99%SME presents: The Changing Faces of SMEs – Zeemart

hi my name is Keith and I'm the chief petty officer of Zima and one of the cofounders hi my name is Raj I'm the CEO and co-founder of Z mod Z mod is a platform that helps buyers and suppliers within the horican industry to connect something that really struck us is 50% of the FMV businesses they don't last more than three years and that really sort of started the scene of thinking what can we do in this industry what can digital bring to this industry to really extend the lifespan or to help them be more profitable everything is digital we felt that the F&B industry was one of those industries and is yet to become digital yeah and actually before SEMA we started another business it was an advertising business that we ran for 15 years so there was one of the the starting points because we were really expose a lot of industries and and that gave us a lot of ideas to see what is the next online thing that we could launch you can keep hearing stories about startup founders saying fail early fail fast and sometimes you didn't yeah I mean right actually for us it's been it's been exactly that so whatever you expect expected to change and be willing to change for us and really adapt quickly it's to remember we started out actually in Rogers condo one of the rooms in this house and Sheeta was very similar to how we sat on calm boats back in 2002 right so that feeling of deja vu like wow okay you know she had a nice office and Scots were a hundred over stuff and then here us is like to look three of us back in a room working off our personal laptops starting something again and then we moved to launch pad a few months later I assume I'm moving we had to shift the furniture and then let a whole office of m-theory it really hit me that we are going back to scratch now of all the things that we can plan but you will hit you here you know the middle anxiety like can we really do it again starting a business is running a marathon it is not a short sprint and we need to plan for them so we planned for them and made sure that we give ourselves enough of a runway such that we can take off and if we miss we have some amount of time and try and make sure that we can propel and try again we spoke about how businesses can take the first step and I think 99 Anthony really helped and what it does is said it's it really helps to guide so you have all these SMEs who may be a bit fearful of digital they don't know where to start and always having someone there that is able to hell how you to really lift that the initial boost for them to to get really their hands dirty in trying to leverage more on digital and online you

SAP S/4HANA – The Next Generation Business Suite

for over 40 years si P has been conquering business complexity by establishing the standard for business processes and changing the way business does business now si P has unveiled the next generation set of Business Suite applications optimized solely for the most advanced and memory platform there is si ps4 HANA so what does s a ps4 HANA mean for you it uses a data footprint that is 10 times smaller than traditional systems it simplifies processing by requiring four times fewer steps all of which means it delivers the analytics and reporting you need 1,800 times faster in addition s a ps4 HANA also enables you to reintegrate your ERP CRM SRM SCM and PLM in a single system manage all data types including social text geography and graphs utilize applications that predict recommend and simulate multi-tenancy for smaller systems how do you take advantage of this remarkable breakthrough technology the answer is sa P digital business services s for Hana value assurance our 30,000 innovative professionals serve as trusted advisors to some of the world's most respected companies including 98 of the 100 most valued brands our unique relationship to the sa P development organization provides us a front row seat to innovation and because we cover all lines of business across 25 industries in 60 countries we have the breadth and depth to meet your specific needs find out how s a ps4 Hana value assurance service packages from sa P digital business services can simplify your transition to s a ps4 Hana and accelerate the realization of your digital foundation contact s ap digital business services today to request a value discovery workshop and find the best starting point for you to begin your S for Hana journey to run simple

99%SME presents: The Changing Faces of SMEs – Oh My Goodness!

people will I you know you have to sell this here oh my god are you sure this is gluten-free and dairy-free it's so moist it's so good hi I'm Ramya and I'm the founder of oh my goodness to tell someone who loves to bake and loves to eat that she can't have wheat or dairy was really the worst piece of news ever so while I was away at school I started converting my repertoire playing around with new recipes that were gluten free dairy free and eventually I created this dark chocolate cake which is now the signature dark chocolate cake of the company and it's the reason the company was born at all oh my goodness is a small company with a big vision we have a vision to make delicious and moist gluten-free dairy-free and refined sugar-free food accessible available and affordable across the Asia Pacific people often ask us what makes or make it nurse special but what I think really makes it special would be two things one as a sufferer of gluten sensitivities myself I really understand my customers and our entire product portfolio that we've got plan for the next six to twelve months is based on feedback that we've gotten from our customers and I think there's no better way to to run a business than to really be closer to your customers and closer to the market the other thing that makes Omega this really special I think is we're not just about the goodness of food but we're about the goodness of heart we're a social enterprise in more ways than one we hire from two main beneficiary groups our entire production team is staffed by ex-offenders as well as individuals with intellectual disabilities and that makes us really proud and happy to come to work each why oh my goodness well why not oh my goodness place on the work goodness everything about is lies and the good we're part of the good we make good food we use great ingredients and we make sure that whatever leaves our doors is full of goodness and of course you know we're quirky and sophisticated brands so we're all about the black and gold as you can see oh my goodness started out as an e-commerce business you know we were a passion project where we wanted to just enable people to enjoy cakes breads and cookies you know at home it's probably the easiest time to become an entrepreneur especially if you're starting off online there's so many tools out there that you can use our accounting is done online we use Xero as a platform you know our website is online I think 99% SMA is a fantastic movement and 99% of the economy is going to be driven by SMEs just like ours it's about time Singapore head and SME movement of its own from a business perspective 9% SME it's a fantastic brand to be associated with and again you know with the resources that are able to help SMEs like us market ourselves through a directory and through various initiatives it's really beneficial to our business as well you

