SERVING TEA AND LOOKS | Work It Out w/ Larray and Twaimz EP 4

So why don’t we make some coffee
guys. (Larray and Issa laugh) – Oh it looks like she’s
doing your job today. (smack) – Oh my God! That was so good. – Welcome to Ugly Mug, I hope
you enjoy your mug, ugly. Are you trying to sabotage me? Look, do you want a coffee or
not, sir? I’m sorry, you asking
too many damn questions. – [Issa] Larray, stop. (upbeat music) – Hey guys what’s up, it is me
Larray. – And it’s Issa and welcome
to our show, Work it Out. We are trying out a
bunch of different jobs and today we are here at Ugly
Mug Cafe and we’re gonna be baristas because I love coffee, he loves
coffee. I personally love coffee a
little bit more because I am a crack addict! And by crack, I don’t mean
actual crack, I mean coffee. – The amount of black
coffee you consume a day. (Issa laughs) Your lungs, your organs are
(beep). – Don’t talk to my liver. – So today we’re gonna go inside and we’re gonna meet the owners. – I think we’re gonna put our,
you know, taste buds to the test because
my taste buds for cold brew? (smooches)
– Snaps, ooh. – I say let’s go inside
and meet the owners, yeah? – I agree.
– Let’s do that, come on camera. (upbeat music) Hello! (Larry and Issa laugh) Hi!
– Hi guys! – I’m Issa, nice to meet you. – Hi Issa.
– I’m Larray. – Hi!
– Nice to meet you! – Oh my gosh.
– You’re so pretty, oh my gosh – Let’s do crack! (cheers) (crickets chirp)
(Larray laughs) (beep) – Are you guys ready to get
started? – Ooh, are you sure you
want us at your store, we might burn it down. – I’m sure I’ll be fine because I can actually listen
to people and take orders, but my friend over here, um. – Could you listen to people?
– Yeah! – Hmm, just saying, you don’t
listen to your therapist. – [Ross Gellar] I’m fine,
’cause really, I’m fine! (Larray and Issa laugh) – Okay, so let’s see if
you guys can listen to us, let’s start there.
– Okay, sure. – I’m down, let’s do it. – So first, we’re gonna
get you guys some t-shirts. – Okay.
– Oh. I’m down, I love gifts.
– Let’s get you some t-shirts. – I love gifts. – All right, there you go.
– Is this velvet, oh my gosh. – Put that on. – Y’all come get your merch. – I’m just curious, how did
you guys start this shop? – Yes I can answer that for you. So my husband and I, when we
were 19, that’s when we met, we worked together and every
time we would take a break or even after work, we
would go and have coffee. – That’s us.
(Issa laughs) – We would sit and have coffee and we would talk about one
day opening a coffee shop, so 20 years later, don’t
tell anyone it’s 20 years, 20 years later, here’s our
coffee shop. – [Issa] Oh that’s so cute! – Wait, so you work here.
– Yes. – Oh my God so you’re an
employee. – Yes.
– Not their daughter. – No, no. But they’re like my parents. I moved here in January.
– Whoa. – I can’t stop staring at your
hair. It is actually, you look
like a country singer. – Like Taylor Swift.
– Oh my God, you’re it! – Oh my God she would,
yes Kacey Musgraves! She looks just like her. – What are you guys most known
for? – We’re most known for
our Unicorn and Galaxy. – Ooh.
– Oh! – Very special drink here.
– Okay. What does that include? – [Emily] Yeah so our Unicorn, it’s pink and it has whipped
cream with unicorn sprinkles all over
it. The Galaxy is blue and
it has whipped cream and galaxy sprinkles all over
it. – Unicorn is me.
– You could add espresso and make it a latte. – So we can make our
own drinks today, right? – Yes. We’re gonna teach you how to do
it first. – I would love to see that. – And then we’ll see how you do and then maybe you can
get a little creative and come up with your own idea. – Okay.
– Okay, I’m ready. – Let’s move this way a little
bit. – Oh should we change first? I think we should change first,
let’s change first come on. – You wanna change first? – I’m sorry I have to go change. – All right go change.
– In the other room, ’cause I’m insecure, it’s okay. (runway music) (Issa laughs) – Hello.
– Hey. – Missed us?
– Do we look good? – ‘Cause we missed you.
– You look great, yes. – Of course. – Looks like you’re ready to go. – Let’s begin. – So why don’t we do a little
competition, see who makes the better drink and then we’re gonna
sell ’em to our customers and go from there. – So what are you doing, Larray? – Minding my business,
what are you doing, Issa? – I was talking about
the flavors of our coffee that we’re making today,
but if you wanna go there, we can go there.
– Go there. What are you making?
– Let’s go right here then. – What are you making?
– Do you wanna battle? – What are you making? – I am making a peppermint
toffee mocha. What about you?
– I was going to do that, but then I thought it was really
basic, so now I’m just gonna do a
raspberry mint latte, love. I would like Sarah on my team. – Okay.
– You can go there. – You get me.
– Come on girl. – Let’s do it.
– Come on Sarah. – Let’s do it.
– Let’s go. (airhorns blow) – Two pumps of the peppermint.
– Okay. – Okay, yeah you’re so close. Okay, go, yeah crank it, yeah. – Oh my God that smells so good! (machine hisses)
– Nice. – Okay wait let me see if I
remember. (gasps)
– Careful, it’s heavy. (machine whirs) – Tap it harder, use your
muscle. – Mixing and mixing and mixing
and mixing. – Larray!
– Oh my gosh! – Oh okay.
– You got it, you got it. – I feel like I’m gonna break
something. – No you’re fine. – [Sarah] Beautiful. – Back up, back up, no cheating! – I’m not cheating, I’m just
peeking. – Beautiful. – Like a lavender moment, you
know? – Yay! (claps) – I think I wanna try this one. – And that is my drink. – So what do you call this
creation? – I’m gonna call it the Cinnamon
Goddess. – I like that. Ooh. – Am I trying this?
– So you have to try mine, I’ll try yours.
– Okay. I’ll be honest, only ’cause I
like you. – Can you hurry? (Larray sips) (Emily chuckles) – It’s too strong. – Shut up.
– It’s very, very strong. That’s all I have to say. All I taste is cinnamon and
strongness. – That is not strong at all! – That is so strong. – Let’s see how not strong yours
is. – So we’re gonna call
this Better Than Issa’s. Do you like that? – Not so much.
– Yes. – Okay yeah, I like it. – Try it, sweetie.
– I would love to. – It looks really good.
– It looks really good. – [Issa] God (beep) it! – He likes it. – It’s kinda good. – That’s ’cause we have– – Why isn’t mine that sweet? Wait a minute. – Here Rhianna! (claps) – What the (dolphin chirps)? – Is it really good? Do we stan? – It’s actually so good.
– I wanna try it. – Wait what milk did you put? – Oat. – Oh. – Oh my God that’s so good. – All right guys, so you
both have your drinks, you know the names, it’s time
to sell ’em to the customers, see what they think and
we’ll determine a winner. – Got it. Buy my coffee, buy my
coffee, buy my coffee. – All right guys, man your
stations. I see the people coming in. – Hello, welcome to Ugly Mug! Your outfit is amazing, oh my
God. – Appreciate that man. – Your outfits are both so
amazing. – You guys look so good.
– Actually, like, just amazing – We kind of match, you know? – Are you guys together?
– Yeah. – Beautiful couple!
– Thank you. – We need kids.
(couple laughs) – Slow down.
– Apparently so, apparently so – Let’s just wait. – You should really try my
drink. – No.
– I personally, in my honest personal opinion,
you should try my drink. – What’s in the drink? – Explain yours first.
– You go first. – Ladies first.
– Okay of course. So my drink is called Better
Than Issa’s. This is Issa. And it has a raspberry moment with a little peppermint on the
side with some whipped cream and some
sprinkles with marshmallows on top, it
slaps. – Mine is called the Cinnamon
Goddess, it’s a peppermint and English
toffee with a little caramel
drizzle and cinnamon on top. – [Female Customer] Okay. – But have you guys seen
the cinnamon challenge? People like, choke on it.
– Oh yeah. (man coughs and groans) – No you don’t want all that
cinnamon. – But I put just the right
amount. (man gargles) – He put a lot.
– Yeah it’s great. – You know I’ll try
the Better Than Issa’s, that sounds pretty good, yeah. – I’ll go Cinnamon Goddess, you
know. – I got you girl. – With almond milk is fine for
me. – So.
– Just watch out. Girl.
