Don't be a Victim to a Shifting and Changing Industry

and we are live with Morgan Petersen and Jason Greiner how are you doing fellas the newest members of exp Realty welcome to the family fellas and thanks yeah we're super excited good so as usual I've got my my friends and business partners here Fred Weaver Curtis Johnson and guys like we are just stoked we wanted to have the opportunity to just chat with you about your move over to exp Realty here in the last 72 hours number one of course a welcome but number two just say hey what's what's going on in your minds right now like how's it the last 72 to 96 hours been for you looks like no sleep that's all I'm saying I'll let them during that light right now no it's good we've been slammed it's been really exciting phone calls people asking us questions we're just really excited for not only our team which is the opportunity forward yeah and I would just I was shocked on how many people were maybe standing on that line and wanting to jump but then when we did so many people have reached out and I mean that's what was pretty crazy to me so we're I'm really excited yeah I think you know the reality is guys like what happens in this world is change is scary for a lot of people you know it is I mean Morgan you and I started this conversation what a year ago yeah and the reality is a lot of folks out there haven't been thinking about things for a year but what happens is they go oh someone makes a change someone makes a change no big deal but then someone like you guys makes a change someone who's respected in their community produces a lot of real estate gives back to their community to their real estate agents around them and people go oh well well they did it hold on a second maybe there's more to this than than what I thought and so that's obviously what you're experiencing now and um you know probably will be for quite some time as my guests well and the one thing that add on to that is I mean a year so I definitely have thought about this for a while and have tried to make it you know right and then bringing Jason in this and it's not a change that we took lightly and and it's something that we put a lot of thought and so we know it's the right direction we know it's where we need to be that's where we want to go and and to add that is that's what's nice about everybody else's rule pioneering well we'll go through we'll be the first ones that go through and and help anybody else you know who's who has that idea or who would like to to do the same thing so the change is scary but it now I feel like with us doing it it doesn't have to be and so that's the exciting part I think well for those that are watching and don't know these guys Morgan and Jason reside in the state of Idaho in a smaller town called Idaho Falls TX peace presence in Idaho stands at about 70 ish agents today and I think it's safe to say that there's probably another 70 plus Idaho agents on their way to exp here very soon now that you guys have made this decision but and I don't make fun of like the place you guys live and I just say that it's Cyrus he's a smaller presence in your state and you guys are really causing people to look around and go wait you know exp like these guys are really going so I mean you guys are you guys are a behemoth awesome large mega team in your town and selling a ton of real estate and so to watch guys like you that are making this move I mean that just speaks volumes yeah super excited really cool things about this is you know you I love I don't Falls my parents are grew up in Shelley and we used to go up there every summer I'm really excited we're gonna be going up there we're gonna be going up there what Wednesday and Thursday and we'll be doing a happy hour up there what Wednesday 3 to 5 and then Thursday we'll be doing an event overview about 8:30 to 11:00 so reach out to Morgan and Jason on that up and I know Faust I love I used to go up there as a kid spend most of my summers going up there but really one of the really cool things about exp is that you know ain't I know Falls man that is it's a metropolis now compared to what it was a long time ago but you're not you're not confined to hey let's try and expand out to Rigby or the Rexburg or something like that it's like now with the XP you can go into you know 50 states and North America and all over the world just open up in Europe and Australia so that's one of the really cool things without having to go open up market centers or open up offices and and take this massive risk now you've got these things that's a it's a proven concept at this point just past 20,000 agents and we are just super super excited to partner with you guys and blow it up and flip Idaho to exp yeah you know one of the biggest questions I have is because the announcement just came out this morning about 20,000 is was it Morgan or was a Jason that actually page number 20,000 so I don't know maybe we'll have to get the official word from the EXP leadership on that I'm but I'm wondering who it is you know maybe well maybe we'll start a poll and start taking some bets on that but you know a hug from Fred and he he doesn't go around handing those out for free at all though one funny thing on that I mean we had the one guy who I never even met before tell this morning that just called us signed up whatever underneath be messaged and said hey guess what I hope to be a part of your team because I'm with the XP now and I don't really know where your offices but I'm excited so you guys had somebody you don't know that reached out to you over the weekend and said they were joining exb because of you and you just literally made a post on social media on Friday that you were