A Deal With A Demon – Escape the Night S4 (Ep 3)

COLLECTOR:Previously on
Escape the Night…The Armageddon clock
continues to countdown
to morning.
This thing is going to turn
all of us to dust. Well, all of you to dust,
’cause I’m not dying. -[ALL SCREAMING]
-[GROWLING]Our heroes solved the mystery
of the Pharaoh’s murder…
I loved my husband. It’s the wife. [SCREAMS]…and take control
of the mummy.
The first one in the final
challenge is The Adventurer. -It’s okay.
-No, no, no, no, no. -Second group, Tana.
-Oh, my God! She’s gonna beat me! For sure, but we loved
having you here. Wait, I did it! COLLECTOR:
They claimed the first key,
but not without cost.
[GROANS] ALL: Tana! That’s right! All of y’all
underestimated me. COLLECTOR:The next exhibit
is opened and a new evil
is unleashed.
-Why have we left the others? My brothers will not
be happy about this! Very unhappy, Princess! Put it back! But you have so many! And I know them all. Payment has doubled. There were complications. Always are. Someday, a demon will come
looking for your corrupted soul and drag it
down to hell! Garuda! [SCREECHING] Don’t touch my door! Give it back,
or I’ll tear you to pieces! -JOEY: Alex!
-What was that? Why would you
open that door,
you idiot! -I didn’t…
-What did he say?
What did he say? Oh, my God! The weird-ass looking bird
wants the coin.We ain’t giving up
the coin.
-Guys, there’s a note.
-TANA: There’s a note! Okay, okay, okay. It says, “Garuda traded
his soul for gold. “And you soon
will do the same.” I think all of us YouTubers
are pretty familiar
with the idea of trading your soul
for gold, if you know
what I mean. “Gather as many coins
as you can. “Because the two with
the fewest coins at the end “will be forced into
the final challenge.” -This is so much stuff.
-It’s like every man
for ourselves. Go find as many coins
as we can? -Yeah.
-This is kind of like, an Easter egg hunt,
which I’m pretty good at. All right, well,
I’m gonna start looking, ’cause I don’t
wanna be the one
with the least coins. -TIM: So we’re just
gonna look everywhere?
-There’s always something. Everybody always just
wants to dive into
every situation without thinking
about it. ALEX: What is that? -Ooh, do you guys
hear that bird noise?
-TANA: Yes! You guys, this can’t
be a good decision. -Where’s that coming from?
-Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s this? -“Indian exhibit.”
-The exhibit’s out front. ALL: Oh! TANA: Whatever just
choked Alex is out there.
Be careful. DESTORM: Yeah. We walk outside,
and there’s jewels
everywhere. And I think, “Now,
this is a challenge
I can win.” -GARUDA: Where is it?
You’ve stolen my gold!
-[INDISTINCT CHATTER] I’ll kill them! Where is it? [GROANS] ALEX: Why is it angry?
What is it looking for? He’s missing something.
He’s looking for something. Is he looking
for the coin
that we have? Should we go? -DESTORM: Let’s go! Let’s go!
-Let’s go! Come on. ALEX: Look for coins. [JEWELRY CLINKING] Wait, there’s a scroll! COLLEEN: You guys,
there’s a scroll! Come here! Listen, listen, listen. “The waters of Garuda
are tainted with the blood
of his victims. “You must find a way to cleanse
it by connecting the water
to a source of pure light.” TANA: The fire,
the moon light? We need to connect
water to a source
of pure light.I don’t know that
we have anything
to make this happen.
We need to find
a Brita filter. Oh, alkaline!
Alkaline water! JOEY: Is it these lamps?
It’s the only light
we’ve got. We use all the pearls,
and connect it like,
we have all this stuff. You guys, what if we
just have to connect them
any way we can? So we hold hands
and reach for both? Is it worth a try?
To the water, yes. These lamps right here? -ALEX: Yeah.
I think, okay. I’ll play this game. -Can we reach?
Okay, here we go. Wait, wait, not yet.
I mean, ready? -JOEY: Touch the water!
-Okay, touch the water. TANA:
Gabbie, touch the water. -[ALL GASPING]
-GABBIE: Okay!
Whoa, okay! JOEY: What’s up there? Does that say something? -“Pay the one
who never forgets.”
-COLLEEN: Like an elephant! An elephant never forgets. -JOEY: Okay, look
for an elephant.
-Right here! ROSANNA: Colleen,
that was so smart! TANA: Who has it?
JOEY: I have the coin. [ALL GASPING] And coins start raining
from the heavens. -[ALL CHATTER]
Oh, grab them! Grab them! It is every man and woman
for themselves. [INDISTINCT CHATTER] I saw those coins flying there
and I dropped to my knees. -I feel like a stripper.
-BRETMAN: I’m so good! I know money
when I hear it. And since when
I heard them coins,
I went for a V-line. DESTORM: Oh, my God!
TANA: Okay, coins. Alex gives me a coin.
He’s gonna make
a great ally. You can never have
too many favors
owed to you. Did we get them all? DESTORM: Yeah, I know
I got a lot.
You all going down. Guys, guys, there’s a trunk
with another note on it. -What does it say?
-It says,
“Sacrifice two coins “by tossing them
in the fountain
to open. “Decide carefully.
Those with the fewest coins
left at the end “will be forced
into the final challenge.” Guys, we need to figure out
who has the least. -I have 14.
-I have 14. Ooh, 15, son! -Twenty-eight.
-What? -Twenty-eight!
-Honey, I’m not gonna die! -I have 24.
-TIM: What? Eighteen. BRETMAN: I have 32. Thirty-two? Catch up! Honey, if you ain’t
in the 30s club,
you’re broke. And I don’t speak broke. How many do you have? -Doesn’t matter.
