BYG TV – Special Report: Industries of Titan Combat Demo (Recorded on 2019 04 26)

yes sir karma this is correct this is an eight-month-old demo showcasing a very specific portion of titan and I kind of I'll explain how this hooks up into the demo that I showcased earlier we call it where this is the combat portion and neutralized oh really find rh-q he's playing like a double music thing oh I think I think I ran two instances of the game alright folks just give me one second here yep I ran two instances a game okay my apologies all right so to combat demo again okay so in this case what we've done is we we've started the player much further along in the cycle and so it's an example of what a city might look like after many many many hours of gameplay the demo that I had showcase earlier I played for maybe 30 to 45 minutes and I had no worry close to this size of a city and this is the city that Anton had constructed for the demo so there's you know pollution and smokestacks over here with the mine mining resources different offices and jobs residential buildings that council Hall and a lot of the UI here is different from what you saw in the last demo because the last demo is only a month old whereas this one is eight months old so much much older and the purpose of this demo is to actually showcase how combat works so in the last demo I had joke showed off one of the buildings that was locked off was the shipyard and what this demo does is it shows you what happens when you build the shipyard so in this case we're building the shipyard and we're kind of just speeding this up here automating the construction process welcome to the shipyard commander I need you to design a ship so we can best defeat the enemy to start choose a home then install all necessary device is required for takeoff remember that your crew must have access to all devices in order to launch okay so once you enter the ship hole our sorry this shipyard the first task is to choose the hole that you want and each of the holes have different kind of cost and benefits I like choosing a level two hole or higher because I like to build a lot of floor space so and each one has a different sort of weapon capacity so this ship here is a little bit more expensive but it has four weapons but I don't think I need before so I'm gonna go okay so now we have to sort of fulfill these requirements in order to get the systems of the ship capable of launching so let's start from the top of the list generator so in this case place no generator and you'll notice in this demo we've sort of sped up the concept of building so I'm just like placing down the device and it appears the actual simulation simulation when you your your workers enter your shipyard just like how they enter the factory buildings and then they construct the devices by hand like you saw them constructing the devices with inside of the HQ in the factory this is just kind of sped up so we get players into combat batteries are a device that stores excess energy and it's there so that if your generator goes down your ship can still operate the cockpit allows you to pilot your ship so you need at least one of these in order to ship to do the engine is required to actually have your ship move so I need one of these but the engine is requires fuel in order to operate so we have small fuel tanks and large fuel tanks so I can build a large fuel tank here so that powered on the engine here and also powered on the generator so both the engine and the generator use fuel if I lose the fuel tank then these will both shut down and I'm not going to be able to do a lot as it we need crew members to actually operate the devices within the ship so like this generator here requires one crew member to actually power and then there needs to be a crew member piloting the ship in order would so I have these feds which kind of are like the living spaces for that and that for those three beds allow for a single sorry these thing depends a lot for three workers to stay here so a one worker perfect I like a lot of crew so I'm going to make that kind of large the crew needs oxygen in order to actually operate so I have to build life support to sustain this and each life support can feed oxygen to up to three crews so I have two life-support here and they're both going to require energy to you so here's my excess energy based off of my one generator I am at plus fifteen energy which means that like as I build devices I need to be very conscious about how much energy I'm using so now I'm gonna have plus twelve and what those items are gonna take the most energy are these weapons so the level v4 cannon is six power second twelve two of these and I'm basically capped or I can build three of these I think I might do that instead so see other things I can build are like Shields so shields protective areas so in this case this shield has a area of effect that prevents damage to this section of the ship but this shield is going to consume too much of my power and I want to make an offensive type of weapon our office F has a type of ship so I'm gonna go in this something to also consider it uh is your pathfinding because your workers need to be able to travel to different parts of the ship so if they're injured they need to be able to walk to the medical pod if they're if any oxygen they need to wash I not need oxygen if they need to operate the weapon they need to do a lot pass away some people kind of like build their stuff in a cluster and that prevents problem and also they need to actually walk over there start healing or get to a station if you change the position so they can die on the way our more considerations so in this so let's see what happens okay somebody's pause real quick so I can explain what's going on here a common theme in the game is you can go inside of stuff so just like how in the last demo you go inside of one of your buildings to see the inside and this one you go inside your ship and once you're inside your ship you can see the inside of the enemy ship and so when in combat when two ships are locked in combat your attacking the internals of their ship and in the last demo you showed off that the military buildings have a comp are equipped with a combat floor the combat floor operates exactly how the internals of these ships work so you have people manning weapons on your combat floor with different types of systems and subsystems to allow them to operate it and so when you engage in combat with a building on one side is your ship and on the other side is the building or vice versa and this is in this case this is ship-to-ship combat so you have my crew operating the weapons here everything all systems are operational and they're currently like issuing fire orders here on the website so what I can do is I can tell what I can a my weapons and for example if I wanted to shoot this crew member he would be unable to operate this weapon which is kind of ideal or I can attack this crew member and then they they can't operate this power generator but they were just they're just gonna go and heal and then go back to it so if I want to do some like long-term damage I could do something crazy like attack their oxygen supply I've attacked their oxygen supplies let's try that they attack their oxygen supply none of them are gonna be able to breathe and so one of them is going to be sent down to actually repair the device which takes them off of one of these weapons so that's pretty good too or I could say let's I have only two fields they only have two fuel tanks left so if I blow that out then their power generator won't be able to operate anymore and so they'll be running off this battery power so I could blow up their path their fuel tanks and then blow up their battery power and then none of their devices work so I'm gonna go for the life support now so the game is very simulation based and so you're never gonna be in a situation where I think we're not going to allow you to micromanage your crew like a real-time strategy game so you can't click on someone and say do this do this the reason for this is because unlike a game that this combat is often compared to extract like FTL you have a shipyards you can produce multiple ships and so in theory you could be you know one of your buildings could be under attack and then your your ship to be attacking another ship and etc etc on multiple fronts and so rather than requiring the player to sort of micromanage them each of the players you're building systems so that they're often optimized to sort of run autonomously and then when they when you do have combat these kind of depending on your decisions then you may when you set the system so it's things like oh if I if I lost combat because my fuel got shot out maybe I did build a fuel or I didn't put enough shield around that mm-hmm and the chat actually contributed significantly to this demo too so he thought that explosion is that party so the real close here you'll notice that there's a traffic simulation and a pedestrian simulation and chat program that I think like walking clusters so it's like more like people walk around it's not 100% polish because it was you know they actually stopped at stoplights in turn yeah I feel like the people wait to cross the street yeah maintain distance all that stuff yeah so you can take out the crew on the enemy ship and it becomes disabled right yeah if you kill all the people on the ship then the ship just floats there and I was thinking about a name allowing for a way to like if the ship is basically derelict because there's like nobody on it a way to like acquire it and then also talking about a question that was rose earlier is could you what happens when the ship blows up so that's something that we still have to kind of play test and get a feel for but it would be nice to see if to see if there was some sort of like collateral damage to engaging combat okay so this is actually a rebel outpost so rebels for win there will be no patience for servants of the council rebels our affection that is independent of corporations they're not corporations at all they're founded from people who are unsatisfied with their life lifestyle in a corporation and they quit to join the rebel faction and they keep the council and they don't operate within the balance of the council so like in theory one of the things that we were hoping to get to you although we haven't implemented yet is your ability to sort of disobey the actions of the council and then then you can depends on how you run your company yeah it does it does depend on how you run okay so I'm gonna try to take out this rebel this mistake is on your hands the council won't remember you after we're through okay he's got a shield shell so I have to it takes too many shots to it's Joe Pesci to be shield so I won't be able to actually the other thing that you can do is you can shoot the tiles you can shoot the tile and it actually becomes unpassable until they repair it so if I shoot here with three nobody who had come down to repair this battery is actually going to be able to come up here so this weapon actually pretty well defended and I should probably maintain combat pressure on or while he's repairing it I could just shoot him oh he's back on the power to thank your operatives or shows yeah aunty gov aunty cap anarchistic cetera yeah so what can happen in let's say you're starting a corporation and you're popular let's say the population in your city are unhappy with the rent you've set or like the lack of housing or the they're just not happy with sort of the pollution levels that you have in your corporation because you're just exploiting them for income all the time then they at some point will leave your corporation and start generating slums and then the slums are kind of like built within the proximity of your city and then like if there continue to be unhappy that they'll go and cooperation sort of like the barbarians are they yeah yeah that has to fit I can't handle all these for tonight alright so this is a combat judgment 46% consensus so in this combat simulation we've kind of set up all these combat encounters for you to do and they're sorted we did it that way to kind of make the focus of the experience about combat but you have to keep in mind that in the grand scheme of things you're also balancing your city development and all that so in the actual game you're not going to be doing combat as often as this so there was some concern along with a judgement – 18 percent status compromised consensus and gauge or I could just set one of them oh well this this is down because he's repairing the deal yeah generators down yeah cuz they had their okay so that was good so there was one exposed fuel out of the four when I shot it the guy operating the shield that was protecting the remaining refuel left to go repair that so then I shot the other three fuel and then these now has no fuel and that is dark generally about as long as I can maintain this oh yeah the last batter he's got some more batteries all right let's try to finish this demo I know your ships gotta be that buddy I know you notice I'm using like the the 2x speed-up oh I have to explain this mechanic so like I was mentioning earlier than the first demo the council is this organization that oversees all activities on Titan including the corporation the corporation interactivities and they say that they don't want corporations to fight with each other but it can overlook that rule if you pay them a war bond so what every time I'm fighting or engaging in combat with the enemy I have to actually pay credits towards the council and they're fine with that I guess it's called a bribe but in if a enemy corporation attacks me you know that enemy corporation pays their war bond and I don't have to pay anything to defend myself you just got to pay for your letter of marque there's no historical this is the level three mothership okay would you do chat oh me I would I like I like absolutely knocking out the power system so I'd hit I put one of my lasers on each one of those fuels and then they'd have to walk around into that hole and then when they come to walk into the holder it to repair everything then light them up hit that and then the next volley hit the energy generation the two batteries in there okay and then when they come to repair its just start shooting the people okay so kill the fuel which knocks out they'll come in and then you can you can block the way in oh so if I even shoot this tile you're stuck yeah yeah you said little traps happen and I have a design flaw is in this ship now I remember you say something like go for the batteries yeah yeah hit the batteries next and then don't wait for this one then hit the tiles yeah as the third one okay and that blocks them out of it well they won't be able to get in but if they do get in then you just okay oh and it's such a long travel path we're gonna get in and then those guys are trapped okay now hit their other batteries oh there's more yeah it hit the other batteries and then use your other gun to hit the guys that are trying to repair the floor so they can do in there these guys no hit these guys that are trying to come in because they're gonna try to come in and repair and then you can start nailing those guys in your little kill zone because everybody's gonna start to come here because it's like oh gosh we everything's in trouble whoever designed this ship now now keep keep the fuel tanks suppressed and start shooting got this you figured this out yeah I'm a little bit I'm a little bit dastardly when it comes to because I played this and I soloed it with one ship Wow and beat the entire demo so now now you gotta get a Mandy they're like fish in a barrel now one of them is outside so you get to keep an eye on him you're getting there boom alright retarget oh oh so they have a fuel bag okay yeah keep the fuel suppressed yeah keep the fuel in the battery suppress and you can start shooting the people so they can't escape oh no you let him out Andy it's harder than it looked good I get that my timing some timings wrong all right now batteries before they get him oh yeah what you can do is you can aim one tile on to him so the tile he's repairing and then him and you'll hit both him and anything be repaired it's a trap I call this maneuver oh there you go so now they're gonna be herp another med centers down oh and you can't get out you don't have any power you can even hit their generators too even if they do get their power back up temporarily so now everybody's kind of trapped in there the life supports gonna start running out thank you monster [Laughter] trap them in oh yeah trap them in a hole take out their oxygen it's pretty effective in case you weren't clear this is totally not a cutthroat game at all and everybody's happy in the role of Satan it's a capitalist utopia quick look heaven with utopia it totally is oh wow I cannot believe I don't even think I took the edge evil you're not yeah exactly you paid your moribund what's the problem Wow yeah awesome yeah I'm really good yeah yeah you are really good yeah I was not expecting winning that so and that's the end of the combat demo yeah awesome yeah thanks for watching everybody there's a lot of fun cool so that's all we have to show you for now um and it was a lot of fun so I hope that you know as time passes and we have more to show that we'll have an opportunity to do this again if you have any questions I guess let us know now and we'll do we'll do a little bit more Q&A and until we wrap up in a few minutes we call it a corporate bonding experience yeah good way to put it mm-hmm peace through power oh yeah no wrong with that so huh so one thing that Chad asked me but they didn't ask you is like how big your team is you haven't really talked about so um how many are we up to it's been changing a lot recently so we recently brought in Pete we've had our team cobble myself so that's like four full-time we're coming up to five full-time in Marlin who's one of the people who sort of floats between all of our teams has been doing our cinematics direction near the phenomenal job with that yeah so I think we up to about five full time soon and Fanta brigade was originally just the earlier prototypes was just two and then three people full-time we have power of audio doing all of our sounded music yeah and we had mentioned that Titans in unreal but yeah it's a pretty highly customized version of unity around rendering tech and yeah like I said the trailer was all done in engine as well yeah we really wanted to make it look as yeah time looks great good art direction don't even need the

Cable Car! – INDUSTRIES (Part 40)

hey guys stop here today and welcome back to cities skylines so since last time when we upgraded like a bunch of the city we are now actually making a good profit so that's that's pretty nice now you guys are mentioning that I could have done these sort of make buildings historical setting and then upgraded them and then they would have all stayed looking the same which the reason I didn't do that is because I didn't know that's how that worked I knew it would keep the buildings looking the same but I assumed it meant I couldn't upgrade them or they wouldn't upgrade but apparently that's not how that works anyway we haven't done that so and you know what I don't really mind like none of these like look particularly like fancy or stupid nice or anything so I think it still works for most of this area we're not gonna upgrade them again so like to level around I'm pretty happy with so I'm not too worried about that also we've seem to be having some garbage issues yeah okay so I'm not actually looking to doing a little bit more garbage processing where are we processing in random locations all over the place it's actually pretty good didn't we I thought we did a we did do a bunch of it but I guess that's not enough hmm let's get a bunch of it man we need a lot of garbage processing I get some out of it this way – mmm I just I want to put it right in here like forestry and that maybe not over there maybe more out over we have a lot to get this again well we seem to be having issues here and like up over here so I think we need some stuff further back out this way so that's a town this is farming so again I don't really want to burn garbage here like right by the farms I don't know it isn't to me that just doesn't seem right let's get a little road out over this way just getting out here and then this is basically just gonna be a road and I have a couple of garbage recycling plants or something on it I don't know that'll do we just needed to sort of get that Oh actually don't lower the budget I should probably check that because I don't remember I know we've been having budget issues forever so no that's fine I guess but you know what because we are making plus 84,000 we can probably bring some of our budgets back up now although I don't think the major system that income is which is also an easier way to sort of just bring these up instead of like having to precisely slide them I guess I don't need to do the nighttime budgets though cuz we never have nighttime but anyway I'm going to do this now this is that 50% about 56,000 does that mean we're getting up to a hundred thousand in cost because if that's the case I am NOT I'm not gonna be able to afford that well keep an eye on that well keep an eye on our income we've got a lot of train stuff going on speaking of which with the trains and that's sort of over clogging of trains recently there was a mod released that I think that yeah there's gonna cost me too much money we're getting close to not making money again there was a mod released between videos it might have just been after the last pot or maybe juror in the last part or something like that that it basically is a mod that sort of delays cargo trains and I think potentially trucks and ships and that it just delays them so they can fill up with more cargo then you know I'll actually notice keep that low because I think we just have unlimited power yeah we got so much power yeah it's a mother basically makes a cargo train wait