We built the Home of the Future with Grant Imahara

the home of the future it's been a dream for decades but can we build wood right here in Austin Texas the Virgin kirb have partnered to bring this dream of the home of the future to life I'm Grant Imahara and our goal is to construct a house that combines cutting edge technology with innovative design we want to see if some of the latest smart home systems and high efficiency design can create a more secure and convenient environment and actually improve our daily living how do we build this home of the future well it all begins in a factory in East Texas construction company evolution builds roughly 85% of its houses inside this 265 thousand square foot warehouse each year they complete about 50 homes these fully constructed modular units can be finished in one-third of the time it takes to build a house on-site the power of prefabs or prefabricated homes is that they can be mass-produced without compromising quality design and structural stability the assembly line construction begins with pouring the concrete floor and once the slabs have been laid down cranes and hoists pick them up and take them to the line but the scale of this assembly line is bigger than most instead of cars its houses how long does it take from when a slab comes in to the finish line we have 17 stations if we were doing one box a day you could have a complete box and anywhere from five to six days haha the house is assembled as it rolls down the line on a track the walls are installed on top then wiring and plumbing it goes from station to station just sheetrock the top is placed on until there you have it a complete unit technically luna house is a prefabricated home for me at least when I first heard about prefabricated homes I have this idea that they're cheap or low quality or do you think that that comes from I think a lot of it comes from certainly post-world War two ERA and the Association as well with prefab with modular housing which we also associate with the mobile home so you have that kind of connection in many people's minds even in so far as a lot of prefab construction is actually quite high-end this is Michelle Addington the Dean of the University of Texas at Austin school of architecture the opportunity to have much more precise control over manufacturing in particular is what enables the greater quality and so by going factory built you have an opportunity not only for higher quality control but the opportunity to use much higher end materials because they can be protected in the factory in a way that they're not going to be as protected on a home building site the downside is that you can't deviate from the design once you begin so you better be sure this is what you want our Luna house has three bedrooms and a sixty feet long and that's not changing and because the factory is a giant assembly line a problem with one house can delay all the other projects behind it in fact our original house was delayed so long that we needed to switch to a house further along the line but even if delays like these the total amount of time from blueprint approval to completion is around six months on average whereas a typical on-site construction could have taken up to a year Architects have actually been trying to accomplish some level of factory built housing for a hundred years and so it's gained some traction and some popularity in the last decade with the increasing popularity of design I think in a general level that happens with Apple that happens in the popular press and in everyday life in everyday life and so I think that that's kind of transmitted over to architecture as well architect Chris Craig ER is the founder ma modular and as the designer of the house we're building we're here at his home our business was founded with a primary goal of making modern that kind of architecture financially accessible the design we're building is called the Luna house floor plan made of three modular pieces modular design means these units can be configured in multiple arrangements they can even be stacked to create multiple floors you can think them like big Lego blocks that an architect can use to create the best design for the needs of the homeowner our house is composed of three main pieces one large module that includes one bedroom kitchen and living room and a smaller module that has two bedrooms connected by a bathroom and a third module for the entryway that acts as a connection for the other two we're working with a framework that is a Mina bowl to open floor plans lots of windows and so I think it is very modern friendly but you also get to choose all of your fixtures and finishes flooring there's definitely adequate room for customization with the finish in the house I got to say I knew that it was modular construction but it really didn't feel like it that is our goal with a design for it to feel not just like not a modular house but to feel like an architect design house if you were to drive on this block you'd say well I think an architect designed that so it automatically ups its cachet but there's still a lot of hurdles before you can really think of this kind of construction as being the future of homebuilding when you deal with something that's pre manufactured there's a tremendous amount of upfront costs in setting up that type of manufacturing particularly if you want to get the economies of scale of building large if we think about single-family homes there is very little upfront investment you can basically build in real time in terms of procurement of materials so the costs are incremental from that standpoint while we wait to see what the future will hold for factory built homes our home has already been placed on the ground right now though it's still just a shell over the next few months we'll work to finish off everything inside of the home create our own power generation and storage and fill it with the latest connected technology for comfort and convenience it'll be hard work but in the end we'll get a glimpse into what it means to actually live inside the home of the future thank you so much for watching now I'm sitting here in our home of the future but I'm curious to know what you think you need in your home in the future let us know in the comments below and we'll see you next week with a new episode

Constructing a Hopyard Part 2

my name is Roger anvil and this is part 2 of installing a hops yard for the University of Vermont extension hops research trials and this part I'll explain on how we install our ground anchors and how we spray our aircraft cable for a trellising and how we our system that we use for tightening up our cables our next phase our next part of yard construction will be our planting phase one thing we did is we made this little bracket here to put on our tractor pulls hole digger and what this does is our our anchor will sit in here and we let the tractor turn it and we guide it down and it makes it much easier and trying to screw them in by hand you ready here the standby using a battery-powered impact wrench really saves a lot a lot of time I'd really recommend anybody doing any amount of cabling one of these impacts well we had the option of either renting a telehandler for getting up to the top to put these cables on and we had this old bucket that was left kicking around the farm so Jared that works for me said why don't we just make a platform on it so that we can pick it up and work on our cables so we just took an old crate that held the 250 gallon container and put the container out we welded frame mounted on top and it works excellent for putting upper cables we notice that we mounted some hooks on top and we stretch our cables we use these hooks to as I stated before the hooker cables in and when we're pulling cables from one length of the hop yard to the other we just hook the cables in here and we'll hook them in the top and it works real goods and let the tractor do the work so we aren't pulling it with our hands so it makes it real real easy to work and it seems to be doing a pretty good job one thing that we do after we had got all our poles set and everything is we went through and made sure that our poles were all the same height because you hit ledge once in a while when you're digging holes you can't set the pole in all the ways so as deep as a as we'd like so they're the their up and down when you're traveling your cables on top you want to make sure to get them fairly even so that they're all fairly consistent so we're trying to get sixteen feet high everywhere so we went through and cut all the poles down to where we needed to have them and now that that's all done our next big thing is getting our cables all installed see it's got the right way after we get our cables stretch each each line then we just put two clamps on it two of these clamps fairly easy is just like the ones we use when we put our anchors on the corners or we use our impact wrench just like we did in our on our anchors on the corners we snug them up and we put one more clamp on and we tighten her down with our impact wrench now we have a good connection and we do it all over again this is just a corner pulley that cycle would same thing the lines men use for power lines and just works real good when you're pulling cables because it's easy to get in and out and then we're done we just snug it up by hand first and then we'll pull it tight as we can by him and then when we put our corner anchors in we'll pull it and really draw it real snug this is just a come-along it's used to pull our cables tight set our cables up here like a clamp on it now that we've got our tight just snug her down with the wrench if you're going to work cutting this type of cable you definitely need cable cutters that are designed for cutting cable not a bolt cutter and that's it you

Constructing Magic Squares 1

hi in this video I'm going to explore how magic square isn't constructed on the screen there's a 3×3 magic square as all the numbers 1 up to 9 arranged in such a way that the 3 rows the 3 columns and the 2 main diagonals all add up to the same number 8 1 + 6 15 3 + 5 + 7 15 4 9 + 2 15 8 3 & 4 15 1 5 & 9 15 6 7 & 2 15 this leading diagonal 8 5 + 2 adds up to 15 the other diagonal 4 5 & 6 adds up to 15 so that's essentially what magic squares have the main feature is the fact that they have rows columns and diagonals that add up to the same number they looking at this would like to see if there's any sort of method to the arrangement doing this in order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 the thing you may notice is that 4 5 & 6 there's a row of 3 numbers in order going from bottom left to top right so there's a movement up a diagonal to the right 4 5 6 however that doesn't work for a 1 2 3 for instance that would imply that there was a 2 here which is off off the Magic Square so 1 2 3 would have to go up there there's a 3 there which if that was the end of a row 1 2 3 it would look like that 4 5 6 7 8 9 we don't have a row of 3 that would involve an 8 being there and a name being up there or if this was the end of a seven eight nine that would be eight and this would be a seven a two sitting down there what a one two three that would involve a one there are two there and a three there and again we've gone off the square with an eight would be seven eight nine four runs and seven eight nine so that's not going to work or is it if we have a look at what I've done with the numbers moving outside the Magic Square and imagine that there was another square over here and surprise surprise look there's an eight there's a three sitting in there let's do another one up here nine – that's sitting in the same places this nine and two the result a pattern emerging seven – that's that seven – eight one down here and that eat one corresponds to there it's like we were sliding the original Magic Square over in fact making a tiling would be a good description of it so what we could do then is make a copy of this original Magic Square just slide it that way slider up there slide up in fact make the tiling fill the hole of this plane and see what sort of patterns we get from that so let me proceed to do that let's move a copy up there let's move another copy in there another one here another one down here and there's one only three to go this one here and that one there and final one there so all I've done is taken this original magic square and made copies of it so that we have in essence a tiling of the plain using this original magic square and you can now see certain patterns emerging for instance there's the one two three one two three this whole column well it's not a columnist diagonal involves one twos and threes and then the four or five six appears in this diagonal 7 8 9 7 8 9 7 8 9 it repeats and you see that pattern appearing there 1 2 3 again in this diagonal 4 5 6 and thus 7 8 9 and less and then 1 2 3 4 5 6 and so on so there's a lot of regularity in this magic square so let's see if we can now build up the Magic Square using this idea of other copies of the Magic Square so basically this square the square this Square this one that's 1 are all identical to this one so the squares up here correspond to squares down here similar if this squares up here correspond to squares in the original Magic Square so as soon as we move off the Magic Square in an attempt to find a regular way of building this up soon as we move off the Magic Square will then move back onto it with the corresponding square you'll see what I mean in a minute so let's start with the number 1 and the movement we're going to make as clue we got from the four five six is diagonal movement up to the right diagonal up to the right so that's the movement that we're going to make so let's start off in the Magic Square with number one we follow this movement diagonal up right and there's where I should put the two and this Magic Square it's not the original one so I find the corresponding square in the original Magic Square that's down here so I'm arriving at this square placing the two I continue diagonal up right to the three we've gone off the Magic Square we hunt for this in the original Magic Square it's there so I've arrived at this square with a three so I'm continuing now I would have to place the four in this square but we already already have a one in this square so I'm blocked so from there I cannot go up there where is the four it's immediately below so if the blocking if you're blocked it would appear that we move down one square so there's a movement diagonal up right and if you're blocked move down one square so I was blocked three four accounted in there so I have to put one down continue with our move diagonal up right five would get put in there six would get put in there seven would get put in there which corresponds to here but it's blocked so I have to instead of moving diagonally up right I'm blocked I move down one square so that would reach the seven I then continued diagonally up one square that's gone off the original square I find the corresponding square on the original one and put my eight down I continue with my diagonal movement up right I put my name there I've gone off the square I find the corresponding square in the original Magic Square so I've arrived up on to that square from the eight so there's my nine I keep going now I know I've completed it but I would have been blocked I can't go up there so I go down one and then have reached one corresponding to this so I've arrived at where I started with the one and that's my Magic Square completed now let's see if it's possible to do this without all this now you should stop the video draw a 3×3 Magic Square and see if you can reconstruct this using diagonal up right if you blocked move down one square so stop video draw a 3×3 blank grid see if you can construct that okay I'm going to try that then I know that the one starts off in the middle top square the movement's one square diagonally up to the right two would appear there off the square that corresponds to here three over here corresponds to here I'm stuck I'll move down one square four five six off the square which corresponds to there and I would be stuck so instead of going up the way I go down one square seven eight corresponds to this nine corresponds to this I'm stuck I go down one square which corresponds to that I'm finished I've reached the where I started so that's my 3×3 Magic Square let's move on now to a 5×5 Magic Square and I've got one here and see if the method were developed works for this one so for this 5×5 there's our one moving up diagonally to the right corresponds to this let me put copies of this as we did for the other one so there's our tiling of the plane with the original Magic Square and presumably if this works I've got the colors wrong there let me move that they are easier to see when you have a chequered platter of pattern of colors that's the original Magic Square we've got a 1 2 3 4 5 1 so this is 1 2 3 4 5 here's a 6 7 8 9 10 blocked and so on we've got 11 12 13 14 15 blocked we've got 16 17 18 19 20 blocked here then 21 22 23 24 25 so the same diagonal patters are appearing here so let's work our way through this one incident are the row totals all these five rows add up to 65 the five columns add up to 65 and the two main diagonals this one and this one each add up to 265 anyway let's start one in the middle two off the original square that corresponds to this two down here we keep the movement diagonally up one square to the right three four we've moved off the square corresponding to this five now we're blocked so instead of going up diagonally one to the right we go down one six seven eight off the square corresponds to this nine ten that's off the square corresponds to this we've banged into the six so we need to move down one it's 11 12 13 14 15 bind into the 11 were blocked so we go down 16 off the square 17 that corresponds to this 18 nuts off the square corresponds to this 19 20 were bind into the 16 blocked so dine 1 21 22 23 off the square corresponds to this 24 25 of the square that corresponds to this one we've bind into the 21 25 we need to go down one that corresponds to this we've reached the starting place again we're finished now you very much recommend what you do is to stop the video draw a blank 5 by 5 grid start with the 1 see if you can reconstruct this and then check you've got it right by adding up all the rows the columns and the diagonals till do your mental arithmetic a world of good so why did you get on let's see if I can do this 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 and we're back to where we started so there was no running commentary by what I was doing but if you've done it for yourself it was okay successful you would understand perfectly well what I was doing now this is not remember I said a 3×3 Magic Square there was basically only one possible 3×3 Magic Square using the numbers 1 up to 9 that's not true for a 5×5 magic squares using 1 up to 25 and I'll know sure you are a different magic square and you might be quite surprised by how the methods that we've built up can be applied also to the other different 5×5 magic squares so here's another 5×5 magic square and as you can see that's certainly not a diagonal upward to the right diagonal move that we're making fact the two is a long way away from that one and this this three and this four and five they seem to be this time scattered they're certainly not a regular pattern appearing like we had before with consecutive numbers appearing of the central diagonal they do seem to be scattered all over the place so let's try and do the repeat pattern trick that we did before where we take a tiling of this Magic Square on the plane and see what we can see in the pattern so there's the original square in the middle and the add up that's twenty nine thirty nine forty fifty seven sixty five the all the rows add up to sixty five all the columns add up to sixty five in the two main diagonals add up to 65 so how are the numbers spaced let's start at one there's two there's three there's four so there is a regularity five neither the six there is blocked in effect and look the six appears again one square below the five seven eight nine ten there's ten six blocks at down one eleven twelve thirteen fourteen which is there 15 blocked down one and so on so it would appear that if you play chess the chess move on two squares and one to the left in this case one up in this case a two to the right one up is the move that's made so the first move we had made the movement rule was up diagonal it to the right this movement rule is now a chase Knights move two squares to the right one up two squares the right one up but the blocking rule seems to be there's five block by the one the blocking rule again seems to be one down so given that information stop the video draw a five by five grid start with one this time use a knight's move two squares to the right one up when you're blocked move one square down and continue that pattern see if you can construct this magic square so how did you get done with that I'm going to try it here and you follow what I'm doing this time I'll make no commentary at all see if you can follow what I'm doing you and I'm back to where I started how did you get on did you manage that this is 5×5 magic square the magic total 65 in all rows it has a different movement rule two squares to the right and one up not the diagonally up to the right move as we had before but the blocking move was identical one down

