[Music] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel I am so beyond excited to be sharing this video with you guys this has been something we have been working on for the past several weeks and I am so happy that it’s all come together now I love sharing makeovers and just creating spaces that are not only functional but also beautiful and these are one of my favorite videos to create for you guys if not my very favorite they just make me so excited and some things I’m very very passionate about so let’s go ahead and jump on into it so to start out this is one of the bedrooms in our house that we were using previously for a playroom and also kind of a guest bedroom so it was a little bit of a mixture of a room and because our basement is just about finished our boys are moving downstairs and we were kind of swapping some of the rooms out I’ve actually outgrown my office that I had downstairs on the main level and so for that reason I am taking over this room upstairs and creating a more secluded office that I can get a little bit better work done and feel a little bit more focused in so here Kyle and I are just clearing out the room taking the bed out in all of the toys and everything and then we’ll start biking in the floor and getting that carpet clean and just making sure that we’re starting with a totally clean space [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so once everything was nice and clean and cleared out we just started putting together this desk I will have a link down in the description box for all the items that I can find links for and let you guys know along the way but if I don’t mention where something is from you can go ahead and just leave a comment asking me but this desk was from Amazon and I love love love it I cannot tell you how amazing it is it’s a really good size and like you can see it is super super easy to put together so I just cannot say enough good things about this desk I [Music] next we just move the couch that I had in my old office upstairs to the new office I really love having a sitting space in the office that way the kids can come in and hang out with me or Kyle can come in and just sit while I’m working and I feel like it just makes the space a little bit more family friendly and so that’s why I love having some type of sitting area in here [Music] [Applause] please [Music] so this is actually filmed on two different days the first day we just really kind of set up the office but if the furniture and everything and then the second day I was filming I actually was going in and decorating everything and adding a few more little furniture pieces so the first thing I’m bringing in is this bench that I got from home goods and then this little fiddle leaf tree that I actually got from Ikea but I will link one that I found on Amazon in case if you don’t have an Ikea near you and next I’m just adding in some throw pillows along with some pillow covers that I just got from Amazon I get all of my pillow covers from Amazon and I just feel like they have such good quality ones lots of different options whether you want different colors or different textures and they are always a pretty good deal as well and you’ll notice throughout the room I do like to be a lot of attention to texture and just add different textures here and there and I feel like that just adds a lot of interest and something you definitely don’t overlook when decorating [Music] why do we do [Music] next time just setting up a little tray on my desk using a tray is a really good trick if you want to add several different pieces that might not necessarily go together but you want to create a space that really feels like it’s cohesive adding a few items onto a tray will definitely do that and the tray just really brings it all together so I did share a few sneak peeks over an Instagram they’ve already gotten tons of messages about this lamp I will be linking it down below but this one was from Amazon and then the other items on the tray along with pretty much everything else in the room came from either Amazon Marshalls IKEA or the target dollar spot [Music] we don’t need the paralyzed or tomorrow never see the end of the night bazaar what do we love what do we do to love whenever there’s an done why don’t we do what we do to love what [Music] this bookshelf is one that I actually got on Amazon several months ago and I had it down in my old office but I love this letter bookshelf I feel like it is very pretty and it’s also very functional and that was exactly my goal when decorating this as well I wanted to create some space that would not only look pretty but also be very functional and so that’s why I got these baskets these were again from Marshalls and then I just added a few plans I have my camera set up on there and then just a few little pieces that are very special to me or something that just kind of brings me joy when I see it and you’ll notice that I’m constantly kind of moving things around resituated things pulling things from one side to the other moving things completely off the shelf and putting new things on when you are decorating