How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling

How to Deal with an Annoying Younger Sibling. Do you sometimes wish you were an only child? Yeah, so does your irritating little brother
or sister. You will need Imagination Self-control and
a little kindness. Step 1. Figure out exactly what your little brother
or sister does that annoys you, then come up with a plan. If your sibling always messes with your stuff,
ask your parents if you can keep your bedroom door locked when you’re out. Don’t be mean. Your younger sibling looks up to you, so set
a good example (even if you feel like yelling!). Step 2. Try ignoring the little pest. Many times, younger siblings do annoying things
for attention. If you ignore the bad behavior long enough,
he’ll eventually give up. Ignoring doesn’t mean putting your hands over
your ears and yelling, “La, la, la—I can’t hear you.” Remember, negative attention is still attention. Step 3. Make a deal. Say something like, “If you give me some
space while my friends are here, we can play your favorite board game after they leave.” If your sibling is pestering you out of boredom,
try suggesting a fun solo project, like asking him to draw you some pictures. Step 4. If all your little bro or sis is really guilty
of is wanting to play with you, give in once in a while. It will mean more than you think. Step 5. When all else fails, get help from mom or
dad. Don’t tattle—just ask for a suggestion on
how to get the little twerp out of your hair for a while. Did you know From 1986 to 2006, the number
of American families with only one child doubled.

How to Be Green at Work

How to Be Green at Work. Make every day “Take Your Green Values to
Work” day! You will need Recycled paper A ceramic mug
A reusable knife, fork, and spoon Cloth napkins Reusable plastic containers Sunlight and fresh
air and a power strip with an off switch. Step 1. Save paper by using digital files and printing
double-sided whenever possible. Print only when necessary. Step 2. Encourage your office to purchase chlorine-free
paper with high post-consumer recycled content. Reuse mailers and cartons, and recycle paper
after use. Step 3. Bring in your own ceramic mug so you don’t
have to use disposable cups. Step 4. Bring real cutlery and a cloth napkin to work
every day to use with your homemade lunch. If you’re getting takeout, ask them not
to put napkins and plastic cutlery in the bag. Step 5. Bring lunch from home in reusable containers
instead of in aluminum foil and plastic bags. Plastic containers come in a wide variety
of shapes and sizes—from sandwich-shaped to one that features separate covered sections
for dips and condiments. Step 6. When the sun shines, open the shades and use
minimal artificial light. If it’s not too hot, open the windows and
turn off the air-conditioning. Step 7. Set computers to power down when not in use,
and unplug them at night. Step 8. Offer guests tap water in glasses rather than
bottled water. Step 9. Ask your employer to consider letting employees
work from home a few days a week, to cut down on commuting. Did you know Office computers waste $1 billion
worth of electricity each year by being left on when they are not in use.

