WRSR – How the Vehicle Manufacturing Works

hello comrades its premier River and I am back at the river stand Motor Speedway it's not a voter Speedway it's a motor producing speed test way how's that sound in any event I have set up a little bit of an experiment here you know I've been playing the game quite a bit have a lot of hours into it and I've never done the automotive so I had set up in my regular series a bit of a test or you know set up a manufacturing and got different comments one was that I didn't that you have to put materials in in specific places so I'm not sure if that's true or not but this is our motor vehicle production and I just sort of stuck things wherever I thought they'd fit with no intention because another comment I got was well you don't have to worry about where you stick things in they'll just go in so we're gonna find that out first I think what I've done let me go through the whole setup here here we first before we go through the whole setup let's go over you have to purchase cars now I'm on easy mode like super unlimited money sandbox mode I think that'll be good enough this isn't about making money this is just about learning how the car manufacturing goes so apparently we can you know we can manufacture any of these vehicles personal car though let's pick a cool-looking one how about this one 38,000 all right so I assume that means we can then start producing that right there we go in vehicle in production how can we do more than one let's pick a red f1 25 right let's just say can we now it sounds like we can only do one at a time which is fine let's do the black one first then one more question answered right so you can gather that you know I don't know all the answers I you know obviously very familiar with how things generally work so I can make a lot of good assumptions but you know where assumptions tend to get you so here's the setup we have this town and I have two trains going back and forth and I should have it there's 400 workers maximum oh we need engineers hmm well the good news is you know we can we can't really get rid of people – well we should have a few engineers anyway let's see how that goes i didn't even I'm assuming they need to be the educated folks and we should have educated folks throughout the thing here now I do have yeah you know what there's nobody in here you know let's get let's get one house that's they're all set to go there but let's get one of these houses where we let's clear this house out and we'll get one house with just all nothing but educated kind of people in there not this one this one all right just to make sure we have enough of that we should have enough we got eight eight houses total which would be 1600 which even if we have three shifts at 400 that should be enough all right so those guys will leave eventually because they won't get too happy these guys should have everything they need here all but this house I left not specified so that they can go work here all of the buildings should be purchasing what they need so people should stay happy and I also over here just to kind of simulate bringing things in and out just to kind of get some idea of you know is this number of trucks you know how many trucks do you need coming in and out of here to keep up probably more than this but I'm okay with that – right this is not some maximum efficiency test you can obviously make some you know judgment calls now I also did this because I want to see if if they'll flow through here right like if we fill this one up with cars will it come up to this one in this one that makes sense now we can also just go right in there and get cars and then I have this whole other town where I've set it up where they have a few parking lots the different sized parking lots right these people have no way of getting there unless they get cars and then if we look at at least this slot anyway so they can make it over there can they make it over there from like the little lot they might not be able to about this one yes so see I'm curious to see if these people start just going over there right it eventually will get them some cars now another thing is I'm curious to see if we can use the road depot to get cars to here I'm out you know this is the regular car overflow lot or do we just drive the cars and put them in the car dealership right and again it's I like to use these because if you have multiple trucks you don't fill up your waiting spaces so we'll see we'll see so let's start playing time and see what happens well at least get the thing running right now we don't have any people now another thing I want to point out was that it's a little bit deceiving when you go to buy the train sets right so I was wrong earlier believe it or not I know it's hard to believe for the people that follow my series that I might have been wrong but when you buy the train set let's go over to the depot and come over here to purchase right and we'll come to trainset look how it says like it points at this right this is ones we bought it says 105 however when I actually bought the train said and there was two of them there right like so I bought two of them and then stuck them back to back in here like this there we go see like it doesn't look like you can do that but then you can go and like stick them together and they act like one train if you didn't know that but it's actually you know this guy will hold just as many so this is definitely cheaper so I'm sorry about that if I misled anyone this each one of these cars holds 105 which i think is a little deceiving the way they did it but in any event we have a train set there are we getting a few people in here no why are we not getting any workers definitely get in and out load and unload we don't need students right we have people on the platform number of workers waiting let's specify that they should go 200 okay sup sup sup yeah there's always something when you put this together why don't we attach this with an actual fancy Road some of that by the way I crashed a lot of times a lot of times trying to do this especially when I was putting down these tracks so and I know I'd already built this at one point so is it because because they have no place to go specify where citizens think is best well this would be we do that right so we can't even get the basics right well we've got a lot of people over there waiting don't take any students there we go so that was it you need to actually be good it's good that they're smart enough to know that they couldn't get out the other end right now how are we doing on supplies here now we have a supply issue where you go it you have eight tons of that okay well we should have the stuff you know at least marginally attached here right though I don't see it in there which is kind of a thing with this game in these these warehouses so there we go look oh man look at all those people that's a lot of people alright we've got a lot of engineers current production yet we are making a car so let's make sure yeah I don't think we're gonna keep up with our we're operating with that issue but I don't think we're gonna keep up necessarily with our with these few trucks but that's okay that's all part of the test right and we can always double the trucks up while we're sitting here running around looking at it all right so we're with our trucks our cars will come out here right I would assume least I hope they go out to there now if they don't they're gonna come into here now does it say you have finished vehicles there we go we've made a car and it didn't automatically go into here yeah I don't really oh there it is okay there's our car all right well now let's see I want to just see if we come over to our Road Depot and I'm assuming we would need an open halt right so let's go ahead and get an open halt and I want to say go to here and pick up vehicles we don't have a road cargo station attack directly to this but that's okay so then let's to go ahead and test this right so I don't want you to load anything I just want you to load cars then we will keep an eye on this guy yeah there he goes so this I expect this test to take a little while I don't know you know we're already 10 minutes into the video I don't know how long exactly it will take and we have four spots here so I don't know that we need this but I'm curious for like we'll let this guy overflow now how much does each one of these weigh I want you to wait yep good suck them right out of there so the good news is I'm sure we can get him out of here too but yeah so how many I guess he could just keep loading them up right it doesn't look like he could carry any more let's just see what happens with that as we produce more cars right we're still operating with that issue so you know we're doing pretty well with just these few few trucks doing their thing now they might have had a little bit of a head start so I don't want to get too excited at this moment about why don't we just for the sake switch him to go into here just so they don't call the traffic jam in the long run okay here he goes where is he going oh that's right he's got to go this way you know what we could probably use let's I love having all the money in the world it's it's pretty nice yeah let's let's auto-transfuse so you know that's not part of the problem good so we're producing cars now let's see can we actually dropped them off over here very curious to see if this works that way he's headin in there but they do head there for yes good road cargo station works now look their groups a couple people are they buying cars now I'm curious to see if they'll buy cars and then go to work yep there they go I think okay there he goes she's gonna go to park at his parking lot yeah you know I don't know where they live so we're gonna take a little time here okay now this is our truck now I just want to see let's switch where this guy goes that's a I want you to drop off here and just make sure though I'm reasonably certain this this is gonna work all right so go get some more cars and then bring them back and drop them off in here so how many cars we made in the mean time three right yep yeah so this going pretty well kind of as expected at this point you know as far as you mean I don't see where any particular thing would have to go in any particular place right so now another thing that I want to try to do here next will be I know we can attach this directly to there right well but we can't like you can't get this doesn't have any railroad connection this space for vehicles which would be nice if they did and there's no rail connection to here so after we kind of prove that this will fill the dealer up with cars I want to then come over here and send him to go to here to see to see if he'll the train will then start loading up cars right so it's a little bit backwards there unload load but you know he is wait yeah so well then we'll see if he waits for that now we're getting a little behind on cars which is good what are you doing tell me there's no power it seems like the story of my life all right let's uh I got I got all kinds of look it's right over there you know all right let's uh come here that's gonna be a little bit awkwardly close to that other thing let's just come out here they're good it's not not at a bad angle right yep you have power so you should have power so you're gonna fill back up very good and then yours on his way did you actually get fuel yes good yeah we're making cars in a pretty good clip actually like as far as I mean we're 300 people right you're not gonna I mean you could do better but you you're hard pressed to a whole lot better than this little setup would right I mean we're definitely true you know coming close I would hope to maxing out the number of people you could you could produce or get cars to go so why don't we get another open halt since we do have some extra get another open halt close that but that's okay we click here so I want you to you know what can you come from here and then just to see if that loading through there would work right so in other words he's gonna try to pick up from this furthest one and I want to make sure that he actually can you know wait wait for your vehicles now how are we doing as far as like look yeah look they're driving over there up there they are yet they're going over to work in the UH in the factory yep there he goes it's not the most efficient way of moving people around but you know it is a way of moving people around and it's certainly good for things like if you have a concrete plant or something that's just really little right so how are we doing yeah this is what I was afraid of yeah so it won't load through those I'm okay with that I kind of didn't think it would right because in other situations I've had the same problem all right so let's let's add a new you see quite as well come to here you know what now you know I could go to here week that cars right now where you're going back okay that's right he keeps faking me out cuz I'm thinking he's going this way but the road yeah okay these people came back from we just have more people who bought cars I see so did we miss a trip and this is actually working