sapling field the other thing which I mentioned before is we have now an area bonus we didn't have this little panel here before and what this does now is it shows us that our efficiency is actually going up and we are creating less pollution with the industry okay let's increase the size of this a little bit because I really want to power game this industrial area today now I want to do some saplings this is a new producer and they are actually like this the greenhouse part I think yes for snow maps or just a field and I want them to produce a lot of raw forest products and then we want the sawdust it's actually good to and now they're waiting for input here so let's see how much workers can we actually hire now we can have up to four hundred ninety-four 422 workers and we need 350 to level up and we're producing more and more products we go how many different products can you make unique and not unique okay so we have the standard products one for raw resource all four then we have two intermediary products per per industry area so in total 8 so we're up to 12 and then we have I think it was 16 unique factories so on total it's 28 28 different products let's continue with building a nice little unique factory for the furniture the furnishing factory let's say I want to have it up here yes in timber it means plain timber and paper so we will put down some warehouses small ones actually we want an open one and a small one and this one we're going to put plant timber and we want it to fill because we want to have two resources here fill paper and then we're going to create a little train line that transports it here right away with the cargo train terminal here so we're going to with another cargo airport and not how we approach a cargo train station here now we're going to pretty nice little train line no we just we just unlock level three of our little olive wood lever now we have an efficiency of plus 8 and 7 plus 5 and we are having minus 20 pollution instead of minus 10 this is especially important for the for oil and coal industry like mineral industry and we have the printing press medium tree plantation and a large log yard so we're going like this and they can then transport stuff immediately to there ok and there we get the first shipments of materials that then will be shipped to here to be put into the storehouse and then the stores will deliver it to our warehouse instead of them having to transport everything along the main road anyway we want to continue here like so and then plopping down some more forestry and now we actually have two medium tree plantation which is much bigger and we yeah so we'll actually do some of those that's oh they're actually delivering oil to here that's interesting oh it could be that oil was imported here and then they actually print here and it's it's more efficient to go over the drain and then have it delivered to where it actually is needed because we want to level up more we're going to build a little settlement for this industry so why not quickly do the double roundabout system so so so if you wonder how you build this you do the cross then you do curvy and then you follow until you actually cross the street on the other side click and put it like pull through to the other side like so now we have this nice thing this would be on logging town have you been learning things off stream sorry have you been learning things off stream without us why doing this cheating what do you mean with cheating are there rules that clearly okay can you elaborate on the historical buildings in the free update so let's say let's see we have nice we go to our little thing I really like we really disability I really like this building so I want to make it historical that means I should I also like this building and this means that now for example leveled up and will get all the benefits leveled up with but will stay the same building so you have a way to customize stuff like this one for example they want to have like a very rural town that has like these kinds of buildings instead of the ones that are very that you get when you have more educated people so they stay the same or you can save your skyline so we probably need to expand this out we made it we got our level 4 so now we actually create a have plus 12% efficiency – 30 percent pollution we can create we have to soft paper factory getting more storage have the new forests you main building and a large sapling fear so now quickly looking at this you see how this is more and more becoming coming a nice little main building can you turn up for what I don't know what that means can we turn up for what do you want more electricity I'm probably just being stupid here we need to finish up we're already way past 6:00 thanks a lot for tuning in

Attempting Some Industry! – Cities Skylines [San Vooprisco] #2

let's quickly make this area a proper district oh there is a earthquake through the center of the city okay that one was slightly painful I'm gonna admit that was uh that was bad hello and welcome back fellow boo perience Tues san Boop risk-aware I actually spelled my own City wrong there is no e here that would be Boober risco and that's a little bit too there's a little bit too blooper so let's fix that up there we go San boo Briscoe is looking pretty nice after it survived that last disaster and as always there is going to be no pausing once we start the episode which is now and so the city of San Boo Crisco moves on slowly but surely so it appears that the book Bank is actually an elementary school which I was made aware of so that's that's bad so what we're going to be doing is actually turning the book Bank on and shutting off the community school because the book Bank can hold away more people and it's just way more efficient well it would appear that this city is surviving even though there was a slight you know disaster and everyone almost died things are going pretty well that poorer building there that's just destroyed let's just remove them and pretend that didn't happen no but quite honestly I didn't even expect to get past episode 1 so that is some progress honestly as long as we can get an emergency reserve of cash in the background then we should be fine where it gets dangerous is once we run out of money to repair disasters which thankfully it's pretty cheap to repair things right now because there isn't really anything I'm gonna keep watching out for tsunamis very very good idea to keep on eye out considering everyone is on the coast people are enjoying the parks people are enjoying the high amount of work and the easy ways to send out their free and just it's a nice city all together it's a nice little holes not really a city yet but it's a nice tiny little town we are actually getting some residential demand now I'm going to expand the city but we're still going to keep in mind that everything is very expensive so when we expand the city we need to make sure we don't overextend ourselves like right there small expansion but it still ended up costing us six thousand dollars that's over fifty percent of what we had but it's important that we expand if we don't expand we will never get enough money to survive the next disasters and the more we spread out the more that will survive if a disaster hits a centralized area honestly the worst thing would be if a disaster hit the highway because we can't really repair the highway yet I don't think we have access to the highway no we don't yeah so something hitting the highway would be a real disaster didn't visit is a disaster no I honestly wouldn't be able to tell there was a tsunami at that distance is that a wave I can't tell I'm really worried about it and they keep looking and I keep thinking I see something but I think I'm just gonna drive myself insane there is no preparing for everything they could possibly happen we just have to hope we can also make some city on these mountains which should be relatively safe thankfully the area looks beautiful the ocean really is very nice and the game is really going mad with the music today it's really trying to instill that great city build building feeling into me I very much appreciate it city skylines we can buy some land no buying land is actually super useful because it expands the amount of space that is a disaster can hit so if we buy like everything around us it makes the chances of us getting hit go down which is good it's a viable strategy for survival in this wow we have a lot of residential demand but as always that's a good thing there we are just expanding our residential you just have to make sure we don't go too far in run out of like electricity or something oh are you kidding me exactly when I said that we ran out of electricity Wow I can predict the future now a million dollars is going to come out of nowhere okay maybe not that lucky oh look it's like a high-tech boat going by hey a high-tech boat it's completely abandoning us they don't want to give us any other power what we can do to solve this crisis is raise the electrical budget a little bit how nice we are actually making money we are expanding population is at about 1300 people it's it's no lavish lifestyle but it's certainly getting there we are moving along when it comes to city growth I'm seeing progress very exciting I want showy Oh on our loans 45,000 G's so we have a lot of money and it's very expensive it's taking in almost actually over 1/4 of our income is going to that loan okay so I think we can fit one more residential bit over here and I know I'm getting very close to running out of money here but the bigger the city is the more weak and uh you know it there was a way to increase the amount of money we get from this I wonder if we could just right off the bat focus on tourism just lots of tourism I know we need four thousand six hundred yeah because if we can pull in money that way honestly any way we can get money is a good way it looks like pretty much no natural resources except for some farmable land especially out in the back over there which means that we don't have any easy way to get a ton of money we can't however build up our own forest industry it would use a lot of water but that's something we should definitely look into looks like our income is pulling ahead how much does it cost to get more land the first time 3,500 we're gonna do it because that has the chance of a disaster hitting us in half that's pretty darn cheap now the city looks kind of odd because it just stops there randomly okay we still have more residential demand honestly if we can keep the demanda up like this we should be able to get a lot of money and okay as I've anchor up to myself I say that no but really if we can keep the demand up and keep fulfilling the demand we should be able to get our finances in check because our profits are skyrocketing well if you can consider a slight excess skyrocketing but it's better than the like $10 a week we had before and it's definitely going up they do have to worry about our situation over here though when it comes to our services let me just quickly make sure the disaster intensity is actually a PS it is Oh No I unchecked that because of loss cuprous whoopsies I knew something was off I guess we get a little bit of a grace period there because I forgot about it I turned the slider up I just think like the button was weird that we count like a full minute without a disaster but now that's over now that's over you guys can yell at me for forgetting that I guess we're gonna have to build a little like town around this crater crater town very nice we're slowly paying off this loan here I want to get it over with though wonder if we can push some I think we actually can do that that might be useful I actually have some demand for things other than residential now I'm wondering