How To Keep Your Dog Busy While You’re At Work

(mellow music) – Do you ever run into this problem? You get up, you pour your coffee, you put on your shoes,
you get ready for work. It’s gonna be a great day. You kiss the pups, you
start to head out the door, and then you stop, because you know that they’re gonna whine all day, that they’re gonna bark all day, that they’re gonna get into things. You come home and this
is the conversation. (hip-hop music) Was it you, Zoe? Zoe, why won’t you look at me? Was it you? Were you in on this too, Snoop? Cliff, was it you? Cliff? If you’re anything like my household of pets, this happens to
you, so I thought I’d compile 14 ways to keep your dog
busy while you’re at work. If you watch my vlogs on a regular basis, you know that I love pets
and I also love life hacks, and efficiency and effectiveness
and just solving problems so I thought I’d put this together, and also I have a little bonus at the end. Let’s get started on this
special addition vlog. (upbeat music) Okay, first, don’t worry
about taking notes on this. I wrote a blog so you can
go get all the details. I put it all down below, I
even put links to the products if you wanna go check ’em out. Now, with some of these tips,
it’s gonna take a little time and preparation, but to
start I’m gonna give you a couple that are very simple. You can do in no time at all. First, turning on the television. It’s really simple to just turn on the TV, obviously Animal Planet’s a great network, or any sort of animal show, because if they hear barking or howling, it’s just gonna keep them more engaged. But it’s just a ambient noise. It’s kinda like if you
leave the fan on at night, and it helps you fall asleep. It’s very similar to dogs, it’ll distract them from noises that might be happening outside. Tip number three: fill a toy with peanut butter and freeze it, or throw some treats in there. It’ll keep your dog
busy for quite a while. Alright, now here’s a good
one that I came up with to work with the dogs
instead of against the dogs. I know that as soon as I shut that door, one of my dogs is going
on a scavenger hunt. I mean, she is checking every corner, every nook and cranny of the house to find anything she can get into. So what do I do? I take some pieces of kibble
or some little broken treats and I put them in areas that are safe, that she can’t harm anything, so that she’s going to those
areas to find those treats. It keeps her occupied, she
continues to check the house, and it redirects her to safe areas where she can’t get into trouble. Just be cautious with that one, you know, if your dog chews your shoes, obviously don’t put
kibble in your high heels, if you wear high heels. Now, number five isn’t for
everyone, but you know your dog, and if your dog has some anxiety, a calming treat a day
isn’t gonna be a bad thing. I like ’em in soft chews, because then the treat is the actual calming chew. They’re perfectly safe. Obviously, if you have any
concerns, check with your vet. But check out the link below
for the ones that I use for one of my dogs that
sometimes has some anxiety. Puzzles: who doesn’t love a puzzle? If you wanna take that scavenger
hunt to the next level, put treats or kibble inside puzzles. Some of my favorites are
the Nina Ottosson toys, she’s got entry level all the way up to very complex, depending
on how intelligent or crafty your dog is getting those. I would recommend it, it can
keep them busy for hours. Okay now, this next one
is hands down my favorite, and I’ll tell you why, but first I’m gonna tell you what it is. Freeze your dog’s treat. It takes them a little bit longer, in the summertime it’s really great ’cause it helps keep them cool, but the reason it’s my favorite, is it takes work on your part. You’ve got to eat the ice cream, that is, if you use an
ice cream container. I do, for obvious reasons. I think you know why
this one’s my favorite. I would specifically recommend
Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked. It just seems to work better. And if you need any
help with that project, let me know, I’ll come right over. Okay, back to the dogs. I’m gonna give you the next
three all in one bunch, ’cause I see people getting
overwhelmed with this. Hire a dog walker, take
your dog to daycare, or schedule a play date. And we like routine, and
we’re creatures of habit, so what do we start doing right away, we start saying, I need
a dog walker every day, or I need to take my dog
to daycare every day, or I need to schedule
a playdate every day. But you don’t have to do it every day, and you can mix those up. For example, I’ve got a boxer
that’s really high-energy, and I walk him and I run
him as much as I can, but he will always outpace me. So, he goes to daycare on
Tuesdays and Thursdays. Gives him a chance to socialize,
play with other big dogs, and he comes home completely worn out. It’s amazing. Number 12 focuses on the
right chews to give your dog. If you’re gonna give your dog
a chew on a regular basis, make sure you use some dental chews. It’ll keep ’em busy, and
helps promote clean teeth. Does your dog have a favorite toy? I know mine do, but sometimes
it’s really important to introduce a new toy,
that they have curiosity just like us, and while they
often have their favorite, it’s really important for
them to try something new. It’ll keep ’em busy, even if
you rotate in one a month, it’ll make a big difference. Number 14, the last one. It’s a simple one, and it
keeps ’em slightly busy, but I like to add this one in because it definitely causes
my dogs to get up more often and be more active and drink more water. Using a water fountain. There’s something about that sound that reminds dogs to go drink. I’ve noticed with my dogs, they
definitely drink more water with a water fountain, so check that out. I would highly recommend it. It’ll get ’em up a little bit more often, but it’ll make sure that
they’re drinking enough water. Okay, I hope some of
those 14 tips are helpful, and I also wanna know what you’re doing with
your dog that works, and make sure you leave
a comment down below, because everyone loves
learning about these things, and I’m sure you have some great ideas that we’d all like to hear. Don’t forget to subscribe and like this if you like videos like
this, and now my bonus tip. This is hands down the one that I do when I have time to prepare, or I really need to keep a dog busy. I deploy the bonus basket. It’s like a seven-layer
dip for dogs, right. You can have toys in
there, you can have treats, you can pack clothes, you can do whatever to pack things in there, so that your dog has to treasure hunt to
find those certain things. You could take a handful
of those 14 items, put ’em all in this treasure hunt, and let your dog spend
the day just discovering. Okay, I hope you enjoyed those tips, I will see you tomorrow,
’cause I gotta get to work. (hip-hop music)

