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hello and welcome to another City skylines tutorial with me woody powers collaborating with Paradox Interactive to show you how to build an impressive looking industrial seaport and rail yard combination here on the official city skylines youtube channel so i have started working on a brand new city in front of the highly anticipated release of industries what you are seeing today comes from xbox but it works the same for PlayStation and PC and now that Industries is here I am so excited let's get to work building a great looking industrial seaport connected to an industrial rail yard while making it aesthetically pleasing as any player knows industrial areas can be tricky becoming the catalyst for major traffic jams and pollution issues so today we want to take you from this to this yes an area is so clean and cool you would be proud to take your mom on a tour I already have my roadways and highways laid out in advance designed to keep those trucks moving with loads of things we've build in our city like smartphones and frozen fish sticks however combining the Seaport to the rail yard can be a challenge the best place to begin is by creating our Harbor area with keys being the key let's start by going to the landscaping menu grab our keys and make a border for this Harbor alright I like the way this looks now once we've got those seawalls in place we want to head on over to the transportation menu look for the cargo hub and we'll just scan around looking for the perfect place I think this will do however before we plop it down we want to make sure to double check the route of our cargo ships looking for a clear line of sight we don't want a Titanic size disaster as those ships roll in there we go two cargo hubs is going to fill this space nicely so let's go back to the transportation menu and plop down this cargo train terminal which will be the hub of our railway and then next we are going to complete our rail line I like to use a central line so that we can connect the cargo hub like I'm doing here and then connecting a line to our cargo train terminal we'll move back to our cargo hub and connect that track as well to create a symbiotic industrial area okay now that ships and trains can move freely we want to build up that industrial area but it does not have to look like the inside of a microwave of work or the floor of a college dorm room no industrial areas can look neat and clean and become the envy of your city hack number one plop some tiles from the Parklife menu before building filling in the area like I'm doing here then you just move on over grab some yellow industrial tiles let's zone that and just let it grow like a beautiful flower so what if my own personal tricks is adding one or two office tiles most factories have an office space for accountants and Human Resources and managers and I think growing a small office building hats nicely to our industrial concept then I like to finish off the area with some fences and some props from the new industrial DLC throw in some trees man I'm gonna grab my resume and apply to work at this Factory I love the way it looks by the way I suggest keeping your factories at a distance apart to help you avoid pollution and traffic issues it also helps to make several smaller industrial areas around your city okay let's complete this area by having a few unique factories from the industries menu I love that one and a few more probable storage areas we're also going to add in a bunch of fences to keep people from stealing our industrial secrets and we are going to plop a lot of trees around the entire area so that it looks like it qualifies for the new reality TV show city's Got Talent here we go tea bees bathing suits and bananas arriving daily by sea and being distributed by trucks and trains Hey thank you so much for watching today more tutorials to come and make sure to subscribe down below


what's going on guys noida Griffin here finally it has come out for Xbox as well there was a little bit of confusion earlier today with being released on PlayStation 4 but not on Xbox and everything but finally I was able to turn on the game and there was a two gigabyte update and it was finally industries so let's jump right in I'm gonna take you guys through a short tour of what's all new we're gonna go over all of the new roads new buildings and the new policies and we might be able to spot some new vehicles here and there too if we're lucky but just with every new update they have this what's new message I'm not gonna bother you guys with this you guys can read it whenever you get a chance there are new workers and new vehicles and stuff as well and cargo and now the post city services I'm very excited to see how that works and the tol bullets which is what everybody's so excited about let's check out the new Maps real quick we got wood garden which is a boreal map it seems and I think that's the one I'm playing on I'm gonna show you guys in this one then there's the twin fjords which I was very excited about but it's gonna be difficult not doesn't seem to have a lot of space but I'll let you guys judge down on your own per Bay is your southern and tropical map very beautiful as well marble canyon and then you got the green Peaks which is your European map so let's jump right into a game and we can check out the build all right so welcome back here we are in beautiful little test Ville do not judge this at all I just threw this together really quick and threw together all of the buildings in here that are new in this update just to show you guys so let's start off with the new roads over here not very many this is the old road just as a comparison and then the new roads include the small industry road which is right here and the one-way version of that so they're not the previous roads but that's they add more realism as they are more damaged due to the loads and stuff of the trucks so this is the old one and this is the new one now there has been another free update which is the far east one which gives you two new trees hooray hooray I love trees so you get one bamboo tree or you get three bamboo trees or five Harmon you yeah but yep that was included enough in another update as well and then you also get new fences which look pretty cool so these are the park life ones then you get the forestry fence which I'm not sure where I started off let's just put these down which is just a wooden fence over there which makes sense forestry uses wood right so there's that the farm fence which is a super cute one kind of like a picket fence but it made out of wood and then you get the or industry one which is the one right over here and you got the oil industry ones with the spikes on top of it just to make sure you don't cross over all right let's check out these buildings that we have so first things first I know everybody's gonna be super excited about the toll road so what I did over here was I wanted to see how this is actually gonna affect all these cars and there's a slow way to get to our industry Ireland over there there's actually these guys are all oil tankers and stuff but I'm sure that a lot of these cars that need to go over there where our wood in the ore industry is they're gonna take the highway as there's a bunch coming back over here so they pass through this beautiful little toll road be great if somebody will show up every now and then and actually go there unless they're just avoiding this but you can click on it and adjust the prices so let's spike this up all the way for cars is one dollar fifty for trucks it's three dollars and I just seriously nobody using this at all your little suckers I see how it is alright anyways this right here is the woodland woodland I did not name this this was named by the game so kudos for creativity but let's start off with going through the buildings you get this new little beautiful tab over for industries then you draw a industrial sector and then you just place your buildings so you get your forestry main building which I believe is this cute little guy yeah and as you can see there's a lot of uneducated workers in there but the main point of me showing you this is there's a lot more detail now to clicking on these little stores and you can have the storage mode in two filled or empty which you know what I'm not gonna lie to you have no idea what this means like storage if it's fill if you if it's full you put on filled I guess something like that but anyways we have the forestry main buildings and then we have the barracks which I guess it's like your military base where people live any forest workers over here no just keep your looking elephant over here but these guys are just ready to rumble with their chainsaws over here so get to work guys well done then we have over here a sawmill which actually you can see it gives you a lot of information over here they have plain temper producing and they're currently producing 22 tons of that 25 now so these guys are hard at work so every little building seems to have its own little I don't know detailed version thing of telling you whatever the heck is going on in there so we've got the engineering engineered Witt plant this is a big building right here which is the forestry maintenance building these guys are gonna go out here and make sure that your trees and farms are doing well here we got our little sapling farm it seems like cute little guys mini mini spruces or whatever these are and we got the large sapling farm as well then over here we have the medium tree plantation and the large tree plantation I know there's a small tree plantation somewhere – I believe you check that real quick small tree plantation there it is this over here I wonder if these trees grow Oh a small tree plantation and the one as well over here anyways over here we got the biomass pellet plant who are gonna who are producing paper and all of this stuff we are gonna touch on as well when we go over here which we'll get to in a second no worries guys so we have the pulp mill which produces paper – and then you have the small log yard and the large log yard so it's all basically a supply chain so these guys I'm assuming it works like that I'm not a 100% so sure but these guys cut down the trees it goes over here and then all of these guys pick up the logs this guy right this guy picks up the raw forest products he just got a load now and put puts it oh my god I haven't talked anymore anyways he produces the plain timber and then the plain timber goes to the furniture farm I think so – the furniture factory I'm sorry anyways that is your timber woodland woodland over here I love that name anyways over here we get the Magnolia or group so I believe it's pretty cool the names of the districts actually change depending on what you put in there so this is not part of it this is just the power plant I decided to put it here but this is the main building as you can see huge office with lots of office spaces it's very small building I'm surprised and then you get the workers barracks right here a little housing unit then you got this big boy right here you'll just destroy your land and excavate as much or as you can this is a large or mine then you get the industry worker right there just one of them if you're curious about that one get the sand storage over here which I'm curious is this used for like glass or something like that maybe but he's 100 percent full so these guys need to go over here and collect this stuff medium or mine or grinding mill you get the fiberglass plan so I'm assuming this guy uses the user just or okay and we have small little ore mines and just little cute guys right here the bunch of guys standing around not really knowing what they doing probably on lunch break for the rest of our lives have you got the large or mine underground over here they just go on in some tunnels and never be seen again into the abbess and then the small one then you also got ah if you let's see right here I know there is no or over here on the shore but over here for example so if this was me playing as a smart player I would put the ocean thing over here what is this thing called again the seabed mining a vessel and this guy can extract ore from over