even going that's that's really all the time Keller Williams right I mean that happened probably there people are attracted you all the time okay we want to join okay maybe not it's a testament no dick what it's not just the model of exp we say the model a lot but it is true there's some great components in this model but it's a testament to the people that are joining and the other people want to be around folks like yourselves right like people walk time with Jason people want time with Morgan people want curtis's time they just get Kevin and I as well kind of thrown into the deal I don't really very warm for us but I mean people are constantly want to know what you guys do and how are you evolving in the real estate space why did you join this company what's next and what are you guys doing to get more listings in this market like so that's really awesome to see that somebody without you guys having to sell them into joining which is join and tell you about it after they'd already done it this weekend right who are you to say Jason I just say yeah it's pretty amazing to see them that's what I'm most excited about is just to see we wanna have fun I mean that's what it's all about we want to we want to sell a lot of real estate enjoy while we're doing it and I think to keep that culture to see that culture already is Expedia's exciting awesome let me let me piggyback on kind of what fred talked about right there's I looked at this model for 1415 months before I came over I know you know Kevin and Fred we discussed it for a little bit you guys looked at it and you guys know about it for quite a while before you guys moved out it we just talked about the we'd been on zoom' calls with you know with Morgan a year ago going through and we kind of understand the model if you will we look at stuff and we technically understand it but it's really not until someone that maybe we really really respect or something changes in our world or whatever that we say you know what the model is amazing and we would maybe come from the model but what terms what flips and enough for us is the partnership right is that maybe you were to join it you'll each be eventually a winner but the chance to be able to partner with Fred and with Andrea would Kevin myself with Jay Mike and print and Allen everybody else like that it just kind of stacks on top of each other that that is and I don't know which one you know thought of it probably Fredrik but you guys talked about the exp is essentially the the computer opponent but the extensions the add-ons are you know the group that you come with and that's the thing that we come with so I'm not sure which one of you guys is acting smart and came up with that but I thought that was a pretty good analogy well it was smart so that was obviously me that came up with a giveaway and I think we can all agree to that but yeah no I mean honestly like all kidding aside that is the thing about that that is the thing about the experience he is it's an amazing brokerage it's an awesome company and the number one thing that makes it even more awesome is the people it's your group it's the people you need to spend time with helping each other grow their business you know you mentioned it briefly a few minutes ago but what are we gonna do on Wednesday yeah Graham and Wednesday we're gonna get there we're gonna hang out a little bit and kind of have a launch party but on Thursday what what are we gonna do we're about growing real estate businesses right we're gonna happen and we're gonna have a little mastermind there where we talk about how do we sell more homes how do we hit our goals here in the second half of the year and on into 20 20 years things are continuing to change in this industry and it's the ability I don't want to say the ability but it's like the willingness that the five of us can come together along with many other people to get together and Andrea Romero is obviously going to be there with us as well on Wednesday and Thursday and so many other people so we can get together brainstorm and go hey how do we grow our business what do we we do to help each other out and to me that's the real power of this model when you look at it so two more great things I think for those watching Bob bass is gonna come who's the broker exp in Idaho he's gonna be over there as well that way people can get to know who they would be coming into business with but the one that that add-on is is the people in language Jason said it we do want to have fun we were we have our models set up with our team and we got an amazing team however there was more talent and more people who wanted to come on but maybe just didn't fit that mold that we have for our team so it was cool about XP is it gave us options or how can we bring these talented people in and still keep the same culture that we have but then just create another experience or just another opportunity for and that was really one of the biggest deciding factors is we had three or four people reach out and said well we want to only do listings or rural you know we want to do listings am buyers and our our model that we have set up just didn't support that so anyway that's to be able to bring more people in of more talent who just add to our culture in our culture is amazing already but to be able to get some of the people who've reached out to us is that's what exactly what we're hoping to build here and idle Falls is something of a culture of learning and masterminding and being able to get together and help each other you know growing and growing and hit each other's goals so man I love hearing you guys say that because Kevin and Curtis and I we sat around for a couple years off and on asking