just like I expected it probably would let's let's switch over to some red cars now here's a question do we lose all that progress yes so you might want to finish a car now I don't know if you lose the materials or not but you might want to finish a car out before you before you click that button yeah so we should see these guys come right on into there yep yeah so it just takes it a second but they do get sucked into there now the our people are off driving their cars and there's our shiny new red car nice now the other thing that's pretty interesting about this then I didn't really everybody keeps talking about oh you can get cars cars cars cars I think it's pretty cool that we can get other stuff cuz you know my map some of this other you know in the regular series this stuff is expensive as all get out to buy a new dumper right let's see can we get the license for a KMZ dumper and then what happens with that do we just I guess we could just select it and send it over to a Depot or there you go we're loading up more cars now does the train have some cars on it yet yes there they are it's hard to see we should have done the red cars but if you guys can see but we have black cars on the train and so the trains first thing is going to be let's see which what are you building is without power supply saying story of my life yes we're gonna try to see if we can't unload at a train station right into a car dealership but we need to get some power I think so let's yeah that should cover everybody on this side who's not already covered and where is well it's just it's all free ish those are no that's not you come you know like that come over to here good so we got ahead of that one a little bit all right so now yeah we definitely have plenty of buyers and sellers but we don't have any so I'm also trying to get an idea with all of this like you know the speed with which things happen as far as the loading so how full are we doesn't really tell you a percentage does it so I guess it uh it looks like each one can hold four which is pretty each one of that that one holds three yeah and then in a second here I want to just send them what I make do is just run it for a little while and look at that very nice we can give you a footpath hopefully we don't crash the game right let's give you guys some back door foot pads right so they can get around to their parking spots a little bit easier probably could close one of the eight windows there you got a little faster way to the catch there that's right we got flip pass throughout although they don't really like when they built when you build the fancy roads they don't really need too many extra footpaths that time we got four cards on there okay yep this guy's going over here to pick up the cars still have good workers so you know eight houses here yeah like CA we're getting all the way up almost a four hundred I don't see how we're gonna do too much better than that how are we doing running out of materials yet these guys aren't waiting so you definitely we're producing I like all right so let's take we're quite confident that this is working either every which way right let me that guy's already dope let's come over here and I just want to take all of them to this stop right and that is this yes yeah so now we'll just take all the all the cars over and then that way we'll fill this train up and we can see if that goes now of course if you guys have any other questions let me know but I mean I think we're simulating pretty well how the cars will work and like I said what I may do is just let it play for a while and just you know show you guys when it fills all up with cars and what the people are doing with them and just in case you haven't experimented like myself yeah well we already know this works right yeah because we've already done this and there's no way to I think I meant to I don't know I guess if this didn't work I could do this just to get some cars over here like there's no other way to get cars to these people but they already had the Train so this was sort of a whole secondary thing until I thought about yeah let's just see you know kind of two separate ways of getting you know vehicles to the two different place like here we're supplying them by truck and then here will supply them by train so the only real negative thing is that there's no way to directly get cars from the factory right onto the train you have to truck them over to here see how many do we have I might be able to hold more we're gonna find out right I think this does it tell me now it shows me how many there's we got 15 so far it comes another truck load yeah so this is definitely the way to move them I'm still not full parent cargo value only 30 what did these cars worth doesn't really say what they're worth click on here does it this is not the purchasing price and we could sort of questioning that that price right let's go to cars like in other words doesn't it seem like it should be more than 30 mm well these guys are only worth 1,400 that's what it is and I'm gonna beat this one yeah mm okay that's about right especially considering a lot of them are now the red ones nice people going to work already now I guess we should have the sky yeah you know what wait to unload just in case I'm I will just set them on cars nothing matters wait to load wait to unload moving yet now you hold quite a few cars now there's five on each so for this one these guys are both getting back at the same time you snot set the way head back there a sense of you being empty well you get another car on is that why you're waiting so it looks like now okay he just decided to wait a little extra while I guess so if he did the visuals at all accurate we should load one more car so I guess we should have this guy wait – for what the Train is gone now they just keep getting smaller like keep shoving them on and keep getting smaller which is okay with me I mean I'd rather them rather and get more but see what I mean like this this looks like it's full with five cars but then if we come up here we got six cars on this one yeah it does this thing again to look like I bet you the next one goes to dislike it prefers one over the other for some reason I don't know it didn't that time well maybe it did maybe it didn't yeah these guys sit there for a little while I'm not sure why see I don't think he should like he's not gonna get another car but he's just sitting there and now this guy's getting cars here let's do we can do fast forward I think double you know yeah yeah why is he still sitting there it's almost like there there he goes no idea why he waited that long there he goes big to do because our train let's come back up to this train station so this is quite a few cars and how many can the car dealership hold so if you're gonna do this oh you can okay nice so there's plenty of cars in storage so you don't have to worry you know one of the things you could do is put like an extra car storage there but I'm not sure if that's necessary you probably better I'm just building it's like some kind of Depot someplace else where you you know where you load up cars from like one of these like you know see there they're putting them in there and it's kind of a buffer right here so I would say I would just make a bigger buffer storage someplace else and then have a train going around yes we have a lot of cars coming in here now look at I'm moving out so I'm like hotcakes there you go so that answers that question yeah we can drop right off from there yeah that's really I think almost all the questions I had I think like I said now at this point if you guys have any more questions or things you think I didn't test I mean I know there's like you know a bunch of possibilities for what we could do here but you know I don't I don't I didn't attach anywhere in particular I just touched or whatever everything seems to be work and this is a waste saying with this don't do that but other than that you know I think everything else is working working just fine so let me uh we just let it play forward a bit you know and we'll just see what it looks like you know in in some fairly short period of time see if I have any other issues when I'm off camera for a minute here there you go that's how you want to set up your set up your car manufacturing it kind of any you know if you're familiar with the game I wouldn't sweat it right everything should kind of work like everything else kind of works there's no gotchas for me anyway right like you know being having built enough different little factory setups I'm quite satisfied with the way this is alright let me pause the video and I'll come back to say goodbye when we're all jammed up with cars how's that saying see you guys in a minute hey guys at that time play forward and then it started to get a little bit jammed up with cars mostly over here and the reason is is because I didn't have these things selected so if you just by default is just university-educated right so there's only so many and then you get this message no no no this is no free parking places but you know you can prefer university education prefer younger only under 30 under Lander 40 any so you can you know mess with how many people have cars which is good idea though the other thing is no free parking places not sure a hundred percent what the issue is with going a little bit higher I imagine it's that if this is 75 percent full I'm wondering if it's not counting like these cars right so in other words you may end up with too many cars in the lot if they half of them are going to work or however many are going to work I would think you should be able to get away with like 2/3 right like for the different shifts now this guy I'm gonna send the police over here we actually don't have police but if we did cuz I think he got drunk and just that might be a girl left her car in the middle of the lot they are for some pretty soon so yeah I mean I'm not gonna even try to say that name but in any event yeah I think she's in trouble we need to go check her out for DUI but other than that going pretty well I did put another truck on the route over to here but yeah I mean it it's it's working pretty well now the only other thing to other things to say one is let's let's switch over to make dumpers and I definitely think I have a lot of overkill on the supply and I'm thinking of even redoing my design because of this like maybe when you get into doing other vehicles but you know we just have a lot of we're way which is four trucks were easily you know supplying everything we need to these this factory the steel is building up I mean it's still going back and forth but it's such a big steel yard right just gonna take him a while two feet up so we really don't need like trains going in-between and my other series like you know you really don't need a ton of supply for one of these but if you had you know trains coming into here offloading your steel and other other parts that's probably a good idea keep it local right but that's just that's up to you you could probably even get away with supplying them from afar with trucks you just you know be a little less fuel efficient so they're not sucking down some massive amount of steel even with a good you know look we're up 375 at 85 we have plenty of people working now I just want to like let that want the dumper go and then we'll just see what happens with them and the only other thing that I wanted to point out was none of these vehicles actually seem to require the electronics so you know for me in my regular map it's not a big deal but just know that at this point you don't actually need the electronics the electrical components you need but but I went through literally and just kind of look not one of them needs electronics that I could see now if I'm wrong please leave a comment but there you go so let's take a step backwards so yeah let's just say I guess we could actually load I'm wondering if it'll load yeah looking he loaded on to this truck okay yeah so that's that's a little bit of an issue so if you're gonna make these you might want to cut your trucks off first right so we could say yeah let's just see go to Depot right yeah so you might want to keep that in mind right there that's one of the reasons kind of little things that you kind of figure out as the game goes on but yeah so now well we unload the car there as well now can we just send the car that's another question I have yeah I'm kind of glad we're doing this here let's fast forward then when it gets there it was a good click yeah so he unloaded the car now can we change depot and tell him okay so we can send them to a parking lot but we can't send them to one of those that was that wasn't the truck that was the the loan car so there we go yeah now we have a dumper that we made ourselves so yeah I'm pretty excited I think you know I may make a few passenger cars but you're gonna see me producing a bunch of different Road vehicles on my regular map I'm pretty excited about that there you go well let me know if you have any comments I'd be happy to come back to this and and test it for you guys even if I don't make another video so all right well thank you for watching let me know if you have any questions or comments please subscribe or leave a like if you enjoyed the video thanks guys take care

