Video Marketing Explained

Online video… should you have one, or not? Well, clearly and concisely… YES! You definitely should. And it really doesn’t matter if you’re a freelancer, small business, or multinational corporation. And let me tell you why! In a nutshell, it’s because people love them! Now let me explain this. Basically, there are just two major steps
in every business: attraction and conversion. You need to attract a visitor and convert them into a paying customer. That’s it. And videos can significantly help with both steps! Let’s start with attraction. Imagine that an online visitor comes across your site. There’s plenty of text and images explaining what you do and how great your products or services are. But that’s really not the way to grab the
visitor’s attention. After reading for one or two minutes they will simply leave the site bored… and you’ve lost the potential customer forever! Now let’s assume that instead of the boring text you’ve got a one or two minute video explaining all the important stuff in a short but memorable format that viewers can actually enjoy! Studies have shown that videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text! So you can really give your visitors a lot
of information in just a short while, which is exactly the way to earn attraction! People are also 39% more likely to share your
content if its delivered via video. This means that visitors will spread your
story through social media and attract more people to visit your site. In other words, this is how you increase traffic which is then reflected by search engines through an improved SEO rank. See? You’re getting more and more attractive! Now, once you’ve got the attraction, let me tell you how videos help with conversion. 70% of marketers report that video converts
better than other content types. Why? Because your prospects can now really see
what you do or sell! Getting more detailed information leads to
making confident purchase decisions. Also, video enables you to really stand out
from the crowd and strengthen your brand trustworthiness. But let me repeat the most important message here. People love videos!! And you’re proof… you just watched one… right? So let us help you! We can suggest the best video strategy for your business, and produce it for you from start to finish. Contact us today!

How To Get Highly Paid Job By Learning Digital Marketing Course | Online Digital Marketing Training

Hi awesome people welcome to yet another exciting video from External Experts. Today we are going to discuss on how to get a highly paid job by learning the art of digital marketing. So without further ado, let’s begin. Digital Marketing is an evolving field that offers a wide range of opportunities therefore starting a career in Digital marketing today is a great choice. So is it possible to land a highly paid job by becoming a digital marketer? Yes, absolutely. This is what you need to know. Firstly, you need to be well versed with a various digital marketing skills that include a SEO that is search engine optimization pay per click click that is PPC, email marketing, content marketing, Google AdWords and others. You will have to acquire these skills thick and fast to start your digital marketing journey. Secondly, you’ll need to get certifications under your belt, which will show as a testimony to your knowledge. Some of the certification that you can opt google ad certification, google Analytics, bing ads, hubSpot certification, content marketing certification, facebook blueprint and so on. Next, you need to get hands on experience to make your skills even stronger. More over organizations prefer candidates who have been a part of live Global projects. You can either do it yourself by freelancing or enroll with us for the digital marketing course online. Finally, marketing yourself is of utmost importance. If you really want to make it up back in the digital marketing landscape, hunt down jobs and linkedin, naukri and other recruitment web site. This will show how eager you are to join the Digital Marketing Club, along with testing your expedites, if you can pull these off, you’ll get land now highly paid job in digital marketing arena, which is bound to make your life much easier. Since we are a digital marketing agency and a training company, we do provide a hundred % job assistance. If you have any questions regarding this, drop in the comment below and we will get back to you. Now it’s your turn to let me know in the comment section below. How did you get a highly paid job? all by learning yourself and take years to mastered the art of digital marketing or learn, an online digital marketing course with our industry experts. Click on the link below. So I hope you enjoyed this video. Please do like and shared this video. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more such content.

5 tips for digital marketing success in 2019.