can I write oh I can I can make a tunnel this is great you guys will see why this is useful in a second so if we go from this height make a tunnel through here I have a plan to make a bit of money doo-doo-doo this isn't expensive as my normal landscaping costs jeez it's actually quite cheap compared to what we were doing in a new Hooper Asst there we go and can we actually fit a road through there yes we can hi now here's my plan using very very cheap roads it is very high density who's on it all commercial I mean not commercial industrial give them a little bit of water and we start our first district in this district is going to be focused on forested industry and then we're just going to artificially throw down a whole lot of trees we will make a very nice forest what kinda trees are these down you know they seem a little bit brighter shoot I don't know what tip a tree I'm looking for I have so many different things I guess we're gonna go for we can do some cool flower trees as well look at this it will be a nice little forest which will slowly be cut down by the lumber industry that's the plan these trees are really small compared to the other ones if we go to our map and we go to the resource map look at that it's a forest now yes this is slightly expensive popping down this many trees but it's not really bank breaking so I am actually pretty happy with it okay so sorry about that I'm trying to respond to messages and the crazy thing is I can't even pause when I respond to messages so I hope that like no disaster comes in the middle of me yep it's it's a risky life okay so this is going pretty darn well we have made this little forest and according to this the forest is very nice for the industry they are actually going to very much like that if we can just get them to actually build their businesses there they're gonna fill up all this generic industry first but we'll get there eventually we have a ton of residential demand and we actually have $20,000 in the bank so what I'm going to do is some very intelligent financial management which is code for boop-boop use that loan to pay off the other loan and now we are making a whole lot more money now we only have a small loan to repay with much lower interest and now we're going to do some magic oh okay meteor is about to the city nine point eight no not the road I just built that you've got to be kidding me and the highway and the highway and everything's on fire I literally just did that I just did that you've got to be kidding me it was such a nice forest and now it's gone okay so everything's on fire now we're still making money the highway is kind of the highway is very oft thankfully there's still a way to get into the city from that direction which way does this go it goes around like that can we make it so that people can get to the city from here oh wait it didn't completely delete the road so I can't actually repair them there we go ah that was a close one although I can't say close one because it did hurt really bad like that was really bad thankfully it didn't hit the city it just hit the little area I was working on but that's like really triggering I just was working on that that was like the last like two minutes of work a whole two minutes so realistically it will recover looks like the fires have been put out there isn't much damage when it comes to the city itself it doesn't seem to have caused any power problems yeah I'd say out of all the things that could have been hit that wasn't so bad could have been worse see priest set on fire 255 because it literally hit my forest yeah no casualties though so good job to us um electrical line was destroyed though it's not actually needed anyways so that just saves us money um cozy Hills is now just a crater so I'm just going to get rid of it rest in peace cozy Hills there was an attempt wonderfully we could just build like a little tree farm inside of the crater you know what let's do that why not no one likes anything more than building a farm inside of a crater that murdered previous businesses that did the exact same thing just a reminder to work very hard until your time is up because you never know how long you have left it's gonna it's kind of dark if you think of it um it's a little bit pessimistic but you know it's fine everything is fine so let's goes on that back up and we gotta make it forestry and oh how exciting it's it's so beautiful and now we're just gonna plant a forest inside of the crater the great thing the great thing is that when it comes to the forest all the water is going to drain to the bottom of the crater and it's going to help it grow you see the crater is actually helpful this totally isn't me just trying to ignore the fact that it just got destroyed wish I could like mass place trees a lot of effort to just constantly plop down trees and there's probably a setting for it too that I just don't know about I know there's a mod but that mod makes it free so I can't do that okay let's see how that looks oh look it's a beautiful forest ah yes the game sees it as a beautiful forest congratulations to us for building a beautiful forest and inside of a crater and it's going to be called crater forest which i think is a very apt name for it but tsunami check seems to be clear very nice very nice um of course we can always just continue expanding the city and ignoring the disasters that is the intelligent thing to do because then we don't actually have to fix anything because the problem isn't there ignoring the fact that we already fixed the disaster but realistically we aren't doing too badly still I mean we knew this was going to be a very challenging series we're at we're about to hit 2,000 populations so I'm gonna declare this a success we haven't even had any casualties yet I mean every disaster is just kind of like missed us but the amount of craters is kind of funny this maps gonna look Bice like Swiss cheese by the end can we buy another piece of land no we can't I really just want all the disasters are just hit over here that'd be very convenient for me if nothing actually hit me I know people probably say that all the time and now a panoramic of Sanwa priests go slowly struggling through the disasters but they are not done yet and they are going to continue fighting for a beautiful city is that a tsunami no it's not I'm joking I'm sure I just get like half B people watching but no no no tsunami quite yet we're fine we're fine we're gonna be safe for a while I mean thankfully the game has a little bit of a grace period between disasters which lasts like five minutes so according to my computer we're only do like two minutes ago for another disaster though we're gonna be fine expanding the city to make more money oh shoot I messed up the road which is really sad because it actually really hurts to lose that much money um ooh but it's okay because now the city is even bigger look at that it's growing so quickly and it's spreading out rather far which makes me more confident the Baker the city is the more that has to be destroyed to knock us out let's quickly make this area a proper district oh there is a earthquake through the center of the city okay that one was slightly painful I'm gonna admit that was uh that was bad that could actually have long-standing ramifications for the city considering we just lost the entire industrial center no pausing though so let's go ahead and try to deal with this as quickly and nonchalantly as possible it would appear that people can still enter the city that's good you know nothing better than being able to enter your own city um we did have casualties well that I turned off the woman's voice I need to turn it back on because I didn't even notice that was coming I guess there wasn't much I could do about it anyways still I'd like to be able to hear it kind of so let's go ahead and turn that emergency broadcast volume on like 50 percent okay so let's try to repair everything we can maybe we can reconnect some main roads that were destroyed like that one there we go see everything's gonna be fine obviously there were casualties on that one however the population is still rising that didn't actually hit as hard as it could have we're just gonna rebuild what we've lost we're probably gonna have to fix the water grid actually it wasn't really destroyed in a way that hurt too bad we have to fix that though very small amount of industry actually did survive that we have to hook them back up to the outside world though they're kind of just hanging out on their own a boomtown that means we get a ton of money and we get more land and we also get policies in new roads and disaster response units and stuff wow that's very useful for this you know what I'm going to say that this is going to be a very challenging series but so far we are doing pretty well I can't pause but you know now we have highways so I can repair this that's very convenient because this was going to slowly kill the city if I didn't repair it and now it's repaired look at that you can go ahead and speed things up again build a disaster response unit I feel like that would be really expensive 640 a week 15,000 but it's probably gonna be worth it no reason just have a slight feeling it'll be useful we'll put a rate smack dab in the middle of the city they are actually going and saving people yay let's pay off that loan we have see this this is progress we are surviving everything the game throws at us even crater forest isn't completely destroyed we can okay there's gonna be a sinkhole but it's only gonna be a 2.0 and the chances of another thing hitting the middle of the city is pretty low oh it happen too right on the coast over here and it didn't hurt anyone good good we're doing good see see you guys we're doing fine you guys were all like Oh spike you're going to be completely destroyed by the game this is a horrible idea but you know what the game is gonna be destroyed by my amazing playing skills right right guys right right oh boy this is going to be a disaster get it disaster huh I'm just using puns now to cover up my insane amount of worry for this series but I know I can't fail there's too many people depending on me there's now 2,300 hoop earrings in this city who would go homeless if we lost it I will not allow that to happen on my watch hoop earrings will stay in strong in the face of adversity our income is now over 2,000 and our population is rising quickly we are having some deaf care issues considering we have zero death care well I wonder why that's an issue we will build a cemetery in a second we're gonna need it anyways I mean let's be honest it's not like it's not like everyone surviving this man I'm just I'm just perplexed by the fact that I'm actually doing this this is just a ridiculous idea this series is just a way to make it like this is the fastest way to get yourself to rage but I feel like this is this is fun it's a challenge it's different I'm thoroughly enjoying it I'm having to plan things like ten steps ahead I'm actually having to worry about like the happiness of the citizens because if I don't keep them happy they won't move in as quickly and we need people so that the economy doesn't completely fall apart and even now with the craziness I still have some time to set up some nice areas in the city things are going well I think we're gonna be fine I mean now that we have the emergency stuff we've got the industry is building up really quickly and that means that any second now they are going to start building the forestry industry which makes me really excited I really like the idea of getting some extra cash these is a little bit of extra water but we'll be fine oh never mind every time I say it now we are now we're lacking water yes very nice but you know what once again we'll just increase the budget