Creating a game in Construct 2 from scratch: part 10

hi everyone we're back with our next installment of the series where we are creating a retro style pixel art game from scratch in construct construct 2 specifically and with me as always is Corey say hi Corey hey as my god and we did want to mention Corey and I both happen to have mostly open schedule for the next something like 5 to 7 days so we decided we would change things up and see if we can do a really focused kind of sprint if you're familiar with the agile system of sprints and scrums scrums our meeting Sprint's are a length of time where you game develop and so what we're gonna try to do is see how much of this game we can get made within those next 5 to 7 days so it's going to be a really hectic development cycle and editing these big step-by-step videos takes a long time so over the next several days what we plan to do is while we're going to record a lot of the work we're doing on the game I won't edit them into videos until after this five to seven day cycle so instead I'll just be doing a daily update video just explaining what we managed to get done on a particular day yeah and then we're going to once we're through that five to seven day sprint then I will start editing and uploading those videos to sort of catch everyone back up to the actual step-by-step process we took to add that logic and behavior to the game all right so let's dive into what we're going to be doing hopefully in this video and that is where we left off you can now earn these power-ups that come the heart already works you can grab it and it gives you back a little bit of health but currently nothing happens when you overlap when you grab or should be grabbing the firepower powerup so we need to make that happen so the first thing we're going to do is go into gameplay events and I'm going to go up to the top and we're going to create a new global value which will keep track of your power level so we're going to add global variable I'm going to call it fire power we'll have to think about what we're going to do later on because I think what we might want to do is have maybe each level have a different power that you get mm-hmm that's that's currently what's in my mind so eventually we I don't know if we'll want a different variable to keep track of each one or I think what's just gonna happen is at the end of this level you're just gonna lose that power and then you'll have to earn the new power in the next level kind of like altered beast realm so for now this one variable is fine and it starts at zero because you just have the regular call it so that's the first step and then what we can do is I can search for let me actually see what that item is called the health because we can copy that event so health pickup so I'm just copying the name of that and then I'm going into game play events and I'm going to go up here and search and paste that and here it is health pickup on collision so one thing that I did since we made this code was we added your art you created an animation for any item that gets grabs like a little flash effect so li- will add that before we copy this line of code so I'm going to add an action and we are going to have that health pickup spawn an item so health pickup and I think it's called spawn let's see yep under miscellaneous pun another object and then we pick the object and let's see what did I call it I think it's a grab rattle eyelash there you go G and then image points arrow that's good so we should do that before we destroy the health pick up and it does have some other sub events we can't see at the moment so let's clear this and look at 106 just to see what else happens okay so it just adds to the hit points and then updates the health meter okay we don't even need that stuff so you see yeah we will just deselect this so when I copy and then I can paste Oh interesting it didn't realize I deselect it I guess that could be considered a bug alright so now what we're gonna do is replace objects health pick up with the fleeing pickup and so I already have a sound effect apparently and it creates that and it destroys the pickup that's good but the next thing we need to do is we need to add it's going to add to a firepower one and that's it for that save progress all right so now that he should be able to actually collect it and there's a variable keeping track of whether or not he has this firepower the problem is there's not going to be any visual way to see that this is working and obviously we want it to affect the special effect of his attack and how those attacks affect enemies so the next step is going to be to go to the spriter layer and find this object which is called attack effect so I'm just going to grab that name go into game play events lease that in and then we can find everywhere that spawns the object which is right here this is for the standard attack I believe yeah so what we need to do is this will it gets created no matter what which is fine and this basically makes it face the right way but depending on which way you're facing but what we need to do is add a sub event so we're gonna add blank sub event and we're gonna bring this up to the top what we want to do is now check to see if basically see what the level is firepower if any and update the animation accordingly so it's going to be let's see and another condition and it's going to compare the variable firepower is we'll do it one step at a time is equal to one okay so if it's equal to one what we want to do is take that what is it called attack blur I think oops that SEC effect there you thank you so attack effect so what we're gonna do is we are going to set its animation set animation to one and then whatever it is called hold on the second one it's just I've got to find what the exact name is the easiest thing to do is just double click in here and right click and choose rename and then I can just copy and paste go back here alright so this should be this and I don't you see we can do I think what we will do is make it stay the same looking as far as visual representation of its power level it'll stay looking the same for the first two increases to its power level but in last fly out farther and do a bit more damage and then when you get the third then it actually updates how it looks as well and then it'll go out even a little further and then the fourth will be the same appearance but it goes further still and does more damage still at least that's what I'm thinking right now so let's see and let's also look at whether or not it's speed bullet speed 10 enabled so is already moving theoretically when it is spawned oops wrong event sheet so let's see we're not stopping it we're just changing its direction so apparently it does already fly out a little bit even when it's just the regular thing so it's just gonna be a matter of increasing the speed so I'm going to go in here and I'm gonna choose attack effect and then under bullet set speed so the first normal one is 10 so we'll make it 15 so one and a half times faster and then that's fine fire party was – same thing same animation it'll go out a little farther some 20 and three and we will now change the animation – to just visual power level two and then scroll a little bit more to five and then finally we will do is greater or we'll just do greater than three so now it's four five six seven whatever that'll be like the next out firepower mm-hm and we'll do thirty okay so we got ready to run it and see if it works you grab my backward controller that will confuse me oops wrong frame okay another verse you don't have to go okay yes I grabbed it and yeah now I have the flame on it so I just need to grab more well it certainly seems to be working nice I see a problem though yes okay so I remember what we did we have a an event elsewhere that says if animation is default then you make the object stick right in front of the player they get on times in a specific place but you can see now that that's not having effect because the because it's not in an animation default it looks fine when you're sitting still but when you're moving forward then you can actually oh it's fine also when you're walking on the ground because as you can see the because you stop it goes out ahead of you the way you expect but when you're moving in the air forward you can actually go right inside of it it doesn't come out right so what we're gonna need to do is figure out how to add the speed that we want it to be plus the speed of the player so let's see if that'll work like if we just use that raw logic hopefully the same speed numerical speed values apply to both the the platform behavior as well as bullet speed so let's see if that works so instead of just doing these hard-coded numbers here we are going to do that would be the player box vector X that is the current moving speed Plus so I'm just gonna grab this click done paste that there so hopefully what this will do is make it look and feel right even if you're moving it'll always be moving out roughly that much faster than you I think that makes sense let's see let's see how it does once again not bad looks like if it's not completely right it's mostly right oops well it's a little off because it it still seems to get high over lighting a lot you know I don't know like and there's a little border clinic see there so it's all vertical fix all that I can do that I can only set its white to match the player that's no problem no matter what the animation is but as far as horizontally it's it's definitely staying in front of them which is good but it shouldn't see mess up a tiny bit more like he's not completely overlapping it but see it looks like it's working correctly when he's moving right but left it seems to be different like oh yeah absolute value yeah yeah yeah because he's moving that way I need a negative do I need negative numbers that's interesting I wouldn't have thought so well I'll bet you vector X is a negative number so we need we need yes we need absolute value of player box good good job catching this stuff by the way you're saving us time so I think it's EBS parentheses right so because if you're going left it's a negative number and that's slowing down thing this should fix and then actually before I do that it did also seem like it still wasn't quite perfect so I'm gonna do the absolute value player vector X and then I'm gonna do x 1.1 which will give it like a 10 percent speed increase mm-hmm okay in well or attic we – will also handle the the Y issue as well so somewhere you'll see it it'll say if animation is Oh set position here it is so it's for default or air Bosch currently it's setting the position so what we want is player box Y minus 24 that's pretty easy to remember so what we want to do is always so we're going to just add on a insert new with it above and we're going to say let's so I guess it won't matter we'll just do every tick and we're going to take the attack effect and we're going to set its Y and it's going to be the player box Y minus 24 okay let us and then I guess that you mind the spray der layout again well I was gonna say God do you have to do you now need to remove that other piece of code no because they technically they're doing the same thing on the why see it stays with it now on the why and it goes out okay you know it's still I think oh that was weird when I looked around it doesn't whip around with you question is should it if it if it stays with you on the why it should so that's the question do we want it to stay with you in the Y or is it its own thing when it leaves your attempt there anything since its flame so I get home no no is this I mean I would think it would it probably should stick to the player you know I mean for gameplay purposes right so in that case though you'd be able to whip around and it would teleport to the other side of you so let's try that actually let me restart I forgot what the behavior is with the regular one if you would flip around in the air you know to me oops oh yeah it does alright so that is the default behavior just instantly whips around but it stops doing that okay so we can just copy so what do we need to do with it that's gonna be a little tricky though okay we need to do this a different way which is no big deal let's see so what we're gonna do is we're going to instead of using bullet speed for it we're going to have a variable which is its current X position away from the player uh-huh and that value is going to automatically increase itself by this speed every frame like every 50th of a second or something right and then it's going to be just adjusting its Y position it's gonna stick it to the player but it's X it's going to be the player plus that or minus that depending on if the players facing left or right doesn't make sense so but what that means is let's see that variable again right that I mean this expression here this C right here so we're gonna make it we can get rid of this because it's always going to be the same you can see it's