the question like how could we be partnered together or how can we work more closely together but it's oftentimes tough when you have like good teams or good respected agents like how do you combine profit and loss statements and you have one style and I have one you're always dressed up and stuffy in that suit and tie and Kevin out of this Kevin Otis now that he's got shoes and stuff like that like how do you make those two styles work right but its feet create a new platform for us where without having to merge and create a new business entity or share profit and loss statements we could be financially and and equitably aligned when I say equity I don't mean like an ownership I just mean like in culture and in growth and wanting to partner with each other and it gave us a place where where we could do that that we didn't have that platform prior so to hear you guys being able to now partner with teams that would never join your guys brand because their brand stands alone or an agent who wouldn't have joined your team because you don't have that type of position or role on your team that they would want but now you have a platform by which you guys can collaborate partner together have fun together so together and you're not constricted or or confined to it having to look just one way I think that's super powerful well then we don't work it there isn't owners and people that's some of the appointments this morning that we have so would you be the owner or broker another thing is we're all the same so you you know you come the exp you have just as much say as I do which is actually quite a bit and that's kind of a change of I guess where we have came from and so anyway I'm really excited about that that you know you have ten agents come in and we can all mastermind work together versus you know who's higher up the chain at that time yeah it's an exp funds that right so I'd encourage everybody to come if you're watching this you're looking at now I know a lot of people don't want to comment because they're afraid someone at their other brokerage is gonna like see that they are on this and they'd like to watch the replay so no one can see the the reality is you need to come Thursday but here's your cover right here's your cover story first of all if you come your and you decide to stay wherever you're at you're gonna stay at the red company whatever your I promise they will give you a better split the next time that comes up I promise they will come up with a better deal whatever that might be but on Thursday you need to come check this out even though even just out of morbid curiosity to find out what this what it is because I know Fred you were kind of mad at me one time I can be like you I wish you did a better job explaining this to me and I talked to someone else that was like almost in tears like how come over here explain this model to me before and what the opportunities are so even if you're like me I've got no intention of leaving coal banker or Remax or whatever that might be you need to come Thursday to come here the details and understand what you're gonna be competing against if when a team growing a broker is your weapon they're just out of curiosity so that's your cover you need to come do that and maybe you're curious maybe you're not but you need to come learn about it be like someone saying hey I want to go create a real estate website but I don't want to learn about Zillow I just gonna pretend they don't exist you need to come come to hang out with us on Thursday and find out I agree absolutely I'm so excited about the opportunity for people to do what they want they wanna burrow inside of it just gives you so many options you know if they want to stay at home you want an actual place to come with our with us I would just have it's just one less what we can do I'm excited and it's different so I mean looking at it I mean it's easy to get wrapped up in now I'm doing something that's different but if you want to be different that's what you have to do so you know the brokerage and the virtual stuff I mean it wasn't my bag at first but when you realize that it actually that's what you do to save money and that's what you do to make it easier and more efficient then be a little different try it out give it a shot so first you know absolutely I mean you know the reality is is and Fred says this all the time you know we talk a lot about disruption in our industry and all the things that are happening really what's happening is brokerages are getting disrupted more so than me then agents are and this is this is honestly the proof of this concept is literally just proof for that because it's not okay to keep doing things the way they've always done it the brokerage world is changing in fact it's already changed and it's going to continue to evolve and being on board with a company that is proactive and not not tied to doing something the way they did 15 20 30 years ago has a lot of benefit for you and so there's no doubt that this is going to continue to help us all grow our business and make sure that we stay relevant as real estate agents in the transactions as things continue to change over time I agree and and when you were talking about better split what's funny is is they've been talking about it for a while reducing our caps and reducing that because before it was the only shop in town and they just were not producing that value and it's hard you have overhead and value and but then when they put the cat out of the bag I guess and they put that reduction of cap on a fast track and I guess they got that through last week so special deals were made for everybody you know on the half already so it'll be interesting I'm excited