– Coffee grinding? (coffee grinder whirs) – Okay I got this. – If you get sick, I’m really
sorry. I don’t really hear that hiss. – You got that micro foam ready? – You know–
– We can always help them out. – It’s weird that this store has
a grade A when they allow rats inside. – Really?
– I got your cup, it’s coming right up, it’s
really good. Yours, you might have
to go to the ER, girl. – Look at that!
– Oh thank you. – Here you go.
– Oh my goodness! – Thank you.
– It’s amazing. – Wow, sprinkles, marshmallows
and whipped cream. – Lavender, the Instagram
filter’s there. – Yeah go for it. – [Issa] You look scared. – Just so much to get
to it, but it’s good! Oh wow, yeah, hey there we go! Hey!
– Awesome! – Did you hear that, Issa? It’s good. – I can’t hear you, sorry. – I’m excited for this Cinnamon
Goddess. – You shouldn’t be. Hi, welcome to Ugly Penguin.
(laughs) Welcome to Ugly Mug. We’ll be right there,
you stay right there. Stay put, okay? (sexy music) – The customers started pouring
in and automatically I see some eye
candy, but I kept a mental note,
’cause you know, why not? Here you go, the Cinnamon
Goddess. Oh wait, sorry, would you
like a little caramel drizzle? – I’m okay without the caramel. I feel like it’s gonna
be awesome without it. – Go for it girl! – All right. (intense music) – [Girls] Oh my God! – Oh, well that’s not bad. That’s not bad at all. – Not bad.
– Okay I actually like that a lot.
– Thank you! Oh my gosh!
– Like Yelp review, what are we doing, five stars,
four stars? – That’s a definitely four and a
half. – Four and a half, oh!
– Oh wow! (people chatter) Thank you! So would you like an English toffee
peppermint, Cinnamon Goddess? – Or would you like my drink?
– Decisions, decisions. – Mine looks better.
– Yeah, it looks good, yeah. – I got you. – What did you rate his, just
curious? – Oh I mean, this was, I’d do
five stars. This is worth it, I’ll give the
five, but to each his own, to each his
own. – Thanks, guys!
– Thank you guys so much! – [Larray] Bye, hope you enjoy
your drink and your dirt! – Would you like mine just
to see the difference? – If you’re offering. – Let’s do that! Let’s do that. – Let’s see if you can do
it by yourself this time. – Okay.
– Without having help. (smack) – Oh my God!
– That was so good! – Damn! (laughs) Hi, customer!
– Hi! – Hi, how are you? Do you like cinnamon? – Yeah I guess. – Do you like coffee? – Yes, I do like coffee. – Do you like raspberry, though? – I actually don’t like
raspberry. – Hold on, before you say
you don’t like raspberry, you are so pretty and
you need a raspberry, you should try it. Do you have a boyfriend? – No, I don’t. – Do you have a girlfriend? – No.
– Do you want a boyfriend? – No, not really. – Do you want a girlfriend? – [Customer] Nope. – Do you want friends?
– Yeah! – Yes, friend. – Do you know what friends love? English toffee and peppermint
together. I know it’s actually so
good, do you wanna try it? – I can agree with him, yeah. – I got you.
– I’ll let you have her. – As you should.
– Here’s your drink. – Yeah, can I actually get that
in a mug? I’m gonna be here a while. – A mug?
– Yeah like one of those? – Did you not just see me do all
that? – You did a great job I just– – But didn’t you just see
me do all that, and you? – But I have to be, in a mug would be better. – Oh, mug.
– Thank you. – Got you. Ugh, Laugh, Be Still, Be
Humble, Lovely, Bon Jour. Ugh.
(guy laughs) I got you. – That’s a good pour.
– It is, amazing, right? Enjoy. Welcome to Ugly Mug, I hope
you enjoy your mug, ugly. – Stop touching me, stop! Larray, stop! Larray! – Hi! Welcome to Ugly Mug, home of the
Ugly Mug, how can I help you? – Hello.
– You look very peachy. – Oh.
– Very red. Speaking of red things, have
you heard of raspberries? Do you like raspberry and
peppermint? – I do like raspberries and
peppermint. – Just stay right there,
don’t say another word. Just stay.
– Okay. – Just look pretty.
– Okay. – You stay right there, girl. What’s your name?
– MacKayla. – MacKayla?
– Yes. – Got you girl! – Here is your Cinnamon Goddess,
love! – Thank you. (chuckles) Careful. That’s actually really good! – Thank you! – Thank you!
– Of course! What drink are you getting,
love? – Something raspberry and
peppermint. – That’s really unfortunate,
I just wanna apologize. I’m really sorry that you
have to go through that, but it’s okay.
– Oh okay. – You know what, Issa.
– I’m sure it’ll be fine. – Look at me doing this, y’all,
I’m doing the damn thing. – Did you order yet?
– No. – Oh no, what would you like
today? We have two specials today,
we have the Cinnamon Goddess which is English toffee and
peppermint, or you could do something that’s not so popular amongst
this shop which is a raspberry
peppermint, but your choice. – Your shirt’s red like a
raspberry, our best drink here. Look at our Yelp reviews. You want one? – Where are the beans sourced
from? – I’m sorry? – Where are the beans sourced
from? – The beans?
– Yeah, for the coffee. – The beans are from Latin
America. (siren wails) I can’t hear, there we go. The beans are from Cuba. – Cuba.
– Yes. – What’s the body like? – I need to stop, I’m going
crazy. – What’s the body like?
– Yeah. – The body is a very–
– Just tell him it’s light. – The body is a very beautiful
physique. It works out five days a week. – Wait what do you mean, body? – So the body of the
coffee is like the coating, it kind of
– Slim (beep) on your tongue after. – Oh, amazing. – On a scale of one to
five, how acidic is it? – Look do you want a coffee or
not sir? I’m sorry, you asking
too many damn questions. – He can have 21 questions,
baby, I don’t think it matters. – By the way, my drink
is the cinnamon one, so if you don’t like me,
I have the cinnamon drink. You should try the raspberry
one. That’s his, it’s really good. – Cinnamon Goddess. – Cinnamon Goddess,
there we go, love that. – No, no, no.
– Hey sweetie. Here’s your drink.
– Oh okay. – [Larray] It looks amazing,
huh? – Yes. (chuckles) Okay.
– You’re gonna fall in love, I know.
– All right. Okay so it’s very sweet
like right on the top. – Right. – It’s okay. I think you might like
yours a little bit more. – Is this the cinnamon one?
– No this is the other one, this is like a peppermint one. – It’s a lot, it’s very sweet! (beep) What did you expect? Do you want me to feed you
water? I put a lot of effort in that
drink. – Some people’s teeth are
sensitive, babe. – I’m very sorry.
– No you’re fine. I totally understand, not
everyone has good taste. – Yep.
– It happens. It happens to the best of us. – That’s really good customer
service, there, Larray. – Thanks.
– I’m sorry. Have a nice day. Hi guys, welcome to Ugly Mug. How can I help you guys? We’ll be right with you
actually, just stay right there. Your hair looks amazing. – Thank you. – I hate this so much. (clock ticks) – I’m gonna have to go with this
one. This one’s just fuller, I don’t
know. – Fuller. – That felt so good, I feel warm
inside. You’re still gonna lose. – I’m gonna kill you. – Hi, welcome to Ugly
Mug, how can I help you? – Hello. – Are you guys actors? – No. – You guys look famous, oh my
God. – Thanks.
– Oh my God. Okay, okay (laughs). – Can we have a coffee? – Yes, sir.
– Is that an option? – What would you guys like?
– What would you like? – [Issa] We actually have two
specialties. – Oh okay.
– So are you a peppermint guy? By any chance?
– I’m a hazelnut girl. – Ooh.
– Oh! You know, we could switch
it up just for you. – Just for you– – Would you like a toffee and
hazelnut? – Yes. – Okay, yeah!
– I could do that if it’s vegan.
– Do you like raspberry? – I’d love a fruit thing.
– You love fruit? I got you. You stay right there. – I’ll make, you got a special
one. – I like your hat.
– Thank you! Oh my gosh! – Ooh, honestly good. You just made this all right
now? – Yes, all me, all from the hat. – Wow, well I do love the hat. Are you seeing anyone? What, who said that? (Emily laughs) – Huh?
– Are you seeing anyone? Is this weird, not the
place, not the time? – God.
– Okay. – Yeah.