always the same and we're just gonna add that variable into the X equation alright so it's right now minus 16 so it's gonna be minus parenthesis 16 plus and then whatever that ever-growing value is for the attack effect so we can replace this alright so I'm going to remove our block and we're gonna get rid of these now that means every tick but it looks nicer and is easier to understand if we put that there there we go all right so every tick that's all good so but what we need to do is and that but we need to create the variable first and we no longer need this at all and so now it's in spriter it's this and let's see here we want instance variables and X from layer and I'm gonna make another variable called thanks speed and I'm gonna misspell speed on purpose just in case that's necessary and its default will be zero for when it's default okay so now so in these things instead of setting the bullet speed what we are going to do is we're gonna make let's see we're going to set its variable I think here yeah yeah we're gonna set its X speed variable speed we're gonna set that to that number so 15 and get rid of that copy and paste this a bunch of times 2025 oops fifteen Connie fine and get rid of this so now we don't need a bullet speed for this at all I think yeah and we don't need to set its angle of motion we just need to set it mirrored or not so this is now useless okay and then going back to where is it yeah set merit or not and then where is that event that sets oh yeah every tickets right here sets its position what we're going to do is first we are going to I actually will do another every tip out there for that same thing so where is that every tick here it is actually no we can't do it every tick hold on a second all right we're gonna need a new new in action so and a new event above and it's gonna be let's see I guess compared to values no we're just gonna check if one of these things exist so count is greater than zero I think only one can exist at a time but just in case so so long is one of these exists then and another condition and we're gonna do every so many fractions of a second which how do you do a 50th of a second 0.02 yeah yeah all right so every 50th of a second we are going to increase that value so we're going to add 2x from player we're going to add X speed does that make sense yes so we're we're telling you it's movement speed by when depending on its power level and then we're actually changing the X offset value by increasing it with that speed amount and then what we need to do is that here where it sets the x and y we can do player box yeah so we're just gonna do -16 plus and then we have the distance from player X from player and then the same thing here this might be too fast I just realized I think those speeds that we set were based originally on the bliz speed which is pixels per second and we're doing 50 times a second so it'll be 50 times faster I'm pretty sure so we need to they'll shoot across the screen and let you speed if I'm correct which I think I am so we'll have CEA's we'll have to correct for that but I'll run it and just to see if I'm if I'm correct plus it'll be funny so let's see so 16 plus well maybe maybe that'll eventually be one of its power yeah exactly so of course I know we weren't going for that yeah there was one time I was I was making a game a long time ago prototyping a game and accidental behavior from code was a real it was like a spaceship shmup like a vertical scrolling shmup and the accidental behavior created by these this bullet wave was really cool like ended up designing it into the game just like tweaking the bug a tiny bit there like the unexpected behavior which is a form of Bhagat ended up being a cool discovery something I would have never imagined or would have been able to program if I tried but just the accidental bug behaved this way I was like oh that's cool anyway so let's get that variable here extra player there we go all right so these they should just zoom right across the screen at crazy speeds I mean they shouldn't but it will rain oh darn it but it will right now you think and we'll just have to reduce those numbers take that Birdman whoa look at that can you see it even with the ski out there fast that is yeah it's pretty cool but alright so we just need to go into the gameplay events and tweak all those numbers the thing is you have a calculator handy what's 15 divided by 50 0 point what oh we would just cut it in half right and then right yeah zero point zero that so it would be basically 0.75 or point 0 75 I think well it's it's 0.3 it's what you would do is double it and then and then move the decimal son okay zero points rack spaces yeah okay so and then 20/50 would be forty two point word and point zero four no just point four right or I guess get it at the zero first and then 25 would be five zero point five and six math is our friends friend I pluralized math for some reason I must be turning British maths see here not that there's anything wrong with that all right that seems seems to be about right yeah okay before yeah yep well it's definitely working so now it's just a matter of tweaking those numbers that definitely goes up more as you get higher ups and then it stops like that's as much out as a little dose I mean we might want to make it able to go out further than that but the important thing is it's working oh yeah we did not do it yet for Bosch so let's do it now for air Bosch I mean all right so now that that's working we just need to grab all of this that checks on the firepower and we can just copy it right into the air Bosch trigger under here but before the mirrored stuff not that that matters really it would work if it were under the marriage stuff too this is once again no longer needed we just need to change these animation names so I know it's something similar but I don't remember exactly what it is so let's do the same trick of copying and pasting the name so it's just air Bosch did I misspell airs at a typo yeah it looks like a typo down here looks like AE is that Eva she hey I are sorry Rini okay so come here and so yep so this will be that with one same thing one and here with the two left yep good you know I think Airbus is a pretty good title for the game there we go barbarian air bash bonanza yes mm you gonna have that Street deluxe straight to there yeah after that like straight to bargain been named in that format made by committee named by committee where is it oops running the wrong frame Wow Wow I didn't I didn't change what layup quit runnin the snow level that was supposed to be a secret level I ruined it really annoys me when it doesn't pop up okay let's kill this bird man wrap it and we will air bash a bet of the air or another that Oh Falcon okay it worked of course now the issue is it doesn't have any additional effect it behaves exactly like the normal version so that's what we have to fix next so we need to do this we need to figure out how to isolate those events that are specific to the what does it call attack effect so we will go back into the events we will I knew I know I didn't have to clear it and then put it back in but I'm just tired we'll call that a brain fart let's see here so we need to see when it's okay overlapping Falcon so this is the stuff right here that we're going to need to change and specifically this week don't even theoretically need to change because they died anyway it's the air best one that we need to which is here that needs to change which in this case will be air Bosch is playing set animation to hit why are we bothering I'm a little confused I thought we just immediately immediately destroyed the bird and replaced it with the bird that's going flying which is here bashed Falcon so what is this one doing Birdman attack effect overlapping is air Bosch playing trigger once innovation ahead subtract two and ten the score oh okay um yeah no I still don't get it hold on oh this is okay I'm sorry this is for the bird man I just got that this is for the bird man this is for the Falcon itself sorry all right all right so it's let's play pay attention you spawn the fast Falcon yeah yeah exactly so what we need to do is I created a clone of the bashed Falcon so all we have to do is do a check right so at another condition we're just going to compare the global value of firepower and ask if it is equal to zero then that's what it'll do let's put this over the top yeah I think this is the most optimized way to do it and then control C control V and then we're just going to excuse me edit this and make it greater than zero and we are going to select the whole thing and replace object and we are replacing the bashed Falcon with the best flaming enemy and so now the trick is we need to look for bashed to see what it does in different situations so unlit we need to trigger a screen shake oh yeah which we already do even with the little ones so we need to trigger a more violent screen shake and the the size of the explosion will depend on how big your firepower is I forgot about that part so we need we need to transfer a valuable value into the flaming bashed flaming enemy so let's go in here and let's create an instance variable called power level and so we might as well start it at one it doesn't matter because we're always gonna be setting it when we spawn it based on the players firepower mm-hmm but oops so that's when we spawn flaming bashed what we need to do is set its fire set its power level set value power level to whatever the power level is or the fire power is of the player am I looking in the wrong thing I think it's right there Google vehicle value yeah I think it's fire power yeah there we go okay so we spawn it we set its firepower we do all the other stuff that's all fine so now that will help us decide how big of an explosion to spawn when it hits the ground all right so now I can do this control V and we can replace object and replace splashed Falcon with bashed flaming and but now we need to add another condition and we're gonna do we're going to compare its value compare incense value power level equals to 1 and that case we're gonna do this exact same stuff only we'll make it link 12 that's fine and we're gonna do let's say I mean I guess yeah I guess I'll make this a little tidier and do add links of event and then move this here and let's see ya move this no matter what marina had tend to score or play the explosion sound but the quake might increase depending on the firepower alright so that's more organized and then power level equals to I guess for that we'll use the same sprite and then we will quake the screen even more and then our level I think I'll just do ya know we'll do let's keep going equals three mm-hmm one more it's just gonna be greater than 3 greater than 3 and we're gonna do 20 that might be too much up that way but so with these last year though we should be spawning that different bigger explosion that I had that you had done the art for and that I think I created let's see what it's called aural infernal just replace object explosion let's see explosion – there we go ok so in those higher power levels that'll make a bigger explosion and shake the screen more save and then what else do we need to do when it hits the Birdman it needs to hurt for more damage so that would not be bashed that would be Oh actually let's stick on bash for now because it does need to hit other things right so here it is no that's not it at some point – Falcon overlapping Birdman okay hey what did that happen that was weird okay control-c control-v so we're gonna replace this best Falcon with us flaming and let's see so we are going to somewhere we subtract hip points right subtract one okay so instead of track subtracting the one we're gonna do one plus we'll just keep it simple for now power level where is that that isn't the best thing power level all right so it's hurting for more damage now the other thing that we could do is make it spawn the bigger explosion if the power level is high enough let's cuz that way even if it hits the Birdman the big explosion will appear and then if some other enemy is close enough it could get hit by that big explosion – once we work that code in but we don't need this in this we just need this in this so here and here control C and that I had them there oh I guess I just about paste it in between that's fine all right so we are creating it from there that's fine oh yeah we shouldn't shake the screen I guess since it hit you know I mean like the Birdman took the force and not the ground right so we won't shake the screen but we also need one more event that says if power level is less than three huh so that'll handle all the other likelihoods and they'll spawn the regular small explosion oh there we go I think well yeah I would say you probably need to take that one bashed flaming destroy exactly yeah not good good catch all right III was testing you now yeah and you passed all right so let's see I might as well run it and see if all of these changes are good oh my favorite friend the snow level do you like my new art right I mean for the snow level I think it's yeah that I can find out a single fault with any pixel