don’t feel like you just have to get it right the first time this is definitely not the case and I would say nine times out of ten it’s just kind of trial and error seeing what looks good pulling it back and trying something else until you feel like it feels right to you and that’s just kind of the fun of decorating but there are a few rules that you can follow and one of the rules that I do like to use as a guideline is paring things in pairs of three a lot of times pairs of three looks really really well together so [Music] next I am just putting up this big mirror I actually got this on Black Friday for about $20 at Walmart and one of the tricks that I’m using here is just by putting toothpaste on the hanging holes in the back and that kind of helps this as a guide to help us hang it up on the wall Kyle is shaking his head at me because he thinks is so silly he thinks that we need to measure a bunch and I am just not that way I don’t want to take the time to do that and I feel like a majority of the time this little trick works just as well as measuring but I would definitely hate to admit that [Music] [Music] Oh [Music] perfect you want them right there yeah so here we are just hanging up my YouTube play button and then also my logo sign that was made for me by my friend Emily for Mama from scratch and right here I’m just showing you how I am adding the toothpaste to at the hanger on the back and that way it will leave some of the toothpaste on the wall when you push it on where you want and that’s how you know where you need to put your screw in [Music] and last but not least I am just adding this little ottoman that I got from Marshalls and I want to stress don’t be afraid of patterns even if it seems like it might be a little busy as long as you don’t have too many statement pieces or patterns going on in the room it will probably pop in the room and make it look a lot better and a lot more interesting so definitely don’t be afraid and go ahead and try that out [Music] Oh Sophie only a shy [Music] so here you can see the before when it was totally cleaned out I actually forgot to take some before shots from when it was the guest bedroom but if you go into some of my cleaning videos or some of my home tour videos you can see what it looked like before when it was a guest room slash playroom and the transformation in this room has just been incredible the room feels so much bigger this way and it’s just been so nice people to work in a space that I can close the door if I need to and I just feels like my own space and something that is very simple but it has all the things that I need and a few little pieces that just kind of make it feel cozy and warm in a place that I can really enjoy being in for a long time since I do spend a lot of time working in this room so I hope you guys enjoyed this video I will be having tons more makeover videos as you know because we are going to be making over our new guest room also Kyle’s office downstairs and all three of the boys rooms and our entire basement so if you are into a home and room makeovers like I am definitely make sure that you are subscribed on below with your notification belt on so that you do not miss out on [Music] [Music] everything is done I think you guys have to tell me if you like that poof there Caillou couldn’t really tell me if he loved it or not I feel like it’s nice and practical and they feel like it’s good because otherwise it was like so empty there but then Yugi’s emptiness is good let me know if you guys like the pouf don’t like the pouf let me know the other thing I’m kind of struggling with right now is this mirror I love the mirror I love it so good this thing is huge it’s probably like three feet tall maybe like three and a half or four feet wide I’m wondering if I should put something on each side originally I wanted to put those on each side but once I got him home and like wow those are really too small I was hoping for like tall thin skinny like canvases with plant pictures on it and then I was hoping to get like a macrame thing for over there like a wall hanging but I couldn’t find either of those things so I got those which I really love those I do think they look good there I think they look small on the camera but they’re not that small um and like when you’re here because this is such a wide wall this is like where you come in from the door it’s such a white wall and I don’t have any like furniture anything here a part of me just feels like it feels incomplete but then maybe the simplicity of it is good I don’t know let me know your thoughts because I have asked several of my girlfriend’s just seen like what do you think I need to do I think I asked over on Instagram I am just needing a little bit of guidance here I need like an outside eye I asked Kyle and he’s like I like it oh he’s no help but let me know what you guys think of this because I am super undecided [Music]

Office Survival Guide with Audrey | Pilot Season