longer before it leaves where are we where are some trains now so hopefully what we should be seeing is trains that have more cargo on them and thus should be having less train spawn around the place and thus should have less trains on the tracks which was what I'm looking at right now I'm not seeing a huge amount of influx of train like they don't seem to be clogging up the entire track as per usual which is a good sign now the biggest issue we had was over here over this way with all the trains coming out over here this might still be leftovers from before yes essentially we shouldn't get the 7% anymore and I'm hoping that should start clearing out soon as as it all starts running through it look I'm not seeing any trains clogging this way the some still going this way as you can see some of these are a bit better but ideally oh that's still not that might need to be a little longer just so we can fit a whole train and there because it seemed like we couldn't quite fit a whole train yeah that's no good all right so I'm gonna extend that because if we can fit a whole train in there at least other trains can continue passing and I'm hoping as time goes on that issue will become you know less of an issue is the ideal scenario anyway so that's gonna go in here yep okay and then that can go to that height and then that should know actually with the thing we got to be careful of is this stuff it might have made it too long now because now it means let's have a look so this term will go there it might mean another train might start turning in which again there's also something we don't want so hmm ideally yeah we want like here it needs to be like perfect good perfect length okay so what I found is okay so I think I went there before if I got a little bit further like that then hopefully another train doesn't turn in there and it sort of waits here instead know this train but look 250 people on board that's pretty good I'm not saying any turn in there at the moment either so I guess it's also good this game it just loves to over sand you weren't supposed to do that although it looks like it was sort of glitching out from the last time anyway I wonder if we can do any Junction stuff on here because can't you do like give way or like oh no I think you could do it in here and the vanilla game sort of set up although that doesn't appear to be piling up which is good sign because we don't want it to pile up but now the stop sign probably means that they just have to stop and then continue if it's going forward oh well see that's not good because then I just sit like why this one sit I don't know you know what let's just leave it I should just leave that get out of there we're not making a huge amount of money considering we're making none but it's sort of better than before let's so also the main issue that we were having was education because our population was very uneducated but that seems to be slowly catching up now with all of this which is really really good news for us and what about traffic wise how we doing 78% actually pretty good so let's continue let's get back over to this really sad Park which I actually quite liked like this whole this whole city is supposed to be disgusting and dirty it's not supposed to be good actually making money off this park because parks you can actually make a bunch of money off of if you really go go for them should we because we're right by the edge of the map I guess should we just like fill it out I don't do something we got a lot of industrial demand actually to make maybe we could do an industrial area back here it's not really near anything except for garbage and that so which I'm fine with I mean like maybe we should just like fill it out all right I'm gonna get this to come through here and yeah some of you guys have been saying as well we're sort of nearing the end of this series and I think I said that last time too didn't I that I was like we're kind of near the end of this and I I do wanted to start finishing this up and wrapping up loose ends that we have left over such as if we were gonna build up here I don't know that we will like there might be some things we just don't do but for the most part like this area around here looks like it just needs a little bit of finishing off cuz it's like right by the edge of the map we might as well see what we can do with it and see if we can get it to look how we sort of want it to now this area is supposed to have these sort of straight roads that aren't necessarily in line or parallel so don't be too upset by that that's just how this area has always been not ideal is basically how this area's been the entire time it's just like this whole sort of this whole area of the city is just like this all right I don't know why what's owning everywhere either go away it's really annoying okay so we really get some pipes oh we need some more sewage treatment too actually for the most part those city's pretty good we're so yeah we're sort of teetering on the edge of making money and not making money which is good enough for me that's kind of where we've always been so nothing new there it's going good all right so let's have a look at the pollution no not noise pollution I care about that so wait where do people live is this people living okay so we don't wanna go too close to that I'm thinking maybe if we go from this road this way we should be okay so if we do something like this it's gonna pause for a second and then there's and then I actually probably don't want it on the main road so I just do offices so if we do all that as like industrial and I'm thinking a lot of this is just like offices cuz makes sense I've got more educated people now too so that'll be good and I think we should have a subway station nearby ish somewhere exactly sure when we get some commercial tree or two and that should fulfill a fair amount of demand at the moment that we have going on then we can sort of feel out the residential as well okay so I think we have where is the subway subways there and there's like I wonder maybe we should probably change this subway station into one now that we can because previously I hadn't downloaded this asset we haven't used it in the city but I used it one of the challenges recently so I might even because we got a lot of people because there's also a bus stop here somewhere so maybe we should use this one rather than because if I move actually you know what I guess what we could do we could put it on the corner here move the bus stop to round the corner instead of being on that main road yeah might be better actually so let me pause I'm gonna remove that stop and then also that one just so that sort of we take it back one stop when they ruin any of the line stuff I'm gonna get rid of that get rid of that and then these two are gonna share the same subway station which will go should be alright we just have to move that line that tunnel even more now it's okay this pretty much all the way back to that and this is gonna move back a little bit to that should be okay and then we can just join these up and then hopefully just this transfer would just be a lot a lot easier and a lot better too so that's gonna go there and that's gonna come freaking out okay okay okay okay lovely and then this one can come down these subway I think I think a lot of people will use them but I've never really been happy with the subways in this area so I don't know if we'll even change them a bit more after this just because it's like this one is a big sort of it just just like I guess at you or a big arc and then this one's okay because it sort of runs north and south or whatever direction are you know up and down this one I don't really like this purple one but it's been kind of working for our users so I guess we'll probably roll with it no wonder they should have another stop in the middle here somewhere cuz nobody seems like we got in quite a distance to get over to the next one uh you know actually we got a bus line in between no nevermind that's probably why I didn't do it cuz we have a bus line that goes right there no it's gonna go there and then purple give me purple and then nope there okay and you it's gonna move up to here beautiful that would be upset for a bit but it's okay guys calm down we got another one there we go alright so then what we did was just move where that was and then we're gonna go to the bus and move this stop to the round of this corner so it's not on that road anymore so guys y'all gonna have to move to this stop here instead which should now be pretty popular because we got a bunch of lines going through got to the two different subway lines and then also the bus stop just here now somewhere wherever that is that should be quite good all right so this is pretty much that's pretty much taking care of all the demand that we had yeah and now it's all gone we've got some empty spaces here too which I might fill in I what if we can just fill it in with some of this no high density let's see what we got get this guy in and I surely good things go just took a minute it's like okay yeah I took that animation back on we used to have that off bag I miss some of the buildings growing like that looks nice you know so I made a guess that people use this friend I don't actually know we don't really check but I assume people are using it we do have a pretty much dead zone in the middle here though so I'm wondering maybe what we should have done because we've got a green line here maybe the purple line should have been more like middle and then we could have done another one out here I don't know there's just I don't think there's out many people here though well we do have a hundred and ten thousand people how many people live in this zone it's probably a good question Underhill he'll what a stupid name 6500 people Magnolia high it's 12,000 bit oh you know it's quite a decent amount of the population four thousand five hundred fourteen thousand in this on Jesus so just in this area where 14,000 okay hmm maybe we could maybe we could support another line though with that many people we surprisingly they don't have that much traffic I guess cuz my public transport just so good I guess wait how do we do these subway stops we go oh that's right these two are yeah I didn't use a multi-platform they just pull my god we might need more trains on that line hang on that's something we have not checked in a while is how many people are using our line no that's trams I don't care what those go away how many really using these so this line here 1387 but I think we might have hit peak capacity because as I come around here we got 400 people 600 200 yeah we might need a few more trains we've got 14 let's get another look another four because they told 180 H that might be good let's have a look at the other ones the other ones probably fine cuz this one then they got 417 people you know that's fine no worries metro line 3 there a thousand very well spaced and actually I think that's probably the right number of trains to this one over here also good I think the other one was the metro line for us seem to be absolutely losing its mind this one probably has too many trains but I'll leave it yeah this one metro line 4 so where does this one go this is the pink line this one is just nuts oh I guess it's like the whole city that's why it's like I'm gonna guess that most people are commuting because all of this is there's a lot of population here that will commute probably somewhere along here to work or they even catching it up to like the train or to get to the high-speed rail or something like that oh you know what I bet a lot of them get off here let's see so there's a train here is it gonna get off here let's say no you know what I lied nevermind I thought maybe they will get up there get on the brown train and then they get onto the high-speed rail although it turns out that that's not the case I love you know I love saying this many people like sort of walk through the city I don't know oh my god woah do we ever have high-speed trains for this hang on there's just so many oh I don't know that we do I don't know that we do have a look 139 people already on the train how many of you learned this platform there's 1,100 of that platform and this which platform is this okay that's this one hang on which is the one that has 1,100 people 900 this yeah this one okay I thought so because that did look pretty busy we might need some more trains hmm let's go another three we'll go up to seven because we originally had more just bid this because we had a huge influx and it seemed like that that was kind of like a one-off thing alright let's have a look so I don't know why was there a reason I didn't connect these I don't know if there was I don't know what it was but I guess I just want to connect them I'm into that we're gonna sort of see if we can fill in this area here of the rail I guess probably should do right let's um let's actually elevate this let me know ready elevated but let's turn it into a bridge instead so we get under it yeah that's fine and then we can get this guy over here on the ground preferably nice just do that and then this will just be like probably houses and that I guess I might even do some I mean I get me quit do you know I want to do high-density on this road there and then a little bit through here too but that'll probably be it then they're asking me like houses well okay I lied it's your turn into more high density yeah I'm gonna get rid of that go away then that would be houses yeah and then through here as well I don't know I don't want to shove tall buildings back there and then probably oh this can be houses here too then up through this section we could even do some commercial because it's right by the train station so that would be nice and then we can do some commercial down this bit of the road it should be good as well well shops here and there and then I think the rest of this area can just be residential oh hang on not all of that because that half of that goes into the water so Savoy that there we go okay so that'll sort of feeling a lot of that then I might even just get a little crossing through there somewhere I don't know if he was like these roads anymore crossings especially with the amount of like shoppes and stuff through here that one's probably fine there's a crossing there for the use all in the middle there I mean I don't think there's gonna be a huge amount of people who like crossing the road in the middle so should probably be fine these because they whenever we do one of these crossings they add in traffic lights for it in which we could also turn off actually but I quite like them so someone must across here they can use the traffic lights otherwise they'll just never change which is good so they only change if they need to which is nice but the rest of it's looking pretty good like it's not super busy out here either in terms of like traffic or anything so I think we'll be okay it might be in yeah and now I guess we no need to say might be good to get a highway connection but I guess we don't need is one there is one right here by the airport I guess the other way to get to it it's go going down and coming up here but it works I actually think it'll get over there it works still making money which is nice and I should be feeling in this area I guess you should probably fill in all this – I kind of want to change this road back to what it was which how was it done I guess it was just like this wasn't it though like that because we don't really need it setup like this anymore that was anyone we had an insane amount of traffic driving down here now it's really annoying me that it looks dumb now just really annoys me I was like I kind of wish it didn't look like that and a second of these is to get the road in the right spot yeah and then we can just bring that in closer so then this I guess can just go here right who want to save yeah and then this will come to here hang on going a grid to there and then I guess it was it – probably and then just do that and that should be fine okay so then we was gonna make sure that we set up this as well so then and this needs to give Oh who's already doing that a giveaway and I think that's all we needed to do all right yeah just cuz it didn't need to be like that anyone those icons are really annoying me I don't even know that we really need this exchange anymore especially since we built the new actually how's this go now over here by the way yeah quite nice it's quite lively it's good especially since wheat there's not many trains there especially since we've built a new one which by the way there's less trains thanks to that Maude oh my god that's so much better so much better like there's still a bunch of trains you can see going around the place but 80% 27% in 13 that was also good I'm sorry don't look at that one but but not getting overwhelmed by trains they're just clogging up the entire network anymore so that mod has been a bloody game changer and I guess I'll see ya we built these other cargo hubs to didn't–we which is quite good twelve percent now get away from more cargo on that one seven percent on that one well look as long as they're not getting clogged that's good and I'm happy with that alright any general issues that we have there's all these things all these old cemeteries that's fired an account we could empty them or just leave them there fine this area's always been pretty bad as well with this traffic trying to get through it not really sure what we can even do to be honest like I already did you can see already did a bunch of stuff here to try and get stuff to flow a little nicer like we have a left-hand turn that just flows directly through if you're going forward here you actually can't turn right anywhere so if you're going right you have to actually turn here and go around that way so it gets any right-hand turns out of there I figured in left to go that way it's still just it's just busy it's a busy area I think it works so do I have um I don't know if I have do we have advanced AI on oh we do so we have you know what happens if we turn off advanced vehicle AI I want to know how bad the traffic gets because wait what are we at we are at 77% which is good but that might be being helped a lot by okay you know I think I might put a clinic in here just because these people are constantly dying I don't think that diameter constant getting sick and sending ambulances out from like a mile away is never been useful so I put one there cuz I'm they can just go to these guys directly because we basically have one Hospital the entire city in this this which works well when everyone's healthy but when these guys for example they're probably eating a lot of noise pollution from the cargo station right there when we have issues like that it might be better to just get a little clinic around in the area someone for that there that would probably destroy some stuff but whatever so only take care of the guys in the area because I think that those are pretty much the only issues I think that we have think everywhere else is like fine crime here apparently apparently we have crime in these two specific spots it's interesting quite sure why I guess it's 25 for a thousand years we don't have enough oh hello you've got some good Sally shoes we apparently want more commercials though do we want to do any more over here you know what this area here is really annoying me that it's been empty for so long I was gonna put a row can we get a right onto this actually oh we easily can why haven't I done that we probably should have a row down here so I'm gonna do that I guess I'll just get the tree line right again ground hang on okay so just go here it's gonna easily get straight underneath maybe too bearish yeah this guy's all should we I got a hammer get rid of poplar that pathway is very useful so I will put it back where is the I don't want to destroy that stuff but I'm trying to get in line oh there we go yeah nice okay so this year this pathway is really useful because it basically allowed people to get from here to there without I think especially before this word they had to walk all the way like a round like this to get through it's so bad okay yeah all right hang on hang on they got a straggler all the way down no you guys I still just woke up later okay so then that allows it have a road here those trees don't clip through the road which is super nice which means we can very easily just plunk in some high density commercial like we're right here it's like perfect and then it allows another way to get through to this side instead of I'm gonna go through the main road although go through the main road doesn't seem to be an issue anyway it's that's fine now how's my high-speed rail doing is that eased up a little bit we got a whole bunch of trains on here we get still have 300 people waiting there but that train should get it we might be able to do with one less train I want to go down to six cares numbers I'm seeing we could probably do with six although sometimes it's just kind of crazy look how many people just got off this do we just get a bunch of people or is it like not that many I'm not seeing anyone so I feel like no one got off that ship what does it take long ago oh we have another ship there 38 how many people on them I think most people enter the city by train or car or plane or everything okay so there's also a more commercial man I think we might fill in this little area this is kind of like the episode where we just like fill in spaces you know let's bring it in a little bit more about tough snapping real quick and grid and everything go that now I don't know if I want to join it right there I think this might go there we might need to do some custom building placement through this area just because I don't think that these are gonna be particularly inspiring especially this area might have to do something custom there which is fine so we'll do that so that that will feel in quite I say I think cuz this is gonna be like I guess half industrial half commercial sort of area which is fine let's have a look through here then