I think that all right to remember what we're testing before – no it just exploded instead of doing the airbag yeah is it I missed something is it he's not doing more damage no image not to the birds I made that happen to the bird men but not the birds but obviously I did something wrong all right what's up with that so let's see oh they're just called Falcon right all right so we'll just look for what was it attack effect yeah so air bash oh yeah we should just look for air bash yeah so if it's overlapping Falcon oh I see if animation if air Bosch is not playing that's the problem right right so it needs to work for the yeah we need to put in those other which is what is it one fire air Bosch I think let's double check again let's see click and unroll things here bear with me one flame air Bosch I'm gonna copy and paste just to avoid typos rename copy all right Ramallah okay there we go so is there we go that's oh no I did default City here and brash what a doofus yeah I think it's like this boy a handy feature would just be a little drop-down with the animation names right there and you know cuz it's already got a tach effect that is very targeted it's like yeah that would be nice I think it might do that in construct 3 I could be wrong yeah I never remember readily and all right so but unless I did a Miss remember to name or did a typo now that won't instantaneously kill that's why it was getting killed around the Oh looks like I have to do the same thing here what's the difference here oh this is for Birdman okay all right that's cool and then so this is for air Bosch air banished firepower okay that's good we just didn't do it yet for Birdman with firepower so we're going to copy this and add it here and then we need whatever happens to him when there is firepower so that makes sense so copy and paste firepower is greater than zero oh yeah and this actually that's a good point it would never be regular ear Bosch right that's a good point maybe that's part of what's messing us up over here too because this is checking for is an emission air Bosch let's see I guess we need yeah it's the window when you're spawning the Bosch yeah what I immersions yeah what I need to do is do a add a blank sub event for now and I'm going to drag all of this stuff into here and I'm going to turn this into an or block whenever I say that I think of that short-lived cartoon series called the or BOTS all right I wonder how many viewers will have any idea what I'm talking about but it was sort of like a Transformers knockoff but anyway very high quality animation actually back in the day but it did not last long anyway and there's the trivia for the day and completely pointless trivia alright so this we just need to go like that and then it would be I think on fire air bash and to fire ambush I have to double-check these names so they put one again it cannot be trusted all right oh it's flame air Bratz air better are you kidding me alright let's try that again flame oops typo F lame nursing how appropriate okay so we need to do the same thing here with this event mm-hmm wait a minute actually no I didn't even need to do that here which is kind of funny we're not funny ha-ha but funny Mike you idiot let's see so and blinks of event oh that's only haha huh big or block and then grab all three of these all right and then get rid of make or block and then get rid of this because it can't be air bash if I mean it will only be air bash if fire power is zero does that make sense it can't be flame a fire pyro is zero yeah and sanding here all right and then so we'll just do that okay I think we're getting close Oh yep good do you even need that one there that just says this the air batch playing the irregular at bat oh no the good point yeah that should have been removed okay yeah yeah that would have totally this would have never happened because that was there so I'm glad you spotted that we still have this which is for bird man air Bosch for your power yeah see this this is the same issue we need to add the the or block thingamabob er so and blanks of event scroll that ups there because is it an orb or is it a block I mean it's or block so you just have that you just haven't studied quantum mechanics enough all right so let me see if that is correct oh we need to get rid of this doctor da all right so now this is the question oh yeah here because of he's hitting getting hit with the fleeing power this should be 2 plus and then firepower and since the air Bosch is an increased attack strength we will do we won't just do the firepower itself will do firepower multiplied will do what will we do 5,000 now that could work no well that none times instead of 2 plus 4 right right two times and then the global value firepower okay I think that makes sense so he's gonna get hurt pretty bad it's gonna play regular hit it could be kind of nice eventually if we have like a 1 you know how in games like final fight if the characters got hit with a an explosion every yeah and became the same like flaming human Cocoon animation it would be kind of fun to have that for the humanoid characters too so when they get hit they like get on fire and then it dissipates but it's like a spin animation yeah I think that would be cool let's see I think otherwise we're fine all right let's see how much I messed up luckily you were babysitting to a large degree so I don't think I did too much damage I have to keep here or boys and track well that's working so far the end the end I think I noticed is they are flying straight down for some reason instead of the angle yeah but otherwise I think it's all working the way it's supposed to so we just have to figure out Oh apparently we were using the bullet movement of maybe bullet movement I didn't think so Oh maybe there's an event that makes the diagonal move that happened on the yeah yeah the horizontal movement that makes sense okay so I'll bet you if we search bashed mm-hmm oops ain't being an events from that bashed so look for something that moves something horizontally let's see here we go so apparently it's using the platform behavior and see where it's being held left or right so we just need to copy those and replace object and there we go so now they should move on the angle – I'm gonna save progress and I'm going to run 11 and see what it looks like all right give me a bird whoops look that Lowen it's hard to air bash up no I just suck that's all Oh wrong way interesting oh oh maybe we're not there's probably a an event where you're supposed to set its which way it's facing as far as the platform movement is concerned mm-hm and let's see where would that be okay we have to hear it mirror it or not which apparently we're somehow not doing oh right right above that say versus past Falcon oh no yeah yeah we spawn it obviously we're not what was it called bashed flame fast flaming or something like that we're just flaming an enemy and I can't remember bashed flaming so when we spawn it we're supposed to be checking which way the hero is facing see here mm-hmm I don't hey let me look what's the problem here fire fire is greater than zero attack effect is overlapping aha here you see here we are setting whether it's Maradona before we're creating it this has to be up here aha that is a problem okay is that the only case I think that's the only case where we're creating them since they only come from the Falcon so I think we are good now the least bug fixing is going faster in this video knock on wood less editing to do less of her need to go into chipmunk mode a million times in one video all right give me a bird yeah he's fast and low so he's really hard I think there was still a problem yeah that way is fine like test the other way it's just harder to do it man sorry sit wow it's harder than it looks honest are we gonna have to put another really slow moving top and then exactly that's a good point that would make it easier to test yes so let's see here fire power oh that's for fire power is greater than zero but I didn't fix it for when it's not greater than zero because that I didn't grab the fire power that time I think oh yeah so we need just regular fast we won't be able to see the event dashed so fire power zero air Bosch what happened here yeah yeah same problems this belongs up here and there's even no point having this as its own sub event because it's if firepower zero oh no yeah well yeah no there's no point and – we'll be up there to land all this – we'll be up there – because the air passage is the only possibility if you know what I mean if your air bashing air best is the only possibility okay they should have fixed that problem as well safe progress in check take that all right oops I shouldn't have grabbed the fire flower because I'm oh but you know that's the one way to still what is going on did you see it well I mean reset and not grab the fire power and see what happens Oh what the right way that's fine so it's working with regular no phone no power so let me grab power now oh that's an interesting thing we don't have the flying enemies that are flaming when they hit the ground they should release orbs too so that's something we can do at some other point and I don't stretch out this video for that we'll just fix this bug sure yank we'll be good for this video so assuming this bug doesn't take forever to fix alright I think you could be just whatever whatever you just did you know to the regular bash back on it you just need to do that to the flaming because I think you might have changed it somewhat so we're spawning it and then we're setting to mirror it or not basin if the hero's burner not that yeah yeah is or somehow messing it up in this case I hope not but we can test for that let me see spawn you were spawning it we're setting its power level we're setting its Y vector destroying Falcon and ten very not mirrored mirrored not married mirror that's all the same yeah it gives me the only thing different is air brat the air Bosch flame air but let me double-check the name although I think for these I copy and paste that I want to make sure yeah what am i checking yeah this yeah to fling the Airbus or one or two one flame air about to fight a bear bells hmm alright so gameplay Vince doesn't look like anything changed as far as I can see it's I think I have a feeling somehow the the fact that this sub the vent is an or black or block is actually causing troubles somehow even though I don't see logistically why it would cause trouble but where I had one really quick speedy hack to fix this and that is to simply make a clone get rid of the work block in both and then delete one for one and the other for the other yep so now and this is all identical yep and then those have to happen best flaming best flaming spawn spawn okay oh that's interesting I'm thinking maybe because this is outside of the sub event like you see how here it's spawning it and then the sub event is marrying it or not let's see like this doesn't directly follow that one oh no it's good it must have been because it was in the or but for some reason let's test it like this and see if it works yeah that it could just be a court no I think we're in the sprayer love the snow snow scene okay we're testing you hit the fire function so I can grab that yeah hey what the one leg still all right that way is fine yep it's still going the wrong way interesting huh okay so we're gonna just really make this extremely sort of redundant to try to really make sure that it knows which thing we're talking about to mirror or not right so let's see if that changed anything if that fixes it I seem to you oh look at that nice try the other way if I don't die first oh all right looks like we fixed everything nice one last quick go and it did I keep my yeah I kept my firepower even though I died you didn't handle that contingency yet but nice oh all right I think we actually handled everything we wanted to except I wasn't really paying attention to screen shaking I'm catching up with him cuz he's slow yeah it's definitely screen shaking yeah that's the work is a little jumpier than we want just be yeah we've been variables are set but yeah we can tweak that a little bit you know exactly but hey it's working so alright well I think that's good for this video we get the you are now able to pick up the magic fire power it actually has an effect changes your attacks and makes the attacks effect the enemies differently so I think that's a good place to stop for this one and remember everyone for the next five to seven days we're just going to do very quick little update videos showing you what we've accomplished for that day but if there's going to be hopefully a video every day if something pops up that gets in our way in a given day for making any or some progress I will try to at least do an update video saying that we didn't really think any progress we'll say that's it for today thank you very much for watching

"Beauty is a Social Construct" #Soc119

