Hearthstone: The Meta Is Nuts (Mage Constructed)

you asked for it I would keep caring for major if I also had the secret I guess Wow hopefully he doesn't have 1x oh my god oh he's got an ax very sad and much sadness was on this day this is actually it could work ancient watcher oh my very anti I grew where I like the science here oh wow we got some serious science going on here super cereal Wow Thank u so G so much damage harvesting servos engaged Wow feel like I just got hard encountered that's cuz I did what in the world my magic will tear you apart well that's pretty good one portal what's that's another one of these pretty good but haha that Kazan mystic values insane – 5 6 7 8 9 don't want to kill this first alright wait 3 6 8 9 10 yeah just go fast another mirror deck is all over the place now did I jump into this deck one turn one daily well that's good you asked for it no boy shall wear of a young hunter delicious enjoy its the aggressive under superdelicious sergeant fluffy asks would it be wrong to run double mystic the metagame needs to be a pretty extreme before that's right Wow you want face that it's actually kind of a gross go face smooth it's actually really really gross Wow nice come on dissatisfied with his face his facing right he's going for the face allowed me to kill Misha two can play that game I have to keep going Belcher is pretty good this I think will be a pretty close finish next I have to think for a moment on whether or not I'm gonna call this fire four eight nine sixteen seventeen hopefully no skill I wonder if unleash the hounds would have had lethal frame usually no oh yeah counterspell Wow think of all the cards on the list I was most skeptical skeptical about counterspell and seems to be pretty good right there little versus scientists in it great yeah silly actress Wow spectacular fantastic shark asked what is the most annoying secret to have to deal with as an opponent to that secret it depends on the matchup but usually mirror at any is why you see miss than the dextran mirror it's actually not bad yeah let me think about it I've basically gotten nine free mana worth of stuff in the form of three secrets but it's still not looking very good I might have a hand and oh and the opponent still holds the coin actually hmm oh my coin might have actually been important for him so I guess it's okay crumble this date so I give him the axe first maybe the role is quite bad for me I feel the pressure to play this card also it may have been better from the color sludge belcher first and then brawl crafty ass on the previous turn why not instead do the flame cannon and hero power the reason is you only spent four mana only have a small window to actually kill your opponent so you have to spend all your mana the tempo down but I am new to the deck and Eunice craps that line of flight is better by killing me a phone that's pretty important as it turns out oh my god second oh that's bad this is ultimate champion ah flame cannon or dr. boom one choice the organizing decision definitely disastrous sometimes I survived two brawls a big-game hunter the fiery one acts both of them feels like it's been so uphill but Sylvanas survived both of them and I've gotten the curve which is lasted until turn 10 more so these are all good news things but it looks like a warrior being able to stabilize here I even a unstable portal need to address which is fantastic let's do better ragnar s14 fireball fireball fireball fireball alert what pow I'm sorry Wow looking at this hand you'd think I was control major or something a lot of warrior up there small sample size after this game that it'll be 4 out of 12 that's a lot of warrior ok opponents got fiery one axe in his hand what is my best answer best response it might be holding the coin no real reason to speed out to extra damage I think given that this curve works perfectly without the coin it just means I deal one less air to less damage it's taking a freebie I just like giving them freebies hmmm so bad against some cards this is tricky face guess the meta right now is really really really interesting it's kind of the Wild West nothing established maybe I just feel that way because I'm playing a new deck but it's more of the decks I'm facing off against it's very unexpected to run into this mini warrior but this small sample size also the right temple is patient assassins kind of tough I certainly don't play it into death spite with one charge into it I don't think I don't know yet also maybe this turn I've been right no six mana well it gets the shieldmaiden watch oh that is the thing maybe I should have played it I wonder whether or not he wanted that result it's not very clear okay this is where boom can happen so kind of hard counters boom going down getting all set it's alright 13 damn and the spirits are very powerful today so many slugs vultures the big card that I can't deal with format is so unusual right now but I do more to play this back mainly do the science tres science oh well please your magic shall not see Thank You pyromancers shaman interesting all right not really my favorite one well on this turn this actually is pretty useful have a good chance of hitting this turn my choice is our Belcher or Prentice portal and the Prentice portal is probably better don't even talk at the moment the Beast hopefully he doesn't have the Beast in his sights well that actually might be okay what a tease the Beast will punish you for that people are so edgy right now it's really cool pyromancer Farsight it all makes sense then kind of good for you for making it to reggae or the Farsight duck good for you Wow he's farsighted heck's good for you that's amazing actually I'm not even that they're only slightly thinner and yes that is the first time I actually hovered over in the garden realized created by far side is apparently a thing now – I haven't seen that in forever probably was made along with unstable portal got a question that would cereal Arcanist run well in this deck or is it not worth the secrets don't stay alone enough for it to work this is also an aggressive base spec you can't really set up there situations to come up so probably a poor idea more practical in a deck with duplicator ice block where the secret stay long longer stay around longer

Hearthstone: Praise Jaraxxus (Warlock Constructed)

life shall bring victory your soul shall be mine is someone injured in some ways it's a tougher game just because there are so many different viable decks right now I think the Damned stand ready my choice to coin out this guy or take it a bit slower Oh with no other giant in hand I think this mind if I roll need kill off the dark cultists and silence whatever lands problem now that's the best target could a tap there he seems to be playing it fairly quickly so I will play quickly as well to match pace also by getting that guy out it allows me to double defender of argus which is going to be quite good here chose not to attack me for two probably wise my seal dangerous step me down to that amount of house yeah we'll play game we'll play ball here I have no time for games bring out your dead damn stand ready my choice of mountain Joyner sludge belcher if I play Belcher I can also play son theory no I could play ancient watcher sunfury or I could play and shouldn't watch her shadow flame it yeah I think that's best given my lockup the wind state of bored my fire what I didn't sound uh wow this is where you have to decide how much heart do you actually have I had his face I almost certainly win the next game if the turn gets passed to me it would seem to me like if I hit the face I have like ace at worst a 66% chance to win if I do this trade and I drag it out longer the question is do I have any higher than 66% chance to win and given this hand I can't really say that with great confidence and that's only in the worst case do I have a 66% chance to win that would mean he has to have like holy Nova and he has to deal with the five nos pretty unlikely or awk a nice little priest or something most of the cases I have a 75% chance actually greetings embrace the void I greet you here we go well play shall bring victory your soul shall be mine I'll keep the ancient washer as a card to play in the middle since I'm going ii have to play a card on a turn where i don't tap this is shaping up to be quite a strong start the damned stand ready hand is a need to be extremely strong now fortunately kind of like xue all this early game damage is not that important and kind of moves me towards my wind condition sometimes sometimes is someone injured playing scared oh no that's a very strong turn for him and one of the major swings which might lead him to victory soul fire so fires likely worth it here so I'll go to 17 yeah worth hellfire it's powered shields they make like 479 if I actually just killed this it's not bad hi there well there's the greedy play and then there's the safe play uh I respect this card so much all right I should be able to recover and I don't think he can kill me embrace the void oh okay thank goodness he can't possibly because that zombie Chow is five health face hold yeah this is where I'll face some pain I won I do want to play around black night and I may not want to talk to these giants so perhaps I talk to the two guys off to the side I hate soul firing only one health I think this is correct surprise hand locked is someone injured they drawn to shadow or death all right so I want to tap first order of business I think it's okay to take this slow and use that against that and I think I do want to continue tapping I'll drawn to jaraxxus eventually there's nothing he can actually do to get past me I think there is the slight possibility of holy fire but that's not very popular at the moment probably should have hit his face for a instead of hitting the Northshire cleric then we've set up for lethal this turn that's way too much respect for Northshire cleric that's late game when he already has so many cards I'm a little scared of putting taunt on this he thought so much means he could have stolen Black Knight 8 11 14 if I do nothing I'll win the next turn I should say if I do nothing I think I have the highest chance of winning fight uh if I'd hit the face last turn so North sure he did nine which is actually not a win stone eight ten eleven fifteen Wow well all right back on the streak