Conheça o Construct App

Are you looking for communication, team collaboration and task management in construction projects? Meet Construct App. The App is available on computer and smartphones, and has helped many companies increase their productivity. On Construct, all the data, the people and the job are organized in projects. Each project it’s unique. The information is displayed on the project's cover, and you can choose different teams to collaborate in each one of them. When entering a project, you will see a task list. This list helps you to track the progress of the works in real time and from anywhere. When you create a task, you can detail what must be done, pick the responsible person, the priority of this activity and the deadlines. Depending on the need, you can mark the place of the subject right on the project’s plant. You and your team can collaborate in many different ways. Construct is ready to send your message forward in any way you like. Send text messages, audio, photos or any other file type, and share with the chosen participants. The participants receive activities notifications directly on their phones whenever something new is registered. Status updates, questions, important informations for the jobsite routine, everything in real time! When a task is finished, just mark it as done. It will disappear from your list, so you can focus on still pending tasks. If you need to consult a completed task, you can use the filter in your task feed. All the tasks that have been completed will be saved. To begin conversations, discussions and register situations that are not tasks, you can create notes. Use notes to keep photos, jobsite reports or conversations you want to document. If this information is relevant only for a certain period of time, you can choose a deadline for automatic closure. You can collaborate in notes the same way you do in tasks. Filters also work in notes and task feeds. Construct also facilitates reports creation. Simply select the tasks you want and choose the file extension you like the most. The report will have all the selected information, and will be sent to all the email that you choose, immediately. Besides that, the app has a gallery, where all the photos uploaded to tasks, notes and comments are kept and organized. You can also upload images directly in this session. You can create new folders to organize the photos the way you want. Another feature that improves visual communication is photo markup. This way, you can highlight the main points in every image. You can create photo reports, organizing the images in chronological order or any other order you need. This report can be sent to anyone you like, and will include the photos and subtitles you pick, in the format that you want. Want to see how Construct can transform your company management? Download our app now or talk directly to us!