because that's cheaper it was already like super low so okay guys I love out when I said something about electricity being fine we ran out of electricity and then I said something about water being fine and then we ran out of water it's like every time I say so oh there won't be a disaster in the next two seconds seems like okay nothing actually happened yeah honestly I'm slightly concerned about the games hate for me it's okay though all gonna be fine I can go ahead and build a little bit of a trail out of here – might as well make the city look good before it gets destroyed honestly I think that the city is actually coming along nicely oK we've got 20,000 in the bank we have no loans taken I'm feeling pretty good please crater forest I believe in you you can build a beautiful beautiful forest Rena they are oh look at that they're doing it they're doing it they're building their industry oh that makes me so happy okay let's go ahead and give them some power ah you guys said it couldn't be done but guess well I am even building a forestry industry in the middle of a crater so you eat that III knew I could do it ten out of ten beautiful the beautiful forest well that's actually pretty Blake terrifying there's just mountains all around you like the steepest road ever and bumpy and then you're in the actual city again but it's fine that they signed up for it it probably pays very well so it looks like we have the game just kind of skipped for a second there and I thought it was a disaster we're doing pretty well things are building up nicely and I think it's time to end this episode of City skylines I know so disappointing last thing we'll do is we will do a rather large extension to the residential area oh man that water pipe lined up just perfectly and now we can kill that demand gone begone demand look at all the people moving into the city oh it's so nice better forest is once again doing very well and the rest of the city is moving along nicely I think that's gonna be it for today guys thank you for watching leave a like and subscribe if you've enjoyed this episode of San Boo Brisco and I will see you all next time obviously the city is taking a few hits but overall we are managing to push through every disaster that the game is thrown at us all I'm in until a level like 20 tsunami slams into it but I digress we'll be fine we will be absolutely fine and things actually look pretty good Oh slave power problems that's fine got it under control watch this oh never mind we actually needs about a build new power stuff we will invest in a very expensive advanced turbine on the coast because it makes a lot of power there we go there we are very nice I think everything is all sorted out now for the end of the episode I will see you all next time bye

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later


everyone Sam here welcome back to semi-gloss stock and today we will be working on the port area reason being is because the Traffic Manager mod which is this guy up here actually broke a few months ago when the new industries DLC came out as a result it erased all of the things that are implemented through this mod so one of the areas that was really impacted was this industrial area here and the traffic is really really bad it is quite frustrating for me to look at it so I do believe it's time to improve the area and using this mod up here and a few other Road assets so if you're new to my channel don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment and blah blah blah blah blah let's get into it so let's just have a quick look also my sitting recap video is out so check that out if you want to recap of everything but you can see there's a lot of traffic coming in it's just it the the mod braking really resulted in a lot of errors in this area and it's just annoying like these guys here okay let's just get into it let's just get into it let's start up here so there is a mob that can kind of fix up how the roads go because like if I tried to change this you can't so what I'm actually going to do is first of all I'm going to make it so it doesn't act like an intersection so you can see it's already speeding up the whole process I'm going to do the same here as well same here and same here so that means that they'll go straight through without actually slowing down for thinking this is an intersection now I can get away with the cars going kind of in and then back out like that or the trucks because there's no traffic over here this is really a dead zone now if I did have the mod that can change the direction of the road I'd make it go around just like this into one big roundabout but since there's no other traffic over here I think we don't need to worry about that so just by doing that by allowing the basically we're moving the intersection helps the flow a lot so I'm gonna do that for a lot of the areas maybe actually let's just go back here one thing at a time right one thing all the time so the this road here I don't want them to cross over so this road someone's going to ask me it is called four-lane road with Junction median and there's also this one here small four-lane with medium so you can get that if you want now that's something that really annoys me I don't like it when they crossed the median they should not do that then this part here we shall actually make it all time traffic lights we shall we shall now I think what I will do here is I'll update this road like that so it goes all the way across like that now you might be thinking and that's a little bit weird but let's stop them from turning that way then they can go directly that way let's go to this one remove the intersection like that actually now I know why I have three lanes excuse me why you're turning the hike actually you know what let's put a yeah that's what the crossing there again I don't think we necessarily need one here we don't need a traffic light so we can make it so that they can't turn right then we also have to change this one so making sure a bit that the wrong way this this end there we go so they can only turn left this Lane here they find go crossed and same for this one I have to go like that now I have allowed them to go up here they can do a u-turn right here so they can go up you go right around like that and then excuse me why are they not following the directions actually I think I know why I think I need to go in here let's change it to hi did that work yes it did holy city I think that's why so making it more accurate you need to go into here like the city holy city so they follow all of the rules hopefully that will help straight away okay so I've enabled u-turns here but I noticed some of them were turning than going in there so I don't really like so I'm just going to remove whoops I'm just going to remove this turning lane which I have done already remove that so they can only go straight ahead so this lane should go out there then this one should turn around and then go up here you shouldn't be able to cross over so that's good that's good so let's see is this area getting better ah hang on a second I don't want this one to go directly into this one so later on they can merge into the other lane but I don't want them to go into that Lane straightaway so just we're just trying to make sure that they don't cause each other or merge to learn three lanes merging it together I'll just trying to make it really just make it flow a lot more easier now I want to make actually first of all we have so you can see there's a lot of trucks coming down and let's see a lot of them are going left see none of them are in this Lane here there's only this guy but I'm guessing he's going to merge so that means we need to have another lane so maybe we can have two lanes that go to the left so they're all going into the industrial area which makes sense so let's find a two lane one I believe there's some down here how about this one five lane so that's good so update that's a little bit further back flip that around wouldn't go no collision so doesn't remove defense do it from about there oops what's going on here well he's going crazy okay so now that we've added in two lanes let's make sure that they actually do use those two lanes so this one goes to this one this lane goes over here and then I guess we can do one that goes over to here as well and then we'll make sure that this one goes over here into that Lane we'll make sure this one goes into this one and then that should be fine let's remove the intersection thingy again so we don't we went through it for that one okay there's also some annoying lane changes so this is just a little sneaky trick that I do in the game to just stop that annoying like the merging thing that they do so I do this do it all the way back to maybe back to about here and then from here I'm just gonna go for example this guy can go into this Lane this one can go into this line but this one can also go into that Lane so hopefully the flow will be a lot more easier and then it also forces them to choose the lane up here so less lanes to merge around with so it's going to be a lot more easier and the ones that they get to here it's just going to be a lot more smoother now we need to work on this intersection in a minute and this one but we'll do the traffic lights in a second now see there see how they're stopping here I don't like that so I'm going to remove the intersection right there I think I can turn off the traffic light there so that's fine and then I just have to make sure that this guy here can only turn left good and then we have to remove oops we have to remove the intersection there again and then for down here we'll stop we'll stop here so anything beyond that we won't worry about so this traffic light I assume is fine see how now they're going through the intersection so that's what I wanted a lot of traffic is coming in here what's going on I'm not sure what's going on this Lane can only turn left good off you go good good good see how messy it is the normal traffic lights like there's traffic lights but edit it it's so messy it's really messy talk here messy messy messy okay once we fix all this up I think once we do the traffic fact I mean it'll be a lot more smoother so let's do the time traffic lights so I'm going to select two nodes so I'm going to select that one and then I'm also going to select this one see they're both selected now I'm just gonna pause it because it makes it a little more easier and so you see how once I added in more lanes all of the traffic goes so quickly it's just so good now what we want to do is we want to make it so this group of traffic when they're going through we're going to make it so they can go straight through without having to stop at a red light so if this is green this is green they can drive straight through the flow is going to be a lot more easier and then once these guys go through this one will go this one will go and maybe we'll add in the as well so let's begin to set up time traffic lights now first thing we're gonna do is step okay everyone so I've implemented the double-time traffic lights now this probably a more concise way to do it but I did it though very quickly still works but I assume there's a better way to do it but instead of me saying how it all works I'm just gonna press play hopefully you can watch and I'll try to explain it as we go so green light basically meaning both of these intersections allow the traffic just to go straight through like this easily straight through and then there might be cars that want to turn in this way so I stopped at this one but I continued this one to go and same with this one so they can still go straight through and then this one here so they go in they can only go this way it's quite quick sometimes there's a big influx of trucks so it's