we could really get a nice built and well nice a nice I guess pretty loosely so I put this in for example what am i doing I don't know I kind of have to wait for it everything to build up here to see what that looks like so we saw that designing there which is good like something here for example we need to also put that this could be like a little hoc or something like that nothing nothing it's too special and then just get a little pathway as well you know does like gets to come around I don't know just sort of fills in that space a little bit no one will use it but it looks like there's something going on there instead of nothing okay so that sort of fills that air which is quite nice so I guess really what we need to do in terms of finishing this city and calling it a day is I can't still want to know I mean we don't need to fill in every little area that there's just a few little places that I think we need to kind of finish up I think for the most part this is all looking pretty good this whole area this is looking pretty good just like this bit here seems like because we already built the key so it seems like we should probably do something there oh and you guys actually wanted to see a cable car that goes up here which I don't know where I'd go from though because ideally you'd want to come from the tourist area here oh you know I mean we can do that we can try it whereas kick this one which is this the end one or is this a no that's the middle one okay no no no this one I'm wondering if we can actually get this to work this really might need to be further this way just cuz like we've got this like perfect open section here if we get a cable got to go up through that be kind of cool right let's see okay let me turn on no collision because that's gonna make the power life a lot easier then I guess straight slope basically have to go well we could keep it low until it gets to this point and then go up quite steep so we need something like that for example obviously that one's a little in the way and then that hits the train station slight issue we could maybe move this building moving these so if we do okay let's move this over there that might be a better spot because that gives us a bit more room so get rid of all of it I think so it's sort of more in line with it if we put it here okay so we're gonna go here that should be pretty good and then this will be great this will be really really good I can't see it going wrong if we go straight line nothing really works I think you kind of need a they can sort of pivot a little bit okay kind of snapping in all that place okay like here for example is that it's a little low yes the cable cause definitely at the station there is that kind of one I like go alongside the road here because that's kind of where we need to be maybe we need to go here go up have a high maybe like something like this right that should be okay let me go across it's gonna so basically doing a little bit of bobbing and weaving to start off with I don't know if that's a yeah the thing is where this pillar goes is kind of how it like we need it to avoid buildings I mean this one could actually maybe go on top of the building I figure up a little oh it's going until why now look at that you have to like here because then it looks like it's just gonna support it off the top of that building which is fine I think and then we're gonna go through the city area right maybe like this to this building or maybe even further can we go further we can go further okay you know we could even just go straight up here okay where am i okay I don't want another pillar in the middle of the city so we go there so that goes all the way across and then hang on where we're gonna end this the endgame is here the hashtag don't spoil the end game God that was a good maybe that I'm alright I want to watch it again anyway let's get a another bit of this from okay I need snapping again there we go now if you do a straight slope is this gonna go through the ground probably so we need to go to here really first and then I guess I forget at this point looks okay and then if we just go straight in wait how is it in line with that thing I don't know but it goes like that I guess that's fine then comes down across the city and then has a pillow through that building comes up over here okay that's your black let's see I don't know if anyone's gonna use it but it should work like is that weird to go like over the buildings and straight it is I guess it's weird but it's cool you know so it comes up goes over and some coming down as well I'm wondering when we use it I really hope they do it cuz it's cool it's a cool idea okay people people are just using it a park so there's that then the mighty people getting on it now have a look like those people sort of walking into it I don't know if they're walking and doing or walking to their car okay so zero people on that let's say so them to go in and then hopefully people get on anyone what was that to go real fast also guys are well now we got twelve people yeah there you go twelve people get on that and away it goes so if we actually you know pause we get in it yeah you go I guess I just said above it alright that's pretty cool that's a pretty cool idea took the cable car boy and then go over the city it's a nice way to sort of link the tourist area though for sure after the castle you're gonna get a nice view over the whole like sort of this downtown ish area and then we come over this way you get a view of all that I guess technically the ocean although the game doesn't render that far doesn't exist up the edge of the map and we come down this way get a little steep this but that's probably the steepest bit of the entire cable car is that that bit right there you guys won't even that looks fine yeah that's so good all right cool I like it alright so beyond that I guess we're just gonna do a little bit more building here and there and I think maybe what we should do let me know the comments down below but I think we should just do some live streams over this city this is sort of good a lot of its kind of building work just build building and zoning really nothing I don't think there's any I don't really have any special plans for any more infrastructure I think we've kind of done like this is kind of a last thing that we really needed to do just to help out with all the trains in that and even that that didn't really help it's mostly the mod that helped us out and then the rest of this is good we're making money Detroit's in a good place we never really did the garbage thing that I said I was gonna do yeah it's how did that happen I don't know anyway there you go that's what I meant to do I don't know why I didn't do that I guess I think that Pat will they power themselves and that's not burning garbage we really need to power it but I will well I guess cuz I'll power the power of the career it's that I'll be good all right so that'll help all right let me know the comments down below but we'll be back next time probably well potentially not probably I would say probably potentially with the time lapse from a live stream that we do and if you want to follow me on Twitch that is linked down below if you just click on my website link it links through there and you can follow me on Twitch so you can be notified oh actually does have a look at the traffic 70% okay so we go down to 70% without traffic manager without the advanced AI and to be honest thank you is there a lot of people coming up here then just go straight down again to be honest it doesn't look wait wait a second bag are down are back okay that's an issue are they doing the same thing yeah okay what's going on here wait hang on a second what is going on here they're going down the bottom just to come back onto it and I'm wondering no actually I don't Oh woody if they're entering the highway and then there's no is there any way to change lanes no there is but they're just not hmm I don't know I don't know whether this trees for that road well that's something to look at they're basically exiting and then joining back on right away and are they doing the same thing here I don't know if I can they do it here let's see I'll waiting to get the move this is something fun okay go yep they all seem to exit and want to come back on straightaway and that's just good that's what's causing traffic nothing else okay well that's not one for me to fix all right thanks watching guys I'll see you next time and have an awesome day

Cities:Skylines INDUSTRIES – Part 1

hey guys public here today and welcome to cities skylines industries the brand new dlc that's already been out for a while and it's actually not brand new anymore but I'm finally starting it up so I thought well some of the suggestions from you guys for this city were to build a dirty industrial city which makes sense it's all about industries so that's what I'm gonna be doing this particular map I downloaded from the workshop I'll link it down below in my asset and model list which I have completely cleaned out from the last city I think I've got like minim I don't think I have like any assets I think I'd like to assets maybe like the power lines and then I think that's it and I know some mods so it is so much I tell you what up to the last series of cities it's so much smoother and there's like no like it's beautiful it's so beautiful playing in new city I love it anyway so the idea with this is first of all I'll try not overcomplicate the start of this here and I was trying to do something weird and and different but I just had enough to do that instead so I we start off here with the new road so these are new roads that came with the DLC they look like this sort of old sort of Sun Sun no sunburn or just like Sun scorched roads like I use these everywhere just cuz I look really dirty which is great so so that's that I'm going with I'm using them everywhere throughout the city the whole place is kind of gross and I purposely used a dirty sewage pipe right there and dumped sewage straight into that river because I want Brown rivers running through this place I don't want it to look look how blue that looks like that looks too nice this place is not supposed to be nice so we're gonna try and make it dirty try and make it kind of gross and pretty bad there might be some nicer areas but like most of the time the cities they built a pretty good in terms of services and cleanliness and all that kind of stuff and they usually just look pretty good not this city this one's great as parties look I'm using sort of overgrown pathway or not even Overground just so sort of National Park pathways that have like all the shrubs and and dirt and using those you know having a bit of fun with it so this whole first episode is pretty much just a time-lapse because I really wanted to not struggle with the start of the city which I usually do we usually spend like three to four episodes just starting office not really getting anywhere so this whole first episode is a big time lapse a little bit at the end that isn't but even even this bit here this so this is part of a new industries DLC which is obviously gonna be a bit hard to see here in the time-lapse but we're doing an oil industry just here just over the other side of the river for all these people to go work in so they're gonna go do that now one thing I have noticed and you'll see that this city has a lot of problems as we move on and that's gonna be what we're going to be solving probably and like but to do and that is that doing these custom industries here which you basically place all the parts of it it's kind of like in the other parks almost you sort of define a zone and you'd say what type of industry it's gonna be in this case oil then you place all the buildings that you need for that to work and to function so you got like the extractors you've got the processes then you've got the I don't know the other bits and pieces and then you export it or keep it I don't know I've not really play with it that much yet but that's kind of the basic understanding of it it kind of gives you a guide of what you need to do anyway so the the weird thing with this is it doesn't actually count at all to any industrial demand which is a slight issue later on because we have huge parts of the city that I just you'll see it I mean I guess I probably I'd want that I definitely over zoned later on for like commercial and industrial and so we have huge parts of the city that just don't have enough workers and yeah look your lip becomes a bit of a problem but um we sort of work through it now and I definitely have money troubles like at the moment we're doing okay but then when I start putting a bunch of services it's just not great oh yeah because that's the other thing I really started off here with everything unlocked because I was like I don't really want to sort of go through the unlocking process again especially for the new the new deal so you stuff I kinda just want to use it so I was like I was not too worried about trying to unlock stuff so I just ignore that and we just sort of place whatever we wanted but that also adds a challenge of me sort of messing up oh these are really cool if you haven't seen these yet they finally actually added in proper toll booths that you can sort of attached roads to cars will go through it pay the toll you also get to earn a bit of money from it which is pretty great so I decided you know I'm gonna toll everyone coming into this city you're gonna go through this toll booth and you're gonna pay me just to end up and to enter this grow city I I thought that was a good idea and I think it worked I don't know how much money it actually makes but it makes more than zero I can tell you that much like we're charging and I could tell you how much it charges I think it's like $1 for a car or two for a for a truck or something like that and you can up I think you didn't double it now I did have that cargo station running as you can see but I think I disabled that like multiple times throughout this because I start not making money you can see like my income right now well first the income is super variable and I'm gonna assume it's because of the industry like I'm gonna seem like sometimes we're selling and exporting a lot of stuff from the industry so we get a bunch of money and then sometimes but not so we're losing a bunch of money you know what I don't know that's my assumption and I think that's what's happening well we have so many look at all these trucks that is turning around the area right now it's because of all these like Lane management things that we've got going on it's all a little bit weird you know what we're working on it so I wanted to keep basic the idea with this whole city zone I want to keep the industry really really ingrained within the city I really wish that the ground pollution didn't mean people like men people couldn't live near it like it's annoying a might maybe let's get a mod just to remove like pollution killing citizens because I want them to live like right next to it like that happens in real life like you have factories and all that and then just housing right near it and that's what I wanted to do and it's just you can't do it because I just get sick and die and then guys see it die what jerks no it's super annoying though because I want them to be able to live there so I keep having to so that's why the river was a good buffer but even still because we're polluting the river the water is polluting the houses next to it which is annoying like I mean come on mate just cuz there's polluted water just don't go in it you'll be fine you'll be fine yeah so this is all about just building up this whole area so I actually do like a lot of this is these sort of straight roads there's not a lot of curves because I don't know I always feel having when straight angled roads seems more industrial and more sort of dirty than smooth curving like roads and all that so that's why I sort of went with that obviously there are some code roads not all just dead straight like the main road there for example was a bit curved so we had this a lot of traffic owners this area because we have all the oil industry stuff and then also the the Chicago train station so just trying to provide a few different routes that you could go just to get around a little bit better so I um we're using water towers so far in this city I think later on I actually put in a water pump because we need more water you will notice that there are a few I don't well the keen-eyed among you will notice that there's a bunch of like other assets like I still have a bunch of my roads activated in the game right now and I still have some custom houses and custom grow balls that are going and there's a lot more mods activated now than there what there are later on and that's because at this point I still hadn't I hadn't finished off my park life series so I wanted to keep all that stuff installed before I before I changed it up but you'll notice in like the second half of this video like all that stuff like doing appears and like all my mods are like gone dead is gone and it's amazing I mean obviously well add things as we go but I really just wanted to start off with a clean slate and just not not have like a bunch of stuff lagging the game and because I didn't really know what was causing the lack like the last city was just atrocious I don't know I mean it could have been like the hundreds of assets that I had I think in the end I had like 800 or something there was a lot so you know cleaning those out doesn't hurt yeah so this area here like that sort of it's not really a downtown area I guess supposed to be like a town center almost cuz we got like high density commercial just over on the left that I think probably messed me up a lot with the amount of workers that we need even and we kind of need educated workers too which we don't have and I've got literally no schools in this city I might actually go back and remove that n dust oh no no screw that high density commercial just because I think it's like you can say like oh right now already there's none of people to work there so I was like let me put some more houses and even putting more housing and didn't really help by the end of this I think we have like I must have like 9,000 people in this city which by the way we don't know what we call in this city yet so if you got any dirty industrial city names like Los Angeles put that down below in the comments well I guess Los Angeles not really oh you know what Los Angeles does have a lot of oil doesn't it I have a lot of oil industry there that is true and it is dirty so could be a Los Angeles lost flabulous probably not that yeah feel free to name the city in the comments down below I'll pick one and we'll go with that and then it will be great at the moment called Rockwood which is I don't know that's not great so just changing some of these roads here I think I later or not light it later in later on oh no not even later on right now I'll put a bridge in love those bridges by the way those are those are the new bridges that came with the DLC so some bridges are the roads that I've been using looks really it's like perfect for that area I think and I make sure to do quite a lot of bridges in the area like there's a bundle you can see there's already three going over that side and I add even more later on and then basically expanding the city out this way like a lot of this is just expanding the city like there's nothing too special about this it's essentially I just want to get the city started so then then we can move on to doing more stuff because I think this beginning part of a city is like you can't I just need to build it there's nothing too crazy about it it's just a bunch of residential and a bunch of like all that kind of stuff and pretty much the rest of this city is almost all just like a residential like it just sprawls all the way out I guess I could start doing some more high-density stuff which might be an idea but this place is quite big like quite but quite large indeed because I just need it's constantly more and more residential and because I zoned all that commercial I never have any commercial demand so I'm leaving a lot of gaps to Zone in commercial but we're just not zoning any because there's just no need for it and you'll see that as we keep going and I keep getting demand for more industrial even though the thing is like we have sound like a huge lack of workers all over the city already like in there in the commercial area and it's like yeah I think we need more industrial it's like we don't we really really don't and I look I even put bus lines in like before like part 20 of the series and I put a couple more in later but I don't know if I record them I don't know it look I don't know how great they are in terms of efficiency but they're in the cities so I think that's a win and I was thinking I will definitely do a subway in the city as well we purposely avoided subway last time eat fresh so this time we'll will put the subway back in no monorail this time because that was annoying I think using the monorail was fun and it was something different in the last city but I just it was so annoying so annoying if we didn't want a nun Road if it's on roads it's plain but other than that yeah so this time we'll be using a subway especially I think a subway in a city like this seems like it would make quite a bit of sense so you see I even put some industry in that's a weird way to see industry I haven't put some industry right there in the middle of all the residential and I made sure to leave enough room that we weren't like polluting the houses around it but I left I basically left big gaps for zoning commercial and all that around that which we haven't done yet because don't have any demand for it so this year I wanted to extend the highway this is kind I guess is kind of similar to the last city where we had this sort of elevated mini highway whereas this is like I don't know it's just then this is just a new road this is just a regular Road but I thought it looked like it looks really good just