Hi guys you are watching Oksy Vlogs and
today I want to share with you five tips for digital marketing success in 2019 tip number one today every business can
use influencer marketing it doesn’t matter what you sell and what you offer
everyone can be an influencer today we all publish something on social media
you don’t need to be a celebrity to become an influencer and today brands
prefer to work with smaller niche influencers rather than with people who
have million followers this way they make sure that they target authentic
audience who is really interested in their product and services the tip
number two is you need to win attention of your audience with live
video today human attention is a very valuable resource there is so much
information around us that it’s so difficult to stand out so you need to
start incorporating live videos into your marketing campaigns but you need to
understand that if you have nothing special to show better don’t do a live
video the video should be at least 10 minutes long you need to engage with
your comments that people ask with consumers reply to their questions and
you need to pay attention to live audience and the replay audience and
advertise video to both of them start using purpose-driven marketing don’t
create content that just sells, you need to talk about some greater purpose
so choose your position show who you are use emotions to build relationship
with your audience start movement of your community and continue building it
there are some special techniques that big brands like Apple and Google use so
if you want to go bigger you need to start using them as well the first one
is go horizontal when you acquire a paid customer offer them a variety of
products and services then retain your customers by using a subscription model
create interesting campaigns and leverage your ceo or founder as a brand and
optimize your marketing strategy for four big tech companies Amazon Google
Apple and Facebook and the tip number five if you don’t have sufficient funds
for content creation don’t worry because today you can create great content on a
budget first of all you need to know your customers’ needs and goals one of
the best strategies to create content on a budget is to run a user-generated
campaign because you will get free authentic and really engaging content
today you can shoot great videos and photos just using your mobile phone so I
advise you to identify trends via influencers on buzzsumo platform and
create relevant content so guys these are five digital marketing tips on how
your brand can succeed in 2019 if you have any questions please let me know or
if you want me to cover something special in my next videos write down in
the comments below and I will see you in the next video bye bye

Digital Marketing Trends for 2019

education on attribution. We are embarking on an the cross-channel capabilities and insights. From our technology powerhouses to support our education would. That technology has proven to increase identify specific users and audiences who are New automated technologies are emerging faster shape 2019, please let us know in the other digital marketing trends you think will using the link below. And if you have any out to us via our website at, trends, using them to your advantage, please reach your digital marketing efforts. If you have any attribution tools to improve the effectiveness of questions about how to get started with these utilizing data, audience insights and available For 2019, continue to focus on unlocking their amazing growth potential. we believe that education is key in understanding our clients’ business needs and needs. At Lever Interactive, supportive tools available outside of the interacts with one another. We’ll also be exploring each marketing channel, and how each channel attribution, understanding how attribution affects understanding the concrete fundamentals of on immediate application, and rather prioritize As an agency, we have decided to take a step back independent study and immersing our teams into and business needs. master attribution for their marketing and next step solutions in helping our clients was left hungry after Q4 for more information expecting in 2019. Lever Interactive agencies and brands were anticipating and originally advertised, and falls short from what This definitely is a different approach than towards client KPIs. channel attribution can impact optimization they’re focusing specifically on how individual Google is halting movement on cross-channel attribution in 2019. Instead, sorely disappointed, as advancements amongst each channel were prioritized. Therefore, it complicated direct sources, Unfortunately, agencies and brands were left 2019. The technology powerhouses have attribution solution in 2018. lofty goals of unveiling a cross-channel a hot topic of discussion in digital marketing in Hi, I’m Emily Czachowski, Director of Media 2018, attribution continues to be successful in the coming year. Operations at Lever Interactive. As discussed in systems, what worked well in the past may not be as constant evolution of AI and machine learning risk falling behind their competition. With the If they haven’t already, businesses need to start utilizing automation, or customers. resolving common issues and pain points for communicate with customers in the same way humans customer satisfaction and retention by quickly allow organizations to use automated tools to realtime approach to customer service, Chatbots their customers in conversation, for a more Finally, customer service organizations are user experiences. quickly adopting chatbot technology to engage information to offer better and more personalized companies can better understand the needs and wants of their current customers, and use that engaged. With AI enhancements, are also using automation to keep customers to buy specific products and services. Companies market audience comprised of users most likely predicting future behaviors and creating in social activity, machines are getting better at Intent advertising is also continuing to evolve. By analyzing user actions, search patterns and exhibit the same behaviors. customer data is then used to find others who actions and behaviors of current customers. That able to find potential customers by analyzing look-alike