hard to say what is the best what isn't the best but I mean it's okay and I've I've kind of made it so some of the traffic goes down here instead of you always using this road as well I'm but I don't know why they all do that like there seems like a lot of them are turning it up here for some reason I don't know why a bit strange but this seems to be helping a lot now there's a huge influx of trucks but you know what sometimes there is sometimes that isn't and I assume it has something to do with these settings up in here that I was I was messing around with it a little bit before just to see what I like what I don't like and now I've messed it up sorry but yes so I'm seeing that there's a lot of trucks here so we can stop so I might find whichever one allows these ones to go here I think it's probably this one no it's not that one this one no the third one then good okay so actually not that one so we can put that up to maybe I don't know 18 seconds maybe that'll help a bit starts let's go it's on three so let's speed it through again and hopefully that will help with this big amount of trucks coming through okay so there we go it's helping a bit I probably should allow a green light here since they're all coming through that would help and I noticed there's a bit of a merge happening there it's a small thing it's it's hard to say about the the amount of time to give this specific Lane because like I said sometimes there's a lot of trucks coming in sometimes it's a ghost town yeah I think what I should should do is when this comes around there should be a green light so let's adjust that now otherwise it's gonna continue being a bit of a mess so let's see this third one so they come around comes around so I have to turn you off unfortunately put you on I do allow another green light somewhere else I think it's this one there we go so they still do have a green light so let's have a look at if that helps that's helping a bit but there is a bit of a lane annoying lane change happening in here to be annoying some things just can't be changed I suppose did I see that they're slowing down here are they thinking are those need to remove that interception or that one thing it's all removed just that smiley that minor detail really helps the flow it really does now I should probably just point out a few things just in case now I probably should have added in a specific dedicated lane to turn into here since this is kind of one of the main areas to go into also I probably should have added in a specific turning lane here to go over into there but if I do that it adds a intersection which I don't really like and I know there's a lot of different things that I could have done to make it even more efficient but what I've done it works it's enough it's yeah it's good enough and you know what I love managing this stuff I just think it's so cool so that's all for this video I know it was short I know it's quick and I was sweet so hopefully you got something maybe you can try this in your own City and also just quickly if you want this view like this to show this speed all you have to do is go up into here go down here and display the vehicle speed just click that's a little button and then when you go into a vehicle I don't know which one it was something like let's go into this one excuse me close that go in there we go shows the speed which is pretty cool you can change it to kilometers miles and yeah so that's all thank you guys for watching and I hope you will be back very soon to check out my other videos so I'll see you then bye guys

Fin de la Saison #36 – Cities Skylines : Industry

nous voici à la fin de notre série seiken and industry voulions voir ce qu'on a fait en trente six épisodes et cette vidéo est sponsorisé par games fanette découvrez between the story est un jeu de simulation dans l'espace où vous êtes capitaine d'un vaisseau vous contrôlez vous contrôlez les boucliers les armes et que c'est très gras j'ai fait tout le tout la campagne de tutos vraiment cool je pense que je dois continuer vous encourage vivement à jeter un coup d'oeil et vous l'avez à -15% sur game fight le jeu vient de sortir je vous encourage vivement à cliquer soignants description et l tester par vous même bonjour à tous bienvenue pour nouvel épisode de série car hines est le dernier de hind suisse parce que bat la nouvelle extension capes est déjà sortie à un moment voyez cette vidéo mais moi je la fais un petit peu en avance par un forfait un petit tampon parce que vous savez qu'à chaque fois qu'une nouvelle extension sort eh bien ça a tendance à casser les c ur en attendant que les moddeurs mettre tous à jour je vois là je crois un petit peu les devants j'ai quelques épisodes d'avant ce qui devrait laisser ce temps là évidemment je vais sans doute supprimer certains modes notamment ceux qui sont utiles sur le coup mais en fait on s'en fiche c'est pas des assets ou quoi que ce soit les assèche objets délaissés les modes comme qui a ajouté des routes ou des choses comme ça c'est là je suis obligé de les garder mais on a plein d'autres je peux m'en passer au mois pour faire la transition pour que la cei soit clean alors à l'épisode 20 parce que là sont nés à la fin avec cette 36,2 et nostri cette saison allait peut-être 20 j'avais déjà fait une visite du maire et j'avais du coup montrer en détail la map à ce moment là donc ce que je vais faire ça je vous mets dans la description et petit papa pour la droite cet épisode là l'épisode 20 parce que je vais pas forcément revoir en détail ce que j'ai déjà vu dans cette vidéo là je vais plutôt me concentrer sur les trucs que j'ai fait depuis en seize épisodes on a quand même eu le temps de faire re ba pas mal de choses mine de rien donc je vois là je vous encourage à regarder cette vidéo là avant si vous l'avez loupée et on va simplement se concentrer sur les nouveautés donc moi je vais quand même faire le tour de toute la map mais à certains tout coup je vais dire ah bah ça ça va pas changer ou cette wilaya juste un petit truc qui a changé et notamment c'est le cas de cette première ville donc ça c'est tout premier truc qu'on a fait sur la map aulas jamais terminé alors du coup on a là l'industrie la zone aux industriels originaires quand on découvrait cette extension ce bâtiment là d'ailleurs qui est désactivée pour l'instant c'était une version vous c'est que j'ai posé tous les bâtiments industriels sur la nappe mais juste désactivé en attendant de base y arriver je peux juste pas envie de faire ça à tous les épisodes au milieu de la saison l'ag ce qui est censé être un centre ville mais vous voyez que quelques bâtiments qui se battent en duel et c'est tout line zone commerciale là c'est censé être une banlieue riche enfants voilà et là j'ai le centre de population d'ailleurs cette ville là c'est un tiers de la population de toute la map juste parce que c'est le seul endroit où on a plein plein plein de l'immeuble coller la map ces trente mille personnes et 30000 ouais ça et là c'est à peu près dix mille justicier genre si mila et 4 min 6 donc c'est assez massif quand même mais bon la seule chose qui a changé depuis la dernière fois c'est qu'on a complètement on a ajouté un petit peu d'habitations je crois mais on a surtout changé cette intersection là parce que avec toute l'industrie kia c'était vraiment vraiment noyer du coup on a cette voie là pour que l'industrie puisse partir rapidement cette voie là parce qu'on s'est rendu compte qu'il ya beaucoup de gens qui allaient directement dans la partie résidentielle et du coup là ça leur évite de noyer le carrefour giratoire et puis à ce carrefour qui justement est assez sympa je trouve visuellement il est assez cool même si les deux tronçons là à les regarder maintenant mouais ans enfin bon si donc là on a une entrée on a une entrée de l'amap ici avec un péage comme à toutes les entrées et si on continue on poursuit un petit peu 7 août on arrive à cette entreprise-là qui qui fait quoi elle elle fait une usine de maisons modulaires tu m'en diras temps et on n'a jamais pas mal adaptée ça parce que ça faisait tellement de problèmes de circulation ils pouvaient pas sortir en fait et quand il sortait sa bloquer tout le monde donc du coup je l'aurais fait des voies dédiées donc l'avouer que c'est que pour tourner à gauche et celle là a contrario que pour que puissent s'insérer et l'appareil fav paf c'est ça marche plutôt bien c'est un peu artificielle un peu too much pour un truc comme ça même si on se dit ouais c'est une seule entreprise enfin quand on regarde la taille quand même c'est gigantesque c'est un quartier entier donc donc finalement voilà ça c'est une entreprise doit vraiment vraiment super importante pour la région donc j'imagine que voilà ça n'a pas dérangé le maire donc c'est à dire moi de faire quelques quelques petits ajustements pour eux quand on continue par ici on arrive à notre parc d'attractions churchill qui n'a pas changé depuis la dernière fois d'ailleurs visiblement il n'y a plus personne qui y va ah mais non c'est parce que j'ai le bus et j'ai des trucs non nevermind bien sûr c'est juste parce que j'ai le bus maintenant tout le monde mais en plus on ne s'ensuit pas forcément super fan parce que j'ai voulu mettre que les ascètes qui venait avec cette extension donc tous les toutes les montagnes russes les machins et finalement peut-être que ça vaudrait le coup de télécharger cette en plus même si j'en ai pas vu beaucoup et il me semble que justement c'était dit que ce serait sympa de faire un peu comme à paris on à disneyland et disney studios ce sport est sympa d'avoir un autre parc là il me semble qu'on avait parlé d'un zoo mais je me sens plus du tout ce qu'on avait dit ça fait si longtemps donc voilà si vous vous en souvenez n'hésitez pas à venir et puis on verra si on décide de mettre quelque chose ici et là mais c'est vrai qu'on a une rue qui une route qui part par la mairie qu'on allait mettre un village ici qui viendra un jour et notamment parce que ici on a deux entreprises qui vont venir prochainement on a une usine de limonade l usine de vêtements marins à bord qui seront un endroit parfait pour que ces gens là puissent aller travailler et on a on a complètement revu aussi pu dernière fois notre réseau de ferrer et notamment on a tout sépare et donc la voulait que cette cette ligne de chemin de fer là c'est que pour les passagers et celle qu'ils avaient sur le côté c'est que pour les marchandises est donc celle là on mettra une gare de marchandises quelque part par là donc ce sera parfait on pourra voir quelques petites choses et peut-être même étendre les champs message il revient dans quelques secondes ici on à l'échangeur central de la map un petit peu trop grand trop trop large trop trop espacées mais moi j'aime bien comme ça je trouve que les cours sont très jolies et non je le joue qu'il rend super bien avec notre petit parc parc naturel ici et là des champs qui avait beaucoup plu et moi je les trouve toujours très très cool ce mix de géométrique mais certainement pas carré et des éoliennes est ou non c'est une des maisons de préférer je pense à tel point que je pense que ça vaudrait le coup de l'étendre notamment pas ici parce que donc on avait dit qu'on allait tendre pas ici c'est bien beau mais même par là en soit c'est pas ces plats il ya rien d'autre qu on pourrait mettre donc je me dis que je m'étais dis ça vu que là on a eu nos d'une route rapide qui arrivent et qui s'arrêtent pourquoi pas ici la transformer et avoir un pont qui passe au dessus qui passe dans cette zone là là continuez les champs et tout peut être même avoir un autre pont qui passe ici et qui relie ici parce que là on a un tunnel mais c'est justifié pour les autres pour les industries on pourrait pas faire un tunnel juste pour des deschamps pour ce que ça n'aurait pas de sens donc donc ouais à