here and deliver it to wherever it needs to go so we have woodland woodland and Magnolia or group let's go to the Briar Rose or go up let's actually see this thing in action over here got a couple more trucks coming in very nice and I just decided to put it here because I felt like the oil brings in lots of money so why not bring in even more money so we got the oil industry workers barracks right here there's an entrance you know if they want to go home they have to go through the toll road first then you get the oil industry maintenance building and this is its main palace over here well in this tree main building with no cars parked at all I think these guys are bankrupt because there was no power over here obviously alright and then actually in the oil category the buildings are not nearly as big as with the ore industry I feel like the ore has the biggest buildings and then the wood as well but the factories over there and factories are giant enormous so back to where we were you get the large oil pumps over here pretty cute they're moving actually or they might not just be working because there's absolutely no oil right here so I didn't know where to find the oil in this map I just decided to plop it here so they probably would work if there was oil over here but there is absolutely none so these guys I don't even know what they're picking up right now bomb oh well anyways you get the small small oil drilling rig get the world waste oil refining plant crude oil storage and this looks to be another storage unit right here oil industry storage yeah you know they actually have storage they actually have a thousand two hundred eighty barrels out on the house but good for them guys I don't know where they're coming up with this oil and these guys are producing plastic the petrochemical plant oil sludge honey pot pyrolysis plant these guys produce petroleum and then you get the tank farms over here which look awesome in your industrial area I'm sure you guys can do a lot of cool stuff with that enough that cracker plant I don't know what in the world these guys doing they have to cracker plants might affect your oil industry speciality good they produce plastic in other words okay could have just said that basically they did and then we got this more small tank oil farm large oil drilling rig and same thing over here is with the or you got these beautiful looking offshore oil plants offshore oil oil drilling platform and there's 85 jobs available so our demand for housing is through the roof whatever you guys might wonder what these little buildings are these I the far east ones that I decided to throw in here just to show off the temple complex just in case you work at the oil industry and you realize there's no oil there so you got to say a quick prayer before you go to work and you got the panda sanctuary over here as well I love pandas probably some of my favorite animals and probably everybody else's favorite animal Nezha oh wow it's adorable you anyways get the patent Sanctuary and then you got this oriental pearl tower which looks kind of like a communist kind of looking thing but hey that works for me anyways last one this is the what does it count agriculture right just farming industry and it's called anchor Grove okay cute you got the where's the main building farm main building over here you guys have some issues with carving is mr. farmer over here you got the large barn you got the small barn as well create maybe some Amish communities over here something like that that'd be kind of cool get the farmers workers barracks and you got some animals over here so yeah piggies you got a whole bunch of cows this is just a large I wonder is you can change this can change it to pigs or you can change it to sheep and they are very loud it seems same thing over here cows or highland cows or whatever you want okay this is the flour mill that the bakery uses so they use animal products crops and flour to produce pastries doughnuts doughnuts and you got the cattle shed which just slaughters cattles I feel like I think you got these guys living in a very small confined area because that's the milking parlor and then you got the slaughterhouse over here I wonder what happens in there probably some sanctuary for cows I'm assuming large fruit greenhouse medium through greenhouse can you change the oh look at that oh very nice so don't forget to change this up if you want you can have a greenhouse you can have oranges you have apples you can have whatever you desire not really you can choose from these four but it's pretty cool that they let you choose still awesome so over here large crop field same thing over here potatoes corn cotton and greenhouse I wonder what the greenhouse produces but hey so you can really shape and Bend this industry to your heart's desire it's actually really cool now this is Airman's qualities foods or Herman's and it's just a food factory and they produce simple food products very nice you got the large grain silo or silo I'm sorry it's not my first language brah hopefully you guys can forgive me and then you have the small grain silos seal or whatever you guys with the collar for maintenance building right here 62 jobs available and yep that's it for the industrial buildings over it over here I'm sorry so let's go to this side of town and these guys finally using my toll road yes they are that's what I thought is there like an income thing that you can watch cars charged last week 511 it's terrible how about the oil 117 only oh well whatever and this isn't our actual city anyway anyways let's check out the the post office where did I put it right over here this cute little guy I'm sorry as you can see there's a lot of different information post man's and News ten of them post trucks in use zero and they have a lot of unsorted mail and a lot of sort of mail there's a little postcard that just went in and let's see what this guy's doing is you're just gonna deliver the mail delivering the mail yes he is these postcards are just gonna drive around your city and deliver the mail pretty much pretty cool and this is the printing press right here which produces is this even post sorting facility this is what I was looking for so these guys just stole your mail and then bring it back in here all right now we got warehouses over here and as you can see these things are there for you to just basically if you have an over overproduction of one item you can use these warehouses to store them basically use it then last but not least you got these factories over here so as we can see they are very very large but they look really cool some of them I hit in the town because I don't know kind of like in Jumanji you have that big shoe factory that's just in the middle of town and it starts to become almost like a landmark of the city so that's what I kind of what I did with the go nuts Donuts just plop it in town over here and I think I did a similar thing over here with the toy factory so this is the one I kind of thought of us as the dude as the Jumanji shoe factory and yeah these guys grab all of your toys all of your paper timber and plastics and they produce toys with them so as you can see their production value is actually really high 6400 and their materials only cost 2,000 so they have a pretty good profit margin over here I sound like I'm at work mom oh well so you got the printing press as well right here you get this ginormous farm which is the lemonade factory I wonder what these guys produce called Roxy energy Roxy Roxy probably Axl then is this the car factory nope just electronics later you got the sneaker Factory Jumanji right here then you got a seagull let's just flag across over here awesome you got the modular house Factory I wonder if these guys create tiny houses or what the deal exactly is with them Bob basically all of these factories use the products that you produced and create stuff with them these guys have a little rooftop terrace right here that's pretty nice very cool and we got the petroleum refinery which we could probably could have put over there and of course you could put them respectively into their areas to minimize the traffic and stuff like that then you get the car factory over here Jubilee I think that's the one they were talking about on the radio – possibly I'm not sure industrial steel plant producing steel and the furniture factory plant timber plain plain timber and paper and last but not least the soft paper factory which is pretty big the furniture factory actually fits very nicely in here and then once again another toll booth over here just for the heck of it there are a lot of new vehicles just to finish this episode off let's see if we can spot some I don't think this guy's new this guy's new right here I think you're new to not really sure but yeah this is gonna be very awesome I only need one more person for 100 subscribers so if you would like to be that person I would deeply appreciate it the policies oh man before I forget policies I almost forgot about this free Wi-Fi awesome policy can't really complain about that unless this was the oh it's all it's all it's still it's required it's according to the mail so that's why they added that and then you got the automated sorting which introduces increases mail capacity so that's related to the mail and then you have automated tools which make sure that cars don't stop but they still it's kind of like a sticker thing I think in Florida they have for those toll roads over there and workers union reduced residential tax income by two percent but you increase their happiness so those are the new policies not sure they are there's our two new view tab thingies one of them just shows you the the resources pretty much and the this place that you have zoned out and the other shows the effectivity of the post office obviously as your town grows you need more than just one post office so that was that make sure you like the video if you enjoyed the content if you're curious what all this updates had about how to hat in in this DLC as I said I just need one more subscriber so if you could be that one dude or girl I would hugely appreciate it and yes keep your eyes tuned I'll probably most likely 99.9% we'll do a let's play series within new town maybe on this map maybe on another one but yeah thanks for dropping in guys noreda griffin checking now have an awesome

Maps & Policies with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 5 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys was 20 here and welcome back to seas skylines industries today we're gonna take a look at the new industrial policies as well as having a look at the new maps there's three new industrial policies you can find them by clicking on the industrial area and then clicking on the policies tab each policy is designed to improve your industry in some way one increases a storage and capacity of the buildings one improves the health of workers and the other one improves the production output all of these policies have a cost so you do have to figure out whether the effect is going to be worth the expense I'm gonna add a mixture to each one of my industries first up I'm going to start we've rosewood farmlands and stri and improve the storage of the buildings because we're producing quite a lot around here crest woods is producing paper very slowly and at a bit of an expense so I'm going to try increasing the production rates and then also removing an expensive paper factory and hopefully that will improve things and then lastly for my big polluting industrial companies I'm going to improve work safety supervision to hopefully improve the health that's down here leaving dollar town now and we're going to take a look at the new maps available with the DLC there are five new maps that can choose from all ranging in different themes and all have their own unique challenges and rewards some are rich of oil some are rich of forest some have very low fertile land and some have a mixture the terrain on each map is quite different some does vast plains and some are quite mountainous but each map is very unique and always has some sort of unique element to it which I'll let you discover them for yourselves hope you've enjoyed this tutorial I'll see in the next one see you later

