How To Create a Clean & Simple Audio Spectrum in After Effects Tutorial

hey what’s up everyone I’m Ignace Aleya
from and today it’s the first motion graphic Mondays if
you enjoy my videos be sure to hit the subscribe button and hit the bell icon
to make sure that you get notified when I upload new videos alright so today I
will be talking about something really cool! We’re going to be creating a really
simple and clean audio spectrum in Adobe After Effects, many of you want to know
how its created. We’re going to create something awesome it’s going to be a
two-part tutorial but first let’s see the preview doesn’t that look cool? So today we’re
going to take a look on how to create everything in general so the basic setup
of the titles the audio spectrum the background and stuff like that and then
in the next part we’re going to take a look on how to add fine details like in
the background the particles and things like that so I would suggest that if you
don’t wish to follow this tutorial you can always go ahead on our website and
buy this template it also helps to support a channel so if you enjoy this
tutorial go and check out our website we have a bunch to offer so all the links
will be in the description the template actually includes a simple to follow
tutorial where you can adjust everything like the course and stuff like that
everything is optimized so it’s a little bit more advanced than what we’re going
to be seeing in this tutorial just so you know anyone that has any kind of
experience in Adobe After Effects can follow this tutorial so without further
ado let’s get started alright so here we are and it will be off your effects and
I actually prepared a few things that I already import it right here so first of
all is a music file which will everyone need if you want to use an audio
spectrum the audio actually comes from levite Oh beats he’s a great friend of
mine and he actually runs his own channel where we collaborate on frequent
basis so go and check it out he creates some really awesome beats and if you
want to use them you can actually use them for free and return that you credit
him in descriptions or even in your video if you’re that kind of nice guy so
I go ahead links will be in the description and then I also have this
image right here which I actually took when I was on a vacation in Spain and
this is Benny Durham so yeah without further let’s get started so I created a
new composition we can actually delete this so we can get started create a new
composition and this is going to be our main composition make it full HD in
resolution and 30 frames long make it as long as you want to and then click OK
then the first thing that you want to do is just drag in your audio file in that
composition you can actually see that our composition is a little bit too long
so we’ll just drag it right over here press M on the keyboard and trim comp to
work area okay and then once you’ve done that we can actually apply our image
right here to our composition and as you can
see our image is a little bit too yea big so what we will do is press s on the
keyboard and just kill this down like this right here
okay perfect a little bit bigger and there we go so we have our image now
what I want to do is kind of stylize my image a little bit more make it more
like a music kind of vibe like Spotify likes to do like a duotone effect and
what we’ll do is actually use a pretty cool effect and this is called Kurama so
we’ll create a new adjustment layer right here and this is going to be our
grading and our exposure okay so first of all we want to fade in our image so
we’ll go to effects color correction and apply a exposure effect to our image and
then just lower the exposure until you don’t see anything anymore like this and
click on the stopwatch ready exposure to create a keyframe you can now play a
press you on the keyboard to reveal that keyframe right here and then if we’re
going to move a little bit more in time we actually want to zoom in to our
timeline a little bit so we have a nice close-up 5 seconds 10 seconds and like
over 3 seconds we want to kind of fade it in back to 0 then 3 frames forward
I’m doing that with the page down key on my keyboard you can move ahead and just
decrease it a little bit move 3 frames for it again increase it a little bit
maybe this is a little bit too much for frames a little bit less and then a few
frames forward and then 0 desert and maybe a little bit less than 0 because
we actually want to work with text which will be white in the audio spectrum so
we want to kind of de expose our background a little bit so everything is
going to be a little bit easier to read afterwards perfect okay and now for
grading and this is on the same layer we’re going to apply the effect color
correction and color AMA and this is actually a really really cool effect you
can do a lot of cool things with this and but we want to open up the output
cycle right here and just and delete everything in here for the course and
then for the red we want to change that red color to a nice dark blue blue
ok click ok then we’re going to click over here and go to the pink color and
just create a nice pink color and we’re going to close this like this and
actually instead of pink let’s go for something a little bit warmer maybe more
towards this core and the blue can be even darker okay pretty cool so this
really creates something kind of a creative it doesn’t work with every
image but if you use like people you can do some really cool things it’s really
important that you kind of change or shift on the colors a little bit more so
maybe a little bit of blue here that we can add in right over here and maybe
darken it a little bit more there we go and then right here maybe a nice kind of
tinted orange let’s see beautiful look at that boys and girls isn’t that
beautiful so it’s so simple to create something really cool with Colorama you
can of course go ahead and do that in Photoshop but yeah we’re in
after-effects now and this is really simple to create okay so we can close
everything and now what we want to do is create our audio spectrum so we’ll right
click and create a new solid layer rename this to audio spectrum click OK
and then we’re going to go yeah effect generate audio spectrum for the color
for the audio spectrum we’ll changes to white so we can actually see it clear
right here we can actually see it already and the softness we can set this
back to 0 welcome back set this to say 0 the
frequency bands will change this to 175 and now what we want to do is go to our
audio layer and select our source which is the audio about that we already added
to our timeline the video waves it’s really important that you already have
it in your timeline otherwise it’s not gonna work then for the side options
we’re going to work with side a and that’s going to choose the top part and
yeah perfect so let’s see how that actually looks we can actually see that
well if we go a little bit more in time and in the beginning I think this is a
little bit to hide kind of D except a little bit
I don’t think that fits in my audio spectrum so what I will do is hold ctrl
and just drag the start frequency a little bit more to the right the reason
why I’m holding ctrl is it affects it a lot slower because if I’m going to hover
it immediately hits a thousand with control it’s going to move a little bit
slower actually shift is going to do the opposite thing where it actually is
going to move a lot faster then free and frequency something like 1500 and there
we go so now we have the nice animation our audio you can also go for the arm
maximum height and increase it a little bit if you want and I think that looks
pretty good okay so now what we want to do is actually move this start point and
the end point and a little bit more to the bottom so it actually is right here
but as you can see we have to move them individually which I don’t want to do so
I will do a quick solution and create a new null object and then just hit the
return key this is going to be our position Y for the spectrum so this is
just a reference we’re going to press B on the keyboard to reveal the position
for this one and then click on the audio spectrum before we continue this video I
would like to present you our website designed for filmmakers and video
editors to improve their workflow we offer templates presets high-quality
pre-made packs soundscapes essential graphics and much more if you don’t have
time to create something of your own or you just want to speed up your workflow
definitely check out our website with a link in the description below
and we’re going to hold alt and click on the stopwatch for the position of the
start point so I’ll click on the stopwatch right here now we’re going to
open the brackets we’re going to write a simple expression and enter value open
brackets 2 0 close brackets comma and now we want to just take our Y position
of the note and then we want to close or break it again so really simple
expression and open bracket value open bracket 0 close bracket comma equip the
Y position not to know itself but the Y position of no and then close the
bracket we want to copy this code to control C and just hold all the click on
the stopwatch for the end point and paste it also right here and now we’re
gonna you know what we can do actually is click on that middle we can actually
reposition this very easily like this for the audio spectrum I want to go back
here and a start point for the X I’m going to move it a little bit more to
the right because on the left side we’re going to add our timecode so for the
timecode I’m going to click on my text tool click over here and add a few zeros
like this and then just select your text and make it a little bit smaller if you
want to maybe irregular or medium text and now we have our fine code and for
the time code we’ll also need a little bit of a expression which I actually
already prepared for you guys you can download that also with the link in the
description it’s just a bunch of text that you need to paste in the right
position oh I already have it copied in the background so what I will do is
click on this arrow right here open the arrow for the text hold alt and click on
the stop points for the source text and paste the expression right here now we
can actually see immediately it works with seconds and minutes and yeah
perfect so just paste it and you don’t need to worry about a thing about code
or whatever so you can reposition this and there you go very simple okay and now we want to add our title
also so this will be the beats player and we want to make this bold and a
little bit bigger and position it maybe right here and now we want to duplicate
this text layer by holding ctrl and pressing D on the keyboard and then move
it a little bit more down go to the text tool select all of our text and now this