voir mais ça pourrait être sympa de remplir tout ça de chant interne ensuite la retient ici on a un autre de nos péage je vous avais dit toutes les entrées ont un ph et ici on a donc romaine ça c'est une industrie enfin une usine de nourriture il me semble et là on a notre premier village qui a bien grossi avec l'addition du château exemple que c'était un enfant de juste avant l'épisode 20 qu on avait fait ça sachant que vous voulez qu'on a un centre ville qui est plutôt sympa avec ses maisons à mais depuis j'ai télécharger un thème qui je pense marchau est très très bien pour ça parce que c'est bath et des maisons un peu comme celle là mais en moins en moins médiévale et où les vraiment en fait quand on quand on regarde le centre-ville d'un d'un village ça ressemble ça ressemble ni à sa n'y a ni à ce genre de mais loin c'est vraiment cdd maison donc avec un ou deux étages mais qui sont collées les unes aux autres et j'ai normalement enfin trouver quelque chose qui marche mais pour ça donc on va pas changer ce village là mais pour le village qu'on aime être là notamment je pense que ce sera une addition assez intéressante le château justement ici que je trouve très cool certains ont dit ah il n'est pas assez symétrique ouais je vois ce que vous voulez dire mais les en fait un problème quoique donc peut-être que j'allais s'expriment ils sont ils sont symétriques ont quasiment symétrique si vous regardez le château de versailles par exemple les gens se battent parfaitement symétrique et c'est un peu ce que j'ai voulu faire là c'est à dire que si vous regardez c'est quasiment symétrique genre juste qu'ici c'est parfaitement symétrique puissions les côtés il ya des petits changements et moi je vois là j'aime bien et j'aime bien l'histoire que ça raconte aussi si on imagine que ça c'est la maison historique d'un d'un roi qui est utilisé maintenant comme musée et tout est là on a le truc plus avec tous les drapeaux plus utilisés pour des rencontres diplomatiques et où a vécu une entrée secondaire pour les chefs d'état bla bla bla bla je pense que ça peut être vous savez que toute façon moi je trouve que c'est très très important d'être dur plaît dans ce que vous faites et ça même si je vous le dis que manon même s'ils n'ont toujours aller parler à ce moment là mais même si c'est quelque chose que vous ne dites pas au moment la construction et yellow en tête parce que ça va ça va changer ce que vous faites et on arrive à irene ont juste à we both of c'est une usine avec une pâtisserie juste la voix là on a une des nouveautés vu qu'on a on était en train de bosser dessus là à la toute fin on voit d'ailleurs que c'est pas du tout terminé là c'est très très vide on va vouloir mettre plus de végétation là l'idée c'est d'avoir quand même plein d'hôtels là on veut mettre des petits parcs et rajouter beaucoup plus de commercial de tourisme de divertissement des choses comme ça mais le reste j'avais même pas remarqué d'ailleurs ça c'est sacrément remplies ça c'était ce que j'attendais même aussi pour terminer le les arbres et où c'était que tout ça se remplit je vais également plots paix je pense à terme quelques maisons ici sur les culs de sac parce que pour l'instant on comprend pas trop ce que c'est mais c'est censé être c'est censé représenter un cul-de-sac parfait mais voilà donc on a notre notre ville quand même qu'ils arrivent à trappes qui est centré autour de voilà cet axe principal avec le monorail plein d'hôtels de luxe là un centre commercial luxueux et tout ce blabla une grande plage qu'on va à terme agrémenté avec des parasols des choses comme ça ce sera très cool et là bas c'est pas c'est bizarre mais un petit peu justement à la miami où tiens la californie est pareil à clé fournie peut-être meilleur exemple vu que c'est il ya beaucoup de montagne on assez carré qui ne sait carré tout le temps d'un stop c'est des trucs vraiment quadrillé et sauf que ça s'arrête vraiment le en longeant le la montagne peut-être ajouté jean un petit 1 tu sais qu'ici choses comme ça ça pourrait être assez cool là le monorail du coût continue jusqu ici et arrive sur cette île très bizarre qui va sans doute changer mais mais dont je suis assez content c'est notre arrivée de yachts on a beaucoup beaucoup de yachts qui arrive on a un hôtel de luxe ici et du coup le monorail voilà qui arrive et qui amène tous les touristes je sais pas est ce qu'il est beaucoup utilisé 132 ou à écouter c'est déjà ça c'est déjà çà et là on va voir marina des sous comme ça ça va être ce coin là va être assez cool je pense que ce sera plein de trucs au bord de l'eau des yacht clubs des trucs comme ça ça peut être cool et en parlant de trucs pour les riches on a le country club ici on a le golfe avec du coup notre petit parking un petit resto avec terrasse la piscine et terrains de tennis et du coup notre golf à neuf trous qui est assez cool encore une fois je trouve que ouais faudra peut-être même après cette vidéo je rajouterais des arbres un peu partout c'est ce que j'avais dit me semble dans l'épisode précédent c'est que je trouvais que je n'avais pas mis assez je voulais laisser décanter un petit peu et maintenant que j'y reviens pas je j'ai toujours cette opinion il n'y a pas assez d'arbres donc j'y reviendrai mais je trouve que ça c'est sympa un peu trop proche de cette zone je pensais pas que ce serait aussi proche – pour moi y aurait un trou entre les deux mais finalement le fait qu'ils aient ce golf qui coupent l'espace dire qu'on ne peut pas du tout passé à travers c'est à dire qu'il ya que cette route là et c'est pas plus mal quand ici on aura un petit quartier en plus supplémentaire là et je pense que là où on ne fera rien on s'arrêtera est pareil ça c'est un coin de la marque qui je pense ne sera jamais utilisée où on va peut-être plus tard pour certains voulaient une centrale nucléaire ben non mais il l'a fait au bord du fleuve à peut-être pas mettre la centrale nucléaire juste à côté du palais là mouais bof je pense que c'est quelque chose on l'a déjà fait dans l'année un épisode donc je pense pas qu'on y reviendra dans celui ci mais du coup voilà pour cette villa et l'autoroute passe sous ce qui deviendra à terme l'aéroport ici j'ai vraiment hâte de faire l'hérault enfin j'ai hâte oui donc j'ai hâte parce que je pense que ça va être vraiment cool pour la région ça va être vraiment un point dominant et en même temps à chaque fois que j'essaie de faire des aéroports ils ont été pathétiques donc on verra mais cette route là qui du coup viendra de l'aéroport et cette route ici mènent à notre capital capital qui a entièrement vu le jour depuis l'épisode 20 et qui est obèse très vide oui elle est très vide je pense qu'il va falloir que je fasse peut-être plus de live dessus parce que c'est c'est très chiant à faire et du coup le faire on live pourquoi passer l'occasion de discuter un petit peu de montrer d'autres choses sur la map mais parce que vous savez que ce que j'ai adopté comme technique ces deux plots p c'est à dire poser chacun de ces bâtiments les uns après les autres donc pour l'instant vous remarqué la différence vraiment entre ce quartier là où j'ai zones est et où c'est disons le franchement dégueulasse notamment parce qu'il ya du verre partout enfin c'est très moche et ces quartiers là où j'ose espérer qu'on est d'accord pour dire que c'est quand même beaucoup plus joli ouais ça c'est beaucoup plus sympa là on a un petit aussi palais qui va falloir que je fasse un moment ou un autre et on a également ce quartier là que j'ai fait à la main qui entraient bien avec voilà notre dame le tout un cimetière ici et pas mal de bâtiments qui font le tour et qui même limite vous voulez que ça un pâté de maison comme ça il est peut-être trop épais peut-être que là ça vaut le coup de maître une rue transversale en plus pour couper ça parce qu'enfin ça fait des cours je sais qu'il ya des cours au centre des pâtés de maison de de paris mais alors quand même là je savais comme par quoi donc donc à voir mais celui là je pense qu'il va déterminer assez rapidement celui là il va un peu plus compliqué mais on verra ça je pense que ça va être une architecture complètement différente et là on verra mais notamment ici vous avez là j'ai placé une université ça c'est l'université dans le jeu de base sauf que avec la nouvelle extension capes on va faire nos profs d'université mais on va réellement faire des campus ce sera plus juste un bâtiment et je me dis que peut-être que par ici ce serait parfait pour une université parce que l'idée c'était ici je voulais même dans une sorte de grand centre de conférences de jeu c'est pas sans de convention parce que c'est le seul gros pâté que j'ai dans la ville donc on verra si on trouve quelque chose qu'on a envie de mettre là comme je sais pas si vous vous souvenez on avait ça dans le capital de la saison précédente merci à l'égoïne ses listes donc on verra si on peut faire quelque chose similaire là et puis là on aura mis un site et puis il reste bas je vais zone et façon bête et méchante là on a un nom sur lequel on va pouvoir poser quelque chose donc ça encore une fois ça va être assez compliqué on peut également décider de mettre l'université par l'assassin pas d'avoir une université en hauteur et ici on a ce qui doit être un fort on verra mais je me chauffe un peu pour faire un truc style vauban mais ça va être chaud loup quoique vauban avec lé mythe d une pente qui monte lentement avec de l'herbe et tout ça peut être sympa donc pourquoi pas là et là l'idée c'est de faire je pense une sorte de porc ou quelque chose comme ça ça peut être très cool aussi de ce côté là on a une partie plus que j'aimerais faire quartier d'affaires j'espère que ça va marcher parce que vous avez vu j'adore ce quadrillage je le trouve très réussi mais pour des bâtiments d'affaires c'est-à-dire des grandes tours savait très bizarre je pense parce que déjà avoué que c'est des petites rues donc c'est à dire que les bâtiments vont être très proches les uns des autres et en plus bas des bâtiments ou regarder manhattan c'est très très carré donc à voir après rien nous empêche de mettre des terrasses un peu partout des esplanades comme on a à la défense par exemple donc imaginons là si je mets un bâtiment là un bâtiment là eh ben je joue on met pas à la pointe l'agent mais un ici à là peut-être un petit si on verra de toute façon ça quand quand j'y viendrai je télécharger un certain nombre d'assiettes je pense parce qu'il va falloir des très très grand tour le jeu de base n'en ayant pas fameux king convienne ou du moi j'en ai utile et pas mal là bas ça fait pas très tour d'affaires quoi j'ai également fait entièrement leurs réseaux de enfin quasiment entièrement mais le réseau de métro ici up que vous pouvez voir on a un truc qui va venir comme ça qui va sans doute aller jusqu'à l'aéroport on a une ici enfin c'est le truc assez bien réfléchi je trouve ce qu'ils vont qui vont bien marcher qui vont s'incruster à de façon assez sympa avec également la banlieue qui aura un peu autour le stade qui va faire son apparition ici sachant que jusque là on avait juste le stade de foot maintenant on en a des nouveaux avec un peu bonjour je vois là je vous parle pas trop de capes mais il y en a des nouveaux donc vous peut-être qu'on va d'essayer de mettre autre chose qu'un stade de foot on verra bien après vu que c'est une ville européenne se tiendrait d'avoir sa mère ici on a dit qu'on allait mettre un holà on va mettre plutôt une ancienne zone industrielle un peu epst eux ça peut être sympa et voilà c'est à peu près tout pour la capitale ah oui j'avais posé un truc d'aéroport là ouais mais là on va pas être la ministre a même l'aéroport de marchandises ici je sais pas du tout là j'ai une petite idée de ce que je vais faire mais on verra quand on y viendra cette région là vous souvenez qu'on l'avait mis en place on