Industry Levels with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 4 | Cities: Skylines

getting a sauce 20 here and welcome back to city skylines industries today we're gonna take a look at the industrial main buildings now these are the buildings you place down in an industrial area that then turned those areas into the specialist industry and those main buildings are all unique and actually level up and change as the industrial area improves and grows when I first plopped down in Rosewood farmland it was only at a level one but as the city's been expanding and as I've been adding to this farm the farmers leveled up and now it's at a maximum of level five to find out more information about this you can click on the industrial area which opens up a window that shows you all the stats up top and I can say that nothing's important everything is home growing I can see where crops are going and how much money is made from animal products and flowers and down below gives you a pretty good idea how much profit you're making and how many people are on site however rosewood farmland is at a level five because it's actually a pretty good industrial area it's in a great location there's plenty of workers around and the production is keeping up with the demand unfortunately I can't say the same for born up hits it's been cycle level 3 for ages and we've produced enough resources but the work account is still under 500 which means I probably have to zone some residential around this area now any logical player would do that however I'm the sort of player that values the aesthetics of this city rather than the functionality of it so I'm gonna waste all my money building oil industry somewhere else when I place down a new main building a always make sure it's on a main road so that service vehicles can access it pretty easily and voila a new industrial area has been built and you can actually see the difference between the level one main building and the level 3 building which is pretty cool and who knows maybe the next time you watch this it'll be a level 5 main building but I guess we'll have to see what happens I'll see them


what's going on everybody ladies and gentlemen welcome back to River Bend we are currently back here in the quaint little neighborhood of timber town in the last episode we had survived a forest fire luckily that was put out but I hope our mighty heroic choppers so all of timber town was saved the industry is working hard it's not flourishing just yet but they are at work as we can see here we got this storage unit filled up pretty well the log yard I should say and yeah the industrial unit has grown so we are now in level 2 our profit is still negative 72 so yeah timber town has not really been productive just yet but that will all change soon I am confident of that let's jump right into it check out what buildings we have unlocked in level 2 so we got the workers barracks which are already put down over here which is a nice little spot for them and they actually produce the increase that worker work efficiency by 5 percent and I think you can maybe let's see what this does in this free area info no it does not we actually almost in level 3 so hopefully we'll be hitting level 3 over here but let's see what you also have the small tree sapling farm that we have unlocked and then we have the sawdust smell and the the sod of storage which is just another one another unit that stores raw forest products or producers that I should say and then we also have the pellet farm biomass pellet form so these guys produced paper these guys produce plain timber which we will then use to at the furniture factory that's what it needs to produce furniture so we're gonna place it on the furniture factory as well but let's check and find a spot for our cute little saplings over here so I built this road over here just to have a little bit more space I didn't really like that layout off timber town I think that's looking very realistic and the woods and stuff are keeping everything in place I think this is a nice spot for two of these right next to each other let's just do that right here and I think we can change the look at these two greenhouses or fields I don't know which one I like more what do you guys think I mean if you do the greenhouse it kind of it looks like there's something there actually so let's go with the greenhouse for now and then we can see how we go from there I don't think we have any other buildings to place down now no we did not okay so that's it timber town for you you just keep staying busy I added another road over here just to add look a little bit more housing these guys actually have an awesome view right here of the forest I know West worth over there so that's good for them let's get the furniture factory going and I was thinking all of our factories that we want I built this little district right over here I added the nice oil refinery fence over here just so no crazy person runs across over here and decides to end his life after working in the factory for about ten years not seeing the sunlight I actually I honestly do believe that they changed the traffic AI because cars seem to be using a lot more different lanes so that's great I love all these bikers over here look at that tourist bike over there little backpack in the back there or her her luggage you start on the way and this over here is just another way to get into the furniture farm the factories but this Factory seems to fit real nice over here we might have to do some editing and stuff in the future because some of these factories are quiet large but for now the furniture factory seems to fit perfectly over here so hopefully soon these guys I gotta produce some furnace you can actually play either the production right over here and that increases the up Cree but I would assume that I don't know you would just get higher production right and now I was thinking it would make a lot of sense for us to put a small or medium warehouse somewhere over here just so these guys from timber town can just have a spot over here or just in general really you can put anything over here oh wow this fits nicely in there too that's one massive warehouse that we won't need to go this large just yet and let's just plop this right here for the industrial zone for the factories to play around with and that way they can drop off some timber some tape paper whatever else they need what's up dude hope you sold some goods but yeah hopefully they can just store stuff in here and then these guys will pick that up soon and produce some furniture in the long run I was thinking of finishing up the highway right over here as I do want to get a little bit more rural is that the right word is that how you say a rural rural it sounds weird but anyways I want to get more country-ish there you go on the outskirts so either we will put in and them all is that agriculture agriculture over here or in Green Hills I do like the entrance over here I raised up the land a little bit so if you put up trees over here it's called green hills for a reason because it's supposed to be hilly and it is actually kind of hilly so that's nice and we also have elk Hills from that correct yeah uncle's are over here just a mini district I don't really know what we'll put over here maybe just houses maybe you guys can give me an idea of what we should put in elk Hills green hills might be the beginning of the farming industry and things are just gonna get a little bit more spread out it won't be as compact no more high-rises and stuff but yeah over here I'm thinking of ending the highway right here and then just doing this one in the long run over here and that will surround all the way go come all the way back and connect to this highway right over here so there's still lots to play with we are only in episode 10 I believe and yeah this is coming together quite well I'm gonna play a little bit not play a little bit but I'm just gonna wait now for timber talent to go into level three and then we can check out the next buildings over here I won't build much don't worry I promise you guys I'll be right back okay so I was a little bit confused as we can see we are way above the produced resources until next level we only need 15,000 and we're at almost 40,000 so I was thinking like are we not leveling up turns out we need more workers over here 300 workers is what we have 299 now we have a lot of overeducated workers but let's expand this suburb over here and that should automatically help us bump timber town up so let's get right on it over here I don't know if I want to zone more on Crowley Street just want to kind of keep that a wooden area but definitely over here we could sown and then towards the river we'll just keep that free maybe over here you know what now maybe we'll build a park over here it looks like a really nice bendy road and we could just have a little bike path over here something like that let's grab the road and just kind of follow along the river I'm actually thinking what if we established a connection over here no there's already two bridges no need no need over here we can just go straight right here oh we don't have that turned on okay snapping please whoops whoa okay there we go snapping as on then we'll just run straight through here and then we'll have a road just go down over here we'll play some more houses down this way not you please and on the inside sure we'll put some houses on the inside too there's actually a really cool hill up here so if we put houses up on this hill that would be really cool too I think I'm keeping all of this side all industrial and then doing some houses and stuff over on the other side of the Avenue that's actually we could rename this in color timber town Avenue on the island of our alright so I know there's Aurora and timber town but we'll just stick with timber towns and the island is called Aurora I think that this is as far yeah this is the last square that we're gonna go for over here right one yeah because this is gonna be six seven eight nine yes so we're not gonna grab we're not gonna grab this part of the island sadly so we will just stick this out over here and we'll build just on here we won't go much further than that actually so let's just connect this up really quick right here add some pipes and now let's think about how we can go back to this Avenue hmm first of all we'll turn that into the same Road and then maybe we'll just do a winding road or something like that we'll go right over here go inwards then you can curve off that way every everybody could still have a nice backyard and whatnot you know what I mean just over here and add some more houses no too tight you know what I like spacing these out so people can have like trees and stuff next to them it's not all house on the house on house this way it's a lot nicer I think I have some varying sizes here and there something bigger is some smaller keep some woods next to each other and just pretend like I don't know some guy bought that law and he's like I don't want to have any neighbors so these guys are a little bit closer to one another you know what no too close to each other so you go right here and let's add a little grocery store we actually got another gas station right here that I has set to historic so this gas station is gonna stay here forever eight overeducated worker so clearly we did not have any problems with education in this town maybe I actually do when I'm right across from him let's see what pops up over here something's actually already being built so that's great and no houses over here just yet right I'm wondering do these guys need education at least in elementary school probably wouldn't hurt let's grab this road up here and just make a connection should we do this would it kind of ruin our neighborhood do it that way it's a way see right here like all of these houses are like house on house wall on wallets like you very close to the city well we aren't going for that look like timber town is very much on the outskirts of town so we are know should we actually get rid of some of these ounces guys let me know please help me out here let me know in the comments you get rid of these