-What do you mean,
“doesn’t matter”? Come on,
you have to play fair.
Destorm, come on. -How many do you have?
-Guys, I have 12. -I got 13.
-COLLEEN: Let us see. -You’re acting shady.
-He has 12, I got 13. Oh, isn’t that convenient
that you have one more than him?
Let’s see how many you have. -TANA: Show your coins.
-I don’t have to show my coins. I have 13, he has 12 coins. Oh, so we’re gonna
take your word… Of course Destorm is lying
about how many coins he has. Like, shut up
and count, bitch. Maybe he’s also embarrassed. Maybe he couldn’t grab
as many as other people. BRETMAN: I got it.
I got you all. I got you all.
It’s on me.
It’s on me. I always cover the bill anyway,
so it’s something that
I’m so used to already. -JOEY: There we go.
-[GASPING] ALEX: The note says, “Garuda guards the next key.” And the only way to kill him
is with his own blades. ALEX: “One is in heaven,
one is in hell.” -DESTORM: So we
gotta split up.
-Yeah. “Be careful, if Garuda
catches you, he’ll take
half your coins.” -JOEY: Half of your coins?
-[GASPING] ALEX: All right,
you guys. Let’s go. TANA:Half of us get to go
to heaven, and half of us
have to go to hell.
And I’m sure you guys
can guess where
I’m about to get sent. [SHRIEKING] GABBIE: Shut the door!
Shut the door! Okay, wait, wait, wait! COLLEEN: Be careful.
We’re looking
for a blade, right? COLLEEN:
Mortimer takes me, Joey,
Ro, Bretman and Alex
to the shrine of Vishnu. -Oh, there’s a statue!
-COLLEEN: I see it! ALEX: The statue. BRETMAN: “Vishnu is
the guardian of the heavens, “and beneath his feet
lies a secret. “Prove your worthiness
by completing Vishnu’s trials.” “Trial number one,
carrying the holy water.” -Carrying the holy water.
We gotta look…
-JOEY: Over here! ALEX: We need
to carry the holy… JOEY: What is this? “The weakest among you
must carry my blessed burden
to Shiva, and back. “If you cannot do it,
you must toss two coins
over the edge.” Who is the smallest, tiniest
person here? Anybody? -This is your job.
You got this.
-Okay. Okay. Does this look like
the weakest to you? Boom! JOEY: Okay, you got this!
COLLEEN: Okay, Ro! I pick up the pails,
I put them on my back, and I’ve gotta balance them,
and they’re actually
really heavy. -[ROSANNA GASPING]
-BRETMAN: Watch out, honey.
Slow and steady. [BREATHES HEAVILY] I’m breathing really hard. I’m in heels,
I’m in a corset,
I’ve gotta keep my balance,-and work my way
down there.

-BRETMAN: Chin up, honey. ALEX: Go back
once you get to the statue. BRETMAN: Touch, okay.
Oh, you’re good at this. COLLEEN: Don’t be
deceived by her small stature. That little nugget
is stronger
than we thought. -All right, we did it!
-Yes! [GASPING] Ooh, years of being
a gymnast paid off. This is
the Hindu goddess Kali. “Place one coin at my feet
and chant my name five times.” -I’m not gonna
sacrifice one coin.
-How many do you have? I thought you said
you had 13 back there. Thirteen. Destorm is, uh,
full of shit right now. And I can tell, and I can tell
because I don’t trust
tall people. -How much you guys have?
-We have 14. -Oh!
-I’m more likely
to get caught though! And if you get caught,
you lose half your coins. All right, all right, all right.
I got 15. I can spare a coin. -‘Cause I like you guys.
-I like you too. All right. -Okay, we have to chant
five times. Ready?
-TIM: What’s her name? -Kali.
-Kali. Kali, I like that.
West side. All right. ALL: [CHANTING] Kali! GABBIE: Oh, my God,
she’s coming. She’s coming. DESTORM:And then comes
this beautiful blue thing.
She has a skirt
made of dead body parts.
I just said, “I won’t look
below the waist.” Someone is going
to die tonight. -Or maybe all of you.
-What do you want
from us? What can a lonely demon
do to help with your
depraved cause? -We need a blade!
-TIM: How do we get that? You want me to give you
the mightiest weapons
of India? DESTORM: Yeah, that would help.
GABBIE: Yes. No small favor. What can we do for you? I will make you an offer. Don’t toy with us,
demon-whore! -Oh, wow!
-Sorceress said “whore.” This bitch is not
like the others. Solve the blood riddle by placing the objects
on the shelf, from top to bottom
in proper order. Then I will give you
your blade. The blood riddle? Fail, and you will
give me 20 coins! No other offers accepted! Two coins to begin. DESTORM: Oh, come on, man. Kali tells us we have to give
her two more coins just
to start the game! She ain’t getting
none of my coins. -I can’t wait to see blood!
-We’ll each give her one.
We’ll each give her one. DESTORM:
Give her two coins! TANA: We are,
Destorm, we are!
DESTORM: Thank you! Gabbie and I realize we have
the same amount of coins,
so we both decide to give one.And then she gives us
the riddle, written in blood.
-TIM: Oh, you…
-On a severed arm. “Trial number two,
The Sacred Stump.” Here we go, okay. “Face the mountain
and hold the sacred pose
for 30 seconds.” ROSANNA: Yoga! Next up, Joey and I
have to get on a stump
and hold the position for 30 seconds! I’m actually
really good at the tree pose. Just like this,
like this. Okay? So you need to put one foot
up on the side, and you gotta intertwine. And then put your
hands up, too. -Let’s hold each other up.
-You gotta hold me up
a little bit. Put your leg up,
in the crotchamus. Oh, my God! -Oh!