The first day of work is like the first day of school. There will be new cliques New politics New HOW TO FIX situations BUT don’t worry You, too, can survive this concrete, intern-eating jungle by learning a few simple facts and remembering a few simple hacks! To everyone In this jungle, looks can be deceiving. Oh! Good morning, sir! Hi, my name is Stef I’m a little bit early for the day and I didn’t know how these things work – Oh! This is where all the interns are supposed to sit I was waiting outside sitting at some
guy’s desk for 15 minutes. Hi, I’m Andrew. I’m late, sorry. Oh no, I’m not late, I’m
Andrew. You’re an intern too? But, uh You’re old. I…I took my time in school? I liked the school food …Oh So, what do we do. How many interns does this company need?? If you ask me, zero. But somehow, we took
on the both of you. You’re the interns? Er…Yeah… Yeah, I’ve been asked to take the new interns around. I’ll show you where to sit Where to stand And when to talk which is, you’re with me, NEVER. Let’s go. Before you get too excited about the that you’ll be bored of in about a week Remember that this is Not your
personal pantry. In the office pantry, Those are a Lot of coffee machines! This is Jason’s coffee machine. He’s very possessive. Don’t use it. This is other coffee machine. Don’t use it. Because it’s broken? No, because I want to use it, and I hate waiting. Hmm… It’s a stereotype for a reason. Interns end up making a lot of coffee. Make yourself stand out from the other interns By making cafe-style drinks with these two coffee hacks! You know, I read an article that said geniuses
take their coffee black. I actually like my coffee foamy, but the bosses
just don’t want to pay $100 for a milk foamer. It’s just not the same. I have – You know, they sell cheap milk foam add ons. Well, yes, so I have – What, they don’t want to spend on anything at all? I have a solution!! Here’s what you need to You’ll need For an extra fluffy afternoon treat! Thanks, I guess. Mm! Not bad. You can make my coffee from now on. There’s always a dark side, even to the happiest office. There are disgusting people with disgusting habits doing disgusting things. As a coffee making intern you’ll soon learn the hard truth of the disgusting, crusty But don’t worry. I have a solution. There was once we caught rats –
In the phone room? Sucks.
Totally. No more gross spoons in the sugar pot Here’s what you need to never again see a crusty spoon in your pantry’s sugar pot All you need to do is All you need is a squeezy bottle and a funnel. You can still measure how much sugar you want Heighten hygiene with the sugar bottle! Is this going to happen to you a lot? The crazy outfits and the bright lights? I’ll have you know that this is a local designer.
And I can’t help if if I’m brighter than you. Guys, hurry up, we have a client coming in
right now and we have to go for the meeting. Faster, let’s go! Meeting…? At the end of the day, it’s Although, sometimes… Have a hack I missed? Comment below with your question And remember to like and subscribe! Check out the rest of the Maker Pilot Season videos!

Does The Cash Envelope System Work? Dave Ramsey budgeting system

Another Pro is I don’t know. I don’t have any other pros to be honest with you My final thoughts is that the cash envelopes system and I have a little bit of beef going on right now not because it stole My ex-girlfriend or anything. We just have not gotten along in the past so much so that in the past I created a whole video on a digital alternative for the cash envelope system, but just like some of my past Ex-girlfriends. I like to give everything a second chance. So that’s what I decided to do with the cash envelope system in this video I’m gonna use the cash envelope system for 30 days straight and at the end of those 30 days I’m gonna stop and kind of give you my thoughts my Opinions a little review on the cash envelope system coming from someone who doesn’t use it on a monthly basis Now I’m going to do my absolute best not to be biased Because just kind of just to kind of get you up to speed I have not used the cash envelope system in about 7 years 7 years ago is when I started to paying off my $82,000 in debt and that you did use the cash envelope system for about two months realized It didn’t really work for me at that point in time so I did end up using credit cards throughout the whole process of paying off my $82,000 in debt, make sure to Hulk smash that thumbs up button. I’d greatly appreciate it It helps support me in this channel And if you want more personal finance videos just like this one then hit that subscribe button and the notification bell So YouTube will deliver them to your beautiful face. Ok so the first thing that I did in this process is I listed out all of my expenses the Expenses that I’m gonna have throughout this month that I’m going to pay in cash So there’s some things that I couldn’t put on this list because I’m not gonna go to my city to pay my water bill I’m not gonna go to the electric company to pay my electric bill things like that I’m just gonna still pay through my credit card and pay off at the end of the month but I did make a list of 1 to 7 things 7 things that I’ll be paying straight cash with the next step in the process is of course