here Mike she'll bring victory your soul shall be mine phalion asks my favorite play style tends to be the more passive control answer the opponent's threat sufficiently style but really my favorite play style is one where I would more often mind if I roll need it seems sick well it's playing around mortal coil I can understand that I suppose the damn stand ready I got Twilight Drake before mountain giant especially against the priests they have much fewer ways to deal with the drink is someone injured circle the strong start from I mean not as strong as possible but pretty strong owl excellent um not that great two six seven all right I'm going to be willing to tap and just play Mountain Jack it's fine excellent the choices I like how recklessly it's possible to play against these priests because this line you can only be described as reckless Hellfire I like that in tap it's very fun uh actually have four and one um I could kill one of my cards to kill one of his cards maybe Hellfire isn't right now Hellfire is correct I guess I just passed hello Roy I asked do you think that thought steal or mine vision is overpowered considering they add to your card count so basically they're arguing they're too strong because they give you the ability to have like thirty to thirty four cards in your deck you pay a mana cost for that and it is fair two three six not unfair by any means Wow if you want to see unfair decking the definition of unfair plays for men at 8/8 for men at 410 and has it constantly big hand of course everything has its weaknesses good answer is someone injured all right here I choose not to respect this Northshire cleric 4:8 damn well actually I might my respect to the Northshire there's no bounds no that's ridiculous 8 10 14 18 absolutely uncertain even blog about it well thinking about it is never absurd carrying it out filler ayahs pushing the idea that thoughts deal is so much better I came to like because you draw them out from a magical part of the world my shield that's the priest thing and in addition it's not very it's not that strong because it only matters in that games where you go to fatigue which happened to be a very very small percentage of games 8:11 actually don't have lethal I think now I have lethal most of the time when you're playing ham like sometimes you feel so powerful your soul shall be mine here we go with a UH bad matchup although the changes in this deck have made this matches better Wow who still runs unbanned elemental old-school you slightly tempted to just soul fire this yeah I should before it gets out of swole fire range the Drake doesn't matter as much let's see all these cards none of them matter too much to be discarded this card first jar axis that might matter alright time to play B hopefully he does not have heart okay I got the health that's good it doesn't have the arishok that's good not have the air shock actually means I can heal this thing see is top decking before the years fire elemental here that is far worse of a play than I thought Oh got the air shot there unless he had the air shot getting rid of the azure drake is good my seal foot out and be scary my feel kind of Hellfire range black nights all right that's all fine lovely few cards that I don't bonus is one of them okay he has used no hexes yet I'm reluctant to play the Ragnaros 8 12 14 although if I hit his face and practically win I go for the aggressor he all right it's got a Dodge dying this turn which is possible I shall bring victory your soul shall be mine or than ring farces all right to keep if you already have the floor but not in this case an average hand slightly below average but not disastrous own turf I should coin tap I probably should since I'm looking for the a card I can play before giant alright still the same case this hand is now quite hit back bring out your dead Justin he drew that in the wrong order Wow Sam it's turned from a below average hand into you of the nuts hand highly likely to win whoa no play at all but one my shield for argus is someone injured mind if I roll need Thank You T but I didn't have the Hellfire that have been trigger cold see mother Wow reckless all right so Hellfire is a possibility too bad I got rid of the out didn't look like it was gonna be very important to posture than a little scared to put defender of Argus on because I could then get black knighted I could defender of Argus and send both of them in the Karen and then they'll have gotten their value one my sealed for target solo argues that it was incorrect a coin tap on the first turn because on turn through I could fly son fear but I would argue that I really don't want to play son carry on turn three we've got the three health sport which I only care about since I seem to be holding health I Coyle if I tap the mountain giant cost three not that useful I don't think I need to tap anymore okay so I think the chance of me losing randomly it's greater if I tap I'll play the mountain giant and then pass I also thought about some hearing this but I think my chances of randomly getting black knighted are significant enough it's inconsistent no it's not that inconsistent imagine get some direct damage on me so I'm a little tiny bit afraid of shadow madness let me change your all right got my jaraxxus it looks to be someone that can clean house here could he'll fire but I dropped down before which is most likely not going to matter but you never know Traxxas it is one that's true that's somewhat unfortunately both Moulton's haven't come to me yet but Drax is gonna jaraxxus let me change your dad Hellfire is soul fire and then Inferno Hellfire mortal coil feels slightly better no thanks oh well whoa oh yeah infernal still better I could do no no yeah Drax this is really good against priest because priest cannot mind-control Drax's I have no time for games okay so I can set them at nine which is unfortunately not good enough it's actually a little bit problematic right here if I play rag roast and I hit Sylvanas could actually lose the game how safe do I play this I think the answer is very safe because Oh shall I destroy because I am jaraxxus all right Ragnar us bring it home well played that's courage will show during Riven there it's weird oh my gosh haha Oh

Hearthstone: Anti-Mech Mage Lock (Warlock Constructed)

do I like this deck hmm certainly has its place can I think of something better to be playing right now there had the fortune of running into three paladin's so far I think there's gotta be something better at the moment I try this this uh this warlock deck all right let's give this one a touch this one a track it's pretty spicy never would have been spicier if I ran it five days ago and I would have done really well with this deck five days ago I'm quite certainly but that is the benefit of being the first mover in these types of decks so I'm going to be playing this deck pioneered by Jeff Sam who came up with a brilliant anti meta game card deck a few days ago and performed really really well with it it's less good to be running this deck now but it might still be good you've uh seen me matchup against this deck here and there every so often and of course it has both mel ganas and der axis in it very lovely this is the this is a warlock deck which runs probably some of the most amounts of warlock decks uh most the most the highest quantity of warlock cards were like class cards I've seen out of many of the decks out there anyways there runs so many of my favorite cards like zombie chat when I first looked at this list I was like what in the world does this even do that just happens to work I'm not gonna question it even though I'm new to this deck I anticipate like doing pretty well since it's pretty much the hand lock style kind of sort of a lot of utility one of those decks of so many cards in it that I have to scroll how do I know there's actually probably quite a lot of room to change cards up in this deck and I've seen a lot of variations and I'm actually surprised at the exact construction of this deck now that I see it that Nick's the siphon so for now I'll add another duck bomb or maybe an abusive this is fun so it's basically hemlock except it can compete in the early game and doesn't run Giants and a few other things and it's shocking how good the void colors are actually shocking called control warlock it's unfortunate because I missed the Train the Flint it's not that I missed the Train it wasn't widely publicized until recently but I missed that moment in time where like 6 where a 50% of the meadow is managed you just gotta move faster I guess I'm disappointed in myself for not moving faster I'll try to stay ahead of the care of next time but I do know that like two days ago I said but really I needed to act even faster in two days ago but two days ago maybe like three days ago I said something along the lines of I feel like mecha mages days are numbered it was partly because this deck instead and it was partly just because I was playing mech mage for the science and then like learning that the matchups well good in general don't beat everything so here's the deck the deck has a lot of ways to change I even hypothesized as I control were like deck a while ago but there's no prizes given to those who have taught the size about things and then don't act tisk tisk me well sure hope I'm up against a zoo it's the mirror exciting the best the thing that I've realized is that in order to do well you have to play a deck that has no mirror because that means you're on the forefront of technology and it does hurt my soul little bit to tag onto this deck on what I'm going to say is the tail end of it being good in fact I'm probably going to switch decks tuna and it doesn't know I me that's the first game that I get matched up I face what is the year but it's okay I want mirror the sky hopefully it's gonna be really hard for the stars to align into having a format that's quite as degenerate as the early days of this season and I don't mean degenerate as in like that deck was out of control good I just mean the deck was really really open player legend has it that just sand went 33 and free against neck mage with this day and then I can't help but be super jelly over his success jelly jelly it's like recipe R or they're like those periods of time where items are super hot we've got a move to stock your shop up with that item