-JOEY: Sorry, sorry! -Let’s switch sides. Maybe…
-ALEX: Okay. ALEX:It’s not
as easy as it looks,
because Joey
got them hips. JOEY:This is clearly
Alex’s fault.
I know how to do
yoga poses. Your hips are…
Okay, okay, go. One, two, three… [EXHALES] We finally
get centered.
The planets align. ALL: 28, 29, 30! And we complete the task. -[YELLS]
-ALEX: Okay, whoo! “The horrors of the world
appear so small
when high up.” There’s six different lines
of riddles on the arm,
and there’s six shelves. One, two, three,
four, five, six. One, two, three, four, five,
six. Okay, so each one
of these lines is a clue. So, let’s collect
all the items first. -Okay, there’s a heart
over there.
-DESTORM: Okay, we got one. There’s a heart
inside of here. [SNIFFS] You deserve
a greater kingdom. This looks like
my Instagram. I mean, if the Sorceress
rolls like this,
I’m definitely willing to wife her up and
to get out of here.
[CHUCKLES] What are you proposing? DESTORM: Wow, I got a feather. TANA:
We have three of the objects. TIM: That’s not fair,
you’re distracting us
right now. They were flirting
with each other, which is
taking my attention away. ’cause I’m… I wanna
get in the middle
of that sandwich. We kill the collector and take the museum
for ourselves. [SCOFFS] This bitch
likes to play with fire. That’s hot. There’s just
something sexy about
being with a woman that you know could
chop off your head. Time is ticking.
If we get this wrong,
we have to pay 20 coins. DESTORM: Hurry up!
The time is running. Two, three, four, five.
We need one more item,
and we’ll be good. TIM: Oh, oh, oh, oh!
Check this out! GABBIE:
Okay, that’s perfect! Okay. The first one, “The whores
of the world appear so small
when high up.” Bird. “When you look closely,
you realize how large
they are.” TIM: Okay.
DESTORM: Boom. GABBIE: “One would think
only the light of God
would cast them away.” DESTORM: I think
we got that. Boom. GABBIE: “But the evils
of this world are deep
in the souls of man.” Heart. GABBIE:
I’m matching every riddle
to every object.
I am crushing this. This is my game. “Mankind will never be able
to gaze to the eye
of their creators.” Meet the gaze
of their creators. [ALL GASPING] -Oh, shit, good for us, huh?
-DESTORM: Whoo! “Trial number three,
the prayer plaques.” -I’ll rip you apart!
-[ALL SCREAM] ALEX: The birdman is back! [SCREECHING] Oh, my gosh.
Obviously he’s gonna
come for the richest one. ‘Cause nobody comes
for broke bitches. GARUDA: You’re coming with me! Bretman, no! Bretman just got
taken by Garuda! This means that
half his coins
are gonna be stolen. Which actually is good for me,
’cause it means that now
I have the most. -The prayer plaques.
-There’s an arrow here. And it says, “everything…
I… words… my… or… the.” Oh, my gosh. There’s gotta
be something missing
from here. Why does the arrow
point to everything? Yeah, there’s pieces missing. Wait, these have
other words too! -ALEX: Okay!
-Look for other
things like this! -I’ll get this one.
Oh, you got that one?
-COLLEEN: Here’s one. -Maybe the thing that has
the arrow is the word.
-COLLEEN: It’s number two. -I’m at four.
-I’m at two. -COLLEEN: Who’s at one?
-Five. BRETMAN: Oh, my God,
you guys. ALEX: Bretman,
are you back? That broke bird
took my coins. COLLEEN: Well, we have to
hurry and finish, so he
doesn’t take more. Come here. Bretman, go to Mortimer.
He’ll help you. Read number one, you’re two. Bretman three, I’m four,
bro, you’re five. ALEX: You ready?
COLLEEN: Yes! On the center of each note,
there’s a number. And I quickly realized
this is an order that
we need to follow. It’s like one big game
of “Complete My Sentence.” COLLEEN: Whatever…
-With… ALEX: My…
BRETMAN: The… -Great…
-ROSANNA: Lord… Vishnu. JOEY: We did it!
ALEX: Yes! -Yes!
-ROSANNA: It’s open. It’s a sword. ROSANNA: That’s it! That’s it! -What does it say?
That’s one of the blades. ALEX: That’s the only blade
that can kill him. This is great. Hopefully,
the other group
got the other blade, and we can kill
this bird thing. Come on, birdman.
Let’s see how you feel
about my new weapon. -You guys, I found a scroll
-JOEY: What? Colleen finds a scroll
that says, -“Open me later.”
-Let’s go! “Making deals
with demons is unwise. “There’s always a catch. “You’ll receive the weapon
once one of you is dead.” DESTORM: Oh, come on! -You played us, girl!
-[KALI LAUGHING] Got played by a blue bitch. I said it was a blood riddle! GABBIE:I’mma take one
of those hands
off here damn belt
and smack her
in the face! I’m waiting
for the blood! -TIM: That was hot.
-KALI: I have one more proposal. The one with the lowest
amount of gold coins, I will give you the scroll for two coins. -I have the lowest amount.
-GABBIE: You were lying? -I have about…
-GABBIE: I knew you were lying. -I got seven coins.
-All right, give her one! -One? Can I give you one?
-Two! My patience
is running low. GABBIE: And so is our time. -“To be read at
the Circle of the Fallen.”
-TIM: All right. I’ll see you in 2019. TIM:
Destorm gets the scroll.
You never know sometimes,
with these sexy demon women.
You know, so I’m thinking,
maybe it’s good. Or maybe this could be
the death of Destorm. TANA: Oh, my God,
is this where
somebody’s gonna die? GABBIE: No! -TIM: You guys get a blade?
-GABBIE: We have bad news. -What?