is going to be video waves with a which is the actual name of the song select it
and change it to a regular and a little bit smaller so we have a little bit of
variation going on maybe also make it a little bit wider like this and there you
go okay we also want to add like in nice vignette on the sides here so right
click new and add an adjustment layer and this is going to be our thing yet we
will rename this and very quickly and go to effect color correction curves and
just lower the curves so it darkens everything go to and the mask options
here ellipse tool and double click on the ellipse tool that’s going to add an
ellipse right here subtract it from the mask and then press F on the keyboard
and just increase the feather until it’s a nice soft blur and as you can see
right here this looks really cool we can actually put this below the grading and
this is going to give us a different kind of effect it depends on what you
want I think this looks pretty cool yeah now we want to animate our text in right
here so we’ll go to the beginning of our timeline and press T on the keyboard
click on the opacity set it to zero and over 5 seconds are actually over let’s
say 2 seconds we want to change this back to 100 okay then we’ll go to
animation and just to add a little bit of variation we’re going to animate text
also opacity and we’re going to do the exactly same thing so zero and then five seconds 100% and this is
going to be a different kind of opacity but we can actually manipulate this with
something different right here you actually see an arrow if we click on
this we can go for it selector and add a Wiggly effect to it and this is going to
wiggle or text a little bit as you can see it Wiggles on like so pretty cool
select all of these keyframes ctrl C to copy them and go to the beginning of the
timeline and click on the beat player and just paste it as well and now we
have this kind of animation we want to offset our libido a little bit so it
actually comes in beat player first and then the video comes in after there okay
perfect now we want to add our logo so let’s go back to our project manager and
import our logo to the composition go to align and center it right here press B
on the keyboard and click on the stopwatch for T position and go all the
way to the beginning and actually move down like this move to frame and two
seconds as well and then right click reset the position so we actually have
this kind of animation and it’s actually it has to be straight and that’s
actually the point going straight up like this press T on the keyboard and
we’re going to click on the stopwatch for yo pasady right here and in the
beginning set the opacity to zero press U on the keyboard to reveal all these
keyframes and line them up like this select the last keyframes and here we’re
actually going to add a nice easy in which is actually going to soften the
animation so go to keyframe Assistants easy ease and go to the and graph editor
right here and zoom in a little bit make sure that you’re working with the Edit
speed graph and we want to drag this in like so so now it’s going to speed up
and then slowly come to a stop like this and actually you want to do it a little
bit faster but that way you have a nice pop effect on our logo which is
riku afford a background I actually want to fade it in a little bit faster so
let’s go to our exposure keyframes wishes here in degrading and exposure
and we want to just drag this in a little bit okay here we have an
overexposure actually we’ll set this back to 0 and of course if you press you on the
keyboard for keyframes in particular you can select all keyframes hold alt and
drag them in to make them a little bit faster if you want to so that’s an easy
way to kind of tuck it in altogether and cool
okay so we’ll reposition my titles a little bit better closer to the spectrum
but that’s basically it on how to create the basic setup of the audio spectrum we
also need one more layer and this is going to be a solid layer this is going
to be our stroke and here if we go to effects and presets we can apply our
stroke to that solid layer that we just created as you can see you need a path
so what we’ll do is just in stand check this layer go to the pen tool click over
here and click over here holding shift so now we have a nice line and a mask
and if you go back to your stroke we can now select that mask right here so if
we’re going to check this back on solo the layer maybe we can actually go here
to the paint style and change this to on transparent and now you’re going to see
a nice line right here which you can make thicker if you want to but I won’t
do that so at the beginning of your keyframes and while the timeline we want
to go to the start and set this to 50 in the end also 250 and click on a
stopwatch for T start and and then at 1 second or plus/minus 1 second we want to
change this to 0 and this to 100 and now we’re going to have like a nice grow
effect from the center out first you want a keyword select the landscape
frames and again apply the easies effect and go to the graph editor and maybe
ramp it a little bit so if we zoom in here we have something like this going on and
this is going to be our beat player start up okay
as you can see it’s not perfect for the mask so what we’ll do is zoom in and
click on the mask and actually move it down a little bit and there we go okay
another thing that we want to do is actually fade in our actual audio
spectrum and our text here so click on the audio spectrum layer go to on the
text go to the timecode and press T on the keyboard change it to zero go to the
beginning and create a keyframe for both of these layers and then right here we
want to fade it in at 100% and this is fading in while this line is now growing
and now it’s really going to not attract its kind of an effect okay
I think we’re done here apart from that we can just duplicate this audio
spectrum and press s on the keyboard and change the size is something like
insanely high something like 500 and then move it up until we actually see
our spectrum again then move it in a nice composition and press T on the
keyboard change this to 50 at the last opacity when it’s faded in right here
instead of 100 change it to 50 then go to effects blur and sharpen Gaussian
blur and increase the blur so now it’s like out of focus we still have
something going on in the background okay pretty cool and that’s it so this
is the first tutorial on how to create a nice audio spectrum next week we’re
going to take a look on all the particles like I said in the beginning
of this video if you want you can go ahead on our website we have a template
ready to use you can easily change the cores and stuff like that so it’s all
prepared to be user-friendly it includes a tutorial on how to change everything
link is in the description and I’ll see you in the next one if you like this
video give it a like subscribe to the channel for more and I’ll see you in the
next one and good bye


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen,
and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a
different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my
pregnancy announcement. But for those of you
who are not interested in the pregnancy announcement of it all, we’ll be back to our regularly
scheduled programming very soon. So today I’m gonna be
showing you the footage of me telling my family,
and then I will show you the footage of me telling my
friends, either on my blog channel, or some other time
on this channel, I don’t know. So this video is just
me telling my family. I was so nervous, every time
I told anyone I was pregnant I was so so so so nervous. So I did a really bad
job when I was filming, explaining what was going
on, so I’m gonna tell you now so that you understand later. But the first thing I
wanna let you guys know is that I did tell Cory and Eric first. Cory’s my best friend,
Eric is the love of my life and the father of this baby. I told them but I did not
film those experiences. I did him pretty much
immediately after I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t
worried about filming it, I was worried about the
fact that I was pregnant. Maybe Cory and I will reenact
those moments for you later. So there are a lot of
reactions to me being pregnant in this video, but I
definitely saved my favorite and the best for last,
so watch till the end to see the cutest reaction
ever, it makes me cry every time I see it. But first we’re gonna start with my sister and my momma. My sister, I told her I was
doing a what’s inside the box challenge where you had to
stick your hand inside a box, and my mom, I told her that
we were gonna do a challenge where she had to go
shopping and buy me clothes, and the store I chose
for her to buy clothes for me at was a baby store. So here is my sister and my mom finding out that I’m pregnant. Okay guys, so I’m about to
tell Rachel that I’m pregnant. I invited her over, she
has no idea what I’m doing, but I’m gonna tell her I
wanna film a video with her, and it’s what’s inside this box. And she’s gonna sit
here, and I’m gonna put the pregnancy test in
here, and she has to guess what it is. I’m so excited. Don’t peek. – Okay, this is difficult. – So wait, okay, so- – Can I look now? – Yeah you can look now. – Ew, I don’t like it. – Okay go for it. – Is it gonna hurt me? – I don’t think so. – I don’t like you. It’s gross, it’s slimy, okay. I hate you so much, I’m
gonna throw it at your face if I hate it, is it an animal? Is it a spider? – No, it’s not a spider,
I’d never do that to you. – Is it cat poop? – No it’s not cat poop. – Is it a, a birth, a pregnancy test? – You got it. – Oh is it used? (squealing) – I’m pregnant. – Are you really? Oh my god, congratulations. Oh my god, oh my god. – I know I’m freaking out. – Oh my god you’re so pregnant. – Where did it go? – I don’t know, I’m
sorry, I got too excited. – Hey guys, today I’m
with my mom and my sister, and we are at the mall, because my mom is gonna pick out some
outfits for me and Rachel, and Rachel and I are gonna
pick out outfits for my mom. – You’re gonna look so good. – I know, so it’s mom’s turn
first, to pick out an outfit for us, specifically me, so this way. I’m picking this store. – You’re picking this store for you. – Yes. – Okay I won’t be able to
find anything for Rachel. – No, well I’m not
technically picking it for me. – Oh okay. – I’m picking it for a baby. – Oh my god, no you aren’t. Oh my god. Oh my god are you kidding me? Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. – So I bought every
pregnancy test on the planet, I have a collection of like
20 on my toilet right now, and they all say positive. – Yay I wanna see this collection. – It’s been three days. We’re not doing a video,
I just wanted to tell you in a fun way. Right but that’s why I’m not