n'était pas du tout satisfait je m'étais dit non on va plutôt faire un grand trou de ce côté-là mettre les machines là et mettre la ville plutôt en hauteur et ben on n'y a pas du tout retouché depuis en fait c'est à dire que on était tellement occupée avec autre chose que pour l'instant elle est le produit des ressources minières ça nous va très bien et on se focalise sur autre chose donc on va revenir viendra mais prochainement qu'est ce qui est de la wii bayala quand même la station centrale qui est le bordel de l'infini avec beaucoup beaucoup de deux voies ferrées mais c'est très cool y en a certaines qui sont là juste pour faire joli genre tout ça par exemple ce sera évidemment jamais dit c'est la non plus là il y en a beaucoup plus que nécessaire d'ailleurs c'est oui c'est celle qui vont jusqu'à jusqu'à zones minières justement ici je sais même pas quoi elle sans fin ouais j'en ai plein on verra ce qu'on décide d'en faire exactement je sais je sais pas moi il faudrait que j'arrive à les libérer d'une certaine façon pour me retrouver meiway notre coulée verte qui est très sympa avec notre bout d'autoroute sous terre pour changer un peu parce que voilà je n'ai pas envie de mettre une coulée verte où l'on et puis ça c'est sympa aussi ça c'est joli et la l'autoroute qui continue vers j'y reviens là du coup vers ça quelque chose qui n'a pas du tout changé depuis la dernière fois donc ça c'est simplement notre ville pétrolière bouquet pinte donc c'est un peu bizarre mais bon avec ben plein d'habitation et tout cela elle doit être assez massive aussi en termes de 4700 là à que kd 1700e bombages à riga pas il n'y a pas énormément de montres paraissent pas ce qu'il y'a pas beaucoup de y'a pas beaucoup voire quasiment ouais ça et pas beaucoup de haute densité donc c'est pour ça avec encore une fois nos réseaux ferrés qui sont séparées comme vous le voyez il ya deux de réseaux on a là le réseau pour les passagers est là pour l'industrie avec les des trains qui malheureusement n'apparaissent que quand on s'approche et en plus y en a plein qui ont des peaux père me souvenais de l'anr fois mais c'est quand même très très sympa comme comme comme truc avec une gmi l'infini l'autre je pense si je l'avais pas juste posé en mode on mettra quelque chose de tours plus tard les plates formes offshore et ça c'est quelque chose qui est nouveau pour l'électricité de la map peut-être qu'on trouvera mieux mais en attendant quelque chose que je trouve assez sympa c'est de mettre ces fermes à vagues c'est ça ouais c'est faire la vague qui produisent pas mal l'électricité et qui nous ont permis d'unifier tout le réseau électrique de la map plutôt que d'avoir des éoliennes dans tous les sens eh ben on a des éoliennes là où ça fait sens et où c'est joli ici je les trouve assez joli même si je pense qu'elles sont trop proches pour être effective d'un point de vue réaliste quelques-unes à la campagne on en rajoutera d'autres et pour le reste je crois qu'on a quasiment aucune autre source d'électricité ah si on a la centrale solaire ici mais sinon pour le reste ouais on a pas mal de puits de pétrole et tous et je me demande d'ailleurs si ça n'a pas disparu ici je crois que j'en avais plus des des plateformes mais je dois pouvoir produire assez ainsi on vient de là a ouais c'est ça oui 95% oui donc je produis largement assez de pétrole pour être à l'équilibré sur la map on dirait et du coup la dernière chose qui a qui est apparue même c'est chronologiquement pas la chose que j'ai faite c'est cette zone ici la zone portuaire de marchandises là où ici on a un petit port de plaisance qui va sans doute s'agrandir notamment si je peux changer dès les tracés des lignes maritimes même si on m'a dit que le mode n'étaient plus à jour mais moi c'est cette zone a et cette zone là c'est une zone que j'aime beaucoup donc tout ça on va en faire un gros centre industriel avec la grande digue qui protège tout ça contre les vagues avec juste quelques ouvertures pour les bateaux certains qui passe beaucoup trop proche mais bon qu'est ce que vous voulez il voit là ils ont un planning à tenir il faut pas qu'ils perdent de temps et on a tous acquis et fait malheureusement comme pour le reste on a les props qui n'apparaissent que quand on est très proches donc il faudrait qu'on voit encore une fois si on peut télécharger un mode mais vous savez que j'en étais chargé beaucoup alors que je suis pourtant frileux parce que ça casse des save on a du coup tu vois je crois que tu es désactiver au du coup on va te laisser désactiver parce qu'on finance je suis pas forcément idéal mais regardez la quantité de camions qui a qui transitent par cette station cette station ici celle là on a d'être un homme c'est bien parce que c'est exactement ce que j'attendais c'est ce dont j'avais besoin et encore dites vous bien que il ya beaucoup de marchandises qui viennent du reste de la map qui ne peuvent pas y accéder à part en camion parce que par exemple les rails ne sont pas du tout relié faudrait que je les relis jeanroch ici alors je pourrai le faire assez facilement mais bon il ya quasiment aucune autre station devant aucune autre gare ferroviaire pour les marchandises mais mais oui j'aime beaucoup cette zone j'aime beaucoup la forme en fait que je vais donner maintenant il va falloir remplir tout ça est la vache ça va être compliqué parce que cdc mine de rien c'est un espace gigantesque à la taille d'une ville alors pour remplir tout ça d'industrie faut voir d'ailleurs je me demande si avant je comptais mais ce genre cette usine a pour le coup elle et elle place annonce à celle là cette usine avouer que les places et je les fais donc je vais la laisser celle là plutôt que de la m de ce côté là je pense que je peux être plus tôt la descendre pour alléger un peu l'industrie parce que mettre tout ça d'industrie ça va être beaucoup et je me demande si laisser un petit tampon juste de verre c'est pas une meilleure utilisation de notre espace mais également ici une ça c'est notre chantier naval voit juste là donc ça c'est l'industrie ultime c'est celle où qui nous pompent plein ressources et de temps en temps quand elle sort c'est jackpot parlons de jackpot ça ce n'est pas du tout va faire que je refasse ça sérieusement ouais tu sais quoi lui on va quand même je sais pas s'il va être réutilisés mais je vais l'ouvrir je vais l'aimer comme ça peut-être que ça va les gens vont aller un peu plus par là même si ce n'est pas forcément une bonne chose parce que cet accès complètement complètement engorgé a donc ouais donc ça c'est un endroit que je trouve assez sympa aussi et sur la pointe comme vous avez peut-être un an d'ici si je vais mettre une base militaire vous avez été beaucoup mieux à me réclamer j'en avais parlé il ya longtemps que cette rue en fête à partir d'ici sans doute genre tac tac ou quelque chose comme ça on va mettre une base militaire je crois que j'en ai jamais fait dans le jeu donc ça déteint c'est intéressant on va prendre des ascètes qui sont très cools fremm c'est qu'il ya certains bateaux par exemple qui sont utilisées par des marchandises genre celui ci voilà c'est un bateau de marchandises qui la transporte une cargaison vers sainte vegas tout va bien mais voilà bon écoutez je pense qu'on a fait le tour qu'en dit comme ça surtout quand on passe que sur les derniers 16 épisodes et pas sur les vins avant on ça va vite enfin quoi que je dise ça va vite ça fait vingt-cinq minutes 1er mai mais ouais on a fait on a fait pas mal de choses je suis assez content et regarder ceux ci la quantité de verre qu'il reste sur cette map on va pouvoir continuer de verbal choses là j'avais laissé ça pour peut-être faire un un parc naturel ici on voulait faire un parc naturel tout ici aussi qui va être très très cool on a bon à la capitale n'en parlons même pas un capital on n'a même pas fait la moitié à l'aéroport le stade est tous là donc voilà je sais pas un jeu là on a fait trente six épisodes sur cette map je nous vois façon crédible refaire trente six épisodes si vous souvenez la malbaie des saisons qui a préféré de tout le monde c'est la saison mars trendnet puis green ces listes on avait pu garder la même save et bien si on pouvait faire la même chose là et faire deux saisons entières sur la même scène ce serait très très cool en tout cas merci à tous d'avoir suivi pour cette vidéo c'était un plaisir j'ai j'adore cette j'adore ce jeu ans a évidemment j'en suis à des centaines de vidéos je ne continuerai pas si le doré passe à face à mais j'adore aussi cette cei je trouve que sans aller dans l'horreur détail on voit vraiment le chemin que j'ai parcouru en [Musique] 3 avec 3 dans quatre ans sur le jeu donc donc ouais c'est très très cool écoutez merci à tous et on se retrouve très très bientôt pour la suite bye

MINING INDUSTRY // Cities: Skylines | Vanilla Lets Play 2 – Part 16

I think eventually I'll go in there into a proper Park with like entrances and all that stuff but the time being it's fine I want to see where all these guys are going here so give me let me see roots so where are you all going a lot of you are going to the left and then a lot of you are going way over there okay so that's why it's telling back because a lot of these guys want access to this neighborhood and this is sort of the quickest way to get it so I wonder if I was to maybe put like a junction here instead of the instead of that and then have it like loop a lot like along there that would probably look really ugly though like right in the middle of the water no I don't want to do that I think it'll look terrible um oh I don't know I don't know I mean we could bring a road straight through here there's peelers there but we could do that that's probably not a good idea that's probably just gonna cause way more traffic but it would be sort of a way to do things I think I'm gonna try it I'm just I'm curious I'm curious to see what would happen and if we do like an avenue there as well we could yeah we could probably get away with that I might turn this road into an avenue as well just to try and just to try and see if that does anything I think this side can be residential still and I think what I'm gonna do is actually push that straight through to there and I kind of hope that works I kind of hope that does does some good for us so up to there straight across up to theirs but across yeah I guess we'll see if that does anything it might it does give us a direct connection to this like weird Avenue thing so it might take some of the traffic I think we might need a bit of an old-time policy around there might need this actually loop straight over that other Avenue but we'll see I kinda want to keep an eye on that I hope it does work that I hope it does what I want it to do I'm also thinking junctions let me see Junction Junction Junction No so a lot of you are going up that way which is really not what I wanted you to do I get why they're doing cuz that crossover point okay um that's not good I don't want that I want rid of it so ditch that they're all gonna go down and have to – u-turn but that's fine I want them to have to go on this one-way thing and then you turn up here or even get onto that road that will be kind of slow cuz they can only go one car at a time onto that little bit but we'll see if there we'll see if that does anything I'm kind of hopeful it will I'm also slightly tempted to take out this road here that comes down but we'll see we'll definitely see if that does anything at all it might it might not as for farming did I I think I'd loved something today yeah I got like the large barn when do I get the large level-5 area yeah okay well yeah level five it's level four what we need for level five oh okay so a few more workers and then we're sorted so if I was to throw I guess more what is this milking parlor was this flour mill we got a milking