Dak Prescott: "Business is Business" | Dallas Cowboys 2019

I didn't did a lot of makeshift stuff I can't dance I'm not worried about that one yeah I mean yeah we've talked quick communications but that's all business that's for him to handle for my job right now is just come out here make sure this team is getting better I'm making sure I'm getting myself better and everybody out here that's that's our main focus is being being the best thing that we can be with everybody that's here we know he'll take care we've got a good relationship my purpose and my plan for this team as simple as I said just to come in here and get better that's my only focus that's my only goal for at the end of camp is to make sure I can say we get better each and every day and that's where my focus is is all that yeah same way I'm neither to talk about my contracts that stuff I mean talks I'm sure at this point it continuously happened but for me it's about to come out here and focus on this not be distracted by any of that that I near that stuff any of that conversation and just focus on getting better being the best player that I can be and make sure everybody around me is as well I don't get distracted as I said I put my focus into this and that's the easy part for me to do all happen when it happens I know I'll be better by the time the regular season starts so as I said it's more focus one more time what J do you say I hear you yeah just my footwork working to continuously just hammering that down being rude detailed to the footwork into the details of that when your feet are right when your feet are fast when they're urgent it allows you to make every throw every throw on the field I does a great job of staying on top of us out here at practice going in the film room and making sure that we touch up on as well and I'm seeing the improvement feels great I mean you play the game with your eyes but you so I mean obviously you have to see where you're going with it and then obviously that comes down to the feet but when your feet are in place your eyes can be elsewhere looking somebody off and you know you got to come back to a certain receiver and it helps to just have your feet there I mean every aspect of this game is hard to just say to say one thing I mean from from accuracy from leadership standpoint from just going out there and expecting a lot from for myself and from others it's huge I mean it's it's at this position there's so much that and embodies that embodies getting better embodies what the team needs so for me is about coming out here getting better and pushing everybody else around me that's my plan it was great I mean it was great all offseason Offspring having him there him just getting back in the groove spent some time over over July with him and just him coming out here I mean had had missed a beat if anything obviously he's getting better I was just just shows you another another level of wedding another chapter in his story of just how he continues to get better and didn't surprise anyone just that camaraderie I mean when you go out there with those guys the trainings one thing you know you're gonna go out there and you're gonna spend a few hours training hammering it talking about how once you here on this route or what I'm thinking on this rod and vice versa but when you leave there you play a couple of rounds of golf you have dinner those type of things in those conversations Titan is getting no receivers better me getting to know them better all that pays off and then when it comes crunch time in a game you can look at a guy and you know you've put in time that camaraderie and you've created relationship that that it's easy at that point there's is a great player I mean he's fast always continues to learn I mean the hard work as simply as you said he was on the trip he wanted to go on the trip and extended that out to a lot of people some people obviously had I had things to do a couple of weddings this isn't that so the guys that weren't there I mean it wasn't they obviously had a great great reason to not be there they wanted to be there but Adair's comes in he works hard each and every day and it's going to pay off for him every aspect but I mean just the footwork with kid 'no just just the way that i'm delivering the ball and continuing to be accurate accurate it just all goes into its at the time that I've spent in it just the work I put into the offseason when you come out here it's just it's just another day because I've been stacking good days on top of good days of training and it's just great to be out here with the team doing it getting the ball in the air and getting some completions I mean just for this year I mean each and every year you have confidence you say this is the year you say this is we've got a great team but you look around you look around this team we have this roster that we have the talent the leaders that we have it's the win and to win everything and we've got the people to do it so it's got to just come in and stay focus and make sure that we're holding each other to to those expectations or to that standards and everything we do not just on the practice field but off the practice field as well in the meeting rooms hanging around whether it's at dinner or not everything you do have to carry yourself in that manner so for me it's just about just holding everybody of those expectations I mean we have high expectations I think our expectations for this team and I know mine for this team are probably higher than than anyone so pressure is what you create you put pressure on yourself when you come in and you focus and you focus on what you're supposed to do and you focus on the things that you can control the pressure goes out the window are those type of things really don't matter because you know your can you're in control so that's my mindset I know that's this team's mindset and if we can continue for that just to be contagious and everybody have that we'll put ourselves in a great position yeah I mean you always talked about and I think that's something that you have to do is continue just to remind guys to put down the social media put down those things unless you want that stuff to creep in your mind because it's real and it will but when you when you wear the star you've got to know that that attention comes with it good and bad and I think we have a lot of great guys and I think they've done a good job as an organization of putting the guys in in these uniforms and out here that that can't handle that I've been probably been through things off the field and in their life or some some some aspect or another that scrutiny or good or bad or attention doesn't affect the way they play or go about their day