too with the next 60 to 90 days you know it comes of all this because it is different it is evolving and you can be someone that's in it when it evolves or you can be one that kind of gets ahead of it and understands it a little bit and that's what I feel like we've done and I'm really excited I mean I don't have any doubt or any you know wish or you know anything like that any remorse for what we were able to do the last you know ten days and we're just onward and upward and we're going to be growing and I'm super excited so well if you look at all of our businesses right from going from a just selling houses to selling 100 200 300 500 plus houses here if you look at that all the changes happen based on who you spend time with and what rooms you get in to be able to learn those things right masterminding and improving and being coached by so if you're watching this and you're thinking how do I get my business to that next level it only is gonna happen when you change who you're spending time with you change who you're learning from so you you can either physically get up and move and go you know live in the same city as your coach or you can say hey what if I can partner with some of the biggest baddest teams and and people across the country still be able to work in my market but it feel to have them as business partners but instead of you know having to give them 30 40 percent of my business saying hey you know I'm gonna give you nothing I'm gonna for four eighty five dollars a month I'm gonna partner with the most incredible team right and I'm gonna be able to partner with Morgan and Jason and and Fred and Kevin and myself and I'm gonna be able to do this for 85 bucks a month instead of having to pay thousands and thousands of dollars to coach those are the things that change your business so come figure that out on Thursday and decide hey you know what it is this make sense or if it doesn't I can promise you if you take that chance to come learn about it maybe even just get wild and you come join us and partner and change the industry but have you done after a year even after six months and you want to go back to where you're at I promise you what they would beg to have you back to be able to say hey let us have someone exp so we can tell everybody it doesn't work and you're split with they probably what do you charge anything for a couple years because they just want you back so bad so it could come take a chance and let's come change the world perfect for our screen we'll see you guys Wednesday yeah so so Wednesday I Curtis keeps saying Thursday but we actually want you to come have a drink and some appetizers with us and pick our brain and talk to us and we don't know any drink and more gonna high five even if you don't plan on coming to exp at least congratulate them on the next step in their journey right so we'll have some details on Wednesday 3 to 5 where you can come out say hi and then Thursday come plug in come learn how to grow your real estate business and get some more info on what exp is and what it's all about and how the model works as Curtis said you need to know about it whether you're they're considering joining it or you just want to be informed so it's gonna be a lot of fun guys welcome Kevin and Fred and Curtis thanks Bert you know spending your resources to come out and so you know last thing last thing Jason and Morgan the obviously you've already had a lot of folks reach out to and they're wondering like okay what's going on with this but there's somebody I promise you that's gonna watch this today or tomorrow they'll see the they'll see the replay of it and they're gonna have just now be finding out that you made a change and or that you guys don't even know each other yet but someone's going to catch this online and they're gonna want to know why would a top producing team like you guys made the move so when someone wants to reach out to you what's the best way for folks to reach Morgan and Jason if they want to reach out and say hey tell me more about why you made this move what what did you see in the model why did you make this change like where should people reach out to you so I'm I they could they can call me my number is 208 403 six nine five seven or they can I'm on Facebook too so I I mean we reach out and this is Facebook we're always I'm always on there Jason's never on there but that they can you know either one of those so for me yeah for me slow the best probably used to text or call two zero eight three one three two girls are free we have to answer any questions set up a meeting or even just to get details on our happy hour investment post more details here in the next 24 hours for now we're going to tease you about it we'll give you some locations returns tomorrow so put it in your calendar Wednesday 3:00 to 5:00 happy hour hang out come talk to us one on one come chat grab a bite to eat Thursday morning 8:30 to about 11:00 real estate mastermind will then take a break and do an actual exp presentation where we let you know about the model after we get done talking about how to go out in some more real estate this year Provera great alright y'all have a great day welcome to XP officially and we'll see you soon you guys thank you so much for listening today for more information on exp realty and to learn how to partner with kevin and Fred at exp realty please visit Kevin and Fred comm / exp create yourself a great day

How to Construct a Quadrilateral when its four sides and one angle are given

