Chewbacca Mom Takes James Corden to Work


Anthony DeVito: Dream Occupation – Racism Will Be Impossible in the Future

(cheering) – [Announcer] Keep it
going for Anthony DeVito, let him hear it! (cheering) – [Anthony] Thank you. Thank you very much. (light laughter) Racism will die out eventually. Just everybody’s having
sex with everybody. So more and more
races are mixing. In a hundred years, racists
are gonna have to be so specific, they’re
gonna have to be like, “These goddamn
quarter-Mexican, half-Jew, “quarter-Koreans are
ruining this country “with their taco
bank laundromats.” (laughter) I don’t understand (muffled)
people could be homophobic. Man, one of the funniest
things that I’ve ever heard told to me by a
black, flamboyant, over-the-top, gay coworker. We’re talking once,
it was just freezing. I was making conversation, I
was like, “It’s cold in here.” He goes, “Cold? Uh-uh, it’s
chilly willy penguin bones “up in here.” (laughter) “Huh, how are you
not a weatherman?” Oh my God. (laughter) “You just described
the room temperature “with a great idea for
a children’s book.” (laughter) (applause)

Wow, This Office Needs More Flirting

– So, what did you wanna meet
about today, Mrs. Marovitch? – Well, I unfortunately came
to report my co-workers. Specifically the men, or
should I say, the boys. (foreboding chime) (angrily sighing) – Not again. – I’ve invited Raphael to
join on behalf of the boys as they all have the
same stupid little mind and he’s their leader. – Their leader? – What? – Really?
– Yes, of course. – Please continue, Katie. – You see, I’ve recently
plighted my troth, and subsequently walked the
flower isle to my most beloved. (laughing) – Congratulations. – And this has totally
transformed my work relationships with these boys of mine. – In what way? – Well, it’s gotten a lot less
sexy, I’m tellin’ ya that. – Excuse me? – It was never sexy,
trust me, it was gross. – These boys have been
ignoring me, left and right. And something must be done about it. And that’s why I came to you, all right. Girls to girls, we understand, right? – She does this all the
time, we all hate her. – Let me lay it down for you doctor. – She’s not a therapist. – Are you a doctor? – I’m absolutely not a doctor. – I am an alpha woman. – Don’t fall for that. – And as such, I have certain needs, okay. And one of those needs is to be flirted with regularly at work. – It’s a workplace, that’s
absolutely not allowed. – She won’t listen, it’s
like talking to a brick wall. (whooshing) – All right, what’s going on? – Follow my finger. – Can you guys– – I am following it. – Can we get back to– – Now that I am a married woman, these boys view me as just
a prune faced old hen, not worth her weight in gold. – This is an insane thing
to come to HR about. I mean I’m kind of shocked
you thought this was– – Eh, uh, I know exactly
what you’re about to say. Katie Marovitch, my oh my,
a little married woman. Well, she has someone to flirt
with until the day she dies. – Yeah, that’s absolutely
not what I was going to say. – Here’s the weather report,
there is trouble in paradise. – What? – I’ve grown very bored of my husband, and quite frankly, I long
for the days of my youth. You know, I miss the flirts
my boys would thrust upon me. – Ew, what does that even mean? – By the way, she’s only
been married for four months. – I wasn’t always into
their flirts, you know. – That’s false, she was the
only one who wanted to flirt. – The little poems they’d write for me. – (sighs) Oh, God. – Drawings they’d draw for me. (laughing) The flowers they’d prune for me. (laughing) The songs they’d sing for me. (singing) K-k-katie, beautiful Katie. The signs they’d post for me, and the leaves they’d burn for me. Those were the days, I
did not long for them, but now I do. – Truly, none of that happened. – Okay, enough. You are violating so many company policies and workplace laws right now. You are officially fired,
effective immediately. – Finally! (mysterious music) (keyboard clacking) – Wait no, don’t look me up! – Hm, that’s weird, the
company has no record of you ever working here. (mysterious chime) (keyboard clacking) I can’t find your name
anywhere online, either. (mysterious music) (keyboard clacking) – Huh? – And, I just checked the
Social Security Administrations database of all people, I
couldn’t find you on it. It’s like you never existed. – Hm, interesting. – Wait! (mysterious music) You’re hiding something, Katie Marovitch! And I’m gonna find out what. (mysterious music) – There’s the flirt I’ve been looking for!