to get the envelopes I’ve got some basic white girl Envelopes right here. They’re not printables. I’m not trying to start trying to throw printables at you to buy they’re not bedazzled But not all colored and Pernis. They’re just basic envelopes And yeah, this is what I’m gonna use throughout the month as I spend money throughout the month I’m just going to track it on the front of each envelope That way I have a running total and I can keep an eye on how much I have left in each of these Spending categories for this cash envelope system. So what do you say we start making our envelopes now? I didn’t run to the bank already and I got all of my cash For each expense and I did kind of break it down already But let’s go through how much I’m gonna spend on each category and how much I’m gonna stuff each envelope with for each category first up is groceries now I spend $300 on groceries every month just my normal groceries that I eat throughout the week. I hope I spell this right. Here’s my groceries right there Let’s stuff this envelope. Yeah, I’m gonna stuff it Crap out of this envelope with this grocery budget. Alright three hundo for groceries Step 1 next we have our cheat meals. Now, I give myself two cheat meals every single week I spend eighty dollars total in the month. So there we go cheat meals It’s not like cheat meals Like I’m taking another girl out to cheat on my current girlfriend with these aren’t meals to take out that kind of girl But uh because I don’t have a girlfriend right now So, you know, I can’t really cheat on anybody if I’m not dating anybody So we’re gonna stuff this cheat meal envelope with this eighty dollars next up We’ve got our gas our gas money now, I spend about $100 every month at the max I usually don’t spend this hundred dollars to be honest with you in a full month sometimes I do it just depends how much I’m Driving how many dates I have and how far I have to drive for those dates if I’m being completely honest But we stuff this envelope with that $100 for gas. I If I’m gonna guess I’ll probably have a little bit of money left over for gas this month But I’m not gonna lower that in my budget I’m just gonna leave it at a hundo the next thing I’m spending cash on this month is for my dog Dog food I spent about $50 on my dog That’s roughly how much her her food is it’s like 48 dollars or something like that It’s some all-natural food, you know Cuz I like to keep my dog nice and healthy, just like I keep like to keep myself healthy I’m like if I’m gonna be healthy I might as well keep her healthy, too so there’s my dog all stuffed up with fifty dollars next up we have our toiletries now this can be Toilet paper. This can be contact solution to brushes Some toothpaste, you know things like that some some body wash so I smell good and don’t stink all the time Um, so I spend the $20 on that we’re gonna stuff this toiletry envelope up real nice and good. Oh, yeah, that’s good Look at that next we have our household stuff going on here. Now. I spend $20 on household items Everyone the were close to it. Sometimes I won’t spend the full 20 but $20 on household stuff so you think of anything like in the kitchen so find the paper towels or you know dish soap or Dish detergent. Is that a thing? I don’t even know So household items things like that. We stuffed this sucker with $20 and last but not least Uncle Jared here has to get some grooming So we’ve got a haircut I get a haircut once a month and I spend it $22 because I like to tip my people really good because if they mess up my hair then kind of makes me feel like an idiot and plus I make videos on the internet so I can’t be Coming in here looking all hacked up. Get some hack job on my head from some dude. So I always like to Tip actually a decent amount. That’s probably I spend $22. I don’t go to like great clips I go to like a real barber shop, but it’s still pretty reasonable. Well, how much does even cost? I don’t even know I think it’s 14 bucks. I give them 22 and say keep the change you filthy animal ok, so we have all of our Envelopes envelopes whatever you want to say. I think throughout the month. I’m going to kind of just check in I think it might pop up on the camera and Give you some updates on how it’s going how uncle Jarrod’s doing because this is gonna happen for 30 days. So this and whatever next take you see is gonna be either me kind of in it and in the middle of the month or me at the very end when I kind of give my review so Hang in there. Ok, we are done with the month the cash envelopes system test Case study is done. So I’m counting up the cash of how much money I have leftover Let’s find out what it’s gonna be. Look at all this cash. I’m rich. Maybe let’s find out how much it is Gosh, there’s so many $1 bills 20 40 60 110 20 31 55 89 90 91 191 dollars saved in my budget plus This change bits change I can’t stand the change it’s so annoying Okay, so one hundred and ninety one dollars and change. It’s pretty cool pretty exciting The only thing I didn’t actually spend money on at all. This month was my dog. She didn’t need food So I have fifty dollars left over for that