audiences. Using AI, machines are services we’re promoting. One example of this is most likely to engage with the products and learning technology, we’re able to target and across all channels and devices. With machine have evolved to focus on key audience segments with many other individuals, resulting in make an impact. Today’s digital advertising plans advertisers paying for impressions that didn’t audiences were most likely to engage with, along focused on specific places and websites target Media plans of the past were finding potential customers for our clients. modeling algorithms are changing the way we’re better. First, machine learning and predictive- automation is changing digital marketing for the and attain their goals more efficiently than ever before. Today I’m going to touch on just a few ways than ever, allowing marketers to be smarter, faster verticals. engagement strategies across all industries and learning are quickly and dramatically transforming digital marketing and customer another trend that is continuing to evolve in 2019. Artificial intelligence, or AI, and machine Services at Lever Interactive. Automation is Hi, my name is Kristin Kaplan, Director of Client ways that are meaningful and impactful to their business. opportunity to connect with their customers in technology that provides our clients the Lever Interactive has invested heavily in Are you prepared to continue that conversation with your clients with the use of things like chatbots and/or dynamic remarketing? So in 2019, the interaction truly begins with your customer. your website. Once they engage with your website, now doesn’t stop when you finally get the customer to is the usage of AI and machine learning. So the journey And finally, connect with their devices to find information. useful when consumers are utilizing voice to utilize basic functions on their devices. Brands must be there, and again, be relevant and their devices using voice to perform searches or voice. Consumers are increasingly engaging with or banner ads just cannot compete with. Next is story to customers in a way that standard text Video provides the opportunity for brands to tell their and most impactful ways to do this is with video. One of the best solution that your customers are looking for. days of just being able to serve up an ad. Your touchpoints with your customers must provide that throughout the consumer’s journey. Gone are the content. Your brand must be helpful and relevant experience for your customer, it all comes down to So tp make the most truly relevant and impactful we enter 2019 are content, video and voice. Those trends that we feel are the most impactful as and pull them into your consumer journey? to implement as a brand to be able to reach new consumers category targeting, what are the strategies you’re going things like prospecting. So without partner to conversion. And then you need to think about initial touchpoint with your brand, all the way through marketing strategies to reach your customers and ensure they have the best experience, from the data lists and turn them into meaningful and impactful resolution – being able to take your first party creative with their data; things like identity Brands and advertisers today have to be even more their consumers in the most meaningful ways. to ensure that brands are able to connect with It’s that first party data’s job smarter utilization of their first party data. when interacting with brands. So first is the even customer experience marketing trend. Consumers today expect a seamless and frictionless experience Back in 2017, we talked about the importance of first party data as we move forward into this they look to connect with their customers. advertisers have to be much smarter about the ways capabilities. Gone are the days of being able to reach consumers based on purchase-based targeting or income data or household data. Now, brands and Facebook’s pulling their partner targeting and next thing you know, Cambridge Analytica scandal hit, enter 2018, and now things like GDPR and the before. But fast forward a few months as we actually reach and connect with their customers like never to offer brands and advertisers the capability to finally catching up with that big data – as a trend At the time, we viewed big data – and technology marketing. So back in late 2017, I spoke at Google about big data and its role in customer experience Hi everyone, Brian Yaro here at Lever Interactive. to any comments or feedback you may have. you find these insights helpful and look forward up to the hype and making a significant difference in the success of campaigns. We hope how artificial intelligence in practice is living leverage attribution. We’re also here to discuss grow and communicate with audiences, and better ways to use various data sets, smarter ways to there is an opportunity to take these trends even further. This year we’re looking at new ways to innovative marketer. In 2019, however, continued to be important considerations for any 2018 digital trends video have It is no surprise that the topics we covered in our measurement. advancements or methods that will help lead to better campaign efficiency, effectiveness and productive strategies to our clients’ marketing efforts. This involves uncovering and testing new trends closely, in order to apply the most As savvy marketers, we follow digital marketing comments below.

Domotex USA 2019: Digital Marketing Won…Now It’s Your Turn

(applauding) – Thank you guys. I named this Digital Marketing
Won… Now it’s your turn for a reason. Digital marketing actually did win. Right? If anyone in this room
is debating whether TV, or newspaper, or radio is where you should be
putting your money today, unless you’ve got an unlimited budget, you need to stop asking that question and stop thinking that way. The debate is completely over. The brands that don’t adopt are going out of business left and right and those brands are way
bigger than you guys. They’re very successful companies who are doing everything right, but didn’t understand that
people’s attention had moved. So, they kept resting on what got them to where they were and they are gone. And these are massive
companies with great products and some of them, even great service. So, I’m excited to be here. This is a kind of a cool thing to me that we have this large,