-DESTORM: We didn’t
get the blade. The demon tricked us. So, we’re working hard
and we get one
of the blades, the other group
does nothing? Oh, oh, oh, look at
these symbols right here.
What does it mean? -GABBIE: What?
-We notice that
there’s these weirdsymbols on the ground,
and we realize
that we’e each gonna need
to stand on one. I’m not standing
on the red one. TIM: Oh, me either.
I know what that means,
me either. -All right.
-JOEY: Okay, do we
each stand on one? ALEX: Oh, looks like
you’re on the red one. No. Tana has to be
on the red one? -[LAUGHS]
-COLLEEN: That could
be the special one. -Maybe you’re immune.
-JOEY: Yeah. The special one. Of course, my slow ass
gets put on the red symbol. Like, what does that mean?
Am I gonna be the first
of the Fallen? [ALL GASPING] Oh, my God, I’m scared. There’s something
on the back. “Reach into the box
and claim one scroll. “Start with the person
on the red symbol
and go around the circle. “Once everyone has drawn,
open and read the scrolls
in the opposite order.” So wait, let’s have a recap.
Who are our current bottoms? DESTORM: Ah, not me.
COLLEEN: Excuse you? -Bretman.
I’m a bottom, period. “Give two coins to anyone.” TIM: Ooh! I’ll take up. It’s fine.
I volunteer. -My bag’s open.
-Alex. Looking around, I realize, my best bet is to get
the strongest guy
on my side. I’m gonna give my coins
to Destorm.So, I slipped Destorm
a couple of coins.
-You mother…
-ALEX:This is where
I can solidify
my alliance. -You don’t even like Destorm.
-Oh, yes, he does. It becomes very clear
from the first scroll that stuff’s about
to go down. “Make someone give away
half their coins. “None of them
can go to you.” Damn! You should pick the person
with the most amount of coins. I think that makes
the most sense. Was that… Was that you? [SUCKS THROUGH TEETH] Colleen decides to evenly
distribute all of the coins. Okay, on the outside
of my scroll, it says,
“Name someone you hate.” [BOTH GASP] Well, I don’t hate anybody. But I have strong
negative feelings towards
a couple of people here. One would be Joey,
because we wouldn’t be here
if it weren’t for you. -Shame on you, Joey.
-TIM: Who’s the
other person though? -Destorm.
-We have no history. He hasn’t been helpful
at all. He’s been rude. He’s been shady.
You just stand and let us
figure everything out. What’s the rest
of her scroll say? “Give three coins
to the person you named.” -[CHUCKLING]
-[ALL GASPING] TIM: Damn! He’s the devil! “Take three coins
from anyone.” Oh, my God, please
don’t take them from me.
Please don’t take them from me! -Hi, Joey.
-That’s fine.
I have enough. There you go.
Here’s one. -Two.
-Okay, no,
I just wanted two. I’ll take the third one
from you. ALL: Oh! JOEY: Wow! Okay. “Trade coin bags
with the person
to your right.” -Oh!
-ROSANNA: Oh, my gosh. This game is making
my stomach hurt. I’m just middle class now. “Trade coin bags
with the person
to your left.” -Are you kidding me?
Joey has the most coins.
I really made out.
Hell yeah! You have like,
zero coins! I absolutely do not want
to go into this challenge, so I’m hoping that
Rosanna or Tana has something in that scroll
that can help me. -No!
-ROSANNA: Oh, my gosh. -ALEX: What it is?
-[GROANS] Sorry. “Give away
half of your coins
to whoever you choose.” ALL: Ooh! -Buddy!
-Buddy! We about to get rich. Losing half my coins
when I already had Gabbie’s
crusty damn coinsleaves me in a tough spot.I’m going to give
these coins to someone who hasn’t trusted me
since the moment
that I got here. -Everybody open their bags.
-And it’s someone -who I really care about
and someone that…
-Oh, that is… …I hurt a lot and… It’s Colleen. DESTORM: Oh! COLLEEN:
Maybe now I can trust Joey.
I don’t know. I thought
he was a murderer.
But maybe he’s my friend. Thanks. -TANA: Aw!
-BRETMAN: That was
the fakest shit I’ve ever seen. ALEX: Bitch, please!
DESTORM: Oh! ROSANNA: Oh, gosh. “Name your best friend.” Joey. Girl, I hope that that
is some positive coinage. Oh, my gosh!
This is a mind game! What does it say, woman? “Take three coins.” -[GROANS]
-Joey, I’m so sorry! I’m freaking out.
Now, I’m currently
the poorest. -“Take two coins
from anyone.”
-Oh! -That’s all the scrolls, right?
-No, I got this one. And I have one too. “Name your best frenemy
out loud, and then open.” Mmm. If I know anything
about a frenemy… -What’s up, my guy?
-My boy. Hey, what’s up? You can give the person
you named half of your coins. ALEX: Mmm-hmm. -Or…
-Or… You can steal
half of theirs. -TANA: Oh!
-Decisions, decisions. Ain’t no decision.
Give me half
of your coins, boy. ALL: Whoa! ALEX: [STUTTERING]
What about… I thought… Did you think he was
gonna give you half
of his coins? DESTORM: What would you do? I don’t know. I gave you coins.
There you go. -Is that half?
-That’s half. -You got it all
figured out, huh?
-All figured out, huh? -Mmm-hmm.
-No, I’m just joking.
Here you go. -Oh!
-For real? Wow! “Steal all the coins
from one of your friends
and give it to someone else.” ALL: Ooh! -Really?
-TIM: Wow. -Thank you.
-He did it for her. -Wait, who has the lowest?
-GABBIE: Oh, right. That’s you and me. -ALEX: Oh!
-Wow. -That’s hot.
-Wow. DESTORM: Wow.Tim’s the homie.
But he’s a slickster.