houses are not are they too close to each other should we go for this look over here and yeah would that be better let's get rid of these houses right here and let's zone over here is well just right across you've plenty of space I know we need more workers but this is the outskirts we're not going for a very busy suburb over here so I had a couple more trees over here more forests if we didn't even get any out although all I see is grass popping out all these I feel very little ones that's why I okay they're wearing as obvious all right come on then there's too much grass over here let's see now if we grab a car right here and drive through here I think this looks very very CUTE Street I'd like where resident over here the Subaru Forester whoa okay I mean they're still very close to one another Wow this cops in a hurry but yeah I think I like this neighborhood we could even turn this road into a dirt road might actually do that well yeah I would not be upset about living here at all you had a stop sign right here and then you got the little curve downwards to get to the river right over there which is absolutely flying a little bit busier over here more people want to live down by the river thinking everybody's in the hurry oh I think it's up cause it's on three times the speeds on three times so that's why and back up here thank the street is wide huh this isn't even the Avenue cool I like you I like it your little Midwestern town what is this over here I don't really like the look of that to downtown this yucky syllable with like flashing signs away you go sorry yeah we're done one of these houses now this house will definitely keep here you look like you're American Midwestern town you too with the head just maybe you wanna want to change you want to change you you can stay you should change you can stay duplex you don't want a duplex you can stay my these houses are 11 level how are you doing on the workers 303 oh my god what what do we need to do to get more workers over here I mean one job available ten jobs available do we need more places to work at four jobs zero jobs zero jobs maybe we'll need more places to work so let me let me create another sawdust thing another sawmill and we'll plop you right over here another sawmill how many jobs did you get created 46 jobs alright so if they filled this up and maybe add another sapling farm somewhere over here over by the river oh okay I've never mind this is a tree plantation that will work though you got us 16 jobs not enough water okay so let's see if that helped and I'll see you guys in a few minutes here alright finally finally we did it we have finally reached industry whatever level 3 job plus 8 percent efficiency minus 20 pollution so that's perfect we have unlike the printing press mediumship plantation and a large log yard and also I completely forgot about this no we don't even we haven't even done anything with the post office yet so let's get that knocked out really quick I was just finishing up this district right here and just building some I don't know some neighborhoods and some suburbs over here so this road I actually changed it to a dirt road I don't like the look of that I'm gonna keep all this area uninhabited over here I'll just plop down a couple of houses here and there and this road kind of just loops back around so this is not gonna be the biggest industrial area let's check out our medium tree plantation and let's see what we can actually plop you down how about right over here no I think I like the woods over there Morris yeah I'm kind of picky about this whole thing but you know what this area is gonna look unique I can tell you that much the printing press is that actually a factory I believe yes it is but we unlock the large log yard huh so how big are you how large is the large log yard so the city that I currently live in is in Michigan and we actually have along the river we have like storage places kind of ruins the whole point of the river I would much rather have like river walks and whatnot but oh well this is getting kind of tight over here already so what if we maybe we'll just have to suck it up how will they put you over here you fit right there there we go right there now we got space over here for the large log yard perfect and now we can do the printing press to write and you are a factory you create plenty of pollution it seems and noise pollution so you my friend are gonna go this is what is this just electricity sure right over here right that's where you're gonna be at that's what you're going to printing stuff from you are back up and running so what do you take same thing paper and plastic oh actually I think we need the oil to make plastic don't we I don't even think we can do you so let's shut you off sadly we'll just have to keep working with the Furniture Factory for now well we'll keep you here still look cute you look nice but a couple more cars oh I was actually thinking about changing this into a roundabouts soon but let's do the mail where is this again it's a public transportation isn't it yes mail right here your post office post sorting facility large trucks so does this have a can we just like put you over here with the factories or do you need to be close to the post offices I have no idea all right post office we need a whole bunch of these let's get good coverage over here so one post office for Sutton gate perfect sorting facility does this matter if it's closed or not large trucks collect mail from local post offices and take it to the post sorting facilities there the mail is sorted into batches for delivery to the addressee locally and outside of the city okay so I don't want to put it that far off so oh you know what we are spaced right here oh do we I think we do have enough space yeah we don't unless we destroy all these parks and stuff our little walkways are these are even being used it's one grandma biking along over here I really don't want to destroy this well right here slope to steep didn't did it just fit no it did not all right I had to do it I didn't know where else to put it I just added it kind of close to the factories over here let me know what you guys think if we should move it maybe let's actually move it right away we'll just put it closer over here why wouldn't she fit right there there you that way you can make use of this roundabouts and stuff end of the highway as well and all is well right on Campbell Street by these bear bears and moose right here this guy should I should be in Moose Hills elk Hills nevermind it's not called Moo sells you're good over there buddy stay right where you are nobody will bother you and it just takes that and that is that guys for this episode I don't want to drag along for too long timber town should be moving on to level 4 soon we certainly have produced enough resources once again we just need more workers so I might just add a couple of things here and there off of camera just to get these workers going and get timber town to level 4 I don't know what we can get on level 4 let's see that now real question maintenance building okay large tree plantation sapling farm engineer would plant there you go that would be cool to build engineer what plant on the pulp mill and then woodchips storage and hopefully in the next episode I think we'd only need thirty four thousand to get the next milestone yes we do then we can start on adding a little agriculture farming industry in the next episode in green hills or maybe we'll make a whole separate district and just have a farm town right over here like an Idaho or I don't know a Nebraska looking farm town that she's flat with nothing much to look like except for farm fields let me know what you guys think hope you had fun and make sure you like and subscribe if you haven't done so yet we finally reached 100 I seriously chew on every single new subscriber I see so thank you everybody who has subscribed already and I will see you guys the next time in the next episode I should say see you guys later from timber town my little wood cutters are waiting for your return and yeah have an awesome day guys bye bye


so I guess this is it the end of timber town is upon us we are officially on fire our gas station is about to explode I would assume what's going on guys welcome back everybody to River Bend some of you might remember this town as the most walkable city ever created it's been quite a while since we played over here I actually have a wedding coming up in which I will star in I'm gonna be the groom so hooray hooray that's coming up in a bottom on something pretty busy with that but now with the industry's DLC finally out how can I resist not coming up with another episode and it actually made me think a couple of ideas that I had so if you guys remember if you have been watching we are trying to give all of these little districts their own little identities so Arlington is known to have the University and the Opera House then DreamSpark right here which is one I built off of camera has the cigarette garden as their landmark and then West worth is kind of like your upscale neighborhood they got a nice bar and restaurant Street over here so I was thinking in this episode we could build Aurora and turn these guys turn the residents of our aura into wood cutters and just create a cool little log town over here and we'll need a couple more trees than that so we'll help them out just a little bit further but luckily we can see over here I don't know I said luckily well we can see over here I did make use of the toll road that is being used quite well and the reason for me putting it over here is this is an elevated road over here as we can see and it basically bypasses all of these traffic lights and stuff like that but in order to use it if you want to use it and make use of this luxury you got to pay up for that so I think that makes sense I didn't I was thinking about putting it just at the main entrance over here of the city and just say screw all of you guys this is just a random thought I have can you lift these up no you can now oh wow so I was thinking of putting that on making that as a bridge toll road but oh well so it's really nice to see that these guys are also using all of the lanes that it are available to them and I did think in the patch that they release they mentioned that they kind of work to improve the AI of the drivers and stuff like that so that's nice to see but anyways let's get started and work on our rora and then maybe we can turn one of these other areas over here into a farm town even though we don't have any fertile land about we can just farm animals right there's nothing we don't really need fertile land to to make sure that animals are living happily ever after and then of course we can use some of the ore as well especially over here where we can have a little or ore industry area but first things first Aurora needs more trees so let's get that going over here all right well here we are if it wasn't for the industry that's popping up over here I would say that Aurora would be a very beautiful secluded neighborhood but little do people know that we are just gonna go in and destroy everything over here just kidding actually no if you are timber towns or at least that used to specialize in timber and they are still very beautiful and they take their trees very serious and they're constantly replanting and stuff like that so not all is bad about this industry but let's go right ahead we also have a train connection over here so it would make sense to have maybe have it split off and just have a cargo terminal right over here so let's just build that one right away since that is on the NYSE over here well grab the train tracks find this right there and delete that maybe we can have them come out a little bit straighter now so we built a little train connection let's use the beautiful looking realistic looking small industry road because this road is gonna be very heavily used by the timber trucks and stuff like that so it makes it would make sense why it's looking a little bit rougher and we'll just place the cargo cargo hub craw cargo station for whatever it's called I forgot the name of it cargo train terminal you place that right over here and now it rains are you