supposed to tell anyone yet so. – May June July August September
October November December. – It’s December, early January. – A Christmas baby? A Christmas baby? It’s what I want for Christmas. – I have to say that
editing that was so hard. My mom’s and my sister’s
reactions were so sweet, and adorable, and I just, I love them. The next reactions you’re going
to see do need a little bit of explaining, you’re going to see my dad, Eric’s parents, and
Christopher and Jessica. Christopher and Jessica
were a playlist in Florida, and they weren’t gonna be home for weeks, so I couldn’t wait that
long, I needed to tell them as soon as possible, so I FaceTimed them. Eric’s parents live on the
other side of the country, so we wanted to tell them
as soon as possible too, so we of course told them
through FaceTime as well. And my dad, we got a
little revenge on my dad. My brother Christopher
and his wife Jessica had a little girl first,
so it was a really big deal when they got pregnant, it
was the first baby of that generation, and they
had a really special way that they wanted to tell every
single member of the family, but my dad blew it for my sister Rachel. It was early in the morning,
Rachel was eating cereal before school, and my dad
came in and grabbed some milk out of the fridge, and while
he was grabbing the milk he said, isn’t it crazy
that Jessica’s pregnant? And that’s how Rachel
found out that Jessica and Christopher were having a baby. Christopher and Jessica
could not believe that my dad totally spoiled such a huge
surprise, so we got payback on dad, and we told him the same way that he told Rachel about Bailey. – Oh wait, I need milk. Dad isn’t it weird that Coleen’s pregnant? (laughing) Whoops. – Wait, really? Are you serious? Oh my god. Oh my gosh, wow. Congratulations Cory. (laughing) – Hi. – Hi angel, oh you look so cute. – Thanks girl. I feel like I’m seeing things,
and I need you to tell me if you see things, you ready? – I’m really good at this. – Okay. (squealing) I wanted to wait until I
could tell you in person, but I can’t wait two weeks. – Okay, oh I’m so happy for you angel. – Chris needs to get over
here right now though. – Hey what’s up? – Wanna show him your test? – Um, yeah. – Wow. (laughing) – That’s what you say? – Congratulations. – I wanted to think of a- – Does Eric know? – Yes Eric knows. (laughing) Guess how we told dad? We were filming, and Rachel
goes wait hold on a second, I have to get some milk,
and she opens the fridge and she goes, isn’t it crazy
that Coleen’s pregnant? – (laughing) gotcha. – I just wanted to get
the six of us on FaceTime, you guys, Snax, me,
Coleen, our unborn child. – Ah. Way to go. Oh way to go guys, congratulations. – Thanks, we wanted to tell you in person, but we didn’t know when we’d be out there, and we were just too excited. – Oh man this is so exciting. – Uh Coleen’s parents are here too. – Yay, grandparents together. – Our plan is working. (laughing) – Yup. – Whoa my god. – Oh my god, way to go guys. – My little heart is all a flutter. So the next people you’re
gonna see are our brothers. Eric’s brother and my brother Trent. We got to see Eric’s brother
while we were traveling recently, so we got to tell him in person, and then my brother Trent I
got to tell at my childhood home, and he was so sweet. – What the (bleep)? (laughing) Whoa, holy (bleep). Congratulation, oh my god. Oh my god dude. – I’m in Santa Barbara, say hi. – Hello. – I wanna show you something. – Okay go for it. Oh so cool, that’s awesome. – You’re gonna be an uncle again. – Woohoo. (laughing) – It’s tiny tiny tiny,
like an orange seed. Tiny little tiny seed. Who do you think the dad is? – Why would I wanna answer that? (laughing) – Congrats. – Thank you, you too. – Thanks. And now it’s time for my favorite reaction that just makes my heart explode. My niece and nephews,
my whole heart, my soul, these children are my everything,
I’m obsessed with them. They’re literally like,
my favorite little kids in the whole world, I was
so excited to tell them. So I decided to pretend
like I’m doing a little YouTube video with them,
and got the reaction and it’s so sweet, Bailey was so excited. Today I have my four favorite little niece and nephews here with
us, and we’re gonna play a little game, okay? Okay so it’s a math
game, you guys like math? – Yeah. – First question, how many
cameras do you see in the room? – Two, three. – No. – Four. – Four, Jake got it right. Jake got the first one. – Aw, four. – Next question, how many
people are wearing jackets in the room? – Two. – Two yeah, I think Parker said it first. – I said it too. – Next question, how many
kids are in this room? – Four. – Four. – Nope. – Six. – No. – Seven. – How is, it’s not seven. – How are you counting seven? No how many human kids,
how many human kids? – Four. – Nope, there’s five. – How? – Can you find the fifth one? Dunky, do you wanna know
where the fifth one is? – Yeah where where? – Well it’s a baby, and
it’s inside my tummy. – Actually? – Actually. Can you believe it? – No I can’t. – I’m having a baby. There’s a baby in my tummy right now. – (clapping) yay. – Do you wanna feel it? There’s a baby in there. – How big is it? – It’s as big as a large plum. – Awesome. – Are you excited? You guys get a new little cousin. Are you excited? – Yeah. – So there you go, that’s
the majority of my family’s reactions on camera, and
I have tons of footage of me telling all my
friends too, like Joey and Lily and Heather
and John, and Cory and I really wanna reenact our experience, so if you guys wanna see that,
let me know in the comments I guess, but I’m doing
good, I’m feeling great, and I just wanna say,
thank you so so so much for the positive and wonderful reaction to my pregnancy announcement. I was so nervous, I was so
nervous to post about it and tell you guys that I’m
pregnant, and the reaction from the internet was
unbelievable, everyone was so supportive and sweet and just like, I was not expecting that at all. I just feel so lucky and I feel so loved, and thank you thank you
thank you for supporting me and being just sweet
and kind about all this. I’m so excited and I’m so
scared and I’m so nervous but I’m mostly just unbelievably excited to have this baby and for
you guys to experience this journey with me. That’s it, okay, I love you
guys, thanks for watching, see you next time. Oh come see me on tour, I’m
going on tour next week. I’m really excited, come see me on tour, my book’s coming out, I’m so excited. Okay I love you guys, how many
times have I said excited? I love the word excited,
cause I’m excited right now. Okay bye.

World’s Strongest Laser | Overtime 5 | Dude Perfect

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to Overtime. Did you guys notice anything
different about my signature move there? You spun the other
way, didn’t you? I did– first time
to spin right. Well, we have an extra special
episode for you guys today. Make sure you stay
tuned till the very end because we are giving away
our brand new Dude Perfect basketball. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. No, we haven’t started yet. Now, it starts. You guys are going to
make me look silly. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard,
twins, purple hoser. Now we’re heading
on to Overtime. You guys want to know an extra
cool fact about this episode? You’re going to
tell us either way. I don’t know if you knew this
or not, but if you take your mic and you turn it upside
down, all of a sudden your voice becomes super deep. Oh wow. Yeah. That’s amazing. And then, if you turn it to
the right, it goes helium mode. OK, whew, it feels good
to be back to normal. OK, let’s dive right
into the first segment, and a brand new one at that– Awkward Situations. Awkward. All right, here’s how
it’s going to work. Typically, you walk into the
front door of our office, and it’s a lobby. Today, you walk into the
front door of our office, and you walk into an
occupied bathroom. Awkward. OK, what do you guys
say we head downstairs? Here we go. We’re in the middle of filming
the third season of our TV show, and there’s a new
girl who’s about to walk in. This is her first day. Welcome to the office. Oh, man. Oh, I feel bad. Oh, sorry. I’m so confused. Is that Tyler? Why would you put a
bathroom on an entrance? Codes, how you feeling? Sitting on a toilet. He’s such a weirdo. Oh, sorry. I just need a minute. That got awkward. Come on in. I need my food,
if you don’t mind. If you’re not worried
about it, then I’m not. OK. Take care, buddy. Oh, this is good. Oh, sorry. Hey, sorry– this
door is broken. Oh, it’s broken? But that other one should
work– to your left. OK. Oh, sorry, man. Somebody’s in here. So what went through your
head when you opened the door? This is not the right door. I feel like you could almost
smell the awkward in there. Well, now it is time to head
to everybody’s– but mainly Cory’s– least
favorite segment– Wheel Unfortunate. So for those of you
following along at home, you may recall that Cory
has been selected randomly for the last three
Wheel Unfortunates. That is unfortunate. That is very unfortunate. Poor kid. Let’s make it four, baby. So, in fairness to Cory–
who no longer trusts us– we’ve decided to
mix up the mojo, and we’re going to
bring in a guest picker. OK? Calling in to help us out,
one of the best football players in the game– Rob Gronkowski. Let’s go. What’s up, Gronk? What up, dudes? All right, Gronk, we know
you’re busy with football and the cool new Good
Rewards Charity Campaign from Honey Nut Cheerios, so
we appreciate your doing this. Yeah, man, I’m
definitely busy, but I’m excited to be here to
help you guys out today, especially you, Cory. Thank you, Gronk. I appreciate it. All right, Gronk, we’ve
got a bowl in front of you that’s got all five
of our names in it. We need you to
pick one name out, and that is the person that will
be spinning Wheel Unfortunate. OK, here we go. Not me. You guys ready? I can’t look. Barely. We have– Garrett. Love this game show. Gronk, great job. You definitely helped Cory out. I’m sure he’s very appreciative. If you’re ever in Dallas, and
you want to stop and hang out, let us know. Appreciate it, man. Sounds like fun. Oh, by the way, Ned Forrester? I’m a huge fan. Nice. All right. I’m sure he’ll be
happy to hear that. Thanks, Gronk. Rob Gronkowski, everybody. Hey, Garrett Hilbert, everybody. Hey, Garrett. Hey, come on. I just don’t understand
why we changed what was working for us. Whoa, Rob, that’s some high
praise coming from you. I’m gonna have to power
through this one, eh? Ladies and gentlemen,
I’m Ned Forrester, and it is stupendous to
be here with you today on the set of the greatest
game show in all the lands. I just got word that we were
nominated for the greatest game show posted online
on Monday afternoon. So, truly, from the bottom of