got to play the right deck for the time why don't I think control warrior would be better in current meta it could be this evening I will take some time to consider what to play for tomorrow but I think we're moving into a meta where things are roughly balanced and it's gonna be time to play a deck which is just good by default and what that deck is is difficult to say cuz I'm not sure all right so if I hit two on the implosion or four on the implosion I'll be happy three I'll be a little annoyed because then I have to dark bomb a 4-1 other options just trade and then do what yeah it's bad alright good luck it makes no sense that I'm happier that it hit from – because it's a strictly worse outcome but in terms of efficiency that's really done but I'm happy about it for to them three beam attack face right what do I think about control hunter is it viable now the other control versions are better feel free to try it out for yourself that's what I was afraid of dr. Bellin strikes again shall be mine you're so self near or hand block which I leveled a mirror it appears see no reason to start it's a different card this Hellfire is pretty good here culture it's also a different card looks like this guy took the deck and made it more controlling interesting I have no time for games it's gonna get garbage that's fine actually maybe I should implosion then it'll really get garbage having played hand lock for a very long time look at you you were just super edgy I like that I admire science Spyder Valley is back again oh I don't value oh I have abuse of plus DGH I should use that I almost went with a different path kill this for safety well at least it's not sacrificial attacked unbelievable Oh shall I destroy I'm quite surprised that deck runs Harrison James but looks like he's just ahead of me then give him all the cards he just drew and certainly risky to put something in seven maybe I shouldn't have corrects this is sad maybe the opponent decided to forego lord jaraxxus in manga and it just built a control deck very interesting well the bright side is I'm going to see a lot of cards out of what seems to be a quite cool deck no fair three six twelve probably has a Hellfire that doesn't run anyhow fine six eleven okay there's no way to survive here unless needs can somehow give them a negative legendary which I don't believe exists wait five eight nine now there's no way oh wait oh wait plus two that have been won off of one for lethal I'm gonna take a moment to consider that deck so first off it has nothing that can be BG aged it runs to abuses in a dark iron Dorf only one card was not seen harrison Sylvanas kel'thuzad means what would that one card be I think that card that deck is possibly better than this deck at this moment in time I could design my own deck which took elements of that deck in this deck in hand look I'm deck was Hamrlik without Giants and without ancient Watchers wait he didn't play any son fears or defenders it is true that this deck can be said to prey on mech mage and I hope this is how that's managed on the wings and stats and how many cards he kept that I think it's mech mage deck is so cruel it's like a collection of these are the cards that mech mage really doesn't want to see let's put him on one duck that's pretty much the duck well I actually have a very bad hand defender of Argus this guess it'll slow him down it'll kill a guy or I can play this and hit him that play has a lot of upside and I'll do this because you can always be up there is this guy really willing to risk no ganon / jaraxxus that'd be insane then he was just sacrificing that I guess you're insane if I have those two cards in hand and seven that's tragic I refuse to lose to your mech mage not this matchup not like this not like this so much damage coming in 14 play it play it know what play know what plus-one don't think no subject no no okay this fire of although it's kind of a problem jaraxxus saved me fireballs athena's him not like this not to that deck lair why did I just keep this egg and I guess it's capable yeah and this deck is capable mines thanks for right [Applause] I must safeguard I have no time for games I must safeguard that is both silence this is down I'm just good now warlock versus warlock games still running through my ad I need to actually get the deck construction after this game remind me if I forget I probably won't have the time to play in the deck but I'd like to at least attempt to reconstruct it yeah those are some sharp moves there fortunately do you have a shed of flame unfortunately so many applause I guess I'll use this because you might not have anything which triggers it you might not know how far would be so good could always use the out and then shadowflame that the only thing really to owl is Sylvanas which is a thing but I will tap because I am optimistic optimism hallo get off to an extent for three fourteen eighteen twenty one twenty three twenty five so if I played this card actually don't die to come back fourteen eighteen twenty-one twenty three twenty five thirty eight [Applause] not sure if he even runs for savage it possibly doesn't possible or 2 4 6 14 1 T 22 24 so I do need to dark bomb the other thing too so you guys 14 18 that's already 22 TVs so I can tap cuz I never need to use both dark bombs it's gonna be very very complicated when lord jaraxxus can be played probably never I'm probably I'm trying to taunt it'd probably be good 14:18 21 now I playing the coil I actually leaves begin if he has 4 7 14 18 21 whoops well I'm just gonna have to hope he doesn't have it I mean it's really hard to keep sustainably playing around force and savage though so I think even if I have played around it would have eventually been too much to uphold fortunately it looks like I dodged it this turn I have no time for games there's nothing I can draw to here

Hearthstone: Someone Cast Stupify on Trump (Shaman Constructed)

I'm the skill that shaman deck that GreenEDGE stole from me I don't know if this is his list but I'm copying a list right now from the tenth I start and then I'll have to look up his nose and then I'll compare the list and then we'll see what whose list is better he's got cog master and nitron mech warper whirling is a thematic spider tank that stuff going on doesn't want this terrible lava shot guard supposedly terrible I mean this deck is fun I guess this deck is even faster maybe I didn't even realize this deck existed to be honest I was looking for a ring nablus I found this list instead I don't know which ones better so this one that's basically face 1.0 credit out to Luffy I believe it's a luffy's aggro shaman goofy face this season it gets real because this season the latter points count for the hearthstone world championship and at the very least they're in the next three months they able to get at the very least 100 and top 128 in terms of points gotten in order to participate in the regional qualifier for the season that's as simple as doing loam ladder for these three months easy game I've got my coin knife into knife or tome going into knife knife go on knife this so the goal this deck is pretty simple you hit the face and then draw spells and then your spells at the face the ideal draw order is that you draw the minions first since they do the repetitive damage early and then at the end you hit the face with the spouse those usually do more damage than minions in one shot but in the early game you want that repetitive damage here we go the goal of this initial deck is to rank up quickly so we're gonna be playing fast fairly simple deck to play wanted brawl me no understand importance of Umbro why card exists why stall no do damage don't misspell they rolled this game how there was a version pop popularized by Reynaud yes it's more BEC the fact there's more minions in it means it fights for board control a little bit and then overwhelms with minions this one the cards are a lot more fast and one-shot II like you don't really expect the minions to survive alone now that said I drew a hand which is composed of a lot of the more durable minions and spells well feral spirit simply mage y-you have to think this game easy faster convert nothing is starting enough to get rid of they happen to have the perfect answer yes don't worry guys not miss play I know that looks very unusual strange play must happen sometimes easy a decision play around a OE nope I know this looks weird too but using weapons 5 7 9 sorry me beginner wrecks are me beginner smorc no really understand polenta's version is better I'll have to take a look at it is there a particular reason this deck plays a wolf rider and stuff are tingle I mean you can compare the two they both have pros and cons like bug next bug it's very good [Applause] good enough fix this mechanic is diminishing my luck of the game play game has meant to be played forsen played this version of the deck with arcane golem which might influence the amount of questions about my card choice I see is he playing the same exact list except with arcane golem he's smart we have lethal I actually should have uh what's the word I should have crackled last turn yeah that's a Miss play I wasted one mana by not crackling Western three six eight and nine so this is on average four point five six eleven damage double crackle face is not very likely to succeed here I think we tried to delay one more turn no more frame he's unlikely to have six I mean it's a lightning bolt first read um a real dump sorry me new me new hunter shaman face me new orc be kind of stupid or shocked no go face is useless spell if a deck was extremely good but he didn't like playing it would you still play it this he isn't absolutely just playing a face back two three all I need to do is no we get one three five seven that's five starting to deal eight that's uh that's within the range have lethal last turn he's so dumb [Applause] original orc me stronger work now that do you hate face Dex no I don't hate face Dex they're just a part of the metagame like any other duck it's possible this deck has a lower wind percentage rate than other decks I might play it but it is very fast climbing the ladder fast makes sense good choice card I agree good card now else why you think so much wrecks are way smarter it used to be that running a face Decker's risky these days it's that if you don't go face stacks it's riskier