gonna have an easy access to the timber industry over here so that'll be perfect right over there beautiful beautiful now let's draw out the district check this out before there was absolutely no industry over here and we have absolutely transformed this area you guys are very welcome I am the best merrier around and we will celebrate that one day but first comes the establishment of timber town in Aurora so maybe we'll have to figure out where we're gonna put some you know what take that Aurora this entire city this entire island is gonna be Manor Industrial Estate but we it's gonna have it downtown as well which I think it would make sense if it's right over here actually and let's place down the first building forestry main building and maybe we'll plop that down right over here so we have unlocked so okay so this is kind of like the park life DLC where you start off small and then you expand and expand and expand so that makes sense I like the look of that so ah can we spin this around so right now it's facing that way I want to face this way there you go and everything over here will be kind of would you looking I don't know why I keep saying woody but I think that's the right term I don't know it's gonna look very northern Michigan style so lots of wood everywhere because there's lots of trees everywhere so it would be nice if we could get the houses looking that way as well so let's start a little bit on the downtown district but before that hold on actually I'm got me thinking let's put down a couple of plantations right here and should we put that on the main road is this straight right there this is straight this is straight I have a main road going down this way and now we need to think about building and neighborhoods and stuff like that just so people can live in our Laura Manor wood production we will change the name of that and call you aurora wood production you know what we'll stick with timber town I like that more okay so we get the first little bit of timber town the first outer ring completed over here we got a school down a couple of residents are moving in over here and just to ensure the safety of children going to school crossing the roads over here we just add some traffic signs and whatnot and of course then we add a pedestrian paths and bike lanes and stuff like that just to keep our trend going of having a very walkable city even in timber town now let's place down some of these industry buildings let's check them out so we got the sawmill over here and what this does is it requires raw forest products to produce to produce forestry speciality Goods so I am assuming that we will need first of all a small tree plantation so this will produce 48 tons a week over here so I'm wondering does that vary depending on yes it does so depending on where we place this it varies so 48 sounds good to me so why don't we plop two of these down and we will match the style over here and change these two conifers just so they kind of fit in beautiful and now let's add the sawmill not too far off from over there maybe Main Street sure why now right on the Main Street we'll plop down a sawmill and a lumber yard log yard lumberyard log and I think that's the same thing almost you know what let's go all out let's just go timber crazy over here at two of more of these so we got four small farms to start us off get the production going and the log yard place right on the other side of this and it all still looks very cute doesn't look too in this realized so no smog and stuff like that I wonder if it pollutes the ground but I don't think it's and actually over here we could add some fences and stuff let's grab one of these fence things see how it looks as some of these right here just along the road to make it look a little bit cuter and then over here as well to make sure that none of these school children and stuff are crazy enough to step right into town not into town but step right into this lumber operation over here so close that off like that now you get a nice little road over here you can actually beautify this road a little bit further play see a couple more trees over here just to hide the I don't know like it looks too proper for me I like it when forests look a little bit wild and stuff and hey let's just say these bruises dropped a couple of pine cones and those developed into these guys now so let's let this develop a little bit you have a problem mister not enough raw materials and I'm assuming that these guys just haven't produced much yeah 42 tons of Rob forest products there's 15 jobs available so plenty of jobs and we need more people guys you need to move in here you will give these guys a nice grocery store right on the corner over here just a longer one right there and so we need people we need you guys to move in please and help us get this industry going right here so that would be fantastic and we need to be careful with zoning over here because I believe that I saw earlier that this thing does create noise the samel of obviously it's an industrial building so let's just tuck it away and block these residents off by a couple more trees and hopefully we can get this industry going pretty quickly over here production at timber town is officially in full swing I went ahead and checked out the name of the town over here just to get a little bit more information and yeah we are full swing of production 2448 rough forestry products and we are creating planed timber as well so that's nice I'm actually thinking about adding another sawmill but this guy just seemed to have grabbed all of our timber let's actually see where this guy little guys gonna go along let me follow you buddy so I wonder if he's going to the train station or he's probably just gonna export this delivering plain timber products to best parts okay so somebody has bought this and yeah they are making us money I did use we have a lot of gas station over here now in the car wash and a pancake shop and they turn them into historical buildings so we will forever and ever have a pancake shop over here and the gas station will stay here as well just because I thought it fits pretty well it looks kind of cute and it has that small-town vibe to it as well so that's nice added another dirt road over here there's just lots and lots of traffic so you might actually put up a traffic light over here same thing over there as well but yeah things are happening and their industries in full swing I did not see a cargo train show up over here yet maybe that'll come with time as the industry grows we'll find out in a bit so I guess this is it the end of timber town is upon us we are officially on fire our gas station is about to explode I would assume and our timber is on fire hopefully there's a couple of helicopters coming in soon I do not see any of them coming in but I know we have some luckily it's raining out a few got affected no as fire is just gonna spread all over and here comes the first chopper to the rescue thank goodness for you guys you guys are true heroes oh whoa I got a whole army over here look at this well done guys putting the fire out before it spreads to our industry over here and I think I'm not sure I feel like these trees are degrading a lot of us so maybe this industry does affect the way trees look interesting I'll have to keep it on that is whole all of temperate Amazon fire Wow yeah well that'll be it for this episode guys our industry demand is still pretty high but we will wait until we get more timber actually and this place levels up and then the next episode will be expanding timber town a little bit further but I think this is a cute beginning to this town I think it'll look great let me know and let me know what you guys think of it in the comment section if you have any ideas please share those with me and our lumber yard is absolutely packed so maybe it will place down actually a second sawmill before the end of this episode get rid of these trees that are on fire there we go and hopefully these guys will get to work a little bit faster and then we can expand timber town and level it up and in the next episode thank you so much for watching guys I hope you enjoyed the episode drop a like subscribe if you haven't done so yet and I'll see you guys in the next episode have a good night guys alright

Industry Areas with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 1 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys and welcome to the newest City skylines expansionpak industries my name is Jose 20 and I'm collaborating with Paradox Interactive to bring you guys some tutorials on the newest DLC now before I get started let me introduce you to my CV that I've been working on over the last couple of weeks this is dollar town pretty happy with it but I think it's about time I started expanding out the industrial areas with the industry's expansion pack you have access to four industrial areas forest farming or an oil industry for your industrial area to function correctly you first need to find the natural resource that matches your industry in this case I'm building a farm so I need to find some fertile land somewhere in my map once I've found the best place I can then paint down the industrial area just like a would a regular district or a park area to turn your industrial area into the correct industry specialist if they need to go to the garbage and Industry icon find the correct industry so I'm going to farming and then you need to place down a main building and what that does it turns that area into the correct industry area and now that I've done that I've got access to all the other farming buildings that I can start placing down you might actually notice that none of these is ownable all these buildings are palpable and they all are intertwined and work together within the production chain which I'm going to get into in the next episodes but basically all these sort of work together and they're really important that's part of the industry and I'm gonna do the same process for the other industrial areas wherever I can find any natural resources on this map I'm gonna replace and down there industrial area districts and watching that industry grow but that's pretty much it for this tutorial guys thanks so much for tuning in and I'll see you in the next one see you later

Preparing for a Campus! – INDUSTRIES (Part 41)

hey guys ee q today and welcome back to city skylines industries now before we wrap this series up because we're pretty much done I think we well actually you know what I don't think we've actually done all of the unique factories yeah which we probably should do oh god there's a lot of them well we'll do some more of them before we're completely done and start a new city I want to just finish off a few little areas let's go up this way a bit and I also want to I want to build a campus in this city so if you haven't seen the city skylines campus DLC coming soon is the ability to build our own custom university campuses trade schools and liberal arts colleges and all that so we'll build one in the city just because I want to see what you know a campus is gonna look like we're the city with a hundred thousand people because if we start from fresh which we will do we'll start a brand new city that's sort of built around the campus TLC in the sense that it you know be brand new be cleaner than this plays and all that but I want to see how it sort of functions in the city of this size and all that before and also because I'm we can get into it a bit quicker and then we can build up a new city from scratch for the campus DLC so obviously we're not gonna be doing that stuff today just because I don't have it in my game right now but I was thinking around here it's probably a good area for it because we got all this space here it's relatively flat and I think if we just adjust this interchange here to allow a road coming this way as well this could be a really good location for it also cuz it looks kind of empty sitting next to the city like there's nothing really going on here so I think this could be a good location or I don't really want to go out over here or that's kind of it really cuz there's a few there's a few little places but none of them are that big like there's not that