my heart, thank you very much. It means a lot. We have got a great
show for you today. A special guest– I actually
got word, it’s not Corey– ladies and gentlemen,
put your hands together for Garrett Hilbert. For being a first timer
on the show, here you go. Also, for being a first timer,
have a little Ned Forrester golden boy. How about that? I have four of these. Well, then, I’m sure a
sixth one couldn’t hurt. You still not satisfied? Really? Goodness gracious,
you need another one? What’s it gonna take to
put a smile on your face? Do not say, you need
another one, Gar? Come on now. This is plenty. This completes my collection. That’s enough? Can’t get enough of that– Let’s just get this over with. Don’t ever do that again. Here, hold my mic, please. OK. Ned, is that chest hair natural? The chest hair is not natural. The regular hair is natural. Hey, you know what
I just realized? A couple of redheaded
brothers here. I am very sorry about that. Kids, that is why you
don’t use too much hair gel in seventh and eighth grade. Careful with that stuff. All right, Gar, spin that wheel. That’s a good spin, Gar. Well, good news– you’re
not gonna have to get frosted tips, because
that could be awkward. But you will have to
run a mile as a mascot. All right, Gar. Am I literally going to have to
put a mascot costume on and run a mile? That is what it says, Gar. Why don’t you join me in
saying, That’s unfortunate. That’s Ned–
signing off for now. All right, Gar. We are exactly one
mile from the office. I hope you know how to get back. You didn’t tell me this
was going to be in public. All right, so just take off? Yeah, see ya. Hey, there’s another
runner– look. How’s it going, man? Oh, he smiles. Absolutely embarrassing. [CAR HORN] How’s it going? Oh, I’ve got to catch
up to my buddy up there. Hold on. Hey, you won’t pass him. It’s not sprint a mile. He’s flying. Show him how it’s done, Wizard. Go, Garrett, go. Oh, yes. It’s a good pass, good pass. Dude, look at the
mutual respect there. Look at Gary go. Well done, Gary. Dude, that looks amazing. It’s not everyday you get
passed by a wizard, you know? Dude, this is the best
consequence of all time. Oh, man. I think I see a wizard hat. I see the tip of a wizard hat
bouncing over the vehicles. Garrett. There he is. Finish strong. There it is. Oh, I see how that works. I passed a guy though. I saw that, yeah. We saw that. That was nice. All right, Gar, how was your
first time at the Wheel? Sweaty. Nice. I did enjoy running
past that jogger though. That was amazing. That was a good time. That kind of boosted the
confidence a little bit. A special thanks to
Honey Nut Cheerios and Gronk for helping us out
with this segment of Wheel Unfortunate. Make sure you click the
link in the description below to support Team
Gronk and find out more about the Good Rewards Program. All right, coming up next– Cool, Not Cool. Who should start us off
in this Cool, Not Cool? I’ll start us off. Man, I’ve been working on it. I want to introduce you guys
to the air-conditioned jacket. You might be
saying, it’s summer. Why wear a jacket? Does it blow up? Oh, he’s inflating. Wow. I’m telling you right now–
my body temperature just dropped five degrees. Can I feel the jacket? Oh, yeah. Feel the air coming
out of there. Oh, wow, that is a lot of air. Hey, I’ll give it to you. I already gave it to him. I like it. I would say, another plus
is, dude, you look jack. Could you sleep in it? Oh, yeah– on your
side or something. Because you can sleep in it– OK. I was going to go
green, initially, but I did make a rule, a long
time ago, that I would never wear zip-off pants or jackets. Oh, that hurts. It wasn’t easy. I’m sorry, folks are home. Moving right along– Coby, would you like to go next? We’ll just go down the line. Today, I have a
bucket of sunglasses. You’re going to need
to put these on. Why? Gentlemen, I proudly present
the world’s strongest handheld laser. Oh my goodness. It is certainly bright– very, very bright,
very, very dangerous. Sunglasses feel
like a good choice. Cody, you will find underneath
the desk two balloons that I have placed there
for this demonstration. Cody, please hold the
balloon in front of you. I’m kind of nervous of– OK, are you ready? What’s going to happen? Oh, oh, man. No. That, ladies and
gentlemen, is not magic. That is the world’s
strongest handheld laser. Here we go. If this pops, I am super cool. OK, all right. Ty, you will find under
your chair a box of matches. No way. No way. I think we all know where
we’re headed with this. Sorry. Safety. All right. Ty, are you set? Are you moving? I need you to be still. I’m still. OK. No way. I rest my case. Thank you. Coby Cotton, you have just
erased a lifetime of poor Cool, Not Cool decisions. Is that your first
super cool product? It’s got to be. Absolutely. It’s got to be. I’m afraid my item is not– I’m not going to say it’s
not got super cool potential, but it’s not like
world’s-strongest-handheld-laser potential. My newest fashion in footwear– fish flops. OK, I want you to feast
your eyes on this footwear. OK? Why would you buy those? You know what– being a
fellow fisherman, I’m going– Wow, I’m going to be honest. I did not see that coming. OK, I was setting
myself up for failure. Well, I’m going to go
ahead and slap my answer. Yeah, you don’t
have to rub it in. This company went
above and beyond, and they put fish eyes on
the backside of the sandal. Because of the
attention to detail– –green. Yes. Wow. You all have lost your minds. Thank you, Cory. Well, thank goodness
I get to follow that. My cool thing for today– The Dude Perfect backpack. — comes inside the
Dude Perfect back pack. Raise your hand if you had a
rubber band gun growing up. Of course I did. You’ll love– fully
automatic rubber band gun. No way. Check that out. Fully automatic– there’s
a little iron sight. It’s so much better
than I thought. What do you say? I’m going to do
this thing again. Can I shoot it one time? It probably took me 30 minutes
just to put these bands on. 30 minutes to reload? It’s really an hour– Wait, did you cool
my fish flops? I did. I did. No, I did. Did you? You already voted. You can’t unvote. No, I did. Remember, I love
largemouth bass. Too late, already decided. Are you all ready to
end on a good note? I am. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d
like to introduce you– It’s a bazooka. Yes, yes. This not only shoots amazing
rings that you can see, but it’s got power. No way. Go. Rapid fire rings Rapid fire rings. No way. Can we all, at the same time– three, two, one– Well done, Cory. Thanks, guys. Thank you. Very nice. Cool, Not Cool has
gone to the next level. All right, it is time to
head to the next segment– a brand new one at that– Wives Versus Chad. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to the long-awaited series Wives Versus Chad. Wives, it is great to have you. Please, join us in welcoming
Allison Jones, Amy Cotton, and Bethany Toney, for the
first time on the Overtime set. Of course, as you
all know and love, one of our all-star
editors, Chad Terrell. Big round of applause
for Chad there. That’s awesome. It’s great to have you guys. Today, on Wives
Versus Chad, we’ve decided to have a little
sports trivia segment. How about we get a little
background on each contestant? Sports could disappear tomorrow,
and I would have no idea. Once, I even played
fantasy football. My parents did
everything for me, but I ended up getting second. I have two kids and
no time for sports. For an interview with
DP, they asked me how much I liked sports
on a scale of 1 to 10. I said, six. That was a lie. It’s more like a two. And ladies and gentlemen,
those are the contestants today on Wives Versus Chad. What do you guys say we dive
into a little sports trivia? How many runs are
in a grand slam? Is this football? It’s baseball. It’s baseball. This is baseball. Well, there’s four bases. Oh, gosh Girls? What is your final answer? Four. Chad? I answered way too fast. OK, the correct answer is four. Congratulations, girls. You are going to learn
pretty quick here that the points don’t
matter, and we’re just having a little fun. So, next question– how many
points is a safety worth? I think it’s either
two, one, or six. Girls, how many
points is a safety? Two. All right, all around. Very nice. OK, next question–
what is a double double? Chad seems pretty
happy with his answer. Chad, what did you say
a double double is? A burger at In-and-Out. Half a point to Chad. Well done. Very nice. Name one current
baseball player. No chance. I say we move on, Chad. How about you? OK, all right. Ladies, please explain
to me second and five. Two are down, two
people have fallen. No, not people. Two plays down,
five yards to go. Down, like, they’re done. I’m going to give it to them. All right, OK. Here we go. Here’s another person question. Who is Lamar Odom? He was married to a Kardashian. Yeah, basketball. Chad, let’s start with you. Who is Lamar Odom? Sports player. I like it. Very nice. Girls, who is Lamar Odom? He played for the LA Lakers– Then, he got in trouble. –got in trouble, went to
Dallas for like a season– Oh, he did– –didn’t do great. He did. He didn’t do great. I am blown away by
the talent level here at Wives Versus Chad. We are headed to the final
round, the lightning round. I will ask a question,
you buzz in at any moment that you feel led to, and
shout out your answer. Name four positions in baseball. Amy– she’s a baseball wizard. Hitter, first base,
left field, catcher. What a way to get
there, but she does it. What is the mascot of
the Oakland Raiders? A raider? Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding. Chad– seeing through the
trick question– well done. And we will end it on this– a wrist shot would commonly
be found in what sport? Basketball. Incorrect. What? Frisbee. No. Keep buzzing in. Yes? Soccer. No. Yes? Football. No. Yes? Golf? No. Tennis. No. Lacrosse. No. Man. Is there any other sport? Yes, there is. Oh, oh, hockey. Yes. Well done, girls and Chad. Very nice. So who won? The real winner was learning. Knowledge was the
real winner today. We are proud of you guys. We love you dearly. Thank you for being participants
on Wives Versus Chad. Thank you very much. We’ll see you next time. That was enjoyable. Oh, man. OK, well, last but not
least, it’s give away time. If you are a subscriber,
and you share this video, we will be picking 10 of you
to give away the brand new Dude Perfect basketball. There it is. Congratulations to the winners
from last time’s giveaway. Here they are. Nice, congrats. I’m still in the running
to get my free basketball. We’ll see, we’ll see, Gar. All right, if you want to buy
a basketball for yourself, click right here. If you want to see the last
video, click down here. Signing off for now– we’ll see you next time
on Overtime all the time. Oh, fake mic. Oh, fake mic.