welcome to education channel this video I am going to explain how to construct a quadrilateral when four sides and one angle is given okay let me write question first a construction of correlator so to construct any quadrant we need a minimum five measurements either four sides one angle or three sides two others so this see video is about four sides and one angle is given now question is like this construct a quadrilateral ABCD so in a be cyclic quadrilateral into constant here values of a b is equal to four point three centimeters angle a 60 degree and bc three point five centimeters CD two 0.89 ad is equal to three point three centimeters right so this is the question four sides and one angle is given first you will see it off diagram so we can take any one on this side which is given we should take as the base so to easy construction so if you take rock diagram so I need to construct a quadrilateral so these are four sides so I'm taking a b c d so an important thing when you are denoting the vertices either clockwise or anti-clockwise on doing it right okay there's a very important if your itlp should be see here okay not this AP and series wrong a CD clockwise or anticlockwise only need to write the vertices any other no in this rock diagram AP 4.3 and create 60 degree and bc 3.5 CD to 0.8 and 83.3 this is the given data we need to construct first of all we'll construct base four point three centimeters so a B so using the scale base we should take four point three centimeters first they will be four point three centimeters so no no no angry yayyy sixty degrees so by observing the rough diagram we can take on the one step now using compass we need to construct a sixty degree because four sides of an angle is given the time will come straight first sixty degree so try not with the same radius to cut this song because 60 degree now from a if you go to a to some point be easy with three point three distance now we can exchange this line and three point three cuts so you get the vertex thirty can join this so in this line only we have a 2d three point three centimeters now using compass take three point three centimeters distance using scale zero to three point three a duty because three centimeters three millimeters should take three point three distance from here to here from a it just to cut the arc on this plane because we know you to do only three point three centimeters so that is Cir D there's a D so here two DS three point three centimeters now next a B so somewhere here vertex is there but see if you want to find out B to see distance we know and D to see also we know the distance right so you have B to see three point five centimeters and D to see two point eight centimeters so – r2 should drop from be three point five centimeters radius because three to that C distance is three point or three point five so take B to three so three point five radius so it take now from be drawn on okay just try not now next to D to see you know D to C distance is too wide it again using scale take distance to or two point eight so zero to two point A to D that one we should take from D because D to C is two point eight centimeters so fun now take cut this up okay wait the two arcs will join that is the vertex C fine a B C D or we good now just to join using the scale or the vertices we can join B to C again this is a D point and need to see also just joining us simple now we can observe B – C is three point five centimeters and CD is two point eight centimeters and angle is 60 degrees so according to the given information exactly constructed no this is the way we can construct any quadrilateral when four sides and one angle is given so the triangle is given that side only we should draw us to because you can construct the angle directly so if you in case if we draw BC we cannot get B or C D directly there's not which angle is given the triangle concerned side only we need to construct so if angle a is given so either a B or a lyrical construct as the base so we can get the coordinating no steps of construction so if you want to know the steps of construction also I'm providing my link in description below there's a website so I can see our talk on the website name foundation for regular come in the website all the constructional classes and videos are will have the same thing can see the steps of construction by clicking their website and go through a cardio class face

Construct Congruent Angle 2.m4v

let's construct a congruent angle I have angle XYZ it's a fairly large angle the first thing I need to do is give myself a nice straight rate to work from so I'm going to use my straightedge I'm just gonna get myself a nice ray okay so we made ourselves a nice rate of work from this could also be like our endpoint Y here I'm going to take my compass and I need to start from Y open the compass a comfortable amount and draw a nice arc through both rays now I'm going to keep the same compass setting it's really important that I not change that I'm going to come down here put my compass point on my new Y and I need to make a mark that's visibly larger than the other one see how much bigger that is now what I'm going to do is use my compass as a measuring tool and I'm going to measure this arc inside the two rays so I need to really be careful about adjusting my compass and see how I make that nice Construction mark there well I'm going to come down from this point of intersection I'm going to make a similar construction work and now this piece of art and this piece of arc should be the same length what that means is when I use my straightedge and my writing utensil going through this point through the point of intersection I have now created an angle here who is congruent to this angle here and since this is angle XYZ I could also call this angle XYZ because they are the same size they are congruent

Using a compass to construct parallel lines.