that's incredibly false I'm actually playing in duck but I think has a lower win percentage and another deck guy might choose right now but it is fast unless you meet these low face decks now what point of slow face deck you know understand why you do this do have the combo at the end that is 10 damage or 4 damage on turn 5 and then 10 damage the next turn so you can start doing advanced math alright I played this on turn 5 I over lived for – so turned 65 4 minutes I played this and this that's a 4 damage here and then 10 damage + 5 damage so that's 19 damage so all I need to do is put him to 19 which is 8 more to enter but you gonna kill me if I scream six so is problem so basically the goal is this have five men available to play a doomhammer on turn 5 which means on turn four I must play no overload cards and get him to turn get him to nineteen somehow without with all that I don't think that's possible but we'll see my regrets this damage coming in is not a lot okay so that is the ten you play that on turn six come on sit 17 that's eight opponents at nine deal no their fourth this points at five trickier part is killing him before he kills me now we have cards in hand makes no sense I have so many little try rules I'm not sure I'm not keeping the feral spirit but I have the tunnel truck needs a turn to play which doesn't suck rock butter it's alright I'd have kept a hand of hmm feral spirit into knife juggler into feral spirit you might have to shower death this is someone injured so I'm playing knife juggler next turn unless I'm playing abusive the question is whether or not to hit it to set up and the answer is yes if I can clear the more sharply convenient captain Jeff is important I'll get to it being longer term damage as always pills before going in this is basically the Fe has fully known it's just some in life well played we'll still new 100% of time I could have saved the to one drops and just one turn and if that would have been better I mean if I knew it fully no that would have definitely been better well the question is is it overall better most of the time I would only have us to spirit wolves in a knife juggler Blackman technician takes out a spare wolf and that's not enough pressure would you consider bloodlust in this stack now if not as long you'll never have a board you'll rarely have a board if you have a board you've already won oh that might actually pull off that's cheating them Oh reverse cheat it's waiting for that spell damage 2 4 7 10 10 to 13 I think I have to kill the 5 4 and then we drag the game out longer since I have another Doomhammer unless I don't think I'm going to lose if he doesn't own 2 damage I think he would have played know what if he had it give him the risk of him dying right he's gonna risk everything wait he can also have the ball Shadow Priests I think the chance he has to damage is too high or something that can take care of them all I need to win is three damage it's pretty likely I got two damaged okay all I need to do is 25% this I mean to be fair I tried to roll that spell damage to the with you does Mulligan those cards they lost chance of a full taskmaster fire war axe I wonder if I should do leper gnome much like we're girls spirit on gold if I speed it up with coin told him Gollum into a leper gnome into a feral spirit into last job there's like a few different ways to order it I mean it turns out the leper gnome likes getting fired whereas the only card I didn't identify were actually snapshot of everything it looks like playing the current in this order I wanna make it clear also that despite the last game we in ridiculous – oh it's patron way I'm only playing this duck because it's fast like the games are fashion generally don't care about that when you're climbing up from rank 15 to like whatever with the bonus star system having fast games is pretty good like win or lose you lose a few percentage points of 1% but they're fast enough that you make it up with volume that's why a lot of streamers are playing face decks on the first day yeah marnik once I don't usually play face decks they make sure I use that word correctly cathartic cathartic yes providing psychological relief through the open expression is strong cathartic I don't use that word in a long game they went up to 17 I had to do for us a game like 21 feels pretty bad I wanted to keep this around for rockbiter st. the last charge you need to have these minions do quite a bit of damage I done got robbed this game no but what not a 16 chances happen this is where you want to draw the ancestral knowledge Asst two four six Wow I only need the five oh my god there's justice hi guys [Applause]


hi everyone and welcome to this very simple tutorial about how to draw a human head and you know there's so many tutorials on the internet right now about how to draw a human head and everyone has their own methods so what I'm going to show you today is pretty much how I like to do okay now I might not for my current drawings I might not do all these particular construction lines that I'm going to show you but the thinking is Baja is behind each and every one of my drawings okay I'm always thinking like this okay that this is doesn't necessarily mean then we'll actually go and throw all these construction lines in what it means is that this is exactly what I'm thinking about whenever I go into drawing a head so I'm going to show you how I construct the head and then I will show you how I render it okay so whenever somebody draws a head or whenever I see it a lot of people they go into drawing their head like this they would go in okay and I'll try to draw this a little bit darker so you can see so they will start with your oval of course they would have your construction line down the middle here suffering the head in two halves halves here they would have the line in the middle here like this in the middle here and line in between here so that be half and then the mouth will be half again and that's not wrong that's not wrong that is completely right in terms of proportions of the head however this is not how I think here because the way this is laid out here whenever I'm someone draws like this okay not just saying not saying everyone but some people whenever I see them draw like this what happens is they're drawing still feels flat to me whenever they're doing this why because when you're doing it like this okay when you're starting your drawing like this you're going at it as if it is 2d when the world we live in is actually 3d okay so let me show you what I mean when I'm when I talk about that so I'm going to go ahead and erase this okay so let's get rid of this shaky-shaky okay so instead of thinking of flat objects instead of taking circle of circles I'm thinking more in spheres instead of thinking in lines I'm thinking in cubes okay so let's to make my point across I'm gonna do a head and more of a three quarter turn okay so what I do is I'll start out one with a circle and you'll see a lot of people starting out with a circle okay but what's different about my circle okay when I do the construction line here I'm not going straight across like this I'm going around I'm going around this I'm going around here like this okay well just looks like an oval with an oval and then I'm gonna go around like this okay you see what I've been doing here okay I'll try to darken up a blue line so you can see it I know it's hard to see the blue line I just didn't get a chance to go to courage yet to get myself a darker pencil okay because I know you guys have been saying that you can't see my blue pencil here so I'll just dark it up the line so hopefully you can see that a little bit better right so I'm thinking now as you can tell here now I'm doing a little bit more in 3d correct that's how I'm thinking now I'm thinking about the surface of this sphere that's what I'm thinking about here okay and then from here I'm going to go from this line here and now I'm going to add a cube so like a cube that kind of hangs down from here like this okay like that there you go and now I'm going to think about going around here like this again okay and again I'm thinking around the surface here around the surface and around the surface again okay so whenever you see me draw you won't see me actually do most of this like maybe I'll do it very very loosely and roughly but this is what I'm thinking I'm thinking more in 3d shapes as opposed to like flat circles and squares I'm thinking of cubes and years that's how I'm thinking of I think when I took a 3d animation uh back in 2006 that's what got me thinking about it and then the neck it's more of a cylinder and it'll be more of a cylinder as opposed to I just like two lines going down there's depth here there's volume now okay so that's how I'm thinking whenever I'm constructing all of my figures now again I might not be putting all these lines when I'm drawing but this is exactly what I'm thinking of whenever I'm doing this okay so with that let's start actually constructing the face here okay so another reason why the lines are like this is because this is pretty much how the skull is shaped so we have the big ball here in the back here okay and then the thing hanging out here that would be more the jaw area okay now okay right okay right now let's start getting into some details okay let's start with the eyes okay so maybe this is a little too high for the eyes as we I might enlarge the circle a little bit more here okay now now at this point here I'm going to start thinking in planes okay you know the planes surfaces of the head here so for example we start off with the forehead that's a plate so I could actually draw like a a little square here in perspective symbolizing the oldest race a little bit this middle line here the forehead okay and then here we have another plate here that goes back in space okay so now what I'm doing is I'm starting to construct this forehead here and again this is what we're trying to do we're trying to make everything feel three-dimensional three-dimensional when we're doing this okay so I want this volume to feel like if you could see my lines here that is going around here because this isn't that what we would go down like this isn't this what the forehead would do okay it'd go out and around like that okay here we have the eye sockets okay in your skull you have these two holes here