Constructing a Retaining Wall

alright this is a video I'm going to start doing a new project here I've got a vacant lot that I bought with my house back in 1996 and bought the vacant lot with it and have really done nothing with this lot basically encroached on it with my concrete and everything that I've done over the years some 15 to 20 feet so looking now to go ahead and maybe start doing something with this first thing I'm probably going to look if doing is building a retaining wall about 80 feet back about where that picnic table is and eventually fill this in but right now I just want to get the wall built so we'll probably maybe start working on that this week and get the supplies for the wall concrete and everything delivered by the weekend and we'll go from there so basically what I'm doing is starting near the fence and running a retaining wall all the way back cut all this stuff down eventually and I'm looking to bring it back to this log file here and maybe eventually one day build a workshop back in this area here but I need to have access a lot a little bit better and the slope of the land is really hurting you go to waste a little bit with all this trash around here feeding my dogs and also I wanna start cleaning this up but yep basically building a wall roughly 80 feet lengths get the footing down and all that and then eventually fill this in but before I do I may wind up running a plumbing line I'll probably be in touch with our city about what I can and can't do because I am inside the city limits on this so but and my log pile is really growing up a good bit from all the brush so again try to start doing something with this here real soon all right well my wall is in its beginning phases here we've got a ditch dug it looks like we're going to go at least a block deep and all this extra dirt we just threw over here because of the slope of the land that's going to be used for filter anyway so yeah we're going to kind of be stepping down this is a step down here because the way the land is again it's just on this weird angle so another step down and another one here and now we're at the corner so it's roughly 80 feet long and they were shooting up this way towards my other drive gate so yep it's coming along quite nicely it's not perfectly straight but that'll get finished up as as work progresses all right Vox were just blocks were just delivered this morning and now we got rain getting ready to move in so we're on hold now for a couple days but I've got a total of 400 blocks right now we think that should be enough to build this retaining wall a bunch of concrete and sacrée for mortar mix and then we got some red bricks for a little project my wife wants done another one of those flower baskets as I have in my backyard she wants one in the front yard so for my project she wants a project as well so oh well but yeah so far everything is kind of ready I got plastic covering my concrete trying to protect it best I can before the rain starts moving in so yeah we'll get this started this coming week alright just quit video update here on my retaining wall then using my reciprocating saw here to cut up a bunch of a whole fence post from the years I've had per mile scrap metal corner here and we've been using them in the wall to reinforce it so we've driven some down already got the footing this is the back of the wall that's pretty much complete coming along little by little so I have pretty much got the footing poured now it's just getting the blocks done and coming along quite nicely so we've got the posts already driven in the ground about every three to four feet and yeah start building up the rest of the wall here in the next couple days weather permitting we've been kind of delayed by weather a bit but you know for the most part though we're starting to get it get it together the blocks are getting used up I'm going to cover up the concrete a little bit better before any other rainstorm show up but still get a lot of lock to go but still got a nice bit of wall to go as well so but so far so good quite impressed and happy and looking forward to seeing the completed job probably take a total of three to four days once it's all said and done so yep I'll keep you informed a quick update here had to have another delivery of cat blocks which were not done or not ordered like I'd wanted I guess they got left off the order originally so I had them delivered this morning when it was really nasty and muddy and the forklift driver wound up getting stuck doing some nice ruts here and actually slid into my my pit here so a lot of having to drag him out with his rig messed up my pencil oh that's nice and nice and loose now reinforce that because it's been kind of knocked out of whack so oh well at least my blocks are delivered now and I'm just going to have to this is the reason I'm building this wall just for this reason here because this is a soupy mess when it rains it's basically undriveable or you just can't do anything with it until you wind up getting some dirt or some gravel in here so the project continues but it's on hold till this rain stops all right quick update just went to the old Home Depot we fell quite short on concrete and mortar mix so I got 15 bags of each so we can finish up the block and top block construction and then all this concrete is going to be going in the holes with pipes so I'll show you what we've got fit up to so far all right basically about halfway done this is from the back to about the halfway mark and we've still got another good portion to go but yes I gotta we think we're going to be good on blocks we may have quite a few left over but got our remaining cinder blocks here and then our cap blocks put on top there's our 2 by 8 by 16 so we don't fall in the holes once the wall is finished so all right another update we're getting close to a cap black stages basically filling in the cinder blocks here with concrete and cinder block debris make this thing extra strong now we've gotten about three-quarters of the way and and we're going to finish up the rest on tomorrow so this should be pretty much wrapped up here but overall it is turned out real nice now I just have to eventually get this all filled in yep very pleased with the progress all right it is officially complete all the cap blocks are on mortared in looks really good all the way to the gate and as you can see we've got a lot of supplies left over a lot of cat blocks a few bags of concrete there's a couple bags of mortar mix but we're going to be using those for a couple of the projects for the wife these cinder blocks and I don't know what I'm going to do with them because I don't really have an immediate use for all of those but those cat blocks so I could easily use those as stepping stones and stuff like that so but yep red bricks are already getting pulled out he's starting on another project tomorrow for the wife for her flower garden so yeah this thing looks excellent all the way down nice and straight so now eventually we'll get this all filled in with dirt yep excellent job and just another angle here from the back eventually the dirt will be filled in close to the top but maybe enough we might put some concrete maybe four inches of concrete on top eventually for a nice flat driveway back here also what I did was put a little mark where the pipe is drove into the ground about a good foot and a half maybe two feet and between that mark and the corner is where we're going to be running some pipe eventually for future workshop which we'll probably be putting in here sometime in the future but at least we got it marked where we can run the drain pipe for a sewer line and water line and all that so we can go right underneath the foundation and run the pipe all the way out to the street so that'll be a fun project for another date thanks for watching you you


so we're finally making it happen we're finally building our small cabin woods it's not on wheels anymore it's not a trailer we're digging postholes we're throwing in pressure-treated lumber it's gonna be our only real cheat that we're not easy for the sawmill because obviously we don't want this thing to rot out or cost so far is $0 besides the sawmill so we're just digging the posts in right now I'm gonna catch you guys up right now real quick for this area here this will be level ish and then come out we've got our post dug in we're gonna dig eight posts in total we're gonna make a rectangle box it's gonna be about nine feet by Gavin 9 feet by 9 feet by that long we're not doing exact measurements because we're gonna we're just gonna wing this whole thing it's gonna be a small cave in the woods it's not gonna be on wheels it's not not using the trailer anymore we've completely abandoned that so we're doing as cheaply as possible we're gonna do it like the old-timers did except we get to use the pressure-treated that's the only difference the old-timers didn't build foundations they dig dig dig dig pits because digging sucks digging really sucks how much is digging stock so we're going down I think about three feet which will get us about below the frost line if this heaves and moves and all that stuff it'll be good fun it won't be too crooked yeah we're just gonna roll with it it's not gonna be elaborate going to be like the old-timers did the old-timers didn't worry about things and those old-timers when they build stuff they lasted hundreds of years we're gonna build with what we have here because we don't have a lot of straight really long dimensional lumber so we're gonna do with what we have on site so we're gonna feel the trees up and see how far we can actually make it without you know having to go without source that's not good for TV notice it falls hang on all right so we don't know it's gonna be hard to pause or something it's gonna turn out good we just don't know what its gonna look like it's not gonna be lengthwise looking down the hill it's gonna be the other way looking this way it's gonna be nine by twelve we figured out now nine by twelve it's gonna be somewhere the space for people to live it as opposed to a set number we're gonna be sad no more it's gotta be a set number at some point do you say measure it at the end do say eight by twelve and I'm saying nine by twelve cuz you give another extra four eights not very Y gonna go this way so it's going to be sticking out on to the into the Vista over here so we have a nine frontage twelve back because the back of its going to be mostly bedrooms up top loft area down so you don't need that area at the back that much you'll have a nice sitting area big old cathedral roof pointy if you go too far out you can't go pointy because of the the point will be 25 feet tall you know what I'm we're not building the church all right guys so here that there's no trailer anymore the trailer idea is completely gone this is going to be a cabin on still we are gonna use some pressure-treated lumber for our posts gonna be one of our cheats I guess because obviously it's a pretty integral part of the whole deal so Kevin's is driving up here with the truck here trailer it's uzuki trailer sidekick deal somebody order some posts I did what you pay for these pieces of junk these were free from a neighbor there pressure-treated six by sixes so we don't want to mess around with the things that going around customer put that back on leader put that back to other more nailed together so we're gonna set this thing on eight posts the posts are gonna be pressure treated because we're not going to mess around with anything so we've in spirit of this whole thing we've actually used salvaged materials we've got one post hole dug there post hole dug here one here so we're going to set the posts in and then we're going to measure off that in the draw or eight and then we're gonna be able to ground and then we're going to actually start construction in this thing just don't look at the kidney to it yes I'm gonna scare that nail in amateurs it's too cheap to buy nails that's right well you gotta you gotta use what you have these are at least 50 cents [Applause] [Applause] love one plum looks good from my house you want five feet from that post and [Applause] okay we're actually gonna make it level old-timers in well see I don't drink enough to make this thing level with beer so I'm gonna use my laser instead sure somebody on the channel can really tell me how to use this thing well this is where the top of the post goes there'll be another six inches on top of there so pretty I well you wanted the view of the best view the Vista keep yourself off the ground what you got to keep yourself off the ground you gotta you gotta make sure the further you're up off the ground the more comfortable you are you're supposed to spend money on shoes and beds and [Applause] so we're just working on the last post once this goes in we're out of the ground then we got to go use the mill because we got to get a 16-footer to go all the way across all eight stilts calm stilts this is calm stilts they're pretty well aligned use the level you use the chalk line all that garbage here we go level so obviously working with a bit of a gradient here so in order to make it so that you doesn't feel like you're gonna slide out the back when you're sleeping you've got tall stilts at the back here and then shorter tilts stilts at the back of the top here and the whole thing is going to be kind of slanted but level obviously and then we're gonna have a wraparound deck we're gonna still gonna ease it off off the cantilever other sides cantilever at the front yeah we got to go to the mill next we've got a cutter I think we're gonna find a cedar tree here we're gonna cut cedar tree we're gonna mill the top and bottom I'm going to slap it right on top that's gonna be a frame as we get going the picture we get but first we started nothing mattered now everything matters there's no deep though it is over every fine little detail I'm gonna make it square like a box that's that building tendency that comes out the perfect there's no yet no so comments we are aware that people will make we should have dug deeper we should have poured cement in there we should have been using safe to comment your protection steel toed shoes probably vests and stuff we're not doing any of that chaps yeah chaps shouldn't be leaning over the chainsaw cetera we know all that guys don't follow what we do you do right we're just gonna do it so out of curiosity my friend Don asked me how square it is let's have a look so hooker on and 1-86 and a half we're at 186 we're all or pretty darn close fur side to side 97 97 all right now we're on the hunt for a 16 foot by 6 to put on top of our posts and we have some candidates right here there's a couple we need to get rid of anyway or they're gonna end up causing us problems see all those ones there gotta be taken out cleaned up before the land where they don't need to land I think I think this one over here is gonna do good oh and that'll be a 16 footer we gotta cut it and then we have to drag it up to the some books can't actually get a saamne all the way down here so I'm gonna cut these Cedars down and dragging them up to the sawmill and then we're gonna rub them down me only need to which is good should be no problems like forest trees here where is this gonna last it's gonna fall right in here you got the one hinge that's work now it's worth it's worth now we're gonna hook up a cable here and pull that one out and then we should be good the other ones might fall good [Applause] that's a mess we're gonna clean that up we're going to use this one for other piece and that's we're gonna be out of the woodwork here that's the hardest part is getting these 16 footers to do the main structure me Cedars like to get hung up all the time all the time and the top branches I topple them over and pull the bot – all right now pull the bottom up one the horses the sawmill is this this is an R with H g36 what to do cuts logs into boards gonna be our main beam it's gonna go all across the pillars from one side to the other 16 foots up probably one of the longest and biggest pieces we need to meet yeah I make two of these though flatten out top button on the bottom we can just throw it right on top of our boards and I'll be set the goal we can throw on top of that week Laura flooring on you're already up above the ground six inch by 6 inch live edge on both sides so it'll give us a little bit more beat yeah but what is it for for cool no it's just hold the whole building this is a hold the whole building up this is our structure tighten the blade so we got a right tension on the blade in order to cut it straight [Applause] hey you think this flip it back up hold your noggin so that tightens right up against that that's a long low dude don't video this people won't know you carried it you pay attention where Peter yesterday we got the main structure dug in put our main beams on our 60 16 footers right yeah and then on top of that we're gonna lay something like that what's that this is a 2 by 2 actually 2 inch by 5 inch flooring structure now that might be undersized but that's all we have yeah we're using the stuff of got we're gonna double them up we'll go probably 1 foot centers nail them all together and that'll be our floor if we're using dead standing cedar yes so it's pretty pretty bone dry to begin with so we got actually were have a mix we have spruce and we have some cedar we had some logs kicking around from before milah ball up and the reason we're using the cedars because it's standing dead yeah it's dry we don't have to wait around for the stuff to dry up the company we need we need 10 10 to do the bottom I'm gonna get them all loaded up we're gonna zip them over we're gonna throw them down we've got some OSB it's chipboard we could do it with the cedar we could but it's just so much better it's so much easier and quicker and it's frankly not all that expensive just to throw the boards down you have a nice flat surface to work on and then we can go up higher that's the plan let's get out two three four you're just throwing some blocking down stiffen it up now it's not bouncy anymore okay so we got a dimensional lumber for walls we don't have our end caps top bottom plates so we're looking around these cabins just right there you got a standing dad over here I think it's a spruce tree I was looking for standing dead cuz it standing with dead ones are dry enough they're not going to warp and twist on us so sticking this one here it's a huge tree it'll do everything we need but its massive which one [Applause] never use it well take it down anyways what's gonna happen to it the ball it's gonna break part might let's see what happens [Applause] if the logs thick and thin so if it's thick at one side to the other you tape you'll Jack it up so the taper so you don't lose as much material otherwise you'll have a bigger like a wedge you don't want a wedge you want to avoid the wedge so you're compensating for the taper of the log allowing you to get more boards of a tapered log with these guys it's two by fours here we're all pre-cut they're nice and dry so we can assemble this thing right away cutting the top and bottom plate over there we need a bunch of 12 footers so it's a little bit trickier you get those took the long ones I was dead standing so it's ready to go right away that's standing ice