welcome to mess with Bob today we're looking at further constructions this is an interesting one called parallel lines okay so let's get started okay so the first thing we do we get a ruler okay and that sexy start with a nice easy one okay so let's actually just draw a line now okay so we need to construct the line parallel to this line okay we would normally it's know me through another point so some external points say let's put the extent point here like a okay so we need to construct a line parallel to that original line we could call that L if you wanted to line L we want one through that point a parallel to L okay so how would we do it well the first thing you have to do is you have to put this transversal through eight okay now it can be any angle you like so just as long as this reason we you know a cutie changuk so we need to copy the angle okay so I'll just show you first idea is okay I just changed it so let's put the transversal it here's a red transversal so the red transversal goes through a cutting line L at an acute angle okay now we now need to copy this angle now how do we copy an angle well we need a compass okay so we need to get our compass we need to basically the easiest way you know I found is to just draw okay an arc at any radius obviously less than the distance to ie so essentially mark that point there be okay so put our compass where the transversal hands is the transversal goes through a and hits the line ill at B put a compass in at B okay no okay so we need to put the compass you know and B and draw an arc of any radius so we're gonna move that the compass to any radius we like now let's actually change the color as well okay so here we have purple so we just don't okay so it doesn't just okay so just do the arc now okay just adjusted the radius we've there for a second but it doesn't matter what radius width it is okay you now have an arc no okay we're going to need to do an arc as well at the point a so we we do the same arc so we put a compass in at a now I'm gonna flip my compass around and I need to do an arc now again he's standing above AE and coming down because I'm going to need to there's also gotta cross the transversal see how it's across the transversal there I can keep going up higher for 1/2 but that are cast across the transversal so okay so let's actually mark these points so the first arc cut the transversal say at Point a maybe see the second one cut it out say D okay now what do we do now well we now have to use our compass like a divider so we need to sort of put a compass in and just open it up so the width of this angle okay so so we stick it in here now you can see let's actually mark that point too let's put our compass in at E and we're trying to work it out how wide it is so we gonna measure it to okay not quite see to that point there C okay so I need to sew a little bit more bit more okay so now we have our well the whips I guess of the particular angle I need to mark this now on studying a D so I move my compass to D okay let's try to get on the D here it is and I need to make a little arc here crossing now let's actually call that new point okay so no no actually it's if let's put it yeah okay now what are we going to door draw well we have to draw a line through a and if okay now something we need to get our ruler out again it's down and try and straighten it out a little bit okay okay yeah if you do this reasonably accurate you can see here okay now okay so you can see here that this is actually now parallel that line ie air for line going through AF is parallel now to this one down here at L so you can see that okay this is this is a very reasonable decision let's actually try and do the same thing on an angle okay just just to make sure it works actually now I'm trying and do this well from the original line on some sort of angle you can see it's about 50 degrees so let's actually draw up first line okay there we go let's call out and say a line m okay doesn't look like an in there this is going to be lying in okay so line m we now now I'm going to need to construct a line through so we need to pick a some sort of point let's call it a yeah yeah so through a but parallel to M okay so the first thing again is to draw a transversal through a cutting the line ill now obviously that's not going to do it so well let's actually change the angle of my ruler oops having bit of trouble change the angle of my rule at the moment that's a look okay yeah so we need to this actually let's actually do it down this way I think it might be easier so we get everything on that okay yeah so look let's actually draw it over here okay now ready I can make that a bit more acute but that's all right that's just distilled as it stands so that's actually now okay our transversal also I think we're ready so let's actually put our transversal through okay here's our transverse or three-way okay and it cuts em say at B alright so that's the first thing I can't get the transversal into some sort of a QT angle this is not terribly acute but it still is okay but so now we grab our compass okay let's change okay now we need to draw some arcs now so we open our compass up at any radius I can give us just make up some registers that's a nice radius okay here we go so we now put the compass point in B and we're going to draw some arcs now so we need to copy the acute angle so we put the app on the acute angle sine so this is here