where your eyeballs would sit now I'm just going to draw these lines here just so you understand where I'm going at here so it's like kind of like I'm drawing the skeleton underneath what I'm actually showing you again here is not what I actually draw on paper it's what I'm thinking when I'm drawing okay now there and then we have the actual cheekbone here that usually goes down like this and then I'm going to let go here like this so this is this is going to be a man and a very strong man like like comic book style man here okay so what I'm going to do is I can actually show you what I'm thinking of see I'm drawing these dashed lines pretty much to have a feel of what the surface the shape of the surface is okay and I'm just doing that for my sake okay when I actually render this you won't see any of these lines oh okay but socket like this line here this is usually where the eyebrows would go this is where the eyebrows would go and that we know the I would indent inside here okay and then underneath here would be the teeth all right now let's start with the nose okay the way I like to do the nose again I am thinking I am thinking and shapes here right now I am thinking of a shape kind of like that okay kind of like a cone little bit of like a cone because again we are going in about an angle here so I'm imagining you throwing the lines here and again like this sub try to understand like the actual shape of this nose here that it goes like that alright so I'm going to start drawing the nostrils in here the holes oops little LED break and I'm going to start constructing this nose here so I'm going to hold here so will go like this and I'm going to go under here we got figure out what this nose the shape of this nose will be okay and because at this angle you ask yourself will we see the other nostril since his head is turned so much I say yeah let's try that let's try to do that now let me just erase this line here just so I could feel what's going on here now with this nose okay so I'm going to erase some lines here just so I can feel what's going on here now this nose first of all I'm going to add the line that goes like this so I'm trying to figure out figure out underneath what part of this nose would be underneath the other and what this shape will be like here okay now some counters they'll do something like this they'll do look at this sort of bracket style so that you could actually see the bridge of the nose here okay so let's do that for now let's do that for now now in terms of the eyes okay so let's go to the eyes so first of all this would be all eyebrow you'll actually see me when I when I when I draw a head for the most part I'll always start with the eyes the eyes are the windows to the soul as they say if the eyes look right the rest of the drawing most likely falls into place but for this exercise let's draw the eyebrows in first just because I already know where the eyebrow line is so I can draw the eyebrows here like this okay now let's figure out these eyes now you know I could go in and already start you're just drawing you know a regular eye but what we have to keep in mind is the eyeball it's a it's a sphere – it's a sphere – and they go inside the head right and I get a guys I'm apologizing for saying right and okay I read your comments I know and I'm doing my best here so they I can't help but I'll try to get better I promise okay but we know our eyes there are these round spheres they go all the way around inside the head here and then what the eye is really so we have your actual eye here look scary already but what I'm doing here is I'm trying to figure out the shape of this eye and then I'm trying to figure out what the skin is doing on top of this eye here but these eyelids are doing on top of this I hear so this lid is actually going around this eyeball around here like this and then we have some folds of skin that go underneath here like that and this will all make sense once I actually render this okay okay now this I hear just run around this I hear like this I'm actually inclined to bring out the bridge of his nose a little bit a little bit more that okay now see how this Chico sticks out here I would assume that this cheekbone would be sticking out a little bit more like this okay okay so now we're now we're constructing now we're doing something here okay so we have forehead here sometimes the above the eyebrow here this is some mass up here like this and then this would curve into it like that okay good now let's concentrate on the upper lip now so first of all usually there's like this fold of skin that would be right beside the nose here pull the skinning or going here and here okay and now let's go ahead and then draw the upper lip so usually as you guys know underneath the nose is usually this little slot here like this or your upper lip okay so again this now this face now okay so this would go down here like this and then this is up here like this and then around like this and then up again like this so I'm trying to figure out the different planes here so let's go ahead and start drawing in these lips okay so we get the lips go in here like that okay and then usually the lips would fold in underneath like this and then come out for the chin so I'm going to actually mimic that there like this and then I'm going to go ahead and then draw the chin here should I give them a cleft chin why not I'll give them a little cleft chin they say here okay okay and now okay and then here is the job will give them a strong superhero style chin there like that okay now they want to render this I'm going to show you some tricks to make them feel a little bit more realistic than it is okay so I'm actually going to erase part of this line here okay and I'm going to start erasing some of this red lines in there okay now let's go ahead and draw the ears now ears takes practice ears does take practice okay now usually the ear it depends on the person depends on the person but usually I find the ear the top is the same height as the brow or the eye depends depends on the person and then the bottom of the year will go down to where the note bottom of the nose is for the most part again everyone's different but for the most part that's what we're looking at here and now trying to draw the little details of the ear okay I completely forgot some of the names of hug the anatomies but at the same time I know what they look like okay so since we're going to make a muscular okay I'm going to actually draw the neck pretty muscular here so could have he's going to have like this nice Adam's apple here and we got the big rings here give some nice thick traps here like this and then maybe I'll give them some sort of a crew-cut ya won't give them a lot of here he feels more like an army guy to me feels like an army guy okay so this is what I'm thinkin out whenever I go ahead and start drawing faces so now whenever I I inked Satta like this first of all like I always do I have to decide to myself where is this light source coming from is it going to be here is it going to be here is it gonna be underneath okay for this exercise maybe hmm let's make the light go this way so we could light up some of this face okay so part of this face will be in darkness here okay so let's start off with some of the basic features of him and now that the structure is down now that the structure is down I'm gonna actually go ahead with the ink okay I'm going to go ahead with the ink and always when I go with the ink I always always always usually start with the eye okay so I'm glue here okay and again this part here that's skin it's all skin and interesting whenever you're working with humans like drop when you're trying to learn how to draw faces guys look at faces look at actors faces or you know it's so easy that is the google faces no we have a unlimited resource here of reference so take advantage of it okay so right now I'm just drawing fold the skin here okay and then usually we have this like a little indentation here when it comes to the eyes no it is draw socking like that and then draw at the bottom of the eye here like this very nice and now I'm going to draw another line it goes right underneath that I'm sure you can see that maybe I'll zoom in a tiny bit and zoom in you guys can actually see what I'm doing here let me zoom in with that okay the bottom there so again it depends on how detailed you want to go with this type of thing if you want you can even add like little lashes here which I will probably will do just a little bit for girls you could add a little bit more lashes here but so this is a very very the way I drew them this is a very masculine man you're like very prominent you know strong features on here so right now I am drawing underneath the eye little folds of skin underneath the eye like this now if I was drawing a girl I wouldn't be drawing this line here I would not but this is the guy guy you could get away with drawing a little bit more lines than you would the girl okay so now I'm gonna do actually draw the eyebrows now you'll probably give this guy a little bit thicker eyebrows I'm gonna give him some thick eyebrows thick bushy eyebrows here we go okay now as you notice here I'm just kind of like outlining it I'm thinking about taking the thicker because right now I'm using up there 0.5 just so I could get much detail as I can out of this okay so maybe the details here I would do with 0.5 but the inside here I'll go back without a sharpie or 0.8 and just you know fill it in with you know I don't have some strokes going on there okay so there you go okay and now I'm going to go ahead and draw the eye here so it's interesting what are we doing here before I had come looking forward now I'm probably going to have them looking a little bit more towards the camera you're like this okay or it looks like it's not a little good camera okay so one usually when it comes to eyes okay depending on what color they are and everything like if they were pure black or are they like a color like a lighter color you would have highlights here so usually I would draw two of them I would draw two circles like that I would draw the middle of the eye here and I would fill that in and then I would be like this little hatching here now if I knew that he was like for example if I knew this this what I'm drawing like an Asian character I would just go fill