Excuses Girls Give To Leave Office Early | Girliyapa’s ChickiLeaks

Excuse me, Sir? Sir, the ‘Satya Narayan Pooja’ is going
to start at home, so I’m leaving now. Well, the believe a lot in these things
at home. Do take some ‘prasad’
from me tomorrow for sure. Sir… I’ve just been newly married. And my husband is coming to pick me up
for the first time on the bike. So, can I leave? Last week my grandma had a fracture,
now she’s in coma… My stomach hurts a lot today, Sir. My head hurts a lot, Sir. Look, can you check if I’ve a fever? I think I’m coming down
with Malaria, Sir. Sir, I’ve got a Tinder match
after almost 4 months! No, no. I’m serious! Hi, Sir.
I’m Rocky. Wanderlust, Sapiosexual
and ‘non-smoker’. Cigarette? Sir, it’s Lohri today, right? So, I need to go home and break
the furniture. My folks at home
believe in it a lot! So, can I leave? There’s a new Game of Thrones
episode out today. Tomorrow’s my best friend birthday! Today’s Christmas Eve. Girl problems, Sir. Sir, Onam’s round the corner, right? So I need to get home
and prep to make a lot of food. Please come over, Sir.
My folks believe in it a lot! Sir, my room mate’s getting married. Sir, look at my eyes. You already know how much I love
singing and dancing! You know, my son’s joined
a new school, right? Yesterday, he made a hole in one
of the drums in music class and filled it with water. So, the principle’s called me. Sir, you remember my Tinder match?
He threatened me with acid. I struggled so much to get it from Kasol,
you know how expensive it is, right, Sir? Sir, I need to go get waxed!
The parlor shuts off soon! Do you remember my boyfriend from Tinder? Sir, he drank entire bottle
of phenoyl. I need to buy a new one or my maid
will screw me! Sir… The news is predicting
heavy rains in Mumbai. I need to get home
before high tide. Can I leave? But our office is in Gurgaon. Sir, you know the La Tomatina festival? Which was featured in ZNMD? So, I need to go to the market
to buy tomatoes. Well… My family believes in it a lot!