as a dirty elevated highway so this is sort of gonna be running through the city not very far at the moment because the thing is we can't really see the map as a whole particularly well in this time-lapse when we get into the game at the end of this video I'll zoom out so we can see the whole thing so give you some context but the area that we have to build in isn't exactly huge so like this doesn't go very far it sort of just cuts across this area gets to the other side of the other side of the river pretty quickly from the highway so that's the idea of it it's basically to deliver access deliver access as a stupid thing to say it's basically to provide access for any industry traffic trying to get to the other side of the river because we're gonna have a big industry section over there we've got a bunch of mountains so we're gonna do some ore industry and all that and we'll have to do some forestry and farming somewhere I have to figure that out we haven't done those ones yet but I would like to do some of those in just regular gameplay and not time-lapse obviously our oil one was time-lapse just cuz I wanted to get it started and and all just going but him so this one is just you know just getting things started it's getting hot in here you know yeah so this is just connecting straight up to this highway whoo and the good thing about this is we can now like do toll road so I actually I'm not putting a toll at the other end of this big bridge because I guess it's essentially a bridge at the other end of this elevated roads like you know it cost us money to build this thing so I'm gonna earn that back I don't know that I don't know an easy way to check how much you earn from toll booths I guess it's in the budget but you know what no actually I think there is a toll booth section I haven't really I think there is no I should I think you can check it really easily that's good we'll be able to see how much we're making from tolls I need to make it better I should when I build a road I should see how much we spend on it and then see if we could earn that back it probably wouldn't be that hard so I did actually add a connection here from the elevated road because right here down the bottom is where we that basically feeds directly into the industrial area just there in the middle of the city I was like well that's gonna be useful to have a highway connection right there so that comes down it also I guess is a way to get into the city without paying at all cuz we have the toll booth on the other side but there's no toll there we do put one across the other side of the river which you'll see at some point but we haven't done it just yet oh yeah so I started polluting the water by accident cuz we because we had the industry right there right next to that where that water tower was I had to move that and I accidentally poison the population a couple times actually just gizzard pollution look I'm not used to playing with pollution on purpose normally with it's not an issue because we always purposely avoid any sort of pollution issues but this time around you know what it's a bit of fun it's I'm not even too worried about citizens getting sick I mean the biggest issue I have right now is money like we just I'm not making enough money at all it's just continually fluctuating between negative and positive and it's not fluctuating enough oh yes I put I wanted to get as housing as close as I could to this industrial area so even though I did a bunch of high-rise housing right there and then I'm also doing so you see that I double tracked up these train lines here which I thought it was probably a good idea because we had the cargo line on the inside and then we can have the passenger line just here which at the moment this just functions as a regional train stop but later on we can actually turn that into a like a local train line as well just for longer distances and then we'll eventually look into doing the the subway but probably want to earn more money for I want to be I want to be not worrying about going bankrupt because of the way I built this city we definitely have any money issues if I had played this without unlock all it probably would have been a little bit easier to do it oh yeah it's like we gotta have we gotta have a road riding bridle on the railway that'd be so good and then people can live right there that's the other thing I'm not concerned about in this city I don't care if you're living in a loud place I don't care you're gonna get sick tough luck you chose to live there like you when you bought that house or built that house you knew where it was that's your own fault you know tough luck buddy get over it yes so this whole area basically turns into a huge residential section and there's like no and I think this is actually quite good there's like in terms of designing a bad city which is kind of what we're doing there's like no commercial sort of even like peppered throughout that area all commercial is basically in the center over the other side which is kind of good because that means all these people have to commute over there if it's crap City at the commute over the other side to get to the commercial which is how typically is in a lot of a lot of big cities well like a lot of big poorly designed cities you'll have the huge residential areas or residential estates that just don't have commercial in it is purely residential then you have to commute to like a shopping center or shopping town or whatever so it's kind of what we've done here unintentionally like I would have put commercial here I would have but the problem is we have no you can see we still have no demand for it it's purely we have demand for industrial and residential and anytime we have commercial demand the commercial that we still have zoned is still being filled in it's still like getting people living there you know what look at this I did put a nice little I left a little bit of green space there I might turn that into an actual like park from like look the park life parks but for now I kind of just left it so what about it alpha now it's actually a little green little guy quadrangle kind of thing you know it's all right a lot of people getting sick around there I did actually put a clinic there to help them out but the city is certainly coming along Aiki I I don't want to build houses directly on top of pollution because I'll just get sick all the time but that's why I'm checking that's I'm not going to close in that way oh yeah and this is why I'm trying to fit in so for this elevated road like I said earlier just try and get this toll booth in so when they come off that road or go onto it even though it's an express road like it's a 90 kilometer speed limit on that road I think so they can go pretty fast so it is it's probably worth it to get to the highway instead of driving through the city but you know it's gonna cost you it definitely is and again just expanding the city out this way more you can see look how little money I have though like that's the thing I've so little money and I'm constantly dancing around the edge of going bankrupt and earning money and the thing is the problem is there's not enough workers anywhere in the city like you everything needs a more workers and yet they still demand more industrials like dude what are you doing it's because we have I'm gonna it's it's the oil industry I'm telling you oh that clip is out of order this was supposed to be beforehand this is that I'll bring you know that whole like a whole industrial area over here kind of has got built well apologies for that you're gonna see rebuilt now yeah so we're just doing like I said like I said I make sure to do enough bridges over both sides of the river because the river is I wanted it to be a big piece like a big centerpiece of the city when I was trying to find a map to use like I was looking at the new maps that came with the DLC but that was kind of a little bit boring so when I was looking for a map on the workshop I was I wanted one that was like pretty confined had like terrain that was forcing us to work around so in that case we got the mountains and then I also wanted rivers because I really wanted to pollute the rivers and I wanted to build around them and that's exactly what we're doing oh yeah so this is what I was wondering it's like oh I didn't show me building the train line that's weird but now I am yeah sorry about that that I don't know why that was out of order but it's too late now cuz it's already happened I mean it's not that big of a deal like he doesn't doesn't really change much anyway yeah so I actually ended up like I wanted to double track these like I said earlier because one of the commercial and the commercial the cargo and the passenger line separate as we typically do and we'll probably expand the separation later on and keep them completely separate but for now they sort of just rejoining it's basically the passing basically just a bypass of the cargo station which I think I've probably turned off at this point because it was costing me too much money which is a big problem with a lot of the stuff it just it's so expensive yeah so also one of the the train station or the train line to go to the other side over here which I will eventually put a cargo station on this side somewhere and probably a passenger station too but it was just costing much money right now so had to you know I was just building the line so therefore later and then and then it'll eventually put in a station at some point and we'll also have to use so they're also added in in the DLC the cargo airport which is a pretty cool acog ojala airport as well which I think has a train station and is also an airport that sends or exports goods or import some wire via planes which is good because they never had that so that'll be nice to have and then oh yes I was trying to like because we don't so many roads here and so many like so many roads so many bridges like I didn't want I was originally like connecting to bridges while they're still elevated and having intersections on the elevated road I really don't like obviously I did it on the large elevator bro the one right there but I don't want to do that too often just cuz I don't know it doesn't happen very often having in the sort of elevated in sections so I just wanted to have the individual bridges I also want to start doing and planning for more toll booths like I would love to toll all the bridges that we have everywhere I thought it'd be pretty good so if you ever want to use a bridge in this city you gotta pay the troll toll so that'll be fun so this here is gonna be our ore industry so this is actually using the new system I didn't build up much of it it's mostly zoned industrial because using these for some reason using the industrial zones and the custom buildings don't count toward the industrial demand so even if you do this and you take up a billion workers and then they all work there we still have demand for industrial even though we don't have enough workers to work in industrial at all and that's kind of the issue that I brought into is that there's demand for industrial there's not enough workers for industrial because I've already working in the industry zones that are custom but don't count towards the demand which is weird and I don't know why that's the case it seems pretty dodgy but yeah yeah that's the thing that's the case so that's the thing like we you can see look at all those buildings that have lack of workers right now and the amount of demand we have for industrial is still crazy like this we still need more but we just don't have people to work there so it's basically right now I'm trying to balance between getting the all the workers and all that kind of stuff also yeah these clips oh I thought I ordered these clips but they're completely they're completely out of order anyway I think you've kind of seen everything out we don't need a watch go back in time again I'm gonna jump into the game now and we'll have a look at everything bear ok so this is how our city is coming along right now I think it looks adequately dirty and gross I'm actually really happy with it I mean it could be dirtier through here so I might have to might have to download some kind of gross just right like grasses and growth and maybe even actually know what what if we just paint it because this is oil I may be that that's probably too Brown you know what what does it all look like because I wouldn't mind so this is or hmm that's actually not too bad as like a texture to use like obviously we're not gonna have any mining here but what if I just did this and sort of turned it all into like that I think that makes it look way more boy I love that we have to do something here though because obviously the the barrier between those two don't they don't join particularly well I think that's great though that's so good I like it OOP that's water I like it so look at look at this so this so this is obviously not in the time-lapse how look at this compared to our last city it's not lagging at all I mean granted the city is tiny compared to last one as well but even still actually even still this this city actually did lag when I still have my mods on so there's definitely a mod in there of pollution mode so we're just a number of assets ahead that was causing lag issues look at this oh that is gross how good is that I love it I love it I really wish this didn't look so bright and colourful oh all these buildings still look super nice anyway whatever so this is our industrial area over here so this is our elevated road so I think it'll look really cool when it's sort of built up a bit more as well kind of I mean it's similar to the last city when we had that but I think it also looks a little bit more LA that's sort of the sort of texture and all out oh it's not that big I wish a little bigger version I've got more lanes but it's all good here we have the industrial in the middle I want this to be commercial at some point but you can see again we still have residential and industrial demand so it's still gotta work on that a bit more we'll probably keep expanding this all the way out to here and then we'll figure out what to do oh yes I wanted to show you the home map so this is the map base of Japan which is why it's a mountain II and there's a lot of water around it look how polluted it is it's perfect so we need to pollute this too like that can't be clean at the moment I think we're getting a water from here through what to be careful about that yeah so this is kind of like the majority of the building space just here like this is it and then we can do like little places around maybe like we could probably have a maybe this could even be like a nice bay area like a really nice area maybe or something like that and then yeah then we can do it like a lot of mining Aaron Singh this is this I don't think will be a giant city we will do some more high-density stuff though maybe maybe we'll do the high-density around we did a little bit here but I don't think I want us to be any bigger I think this kind of level of building is good maybe we can do more high-density down this area here I like around here or something I don't know but that's kind of this is kind of it like that's the map mostly mountainous so there won't be a lot of the pretty much won't be anything on most of this area like we might do some stuff through there I don't know maybe let's see here we go we're gonna go with the flow at the moment the flow is trying to we are making money which is good but the flow at the moment is trying to get more housing and industrial even though again the lack of workers is insane I don't know if it's because is it just because we need educated workers it might be because we need that I think I got rid of the mod that allows people to work those jobs if they're not educated so I might download that mod again that employees I'm the educator and over educated workers in any job and then hopefully that all sort of balance it out again I think all of these just require they all require educated workers I mean I guess we could put schools in yeah they're literally oldest requiring educated workers so maybe we'll put some elementary schools in or something like this is Al as is how sad mining industry at the moment that's kind of all there is you know next episode we'll go into more of the industry stuff I think we'll do all we gotta be farming somewhere nobody can do farming out here cuz it's like a little bit sort of a little bit away maybe this sort of valley area there can be farming and then this can be City or maybe even no you know I think that maybe I don't know anyway this looks dirty and gross right how good is it thanks for watching guys oh yeah click the link down below if you want the mods an asset list for this city it's really short at the moment and I'll make a game run like this it's beautiful right anyway thanks watching guys I will see you next time make sure to leave your suggestions for the name of the city as well might be like taupey are probably not that probably give it a good name it is it's pretty good though I love thee and even though it had these on it I never zoomed in that far for the looking road that cloak that's so good alright yep anyway comments suggestions all that down below I'll see you next time and have an awesome day

Cities: Skylines – Industries Money Making! Ep4 (Cities Skylines Industries)

hello everybody welcome back to the next episode of city skylines with me deeper thank you very very much for joining me thank you for the support on this series as well if you enjoyed it don't forget to hit the subscribe buttons you get to see more and here we are in our as-yet-unnamed city I'm still collect collecting the names together that is definitely a fire on the horizon up there od today's plan is to expand we need to grow we need to hit the 7,000 mark there goes a double decker London bus we need to hit the 7,000 mark to unlock a load of cool stuff but I really need to try and get more money in our cities so what I'm thinking we're gonna do as well as expand we're gonna expand into this area here I think this is mostly gonna be residential for now we need more residential even though we have marked this down to have maybe a park along here which we could still do a waterfront beachfront park we've got oil mark tea I don't think we're going to do that we've got plenty of other places where we can have oil with oil there they're all over the place so I am gonna remove this oil zone there we go and I think you'd fall asleep pretty cool so let's just remove that but that downs reminds me let us put in an industry area I'm thinking of upgrading these roads here to a slightly larger will go for the sort of the highway issue the six lane roads that's like an eight Lane road isn't it yeah and I think we need that if we don't grade those and then where is that road gonna end up if that Road just carries on it's gonna end up coming across over here this I think is gonna be our downtown area some nice high-rise is sort of a bit of a New York Island type feel to it sticking out here I think you know what I mean so if that went straight across there what are we gonna get we're gonna just get a normal bog standard bridge across there that'll do for now this one here we could sort of bring out well let's have a look if that one went straight across there that would open up access to this area yeah we could do that and then we could just run a load off of here through the middle here that could work out quite well shall we do that let's take a slightly smaller boat I think we'll go back with this four-lane wide road that we've got we're gonna take the omnibuses because you've been doing that quite a lot and I'm thinking of just running that straight through the centre so can the buses coming off of there using the bus lane spreading out into this area I mean this could as well come across here and tie into that at some point maybe let's just mark out a few but would have got 16,000 no those roads cost us so much money oh my goodness me we're spending money like there's no tomorrow let's get our districts set up and get the forestry going so I do like the industry Road so let's grab that one there it is and we're gonna have this as our main here we are here for our woods so let's go to industries let's go to forestry and of course we do not have enough money what do we need for that you know it doesn't actually say what we need for it that is a bug I've not seen before is the headlight for everything nothing's shearing me any prices what quick reset has fixed it so we need 15,000 for I was not for earth farming is it on a but another one of those down for the forestry main building it's 20 thousand of our money well that's gonna go here off the main road and there we go we now have woodland woods what a great name for an industry area that is fantastic woodland woods area that it's getting no power can we just pop one of these down yeah this is what I wanted to do this who's be constantly we're not running out of money but we're not making a huge amount of money so I mean where is the nearest source of power I could just run some of these invisible power cables across here because let's be honest eventually they're gonna all be deleted anyway and they only cost us a hundred so let's just randomly run these across here and then at some point we're gonna forget all about them and I'm gonna be wondering why I can't place a load or something that's what the only happens there we go excellent you will have power over here you need water as well so I'm gonna run at some pipes down this road and try and sort of keep these pipes as straight as possible I might even take from the koalas Book of Pi playing if we go like that which is down every single Road he lays a pipe you have that that one won't go straight I will just bring that one down there can i connect oh we just do that there we go excellent not quite up to koalas levels of pipe networks but yeah we'll see how that goes so here's the water going that's fine power is going fine as well excellent so let us plot some