this in completely black but here I'm just giving the option and I got to do that yeah like that okay I might add a little bit more black here but I'm going to finish the rest of the of the head drum in first okay now I'm going to drop fold your like a furrow of the brow big thing here like this and just going to add a little bit of hatching to emphasize the fold in the skin yeah okay now I'm going to do something that a lot of people actually don't do I can add a little bit of hatching in the ice a little bit of hatching goes long just a little bit though like what you had at you can the eyes aren't eyes white for the most part yes but eyes can also be in the shadow so just adding a little bit up hatching in the eyes just to give it a little bit of shape okay that's okay now I'm going to go ahead to the other side here okay and now I'm going to draw the other eye here I'm not going to draw circle guy like that and same deal two circles here go ahead around here like that and now you finish off the eyebrow here okay now to draw the nose now the notes right now feels too indented here so I'm actually going to take it with the ink of it I should bring it out a little bit give them like a stronger nose here like that and I'm going to actually make like a little dimple in the nose here you try something different here and then I'm going to add one line here like this and to really emphasize this bridge of the nose here like that okay might be a little too much okay so before I do anything else when we add a little bit to the bottom of this eye here like this okay and I will go ahead and then draw the side of his head here alright now let's get to the nose but first of all I'm going to go in here and then draw the side of the nostril here and now I'm going to draw the actual nostril itself here and then again this is where style comes into play do you want the das drill to be angular do you want it to be not actually yeah so that's really up to you and your style your particular style here I'm going to go in like this I'm going to like this okay now I'm going to draw underneath the nose like that and I'm thinking if I should draw the other nostril and what they I'll do them just slightly because his head's turned here slightly draw the nostril like that there you go that's the nostril there now you quickly just do a quick line here for the side flip there and actually I'm just going to go back here so that I go back and forth just get a draw the four are you know at the upper eyelid there and and now I'm going to draw the side like that around like that okay and now let's get tulips let's get to the lips here going to start with where the lips touch together here like this I get a little bump here middle and down like that it looks a little bit like he's smiling so because you know the lips here this is like a fold in here where the lips touch so the corner of the mouth here so that's what I like to do is just add the few lines like that just to gradually bring that in now let's draw the upper lip here provide like this around so we'll do the same on this side here I'm going to draw the bottom part of the lip okay now let's draw this indentation here where go like that okay now and the draw put the line here for the bottom of the lip here okay and then I'm actually gonna hit it out like that and I'm gonna go ahead and draw it's a nice strong chin here that he's got here okay so I'm just adding a few lines here just like know where the planes are okay let me just zoom out a tiny bit could see what I'm doing here now let's finish off here now he'd draw his jaw because he has a very very strong jaw I wanted to have a strong jaw and I want you to notice something here like I could attach this I could but usually people have like a little fold of skin or a little bit fat that goes under the chin so I'll just leave that just for that sake okay now I'm going to go ahead here and then draw it down be the neck area and now let me just put some details with the ears and then I'm going to get out my sharpie and we're gonna actually add some black to this okay not like that across here like this so I'm going to grab a sharpie right now a sharpie now you grab a sharpie and get to start filling in some of this detail here so I'm going to go into the eyebrows here and start adding some blacks this eyebrow here okay and now I'm going to start adding some blacks in certain areas here okay now this is what confidence comes in guys a lot of you might want to pencil this out first and make sure that you are confident with the way the light source looks before you go into ink for me right now I'm relying on experience so I trust that what I'm doing here like I've done it before so it's either going to work or it's not going to work but we will find out okay so this is what I want to accomplish Lighting's coming this way lighting is going this way so we want to have that feel a very strong light source on that side so I'm going to go here like this okay here like that and then I'm actually going to go in here like this okay and then I can accentuate the cheekbone on this side at the same time I'm leaving this space here why because that's what we call a rim light okay so that's where a room likes to go then I'm going to go here like this and here like I so really light is just pretty much right here on this side here now what will happen though is that you will get some light shadows it will be cast here so that's why I'm darkening up a little bit inside here okay possibly here possibly on the inside here like that okay and now I'm gonna even in the slip here there would be a lot more shadow on the slip so I'm going to go in and actually lock that out like that and underneath this lip shadow up this as well okay now what's also interesting is because he's got the cleft chin that will be affected – okay now you would have a shadow here underneath the ear you would actually have a shadow in the ear and right now I'm just thinking where the lights going to hit and how it's hitting the different surfaces of his face and because of the strong light how everything else will be affected okay you got it so now I'm going to actually go to the Sharpie thing actually going to thicken up this outside line here like that okay get off that outer line there I'm going to thicken up a little bit this line out here remember I told you guys before the outlines wherever there are edges I'm going to thick it up those lines that's what I'm doing right now okay and now I'm going to go ahead and then add a little bit for this hair so again I'm getting them so sort of like a crew-cut kind of thing so just I'm just starting out thickly and then I will probably add go in and add a little bit more detail let me zoom out a little bit so you can see what I'm doing with the hair here okay there you go so I'm giving him more like a crew-cut okay so I'll add more detail there in a minute but first of all so we got to this point here now let me just blow on it make sure make sure that the ink is dry so if I go over this exactly this much what and you grab my eraser here I'm just going to start lightly getting rid of some of this blue line because it's too much and is affecting the way I'm seeing this drawing right now so get to the point where the structure I know where it is in my head so again I'm not going to go too deep into this because because I do want to see a little bit of the lines but enough that it's not so distracting to the actual drawing okay so that's where we are right now now let me grab and then let's start detailing the sky up here I grab the point one then I grab the point one and now I'm going to start adding my type of details to this guy so again I'm going to go underneath here this is what I forgot to do earlier just just a few lines just to help jog the mind and say okay this is underneath the nose this is the underneath the nose here okay and now I'm going to add some speed lines under here some hatching here to help emphasize where that nose will be in shadow okay No here we go here and then add some hatching to the side here and actually going to add some patching here inside the eye okay now I'm going to add some more hatching lines here like that okay and I might actually add a little more lines here like this or that side there okay now adding some detail in in this upper forehead area I think some extra hatching there around sometimes people would have like these sort of like wrinkles go around here like this one or two so not too it not too much you don't put too much wrinkles because like the more wrinkles you put of course the older they're going to look we guys are getting with guys when you're drawing guys faces you could probably get away with more more of those a needle sorry I'm just going to go in here and add a little bit more extra detail to the eyebrows here okay now I'm going to go ahead and add or hatching here so again this is a style choice you don't have to do this this is a style choice but you all of you know my kind of style very dark brooding David Fincher esque style so this is kind of what I like to do okay like that no get add smaller hatching here and some hatching again why do i do hatching it's to emphasize like grid a create radiating gradation like gradation over a surface here so the lights going kind of around here with that okay now usually the upper lip usually the light never you know it's always on an angle here the light so usually the upper lip is in shadow for the most part some more than others there like that and now let's do some bottom lip detail so this bottom left nut might not necessarily be in shadow but a bottom lip has all these crevices so I don't mind taking a few minutes and then just drawing in having feel of those crevices in the bottom lip there right now I'm going to add some detail to this chin let's detail up this chin a little bit so mining just a little bit of cross-hatching just make sure if you guys are using cross hatching and hatch you know regular hatching cross-hatching me just make sure you're consistent with your whole drawing okay don't just have patchy one plays crotch hashing and the other make sure it's it's all consistent but the drawing feels unified then if you're going to have cross hatching in one place that you also have prize hatching in another place just so it's consistency and consistency no matter what