ideal but sometimes you got to cut dry stuff or wet stuff and then dry it that's where we're at we got a pile of these probably enough to finish the cabin more or less you might have to cut a few here and there but it's nice to have the stuff ready to go ideally you'd pre-cut everything but we're kind of miss smashing and making this thing up as we go a little bit and adding a little bit of creativity when necessary your standard 2×4 we just have to cut them to height go throwing them up here on the sawhorse we'll cut them all to height then we can bring them down there that'll be all ready to go bang bang bang [Applause] did discover some of them a pretty wet spill and moldy not get enough air circulation these ones are heavy like bricks black mold somebody's gonna die in this building's gonna be all your fault we're gonna check out our selection of windows now Kevin's got a bunch of salvaged old ones so I'm gonna figure out how much light we want to leave in here it's uh I think more is better personally I think the thing with windows is such a small structure you put a wood fire in there it's gonna get really hot really fast of course the idea is to experience nature and welcome nature into it it's not to be completely isolated from myself more Windows is better we got to pick the right ones see behind my shoulder here there's a bunch all here some super super big ones that's I gotta see what he has in mind what he's thinking four windows got some smaller ones up this way it's kind of like a Galleria of scrappy leftover stuff and bit so I got four windows one two three four we salvaged some lentils we're going to use these instead of building them these are free free be salvaged full of nails obviously these are salvaged out of a house that was gonna get torn down perfectly good windows they open and close got a fixed pane window here you have not sure what we're gonna do this and then we have another one this one opens and closes frosted oh you use that for upper check out this view already we're off nice in the hill already and then we're gonna get up even higher once we start building a loft like we're up high already I know if you can tell but we're overlooking everything I'm gonna have a balcony that wraps around here got the a balcony here that's kind of where it's gonna be but the it's all gonna be wraparound it's gonna be really cool and so the doors gonna be on this section here we're gonna have fireplace here woodfire stove here kitchen that's gonna be sort of over here we're gonna salvage some stuff from the camper the fridge there's a propane stove we're gonna pull all that stuff out and yeah we're gonna have a loft up top it's going to be pretty cool all right guys we got one wall up of for next episode think we're gonna be able to put up another three ups three walls up and I think we'll get a good sense of the structure we've got a good layout we got one one one window in here we're gonna throw up our lumber up here so it doesn't get all warped out we've got a windows picked out we know where they're going we've got everything laid out we know basically what we're doing so all the uncertainties out of it now we just got a bill bill bill I've been picking through this forest of all the dead stuff we got a tombstone mover wheeler cart deal so we've got a quite a few dead ones we want to pick the closed ones now not like you need a trail in here it's all open bush pretty ugly we're looking at that big one now that's a big boy [Applause] [Applause] Simar [Applause] this is our ridge beam 16 feet long it's a longest piece we need it's gonna be our ridge from the front to the back to the front to the front of the back gonna hold the roof up hoping that's your motivation there's no backup sounds on the tank is there hey I'll put the camera down help Oh so we clamp them all together and we can cut them all at the same time make quick work making two by fours so these have all been pre-cut but they're not long enough for anything else besides two-by-fours to stack them together and then we're gonna cut theirs 2×4 these are useful for drying stickers and then we got four more two by fours out of that are you ready so the genius behind this forest thanks for planting all of these trees and straight lines in a row so that when you cut them down they get all hung up I guess they planted probably just log the whole thing from the outside in not selectively cut I don't know what they were thinking when they planted this horse or any forest similar to this so what's the point in building habitat we can print a clora we can plant a crash crash crop crash bomb yeah not cash crop this is garbage useless wood I saw this at a TV show once coming back at you you may remember this tree is the one he tried to eat this is the famous bark eating tree three million views or something like that right now took my face off well had to drag that thirty feet [Applause] just like I said it was gonna do throw it actually surprisingly like and considering that was a tree that you cut down that was perfectly alive probably waiting self that winter to do it got a lot of debris dead trees laying around so we're trying to do is open up the forest floor so that new trees can grow ahead of the natural cycle so instead of actually setting the forest on fire we're just making small forest fires now to clean up the lower part and we can get trees to grow up [Applause] all right so we got a lot of the framing done so far we're working on the loft now so we'll rejigging jig and rejigging so this is gonna be the platform that sits on top well it's actually not gonna be on top of the first level is gonna be recessed a little bit I have to show you what I mean by that but these are just pine logs we got from real close to the cabin site they were dead rotten falling over so we're trying to do live at my live edge might not work anyway Kevin's got something in might have no idea so he's ripping off another one of the live edges that gets to make it work so back on the sawmill closed so like I said we've got most of the structure built so far the 2×4 is very easy to come by much more challenging with the two by sixes for the roof so they're over here we worked really really really hard on these did a lot of logging and following and pulling we're gonna get two by six we get like two or three sometimes just one sometimes none out of these pine logs that were getting from the forest back here are they gonna be live at your no anymore well I didn't want to take too much meat off the floor so we're gonna stick a live a John after to make it look pretty yet be completely safe that's the first of our lost pieces it goes all the way across here and then from there we'll be able to run this way lengthwise [Applause] so after we got most of the cabin up here we discovered we got a little bit of a problem we got a big dead tree right here that's just what the fall so we got an arborist over here showing some ropes up and we're actually gonna cut this tree down before it ends up on our on our cabin it's very precarious actually threw a rope up there and he's pulling on the rope and the whole top of the tree is actually shaking so to prevent it from falling this way we're gonna cut it and try to make it go the other way I'm Joe from jails tree service and you're gonna save us from losing our cabin I'm gonna try and save us from losing the cabin and that's it that's going on it's moving a lot that's just a string line pull a rope through it I think we should be able to persuade it back enough that when we pull and we cut and pull it should fall on the line we want so we're taking this cherry tree down it's got quite a lean how back lean and aside lean away from the direction we want it to go so we've set up a guideline to hold it from falling towards the cabin which we're avoiding happening so that's gonna act to hold it in place with the lean it's already had already has and then we had another secondary line that's gonna pull the direction we wanted to go so as it starts to go over the guideline we'll tighten up and then the tree will be pulled in the direction and it will just kind of detention the guidelines should keep it on the line we want to go on so we'll see what happens here you never know with trees and we'll hope for the best my company is called jails tree service we operate at a gloss on Theriot we've been in business for about five years and yeah we just we service people with tree work in the area you know Guelph and surrounding areas kitchen or Cambridge Rockwood you know Fergus Laura and we specialized in rigging climbing ash trees that sort of thing so [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] sauce just butter okay done just give it a shot for one sec okay I want like barely anything just turn it on for a sec okay but what I tell you to go just hold the button okay alright ready guys [Applause] go on the hinge left the line and then it'll break break break break break wall to get what we want then when it breaks we go on the hinge [Applause] [Applause] okay so we got the tree down the the job was successful we didn't hit the cabin we had a little hiccup we had a barber chair happen where it basically just broke the the tree splits vertically when there's not enough cut and there's too much pole and that sort of thing but all in all it was a it was successful because we didn't hit the cabin nobody got hurt we were all the way from it when it happened so what we set out to do was with success someone look you up where they clean you if you want to look us up where we go to our website at wwlp.com is still standing after we took out that massive tree I'm thinking we're gonna build a pond down here so it's part of a an ongoing thing yeah I'm getting ahead of myself because you have any build the cabinet but it'd be nice to build a little pond in area down here don't you think track some of the wildlife and right now it's all blowdown so the animals aren't using it so the more trees we cut down the better because it's a mess down there and the artist and viewer that want to come through here they're just getting tangled up on all the brush so I'll pull that stuff out and and make a nice Vista so that when we're sitting at the cabin here we can see into the forest and hopefully attract more wildlife so it's been good about this project is soon as were short on any lumber we just go fetch it you got some giant pieces of some kind of pine and throwing it up a ripping two-by-fours actually got a Kubota could lift him anymore so he ended up getting a tractor I spent brother he wanted a tractor for a long time so I got the forks on the front of this thing and we can pick them up throw them right on the mill of course we've been doing fine just lifting them up but it's nice to have a little extra hand with this big stuff and the making now we can go fetch some really really big things so yesterday we got the loft up as you can see that's the loft space so try to orient you guys it's tough without everything so doorway here this is a balcony here you'll jump off the balcony at the door and then when you spin around when you spin around here there's gonna be the loft so we're gonna throw a ladder here you're gonna be able to climb up and jump on top the loss the loss is gonna be vaulted ceiling so peaked roof very peaky and then when you walk in you're gonna have window here window on the back wall here this one's open this one opens as well over here we'll have an alt another opening window as well there'll be a sitting area here on the right hand side on the left hand side there's going to be the kitchen I'm gonna get that gas stove and throw it in there there's a front door here again and this big picture window will not open and the wood stove will be here we'll have to play around with a sitting area here cable all that good stuff we've got to get that big tall ridge beam in on the top first and then we're going to tie into that with a ridge Pole so we've got two by sixes we have couple over here right there the rest are going to come in after but we're gonna get the orientation right so we want to get that peak right so we gotta get the angles right on the two by sixes before we drop them in and birdsmouth to draw up on top with a top sill and we're gonna double this up beforehand so that's what's on order for today we've pretty much gone through all the milling we need to do for the roof there might be a few spare pieces here and there we need to collect yesterday we cut down that big tree that was the big cherry tree that was potentially going to land on the cabin so we got rid of that so looking good once we get that roof in or the roof framing and then we can store the steel structure in which will be nice and then we'll actually be sheltered there's a big ridge Pole that's gonna be the hardest part appall you're getting the roof up aside from all the grunt work so that's our 16-foot big beefy ridge Pole that's gonna hold up all the roof building this cabin you can certainly understand why people build small structures especially when they were doing everything by hand you know you get warm enough doing all the work to get yourself warm enough which is probably why they didn't even bother making a big indoor structures they're always outside getting warm anyway and the truth of the matter is and most temperate climates you don't need an indoor shelter no what is this ash apparently it's the milling person's nemesis I haven't seen that problem with it I can hear floorings about to arrive we've got ash that was pre milled Kevin had milled in a long time ago he had stickered it and let it to dry so it's actually gonna cooperate now ideally we wouldn't put it up right now but we need a platform to work on so we're gonna throw it up on the attic space I'm gonna cover with a tarp to make sure that we don't grind mud into the floor you grind mud into the floor it's there and you got to stand it out and it takes a lot of work to sand out especially with the conditions here it's wet and sloppy be high up here Thanks these gaps here just for now we're actually gonna slide everything that way and then we'll have a gap on the backside so we're gonna cut this at six and we're gonna add an extra six it'll work out here's our beam we got it up and we've got some planking we cheated and we used some store-bought lumber for scaffolding so we got to run up basically a six this and change up here beam goes across to the other side and then we're gonna drop it on top and then we can put our rafters left and right six feet off the ground up there and the same thing over here on the other side should be easy that's pretty safety eventually that's what I say [Applause] [Applause] here we go that sides in that sides in it a little precarious still though alright so we just cut out a template for the rafter to just see if it fits let's check the top it's good and the birds mouth bottom good and then all we have to do down there is cut that same angle as the one we have on the top so if we're math is all correct we'll have to cut 24 of those out we're gonna do them on the ground it's easier stop together and we'll have a roof you know we've got the main part of the framing done the next big pain in the butt is gonna be putting that roof up and this weather is not fun once the roof is up then we cut it in the clear because after that we just rip a bunch of cedar down we can frame it or we can slide it all in and then we're in the warm when the dry and probably get the wood stove going in there and then dry out some of that wood and then move on to the rest of it which is going to be insulation and windows and all that lock it up at least have a building where we can kind of duck into and out of this weather here's a look at what we got it doesn't look like much a bunch of sticks hanging up there but that's the majority of the building it's pretty big got a load of rafters coming right now having ringing the Suzuki out here hear it coming just now got our delivery of lumber it's ripped we pre rup tall these two by sixes because we knew we need them and you wanted to use the better weather for gathering stuff of the woods there's all our rafters we'll have to cut them when we get here [Applause] there's the template we cut out the last time and this and here so we got to replicate this side that angle on here and transfer it to keep this one as well as the other 24 over here or so probably a little bit more than 24 but we'll see when as we get going it for short one we can always cut some more now there's one way to take a chill off pull this kind of weather big bonfire completely necessary in these conditions we got to burn all the scrap wood anyway this lot of deadfall on the forest and we've been working away at clearing a lot of it because the animals clearly can't use it you can see over here all that blowdown there you hear I mean it's good cover you'd think for animals but a lot of the new trees can't go off here and also they can't the deer can't actually walk through this area here it's too thick and they've been avoiding my brother's property quite a bit and mostly on the other side here so the idea would be to actually produce a make a pond in this area and then draw some of the wildlife and then clear all the deadfall so that the animals can actually walk through there was well they won't you know the squirrels and all that stuff will go through but the the deer can't walk through here there's a couple of the rafters up there already that's more to come in order to finish off this part of the roof we actually have to frame in the front porch here and we're short on the pillar so that has to go there but then when we finally do all that we need actually a front piece that goes all the way across so back here we got a tree hung up and you got the Suzuki tugging it out now it's all bound up again your stock your stock turn the car off so now we're hung up here and up there there's no way to move it anymore till we get around this mess mark darn you got most of it I don't know no I saw cheered this is like the lumber store we just walk into the lumber store out here we would pick what we need bring them back to the sawmill turn it into what we want see the cabin sits up on the hill here we're down here in the forest it's a big match down here that's just part of the reason why we picked this spot is because of all the blow downs here so there's a lot of things to choose from a lot of trees to choose from so we're looking right now for wood that's going to make our pillars up to the covered porch part of the front area so we need to find poly some spruce or something like that just in the deadfall down here already knocked down ideally we're gonna clear this whole area out not the trees not the standing trees the dead trees and make use of those but it's a quite a chore to choke through all this stuff I mean animals can't even walk through here a big big game animals like deer can't even walk through here and there's no productivity with all this stuff laying on the ground so looking at clear stack fern and pull up the stuff that's still usable [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] whoaaah that's what we're looking at today we're totally November doesn't usually snow this much November but we are in the hinterland who's who right now gotta get that roof on man this is getting tedious so uh see a little bit of planning probably would have saved us a lot of agony but what we're looking at here is we gotta get the roof up here the gable ends here we have to support it down here so we have kind of some ill play pillars that we can't mean they're not ill places just we didn't plan ahead for getting that support way up there all the way down to the ground so you've been adding some pillars we never quite finished the pillars on this side for the deck here so we dug those in the other day you know the ground freeze this girl's not gonna freeze deep enough that we can't dig any more but it's nice to have all that done without having to break the frozen soil so we're gonna dig a couple more here we're planning to put the deck across and then we can work up anyway hard-to-explain be easier to show you on a picture or even one we're done you'll see what we're up to you yeah we're gonna dig those in today we'll forget a little bit of a front porch done and the wraparound we don't have to worry about the wraparound right now we do want to get the rest of the roof done