Precision Group Modernizes with Oracle Manufacturing Cloud

precision is actually a manufacturing company based in UAE remanufacture the moles and dyes we manufacture the plastic packaging products for major players like PNG you nearly were precision was running on a legacy system we had that issue of scaling up we had an issue of processing efficiencies we decided that the cloud would be one of the best solution because that comes with a lot of flexibility lot of agility we understood that Oracle as a cloud leader in the market has got much more capabilities compared to this ap or any other product like even integrating that with the manufacturing shop floor in terms of the smart manufacturing and artificial intelligence or IOT everything coming embedded in one package was much more efficient and easy to use it all is integrated and it comes as a service so that's the beauty of it you just need to subscribe it and you can start using it and also it is quite cost effective right now we have much more visibility of our order to cash cycle as a whole we can have real-time visibility on the shop floor from day one we are able to use everything on the mobile like all those quirky little dashboards which are available in the system which is quite impressive by having the system right now we achieve more efficiency in terms of by having more visibility into the shop load by having more visibility into our inventory organizations so that they don't go out of stock for our key customers so that's something which is very key for a business like us to sustain manufacturing industries are prone to be reluctant when it comes to the change kind of concepts our passion is to make sure that we continuously innovate and come up with progressive and innovative solutions for our customers with Oracle we expect to serve our customer in a much better fashion than what which we do earlier

D+M Changes Its Business with Oracle Service Cloud

we've been able to do outstanding things using service cloud that I've never seen in my career CNM is a consumer electronic company and really what differentiates us is product quality we have this legacy product with a demographics and a little bit older customers still call us and expect really high quality service we have this new technology for heels by Denon and the heels customers want to send an app an email a chat a social media and that the challenge was how do we satisfy both groups with the same systems with the same processes at dhinam we work on their 3e process easy efficient effective modern service Kyle meets all that criteria and allows us to be proactive and really drive brand equity with our customers the customer care journey is just as important a lot of ways as marketing in sales we're telling them what to work on rather than just putting out fires modern service is a journey when small steps and sometimes really big leaps learn it and leverage it you'll change your business you