I got one for you so the other day we were talking about skin whitening cream and and I was thinking about this after we left and first off let me go ahead real fast remember I brought wait who's the Nigerian that was up here you write your Nigerian so I brought you up and I was asking you about skin whitening cream and you like didn't really know and like right am i right skin wainy made rias 190 million people it's estimated 70 million Nigerians out of 190 youth skin whitening cream that's why I'm surprised I'm like what do you mean you know know like what do you mean like you're not this conversation you don't know that seven million people that's almost 40% of the population it's huge it's like and so this idea that this is all new to all of us it's like we don't even have ways to understand this stuff so I come back to skin whitening cream I'm like nobody tells nobody thou'rt holds anybody do you take a dark-skinned person with darkly pigmented skin so here we are her her this half of her right this half of her and somewhere you get a message to put skin whitening cream on okay you get a message these people through 70 million people in Nigeria come on man some of these are babies so you got another thirty thousand young infants so the you know you only got like 90 million people realistically you aren't using it why what leads people to use skin whitening cream well these black dark-skinned people use skin lightening cream what is it choice is it down here are people just making the choice are 70 million people in Nigeria just saying like yeah you know we are a black society in western Africa black LED white people are not dominating our world anymore this is all about us we have our own music industry we have a arts industry we have our own television industry our own movie industry we have like everything we need and yet and yet nah man what we need is like lighter skin what is that is it choice yeah we're just choosing to have light skin cuz it's kind of like cool you know what I mean it's just beautiful or it's something else going on it's like what is that or is it both what is it so skin whitening cream what is that how do people do it why would you do that to think that it's only this and there's no choice involved would be stupid like what like the white people like what Americans are like holding all dark-skinned people down we got them in like headlocks here and we're rubbing skin whitening cream all over your faces it's like no we're not doing that it's not happening that would be just stupid to make that argument and then equally down here to say like nah man you know what I mean of all the things you kind of do you just like yeah we just yeah well we were thinking you know we just kind of want to change it up a little bit so we could actually put this cream on to make us darker which would be really kind of cool too you know what I mean like hey let's all just get really dark cuz that's cool or we could just put this cream on to make us lighter so like I will just choose the Lightning's cream cream why not it's a choice go dark go light ah who cares I don't really know it's just a choice I'm just making a choice right and yet the whole world is going to whitening who's usually darkening it's a whitening so therefore you can't go there that would be a dumb argument to make and you can't go here to say like no one's making a choice at all because clearly that's not the case so somehow the two are working together you know what I mean you never take choice out of the equation ever I would just be interested to hear your argument about on why that would be a function of chance why it would be a function of chance people deciding to make their skin yeah because we live in yes so we live in a system that up and down well where I was last weekend there were there were few black people it was almost all white we live in a racialized world we live in a racialized society like the United States is built on a racialized system of color and privilege right they give you add if you had dark skin you just inherently are less privileged by the nature of the either a your Native American and so you have no value whatsoever or B you're either a slave or potentially a slave and if you're not a slave then you got to be like a unique case because there were black people in the US and the earth and the days of slavery who owned slaves right but very few I mean the vets so it's a racialized system white people were poor the vast majority of white people in the early days were poor but you could be poor but if you were black you were in a particular place so it's a racialized system it still is we haven't gotten out of it it's much less racialized than it ever was are you kidding me and look around there are black people in this room we're gonna talk about this there are black people in this room whose families black and brown people in this room whose families could buy and sell half the white population in this room because they have so much money and you don't even know it right you look when we talk about a racialized system that assumes that oh each black person or each brown person is poor come on man are you kidding me like no that's not it but it's a refi system whereby there's a certain privilege that comes with skin color they like primly it's not privileged in a holistic way because i me having white skin wasn't privileged last week and i'm still poor compared to these folks I mean I'm rich if I go to Haiti when I go to rural West Virginia but here I'm poor and so like you see what I mean it's still a system so it benefits people just have lighter skin lighter skins more beautiful it's portrayed as more beautiful lighter skin it's great as you're less likely to look if you go for a job interview you take two black people and they're exactly the same the lighter skinned person is going to get treated better than the darker skinned person we know this across the board police are less likely to be they're gonna treat lighter skinned people not only white people I mean lighter skin like brown people better than dark brown people across the board we see that so that's what I mean about kind of the race license so it's like ingrained historically to pass so like the whole passing thing I'm gonna give you one more thing right so all throughout slavery so what we have we see this blending of white blood and black blood and a lot of it is just slave owners and white people in general taking liberties with black women and then having children who are mulatto or who are both and sometimes the children come our really light skin and then the goal is to have your child passed passes white why is that because if they pass it as white then they're gonna come what's going to come along with that are certain privileges that's part of an interracial eye system so it's like we we've got hundreds of years of building and racialized power system and so like well it doesn't strike me that people all around the world we want to have lighter skin as we see that's the standard of beauty everywhere we see that it's a standard I go to I I look at I you know whether I go to Columbia or you know I was in Iraq alright go to you know what I mean the Opia or what you know when I was in the just I was anyone I'm in the Philippines I'm wherever I am and I go and I see those beauty magazines it's always people with lighter skin it just is that's the standard so it makes sense that anybody any schmuck out there in the world like me if I have darker skin I'm gonna wish it was a little bit lighter because that's what I've been born into like for example just like you bro if I said if I took you as child if all you ever knew was you know what are you straight I know you're not you're just asking the question so I'm not like alright so here there's my final answer this is awesome this is an awesome example dude if I took you as a child and all you ever knew was the following cuz you're straight the ideal woman the ideal woman all you ever knew and all you ever saw was the ideal woman was 4 feet 2 inches tall 200 pounds and completely flat chested ok that's all you ever saw and women all around you we're trying to be 4 feet 2 inches tall 200 pounds and getting rid of their breasts having breast removal surgery and that's all you ever saw and that's when people told you and that was in the media and that was in magazines today you would think oh look at her yo she's really hot – the girl the young woman who's 4 foot 2 inches tall 200 pounds and flat-chested you'd be saying like yes she's really hot that's how it is my friends which makes it so silly that we try to be something other than what we are or that we think in these standards of beauty that we choose them we don't choose them like this is like the dumbest thing in the world it's all been imposed on us standards of beauty

Building a Shoreline Deck

today we're on an amazing link it's in one of the most beautiful parts of cars country we're being out on the water is where it's at the water is looking great the new cottage owner Tom can't make the most of it because of a deck that stopped short so here's what we're going to do we'll design a low-lying 14 by 18-foot wide deck that extends over the waterline the upper deck will lead down through an extra wide set of stairs to another fix lower deck I'll then attach Tom's prefab docks muscle-power got rid of tom's old deck now the ground is ready to set the backline and start framing a new deck for tom tom has an idea where he wants his dock facing out towards so we're just trying to achieve that by getting this backline and then figuring out where the ninety is off of it to get the direction of the dock we have to start from here work your way forward basically there's no real trick to this it's just basically getting the pass down on some solid ground and just checking the level once a while and we actually hit it first time dead on its level so these pads are they're good right here at this point it's important to make sure it's perfectly square sometimes people use a square like this but it's not very long he's not very accurate so what you got to do is measure out six six this way on the outside eight here measure across should be 10 feet so in this case it's an inch less so just basically got a means that move that out to ten and that's square the next step right now is to put the beam in and all the post and then start laying all choice I like to notch my post so the beam will rest in the notch so I'm going to cut out now that our first notch posts are in we can pick up the pace and install the horizontal joist to give this upper deck all the support it needs right now we're just putting the rim board on we did our chalk line everything's square so what we started doing is we're laying out the outside perimeter of the picture frame once we get the outside done we'll fill in the middle this is our guide this is the height of our next platform and this is where our joists will be attached to and that's our final height snug fit we set the height of the lower deck with the ledger board now it's all about getting in the water to secure our posts underwater our posts will sit securely in level cement deck blocks so once we get this last foundation post in we're going to start laying the joists out and then get ready for decking Tom's deck is 80 feet across and we decided with all the people that come and go that'd be nice just to make the stairs all across the 18 feet that's my stringer layout so this will be our template so just going to make sure that it fits okay so we set the ledger bore at the correct height now you can see why we have four equal steps coming up to a finished red and right here it's perfectly flush so it's good not to over cut with the skill saw it's better just to come in with the handsaw you just clean it up if you over cut you can it looks doesn't look that nice and you'll weaken the the stringer as well we're almost done Tom's new deck but we still need to have the prefab docks now that we installed and fix the new docks it creates a great entry point into the water with our benches complete we're ready to install the song with the 7 by 8 and that's 8 feet long 7 feet in diameter going to be beautiful

How To Build A Shed – Part 1 Building The Floor