so that we can actually throw the steel roof on top and then once we got the roof on and we put the we can slide the walls up and then we're good then we're good like then we're in a place where it doesn't really matter anymore as far as the weather goes [Applause] your clothes hold it up that's like the size you the jack board how big is it with seven and a half inches currently the top inch 1 inch 1 inch by whatever Peter yeah Peter board roughs on okay so we put her back together we'd have one front one one long lengthwise and then the other ones are gonna be with waste so we're gonna put a bunch of random we don't have to worry about wits on this so we whatever cedar we have is gonna be a good one and when akka have to look at the front ends of all the cut boards this way it's going to kind of hide them trust me that's gonna look good when we're done so we officially lost against the snow official it's official now this is why you don't wait for the wood to dry completely winter's coming Kevin's bothered by the comments we received on the Facebook Norwood portable sawmill company page pipe a little trailer there and people were bothered by the fact that we were cutting what seemed like wet wood it's actually dead standing most of it some of it's wet I'll admit some of it's wet but the word people worried that it's gonna dry and then shrink and then the whole thing comes gonna be a mess so you guys gonna have to stay tuned and figure out over the next year if the cabin is just gonna be completely junk cuz we didn't draw your would I believe those people are worried about drywall cracking and whatnot but this is not gonna have any drywall no drywall I can have general we have another plan for insulation too and all the interior works all going to be something you're probably not totally going to expect but stay tuned and watch so we're gonna throw the decking on today we did a little bit last episode last time last day I don't know what I was over on we're somewhere so here's a here's a look at what it's going to look like really good and that's not dried either that's straight off the leg tree looks pretty spiffy I'm a concerned about actually walking on it cuz it's gonna turn all gray and dark and all that gross that's gonna but whatever we can always redo at some point and finish it we're not we're not got to finish anything it's just gonna be rustic so yeah that's what we're looking at lots of snow you see up here we haven't finished up the roof yet we're talking to a company try to get a steel roof we have free steel already but it's mismatched mist color and at this point we want to actually want to make it look nice so we're talking to a company we'll see if those sponsors if not we're gonna have mismatched different colors of roofing but that's fine because we don't want this to be an expensive project you can see it's all framed up mostly except for the roof snows falling here so we got to finish up this peak area here and the decking but before we can finish the rest of the roof up we've got to get the deck down because the pillars actually the front pillars here to finish this up here sit on the deck so once we get the deck down then we can run up our post to hold up the rest of the roof in the front which is actually overhanging the deck so we'll have a nice area to sit out of the weather so there's our decking it's all gonna be made out of cedar so it'll weather a lot better it's leave one inch and instead of planking from trees we have no shortage of cedar actually and a cedar grove here mostly all around us all cedar so we're picking the dead stuff to cut up and mill and we'll just nail that in [Applause] got a deck she's covering upward did you get it wrong oh that's tight there we're just removing fudging the so we're gonna move all the back ends and move all the back ends over a little bit so it's gonna be a slight gap in each one not as big as this gap here well spread it out over the whole length [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you got a poster post here up to the top and then on the same thing on the other side this piece here is somehow gonna get hovered up to there okay hold it don't move [Applause] [Applause] here you $20 on top and I'll shove it up twisted I think you and lift up higher okay good okay gotta let go where's mom 1 2 3 up a little bit more good it's in I got it more tight there okay so we're out here in the bush we've cut down some spruce trees and we've been milling the lumber for the roof this is one by four strapping and it's gonna go on the roof in order to accommodate our steel I've probably milled just enough or not enough worst case scenario I just go mill some more so we're gonna see how far this gets us and if we have to know some more we will as you guys know we've been working with the Norwood portable sawmill cutting this wood in order to build our tiny house in the forest the woods coming from the forest you see around us it's it's my bush lot first cutting standing dead trees who are milling them up or use them right away if you peel your logs you get better life out of the blades because the sand tends to accumulate on the park this is the rest of the decking we got to fill in that one section at the side so we're gonna mill some one by whatever is to fill it in so we have something to stand on I know what is it it's a cedar cedar that my tree guy dropped off a couple years ago so it's actually pretty dry you can tell usually when it's dry when it makes that hollow sound like a beach ball back there it's wet it makes kind of like a dead [Applause] don't step on this one here pretty neat view from up here hard to tell what you're gonna end up with at the end with this framing this back wall in here so we're gonna cut all the little tedious bits here the angles are all weird and then we got a frame in a window here in the loft so it's good we've got a frosted window that's gonna go in here but we got to cut this structure here out because it's holding the roof and we want to frame in the walls so that the roof doesn't want to sag too much that's where we're at right now making sure we've got all the windows right we've got the right window for here because if your framing and wrong we're gonna have to go buy a window which is not gonna be fun the window opening without our header got our jack stud King stud bottom plate we're gonna fill in some more pieces of wood here to support bar on the window we're done when opening so when you look out the window you'll see a bunch of trees as you should we've got a steel roof coming on the way but today we got a little bit of time so we're gonna be putting in windows at least framing them in we have some decking we need to do we haven't completed yet doing some of the ducting will be getting easier for us to stand on the platform here to do the windows and siding be a circular window being put in there it's framed as a box and I'm gonna do a little tour let's see if we can get this in frame here give you guys a better sense of what's going on let's get up here on the deck at the back we just got up on the deck you can walk across the deck here to the front of the cabin now we're at the front it's got a post and then when we're on the front deck here if you look up this is all going to be exposed so they'll have not to the elements of course but there'll be a roof up here and this will be a big open space so it'd be a covered porch so now we're at the front here and I'll spin you around this is the viewer looking at here nice big open area and the hoping one day we put a pawn out there and a food plot that would be pretty darn cool for now it's all popsicle stick frame doesn't look like a cabin doesn't look like much of anything but once we get the roof on and the siding on it's gonna really start to look like a cabin and then we get our windows in and I'm really looking forward to because it's getting cold below zero now getting colder it's gonna get a little bit warm still earning this season for this kind of weather but you can hear my squeaky feet that's when you know the snow is getting cold yeah you got a lot of things left to do here before winter really sets in but we're gonna make it I think we're gonna make it that's all lumber fresh off the mill cut all from the forest behind us we haven't taken any lumber from off property we have used a little bit of plywood for the main decking and some pressure-treated lumber to hold the cabin up because obviously you want to use just whatever show you the loft so this is a pretty good loft space a window at the back this will open I'm gonna get up here without killing myself its window at the back here that opens you have a little mini knee wall it's about a foot long and then looking out this way that's our other window on the other side you can see how I hope we are at this point quite a view all the way around we'll have a spot we'll be able to put one bed on one side and another bed on the other side here and then when you would probably have to have a railing of some sort for safety and then when you look down you through the front door and then the wood stove will be over here in this area that's the rest of the decking going in right now they'll have a wrap around all the way around so we're prefabricating our brick mold which is cedar cut measure for the window and then we're gonna pop these in and then the siding is gonna laugh and straight up the game spit and that's gonna provide our drip edge sort of over-talking fine hey guys we're finally at the point where you can put some walls up it's a big day Wallace Wallace Wallace otherwise it looks like a popsicle stick structure so Kevin yesterday came it was on and they milled up a bunch of live-edge cedar put the windows in there looking good all the way to the top it looks like Kevin is trying to figure out how to do this corner pieces so Luke Liam but up all the siding into the corner pieces and then just do straight runs except for all the windows you put in which is going to be fun to trim around but that's the price you pay for not having any electricity so we need light from outside just get the walls on start – you look like a cabin you from the outside looks proper some walls and some windows where it starts to make a difference – when you get out the window and you see that it looks pretty cool yeah fresh-cut cedar these are all from the property all the materials that we've used I've come from the properties a few things that came from off property not too many the post is sitting on a pressure treated we brought some plywood for a subfloor on the main level there's the inside part we have an idea of using some natural materials for insulation so you have to stick around for that but now we get a nice windbreak the idea is we're gonna get all the walls put on and then we're gonna have a roof we got a tin roof is sponsor for a tin roof so stay tuned for that roof we should go up in a day or two it's all strapped all the tops all chopped out we got a deck all together starting to look like a cabin in the woods the ceiling here looks pretty neat it's all gonna be open this is finished as as much as we're gonna finish there's a floor up here an open beam live-edge pine here starting look good yeah request is the company that provided us with the roof it's a great product so far we've gone we got with one side of the of the cabin already and a half a day so it goes up quick so we're installing it with it's a it's basically screw with the gasket it's pretty straightforward screw the gaskets got a rubber gasket on there when you screw it in it sandwiches the gasket and self sealing self sealing right so no nails required so keV why did you pick the quest of all the roofing companies of all the types of roofing products we could use because asphalt could use tin whatever to shatter us shake shake steal shake why why why the quest we picked the quest because it comes in full-size pounds three foot panels three foot wide and however long you want so they cut it to size for the length of the roof and then you go three foot and away you go so all we did was dropped it and then we're screwing it in every 16 yeah you strap it 16 inch centers and then you pre-drill all your panels so all the panels are actually you drill them 16 inch centers to put your screws in oh we go you're not bro we made a lot of progress today obviously it's starting to look a lot more like home or homey at least with the roof on having a nice red roof on your cabin in the woods really makes it stand out against everything else is kind of wood or wood like having a nice red roof is very classically wilderness heat yeah we had the choice of like 10 or 15 colors it was just I I wanted red roof yeah why not red makes it pop it looks really slick now we've got like Kevin said we've got one side on completely done as far as throwing a roof on this is the way to go man if you messing around with shingles and hauling them up and down the ladder a big plus with using steel in the forest is that it doesn't necessarily get a lot of Sun so if you're building if you build a house out in it and it gets a full Sun it gets to dry out a lot more but if you're doing a cabin in the woods and it's got its it's been exposed to a lot of moisture humidity and leaves and stuff accumulating on it if you go a steel it tends not to disintegrate if you have an asphalt shingle it tends to grow moss start to look it starts to leak it's more you know it's susceptible to animals digging through the actual jingles score lands on its gonna shoot rate off and you get to watch that out the window this is squirrel landing on the roof shoot off the edge because there's no place for scroll to hang on on a steel slippery steel roof so that's another benefit yeah so the sun exposure here is pretty minimal and we don't want moss growing on a shingle space wait that's that's the just of it right yes so guys if you're deciding on a Vic West product go on their website they have like three or four different profiles and they'll help you out if you decide you're building it you know a specific house and you want a specific look they can tailor the look to what you want like they have very modern-looking steel roofs more of a flat profile with the raised edge you don't see any other fasteners that wasn't a really big deal for us so we went with this one because if you want to check out the website go down below I'll have it in the description just click on it you'll find Vic West it's it's a very well-known brand and they specialize in hunt camps and all sorts of things like that so far all the builders you guys out there you want a roof that's gonna meet your knees definitely consider them what's awesome is that you give them your plans they figure out everything they tell we gave them a sketch on a piece of paper and they figured this out so they actually did the math so you don't have to do any of the math you just kind of give them your dimensions and they figure out what you need they'll figure out the valleys the caps the ridge the flashing everything think about a steel roof is it goes up fast once you get every lined up it's basically screw it in and you're good to go and it looks pretty darn sharp too so we're going to do is go fetch the fireplace right now and we're going to throw it down on the floor and we're going to figure out where our roof has to end up and then we'll continue on from there but it's going pretty quick we go on it that's what they show it's about umiak all right so I throw the chimney in the yeah it's a big mess anyway I'm not gonna explain how to do it properly but it's a lot harder than you think it just gotta be to put a chimney and them stove installed but I'll show you what we got so far get stove you got a little a little bit I got a extension bit too big telescopic so I wake up and do a box and inside the box is a collar and then there's what the mess right now it's insulated chimney that goes inside the box two sections out of the roof and then on the outside go for a gasket well Vic West did make us some custom size roofing but we had to cut this piece he's the only piece we're actually gonna have to cut in order to get the overlap on the metal gasket that goes over top of chimney to make everything sealed so nothing leaks complicated but it's done right this actually lasts forever sue actually spent all day messing around with the stovepipe to get it perfect you want to make it level and plumb out the roof and then we also want to make sure that there's no leaks so the roofing has to be done 100% perfectly then we've got a center the stove in the room where we want it and make everything fall all the way through all the way up to the top easier said than done coldest day of the year I'm kidding it's actually quite one [Applause] I have a special talent for finding a nail hey we're going up the ladder with the camera it's probably a really bad idea at least if I fall you'll get it on tape so I've done quite a bit of roofing in my life but not a whole ton of flashing around chimneys it's always a tricky spot so I'm gonna show you we got here now because this is so wide we've gone over so many different ribs and obviously we're short here so we were thinking originally to cut this off and then I would provide all the water shedding properties that we need but if the water gets up underneath here it's gonna leak so we do want to cover that up luckily on the right-hand side we had an extra sheet or part of an extra sheet so we're gonna do is we're gonna actually put it up underneath here over to ribs so we remove the screws here so I'm gonna put that one down here and then that's going to go up and underneath here and then that's gonna provide our seal on the left-hand side and it's gonna go all the way out so basically this is the only sheet that we've had to cut and we had to cut it in order to shed the water so on the top side that's a tight seal around the gasket and around the chimney this is actually one of the funniest parts I've ever seen on metal roofs and there's a lot of fuzziness on metal roofs especially doing the gasket and this is something that if you do right it's gonna last forever if you do wrong it's gonna have problems to the rest of the life of the roof so I think we've managed to do it 100% properly so it's gonna shed water perfectly we're not gonna have any issues and it's gonna last the lifetime of this roof all right let's have a look at the finished finished install so Kevin just threw up this little gasket at the top that protects all the water flowing down that'll get caulk you can see the metal gasket on top of the pipe that sheds water from here down and as you work up you have another sheet on top here again we were short on this one so we did is we took the sheet from the left from the right side moved over here to the left to put that underneath we tied to the top so any water that runs down will hit the gasket at the top here running all the way down over top of this roof here you might think well there's a gap here water will get up there there's no way that water is gonna go up that much to get inside and if it goes to the side here it's going to hit this rib and come down same thing on the other side so this is 100% waterproof right now except for the caulking we have to put a little bit of feet of caulk just at the top here that'll shed the water all the way down so guys if you're looking for the proper way to do flashing around a chimney on a steel roof this is it it took quite a bit of thinking and ingenuity don't fudge it if you fudge it later on you're gonna have problems you do it once right in the last 40 years no that's a pretty big day we get to light a fire first one ever obviously the cabin is not airtight but it's gonna give us a chance to melt all the snow that we have up in the top here and then here and up in the loft got a bunch of moisture up here we thought to do the ridge cap all the way across and then the only place that we can get any weather coming basically the top the gable ends here still a pretty cool thing that first burned in there and we can leave everything open the door is open all that stuff and try to dry out some wood as you know some of our lumber that we used was not a hundred percent dry so having success of fires I'll burn off that moisture and tighten up all the structure the inaugural burn you know she makes it nice and toasty we burn into the ground when you start as many fires