– Oh, good answer. – Saving till marriage. – I’m gonna run. (chuckles) And I put myself out there. Bye! – Don’t worry about that. – Here’s your Cinnamon Goddess. – Thank you, thank you very
much. – Of course. Try. – It’s actually very good. – Thank you so much.
– Thank you, thank you! – Thank you!
– Thank you so much! Have an amazing day!
– I’m glad you enjoyed it, thank you for coming, please
come again! – Yeah, and order my drink. – I think you both did amazing, you both did really, really
well. – Thank you. – However, the winner today is: Larray. Larray won, let’s get him a
prize. – [Sarah] Aww, yay! – Oh my God I’m so excited! Oh my God when you lose
a streamy to Mr. Beast but you win coffee
battles by Issa. (smacks) – [Sarah] Oh my God. – Oh I get a cape?
– Oh my gosh. (Emily hums)
– Oh my God, I feel like I’m in Game of
Thrones. – Oh my God you kinda look like
Cruella. – (gasps) A crown? – And the reason that Larray
wins today is because I have to say you
were very quick and efficient with your customers, you made
more drinks and served to the customers
and I did love your creativity with your whipped cream–
– The ones were made. – And the marshmallows.
– Period. – And those purple sprinkles. – I did do that. – Hold on, that’s not all you
get. – Oh my God can I actually keep
this? Can I actually, oh my
God this is is a T-mo. – There’s your trophy! – Oh my God.
– I’d like a review. I’d like an assessment and
review. I’d also like to file a lawsuit. – Against who?
– Against you. – For being the king?
– Awesomeness TV, that other camera looking at me, and that other camera looking at
me, and back to this camera looking
at me, and back to this camera looking
at me. All three of you cameras,
I’m suing you all. – So I was crowned Coffee Queen
by Emily because I just served the most and I was serving you drinks,
face, looks. Issa was serving us fleas,
cold drinks, dirt, water. (laughs) And we decided
that I was the best worker and she gave me the Coffee
Crown. – Thank you guys so much for
watching. Be sure to subscribe to
Awesomeness TV as well as us and if you guys are located
in Burbank, California, please make sure to check out
Ugly Mug and follow you guys where? – On Instagram,
@theuglymugcoffeehouse and also on Facebook
@theuglymugcoffeehouseburbank. – Period, and your guys’s
coffee is just so good, so. – It’s really good, it slaps. – Just again, thank you for
having us. But we love you guys so much
and we will see you later. – [All] Bye! – Bye guys, love you!

Leather Lane Market London Best Coffee + Fish and Chips

Welcome to London today we visit one of the
more ancient and historical parts of London once a gateway to the very heart of the
city that the Roman’s settled in the first century we are on the edge of the enclave
that is the city of London today an area I’ve been doing business all my working life every
different corner turned every street alley and court has a story to tell so I’am going
to focus on and share with you one street London’s Leather Lane home to one of London’s oldest
street markets we are well off the tourist trail here it is an area very popular at lunch
time with Londoners and the many commuters and visitors here on business I’am at the
market for some of London’s best coffee and a traditional British lunch market forces
are real here market stalls need to deliver what the public want or they don’t last long
and the best have long lines with few new victims fresh off the plane in the form of
tourists in this part of town the market relies on locals from the surrounding residences
and many businesses its old school repeat business and word of mouth haven’t yet been
replaced by social media marketing here well the local council haven’t done much if any
marketing for this historic market so it really is one of London’s hidden gems LOCATION: STAPLE
INN, HIGH HOLBORN The last surviving Inn of Chancery Ladies and gentleman boys and girls
welcome to London today I’am starting at Chancery Lane tube is just there I’am actually at the
junction of High Holborn and Greys Inn road you can see just here behind me I’am actually
right on the edge of the City of London dragon boundary markers there there is one just on
the other side of the road there I’ve been taking care of some business today in London’s
Hatton Garden which is just down here and its lunch time so I’am going to get some lunch
at one of London’s famous street markets actually it is probably one of London’s hidden gems
as far as markets go it is Leather Lane Leather Lane market which runs parallel with Hatton
Garden it is just down here and today it has really become renowned for street food but
I’am going to go to one of the the old school shops that has been there for quite a while
but yeah I’ll cut through this amazing old building here and we will get some lunch actually
first of all I’ll get some coffee I’ll show you the market and then we will get some lunch
and then head to the end I’ll show you the old Italian quarter and yeah that end of the
street but this is such an ancient part of the city everywhere is filled with stories
welcome to Holbon bars originally built as the head quarters for the Prudential assurance
company it was built here on the former sight of Furniival’s Inn which was an inn of Chancery
which were originally something along the lines of a mix of legal educational institute
professional association and members club with accommodation for solicitors in the same
way the inns of court were and are today for barristers and judges and originally law would
have been taught here in the city by the clergy but to cut a long and muddled story short
in the thirteenth century King Henry the third outlawed legal education in the city and the
pope banned the clergy from teaching law the inns of court later got their liberty and
continued to function to this day the inns of chancery didn’t but a few hundred years
later the inns of chancery were still here doing well nothing so they were finished sold
and eventually demolished making way for this to be built this Victorian Gothic revival
building was designed by Alfred Waterhouse most well know for designing the Natural History
Museum and Manchester town hall construction of this building was in phases between 1885
and 1901 originally fully equipped with facilities that included a chapel restaurant and hall
for Prudential company plays also designed into the original building were separate entrances
for woman to preserve their modesty plus the ladies had their own exclusive facilities
such as a library and roof promenade and both sexes could enjoy the latest Victorian technology
electric lighting and centrally plumbed hot water cutting edge innovation at the time
Prudential left in 1999 however they retain ownership and lease most of it out OK just
here is Leather Lane itself which runs parallel with Hatton Garden London’s home of London’s
jewellery trade and yeah the market starts just here first up coffee then some lunch
we’ll take a look at the market stalls yeah Leather Lane Market there’s been a street
market here for hundreds of years some say since the sixteenth century the market opens
currently from Monday to Friday from around ten am to two pm and is busiest at lunch times
although most of the stores and coffee shops that line the street and obviously the pubs
are open all day some even at weekends but the whole area for a long time has been a
relative ghost town at weekends pretty popular coffee shop there Department of Coffee and
Social Affairs I’ll head to another one equally as good just down here at this end of Leather
Lane market you have stalls selling general goods flowers and clothing then the market
transitions ever increasingly into food and drink there is some amazing street food here
there are local residence in the area but a huge influx of people stream into this area
every day from the suburbs to work in the local offices mostly Monday to Friday and
as you saw from the size of the Prudential building they have been doing that for well
over a century hence this markets popularity as a spot to get lunch you can tell what is
good at this market because of the queues the lines I’am going to head to Prufrock coffee
here and get a coffee first of all OK welcome to Prufrock coffee arguably one of the best
coffee shops in London founded by a former barista champion and a barista championship
head judge not only do serve phenomenal coffee great food and coffee beans all the kit to
brew coffee at home they also run coffee training classes everything from beginners basic coffee
classes through to professional barista training you can see some of the many awards they have
earned behind the bar today I was hoping for a filter coffee a pour over but I was told
they are only serving espresso based drinks so I asked for an Americano and was told I
was having a long black so not exactly award winning form today but I’ve been here many
times during the many years I’ve worked in the area and the coffee has always been great
the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs across the road is also usually pretty good
as is Workshop up on Clerkenwell road by St Johns gate but yeah Prufrock is definitely
one of the best independent coffee shops in London and their training programme has and
will continue to crate more great coffee shops OK long black from Prufrock coffee lets give
this a go that is good right lets get some lunch there is some amazing looking street
food on these stalls here unless one of them jumps out at me I’am going to head to one
of the old school shops for something a little bit more traditional (background noise + music) OK just here on the on
the corner of St Cross Street and Leather Lane two real favourites here of the market
Boom burger there for burgers and Daddy Donkey here for burritos Daddy Donkey started off
as a stall a truck like Boom burger it proved so popular they’ve now got a store on the
corner but yeah it is the most popular thing down this market food there is far more stalls
actually at this end of the market there is mention of Hatton Garden being home to the
wealthy in the seventeen hundreds but in later years the whole area is mainly regarded as
a dilapidated slum which meant it was a cheap place to live and that meant it was home to
first wave immigrants there were highly skilled Italians here in London making instruments