much room like maybe even over here because we could we could do one there but I don't know I I don't really want to build up that whole area and just putting one in the middle of nowhere might look silly I'll sing it either that or we could do maybe back here or something like that over that way or there's some space I think there's not there's a lot cuz most of this I want to be city area that's probably some room we could do it we could even do it over here just because we built this road over here and it goes nowhere so maybe we could do one out here I don't know let me know in the comments but for now we're just gonna build this place up a little bit more with a lot of residential demand I actually want to build out over this side and just feeling a bit of this because it seems like next to this whole region here like this is empty actually before we do that let's I've been saying about you let's just let's just do it let's just build up as Erica's behavior so long we just need this to actually feel like it's finished cuz it doesn't it's just roads that go to nowhere currently so let's you maybe even use to use smaller routes not I will use a oh use the normal roads so we've got a bike lane road here which I guess I'm not gonna use which I'm not gonna use let's get straight along here so this we're nearly done you know we're nearly done with the see probably this episode of maybe maybe one more after this for the actual campus but I really want to just finish this guy off got there I don't know if we want to yeah we can grass I know well it'll be fine it'll be fine okay so we got this row coming through here which is a nice sort of connecting Road so that can come straight up there actually that was joined to that bit redo this bit so they sort of joined through a little bit nicer and I was you know I was looking the city I'm like this is it this is a good city despite the fact that we were designing the city to be kind of dirty and kinda gross it actually turned out pretty good in the end and let's while we were doing all this that's actually can we fit a unique factory over here we should get another one that's not the fact what am i doing we've got household plastic factory which really should go in the oil we should put this over by the oil from the oil industry over here a vineyard out here be quite good I don't know there's a lot of empty space like we actually feel a much of this I never get a road just under here I don't know where like all the sand here but whatever no sand people let's get this road that actually comes around underneath this and I'll just come out this way then hopefully we can this place that over here no I didn't get the angle quite right you know there we go just go there and then turn the bat back on okay so if we put it out here this should hopefully not be too far away from all that stuff about there because then hopefully I don't need that anymore and that should all just oh really really you could have just okay so this now needs petroleum and plastics which we are producing right here which turns out that they don't actually of enough raw materials so do we need to gather more oil we could do that uh it's like make sure we're actually getting enough we have wait I gotta make let me make sure cuz I don't know if the mod turned off at some point with the look of resources the oil on that cuz at some point I had the unlimited resources nod off which how would you play this game that's ground pollution how would you play this game without unlimited resources cuz like you'd build up all this industry and then it just disappears oil rigs are good yeah I think that's fine I'll recheck yeah cuz it's like if you played without it like you just be building this whole thing and then they'll be like we're out of or anyway oh I just leveled it all up alright cool now let's get out the let's get some old oil stuff do we want we want extraction extractive buildings the oil rig large oil drill a lot of them I think maybe I maybe not like around here someone just put it there another one there it's kind of hard to see in the few can I get rid of this I want to Cassie the normal view and I think we actually have that many extractors so hopefully this will help us out a little bit and get us some more all right well the thing is the thing is these cost is a lot of money until I actually start doing stuff to hopeful it's okay we're actually losing a lot of people but although this was happening before – I jumped in to the city and then we just ended up like losing a bunch of people and then I didn't save it and I'm not really sure why because it's not like I can see anyone dying mmm we got also a lot of residential demand so I don't know why we are losing people I can't really tell I don't know if it's just like sort of leveling look here's the thing look at the city stats that's our population growth so it might just be stabilizing a bit i'm but i'm not really sure so i guess it will do its thing anyway that's one of the unique factories let's go over here let's build these roads let's try and do one area shall we and actually do it I might leave that so this is bike lane road over there I guess then we'll get this road here I want to sort of do a loose kind of grid through this area just because it's you know it's hilly so it wouldn't be definitely gonna be a perfect grid anyway go through there something like that pretty much like how we did it over here like I think that looks pretty good so excited like nestled into the hills and all that I think this will probably look good too I once got a lizard on it do me one on the road here you know what let's get the smaller road up here let's get this one I'm gonna go from here and then gonna basically just come along the top so we're like that so because it's a little bit Helia so maybe that makes a bit more sense I do a connection through here as well maybe even just this small road at the back here so in that section maybe likewise there just to sort of fill in the area completely there we go beautiful alright so yeah it's quite healing so let's sum what we'll do we'll fill in this section I'll see how we go because I still losing 200 people so I don't know but I should probably check all the city like city stats in that see how we're actually tracking make sure we're not killing people with poison you know because we don't want to do it oh I should check the UM because the thing is because this will actually quite spread out and this map so that could be people dying in a location that I'm not aware of so you should double-check everything in just a moment after we've done all this and then I guess it's probably all it's gonna be well do you know what we'll do some high-density back here just because I don't know it looks cool but I don't do too much just cuz it'll be is we are going back in the mounds and we are a little further away from everything and also we have low density here so I don't know how much sense it would make to do a lot of high density here we do a few buildings back here but I guess because the demand is so high and might actually work out in terms of looking okay and then I'm just gonna do this okay not over here so most of that should be houses okay now services and all that let's just double check that we have oh yeah we don't need to do health care death care we have it right there Fire Department is good police is good education University I could maybe good enough capacity those schools over there that really fine use a parks in that though maybe like a playground something back here whatever here so hopefully that should all feel ear now let's check so I don't think there's anyone like just dying in this area which is good so that's not why we're losing people hello hello now you're good there's this area there's this area some people do live here as well in this little section no one there and then we've got Concorde out of it this way how you guys done you're good still steadily losing 300 people whoa damn and I don't if work is out here maybe we should just upgrade this whole area you know and where is the as a district Claire do we just do this I'm gonna upgrade what does that actually do for us is that who's that gonna actually help us out was this gonna be really dumb and a bad idea I don't know but we'll do it oh my god whenever you see the whole thing like that it's like there's like a sea of construction oh yeah did I have it oh yeah I did fix this I was like I'm gonna fix that tunnel and so actually where it was supposed to go alright so that maybe will help them I don't know we should really do some high-density out here too just to get more people here although we've got almost no demand now actually high-density commercial so we get this sort of booting up we even got some high density residential over here and then this is now gonna become high density there we go so some high density around the middle section here now if we get that going oh do I have to get through and manually delete these don't I hey guys my guys and then I gotta delete to delete all these yes hard to tell which usually cuz otherwise they're not they're not gonna delete themselves just because the mods I'm running all right and you all go bye-bye hopefully we can start concentrating more people up in this area so it's this section here where else you guys like so yeah we've got so many mods I was like plop the gravels and then like the no abandonment mod and all this kind of stuff that prevents buildings disappearing which is really really handy when I need it but when I'm trying to upgrade it actually gets kind of annoying all right so we got no demand now we got a good commercial demand but that's about it so they should be fulfilling that there anyway let's go back over here good lord got away for all this to feeling now we had so much residential man West after all that was still losing Pete where are these people going for like where are they leaving from that's what I just don't understand like where did you live we were over a hard thousand whoops they're not quit we were at like 100 and 100 for thier 110,000 and we've gone straight on down I'm not sure what the cause of that is I don't know yeah but we've got a long we need a lot more workers at least the good news is we've got no abandonment so now the buildings are getting to disappear so we don't have to worry about that which is handy did they gave an update or is it I don't know wait where is there just read to a district oh this is a district no I don't think it has there's no yeah I don't know when the update is for the game all right sorry this is all looking pretty good yeah I mean this looks like a this looks pretty is a bunch is Eddie got the ridiculously tall building downtown it's really nice all my factories have no goods in them still steadily losing people good staff got garbage issues actually do any more garbage handling oh hang on garbage no I just haven't collected from here's it's not on the road properly or something or no no they don't seem to want to collect from that one building there's a few in there as well I don't know didn't I um did we ever put that yeah I did put them on the road over there that's right because I've built the road and then never did it alright anyway so let's get back over this way still dropping yeah how are we having so many worker shortages because like we had all this stuff before we have the huge influx of people so I said how we now suddenly have a shortage but you know alright so commercial demand let's try and meet that so we can sort of stabilize everything a little bit more so we get some commercial we had some over here already which is good you get more of a here actually this is what I wanted to do I wanted up this area anyway so let's get another Road I think if we do a big road here give us a bit more space yeah elevated straight road oh damn it great Road so come straight across here we're probably enough to raise this up a little bit though it's ok I've put it to there yeah we definitely raise this up and then I need to actually cut this road at this point just so I can get a node here and a node here so then put that there other ones gonna snap that and hopefully as long as it's above the rail at the point