style you use it will help your drawing we're sure so again all that structure stuff at the idea the beginning you could do no matter what style you work it okay go here and I'm going to try to think how this will go here so again just going to add some some hatching lines here and hatching lines going down line like this then hatching lines going like that so we have that feel of boom boom boom like this that very superhero ask for sure very superhero ask so these lines not necessarily represent light but what they represent is form and structure okay so now I'm going behind the ear here finish that up here now I'm going under here and adding some matching here to help blend in these big thick Sharpie markers marks here this nose is bothering I'm very happy with the way this turned out I think it's not it's not bad but okay so with that here like this okay now I'm just cleaning up some of the lines here now what one thing I'm going to need to do I got to go I need to go in here and because I gave them like a crew-cut type thing I'm going to go in here and start adding little details here so it just doesn't look like a flat I did this with a flat sharpie at the top I'm trying to connect and add a little little micro details to the thick details that helps with like strands of hair a strands here and just adjust the camera here like this just fix strands up here like that and now I'm going to add some lines here to represent the you know whenever you have a crew-cut you have this kind of stubble on the side so I'm just going to go quickly just add some lines here just to represent that kind of stubble here stubble on the side I'm going to keep going just in one second here so right here I'm out and try to judge where the hair will stop and where the forehead will begin so I think someone around here would be okay so I'm just going to draw it's kind of like an outline but I'm doing it in a hatching form just so I you know I'm not going to have a line here I don't want to line there I want this all to be done in hatching so it feels like hair go go I'm just gonna take a quick look in the camera here huh it's okay I'll admit to you guys this is my best work but I just want you guys to start thinking the way I'm thinking or at least understand what I'm thinking like you guys obviously you guys could draw any way you want and think any way you want whenever you're drawing that's up to you whatever makes you happy when you're drawing but this is what I'm thinking of whenever I draw any you know any will end on my posters all right when I remember I'm trying to draw celebrities and all that this is exactly what I'm thinking that's why when you actually see me draw a celebrity I usually don't have one reference picture up I have multiples and like five six seven eight and multiple angles because I want to have a feel for what the surface of the faces are if you guys look at my am my vlog Channel I have this um behind the scenes of some of the the pieces I did where I was trying to draw the actors and my my thought process behind them and you'll see I'll have more than one picture up okay so you're not going to actually do now I can actually give him some I want to give him some beard stubble again this is one of those things where you guys don't have to do this okay you guys probably kind of stopped drawing about half an hour ago on this but just for me I'm just gonna add a little bit of stubble to this guy here so I'm going to go in give him a little bit of a more like a little bit of goatee a little bit so I'm trying to understand because we did those stretchy lines I have a feeling of where this stubble for the most part will go so I'm going to try to keep it a very light actually so just just small dots here see depending on the person I'm drawing this beard for because I want I want this again to feel a little bit lighter so that's why I'm actually spacing out a little bit more or else I would concentrate it and the closer I get to shadow the longer my strokes become there as you can see so I'm going to go here Oh what the hey honest I'll just double up his whole face here but as you can see the way of stumbling I'm going in the direction I feel the skin is going so I'm just not doubling for stumbling sake there's a method to the madness here okay just taking a look at the camera here now I'm going to go back here and again as you could see my lines I'm thinking of where the skin is going around always always always thinking in 3d and it will always help your drawing immensely guys immensely okay so you just add a couple more details here and then we'll call this a day because again this is just an exercise not necessarily a completed drawing but an exercise and help you guys understand where I'm coming from whenever I'm doing so like this remember before I showed you guys I would add like some lines that go across just so to help the viewer understand this these subtle lines yeah so I'm just gonna add a few of those here right now now looking at this this part here is probably too big but what can you do so I'm just adding a little bit more details in the eyes here because I'm actually inclined to make the eyes black now I'm total inclined to make the eyes black but I'll just leave it as is what I'm doing now is I'm adding shadow underneath the eyebrow here okay so we're almost done here just mix it up a couple more things here I know a lot of you're like okay that's not James but we're almost there guys almost there okay so I'm just like that here like that and when one of my drawings be without my trademark spots even on human faces I find adding some spots so I'm just trying to fix as some spots here and there like this really help really help bring the drawing together okay then one more that and you know I told you guys before I want to make sure that the outlines that they are all connecting so I'm doing the same here just for skating purposes from skating purposes and makes it so much easier when we do it that way okay so there we go guys this is how I render I draw construct and render a human face is this my favorite most favorite drawing the world no no I see problems here maybe because I'm filming this a little bit late but I think it's enough for you guys to understand where where I'm coming from whenever I am drawing whenever I am drawing a human face now again guys this is my method doesn't mean it has to be your method you do you do you you do what works for you this works for me oh this is how I feel whenever I'm drawing this is what I'm thinking whatever I'm drawing and for the most part it works for me and you guys do what works for you if you have some there's some parts of my methods that you feel would work well in your drawings by all means use them use them if you think that this is too much for you or you think that this is too much thinking unnecessary thinking oh well to each his own go no problem no problem I'm saying that this is work for me you gotta find at the end of the day what works for you and makes you happy can't stop working on this guy why can't I stop working on this guy stop me again stop me stop me before I ruin it okay so let's let's call this kind of done kind of done for now it's one of those things where I could always work on something you can always always always work on something if it will give them someone so we're detailed here like that okay but that is what I think about whenever I do a human head okay so thank you guys so much for watching I really do appreciate it and for the past Oh the past week has been it's been amazing for me all the warm comments all of you new subscribers or hear it and the old scream subscribers come out and told me how much you enjoyed so far the stuff I've had on my channel so you know I want to do give you guys as much value as I can so that's why I'm starting this we'll call this basic if you could call this basic this basic series so hopefully it helps you guys so if you have any questions please do let me know in the comments down here below please hit that like button please follow me on social media to Twitter Instagram snapchat at box-office artists please follow me on Facebook at the box office artists and yeah this has been fun so I also let me know what other tutorials you want me to see I think in September I'm going to do this whole series on perspective which is one of my Forte's my forte and you know show you guys the different perspective I use and what I think about and how I incorporate them even when I'm drawing robots I think that would be a lot of fun and even in humans I use the same sort of principles so I think it's one of those things that everyone can benefit from and I just can't stop working I just can't stop I see I go back and I see something I want to add a little bit more here and a little bit more there and I know I got to stop but let's stop okay so thank you guys so much for watching and if you haven't subscribed already please do subscribe to my channel share my videos if you think they are worth sharing and I hope you learn something any question you have about this particular tutorial please do let me know in the comments below I'll try to answer as many as I can and let me know what other tutorials you would like to see and I will see if I could get those going for you thank you so much everyone my name is James I'm the box office artist keep drawing and hopefully I will see you guys

Hearthstone: Trump Is Invincible (Priest Constructed)