buildings down in here and see if we can just start making some money we can put in the small tree plantations and then of course we have the small log yard that's 5,000 these are 4,000 and we've got 10,000 so one of each of those would be great I'm just thinking of running a road up the back here so let's grab our industry road again and down the sides I tell you what let's turn that back on and do this move it over a touch there we go so we're gonna sort of build them off the back here we're gonna go for this one first I'm small log yards right behind that that's where the storage is gonna go and then I want our trees and such down here run a water pipe along this road no could I've only just placed the road don't be silly they don't place themselves there we get what the heck is that thing what's this space off a building under the water treatment section I will ask no questions and then we're gonna have a couple of these down here or whatever we can afford which is one we can afford to excellent let's pop two of those in and we'll just lengthen that road ever so slightly and you could then just one down there yeah excellent there we go so we are going to set this to empty and whatever we get is gonna be instantly sold through there and we probably could do with a bus line it's a come up over there just one to go backwards and forwards so let's grab the bus is we've got this one here so anybody that works around here can come down to here then they can get this bus that's gonna come all the way over here and then all the way back again and let me get trains and things like that will change them well upgrade them there we go can I change that color no guess we have to go into here there we go and we're going to change that to green excellent there we go so that's gonna take people all the way over there which will be nice got any green buses heading out well they seem to be all red buses that's fine they should change the color I'm guessing the double-decker buses are not changing color for the lines but not too worried about that and they're gonna go up here and this will start making up some money hopefully that is the idea any of this can help improve logistics packing and scheduling no I think we need that car safety of work increases workers health advanced automation make the processing well we don't have closed setting yet there we go is the buses yeah these buses haven't changed color either whatever we'll just go with the flow so we'll leave that run in and see how that can go and let us come over here and expand this area next to Jimmy's two guys farms and try and get some more people in here so just having a look what roads we're using so we've got the four-lane roads going up here which is good I think we might just carry on and expand with that four-lane road to give us some breathing room as we're building nice to shrink that down a bit so where can we come off we're going to connect to here as well gonna have a double connection so I'm thinking this bit of a look yeah sort of in the middle here it would be good so we come straight out of there to there and then we're going to curve it round so let's go like that and like that and then if that went straight across yeah there we get that straight and we go straight across can i connect to there yes we can and then we could just build off of here couldn't we shall we go for windy Wiggly like we've got going here I like the windy Wiggly look I don't you know we're gonna get grids at some point we've sort of gone a bit gridded but not overly gridded maybe we'll just sort of copy that on here we'll do a similar sort of thing so if we grab this road your basic Road and just start sort of building off here they're already coming through here using this as a cut through to get to the main road well that's fine by me so we do this sort of thing so it's not quite grids gonna not let me place it there I'm afraid we're gonna have to connect we're gonna do that what close isn't it you're survived weren't you you're survived gonna be good and then we could even have something coming out there just a little bit longer let's take off those roads guidelines and then just sort of fill up this spot I'll be fine and then you can go to there don't why not overlap in a bit yeah that's good and then we're doing another one over here this can go a little bit further then we've got plenty of space here for a nice little close so we go to the end it's quite funny one of these when I do different things like this there aren't grids I'll get comments from people that that's not how loads work it's like these people have never left wherever they live they've never left their home states or their home country or whatever and gone anywhere else and seen or seen pictures of anything else we'll do a little cross way there you know I've lived in quite a few different places all in England you know we don't have many gridded places in England I wondered whether we could just line those two up yeah let's just change that I feel like I want to line those up so if we take whoops dementedly that we take that one all the way through we'll go like that I'm gonna have that little come through it yeah that'll be fine we'll do that good let's fill that one up let's go for some at water pipes yeah the water pipes every time I turn this on the water pipes really make me twitch but at the minute I don't have enough money to sort of go through everything and saw all the pipes out that might just be something I do off-camera another time but for now we're gonna do this really quickly and then we're gonna look away and then never look at it again there we go see you know you don't even know nanny you don't even know what the points look like so do you not worry about it this is gonna have its own little name this little estate here and it's gonna be attached to this all the way down there there we go and it's gonna be attached to this bit here that one's gonna be just made a little bit bigger excellent so this one here is all Florence Hills which is goods let us name this one it's Belmont Heights let me pick a name from somebody who's been supporting me on a patreon I like the Belmonts let's go for something a little bit different Frosch Heights I don't think we've used frost I've wait see this is where I get caught out someone system you've already used that one somewhere else don't we have a button down here that can show the districts there it is myrtle florence birdsong foggy flossed Primrose we're golden so let's get this one set up and I'm thinking of putting in it only got 7,000 so I'm not going to put any services in here but we're gonna do this and I do want some shops so we're gonna have some shops along the outside there these are gonna be houses these are gonna be houses you know I think this is all going to be commercial on the outsides and that's gonna start bleeding into my commercial park whatever we end up doing down there we will get to that there we go excellent people are moving in that is what we want you can take that one that one that one then this bit here we're not gonna go right to the main road we're gonna go like that like that I may have that commercial as well but we fit Busytown celebratory city so we're getting more unique buildings leisure tourism sightseeing bus tours oil industry tourism this is what I want to get going all sorts of new policies and some funky new roads I like these ones with the trees on we do tend to use those a lot when I get some extra money we will go through an upgrade there's an interesting Road Chateau expressway four-lane we've got some new roads on it haven't seen 12 lane road with bus and bike lanes 12 lane arterial road with tram lines trams Wow these won't come from with tram bus and bike they're fantastic let me not a load of other stuff in here that is cool and can I just have a look in here 12 if I do 12 and I do net structures we can just see these tram lanes bus lanes bike lanes 152 a cell what size are they can I let upgrade these they are massive they are massive this is 64 wide on there whoa okay so maybe not any of those right now but certainly we will keep those in mind there we go yeah people are moving in and speed things up a little bit we want to get the officer in 7000 we're gonna need four officers own this show it mod is broken by the way there's like a but they've updated it put a button there but now you can't it doesn't work at all slightly annoying yeah we're gonna definitely some more commercial so let's put some commercial along here and let's put some more houses in there and keep that going let's pop some houses in this bit there we go so let's fill up this we are aiming for 7000 that is really really what I want and we've got a way in and a way out so that's okay that's not too bad so I'm thinking about a road coming off of this as that's quite a large roads let's get our big four-lane road again we can actually come through the middle here and then connect up here let's do that so if we come down here and we do a similar thing we'll go like this perhaps we make it a smaller curve this time yeah there we go and then straight across and connect up to there and then we can sort of build off this with our smaller load let's start going for the tree road we'll go for that one there and then we've got 55,000 I didn't too bad actually I think our industry's doing as well let's actually then what we've got the option upgrade this one this little this little section here there we go being careful not to accidentally upgrade any roads we don't want to there we go immediately everyone's happy if I missed any no just a quick nip over here see how Woodill and woods is doing wow so many buses seriously is there that many people that want to come up here what are we doing we're making – 136 what empty freight truck see news 12 or 12 far to go everything I think at the minute they've got to go off-screen that's what it is so they've got to come all the way up here and leave to sell mmm yeah well you got like this guy here look where's he going exporting pharmacy products so he's got a leave so until we get trained to get that hooked up now he's gonna be a little bit slow but yeah we'll just leave that going let us fill this section in here then let's grab some of these loads and we're gonna have one come off here actually could do we could actually go like this like that myself that go all the way to the end hmm I don't want that to all it's like do I want that to hit that side as well and line up with that why not go on in let's do that so we could put like a nice little poppy thing in the middle here couldn't we shall we let's just get the people we just we just need the people let's just concentrate on getting the people in a little bit of space there but that's fine and that one across their slightly gridded area popping in let's just yet not look at that let's just check our district all we've got climb over here yeah we thought this area over here wouldn't have the coverage so let's go for a medical clinic yeah and that'll give coverage to this whole area we'd pop it there fire that'll give coverage to all of that and police we're just going to throw those down give coverage to all of that they'll start expanding look at the knees going through the roof that is what we want to always see more and more needs and they're gonna headshots only outside probably not behind those buildings but that's fine and then of those in their exit what'll be actually five thousand two hundred and ninety two and we're making money and we could do with some more industry so let us expand our farming area a little bit more now we've got this industry road here whoa look at all these people moving in bit of traffic because of this now what I could have done with this I made a bit of mistake I've got this in and out which has given these two junctions really close to each other what I should have done is had one Junction and just move that road out and then put it on the side and we were veterus to one Junction in and out but I think that's just an initial boost of traffic because of opening up this new area so that will probably go down quite quickly this will move by the way I just thought that here because we needed it somewhere about this end yeah so let's expand our industry that we've got over here let's grab on industry road can you close that for me thank you kindly I just want that to go out a little bit further actually I do know what we want to do with that we want to curve that sort of like that and then we could go straight on it's going to connect I want it to connect in here so it's not we could do it we could delete that we could bring this along and we could bring that along then we complete one each of those and let's do it this way I tell you what I've turned off your own guidelines there we go connect that up through their goods then we can get another generic farming industry area keep that going so let's just go I'm gonna straight up here I want to try and sort of Nestle in let's go straight a little bit and then we're gonna go I just always like with farming the winky wonky roads it's just to me it just says you need Winky wonky roads for a farming area I don't care what anybody else thinks also save sympathy there we go so let's make sure this farm district covers this down here as well what have we unlocked pretzel farmers reach level to frazzle farm not pretzel cattle shed barns bakery oh we can start making more money we can start making more money which is exactly what we want to do let's just bring that light up to there it's gonna make me switch if I don't just sort of tidy up this bit of road there I don't like twitching how do how do that do I'll be there doing it all day let's grab some of these so we're gonna have that was fires going on up here we do have fire stations nearby there we go excellent we'll do all of these I was gonna use the tool that you can drag across bumpy parts predict my hands yeah and let's use that here so that can go there and I will leave the main road clear excellent so what are we making here let's just have a look at this farm you've got Jimmy two guys own however it is pres all farmers over there so still not making any money what seriously we're making all that corn okay let's just see we can go down a production chain then and processing buildings flour mills that's gonna take our oh there we go our Park has been upgraded nice I'm gonna say let's close that down climbing frame okay we'll get back to that so yes our flour mill will turn our goods into flour so let us do that that could be over here because we've got all of these making our crops which can then go into there rather than being sent elsewhere and then what this makes the flour will be sent elsewhere for now instead that to me sounds like a better idea so hopefully they'll start doing that and what do we need to upgrade this one as we can start doing the same um simcha Nana have eighty workers with audio level twos ah we didn't have some processing buildings I missed that we have a sawmill oh wow well let's add that in there let's put that opposite the street just don't to block things up with cars coming and going so what we'll do we'll do this we'll grab an industry road and we're just bringing out my opposite there let's do it there I will do and then we'll add our sawmill coming off of that yes there we go how are you doing for water pipes and such yet you're fine electricity fine there we go already it's got the stuff going in and that's gonna take our plane to timber and send that out and hopefully start making money from that yeah we'll see how that goes we'll see how that goes fifty nine thousand we're not doing too bad ah had a bit of a fire in our Park well at the moment we build aa Disaster Response units that is gonna cost us fifteen thousand our foot is gonna be much more than that oh okay well let's add one of those in then that he's just gonna like a spaceship going past there our Disaster Response Unit will snuggle nicely into here so let's do that yeah what I was going to say is we can't stop these fires here yet because we don't have the this one here Oh are we done locked it now I think fire helicopter depo we have really really need a fire helicopter depo because of all the fires we've been getting we can rebuild that yeah let's put over here the other item that we just unlocked as well so let's go back to our parks here we go this one here BOM BA Bom Bom Bom where is it where is it where is it here it is this one climbing fine for the kidney Winkies we're gonna put that opposite the Ches there we go so we've got a kiddies climbing frame over this sides little area it looks nice and we've got this one that we made over here amongst all these burnt trees lovely lovely area looks looks fantastic so traffic is starting to build up a bit yeah this area is okay now and you're saying not enough people we've constantly got the need for more people let us do a little road through here we're gonna go out of that up to there we're gonna add some more people in here we're gonna have a little road coming off of that we're gonna have a little road yeah we'll just do that one as our pipe work pipe work fantastic best pipe work I've seen this side of really bad pipe work and then we'll put commercial any outsides so that was just give us a little bit more I think we just need to fill this area up here don't we okay there we go just expanded round here we've got like this little hill area here so we've sort of gone around that and up to the top and we could possibly add a few more little roads off of here at the end but let's just see whether this can help us to hit our target that we're aiming for of 7,000 I might just do this zip over the whole thing and then stick some shops at the end over here that oh do we have hmm we do have different tourism what can we do with our shops at the NT we could go for local organic produce tourism no but we could go for local organic produce I think I'm gonna go for that one so let us grab a zone in here yeah cuz that zone frost Heights is getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger let's go all the way up there yeah all the way down to here and then this one's going to be a separate one and that is gonna have this one organic and local produce in Belmont Hills yeah and that's going to be all up to their excellence probably to make that one a tiny spot larger I want hills down to there yeah there we go very good very good so let's see how close are we to get into the DAR we we're getting there we are getting there there we go everybody's popping in whoo you know what I mean some local produce over here healthy what it must be some way of stopping the healthy weeds once an appearing so often want some of these other ones are there local and organic produce for that we'll do that'll do for now how is the money making to you're still saying not enough I mean we've got so many crops I think it's probably just a truck thing yeah it's probably just a truck thing we need more trucks well that's fine and these could probably do with being stored over here and kept balanced so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna move these and we're gonna move these over here and we're gonna move that one over here there we go excellent so now that we got to travel there to pick these up and then what we can do as well is let's just grab just turn that off wait I said turn it off there we go and just put this little road here and they've got some where they need to turn around and not guts yeah not go so far there we go excellent so that should keep that going are we making any money in this area yet 996 excellent we're making 6000 odds cool beans a week and what about over here in our woodland woods – 136 I mean this storage is like next to here well there's plenty in there so again it might just be freight trucks going off coming out coming back will give them a chance to catch up but that's definitely making us a lot more money which is what we want I don't want to have to worry about money and we're very very close to hitting our next target of people oh here we go we need one more person to move in come on in whenever you're ready and I hope it always we need for more people to move in just put some shops along the front here as well while we're waiting for this at the end and I know let's just pause a sec I don't want all of you moving in there there we go some of you've moved in already just so we haven't got too far to travel for the shops and 7000 excellent blimps and metro level 5 buildings IT cluster leisure definitely been waiting for those and the high-density stuff fan tastic incineration plant all of these things can suddenly push our city up to a whole nother level oh man look at that universities look at these look we've got later quad buildings in as well which I want to use futuristic looking buildings I love those for a core downtown area we will get to that we will get to that well I'm glad we've hit that target there are you all complaining about like a power do not complain about like a power punch of those are shops nice there we go I think things are looking nice I like that I like this sort of random haphazard look for here we'll start getting to a cool downtown gridded area down here and possibly across the back here maybe some more of the industry we shall see we shall see so hit the big be the t's thing to subscribe be back here tomorrow for the next episode and thank you very very much for watching and I will see you then take care of your buddy

BYG TV Special Report: Industries of Titan PAX City Building Demo Playthrough (Recorded 2019 04 26)