99%SME presents: The Changing Faces of SMEs – ToTT Store and Sia Huat

there can be conflict sometimes so I think it's helpful when they are grandchildren around to help further or the Pens moments hi my name is CB tan I'm the chairman and CEO of shahad Private Limited hi I'm grace I'm the director of top star chef well I see II was started by my father I have you know we steer the company it was more of a professional hotel restaurant supplier not only in Singapore but the region as well so taught store was started about eight years ago we provide a wide range of culinary and hosting products both in therefore the kitchen for the dining room we come from our roots which is in the house way business maybe I still have that passion and that's how that I taught about the idea of setting up either retail outlets I don't cook I didn't Frank but I I love to try different out food I also mix along with a lot of chefs we like to joke among the family that I'm not the first born South white is actually much my dad's firstborn because it's his baby he spent so much time with it and when we were growing up we had me saw him on Sundays we have to respect that respect that he has put in so much effort into the company and he also tries to encourage us and listen to us when we bring in new ideas sometimes it's a bit difficult to separate work and and personal experiences and matters we try our best to do it as professionally as we can so the challenges we face when we first set up thought were doing a destination stall you know at a location in Bukit Timah really requires a lot more branding and marketing at that time I think we invested a lot in traditional media but in all that money and building the brand for a destination store was a very painful experience and I'm so glad for digital marketing now because it's a lot more cost-effective having an online catalogue immediately increases yours your online presence so that in itself is a strong marketing benefit why all these changes because of the shopping experience because of the e-commerce is something that this is a new trend going forward so I would definitely recommend trying out platforms like 99% SME when you want to do e-commerce it's important to have a partner who can give you that IT expertise and background to advise you we've been working with 99% SME from I think the very beginnings we are very happy with the marketing support that they provide us and this additional branding presence is very helpful we definitely want to leverage as much marketing support as we can so it's good to have partners like 99% SME you

99%SME presents: The Changing Faces of SMEs – Dr Tan & Partners

I don't am in any position to give advice aside from medical advice the only advice I'm going to give you is always use sunblock hi i'm dr. thanh i am one of the founders and the current chief executive of the dr. pan and partners group of clinics dr. Tannen Partners is a medical group founded in Singapore and now with presence in sample and Malaysia that offers GP specialists and aesthetic services we start in 2005 where myself and one of my classmates from medicine the courses that Lisa and David Harden decided that we could set up a medical practice to offer a unique patient experience so basically what we are is a medical practice we offer standard GP services and certain services that are commonly found among GP practices GPS who are well trained are capable of doing a lot more than seeing a coffin call and this has been practiced in many other countries and it is currently being encouraged in Singapore so with the correct training and with the correct equipment back up and specialized lab tests our primary health care doctors our GP is actually capable of a lot of specialised level care that we can offer to patients the fact is medical practice is a its service so invariably you will have some difficult patients knowing them furthermore when people come to see us they usually are comfortable to the nucleating ill they're usually feeling bad so it's very understandable that tempers flare a lot more easily we always have to act in the best interest of the creation so in 2005 when we first sat on the clinic we greatly underestimated how important being online was it was only about a year after we were running a clinic we decided to set up a home website it made an immediate impact there was a lot more awareness even knew about us in line with our vision of offering a unique patient care we wanted a website to be an authoritative database of evidence-based data base clinical knowledge I like it when a patient go online and find out as much as they can about the condition before coming to see us in in this way we can actually very easily establish a very good doctor patient therapeutic relationship I think the 99% SME movements are fantastic movement it actually draws attention to what I've personally feel is the true backbone of not only saying a boss economy but absolutely for society as I'm easy I'm not just your business around the corner there are our family they're our neighbors and when Asami's do well there's a direct and immediate impact on the quality of life of Singaporeans so this actually provides a very good platform for small business to get started online you

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