by the early eighteen hundreds and in later years many unskilled Italians came here through
necessity fleeing Italy’s turmoil post Napoleon and a large Italian community formed here
the area became known as little Italy that all ended in June 1940 when Mussolini joined
Ze Germans and declared war on Britain so most Italian born men aged sixteen to sixty
were interned as enemy aliens and many that weren’t anglicised their names a lot of Italian
families left the area for a number of reasons or inter married there is however a part of
little Italy left at the end of this street and we can go and take a look at that in a
moment OK here on the corner of Hatton Wall and Leather Lane another few popular spots
that pub craft beer pub not today burgers there Greggs the bakers famous for their sausage
rolls yeah enough about Greggs I’am going to go to the Traditional plaice the fish and
chip shop next door its been there for years pretty good value for money but yeah the street
stalls the street food stalls really pick up here runs right from here straight to the
end where as that end of the market there is a bit more general retail going on from
here on out its primarily food (bacground noise + music) OK fish and chips from the traditional plaice Leather
Lane the smell of all this street food cooking is phenomenal I’am going to pop around the
corner one to eat my fish and chips but also I’ll share with you the remains of one of
London’s old Italian quarters so as the name would suggest the Traditional plaice here
on Leather Lane is a traditional looking British take away chippie upstairs and they also have
seating downstairs if you want somewhere inside to enjoy your fish and chips as I was saying
earlier this area was home to a very large Italian community for decades until world
war two it didn’t disappear over night but it did fall into very sharp decline from the
outbreak of war until early 1940 the British government and the people had been fairly
optimistic about the outcome and in turn fairly relaxed to so called enemy aliens AKA immigrants
but as France fell sentiment and attitudes changed it was felt France had been undermined
from within and that was part of the reason why it fell so quickly so when Italy declared
war on Britain in reference to Italians living in Britain Churchill is said to have ordered
police to collar the lot Italians were interned to be shipped to Canada and the public were
attempting to smash up the rest but there is a little bit left probably saved because
this little bit was requisitioned by the Irish at the time it is an amazing looking church
flanked by delis right here OK this is the street here that runs parallel with Leather
Lane Hatton Garden blue plaque here check this out then I’ll show you the Italian the
Italian church and deli OK here in the UK there is a blue plaque scheme and it is used
to commemorate the link between people and buildings and there are many here in London
this one is for Sir Hiram Maxim who had a workshop here he is most renowned for inventing
the machine gun the Maxim gun here in his workshops at the end of Hatton Garden he did
invent many other things he ended up in quite a lengthy legal battle I think with Thomas
Edison because he installed the first electric lights in a building in New York which Thomas
Edison later went on to claim he’d invented the light bulb but anyway that is a different
story this here at the end of Hatton Garden on Clerkenwell Road is arguably the most renowned
remains of what was once little Italy here in London OK the amazing looking church there
at the end of Hatton Garden is the St Peters Italian church which was consecrated on the
16th April 1863 it is actually much bigger than it looks it runs along behind the buildings
in front of it to the side are the Italian delis one of them is shut right now the other
one is back in business the other one was shut for quite a while as well OK I’am going
to head back down Hatton Garden back up to the market and find somewhere to perch and
eat my try my fish and chips in the entrance way to the church is a monument
to the SS Arandora Star which was the ship for Italian internees the SS Arandora Star
sailed from Liverpool bound for Canada with 734 Italian internees 479 German internees
86 prisoners of war and almost 400 crew British military guards and merchant sailors on the
2nd July 1940 it un-escorted with no red cross insignia and was sunk by a German U boat controversial
for a number of reasons most of which because over 800 souls were lost St Peters Italian
church at the end of Hatton Garden remains a focal point for London’s little Italy and
many of London’s Italian community and it hosts a very popular historic annual procession
each year so after world war two the area was in a terrible state it had sustained considerable
damage and a large number of the local population had left which meant once again it was cheap
once again open to first wave immigrants and the Italians were replaced by a large Jewish
community displaced by war which were largely responsible for the gem and jewellery industry
that developed here and the Hatton Garden we know today OK I’ve found the perfect ledge
the window sill of the craft beer pub here on Leather Lane on the corner of Hatton Wall
and Leather Lane so lets try these fish and chips the chip shop is just there we have
just gone around in a big circle lets try the chip that is good lets try the fish quite
a lot of batter there that’s really good the fish is amazing I prefer the batter a little
bit crispier but its still good check out this street art Donald Trump OK I’am going
to enjoy my fish and chips and fish chips and a pickle gherkin I hope you enjoyed this
quick trip quick look at Leather Lane market coffee at Prufrock fish and chips traditional
fish and chips from the the traditional plaice definitely recommend both so until next time
Toodles! So if your in London during the week Leather Lane market is definitely a great
market to come and enjoy lunch from either one of the many market stalls or cafes and
restaurants that line the street behind while you take a look at some of the other goods
for sale on the other market stalls and you’ll find some of the best coffee in town here
its got fantastic transport links which is why so many businesses and offices are here
and we are a relatively short walk from some of London’s greatest historical sights and
landmarks just across Holborn viaduct is St Paul’s cathedral the Bank of England the monument
to the great fire of London Leadenhall market and of coarse the Tower of London and Tower
Bridge so if your heading in the direction of any of those starting here at Chancery
Lane and Leather Lane market will give you a glimpse of a London that relatively few
tourists see and today its a nice part of town we are surrounded by investment banks
media companies and of coarse jewellers Hatton Garden that runs parallel with Leather Lane
is renowned as London’s jewellery workshop so high quality craftsmanship regulated by
the British Assay offices which represent the oldest form of consumer protection in
the world you’ll find bespoke quality that competes with off the peg prices every weekend
the streets lined with couples shopping for engagement rings wedding bands and gifts so
that;s definitely worth checking out if your in this part of town a notable mention for
the Argyle formerly the King of Diamonds the pub at the end of Leather Lane its great in
the summer you can sit out on this terrace balcony up here or you could go tho the gym
after work there is one next to the pub Toodles!

Financial trouble brews at ‘Savor + Sip Coffeehouse’ | Small Business Revolution: S4E7

– Hey, I’m Amanda Brinkman,
and I’m the Chief Brand Officer at Deluxe and the host of the
show you’re about to watch. So Deluxe started doing this series because we love small businesses. It’s not just that they create jobs. We believe they have the power to bring people together. And we wanted to use what we do at Deluxe to help them succeed. Our hope has always
been that entrepreneurs can watch a show and learn
something that helps you. But the episodes are
only half an hour long, and we can’t always show you
every step of the process, so if you want to learn a little more, come check us out at Your town doesn’t have to win a half-million dollar makeover for the Deluxe team to
work with your business. What we do on the show is
what we do all the time for five and a half
million small businesses across the country. We just don’t always bring cameras. So remember to shop
local and enjoy the show. – All right, so this is a big morning. – Oh my gosh, we’re about to go in and surprise Amelia and Josie. They own Savor + Sip, an
incredible coffee shop and creperie here in Searcy. – And I think they’re
getting married soon, right? – They are, and we’re about
to go in and surprise them and we hope that this is potentially the second biggest moment of their year. – Let’s hope so. (hushed talking) – Congratulations!
– Ah! – Welcome to the Revolution!
(clapping and cheering) – Congrats!
– Thank you so much! – [Ty] Clearly crepes is their thing. – [Amanda] Can we try our hand
at actually making a crepe? – [Amelia] Yeah, sure! (giggles) (sizzles) – [Amelia] Plop it on
there, grab your spinner, and then as soon as you can,
just start spinning it around. – Oh no!
– That is, that is a… – That’s pretty decent
for a first one, actually. – Is it?
– Yeah! – He’s like, but is it really? – That’s decent?
– But is it? – That looks pretty good. – Oh perfect.
– That was beautiful. – Guys, you’re welcome,
table three, that’s on us. – Crepes are up! – [Amelia] All right, your turn. – All right, so.
– Oh. – [Ty] That’s just a real horrible job. (laughing) I’m making an amoeba. Okay, that’s it, I give up on this one. This is all just a load of crap. (girls laughing) – [Narrator] Small
towns across the country are fighting for their survival with the odds stacked against them. But what happens if we join that fight, if we dedicate a little money, a lot of experience, and
thousands of hours of work into one small town,
focusing on the businesses at the heart of their Main Street? What started as an idea
became a national movement with over 30,000 towns nominated
for the $500,000 makeover and more than 1 million
votes cast for the winner. – [Ty] Hello, Searcy!