I do want to give a little bit of time to a lot of people to kind of come in just in case they're like a couple minutes late so if you have any questions sort of like early on feel free to ask them but the the first demo slap c43 is all yours welcome to Titan Thank You skeptic driving down near this Matt you need benighted folks today you better send a bird that's a negative what does Riga tax relief to you he does a lot so Ryan is involved with all the projects and he also wants to make sure that the you made sure that the company as a whole has kissed we have multiple projects cat breaks yourself games and we're constantly growing as a company like cosplay hiring people and so sort of being part of that process you know someone has to be in charge of that processing so Ryan really has handles a lot of that that aspect and make sure that the company pretty well I also make sure that makes sure that all the projects are running well if there's anything that they need for example we as a Titan recently sign a lot of the aspects for all the games this is my colleague developer brigade speech everybody see it I'm just gonna adjust the audio here I thought I had it I think that's also the trailer is a little bit louder than usual because I did a sound check earlier so I want to just so chickens oh and then Riley is the composer for Fanta brigade okay so this is this is Chad Jenkins and he's hasn't actually seen the time demo which is great so Chad will be here it's a sort of light or nighttime drop giving us his opinion as another developer the company and also like any questions as I kind of go through the demo here all right yeah excited to see this I've been looking forward to this ever since packs just haven't had a chance to play it yet yeah yeah that's awesome I hope that people used to stick around to check out the demo after after this – because all right well we're good we'll get enough to 70 people here so if people are still coming in I kind of want to wait hey Paul so the demo audio sounds like it's clipping clipping in what way that's odd I know that my earlier scientist oh no you like recording on top of yeah because I it was my initial sound check so maybe that was taking some of the audio alright so let's see if this is better I'm gonna give it like five seconds for the psionics are you from psionics Eric cuz I'm from San Diego so uh you know awesome cool I haven't actually checked out I didn't check out the office when I was there but I worked at a different company in San Diego and there's not a lot of development studios in San Diego so fully aware of sign likes and I went to the psionics is for first rocket League birthday at Comic Con which is really cool is any improvements to the audio at all try to restart this but like the demo audio volume is too high in string software oh okay I can I can give that a shot think about a shot yeah if it's blowing out the channel that might be a problem so I'm kind of lowering it okay but that awesome but I also don't know what that implies for like the source because they had the source lower to you should be fine yeah it's not I'll just look in the actual oh yes nothing like working out stream audio issues yeah so yeah kazoom when I do the audio test locally it's like I record it so I think what alright so let's uh just continue to get there just be back and I think see still not perfect but it's loose in the wall okay well you know I don't know at this point he's gonna like swing in through the window with his grappling hook I heard somebody needed audio help resonant dad joke okay so let's let's begin so industry Titan actually we only have one instead of headphones so you're gonna be missing out on some of the cool audio it's just like I'm looking forward to actually sitting down and playing it myself welcome to title change some acquiring wealth and power as a new arrival your first order of business will be to increase your population to begin construct the appropriate residential devices inside your headquarters okay so the lady that just spoke just now is the council woman and she's a council woman and the council is this overseeing entity that what that watches all the activities on Titan and they're actually responsible for inviting sort of entrepreneurs to travel from offworld on to Titan and have them start the new corporations the reason for this is as she kind of implied or she will imply it shortly is that your actions on Titan benefit the council so this is the council Hall and it's kind of what you made contact with the council but so and what you'll notice here is sort of like when you start your you're sort of like surrounded by all these ruins of ancient civilization and as you play the game you're sort of discovers the history behind these ruins and sort of why they're there okay so the first thing that she asked us to do is kind of work towards growing our population our workforce so the way we do that is we go inside the you can build the necessary devices for your startup operation here next to your factory equipment ensure that it contains everything you need to advance the council's goals I think actually refers to it as human storage that's pretty different yeah yeah you store the next to your factory equipment because you have this one sort of like empty factory so this interior the art all the box art you see is done by sir karma who's in the chat so if anyone in the chat would like to ask any questions you can ask him he's also the art director on the project as well that's a cool effect man so these are these interiors are also done by antoine dharma so the first thing I did here was I built a habitat pod which increases my living space by two and it requires my resources so I have these starting minerals five I'm five and five now but I have ten and I used five of them to build Sabaton pod so now that I have this habitat pod I can accommodate for two more citizens and right now I'm zero attitude so the first thing to know is that there are two types of the next migration okay so there's two types of pop there are workers and workers do like build actions for you and other types of actions and then pop our sort are not in your control they're just the citizens that kind of live sorry citizens are not in your control that are just like the people that live in your city and your goal is to sort of grow your population in sort of both ways if you want more actions and you grow your workers your laborers and if you want just more civilians than you've got those just so what the Councilwoman had notified me up is that anyway I think you're gonna want to hear this information you see the council provides a new round of shifts every few cycles full of cargo and migrants he want the contents you'll have to place a bid on a ship council favors the highest seriously it's rough out there okay so this is the migration phase and this happens our periodically and basically this is how you acquire incoming population or residents for your corporation so you have these migrants or you have these four ships and they have different types of cargo so this one is only migrants and no resources and I can't accommodate before four because I only had two living space so I can I can't actually acquire this ship right but I want the to pop so I'm gonna attempt to acquire this one by spending my council influence and other other corporations in this planet are also spending their influence to try to acquire these as well so I don't want to be too cheap with this I kind of want to like ensure that I get it and also you can build on multiple ships so I kind of want the resources from this one as well so I'm going to put my influence on that so this will and in about three seconds and then we'll see the results of okay so I got acquired these to pop and they're just gonna kind of inhabit that living space that I have here they're traveling to the once they're inside they'll inhabit this part so Nick Gunn is the other artist on the project and he's responsible for the animations for the civilians and so he did all the walking and he also did the civilian art as well so any of the non box art is by it's like we got another group of ships inbound with more resources the bidding will start pretty soon and I think we have better cargo this time so take a look when you can yeah so he did he did the models for the population and us and the laborers are the citizens and the livers ok so I want to go out here real quick as I need to explain sort of the world interaction because that was kind of like the population growth interaction so just like I was saying you're surrounded by these ruins of an ancient civilization and they're all of this ruined art and environments art is by Nick gun he's in the chat you could ask him any questions as well and you get to interact with these remains been assigned as your corporation monitor as you can see the remains of Titans inhabitants sprawl across the surface preliminary scans have shown that they are filled with valuable resources and artifacts but before we can profit from their misfortunes we must first claim the land from the Council okay so that gentleman well I guess I said I forgot to explain the other gentleman to you but that gentleman is the corporation monitor and the council assigned the corporation monitor to watch your actions and make sure that you're behaving and they're sort of under the idea that they're helping you but the reason why the corporation monitor helps you is because you succeeding also benefits the council so it's kind of weird because he does monitor all your actions and and reports them so yeah but he is very helpful and in this case he's telling you that these ruins have valuable resources in them so I click this one level one ruin that's to the south of our starting HQ and it contains there's a couple options that we can do here we know that we can salvage it and acquire resources however we don't know the contents of those those are the contents of this ruin so we don't know actually what research is that we're going to get or we can extract the technologies from the ruin and acquire the technology to use towards research or you can just destroy and get nothing in destroying is like the fastest way to just get rid of something right so you have an auction to survey and if I tell one of my workers to survey Hill exit this building that he was stored in long and he'll start to scan the road to tell me what's inside that's cool yet really like the little character animation that you have served some ruins successful surveys will tell us what remains within each ruin now you must decide whether to salvage for resources or extract any artifacts okay so now I have this option to either acquire the five minerals which is a good amount of minerals or get the two artifacts and in this case I will go for the artifacts because they're actually kind of harder to find so he's actually going to sort of destroy the ruin and extract the artifacts from it acquired an artifact from the ruin these artifacts can improve our understanding of the prior civilizations technology or we can sell them to the council or future favors so the the game is modeled after more recent Sims so rather than rather than telling individual workers what tasks they should be doing you can just kind of cube a list of actions and then and they'll just go through and they'll do those actions for you so I want to answer some couple questions here though is the vo final or placeholder this this vo was done to guide players through the pax demo and we're going to be adding more vo to it and also iterating on her vo as we add more characters to the game why not Nick gun is the character artist and character designer for the game so all the characters that you see came up with and the one character I forgot to mention is the spaceport operator so the the gentleman that we saw earlier who's operating the space board he he lives in a space station that's office off the surface like in the orbital area are sort of like that what do you call that like the outer atmosphere like just just outside atmosphere of planets like the car man lying on earth that you don't orbit there you were with hired yeah pins if you want to stay over an object in geosynchronous orbit or not for a bit of history Chad Chad was a developer on Kerbal space program and universe sandbox too so he's kind of our resident space sci-fi fact checkers which is great but yeah so like there's a space station off the surface of Titan and the offworld ships come and they travel there they dock and that's when the corporation's decide which ship they want and then from there they kind of land to their appropriate spaceport because there's multiple space ports per planet and we're just on a small section of Titan itself let's see stratosphere yeah that's the world you gotta be higher than outer though that particles in the atmosphere like like space garbage well no you'll you'll be hitting like molecules and you also be slowing down to decay okay yep we are five full time we just we just acquired a new programmer so that be that would make us six and then we have several contractors audio and is a contractor same with VFX also we have the Illustrated art is another contractor but we have a musician in-house but he's not full-time on the project an awesome musician yeah Danny be the musician for crypt of the necrodancer mm-hmm and other brace yourself games except for and to forget which is Riley cook yeah Riley's doing the music event Brigade that was back before we had accessed okay so I'm just gonna make some decisions here so none of those actually had isotopes or just okay so this green area is my this screen area is my starting territory resources from these ruins can be used to construct devices and other buildings the vo is handled by power of audio I'm sorry so this is my starting territory and this sort of those lands that I own from the council and all the other land is owned by the council which I can claim by spending influence and my influence is up here it's I have a influences a resource that generates over time based on my standing with with the council and I have a maximum of 50 and so I can spend it on various things like combining new ships or expands my territory basically like you know basic corporation growth activities and I also have actions to trade with the council going for for the pax demo we have a simple version of trading and it'll be different going forward but this very simple version is we can exchange minerals technology and isotopes in exchange for Reta influence or give or spend influence in exchange for that in return but they'll eventually be other actions that you can do with the council other than resource trading like according Scout ships or small military ships and and some other behaviors that we are going to talk about yet well so what will there be localizations in other languages we do plan to localize text in other languages but localizing video would be proved to be a little bit difficult as our current scope or our current plan for the game is to have quite a bit of video so you may have noticed that there's you may have noticed that there's quite a bit of voice comms that come up here in the corner those are people that are talking to you presently and the current idea is that we're gonna have a lot of different characters that you can interact with and sort of learn the history of especially because there are other corporations out there and there and you are not the first person on Titan either there are other corporations that have existed on Titan prior to you and there will be many more to become after you and so learning about that through having conversations to people sort of our goal we're not conversations but like hearing hearing their voice constitutes what oh okay there's another element to the game that I haven't explained yet so this is the population simulation and we haven't actually will have three laborers and we can actually increase that count so let's see how to do that okay so the way you do that is you increase I see you're creating a conversion Center you can use this device to train your population to become obedient workers who will turn it for you endlessly there may be some long term consequences but it's a voluntary procedure so your conscience is clear okay so yep I built the conversion capsule and so what you do is you take this citizen who has you know a regular life and lives a normal life and you convert them into a laborer who basically never sleeps and only works 24 hours a day and that's after they go through your conversion process so here I can I have two citizens and I can send them to the one training pod to become a labourer so so now you'll see that he gets out he comes it's a train and once he's done with that process though I'll have four workers to then do more actions hello hey nasal are you doing okay so the monetization station is we have a resource called credits and credits are used for the construction of various other devices so it's like a third resource it's a non physical resource it's not like you find it in the world you get credits by telling your population it's that it's one of the primary reasons why you want to grow your papà your your citizens you get credits by telling your citizens to watch ads through the monetization stations and so they'll so they when you build this monetization station it'll send one of them to go and watch out for you and it generates revenue for your company and you can build lots of these and so that's why you kind of got your population start but that's how the world works so I'm gonna keep spinning my territory i latch thanks for subscribing for two years Stephanie yeah thank you if I show you yeah so he's in here Oh comes in this helmet wraps around his head and it's just a screen 360 and they just kind of spam him with ads you didn't get a chair no chairs are expensive man so now I'm generating credits to build buildings okay so now here's the city building aspect so the first thing I want you to do is build a power plant in in my HQ I had a power generator which was enough to generate power for my tin from just you know the current building and the devices inside but I want to build a power plant so I can power future buildings around my students around my cities and you'll also notice that I'm kind of getting tight on space here so I want to work towards a factory I have all these survey tasks queued up I just like blindly Salvage Salvage that now I don't even know what I'm gonna get so can you move the station's position inside of the building for free if I wanted to move the device yeah so the way we currently have it it's not in this demo but we're in the way we're going to have it is you can dismantle any because any object that you go and you oh I just wanted to say we're quick Joey Godard in the in the twitch is the gentleman from power of audio who's responsible for the audio design of the game so although the sound effects the UI and game sounds are from Joey so if you have any audio questions ask him okay so if you back to the question how do you move stuff or destroy stuff so we call it the action dismantle and you can deconstruct any device or building that you've made and it reduces it back down to its mineral components mm-hmm are we so like in this case we just have like these boxes from the resources lying around if I were to deconstruct this it would convert it back down to boxes and then you can put it into a storage container or storage facility yeah yeah so I have the storage pack stuff in there all right so I got my power plant and the goal of the demo is to work towards building this defensive turret but because I turned off the demo timer or not in a rush to do that so I can just my show show off what we have hmm so a lot of what you can do on a sort of like individual level like the beds and whatnot you can actually do on a macro level so here we have these habitats bonds that make two bits each and it's kinda hard to it's going to be hard to make a city of a thousand population building just two and so I can build a residential building once I provide I have enough resources and that is a building that just has a ton of those in there man this construction animations are really cool with the devices and buildings oh yeah this Antoine did this like along with Clemen built this scaffolding animation that's a cool shader effect I always love good VFX and the other two members on the team that I haven't spoken out about yet is Ben Humphries so Ben Humphries is the UI designer and so all the UI that you see and this is sort of like interaction and especially like the animations and the feel of like clicking the buttons and stuff he is design easy to sign up for that the UX designer and a game like this as Chad knows as Chinese like a huge paradox fan he's like a massive undertaking in UI compared to like you know if we made a platformer there's not as much UI in that game versus like this which is like tons of tons of videos yeah so hats off to Bend for really sticking to it and really taking it on the challenge to do it too and then our other programmers are elite programmer Jeremy Phillips and Jeremy is responsible for a majority of the game code effect on the game simulation code and game plate logic dist from German and that's a lot of work as well as you can imagine as we have a lot going on so let's so you're kind of just expanding eating up the resources but those are just a fixed resource once you once you eat them they're gone how do you get resources once you've cleared the area oh I'm so glad you asked that question okay so initially you're kind of scrapping around for what's kind of like yeah cool and then at some point you need some sort of like steady income so the demo we structured the demo to be sort of like the shorter experience but what happens in the longer game mm-hmm is you get to you get to where you you'll notice that there's these mineral notes isotopes and minerals and you can build a mind and the way the mind works is that it has like a radius around it that it can have sort of like a straw that connects to the node so you build the mind like let's take a building here that connect my underground straw to connect to the mineral and that that allows you to sort of reach nodes that are further away and also you can kind of drink from the opponent's milkshake drink from his milkshake it's pretty good it's a reference from there will be blood maybe nice yeah it's like you know you have like two oil there's like two oil rival oil companies and like one may destroy