How to Practice Good Phone and E-mail Etiquette at Work

How to Practice Good Phone and E-mail Etiquette
at Work. How can we put this in a way you’ll understand? Sending LOLs to your BFFs on company time
is not KEWL. You will need A job An email account A phone
with voice mail and some common sense. Step 1. First and foremost, remember you’re at work. Now is not the time to call or email your
long lost frat brothers, ex-girlfriends, or bookie. Step 2. Don’;t use your speakerphone unless it’s completely
necessary. Otherwise, it’s just obnoxious. Remember: background noise can be heard when
you’re on a conference call from home—and that includes toast popping, kettles whistling,
and toilets flushing. Step 3. When leaving a voice mail, keep it short—you
are not auditioning for Hamlet. Just provide the essentials: your name, your
number, and a BRIEF reason for calling. Have your message ready before you call. Nothing is more annoying than listening to
someone stammer while they try to formulate a coherent thought. And remember to enunciate so the person doesn’t
have to replay your message 25 times. Step 4. Always include a simple, straightforward description
in your email subject line so its recipient can quickly assess if it’s important, and
easily relocate it later. Step 5. Remember that an email doesn’t convey a context
the way your gestures, expressions, and tone of voice would. What you write in a playful way may come across
as harsh or insulting to your reader. Always spell-check your email before hitting
‘send’; It’s easy, and may just save you a lot of embarrassment. Step 6. Forwarding an email to a co-worker? Always include a brief explanation so they’re
not left to ponder what you may want from them. If you’re totally swamped, at least include
“FYI” Did you know Eighty-two percent of what you communicate on the phone is non-verbal—in
other words, what you say is far less important than how you say it.