it needs to be then that bridge should be fine that looks pretty good to me just bring this back a little bit as well because doesn't need me that far and then we just bring it back down again and it should be beautiful let's go down here and then this just goes on the ground because I figured we can't have only just one little bridge cuz I'm basically gonna do this whole area like we can't have this one tiny road out here it's like that's not gonna be any good so we're gonna use this road as our main road I guess I'm ports cuz we do need a city demand to sort of do its thing come down this way and this is I get it there's only like a one lane road so it might not even be very good for us but it does have the ability to be upgraded to a larger Road which is good so if you need more lanes we can do that ok there and then I guess maybe like this even if we do a bridge straight across there that's on a bridge that's just the elevator I wanted the bridge oh nice nice ok then this can just continue up this way I don't know how much of this actually gonna design but so it's basically gonna be like that does somebody have access over here because otherwise the only other way we could do it is over this side we've got a railway in the way so I wasn't actually gonna connect this area up this way so use this road to do that and then this one Oh someone's dead there this one is gonna continue just as a normal road and we'll keep will sort of run it parallel ish I guess right so come round here and then round the back this can just be a road here and then I guess at this point we can probably just bring it can go just join there or something so just run alongside it and then make it have a road through here as well somewhere and we do need to move this little column I don't really see what I did get it's fine cool alright so okay there so that provides a couple of access points I won't do a connection there's no point how are we doing people still leaving we're down to 90 4000 that can't be good I don't know like we are we killing people like no one's dying right we're out there's grandpa Lucia but there's no drinking water pollution I just don't I don't know why we're losing people like that's my concern I just don't know why you know well why are people disappearing yes I remember that we have a lack of workers we've got people coming in here now my taxes doing Newser so let's have a look at our budget that's all 12 percent budget for education is pretty high we're really educating people which is nice don't have any loans which I don't need we have lost about almost 20,000 people yeah it's not so great that's going on here resource issues garbage is piled up I don't know what's going on with the garbage there's just something a few random locations like some dead people here oh wait you know what there's a death wave here oh yeah okay everyone's dying in here oh okay that's fine yeah it's just a whole city dying at once it didn't look like it because I can't see it from here oh it is you can't see it there oh yeah no no it's okay it's okay it's just a death wave like a real big death wave but it's cuz we literally upgraded this part of the city at once all right so we might need to do some more death care do we'll do like because it got a park here and we do cemetery there cemetery there so this would be like a death care facility how about that because then we can send some more vehicles are out and then I was gonna do some crematoriums just behind it a bigger crematories are they well they fit in there is that too small uh no that's good I don't want to do them right next to each other but I'd basically I do want to line them up along the road really that's kind of the whoops another plan we got here and then what I was thinking if we just do like a little right there and this one goes here I didn't come around like that or something and then this is kind of like supposed to be almost like a we just put some trees around here and I mean it's right near the school maybe we should move the elementary school maybe that should move a little bit just a little further away from that we just down here oh yeah yeah yeah it's so they're not directly looking at all the dead people look at a bunch of those we're getting a lot of people dying just fair and I'm gonna get some commercial here because we've got commercial demand so might as well just line this road a little bit here and then for the section back here I think we had some trees you know oh that's way too big I just turn this into almost like a park area this I get it that the grass is also not great around it maybe we should maybe we should make this a little bit nicer then how about that um can i what resources this is this or is there good so that maybe just the cemetery area they made it nice you know that's beautiful and we saw the scummy park there yeah there's just so many people dying here alright well at least we found out what the issue was see that sounds like I was like there's no death wave because you can't see it like if you hear at this angle you actually cannot see it at all that's kind of anyway all right well at least we know what the problem is it's everybody dying and that's why I kids you shouldn't upgrade your whole city at once all right let's have a look so we're gonna get some it's a high density commercial somewhere get back here long this bit might be weird on this road but we'll have a look if it looks done we get rid of it but we just need a I wanna try and balance that demand that we have maybe not that bit a bit so that will sort of fill out there well you guys are dying to damn it just like no no we did upgrade this at the same time didn't we we also upgraded all this so I'm hoping that it's not I don't think it's anything else I think it is just a death wave which you know maybe we should also just get a lot of temporary crematorium station just along here somewhere because we just this so many there you go how much is it gonna cost me I don't know but look at them all here they go all filing out we should play also power these and what of them yeah there's gonna be kind of wish you didn't I'm creating all at once now but kind of wish it just wasn't death way it's in the game that would also be useful all right come on guys oh gosh they can't get out so these are also overlap some of these but whatever so they're all sending out seven horses each I guess if we up our budget as well for uh health care we can get more wine for you 150% I don't know what its gonna do my actual income we've got nine vehicles instead so that should hopefully start clearing out clear out your dead all right let's go for oh you got empower that's right that'll feel it in a second that's right yeah again at least something abandoned so we don't actually have to worry about the death way destroying the city it'll just be a lot of dead people for a while so you know it's fine I guess it down this way well that's all doing the same thing we are losing money but it'll probably be fine it'll be fine okay let's get some roads now this way oh we're going we don't need roads we need people though and then let's do it we'll do a four-way intersection there another thing like it's gonna be I don't like it shouldn't be too busy three cuz it's just not gonna be that much going on here what here as well and then this also just come down a side but there maybe that's pretty good I want to do another like crossroad through here should be enough I guess maybe I'll get real at one actually you know what I'll actually put one over here a little further down bearish yeah cuz then we can use this to get down to here and then that can come around I can't wait till we see the number of population actually going up how we went from 110 down to 90,000 everyone was dead so guys by II all right get it right under here so at least we can like plan out this area which is nice Oh do that so then that I guess their ship early join up somewhere right maybe like three yeah just a straight section yeah yeah that old zone old this which would be really nice eventually when you know people are alive I guess we can desert some more commercial might as well get that whoops get that here so get that going at least get this place coming to life a little bit well everybody else dies so I can come up through here follow the main road yeah I think I think this would be a nice area that at least now I said I wanted to build a campus in a city that had a hundred thousand population I I don't know that I'm gonna be able to do that what am i doing well why did i do found uh no I did that how they gonna autopilot just like doing a want whoops doing a one by one for some reason I don't like that okay why did I do that like stupid all right and then we'll just join this up here we can just do this instead makes more sense alright so I'll cover all up hopefully something to build there is any do we need any like services through here or something no pretty covered right I guess I'll build that eventually if I want to how we get let's go have a look over here said a lot of dead people yeah I look $57,000 there yeah how we doing through here don't say but starting to clear out and then I mean it must be solid to clear out but there's just so many let's have a look is it a population honk oh there goes boom so we got them all there in whatever you what I wish I could tell what year that was where are we now 21:25 that long exhibit 21 19 is here if you what is that life cycle like super-short well no one's dying in these houses so we know for a fact it's not like there's anyone living here oh yes people living here who know for a fact is not because they are getting poisoned or something let's just give that old a dead person is what I mean there's people still living them it's just that oh oh plus 16 yeah we're back up baby oh no minus 1 all right it's balancing out I think I might actually just have to leave the city running for a while they're like rebalance everything which is fine in the meantime like I said we'll keep we'll keep planning out cuz then I can just take fill all this in so back through here looks pretty good too I'm happy with that so we get over road we probably don't need another bridge over here so we'll just get this ready to come out to here just connect go under that bridge cuz that'll be pretty good forget this one under just can come up the side here and that'll join under there we can do another bridge somewhere else as well yeah sorry guys you're like the only houses that built in this area but I had to destroy you it's for the greater good I swear and Nan was gonna get it through there let's do something like that and that will cover most of that sort of intersection let's have this bit here which I don't know why I've really left there so we might as well just a little bit of that house in here or something no that was a bad way to connect that how should I connect this maybe here and then I can go through as well yeah why not because then we could use this as like a hangout should carry it use this as like a connecting Road Senate almost looks like that could go for yeah from the main right here you sort of drive through and it'll sort of take you under this road so means you can come this way go up and over to get to this area or other thing and that way or something I don't know could be useful I don't like this I don't like that let's bring that down there we go that's a bit better nice oh yeah that's pretty good get a road up through here it's just about I don't want it to look filled in because this sit like that this area here looks pretty busy like it doesn't look like it would be empty or anything like that like it doesn't seem like because like with how densely populated this section is it looks like there should be more sprawl than we have which is why I want to extend it up as far as we can essentially as far as we can go into these mountainous areas so that is exactly what we're doing and then if I just like the city run for a while we should eventually get back to the point of you know having people move in having a sustainable population all that kind of stuff so then I think maybe out this way you should really do another brother might not need one might not be any