So what I did was I put that into a MOLLE fund because that’s the name of my dog And that’ll go towards Like any future medical bills or anything? I have to buy for her in the future So I kind of lucked out didn’t have to buy any food this month so next month I will have to so that’s what I’m gonna do with that extra fifty dollars and all this extra money Not really sure what I’m gonna do with it yet. I might should I just invest it. I’m trying to think You know what? I’m about to buy a car. Yeah. I’m about to buy a car So maybe I’ll put this towards my next car fund if you will, so, I think I’m going today Alright, so let’s get into my final thoughts. I’m gonna go over some cons and I’m gonna go over some pros of Doing a cash envelope system budget or whatever. Okay, the first thing that I didn’t like was Basically carrying all these envelopes around it became so annoying Just having to run home and next year. I had all my envelopes suck go to the store. It was annoying it was very inconvenient to have to always worry about these cash envelope system their cash envelopes as opposed to just Grab you my wallet and grabbing my card and paying with my card Yeah, I didn’t like it and I didn’t like it at all I felt restricted and I mean some people might say why did you just take all your envelopes with you? I don’t want to lug these envelopes around everywhere I go. I don’t want to leave a bunch of cash sitting in my car So in my opinion that’s a con is just the inconvenience of carrying the envelopes around next another Con that a thing that I didn’t like was the extra work with Updating not just the envelopes and everything that I spent when I spent money Not just updating the amounts on the front the envelope but also updating my budget software as well. That was extremely annoying It was just double work just so I could account for everything on my envelopes. Yeah, I didn’t like that next Yeah, just in convenience in general tearing This change is annoying. What am I gonna do with this change now? I don’t need any change You know, so I’m like what am I gonna walk them to the ATM and just hand a bunch of change? I mean, I normally use Credit cards, so hold on my furnace just kicked in. Okay, so I normally use cards So now I’m kind of just stuck with a bunch of extra change and I don’t know how long it’s gonna sit around for Whatever that’s that’s besides the point. Another thing I didn’t like is the fact that I lost them I’m basically losing money for a month when it comes to getting my credit card reward points. I’m so taking a month off I’m losing out on those perks because I usually Pay everything with my credit card and pay off the balance before the end of the month. Alright, so let’s get into the pros So Jared, you’re talking all this trash about cash envelope system. What about the pros? I thought there were some pros I definitely felt like I had a good handle on on My money in general for sure. I don’t I don’t think there’s that’s really a con. That’s a pro, you know because you really have a you have a Decent idea of how much you have left to spend in the budget because it’s on the envelope. So that’s that’s pretty huge I like that not that I I mean, I’m still okay with that anyways, cuz normally when I spend money With my card, I’ll check my budget software on my phone and just see how much I have left to spend for the month but I don’t know I Did like the whole? Tracking it but maybe cuz I’m just a date a nerd and I like tracking things and this kind of fed that that need to track things because that’s I like do another pro was That I was conscious about what I was spending I did notice, you know once you sit down and start to track what you’ve spent for the day You really feel it. You do feel it when you spend the cash. I’ll give Dave Ramsey at for sure It’s super helpful for that another con and maybe this is just because I got unlucky Is the fact that I actually needed to mail something out this month Go figure and guess who didn’t have any envelopes in his house? Because he used them all for his cash envelope system This guy had to go to the grocery store Or the dollar store and buy a thing of envelopes because I didn’t have any left because I used them all my cash envelope system Another Pro is I don’t know. I don’t have any other pros to be honest with you My final thoughts is that I hate it for me for me I shouldn’t say for everyone because I Want to be fair and I know that this does really work for other people and other people will really enjoy it I dated a girl before Who actually really enjoyed the cash envelope system, so I can’t really fully trash it I’m just saying it doesn’t work for someone like me who prefers convenience And who has a pretty good handle on his money in general. It doesn’t make sense for me I’m not gonna do it again after this month. I’m Hopefully never going to have to do it again Unless I get married to someone who loves the cash envelope system Then I will deal with it and I’ll make her handle All this updating stuff because I don’t like it Yeah, it just felt like such a wasted time when I was sitting there tracking