Live Edge Wood Staircase in a Rustic Log Cabin | Working Alone

(gentle guitar music) – There you are, chasing squirrels? What’s up? You get ’em? I’m cleaning off the roof because we’ve had a couple of
days of warm weather, including rain, like
scattered showers today. So all that snow on the
roof is starting to melt and compress and get
heavier as it absorbs water. And because the section of the cabin within the boundaries of the walls gets a lot of heat coming through the roof ’cause it’s not insulated,
gets to melting up there and then as it gets closer to
the eve where it’s unheated it turns to ice and then
creates a bit of a dam. With a shingle roof or something
it causes a major issue because then the dam, ice dam, dams the water that’s coming down the roof as it melts from the heat of the house and then that backs up and it
gets underneath the shingles. I don’t have an issue with this roof because it’s solid plank roof
all the way down vertically then under that I have
a waterproof membrane. So any water that does get
underneath these roof boards comes out underneath them. ‘Cause I’ve got some gaps
cut into the strapping so the water can escape but that being said, got a whole bunch of more snow coming in, maybe another six inches, 15 centimeters, tonight and tomorrow. So before that accumulates
into heavier snow I’ll see if I can at least
some of this water and ice off the roof today before
it refreezes again. Hmm. Nope. (ax thudding) (meat sizzling) Go on. Crazy. Brave but crazy. Got me a little nervous but she just goes running when she hears branches breaking but luckily it was just a tree
falling over from the snow. It’s just a good little rolling pin. Unless you want it. (Cali barking) (scratching) Hi Cali, you want in pup? (chuckles) You gonna try
to climb these stairs? (food sizzling) Hungry today. Can you give me five? Good girl. Other hand? Good girl. Now take that out. Oh, heavy. You want to take it outside? Here, no over here. Want to go out or you wanna have it here? You wanna go outside with it? I thought you might. Every morning I get up, especially on a, what is this Thursday morning today. So these frequent upload,
video uploads are interesting because I try to read
as many of your comments if not all of them as possible which means what I typically do, so I’ll put up a video one day, answer questions maybe for the first hour and then when I take a
break with lunch or dinner or like this just before breakfast while I’m having my coffee I
like to read the questions. One of the questions this morning was why don’t you get help? Why don’t you have help? I think the intent of it was why don’t you choose to have help, not why don’t you get
help, or can’t find help. I think what is happening for me is that I tried to do
this when I was younger and it only lasted three months, I ended up finishing the
cabin and had it for 10 years and used it as sort of a hunt
camp and a weekend retreat but my goal, my dream at that point was to live in the woods
like Henry David Thoreau (was my inspiration,
I guess, at the time). So I think what drew me to
this lifestyle back then is the same as it is now and
that’s that I don’t like the.. I think the limitations of the
rat race or typical society, I think the lack of freedom is probably my number one resentment and what wanted me, what drew
me to this lifestyle back then and like I said, and also now.. I don’t like having to
get up at a certain time, go to a job that I don’t
really feel passionate about, I don’t feel like there’s a connection, I don’t feel like it’s something that’s worthwhile of my time. And I think those kind
of jobs are hard to find. They exist and I encourage
everybody to try to find that because if you can it’s a
much more fulfilling life than one where you just
go through the paces and then hope that you get to spend some time on the weekends doing what you really love to do. But I think the alone thing,
the doing the building alone, and doing a lot of stuff
in the outdoors alone. First of all I’ve always felt
a deeper connection to nature when I’m out in the woods alone, or out on the lakes, whatever I’m doing. So I think that’s what
drew me to something, things like bow hunting and
fishing when I was younger is that it allowed me to, or forced me to become much closer to nature, pay more attention to everything because you had to get
close to everything, close to animals in order to have a chance at harvesting one for a meal. So when I was young one of the things I really liked to do with my
time before I became a hunter was to follow animals
around and birds and stuff and try to really get to know as much as I could about
nature and about wildlife. I started off by doing birdwatching, keeping a journal about
birds, learning their sounds, finding their nests to
see what kind of habitat they nested in and looking at their eggs. Getting close to nature just
forced me to really appreciate first of all that being alone allowed me to get closer to these animals and not having somebody else distracting me from my purpose there but also just pulling me off
in a different direction, so let’s say that I heard
a certain bird over here and the person I was with, like my sister I used to go out into the
woods with quite often, or sisters, and a couple friends. They might wanna go over
here and do this thing and you end up compromising
and maybe going there, I wanted to go here. So being alone allowed me to
focus on what I wanted to do and to I think learn a
lot more about myself and a lot more about nature by allowing me to pursue what
I was really interested in and what was worth my attention. So as I grew older and
reading Henry David Thoreau and Emerson talking about self reliance, I was inspired to go out and
try to do that full time. So it’s where I bought the
property up in this area, Central Ontario, very cheaply. I worked hard for it. And built that first cabin but actually before that log cabin I had a little island property, the first one that I bought
actually when I was 17 was a very cheap property, it was two acres on a large island in the middle of a midsize
lake in Central Ontario. And I actually built a
regular 2 x 4 cabin on that, covered it in sheet metal