as me this makes life a lot easier so we're putting in this little gasket and it's prevents beads from going up in sudden underneath the ridge cap so it's a little foam thing with some fur on it and there's a little tearaway thing to stick the roof to the thing so I find is if you slide it underneath the ridge and then you reach up and grab that little piece I could reach that far and you pull it off and that allows you to stick it down pull it off easy easy sticks it is it's like superglue II so now it's stuck so now we just bring every ribbon we're done that's it our roof is done that was the last piece we needed to trim off caps on everything's on Fox he's on he's 100% leak proof at this very moment the only thing is the cabin is actually not really kidding all that warm because there's so much siding missing so that's gonna be the next order of business we're gonna have to wrap up all the exterior trim finishing and then we'll actually have something that keeps us warm it's actually not too bad in here by the fire it's a little warm but you can see lots of holes so holes everywhere holes up here holes the back we've got quite a bit of work left so that will continue in the next episode try to get everything tight it up finish up the exterior and I think that'll wrap up season number one of the small cabin bill and then of course we're gonna work on the interior finishes there's a lot a lot we'll have to do before we get this to where it's an all season cabin all right guys we've got quite a bit of stuff done we have to get the siding finished the idea in season one is just to finish up the exterior portion and then season two we're gonna move on to the inside we've got I'd say probably 40% of the siding put on right now so it's really leaky it's not warm yet but it's getting warmer we got the stove in it's fired up Kevin digging through some nails here because we're gonna finish up the rest deciding how many hours do we have in this project so far oh baby maybe twenty days I think that's probably right Plus planning + fiddly bits maybe 25 days and so far if you want to break it down hours or probably both 300 hours yeah it's been it's been a project so if you guys you're planning on building your own cabin to take some work so we got the fire burning here like I say it's still leaky so we got a retard egg fell in these holes here so that it's actually a cabin you can see right up to the top there's nothing so we've Kevin milled some cedar from another property we couldn't actually find cedar wide enough or big enough to justify ripping them down into siding so he went to a neighboring farm not very far from here picked up some pretty big Cedars in Milton well the problem is is when the Cedars these especially these white Cedars is the larger they get they tend to go hollow in the middle and because we're trying to make why would we need to have there's a sweet spot between big enough and not big enough it's a very well explained no-drug a big the bigger the bigger the cedar gets the tendency to have a hole in the middle so we don't want a hole in the middle so you gotta get the maximum width without them going rotten yeah there's a very fine line well the ones we found here tended to have like forked and then when they had Forks that I guess the water would get in between the forks so they would crack and split or because they Fork they grew taller in the middle whatever they rotted in the middle so once we cut them open we'd have a thick board but it would only be like three feet long which is not very useful especially for our long wall the ones that actually took down from neighboring property look appear to be healthy and then we cut into it middle of it rotten so there you go the trick with cedar so I guess thinner or wide not as wide a boards that you have available for cedar but it's still it's an excellent wood to use for siding because of its water repelling natural properties the oils that have so let's get going let's get building one nail how to do it curious to see how wide this is how many years it's been growing for I'd say at least five count all the lines there probably 60 years old least if not if not all older than that these 60 dua tree was taken from a piece of land where it was too wet for them to actually plant crops so they wouldn't have this might i doubt its original old growth but it would have been sitting there for a long time you killed a six year old tree Wow see the problem is is that they gets much larger than if they start rotting and falling over so did we save it who knows you may be promoted life of another cedar that that's right well so the top we left in the in the bush so like the wild animals and stuff are gonna eat it so I'm sure there's good the population or Abbot's is gonna go up huge cuz if you look through the bush there's nothing on the ground there's nothing for them to eat so you cut the top off and you just let it sit there and you go there in the spring and there'll be nothing left of the actual greenery it's all gone so there's quite a few animals that will benefit from cutting old trees down for starters the young trees that are suffering because they can't get any sunlight so you get rid of the top canopy light penetrates down the ground and new life renews and as kevin was saying deer actually benefit a lot from eating cedar they die their diet almost switches exclusively to eating cedar tops in some places especially where in areas that are very nutrient deficient so I mean the wintertime if you can cut down a cedar tree and just leave it leave the top a lot of animals will benefit like Kevin said the rabbits and the deer especially the inspector showed up yeah we got busted by no city ordinance no no we're good this is grant he's a what you call yourself a framer truck contractors they're a real carpenter a real a real dude so he's gonna give us a hand here help coming out on a few different projects I don't know if you know but Kevin's a professional renovator I put that in air quotes no he is an interior renovators so grant does more of like the framing framing houses you do any like straight from scratch bring me houses oh yeah yeah yeah so there you go so he nah he's more better more better at this than we are put it that way no Kevin is really nice we're good interior stuff so but there's a whole set of trades that go into building houses you know it's good to know a little bit of everything we don't have to be really good at anything or everything but obviously you have to put all the skill sets together when you build something like this it's a it's a lot of different things and we've done all the little things but to specialize in one thing is one thing but to specialize in a bunch of things is almost impossible so I mean calling a body to come out and give us a hand and get us through these like last little nitty-gritty bits or use it nicer if it stopped snowing on my feet so we've got our exposed rafter tails here and what we need to do is fill in the gap there obviously we can't have that gap because if you look on the inside here that'll be drafty so grant screwing up live edge here we're gonna cut that off and then we're gonna jam it up all the way to the top there to fill in that space and then we insulate the roof that'll fill in the rest of the gap we don't want things like carpenter ants and mice crawling up the walls and bees and all sorts of nasty things climbing up inside well that's beautiful grant [Applause] [Applause] what ah good border guys well we didn't get all the siding done there's still all that up there so what we've learned well you already knew this but it's really hard to keep a small cabin warm when you don't have a door you don't have siding so what we did get done yesterday there's three walls so this wall is all done all the way to the top looks beautiful swing you around here you got this wall done all the way to the top beautiful and then I managed to get this side done late at night all the way to the peak it also looks beautiful today we're gonna do something a little bit different on the top Kevin had an idea he wanted to do shakes so the top half here will go a little bit higher and then the top half is gonna be all shakes we're gonna put plywood down strapping first to bump it out a little bit and then plywood on top of that and then we'll be able to put the shakes on top kind of wherever we want if we can't really put shakes just in that open spittin logs old all opens I can't talk it so called all the open spaces we have up there so we're gonna fill that L in first and then we'll be able put the shakes on top so coming mailed a bunch of shakes the other day looking at this now I'm not sure if he realizes it but we're actually a little bit shy on siding so I'm not sure if he's gonna side all the way all the way to the top knob but he's uh he's just about to get here we've got some wood in the stove and we really need it today it's not it's not like there's a lot of ton of snow outside but it's cold so we've got the stove rockin but like I said I'd turn around here you guys can see me the stoves on but it's not picking woman it's warm a little bit but not super one here coos Kevin now oh it got some shakes ooh pretty cakes use the shake machine for that got nice those shakes are nice those shakes are these are these are the white ash shake so they're hardwood shake see there's a tape bro these the emerald ash borer is killing all the ash trees pretty much at all North America so it basically salvaged these disaster e to kind of shakes and they're gonna be the front of the cabin so you're gonna have to show us how you make those shakes on the on the Norwood yes on the Norwood shake maker there's a jig we set up the log which either at the blocks about this size and then we skim off it looks really cool actually really neat system yeah well we'll have a look at that after right now we're you gonna get organized and we're gonna get started here this is really the kind of day you get hypothermia on it's not super cold though it's only seven below Celsius but it's so damned windy and got freezing rain now not quite freezing rain more like ice pellets it's cold I'm sure you get the snot dripping off my nose so we're doing a little architectural detail today so we're adding the top shake where we're gonna go up we're just building it out a little bit so it gives a little differentiation between the actual out siding and the front of a building style now as we've built in the cabin it's starting to actually slightly warm up in here we've noticed that kind of smells sweet in here like like maple syrup like candy neither one of us have candy here so it just must be all the sugars and the wood that's all we can come up with so as its drying out because you used a lot of wet wood especially the cedar it must be just like the cambium layer just burning up and sweetness is coming out of the wood it's actually pretty cool so I suppose like a Sugar Shack slightly not quite like maple it's actually quite warm they're the only place in the cabin that's warm leaking out the front you this guy here's been our mascot for the build so I made this guide into raccoon burgers but I left them out on the tree here the chickadees like the land on the inside and pick out all the fat so he's been staying here and feeding the birds I'm sure those chickadees are really appreciating they crawl up inside and they pick the fat that's leftover on the inside there so nothing goes to waste focused you gotta do a sheeting here you got no perspective from this side take it on the other side up with that we've got a cheep cheep cheep put sheets up sheet of plywood I'm gonna measure it out cut the angles on both sides you can fill on this window there's some angles involved so our upper window is actually a little it's frozen and that's not good this is very delicate so this is going to go in the top window section I'm gonna cut it out to cut this out inside warming up a bit that's one peak up here oh don't get hit in the head I see our window from the loft there's the wonderful loft out for circle circle window and then perspective wise there's our ah okay got it yeah it's gonna shoot it for me oh there you go that'll be our loft space over here put our two beds maybe two beds you're thinking about two beds two single beds one on the other side so that way you can maybe hang out with somebody you don't really know too well I have some delight in the middle and then you'll have a nice view here is this one have it open yeah it's kind of pivot up like an awning window I'm thinking more I'm thinking more like Sharpshooter window like an awning sure check the shooter window I actually can put a bait site right over there and put some corn maybe a food plot that'll be the perfect place to get deer maybe I just what I was removable windows then I like the idea of just like well there's a deer and popping it open and just logistically speaking I don't think I was gonna work we need a place to stand here though that'll be perfect all right so you guys get the idea we got a circle window the whole way to do is put the shakes on the outside and make it look pretty so buddy of mine called me up he is tearing down this old commercial building industrial commercial building and he was like you want to come grab anything I want yeah so I've always kind of wanted one of these doors some of these little plastic flap you doors and I thought what the hell am I gonna do with this thing and turns out it'll be useful here for temporary door what is this I think it's it's a plastic door at all like you can walk through it but it's still closed it so it keeps the cold out you still walk through it it's more like a reminds me of like a butcher shop door or a supermarket door it might be employee employees only area yeah they move food in and out of the grocery store that's what it looks like to me okay they gonna be our temporary door all right throw it up can you buy yourself or not it's not really a door I don't think you've ever walk through joy like this it just feels weird I know you guys got to go the door like this that's funny my initial vote was not to put the door in because then there's no incentive to actually bill the door just like if it was nice outside there wouldn't be much incentive to build a cabin here we are we got a temporary door it won't it won't hold us back it's nice and warm in here it's a it's warmer but you gotta give it a bit of it close there's nothing like three seconds ago you know have any thermal mass in here either was a giant ice cube when we started this morning so you have to stick around and figure out how we're gonna insulate and finish the interior because I've got a few things planned collecting some animal skins and some skulls it could be pretty cool and appropriate decoration and Kevin's talking about doing some spray foam it's just gonna totally bust the budget so we'll see if that happens but we're also talking about some slip straw that'll be pretty neat because that's more in tune with using materials from around us it's not sure what that is you'll have to look it up or you could just wait and we'll show you how we do it if we do it those are some of the ideas were playing around with obviously the low cost and there's a and then there's a like do it right and then there's a just do it I mean they're both kind of right so what are you gonna do she's gonna pull it pull the plastic off you haven't had a look up here in a while it's been all buried look at the loftware yeah it's always hard to get the perspective you can't get up there and step on it it is a pretty big area you can easily stand up in the middle you know what's – jumping jacks actually looks pretty cool from here you should follow us on Instagram if you already haven't I already haven't yeah oh I'll link up I've got a starting an Instagram Kevin's got a little bit more of a go on his so I'll link up those that we taught in the description you guys can find those if you want to some more like real-time images of what we're up to this actually is really cool from here yeah yeah shade the camera over we're already tired Iran it looks really really cool for me no clue what's going on from here you open the back window to the auto thing scatter warm fish all right the doors windows locked you can let's see window jalapeno window a little balcony up here little perk so what I'm thinking is from where Kevin is there's obviously this gap between here if we put a bridge across so where I am now you could climb up and then you could look out here and then you could even put like a little bit of a little perch area here so you could actually sit out in that space and overlook everything that would be pretty neat and I was always a pawn food plot and if that doesn't work bait station and that'll draw lots of animals in better look at the window here so if anything creeps up behind here you got a nice view over the other side here plus a vino window here means that if you if it gets really hot the Sun when we open this side open that side you get a nice ventilation system so you won't bake up here and in the winter tube that you finally get it warm in here then we can open the window if you like start baking in the middle of the night because it's too hot with the wood stove as we are in the upper reaches of the cabin so obviously the heats all gonna stay up here in pool first it down gonna be a little bit cooler at the bottom back to work man which is coming so we originally put this plastic up here to protect it so we don't need anymore there's a lot of sawdust so we're gonna roll it up throw it out the window we have some gloves for that my industry I'm like more at mores it's probably look nicer no like that shorter like more gingerbread II think the blinkin still that means we're life it's a bike oh you like see they can hear everything I say they can't see that did you see you looking like a fool hey cut unicut listen me sir cordless Makita pretty fancy it's no power at the off-grid cabin in the woods Oh Kevin decided to go all jaggedy so that nobody could tell that he was messing up you go randos and nobody knows it tricks your eye and you could just put it wherever you want none of them are gonna match up ideally if you do it right then none of them really match up ever when I made my bear beard oil predator oil for my beard I used bear fat boil it running it all down rather what was left was the cracklings and kind of the burnt fat and all that stuff so what it did was it took a piece of bread I soaked it all in the cracklings what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna leave it on the log back here we got a piece of wood here keep it out of the snow I'll put it down here and those chickadees will get to eat it so I get a good mixture of the fat from the raccoon and some bear fat and bread so this goes more of a another tie in to how nothing ever gets wasted so if you ever like shot a deer for example it ran off into the woods and it disappeared and you never saw it ever again would that deer actually go to waste it's kind of an interesting question right I mean does it go to waste or does it go back to other animals and circle back so to talk about waste it's more of a human term and this kind of illustrates things because you know if you just threw it out is it wasted technically not I mean nature doesn't really work that way it doesn't have value so humans place value on certain things so you you're wasting food it's because humans would want to ordinarily consume it but it cycles back life cycles nutrients cycle so let's cycle this back and see the environment we'll give it to the birds they can make use of it especially in the wintertime when it's hard to get food otherwise so there we go we'll feed our chickadee friends our new neighbors alright guys today we're gonna try to finish up the exterior we have to build a door try to seal it up oh I'm in the ditch already traffic jam Kevin coming up behind me with the Suzuki got a delivery coming so we're gonna try to do is wrap off everything on the exterior see if we can blast some heat into this and dry it out I know there's some concerns about the mold so we'll address that but first we got to dry everything out well it's the stuffs dry there's a few things here and there that are still wet we've got a big load of stuff coming in here all our tools and everything stuck in the log stuck in a tree living in there