all that with underground all the way down he's an easy prefer to as drinking from his milkshake yes yeah so that's how you can get resources and and the mine operates where you actually has to employ people so the level one mind you put you can place and then you can put up to five workers on it so you extract resources into that mind and then you have those people you have another set of workers move the resources from the mic to your mobile storage right and as you upgrade your mind you can increase the number of nodes you can drink from and and as well as the number of workers you can assign to it as well as this local storage capacity yes so there's quite a bit of buildings in the game and they all have like a there many of them are kind of like a unique element to it and I think the biggest one is the shipyard yeah which I will actually have to load the PAX West demo in order to explain how the shipyard works because because the other demo that we made for pax west starts from the players point of view if they had just built the shipyard yeah yeah so yeah so I can I can just show that showcase that one as well but I also want to let you show off to pandaboy gate so maybe I'll do it after I'll do it after handover gate so let's see one of the things that seems a lot different from my perspective at least is in so many of these city builders the first thing I'm doing is laying down roads but I haven't seen us get anywhere near a road yet how do roads work are they even necessary ok so as you notice everyone's kind of carrying things by yeah yeah you're walking it's super inefficient especially because in the beginning you only have a few workers they can only carry five by hand and the travel time is really slow and I in some of the screenshots that we've shown of like what endgame looks like what your city is like massive this massive metropolis it would take forever to walk by hand minerals across the across the world so you're right Chet there is a whole transportation Elementor and so the way that works is you once you build your transport hub once he built your transport hub you've unlocked you unlock the ability to build roads and the transport hub enables you a couple things Wow one it allows you to build trucks which are transportation vehicles which can hold magnitudes greater resources like in the hundreds and so you use the transport hub to build trucks first and then once that you have those trucks they're available for your workers to use to commute resources and they travel on the roads which are significantly faster faster assuming that you don't have too much traffic because there's the actual traffic the way the citizens benefit from it is in in this case the citizens job is to watch ads for you and he this gentleman is fortunate that his commute to work is just getting out of bed and walking to it right but in the future you're gonna be able you're gonna make this building theater which is an office which employs your population and that may be very far from your residential building which is this one and then so rather than walking across the city to work you can your population will get can we cover commuter vehicles like into personal at personal cars assuming they can afford it because they also get a portion of the income from the women watching ads for their personal expenses mm-hmm so once they can afford a car they go to the transport hub and they buy the car and then they can take the car to back back for to work assuming that it's a faster travel for them and if it's slower than the log instead so it seems like early on you're gonna be placing your buildings as close together as possible because you don't want long to meet at times how do you can you move the building what do you do if you want to put a road in but there's a building in the way yeah so you'd probably have to dismantle the building that's already there build the road across it and then and then rebuild your building somewhere else okay so you can dismantle a building like you can dismantle the equipment and the way I currently have it balanced now is there's not going to we're not going to enforce a resource to refactor because you're gonna imagine you're gonna be refactoring a lot and it also takes time and labor power to be factored in the first place and that's enough of a drain on your your systems efficiency like removing a percentage of your resource just about like too much yeah that's fair let's see any questions here you know all those electric scooters would end up in those Lakes Oh electric scooters oh yeah yeah that'd be hilarious just like it's the future cyberpunk electric scooters yeah and then sheds right like they're just people get like angry and just gather them all and throw them away there's like pictures of those kind of things like in the mountains this is so mad at fitting okay so I'm gonna build this guy and the main tail you play RTS games because you're just like oh and I've also just done the demo like so many times yeah I think I played the Oh there's a couple there's another thing that I haven't really discussed either is the map itself his prestige will be procedurally generated so like every time you play will be different I felt like that was kind of a given but some people asked that during packs so I felt like I should really so are the other corporations physically on the same map with you uh in this demo no right now and the goal is to have them also on the map with you and like they're going it concurrently the that's a large undertaking though because we haven't really decided we haven't really gone to the phase where we can like see how much optimizing are how much the game is dropped about before like sustaining that and also I think there's some there's a lot of desire to have multiple rival corporations as well so that's a lot of to consider but in this could in this current in this current demo they're not okay how bigger the city's gonna be so this map is 64 by 64 and I think we want to push it as far as you can this is the question is like how we I don't think we're gonna know like how we're not gonna we're not going to know exactly where that point is of like how far you can push it until we've implemented all the systems to anything you want to find that sweet spot right yeah make sense I was some kind of like rushing along here so close sounds like Chad's almost ready with his demo I am enjoying seeing this another thing to note is that there's different levels of ruins so we have level 1 2 & 3 ruins and once you acquire the technology so you can start and interacting with the grit bill the greater ones and the higher level the ruined the more resources that it's going to have the higher higher density of our sorry the higher chance of rare resources and the more quantity of common resources so did you show the inside of your trap Thank You Antoine that's why I built it Wow there you go and this is because I'm super poor right now but this is because the HQ has a very limited to start space so I saw like conveyor lines and stuff so for the purposes of this demo we only showed okay so the combat floor is because if you lose your HQ you lose the game and the head that all certain buildings are equipped with a third a top floor that you can that you can build lettuce on and that also makes things uh it also emits the flags those buildings as hostile so a rival corporations can't just blow up your residential buildings and kill all your population they can only attack military military flagged buildings which includes your headquarters so you defend your headquarters by building weapons on top weapons on it and then so if a ship comes and attacks your building the building can actually defend itself this looks like the same sort of interface that was in the ship country yes yes so so when we get to the ship combat demo after the Phantom Brigade demo then I can explain how the combat floor works a little better and then this factory view is basically for what you had mentioned earlier that there are conveyor belts mm-hm and for the purposes of the demo we simplified the resources because you know I've been talking about this for about 30 minutes and there's just a lot to take in and it's a 15 minute demo but the way the resources actually work is when you find them in the wild they're unrefined and they're not they're not ready to be processed into your actual devices yet you actually have to process them so you build devices that convert them from raw resources into refined resources and then combine those refined resources into components that you then use to make the devices that you do want interesting and to do that you have to build inputs and you have devices to have inputs and outputs get rekt okay so I am going to exit this and then answer some of your questions while Chad sets up the computer so it's okay so let's talk about okay so I was talking about is I was talking about automating supply lines so you find the resource and then it needs to enter an input device which then outputs a different resource that you can then convert it into the device that you want and it might need to go through these multiple levels of processing and when it's at the end of a processor or like a purifier at centrifuge and it's waiting to be picked up and then put to another device to then process it further a worker is going to need to do that that transportation and that's kind of inefficient right because then to walk back and forth every single time as well as actually operate the device so you can sub conveyor belt so that it outputs onto the conveyor ball and then that conveyor ball takes it to the input of another device and then that automates that system so there's there's that angle to it to and the build space is going to be part of that challenge because as you can see in the beginning is very limited until you until you upgrade it okay so they look the question that Oh Cal Cal guiness asks can you set up supplied to change between buildings yes so when you do it between buildings it's in the form of trucks so like let's say you have two factories and one's processing a certain type of resource and you need that you know resource a to go to the fact the second factory to process into resource B you would then have your trucks travel back and forth and one of the that we're talking about is eventually taking it to the air so like doing drones or something some other way to make that more efficient to have the resources to kind of travel through buildings but it would Det it would go you know a person would take it but a person or a conveyor belt would take it to the truck then the truck would take it from out on the outside view to the building and then that dumped it back into the inside view and then a conveyor ball from that inside view would then to get to a device there what are what if the resources are pokemon in factories they're just bugs in it you gotta collect them oh thanks thanks for joining Ken Cappy ken is my good friend for many years he was the project lead and designer of super time force Cappy Cappy makes such good stuff yeah so and Cappy just recently shipped below which is a gorgeous game yeah so if you and also some of our other friends were in the chat like kidfox their careers of the upcoming boyfriend dungeon which a lot of people are looking forward to and i saw earlier my good friend Brendan from blendable games is also a new game looks so good man what is the name of it it's like indie skin TV yeah I can't wait it's like a systemic and I know first-person shooter and yeah sure sure fender Brigade demos just copying over will be ready in a minute oh we actually showing it on the stream you get to see my exciting and copy progress oh here we go oh actually all right Chad introduce yourself I'm totally blocking my name yeah so I check ins I am the I guess the creative director but I wear a lot of hats were a small indie studio so that's kind of how this works and I have been working on phantom burgade which is another one of our games here at brace yourself games is a turn-based tactical RPG with giant fully customizable mechs pretty excited to show it to you we've shown it in the past previously the original version of the combat that we built but we've actually completely redesigned the combat since then so this new version has been redone from the ground up to fix the issues that we found with the first random play testing that we did so I'm pretty excited to show it oh so this is even newer than the PAX East though well the first round of play testing we did was actually back when we were Tetragon works and we publish I see I see right and then we've actually fixed a lot of things in regards to the feedback we got from axis one of the things we do a lot is constantly iterate and get feedback and put out builds and let's try it so it's been pretty exciting all right here we go exciting copy progress okay and if I can just answer a couple these Titan questions so when you shoot enemy ships will they just disappear or will they or will they actually crash the cost damage to some of the buildings so the goal that we have in mind though though hasn't been implemented yet is that if the ship is over a building it the ship that gets destroyed does crash and damage the building but beneath it this is current that's currently the the goal although we have to kind of play test and then see if the balance of that works also will tend to be able to play in my 1440p monitor the 1070 we want to optimize as much as you can I can't it's really difficult to say now how it will perform with that specific setup I think we're running it on 10 70s like my laptop has a 1070 mm-hmm and but it's not running up no the monitor above this yeah so it very likely very very likely it does forty-four davido for sure and in fact we rated at 4k at pax how many hours of playtime I have well will it have so we're goal is to have titan have this be one of these sandbox games that has like you know you play one session for many many hours what amount that is we'll have to figure out when you get there because we're just constantly adding stuff to it

Cities Skylines – How To Industries (Updated for 2019)

what's going on move the mouse here back in city skylines with another episode of a how-to series and in this episode we're talking about the industry's DLC now this DLC is perhaps the most complicated out of all of them so I'll do my best to give you a quick recap in this how-to series but if you want a lot more behind-the-scenes and in-depth footage check out my latest let's play season 6 where we build the city of wood garden from the ground up we started with some basic farming added in some forestry set up our ore industry and even though there isn't any oil on the map we were able to import oil and upgrade the industry that way first things first though we need to define an industry area very similar to the way that we did parks in park life DLC this works very similar to the district tool but it can overlap multiple districts or no districts at all to define an industry area next the type of main building that you drop in will define what type of industry area it is and if you're planning on pulling resources from the ground make sure there are those types of resources in the area where you want to build your industry to check that out we can go to the info views and natural resources tab to see where the best places are once you define an industry area and dropped in a farm main building you'll be able to grow crops fruit and animal products these can be stored at factories or grain silos sent off the processing buildings in the form of the flour mill or the cattle shed and eventually those goods can be shipped off to factories to produce actual goods to sell off into the market forestry industry works the exact same way you define a main building drop-in resource buildings like tree plantations and sapling fields drop-in sawmills and log yards to process those goods which again will get shipped off to factories later on your playthrough or industry can pull or out of the ground process it into things like metals and glass to be used later on in factories the map that I'm building on is called wood garden and that's also the town's name that comes with the industries dlc but one thing the map does not have is oil what you can do in those cases if you don't have a natural resource on map or maybe we want to build an industry area away from where that resource actually is you can create storage containers or rare houses to import those goods too you can interact with one of these buildings with the inspector tool on and if you ask it to fill it's going to try and keep that filled as best as possible in this case with oil from off map so even if you don't have a particular resource you still can get those Goods onto your map build processing facilities to turn it into things like petroleum and plastics and again those can be used by the factories to create goods to sell off to the commercial marketplace with the inspector tool out you can interact with the main building and bring up industry area info now you can also do that from the industry area inspector tool and that can be really useful if you don't remember where your main building is from here you can get a look at the production chain to see how much you're producing of various products and what those get turned into to level up industry areas you need to meet a certain number of workers as well as hit a number of produced resources as you level up each of the industry areas you'll unlock various unique factories that will use those components created within the areas you can interact on factories of the inspector tool to see what it needs for goods from a production standpoint and what it's actually producing going out the production rates ladder can be adjusted to encourage these factories to produce even more at a higher production value cost but also providing more benefit to your bank account when those goods are actually sold off and exported off map another new addition to the industry's DLC are toll booths and these can be used to charge cars and trucks money to pass through various interchanges on your highway now they do slow traffic down a little bit so keep that in mind but if they're placed in the right spot it shouldn't matter what I've done here is move it just far enough away from the highway to make sure there's no back up onto the highway itself from the cars slowing down to the toll it's a nice way to generate some extra income for your city and it has a nice aesthetic appeal because you'll generally see these in real life industries also brings with it a cargo Airport where the regular Airport handles passengers this handles cargo so you'll have a lot more truck traffic coming to this one there's also the cargo Airport hub which is an airport for cargo with a train station mixed in so this can be great for adding the certain industry areas to get goods in and out without having to hit the highway an interesting mechanic that can contribute to the happiness of your citizens is the post office so you can drop these it'll send out post trucks to deliver mail the post sorting facility is a larger version where local post offices will deliver mail could then be passed on further along down the chain it is kind of a neat idea but anything that adds traffic to your city without a real tangible benefit is something that you really might want to consider before you dive in and start dropping those all over your town but that's a quick look at industries hopefully that gave you an idea how to get started or just an understanding of whether or not the industry's DLC is for you it's by far the most involve DLC though so we can't really cover everything in a quick video like this if you have questions let me know in the comments down below or better yet check out the step-by-step building of this entire city from the ground up I started let's play season 6 for the town of wood garden on the map of wood garden which is an industries map on the day that industries was released on consoles so check that series out for much more in-depth information and to see me learn along the way piecing all these different mechanics together for the first time if you did enjoy this video likes comments and shares all helped the channel a lot and are greatly appreciated if you're new here subscribe and consider hitting the bell to get notifications so you can see updates in this and other series follow me on Twitter and join the discord if you want to get involved in the discussion but until the next one this is move the mouse signing off you

Tropico 6 Ep.21 – More Industries, More Money (Tropico 6 Sandbox Gameplay)