because my dad was able to get a bunch of pieces of sheet metal, so a hideous looking
thing but very functional and spent two years boating to that island and building a fire pit
and all that kind of stuff and using that as a base camp to go out and hunt and fish and stuff. So that again taught me to be independent and a lot of times the
independence was sort of forced because people didn’t have
the focus or the determination to do that type of thing
with all of their free time. So even though I was heavy
into sports as a teenager, to hockey and soccer in particular and working out, going to the gym, a little bit of kickboxing
and judo and stuff like that. My real passion was the outdoors so every weekend I would
borrow my dad’s truck, amazing that my parents let me have, encouraged me and supported
me getting that property and then providing transportation, so I was able to go up
pretty well every weekend and any other time that I have off and work at that cabin and
spend time in the outdoors. So all of these things naturally I became independent because of it, became more self reliant and I got to the point
where I preferred it. Even though I am a friendly person, I do get along with people and I do have a fair number
of friends and family that I like to spend time with there’s still to me nothing like spending time in the outdoors alone. So I end up, and also
at this stage in my life and throughout my life
it’s rare to find somebody that has the time and again
the dedication or the focus on doing this particular thing when they have either
other responsibilities or other things that they want
to pursue, other passions. So I think that that fact, the fact that not everybody wants to do what I want to do all the time has led me to become independent but at this stage it’s just
become my preference as well. So even though I have friends and family and I spend a lot of time with
them when I’m not filming, that’s the reason that
I’m in Central Ontario instead of further way up north
back further into the woods ’cause actually that would
probably be my preference although I love the
landscape around here as well and the climate but I’d probably
be even much more remote if I didn’t have a family of course. I do spend a lot of time with
them whenever I’m not filming. That’s usually what I’m doing, I’m spending time with family. Now as far as the building’s concerned the same thing applies, not many people have the time to spend doing just this kind
of thing for themselves nevermind coming to help me
although I’ve had lots of offers and I really appreciate that but this place has become sort of a, I don’t know it’s become
my personal challenge, it’s become my legacy I guess, something that I want
to say that I’ve done. Not to brag and not to, not to impress anybody else but to I guess for me. I mean just for my satisfaction, for me to get closer to the end of my life and look back and see that
I did something valuable and that I did something that I loved and I had a fulfilling
and meaningful life, besides family being number one and that’s the most meaningful
thing I’ve done in my life is to raise two daughters
and have a fantastic wife. This would be the next thing
that I’d be most proud of is that I have been able to
build this place on my own without help and I’ve
rised to that challenge. And I think beyond that personal challenge it’s grown now to a point
where being able to share that with such a broad audience
and a large audience has made me realize how many people would inspire to do this kind of thing. To do something, to do
something with their lives that’s meaningful and fulfilling and oftentimes that means
doing something alone. I think for me I’m proud to be able to inspire people to
do something like this and to show that it can be done alone because most people will
find the same thing, it’s hard to find like-minded individuals whether it’s family or
friends or acquaintances that have the time and
effort and focus and passion to do exactly what you want to do. This is my way of showing
also too then to the world that you can put your mind to, you can do anything you put your mind to whether you’re alone or not. And I always think if one man can do, build a cabin and build a
home and build other things, and I’m by no means the
only man that has done this, it’s been done many
times throughout history and many people are doing
it still to this day. And I think anybody who is
showing that that’s possible can show that anything is possible and that there’s things
that then collectively, that you do together and you can create great
things and do great things. I think we have a responsibility if we are strong enough of
mind and body to be productive, to not be productive I think is a real disservice to ourselves, our families, our friends
and our communities. So I would say that beyond what I’m doing here
for myself and my family, that would be the message that I want to leave with this channel, on this channel with my videos is for people just to
be their best selves. Do what you can. Be strong. Be happy. And be caring. And you can be those things if
you’re confident and capable. And you’ve tested you’re limits and know what you are capable of and that you’re doing things
to your full potential. Well, so (laughs) that’s what I’m feeling this morning after reading comments. Tired actually, it was a
little bit warm in the loft, it was only minus four celsius last night so 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Cali. So 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Fire, I only had one small log on there from like 8 o’clock, 8:30,
went to bed early last night. Still over 60 degrees
Fahrenheit in here this morning so very comfortable. But a little bit too warm in
the loft for what I had on. I had full flannel sleeping bag or no a comforter thing that we use. Little warm. So I’m gonna make some
breakfast now I think and get to work. Little bit of cosmetic
stuff in the kitchen here and then get back out I think, start working on the sauna
while we have this mild weather. See if I can knock off several more courses of the walls on that. Once I dig the logs out of the snow. Anyway, thanks for watching guys, really appreciate it and I’ll
see ya at the cabin next time. Take care. (wolf howling)