But I’m ready
to take him down. TIM:I don’t know
which way this could go.
I’m either gonna take out
the villain, or I might just
end up in Hell, with my blue boo. -You guys gotta come with me.
-I’ll be back. -I’ll be back.
-GABBIE: I’ll see
you soon, Destorm. -COLLEEN: You got this, Tim.
-Yeah. I really hope
I don’t see Destorm again. He has been so unhelpful
and so rude! And Tim has been
kind of nothing. So he can come back.
We’ll just kill him
next time. What is this? “Make an offering
of four gems to Vishnu, “on his golden pedestal
to receive the jeweled key. “For even Garuda
bows to him. “The gems are hidden
among the nests. “You can only retrieve
your color. “The first to make
the offering will be
blessed with protection “and the other will be
torn to pieces.” Oh, shit. You guys got it? TIM:
We have to find four gems.
I gotta find the blue ones. He has to find
the red ones.And the first person to place
the four gems up on this
little pedestal is the winner.
And the other
will be torn to pieces. -All right, go!
-Oh, God! DESTORM:
There we go. Ha! [SCREECHING] TIM: Holy shit! -What’s up?
-What’s up? You’re not gonna kill me.
You are not gonna
kill me, Destorm. You’re going down,
my boy! DESTORM:My mind’s focused.I have to win.Garuda’s roaming the nest,
but I’m razor sharp.
-[YELLS] Garuda snatches me up out of the game, and I’m like,
“Why has my blue goddess Boo
forsaken me?” No! No!
Come on, man! No! [GRUNTS] That’s right.
You’re going home. -You’re evil, man!
-Survival of the fittest,
my boy! And you stole
my wallet! No! No! Please don’t do this! No! Please! -[GROANING]
-Die! Die! Die! Die! Get the key! [GRUNTS] -KALI:
The riddle is now complete.
-Just in time. GARUDA: You’re not leaving!
Vishnu is no longer
my god! DESTORM:
Give me the blade. Yeah! -Slay the birdman!
-It’s time to ruffle
some feathers. [GRUNTING] [GROANING] -[LAUGHING]
-Let’s get out
of here, man. We got it. [LAUGHS] Destorm is a bad
influence on you. You used to be sweet,
kind and nice. Destorm! BRETMAN: Oh, my gosh!
ALEX: What did I say? -ROSANNA: What happened?
-I don’t lose. COLLEEN:Well,
here comes Destorm.
The man I just told
I hated, is back. So he’s gonna probably
try to kill me next. Awesome. Alas, Garuda killed Tim. But I avenged his life.
Don’t feel bad. I have a key. JOEY:I can’t believe
this is happening again.
This was supposed to be
a rescue mission, and now, I’m losing my friends,
left and right. Listen, I know
we had some beef. But can we be a team player
now that you’re still alive? Come on, Destorm. All right. I’m down. You go turn the key. DESTORM:I agreed,
but I don’t believe her.
So, you take the key
and you turn the lock. BRETMAN: Ooh, girl. GABBIE:
Uh-oh, I’m scared, I’m scared. JOEY:
Something’s gonna happen. TANA: All the doors
are opening. We’re about to die.♪ Should have come a long way♪ Messing with my throne♪ Gotta keep you at a distance♪ Trying to roll my name♪ Why play a wicked game♪ Welcome to
your warning rune ♪


– Oh, girl, she looks rough today. Hello everyone I’m Colleen and
this is my little cute son. This is Flynn. Look at his hair, you cute little nerd. How did I end up with a
redheaded blue-eyed son? That’s the real tea. So I’m not able to get out very much because I have this new little cute baby. So I buy a lot of my
stuff online on Amazon, and I buy him a lot of stuff on Amazon, and I have recently found a
lot of weird items on Amazon. So I decided to go and find the weirdest most unusual baby products on Amazon, and we’re going to test
them out, huh buddy. (Colleen burps) Not even fazed, he’s so used
to me burping all the time. Oh, you’re so cute, how am I supposed to do
anything when you are so cute. Okay, let’s see what’s in this box, Flynn. First thing we have, that
I thought was really weird, was a placenta plush, okay. (baby cooing) okay. Placenta, baby’s first roommate. It’s literally a stuffed placenta. This was one of the first
things that popped up when I looked up weird baby products. But here, it’s your first
stuffed thing that I bought you. I haven’t bought him any
teddy bears or anything. So this is the first one, do you like it? (loud drum bangs) Give it a hug! (baby crying) Oh, he doesn’t like the placenta. Some women keep their placenta and eat it. I’m not kidding, that’s very common now. People make them into pills, put it into little capsules and eat it. I didn’t do that. No shame to anyone who does. A lot of women do it now, because I guess it’s really good for you. They say there’s a lotta
vitamins in your placenta, but I just take vitamins
instead of eating my placenta. So, that was my decision,
but a lot of women do eat it. Placenta is essentially what
made you grow into a human, so I thought maybe you missed
the placenta you grew with, so I got you this one. It connects to your belly button. Wanna see what the next one is? Next thing I found was Tooty the bear. This is totally up my ally. This is a bear that just farts. So you push it, somewhere, maybe squeeze it. (farting) What do you think, Flynn? It’s the same fart every time? Little disappointed, I