humongous show from overseas that’s coming to the U.S. and hopefully with a completely different flare. Maybe a different value
proposition for you guys. I know that’s what I look at is as. I think, you know
everybody in this industry, including myself, and I grew up in the industry, has been doing things the
same way for a long time and it’s kind of put our
industry at a disadvantage, I think, to other industries. So again, I’m John Weller. Some fun facts, I grew
up in a carpet mill. That sounds really crazy,
but I just about did. My father was a Vice President
of Bigelow for 25 years. I spent like my entire life
hanging out at the carpet mill, taking naps on rolls of carpet, and watching all the things
that happen in a carpet mill. I’ve worked in every single
department in a carpet mill. So when I got out of
school my dad told me, “The last thing I want you to do “is get in the carpet business.” So, I got into the wine
business, which was amazing. And as fate had it, I was at a basketball game and sat next to a guy named David Holt. I was 22 years old. David was 25 years old. And David told me he had
just bought a carpet mill and we hit it off during
the basketball game. And I ended up working with
David to start WundaWeve Carpet and that’s where I got to work in every single department
of the carpet mill, which was not fun, but I learned a lot. Hanging back in my life,
it helped me a lot. And the last fun fact, which I did not put on this presentation, because I wasn’t sure if I
was going to do this or not. So, I’ve also started a Facebook page that is a personal page. Not like a page that you
would start on your own, it’s a page that’s more
of a company or a brand. And the reason I’m doing that, I’ve got a lot of people that do business with
us like me on Facebook. And they see a lot of the pizza I eat, and they see my dog, and they see a lot of
other things and I thought, you know what, I think these people
probably liked me more to find out things that
are business related and now that Facebook
is such a nice channel to talk to you guys, I’m going to launch that page today and I’m going to start posting a whole bunch of content on it that’s more about what
happens in the day to day life of John Weller at FloorForce
interacting with you guys. Because I think, when I think about it, we get 38,000 phone calls
a month from dealers asking questions and when you
aggregate those questions, it’s about 10 questions. So, if we start making videos
around those 10 questions and how we’re answering those questions, hopefully it will help you guys to get the information
real time as it’s happening as other dealers are
asking the same questions or other manufacturers are
asking the same questions. Again, I named this
Digital Marketing Won… Now it’s your turn. When I named this, this
article had not come out. But, thank God it did. So, this was announced on the 20th. Digital ad spend will surpass
nontraditional this year. And if you look at the
graph going into 2020, it’s blowing traditional out of the water. Why is that? It’s because people are waking up. As you see companies falling
by the wayside left and right, you also see other companies that weren’t even here three years ago with a billion dollar evaluations. Right in the backyard to the
same audience of the companies that are going out of business, ’cause they recognize something where people’s attention was
and how to connect to them. I know this is probably a negative slide to show in this room, but I think it’s important, because these guys recognize it also. You know these guys went
through a real turbulent time and I think a lot of small businesses and a lot of business
can associate with that. But anyway, they made it through, but if you read what it said
in their last stock report. If you really wanna learn
what’s going on in the industry with some of these big guys, great place to go is into
their earnings reports and into what the CEO’s are
saying about these companies. But, these guys have completely
changed their marketing. They’re moving a very large
percentage of their budget from traditional to digital and they even talk about
reducing their overhead by cutting their traditional,
adding to their bottom line. But I think what’s really interesting, if you read through this article, and by the way guys, I’ll share this slide
deck with any of you guys at the end of the show, a QR code, if you take a picture of it, you can text me and I’ll
send you the slide deck. But, one of the things the CEO’s said in the earnings call is, flooring used to be very
priced competitive industry, but today it’s all about marketing. And I think that you guys really need to pay attention to that. These guys advertise 19 cent
floors or whatever it is. It’s crazy, but when you look
at their earnings report, they’re average selling
price is in the $5 range. And they say specifically,
marketing is everything. So, I think this puts
things in perspective. Yesterday I was coming over
here to check this place out and see where I was going to be speaking and the guy that was driving
me over here and I got into a conversation, have you guys also looked at the mindset that has to happen for
everybody in this room to go to the next level. This was me and the guy
driving me here yesterday. – Some things about it is good. Some things about it is bad. – Well. – It’s a lot of bad and good. – You know, I will tell you
this my man, you said you’re 58? – Yes. – The internet has created an opportunity for people that are, I would say 40 and above, and internet has eliminated
the middle man, literally. If you think about business and a lot of things before, there had to be somebody
that had to let you in to get your voice heard, or to get your product out there, to get your music out there, to get whatever it was, whatever you were doing, there was a middle man that was going to make a
decision in an interview, or whatever it was whether you were gonna have the opportunity. But, if you think about it, the internet has
eliminated the middle man. So, that is like you and me, I’m 52. Literally what we’re able to do today is take our experience and leverage the internet and the platforms like Facebook,
and Google, and Instagram, and there is no middle man. If the consumer or the person that we’re talking to
