How to prepare your business for Black Friday | Black Friday event promotion tips

Make sure your business is ready for the biggest shopping event of the year with these Black Friday tips – inside the video! Hey guys, how ya doin’? It’s Chia for Brand24, and today I want
to talk about Black Friday! Just last year, consumers spent roughly $6.2B by the end of Black Friday — and that’s just online. This was an increase of 23.6% from online sales in the previous year, making it clear that customers are increasingly turning to
online shopping. Black Friday is a national retail holiday
that is rich with sales potential, both for consumers on the hunt for a good deal, as well as the businesses offering those deals – and this especially rings true for digital
sales now. Just look at growth figures related to digital commerce from last year’s Black Friday: the top 10 mobile shopping apps in the US experienced an increase in new users that was greater than 16%, while PayPal processed a record-breaking amount of more than $1B on the very same day! Right now, we’re about a month away from Black Friday, but this is the perfect time to start preparing your business for the biggest day of commerce in the year… and we have a few tips today to help you prepare your
business for Black Friday, so you can help as many customers as possible, find out about your amazing deals! So, the first thing that you want to do right
now is figure out WHERE to run your Black Friday promotions. You can do that by monitoring mentions of your product, or products similar to yours — as well as mentions of your brand and
similar ones. The people who talk about these topics are the ones that are really interested in them, which makes them your target audience; they’re the people who
are most likely to convert to sales during Black Friday. So, you want to make sure you know WHICH websites they like to visit, so you know where to run your Black Friday promotions. Now, once you know where you plan to run your promotions, this is the perfect time to start preparing your Black Friday-related content for different platforms and channels: Since Black Friday is a really big time for
holiday shopping, you know a lot of people are looking to purchase gifts for their friends and family. And a lot of them will be looking for inspiration in social media and on the Internet in general, so you want to make sure they can easily find the information they need. For example, if you sell food items or kitchenware, creating articles and blog posts like “Top 10 Christmas Gifts for the Foodie in Your
Life” will help people who are interested in food-related items find your product. And preparing some really nice visuals are always helpful for shoppers who like to create visual wish lists on Pinterest. Plus, since a lot of customers will start
doing research and comparing products now in preparation for the big day (especially
for fancy tech gadgets), you can definitely reach out to some tech YouTubers about product reviews. This is also the perfect time to engage your customers. Since you know that shoppers will be actively looking for good deals to add to their Black Friday wish list, you can use this as an opportunity to engage them with your marketing campaign. Creating content-specific promotional codes that shoppers can find in different posts at different times will encourage your audience to check in on your channels regularly, especially in the days leading up to the big event! And you don’t have to create a bunch of
NEW content and NEW campaigns: you can also incorporate your promotional Black Friday
content into your regular activities, especially with retargeting and email marketing! Now, if your product was added to someone’s shopping cart, you know the interest is there, but maybe they hesitated to purchase because they’re new to your brand and they don’t really know what to expect. A special Black Friday promotion combined with retargeting might be just the push they need to finally make the purchase and find out that they love your product! And you definitely don’t want to forget
to announce your Black Friday event to your email list! This is a really good way to reach past, present and potential customers. A key thing to remember is that you want to make sure as many potential customers as possible know about your Black Friday promotions, so you want to communicate this on a few different channels, not just one. And as a general rule, you want to start
building buzz and hype for your Black Friday promotions at least a week in advance, so
you can definitely start preparing your ads, your campaigns, your email marketing campaign, and all your visuals and articles right now — and then release them as we get closer to the big day. Keep in mind that shoppers (like you and me) will be preparing for Black Friday just as much as businesses, so keep them in the loop and let them know that there are some good deals coming their way! OK guys, these are just a few things that
you can do (and you should really start doing them right now) to make sure that your business
is well-prepared for Black Friday! If you have any questions, just let me know in the Comments section! And if you’ve found this video helpful,
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new tips and information on how to do even more in social media and digital marketing each week! Thanks again for watching, I hope you learned something new, and I’ll see you next time, bye!

Am I Too Late to Start an eCommerce Business on Amazon?