now set up shop set up shop I need to go in the water want you to water you bake water you know how to get it from the creek down there hopefully a little muddy yeah a little money craft services is here fill it up and pack it down comes that flavor making some coffee making some coffee the chance let that melt down for a bit you know if you've ever melted snow for water it's by volume it's mostly air so you probably need these figure three probably three times yeah at least three times and it gets better over time so as it goes down liquid you can add more in than it it's melting yeah it melts faster but it does take a while for it to start working so it's probably a half a day's project oh yeah whenever you can find liquid water find liquid water I made him do this twice don't be grumbling and a beautiful cedar what is it for it's for the door we're gonna maybe get this thing closed in today build this up by eating on the Norwood HT 36 the other day it's some nice stuff I want to put it on my house in your little house you come to bring some food oh we can cook it for lunch so he's gonna make an egg sandwich or something I don't know if he changes mine on that I said I had some rabbit stew and he said gross oh yeah there you go we got grants can eat the rabbits too so we got our broth I just started Allsop early so it didn't leak so I got the broth in here and then we got a rabbit stew meat and there's some carrots left over than that I had some potatoes but they didn't fare very well so pull them all up but actually made a rabbit sandwich and be on a different video and I was actually really good so we're just gonna put the lid on here we'll let it stew up grants got his coffee on the go he's refilled once already that's looking pretty good quite a bit of liquid bowed up to there no not just one refill so there we go we'd have a warm lunch in the cabin first time second his first meal in the cabin that's the reward for covering up knock she feels warm in here a little bit it's a little drafty but it still feels warm when you're using a trim hammer or two let's do you like rock carpentry it doesn't usually want to go to good all right so this is a funny exchange we had to reenact between Kevin and grant who is a professional framer in spirit of a conversation that's was sparked on YouTube about somebody said we didn't have to put a header over top of everything that we were wasting our time you guys don't understand what a header is this conversation is probably not gonna be the all that interesting to you as it it's not that interesting to me but what is interesting about it is that we're discussing the things that people are leaving comments are and it just goes to show that everybody has an opinion and not everybody's opinion is actually correct in the real world so I'm just gonna roll the scene out right now and then if you guys are really interested about headers you're gonna learn a lot about whether or not you need to use headers so here we go grant did we put a header above every window we put a header above every door there's four walls in this building I understand that there you know the outside walls are the walls are the roof sitting on are load-bearing but so do we just waste our time putting headers around over the doors on the non load-bearing walls so technically no you don't need a header but proper framing you put a header in it stops all kinds of weird crap happening things bowing things moving you didn't waste your time if you put it if you do it and you're gonna do it properly you have to put a header in so as a framer I don't know how many years you've been doing this how long have you been putting headers in walls that aren't load-bearing ever since I started eighteen years ago so you're saying in Canada where we have lots of wood we can afford to put headers everywhere got it this is the top door jam this is um but this is kind of flying carpentry while we're doing in the bush so we got to kind of melt the ice off of it so we got a shoulder okay are we going flush with the we're going I'm gonna set everything gonna get flack for not using chin um this is called packing shims come in the future although it'll make homes babies they come in just go stop anything sleep on stuff listen geckos okay did you get that now we can get the shims out to be really comfortable with your masculinity use this skill at that size not the size accounts look at the size of that is he this is my McMuffin I like McDonald's push man might like beaver and rabbit Oh a McDonald's every day try to that straight I could work with McDonald's hang on wait a sec your skillet is way too small careful watch if they gonna melt though it's gonna melt yeah that doesn't melt it face it man your skills too small you should have put the bar you skillet shaming me yeah I'm getting skillet shame you should put up the bullet the butter in the skillet and then put the bun in all she's fine hey there no no we're gonna see we're all it's nice and soft yep do that they're just butters all what can't be perfect you want to get together side they're part of the egg there we else I'm gonna have four comments five comments on how I didn't cook my egg sandwich right because you're missing cheese that's why well I'm gonna put some rabbit on it some pine needles and maybe some squirrel and raccoon that's out there it's probably lava let's go vegetable you know put it on are you gonna try it first let's rabbit wild rabbit snowshoe hare it's a little hot varying here what's not bad it's not bad I don't like stew what is it a like like be fish yeah look at stringing like pulled pork oh boy there you go yeah that's about it's not bad at all greats gonna try some I'm a boy that's your lunch right oh yeah yeah Kevin wanna coffee just give her s'mores it's gonna be a little surgery three black oh yeah nothing in it it's good it's perfect it doesn't even taste like to hear the water was nice and clear so nobody peed in the snow that egg sandwich it's got the proportion it's got it's got everything this is that tastes a little better when it's in the forest do so looks funny without cheese on it it really does yes be sure to leave comments on how Kevin can improve his egg sandwich that's not super fancy but it's gonna be a nice warm meal pretty good just taste an awful lot like pulled pork pull-pull-pull beef very good nice and warm we think I think it's excellent yeah feel free to throw some crackers in there no potatoes or carrots or anything okay I fished them out they didn't freeze well froze a little bit yeah chew and chew well too cuz it could be bones the rabbits wouldn't at all so there could always be like little bits no oh yeah chicken like it could be like a spinal bone or whatever rib bone pit the long enough to come Buffy yeah they do that with students for probably three days so I'll do it most for the most part you find one yeah don't go all the sharp ones well better spine good oh yeah what does it taste like beef they come down yeah behaves like beef yeah I've had it before it had not stood but it had it roasted I guess yeah it was good yeah that's actually good on the sandwich like if you just pull that meat over no that's what I was saving it for and then I had the broth and I'm like I might as well just put it back together eat it today oh yeah but you pull out output as a sandwich it's awesome perfectly cut nobody where are you from hey here they're good enough I closed off the coast not close enough that's good that's good [Applause] or it's gonna do my handbags [Applause] right now that we've got all our pieces now we get to glue it together [Applause] [Applause] mom's pretty good with nice square for his your measure one corner off supporters opposite corners yet mango juice great with thinner sixteenth it's not bad for this place what do you think [Applause] now you need the really short pins you're the one inch ones or whatever that you fit there no you need the short shirt ones for these the internet corridor for connecting everything [Applause] so his other piece of detail workers that a mess up this is detail work this is fine craftsmanship right here do you know what it was because I find measuring to half an inch and then you just kind of put this piece in if I add some tape and mud I'd mud and tape this right here good quicker she choose to use mostly small less than I do okay so it's either a mess up or character by the way we did it we own it something we made so a lot of love went into it what more detail work going on here this is uh just protected monk beautiful nice detail work everybody should be proud of that that's what's gonna make this thing extra bulk yeah bespoke yeah we really owe you guys put so much detail work into that man we're good there yeah we could do is bang the jam oh dang it oh yeah good thing the gym don't look at it Sam I'm just stabilizing it that good okay so that's how critical Janice well it's my hymns I cut that thing I throw a screw in that one like this cuz the PL were ya know me sucker didn't only put there for a couple more screws in there yes oh she's close look at perfect so well he's nice pull the outside at the bottom out a bit hey beam hey hey bean are you going hey bean hey bean come here come here good dog good dog you afraid of the camera you silly goose you afraid come here afraid of the camera well good morning guys it is super cold today we're not what's called a polar vortex I guess there's some word they invented to make it weather sound really cool so yeah it's really cool today we've got have an epic epic episode today it's the season finale of season 1 a small cabin built season finale because we're almost wrapped up or exterior work we have a few detail things that so we're gonna be doing today we have a sponsored video epic performance bars they've they love what we're doing here they want to give us all the calories you need to finish the stuff so we're gonna have those bars ready on demand we'll be sampling them a little bit later so yeah we have detail work so it's a lot of you might think this is done is it done no we have to actually add another piece over here so that's we're gonna be doing around the windows we've got some gingerbreading to do up top as well here we got to put our window in it's not in yet that's uh Kevin taking a leak off the front deck you know your neighbors are too close when you can't do that I've got my son holding over here in the background he's building a little Quincy with his body from school so he's busy being a boy we'll keep out of his way you'll keep out of our way we've got our raccoon friend up in the tree over I don't know if I got him or not but anyway the chickadees are having a meal out of that we're gonna add some red to the pile so yeah I got a quite a few things on the go you just check out this roof it's full of snow packed full of snow so our Vic west roof is going we have some big plans for season two we have a generator on the way so that's gonna be news for season two at our door in we got our year-round resident Kevin see we have matching snow suits from the eighties they are actually from these what's interesting here if I get my other glove on I won't freeze my hand off alright good tired Kevin's got a onesie on I picked this up I picked this up in July $5 at a junk store because winter was never coming in July so you know guys know we're frugal livers this snow suits actually from my dad you guys know the stories on that the royal purple color I got like more blue he's got the blue so he's actually more in style than I am but it's still a onesie it's pretty funny it's like a kid suit you got to get a full view that that's how you stay warm a onesie top to bottom all one piece that keeps the heat all the way top to bottom well correct apparently it's 11-11 fahrenheit yeah which is about minus 24 Celsius and this is about the only temperature I can wear this without sweating I have a list of cabinet concerns so it's gonna be about building confidence your confidence we already know what we're doing for the most part we've been gagging a little bit about what we've been doing and how well we've been doing it so I've got a list in my pocket and we're gonna address every single one of the concerns that was presented so far so you're gonna stay tuned for that to talk about the foundation we talked about mold we're gonna talk about cheese what was else all the lap siding the nails everything all the way top to bottom we got a bunch of these we got to deal with well what's the plan get to work stay warm stay warm stay warm and get to work get it done get the job done you gotta grab the two by twos they're in the snow do we need a last bit of structure holding the whole thing up from toppling over just a mite probably if nobody has confidence in our building take it off and see if it falls over no keep it in there we should add some more structure probably on one on both sides just to make sure it doesn't topple you know what house cards all right just take it off looks it looks ugly John you get a nice thumbnail picture in the ground it's not even holding it up anymore it's like okay I'm good done the job lift up yeah almost [Applause] that was a relief I thought I was gonna fall over guys I'm just about to dig into a bar I have to work up an appetite hiking out here getting set up so this is the kind of bar you want around when you are high-performance athlete you were out there tracking you're working hard you want to stop to make a fire you're ready to go dig into the bar so there's four flavors there's peanut butter almond butter chocolate lemon and peanut butter chocolate they're all good the lemon has kind of got a hint a lemon it's not super strong and the almond my favorite now is definitely the peanut butter chocolate it's uh it's got that nice wrap of those little flavors that you like to hit the high-energy kind of stuff so what sets of this bar apart is that it's gluten free soy free kosher and has 12 grams of protein that makes it use a cage free egg whites and nuts also no added sugar and no unspecified ingredients what you see on the package is what you get and there's only six ingredients listed that's it nothing no funny business be guaranteed that what you want is exactly what is in the bar the bar is paleo and whole 30 compliant so no concerns there this is the perfect snack for anybody who wants a straightforward high-energy snack bar guys if you order as an Amazon subscribe and save remember you're gonna get as a Prime member you're gonna get five percent off when you subscribe and save and you're gonna get up to 15% off when you subscribe and save at least five times you can set your orders through amazon.com or the Amazon app and you can set it to deliver exactly when you want it and you can be confident that it's gonna get there when you need it all right so guys I got myself a peanut butter chocolate we're gonna give it a go give you guys an idea of what it tastes like our good chewy um filling snack cut that right blend of chocolate and peanut bar and we gotta get back to work what do you think final verdict I like it it's really as chewy but it tastes really good does it feel like it's full of energy right on all right cool I'm gonna be doing an experiment today we got this is Celsius you guys gonna have to do your own conversions we got – I'd say that's probably minus 18 degrees Celsius opposed to say each – is – so that's out exterior temperature we're gonna bring it inside and we're gonna see what we can generate with our stove see what we can raise the temperature by how much all right let's move it in and then have to check back and see what it reads out later we'll do a ground level test here first and then we'll move it up in the loft so let it sit here let's check back in in a second all right which one did you pick I picked the peanut our toggle one it tastes good tastes good kill me I think it's uh well I've only taken one bite so I imagine it's this feeling because I've been chewing that for a little while but it's good I like it yeah well it's a little hard to eat a snack bar at minus 15 well it's kind of frozen right like all right I need a few more if you want a quick food on the go this is the way to go yeah that's the Nu band the bar it's a for active lifestyle on the go bang bang bang get her done squish stop back to work huh yeah knock time is over building yeah how does it work so much snow on top and then after you get to the height you want you dig out or you let it sit for a bit and then until the snows hard and then you dig it out of hope you dig out a hole inside of it and you can sit in that is that like an igloo it is what's it different kind of big news yeah it's not made of ice or hard snow dome inside are you gonna show me how how you do it when you when you got all done yeah all right cool well it just looks like nothing you know okay right yeah sure all right yeah I'm ready so I made the porthole window it's an old lens from overhead bay window well what's an overhead bay window I don't know what did this no no red bay window sorry we're gonna start that over again no just keep going it's a it's a lens from a light a really big light fixture and it was sitting up in the like a high bay like that like you'd see that like a grocery store or like a big warehouse so that's used to sit like this so it's just a piece of glass so what I did so was protecting a light it was protecting a light it was sitting up in the ceiling like this in this industrial a big light yeah okay again so at the scrapyard they had them and they were taking them apart and so when I was there I was like what are you guys gonna do with that well we gotta pay to get rid of them so I said I'll take them so anyways I've got a number of these probably half a dozen or so but the problem is is there were just a piece of glass so mounting a piece of glass is difficult at best so what I did was I've actually taken a piece of piece of pipe and I've slid it down the center and then kind of attached it to the edge i've silicone both sides to attach it to the window and then what i'm going to do is actually putting another piece of pipe around the opening and then i'm gonna slide it in and it's gonna just sit there and and then the summertime when it's actually warmer and you want to have air movement I'm going to make another hoop like a hula hoop and I'm gonna add screen to it so in the summertime you can just remove the glass completely and just have a screen there to protect you from the bugs all right so the point is you can't just mount a piece of glass well you could eat a wall we wanted to make it removable and the original plan was to have an opening but that's just not gonna happen okay I get it and we have to have screen here because the mosquitoes and black flies will eat you alive okay just leave it open right right right okay cool thanks so appreciate knowing how that you did that like voodoo magic it's this poof done just like on tv where you guys figure that an antler handle door antler handle door antler handle and I see that antler handle door handle antler head an antler handle how about that we just call it an antler and this antler handle so my buddy Aaron Nelson on a youtube gave me an idea he said you got to put an antler shed for a door handle on the front door and I said that's a good idea there's a quite a bit of a story behind this antler it's actually not I just found it in the woods but had as a mission goal had made for myself a while ago a couple years ago is I wanted to find shed antlers and I found that it's easier to find a live beer than it is to find a shed antler and that's truth even scouting out in the winter in the spring after they've lost their antlers I don't know if you know about that but they just they just lose their antlers in the winter they don't need them anymore so they drop them using around February March around that time and you go off and find them in the spring when snow starts to melt but they're really really really hard to find so I made it a goal for myself to run around the woods as much as possible to me actually like five or six days to find an antler and then once I found one I actually found two other ones so this is one of the smaller ones so it's a little bit less patrol fee I've got some big ones too maybe I'll show you those at some point so I'm going to mount that on the door I think we got a mount that day I think antler handle door handle I guess so – rusty key and that looks pretty sharp so just got a nub often up thing there and and then I'll get it to mount there they got a pilot hole or epoxy epoxy bolt on the inside here just like that angler handle door handle that's the only way it works I feel like we're at minus 2 billion degrees that's why I won I'm ok that batteries don't like it just keep they go slow and the cold you makes everything a little bit harder I kind of felt the cold everything goes floor in the pool especially the mosquitoes which is pretty much why we're doing it now the mosquitoes are sometimes often almost always worse the cold is something but the mosquitoes say I don't know mosquitoes in the heat you can't escape so don't think we haven't aired this part of it I don't know if you guys gonna have questions about this but all it is is it's just live sided that's all so you cover the look it up well maybe a hole yeah Kevin Kevin once explained how to do it so we're gonna cut away to a video I shot with my phone we'll use the Norwood HD 36 we have a lap siding shake making jig we put it on the mill watch this show ya how to make ash shakes with my phone so I apologize in advance for the quality so I've loaded up some chunks I've squared off already they're in the jig this is the lap siding makers slash shake maker so I've got four blocks loaded in into the norwood HD 36 sawmill with the lap siding jig so what I got to do is I got to square these guys off and then I'll show you the process of actually making shake I would have walked so you can see I've got a couple of shake just picking them off the mill so you can see you see your taper right you see the make four time so there you have it I've made all the shape the extra stick that we needed to do the front of the cabin we can see here this is what's left on the mill at the end you can't cut all the way down to the bottom because obviously you'll hit the guide but anyways I think this is a pretty good pretty good yield for what I started with so this will get nailed up on to the front if you ever done in your roofing it's just like it sheds a little hotter so there's there's no way for the water to get in because of how it slapped the sheathing machine underneath this yeah there's a layer of plywood and then there's these are ash shake so we're using ashlynn forest you guys may know about the emerald ash borers pretty much taken decimating the ash population pretty much in North America so they're dying everywhere these ones are a little bit more dangerous although it's a bit slower yeah I ran into the tree dude it's soaks yeah it's covered in snow baby snails so we've got the shake on the wall now I'm gonna cut the circle out again in order to accommodate the round porthole window to do so I got my little pull saw and hopefully it's going to work it's pretty hard wood you're gonna work yeah I can do anything always gonna sit your effort it's so warm in there yeah well anymore cuz I'm cutting through three layers because week yeah your little you've got little corners everywhere that are touching you if you put it from the inside of my Fit you might want to cut those little corners off there's a corner at the top why I left my side you're sliding yeah one yeah oh I'm not going the loft okay do we do we know I mean so does it fall forward selphie no are you happy with it uh it looks okay it's gonna fall out powerful we need to attach it somehow we jig it but how does it fit in there this friction fit friction fit between these two yeah friction set through those two pieces of plastic so if it expands it might it might pop out well if anything it's gonna be tight right well no because it's tight as it's gonna be now it's gonna expand it's warmer for the both expand yeah should put a clip she like it up and down support right here maybe if I fashioned a piece of plastic as a placeholder right there and right there yeah you could with three of them water just done a screw and then you could rotate it yeah safety eventually as you can see we ringed it with plastic and then we wring to the wall with plastic tubing and then it's a friction fit we're gonna put a couple of tabs here and here and there and there so the window doesn't just shoot out on its own oh yeah there you go porthole window are you doing it there chillin dorm yeah Kevin engineered a little keeper here which presumably rotates to release it yeah yeah that's a DA gonna put what three the tree singing one thought one box yeah probably hope that's that's just from the what is this garden hose yeah yeah it isn't water line it's not garden hose but you could use the got nose you want I don't mean water line it's hard caramelized hard plastic both garden I don't think anybody over we were they're gonna try this at home because this is ridiculous they might you can always make things more difficult on yourself like re-engineering things make things circular it's this square lets people like circular things cuz i think it's cool but cool costs it's easier to build with square things that it is with round things less using like hundred percent natural materials it's like mud stone like these are rigid rigid object wood is just easier to build when it's square that's why they did it so one of the concerns people had at least a few you guys had was that the cabin was gonna get not gonna be level and somebody thought it was gonna be so unlevel that you were gonna fall out of bed and you're gonna have to shim the bed to make a level so gonna toxic over to account comes going to throw the level on the upper loft portion and we're gonna see if this Loft portion is unlevel to such that we will fall out of bed when we're sleeping up there okay here goes so this is a level four foot level we're gonna throw it on on the wood underside of it and have a look it is dead nuts in the bubble okay so cabin concern levelness unfounded how many once we got this thing off potential three or four months concerned about settling the fact that built on a post so we didn't put concrete down and we're figured even and sinking and wherever so we're gonna throw a level on the floor i don't know like dead not really I don't think you can ask for anything better than that well to check another six months to see if it's gone anywhere stay tuned and they gave you some advice try to make it a little bit taller because when you dig it out it's gonna actually be shorter than you think of it right so you might even make it a pile and then come closer and shovel that top itself on top you need at all – right I think you're on the right track though it looks good so you'll probably want it the middle to be about this high at least okay and then if you want to be able to stand up inside of it you needed to be taller than you plus a foot for the structure right that'll be hard all right I'll check back in all right let's do the thermometer check in we are minus 10 still below zero so for us in Canada anything below zero it's considered freezing so the minuses are all below the level freezing so 20 is a nice day 20 is a super cold day – tenza not a bad cold day and then plus 10 is kind of a nice spring day so are anything around 30 is a really hot day and minus 30 you might as well not go outside anymore somebody asked the Billy fireplace and the fireplaces if this is a cast iron wood stove it's a cooktop you can front-load it sink but the wood here it's got a little keeper so the wood doesn't roll out and it's got the ash pan so you can pull the ashes out when you're done what's actually neat about the stove is that you can top load it as well so you can for the wood part of the actual wood inside and then top loaded it's got cost cost we pick this up be used from a local dealer here I think this thing retail is actually affordable just unnerves just over 2,500 bucks we end up picking up for four or $50 so you know to Sosa did you know I bought another stove that was uh like the other store was a hundred bucks and it's just a steel stove this is this is cast-iron it's got some style to it so I figured and put it to the cabin the other ones just more utility stove was just a steel stove so it was a hundred dollars so you could in theory put the hundred all or stove in here it just wouldn't be as nice you could probably get a free stove I'd imagine you get a free stove 50 bucks 50 bucks will get just oh if you look long enough yeah I'm kind of a wood snob I like pretty things I don't mind spending money on stoves the thing with this thing is is once we have it insulated you can dampen it down a little consume a lot of wood now I know a lot of people were given its flack for having our bonfire but in reality this stove actually takes one foot cuts so like if you took a one foot like less than a wheelbarrow full of wood should heat this cabin for more than a day like once you once you've got it insulated and closed up because of the efficiency because you can dampen the fire down once it's going so your concerns about us burning brush is its brush it's garbage what it's soft wood has no economic value it's not even worth cutting to dry because the stuff that we're burning now it's been season for a year it's dry hardwood so it carries a lot of energy in it that's when you burn it you get a lot of output so if we if we spent a day cutting up brushing this little tall small pieces and then dried it for a full year it just it's not worth the money it's bonfire wood and we routinely do that in Canada because you just have so much wood it liberates the energy back into the atmosphere I know carbons got a bad name right now but it's really food for trees burning wood is actually carbon neutral it tree absorbs carbon to create the tree and then you're basically burning it to release the carbon back in the house here and then the tree uses that carbon again to grow so trees basically it's a renewable resource it's carbon neutral they're not releasing anything bad it's not naturally occurring anyways if a tree rots in the forest its releasing co2 this just does a little faster but in exchange the trees are actually eating that co2 to grow so special Kevin's bomb we didn't get mustard yeah I'm gonna do the hot dogs Flitz we could get all sorts of bad stuff from cooking too fast and not cooking the middle it's cool it actually just saw a chickadee fly over the window there they're like making a home a forever home like that raccoon it probably wants to have a hot dog that's done yeah put it on the house plan that was the template for when we were trying to figure out how to build this somebody did ask for a blueprint I'll send you that in the mail that is that's actually how we came up with building it it's not do a double dog We Need to Talk telling everybody what it tastes like it tastes like burnt Stover it's underwhelming there's no warm in the middle yep we're gonna go for the relish we did forget mustard oh that's a lot of relish normally we just eat real quick and keep working so the days are super short out here start by like 5:00 p.m. movies that get started till 10:00 because of the weather and all that stuff by the time we get this heated up and rocking and get organized for tools out here it's a pretty short day once we get the lights out here make a big difference and the season changes I'm gonna do some sculpt near the end well once it gets dark there can't work out here anymore it washes out a hot dog hugs are good dropping holy Freddie hold it hold it ready gonna drop it quick drop it we say thanks [Laughter] as a bailout it's too fast to break so we've got a special gas not a special guest this special guest was Marco special special guest you guys know him from the goose hunt so he came in to have a visit and he's got a story to tell so I'm gonna flip you guys over here right now so you got a harness on and we're planning another hunt aren't we yes we have problem coyotes coming into a family members farm it's been taking baby goats in the spring so before spring hits I'd like to find out how many coyotes are actually running around in the bush just outside of the farm so I've set up some cameras and I'm gonna go check the footage and see if I actually caught some on those cameras so first thing you did when you show up like why are you wearing a harness if you're checking your camera yeah so there's a story behind not to you so my camera's aren't exactly cheap and so I put those about ten foot up in the air so I actually use climbing sticks and linesman's belt and stuff just to get up to even check my cameras so no you're not gonna see him if you're just walking through the trees you don't normally walk around staring ten foot up in the air looking for cameras right on and so not so you mentioned Kyle we're gonna we're gonna do a coyote hunt yeah I'm typically you shoot it you eat it kind of person I have no interest in eating a coyote but maybe you do so if anybody knows my channel you know I'll eat anything so I'll give coyote try it so I've been on my list for a long time so hopefully we get together doing one I'm gonna look forward to it I'm for a while and so marks doing some intel trying to figure out where all the cow users are at and then we got to figure out to do from there but we got something lined up so what do you think of the cabin I think beautiful first look at it yeah it's pretty amazing actually I could probably live in this thing yeah I think you could yeah anyhow living yeah for sure right here looks old very salty neat speck yeah yeah so late it you're gonna be good to go sounds good man thanks thanks for showing up thanks guys thanks for having to visit and you'll have to let me know how the coyote stuff goes well we'll get a plan on that buckthorn is an invasive species but it's got a lot of meat to you and it grows really really really gnarly and it's really really hard and the farmers heat it won't fit in this toy it's gonna be on fire oh I'll be so awesome if that fit all right let's check to see how our temperature is doing upstairs oh my god we have just above the point of freezing you have four degrees Celsius so we're getting there we're not quite there we need a little bit more insulation in here and some thermal mass but that's a lot better than outside remember I was I was – 18 so big change some of your face oh the look of disappointment all right let's go have a look they have their Quincy go on and I just looked out it's a lost the roof on it so I just made natural lessons go that's what happens let's have a peek so that's the edges yeah but okay so that's your edges here and then you got your roof over here whoa there's no roof the roof is down there so when they were digging they dug too deep and then they broke off the suction here probably because there's two of them I dug too aggressively and then they broke it off and then it collapsed so that's what happens when you don't follow the rules of nature so what they have to do now is restart they got to make the pile again and then next time they dig they have to make sure they don't dig through it looks like almost like dug through too deeply here I didn't really give them too many pointers on how to do it exactly so they're learning right now through trial and error so I know Holden's pretty bummed out that's usually what he does he's got to go off on his own think about it his buddy's still here he's probably gonna be up for are you doing it but there I think they're gonna run out of time today to do it but they can always pile it back up and that'll be so another project that they can work on later lesson learned you okay he's coughing up some coughing some junk up all right so it's even get around holding up and see if he wants to tackle it again notice I doubt it you mean he has to think about it he'll come back around like German window sorry another thing people have been asking about a lot is rain deflection water deflection etc etc so you can tell right now we do not have any troughs right now but the idea is to run you can run a trough from one side all the way to the other side here on the corner it's gonna back up here so you guys can get full perspective so the back into the corner you see the trough will come down here we'd be able to collect in a downspout and then we can mount at least a couple barrels maybe three four and pyramid-shaped or whatever and then that could be fed back into the cabin to our kitchen space here which is below that window we can plumb that in and we can have a grey water collection system from rainwater so right now as it is that water drops basically on the decking here and of course is piling up with ice so it's a pretty small issue not a major issue but it's a it's a concern right you don't want all that water to be dropping on your head when you're walking down the deck and you don't want a bunch of ice piling up here either especially as spring comes it's going to become more and more of an issue and then the water landing on the deck ruins the deck etc so yeah the drain trough system will pretty much eradicate that collect down in the in the cisterns here and then feed back as grey water we're not gonna do that now that'll be season two at the earliest because we're not gonna be plumbing anything in here in the winter you might was still looking down a little bit later but just know we are on top of it we have considered it the tape measure the coven's gonna talk while he works to make this part of a dressing cabin concerns more interesting so can you do two things at once I don't think so okay are you gonna stay in the deck no so what's the worst-case scenario is like the deck completely fails how long is it gonna take us to replace the deck I would say if if if it does what you won't an afternoon yeah and so if we painted it every single year how many afternoons would it take to painted every single year can you ten afternoons for ten years whereas if it goes completely bad well that in the cost right so like if you had to go and spend you're probably spending about a hundred bucks at stain in order to in order to stay in a deck that doesn't really need it in the first place so does it I don't know does it doesn't make any sense so Kevin was very unsuccessful doing two things at once if you didn't notice he was not able to work and talk at the same time so regarding the staining we're not gonna staining the walls either because they don't get wet enough for long periods of time enough to rot and for the same reason we don't have to do it every single year or every five years or every ten years it's just it's just not something that we think is necessary so we're not going to do it so the deck can be replaced in an afternoon as Kevin said so and that's the thing the wood it took us like two seconds we haven't even nailed it down yet it's kind of gravity held right now which is kind of cool we can literally just take it pop it up and replace it instantly it's a piece of Norwood no very Sofer antler handle door we got to get rid of the brow tine here cuz it's obviously why don't we drill it into the wall let's drill hole in two k so we're gonna keep the brow tine on as an anchor point the brow tines staying we're gonna drill a hole in there and then we got to figure out a way to attach them I don't want to cut any the tines off so I'm hoping what we can do is either bolt it in here somehow the idea would be to drill through the back put a bolt in epoxy it and then it's all hidden that's my vote you got epoxy yeah I didn't have to go in as far as I thought sweet craftsman cheerleading to back okay so we've done so far is just drill that through the back and we're gonna probably give this like the test of time test time test is if it gets loose over time like right now it's a little bit loose it's not too bad then we'll we'll just pop it off and like I said we'll drill it out a little bit and then we'll put reset a recess a bolt on the back here in epoxy yet and then we'll get a nice tight grip with a washer and bolt nut on that other side here instead of just that screw I think over time it probably will Lisa how slick does that look oh it's still it's already wobbly already already wobbly well we still got to put well this is gonna get pushed out too so that will help you know the slightly longer screw too so when we put that one in we can actually put another hole in the face and that will allow it to not pivot down bolon series yeah I'm gonna need them have you boys our gift to the nature hey it actually looked like something jumped up here that's