likes what they hear, they will consume it. If they consume it, the algorithms on these platforms will continue to show our
content more and more and more. And guess what? Before you know it, you’ve got leverage to do
whatever it is that you wanna do. – Yeah, you know something? I’ve never thought of it that way. You know? And of course, you know, the only thing when I see the internet, it’s just so many mean
people on the internet. – That’s exactly, I mean the problem is is it levels the playing field and allows everybody to
get their voice heard. The good news is the algorithms
look for consumption. Unfortunately sometimes
hate and bad things do get consumed a lot. So, the algorithm pushes that content up, but from a business prospective, the internet has leveled the playing field for anybody to have a chance. And us guys who have a lot of experience and have a perspective on
how the world really is before the internet and what
it takes to get things done, we can leverage the internet
to make things happen much faster than ever possible before. – That makes so much sense. Like I said, I’d never
thought of it that way. And you’re right. You are. – I appreciate that. Well, I hope you do something with that, because it’s not all negative. – You’re right. You’re right about that. You know, you get good things from it, just like said, but I’ll
think about that some more. I really do. Thank you man. – Sure brother. So, I think that really, in my mind, was really awesome that that
happened on the way here. But, you know I walk to a lot of retailers and a lot of people tell
me what their thoughts are about what’s happening and how it defers with
how they were brought up or how things happened before. I get it, but your customers don’t care. Your customers want the information. They want to get their problem solved and they don’t care what any of us think about what the Internet’s doing and I think if you really think about it, guys the internet can be
leveraged anywhere you want it and you really should be
taking advantage of it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. As I said to him, and I meant it, and it’s true, those of you that know the world before the internet have an advantage over the
people who don’t, okay. They don’t really understand what it was like to get
things done pre-internet. So, things are really easy, right? Until you get behind the scenes and you actually are doing
some of these things. Building a house or doing whatever. If you can leverage your knowledge and what you have with the internet, you almost can’t loos right now. Because the internet makes it
so incredibly easy to connect. This is what changed my mindset. So, as I evolved my career in
the floor covering business, I got a job a job after WundaWeve with World Carpets and in
1994 I was handed this beauty. And I can tell you that
I was the youngest rep in the company and I
went to the sales meeting and I can tell you that most
of the people that got these, most of the salespeople
that got the beeper were not happy about it. They were like big brother
is now tracking me. What is this? I’ve got to answer to
thins little black box? I’ve been doing really, really
good selling rolls of carpet driving around to each carpet store. I have a great life. What is that? So, I remember getting my first beep. I was a rep in Florida and you had to drive down 75 in Florida. A payphone was a minium of
a 30 minute drive from I-75. You had to get off the interstate, go down one of those exits, find a city, then find a payphone, and in Florida, if you don’t know, in the summer it’s hot and
it rains every single day. So, I’m getting a beep, and at first when I started to get beeps, I have dealers checking
out, hey what are you doing. Like, man I just got
30 minutes off the road and you’re asking me what I’m doing? I’m answering your beep. I mean you know, what happened
was the expectation changed. Retailers started to really understand that they could now contact a rep anytime they wanted to instantly by beeping them. So, I remember the first
beep that meant something and it was a guy asking for a 32 ounce green emerald
rome Wear-Dated carpet. And I remember this dealer
specifically stocked a whole bunch of carpet
from Columbus Carpet Mills and he wouldn’t give me any stock. But, I also know that we
produced a 32 ounce Wear-Dated to go after that specific
product that this guy stocked. So, of course I was happy he called me and he said, “Hey, they have no stock. “Do you have it?” I said, “Absolutely.” So, this is before you can text a picture. So I had the mill FedEx him
a sample and I got an order. So, it dawned on me as more and more texts started coming in, that behind those text were orders. The intent behind these
communications were orders. That’s how you could
make more money faster if you responded faster. So, I made a humongous investment. Huge in two ways. One, those phones were
about $1,500 back then and for a guy making what I was making that was like buying a car. And they were massive, right? That things was gigantic. It had a cord. They were hilarious. They were dangerous in the car. If you took a serve or anything, they’re flying around, but that took me from the
youngest, most inexperienced rep at World Carpets to the
number one rep in the country. That combination right there, took me from two million dollars in sales, driving around like a madman
trying to meet with dealers who were busy doing 18 other things to only answering beeps at the time of intent to buy
something instantaneously. I sold six million dollars the first year I had that combination. I was the number one sales rep in the country for four years. What astonished me was that that same sentiment of the sales people, who were pissed off about the
beeper, they didn’t see it. It was right there in front of them. I’m winning every award. I’m getting up, they were
making me go on stage saying how are you doing it. I would tell them, this
is how I’m doing it. But guess what? 99% of those other reps never did it. They kept driving around in circles with their samples asking
me how I’m doing it. Every year I’d get on stage,
this is how I’m doing it. So guys, it’s a mindset. Whatever that mindset is
that’s blocking you changing, has to go away. Because it’s pretty practical
