Story Of Being A Successful Businessman

once upon a time a turtle and a rabbit had an argument about who was faster they decided to settle the argument with a race the turtle and the rabbit both agreed on a round and started off the race the rabbit shot ahead and ran briskly for some time then seeing he was far ahead of the turtle he thought he'd sit under a tree for some time and relax before continuing the race he sat under the tree and soon fell asleep the turtle plodding on overtook him and soon finished the race emerging as the undisputed champ the rabbit woke up and realized that he belonged the race the moral of the story is that slow and steady wins the race this is the version of the story that we've all grown up with but our version of the story continues the rabbit was disappointed at losing the race and he did some thinking he realized that he'd lost the race only because he had been overconfident careless and lacks if he had not taken things for granted there's no way the turtle could have beaten him so he challenged the turtle to another race the turtle agreed this time the rabbit went all out and ran without stopping from start to finish he won by several miles the moral of the story fast and consistent will always beat the slow and steady it's good to be slow and steady but it's better to be fast and reliable but the story doesn't end here the turtle did some thinking this time and realized that there's no way he can beat the rabbit in a race the way it was currently formatted he thought for a while and then challenged the rabbit to another race but on a slightly different route the rabbit agreed the turtle and rabbit started off in keeping with his self-made commitment to be consistently fast the rabbit took off and ran at top speed until he came to a broad river the finishing line was a couple of kilometers on the other side of the river the rabbits sat there wondering what to do in the meantime the turtle trundled along got into the river swam to the opposite bank continued walking and finished the race the moral of the story first identify your core competency and then change the playing field to suit your core competency the story still hasn't ended the turtle and rabbit by this time have become pretty good friends and they did some thinking together both realized that the last race could have been run much better so the turtle and rabbit decided to do the last race again but to run as a team this time they started off and this time the rabbit carried the turtle till the riverbank there the turtle took over and swam across with the rabbit on his back on the opposite bank the rabbit again carried the turtle and they reached the finishing line together both the turtle and rabbit felt a greater sense of satisfaction than they'd felt earlier the moral of the story it's good to be individually brilliant and to have strong core competencies but unless you're able to work in a team and harness each other's core competencies you'll always perform below par because there will always be situations at which you'll do poorly and someone else does well teamwork is mainly about situational leadership letting the person with the relevant core competency for a situation take leadership and that is the end of the story

Constructing a Retaining Wall

alright this is a video I'm going to start doing a new project here I've got a vacant lot that I bought with my house back in 1996 and bought the vacant lot with it and have really done nothing with this lot basically encroached on it with my concrete and everything that I've done over the years some 15 to 20 feet so looking now to go ahead and maybe start doing something with this first thing I'm probably going to look if doing is building a retaining wall about 80 feet back about where that picnic table is and eventually fill this in but right now I just want to get the wall built so we'll probably maybe start working on that this week and get the supplies for the wall concrete and everything delivered by the weekend and we'll go from there so basically what I'm doing is starting near the fence and running a retaining wall all the way back cut all this stuff down eventually and I'm looking to bring it back to this log file here and maybe eventually one day build a workshop back in this area here but I need to have access a lot a little bit better and the slope of the land is really hurting you go to waste a little bit with all this trash around here feeding my dogs and also I wanna start cleaning this up but yep basically building a wall roughly 80 feet lengths get the footing down and all that and then eventually fill this in but before I do I may wind up running a plumbing line I'll probably be in touch with our city about what I can and can't do because I am inside the city limits on this so but and my log pile is really growing up a good bit from all the brush so again try to start doing something with this here real soon all right well my wall is in its beginning phases here we've got a ditch dug it looks like we're going to go at least a block deep and all this extra dirt we just threw over here because of the slope of the land that's going to be used for filter anyway so yeah we're going to kind of be stepping down this is a step down here because the way the land is again it's just on this weird angle so another step down and another one here and now we're at the corner so it's roughly 80 feet long and they were shooting up this way towards my other drive gate so yep it's coming along quite nicely it's not perfectly straight but that'll get finished up as as work progresses all right Vox were just blocks were just delivered this morning and now we got rain getting ready to move in so we're on hold now for a couple days but I've got a total of 400 blocks right now we think that should be enough to build this retaining wall a bunch of concrete and sacrée for mortar mix and then we got some red bricks for a little project my wife wants done another one of those flower baskets as I have in my backyard she wants one in the front yard so for my project she wants a project as well so oh well but yeah so far everything is kind of ready I got plastic covering my concrete trying to protect it best I can before the rain starts moving in so yeah we'll get this started this coming week alright just quit video update here on my retaining wall then using my reciprocating saw here to cut up a bunch of a whole fence post from the years I've had per mile scrap metal corner here and we've been using them in the wall to reinforce it so we've driven some down already got the footing this is the back of the wall that's pretty much complete coming along little by little so I have pretty much got the footing poured now it's just getting the blocks done and coming along quite nicely so we've got the posts already driven in the ground about every three to four feet and yeah start building up the rest of the wall here in the next couple days weather permitting we've been kind of delayed by weather a bit but you know for the most part though we're starting to get it get it together the blocks are getting used up I'm going to cover up the concrete a little bit better before any other rainstorm show up but still get a lot of lock to go but still got a nice bit of wall to go as well so but so far so good quite impressed and happy and looking forward to seeing the completed job probably take a total of three to four days once it's all said and done so yep I'll keep you informed a quick update here had to have another delivery of cat blocks which were not done or not ordered like I'd wanted I guess they got left off the order originally so I had them delivered this morning when it was really nasty and muddy and the forklift driver wound up getting stuck doing some nice ruts here and actually slid into my my pit here so a lot of having to drag him out with his rig messed up my pencil oh that's nice and nice and loose now reinforce that because it's been kind of knocked out of whack so oh well at least my blocks are delivered now and I'm just going to have to this is the reason I'm building this wall just for this reason here because this is a soupy mess when it rains it's basically undriveable or you just can't do anything with it until you wind up getting some dirt or some gravel in here so the project continues but it's on hold till this rain stops all right quick update just went to the old Home Depot we fell quite short on concrete and mortar mix so I got 15 bags of each so we can finish up the block and top block construction and then all this concrete is going to be going in the holes with pipes so I'll show you what we've got fit up to so far all right basically about halfway done this is from the back to about the halfway mark and we've still got another good portion to go but yes I gotta we think we're going to be good on blocks we may have quite a few left over but got our remaining cinder blocks here and then our cap blocks put on top there's our 2 by 8 by 16 so we don't fall in the holes once the wall is finished so all right another update we're getting close to a cap black stages basically filling in the cinder blocks here with concrete and cinder block debris make this thing extra strong now we've gotten about three-quarters of the way and and we're going to finish up the rest on tomorrow so this should be pretty much wrapped up here but overall it is turned out real nice now I just have to eventually get this all filled in yep very pleased with the progress all right it is officially complete all the cap blocks are on mortared in looks really good all the way to the gate and as you can see we've got a lot of supplies left over a lot of cat blocks a few bags of concrete there's a couple bags of mortar mix but we're going to be using those for a couple of the projects for the wife these cinder blocks and I don't know what I'm going to do with them because I don't really have an immediate use for all of those but those cat blocks so I could easily use those as stepping stones and stuff like that so but yep red bricks are already getting pulled out he's starting on another project tomorrow for the wife for her flower garden so yeah this thing looks excellent all the way down nice and straight so now eventually we'll get this all filled in with dirt yep excellent job and just another angle here from the back eventually the dirt will be filled in close to the top but maybe enough we might put some concrete maybe four inches of concrete on top eventually for a nice flat driveway back here also what I did was put a little mark where the pipe is drove into the ground about a good foot and a half maybe two feet and between that mark and the corner is where we're going to be running some pipe eventually for future workshop which we'll probably be putting in here sometime in the future but at least we got it marked where we can run the drain pipe for a sewer line and water line and all that so we can go right underneath the foundation and run the pipe all the way out to the street so that'll be a fun project for another date thanks for watching you you