(audience cheers) – [Narrator] In its fourth season, the Small Business
Revolution is headed south to Searcy, Arkansas and a
new town in a new region will present a fresh set
of challenges to tackle, both for the small businesses and for the community as a whole. So Amanda Brinkman and her
team of marketing experts at Deluxe are going to
work, and they’re not alone. Renovation expert and
co-host Ty Pennington will be working with
the team to rehabilitate the town’s buildings while
a whole cast of experts help rehabilitate it’s businesses. Every episode, we’ll be working with a new small business to see
if we can change the odds, if, together, we can start a revolution. – I’ve always wanted to
be small business owner, like my parents have always
been small business owners. I love coffee, I love cooking for people and making them feel taken
care of and well fed. I brought it up to my
parents and they were like, actually, we just bought
a building downtown that could be really perfect for it. – I said, all right, I guess
we’re opening a business then! Going into it, I was like all right, you can be the owner and
I want to be the manager because I always wanted to
make a good, healthy place for people to work in, and I
think that was always my goal. – We tried really hard to make a really comfortable environment
and I think we’ve succeeded in being a place where people
feel like they can come in, sit down for like six hours. – I just don’t think that
there’s anything else in Searcy like Savor + Sip. It’s a great place to hang
out with your friends, it’s a good place to come and work, but I’ve also been here for
date night with my husband. All of those things are okay. – [Customer] Thank you!
– Yeah, you’re welcome. – It’s like a home away
from home for me here because I can come here after
work and just decompress and see people that know me,
and they always wanna know what’s going on in my life,
how my nephews are doing. – It’s really nice to have
that like friendly feeling with everybody that
comes in, be able to like call them by name and
know what their drink is. Like, oh yeah, that’s Mason, he gets a strawberry Nutella crepe, like I’ll start making that right now as he’s walking up to the counter. I think that connection
is like the biggest thing that we aim for. – So she’s from Canada,
Winnipeg, and I’m from here. We met at a Supernatural
convention in Minneapolis, like nerdy stuff. Our respective groups of
friends were standing in line next to each other–
– No. – No? Never mind, I’m wrong. – We were actually all
in the lobby of the hotel that we were all staying in. We just like kind of
casually like started talking and then became friends,
yadda yadda yadda, and now, we’re getting married on May 4th. When she came up with like
the whole idea of Savor + Sip and she said, hey, like
let’s start this in Searcy, in the south in Arkansas, I, to be honest, was completely terrified. I thought there would be people
harassing me on the street, especially for me being
like as open as I am. I was definitely very nervous. When we first opened, we’re
like, we have to be very aware that we are in like a very
conservative Christian town and we might be turning
away some people, you know, if they find out the owners are gay, they might not want to
come here and support us. But I do have to say, I have been really pleasantly surprised with Searcy. – People that we have
perceived would be standoffish or non-accepting or just not kind to us have been very, very kind,
but it’s not Portland. It’s not Austin. When we were talking about this, Small Business Revolution, we were like, we don’t ever like closet ourselves, but we’re not literally broadcasting it. We haven’t yet. – I don’t want to be out there, screaming from the rooftops, like, “Hey, guess what, we’re gay!” because we’re just normal business owners. At the same time, I
just don’t want to hide. I was gonna say during this week, we should have Garrett on (mumbles) – Oh yeah. We’re about to hit summer, which is our slowest time by quite a bit. We’re at a point now we’re gonna need to make some changes to stay in business. – There’s a lot that
goes on behind the scenes people don’t know about
that we’re struggling with. – I can’t even count on my
hands the number of people that have come in and said, “Wow, like we’re so happy
that you got picked, but like, what do you need help with?” And I’m immediately like, oh fridges, oh plumbing, oh marketing. It’s just kind of like a lot. – So, the past few months, we’ve been like what would really happen
if this (crosstalk). – Especially with me being Canadian, going through the whole
immigration process. – ‘Cause we moved down here to start it. We didn’t move down here just
to live in Searcy, Arkansas. We poured so many hours
of literal sweat and tears into this, for what? – To end up with a huge amount of debt. I think if the business
were to close tomorrow or next week or next month, I would be mostly just
distraught about our staff. Like, I love them to death,
they’re so important to me. And same with our customers,
because I’ve grown like so dependent on
seeing them every day. Like, oh man, I wonder
when Robert’s gonna come in and get his tea? It would be breaking that family apart. – Small businesses are often
so much more than they seem. Created with a greater purpose
than just turning a profit, holding more significance
to their community than simply filling a need. But these are the two
youngest business owners we’ve ever worked with,
and they’re the first to admit that they have a lot to learn. Who else would we bring
in to help mentor them through the process but four year Small Business Revolution
veteran Kim Bartmann, owner and operator of
nine acclaimed restaurants across Minneapolis. We have an entrance here and a sign, but a lot of people come
in through the back door. I don’t know if people
know that they’re here. – Is it a coffee shop? – Well I think it’s cool
that they have local art and supporting another small business, but it could maybe read more… Good morning, guys! – Hey, good morning!
– Good morning! – I have Kim Bartmann with me! – Hello!
– Hi, good to see you! – Nice to meet you.
– Hi, nice to meet you. – Good to see you, okay,
let’s show her around. – All right, the grand tour, here we are. – So this is our dining area. – We’ve got our coffee bar right here. So it’s a whole self-serve
coffee bar that we do, and then we’ve got all
our counter space up here. We make all of our
crepes right over there. – They make both sweet and savory crepes. – We’ve got our kitchen back here. – Here we are, where it really happens! Are you guys doing soups? – We do soup, we do
Soup of the Day usually. Weekdays, that is. – I’m gathering clues.
– Mhm! – So our only prepared food storage is right under where Josie’s leaning. – I want her to see the name on this bag ’cause they’re buying everything retail. – Oh Lordy, no.
– Yeah. The biggest reason is we
have residential fridges that we kind of bought
last minute when we opened. – Margins in the restaurant
business are tough already, let alone if you are paying retail pricing for the raw materials, and
that won’t be sustainable. – We go through at least
10 gallons of milk a day and as you can tell we really only have– – So mostly what you’re doing
at Wal-Mart is getting milk. – Yeah.
– Mhm. – What’s goin’ on with
the nitro taps over here? I could use a little
caffeine right about now. – Here you go. – Cheers.
– Cheers. All right, to Savor + Sip. – I think the space is
really cool, coffee, crepes. – What’s more to love? – (giggles) We’ve got it all. – So let me ask you this: are your offerings consistent? Like, if I come here
on a Saturday afternoon or at night or whatever it is, can I expect what I’m gonna get, or does it change a lot? – Our menu boards in the dining room are not really consistent. Our desserts, we kind
of have an assortment depending on the day. – Her dad does a lot of the baking, so it depends on the day,
but it’s just kind of what he’s feeling like making. – Your menu has to be one
of the most reliable pieces for two reasons: customer experience, so they know what to
expect when they come in, and then two, from a
financial perspective, then you can start modeling out where am I making the most money? – And three, when you’re
changing things all the time and doing it by a whim,
you’re wasting a lot of food. I guarantee you are.
– Yeah, definitely. – You mentioned your dad. It’s awesome when a family member is giving of their time to help you, but I would hate for that to be the reason that you can’t meet customer demand, because you don’t wanna ask
too much of a family member. What is his involvement in the business? – He does a lot of the financials. – All of the financials. – So do you guys get together
and look at the financials on any kinda regular basis? – Mmm mmm.
– No. – Help! – Yes, yes, we definitely feel that. – You can’t run your
business without doin’ that. And this comes from a person
who does not like finances, I do not like looking at numbers, etc. But I can tell you off the top of my head you know, what the monthly sales are, how much we’re spending on labor, what we’re spending on food. Those are the three big numbers
that you need to look at. – At this stage, you’re
operating a little bit more like you’re a manager,
and you own this place. Do you think you made money
last year or lost money? – I have no idea. – I think we may have broken even. – You lost $31,000.