things by hand and then inputting into my software I’m like, oh this is so maybe I’m just being dramatic Jarrod. You’re being dramatic. Knock it off. I’m sorry. That’s just my thoughts That’s just my opinions. They said let me know and you leave a comment down below. Let me know what you think Do you like it? Do you not like it? Why and why not because I don’t think there’s there’s not a wrong answer For it. I’ve worked with a lot of people in the past. I’ve done some one-on-one coaching and they they really found it helpful So I always tell people do what works best for you. Try both methods and Go from there It’s it’s better to stick with what’s actually going to work as opposed to doing something. That’s just it’s not gonna work for you You know, I can tell you Oh cash envelope system is the right way to do it but if you’re always doing it, and you’re always failing and it’s just Constantly giving you a headache I’m gonna say well don’t do it and same vice-versa same thing with if you use a credit card or a debit card Hit the thumbs up button. That’s it. That’s my 30-day challenge. I don’t want to do this ever again I know I’m being a big baby. But I’m sorry. What are you gonna do just got to deal with it? All right Hulk smash that thumbs up button hit that subscribe button if you want More videos just like this personal finance videos hit that notification bell as well and YouTube will tell you when I do when I Release more videos. Thank you so much for watching. I greatly appreciate you. I’ll see you in the next one friends a Dios

Ficus becoming a bonsai tree … how is it working. Bending and pruning

Welcome to my channel, dear bonsai friends around the world, I’m Peter Today’s work on a cold winter day is to style a new base on a ficus tree with multiple trunks This ficus consists of several individual plants that have been woven into each other. Some of these plants have died and this is the remaining ficus. After repotting in a suitable bonsai soil last year, the tree shows healthy growth. Now it’s time to create a basic style for that tree I brought the tree a little above the surface of the ground ……… so that the roots optically became part of the trunk At this stage, you should take the time to make good decisions. cleaning up the foliage gives you a better view onto the tree Wiring the two main stems is my next move Then the other branches are wired and bent. Just follow your feelings until you are satisfied The next step is pruning and fine wiring the tree Try trimming the foliage so as to get nice pads As we know, the ficus branches and stem can be easily bent up to 2 cm in diameter with this type of plant. So don’t worry, you can change the style again later now I leave you alone for a while ……. you can see the workflow here you can see my way of pruning and getting some cuttings for propagation I hope you got some ideas for your bonsai work ……. If you like my video … thumbs up and / or subscribe ….. see you next time

How Does Wireless Charging Work? || Crude Wireless Energy Transfer Circuit

Nowadays when it is time to charge your phone using a microUSB cable is not the only available option anymore There also exist wireless charging stations that can transfer sufficient energy literally through the Air a Close relative to such wireless chargers is the well-known Transformer Which can also transmit energy without the need of a wired connection as well But the question is how can we alter the booking behavior of this big and heavy transformer in order to transmit energy Solely through the Air Let’s find out First of let’s talk about the working behavior of the transformer Just like every other common one it consists of a primary coil and a secondary coil that are placed inside a closed iron core By applying a 50 Hertz sine wave voltage to the primary coil current flows through it which therefore possesses a magnetic field strength and creates a magnetic flux density But most importantly it creates a magnetic flux which flows through the entire core and thus reaches the second coil Nevertheless a very small portion of this flux though will not reach the other coil and thus create a leakage flux You can actually compare this behavior to an electrical circuit while the iron core has a relatively low resistance due to its magnetic permeability Of around three hundred to ten thousand. The air around the iron has a much higher Resistance due to its permeability of only one Since current on this case the Magnetic flux choose the way of least resistance Most of it will flow through the iron But leakage flux still does exist and because we originally apply the sine voltage to the primary We created a sine current and sine flux. Which is luckily just what we need to induce a voltage into the secondary After hooking up a load to it. We can observe that we successfully transferred energy wirelessly as soon as I lifted off the i section and furthermore even removed the coils from the iron core the dream of wireless charging through the Air fell apart rather quickly. To find a solution to that problem Let’s go back to the traditional transformer setup this t