wish this bear had multiple fart sounds, because
no two farts are alike, but here, you like your Tooty bear? Oh, he does not approve. So far Flynn doesn’t really like either one of the things I’ve
bought, so that’s really cool. Oh! I also got this outfit, which is literally an outfit that turns my child into a mop. So when he crawls around and rolls around he cleans the floor. (fast musical note plays) I looks like it is not from this country, the writing on it, none
of it is in English. However, this size is
way too big for Flynn, so we’re gonna have to wait a while to see I this one works,
because it’s massive. It’s like a spongey rag. I don’t know if your supposed to get soap and water on your kid first or what, but apparently he crawls and scoots around the floor and cleans it. I will give you an update on this later, when he’s big enough, probably
in a couple of months. Next we have diaper changing Glove-Saks. So, in case he’s got a poopy diaper and you don’t wanna touch it. To be honest, most parents, I feel like you just get an immunity to poop and pee, it doesn’t really bother you. But it explodes out of his clothes a lot. It gets on you, it gets on the bed. When you’re changing him, sometimes he kicks around and gets
it all over himself. These are so when you change the diaper, it wraps around the diaper. So we’re gonna have to go try these out. Let’s check it out. I don’t mind just changing
him with my bare hands. I don’t know what parent
would ever do this, but we’re gonna try it because
it was a product I saw. Diaper off. Diaper in a trash bag! – [Man] Maybe if there was a
super blow-out it would be. – No, no one would ever use this. No one would ever use it. No parent would ever take the time to put on that glove to do that. It’s totally not cool, and you can just do that
with regular gloves, you don’t need all the extra space. I think that was silly. (man cooing) (baby cooing) – Yeah. Let’s see what else we got. This is a teether that you
can record your voice on. So while he’s chewing it, it
can be like I love you baby. Or something creepy and weird. I don’t really know why
you’d wanna do that. I guess you can also put
music on it and stuff. So we’re gonna try this out. (baby cries)
Oh, no, what’s wrong? You don’t like the teether? Is it nap time? Okay, so I’ve got this little thingy here. I’m gonna try to record something on it, so hopefully he will like this. I’m going to encourage
him that even though his teeth are hurting
him, that he can do it. So that’s what I’m gonna
record on this thing. Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing
super hard, get it! Get it, Flynn, you get it! Oh no, Flynn, do your teeth hurt? You can bite this thing super hard! Here you go, Flynn. You’re doing it! I love you! – [Man] Is that your voice? Oh my god. – Okay, this ones good, but I’m gonna take off my own recording,
‘cuz I just think it’s weird. But I do think this is a good one. This is a winner! Oh my gosh, I’m so excited for this. This is a beanie for a baby
that has a beard attached to it. I’m gonna try to put
it on Flynn right now. It is getting close to his nap time, so I don’t know if he’s
gonna be into this. Look at that (laughs), what a cute boy! Look at you, Flynn! Don’t eat it! (laughing) Flynn! You’re so cute. I don’t think he likes it, though, so I’m gonna take it off, but that is hysterical. Love that. That is a win. Speaking of weird hats with hair, this is another hat for babies. Do you wanna try this on, Flynn? Oh, look at you (laughs). You’re so cute! Lookit how chunky he looks. Why is this so cute? I am obsessed with this hat, to be honest. Hello. So excited for this. So Flynn is at an age, he’s four months, he’s starting to grab onto
things and hold thing. So this is amazing. It’s a rattle, but it
looks like one of those, what are those things called? People exercise with things. I don’t exercise, so I couldn’t
tell you what it’s called. It’s so cute. It’s kind of heavy, though, and I’m afraid he’s gonna
bonk his own face with it, but we’re gonna try it. Oh, big boy! Oh, he already dropped it. Too heavy for ya? You’re so strong! He’s still learning how
to hold things, okay? Wanna try again? Wanna try the other hand? Maybe you’re right handed and
your right hand is stronger. There we go, strong boy! Not so much. I think it’s cute, and I
think you look strong with it. Hold on. Big boy! He does not wanna hold onto that thing. I think I’ll actually use this one, this one’s really funny,
and it’s super cute, so I think we’ll use this one. I’m excited for this. Okay, this is too big for him,
but we’re still gonna try it. It’s gonna make him look
like he’s all tatted up, so we gotta try this thing out, even though it’s a little too big. That does not look like
tattoo sleeves at all. – [Man] I didn’t think that for a second. – [Colleen] Maybe I got a
size too big, but I feel like even if I didn’t, – [Man] It just looks like a pattern. – [Colleen] Yeah, it just
looks like a weird pattern. – [Man] You wanna flex on ’em? – [Colleen] Now it looks totally real. – When he’s flexing.