when you look at it. I will tell you that when I prepared this presentation, as almost always happens,
you learn a heck of a lot. Right? I did a lot of Googling. So, I’m going to go on a tangent here. That’s a little off
where I was going to go when I started this, but I
think it’s extremely relevant. Getting someone’s full attention in 2019 is not the same as it was in the past, as of even three months ago. In marketing sales strategics
that we’ve been using in digital marketing for
a long, long, long time are starting to show problems, flaws. Can anybody see any flaw
in that right there? Off the top of your head. I’ll tell you what it is. What’s the smallest thing on that screen. The customer. That will no longer work. So, in the past, from 1990 to 2006, the place to put all of your resources was in the sales people. Why was that? Sales people held the knowledge that the consumer wanted to get to and if you had great sales people that you could get people to
those sales people, you win. End of story. They were the experts. The consumer needed that information to make a decision to buy something and your sales people had it. End of story, that’s how you won. From 2006 to 2018, sales people were now reduced to about
20% of the transaction. 80% of the time with the
consumer was spent online. So, if you did a really, really
good job with your website, and a consumer could
really get the information they were looking for
with the product catalog and the information and how
the process was going to work, and you did a really good job
driving traffic with Google, you were probably pretty successful. But, things are changing. In 2019, the user experience
is what is driving consumers. Not the price. Not even the sales people. Not even your website. And that’s their websites, but the user experience
is what is driving people. I can tell you when I made this, every single one of
those brands right there, I have used in the last 48 hours and it wasn’t because it just
happened to be in front of me. It’s because the companies
did a really good job either changing the
way I was doing things, as in Delta, which is wickedly
awesome with their app today. If you buy something on Delta, you buy a flight, first of all, you never talk to a human being. It’s the best. But then it updates you all the way. Time to check in, they’re boarding your plane, your bag’s on the plane, your bag’s off the plane,
you’re in carousel number four. Dude, I get on Delta, I’ll
avoid everybody because of that. Lyft, I’ve been taking
Lyfts all over town. Harry’s Razors, a subscription. I’ve never had to buy
a razor in three years. They just come in the mail. Rocket Mortgage, sounds insane. It’s the best mortgage
experience of your life. It’s paperless. You literally can buy a house with no paper in 30
minutes with that company. It’s mind blowing if you’ve
ever done it the old way. Allbirds Shoes, I don’t know if you guys are familiar with these shoes. I don’t have them on. I thought I did, but Allbirds Shoes, it’s
a three year old company. They came out with one SKU of products in a very competitive field. They went head to head with
Nike, Adidas, you name it. They have a $1.3 billion evaluation today, one SKU, a few colors, and they did every singe
bit of their marketing on Facebook alone. Purple Mattress, so you get the idea. User experiences are driving people to use brands and price becomes secondary. Even selection becomes secondary. So, how did this happen? How did we get here? That guy. That guy thought this trough. Steve Jobs says listen, everything that you do in this world was built by somebody just like you. No smarter than you, built just like you. And just because everybody’s saying they can’t be better,
that’s 100% not true. So, don’t live by anybody else’s opinions. Understand everything can be better. Pretty much the essence of what that says. So, this is where we are. This phone and everybody that uses it, has now found the utilities
that all these apps are giving us, right? The Delta app, the
McDonald’s app is amazing, believe it or not. All these things. So, when you look at your phone, look at the apps on it, there’s really going to be
two things you’re gonna see. Apps for utility and
apps for entertainment, but this doesn’t leave your hand. And doing anything in
your life without this and leveraging an app on it, is going to take you 10 times longer than if it’s been optimized for this. It’s the world we live in. So, I’m gonna kind of
give you an example here of high-friction versus low-friction. And that’s really what
we’re talking about. Optimizing the user experience
to take the friction out so that they see what
the end game looks like or where they wanna be and they pull the trigger
without calling 19 other people. So, Mattress Firm, they’re full service. You have talk to a person. You’re going to have to
go into that showroom. You’re going to have
to confront that person who’s probably going to make
you look at 19 mattresses before you get to get the one
that actually interest you at the price range. Nine to five, that’s not exactly accurate. I’m just giving you know, a ballpark. They’re all different. And you have to buy it first. Purple Mattress, low
friction, self-service, you never talk to a human being, you can learn every single
thing about that mattress, better than a sales person
could ever teach you about that mattress, online 24/7 when you actually have time and you can focus and want
to be looking at mattresses. Then they let you try
it before you buy it. They’ve taken all the
friction out of this. And again, they’re disrupting
a very, very big industry that a lot of people said, no way man. No one is buying a mattress
before you lay on it. You got Casper. You got Leesa. You got Purple. Guess what? They’re laying on them. I mean they’re buying them
before they lay on them. This is also very interesting guys. So, when I was doing the
research for this talk, I Googled Purple Mattress. There’s five reviews here on
the top of Google’s reviews. Three of them talk about
the user experience. Three of them, out of five. It means more than the price. It means more than the product. The user experience meant
more to these people, enough that they went online and left a review and