so I'm in credit to all those guys for the men we have yeah I mean as I said I mean I signed up for this position as a little boy a long time ago knowing that you take the heat and you get the credit and that's part of it that's something that I love something that that pushes me is something that drives me so as I said pressures what you put on yourself off so for me is about focusing on things that I can control and as long as I do that they'll be great – Jai mean that's that's what this spring was was great for us about just in that offseason just getting those reps in I was important as much as anything to get with those guys in July just to make sure we're cleaning up some of those things as we did down in San Diego and then now I mean seasons less than a month away so I so you've got to tighten all those things up but for the most part we've got a great relationship those guys are veterans and those guys have been great in this league for a reason they know how to come in each and every day give themselves a chance and get better and so it just allows our relationship to grow faster as you saw with coop the way we just excelled to the latter part of the year last year just it's only gotten better on cobs the same way as an amazing player it's just fun to work with him really smart really intelligent and all that stuff will pay off yeah I'm sure I'm sure just knowing just knowing his love for the game knowing his love for his teammates I'm sure but business is business that's that's for him and his team down yeah says a lot about Zika because these guy that comes in each and every day and does does things the right way on as I said we're not we're not worried about it because we know wherever he is he's doing things the right way he's getting himself ready he's probably running the same drugs that GB would have him going through so we're not worried he's a professional he takes care of his business when it comes to this game and that's some we're all thankful for and then it just this team it just shows our camaraderie shows the Brotherhood that we've created that we've created over the years for the guys that have been here and then the guys in the spring that have come in and I've been thankful to be part of this we've got a great team with us because we've got a great a lot of great people off the field that we just we stayed tired we stayed tighten it and when we come on the field things are easier yeah I mean simple as that I mean you can be motivated motivated or last for so long you can be inspired that's the reason you wake up but when you're driven that never ends I'd like to say one scan once can be pleased and these can be satisfied but when you're driven it never ends and it's just important just to know that each and every day to come out here you're with a lot a lot of guys and a lot of men that are driven and driven for the same goal and we all have that in mind as long as we're coming out here and doing everything we can with that goal in mind we'll put ourselves in a great spot yeah great young back great young back that wants to learn that's continuing to get better I mean I know we're just out here going against going against the scout team right now but making great cuts being in the right spot getting out of the backfield running clean routes and he's only going to get better him that goes for him and a bunch of those other young backs are this is a great time for them I mean I talked to a couple of young girls and told him it's an opportunity don't ask why I came she's go out there and get better and they've definitely done that in day one and look for him to continue to do that throughout camp I didn't necessarily use myself as an example I guess I could have but yeah I mean is this important now opportunities happening you know you just never asked why I mean table take them and run with them and that's the important part about it because if you don't I we all know they can pass you by and then then you'll be pissed yeah it's great it's great it's great just to see just see I'm healthy I mean a great dude just being healthy being back out here knowing he's happy knowing he's doing what he loves and then when you get down there and you're getting the trenches getting X and O's and you're making calls you're somebody that that you're comfortable with making all the right calls it's good as good as it allows me to go out there and play just that much faster allows the whole offense to get going a little faster knowing we've we've got that man back so yeah thankful for him you appreciate it

Inside Cowboys Training Camp: Building to 53 | Dallas Cowboys 2019

the Dallas Cowboys training camp has begun we're in beautiful Oxnard California and it took almost a half an hour for reporters to ask the Cowboys brass anything about anything besides contract hi everybody I'm Brad sham with Mickey Spagnola here we are at the river ridge complex where the Cowboys will officially begin practice tomorrow but it won't look much like a practice more about that later we are not surprised that Ezekiel Elliott samson's from camp was the dominant story in the opening training camp practice with Jason Garrett Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones I was a little surprised at how many questions and the nearly a half hour of them that it took to talk about that and nothing else well and I think that the good thing about them talking about as extensively as they did I think they should have kind of quelled fans fears that oh this is Armageddon because zekiel Ali is not here for the first day of training camp the Cowboys don't seem like they're over reacting to this Stephen Jones understands that doing these contracts you have to work through things and so they're not panicking at all right now as a matter of fact Stephen Jones said they planned for this there's no surprises we've been doing this for 30 years and so it's a part of the game you know the great news is you know the organization from Wilda Jason de jure to our scouting staff Arco have done a great job of assembling a lot of young players and with that comes expectations from the players from the agents and it's and it's part of it and we're certainly going to work through it I think Jerry's really addressed everything there is to address about Zeke and you know we're just going to go to work and do what we do in terms of continuing to work to keep this team together I don't want to seem Cavalier Zeke is an outstanding player I don't want to seem cavalier about it but I also don't want to be unrealistic being alarmed about it this is what we do the air we breathe and if you flared and and knee-jerk tore went just because you have parts of it that need addressing you