Working LEGO Combination Safe

Hey everyone, Jason here today I’m excited to show you my latest LEGO model which is this working combination safe. Last week I posted a fun little video of some of my minifigs stealing my gold out of it, but today I’m going to show you how it works and tell you how you can build one of your very own. So the
first thing we’re going to do is actually open it up and this works just
like any other three number combination lock you might be familiar with. We spin the dial two full rotations clockwise before stopping at the first number, then one full
revolution counter clockwise before stopping at the second number, and then clockwise again directly to the third number. Now obviously I don’t have any
numbers on this dial, I’m just using this printed radar dish from the mini
Millennium Falcon which was a set that was released in 2003, so I just have to
remember which symbols to stop at. But anyway, now that it’s unlocked I can throw the deadbolt and take the safe out of its surrounding frame, and open it up, and see that my gold bricks are still secure, and here we can see the discs of the combination lock as
well as the deadbolt down here. Now I actually have a stand-alone model showing how the
locking mechanism works, and as you can see they’re the same. So how does a combination lock actually work. If we take a look at the discs you can see that each one of them has a slot in it, and when the slots are all lined up like they are now, after you
inserted the correct combination, then the deadbolt can slide into them, unlocking the safe. When the discs are all oriented randomly, which happens when the safe is locked, and the dial is just randomly turned, then they prevent the deadbolt from opening. Each disc also has a tab on it, which allows it to catch on the adjacent disc., and this allows you to influence the position of the second and third
disc when you turn the dial. This is also why you have to turn the dial two full
rotations clockwise to ensure you’re actually moving the third disc when you
stop at the first number, and when you stop at the first number it actually positions
the third disc into the correct orientation. Then when you go one full
revolution counter clockwise you’re catching the second disc again and when
you stop the second number it stops the second disc at the correct location. And then when you move the dial to the third number it just stops the first disc in
the correct location. Now the slots are all lined up and I can unlock the safe again. Now let’s take a look at how the safe actually goes together. I’ve created a
simplified version of the frame just so you can more easily see how it’s created. Now a lot of people have built LEGO safes in the past and most of them suffer from one major flaw in that if you really want to get into them you can just take them apart, because
they’re built out of LEGO, and I really wanted to design this safe in such a way
that you couldn’t really do that, so as you can see I have a Technic frame here and these are just some Technic beams that are connected using these Technic pins, but the
beams themselves are connected using these plates that are placed from the
inside and once the plates are attached they prevent the beams from being able to be separated and then once you actually insert the
interior of the safe, because it’s flush with all those plates you can actually take
those plates out in any way or detach them from the Technic beams. Now obviously it’s all just built out of plastic and good hammer or a saw will allow you to easily get into the safe,
but within the rules of the LEGO system there’s actually no way to get into the
safe unless you know the combination. So to actually lock the safe we can throw
the deadbolt, which as you can see slide between these two Technic beams and
then spin the dial, which orients the discs all randomly, and now I can’t actually open the deadbolt, and that deadbolt prevents you from sliding the safe further in or taking it out. If you’d like to build a copy of the safe for yourself I have created step-by-step building instructions which you can find on my
website at I’ll add a link in the description below and at
the end of the video. I hope you enjoyed the model and the video, thanks for
watching, keep on building and I’ll see you next time.