hi it's Shannon here from house improvements comm and today we're going to start our series on building a shed so we're gonna do the first video here and basically what we're building is a 6 foot by 8 foot shed it's going to have a gable roof with a 612 pitch so one of the videos we'll be getting into cutting the actual small little rafters for it and other than that basically this first video we're going to start with building the floor structure getting it on some skids building the structure making sure everything's level and putting down some sheathing if you can see behind me we've got pretty much all the framing materials here and some of it is pre-cut so we won't be showing you on more some of the basic things we won't be showing you the cutting once we do get to the rafter video we will show you how to figure it out and cut it so you can see we've got some pressure-treated lumber in this first stack this will all be the flooring materials so we've got the 4 by 4 skids which are right here and then all the 2×4 framing that we'll use to actually build the floor structure and we'll cover that with five-eighths inch pressure-treated plywood as well that way you know if you have any moisture issues or you know snow and that sort of thing the the floor is the first thing that's going to get wet so we want to make sure it's pressure treated the rest we are just using spruce lumber and yeah that's basically it we're going to build the shed it's going to get vinyl siding and it's going to get a steel roof and also a steel roll-up door which in this area is getting pretty popular for sheds they're they're a nice feature to have so so anyways we're gonna get reset up here and we're gonna start with the setting up the skids getting things leveled up and frame the floor ok so we've got the basic frame of material over here to do the floor I've just set the skids out of the way for right now as you can see we're working inside for this video just so we can control the elements a little bit so normally you're gonna be working outside you might be building the shed more than likely rate in place so one of the first things you'd want to start with is probably getting your skids sitting down on a level surface you know you can be on the ground but you obviously the ground isn't always going to be level so you might need to put some flat cinder ricks or some kind of stepping stones or something like that set into the ground or however you have to do it to get a level surface lay your skids out and then start framing your floor on top because we're working inside today I'm gonna assemble the floor at least the floor framing and then I'm gonna just flip it out of the way put the skids in place do a little bit of a shim job if I have to on the floor here on the concrete floor lay the framework on top and show you how I'm gonna attach it before I sheet the floor so like I said I've got everything marked out I'm going 16 inches on center it's all pressure treated lumber you can reference to my framing video wall framing video as well just to see how I measured these out I'm not going to duplicate what I've already shown everybody so if you haven't seen it you can go there and have a look and as as I showed in that video as well you know you want to look down every piece of lumber four arches and lay all the arches the same way so if you're gonna if they do have crowns you want to put them all up or down whichever your gonna do I like to put them up they sit better just so it stays fairly consistent these are short enough there isn't much of a crown in them at all so okay so what I'm going to do like I said I've got everything pre-cut I'm gonna go ahead and nail it fasten it together we're using a 2×4 framing and so I'm gonna attach at every floor joist which is what this is I'm going to attach using two nails into each end you could use screws if you want I prefer nails myself they're a little stronger so we just want to flush the top of this up to the top here and of course on this first one I'm putting it flush on the end all the other ones there's a mark and I you probably can't see them on the camera there's a mark every 16 inches on center that I'll be lining those ones up too but also still flush to the top so I'm also going to put on my safety glasses for those of you who haven't seen this gun this is a pass load gas-operated framing nailer so it user uses a combination of a battery pack here and a gas cartridge here to propel the nails [Applause] [Applause] okay so that's one side I'm just going to do the same thing to the other side [Applause] okay so there's our main structure of the floor and I'm just gonna lean it up out of the way and then put the skids into place okay so I've laid the four by fours out just roughly approximately where they need to be I've checked with my level in a few different places both directions just to see how far out we are like I said we're working on a concrete floor here so it's actually pretty good so what I'm not gonna bother Jimmy the worst spot is about a eighth of an inch so that's not anything to worry about on this so what I'll do I'll just get them spaced out here a little closer to exactly what I want and then we'll lay the lay the floor out on top of it and move everything into position okay so you get the basic idea what I'm doing here the next step I'm going to look after is and you can see here i I've pre-drilled some holes what I'm gonna do these holes are so that I can attach the frame securely to the to the skids so what I've got is some six inch leg bolts with a washer and I pre drilled these holes so that these will go down through them and attach rate down into the four by four and that will allow if we in this case we have to actually move this shed around afterwards to get it where it has to go so it's going to make it a little more secure maybe not necessary if you're just building the shed right on right on the spot it's gonna stay you could lay your floor down on here and put some normal deck screws or nails or whatever down into the four by fours just to hold things in place but because we're gonna actually move it around I'm gonna attach it a lot more securely and then we normally probably would so to do that I'm gonna use an impact driver and I just have to grab it okay so I've got my bolts ready and my impact driver with the socket and driver I'm just flushing the four by four the skid up with the side and the end here so I can do my first attach my first Bowl I guess what I didn't mention is the reason I pre-drilled this and also drilled a larger hole so that everything would go down flush so the heads of these bolts wouldn't be sticking up above here when I put the plywood on so you can see they aren't sticking up at all it's all tucked down in there and it's out of the way of the plywood when I sheet the floor so I'm just going to move all the way down along this side just moving the skid Ian flush to the side of the framework and then putting the bolts in okay so I did that one side I'm gonna do the other side and then up the center in the center I've done the two ends and then I picked one floor joist in the middle to attach but they're attached the same way so I'm just going to do those up and then it'll be all attached to the skids and we'll square the floor up after that okay so we've got our in this case nine bolts all attached down into the into the framework it's worth mentioning that anytime you're using pressure-treated materials you should be using hot dip nails stainless steel nails or ceramic coated nails the material the pressure treat the preserve the wood with is corrosive it can be so standard fasteners will rust over time so I thought that would be worth mentioning and also I guess while I'm at it I used three inch nails is what I nailed all the floor joists in with just I don't think I mentioned that before so we've got things sitting there right now I want to square the floor up the easiest way to square up a rectangular square shaped surface is to measure diagonally corner to corner and you should end up if it's square or when it is square you should end up with an equal measurement I'm just gonna see what we're sitting at here and we're very close right there but I'm a little bit longer in this diagonal that I'm hooking on again so that means I need to just try to squeeze it a little bit which makes it smaller and actually makes the other one a little longer it's not gonna take much I was less than an eighth of an inch so in reality I'm going only had to move it you know sixteenth basically that'll be good right there okay so we've got things squared up and we just have to be careful at this point until we have the sheeting on that we don't bump it or kick it or whatever cuz that'll swing it out of square again the next thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to just toenail with the pass load a couple nails one on each side of each of the floor joists so that didn't get bolted down and I measured those out 16 inches on Center on the skid just so that when I do the plywood I know that the flooring members are all street [Applause] [Applause] okay so that secures that all up I'm just gonna double-check I know what my measurement was diagonally so I'm just gonna double-check that I didn't move it I'm sure I didn't know it's good okay so we've got that the basic rough framework for the floor is all sitting there and switch my nails out to two and three eighths nails here and I want to put my sheathing on now so what I'm gonna do I've got my sheets leaning here I'm going to drag them over I'm gonna start from this end so I'm gonna be flush here and flush here and I'm gonna let the excess hang over on that in my sheets the eight-foot direction is gonna go this way that because I've laid it out from that end that should end up being right on the center of this floor joist so then I can lay my other sheet down starting there flush to this end and tight to the one I just put on so I'm going to start with one of them and I'll just trim them off to two lengths afterwards okay so I'll just again I'm just being careful I don't slide the actual floor because I don't want it to move out of square and I've got that first corner where I need to be so I'm gonna put one nail in it just to help me out here so that'll kind of give me a pivot point so I can come down to this corner I want to bring the plywood flush to the end of the floor just like that I'll put another nail okay and that brought me right flush here already so I'll stick that nail in and the same thing here okay so I've got that now what I'm gonna do is I'm going to put five nails across the end of the sheet here just like so and I'm gonna do probably about seven along here spacing them approximately a foot apart and I'm just gonna leave it like that for now I'm gonna get my next sheet on get it all tacked down similar actually I can I guess like a nail off this side okay now I'll lay my other sheet on there get it all straight and everything and then cut my my excess off and finish all my nailing and including the ones down the middle I'll get the sheet laying in here and again we're using all pressure-treated for the whole floor structure including the sheeting so I'm just pushing it over tight to the one eyeball the sheet I've already secured they're getting it flush on this end I'll put my first nail there to make my pivot point now I this is overhanging here but I can see because of where I put my nail where basically where my outer edge is so I'll put a nail in there and because of the design of this shed I've designed it so it's actually 8 by 6 to the outside of the plywood when the walls are up so my floor is just slightly smaller because my plywood I'm gonna run by and you'll see that in in the next couple of videos but so that actually gives me an inch of overhang here so I have to keep my nails back a little bit and nail across the end like I did before like so when I come in and just nail this corner like that ok so now I basically got the sheeting tacked in place I could I could actually throw a couple in here again this is on that centered on that one up the middle [Applause] okay so we're nice and secure we don't have to worry about the floor system coming out of square again the sheeting and the nails and the sheeting are gonna hold it all straight I'm going to use I'm gonna use a chalk line which I think I need to go grab one okay so I've got my chalk line and what I'm gonna do first is snap a line to get this outer edge and then I'm gonna snap a line to get this outer edge so to do that I need to just get a couple pencil marks here so I'm looking at the framework underneath here I'm sliding my little square up against it just putting the mark there so that's where I'm gonna hook my chalk line go all the way to this end and then this end I can actually see the framing because it's so plush to the end so I just want to line my chalk line up at the edge of that snap the line there so now I can cut that whole edge right off and I'm just gonna use my cordless skill saw I'm going to set the depth of the blade just slightly thicker than the plywood or deeper than the thickness of the plywood okay and I'm just gonna cut along that line and get rid of this excess plywood here okay so we have that end cut now the main reason I didn't nail this whole edge or this one is that once I have the plywood cut I can actually see exactly where I am I'm not guessing as to how far in I need it to nail so now we need to snap a line along this end to cut this back edge off so I can line it up with the edge of the framework underneath and I'll just do the same thing there with my saw get rid of that little one-inch lip that's there okay just like that so that'll make that easier to nail as well now that this piece is gone get rid of that so then the other thing I'm gonna do is get rid of some dust here the other thing I'm going to do because you noticed I didn't put any nails into the center floor joists that are in there now that I've cut these this excess plywood off I can see where the center of my joists were you know just put a little pencil mark lining up with my nails right here and what I'll do this just makes it easier again so that when you're nailing you're actually sure to be nailing into the floor joist I'm just gonna snap some lines there just for your nailing purposes that just gives you a guide so we're gonna have one there one here now the center one is a joint in the plywood's so we can easily see that so skip it go to here and one last one here okay I'm gonna use the past load again I'm still using the two and three eighths nails and I'm going to nail right along here again about a foot apart okay so that's that outer edge done I'm gonna do this back side you're trying to nail a straight down you know as you can otherwise the nails may come out you know if they go on an angle they can protrude out here you don't want that now I'm gonna nail along those chalk lines those guidelines I put in [Applause] okay just like that so right there we've really we've basically completed our floor so we've got the floor structure it's a good and solid I like to use the 16 inches on Center for the joist just simply because it is more solid you could use 2 by 6 framing if you wanted for that you know on a bigger shed where it's maybe spanning more or you're gonna load it up with heavier materials or what have you you may want to buy six framing in there but in this case we just went to buy four I think that's pretty much all I can tell you I think we're good for that part of building the shed floor thanks for watching our first video on our shed building series you can also see all our other videos and find other videos for the shed series on our YouTube channel where you can subscribe to it or you can also come on to the forum on the website and ask any questions you might have thanks for watching