– Cool sleeves, bro. Strong boy! – [Man] Flexing. – [Colleen] Yay, strong boy! Okay, I got him a bunch
of weird mustache binkys. I also have this duckbill one,
so we’re gonna wash these, and we’re gonna see how
he looks with different kinds of mustaches. Okay, here’s the duck one. I’m super excited about this. There we go! Duck baby! (laughing) That’s so funny. That’s so cute, Flynn, I like your duck! Oh my god, look at this. (Man laughing) Cute baby, you like that binky? That is adorable. Okay, that’s a win. Let’s try the mustaches. Okay, time to try mustache. It’s so funny how it moves
around as he sucks on it. Okay, hello. That is adorable. Flynn, you look like a gentleman. Okay, let’s try this mustache. Oh that’s incredible. Love, that’s the cutest thing I ever seen. Approved. This one is approved,
I strongly recommend. What else we got in here, Flynn? Oh my god, this is so cute. Okay, this is a teether that
looks like a vintage Game Boy. This is the Game Boy that
I played with as a kid, ‘cuz I’m an old dinosaur. Flynn, we’re gonna try this
but I have to wash this before you put it in your mouth. (baby crying) I’m sorry, it has to be clean! You got your Game Boy? You gonna eat your Game Boy? Yeah, eat your Game Boy! He likes it! You like it? Tell Mommy, I’m not
supposed to eat my Game Boy, I’m supposed to play my Game Boy! Good boy. What do you think? I think he likes it, y’all. I think he likes it, this one’s a win. He’s teething right now. It’s like a week later from
when I filmed all the other Amazon stuff, and he’s starting to teeth. So this has actually come in handy. I’m stoked on this one. What do you think, Flynn? You like it? And the final thing, I’m
so excited about, is this. So this thing, you put on his head, you take a shower with
him, or a bath or whatever, and it keeps the water and
the soap out of his eyes. So I’m really excited to try this. Looking good, buddy. It’s getting on my
camera, that’s for sure. I think it’s working! – [Man] So we’re only
washing the top of his head? – [Colleen] Yeah. Well it’s not like you can
take him in the shower, or pour water on their
head and it won’t get all in their face. I mean, it looks pretty cool. There we go! Totally works. This is not a good product. What do you think? So much drool, Flynn. I love you. Alright, so I need to do
my outro while I’m bouncing because he’s getting fussy,
and if I don’t bounce he’ll start to cry. Thanks for watching. If you guys see any
other weird baby products that you think I should
test out, send them my way, let me know, because I would
love to try out other stuff. Oh my god, he’s yawning,
it’s time to go to do a nap. Huh, pumpkin? But I hope you guys like this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up! Leave a comment, tell me which one of the products was your favorite. I think I like the hat with the hair because he just looked so cute and silly. So I think I liked those
best, but I gotta go. Because I gotta put this
little pumpkin to sleep. Don’t forget to get tickets to my tour. Right now we only have a few dates. We are looking to add more cities, so if you want me to come
to your city let me know. It’s a big, fun, comedy tour. It’s a comedy show with me and Miranda. You don’t like Miranda? Okay, I’ve gotta go give him a nap. I love you guys, and
I’ll see you next time. Thanks for watching,
everybody, I love you, and I’ll see you next time. Bye!


– Hey guys, it’s me Coleen,
and I’m pregnant still. I was gonna post a
different video today but a lot of you have been begging me to post the full reaction of my family and friends ever since I did my
pregnancy announcement. But for those of you
who are not interested in the pregnancy announcement of it all, we’ll be back to our regularly
scheduled programming very soon. So today I’m gonna be
showing you the footage of me telling my family,
and then I will show you the footage of me telling my
friends, either on my blog channel, or some other time
on this channel, I don’t know. So this video is just
me telling my family. I was so nervous, every time
I told anyone I was pregnant I was so so so so nervous. So I did a really bad
job when I was filming, explaining what was going
on, so I’m gonna tell you now so that you understand later. But the first thing I
wanna let you guys know is that I did tell Cory and Eric first. Cory’s my best friend,
Eric is the love of my life and the father of this baby. I told them but I did not
film those experiences. I did him pretty much
immediately after I found out I was pregnant, and I wasn’t
worried about filming it, I was worried about the
fact that I was pregnant. Maybe Cory and I will reenact
those moments for you later. So there are a lot of
reactions to me being pregnant in this video, but I
definitely saved my favorite and the best for last,
so watch till the end to see the cutest reaction
ever, it makes me cry every time I see it. But first we’re gonna start with my sister and my momma. My sister, I told her I was
doing a what’s inside the box challenge where you had to
stick your hand inside a box, and my mom, I told her that
we were gonna do a challenge where she had to go
shopping and buy me clothes, and the store I chose
for her to buy clothes for me at was a baby store. So here is my sister and my mom finding out that I’m pregnant. Okay guys, so I’m about to
tell Rachel that I’m pregnant. I invited her over, she
has no idea what I’m doing, but I’m gonna tell her I
wanna film a video with her, and it’s what’s inside this box. And she’s gonna sit
here, and I’m gonna put the pregnancy test in
here, and she has to guess what it is. I’m so excited. Don’t peek. – Okay, this is difficult. – So wait, okay, so- – Can I look now? – Yeah you can look now. – Ew, I don’t like it. – Okay go for it. – Is it gonna hurt me? – I don’t think so. – I don’t like you. It’s gross, it’s slimy, okay. I hate you so much, I’m
gonna throw it at your face if I hate it, is it an animal? Is it a spider? – No, it’s not a spider,
I’d never do that to you. – Is it cat poop? – No it’s not cat poop. – Is it a, a birth, a pregnancy test? – You got it. – Oh is it used? (squealing) – I’m pregnant. – Are you really? Oh my god, congratulations. Oh my god, oh my god. – I know I’m freaking out. – Oh my god you’re so pregnant. – Where did it go? – I don’t know, I’m
sorry, I got too excited. – Hey guys, today I’m
with my mom and my sister, and we are at the mall, because my mom is gonna pick out some
outfits for me and Rachel, and Rachel and I are gonna
pick out outfits for my mom. – You’re gonna look so good. – I know, so it’s mom’s turn
first, to pick out an outfit for us, specifically me, so this way. I’m picking this store. – You’re picking this store for you. – Yes. – Okay I won’t be able to
find anything for Rachel. – No, well I’m not
technically picking it for me. – Oh okay. – I’m picking it for a baby. – Oh my god, no you aren’t. Oh my god. Oh my god are you kidding me? Oh my god. Oh my god, oh my god. – So I bought every