equivalent circuit diagram describes the working behavior of our Transformer well enough to understand the main problem We got the resistance of the primary and secondary Coil which represents the copper losses the leakage inductance of the primary and secondary Which represents the leakage flux and finally the losses of the iron core through Eddy currents and the hysteresis If no load is attached on the secondary most current will flow through the cross impedance This way the input current will have a phase shift of 90 degrees compared to the voltage Because the inductive component of the iron core dominates Which is also the main reason for the output voltage. If you would short-circuit the secondary coil Most current would flow through the serial impedance which is proven by the phase shift of the input current Which is now almost zero degrees because the leakage inductances are rather small But if we go back to the no load circuit and remove the i section of the core the voltage on the output collapses because even though the inductance of the coil decreases drastically with this removal the leakage inductance is no bigger than the cross impedance this means according to a simple voltage divider Almost all of the input voltage will drop across the leakage inductance Instead of the cross impedance and thus the voltage on the output decreases drastically This leakage inductance is dependent on the coupling factor Which basically describes how much of the primary flux will reach the secondary coil. In our case though the coupling factor will always be small due to air coupling So the solution is to add a capacitor in series Which will near its resonance frequency cancel out the effect of the leakage inductance In my case my 1.1 millihenry coil will receive a 100 nanofarad capacitor which should equal a resonance frequency of around 15.2 kilohertz After adding a small load on the secondary and powering the primary with my function generator Near the resonance frequency we can see pretty much nothing What I forgot was to add another 100 nanofarad Capacitor in paralell to the secondary to achieve the same effect as with the primary This time the led finally lights up and showcases that you can actually put a decent distance between the primary and secondary Even bigger loads like this 1W led can be lit solely by using my – let’s be honest not well tuned resonator circuit Modern Wireless charging stations are definitely a bit more advanced But also use a high resonance frequency in this case of slightly above 130 kilohertz But that does not mean that they are perfect while charging my smartphone with the traditional wire connection the charging process required 9283 milliwatt hours Now if I repeat that same charging process with the wireless energy transfer it required 15168 milliwatt hours That is around 1.6 times as much and clearly shows that the efficiency is certainly not the best at the moment Additionally the utilized Qi standard contains a communication protocol which makes it almost impossible to rebuild a Qi charging station by ourselves But you can always create your own transmitter and receiver circuit from scratch, but that is a subject for another video until then don’t forget to like share and subscribe That would be awesome Stay creative and I will see you next time!

How safe is contactless payment? || How does RFID & NFC work? || EB#40

Nowadays, it is becoming more and more common to use a service like for example Google Pay to… like the name implies Pay for something in a store without using cash. Even I use a contactless payment methods with my Girocard. Which I only have to hold in front of card reader in a store for a couple of seconds to make a payments. But, of course when it comes to money, there will always be safety concerns. So, in this video Let’s learn a bit about RFID and NFC which are the technologies used for contactless payments. And at the end Let’s determine how safe this payment methods truly is? And whether it makes sense to use the RFID and NFC technology in our own simple Arduino projects. LET’S GET STARTED! This video is sponsored by JLCPCB who manufacture 10 PCBs with dimensions of up to 10 × 10 centimeters for just $2! Their boards of a good quality and feature 24-hour fast turnarounds. And best of all, their batch PCBs are cheaper than from most other PCB companies. When we search for “RFID Reader Arduino” on eBay We get quite a big selection of boards to choose from. But they boil down to three popular ICs. Those are the RDM6300, PN532, and RC522. To not miss out on anything. I ordered all three of them which luckily all came with either an RFID tag or card. But how do we use them? To find that out, I hooked up the RC522 board to Arduino UNO development boards. According to the wiring scheme, which was presented in the dump in full sketch of the RC522 Arduino library. As soon as the connections were established and the example code was uploaded. I opened up the serial monitor. Who after bringing the tag close to the boards sped out a whole lot of information. But why did that happen? And what does the information mean? Well, RFID stands for “Radio Frequency IDentification” which means it has to do with wireless communication. When we have a closer look at the PCB of the reader we can see that the features an antenna which we can draw simplified as a coil. Now, the reader IC in combination with some passive components pushes a sinusoidal current through the antenna which therefore creates a magnetic fields around the coil. The most-used frequencies are either 13.56 MHz (HF) (HF – High Fequency)