mention the user experience. These are the companies that are winning. Why is that? User generated content is now the most important content that matters. And when they say that, that’s a marketing term that we all use when we’re talking amongst each other. It means reviews. Customer feedback about your product is user generated content. Consumer’s trust reviews 12
times more than manufacture or retailer propaganda
that we put about ourselves on our websites. 12 rimes. Meaning, pretty much what you say about yourself is irrelevant. What the consumer says about you is all that freaking matters. 51% trust user generated
content over information on the company’s site or
articles about the company. Half of millennials use
user generated content more than friends or family. So, if that doesn’t tell
you what’s important right this very minute, reviews. How do you get reviews? You’re going to have to
delight these customers. You’re gonna have to give
them a user experience that they feel warrants them going on and leaving content about you. That’s gonna take some work. It’s one thing to get the reviews. Right? We can all try harder at getting reviews, but how are we gonna get
these people so enamored and amazed at the way we service them that they do that and
talk about the experience even over the product. How do people evaluate the trustworthiness of a product, or a seller? And it goes down the line. Price is in the middle. The quality of the photos
online is actually pretty high. Higher than price, reviews is by a mile
above everything else. The star ratings in the
platform in the website itself is almost equal to price. So, the images of the products
you are trying to sell, the website itself, and reviews. Just remember that the
next time you’re bringing a manufacturer’s product
into your showroom, a distributor’s product
into your showroom. Did they check those boxes guys? Because price doesn’t freaking drive it. It’s the digital imagery
and the digital marketing that they give you. If you’re relying on price to win the day, you’re going to loose. I know that this has been like a lot of what I’m
talking about revolves around user experiences
and e-commerce companies. I thought that this was interesting. The number one brand for user experience according to 1,800 consumers who are in a dynamic that are spending a lot of their income, have a lot of expendable income, Trader Joe’s was number one. So, the user experience is not an e-commerce only experience. I just wanna make that point. What I would say is the user
experience playbook For 2019, make sure that 100% of
your team understands and is on board with
reducing friction points and creating an incredible
user experience. Eliminate detractors, but a lot of people say things like this, my sales people won’t do that. They won’t use the internet. They won’t use email. They won’t use a CRM. I can tell you, that’s
a recipe for disaster. The response should be, our customer will no longer deal with you if you won’t use email, if you won’t use CRM, if you won’t get instantly back to them, we’re out of the game,
’cause other people will. Other companies will. Take the time and understand and evaluate the consumers total shopping and buyer journey with your company and then test it against your competition and ask yourself, who would I buy from? Who would my wife buy from? Who would my friends buy from? Run through the entire process. Have somebody even do this outside, leave an email for your
sales team at 11:00 at night. How long did it take to get back? Do the same things with Empire. Do the same things with
these other companies and tell me what you
think is going to happen. Because if you can’t say
we’re gonna win, you’re not. Period. Look for any and all areas where you can reduce friction and improve consumer’s experience. Remember that your
customers have changed guys. They have no patience. They’ve been Uberized. Every single customer we
have has been Uberized. Learn about and leverage the tools that are available to better connect you to your target audience before,
during, and after the sale. Again, your experience and the assets that you
have at your disposal, leveraging that with technology, you win, over a lot of these companies, especially these e-commerce companies. Instead of going head-to-head with them, which gives you no advantage, leverage what you have
with what they don’t have with technology and you win. Back to the digital playbook. You know, it really is
reduced down to two companies right now, that matter. For most of you guys in this room, if you look at it, Facebook’s on it’s way to a
trillion dollar company, right? The average consumer, especially the ones
that we’re going after, go on it something like 40 times a day. So, that’s where the
consumers eyeballs are. If you wanna tell a story,
that’s the place to do it. You wanna introduce yourself,
that’s the place to do it. Yesterday I had a discussion
with a group of retailers and a lot of them were like, all I care about is conversions. Well, I can tell you
guys that is like saying all I care about is touchdowns. Yeah, so does every football
player on the field, but you gotta block and tackle. You gotta do those other things. Facebook is a marketing platform. It allows you to introduce
yourself, tell your story. A very, very reduced cost
to other platforms like TV. And Google is a sales tool that allows you to get
in front of consumers at the very moment they’re
gonna try to make a purchase. You have to understand the difference, because if you don’t, you’re jut tapping people on the shoulder all day long going, hey you wanna buy some flooring? And yes, they did raise
their hand and say it, it’s still weird and creepy. It’s better to have
introduced yourself first before you ask somebody
to buy something from you. And if you are a ninja and you really wanna get into this, both these companies have sister companies that are amazing that
you can also leverage, being Instagram and YouTube. If you focused the resources that you can on these four things, and did what is correct
to do on these platforms, you will win. You will win. There is no sliver bullet, but if you use these
platforms the correct way, you will win. Checking the box and doing
it the wrong way though, doesn’t do anything for you. So, again it’s as simple as this. Those two platforms driving
traffic to your website, your website better give