we go there it is okay maybe and I think we are gonna call I just call that Point C okay now we move the compass point to a okay now as you can see here I am a little bit the compass pointing well on ie and the pencil is up here let's just you start drawing okay so this is the arc now ah okay here we go yeah we are it's right around now you can see it's crossing cutting the transversal okay all right so it's gonna cut the transversal let's see at Point D but we have to measure this angle are a B I see this cool anybody seen actually let's call a pointy so really we want to try and measure if you like a B or C or D B but you want to try and measure this angle now this angle is you can see here how wide is it well that's a steep try get the compass up the right way okay so let's actually see how wide is it well we need to sort of open up the compass a bit and use it a bit like a pair of dividers of sorts I guess you could say okay so yeah we have okay yeah it's just check okay yeah it's not too bad okay so that's pretty close okay so we now need to copy this angle onto that are starting a diene going it was originated Center a so let's actually now put it on to the compass point now to D okay change on a flip this over now okay we now need to draw the lock okay so let's hit lock now that's sixty compass over here somewhere okay so that new point do you say let's call it it okay now hey if should now be parallel to be B or the line M so let's actually try and see as actually draw the ruler I get the ruler we're gonna cross across try and adjust angle okay yeah okay so if I now draw a line now through a and F okay here we go and you can see that that is actually parallel to that line M let's actually move it across now yeah okay so you can see it's a fairly sophisticated or construction but you get the hang of it just takes a bit of practice all right well thank you for watching and bye for now

How to Constructing a parallel line through a point with compass and straight edge

okay through a point outside a line there's exactly one line parallel to the given line so I'm going to control this construction with the help of some software here so I've got a line and I've got a little smiley face that represents the point not on the line so the first thing we need to do we're gonna actually construct corresponding angles for this construction so the first thing we need is a line a transversal that passes through that point in that line so I'm just gonna draw in a transversal could be anything and we'll just have it kind of go through the middle of the point there so I've got a transversal that's the first thing you need to do you draw your line you draw a point not on it you draw a transversal through that okay the next thing we need to do is take your compass whoops and I need to be this one so take your compass and not that point and stick your point and I'm gonna spread my compass out just a little bit here and I'm gonna stick my point there and I'm gonna make an arc whoops without moving my line I'm gonna make an arc through the line we want parallel and through the transversal then I'm gonna move my compass up here to my points and make that same arc so you kind of see the corresponding angles forming okay then I'm gonna go down here and measure that arc on the bottom so I'm gonna spread this out a little bit and rotate it okay so I've got it kind of close I'll slide this in right there maybe a little closer okay so once you have that measurement then you go up here to the to the point where that arc intersects up above and you and try not to move that there we go and make an arc that represents the distance of the other arc so there we have it and now it's just a matter of drawing in that line and I'm gonna show up so I'll just have to go get a line and I'll connect that point to that that X to that point and there is my parallel line construction

Angle Bisector How to Construct Using Compass (Geometry)

here and what we're gonna do is we're gonna find the ray that bisects or cuts this angle in half so what we're gonna do is we're gonna open up our compass okay we're going to put this point here at the vertex so let me just rotate the paper a little bit here for us okay and what we're going to do is we're going to draw an arc here and here so it intersects the two sides of the truck of the angle if you want you can just draw one continuous arc so I'll just do that like so and then what we're going to do is we're going it use this point and this point those two points of intersection to make two more arcs so I'm going to go back here okay I'm gonna make an arc and what I usually do is I make the arcs just a little bit longer than I think that I'm gonna need because I want to make sure that they they intersect so I used that intersection point now we're going to use this intersection point over here notice I didn't change how open or close the compass was I kept that the same and I'm going to draw another arc okay like so and now what we're gonna do is we're gonna draw a ray through this vertex point and this intersection point and that's gonna be our angle bisector so let's go ahead and do that okay there you go so you can see that this angle right here is the same as that angle right there and you can use a you know a protractor to verify that but you can see it's going right down the middle its bisecting the angle cutting it in half I'll see you in the next video