The most-used frequencies are either 13.56 MHz (HF) which the PN532 or the RC522 used. And 125 KHz (LF) (LF – Low Fequency)
And 125 KHz (LF) which RDM6300 used. The tag guts which we can clearly observe in this transparent housing consists of an antenna or coil as well and a small chip. Which, for example can be the Mifare Classic 1K (NXP). (Or it can be NXP iCode SLI)
Which, for example can be the Mifare Classic 1K (NXP). When the tag coil enters the magnetic field of the reader it uses a voltage into it and thus also occurrence which powers the IC. This is called “Wireless Energy Transfer”. And if you have never heard of it I recommend you to watch my wireless charging video as well as my DIY wireless energy transfer system video. Now the tags IC is powered and as we can see in its datasheet holds 1 KB of data that it wants to tell us, But how? To find that out, I formed the loop with my oscilloscope probes ground wire and had a closer look at the magnetic fields of the reader. As you can see here. It truly uses a frequency of 13.56 MHz and we can also observe that the amplitude of the sine wave changes quite a bit while the reader and tag communicates with one and other The reason is, that as soon as the tag IC is properly powered It uses a build-in transistor to short its coil according to the data it wants to send over. This short circuits secondary currents temps the carrier wave currents and thus can be observed as slight changes in the amplitudes. And that is how the RFID tag talks with the reader. I will not go into detail though what the exact steps of the data exchange are. Since there are plenty of tutorials out there that cover this. And we do not want to get too technical. What is important is that as soon as a RFID tag gets too close to a RFID reader it will spit out all of its information. Which means it is pretty dumb. But more about that later. Because contactless payments does not use RFID, But instead NFC which stands for “Near Field Communication“. Only problem is that NFC is a type of RFID. Only difference is that we got more standardized rules stated in for example, ISO 14443, ISO 18092, ISO 21481 (also, ISO 15693)
stated in for example, ISO 14443, ISO 18092, ISO 21481 Most Importantly though. We only use high Frequency So, a distance of a couple of centimeters between reader and tag is mandatory. And you can also use a reader as a tag to exchange more complex data. (Android Beam, S Beam, etc.)
to exchange more complex data. But let’s take a quick break from NFC and let’s go back to the Arduino example. We can use the reader to also write new data to the RFID tag. And of course use a part of the text data as an identification password too. For example, light up a LED That means such an Arduino RFID reader and tag is great for projects where you need permission for something to happen. Which I will keep in mind for future projects. Okay, quick break over… So let’s ask the question: How easy it actually is to read the data from my Girocard? No matter what I tried or what kind of code I utilized the The RC522 not recognized my card. And by utilizing the PN532 board which can handle more kinds of RFID tags. I was also not capable of reading any data. But that does not mean that there is no way to do that. Because every modern smartphone nowadays comes with NFC functionality. By installing the “NFC Tools” app (SubMaker: I also recomment NXP TagInfo)
By installing the “NFC Tools” app we can for starters scan the previously use tag to see some general information. But also read out its entire memory. Now, this time my Girocard got recognized. And apparently it is an ISO 14443-4 compliant tag. But while trying to read its memory the app said that this type is not supported yet. The reason is probably that while it is true that RFID tags will send out that data pretty carelessly. That does not mean that it is not encrypted. By for example, a shared key. Combine that with the effects letter close proximity is mandatory and you mostly got a payment limits Contactless payment is not as dangerous as most people might think. And if you want to be super safe You can always get yourself an anti skimming card holder for a couple of bucks. It’s metal material jams the radio frequencies and thus let circuits not interact with an RFID reader. And with that being said, RFID is an important technology. Which, for example allows me to own a card that opens my youtube channel if I bring it close to my smartphone. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned a thing or two. If so, don’t forget to like share and subscribe. STAY CREATIVE AND I’LL SEE YOU NEXT TIME! (Subtitle : PolaX3)