SME: Working closely with brokers

so we've undertaken significant qualitative research to really understand these customers and look that research is telling us that we offer a really compelling proposition today but we don't want to stand still we recognize that the demands of diverse amis are changing and they continue to evolve and we can see an opportunity to continue to improve insurance solutions we offer to the Sigler so how do we take the great data capability that we have and make the process more frictionless for the customer make it easier to do business so we ask them less questions because we already know a lot about them but when we do ask them questions we ask them questions that are really relevant to their business it is about taking those great insights and translating that into a better insurance proposition that is more personalized so we can work more closer to the broker use that insights and expertise to make sure that their customer benefits from that in terms of getting a better insurance solution

Industry Wizard – Industry Product

the industry wizard is an intuitive online platform that allows you to filter through multiple data points in industry levels and trends to create a list of industries that meet your specific criteria by using the side toolbar you can select the data points in criteria to customize lists relevant to your individual business needs this includes the ability to easily adjust and set data ranges specific to your search requirements and the figure on the right side lets you know exactly how many industries meet your search criteria with the list generated by the wizard you'll find hyperlinks to the industry research reports making it quick and easy to access the analysis behind the data additionally the columns next to each item display your selected criteria furthermore the search criteria can be saved for future access the generated list can be exported into Excel so you can easily integrate the data directly into your reports and proprietary models another helpful feature of the industry wizard is the quick lists located at the bottom of the toolbar these are some of our clients most popular lists in addition quick lists illustrates some of the endless possibilities that the industry wizard can seamlessly generate Ibis world's industry wizard can be found by hovering over the industry research tab in the top right hand corner this powerful tool extracts data from the thousands of industry and risk rating reports within our collection so you can gain an insightful perspective on the economy growth opportunities and potential market threats most important to your business along with the United States Ibis world offers research on United Kingdom Canada Australia China and global industries to get started today visit w-w-w

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later

Porter's Five Forces Model – Example: Airline Industry

hello Dave can I explain any marketing concepts professor Siegfried can you give a practical example of the application of Porter's five forces well Dave the main purpose of Porter's five forces is to find a position in an industry where a company can defend itself against competitive forces or it can influence them in its favor a strategist can analyze any market by rating each competitive forces high medium or low and strength if we look at the commercial airline industry worldwide the Five Forces could be rated as follows rivalry among existing competitors as high as major airline companies compete closely and strongly for global market share and growth the threat of new entrants is seen as medium since new entrants may be able to secure secondhand aircraft to establish a budget airline however securing airport infrastructure facilities and airline route access is difficult because of high government regulatory barriers the threat of substitutes could also be seen as low with other transportation alternatives not having the same speed convenience and flexibility as air travel the bargaining power of buyers could be rated as high as air passengers have a wide variety of airlines to choose from and shop for the best ticket price online to save money the bargaining power of suppliers is high just to suppliers can satisfy the average requirements of today's commercial airline companies Airbus and Boeing these two suppliers companies control the market overall based on the above analysis of Porter's five forces we can conclude that the commercial airline industry is characterized by intense rivalry among Airlines fluctuating profitability and little differentiation among competing airlines thanks professor for this example of Porter's five forces you