– Yeah. – It makes me so scared
for you to be an owner in a business that you don’t have, not only the visibility into this, but the control over
where the money is going. – Like, I hate, I hate, I
hate being in this situation. But the thing is, I don’t
have a lot of experience, and so I think it is scary
for both of my parents to kind of like let go
of the reins of that. But I think I could be
really good (laughs) – We’re literally in a
Restaurant 101 situation here. – To not know that you
just lost $30,000… I think that reality is hard to hear, but there is a difference
between working at a coffee shop and owning a coffee shop. – And that’s what it’s all about. When you say working on the
business, not in the business. – [Josie] Definitely feeling overwhelmed. – Yeah, in the next couple weeks, we have to file immigration papers, we’re getting married in
exactly a month from today. – But at the same time, I’m really hopeful about how we’re gonna be
able to make progress. – Yeah, we’re really excited to see what they can teach us,
both Amanda and Kim. – [Amanda] Navigating the intersection of family and business is delicate work, but helping small businesses get a grasp on their financials isn’t new to us. It’s one of the many aspects
of Savor + Sip’s business we’re going to need to tackle, each requiring leg work and funding. So back at Deluxe
Headquarters in Minneapolis, we need to lay out a plan and budget to get this business on steady ground. – Let’s talk about Savor + Sip. The place actually looks pretty good. As far as the transformations go, I mean, we can do a little bit of cosmetic work, but it feels like we’re gonna
have some money left over. – Mhm, but then we also need to kind of grow the business, too. I think that’s where
marketing will really help. So I think we reserve
some of those dollars for helping them with even
just local advertising because they have a little bit
of a cash flow issue as well. – (laughs) They’re losing money! – They do seem to have a
little bit of a problem. – Yeah, so we’re gonna sit
down with Amelia and Josie and kind of go through the finances. – Yes, aboslutely, and
one of the big things I’m concerned about is their food cost. – We’ve gotta get them commercial
kitchen equipment, right? Like commercial fridges? – They need to stop
buying products at retail. – Yeah, it’s not only inefficient
’cause they’re spending so much time running to refill, but it’s killing their margins. So I feel like we have a
good to-do list for them. – Definitely
– I’m excited. – [Amanda] We’ve got a plan. And while Josie and
Amelia spend a few days taking care of some important
business back in Searcy, the team at Deluxe is getting to work. – How are Savor + Sip listed on Google? – They’re listed as a creperie. – So can we change that for them? – So we also talked to them
about branded merchandise. This is either for the employees to wear or to sell as a second
income stream as well. – [Amanda] Before we get too
far down the road on anything, we need Amelia and Josie. So we’re flying them out to Minneapolis to meet with the team at Deluxe. – We are at the airport,
about to head to Minneapolis for the week and could
not be more excited. – [Amanda] It’s going to be a busy week. A crash course on marketing,
operations, and finances, all guided by experts in every field. Restaurant 101. – When you walk through
the doors of Savor + Sip, you are transported to
some cool, trending city. I mean, who has a creperie
in a town of 23,000? So we need to get them
out in the community, meaning talk about those amazing crepes, get their name out there. – We’re starting in the Creative Web, where the marketing team
at Deluxe has their sights set on boosting revenue by
getting more people in the doors. Where we should really start is that Amelia and Josie have gotten married. (cheers and clapping) and we’re gonna start it with champagne, but it is 11 o’clock on a Tuesday at work, so congratulations. – [Both] Thank you so much – We’re really, really
excited for you guys. Okay, we feel like you
guys are doing a good job with marketing, so we’re
gonna work on things that drive traffic
specifically to Savor + Sip, and then traffic that is capitalizing on existing foot traffic
and people around. – Are there places in town where you wish you were showing up more,
not necessarily online, but offline? – Like Center on the Square, they do plays and stuff downtown. We’ve talked about doing
advertising with them, so that like people
know they can come after ’cause we’re open late. – What are the types of
things that you would want people to know about Savor + Sip? What stories do you want to tell? – And who do you want to tell them to? – From the start, we wanted to make sure it was like just a very
relaxing, good environment to kind of hang out for
long periods of time. – Emphasizing the comfort of being there, the fact that all the food is homemade, and because it’s homemade
it’s worth the wait. Thinking through how you
want to address the needs of people that are looking
for somewhere to hang out is how you start planning
your content strategy. – There’s like hundreds of
people just working on us. It’s really, really cool to see. It’s been really nice to
have people who actually know all of the details, and
they know what they’re doing, tell us, “Hey, it’s gonna be okay.” – This process is usually a
mixture of unconditional support and tough love. Small business isn’t very forgiving, so avoiding hard truths
ultimately just amounts to feeling more pain later,
and as far as we know, Josie and Amelia are still in
the dark about their finances. So we’re sitting down
with Damon Fieldgate, one of Deluxe’s financial experts, to talk about the numbers. – The first observation I
have is that your margins on your food are nowhere near enough. They should be around the 70 to 75% mark in order for you to actually make a profit out of selling that food. Because when you take your
operating expenses into account, you’re actually making
a loss on that food. And you’re doing a really nice volume, and your sales are growing,
which is terrific as well. I’m worried that your
volume will continue to grow and it won’t drive the bottom line because you have your
cost structures wrong. In order for you to be
effective business owners, you need the visibility into
how the business is operating. Without the visibility
into what’s happening in the business from a
financial standpoint, you cannot make the
decisions in your business that you need to make to change it. – You’re not the only business out there that probably feels
trapped by their gratitude for who has either helped
them start the business or has helped them have
the capital for it, and then you feel beholden
to that person’s influence or control or decisions
within the business, but your faces and names
are on this business, and if it keeps going this way, we’re not being dramatic, you will be out of business. You should’ve been out
of business last year. Let’s talk about how
we’ve kind of gotten here. I think we need to be really honest. So right now your dad is
running the books, right? Why do you think your dad won’t let you actually run the business? – He said, “Well you haven’t
proved yourself yet.” – One of the accesses to
like control is knowledge. I feel like it would be a great
investment of time for you to take some kind of
basic accounting classes and just kind of have an understanding of where the numbers are at. – I think that course
would help a lot, yeah. – You’re smart, savvy people. Your coffee is great, the
environment is fantastic, like you can do this. But the only way you can do it
is if you know these numbers. That kind of message
is so hard to deliver. But we wouldn’t be doing it if we thought Amelia and Josie couldn’t handle it. We believe in what they’ve built together. So back in Searcy, Ty and the Deluxe team are looking for creative
ways to build it even better. With the interior
already looking so sharp, we get to focus on the small things, details that business owners stop noticing because they see them
every day, but in the end, can add up to a big difference
in customer experience. – Honestly, like, they’ve already got a pretty good look inside, but I think there’s
definitely some upgrades that could happen. They could have a little
bit of a warmer feel if they just change out these bulbs and like I think being
able to display even more would be even better. – Yeah, I mean, they’ve
got a great countertop, but then just little things,
the grab and go type of things, they need some more display for that. – What I love about Savor +
Sip is their visual appeal is already on point. You walk into a space and you realize you don’t have to redo everything. What they need help with
is some functionality to make sure they can keep
growing their business. – One thing Deluxe can really do is get them a commercial
grade walk-in freezer/fridge. It’ll save them so much
time during the day. And then we have to make
their signage a lot more clear about what you’re coming into. – We are so invested in Amelia and Josie and what they’re trying to build and we want people to continue
to love them for who they are and so we will do everything in our power to continue the Savor + Sip legacy that just started a year ago. – [Amanda] While Savor and
Sip is under construction, Josie and Amelia are making one last stop in the Twin Cities, heading to Tiny Diner to absorb some restaurant knowledge from one of the best in the business. – Hi!
– Hello! – Welcome to Tiny Diner! Wanna see the bar?
– Yes, definitely. – This is our tiny dining room. – It’s cute, I love it. – Let me show you our tiny kitchen. As you might imagine, we
don’t do a lot of baking here. We do mostly breakfast, lunch, and dinner. First, of course, you want to design for what people want, but you also need to design your menu for efficiency. There are very few menu items that have a single-use ingredient in them. You’ll see that there’s a lot
of cross-utilization of items. – Do you serve all of this
all day then during the week? – Yep, all of these
things, seven days a week. – I could’ve sat there for
like another hour and a half and just kept asking more questions. – All day long, yeah.
– It was very helpful. She had a lot of good insight. – Yeah, definitely,
like seeing all the ways that everything is different but the ways that everything is also similar. It was really eye opening
for us, I think, yeah. – Watching Amelia and Josie
go through this process, I’ve only grown more
confident in their ability to turn this business around. They’re good partners, they
compliment each other well, and through all the highs and lows and hard conversations they’ve experienced over the last few months,
they’ve always managed to stay on the same team. It’s fun to watch. It’s also really good for the business. So, as the team at Deluxe wraps up their last few weeks of work, and Josie and Amelia try
to expand their knowledge of how the business functions,
I’m feeling optimistic and I can’t wait to get back to Searcy for our final visit to Savor + Sip. Well the new sign looks great. – It looks awesome.
– You know that they’re here. – Savor + Sip, there it is. – Window clings.
– That’s exciting. – Hey!
– Hey guys! – How’s it going?
– How are you? – Good to see you again.
– Good! How do you like the lights? – I love ’em!