couldn't you wouldn't be a good manager and you wouldn't be functioning so I just want to put it in perspective one other thing that both Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones made clear was that they would answer all the questions today and they don't really want to talk about this anymore and they don't intend to go and fall should we hold them to that go ahead you know and it's not just a zq Elliot's contract that the Cowboys have to work on the other contracts they have to work on as Steven Jones said they need a mari Cooper and dak Prescott so all these three things are tied together it's not just Zeke they got to figure out how to sign all three guys and that's their intentions and as Steven Jones said you know we've had talks and we'll see where this goes going forward and as they both like to say they're not done until they're done by the way Byron Jones is in the same category and no one's talking about him and don't think that hasn't registered with Byron but he's gonna be on the physically unable to perform list to start camp and that also is not as alarming as it sounds so we're about ready to get on to the business of football I think and we're gonna talk a little bit more about what that will look like beginning tomorrow when they hit the practice field for the first time when we continue on inside Cowboys training camp inside Cowboys training camp presented by Ford is brought to you by AT&T more for your thing that's our thing Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store and by Ford visit your local Ford dealer Ford is the best in Texas this segment is brought to you by Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store welcome back to beautiful calm and quiet for the moment Oxnard Brad sham Mickey Spagnola inside Cowboys training camp once the conversation about contracts was put aside Jerry Jones Stephen Jones and Jason Garrett talked about their expectations for their team's starting with practice tomorrow those expectations are high they are and you know what Brad they should be high the way this team finished the second half of last season going seven in one and just big performance by a bunch of people including dak Prescott Amari Cooper the entire offense and the way the defense plays I think the Cowboys are looking at this and I think most people are looking at they need to take the next step in cowboys owner Jerry Jones said his expectations are high too I expect us to be a better team and think that our personnel supports that the experience gained as Jason mentioned earlier supports that I am real impressed with the staff that Jason has put together here so I expect us to be better everybody knows that that improvement is going to be evaluated daily and in the eye of the beholder if there are some people out here who don't think practice was sharp enough then the season is going right in the dumper because clearly they're not gonna meet those expectations right and I think the expectations are high for a couple reasons let's think about this and Mary Cooper did what he did last year not having been with his team till middle of the season dak Prescott got better when Amari Cooper now just think those two guys working in the offseason I think there's an expectation right now that Travis Frederick is going to get back in here and be the Travis Frederick of old you add Jason Witten to the offense you add a healthy healthy Zack Martin because remember he was playing that second half with a sprained knee Connor Williams looks the part of a Pro Bowl guard now he's put on strength weight and he looks the part so I think there's just so many indications at least from the offensive standpoint that this team should be better than where they left off last year on that side of the ball and there's a lot of excitement about the young defensive players and those are the things we'll be talking about in the coming days but we want to give you an impression of what to expect when they hit the practice field for the first time tomorrow and we'll do that when we come back on inside Cowboys training camp in Oxnard this segment was brought to you by Sleep Number the Sleep Number 360 smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store welcome back to Oxnard to the Cowboys training camp Brad sham Mickey Spagnola the opening festivities have gotten underway with the opening press conference so now practice today and tomorrow but it's not gonna look like what people normally expect football practice to them yeah basically that first practice on Saturday and Sunday will be mini camp practices so helmets Jersey shorts no contact and no offense versus defense either yeah walk through that or one-on-one great drills so yeah that's the way that's gonna look and and we'll see exactly who's out there practicing there's a handful of players who are on physically unable to perform which just means they're not ready to pass their physicals yet and then there's another list who are not ready to fully participate in team practice but that list is going to be according to Jason Garrett fluid it'll change every day and they have a plan for every guy because what's the most important thing that Steven Jones said after the press conference he'll be ready to play on September 8th so the guys that are on pup right now DeMarcus Lawrence Byron Jones Tyrone Crawford but when we continued talking to Steven after the press conference he said he expects all three of those guys to be ready for the season opener and I think that's big because when all this started would Byron Jones it's like we hope he's ready and he said definitely those three guys will be ready ready and you had a bunch of guys that I think the head coach said they should be ready to well in no particular order Travis Frederick and Anton Woods and taco Charlton and Connor McGovern and there's a list of them who have not done Elsie Collins who have not done a lot of work in the offseason because they're post-surgical those players are going to be evaluated each day on a fluid basis they may practice some they may take every other day that will be an ongoing thing but we'll see how it looks starting tomorrow practice day one here in Oxnard on inside Cowboys training inside Cowboys training camp presented by Ford was brought to you by AT&T more for your thing that's our thing Sleep Number the Sleep Number three six the smart bed helps everyone from parents to pros improve their performance through quality sleep only at a Sleep Number store Ford visit your local Ford dealer Ford is the best in Texas and by the Dallas Cowboys football club won a tour AT&T stadium for more information call eight one seven eight nine to tour or visit ATT stadium calm / tours