Prathi Office Lo – Types of Employees || Tamada Media

Hello, busy people! Hit the bell icon and never miss any update
from me. Yours truly, Mahatalli. Okay.
Nice.. So, Ms. Jahnavi.. The cliched question.
Why our company? Well..
I want to dream big. You said it because you saw this?
– Of course, not. I’ve got similar aspirations. Alright. Cool.
– You’re resume looks good. Why did you leave your previous company?
– I know it’s unprofessional to talk about it. But, there were
different types of people there. I couldn’t get along with them. Can you elaborate?
– I can, but, it is time consuming. That’s no problem. We’ve got the whole day.
You may begin. ‘How long before lunch time?
I’ll listen to some songs till then.’ ‘I just don’t feel like working today.’ ‘Five.. Four.. Three..
Two and one! Time’s up.’ Good morning, brother. ‘God! I even had dreams
in this nap.’ ‘So, sleepy I feel.’ What are you searching for?
– Keys of my keyboard are missing. You’ve turned around
the laptop, you Snorlax. I hit the bed only at 4:30 in the night.
– 4:30 in the night? 4:30 in the morning you mean?
– I couldn’t sleep before 4:30. Try hitting bed..
Early.. Good morning, guys. Akhira, I sent you a video on whatsapp.
Check it out. It’s hilarious. What if the manager sees?
– I sent the video to you. Not to the manager. Cut the crap.
Manager is right behind us. ‘All set?
Roll camera.. Action!’ Did you even check it?
– Check what, Narayana? Good morning, sir. I sent him
some files an hour ago. He hasn’t checked it yet. Learn to be disciplined
and hardworking like Narayana. ‘Screw you, idiot!’
– Work like him if you want any increment. Else, I’ll have to replace you
with someone better. Keep up the good work, Narayana.
– Sure, sir. Thank you. Even Kamal Hassan pales out
in comparison with you. Check this out.
I wear the same pair of jeans again and again. I hardly wash my shirts.
But she never repeats any dress ever. She also matches her accessories
with her dress. Had she focused so much on work,
she’d have become a GM by now. Had you not focused so much on her,
you’d have become an AGM by now. Any problem?
Why do you look so low? I broke up.
– So sorry to hear that. You’ll be fine. You’ll get over it.
One gets over everything in life. Please, don’t talk about this with anyone else.
– Of course, I won’t. Trust me, you’ll be fine. The breaking news is that
Gautami broke up! Why is everyone showing me sympathy?
Can’t you even keep a promise? You think I’m a gossip monger?
– Yes! My bad that I told you. What’s wrong in sharing the information
I know with other people? In fact, I should be lauded for that.
But, wait.. Nikhil broke up, so did Gautami. Guys, Nikhil and Gautami were dating
and they broke up! Ms. Ramya, I’ve an error in the code.
Could you please check? See. It is now sorted.
– Wow! I tried to sort it for an hour now. But you sorted it in a jiffy. Few girls with beauty got no brains.
Few girls with brains got no beauty. Only few got both, like you.
– What’s for lunch? I brought nothing. What about you?
– I brought Lemon Rice. Is it? Nice!
Even I love lemons. I can guess that. Good morning, Mr Phani.
– Good morning for you maybe. Peon! Where is my cup of coffee? Didn’t I instruct you that I need coffee
the moment I arrive? You arrived just now.
– But I arrived, right? Fetch me coffee. How careless!
– You seem pretty pissed, Mr Phani. Please, mind your work, Ms. Sujatha.
– Who is Sujatha? His wife. He can’t talk back to her at home.
So, he vents out his fustration at office. Jahnu, no one has arrived yet.
I knew even this meeting would get delayed. That’s why I caught up
with the new movie at the cinemas. Did you see the new project description?
– Did you see Aravinda Sametha? Jones, if we fail to finish
this project on time you and I will have to sell movie tickets
in the black market for a living. From Monday to Thursday we think only about
the new movie release of Friday. If we don’t watch the movie on Friday,
we can’t focus on work during the weekend too. So, if we watch
the new release on Friday we can focus on work
atleast during the weekend. The first 20 minutes of the movie was amazing!
– Jones, please. Karunamurthy..
– Yes? It’s time for lunch. Let’s go grab a bite.
– It is lunch time already? Yes, it is.
– Alright. You carry on with lunch. Buddy, it’s break time.
– I don’t believe in breaks. – Screw you! In this office,
I’m treated like we treat bay leaf in Biryani. I’ve made up. I’ve made up my mind.
– That you’re going to resign? Of course. We’ve to work for 8 hours
for 6 days a week and for 26 days a month. Navaratri is a 9-day festival.
But, we’re given off only for 1 day. And we’re asked updates
on that day too. I’ve made up my mind.
I’m going to resign at any cost. We both know you won’t. You’d know I have, when you’d have lunch
all by yourself from 1st of next month. In case you forgot, today is the 1st.
– So, funny. I know it is the 1st. I’ve postponed my resignation to next month.
In fact, I almost submitted my resignation. But, I took pity on our boss. I can work at another office anyday
but how can our boss manage without me? I’ll wait until December.
If things don’t change, it’ll be all over. Not the year, but my stay at this office.
– Of course. What are you working on, Balaji?
– Sir, a very good morning to you! Good morning to you to.
– Sir, you look different today. Let me see. What are you upto, Balaji? I’m wondering what is more beautiful,
you or the shirt you wore. I guess you are. No wonder
you’ve become the manager. How I wish I can be a quarter
of what you are someday. You’re flattering me.