What’s the Deal with DADO Blades? | MORE MINUTES

the swimming pool in the back of my truck hey I think this leak I could work outside it’s been raining pretty much the entire month of January but you know of course we need the rain here in California I think I have a window of opportunity now you know this would be a lot easier if my compressor was working and I could use a nail gun you know what I think I’ll go get one tomorrow morning okay this has been sitting here for three days now right where I left it so I did like zero research on these and I just went to my local hardware store and picked up the only one they had it looks a lot like my old compressor why this one doesn’t have wheels on it so I think it might be a little smaller so as you can see this is a craftsman three gallon air compressor a hundred and thirty five psi oh there’s the handle ooh shiny in bed silica gel do not eat lubricating oil so this is the oil filter here kind of looks like one that would go in your car and here’s where the oil goes the first thing I notice about this is it really doesn’t come with any accessories all you get is the hose and one of these things to fill up the tires on your car and I guess you could just screw that on to the end of the hose which is a little bit weird if you want to attach any tools to it you have to get a separate connector that doesn’t come with it that’s a lot these are some of the attachments from my old compressor and I have an extra one of these that should fit on there all right I think I’m ready to fire it up I’ll test it out with that little air blower okay that’s what I was waiting for so it stopped at a hundred and thirty psi and then you can adjust the pressure with this red knob here so here you can see the two different dials this one is labeled tool this one is tank they both have the exact same reading so I’m not exactly sure how I would use those or what that’s supposed to tell me maybe one of you can help me out with that nothing I don’t like about it is the way it moves around maybe it won’t move around so much when I set it on the floor it’s also a lot lighter than my old compressor I think it’s gonna work out for you know for what I use it for I don’t use it every single day I’ll keep you posted on this if I run into any problems with it something doesn’t work right I’ll let you know by far the most common question and comment I got on this week’s video had to do with my comment during the video about not being able to use dado blades in Europe I’m not sure what all the laws are in Europe regarding dado blades but I do know that they’re very difficult to obtain and use some people have told me that they’re illegal to use in those places in Europe other people have told me well that’s not exactly true I think the way it is is that Europe discourages the use of data blades and so you can’t buy a table saw with a long Arbor to hold a stack of data blades they only come with short arbors to screw on a single blade and I’m sure professional shops must get some sort of permission to use dado blade I don’t know the hardest part for me to understand is really why because in my estimation dado blades are actually a little bit safer to use than a single blade because a single blade is always going to be cutting all the way through a board it’s going to be raised up higher more possibility to cut your finger whereas dado blades usually cut very shallow grooves and don’t come up above the wood so there’s little chance of kickback and there’s little chance that you’re going to cut your finger I’m no expert on this if somebody is and wants to leave a comment down below and help us out that’d be great if you don’t have data blades the alternative is to use a router table you would just use a straight router bit like this and just make several passes whatever width you need for me setting it up and cutting grooves that way takes longer than using the dado stack and of course you can use your regular table saw blade to make grooves too just by moving this fence over after each pass it’s a little more time-consuming but it’s certainly doable how much weight will those drawer slides hold those particular ones are rated at a hundred pounds my guess is they could actually hold more than that but that’s what they recommend another thing is drawer slides come with a maximum width of the drawer that they’re rated for in this case the drawer was rated at 24 inches or smaller my drawer is actually 25 inches so living on the edge been had a good suggestion to put some sort of a divider in the center of the drawer which would prevent you from putting cleaning supplies and bottles there which would get hit by the drain trap as you slide the drawer in how old is princess be out meow she’s almost 12 years old Hugo wants to know if I’ve ever shaved with a harry’s razor on a Casper mattress while listening to an audible book so of course all the time but usually I include my gripper from micro jig

Range Pilot Light is Not Working

If your oven lights with a pilot flame and the pilot flame will not stay lit, blowing out immediately, or the pilot flame will not light, or it seems that the oven is not heating
when you’re trying to turn the oven on follow the printed instructions located inside the oven door. First, remove the oven door. Then loosen screws on the oven floor and
the remove the floor. The pilot is located at the back of the
oven burner on the left side. Next, light the two rear burners on the cook top. Then, push the oven control knob in and hold it while you use a flame to light the pilot light. Hold the oven control knob in for at least a minute. When you let go of the knob, the pilot should stay lit Turn the oven on to make sure it lights. When you are certain it is lighting
properly, turn the oven and the top burners off and reassemble the oven floor and the oven door. Your oven is now ready to be used. Remember that the oven must stay lit all of the time to ensure that the oven will work as expected.