a good user experience. If you don’t have a product catalog and a consumer can’t get answers
to what she’s looking for and I will challenge this audience, if she can’t see pricing, you’re probably loosing
out a little bit here. And again, I know this is a debate. The whole industry is debating it. Especially the retailers, but I gotta tell you,
the data can’t be lying. All these companies like Floor & Decor and Lumber Liquidators, and all these companies show their prices. It doesn’t deter people from going there. They’re showing $8 Acacia,
people still go to that store. Yes, they advertise
free labor and 79 cents, but read their stock reports. That’s not what they’re selling. It’s just what thyre advertising. And then it really looks like this. Marketing on Facebook, selling on Google through your website, draws them to your store. That’s a better experience than anything that’s going to happen online. You win. One thing I just want to clear up, ’cause I have this conversation
with so many retailers. Your website is not digital advertising. Okay? your website is your online showroom, but that is not digital advertising. Don’t think it is. Do not go to sleep at night
thinking, I’m advertising. No you’re not. Your online showroom’s open,
but you are not advertising. You’re not driving people to it. So, what about these? Everyone’s getting hit up
by the Yelp rep or whoever, and Houses and Surfaces. I don’t know if they’re here. I will tell you this guys, these are the biggest
websites in the world. If you are not owning and
saturating your backyard, on the most important platforms, the consumer does not give a crap if you’re on Pinterest and Houzz, if you’re not in the place
where they are most of the time. But don’t spend a dime there unless you literally
own 70% of the attention on the important platforms. This is a case study that we did. I don’t know if these
guys are here or not. I know they were here yesterday, but this is an interesting
case study that I think, you know and I’ll share
this with you guys. This is a customer of ours who does a whole bunch
of TV advertising, a ton. And does a considerable amount of AdWords or Google Ads with us, And just for the heck of it, I finally talked them into
giving me 10% of their TV budget to run on Facebook simultaneous to and right before a Memorial
Day sale that we ran. We’ve been doing business with these guys for eight years, so we have a pretty good data set of what the outcome’s gonna
be on a given time. We ran Facebook for a week before the sale and all during the sale. We lowered the cost per
lead on Google by 76%. For the very first time, he had 5.6 thousand people in his market watch a 30 second video while his ad was running, which makes tapping on the shoulder saying will you buy from me a lot less creepy. And for $1,700 extra in
advertising, he got 80 leads. That’s an ROI I’m sure all of
you guys would love to have. Now again, we’d been running Adwords with this guy for seven years. We’ve optimized him amazingly. We know his market extremely well, but we’ve also picked through his website. We’ve been building up
an audience on Facebook and I couldn’t wait to show
him what was going to happen. And guess what? We now have almost all of his TV budget and it works really well. So, this is a secret slide that’s never been shown
to anybody on the planet, that we’ve created. If you guys can see that? I’m gonna end with this. And so again, this is basically what the digital landscape
looks like for a retailer. Okay, you’ve got your website presence, which hopefully you’re
doing some advertising for in one way or other, even if it’s mailers, at least it’s driving some
business to your website. Drive leads, happy customers, profit, you get some referrals, profit goes back in, and you got a little bit of
manufacturer help too, right. Everything starts to expand right here. More customers are seeing you, hearing about you, more leads are coming in, and
you see what this looks like. You can actually add post sale engagement. Right? Which is just targeting people
that have bought from you. Letting them know that there’s
a friend and family program, thanking them, which just
keeps you top of mind so they talk about you more. And guys, if you play it big, and you go all in on digital, leverage the manufacturers
that actually have programs. You can get a nice source of
leads from those programs. You can build out your retail presence the way it should be and advertise it. A directory site is a really good idea. So, I know some people
building some of those, which again expands your horizon. But you see that this looks like? And again, this is where it’s going guys. This is the retailer landscape, but understand, I can change this really simply by putting a manufacturer up on top
of that, or two or three. And they understand that
if they push their content, and talk to consumers, down here and you guys make
sales with their product, I brings it back up. There’s more co-op. So, I’m gonna leave with this, it’s time to go all in on digital. The debate is freaking over. And I know a lot of you
guys are, no, no, TV works. Yeah, a lot of things work. Smoke signals still work. It doesn’t mean it’s the right way to reach customers at scale today. Things have changed. Get you’re entire
organization to be fanatical about improving the user experience. Leverage your experience
and existing infrastructure with technology and
partner only with companies that give you an obvious
advantage to today’s consumer, so I think it’s really important guys, that you are selective, not just in the software
companies that you buy from, but the manufacturers you buy it from. Because I can tell you I work
with thousands of you guys and you say, hey I just got this cool rack, this product’s awesome, it’s
10 cents less than so and so. They have no images. They have no content. Nobody cares about those products. Okay? Except for you and the rep that sold you this stuff, that’s it. So guys again, my names John Weller. If you take a picture of that
QR code, you can text me. I’ll text you back. I’ll send you the deck. It’s 2019 guys. Act like it. Thank you. (applauding)

MBA/Masters in Marketing & Digital Marketing with Zero Tuition Fees – GERMANY vs INDIA

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