that's okay I'm not leaning towards those decks one question of why anti Agra when Undertaker was just nerd is intent mean less Agra strangely it has a the metagame is in a strange spot right now is all I can say there's a little bit of everything but most predominant appears to be mech mage which is what this deck aims against it also aims at not being so terrible that it auto loses to everything else hopefully uh hopefully it does not always everything else don't like playing against a but at least I have the bgh well I just realized I'm playing against the exact same rank that's kind of weird dark bomb that means he can't play his dad or whatever perhaps looks like he didn't have something it's good news from me I don't like the for drop well that that looks like a terrible play by him I guess he had to play a card right away oh it's it's not hemlock so what is it I don't know okay so if I play injured Blademaster and then circle I can draw four cards eight seven six so I want to use the right away yes eight seven six one of the ways this decking overcome is by okay toss this away my fate is sealed actually going to be in the problem of having too many cards oh crap looks like I'm gonna over draw I was gonna do that and then play Northshire but I miscalculated the mana most could I have done there at two mana probably pass was the best option well no because healing that is somewhat useful I guess one over draws a small fee to pay but I could have done is wrong one last part in the drama streak it's too bad what is the opponent's deck trying to do that's one of the puzzles to solve I'm not sure yet could it possibly be the worst hemlock draw fault I'm a little scared to get everything air weed that's right to hear that okay I've got a solution to a giant vgh shadow weird death Vol'jin Sylvanas kind of oh that's right it must be combo him luck with the arcane power word shields there I can go in power overwhelming what's the most damage I can do it must have like a lot of the combo arcane power power that's 12 plus times 2 is 24 so most you can do is 24 damage but I am a below 24 so I'm okay right now I think I'd take this health 5 6 7 9 it's like oh-ho-ho you can only do 24 damage okay 24 is 27 20 2030s he's got lethal I'll need to clear something off thoughts deal first I guess and then cabal Shadow Priests thing 1 amp should make it said he only has 29 damage that's a twisting nether okay I know it's in his deck it's kind of scary probably didn't have it in his hand I play around the 1 in 13 chance he draws Wow shiny twisting another sick so I have a five damage burst potential with I can die let's see I think I still want to draw cards 1 4 7 10 I miscalculated but it's okay one step mana too much fairly convinced his hand is 24 damage our king Dylan power power faceless that the only explanation for having such a useless opening by him that's okay because I'm above twenty four three seven eight thirteen damage which isn't enough I have to keep watching out for this my fate is sealed I believe I still haven't I haven't cast one of these yet no no I did I did this is a very complicated end game where I'm afraid of him top decking twisting another is not good if you twisting others me I'm ruined I've run of threats all these cards are basically answers so alright it probably has nothing for this to hit and probably nothing for this to hit this is gonna be a reliable five damage he's probably played all is healing that's a card shadow madness begins how do I win four seven eight ten thirteen that's good enough I believe four seven eight ten thirteen all right [Applause] I must protect both while the light shall bring victory Oh card is better than injured Blademaster in this matchup can't think of many yeah it's that's my turn for I guess I just have to accept if I don't draw a circle with injured so I have no early game plays like the earliest game plays either injured plus circle or injured bite or thought steel or dark cultist this guy is so close to top 100 at the end of the season he can heal it but I'm also kind of close I'm sorry guy if you or me I think I don't play the blade master in this turn so I can dodge cards never mind hmm this injured Blademaster has the potential to run the board it has to run the board I have nothing else I'm holding on this injured Blademaster butts okay I mean it's not rude that you can't kill anything what's their weakness they can't kill high health minions I should say just lucky this scary okay this is okay don't apply a dark cultist or nor shark Clark hmm probably dark cultist only I can play them I think yeah I'll take my one card draw don't believe I hmm do I want to Castle address I don't think so I'll cast on turn ten I have no time for games I can kill that soul lamas but it's not pretty look dec might not have anything to big game hunter potentially I think I need to somehow rig it so that my Sylvanas deals this Solanas know how I'm going to do that it would take a total of and take a lot of mana to pull that off I can just kill it so I can draw cabal Shadow Priests that would be good kill it two three four cabal Shadow Priests my guy back these guys that would go to him are not that high value so it could be okay hopefully he gets fused he gets the use that's actually good for me since I get the draw another card then will wear that no silence is a weakness in this deck and I thought about putting one in but I just could not Wow he's killing it himself okay what Archie that sleigh seemed borderline madness to me Wow yes sir okay what if he takes the 1/3 or the one – are you that desperate I must safeguard madness I tell you this multi-row shadow madness I take the three three becomes a three – that's pretty good – six yes that's very good they even get to draw a card any better play no that's got to be best takes advantage of a hard to use card gives a bus – it's not the best my fate is sealed three five one three two equals three equals one pretty much let's think about powered shielding chose not to oh no I have my bgh sweet I was like oh I've already cast my bgh okay so this play I'm going to cast powered shield activate the boom BOTS before I do that though I should probably play the other card so I'm gonna play big game hunter so that means four man is called four so I have six man I can do I should play the sludge belcher first here's where I'd normally run out of steam but haha take the ears probably want to use this holy Nova makes that a that's pretty good but first I want to do this this might does that change anything yeah I don't need to use that Dec takes too much brainpower – yes I'm exhausted look for savage number two this is a good matchup for that deck I'm not sure l may not even though this deck is designed to be an Tiger I seem to have been running into a lot of control well mid-range and getting them the bits that's good yeah Hunter it's a good hand again stunner this kills the leper gnome and the mechanical mu and the mechanical gnome SiC gnome web spinny : one so you gonna trade yeah that'd be ridiculous how slow do I want to take this cuz I can play wild pyro powered shield and then activate the secret or I can just kill it and draw a card now that's too slow pyro power would shield my guy makes s33 it's a tough call because I don't know I tried to get too much of a layout of no char Clerk I'll get burned probably Oh some of these agro dikes like my choice even the morning unfortunately I've nothing else fortunately my deck has although drops so this should actually be a very favorable matchup I think unfortunately I had to lose my guyline right now it's kind of an unusual world right Wow good yes and then thin deck I can kill myself foolish hunter uh I'm invincible lived under ERISA and as good I want to trade this off there's pros and cons to trading it and not trading it probably heal myself each turn my wardens gonna kill him maybe doggies is a reason to take one less guy anti-ag derivative doing work Oh hunter you appear to have less health than I do what happened what happened hunter got three stood for eight nine 14 16 interested to see what you have exactly one yeah results results a year watch the light shall bring victory I think I'm looking for exactly injured Blademaster the coal test is a nice consolation press 20 volume yeah this guy's toast let's have two choices one is to play this dark cultist which trades with that organ thought steel I thought still later steady it probably will not actually trade with that but I will play it but I want to play Quinn and Belcher next turn I'm not sure maybe okay place Sylvanas mixture yeah I probably clean yeah clean Belcher it's pretty good is it good enough it's not good enough yet but it means I can afford to wait SAP that's about the biggest card that he's gonna have which I which doesn't draw my card when it enters play slow them down a bit I have no time for games probably SAP huh like a nice circle Andy I want to play Northshire yeah not yet why no zombie chatting this deck it's because it already runs enough early game the presents might instead of zombie Chow because of all Pyromancer it has some minor synergy also with Vol'jin matching up and cystic it occurs to me that Harrison Jones would be so good but I won't always match up against acts of weapons is the problem I don't think I have the Liberty to include like right now this is hard anti agro ideally against mech mage which I haven't played against on stream yet that I can assure you I played against plenty of it off string I didn't wanna keep Hawking my circle in my initial Mulligan so that deck doesn't generally put out a bunch of stuff injured light of the Naaru 3/4 now maybe just cabal or maybe just Sylvanas again that's all the steps I only have two spells in my hands so maybe I don't cast lighter than my room do I cast a big game hunter is e running dr. Boone these are good questions which I don't know the answer to could be it's enough of a risk but I don't think I want to cast it I have a lot of spells in the stock I will make a guy given I have so many cars I meant I'm ready to learn I think I might die if I well seven right now yeah the best play one that likely leads to my loss three four six eight nine where do I go fishing go fishing it's very likely I lose this turn that one however chilled would have been really good yeah I'm not dead yet maybe maybe that's just a combat start of that I'm ready to learn would have been nice to have a board presence early let's be so close to a phone call man if I'd a circle feeling would be a huge wave okay so I need to deal one damage to this thing probably can't afford to draw cards so hit two six then he'll self and hopefully that does it hopefully that puts me out of range oh actually no I'm not healing itself someone draw new cards anyways you only hope that's out of range you didn't have six last turn and it would have been achievable with just one so I can conclude he doesn't have oil in his hand maybe I can just slowly heal back up it's hard to get a further advantage of his him it's good news because I just got further of an advantage of that – what are four cards that are all worthless we're about to find that preparation probably – preparations in hand okay maybe enjoy – I thought it came from laughs out of him