Never Do This When Working on a Car, It Almost Killed Me

Rev up your engines,
hornet killer says scotty have you ever been injured while working on a car, well cuts
and bruises sure all the time, but I’m always wearing my strong sunglasses, these are glass
lenses their real strong, so I haven’t had any major problems, the only big thing that
ever happened to me was, I was dumb and I was working on a clutch and I was pulling
a transmission off and it slipped off the jack and I put my hand under it to stop it,
well the transmission landed on my finger and squashed it, man it was swollen up for
weeks, it hurt like mad, and I can still feel it when it’s going to rain you know I got
like a weather finger, so my advice is, if your working and you see something heavy falling,
just get out of the way, don’t try to catch it, I learned my lesson on that one,
something random asks scotty, what’s your opinion on a car using laminated glass on
every window, is the safety risk worth the benefits, yeah I think it is really, here’s
the thing a lot of people don’t understand, originally all the glasses were laminated
except for the rear window, it was safer if you get in wrecks you know, it’s just the
way that the glass isn’t going to come in and cut you, it’s gonna stay just like the
windshield, but then a long time ago they decided, let’s save some money and make cars
cheaper, so they changed the law in the US for the safety for the side windows, they
kept the front windscreen the same it had to be laminated, but they change it so that
they could use the cheaper safety glass on the side that you hit them it doesn’t break
off in sheets, it shatters into little pieces, but they changed the law to allow it and then
they made them that way, and now some of the people are going back to laminated glass because
yes, it actually is better for the people inside and your car is structurally stronger
too if you get in a wreck, of course if the door is jammed and you can’t get out it’s
very hard to break them too, that’s the trade off but safety wise really I think it’s safer
to have the laminated glass because it’s structurally stronger if the car rolls over and does stuff,
and then people can’t just come up to your car with a hammer and go bang and bash the
window and steal everything inside, if they know it’s laminated glass they hit it they
can’t break it and they walk away, so I like the idea, it costs more money to make them
though, but they all originally were made that way, ankle says scotty I’ve been looking
to sell my 03 ford focus and using some of the money to buy a 92 mazda miata, is it a
good choice, I want to have fun with the car and I think the miata would be great, yeah
those miatas were fun little sports cars, it’s a smart thing to get rid of that focus
it’s 16 years old and generally they always turn into money pits by then, if they haven’t
they soon will, the mazda miatas were cute little sports cars, you can have fun with
them, one thing though, do not buy a mazda miata with an automatic transmission from
back in those days they were terrible, they were junk their no fun to drive, but if you
get one with a standard transmission their fun, I have plenty of customers that have
those older ones and they have a riot with the things, and their usually not all that
expensive either, because they sold a whole bunch of them, and so there’s a lot of them
out there for sale, they can be fun it sounds like a smart idea to me,
ptrl says scotty can I remove a muffler on a 98 volvo s70, well I don’t know, I don’t
know how capable you are, if you can you can take it off and remove it but if you do it’s
going to make all kinds of noise and eventually it won’t run right because the computer in
the car will be confused by the information that it gets about the flow of the exhaust
and it’s probably going to mess up your catalytic converter system because it’s going to flow
too fast, and it really isn’t going to make it run any better anyways, because the little
restriction that’s on the muffler isn’t all that much, the restriction on the catalytic
converter usually is more than what the muffler is doing, and if you’re leaving that on what’s
the point, but if you live in an area like Montana or something that doesn’t do any kinds
of emissions testing you can really do whatever you want, and then drive it around, but their
generally not going to run right when you do,
no arm reg says scotty what’s your opinion on standard transmission volvos, especially
the fast ones, well their fine cars, the big downfall of the later model volvos were their
automatic transmission were crappy and cost a fortune to repair when they went out, they
were not cheap vehicles to repair, and the weren’t as dependable, but the manual transmission
ones, I’ve never seen a manual transmission go out on any of those volvos, their really
strong well built ones, and the faster volvos, yeah they were zippy cars to go around in,
here in the US volvos generally turned into more yuppie cars where the soccer moms wanted
them, so they were all automatic transmissions, with all the bells and stuff but their fast
ones with manual transmissions, hey they were fun to drive, zippy, and they held up pretty
well, of course now the Chinese own Volvo and they claim their only going to be making
hybrid and electric cars in the near future so you can pass all that that will be a thing
of the past, the won’t be making those anymore, so if you never want to miss another one of
my new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell!

How to Fold a Shirt in Under 2 Seconds

today I’m going to show you how to fold a shirt in under two seconds start by taking a short sleeve shirt and lying it out on its back then we need to draw an imaginary line halfway between the top and the bottom of the shirt roughly here and another one the halfway between the centerline of the shirt and the outside edge about here we’ll call the point where the lines cross a the top point B and the bottom Point C start by pinching the shirt at Point a with your left hand pick up point B with your right hand then cross your right hand over to pick up point C next quickly unfold your arms and finally use the table to fold the shirt back on itself this method works with any short sleeve top from t-shirts polo tops and shirts and with a bit of practice can be done very quickly if you liked this video maybe you’d like to take a look at some of my others by clicking on the links on the right hand side or take a look at my youtube channel page thanks for watching you