pregnancy test on the planet, I have a collection of like
20 on my toilet right now, and they all say positive. – Yay I wanna see this collection. – It’s been three days. We’re not doing a video,
I just wanted to tell you in a fun way. Right but that’s why I’m not
supposed to tell anyone yet so. – May June July August September
October November December. – It’s December, early January. – A Christmas baby? A Christmas baby? It’s what I want for Christmas. – I have to say that
editing that was so hard. My mom’s and my sister’s
reactions were so sweet, and adorable, and I just, I love them. The next reactions you’re going
to see do need a little bit of explaining, you’re going to see my dad, Eric’s parents, and
Christopher and Jessica. Christopher and Jessica
were a playlist in Florida, and they weren’t gonna be home for weeks, so I couldn’t wait that
long, I needed to tell them as soon as possible, so I FaceTimed them. Eric’s parents live on the
other side of the country, so we wanted to tell them
as soon as possible too, so we of course told them
through FaceTime as well. And my dad, we got a
little revenge on my dad. My brother Christopher
and his wife Jessica had a little girl first,
so it was a really big deal when they got pregnant, it
was the first baby of that generation, and they
had a really special way that they wanted to tell every
single member of the family, but my dad blew it for my sister Rachel. It was early in the morning,
Rachel was eating cereal before school, and my dad
came in and grabbed some milk out of the fridge, and while
he was grabbing the milk he said, isn’t it crazy
that Jessica’s pregnant? And that’s how Rachel
found out that Jessica and Christopher were having a baby. Christopher and Jessica
could not believe that my dad totally spoiled such a huge
surprise, so we got payback on dad, and we told him the same way that he told Rachel about Bailey. – Oh wait, I need milk. Dad isn’t it weird that Coleen’s pregnant? (laughing) Whoops. – Wait, really? Are you serious? Oh my god. Oh my gosh, wow. Congratulations Cory. (laughing) – Hi. – Hi angel, oh you look so cute. – Thanks girl. I feel like I’m seeing things,
and I need you to tell me if you see things, you ready? – I’m really good at this. – Okay. (squealing) I wanted to wait until I
could tell you in person, but I can’t wait two weeks. – Okay, oh I’m so happy for you angel. – Chris needs to get over
here right now though. – Hey what’s up? – Wanna show him your test? – Um, yeah. – Wow. (laughing) – That’s what you say? – Congratulations. – I wanted to think of a- – Does Eric know? – Yes Eric knows. (laughing) Guess how we told dad? We were filming, and Rachel
goes wait hold on a second, I have to get some milk,
and she opens the fridge and she goes, isn’t it crazy
that Coleen’s pregnant? – (laughing) gotcha. – I just wanted to get
the six of us on FaceTime, you guys, Snax, me,
Coleen, our unborn child. – Ah. Way to go. Oh way to go guys, congratulations. – Thanks, we wanted to tell you in person, but we didn’t know when we’d be out there, and we were just too excited. – Oh man this is so exciting. – Uh Coleen’s parents are here too. – Yay, grandparents together. – Our plan is working. (laughing) – Yup. – Whoa my god. – Oh my god, way to go guys. – My little heart is all a flutter. So the next people you’re
gonna see are our brothers. Eric’s brother and my brother Trent. We got to see Eric’s brother
while we were traveling recently, so we got to tell him in person, and then my brother Trent I
got to tell at my childhood home, and he was so sweet. – What the (bleep)? (laughing) Whoa, holy (bleep). Congratulation, oh my god. Oh my god dude. – I’m in Santa Barbara, say hi. – Hello. – I wanna show you something. – Okay go for it. Oh so cool, that’s awesome. – You’re gonna be an uncle again. – Woohoo. (laughing) – It’s tiny tiny tiny,
like an orange seed. Tiny little tiny seed. Who do you think the dad is? – Why would I wanna answer that? (laughing) – Congrats. – Thank you, you too. – Thanks. And now it’s time for my favorite reaction that just makes my heart explode. My niece and nephews,
my whole heart, my soul, these children are my everything,
I’m obsessed with them. They’re literally like,
my favorite little kids in the whole world, I was
so excited to tell them. So I decided to pretend
like I’m doing a little YouTube video with them,
and got the reaction and it’s so sweet, Bailey was so excited. Today I have my four favorite little niece and nephews here with
us, and we’re gonna play a little game, okay? Okay so it’s a math
game, you guys like math? – Yeah. – First question, how many
cameras do you see in the room? – Two, three. – No. – Four. – Four, Jake got it right. Jake got the first one. – Aw, four. – Next question, how many
people are wearing jackets in the room? – Two. – Two yeah, I think Parker said it first. – I said it too. – Next question, how many
kids are in this room? – Four. – Four. – Nope. – Six. – No. – Seven. – How is, it’s not seven. – How are you counting seven? No how many human kids,
how many human kids? – Four. – Nope, there’s five. – How? – Can you find the fifth one? Dunky, do you wanna know
where the fifth one is? – Yeah where where? – Well it’s a baby, and
it’s inside my tummy. – Actually? – Actually. Can you believe it? – No I can’t. – I’m having a baby. There’s a baby in my tummy right now. – (clapping) yay. – Do you wanna feel it? There’s a baby in there. – How big is it? – It’s as big as a large plum. – Awesome. – Are you excited? You guys get a new little cousin. Are you excited? – Yeah. – So there you go, that’s
the majority of my family’s reactions on camera, and
I have tons of footage of me telling all my
friends too, like Joey and Lily and Heather
and John, and Cory and I really wanna reenact our experience, so if you guys wanna see that,
let me know in the comments I guess, but I’m doing
good, I’m feeling great, and I just wanna say,
thank you so so so much for the positive and wonderful reaction to my pregnancy announcement. I was so nervous, I was so
nervous to post about it and tell you guys that I’m
pregnant, and the reaction from the internet was
unbelievable, everyone was so supportive and sweet and just like, I was not expecting that at all. I just feel so lucky and I feel so loved, and thank you thank you
thank you for supporting me and being just sweet
and kind about all this. I’m so excited and I’m so
scared and I’m so nervous but I’m mostly just unbelievably excited to have this baby and for
you guys to experience this journey with me. That’s it, okay, I love you
guys, thanks for watching, see you next time. Oh come see me on tour, I’m
going on tour next week. I’m really excited, come see me on tour, my book’s coming out, I’m so excited. Okay I love you guys, how many
times have I said excited? I love the word excited,
cause I’m excited right now. Okay bye.