– Everyone I’m Jamie Davidson with AMZ Insiders. A little bit about ourselves. Myself and my two fellow
co-founders Jason and Brad combined to sell over $75
million on Amazon last year. This year we’ll do over
$100 million all on Amazon. And today what we’re gonna talk about is another really frequently
asked question we get from people, friends and family, and people all over the globe which is, is it too late to get
started selling on Amazon? And or an e-commerce. And the answer is absolutely not. No way not even close. Not remotely. What happens is people
see certain elements small niches of something being maybe a certain product being maybe a little bit saturated and so forth. The reality we are very much
still in the very early stages of selling on Amazon and e-commerce. E-commerce currently is only 10% believe it or not it’s
only 10% of all commerce. Which is incredible because look at the chart of
the growth of e-commerce over the last ten years it’s like this. It’s incredible. And Amazon is by the far
the most dominant player within the e-commerce space. And that being the case, it’s like this it’s projected to be again keep in mind we’re only at 10% so over the next five years for example it’s expected to be to triple . The growth rate is expected to triple, to become only 30% of all commerce. Right so that’s still only a third. And so for years and years you
got so, so, so much growth. Think about the iphones
only been around for barely a decade. Barely a decade and think about how much that’s changed things. And with e-commerce particularly that’s one of the biggest reasons that Amazon is such a huge opportunity is because of the growth of mobile and how we’ve very much
still in the early stages of mobile and how much
further we have to go. The reason why Amazon
is such a great platform and such a great opportunity, because most people buy things now mobile. They actually use their phone. They still use computers
and everything else. But Amazon has made it so
easy to buy on your phone. I’m sure you’ve used Amazon. If you’re going to buy on Amazon, you are disappointed if you go to Amazon and you’re not able to buy something. It’s pretty rare. Right people go to Amazon
with the expectation that they’re gonna click the buy button, they’re gonna have it on the door step within no later than two
days with Amazon Prime. And really now a days you
can actually get stuff delivered by the same day. A lot of products you can literally get within hours delivered to your house. And so with that, it’s awesome from the consumer side. But also creates a huge opportunity that is still very much in early
stages on the selling side. In terms of Amazon in particular, Amazon is bigger than the next 10 biggest e-commerce platforms combined. That is why we eat,
breathe, and sleep Amazon. Is because it’s so much bigger than all the other e-commerce platforms. Even though we sell on all
sorts of other platforms We sell on We sell on ebay, we sell on bunch of e-commerce platforms you probably never heard of. Still all day long, whenever we’re focused on
our e-commerce business we always go to Amazon and
focus on that primarily because that’s where
all the customers are. And so basically if you
can get your product, if you have a good quality product you can get in front of this
massive amount of customers that are all on Amazon. And you leverage Amazon’s
system and do things. You can sell an incredible
amount of money per month. That’s why you hear people selling these incredible amounts of
sales on Amazon every month because they’re taking
advantage of the traffic. Now it’s not to say it’s easy
and doesn’t require any work. That’s not true. With anything in life, there’s kind of winners and losers. And just know that there’s
incredible opportunity. Those that get on the
platform and think that they’re just gonna throw stuff up there. They’re not gonna learn
how to actually do it, follow a process, learn from people who actually
know what they’re doing, sure those people are gonna struggle. Which we like because
we know there’s gonna be those that are successful and those that are not. And if that wasn’t the case, it really wouldn’t be an option at all. Because if anyone could just do it, then sure wouldn’t be an opportunity. But the reality is, there is absolutely
huge, huge opportunities. It’s a matter of who’s gonna
get that slice of the pie. I mean the pie is getting
bigger, and bigger, and bigger. But again I’m sure if you read about it, every week all the new
articles about Amazon getting bigger and bigger. And local retailers
struggling more and more or big retailers chain
retailers going out of business. And again it’s called the Amazon effect. And that’s not going away. There’s certain things
that can be debated about how to go about certain things. But what’s not in debate is
the growth of e-commerce. All right we’re still very
much in the early stages and there’s very much a long ways to go. Related to that, if you’re interested in
getting started in e-commerce you wanna learn, you wanna do some more homework first, we’ve got an awesome free workshop if you click the link below. Where we tell you the
exact steps that we used to build our business. And more importantly, we go into the exact
steps that you can use to get underway with an Amazon business, build your e-comm empire. Everything from how you pick a product to how you rank a product to
get to page one on Amazon. We go through it. So again be sure to click the link below and check out our workshop all about how to build your own Amazon empire leveraging the power of e-commerce. So if you liked this video, be sure to give us a thumbs up and definitely be sure to subscribe. Every week we go through all sorts of new tips and techniques and topics all about selling on Amazon and how you can be
successful selling on Amazon. And if you have questions, we’d love to hear for it Be sure to put in the comments below anything about selling on Amazon, about how to get started, and next steps again we’d
love to hear from you