Airsoft Battle Royale | Dude Perfect

Oh yeah. What’s up guys? We’re Dude Perfect. Welcome to Airsoft
Battle Royale. Here we go! Woo! Dude Perfect. Today’s battle is simple. Each of us will be
scattered throughout the map to scavenge for weapons
and eliminate opponents by popping their balloons. Last man standing wins. Purple Hoser here. What’s up, guys? Cor here. Coby checking into the game. Cody here. What’s up, guys? Ty. Let’s see what loot we can find. Could really use some shoes. There we go. First weapon find
and a backpack. Yeah, I don’t think I
really need a backpack. I’ve got to get off the road. These rocks are killing me. Oh no. That was bad. OK? Grenade. That’s going to come in handy. And a backpack. Got a backpack. Two more backpacks. Oh! That’s an Uzi! Let’s go! Let’s go, baby. There’s my rifle. I think we’ve got a gun range. OK. Four more backpacks. So, for those of
you that don’t know, Chad and Tim set up the course. And whoever was responsible
for the North Swamp, I’m going to kill them. Nice. The game makers are too kind. All right. I got everything I need. I just got to find a
good place to camp. We sit. We hide. We don’t go out into the action. That’s how you get shot. I think we’re going to
get on the golf cart. Bumpy. Oh! Goodness gracious! We got an air drop. We got to go. Oh! Oh yeah! Oh! It’s a sniper! It’s like a podium in a box! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh, there’s a crate. Frying pan. Boat. There’s Coby. He doesn’t even see me. I going to get in this
truck and snipe him. It’s going to make
way too much noise. Let’s row. It looks like he’s
using a paddle. I, I am very confused right now. No need to rush this. I cannot miss this shot. Oh! Got to get to cover! We’ve got a runner! He’s running away! You’re going down, Purple Hoser! Oh! I got him! Did he get me? He’s– oh gosh. Dad gum it. I think he got me. I got to bail. All right. It looks like I got two
balloons down on Coby. He just took off in the woods. I did run out of
ammo on my pistol. I’m going to go
back, get my sniper. Start heading to town. Play the other side. Let’s go find some people. All right. My balloons are right here. In a safe, secure location. All I’ve got to do is
wait them out, baby. And I’m going to be sitting
here taking a siesta. There we go. Right there is Corey! Oh! Out of ammo. Did he get one of mine? He got two. What? God, I handled that so wrong. I thought I could hide
behind these barrels, but my balloons stick up. Obviously. Ah, there’s Coby. Oh, God! I’m taking fire! Uzi’s down. Yeah! I got him first! I got him first! 100% Let’s go! All right. Here’s the deal. Coby and I just shot each
other at the same time. Technically, it’s not
actually the same time. Because I shot him a
little before he shot me. A millisecond. But ultimately, it doesn’t
matter cause neither of us have balloons anymore. We’re not happy about
it, but we’re both out. Gotta get up top. Pretty sure I got
two pops on Cory. And I am in desperate
need of a new weapon. I’m going to try and search
around here and try and see if I can find some. I need a gun. Bang! Let’s go. Ah! Dang it! set fire Oh, wow. That’s a lot of bullets. Ah! Incoming fire. Oh, grenade! Grenade! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh, Yeah. I’m getting out of here. There we go that’s what I need. I think someone’s downstairs. I’ve got him. I got a balloon. I got a balloon. Gosh dang it. Come on, boy! I’m in it to win it, baby! Cody! You camper! Did I hit you? You, uh. You did not Oh, sick! A K! Not worth it. Dang it! Dang it! Line them up, baby! Ah! I got Ty! I got Ty! Wait a minute! I got popped! I’m eliminated. This gun’s amazing. That was so worth it. You got nothing, boy! Come on with it! Here. Pull it! Gosh! Plenty of down fire. Give him some warning
shots with this. Oh, gosh! He’s got a pistol. You know what? We’re taking this on the road. Oh! Taking fire! Taking fire! Got to get– for more? Are you ready for He’s got a new gun! I don’t know what he’s
shooting, but it’s fast. Oh! How did I miss? goal. Oh. Out of ammo. I got to push. I got to push. I’m charging. Got him! Woo! No! Valiant effort, my good man. Dude! That was a blast! Hey, rule number one. Don’t get tired of hiding. It’s what keeps you alive, baby. It was so fun. Oh, man. That is exhausting. That was well done. I think it’s time for a
little trophy presentation. I agree. As always, not my honor,
certainly not my pleasure, Cody Jones. Winner, winner chicken dinner! Thank you. That looks fantastic. Very nice. Twins? By the way, good to
have you guys back. Hey. Thanks, man. Can’t wait to hear that story. Oh! If you’re not already a
Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t
miss out on any new video. Special thanks to our
friends at PUBG Mobile for making this video possible. Click right here
if you want to play the mobile game for yourself. If you want to see some more
DP videos, click over here. Signing off for now. Pound it! Noggin! See ya!

Fidget Spinner Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

*Whir of bearings * Oh, she’s humming! She’s ready to let loose. This is the Spin Bender Shot. LETS GOOOO! Dude Perfect What’s up guys we’re Dude Perfect welcome to fidget spinner trick shots! Here we go! This is the Spinning Ninja Star sticker! Lets Go! Whooo! The Long Blue Weird One vs. The Dollar Sign. *Cha-ching* FIGHT! Golden Snitch vs. Rainbow Trout! FIGHT! TKO! This is the spinning bounce to a buddy shot! This is the blow dart spin shot. Ladies and gentlemen this is the Ten Spin Tower. Got to start with a solid foundation. Ahhhhh The Golden Beauty. And of course to finish it off: The Purple Hoser. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Ten Spin Tower! What a beaut! This is the super-speed-spinning-spinner-strike-slamin’-smash shot! Here we go! I say we call that good. Hey, and also if you get too sweaty from sitting Indian-style too long use one of these to clean out your pits This is the Ninja Star Skeet Smasher. The Golden Beauty vs. The Dance Party! FIGHT! OFF THE TABLE! Ninja Star of Catastrophe vs. DP. 3 hour minimum spin time. (Only if you set it next to an aircraft). OFF THE TABLE! Get that weak stuff out of here! This is The Twin Toss! Got a little game for you guys. Comment below and let us know if this is the high to low or the low to high? Here we go Experienced ninjas only. This is the Kick Spin. Cory, launch me. (Cory): Gotcha. This is the Ninja Star Balcony Bottle Blaster! Nice, the bottle got blasted This is the super tall transfer toss. Coming up Cory. (Cory): Send it. What’s up guys? Thanks for watching if you’re not already a dude perfect subscriber make sure you click down here because you don’t want to miss our next video Beach stereotypes It’s going to be a good one also If you want your very own DP spinner click over here if you want to see the last video click over here Signing off for now Spin it and buy it. I’m just kidding you can if you want. We’re kind of over it. Pound it! Noggin! Later!

Real Life Trick Shots 2 | Dude Perfect

Cody: Ty, You got a package Cody: Tomato me. Ty: Gotcha. Cody: Thank you, sir. Ty: Yep. Cody: It kinda smells in here. I’m gonna light a candle. Cody: Hey Cor, don’t forget to take your vitamin. Chad: Codes, can you throw this away? Cody: I got ya Ty: Cake me. Thank you. Ty: One more. Cody: Delivery! Ty: We’ve got a hat rack for a reason. Cory: Hey, T. You forgot your backpack. Ty: Oh, my bad. Hit me. Thanks. Ty: Yep Cody: Hey, Gar, try this new game. Cody: Alright, I’m taking off. Ty: Alright. Hey, it’s cold out there. Cody: Delivery! Oh, damn What’s up, guys? Thanks for watching. If you’re not already a Dude Perfect subscriber, click down here so you don’t miss out on any new videos. Special thanks to our friends at Kay Jewelers for making this whole video possible. If you guys want to win Valentine’s day go to Kay or click here. They have all kinds of can’t-miss gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Also, if you want to check out our brand new series “Overtime”, click right here. Signin’ off for now. Pound it, noggin. See ya.