point so can I have this we'll have this one main road through here how far does this go maybe up to this point and then it's gonna change into this road because it's out it's getting like white mountainous pretty far away we're gonna have the one road there and then we can have a few other roads sort of around the sides maybe a little bit just a zone a little bit more of the areas come through here as well it looks like if you get one here like I really just want this to be feeling like it's got some life to it and just a little bit more organic than maybe some because like the the kind of downtown space in this area which is over here is very man-made very designed it's very like obviously calculated so I want this to feel like it's like the land is in control and the landscape is what is dictating how everything flows will do that that's good maybe another little road here just a little one up here a little bit get something in there maybe it's pretty good that'll fill in quite nicely oh I should really connect this road who's that should probably be connected to and then I want it for these roads I wanted to do kind of the same thing as just uses smaller it's just because we're getting so far away now we should probably think about some sort of transport to this area as well if there's like one of the buses or maybe I don't trams trams would be too much but yeah we should really think about that as well we've stabilized yet we're kind of we're kind of sitting around 90,000 so I'm hoping that's kind of our number it's the 90 I'll bring this over here as well so we got a few connections to that section that's pretty good yeah I think now look I think they look really good with houses and all that we obviously got away for this bit design first get away for people to actually want to live in the city again we've got a lot more commercial demand again so we're gonna have to fulfill that that one there exciting it a little right here as well get this to fill in I'll ride it to the same intersection there okay that should be pretty good there's a little section here but can't really get to that so I'm going to leave that a little bit through there as well from OneNote but I think that will be pretty good like I think that even does being empty looks pretty good I'm hoping that these this is all gonna be low density I'm not going to do any sort of high density through that area we did a little bit here but I think that's far enough away that we shouldn't do that got some oh hey we've got some commercial here when we haven't powdered it ill why I don't do that don't do that thing else go go over there guys okay hopefully when we get stuff building oh you know what why have we not designed this bill the road I know it's good I think cuz I was keeping this stuff a little further apart that I actually want a sign I think that's out of the roads okay because there's a lot of manually placed buildings through here why is this empty there's some high-density housing maybe hopefully if they build their I'll sort of jump across I'm not gonna but I guess I probably won't look we're going up in population I guess I won't bother doing any more zoning right now really until this is filled because this is no point this is just at that point how we doing over here we're using all of these still nine out of nine nine out of nine nine out of nine nine out of nine men and a lot man these are all these are all hundred percent in use just trying to take care of the city so ready people or just gone there look at city stats every stable I think we stable I said the last record a point was there so we're gonna this is gonna drop down once again once a year is over which i think well actually we're in April unless it unless this is beginning as you yeah still so many dead through here damn a rough time to pimp what a rough time if you're still alive in the city this is still just a sea of dead and say yeah he's all and you're starting out of thirteen and we get another couple from a torrent of carbon homes cemeteries here now does the up one there it's doing one more all right go what happens if it scares off the map oh no let's not do that let's not do that maybe we could get a few more I don't really want to because it looks kinda dumb but I think we really need it we really made it guys I think we need it it's okay I just have to leave the city running like I said okay this is looking pretty good though I'm pretty happy with the the plans here and I think we didn't do a little bit more over here as well just to sort of do all this we could even do a campus out here as well maybe but I don't know if I don't know if I want to do it this far away because if you do it out there would mean public transport Tori because obviously we're if we build the campus we want good connections to it so I was thinking as well if we build it over here we could even Brett because I've actually shut off this train station here I don't never showed this was this in an episode I don't know I don't remember but actually connected and so cuz we used to use this translation as a transfer point to get out to Concord because this train station room here goes all the way out to Concord which is where we have the space elevator which obviously brings in bunch of tourists which jump on the train here so it originally did not join and it stopped here because I was like I can't really get it down there but then I actually I did and I'm getting a you can see the train at that building has come back oh wait I did actually get that so I just continue to over here it sort of comes down around actually what's really really well it's quite happy with it oh my god eight hundred people went in for that train yes it actually works really well so it's quite happy with that so I was thinking what we could do is then if if the campus is over here which is where I was thinking of doing it we can use this train line for sure to just bring a train in so then we could instead of because we got the brown train we'd probably extend the brown train line bring that around and then still use this as a transfer point I don't know about I can't this station here just cuz I liked it as a part of you know it's like history of the city like it's a leftover building I didn't want to destroy it cuz I don't know I kind of like the history elements of stuff when you're like yeah I didn't really work let's sort of keep it there as like oh that's what that's what you used to be there used to be used until we if we haven't need that space so it's likewise with this like bridge here because we used have the bridge going across here we removed it we were most of the bridge just because I don't know it was kind of done with it specially the airport right there having a bridge in front of it we removed most of it but we kept that there as a as a memory of the past you know that's where it used to be like I kind of like it parts like that in the city and like that used to be there and I like it being left over so yeah that's not singing we can usually get a train over there we can also easily get a subway because we got these two subway lines converging here so then we can just extend the tube up here and then we could have a really well-connected campus so that's what I was thinking with that so I think let me know what you think about that we are on the climb again with population which is really really nice so that's good yeah we just had a real big death way which we're still going through so I'll let this clear up and then next time hopefully we'll just jump in I will probably just pre go ahead and pre fill out and zone all this as well I maybe even do more and then the next time we're back in the city well I guess wrap it up and then build like a campus and see how that works with the campus feel see but until then thanks for watching guys I was you next time and have an awesome day

Supply Chain with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 2 | Cities: Skylines

g'day guys toast 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries in today's tutorial we're gonna check out the production chain feature which allows us to customize and manage the way that industry flows into city from harvesting raw resources all the way up to the production of luxury and special goods I'm gonna start with my forestry industry I'm harvesting raw forest products and I'm storing it within this little storage unit though I can see it's getting pretty full so I'm going to expand it by adding a couple more storage areas and you can actually see the raw forest products being transported to the storage units but at this stage we're only exporting that raw products we're not actually exporting anything extra so I'm gonna add a sawmill which takes the raw resources and turns it into plain timber and now my city is producing raw forest products and plain timber to make sure that there's always enough resources on hands and that we're not over stocking I'm gonna place down some more storage and of course if anything like me don't forget to waste all your money place it down some trees the cool thing about the production chain is that it doesn't actually have to be within the industrial area to function I'm gonna make another industrial area closer to the city and this one's gonna focus on producing paper and to make sure there's a nice flow from the production of the paper to its sitting on the shelves of the shops I'm gonna place a warehouse down the road in the heart of the sea that's going to focus on the storage of paper and that way trucks don't have to go all the way into the forest to find the paper they can actually just go to a warehouse that sits already in the city and I'm gonna do the same for my oil industry by painting down an industrial area where oil is needed the most in the city and I'm gonna place down another warehouse this time it's gonna focus on storing plastics as part of the oil production chain and honestly that is me scratching the surface of the production chain in the new DLC I'll get into more of it in the next episode see

Factories with Two Dollars Twenty | Industries Tutorial Part 3 | Cities: Skylines

get a guy's toast 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries since the last tutorial I've been expanding the industrial areas of dollar town and we now have a variety of different products being produced in the city but I think it's about time I take it up a notch and start plopping down some unique factories so the unique factories require multiple resources to produce unique goods basically the further up you go the more resources needed to produce those goods I think I'm gonna start with a Furniture Factory it only requires planes timber and paper which I know I'm producing quite a lot of in this area I think you're gonna put it down halfway between the forestry industry and the city because ultimately you want those products to be on the shelves as quick as possible when I click on the factory I can see I need to plain timber and paper in order to make the furniture I need both those items in the factory at the same time in order to start producing anything and at the moment I have neither so I'm just waiting for a truck to make its first delivery all right so now actually starting to make some furniture and some money I might actually start increasing the production rate so that we can start getting it out a little bit faster though I'm just gonna be careful of the upkeep per week and also if I can keep up with the demand of timber and paper to keep up with that demand I'm gonna put down a couple of warehouses that all store just plain timber and paper so that there's always resources close to the factory and while we're at it let's add another unique factory to the area there's something gonna go with a toy shop as it uses pretty similar resources though it does need plastics which is being produced all the way down the other side of the map so I do need to also put down a warehouse that specializes in plastics and in a nutshell that's how you get your unique factories running in your city though these are the most basic and easy ones to use they get a lot more complicated and tricky to manage down the track you'll see me fail at those ones I'll see you there