parlor I feel like we didn't do I have room for one in here almost a solid almost uh what about what am i doing the milking parlor up here to just do two of them just do four of them why not that should give us more employees so I guess I'll work decent what a traffic around here but doesn't seem to be doing to be going too crazy and there's our problem so because they can yeah because only one vehicle can get on that little stretch of road this acts as like an extended stop sign so this is not gonna work basically and yeah that's a problem so that's just gonna have traffic go super slow it just acts as like a really long stop sign because these guys here's this this this garbage truck is not gonna move until this blue Jeep is out of the way so you notice as soon as the blue watch like you'll see this garbage truck hates the hits this crossing i'ma laughs before that one even considers moving if we had traffic manager I could say that's traffic was clear to enter the intersection and it would move a lot faster but you'll notice if if traffic gets stuck in this a little bit these guys will sit there the entire time so that's just gonna be a super long stop sign that doesn't really doesn't really do us any favors um and there's not really any well there is kind of an easy fix to it I say there is kind of an easy fix there actually isn't because if we if we go across there with an avenue it's just gonna do the same thing so we might need some kind of roundabout in there I think it might be worth trying although alternatively we just push traffic in a different direction to try and get it moving better because we still need to fix this like a lot of the traffic coming from this highway is trying to go to our new neighborhood so like this is sort of helping this area clear out a bit but it's not helping the traffic coming from like the north right so I think I'm gonna leave that for the time being these guys just need a way to go from this highway to the new area a lot quicker and I just I don't know what that way is I don't know what I don't really know what we're gonna do for that so I'll procrastinate and just upgrade some highways around here and pretend like I know what I'm doing that's that's that's what I'm thinking we'll pretend like I know what I'm doing and I think I'm also going to uh I mean let me let me see here what if we took this bitter road out it would force all this traffic down there yeah it's not gonna do anything because traffic can still it will still be able to u-turn here let me try that that is faster it does mean that these guys can only go left but that is faster a little bit yeah that is better okay what if we were to do a stop sign let me see right there – traffic come and done the Y has to stop traffic coming in there has to stop and also you have to get bulldozed that kind of works a bit better it's actually clearing ID so I don't really mind the you turning like you turning isn't something I usually want at this kind of Junction but it's working so I don't think it's too big a deal we have moved the problem of course it is not here so uh things are still bad we also uh where we're supposed oh no that's supposed to have an old time policy on I think it's just hit me that I'm pretty sure this road here actually no it will be the border for an old sign policy I think we're fine actually I think we're okay I do want to extend this district so I can you know properly see where the Academy ends but yeah i think i think that road is more the border for an old time policy rather than the the policy area itself so this can loop over to there we can fill that space I'm gonna need to just tear out some parts of the policy for sure for example this entire stretch here I guess the Avenue needs to be taken out of it as well or the Avenue that's fine that bit can go this bit needs to not have the old time policy and I guess all of this over here as well and maybe that rode through there maybe that Road should uh yeah I think we will keep it off of that road as well just the traffic can kind of like get in there and go around and all that stuff that road yeah will do will do all done I think that'll be okay we'll see if that does anything for us this traffic if it clears out that'll be great this traffic's still a problem at whatever we're kind of getting there kind of get in there very very slowly but we're getting there how are you looking you've got the employees we just need you to uh make more stuff okay while that's going on let's figure out mining because mining is absolutely another way we can get ourselves a nice amount of nice amount of profit so let's do let's just do a nice big area for it and it will just be right in there you noticed that big square so straight across and straight down straight across and straight up there so it's a nice big square nothing too fancy doesn't need to be doesn't need to be crazy I kinda want to tidy up a little bit and then Tanya up there and tidy up on that side and a little bit there yeah that kind of looks the part as for heart we're gonna connect this area I want to do two things I think I want trains and I think I trains should be easy here actually I think I'm also going to take out this intersection because what we can do is put a cloverleaf in there and give this another dedicated highway connection which i think is a good idea so boom we have our cloverleaf nice and easy and then yeah that can just loop around and I think what we can do here is actually something like I kind of want to take the idea for from net slave HQ and death row where you come into the area you go to the building you leave the area it's all kind of very one-way so let's try that so what I want to do is keep that in the ground give me some guidelines and let's go like this right so we'll go 40 units that's fine let me do a nice sort of curve at the end of it and a nice curve on that side and flip it around and then they still kind of go way over here it'll have another curve on it and I could probably do this a little bit better than I'm doing it that's all right that's gonna be quite low to the water but okay we'll figure it out that's quite steep isn't it oh my all right I might need to uh I need to do this a slightly different way actually we could probably get like oh I know what we can do here I'm actually yeah I I was kind of looking at this for a second there and I'm like oh this is terrible but I actually think I have an idea to do that right so loops are on it stays in the one-way Road all it all loops in the same direction we can put a one of the the docks with like obviously the boats and wait can we do that does this map even have boat connections I think it does uh it does not okay nevermind we can't do that okay that's great ignore me that's fine I was just really excited about the thing I could do but okay never mind thank you City skylines for crushing my dreams right is that that is gonna be parallel right so that needs to go up by a considerable amount actually and then let me turn off guideline so this is actually gonna be even so there and then those go together all right so that all loops around it's not great zoning on it right now but I can fix that I think if I take out these bits and try to flatten a fair bit of this so if I flatten this we still have all of the we still have all the resources so it's not that big a deal we can smooth a lot of this out as well but this will just give me more zoning which is kind of what I want from all of this so this can run straight up there and yeah more zoning that's perfect take these bits I'd do the same thing more zoning that's perfect and basically what I'm thinking is a bunch of one-way roads going through like this and we can put a bunch of different industrial things on all those roads with that said I know some of these are gonna be a little bit you know some of these areas gonna be a bit too small I think we can make it work though so our industry main building can be I guess we need to extend the industry so we'll do that and then the main building can go it'd be nice if it would go you know in a good spot whatever or industry main building right there that's terrible nevermind let's move it it can go I don't know center of that road why not so yeah that'll work then around it we just need four mines which are too big for the areas that I've light I really okay fair enough can I just do these oh boy oh I can do a few of these I can do a few of these oh my that's gonna be a lot that's gonna be a lot yeah okay well we'll see how that goes let me take this out for a second because I kind of want to I want to make sure that traffic can if it needs to loop around so raise that up a bit and do this they can get straight onto the highway or they can loop around I think that'll be pretty good so that can all be changed into that this can be changed into that and these outside roads let me see you can go kind of nicely there ah these outside roads are gonna be turned into that roads not actually necessary up there so we'll take that I but these roads out here are gonna be turned into highways basically so that will keep them moving kind of nice and quickly you can probably just change this into two lanes as well and that should keep them looping around really well right like that that should in theory what else can I throw in here what do we got so or grinding mills are actually gonna maybe fit in here so the two of those on either end let's do three on either ends and do that there we go and then what we can even do to be a little bit cheeky cuz you know who doesn't love a cheeky road is I guess like a little something in here or traffic and sort of loop around in some weird way yeah we'll do that as for everything else and we're gonna need we need water right here of course that's the usual we're also gonna need power not really sure what way we're gonna do that yet but we'll figure it out let's just run you to there and power can be maybe just one of these or like geothermal or something why do geothermal like throw it in there I mean that'll work it should be fine uh so yeah that's all gonna get dug up that'll be great uh we are making metals with that which makes me think that we are probably gonna want storage for it so where can I put metal storage in the city we could do like a storage yard out here but that might be a little excessive we'll see what happens do you guys know of power what does it happen okay I'm not entirely sure how that came about but whatever um I do want to see if these guys start working though so there are there are workers there I think we are probably gonna want buses out to this place as well so let's do a let's do a bus line so that people that work here can actually come out here will do we'll leave this sort of thing and we'll have it go where's the Center for buses like what I don't really have a Center for buses um a lot of Metro passengers there I don't really know where to take this I think what I'll do is I'll bring a bus in there and I'll bring a bus over there and uh I don't really know I don't really know where to take this hold on a minute actually uh purple bus line I think it goes to what I call stark tower though doesn't it yes that's just tourism huh you know what I guess I guess the university is like the center of everything so let's bring the buses there and then take it all right even maybe have it go to farming that seems like a decent idea let's have the buses like go in here up to there down to there and then back to there so it's gonna connect together wait can that really not do that there we go so it's gonna connect together two different industrial areas which might be terrible but we'll find out I'm excited to find out is what I am so we shall see these things are producing which is good we just kind of need to find