Constructing a Hopyard Part 2

my name is Roger anvil and this is part 2 of installing a hops yard for the University of Vermont extension hops research trials and this part I'll explain on how we install our ground anchors and how we spray our aircraft cable for a trellising and how we our system that we use for tightening up our cables our next phase our next part of yard construction will be our planting phase one thing we did is we made this little bracket here to put on our tractor pulls hole digger and what this does is our our anchor will sit in here and we let the tractor turn it and we guide it down and it makes it much easier and trying to screw them in by hand you ready here the standby using a battery-powered impact wrench really saves a lot a lot of time I'd really recommend anybody doing any amount of cabling one of these impacts well we had the option of either renting a telehandler for getting up to the top to put these cables on and we had this old bucket that was left kicking around the farm so Jared that works for me said why don't we just make a platform on it so that we can pick it up and work on our cables so we just took an old crate that held the 250 gallon container and put the container out we welded frame mounted on top and it works excellent for putting upper cables we notice that we mounted some hooks on top and we stretch our cables we use these hooks to as I stated before the hooker cables in and when we're pulling cables from one length of the hop yard to the other we just hook the cables in here and we'll hook them in the top and it works real goods and let the tractor do the work so we aren't pulling it with our hands so it makes it real real easy to work and it seems to be doing a pretty good job one thing that we do after we had got all our poles set and everything is we went through and made sure that our poles were all the same height because you hit ledge once in a while when you're digging holes you can't set the pole in all the ways so as deep as a as we'd like so they're the their up and down when you're traveling your cables on top you want to make sure to get them fairly even so that they're all fairly consistent so we're trying to get sixteen feet high everywhere so we went through and cut all the poles down to where we needed to have them and now that that's all done our next big thing is getting our cables all installed see it's got the right way after we get our cables stretch each each line then we just put two clamps on it two of these clamps fairly easy is just like the ones we use when we put our anchors on the corners or we use our impact wrench just like we did in our on our anchors on the corners we snug them up and we put one more clamp on and we tighten her down with our impact wrench now we have a good connection and we do it all over again this is just a corner pulley that cycle would same thing the lines men use for power lines and just works real good when you're pulling cables because it's easy to get in and out and then we're done we just snug it up by hand first and then we'll pull it tight as we can by him and then when we put our corner anchors in we'll pull it and really draw it real snug this is just a come-along it's used to pull our cables tight set our cables up here like a clamp on it now that we've got our tight just snug her down with the wrench if you're going to work cutting this type of cable you definitely need cable cutters that are designed for cutting cable not a bolt cutter and that's it you

Free Update Content with TwoDollarsTwenty | Cities: Skylines Industries Tutorial Part 7

g'day guys tell us 20 here and welcome back to City skylines industries this is gonna be the last tutorial from me and I'm gonna spend it looking at the new content that comes with the free updates I'm gonna start by checking out the new toll booths which will raise extra revenue for the city however will also create extra congestion on the roads so to avoid this only replacing them around the outskirts of the city you can find the toll booths in the road section under the very own tab and there's four to choose from I'm placing mine on a three lane highway so I'm gonna choose the four lane toll booth and place two going in either direction once I've done that I'm gonna waste my money placing down some trees and then I can actually change the price of the tickets when I click on the building and use the slider to decrease or increase the ticket price another cool feature with the free update is the ability to make buildings historical you can make a building historical by clicking on it and then clicking the historical building button and this would mean the building will continue to level up by won't actually change its appearance I'm gonna do this around my downtown to keep the skyline looking quite prominent and the rest of the buildings much lower down and I'm also gonna do this for buildings that I just like the look of and when I keep that look in the city the last feature I want to talk about is something that is quite interesting and allies within the map theme editor and this feature allows you to create custom name lists for your map theme the really cool thing about this is you can really customize the names of pretty much anything that spawns in your city ranging from industrial buildings to commercial buildings to people to districts you really have a lot of freedom making these names and I think it's going to make for some really interesting and unique map themes down the track but guys that is it for these tutorials I really had a lot of fun exploring the new industries DLC and I just want to say big thanks to Paradox Interactive for asking me to collaborate with them I hope these tutorials are been useful and I look forward to seeing your creations in the near future I'll see you later