Getting Started in the Cleaning Business – Work Smart Not Hard

You're getting started in the house cleaning
business, and you have so many questions, and you don't know where to start. What do you do? We're going to talk about that today. Hi, there. I'm Angela Brown, and this is Ask a House
Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now, today's show is brought to us by I want you to love this website as much as
I do because we keep dumping all different kinds of resources, and information, and blogs,
and videos, and different how-to tips, and different house cleaning helpers, people that
have been in the industry for years who have new ideas, and tips, and strategies. And there
are all different kinds of products, and uniforms, and information that you can use either to
clean your house yourself or if you're an Airbnb, or a VRBO host, or if you are a professional
house cleaner. So, if you fit into any of the realms of you
clean houses, this is a website for you, All right, onto today's question, which is
from Justina who asks this. Justina: Hello, Miss. Justina my name. Actually interested in starting my own cleaning
business. It's something that I love to do, but I don't
know how. One thing that I know is that I'm ordering
some t-shirts with some logos, with the company's name. I have no even chosen any company's name,
but I just think I'll come up with something. One thing that I know also that I'm sharing
some flyers and then some business cards. I'll be dropping them in letter boxes. I just want to know, what else can I do apart
from those, the t-shirt that I'm going to wear to advertise, apart from the flyer that
I'll be sharing, what else can I do in order to start good? I want you to start good. I want to have at least five, six customers
a day. Yes, I know that's common sense, but I don't
have money now because I don't even know how much it cost. Is there any possibility for you to help me
start this business? And secondly, I want to know the product,
the basic that you use in cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, and the hall, and the floor,
if you can actually give me some basic names because I'm new to everything product. Angela Brown: All right. Hi, Justina. That is a lot of questions, and so I will
try to answer them one by one. First of all, if you are starting a house
cleaning business, and it sounds like you're really excited, I don't ever want you to lose
the enthusiasm and the excitement that you have right now that you are experiencing and
expressing for your business. I want you to wake up every day and feel the
same kind of enthusiasm like, "Hey, I get to start a house cleaning business. This is so cool," and you will always have
questions. So, no question is a dumb question. Keep asking them. Because every day you'll have questions from
here through infinity. And as soon as you have an answer to a question,
it will make you think of something else. And you may go down a little rabbit hole,
but it will be a different question for a different element of your business. So, keep asking questions. All right. As far as getting started, you mentioned do
you want to get some t-shirts printed, but you don't have a business name yet and you
don't have a logo. So, my suggestion is that you do not print
any t-shirts until you have a logo and a business name, because we don't want to keep reprinting
them to brand, or rebrand, or rebrand whatever it is you're creating. So if you're just starting out and you're
one person, I would consider calling your company Justina's Cleaning. That says your name, and it says what you do. Then, as your business grows, and as you expand,
and as you do a little bit of research about what your company name can be, then I would
choose a company name. And only then, after you've registered it,
and you've decided that it's going to be your company name, and you're 100% sure on it,
would I print that in a logo and on t-shirts. All right, the next thing that I want you
to do, you talk about flyers and business cards. I would not print flyers or business cards
until you have a company name. And if Justina's Cleaning is what you're going
to go with, I would print your flyers and wait on the business cards. The next thing that I would recommend is I
have a book that I wrote. It's called How to Start Your Own House Cleaning
Company. I would recommend that you pick up a copy
of this. Now, this is $9 if you purchased it, 9.97
or something, if you purchase it on Amazon. But I am so convinced that you should read
this book that I've made the copy available for you for free as an eBook that you can
download on Amazon. You can read it on any device with the free
Kindle app, so you don't have to pay the money. I'm not here to get rich off of you, but I
do want you to read the information that's inside. Here's the reason why: Inside, I take you
from step A all the way through to step Z for setting up your house cleaning company. Now, I just opened this up randomly, and it's
how to set up your home office. What we're going to cover in this section
is on what do you need? Is it a printer? Is it a tablet? Is it a laptop? What do you need in order for you to access
the online information that's available to you? So, that's just one page. What office supplies do you need? Do you need paper? Do you need staples? Do you need post-it notes? What do you need in order to run a business? So, we cover that in here as well. The next thing, choosing a company logo. What do you need to know about choosing a
company logo, especially if you're just starting out? It will talk about things like trademarks. And should you trademark or should you just
use a fancy picture to start out with? There is one thing I do recommend, and that
is please do not steal someone else's logo, because it's probably registered and trademark. And if you go down a branding hallway where
you start printing it on t-shirts and such, and then you find out that logo belongs to
someone else, and they send you a cease and desist letter, now you have an issue where
you have to rebrand your company, and you got to stop using the t-shirts that you just
paid for, and you got to have new ones printed. So, please read this because there's a bunch
of helpful information in there. Here's another one on how to pick a name for
your company, and we talk about the URL. When you brand your business, you want to
make sure that the name of your company matches the URL, that's when you do the https, and
the colon, and the forward slash, and the forward slash. That's what comes next. It is your company name .com The reason you want to do that is because
then it helps you in the search engine optimization so you're not paying so much money in advertising
costs because your marketing is working for you. I don't know if that makes any sense yet. It doesn't matter if it does. It will make sense later. But you said you have no money as you're starting
out, so it's really important that you work smart, not hard, because we don't want to
spend money that you don't have only to turn around and spend it again rebranding your
business. All right, here's one. Should you wear a company uniform? The short answer is absolutely. Now, the uniform that I'm wearing right now
is my house cleaning uniform. You'll notice it does not have a company logo
on it, right? You can create a company uniform with no company
logo. There are times I actually recommend that,
and that is if you are doing a mix of house cleaning, and commercial cleaning, and you
have independent contractors or you have employees, because you're independent contractors can
choose to wear a similar color to what you're wearing without ever wearing your company
branded logo and information, right? So, there are ways around that where they
can look like they fit in with your company of their own choosing because it's just a
color. Nobody registers and trademarks colors, right? So, there are things to be said about that
as well. Here's one on your company image. We talk about what your car should look like when you were parked out in front of a neighbor's house. The reason we do that is this, there are people
that drive by every day. And if they see a car in the neighborhood
and you are the house cleaner, if your car is tidy and immaculate, that's a reflection
of your brand. So, you want to make sure that you have a
car wash package where you can run through the car wash a couple of times a week to make
sure that your image is up to par with the services that you're selling. Okay, moving on. What else have we got here in this book? Because it's got some really fun stuff. Choosing a territory. Did you know if you buy a franchise or you
buy into a franchise, you are assigned a territory. There are only certain things that you are
allowed to do in a certain window or a certain area of space. But as an independent, you can go wherever
you want and you can create a territory that's close to where you live. I know franchise owners that their ownership
of the area that they are allowed to clean in is 400 miles from where they live. Can you imagine running a business 400 miles
away? It's crazy, but if you're an independent contractor
or an independent cleaner, you can clean in whatever area you want, right? There's no territory. So, how to choose one? That's also in this book. Here's one on should you run flyers. Now, if you'll search YouTube. We just did a 2018 version update of the flyers
where we removed the logo and we added in a QR code so somebody could scan it and go
right to your website for social proof. That was a new addition that we made. We have flyers that you can download that
are links in that video. So, search for that on YouTube. Should you run flyers? Yes. They still work. All right, what's another one in here? Oh, worksheets. Yes, I'm a huge fan of worksheets. And I tell you why I'm a huge fan of the worksheets,
because your worksheet is your number one marketing material. It is your invoice. It is your receipt. It checks a list of everything that you do. So, it's a sales piece for you that has all
your contact information at the top, which is what you will use instead of a business
card while you're getting started. Also, your customers will pass this around
the neighborhood to their friends that can also hire you. It is also what activates your satisfaction
guarantee. So, we talk all about worksheets and how to
get worksheets. They're downloadable links and everything
on the free version online. In the book, you have to type in the link. Let's see what else is in here. How to bid a job? Should you bid by the hour or bid by the job? Now, you're scared me a little bit when you
said you want to do five or six houses a day, because as a solo operator, that is very unrealistic. Two or three is about the max that you're
going to be able to do, especially starting out, because we don't want to zip through
a house and be sloppy. We want to be extremely careful about the
work that we do so that we get referrals and we get hired back. It doesn't make any sense at all to have customers
where we're doing five or six a day and we're focusing on the volume and not the quality,
because it's going to be wheel churn. You're going to get fired and hired so quickly,
but it's going to be a constant effort of doing the job, and the walkthrough, and the
estimate, and all those things over, and over, and over again instead of having repeat customers
because you are so fast, you didn't do a good job. So, I really want you to focus on the quality
of work because we're trying to build a business based on referrals. All right, a couple of other things. There are a bunch of hints, and tips, and
things in here. There's a section in here on confidence builders,
which is really important. Because if you're just starting a business,
doesn't matter what the business is, but if you're just starting a business, you're not
going to be 100% sure of yourself. So, I need when you show up at a customer's
house to do an estimate, I need you to show up like you are the king of the world and
you know exactly what you're talking about so that you can project that to your customer
and they will hire you with confidence. And if you do not have that confidence and
you're a little bit shaky on it, there are some things in here that will help you boost
your confidence so that when you show up to a customer's house you can nail that sale. All right, let's see what else is in here. Bonding and insurance. Yes. One of my favorite topics. You may be a solo house cleaner, but I recommend
that you are bonded and insured. That means that if something is stolen, or
something goes missing, or you are accused of stealing something that you have bonding
in place. Doesn't replace anything, and they have to
prove that you stole it. And if you are found that you stole it … And
we know you're not going to steal anything. But as your business grows, there are employees
that you have that will also want … You will want to have bonded and insured. The bonding is this. If a customer asks you, "Are you bonded and
insured," and you say, "No, I'm a solo house cleaner. I don't need bonding because I'm honest, and
I'm not going to steal anything," already you're a game behind because you're going
to have to stop and spend a lot of time and energy explaining why you're not bonded, rather
than just adding that small writer into your insurance policy. It's easier to say, "Yes, I'm bonded and insured,"
and be able to prove with a policy number that that's true than it is to jump through
all these hoops of why you skipped that step. So, fair and simple. Then, the next part is insurance. You asked me, "What cleaning chemicals should
I use?" Now I'm not going to go through that in the
book, okay? There's a brief checklist in the book of things
you need, like dishwashing soap, and a powder cleanser, and a degreaser, and an all-purpose
cleaner, and a glass cleaner, and some sponges, and a razor, and a screwdriver. There's some basic things that you need in
order to run your business. I do not go into the specifics of it here,
but we have a program called Savvy Cleaner Training where we have 192 videos that walk
you through every step. Here's what you use when you clean a bath
tub, and here's how to clean the bathtub. Here how to clean the corners of the rooms
that you're in. Here's how to do overhead dusting. Here's how to clean cobwebs here. Here's how to clean window ledges. We cover everything, okay. There's a whole entire intensive training
program where you can be certified to do that. I recommend that you go through that program. The reason I'm so emphatic about it is this,
there is no standard in the industry. And even if you're insured, if you go into
someone's house and you use the wrong cleaning chemicals, you could ruin their stainless-steel
refrigerator, or you could ruin their granite counter, or their hardwood floors, and now
you're talking about $2,500 for a new stainless-steel fridge or $30,000 for a new hardwood floor. I mean, some stuff gets really expensive when
you get in homes and you're mixing and messing with chemicals. So, there's a whole training program on how
to do it right. I am not trying to scare you, but you do want
to be insured for that very reason. I cannot tell you how many stories I've heard
of house cleaners who did not have proper information and proper training. They went inside somebody's home, and they
damaged stuff beyond repair. Then, they have to replace it, and they're
wondering like, "Well, why should I have to pay for it? I was just here to clean." Yeah, you're there to clean, but that's why
you have insurance. It covers you and it covers the homeowner. All right, there are a bunch of other things
in this book, like how do you get referrals, okay? So, it's a really great book. Again, you can download it absolutely free
of charge. I'll put links in the show notes. The reason I want you to have this is because
there's a bunch of stuff. It's going to drag you down those other rabbit
holes, okay? It's going to make you think of other questions
in your mind. Then when you come back, you come back with
different questions, not just a whole bunch of general questions, but specific questions
about specific things and we can help you find answers. Also, I should tell you, not bragging, but
I should tell you that we have over 465 videos in the Ask a House Cleaner series that is
on YouTube. It is also on all of your favorite podcast
apps. So as you're cleaning, you can listen to them
every single day in your car. We produce this show five days a week Monday
through Friday. They're there 5- to 10-minute shows. They're very short, but there's a bunch of
information and we hit a lot of different topics. So if you have questions, call into the show
or write into the show. If you go to there's
a little button there. You just click on the button and you can send
your question into the show. If, just like you did right now Justina, but
if you'd rather email [email protected] and I will get your email. Those are also funneled to me here at the
show so that we can pick the ones that are most appropriate for the topics that we're
covering that day. So please, stay in touch with us and let us
know how we can help you, because we are super passionate about house cleaning, and I say
we meaning me and my entire production team. The folks on my team know more about house
cleaning than most of us will ever know in a lifetime. So, there's a team of people here and we are
here to help you. Okay, so that is my two cents for today. Keep your enthusiasm, because you're going
to need this every single day when you wake up and you've had a really tough day and a
tough customer. You're going to wake up and go, "Oh, reminded
me, why am I doing this?" And then you're going to go, "Oh yeah, because
I want to be my own boss," and you're going to remind yourself of this enthusiasm that
you have right now. So, keep that with you always. And until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

VLOG | Home Renovations, New Decor, Clothing Haul & More!