weird we're gonna leave leave some bread here for the birds I've been enjoying a raccoon for a long time that's our present to our longtime neighbors okay so Holden wanted some help this time doing the door cuz obviously the collapsing I think he wants if you want some pointers this time you're pretty bummed out because it's the last time so I'm gonna show hold on how I do it so that I can pass on my knowledge of the Quincy we built a Quincy before I was your younger so you don't remember seven or six yeah we have a video about that right I think so yeah way back so you're probably too aggressive when you're digging if you're too aggressive when you're too aggressive when you're digging that roof collapses you think she wasn't too aggressive but nature teaches you lessons right it's like you can lie to yourself and you can lie to everybody else but you can't lie to the Quincy if the Quincy fails it's because you guys did it wrong that's what I said before cuz it's true right I mean you can lie to everybody but if your Quincy collapses it's your fault it's nobody else's it's not the snows fault and it's not nature's fault so you can't blame the stuff all right so I'll show you how I do [Applause] you have to crawl in and start working away okay so you see the shape of it now you're gonna go watch you're gonna go in you're gonna call in you're gonna claw around both sides and then you're gonna call up but you can't claw – like that's how thick you want your wall to be you only wall it to be that stick that stick at the top so if you start digging up and you punch her through here it's gonna break off you want like a nice thick long wall okay could you go crawl in and you can dig with your hands – can we – funny but you can come in they're almost there you got quite a bit left as they go right yeah okay so I've done a good job I think of addressing legitimate concerns these are concerns that came about through constructive criticism so we've talked about that I hope you guys are on board with all those things but there's a couple other comments here that I'm going to share and it's going to be the last time I'm going to share these types of comments or address them or entertain them in any shape or fashion on the channel I may still answer the question if I think it's a legitimate question if it's not we are we are not going to be addressing them any more okay so there's a three comments bear with me these are actual comments that were left by a single person on the channel over the course of the series this person writes there are building codes in this cabins this cabin have all will have all sorts of problems because they're doing almost everything wrong and they are teaching five hundred and seventy seven thousand people to do the same mistakes how can you say this is okay dislike and then another comment same person you seem to have absolutely no idea what you are doing you are just doing something it is wrong it is all wrong and then the final comment this is getting worse and worse guys never do this at home they are not following any building regulations and they have no idea what they are doing I'm not saying this to be mean just to prevent others from doing all the mistakes that these guys are doing seriously why would anyone build a whole cabin and not do anything properly they must have done zero research so these types of comments are moving on from for the channel I'm not even gonna address them because they are not constructive at all I've asked this person what's the problem with the cabin give me a list of perceived defects I hear nothing back so this person is not actually doing something constructive and this is gonna go for the whole channel moving forward I'm not gonna get bogged down in these little details and these people that are kids that are absolutely 100% not on the same page with anything that we're doing and I might spend a lot of time and energy trying to bring them back into our tribe and to our group and what we it is that we're doing but that would be a waste of time so I've listened to you guys there's a lot of people out there to just ignore the haters ignore the haters ignore the haters if people just don't like what we're doing for one reason or another and they're never going to come around I mean look what we've built here we've built this from scratch from nothing and then just to make comments like this is completely unhelpful non-constructive it's just I out I'm Ina round where these people are coming from and I guess that's why I used to care about them my brothers obviously come on board with this and this person's really driving my brother nuts and I'm like dude I have 5,000 other comments in in a little folder that YouTube has has protected me from and for various reasons usually foul language etc so I've been talking to TA of doors quite a bit that's Mike I I'm probably your probably subscribed to him as well he's got a much bigger channel than I do I think 700,000 subscribers and him and I have been talking about the community which is YouTube and we've talked about the outdoors community we've talked about how all these things are falling into place and and what it is that we can do to make the community better and one of those things has been to be more positive and to bring a more positive atmosphere to what it is that we're doing and as you know I do things that are sometimes rated at the edge of what would be considered cool by most people you know pushing the envelope as far as what's okay not ethically not legally but just like what's kosher with most people as far as like you know hunting certain specific animals so what we're gonna do this year is are gonna focus on doing it positive so Mike's gonna on board with this with me I've talked to other youtubers and some of them are on board with me so no or not but we're gonna go at our own we're gonna make and build a positive outdoor community moving forward and it's going to start with this video I've already addressed it before in some other but from right here on out we're not gonna be talking to those people anymore they do not want to be part of our tribe did you not care about what we're doing and that's okay so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna invite other youtubers in who want to be a part of this positive community and there's quite a few of them out there some some of them are in a hunting fishing canoe camping tripping and all those other things if they want to be a part of this group they're more than welcome to if they do not want to be a part of the group then then they'll have to find some other place to be so you'll see those youtubers come on board too as we move forward you know I've got our list of people already that are on my tribe and you'll see that down below are on to the right hand side usually try it my tribes men tribes people they're listed there those are people are on board what we're doing and you can expect us to do future collaborations with them and then there's a whole other group of people who just are not interested in what we're doing and they never will and that's okay because they've got their own thing going and for whatever reason we're not going to be involved in that so this isn't slinging mud it's just like you guys have told me over and over again there's people who are really cool with what you're doing and there's people that aren't really cool with your doing so what I'm going to do is they're going to build a positive community and tribe around that and we're going to extend just not just our tribesmen here but into a wider YouTube community tribe so you're gonna see that I hope I do that properly I'm gonna really work hard on building our community up better and our people up better and and I think that starts that starts with just ignoring all the other people just they just can't get I can't understand what we're what we're doing here I hear I hear my niece outside I think she wants to come in Lina you want come in she say what's up daddy hi come on in come on in it's nice and warm who's that who's that person right there that's uncle Chris who's that who's that a picture of me yeah yeah that's Lina your wave you can wait to yourself hi Lina that cool that's the camera sticking the picture of you right now you must say hi everybody there's people watching you all over the world right now say hi everybody that doesn't make sense does it does it make sense yeah no I didn't think so everybody all over the world is watching you what's up you don't think so well I have to show you later you can see it on the computer laters how about that read it later do you like her cabin you want coffee to breathe yes please you know good coffee you silly goose all right say bye can you say bye at least even though it doesn't make any sense why see you later yeah what turn off watch bye OOP no pretty cool tool you can use when you're building Quincy's one of these garden rakes or a trowel so Holden's got the trial inside now and he's scraping the top we can use the rake too it works really good just scrape the top off and then shovel it out with your legs and feet and then if you have a guy on the outside you can shovel the rest oh so basically what he's doing is hollowing the inside out of a snow pile and because of how it packs it'll be solid so as long as it has about two hours to sit after it's been Pat or after it's been pile the air will kind of exit out of the snow from the most part and it'll start to bind together impact it's called sintering if you're curious about the scientific term rere don't get zapped I'm gonna pick up ready one two there you go thank you you're welcome yes no pants that that's daddy Oh Chris you got it I'm uncle Chris you got a booger yeah everybody get the boogers in the winter your face airboy in that time so you're gonna have to stay tuned for season 2 when we actually start working on the inside of the cabin we've got lots of things planned we have power coming they have a sponsor for that too so we have to quit and here we have to wire it all together we have to insulate it but to finish the walls the efficient truth to get lights in we've to get our kitchen in we have tons of work left to do tons and tons and tons of dough not tons work and I actually really enjoyed making this series it's a nice change of pace I'm glad that you guys really enjoyed it as well getting a lot of positive feedback which is nice because it's such a deviation for what we've been doing other way otherwise earlier so I was obviously concerned with changing the pace up but I found it nice and relaxing to come out here and do this and work on a project together with other people where I'm not sort of off on my own doing survival this is like modern day stuff so anyway I really appreciate you guys feedback and I hope you guys will stick around for season two there's a lot more to come and we'll get this swords livable and looking forward to my being able to spend on my first night in here it's not quite there yeah it's too cold but we're getting back any final parting words why do you tell before we go when you tell them a story about that lock where'd that come from see the size of the key perspective wise it's huge key so this was from a job I did that it was a decommissioning decommissioning of an old jail cell so these didn't make it to the scrapyard so basically this is the idea this will go on the front of the cabin so you'll have a giant jail cell key let's talk about refurbish refurbishing stuff we'll have to do a rundown on cost so I think you have to wait till next season we'll crunch some numbers figure out what it costs to get to this point and what it costs to get to our next point which is going to be pretty much finishing everything up on the inside yeah it came from a jail cell the jail walk what jail can you say I'd rather not not supposed to take treasures from the well as long as you as long as you dispose of it decommission the cells so nobody can get locked into the cell and as far as I'm concerned nobody can get locked in that jail cell because the locks right here so it's gonna get a new life it is part of archive and probably much much more word happier life it'll be a happier life they won't have drunks and vagrants and stuff how a hole held in here well you never know what are you saying somebody has to always be and obviously we hadn't tarp osp's this stuff it's chipboard made of most glue and yeah so we're gonna send us over to Kevin but basically people concerned that having it wet it's gonna fall apart and melt so the problem with with OSB in if you leave it submerged in water for many many months you're gonna have delamination it's going to puff up like a so the standard building practices in Canada Northern Ontario Ontario they use OSP on the floor if they get it out of the weather within a month you're in good shape now OSP is actually considered a vapor barrier on on the floor now somebody commented we should have put vapor retardant vapor barrier on the floor it is a vapor barrier it has a forty ng rating which is the one perm which put one perm is an American standard it's it's actually rated as a vapor barrier now our framer we've consulted him he says absolutely this is what she would use and there's no need for a vapor barrier underneath here if you did put a vapor barrier underneath here you have a double vapor barrier and what happens with two impermeable surfaces meet condensation forms water and then you'd have mold and everybody knows mold is bad obviously you could use plywood at the bottom on the bottom there's nothing there's no reason you can't use plywood versus always beat it's just always be is cheaper than plywood and that's basically it it's just cheaper than plywood and it does as good of a job as plywood buhdeuce there's no reason to spend it extra money this is going to be covered over again this is only a subfloor so on we're gonna put another floor on top of it which is gonna basically carry our weight and load and then we're not gonna have any issues with whatever it is underneath here so basically it's been addressed so there's a little bit of moldy wall here this what you'd call this like surface mold so this is because when you had stickered it Kevin had put plastic over top and it was it didn't breathe very well well kevin says he's gonna do a demo here so he's gonna do called mold removal mold mitigation and remediation you pay a lot of money for this normally so we could like take a sander sand it all off and make it all airborne and make it disappear but as far as building practices go you kind of there's mold everywhere all over the world on all the trees and everywhere it only becomes a problem it's airborne for a long period of time so you can put your face up there and you can breathe that and you're not gonna die man unless you have mold allergies so we probably aren't going to do too much with any of the mold that's on these couple two by fours that we have scattered around the building because it's not an issue it's not going to be it's not going to be in our airspace for long periods of time it's gonna dry out so and it's gonna die and the only thing that's gonna be left is these little spores here and you can you know sniff your fingers like that and it's not gonna bother you my seventh is a bad mold allergy so really it's just that this points just kind of staining yummy concerns a little more I don't put your nose in there and sniff it just to prove to people you're not gonna die this is my lake it tastes good thick moldy cheese penicillin like I think I just cured everything they yeah it's a fractional it's a fractional issue it's like I think one was in an attic for like years and years and it was like a moisture tank but again if it's in your attic it's not in your house the only because the problem becomes airborne well yeah actually if you're touching it and you remove you've remove the moisture and you let it dry out it has no house no food it has no water to actually make it go like make it actually mold so once you've removed the water and it just dries out it's fine yeah it's the spores up all the people if you have a mold allergy yeah that's the mold thing like peak I mentioned it cuz it was a joke and I know I should I do my I do a bad job do I don't do a bad job joking people understand my humor understand I'm joking so it's not like I do a bad job dog it's like everything you say on the internet people think you're tell you're being serious like it's the end of the world and people had sort of so many things about mall I think instant death the instant sickness but it's it's like it was trapped in an attic and and it was getting into it was being blown around or you had some kind of furnace system blowing the mole all over your house that would be an issue you know because it would be growing and moist all the time but this is dry and it's dry as a bone now and it's gonna continue to dry and then it's gonna be sort of locked in the walls forever and then it's because it's not going to get wet it's not going to come back to life and it's not going to produce new mold spores so the only sports that are there now and I know this is probably not making it sound like it's not an issue but it's not an issue you just kind of have to trust us because we live in Canada and we build with this stuff all the time and our environments not a very moist environment it's actually fairly dry especially winter minus 20 degrees Celsius this stuff's bone-dry could just can't hold moisture any longer and as far as the cabin goes and as it gets heated it's gonna dissipate even more so it's it's not a concern and using the wet wood is the same thing the stuff is drawing out on the walls and it's taping taking the shape that we've given it we've fastened it to the walls and now it's taking the shape that we've given it so whether it can shrink or not might be another question might lose an inch on a board length or something like that but it's not going to be a factor at all and the finished product Kevin says it's not gonna lose an inch so we'll see I mean you guys can check back three years oh I'm one happy to do an update video and we can see if it's shrunk but everybody we talked to said if it's shrinks it's gonna shrink together all the same time and most of us dry to begin with I don't know I don't know why we're talking endlessly about this it sounds like we're justifying ourselves but we're just like trying to address legitimately address your concerns if anybody's out there going to actually go out and build a cabin because that's what people say like we have to make it like you know somebody might actually go out and build these things so they might build it wrong and then they might die well okay I guess I guess I get your point I don't really but I guess I get your point I mean we're doing things properly for our area and what will work here you can entirely justifying yourself you want to keep going with this team sure let's keep going so somebody mentioned something about you to peel your logs in order to avoid having bugs and whatnot in your cabin we have we have wood above our head right here um now if I was a bug I probably wouldn't choose this location to live you can see we've we've shaved off one side with left live edges on both sides so this is a bark it's open on the top and open on the bottom now if I was a bug what I choose to live behind this bark um I don't know if I lived there before and then I got put into a building I'd probably move out pretty quick um I wouldn't want to live in somebody's bark inside somebody's house I don't know it seemed like a good place to hang out no I think it's exactly if I saw an ant or we don't have termites so if I saw an ant and it was sitting under the bar I probably hit it and mosquitoes came out I'd probably hit them again again it's it's not a very great location there's no water for them to eat they probably move out relatively quick um yeah you know what in the springtime we might we might have giant ants Giants and Chris will eat them how can you get I'm IDPs so the same the same thing here in the wall it's like there's there's really no space in there for for a bug to live and hang out in that little area there and there's no moisture in there so it's it's like no it's not really a concern to us get out of my picture for a second there you go thumbnail are they stupid ladders in the way still in the picture yep yeah you in the lighter