– What a difference! – New light bulbs
– Yes! They’re so much cozier
than the other ones were. – It does add a warmth to it. It is interesting what just a simple light bulb change can do. – Yeah, and I love the
enlarged sign on the glass It like really jumps out at you. – It stands out a lot, yeah. – Check out our menus.
– Oh, look at that. – An updated, accurate menu board! – Yeah, so it’s been a
lot easier, honestly, just like talking to customers about how they’re
ordering coffee and stuff. It’s been great. – And we love this bakery case. – Yeah, it’s so cool. – But the one big thing… Can we see that new walk-in cooler? – Now that’s big! Yeah, this is very big. – I love it, this just arrived last night, just in time.
– It’s brand new. – Yeah, it’s very big. – This’ll make such a
big difference, though, in terms of the quantities
you’re able to order. – We stood in here last night going, “Wow, look how many jugs
of milk we could fit.” – We were like, “One,
two, three, four, five” counting all of them.
(laughs) – It’s gonna be amazing. – All right, so, let’s
talk about marketing. So, first of all, we wanna
make it as easy as possible for people to get their butts in these, what do you always say, butts in seats? – Butts in seats.
– Butts in seats. (laughing) – You guys have really done
a great job with your site, so we just want to lend our expertise to make it even that much better. So first of all, kudos for
cleaning you Google listing, but when you search for coffee
shops in Searcy, Arkansas, right now you’re 15th on the list, and the reason for that is because your description
wasn’t “coffee shop.” So we fixed that for you right away. Just listing Savor + Sip as a coffee shop shot their Google ranking up seven places, and we were also able to address some of the website details that are easy for small business owners to miss and important for a customer’s experience. Right now your address isn’t clickable, so someone would have to try
and highlight the address, pull it out, and put it into a map app. – It does look so much better, yeah. – That was really nice to
have like an expert go in and be like, “Hey, we like
changed how your Google listing is gonna show up because it
pulls these different words from your first page,”
and I was like, what? I’m a millennial and I don’t
know what you’re talking about. (laughs) I should know, but I don’t. – At least we had a website!
– Yeah (laughs). – So you guys have done a really good job of collecting email addresses. So we designed an email for you – It’s so cute. – Like doesn’t this just look
like a whole different level of a brand? Social media, email, marketing, these can be really important ways to continue to grow your business. One of the best ways to kind
of go about that plan of attack is to actually sit down
and put together a calendar and we have done that
for you through 2020. – Okay, wow.
– Cool, wow. – I’m gonna walk you through
how we put it together. – You guys, can I get a copy
of this social media strategy? (all laugh) – Maintaining a consistent
social media presence can feel overwhelming for businesses and it’s not just the work
so much as it is the stress of wondering what to post and when. A social calendar takes the
uncertainty out of the equation, drawing a road map not
just for the date and time, but for what kind of content
will resonate the most. We rather you post consistently
and stick with something rather than trying something feverishly and then not doing it at all. – Put it is in your schedule.
– Yeah, yeah. – So your photography is incredible. The one thing we would
definitely recommend though is if there’s a way to try and get your logo in images as well. We all spend a lot of time thinking about social media trends, so it’s easy to forget that sometimes more traditional marketing
can be just as effective, especially for targeting local customers who are already downtown. Center on the Square is a local theater, so Deluxe has purchased
for you a sponsorship in the 2019-2020 season.
– That’s so cool. – So as a presenting
sponsor, you’ll get your logo on the sponsor show poster, full page ad. – That’s awesome. – Okay, can I show you
what your logo looks like on some swag?
– Yes! – All right, why don’t you
toss some of those hats, right? All right, so we know that
you love snapbacks, right? So now you have branded snapbacks. – This is me, this is so me in 50 years. – When you sell cool swag,
your customers will actually pay you to go out and
advertise for your business, and when you’re a coffee shop, branded cups are the
best way to get your logo walking all around town. Menu for you, ma’am. Menu for you, ma’am. We carried that branding
over to the new menus, which, thanks to Josie and
Amelia’s work with Kim, were both more streamlined
and more consistent. – Very professional. – We did it again, Kim!
– Yay! (laughing)
– Woo! It’s so rewarding getting to
share our team’s hard work with Josie and Amelia. The Deluxe folks have really come to believe in what they have built, but along with that unconditional support comes the tough love, so it’s time to address the elephant in the room. – So the first time I was here, we talked about how you weren’t
seeing all your financials or engaging with your financials. What’s happening now? Have you guys changed that at all, or… – Amelia’s dad has let
us take over that aspect. Mostly, we’re just kind of like trying to sort through everything and figure out our way of doing things,
but at the same time, it’s kind of nice ’cause then we get to figure everything out and
then once we figure it out– – This is what you wanted. This is what we were advising you you need to have to truly be the owners. You finally do have
ownership of your business because you’re running the financials. – It’s like terrifying right now, but we’re like, if we can make it through like the next two months,
this will be good. We’ll figure it out. It’s just making it until then. – I mean this is, but this is what we’ve been working towards. This has been a big year
for you guys, right? You’ve been going through
this process with us and really kind of
learning the fundamentals of running your business
and marketing your business and growing your business, and then the most exciting thing is that you guys got
married and we’re so excited and happy for you and this beautiful life that you’re building together. I hope you don’t mind, but we noticed that you guys had a
GoFundMe page out there to help cover the legal expenses for starting the immigration process. We just wanted to go ahead
and help you meet your goal. So here’s a check for $3,374 to help you meet your legal need.
– That’s awesome. Thank you guys. – Yeah, that’s gonna
make such a difference. – We got to see something
unique in our time with Amelia and Josie. We didn’t really witness a maturation of Savor + Sip as a business. We saw two young entrepreneurs
empower themselves to take control and then embrace what it takes to run a business. That’s such an honest reflection
of who they are as people: strong-willed but eager to learn, passionate but open-minded, resolute but ready to change. These women have been tested before and its given them strength
beyond their years. They serve as an example
to the town of Searcy in so many inspiring ways. – One of our staff
approached us and was like, “Somebody left a note for you guys.” And I open it up and it’s a
card from an anonymous person saying that they are an
LGBT person in Searcy. They’ve just recently started
to come to terms with that and it’s been really hard for them because they’re Christian
and Searcy is not necessarily as accepting as we would like them to be. In the letter, it said that
whenever they come here, it feels like they’re at home and they feel like they can be themselves. That’s not what we started out to do when we opened a coffee shop. – No, I just wanted to
be a business owner. I wasn’t wanting to be a gay business, but when I mentioned it to Josie later, I was like, man, if someone
went out of their way to write this letter, how many
other people are out there that are feeling the same way? It can be the default to feel unsafe and I think no matter what
anyone’s personal beliefs are, I think most people would agree that no one should actually feel unsafe. Just being open to people
and making them feel that they’re welcome and
that they’re safe here to just be who they are. If that’s something that
we are being without even meaning to, I wanna go
out of our way to be that. – Small business owners,
whether they know it or not, are role models. Whether it’s students at Harding that don’t feel like
they can be who they are and are feeling unaccepted, unloved, here’s this couple in
the middle of Arkansas, putting their faces out
there and trying to create something special for the people in town. You know, I’m older than
them and I grew up in a time where I was closeted for a
long time and it’s tough. I just admire them for being who they are and being very courageous. (pleasant country guitar) – Ready to see big results from an email marketing
plan like Savor + Sip? Deluxe helps thousands of small businesses solve their biggest marketing
challenges every day. Visit
to connect with our experts. – [Narrator] On the season finale of Small Business Revolution, – Hello, Searcy! – [Narrator] Deluxe gets to
work rebranding an entire town. – Everyone’s really planting that flag about how Searcy wants to
be seen moving forward. – [Narrator] And this will
be the biggest challenge they’ve taken on this season. – We all wanna succeed. – The revolution happens by
everybody stepping forward. – [Narrator] Watch the
town of Searcy, Arkansas come together one last
time on the next episode of Small Business Revolution Main Street.