Construct 3 Tutorial – Rock Smacker #3 – Player Inputs, Movement, & Animation

so now in the game we have a player box that will move around okay so it's time to do some inputs so we will right-click add a new group and this group will be called player inputs select the group hit B for a new blank sub event inside of the group and double click we will go to oh you know what we haven't done yet we have not added the keyboard component so go back to game double click anywhere and we will add in keyboard insert good now we have access to the keyboard inputs so double click again back on game keyboard and we are going to check to see if a key is down so the key will will be checking first is W and if W is down we want to set on the player box so we will go to add action player box scroll on down to set boolean double click and we will set the boolean for up to true so now we're saying if W is down on the keyboard the player setting up will be true but we want to have if we're not pressing W to have that be false so we will select this whole condition here hit X for an else statement go ahead and select the player box for our action here hold down ctrl and drag it down and that will copy it now we can double click and set this to false so this means that if W is down it sets up to true if it's not down it will set it to false now we want to do this for both W and for the up arrow so what we'll do is there are two ways to select your conditions here if you select on the very outside you see how it highlights the entirety of this whole block right here if you select just over here where it says keyboard that is selecting just this condition on its own so we're going to select just this condition hit command C command V so now have two instances we will double click on the second and just change the key input to up on the arrow keys but we still have a problem now it's saying if W and up are true then it'll set up to true we don't want that we want either/or so what we'll do is just make sure you have this condition selected anywhere and hit y on your keyboard which will turn it into an or block so now that we have it saying if either of those are pressed down we will set that to true so we want that to happen for all four directions so what we're going to do is copy both of these sections command C command V and we're going to change a couple of things so we will double click here change this to D double click here change this to right arrow and we will just change these two right and right I tend to work this way a lot where I will cut the if I need to use the same pieces just copy them and change the pieces so so we're going to do two more times double click change that to a double click change that to left arrow and we will change both of these to left and left and last but not least we have s down arrow and we will set this to down and down now the one thing we want to do is none of this should be happening if we're in the middle of attacking so what we want to check now is we will go ahead and add a new event select player box scroll all the way down to is boolean instance set double click and check attack so we want to see if the player is not attacking so we need to inverse this so we have player box is attacking currently and you know what let me zoom this in so hopefully this is a little easier to see my apologies if that was small we want them to be inverted so we will go player box is not attacking and to do this I hit I on the keyboard so if you hit I that will inverse the option of the boolean so if the player is not attacking let's drag this up to the top here select all of these and drag them in you see how there's this little black line here that shows you where they're going to go if you move over a little bit you can see how it's now nested itself underneath the player box is attacking and we want that to happen so now none of this will happen if attacking is set to true but we want to have if the player is attacking we want to set all of these to false so what we'll do is select the entire section here we can actually collapse it to make this easier to see select if player box is not attacking then we will hit X on the keyboard for an L so if they are attacking now we want to make all of those other conditions false so we'll go ahead and drop this down and we can just go select up false hold ctrl and select each one of the falses hold ctrl down again and drag all that down so now if we do attack everything will be set to false and the player won't move during the attack which is what we want okay so we got all that going but the player still isn't going to move with any of this this is just reading the inputs in setting a couple of boolean's so we can collapse player inputs right-click add a new group and this new group we will call player movements select it hit B for a new blank sub event and we're going to need to do a couple of checks here so first thing we're going to do double click go to player box and we want to scroll all the way down here to the tile movement section and we are going to check to see if the player is moving and again we want to do this on the inverse so if the player is not moving and we want to see if it's not attacking hit C on your keyboard this is the shortcut to add a new condition you can also right click and add another condition go to player box scroll down to boolean set and we're going to do the same thing we did last time with attack so if attack is true we don't want that way we want to have it inverse so we want to see if attack is false so we will hit I if neither of these are true we can have other actions happen hit B for a new blank sub event and now we're going to be checking the boolean's we set up here so double click player box is boolean instance variable set double click and let's go ahead and just start with right why not so if Wright is true we want to have the player move add action player box simulate control right so that's all we have to do to actually make the player move right as long as right is true and it's not attacking and not moving then it'll move to the right well we're here we might as well make this a little bit easier for ourselves later we will add one more action player art come on down to set value we will set the value of der to right make sure you put the quotes on there they are needed and also make sure that it is spelled the same as you have it in the actual art here so this is where we're referencing the direction that comes after the animation type so now if write is not true we want to check one of the other directions so let's go ahead and hit X for an else so if right is not true if right is true it does this else we want to check for left so again we can select there are two ways to select select just the condition hold down control and drag it down and we will double click and change this to left so if left is true we want to do the same thing but with going left so pretty much a lot of copying pasting here for the different direction so we can grab both of these conditions hold down control drag them down and we will change this to left and change direction to left again make sure it is spelled the same as you have it and now since we have an else already here we can select this whole section copy paste and this kind of goes down like a waterfall so if write is not true it'll check for left if left is not true it'll check for the next direction this just kind of gives us a hierarchy here we will double click set up set this to up and change this to up and last but not least we have down so set that down down and down hopefully that is all clear if it's not go ahead pause the video right now and you can just make sure make sure yours looks the same as this and now let's set a couple of animation things so if we're not moving in any particular direction if none of these are actually true let's go ahead and hit X for one last else statement so if these are true all we're going to do is add an action player art scroll on down to set value we will set value to annum and we will set this value to idle make sure you have the quotes okay so that's pretty straightforward there the last thing we need to do is set up the other standard animations we can select the whole group here hit B for a new blank sub event that is not a child of this section we will double click we will check player box and see if it's moving so if player box is moving all we want to do is go add action player art set value of Annan and we will set it to run everything should be all set up to have us move around the last thing we need to do right now is if we open the game this will move let's go ahead select it make sure we deselect default controls because there will be a bit of conflict with having the default controls trying to read keyboard input as well as our player input if we hit play right now we can go ahead and see our boxes there if I use the arrow keys I can move around if I use WASD I can also move around and that's exactly how we want that to work but we have no player animation right now so let's add our player animation to the actual layout again I like to keep them on the object layout mostly because if I'm setting up a level I don't want to have to move this and the player art and put everything all together so all we have to do here is actually say or add an event system and we'll do on start of layout on start of layout we will add an action player box and we will spawn another object so go ahead and start typing spawn and it should pop up right here spawn another object so this means on the start of layout EEP layer box will spawn our player art let's go ahead and make sure it spawns it on the player layer if you just do an open quote here you can see all the layers you have and go ahead and select the one you want we will have it spawn at image point 0 which is the top left done and then we want to make sure that we pin the actual art to our player box so we will go to player art double click scroll down to pin pin to object pin to player box position only and click ok so now if we actually look at our game it spawns in with our player and we can move around but we don't have the players animation actually happening we're setting the instance variables that tell it how to work we're not set telling it to actually set up though so what we're going to do is close this go back to game and add an event system and this time we will do every tick so this will actually fire off every frame that the game is running every tick we will add an action in player art and we will set its animation and we will set it to we can go ahead and delete those quotes we will set it to self dot annum which will be idle run attack space ampersand and the ampersand is bringing multiple strings together here so we have the instance variable which would be idle run and then we need to have an underscore because of the way we labeled our animations so you do a quote underscore quote don't put any spaces inside of the quote this will stitch everything together space there we can do ampersand again and we will do self dot derp and this will give us the direction so now if we go ahead and save go to game and hit play we can see our players there if we walk to the right we can see we're walking to the right we go to the left we're going to the left up and down so that's exactly how we wanted that to work so now our animations are all linked up we have nothing firing off attacks yet handle that next time but thank you for watching and see you then [Applause]