oh hey guys so welcome to another vlog with baby knox and i so we are just about to hop in the car and go grab a couple things for my mom at the store and then we were headed out to her house she is going through her closet yeah and she hates doing stuff like that and I love doing stuff like that so I'm gonna go over and help her but she needed me to pick up a few things it hmm tipped over she likes to help us okay here we go yeah so I'm gonna go over and help her do that and pretty much that's it for the day we're kind of in comfy clothes he's in his fleece pajamas I think they are Carter's yeah little cam ojamas and then I'm just in this like big plush like sweatshirt I got this at Kohl's it's got like a hood and like ribbon strings it's so so comfy and like big and oversized and cute but mainly comfortable also I will leave a link for the necklace that I'm wearing because I'm literally wearing this every single day and I feel like I'm gonna get questions on it it's definitely my new favorite piece I'm seriously obsessed with it so I will leave that right at the top of the description bar down below for you guys tipping over again do you like some help up Oh often in E as we go it's all excited what is she doing you are so funny yeah so we're at my mom's house and as I left the house I noticed that I had a package and it is from mother B Maternity so they do that looks really cute mom I haven't seen that that little corner over there cute but they do maternity clothes along with the nursing clothes and they had give me and asked if I wanted to try some of their stuff out so I was like sure because obviously we plan on expanding our family so I hope to be pregnant at least two more times so I figured if some of it was maternity then I'll wear it later and I find that a lot of maternity stuff you can wear even when you're not pregnant so so I'm gonna open it and I'll show you guys what I got oh my gosh this stuff looks so cute okay so I actually don't remember what I picked out so this is like exciting I think most of them were like technically maternity pieces oh my word yeah how cute is this I'm not feel any environment just feel it oh my gosh you're gonna be ordering some of this yeah Oh cute so first of all it's got like a black and white polka dot print on it really really nice quality guys this is like heavenly and when you're pregnant and if you guys have ever been pregnant you know how annoying it is to be in like uncomfortable clothing all you want to do is yeah stuff that doesn't stretch why they make maternity clothes that don't stretch I have no idea but your two priorities are to look cute and be comfortable because when you don't look cute then you're just pissed off and when you're not comfortable than that's even worse so this fabric is like stretchy it feels like butter it's like that really buttery material it's like the quality is really I love this I can totally see myself wearing this with leggings yeah even when you're not pregnant yeah oh my gosh yeah well and you can't tell that it's a maternity talk at all I love this my gosh I'm so excited now I'm like excited to open era this would be really pretty for a photo shoot oh stop it right now that is adorable off-the-shoulder mom oh my god that's so cute this is beautiful how long can I wear this not I think I can wear that's not pregnant – you know it's a maxi so cute so I love the print on this it's got like blue and I don't know like burnt orange thank you bless you honey couple of you you think sneezes are so funny right now and then it has this really pretty like off-the-shoulder kind of look and by the way guys I'll try all of this stuff on when we get home again super soft stretchy material it is full like a maxi dress so oh my gosh I'm so excited this stuff is fun okay so this one yeah this is Maternity as well oh gosh I think I got all maternity and none I thought I got a nursing top but I don't remember like I said what I ordered like what the heck I was cute oh my god guys that looks like a jacket I wanted to order what by the way guys this stuff is super super affordable um like really affordable within like the twenty thirty dollar range if I remember correctly but when I do my Tryon later I will either put the price on the screen I'll link everything down below anyway but just you guys can see the pricing I just remember thinking wow this stuff is super affordable like much more affordable than a lot of maternity sites so this one's just like a little zip up its get the hood so cute I would totally wear this now with leggings or even just with like ripped jeans like I have one this is adorable I love this color this is super soft again it feels like great quality okay and then this last one is like a little bit more of a dressier piece I think and I'm hoping I can wear this not pregnant because it would be great to wear to a wedding this is are you serious right now so it's like a high-low at the bottom it has like this cute little ruffle and then it's like a faux wrap dress so it wraps in the front which is great for nursing and then has this tie here this is freakin adorable like I just love it oh yeah I'll do a triumph for you guys later but I am so excited and thank you some other be maternity for sending me this stuff because I'm gonna wear it pregnant and not pregnant and I just absolutely love it definitely check out their site I'll leave it below and I'll try everything on later there's a hair in your mouth can I get it out for you oh yeah I got it this is not a good angle for me well okay so we just got home dude we are gonna make dinner for Dad we've held fresh for dinner and um not sure which one we're gonna make but I'm gonna make dinner I'm not sure how much more like vlogging I'm gonna do today but priority is to make dinner and this would go where him I think wants to play so I'm gonna put him down hey guys so it is Wednesday morning ish almost afternoon it's almost 11 o'clock we got it this morning is gonna work out he took a nap I kind of threw myself together my hair looks like not cute but just that we are just hanging out today I have to I'm here in my mouth I have to edit a video today so we're just staying home and there's a snowstorm outside so we're just gonna stay in the whole day I wanted to show you guys those clothes that I got yesterday so I'll do a little trying on with those and what else are we doing in Bubba oh I have to watch our bedding so I have some laundry to do huge but first but first a snack carrot so I'm gonna have organic hummus with fresh mozzarella some cherry tomatoes and pita chips and then I'm gonna be taking this balsamic glaze and putting it on my tomatoes and mozzarella okay guys so this is the first dress from mother B Maternity I apologize because I have the hiccups and I think they're going away but they're kind of not at the same time this is the first dress from mother be maternity so this is maternity but as you guys can see you cannot tell at all I think this is so beautiful I wish that Kyle and I were doing something like fancy for Valentine's Day because I would totally wear this I'm standing on my tiptoes because I feel like when I stand flat it's just not as flattering and I would definitely wear heels with this but I love the print I love the length of the sleeves and like how flowy they are I think this part is really flattering and it's amazing because it's like super easy to breastfeed in so it's a great nursing dress but yeah I have nothing bad to say about this dress that's amazing it's comfortable and I just absolutely love it hey so this next dress is probably the only one that I would probably only wear if I was pregnant I think it's just like a little bit big here on me if you guys can see that but I think if I like you know with a belly I think this would be the most beautiful dress ever and let me just say that the fabric on this honestly would you like to say hello it honestly feels like butter it's so stretchy and soft it feels like pajama material so this would be a dream dress if you are pregnant this part here can kind of be worn like multiple ways I feel like it can be actually it should be a little bit higher that's probably more realistic right there but as you guys can see it has that really high empire so with the belly it would be so so sweet this would be amazing for like a maternity photoshoot dress okay so baby Knox is going to join us for this one so this I love guys it's like a little zip up it's almost like a dress but I love like the tears on it and everything I love the color it's so soft I think it would be so cute with some leggings and like sneakers even that would be adorable I love that you can wear it unzipped or zip it up like a little dress kind of like that sorry that this is a little bit hard to show you while I'm holding him but yeah like I said love the color it's so comfy it's like nice and thin so it would be perfect for spring the battery's dying but here's just a little bit of a better shot of this one while I'm not holding him again just absolutely love it zipped or unzipped super cute and comfy okay so this last piece might actually be my favorite I love the little ruffle sleeve and I think this is really cute I love it comes up on the side I wouldn't wear it with these jeans I would probably wear it with like blast ripped jeans or just like black leggings I think with a belly this top would just be ridiculously freaking cute yeah highly recommend this if you guys are looking for affordable maternity and nursing clothing highly highly recommend really love their stuff okay so the baby just cut up from a really really good nap he napped for like two and a half hours which he doesn't do anymore so hopefully we're starting a new trend yeah are you happy yeah he loves just playing with a cloth it's your favorite oh um are you okay goodness while he was not being I'm like oh my gosh she's napping he's actually like sleeping for a long time so goodness are you all right sweetheart are you okay my goodness yeah so while he slept I just tried to get as much as I could done so I was like editing a video like a madwoman and um just going through my emails and working on brand collaboratives and stuff like that so so this is what Kyle's drawers currently look like and it's just literally like just stuff guys just it's like literally just stuffed in here and are you trying to see the camera trying so hard without tipping over whoa maybe I'll hold it down here so yeah this is a built-in in our hallway so it's just like built into the wall and it's great because these drawers are like really big and they're really deep and they hold a lot of stuff but we're not using the best use of his face and I've organized it quite a few times I've done where you roll up the t-shirts and then you like stack them I don't know what the methods called but I've done that before and that only literally lasts for like a week two weeks if I'm lucky because it just it just doesn't last so I'm just gonna go through here and figure out what's even in here categorize everything and then I got these bins at Walmart no I don't think that target these black bins I mean they help I don't really know what I'm gonna do yet I just need to figure out what's in here first I'm gonna do so I started out by putting all of his white t-shirts in this bin I was able to fit two stacks here so I think this size organizer is actually pretty good so I'm gonna throw this in the drawer okay so um I was gonna put like another organizer behind this one and then I was like why would I do that because the space