Surely you’ll be a man like me someday. I doubt that, sir.
I can’t even finish the project on time. That exactly is what I wanted to ask.
Are you done with the project? I’d need some more time, sir.
– Don’t worry. Take your time. But I want the project to be impeccable.
– Don’t worry, sir. I’ll take care of that. Cool! May God bless you.
– Sir.. How I wish I can be a quarter
of what you are someday. Wonder why
you respect me so much. Jahnu, I need a favour.
– No problem. I’ll share your project too. Not about the project.
Could you lend me Rs. 5000? Our salaries got credited
just the other day. And my friends partied with every penny
from my salary just the other day. I don’t have a dime with me.
It is only a matter of 28 days. I’ll pay you back the moment
my salary gets credited. I don’t remember me being invited
to that party. Hello, darling.
What’s up? No one appreaciates the hardwork I put in.
– Take it easy. Taking it easy is precisely the problem.
– What are you planning to do? How about deleting the entire project file?
– Go for it. Are you sure?
– Of course. Yes! It’s been deleted.
I may get fired, but now, I care two hoots. Good job. I love you.
– I love you too. ‘Did this guy say anything?’
– ‘He’s on the phone all this while? Screw it.’ Surya, there aren’t any paper cups here.
– Hello, Ms. Jahnavi. How are you? I’m good.
– Your place was locked when I came by on Sunday. I had to rush out to run some errands.
– Nevermind. A couple of new insurance schemes
have been launched. If you subscribe to those, your family
and even my family would be set for future. This new policy
would suit your finances too. I suggest you take up this policy
and quit these day jobs. I hope you’ll be home this Sunday.
– Sure. And spread the word
to your relatives aswell. How does he find time from office work
to take up this nonsense too? What’s that? A new phone again?
– Yes! It’s not just a phone. It’s an iPhone.
– Yeah, but it still is a phone. You know its cost? It costs Rs. 1,00,000.
– Rs. 1,00,000! How did you pay for that?
– By agreeing to pay EMIs. How much is the EMI?
– Rs. 20,000. Do you realise the EMI
is more than your salary? You and I know I’m broke.
But the society would only see this iPhone. Soon enough you’ll become a beggar
with a golden bowl in your hands. What!
– Ravi, that was only my inner voice. You shouldn’t have played it out loud.
I’m sorry. Guys, the year end national seminar
is round the corner. Who all are interested to represent
our company there? Sir, I will!
– Alright. Slow down. Taking up this responsibilty is no joke.
We need.. I’ll get the approvals. The target..
– I’ll meet all targets. The competitors..
– I’ll stun our competitors with my work. Don’t be in such a haste.
Hear me out. I wanted to say that we should
out do our competitors with our presentation. I wonder why you are..
– Always in a haste? I don’t know either. Don’t waste your money.
Send me the mail. I’ll print it. Are you printing the flight tickets
of your Diwali vacation? You know I don’t use the office properties
for my personal needs. He also wanted a stapler.
He also wanted 4 A4 sheets. He may need more.
I’ll take the entire bundle. Where is the gluestick? I don’t see it.
Ms. Jahnavi, any idea where the gluestick is? You should know.
– Why should I? This firm make Rs. 20 crores a year,
yet, a Rs. 20 gluestick isn’t bought. The rumour is that a person
is stealing stationery items from this office. Shit! I guess she busted me. Good job, Jahnavi. Keep it up.
– Thank you, sir. Thank you. Crap! I helped her write this entire code.
– Is that true, Jahnavi? Not at all. I did this all by myself.
– Are you trying to get promoted by lying? Who wrote down the last 2 lines of the code?
– I only asked her if those 2 lines were right. ‘Only’? You ‘only’ asked?
There is nothing like ‘only’ in coding. Hadn’t it been for me,
you’d have corrupted the files and damaged the system
and burnt down the CPU Wouldn’t I have also burnt the thermal
power grid and pushed India into darkness? Calm down, now.
So, what is your point? You should also appreciate me. Stop it!
Stop it, now! You people shouldn’t be appreciated. I should be appreaciated
for putting up with you all. Sir, what’s happening here?
– Who is he? Who is this guy?
– He is Homely Hari. How come I never saw him in the office?
– He usually works from home. What! We got the option
of working from home? Every office is like that. Infact, in this office..
– How are people in this office? This office has been my dream. Dad, I’m back from USA for good. With the money I saved up,
I’m planning to set up my own IT firm. Think about it again. I’ve faith in Siddu
and in his abilities. She mortgaged all her assets
to finance our project. We’ve to repay her faith in us. We’ve to help our dreams survive. Trust me, we’ll have the best team
in a weeks’ time. You’ve great command over programming.
But, you never landed a job before? That’s maybe because
no other employer saw my potential. What are REPA classes?
– Rape? I’m not interested in rapes. I’m against rapes.
I’m an anti-rapist. Are you Meghna?
– I know you know I am. I’m selected! Rather than looking straight in my eye you can look around too.
– I didn’t know you’re this different on dates. That is all fine.
But what about the practicalities? I went through your profile.
I can offer you a job. Not a project. What’s going on, Hari? I can see my dream collapse
right before my eyes. Don’t forget this office
provided you shelter when you needed it. Streaming now.
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