out if we just kind of need to find out if this is gonna do anything it's not pretty looking like that that's the thing that it's really not good looking but I'm dying to know if it if it if it does anything good here I also realize where are you going you're exporting exporting exporting okay but you guys need or okay are you just all going to export before vcss is rural material storage things you are right and I'm an idiot you're completely right right there that's the ones sand storage that's exactly what I'm looking for so we'll throw that there and there and that'll be fine so that'll be oh my god you can leave there's no one waiting there's still no one waiting tell you what we'll do to maybe try and fix this a little bit put grass on these roads in the hopes of maybe getting the buses to move a bit more efficiently so are you storing stuff you are okay that's what we won all right traffic flows back up to 85% there by the way just in case you didn't catch that so that's nice and yeah these guys are actually looping around so that's kind of cool I like that yeah there we go so they're kind of doing their thing like we're yeah sand storage so yeah they're just gonna loop around and I'm totally okay with that some of them are gonna go over here we're gonna start producing mouths yeah that works that works for me so they just keep looping around basically I'm okay with that we'll figure out what this area is gonna do at some point we need to produce four resources to get it to level up this over here is fairly close in terms of profits though we're doing a pretty good job and think of what I'm gonna do is probably turn this island into like probably just a total nightmare for industry I I kind of want to have like an or focused area here we are prestigious we just leveled up we just leveled up rheic Adam II that's what I want to see right there okay that's good timing because we're kind of done with this for the time being until it levels up um but what I'm thinking though is we just turn this island into nothing but industry to nothing but industry big one-way system you know you go and you go to the building you need to go to you leave right I think that's what we do because then we can move industry out of here out of here and you know from anywhere else and I think we'll be good so let's have a look at rhe economy let's see we got so we got the the School of Engineering which is huge but could fit in there if I took like the the laboratories so we might have to do that we also got the beach volleyball club and the Media Lab which I mean I do like a good Media Lab I'll be honest not really sure where it could go but I will find somewhere it could go in there actually what if we take out that outdoor study area and that I throw a study area let me take that out as well and we'll throw the Media Lab say there right so it's kind of overlooking the park that looks kind of neat we can put a beach volleyball club next to it I don't think we will I don't I don't think beach volleyball is I don't think Ari Academy is is is gonna be taking part in any beach volleyball is it's all I'm gonna say it's not that they don't want to it's just that they are they're not really all that close to a beach and in fact there are none there there are none so you know that that's that's that's kind of why that's that's kind of why ah let's just connect these a little bit I think that'll look okay put some we can put some stuff around that put some foots and fries around the media lab I think it'll look good I think I am gonna take out the laboratory I think we have to take this art can I hit the trees I'd I'm gonna have to take the walls and the paths out because I do want to get the School of Engineering in here so that entire space can be cleared we can throw in the School of Engineering into that corner which just about works just about fits it does look a little bit crammed in there I will I will admit which is you know not ideal but whatever let me see I wonder if we'd be better turning this around I'm kind of thinking we might be um well maybe not maybe not over here actually might be a good spot I'm trying to just clear some space I want to try to have like nice open space in the middle of all of this so I'm actually thinking right there for the Media Lab we'll move the book club soo there and we can yeah we can you know decorate run that a little bit better I'll give us more open space in the middle of everything like back here which I kind of like so we can put some paths in there we can make it look nice we can decorate it etc it's after it tetra and I think it'll look fantastic basically that's that's my thinking I can do that beautiful we could do let's see where would I be good doing a path here I'm thinking there and I'm thinking about there and I'm thinking some fences as well if it'll let me do one here which I really hope it will oh really really that's oh so close so close okay that's fine I can make it work probably can probably make it work let's go to there and I'm thinking we'll just do our usual thing with the fences and make it look make it look fancy let's do a usual thing it's fine so that bits fancy looking it's it's all nice and move the book club and all that so it's you know it's fine the the rest of it I mean it's it's it's painful not being able to do the the path the way I want to do it it's it's painful is what it is I'm wondering though can I do would this look all right or is this gonna look weird does that look like I kind of like it I kind of don't I think I'm gonna keep it just see what it looks like later when everything else is done I'll see what that looks like when I come back to it as well and like a day or two let me see can I is there any way I can do this I'll have to be it that's that's that just spiritual level hurts me on a spiritual level it's it's not fair is what it is it's just not it's just not fair it's not okay let me see here so from there does this give me the right curve um not really I don't I don't know I don't know what to do here I really don't oh man this this is this is painful this is painful if I had Anarchy if I had a turkey it would be fine what if I did this Oh hold on okay okay okay okay I'll allow it I will allow it let's um let's do that fills in nicely that's that's fine I guess and then the path can go from here to there as well okay I did the thing that's sure that's probably as good as it's gonna get what else have I not placed in here so the beach volleyball club I think is like the only thing we did in place so we kind of got this like big empty space up here we can do something with it this is looking all right I think we do want to probably put maybe another statue or something in here so statue number two can go there that looks all right yeah I like that I do kind of like that um oh that's the perfect spot for the outdoor study area so let's do a let's do a path behind these dormitories and we'll throw an outdoor study area just back there so turn off all them go run up to but that's fun let's just trying it at Central and I think that'll look pretty pretty good so what there I like that okay final thing the final thing we need is gonna be somehow getting this to look at all decent with some curves here that's gonna be that's it's gonna be a challenge I think it's fair to say um think you are four seconds put that there but that there and I want that curve there cuz it just looks nice I like doing that little like double wall thing it just it looks neat it's really it's really bad there's not really any way to like make it other than replacing that road but there's nothing oh my god I feel like I'm half the letter exists because there's not really any other way to do the thing right there yeah not a huge fan of that but whatever oh I don't like it oh it's awful oh it's bad I'm taking that study area oh I'm taking art because if I take it I can build my own and have it fit the space better I think that's kind of the only way I'm gonna do it so we're not gonna have an outdoor study area we're just gonna have to um yeah we're gonna have to just do it kind of manually also I've got this one bit of here it's doing that starting to bug me I think it's out of the way now we're good okay so so that can go there that can go there and that can go there so that loops are wrong better right I've kind of kind of fills up the space it you know hugs the shape better what what could I do in the middle of that any any buildings I guess I could do like uh I can do that but even that looks a bit silly to do that that's okay cuz it's not you know completely filling the space and then if we just throw a bunch of props in there we're probably all right I reckon to put like a grilled thing in this corner we can put what is this trade school tables and stuff like that so we'll do like like a cluster of trade school tables up here to something a little bit like like that let me see there and there so just a bunch of them not perfectly laid out they're not really gonna be actually take those ones and there it'll do I'll hide some of them with trees so that you can't really see that they're kind of wonky throw a trash bin corner there and there so it's sort of an outdoor study area right yeah it's sort of an outdoor study area lights are not really care about I think I just want to get like some trees give me like that just sort of give shelter to the area and one or two of those just to make the area a little bit nicer bit color to it etc etc and sort of coming together what are those trays isn't that these no it's not it's those okay let me throw a couple of those in to try and blend this area together a bit more I realize I've been using totally the wrong type of tree this entire time well whatever a bit too late to realize that okay that blinds a bit better still very open it's still kind of like me but I'm not really I'm not really wanting to change it much more anyway so it's it's it's staying like it's like it'll do basically it's kind of where I'm at here I want the food stole here and I want to throw it there I'll throw an ice cream truck there we can throw another food stole thing there I guess and we'll throw one next to as well it's a couple of food stalls there just kind of make it like more of a almost like a public area not quite a public area obviously human asks where's the spot where the kids smoke the devil's lettuce but they think they're too cool the computer club that is that is right here under these trees that's why there's a grill right next to it they're gonna get hungry that's smoking Satan's parsley is uh too tiresome business is what it is not that I would know I think that'll work it's kind of messy but it's when there's buildings up here I think it'll look better this area in here needs stuff this whole area kind of just needs a lot more detailing I've got a lot of these fences in and just a lot of empty green space so I do want to do more with that I think more of like these fountains and stuff like that might be a good idea but I think it's coming together like it's it's a massive Academy like it's it's huge that that whole area is just the Academy and I like that I like it a lot I also like that we're making thirty five thousand dollars right and on that's a nice touch how's traffic doing by the way that's that's a good question a barber traffic in here it's kind of a king which is surprising traffic over here is not OK which is to be expected but our traffic flow is 84% which honestly that's not bad 84% traffic flow given the amount of traffic we have that's not bad at least I like to think so are there many people using this bus line by the way five residents well ok then that'll be a that'll be a solid no is what that'll be there are not a lot of people using those bus lines ok fair enough I guess