what is that beautiful people of YouTube my name is Yuri tastic and welcome to another episode of tropical six sandbox gameplay and today we got big big big plans for the island I love just watching cars just like drive by honestly look at that we're right next to the airport coming into that stretch right there the housing stretch that we made cherish the Taj Mahal look at the skyline right there and what a beautiful beautiful island mrs. Mann just love doing that you know every now and then just look at all the stuff that we built together look at that what a beautiful going back to the station I think so no he's done there's the mall the nightclub the TV station oh nice alright guys so welcome to another episode of tropical six sandbox gameplay with yours truly Gerry tastic this episode we are gonna like we talked about last time we're gonna focus on transportation and we're also gonna focus on a new industry here now the transportation all what I've done is two things just to give it a shot first thing I've done is make a bus route from here that ends over here okay and make one from here that ends over here or starts over here so a really long bus bus route that goes from here to here I'm gonna get off the bus and that they can take it from here to up there I just wanted to see this to see if tropicals are smart enough like city skylines where you know city skylines a bus stop could go or you can build one here one here he'll just get off here then go here and wait for his other bus stop is connecting stop I wanted to see if that's that well that was a case here haven't seen it yet but one thing I am very very impressed and surprised them is the fact that this long route actually has a lot of people bringing it to it sometimes it doesn't make sense because because I level up I thought I did level up okay sometimes it doesn't make sense because basically people would come all the way from the city to come shop at this grocery store even though there's planning your stores are not a full capacity over there but I don't really care you know it doesn't make sense another thing I was testing out just to see how it is is the tell if a fairy tale a freak it's called teller free great it's not a freak transportation it's very disappointing because you put one here and basically let me let me zoom out so I can tell you what's going on since we're talking about transportation you put one here and basically this is the furthest they can go it doesn't go any further than this like you see my mouse won't even let me and I tried to do like connecting you can't connect them so it's kind of pointless because if you think about it you're really going in a span of a block or two why would you build that for a block or two so that was very very disappointing and uh and the trapdoor goes just even on No let me see why is this here he's just like bug it out over here I guess so let me try to like see if I can yeah so I can build something on top of it and a drop of six previews it seemed like you would see one from here connecting all the way down here and that's not that's not the case that was that was very very very upsetting all right so that's that's that so when we look at this our unemployment is kind of by design because there's was just looking at off-camera there were a lot of places a lot of things that were open but weren't doing anything remember we put we built a fun pair here now what had zero visitors is the time we built it this one has good visitors but so it's good that we have that because we want to start our textile textile industry we want to start a few industries before we do it as it's our homelessness is a little bit up I want to finish I put a modern mansion here it's not really doing too hot but I want to finish this block with the house building this way we get completely good to go on this area I just wanted housing in this area no apartments no nothing I just wanted to be sold for housing and we did we did a good job on that so we're gonna set a few industries up there and after that we're gonna be looking at just doing different type of bus route since Tropican seem to really utilize the bus routes that I'm building for them so why not build more for them you know why not do that all right there we are we got a few here this mention will wait out a little bit it comes up for airplane everything is good everything is beautiful in tropical this high schools folded up to brim we can probably build another high school honestly I mean that would with the way the high schools are going we can try to build one just here before we go on and focus and over there we'll see I mean it's it's it's not like in a in a tough area you know today they can they can make it here okay our economy's doing wonderful I don't even need to worry about that especially this dock this dock is just doing amazing we got an amazing boats deal last time that we were gonna get it 25 26 percent above the price which was secured but also Russia was willing to give us or import it for us for 20% below the price which is you don't really see that so that's that we're getting about like $10,000 every times in units of boats which is which is tremendous okay so i'll build this over here i built a few houses here just a few and right now what we're gonna do is and i was thinking about the fact that i don't really need to have plantations now because i got uh where is it out of course I got the hydroponic plantation so I don't really need plantations exactly the only thing about hydroponic is they take electricity and they take high school students only but we have we have a good amount of high school students that are looking for jobs so that's why I'm also building a focusing in high schools right now so I do want a textile factory or text mill whatever it is so we're gonna put it right here and of course this this factory or textile mill process is either wool or cotton to Bruce cloth so we need wool or Chi and we're definitely gonna go for the Chi and for the kind one so we're gonna go ahead and get a few hydroponic plantations over here now set them to cotton and just like that here's one and here's to I don't know if we gotta meet my oppa three I don't forgot I need more than that but we'll put three so that's that's being built right now another thing I was looking at is a fashion company of course produces cloth or leather to fashion now we're gonna go ahead and put that over well I got a fashion companies actually like nice-looking looks like it could be put in a city that's that's how nice it looks but we're not really worried about how nice it looks right now we just want people to go in in it purdue in this little pollution we'll just put it right here let it let all be the same so we got a text textile mill fashion company cue card hydro pro panic okay hydroponic plantation alright cool stuff now what we got the furniture we got chocolate got jewelry vehicles factory produces steel and rubber to produce vehicles now we got steel over here got a steel mill over here with us the does good for us for the weapons especially but we need rubber okay so that's gonna be another thing we need to look at here can't we do rubber here yep we could so we're gonna have to do rubber over here now do one and two and we're doing a vehicle factory now as well now this whole area was was meant for for industries soem if that's the case I'm actually gonna cancel this right now we're gonna take it somewhere else we're gonna take it here because eventually were gonna meet houses and around that area anyways just put it here and go ahead and get rubber now again I'm not before somebody comments cuz I know you guys are very engaged with these videos this serie is not meant for a residential area of people live here just because they live here so before somebody's like why are you putting this so close to this and all this stuff I'm not really worried about it in this area and also if you watch how we did down the island it usually starts off like this and then we start and then we start to move things around so that first has got to look like this and then we started moving around so there we go we got we got a hub two rubber ones because this one needs steel and rubber for the vehicles factory correct yes so we got vehicles factory Juicery we got fashion company electronics factory produce processes golden plastics to produce electronics plastic plant takes oil to produce plastics this one will get away down a little bit just cuz we don't really have plastics so we got two new industries coming what's been killing it for us is the weapons bang weapons factory listen I mean look at this we got 14 for 1400 units of iron but 200 about 200 and bots and look how much money damn we got expected revenue but about 15,000 right now just because the boats are really really really high in price man they're amazing they are indeed amazing so we built all of this stuff cool now we're gonna need to bring underneath some houses too to make sure everything is okay here so we can go like this just so they can be on the same block and they don't have to walk very far and we can start building some houses for him of course bunk houses aren't always gonna cut it in this area even though it's not really a place where you don't houses that much but bunk houses are not gonna really cut it in this area all the time because we're raising our budgets up so people are going from poor to well-off and they're not gonna want to live in a in a poor housing community so we got to do this and once they get built there is um I'll show you how quick build one just to show you there's a mode in it where it says show off increases upkeep by 10 but starts having like some beauty in it so so that's the next thing so there's a bus stop here so in case people want to come from outside of town or work here they could so pretty nice pretty nice this area is becoming very industrial as you can see so that's really cool that is amazing that should also help us out with jobs as well in this area and this area should help us out with homelessness because homelessness is a little bit high there's a little bit higher so these are building right here of course it got filled up pretty quickly because we got a lot of unemployed people right now especially high school once – and these are getting built right now so while we do that let's go ahead and start focusing on on some transportation lines I think would make sense right first of all how are these doing they're empty huh retro well we don't want a whole whole street of empty houses that's for sure so Vince we're gonna have to do something about that look at this high school got filled up all the way already dude oh my god dude that's crazy so much demand for high schools in this game I love it do it I love it cuz you never really have a educated workers problem like you did in tropical tropical five this this model is not doing good this wall that we built last time it's already making us money that mall is not doing as good at all but anyways so right now we're gonna focus while these kind of simmer in and marinate let's focus another transportation line maybe foot put one this area has become like our makeshift transportation Depot I guess which why not right why not let's see I'm trying to find another place I could put a few over here okay cuz you know you're not starting to necessarily not really starting the bus route where you build a bus station you can start a bus ride anywhere so we got one on our disposal we have another one soon so we got two over here got one and one there we are let's go and put it here okay let's take a look at transportation now of course we're gonna hit the metro stations just a little bit but today's episode is mainly about transportation so we can put one in this area maybe and then have it go up to this area if they need to go to Statue of Liberty the snorkel bays the circus or maybe some people work up there you know what that's actually since we got two right now let's let's do the first one over here let's have it start over here and let's have it end up here I just realized we don't really have any bus routes that come up here we'll put it right here so now we have this area connected with this area we're already have this area to this area we have the middle to up there and now we got the end of the island up there of course we got one that goes from here to here if you want to go crazy we can put one that goes okay we can go put one that goes now from from this area all the way to over up here again we're just experimenting with this so we can change it around and you guys you guys think it's a good idea or a different ideas let me know probably gonna be harder than YouTube comments that's why you should always join my discord because this way you can take screenshots and for things out to me there too but what if you put one here to kind of help people get around here and by the way I didn't notice a tourist do take the bus so okay let's see I guess okay hang on let's do one for the tourism let's have it start over here because I did realize that they do take the bus and we'll put the end for it to be right here since we got a oh god that's way too far out where we at okay so put one here and we're gonna end the place or you're gonna end it over over here this way they can go to that tractions and this side not too many of them but enough I guess right right here okay so we got the first one that we flopped that's us from here of course it does take a while for them to start populating it and that's gotta go all the way up to here and the second one's gonna go from the economy hotel basically to the child or the mausoleum so that's what we got right here we'll see how we're gonna do is okay well see how good it does let's have one more because we were you're gonna put one more and this one is gonna go from this quick build it this one is gonna go from here again this area where should we put it let's let's just put it right here they can walk through it here I kind of want to be close to each other and we're gonna end it over in this area right right next to their bus stop okay so hopefully that that does things for us right hopefully that kind of helps out a little bit oh let's go ahead and upgrade this let's see car company or all employees can use cars regardless economic well the up Cape is creased by two but yep let's put company car a crash test dummies increases job quality up fully automated remove two Jean positions no we don't want to remove and that increases environment yeah let's do that okay so we need steel and rubber from this steel is coming from there and rubber should be coming from here cool cool cool this one I'm gonna have to take it fortunately decreases the amount of jobs but increases the efficiency so I'm gonna have to take that one you know since we do have some unemployed uneducated workers and this takes both where is it this takes both wool and cotton let's go ahead and get some factor ranches and where is it whoa there it is this is gonna be a sheep we're gonna put a factory wrench here and another one here kind of make some jobs and the sucky thing about all of this is the fact that these take electricity and eventually I think we're almost running out on the christening and oh oh yeah we are oh yeah we are I think we're gonna run out after this well we should already run out after this one I believe so maybe I don't know but anyways what do you mean empty talk all you want corn that's right did forget about that that they do take court so let's take a look at what work modes they got dough production rate is decreased while increasing consumption by 20 Queens nope creeps the consumption now I don't want electricity increases efficiency yeah we'll take that increases efficiency by 10 upkeep by five we'll take that as well we'll take so we'll take the upgrades on them would they do need corn that's unfortunate for it but it is what it is let's go ahead and get some corn for them do we go with a regular plantation or we go with another one corn plantation now we'll go with a regular plantation this time we'll just do a regular one in the middle here because we we want we want the uneducated people to get jobs as well and this is mainly like an uneducated job right here cuz these ones are high school workers so I'm going to plop one up here and hopefully it'll supply them with the corner they need we should have plenty of corn in Ireland as it is but you never know alright so homelessness now as you can see we got 255 vacant houses a pretty good variety I mean filthy and filthy rich I barely get filled up but well often poor is usually what you want nobody's really broken the alley right now its homeless right now is just an issue of guessing where they won the houses which is easier said than done it is easier said than done you can try to do these little here you know go from normal to show off it decreases the upkeep by 10% but the building starts emitting beauty like as if it's like a mini Park you know but we'll see how well that does for us hopefully does well enough because it'd be nice to have these houses get filled up I was gonna add parks here cuz you guys know how I am with parks but I think this this looks pretty cool right here that brown color so I'm all we're done with the room not a room is something that we used to depend on at the beginning a lot now we're not so much but not as much I should say got boats that are going out to the Middle East at 42,000 for 1k and then of course we're bringing them in at 27,000 for one cake so we're literally like making about what eleven thousand so that's what it is I love when I like say numbers off the top of my head Oh drum is doing good thick rum I love what I say numbers on top of my head I'm not really like thinking exactly like doing a calculate I'm just like same top of my head as somebody in the commas like now you said 0.1% but it's really zero 0.1% orgastic dislike in this video cuz you're retard like what the dude calm down man I'm just I'm just shouting numbers at the top of my head bro no need to get all serious about it right I swear dude some some people do that it's like you said this and it should be dead like oh I'm sorry I hurt your feelings about it this store office ain't doing nothing dude let's go and get it out of here I know what it does I will do it later I'm gonna build a modern apartment in this area now I was wondering which I will try it out with you guys I was wondering if you build another office would it be two or three thousand four hundred s or not so that's what I'm gonna try out soon actually we'll probably try to try it out right now we could let's see okay that's called getting demolished it's good to put in a modern apartment over here well perfect goes like this and let's try to put an office here and see what it does for us because we're gonna put it under and the rent mode see what it does for us there we go modern office is being billed these are being built when I got a quick build I'm just cuz we have money doesn't mean to go reckless you know we're not in a rush to get them built at all so now I don't know why this area is so like the beauty in it is low even though it's like for the most part the only thing emitting really pollution is this right here the pharmaceutical company but besides that we don't really have that much polluted or pollution buildings in this area so I'm not sure why is doing that but anyways what wait for these get built come on we got enough construction offices where we can go tell them hurry up and do it so where we are at a modern apartment has been built and our office not yet come on guys look you know what forget it I just said I'm not gonna fast builder but I just did we're gonna do I'm just trying to see office generates one database in per citizen orientated towards intellectual affection no we're gonna do um consumer business which $2.00 based on a family and residential buildings and I want to see if it like doubles on both ends cuz this one is a consumer one and this was a consumer do we get both at the same time cuz that would be pretty sweet that'd be really really nice of that that's the case so there's only one way to find out only one way Oh yep I guess so because it's already getting money here 27:47 and 27:47 so yes I guess it doubles maybe you can build as many as you want I guess and that'd be good for economy I mean at this point where the industries were building or just so can be an industrial powerhouse in Ireland you know not really because we need money from them anything like that but it's mainly what it is so these are half corn in them and I start putting milk and wool out for us so it looks like we're starting to get some money out of the fashion company textile mill how about the vehicles factory we got everything but rubber and rubber is being produced next door but we all we did to get some cars and so far ok good good man I like that making our own cars but how how you guys like that dude how do you guys like that we're doing infrastructure I don't think uh I mean in transportation all sake of metro station works here relays it doesn't work oh it does work here did they take that occurs in the beta if it was higher than the other ones it doesn't connect because I built one here just to see what it connected at main island and and I think it did because there's people in it obviously like this guy where is he going oh he's not going in there he is going in there on the way to just not really telling me we're about to find out I guess gotta keep hitting follow we need to do know this for the next episode but keep hitting follows see where he's going so when he pops out we could see exactly what's going on still clicking guys still clicking it's been a good like one minute honestly it's like three months in-game he's been in he's been in the subway or the metro station it's before three months in the game so click and I'm be still inside of him metro station I would want to see where he's coming out from all right let's keep doing it all right so he came out of here and as soon as he came out that annoying thing came up the trade want God so what I really good to see a chest but did he to come off from he came out from the same spot what the hell he came out from the same metro station I'm not sure if that works or not doing oh the lectricity is officially out here huh alright let's go ahead and do something about that I was going to build one that's where we can be ready for the next next episode we're gonna click build it whatever we got the money right now for stuff like this we got a quick build you know can't be waiting there forever this high school yup high school should be good on electricity here well that's gonna be a pretty SEPA so ladies and gentleman like you saw we got they got a few things that it's necessary this bus stop not really the best that's gonna connect them from here down there look at that look it look at the view from up here man of course the palace were eventually plan I'm moving it here but that's just neither here there yet but that's gonna be it for this episode ladies and gentlemen if you did enjoy please hit the like button we did bus stations we tried the new industries I mean we got a whole lot of new industries going for us we kind of experimented with transportation see how it is about with that being said once again the name is your tastic if you're new here make sure you subscribe like comment all that good stuff thank you guys very much for watching and I am out