Hardly Working From Home (ft. Rayvon Owen)

Alright, Dad. I’ve got to go. I’m working. [chuckle] Working hard or hardly working? Dad, we’ve been over this. Just because I work from home does not mean that I- Nevermind, I’ve got to go. This one goes out to my 1099s and my LLCs. Those people that work from home. Tripp and Tyler That’s right. In parenthesis, featuring Rayvon Owen. Closed parenthesis. It’s 9 in the AM, so I get out of bed. Open up Facebook to see what everyone said. Change out of my sweats, into work sweats. Commute to my office is just 39 steps. Get the kids’ lunches packed. I tell them have a great day. Open up my laptop and try to make some headway. Send a message to Greg, he won’t respond for an hour. Hmm, Sportscenter again? Or Al and Matt Lauer. But before I start working, got to fully wake up. Wait, are we really out of K-cups!? Check Facebook again. Conference call’s at 10. Got to keep it on mute to let the bug guy in. I’m on the same call, also got it on mute, because I’m in the doctor’s office in my birthday suit. Scramble for my phone, clients talking to me, so I take it off of mute, “Yeah, uh, I agree?” You think this is an easy job, just because I’m my own boss, but you try getting something done when you can do anything. The workday’s never over when you’re a small business owner. It’s hard being stuck here alone, hardly working from home. Let’s share this one.
A’ight. Now I’m at the coffee shop to get away from distraction. The WiFi’s so slow, I can’t download an attachment. This business guy’s all, “Can we quote them any higher?” Can’t hear myself think, then I see my friend Tyler. I’m looking around, trying to find an outlet. I think there’s only one. “Sir, can you scoot out a little bit?” He’s like, “Sorry, man. I’ve got to charge up my phone.” I’m like, “Two phones, a Discman, Oh my God, is that a drone?” Huh? Hey man, I’ve got this thing that’ll charge up your phone. Sweet. By the way, I’ve been wanting to know, did you ever get- [grinding] Did you ever- [steaming] “Latte for Tribb.” I’ve got a deadline. I’ve got to get back to this. Wife’s like, “Take the kids, they’re late for their practices.” Checkin’ the mail for a check, because I’m tired of being thrifty. Ugh, my main client pays NET250. You think this is an easy job, but just because I’m my own boss, you try getting something done when you can do anything. The workday’s never over when you’re a small business owner, making deals on the throne, hardly working from home. We can’t fax. We can’t fax. We don’t have fax machines. We can’t fax. I do have an all-in-one Inkjet printer, but it does not have faxing capabilities. You think this is an easy job, but just because I’m my own boss, you try getting something done when you can do anything. The workday’s never over when you’re a small business owner, got time to bake my own scones, hardly working from home. Hardly working from home. #4andthenreal Why did that guy have a drone? Absolutely no idea. This video is brought to you by Constant Contact. That’s our sponsor, ya’ll. The #1 email marketing tool for small business. Constant Contact. Helping small business owners do more business.


• From goat eggs to grass fed coffee beans,
the Planet Dolan crew re-enact some of the best true stories from our subreddit about
the dumbest questions we’ve been asked at work. I’m Hellbent and today I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by KillDozer688 MKyleM MKyleM used to work at an open farm caring
for goats and chickens. The goats were his main focus, but MKyleM
often had to keep an eye out for chicken eggs. Because the chickens were free-roaming, they
would often lay eggs in the goats’ hayrack. When MKyleM came out of one of the goat houses
with a few chicken eggs, he found a woman and her son watching him. The kid asked, “Are those goat eggs?” MKyleM just said, “No, goat eggs are purple
and made of chocolate.” Number 9 was submitted by De-La-Rossa99 Ramona When Ramona was 16 she subbed for the receptionist
at a salon. One day, an elderly woman wearing a red pantsuit,
luxurious brown furs, stiletto heels, and oversized sunglasses, came in carrying her
little Pomeranian. She went up to Ramona and asked her what haircuts
they offered. Ramona pulled out a stylebook of the latest
hair trends and dyes. The lady settled on dying her hair and just
a simple cut. As Ramona led her to the part of the salon
where they do hair, she asked, “Can you do the same for my dog?” Ramona had to tell her politely, no, since
this was clearly a salon for humans. She flipped out and started barking at her
like she was stupid. Luckily the owner stepped in. Number 8 was submitted by maddog197x Civil
Spider When Civil Spider worked at Panera Bread,
a guy walked in late one evening. He asked if they were serving any of their
breakfast items. Civil Spider told him they stop selling breakfast
items at 10:30. The customer gave him a look and said, “So
why aren’t you still selling them right now?” Civil Spider had to explain that he meant
10:30 in the morning. The place isn’t even open at 10.30 pm. The man slowly nodded and said, “Well, that’s
fine. I came here to get mac and cheese anyway.” In his head, Civil Spider thought: then why
the hell did you ask about breakfast?! Number 7 was submitted by VolitantTooth Ladybot Ladybot used to work as a lifeguard at a beach
in a conservative town, and was often questioned by religious people about her beliefs. This could get a little uncomfortable, since
several members of the staff weren’t exactly straight. She generally tried to keep that information
secret, for obvious reasons. One day though, a middle-aged mother ran up
to her, red-faced with her son in tow. She yelled at Ladybot: “WHY ARE YOU TRYING
TO IMPURIFY MY SON WITH YOUR UNHOLY DESIRES?” Number 6 was submitted by Crazy_Coyote_KY
SweetCommando When SweetCommando was working the counter
at a bakery, a man came in and ordered a dozen donuts. After receiving his order, the man then asked
if SweetCommando was sure there were a dozen donuts in the box. SweetCommando opened the box to recount. He got to 12 and the man asked, “Where’s
the last one?” The man said it was the law that they had
to give him 13 donuts, or a “bakery” dozen. SweetCommando had to explain several things. First, the man had ordered a dozen donuts
not a baker’s dozen. Second, it’s a ‘baker’s dozen’ not a
bakery dozen. And most importantly, there is no law that
says a bakery has to sell donuts in that number. The man took his order and said he was never
coming back. He was back three days later. Number 5 was submitted by PuntifulJokes Doopie When Doopie worked as a waitress at a little
coffee shop she would sometimes get questions from people that didn’t know much about
coffee, like “What does three shots mean?” One day, a guy came in and when it was his
turn to order, Doopie asked him nicely what he wanted. His response was “Are your coffee beans grass
fed organic?” She explained that coffee beans are plants
and aren’t fed grass. He asked again: “So are they grass fed or
not?” Doopie couldn’t get through to him so just
told him no, they were not grass fed. The man left the shop without ordering. Number 4 was submitted by Tattoed_Wolf_Girl21
Robo Robo worked at a movie theatre as a cleaner,
cleaning the cinemas, and the bathrooms. One day she was in charge of checking the
women’s bathroom every half-hour, just to make sure there wasn’t a huge mess. As Robo entered one of them, a woman followed
her in and asked: “Excuse me, where is the bathroom?” *** Robo stared at her for a moment to see if
she was joking, but she was actually serious. The woman patiently waited for Robo so she
just pointed towards the stalls. The woman looked at them and said with a smile
“Oh! I thought this was the boys room – thanks
so much!” Then she walked out of the bathroom. Number 3 was submitted by Xylia_Mai_Tsukino
Pandora Pandora worked at a ‘Dollar Tree’, which
is a place that sells random things for $1.00 each, hence the name Dollar Tree. One day she was at the register waiting to
check someone out when another woman just a few feet away spoke to her. “Excuse me? How much is this?” she asked. “It’s a dollar ma’am,” Pandora replied, trying
not to be insulting. “Oh… And how much is this?” She asked pointing to a cup. “It’s also a dollar. Everything here is a dollar ma’am,” Pandora
replied, biting her tongue. The store had signs EVERYWHERE saying, “Everything’s
a dollar!” The signs in the window said the same thing. Number 2 was submitted by Calcifer84 Cid Cid once worked at an 12th century motte-and-bailey
Castle in England, which is essentially a big stonewalled fort with a fancy portcullis
gatehouse. While on a break and heading to the toilet,
a confused young tourist with a kid stopped him and asked, “S’cuse me? Where is the castle?” Cid thought she was joking, but it quickly
dawned on him that she wasn’t. He said “You’re already at the castle, miss,”
and he gestured with his hand to the surrounding buildings and the castle walls. She replied “No, not this, the real castle.” Cid insisted, “This is the real castle”. She started talking slower like he was dumb. “Noooo, the castle? Big tall thing with pointy turrets, towers
and a drawbridge.” Cid explained again: “Miss, this is the castle,
you’re within its walls now. We are standing in its central courtyard,
that’s the gatehouse you just walked through…” She then cut him off. ” I don’t believe this! You’re advertised as a bloody Castle for
[beep] sake. All that’s here is a stonewall!” She later complained and demanded her money
back saying it didn’t look anything like castles in films. When asked what films, she replied ‘Disney’. Number 1 – What’s the dumbest question
I’ve been asked at work?