is kind of already blocked off so yeah just by putting one organizer in there it creates like a smaller organizer here and then one in the back it just kind of breaks it up a little bit if that makes any sense I don't know good morning guys it is Thursday little man just woke up from his nap did you have a good nap honey and I just bit his nails because he keeps like scratching himself and his nails grow I feel like everything every few days it seems hey yeah you got long nails means you're healthy yeah so um I completely forgot that we finished the bathroom this weekend and I still haven't shown you guys that and I had vlog like the bathroom back in November I think when we started like redoing it or whatever um so I just wanted to show you guys like the finished product of it so I want to show you that and then also I want to talk to you guys about our plans for our kitchen we're not doing anything crazy in the kitchen we just can't spend like you know five to ten thousand dollars are you okay turning a little red in the you find it um yeah we just can't spend thousands and thousands of dollars right now on new cabinets we I'm gonna try to make the kitchen look cute with what we already have and I'll talk to you about our cabinets cuz I could paint them but I just don't really want to I don't think it will look right so hey guys the bathroom so you guys have probably already seen this part if you've watched my channel for a while and I will try to insert a picture of what this bathroom looked like before because it was something else so just starting over here this light appears from Lowe's it was like five dollars on sale and we just spray-painted it like a champagne gold color this mirror is from Hobby Lobby there used to be two big like towel racks over here which took up a lot of space so we just replaced it with a little hook spray painted it with the same champagne spray paint and then I also spray-painted the faucet as well this is from Amazon it was white but I painted it black and painted the knobs to match the sink and everything these rugs are from TJ's I think and then over here on the toilet we just have a little thing here from Target I keep our cotton balls face wash things like that in there some towels and then if you guys are wondering what's on my sleeve its breast milk by the way um and then that is from Hobby Lobby I just kind of put those little sprigs of whatever they're called in there and then this was just plain it was just the pink wash too white and I wrote get naked on it I thought that was really cute and it already had a gold frame so I think that looks really cute I love the little pop of pink and yeah it just looks so much better than it did but the big difference is the flooring sorry so we got this at Martin's which is a place that to my understanding you can only shop at in Maine it's just like a matte laminate marble print so it's really easy to clean it's not slippery and it just looks really nice I think so I think that really completed the look of the bathroom and it wasn't expensive at all the whole like all the flooring in here was under $50 so I think that's very reasonable especially for the high end like look that it has we do have a vent because we live in an old house and all I did was I painted it white and then I took some black and just lightly like brushed it and then blended it you know diagonally so that it kind of looks like the marble we were laughing about it but then when I put it in the floor I'm like you know what that actually blends in pretty well so yeah and then our curtain over here is from Target and then the little hooks up there in the rod I think are from Amazon so yeah that is finished product in the bathroom would you like to go tell them our kitchen plans yeah fourth thing honey your face is like all scratched up sweetheart okay so I quickly want to tell you guys our plans for the kitchen and don't mind the kitchen it's not like super clean there's like fingerprints everywhere and everything because I didn't clean I wasn't really prepared to film this but so these are the cabinets that we have in the kitchen so it's like I don't know what you call it they're pretty much plastic it's like fake wood and then you have these plastic like edge things here and they just really aren't cute so in any other home if I had real wood I would just paint a color but vidi is since it's like this is pretty much like a sticker guys like over the wood so now I will try to insert a picture of like the inspiration and it's truly just inspiration like our kitchen is going to look absolutely nothing like this but when you squint and look at it like the colors and stuff I think it's gonna work so we're gonna keep these brown we're gonna keep them as is what I'm gonna do is swap these out for really cool like black farmhouse kind of handles to try to make the wood work so then we are going to paint the walls probably a gray color the whole house is gray what else what other color what I use I don't know and then paint all of this white it's like a cream color right now paint that white paint this gray and then we have this island here that's white with the black we're just going to keep that as is so above here this up here uh-huh is going to come down ripping that out and then I want to hang like black farmhouse like light fixtures to relate freshen up the look of the window and everything we also have a window over here that looks into the mudroom but I want to hang one light over here and then two or three lights over here and then the last thing that I want to do I think we'll just keep the countertops the same actually there's two more things I want to do but keep the countertops the same they're just like a neutral white you know they're not pretty but they're definitely not like distracting so we're just gonna leave those but we do have a backsplash just this white tile but what I would like to do is do black grout so I think if we do black grout with the black handles the black fixtures I just think it will kind of give it like I don't know like a rustic a farmhouse feel we're gonna see eventually like we're gonna sell the house here you know hopefully within a year or two we just want it to look like we didn't just leave the kitchen like alone like we want it to look like the rest of the house like the rest of the house is you know pretty updated at least looks cute so that's we just want to tell it kind of cute we would get a new fridge we want all black appliances oh the other thing that I want to do is to get a new sink so we just have this like silver old-school sink right now I want to get a matte black sink and then a farmer's faucet so I was looking at it on Amazon and I think that I can get the whole sink for about $300 like the other thing that I want to do is at the flooring so right now these are the floors and it's just like one piece I don't even know what this is called honestly but yeah it's just like a plastic flooring or whatever and I would like to do like a nice tile in here so I don't really know what color I would go for this is the laminate that we have in the rest of the house though yeah I don't really know what color I would do my thought is if I update the rest of the kitchen do like the easy part switch out the knobs maybe do the sink paint and like all of that then I'll have a better idea of what color flooring would look right I also wanted to show you guys Kyle surprised me this morning I came down and when you come down the corner like around the stairs this is what I saw so I came downstairs and I'm like why is the coffee table over there like it's supposed to be around the corner so I was so confused and I came over here and he bought us a new coffee table and this is so beautiful I love like the rustic kind of farmhouse feel I definitely need like a new rug and one that's like much bigger I want one that's like fluffier and like more plush I guess we obviously need new couches but we're just kind of waiting on that but yeah I just think this is beautiful I want to go get all-new like decor to go on top today just like stuff that's you know matches more of what we have going on over here and yeah I just thought that was so sweet he surprised me and we were at Target the other day and I was like oh my gosh that's beautiful and he remembered which one it was and when he got it for me so yeah that's kind of what we're doing today but let me know your thoughts on our kitchen and if you guys have like any recommendations or advice if you guys have like similar cabinets and yeah how do you guys make them look cute so I'm gonna grab the baby and we're gonna go to look for rugs in some decor for the coffee table just to get out of the house for a little bit so we just got home I look like a complete mess I have like a rat tail hang-ups in the back I've got breast milk and baby puke on me anyway so the living room is done and I wanted to show it to you guys but we found a rug and then I found some stuff to put on top of the table I'm half of what's on the table we already had so I just made do with what we had and then the other stuff I bought and I spent about twenty dollars just to decorate the top of the table so I'll show you guys the rug the brag I'm sorry if I can find something similar I will link it down below but I got this at Martin's which is a store that you can only shop at here in Lane so here's the living room this is what it looks like I think it looks so pretty we definitely needed like a bigger you know rug for this room in general so I think that's perfect and don't mind our coffee table over here babes over there playing in this little jumpy but it's just so so soft and cozy and I think it looks so nice with the new coffee table that Kyle got me so over here this is from Hobby Lobby and both of those like fake books are from Hobby Lobby and then over here I just have a picture frame candle and this bowl so this is all the stuff that I bought at TJ's today and I just threw a picture of us in there I think this looks really cute and I kind of feel like I need just I don't know like a little something down there as well but yeah I think this looks really pretty and I'm so happy with the way that it turned out wanted to show you guys how I organized Kyle's drawers because I realized I was doing that last night and then never showed you guys so in the top drawer so I have socks in here these are supposed to be his ankle socks that he's already put some longer socks in there too but whatever these are supposed to be is like longer warmer socks boxers and all of his white t-shirts crew neck and v-neck are in there so that's the top drawer and then this drawer was all of his t-shirt so I have a bin back there sorry the exposure needs to be turned up so I have all of his shorts back here they're black so you can't really see them but these are in a bin and then I have t-shirts like this this is the like best way that I have found for him to organize his t-shirts they somewhat stay and they're a little bit easier for him to like fold and then put in there I'm rather than like rolling them up because that he just he just doesn't do it so that's how I organized that hello there's gonna be it for this week's vlog guys I really hope that you enjoyed it once again and stay tuned for next week's vlog but if you guys have any requests for more like sit-down structured videos please leave them down below because I'm trying to do one of those every week along with another vlog so thank you guys so much for watching I love you and we'll see you next week bye you